Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

18 November

Blind Hole


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17 November

Obama's Self-Reporting Program for Syrian Refugees


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16 November

Stop Screwing With This Junk Coin - Cash 'em Out!


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And Come They Are Going To

Obama Plans to Import More Than 200,000 Syrian Terrorists

Call Chuckles Loebsack - Our Senators Get It!


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15 November

Only Plays in Missouri


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13 November

Gobble, Gobble, PC Delights!


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11 November

Thank a Vet, Today and Everyday


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We're Number 228


There are small cities in America that are worse than Burlington. WalletHub ranked 1,268 small cities in America. Burlington ranked 228th.

Marion, IA came in at number 20. Marion may have fared worse if they had not studied Burlington when hiring a new city manager a few years ago.

WalletHub's ranking is nothing to for Burlington to be smug about. Rock Island, IL ranked 225th.


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09 November

Ad Vertiser Fabricates Moustache - How Many More Photos Get The Brush?


Just got home and the neighbors brought over a photo from last Sunday's fish wrap. Looks like the minions photoshopped a moustache on a lady at a Halloween party to fabricate their story.

Makes me wonder how many more photos get photoshopped to tell their stories.



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MSM Teapot


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06 November

When Obama Foreign Policy is Developed


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It Leads to This


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Obamacare End of The Road


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03 November

Zombies for Democrats

Attack of the Registered Democrat Dead

"You don’t often find a case of fraud this blatant and ham handed, but now Ohio is faced with the task of going back and surveying all of the group’s other registration forms to see what other surprises await. It’s true that the normal voter registration process can be subject to typical clerical errors with bad addresses or zip codes on forms, people who have moved or any number of other complications. But these are brand new registrations which include multiple forms filled out in the same handwriting for residents who have already shuffled off the mortal coil."

The general counsel for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is known for defending those who register the dead. Voting rights of dead people have long been advocated by the Democrat Party.

Our State Senator Courtney has led the charge against ballot security in Iowa
. If Iowa Democrats run into trouble for vote fraud, they may wish to call Hillary's attorney.

Voters with a pulse should check their ballot for anybody but Senator Courtney.

Nick Toten

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Bush's Plan


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Hillary's Plan


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02 November

Barack's Plan


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30 October

KCPS Radio Auction Today

Fred and 7 have stumbled into the studio and are warming up the electronic devices and analog pencils to accept your bids starting at 7:00 a.m.

Get your list together and bid.

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Spider Still Hungry


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29 October

Obama's Stable Boy


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28 October

Downtown Burlington's Brick and Mortar Precipitation Problem


“Basically, from the edge of the parking lot at Westland Mall to the front of the movie theater, is the same as parking in the public garage on Washington and walking to the front of the Capital Theater,” said James. “It’s about two blocks.”

There is a difference in Burlington's parking problems.

If you park in a mall, or big box lot, there is less risk of a building collapsing on your car.

Albrecht Fallen
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The Burlington Area's Skilled Labor


Our Chamber of Compost is studying the skills base of Burlington area residents. Will this study determine Burlington has imported and developed a great many chemical engineers and distributors?







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A Bridge Too Far


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26 October

Don't Forget Barack Hussein


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23 October

Trumping Socialists Like Senator Courtney - Official Count for Trump Visit - Over 4,000

It was SRO on the main floor, balconies, aisles

Newsrag claims 2,000, KBUR at least close


"Republican Presidential Frontrunner and Businessman Donald Trump spoke in front of an overflow crowd of around 3000 at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday to discuss his plans to “Make America Great Again”, in his words."

3,000 people piled into Memorial Auditorium to see the Donald. That number to see a Republican candidate in Burlington is earth shattering.

3,000 people is almost half the number who have fled the single party, workers paradise of Burlington over the last 40 years. That many showing up to cheer a billionaire businessman for president must concern our local dominant political party's commissars.

State Senator Tom Courtney has railed against the interests of business for years. Embracing what Senator Courtney advocates has made Burlington anything but great. Fewer jobs, lower paying jobs, productive people leaving, those remaining aging, importing welfare recipients as replacements, an increasing rate of violent crime, etc. are evident to any who would open their eyes.

Trump's message is the antithesis of Senator Courtney's.

Those who packed Memorial Auditorium should take away more than just saying they saw the Donald. The message, not the man, is important.

Individual liberty encourages enterprise. Honest success should not be punished. Honest success should be celebrated. Self interest enlightened is not evil. Etc.

What made America and Burlington great is what is needed to restore greatness.

Unelecting State Senator Courtney and others like him would be an excellent first step on the road to recovery.


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