Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

14 March

Stumpy Clinger Won't Let Go


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07 March

Gorka Bitch Slaps Pissy Little Liberal Scum Bag

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Wind In His Sails


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06 March

Liberal Avalanche Erupts from Snowball


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05 March

Action Jeff


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04 March

Jerry Brown's Hope


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01 March

FBI Lets Loebsack IT Hacker Escape Country with $12,000 Cash

Why Did The FBI Let A Congressional Hacking Suspect Leave The Country?

"In March 2017, FBI agents were tailing House of Representatives IT aides suspected of hacking Congress, and apprehended one at the airport trying to make a hasty exit to Pakistan. She refused to speak with them, and a search revealed that she was carrying an apparently illegal amount of cash.

The FBI allowed Hina Alvi, wife of Imran Awan, to board the plane anyway — then filed paperwork saying agents believed she had no intention of returning to the U.S."

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Obama Legacy


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28 February

Dims Can't Carry a Tune


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23 February

Free Ride Ending


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11 November

Thank You!


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13 September

He's Back

City Hall Under Siege

Former Burlington Mayor William Lost Keys “Bill” Ell is running for city council again.


Just when you thought it was safe with Tim Scott resigning, Lost Keys Ell has arisen from Burlington's political graveyard. If Burlington voters have any sense they will turn their ballots into silver bullets.

Burlington taxpayers can not afford another episode of Nightmare on Washington Street.

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24 August

Former Loebsack IT Specialist Indicted

Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz Falls Silent


"Imran Awan, a former IT aide for Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was indicted Thursday on four counts including bank fraud and making false statements."

"Awan and other IT aides for House Democrats have been on investigators’ radar for months over concerns of possible double-billing, alleged equipment theft, and access to sensitive computer systems. Most lawmakers fired Awan in February, but Schultz had kept him on until his arrest in July."

Among those other House Democrats who used Awan, Inc. is our very own Congressman Dave Loebsack. Our Congressman has some explaining to do.

Will legacy media in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District ask our Congressman any questions regarding his dealings with the Anwans? Did the Anwans possibly receive double payments for services rendered to our congressman? Is all equipment account for? Worse yet, was any sensitive information possibly compromised in Congressman Loebsack's office?

The next time Congressman Loebsack visits our area, is the Burlington Ad Vertiser up to the task?

Pat K. Stan

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18 August

Obama Fomenting Race Victimology


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17 August

Mitch McConnell Swamp Thing


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16 August

The Days of Wine and Hosers


Tim Scott's resignation from the Burlington City Council hopefully marks the ending of an era.

Scott was a fool on the City Council when it was dominated by fools and drunks. The city council back then spent like drunken sailors. Their wastrel ways Doug Worden covered up shifting money from Peter to pay Paul.

A tin pot dictator of a City Manager orchestrated it all. The great defender of the public's right to know, the Ad Vertiser, had nary a word to say about what was happening. Thanks to Spike for filling the void.

The party started breaking up when the Drunk Mayor resigned. The dictator City Manager left. Worden wormed his way into being City Manager, got his retirement and got out of town.

A competent City Manager was hired. Jim Ferneau went through the books and dropped a lit match through a manhole cover. The resulting methane blast exposed what many paying attention suspected. Ferneau pointed the way to clean up the mess Scott and others helped create.

Scott's harassing Ferneau to resign as City Manager is perhaps the last blow from the old gang who tormented Burlington a decade ago.

Good luck and good fortune to Mr. Ferneau in his future endeavors.

As for Tim Scott, just go away.

D. T.

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First Order of Business for Pajama Boy


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15 August

Scott's Belligerent Know-it-all Attitude Tipping Point for Best City Manager in 50+ Years



You were right. Our belligerent crap digger strikes again. Scott's know-it-all bad attitude was behind the resignation of Jim Ferneau.

Tim Scott offered to resign. The spine less, gut less council never forced that narrative.

I see the city's obligation for the fire dept bonds will be $426,000 by 2021.

After a couple of interim city managers, that will be the least of the financial problems.


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Jefferson Next


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Cold Pajamas


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12 August

Schumer's Hook


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10 August

Rubber Hose? How About a Coupla B-1's Pajama Boy!


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09 August

Belligerent Besodden Tim Scott Strikes Again

Scott & City Council Have Been Ignoring City Manager's Expert Advice


I see Tim Scott is still being his usual belligerent bully self. This time, City Manager Jim Ferneau said enough is enough.

For an unindicted accomplice in the Bruce Slagle/Doug Worden financial scam and coverup, Tim Scott should be hiding behind the drapes giving thanks the hoped-for forensic accountants never called the state auditor.


The whole bunch is too stupid to realize a competent replacement is a going to hurt.


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Congressman Leobsack and the Awan Brothers

Ad Vertiser Owes Readers Answers


"Awan and members of his family received $4 million from the Democratic congressmen they were working for since 2010. Wasserman Schultz has been especially uncooperative with the probe into her staffers and even threatened the Capitol Police chief for gathering evidence.

If you do not know who Imran Awan is that is not surprising. The liberal media has been censoring by hardly mentioning the scandal and possible security breech involving U. S. House of Representative Democrats.

The Awans worked for more in Congress than former Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

"Imran had worked for the office of John Sarbanes who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee that oversees, among other things, the nuclear industry. Other members of the Committee employing the brothers included Yvette Clarke, who also sits on the Bipartisan Encryption Working Group, Diana DeGette, Dave Loebsack and Tony Cardenas."

When our Congressman comes to town again, the Ad Vertiser will dutifully be there. The Ad Vertiser for years has dutifully reported the fluff and lint Congressman Loebsack has delivered.

When Congressman Loebsack comes to town again, a real reporter would ask real questions:

Why did you hire Awan's firm to do IT work in your office?

When did you first become aware of problems with Awan's firm and when did you fire them?

Are you worried sensitive information from your office may have been shared and/or otherwise compromised?

Based on the Ad Vertiser's track record over the years, be not surprised if all you read is more fluff and lint quotes from our congressman.

I. E. Razer

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White Space


I haven't seen so much white space in the Ad Vertiser since I put paper in my printer.

Low Ink

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