Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

24 November

Hoschek Accused of Rifling Miller’s Desk

County Supervisor Tim Hoschek Copies Miller’s Personal Notes

Part Time Mail Man Reading Other People’s Mail?

Does he do that when he’s working for the Post Office?

Supervisor has no moral value or respect for privacy.

Quirk on Vacation - Unfortunately Misses Exchange

After the Des Moines County Supervisors’ weekly meeting on November 23, 2004 Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek held up copies of Des Moines County Supervisor David Miller’s personal notes that had been located on Miller’s desk in the Supervisors’ court house office.

Hoschek, apparently under the cover of darkness, or at least after Court House hours when no one was around to see him, rifled through Miller’s desk and decided to copy Miller’s personal notes.

“The voters spoke,” Hoschek said.

But they sure didn’t know what they were voting for - Charlatan Tim Hoschek.

An untrustworthy snoop in anybody’s book.

Better lock your desks and mail boxes.

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18 November

Guns and Bars

Burlington Mayor Looking For Trouble In all The Wrong Places

Criminal Complaint Filed with West Burlington Police Department

Gun totin’ Burlington Mayor Has Questions to Answer

Reported in the The Burlington Hawkeye today, Burlington, Iowa Mayor Mike Edwards went to Otis Campbell’s Bar in West Burlington with a fellow union member to “investigate” a non union worker brought in to replace striking workers at the Case New Holland (old JI Case Company) plant in Burlington on Sunday, November 14, 2004.

Edward’s buddy left the bar earlier to get Edwards at home. Edwards was whipped into a reactive wad by his buddy over Edward’s kitchen table. Police are investigating whether or not the Mayor was packing his usual handgun in his cowboy boot when he went to the bar.

Although the Mayor has a concealed weapons permit, the rules specifically prohibit the carrying of a weapon into a bar. The Mayor said he can carry the weapon on the picket line; though, “hasn’t done that yet.”

Apparently the non-union worker felt threatened by the fact that the Mayor carries a gun and his buddy freely told him about it.

Was the Mayor there as a representative of the City of Burlington?

Was the Mayor there as a representative of the Burlington City Council?

Was the Mayor there as a representative of the union?

Or was the Mayor there just pretending to be a gun totin’ tin horn Mayor looking for trouble?

Better question - for a Mayor that has had trouble in the past with alcohol, why is he even in the bar to begin with?

And who's liable for this mess? The taxpayers?

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