Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 September

Trump to Iowa Voters “Everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton can be understood with this simple phrase: Follow the money.”

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Hillary's Streetcar


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28 September

New Hillary surrogate Alicia Machado on charges that she was an accomplice to murder: “I’m not a saint girl”

"Most people (like me) didn’t know that Machado was once accused in Venezuela of driving the getaway car in a murder(!) and then threatening to kill a judge(!!), but Hillary’s researchers must have.The accusations against Machado were reported in old AP stories, easily accessible to professional oppo people.) There’s no way a candidate as risk-averse as Clinton would make a point of bringing up Machado at a debate and rolling out an ad that features her unless she’d vetted her first and decided it was worth doing. So how did not-a-saint-girl pass the vetting? Did she reassure Team Hillary that the charges were bogus and promise to flatly deny them when asked? Because … she doesn’t do that in the clip below. It’s as glaring a non-denial as you’ll ever see"

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Complaints that Hillary Clinton Lied Under Oath Are ‘Pending’ at the FBI

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection

FBI Director's Brother Does Clinton Taxes

"FBI director James Comey confirmed Wednesday that the FBI has received referrals to investigate Hillary Clinton for allegedly lying under oath to Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi."

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FBI Director: I Never Said Hillary Was ‘Truthful’ About Her Email Scandal

"FBI director James Comey debunked Hillary Clinton’s claim that Comey called her “truthful” about her private email scandal.

“I did not,” Comey confirmed Wednesday at a U.S. House hearing, making it clear that Clinton was not being truthful when she made her comment about Comey calling her “truthful.”

“I never say that about anybody,” Comey added.

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2003 clip backs up Trump on Iraq War opposition

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Dress Up An Ol' Nag; It's Still An Ol' Nag


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Daddy Should Be So Proud


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27 September

Patti Judge No Show - Not Surprising to Debate No Show Courtney

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May We Be of Service Comrade


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26 September

Tim Kaine Calls for Clinton Disqualification

Tim Kaine: If You Can’t Tell the Truth, You Can’t Be President

"Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine believes that if you can’t tell the truth, you can’t be president.

If you can’t tell the truth, frankly, if you can’t recognize what the truth is, then you really can’t be a president, you can’t be a commander-in-chief,” he said."

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All of Our Success in Diplomacy


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25 September

Give 'Em What They Want


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23 September

Hillary: ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’

About 50 reasons starting with a dead ambassador, you self-serving nitwit!

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Hillary Gives Up Weiner?

“The announcement by the FBI and New York Police Department that they are investigating close Clinton ally Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate relationship with an under-aged female is extremely disturbing,” Trump’s deputy communications director Jessica Ditto stated in a press release on Thursday. “The Clinton campaign should immediately return all campaign contributions from Weiner. America has had enough of the sleaze that is Clinton, Inc.

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Payroll for George Soros' Black Lives Matter


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22 September

Clinton Foundation Took Cash from Wells Fargo

Bill Clinton gave a speech to Wells Fargo for $200,000

"Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is joining the attack against Wells Fargo, which was fined $185 million by the federal government for opening new accounts for customers without their consent, and then charging them fees.

...Last year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Wells Fargo Foundation had given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation. The Huffington Post adds:

Wells Fargo, both the bank and its foundation, have given generously to the Clinton Foundation over the years. The bank has given between $10,001 and $25,000, and the foundation has given between $100,001 To $250,000. In 2011, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech to Wells Fargo for $200,000

“This is classic Hillary Clinton: publicly criticizing a company because it’s good politics while the Clinton Foundation quietly accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars from that same company,” said Jeff Bechdel, communications director of the conservative America Rising PAC. “If Clinton truly meant what she wrote, her letter would have been accompanied by a check from her family foundation returning the money from the company she is hypocritically complaining about.”

Thus far, there is no indication that the Clintons intend to return the money to Wells Fargo." (surprise)
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Don’t worry. Only 194 Clinton Foundation donors received State Department appointments

"The Washington Examiner goes through some of the numbers this week and finds that of all advisory appointments made during her tenure, around 40% (!) went to foundation donors.

Hillary Clinton placed dozens of her donors on State Department advisory boards between 2009 and 2012, federal records show.

The former secretary of state’s agency appointed 194 donors who had given either to her family’s foundation, her political campaigns, or both, or were affiliated with groups that had.

Those donors represented nearly 40 percent of the 511 advisory appointments the State Department made during Clinton’s tenure."

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Me Me Swan Song


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21 September

Email Noose Tightens on the Ol' Nag - Stonetear = Clinton IT Hack

No Security Clearance Here

The evidence that @GOPPollAnalyst and others have uncovered is entirely circumstantial – which is pretty typical of crowdsourced investigative efforts, even the more effective ones. This is what @GOPPollAnalyst and her allies on Twitter and Reddit have dug up to support the Combetta/Stonetear connection:

– Archived domain records show the website combetta.com is registered to the email address stonetear@gmail.com.

– The Etsy user stonetear lists his name as Paul Combetta. (The account was registered in 2011.)

– A website for the ’90s role-playing game Betrayal at Kondor, maintained by an unknown person, thanks a Paul Combetta for hosting some files and lists stonetear@gmail.com as his email address.

– An archived profile on the site exiles.darkseduction.net, dated to February 2003, includes two pictures of a man who closely resembles Combetta, and who lists his names as “Paul” and “StoneTear” and his website as “putergot.net.”

– Putergod.net is, for what it’s worth, also registered to stonetear@gmail.com.

– Stonetear’s Reddit history – now deleted – made reference to Rhode Island, where Combetta once lived.

– The email address stonetear@gmail.com was used to register a Facebook profile for a “Paul Hamilton,” which is mostly blank and has only 40 friends. One of them is, however, a woman whose maiden name appears to have been Combetta until a 2015 wedding.

– The timing of two of Stonetear’s Reddit posts coincides with events in the Clinton email saga. One post, dated July 24, 2014, came one day after the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the State Department reached an agreement on producing records. The second, which is dated Dec, 10, 2014, and describes a 60-day email retention policy, came the same month that a longtime Clinton aide requested that their email retention policy be shortened to 60 days.

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Demise of the Bubble


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20 September

Bill Clinton: Sure, Foundation donors expected favors from State Dept… Obviously

Bill Clinton told NPR Monday that it was only “natural” for certain donors to his foundations to expect favors from the Clinton State Department:

It was natural for people who’ve been our political allies and personal friends to call and ask for things. And I trusted the State Department wouldn’t do anything they shouldn’t do.”

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Old reddit post may show Hillary’s BleachBit tech asking for advice on how to strip a “VIP’s” email address out of messages

Clinton Has a 2nd Oh Shi* Moment in One Day


House panel looking into Reddit post about Clinton's email server

A fascinating bit of sleuthing by reddit and 8Chan members via Phil Kerpen. Two years ago, on July 24, 2014, a reddit member who goes by “stonetear” posted this plea for tech advice:

stonetear 1.jpg

That post has since been deleted — along with many others by stonetear — but you’ll find an archived version here. Someone rediscovered that post, noticed the unusual request regarding “VERY VIP” email records, and apparently wondered if stonetear might be Paul Combetta, the Platte River Networks tech who worked on Hillary Clinton’s email server and recently received immunity from the feds for his testimony about it. A group investigation revealed that “stonetear” also appears in an email address and an Etsy page linked to Combetta. There’s also compelling circumstantial evidence floating around connecting stonetear to a specific street in Rhode Island on which Paul Combetta owns a home. There’s no smoking-gun proof that he’s stonetear but it sure looks like it’s him.

Another interesting post by stonetear is dated December 10, 2014:

stonetear 2.jpg

What makes that one, and the July 24th post, interesting? U.S. News & World Report explains:

"On July 23, 2014, the House Select Committee on Benghazi had reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of [Hillary Clinton’s] records, according to an FBI report released earlier this month on the bureau’s probe of her email use…

The FBI report says that Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide and attorney, requested in December 2014 that the email retention policy be shortened to 60 days. The FBI report says Mills “instructed [redacted] to modify the email retention policy on Clinton’s clintonemail.com e-mail account” but that “according to [redacted] he did not make these changes to Clinton’s clintonemail.com account until March 2015.”

...Oddly enough, stonetear seems to have been interested in precisely the same recordkeeping issues that Paul Combetta would have been interested in with Hillary Clinton as his client at precisely the same times that he would have been most interested. (Combetta apparently forgot to implement the 60-day retention policy mentioned in the December 10th reddit post, leading to his “oh-sh*t moment” in March 2015 where he nuked old emails on the server with BleachBit.) Equally oddly, all traces of stonetear seem to be disappearing from reddit this afternoon, now that members there are sifting through his archive of posts..."

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Illegal Immigrant Attends Georgetown University on Financial Aid, Pays Only $11.50 this Semester

"An illegal immigrant from Mexico is attending Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for only $11.50 this semester, as he’s receiving financial aid to cover the more than $30,000 tuition.

Mizraim Belman Guerrero, who immigrated from Mexico to Austin, Texas with his family at age four, is attending Georgetown University as an undocumented immigrant, as reported by Circa.com.

“He qualifies for financial aid like any other student at Georgetown, and this semester he’s paying just $11.50 of the close to $33,000 tuition bill,” reports Circa’s Fernando Hurtado. “Financial aid isn’t the only resource Georgetown offers undocumented students. Earlier this year, it launched an undocumented students resource page for prospective students looking to get into the university.”"

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Pirate Day Returns


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