Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 December

Today's Council Article


The article in Saturday's paper recapping the city council's year had a couple of interesting comments.

I do not believe that if the City of Burlington loses the lawsuit to BNSF, that it will be any fault of Spike or city councilman Mike Campbell. BNSF's lawyers can find out all the information on this case themselves. That will be their excuses.

The website gives the citizens a fair place to voice their opinions. Many people have tuned into burlingtonderailed. Spike has done a good job with the website. This isn't Iraq, and citizens can voice their opinion on government tax supported employees. There has been many positive comments about various things. When our government employees or elected officials do the things that they do, what comments should be expected from the public? We also have some very good elected officials and employees.

Some of these people that do not like the website are probably the same people that would allow local cover ups bordering on corruption. There are too many cliques and political party friendships that allow this.

Some of these people have been employed too long inside city hall. That's the problem. They do what they want and cover up for each other.

In the article it also said that the Mayor appeared to be sober on the video. The Hawkeye can believe what they want.

The public didn't believe that. The Mayor spent the entire evening going from bar to bar drinking and then went Gulfport.

We all know that he was found by the police with achohol on his breath, sleeping behind the wheel and the car was running. If Edwards was sober, he would have taken the sobriety test, and drove home and it would not have been necessary to wake his wife at 5 AM.

Are we all bad people because we do not believe the cover up story? Some of Edwards coworkers don't believe him either, because they may know the truth. The truth was told on Burlingtonderailed and that is probably why more people tune in.

Delaney's article that tried to make Edwards look better in the public's eye, only lost Delaney respect. The public expects more from our editor of our only newspaper.

If they are worried about anonymous letters to this site, maybe they should sign their editorials? And quit worrying about who Spike is and do their job!


You can bet the egg money someone will try to blame BurlingtonDerailed.com, and maybe even Campbell for the loss of the illegal railroad lawsuit. The real culprits of this debacle are slowly being exposed right here on this website for the entire world to see.

Scott Power and whomever he wants to bring to the court house will never match the case law and common sense needed to win a case like this. They aren't good enough lawyers even if they had a better case.

What Leaderless Edwards, Lost Keys Ell, Power, Slagle and the sore losers, King and Baker, never counted on was BurlingtonDerailed.com exposing their little shell games to the citizens.

Never forget the City REFUSED to meet with the railroad and avoid a lawsuit. If I was the railroad, I would make an example of Burlington to the world and make it so expensive that no other little flea bag lawyer tried a run on 100 year old case law.

Edwards threats? Those threats come from the mouth of a drunk. They shouldn't be ignored just because he is a drunk. Egotistical, arrogant drunks shoot people every day over something as ridiculous as being called a drunk and a liar.

If these people think 2005 was a rip-snorter, wait until 2006.


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Not EVERYTHING Appears On Police Blotter

Car Chase Ends In Pond - Hawk Eye Misses Photo Op

Opie The Lawn Elf Averts Disaster

I would just like to say that not everything that happens at the BPD, or with them, ends up in the paper.

Living in the country, spending what we thought was going to be a normal night at home, making cookies, turned into a car chase, ending in our pond!

One minute you look up and you see lights in your driveway, and the next minute your house is surrounded, and the car they are chasing has driven around your house, and by some small miracle, missed every cat, ornament, dog, tree, garage and the house and came to rest in the pond.

It took forever for the name of the driver to show up in the arrest column, and there never was any mention of the car being chased for around 40 minutes.

So, no matter how big or small, you just may not hear about it at all!

Happy New Year to all, and PLEASE, drive responsibly!


Glad to hear Opie The Lawn Elf made it through this harrowing experience. Be glad it wasn't BK Edwards. He'd have to sleep it off before he could call for help and probably would have drowned.

And stay out of their pond, BK.

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30 December

Question About Fun City Post

Dear Spike,

Re: Dec. 29 Fun City post

I think you should be very careful about allowing anonymous people to trash private businesses. They may be competitors or disgruntled ex-employees.

There have not been “numerous arrests” at Fun City reported in The Hawk Eye. Is the poster alleging that the BPD is making numerous secret arrests, or that The Hawk Eye is not publishing the full police blotter?

If so, that is a very serious charge and needs investigation. However, I think that most likely it is just someone’s lurid imagination.

BTW, I do think that a place full of kids like Fun City needs tight security, well trained to spot pedophiles.


I know who the individual that wrote the email is. It was not an anonymous email. The same individual wrote several earlier opinions of how things are going at Fun City, one positive, one negative.

Opinions can sometimes look like trash talk. If we don't post these citizen opinions and generate thought and action from it, we've lost our focus and goal.

Fun City is not a private business when it involves taxpayer money. After all, the City had to make a $54,000 bond payment this month because they didn't negotiate a construction delay clause in the bond agreements.

Quite frankly, until this email hit the news desk I hadn't given any thought to the security issues for the children at Fun City. It's on the radar now and it should be for every citizen in the community.

We're still a trusting group of Iowans sometimes unaware there is a big, bad world right outside our door.


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Stop The Madness

Now It's A $200,000 Savings For All City Unions


I'm wondering; when we first heard about the new salary and benefit contract with the police dept. the cronies told us how great it was and how it saved us $200,000.00 a year and was the best we could negotiate without losing everyone.

Yesterday in the advertiser this: "Hunter had said that if all three unions agreed to the contract terms, the city could realize a savings of $200,000 in health care costs."

Did I miss something? Now all three have to agree before we save the 200,000.00? I think we're being lied to. Someone please find the truth.

I'm not even going to start in on our upstanding mayor and his ilk. I don't have the time.

I do know they read your site, though. And I'd like to place my vote to end the railroad lawsuit before we really go broke.

Wait, I didn't get a vote.


I saw that same item. I don't know if the newspaper got it wrong the first time in their zeal to report the City's attempt to control costs or what.

I believe that we are in a for another tax increase. This is just an attempt to get us loosened up for for the stab in the back when Lost Keys Ell wants to layoff police and firemen to save costs.

As for voting, you're not alone. The entire City Council did not vote in open session as required by law.

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City Insurance


The article in the Hawkeye quoted the City's negotiator Bev Hunter as making a point to say that the employee's now have a $15.00 co-pay for each office visit. I asked 6 people that I know to compare and we all had $25.00 or more for co-pay office visits.

Why Hunter makes a big deal out of this I don't know. We all had the higher deductibles and paid between $125.00 to $200.00 per month for our health insurance. The City's is free.

As reported in the Hawkeye in the past, Hunter helps negotiate the contracts and she was taking the money rather than the insurance and putting it into a retirement plan. The taxpayers are providing her with two pensions.

This is wrong and should be changed. If they don't need the insurance, they shouldn't get the money. Hunter's husband worked at Case with Edwards and she is use to all the great benefits herself. She doesn't want much to change and she isn't going to rock the boat that she rides in.

They just expect everybody to just keep paying for their great benefits, while we have no money for services.


You're right, it should be use it or lose it. This does seem like a double dip. $800 a month is $9600 year tax free in the right retirement account. 10 years is $96,000+

I'm sure there are other employees in the same situation.

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29 December

Railroad Lawsuit Hearing Set January 6

According to Federal Court records a hearing on all pending motions will be held by telephone conference call placed by the court to counsel of record at 9 a.m. on 1/6/06. The Order was signed by the trial judge.

I will bet that come January 6 by 11:00 am City Attorney Scott Power and the crowd from Dewey, Screwem and Howe will be feeling nauseous brought about the outcome of the hearing. Of course we will be told that they have it under control and this is normal.

If you think $135,000 was a big 2005, wait until you see the legal fee bubble burst on 2006. I can't wait to see the City's expert witness list.

The railroad did suffer a slight setback with the Edwards' BK drunk sleep over. Edwards' possible testimony about the lawsuit being about jobs may not be as credible as it once was.

But we all knew that anyway.

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Fun City


I've been talking to a few infiuential people about Fun City and they were telling me about numerous arrests for alcohol and minors, dui's, drugs and public intoxifications.

Now I got a new one for you. When the city waterpark opens and all of the kids show up to have fun at Fun City add a couple of pedophiles to the list and where is the city going to be then?

I just wonder if the city council thought about any of this before they ok'd the water park? Or, if they were pressured by the Chamber of Commerce or Grow Greater Burlington to finance this for economic developement?

I don't want to sound negative but I don't want anyone to get hurt or abused. And the way it looks so far, it's not good. And believe me, at first I thought it was a great idea until I seen some of the things that have occured so far.

I hope the BPD can handle it but this is a lot to take on without help. I think that Randy Winegard should help with security or pay the BPD to hire more officer's to handle the facility. Because people deserve to know if their kids go out there they are going to be safe

I'm not sure but I think at night Burlington has 6 officers to take care of Burlington and that does not seem like enough to handle the job. But like I say, I'm not for sure of the number of officers available. I think this is something the citizen's should know.



I hope all of these new problems will be dealt with. As with anything new, it takes time to ferret out the problems.

I would think that it is really Fun City''s job to provide security at a level the public should be comfortable with. If it means less money for the City's coffers, then so be it.

We don't expect less lifeguards in the water park. There shouldn't be insufficent security either.


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Prison Problems? We Have Cost Effective Solutions

According to a report released Tuesday, an Iowa State Prison camera caught three inmates making their break from the prison industries shop more than three hours before local police were notified that two of them had escaped.

No one was watching the TV monitors fed by the camera. No one noticed the inmates had left the shop or saw the third inmate sneak back into the prison after he decided not to leave.

It’s bad enough that they missed the escape. But to miss the guy sneaking back in?

I think we need more staff and a few extra tools. For $40-$80 million dollars that a new prison would cost, I can hire more guards with loaded guns, light that top wire up with 440 AC and give each guard tower a box of tinsel that the guards occasionally throw on the wire so the prisoners can watch it evaporate in sparks and fire.

Fear is a huge deterrent. More so than a camera.

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City Insurance Cost Questions Answered


There was an article in the Hawkeye that stated the city fireman health insurance is the same as the police dept. I don't know where that allotment dollar figure came from that was posted here.

I believe the monthly premium is free or is no cost to the employee if they take the plan with the higher deductible. If they keep the very low deductible, then the employee must pay a portion of their monthly premium.

The city management is trying to convince the public that the employees have really sacrificed and the city did a great job of negotiating the contract because the city is now going to a higher deductible, which is more common in the private sector. The monthly premium is still free and very few citizens that foot the bill have anything this good.

Mayor Edwards continues to say that the city employees are taxpayers too! That's true Mike. When the employees receive annual pay increases, higher pensions and free health insurance, they can absorb some of the property tax increase, because they benefit the most.

The majority of the Burlington residents are not that fortunate and therefore the continued tax increases effect them a little more, Mr. Drunk.


Here's the answer from Tim Scott. Thank you, Tim.


The city has a cafeteria health care plan. They offer several different plans that have various deductible options.

The current plan that the city and the unions agreed to is a family coverage plan that has a $250.00 deductible per person and a $500.00 maximum deductible per family. After the deductible is met then the plan pays 80% of covered charges and the employee pays 20% until a maximum out of pocket of $650.00 per person or $1300.00 per family is met. The cost to the city for a family plan for this coverage is $880.00 per month per employee.

IF the employee should opt to take a plan with a lower deductible they must pay the difference in the premium cost. If they choose to take a plan with a higher deductible they are paid the difference between the cost of the basic coverage and the cost of the higher deductible plan.

I believe that if an employee should opt to not take any insurance plan then they are allowed to use 1/2 of the $880.00 a month for other health care related items. For example, pay the deductible on a spouse’s health care plan, or pay for eye glasses, prescriptions, etc. They then can put the rest into a deferred compensation plan. I am not certain how this works or is administered.

The allotment is how much the employee is allowed for health insurance and not what is deducted from their pay. There is no deduction for health care coverage coming from city employees, unless they have opted to take lower deductibles then the one that was agreed to in the union contracts.

In the new contracts the deductibles will be $500.00 per person with a maximum of $1000.00 per family. After the deductible is met the plan will pay 80% of covered cost and the employee will pay 20% until the maximum of $1500.00 per person or $3000.00 per family is met. The employee will also pay a $15.00 co-pay for doctor office visits.

I hope this helps to answer the questions that you have had. I would also note that Jim Quirk’s article on the police department union contract was accurate.

Tim Scott
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28 December

City Firemen Health Insurance Costs


I would like to know if you found out the details of the premiums the City Firemen pay on health care. $800.00 is quite a lot of money a month and then to have $2000 detectable on top of that.

I think the key word here is "allotment." Where does that come from?

EDWARDS NEEDS TO STEP DOWN. Then Heland can get the Edwards for Governor campaign going! Maybe the brainless wonder King can be the webmaster for that!


I'd like to know about that "allotment" statement from the firefighters contract. I have asked for more info. Maybe we can get this cleared up.

I hope Heland has more sense than to hang with losers.


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King Denies Wrongdoing

Just Truthfully Answer One Question King

Pritchard Broadcasting Probably Headed For King Size Trouble


King Boy says the city council did nothing wrong with the closed session council meetings. What gives?


I don’t care what King says. When it comes to King you only need to conjure up his famous 6-word lie; “the railroad lawsuit is about jobs.” King has never accepted responsibility for any wrongdoing. Why wouldn’t King continue to lie to us about this?

I really don’t think King understands the issue (or any issue for that matter) because he is too busy telling us something. I believe my information is factual. In addition to the Ombudsman, we heard from 3 city attorneys from around Iowa and Kathleen Richardson tell us that the closed session meetings the council conducted were illegal.

What is interesting is that King still wants to tell us. I can’t wait for his news repeater’s job at the Pritchard radio station to start. He’ll be telling us everyday how to think and what to believe.

How could we EVER believe Chris King about anything? He has no credibility. He can’t report facts. He only reports what he wants to tell us.

King only has to answer one extremely simple question to prove us wrong. On what date did the Burlington City Council hold an open session vote as required by Iowa Code, to enter into the railroad lawsuit?

I don’t want King’s misstatements of fact. Just King’s answer with the specific date the vote was held. Otherwise, go away.

Keep in mind King belongs to the Scott Power Legal Ruling of The Month Club. You get whatever Power sends you and then swallow it hook, line and sinker.

And that’s why King finished last place in the election.

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27 December

King Still Running On Rumors

Hey Spike,

Does Mike Campbell have anything to do with BurlingtonDerailed.com? I keep hearing stories that seem to come from Chris King that Spike is Campbell. Does Spike know Campbell?


For you new readers, soon-to-be-ex-councilman and sore loser Chris King seems to be perpetuating the months old rumor that Councilman Mike Campbell is somehow connected to BurlingtonDerailed.com.

Councilman Campbell is not associated with and does not contribute to our site. I do know who Campbell is and I’m not sure he knows me.

These bizarre rumors show just how strange King has become. For someone that has lost 3 jobs in the last 6 months and about to lose his grow Greater Burlington Board seat, King should keep his own campsite picked up before he wrestles with us.


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Edwards For Governor - Resignation With Dignity

So Many Bars, So Little Time


Iowa's incumbent Governor is running for President. He is not seeking re-elction to pursue his higher goal. Mike Edwards is presented an opportunity as a result.

Mayor Edwards should seek his party's nomination for Governor. To pursue his ambition, the Mayor would announce his resignation from the city council, "..in order to devote all my energies to serving the people of the great State of Iowa."

Resignation with "dignity" would be at hand.

Mike Edwards would then have the opportunity to campaign in bars over a far larger area. Odds are Mayor Mike would loose the June primary, but he would expose others of like mind to his genius. It would be an opportunity to build a base for the future. Think of Al Gore in 1988 and Franklin Roosevelt in 1920.

Want-to-be-Governor Edwards would have reason to live up to a past failed pledge. Law enforcement elsewhere is not likely to look the other way and call a cab at five in the morning.

Carrying the piece to practice being Commander and Chief of the Iowa National Guard may not be a wise idea either. Armed drunks are unpredictable. Especially those you do not know. The cops in Sioux City may take any threats you make seriously and shoot first.

Go for it, Mr. Mayor. Go for it and just go away.


I'd settle for just go away. Edwards doesn't bring one thing to the council table. Nothing. Just like Ell, King and Baker. The difference with Baker is she REALLY IS a good person. The rest are just thugs, bums and monkeys.


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25 December

Why Does Edwards Have The Gun?

Protection From The Boogey Man?


Please clear something up for me? I missed the reason why Burlington's Mayor has a concealed weapon permit?

Is it for protection? From what? Does this mean he doesn't trust the Burlington Police force to protect him?

How are the people of Burlington supposed to trust their police force when the Mayor doesn't? Sounds to me like he doesn't support them.


P.S. I'd like to thank the Burlington City Council for so much entertainment. Makes my side of the river seem a little boring.

Ever since Ed King, the mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa was shot dead during a council meeting, politicians have felt a need to go armed. At any given council meeting, FOUR people could be armed including the Police Chief. There could be dozens killed or injured in the cross fire alone. It would take city staff three weeks to fill the bullet holes with plaster.

A clinician might tell you this could be a feeling of male inadequacy.

The only reason I can think of that Edwards needs a gun is to protect his 12 pack. What else could it be? The Boogey Man?

Me, I think a drunk with a gun is about the most dangerous, unpredictable situtation there is, other than a sore loser. Des Moines County Sheriff Johnstone is ultimately responsible for these situations since he issues the concealed weapons permits.

At least we know King's permit will be pulled on 12/31 since the only thing he will be guarding is his Pritchard Broadcasting tape recorder.


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Edwards Garners No Respect

Has anyone ever questioned how Mike Edwards can even have anything remote to do with contract negotiations. He himself is a union member, and as such should feel the need to stick up for his fellow union brothers and sisters as strong as the call to the bottle.

It is no wonder he is crying all over town for lack of respect…its not the workers that don’t have the respect, it is the unions themselves.

The union used to mean something, and in some parts still do, but when you have the face of Mike Edwards on the poster for unionism, who wants it?


Unions can't retain any respect as a group when you have so-called union leaders like Edwards as a poster boy. Edwards' union affiliations have time and again gotten in the way of City business affairs.

I feel like you, how could his vote be impartial and in the best interests of the city when he struts around with a gun in his boot making threats to anyone that crosses his path of self interests?

Edwards is a wannabe hoodlum thug that rode the coattails of his striking union brothers to get reelected. I can't imagine any of them are pleased about this series of events. Imagine how bad that will be when Edwards does get his next OWI?


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23 December

Edwards Needs To Resign – Apology Or Not


I think Mike Edwards needs to resign regardless of his apology. Any position he holds with the city council is subject to criticism.

Treatment of his alcoholism is not a part of the job description for city council.

I voted for him and only support him if he does the right thing and step down from council. And he needs to give up that gun permit. Booze and guns don’t mix.


Don’t hold your breath. Under Edwards’ leadership very little has happened that he orchestrated from start to stop that has been, or will be, beneficial to the community.

And if you just look at the railroad lawsuit debacle we can’t afford to have Edwards near the city checkbook.


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Mike, The Time Has Come To Leave


Mayor Edwards lecturing the community about not appreciating public employees is no longer laughable hypocrisy. Edwrds put those who put themselves in harm's way to maintain public order and protect all, in a lose-lose situation?

Thanks to the Mayor's paying homage to the god Bacchus on election eve, respect for local law enforcement has not been lower in living memory. Mayor Edward's method of expressing appreciation makes sense only to those seeing double.

The more the Mayor runs his mouth trying to direct public indignation away from himself, the worse it gets. These pitiful outbursts bring more disrepute not only on the Mayor, but all of Burlington.

It's not funny anymore. Mike, the time has come to leave.


This is going to get real old before Edwards is finally arrested for OWI. Edwards' ego and holier-than-though attitude will prevent him from common sense reasoning. Or, is his wisdom alcohol induced reasoning?

The Governor just asked Iowans for sobriety over the holidays and to stop drunk driving. As usual, he can't count on Burlington to participate. Our Mayor is a drunk.

Most pro athletes know when to quit. They want to leave with dignity and pride over a job done to the best of their abilities even if they aren't a super star. Instead of a sewer slide into hell.


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City Firemen Health Insurance Not Free


Just FYI, the firefighters for the city of Burlington have an allotment of over $800 per month taken from their paychecks to go towards their insurance premiums, on top of a $2000 family deductible. Now with the new contract, the deductible will be $3000. Yes, they have an excellent pension plan but they are certainly not receiving their health insurance for free.


Thanks for writing with this info. This is what the newspaper never tells you and people need to know. Please write to me confidentially and explain how this allotment works. $800/month for health care seems high.


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Seasons Greetings

Hi Spike.

Seasons greetings to you. God bless your website.

The truth shall set you free, and this is just another forum that proves that. City council take note, taxpaying citizens visit this site on a regular basis and feel safe voicing their opinion without being badgered or degraded, not that you really care what the people have to say.

I hope 2006 brings peace and prosperity to everyone in this area that is trying to provide for their families.

God bless every one.


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22 December

Cry For The Camera, Mayor

Who could ever forget PTL, Heritage USA, or Jim and Tammy Bakker?

As the empire they largely built on government aid checks crumbled, Tammy's eyes were never dry. Jim never stopped asking for your prayers. Those forcing them to face their errors and take responsibility were demons sent by Satan to destroy all believers.

Mike Edwards has not forgotten. The scripts the same except for one item. Substitute greedy ungrateful union haters for demons sent by Satan. The appeal to your base as the walls fall is the so typical.

Edwards needs to lay off the pleas. It reminds the public too much of Rev. Swaggert, Rev. Ike. and others of their type. Until Rev. Mike climbs the 12 steps to find the Lord and actually stops drinking, how do you know what is real and what is for show?

The old axiom about the last refuge of scoundrel being patriotism, is being challenged. The antics of some scoundrels would make one wonder if that last refuge is becoming religion.

For his sake and that of the community, Mayor Edwards needs to resign and try rehab. Like love, it is better to have tired and lost than never to have tried rehab at all.


First, you have to be a man and admit you have a problem. Then you might fix the trail of tears.

Speaking of PTL, we even have a stand-in for Jessica Hahn.


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A Message for the Drunken Mayor from Headquarters

Perhaps Mayor Edwards' fellow party members need to draw him a pickture.

The Mayor's continued presence in public office is causing concern for the entire party cause. The decades long vision for Burlington's growth based on collectivist labor contracts and anti capitalism is threatened by Mayor Edwards' public drunkenness. Faith is giving way to doubt.

Voters are beginning to question the wisdom of their blind obedience. The party is being identified with the man. With severe questioning taking place about the worth of the man, how long before the record of his party's cause is called into question? The truth about decades of decay and decline must be kept quiet.

For the sake of this loyal party member to the collectivist cause and the cause itself, Mayor Edwards should resign and seek rehabilitation. The fate of the Socialist status quo in Southeast Iowa hangs in the balance. If Mayor Edwards fails to come to reason, he must be whipped into seeing it.

Commissar Courtney, do your duty!


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21 December

Edwards Says Community Doesn't Appreciate Employees

During the Monday night council meeting, soon-to-be-ex-Mayor Edwards said the community doesn't appreciate city employees. Edwards sounded like King, telling us what we think.

The citizens do appreciate the city employees that have earned our respect. Policemen, firemen, garbagemen, snowplow drivers and the other worker bees that make this city run.

What we don't appreciate is our elected leaders telling us how to think and telling the media what our thoughts are when they don't know (or could care less) what our thoughts are.

If Edwards cared about what we thought, he would resign and get treatment for his alcoholism and stop trying to balance on his sanctimonious pedestal.

Everyone else sees Edwards' pedestal as a pile of old phone books; slippery and unreliable.

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Hoschek Given Ride Home

Edwards Not Alone - Hoschek Joins The Ranks - More To Follow?

Apparently Burlington Mayor Edwards isn't alone in getting a free ride. According to several sources, in 1994 Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek was stopped by an Iowa State Trooper for suspicion of OWI and after much commotion (reported as "crying like a baby") Hoschek was allowed to call someone to get a ride home from a Des Moines County Deputy.

Rumors are also flying that City Manager Bruce Slagle was allowed to drive himself home after a traffic stop without being asked for a field sobriety test.

Rumors are best left alone unless there is corroborating evidence. We've reached the stage of corroborating evidence.

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Where's Power's Legal Bills?

Railroad Lawsuit Filing Was Due From Power On 12/19

Well, it's been a few more months since City Attorney Scott Power was asked to produce his, as yet unseen, detailed railroad lawsuit billings. Power made several large filings in November that probably drove the lawsuit costs up another $15-$18,000.

According to the Federal Court Case Summary, a response was due from the City on 12/19 for the railroad's Motion For Summary Judgement. That's 2 days ago. Since all filings are done electronically with the court, I guess we just have slow electrons moving to the Court.

I'll bet the City didn't get a discount for the apparent late filing. And it looks like we didn't get anything else either.

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City Contracts - What's Next?


Tuesday morning's Hawkeye had an article on the new city CWA contracts. Nothing against the employees, but their health insurance deductibles are finally in line with the private sector, but they still pay nothing towards their monthly premium.

They get a 10% pay increase over 3 years and free health insurance if they choose the higher deductible that most of us have and we pay around 150.00 per month. They have an excellent pension provided by us citizens.

At Monday's meeting on TV, Mayor Edwards congratulated the city staff on the negotiations and thanked the police officers (he should) for their concessions on the health insurance.

He then got in his union mode and said the community just doesn't appreciate the employees and the teachers. The community does appreciate these employees.

We have some excellent teachers and police officers, firefighters, etc. We also provide very good jobs with excellent pensions and health insurance. Probably the best there is right now.

Ell said he was amazed at the negotiations. What is amazing at accepting 10% pay increases and accepting free health insurance? The city states it will save $200,000.

How much would the city save it the employee paid a fair portion of the monthly premium? The private sector is seeing wage freezes and more monthly contributions to their insurance, along with higher property taxes to pay these employee benefits.

How much more will the City/County/School District burden the citizens of this community?


I wonder how amazing it will be during the budget review when Lost Keys Ell is the first one to advocate police and fire department layoffs because he isn't creative enough to find other ways to cut costs from the budget?


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Edwards Asks For Prayers


Burlington's soon-to-be-ex-mayor Edwards asked for prayers Monday night while attempting to apologize for his drunken meanderings November 5.

Prayers will not help you, Mikey. Determination to get sober and several years of therapy are required to break an alcohol problem will help you. Thinking that prayers will help fix an alcohol problem is really the outcry for help that everyone should be fully aware of.

But fixing it? Edwards has to decide to do that on his own and I don't expect that to happen.

Prayers only help you mentally to fix a physical problem.

Anonymous and proud of it

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20 December

Council Closed Session Meetings Ruled Illegal

Ombudsman Was Due Answer From Scott Power About 11/15

Rumors persist from several sources indicating that the Iowa Ombudsman has ruled the Burlington City Council conducted 2 illegal closed session meetings last year. Our sources say that City Attorney Scott Power did not meet a November 15 deadline to respond to the Ombudsman’s request for additional information or face additional investigation.

One of those closed session meetings resulted in a vote to sue the railroad. The vote was illegal because the council did not hold that vote in open session. Instead, City Manager Bruce Slagle and City Attorney Scott Power instructed the council to meet in closed session.

These are the same meetings that Slagle and Power denied they were doing anything wrong and according to the newspaper article, used ignorance of the law to justify the meeting.

What else could it be? And don't forget ignorance of the law is no excuse.

This is the same Scott Power that is going to spank the BNSF in court.

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19 December

Irony of War Is Revealing

The 224th Engineers Battalion spent over a year in Iraq and lost men fighting for the freedoms of democracy. Rights given to our citizens over 200 years ago.

It is very disconcerting to see our neighbors lose their lives so people like Edwards, Slagle, Power, Ell and King can exercise their tyrannical hold on the City and abuse the right of the people to be heard and their continued refusal to listen.

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Crickets, The Only Thing Heard Was Crickets

Edwards Shunned At Ceremony

As reported this morning on KCPS’s The Big Show 1150 AM during the Welcome Home Ceremony at Southeast Community College on Saturday various dignitaries were introduced to the crowd. After each dignitary was introduced, the crowd applauded.

When “Burlington Mayor, the Honorable Mike Edwards” was introduced the only deafening sound was silence. Except for the few crickets that managed to find their way into the gym before the first frost.

Right after Edwards was shunned, West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil was introduced and applause rang out.

If Edwards can't get it right I guess the crowd could.

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Mea Culpa Mixame a Martini Mayor

Edwards' Burgy Beer Endorsement Deal Evaporates


Entering "Drunk Mayor" in a search engine brought up a lot more than Mike Edwards. It's a bigger epidemic than the flu.

I like the story about the Mayor of Las Vegas and story time for fourth graders. At least this guy was honest. None the less, even in Vegas there are some stories not for the little ones.

The Mayor of Vegas even profits from his admitted "hobby." Bombay Sapphire Gin has used him as a pitchman. Mayor Mike probably will not be able to do the same. Burlington is small market. The Burgemeister Brewery at Warsaw, IL is long gone.

If by some accident Mayor Mike ever gets another alcohol conviction, he may wish to read this before accepting community service lecturing local youth on the error of his ways. From the current uproar, I would say Burlington ain't Vegas.

The Mayor of Las Vegas did not tell his story of alcohol from the seat of an idling automobile. Mayor Mike should learn from the Mayor of Las Vegas' example.


If Edwards learned anything, he would have resigned and sought help instead of hiding behind his ego. I wonder if he has the guts to apologize to the public on camera tonight at the council meeting.

Edwards won't get community service. He'll get hard time in Fort Madison.


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18 December



Does the name C***** C******* mean anything to you?


No, can't say that it does.


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17 December

Lateral To Hoschek


Mayor Edwards must go.

The Mayor's departure would present an opportunity to further improve local government. Supervisor Hoschek could in turn resign with the promise he would be appointed to the Burlington City Council.

For too many years the tripod of Des Moines County government has been supported by only two legs. With Hoschek gone, a replacement who is at least semi intelligent may well improve performance and lessen the burden upon all serving County Supervisors.

To sweeten the deal, promise Hoschek the Mayor position as well. Under Burlington's form of government, the Mayor is largely symbolic. Hoschek is likable enough. After talking with him for a while, you realize his disabilities are not the result self inflicted chemical over indulgence. Unlike Edwards, Hoschek as city mascot would elicit sympathy rather than resentment. Burlington has become a city with a lot to be sorry for.

Think of the Burlington City Council as a poorly operating internal combustion engine. One cylinder void of a spark plug does less harm in a five cylinder engine than it does in a three cylinder engine. Burlington's City Council has been operating for years with more than one weak cylinder. With King and Edwards gone, the others should be able to carry Hoschek.

Since local voters refuse to perform a tune up on local government, moving a few parts around is perhaps the only option.


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16 December

Reciprocity and Rum Punch


It is the holiday season. Elected officials from other jurisdiction may well be visiting friends and relatives in Burlington. If their nose gets red and they decide to drive their own sleigh, are they granted the same extra legal status as Burlington's red-nosed Mayor?

This issue should be settled to avoid further embarrassment to local law enforcement.

Should visiting elected officials report to City Hall during business hours and after proof of office be given a get out of jail free card? Will officers be instructed to immediately shut down all recording equipment upon being presented such a card?

Newspapers in another jurisdiction may not be as timid when it comes to public records as Southeast Iowa's leading morning missalette of selectively missing information. They may aggressively seek confirmation of wrong doing by local elected officials in their circulation area.

Having heard unconfirmed reports that Burlington's Mayor has been granted such reciprocity during his nocturnal state visits to Gulfport, knowing if it applies elsewhere may avoid a lot of confusion.


I've heard, and mind you it is only a rumor, that visiting elected officials will be issued 2 large yellow window signs to be placed in the windshield and rear window so that even a second look won't be cast in their direction.

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15 December

Baghdad On The Mississippi

Is Outside Military Assistance Needed to Free S.E. Iowans?

An attempt is being made to hold free and fair elections in Iraq. Why are these people so long oppressed by one party rule and a brutal dictatorship experiencing freedom? Because America's military went in to clean out an entrenched, corrupt mess.

Some have suggested looking to the State of Iowa to help Southeast Iowans from a similar situation. Though admittedly one not quite yet as desperate. Expect no help from the current administration in Des Moines.

The Attorney General is beholding to Courtney, Edwards, and their counterparts in Lee County for his holding office. The current Governor is likewise and even more so. The Governor got his start in state government with this cabal in Southeast Iowa. Besides, the Governor is currently preoccupied with becoming President.

A free press to the rescue? The only difference between newspapers in Saddam's Iraq and Southeast Iowa is the name of the political party and rulers they have been the propaganda arm of. Check the record. Be it Burlington or Baghdad, the endorsements and cover ups have all been to the ruling party's benefit.

Regarding opposition, if the rulers of Southeast Iowa ever find out who Spike is, he could well end up like the Kurds. Critics of the status quo in Southeast Iowa have a proven history of being driven into exile.

Help from Washington? There are constitutional limits to using federal troops in a domestic situation.

If the people of Iraq ever get their act together, an appeal to a liberated people and special arrangements with the Departments of State and Defense may allow for a rescue. There is a precedent of those who's freedom was won with the help of others returning the favor.

"Lafayette, we are here," proclaimed General Pershing in 1917. Will deliverance finally become reality after a force of T-60 tanks roll down Jefferson Street and an Iraqi Pershing proclaims likewise?


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Otis Edwards Movie - Otis Goes Home - Opening Soon!

Blockbuster Otis Edwards Movie Opening Soon!

Playing At Old Capitol Theatre


Otis, the town drunk of Mayberry, NC. leaves his hometown to pursue higher things. Otis sobers up and becomes active in his new Midwestern town's political party. He is doing very well.

Otis then becomes the new Mayor of this Midwestern town. The folks back home in Mayberry are very proud of Otis. They also miss him dearly.

One day Otis falls off the wagon in his new town. The Mayor is in big trouble. Some people are upset with Otis.

Otis asked the Sheriff if he could have his own key to his own cell. Otis promised to lock himself up until he sobered up in the morning.

The sheriff would have no part of this. Otis couldn't understand why and soon resigned as Mayor and headed back to Mayberry.

The folks in Mayberry welcomed Otis back. Barney was extremely excited because Barn' liked Otis. Barney greeted Otis with that big smile and a slap on the back. Ol' Barn told Otis he could have his own key to his own cell just like old times.

Barn told Otis he still had that one bullet. Otis said he has his own gun full of bullets. Barney's eyes got big and, well you'll just have to go see it.

This is a must see comedy!

play writer unknown

And Marcello Rubini covered it all in the local advertiser.


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Sober Mayor - 26,000 People Wrong

We all know our Mayor got a huge break. What is worse, is that we are expected to believe the fabricated story the eve of the BK near arrest. I'm trying to believe it.

The officer's comment was funny! The one that he told the Mayor, you're not impaired, your sober, or something like that.

The mayor's like, you're joking aren't you? Looking in disbelief. Thinking, why didn't I have these two cops the other 4 times?

Well, the Mayor says, you may think I'm sober, but I don't want that sobriety test, call my wife for me!

OK, let me turn off my mic, so nothing is recorded. Mr. Mayor, your wife is coming and I'm sorry I woke you, but the vehicle was running and we were concerned. Will we still get those pay raises you promised?

The public swallowed this story hook-line and sinker. We really did. Nobody in Burlington believes that our Mayor was driving drunk that night and couldn't find his way home.

We all believe he was sober. OK, there you go Mike!

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14 December

Not Much Future For Southeast Iowa

Spike Spike Spike

Ah, Southeast Iowa. A corrupt corner of Iowa run by a the same corrupt cabal marxists for the past several decades. This corner of the state is usually the most economically depressed in most respects and has been even in times of great economic expansion.

Industry is packing up and heading out of the area at a simply astonishing rate. People, especially the younger ones, are fleeing in droves. More people flee. The taxes keep going up. Quality of life keeps going down.

What do the voters from this region do? For the most part they send the same people back to run things over and over again. Spend more taxpayer money. Make your buddies rich. Suckle that government teat in one way or another.

Drunkie Von BarHopper of Burlington is some sort of obscene combination of Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Otis Campbell and Foster Brooks without any of the personality or charisma.

The police are apparently as corrupt as the politicians. Malfunctioning equipment, turning microphones on and off and moving the festivities off camera. No special treatment. Puh-freaking-leeze.

The police chief can spare us the ass covering dramatics. If I want crap like that I'll turn on "Law and Order" or some such tv drivel. My God does the man think we're that stupid?

The Hawkeye dutifully swallows what is offered and pronounces that all is above board. Do they think their readers are stupid?

Is there no end to the corruption? Why don't more people speak out? They're scared! And rightly so!

The government is corrupt and evidently so is law enforcement. Who knows what could happen if you make the wrong officials mad. You could end up in prison or worse. It seems that it is all one big UAW/AFSCME/NEA/State and Local Government/Old Media circle jerk and the taxpayer is stuck being the pivot man.

It is the same story down in Lee County, if not worse. Definitely more deeply entrenched and rotten. The DCC/Pedersen/Short/Holtkamp shenanigans are smelling to high heavens but it makes no difference. The machine rules everything down there with an iron fist.

You know what is going to happen with Drunkie? Nothing.

Want to know what is going to happen with the RR lawsuit fallout? Nothing.

Want to know what is going to happen with economic development? Nothing.

Want to know what is going to happen with the Lee County corruption? Nothing

Want to know when the voters are going to "throw the rascals out"? Probably never.

Want to know when industry is going to leave? As soon as possible.

Want to know when most of your young people are going to leave? As soon as possible. I can't say that I blame them.
Can you?


It reminds me of the stories of beating horses until they go down and can't get up. Fortunately, these people aren't as smart as they believe themselves to be and it will be their undoing. It is very hard to unwind the clocks that were wound with dirty hands.


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Public Is Outraged And We're Destined To Same Ol' Same Ol'

Did Cops Know Edwards Would Do Time For This Bust?


During my work day, I get around Burlington and the surrounding towns and talk to a lot of different people from every social caste imaginable. Just for my own curiosity I've been asking people their opinion on the mayor incident.

I always wait to express my opinion until I've heard theirs. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, from business owners to janitors say the exact same thing. "If it were me, I'd be in prison".

Note I did not say jail. I'm feeling that's why the whole thing went down like it did. Prison time is a lot different from podunk county jail. The cops knew it was serious, and cut him the biggest break of his LIFE!!

I think we can all agree that:
A. The mayor was sh**faced; anyone else would have been busted.
B. There was a cover up by the police
C. I'd say a cover-up by the paper except I'd be more inclined to think they missed it out of laziness.
D. Burlington status quo means nothing will ever come of it.

I really hope I'm wrong on the last one, but like everyone else in this town I've seen it sooo many times. We've been driven to complacency by the same ol' same ol', knowing our views are felt by the majority, but we're not being heard!!

And I'm not surprised by the microphone excuses. The cops have used that one with great success for a long time. They've got lots of stunts like that! More of the same ol' same ol'!!!

I think the only thing we can do is all move and pull the "revenue stream" out from under these idiots!! Don't they understand where the money comes from??


Edwards did get the biggest break of his life. And the newspaper IS lazy or they would have investigated this story.


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Everybody And Edwards To Blame


In response to ST that received an OWI while waiting for a ride in the Pzazz parking lot. You (she) should be mad. Edwards did the same thing and was let go.

This whole story or cover up is absolutely pathetic. The police dept. and our city council that endorses this type of management should be ashamed. Is Delaney satisfied with this? He can't be! Are these people honest? The public is having doubts!

Why did the officer turn off his mic? I thought that is why the taxpayers paid for this equipment. The mic was turned off so there was no recording of the conversation off camera. The officer must have called someone.

Does Chief Wunnenberg endorse this kind of action? Maybe Wunnenberg isn't as pure as we thought. This looks crooked to the public. The City will be getting sued in the future for unfair treatment. A good lawyer will make our city look silly.

This incident gives our police dept. and Wunnenberg a black eye. Delaney made an effort to clear Edwards. Everybody in town knows the truth. He drove to BK after a long night of drinking and didn't have to take a sobriety test. Those are the facts, the rest is bullsh**!

The public defender Beres, got the book thrown at him. Maybe that is because he is a "Public Defender" he'll beat it!


Will somebody please contact the Attorney General, Department of Public Safety and the Des Moines Register? It just festers and festers.


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Edwards and Courtney Make Economic Development News

BNSF Looking For A Merger Partner?


I see the BNSF might be looking for a merger partner with about $2Billion dollars cash in hand.

While Topeka may be at the heart of the current BNSF, a merger makes centrally located repair facilities a whole new issue. Too bad the City of Burlington was so quick to make enemies at the railroad. About the only thing to be fixed in Burlington again will be a broken air brake line.

If this goes through, will Perry Mason Power figure out whom to sue?

Thank you Senator Courtney. Thank you Mayor Edwards. You sure showed those capitalists S. O. B.s!


So with $2Billion in cash do you think the railroad is concerned about Power and his partners? It will be like a bug on the windshield.


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Edwards Behavior In England

We're Not Alone In Edwards' Problems

Mayor Edwards may wish to contact this man if he plans to do any driving in England.

Unlike Gulfport, being Mayor of Burlington will cut you no slack across a really large body of water.


Mr. Loophole, as he is known in British court rooms kept a businessman from being convicted even though his client's blood alcohol level was over FOUR times the legal limit because police could not prove he was behind the wheel at the time of the accident

We can prove Edwards WAS behind the wheel with the engine running. I guess Mr. Loophole would have to dream something else up to get Edwards off if he was drunk driving in England.

Like microphone trouble.

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13 December

X Rated Hawkeye Front Page

If Edwards Wasn't Drunk, Why Did He Need a Ride?


Unless my eyes are bad – the picture on Monday’s front page had a cute little dog with his (THANG) hanging out?? Even when they try and do a feel good story/picture they screw it up!

Question: If Edwards passed a field sobriety test, and wasn’t drunk, why did he need to call someone for a ride home???

Keep up the good work!


Maybe the righteous King could design a cover up and Hoschek could take it to the paper without comment. I really think it was a conspiracy aimed at BurlingtonDerailed.com.

You're right, why did Edwards need ride if he wasn't drunk? Was public safety an issue?


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What? Huh? No Probable Cause?

Were Phone Calls Made Off Camera?


Um, did I read the paper right Saturday morning???? Did it report that the "Edwards" video shows one of the officers TURNING OFF THEIR MICROPHONE?!

Apparently, only one of the officers had a working microphone anyway (Lame, with a capital L). And that officer turned their mic off.

Why? To make a phone call? Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why an officer would turn their mic off - unless of course they didn't want to be recorded.

I guess I am even more outraged now that I know Public Defender Beres has been charged with OWI when he wasn't even in his car.

I suppose they feel there was probably cause, after all, he got to the restaurant in his car and they felt he was impaired (though if I recall, he refused a breathalyzer). I don't understand how there could be probable cause with Beres and not Edwards.

How do we know Edwards had been drinking and driving? Well, maybe because HE TOLD THE POLICE! He said he had been bar hopping for six hours and consumed an unknown number of drinks and drove to take people home, drove to Gulfport and drove to the infamous BK and passed out.

Gee.... you think maybe there was probable cause. I feel bad because I think Beres might have gotten charged so the police/county attorney/Hawkeye can all say "See.... we don't show favortism. Look how we threw the book at this poor bastard."

Meanwhile, Edwards is somewhere tipping a glass and enjoying his bulletproof status.


p.s. All this aside, I feel bad the Burger King was closed. When I was a younger type, I LOVED a greasy Whopper and fries when I was bombed. It always tasted so good!

If you want to dispell rumors, open the door to access. Any further hint of broken equipment or adamant refusal to release material makes this cheese more binding.

Where's a real newspaper when you need them? Somebody email the Des Moines Register!!

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Mayor Got a Huge Break - Home Instead Of Prison!!

Citizen Got No Chance To Wait For Ride - Straight To Jail

spike -

Just wanted to add my two cents on the Mayor. Obviously, he was given a huge break, but does anyone really understand how big of a break?

From first hand experience, I can tell you. I made a big mistake 2 years ago. I waited in my car at Pzazz with it running (it was 17 degrees) but, after going through cancer at 31 and surviving, I had celebrated 5 years earlier and learned not to drive (after drinking).

So, being my second OWI, it cost over $6,000, I lost my license for 2 years and obviously it has been hell. My car was running and the funny thing about it is that one of the officers that wouldn't let me wait on my husband was Schwandt. Now, does anyone think that that is not preferential treatment recently?

I can tell you that without driving an inch, most people will go to jail. If they were so sure that Edwards would pass the test, why wasn't it given????

That has been my big question! Did they not have the time or were they just so sure that it was not necessary?

What a joke! i get my life back next week but every time that I read on this, it burns me up.

Can someone ask why the test was not just given after he admitted to drinking he didn't know how many? We should all have his luck.

It wouldn't have been jail had he failed the test. It would have been prison!


Oh, Edwards got a HUGE break. The cops knew when they ran the license plate who it was and that he had prior OWI arrests. They probably knew Edwards was going to prison.

It's their job to know who they are walking up on at 4:46 a.m. Or, at least they should know who they are approaching. Afterall, Edwards does have a concealed weapons permit. What would preclude Edwards from being startled and start blasting away at the cops?

And regardless of what we've been told, there is more to the story. There just isn't anyone with the guts to go demand answers and hold everyone's feet to the fire until they get the answers.


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Leadership Lacking With Lee County Democrats

Hey Spike.

Any news on that deal where the Lee County Democrats failed three attempts to correctly file a simple financial report with the State campaign finance committee?

I have friends down there in Lee County who have from time to time donated money to the Democratic cause. So, I asked around a little bit and found something astonishing.

The shocker to me is who makes up the leadership of the Democratic central committee. I discovered that Lee County Auditor Anne Pedersen, County Attorney Mike Short and County Recorder Larry Holtkamp are all among the senior movers and shakers on the central committee.

Holy Cow! The Lee County Auditor and friends can’t see that a $900 or $1,200 or $2,100, or what ever it’s supposed to be report gets filed correctly while they're watching over millions in county tax dollars. Makes my heart skip a beat.

No wonder the auditor had to have somebody else buy a file cabinet for her. She probably couldn’t figure out how to process the invoice.

We may have a Mayor who has embarrassed our community once again, but Lee County obviously has a Democratic leadership problem that has embarrassed their party and Lee County royally and that needs some TLC from the voters at the earliest opportunity.

TLC as in retirement - To Long Coming.


We haven't heard anything on this and need to snoop around a little. It makes you wonder when the auditor can't help get the needed financial paperwork done correctly for the Party on 3 different occasions.

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Landfill & Paramedic Lawsuit Status

Hi Spike

I got a couple questions for you.

First, what ever became of the situation at the landfill over the 60 thousand dollars that was owed to the landfill?

Second, when is the city going to go to court over the paramedic lawsuit?

I've just been wondering about these situations. keep up the good work!


I haven't heard yet. With all these lawsuits, somebody's gonna have a nice Christmas at the expense of the taxpayers.

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12 December

Who Will Lead Now That Edwards Loses Seat?


The local newspaper tried to get the story from the incoming city council, but I'm still unclear who they should pick for mayor come January.

Here's the problems:

Edwards - makes a promise then breaks it when he says he will not drink while serving on city council. He narrowly escaped a DWI charge at Burger King. He's lucky that it was the opening shift that made the call to the police instead of the closing shift. Knowledgeable, but his personal antics are a black eye to the community.

Scott - was voted out of office two years ago because voters saw more promise without him in the mayor's chair. Remember he got into a fistfight over a person's constitutional rights. Another very knowledgeable candidate, but do we want a fourth term mayor?

Thomas - could do the job if it didn't take away from his business and family.

Campbell - Like Thomas, only if he has the time to take away from his job and family.

Ell - still doesn't know that he's no longer a city employee. Always sides with the city instead of the residents of the community.

So, I guess I don't have any real advice for the gang. Probably will end up business as usual.


John Q. Public

Edwards is out. He should resign now and save his dignity from being arrested for OWI and forced from office.

Lost Keys can't be trusted because of the lost school keys. If you are the Fire Chief and keys are lost that ultimately cost the City over $54,000 and withhold that information from the City Council for 7 months, you have no business being Mayor of Burlington or a councilman. Plus I've heard that Ell rewrote the job description for the Fire Chief position to prevent internal promotion and then relaxed those standards to make the hire Ell wanted. And Ell's golf game is way too close to Slagle's.

So that leaves 3. Campbell, Scott and Thomas can all do the job. I would like to see a new face as mayor. But if job conflicts force Campbell or Thomas to decide against it, Scott can do the job with an open mind.

Most important though, things have changed. It is not the same old City Hall. The citizens expect change. And that doesn't mean laying off people to control the budget.

And get rid of the railroad lawsuit. Those tracks lead to nowhere.


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Fun City Opens - Minors Drinking - Police Present

Ice Cream Fields Forever

Hi Spike

I was out at FUN CITY Saturday night. There were a lot of people out there. It was very nice but right off the bat I saw a very big problem.

Alcohol was every where around the little kids. And my son was served and he is not 21. NO ONE WAS CARDING AND THERE WAS NO SUPERVISION. There were two police officers but they were not doing anything to see if Fun City was carding.

And I like the deal where ice cream is free forever. Must have had something to do with the Dairy Queen or something. The bowling seemed a little expensive but that's probably just me. There are plasma tv's every where you look. I saw the arcade, it was cool And the go carts are great.

There is still some construction going on at the waterpark. But all in all except for the alcohol, it is a great place for the family.

But like I say, the alcohol situation needs to be looked at closely because I don't think businesses should have alcohol floating around that freely in front of kids. But this was the second night it was opened so I guess give it a chance.



Rumor is ice cream is free because Dairy Queen wouldn't sell their property to Winegard. Location, location, location applies to Dairy Queen business. Dairy Queen should do very well in spite of free ice cream.

I guess we have to give Fun City time (about a day) to get their alcohol service under control.


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Railroad Lawsuit News

The railroad won their motion to have a hearing for Partial Summary Judgment including the City paying for the railroad’s attorney fees. The hearing has not been set. Power will trivialize this but this could be extremely bad for the City.

We should have a list now of all expert witnesses for the City. You can no longer hide the detailed invoices Power.

The legal fees have to be astronomical. And for no substance from Burlington's legal team. We don't even have a nice pile of meaningful paper.

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Mayor Otis Edwards, Barney and Newsman Marcello Rubini


Delaney reminds the public in his Sat. article that it appears that our Mayor Edwards got no free pass and the public should not expect one either.

Edwards was found asleep at the wheel of a running vehicle in the early A.M. hours smelling of achohol. The officers did not make him take a sobriety test.

The video that the audio did not work, the officers were out of the camera's view for several minutes, one officer turned off his/her mic, then they came back to Edwards car and released him, proves what? Did they call someone when they were out of view? It didn't show Edwards calling his wife.

Does Wunnenberg and Delaney really believe that the public is this stupid? This article in Saturday's paper doesn't get Edwards off the hook like he wishes. It only proves that our Mayor received preferential treatment.

They should admit the truth and at least they might keep what respect they have left. It is so ridiculous that they expect the community to believe this story!

Delaney was correct when he said drunk driving should be taken serious. What excuse do these people have, that are defending an elected official that has been arrested 4 times for drunk driving, and he was drinking and driving this night he feel asleep behind the wheel?

I can understand Wunnenberg defending his force, but Delaney should be calling for Edwards resignation.

The Hawkeye is a disappointment, but the editor is holding the strings. Let's hope he is proud.

If a drunk driver runs over and kills one of his (Delaney) family members, will he take a stronger stand? Until then, he'll let City Hall run over him.


Like I said Saturday, the public needs no bullsh** answers from the police department as to when the cameras and microphones were last serviced, how long had the equipment been intermittently defective, how many OWI/arrests/traffic stops had been made in the 72 hour period before and after the Edwards incident, did the equipment work during those stops, do the radio service logs show the defective equipment and has the equipment been fixed. After all, these are radio devices regulated by the FCC. There has to be maintenance logs.

Then we need to see the Master Original video and audio tape for 8 hours before the traffic stop until 8 hours after the stop. A real newspaper that wasn't lazy would have already done this.


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11 December

King Tells Us Again – Will Cry Baby Ever Shut Up?

Spike’s Position On The Campaign and Ethics Board

According to Cry Baby King’s dying website, the Campaign and Ethics board is still investigating BurlingtonDerailed.com for not including a “Paid for by” attribution to our opinion post regarding the candidates in the November Council election. The election that Cry Baby King lost, coming in LAST PLACE.

Cry Baby also turned on his fellow Grow Greater Burlington Board members for alleged misuse of Political Action Committee money in the last council election. Looks like King is backstabbing Grow Greater Burlington because they criticized King because King had too much negative press and the Chamber didn’t endorse him.

According to Saturday’s newspaper article, King hopes to continue to serve on Grow Greater Burlington’s marketing committee after he leaves office. I don’t think that boat will float further than King’s feet in the bathtub.

King Facing Investigation

King himself is facing investigation for his website since he took Tim Scott and Mary Baker to task and posted political meanderings while King was a candidate. King has tried to avoid investigation by repeatedly changing his website’s pages to cover his mistakes. Fortunately, most of his political posts were downloaded before he removed them from his site and are being forwarded to the Ethics and Campaign Board.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the Ethics and Campaign Board has to say about King’s missing website material.

BurlingtonDerailed.com 1st Amendment Position

To set Cry Baby straight, here’s the email from Mr. Charles Smithson at the Campaign and Ethics board regarding BurlingtonDerailed.com. Even though King’s real rate of factual absoption is less than .08, he will have to muddle through this as best he can.

From Mr. Charles Smithson at the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board.

On December 1, 2005, the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board deferred investigating this matter and directed me to do legal research (looking at Iowa, federal, and other states) on the application of the campaign finance laws on Internet blogs. This research is being conducted due to the 1st Amendment implications on regulating Internet blogs. The Board wants to make sure that it can even apply the campaign laws to such situations before determining whether or not to conduct an investigation.”

Spike's November email to Smithson.

Dear Mr. Smithson:

Thank you for your email.

I haven’t had time to formally prepare an answer to your specific issues or visit with counsel about this. So I offer the following for your consideration. I am not trying to appear argumentative, but rather to present my position.

A. Regarding “After reviewing your site, the only part that I saw triggering the campaign laws (by "expressly advocating" for or against a candidate) was "(Thoughts- added) For a Dying Town - Election 2005." I am not qualified to make a legal determination of this allegation. I think this would require a finding of fact in a court of law.

B. Regarding “I believe that you do pay for and control an "internet web site." I am not qualified to make a legal determination of this allegation. I think this would require a finding of fact in a court of law.

C. Regarding “While other states, including Delaware, may have issued rulings on "blogs," the state of Iowa has not done so (to the best of my knowledge and certainly not in the context of the state campaign laws).”

In IECDB opinions you have given, you have quoted other state law as a guideline in making those opinions. And respectful of your opinion regarding Delaware law, I think you would have to agree more times than not, reciprocity of other states’ superior court rulings are reviewed in a positive light rather than a negative light. Hence, my reference to the recent Delaware decision. It is hard to unwind another court’s decision.

C. Regarding “There is an exception under 68A.405(2)"e" for an individual who acts independently and spends less than $100. However, that exception applies to a "ballot issue." Chris King's complaint involves an election for candidates. Thus, the exception in the law does not apply.” I am not qualified to make a legal determination of this allegation. I think this would require a finding of fact in a court of law.

D. Regarding “if you still believe that your internet site is not covered by the law. “ I am not qualified to make a legal determination of this allegation. I think this would require a finding of fact in a court of law.

However, I offer these items for your consideration.

1. Blogs have been legally recognized as electronic newspapers. Under the Iowa Code, newspapers are exempt from the attribution requirement.

2. Blogs have been legally recognized as opinion pieces much the same as the editorial page in a newspaper. There are over 54 uses of the word opinion on the website. It would be very hard to derive the website is anything but an opinion when you add the words think, thought and

3. As a journalist, I gather news of all types and prepare information for dissemination to the public. The recent Lee County issue is an example among many others brought forward on BurlingtonDerailed.com. I believe my right to speak out on a matter of public concern; a 1st amendment precept is supported since the reelection of certain individuals may perpetuate corruption. That is a matter of public concern. And, therefore, a 1st amendment issue.

4. I don’t believe my right to free speech is obviated by the Iowa Code. The Fourth Circuit has held that "speech involves a matter of public concern when it involves an issue of social, political, or other interest to a community." Urofsky v. Gilmore, 216 F.3d 401, 406-07 (4th Cir. 2000) (en banc)

5. I think the IECDB has chosen to take a too narrow interpretation of the McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission case as it pertains to ballot issues vs. election issues.

6. Instead, in a broad sense (quoting) from McIntyre v. Ohio, “Ohio's statute does, however, contain a different limitation: It applies only to unsigned documents designed to influence voters in an election. In contrast, the Los Angeles ordinance prohibited all anonymous handbilling "in any place under any circumstances." Id., at 60-61. For that reason, Ohio correctly argues that Talley does not necessarily control the disposition of this case. We must, therefore, decide whether and to what extent the First Amendment's protection of anonymity encompasses documents intended to influence the electoral process.”

The Supreme Court ruling did not differentiate between ballot vs. election issue but rather the use of anonymity to influence the electoral process.

7. I have a right to blog anonymously. http://straylight.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/93-986.ZO.html
The Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the First Amendment right to speak anonymously: "author is generally free to decide whether or not to disclose his or her true identity. The decision in favor of anonymity may be motivated by fear of economic or official retaliation, by concern about social ostracism, or merely by a desire to preserve as much of one's privacy as possible. Whatever the motivation may be...the interest in having anonymous works enter the marketplace of ideas unquestionably outweighs any public interest in requiring disclosure as a condition of entry. Accordingly, an author's decision to remain anonymous, like other decisions concerning omissions or additions to the content of a publication, is an aspect of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment." (McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm)

I have fear, as do my sources and readers, of economic and/or official retaliation, concern about social ostracism and I want to preserve as much of my privacy as possible. Chris King is not smart enough to bring this complaint to you. He is smart enough to mount a retaliatory effort to find out who Spike is and that is all he has done since his website started. Even the local newspaper would find a bigger story in "who is Spike?" instead of protection of the 1st amendment.

8. I have uncovered enough material that Chris King plays a role in that either is, or borderlines, criminal activity by our elected officials in Burlington. There are several things slowly moving along that will probably bring this information to light.

9. Federal Section 230 may also apply. Bloggers can be both a provider and a user of interactive computer services. Bloggers are users when they create and edit blogs through a service provider. Bloggers are also providers to the extent that they allow third parties to add comments or other material to their blogs. The BurlingtonDerailed website allows anyone to provide comment or opinion without qualification.

10. Your investigation of King’s website will be hindered in that what has been posted of a controversial nature has been removed. The King website does not contain an accurate record for all of King’s political postings.

While I am not looking for, nor do I want a confrontation with the IECDB, I will vigorously defend the issues of privacy and opinion. I will gladly adhere to Iowa attribution law if it is appropriate. But I don’t believe it is.

I do not know if I can respond to your request by November 4.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for your consideration.


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10 December

Did Edwards Go To Gulfport Strip Bars Looking For Votes?

Not only did Edwards drive himself bar hopping looking for last minute votes, Edwards drove 3 other people around town and then drove to Gulfport.

Apparently, Edwards was after those Illinois votes in hopes of securing his reelection.

I wonder if Edwards stopped at any strip bars in Gulfport?

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Edwards' Police Video Missing Audio

Mayor “Gives” Consent To View Police Video

No Consent Needed – State Law Demands It

According to this morning’s newspaper article our mayor gave his permission for the local newspaper to view his traffic stop video. Without Edwards’ permission, the police chief was going to deny the newspaper its right to view the video which is contrary to state law.

And as usual, there were problems with the audio being inaudible, turned off and generally missing. I guess the police keep their tapes in City Manager Bruce Slagle’s desk drawer next to the magnets.

This video and everyone involved should be ashamed. I guess it should be funny if it wasn’t such a tragic attempt to outsmart the public.

Some of the highlights from the video.

1. Edwards’ continues to believe he didn’t do anything wrong. What do you expect from a drunk?

2. The police officer, without giving Edwards a breathalyzer test, told Edwards, “You’re not impaired, you’re under the legal limit.” How can a police officer tell a suspect that without administering the test?

3. I believe Edwards denied having anything to drink and lied to the police. Lying to the police is usually probable cause for a field test. And they could smell alcohol.

4. Even though the Iowa Attorney general has RULED these video/audio tapes are public record unless an investigation is underway, Wunnenberg said if it weren’t for Edwards’ permission, he wouldn’t have let the newspaper view the tape. Since he got his legal advice from Scott Power I guess we can partially understand his stance. But that isn’t what the law says.

The public needs no bullshit answers from the police department as to when the cameras and microphones were last serviced, how long had the equipment been intermittently defective, how many OWI/arrests/traffic stops had been made in the 72 hour period before and after the Edwards incident, did the equipment work during those stops, do the radio service logs show the defective equipment and has the equipment been fixed. After all, these are radio devices regulated by the FCC. There has to be maintenance logs.

Then when that is done those chickens from the newspaper need to go get the dispatch audio and cell phone records to compare who was called and what was said. Just file a freedom of information for the material and MAKE THEM DO IT. Stop being enablers for these people.

In fact, why doesn’t the newspaper demand all of the records and send them to an outside lab for audio enhancement? I know people that can extract audio from a flea breaking wind. Then we can hear what a problem this city has with its mayor. And hopefully, not with our police department.

Anything less is open participation in a possible cover-up. And that means you, Delaney. You’re half-assed column today is nothing more than tacit approval of this mess. Talking about free passes and Edwards’ apology instead of taking Edwards to task for hiding his apology to the public in a letter to the police chief. How weak is that crap?

And the newspaper hid this article on Saturday, the lowest reader day of the week. Why didn’t they wait until Sunday and enrage the people that need to see this cover-up unfolding.

Until someone has the guts to stand up to the thugs, bums and monkeys that think they run this town, this town deserves everything these thugs hand us.

And there are “no outlandish rumors circulating in certain quarters” as Edwards stated. Edwards is a drunk and he is the mayor of Burlington. He does not present a public image I am proud of.

And a final note to all of the citizens in Burlington. Do not try any of these passed out drunk driving stunts yourself. The police WILL find probable cause and you WILL go to jail.

Unless you’re the mayor or the city manager.

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King - Biggest Sore Loser Known

Weasel King Taking Hypocritical Approach To Election Loss

Shame on Chris King for getting so righteous about election laws. The Minister of Misinformation now is the public watchdog for election law.

King first raised a complaint with the Campaign and Ethics Board about BurlingtonDerailed.com. Now King is after the Chamber and Grow Greater Burlington probably because they didn't endorse King in the last election. A group that King sits on the board of.

A resonable and prudent man would have been PROACTIVE and helped the Chamber prevent an ethics violation. Instead King was a REACTIVE sore-losing weasel.

This post isn't about violating campaign laws. This post is about weasels.

The more you hang out with weasels the more you smell like a weasel.

The Chamber needs to remove weasel King from the board on Monday. Before those new Chamber offices get to stinking like weasels. There's nothing like stinkin' weasels.

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Mike "Marion Barry" Edwards


So I read in the advertiser yesterday that the peeing public defender is charged with drunk driving three weeks after the fact. Our own Mike "Marion Barry" Edwards is caught with the smoking gun (or in this case smoking exhaust) and skates. I challenge Senator King to look us all in the eye Monday night on the T.V. and tell us "the conduct in this case is no different". He's just pathetic. Oh, and a sore loser.

I'll bet you could find "witnesses" that saw Edwards driving that night, too. Would they arrest him then? And finally, when it is time to relace the mayor, can you find anyone who wants the job? What bar should we be looking for our next mayor in? Lord help us if Lost Keys takes over!


I wonder how they can charge the public defender so long after the fact based on witness statements. Maybe we should demand DCI find the Edwards' witnesses and quiz them about Edwards' erratic behavior. I wonder if they have video for that arrest?

I swear, Lost Keys Ell is the biggest mistake this city could make as a replacement mayor for Edwards. As we reported months ago, Ell was in discussion with his handlers to let Edwards take the fall for the railroad lawsuit and then Lost Keys could slide into the Mayor's job.

Anyone in a position of authority that conceals information about losing the school keys for 7 months should have been fired. Not allowed to retired. But fired. Zero tolerance for deceit.

Then to hear Lost Keys gets on his sanctimonious podium and tell us what we should be doing is about all I can stomach.

And King. He is such a non-event.

First things first. We have a mayor that needs replacing.


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Blood On The Yellow Snow?

Mr. Edwards escaping alcohol charges has the natives restless. They want the Mayor's Head. Perhaps another human sacrifice from the public payroll will appease the angry masses.

Serve up Poor Public Defender Beres. Beres gets the charge of drunk driving without law enforcement pulling him over behind the wheel. When does Edwards get the rap based on how he got to Burger King?

Was this hatched up at the U. A. W. Hall to save Mayor Edwards? Edwards is openly affiliated with the political action/public entertainment arm of this group. This sounds like something out of Nixon's Plumbers play book.

Handing this off to a prosecutor outside of the Des Moines County Attorney's Office is so lame. The fact of who filed the charges remains. Dare we say conspiracy?

When will Edwards' political allies wise up? The more they try to pull Edwards out of the pit he has dug for himself, the more likely they are to get pulled in.


I think there will be several swallowed up by the Edwards' sinkhole including Senator Tom Courtney, Des Moines County Democratic Central Committee Chairman.

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09 December

224th Engineer Battalion On U.S. Soil

The 224th Engineer Battalion is back on American soil after landing at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After a week of paperwork and medical checkups, they will make their way to Burlington.

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The Cabal of the Constrained Craniums Revisited

Things Are Bustin' Out All Over

Spike -

Edwards, Courtney and Hoschek share more than incompetence in common. All are beholden to the Board of Directors of U. A. W. Local #807, a.k.a. the Des Moines County Democratic Party. The antics of this troika of two Trotskyites and the totally clueless one should be sounding alarm bells higher up the ladder in their party.

Iowa Democrats depend on Des Moines County to obtain power. Vote totals from it have been as predictable and dependable as they were from any of the "Republics" of the late great worker's paradise known as the Soviet Union.

From some of the postings here and rumblings in Burlington's bars, the aforementioned office holders may be putting the one party paradise called Des Moines County at risk.

Wannabe Democrat Presidents are starting to litter the Iowa landscape. They usually seek photo ops with the likes of Edwards, Courtney and Hoschek when they are proposing some grand scheme to spend vast sums of other people's money to treat them for their afflictions. The truth of them being associated with like-minded "leaders" could prove embarrassing.

State Party leaders in the city of Des Moines better keep an eye on this situation. If they were wise, they would pressure Courtney, and especially Edwards, to turn over local party leadership positions to others. True, Edwards did not use a party a label on a municipal ballot, but the association is obvious. This would put some distance between the party and embarrassing office holders.

If higher Democratic Party leadership feels secure with their situation in Des Moines County, the opposition should take heart. Study the relationship of alcohol and law enforcement in relation to a legendary late great State Representative, Bill Monroe.

Too long a tenure of one party rule tends to promote those with no morals and fools. The truth of how things have operated in Burlington and Des Moines County is becoming transparent. Those who have benefited from this situation better act, or face possible changes not to their liking.

Will the oppressed tax payers of Burlington and Des Moines County finally arise? They have nothing to lose but their chains.


Well stated. I feel sorry for the hard working people that have believed this was the path to follow. And for years they did. Now, to see these misfits running the bus into the wall has to hurt.

Bill Monroe, now there was an old Mercury(?) that had curb time all over town.


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Zero Tolerance

I thought there was a "zero" tolerance to drunk driving, never knew of the special "political" clauses for criminals.

Have to try and envoke that clause if I ever am out driving drunk, and pass out behind the wheel. Lets see if just an average "joe citizen" is allowed the same "break.'


This "clause" is only available in Burlington. Everywhere else it's, "book 'em Danno."


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Fun City Tour

We went to the new Fun City last night, as they had a free night for Winegard employees.

We got chased out by the Fire Department at 9 PM when the fire alarm went off, probably nothing serious.

The water park is not quite done yet, but the rest is. It is really a very impressive place, very modern.
The bowling alley is huge. The indoor karting track seemed a little small.

I wish them much success. I am sure it will be popular.


We needed some good news. Winegard has always done things well.

I'll have to get my Speedos thawed out for a dip in the hot tub.


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Ridgewood 2


I'm involved in local community events, serve on several commissions and advisory boards. I'm appalled that Edwards has a leg to stand on concerning community involvement. I wish he would just go away. It's Lisa, not Laura.


I think this Edwards deal has reached critical mass. One more atom and we'll have a party.

It's a bad day at Black Rock.

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08 December

Hoschek Caught With His Pants Down

Hoschek Totally Uninformed Again – No Double Taxation As Claimed

When Fred & 7 from KCPS’s Big Show 1150 AM talked with Supervisor Tim Hoschek this morning to find out why Hoschek voted no on the Regional Airport issue, they caught Hoschek ironing his pants.

With his voice cracking and not making sense, Hoschek didn’t tell Fred & 7 much, other than citizens of Burlington were going to be double taxed to pay for joining the airport authority.

Supervisor Chairman Ed Blow called The Big Show after Hoschek to tell us that Burlington residents are not being double taxed as Hoschek earlier said.

When no comment Hoschek gets booted as a supervisor maybe we could get him a job down at Sickels ironing pants. That is if he can really iron pants. I’ve never seen him wear pleated pants, so I’m not sure.

Check his creases next time you see him and email back to us. Better yet, email a photo.

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Edwards' Behavior Trivialized


I haven't heard about Edwards Ft. Madison incident, but more stories are popping up about him in bars in Illinois. He has been drinking when he promised otherwise. He didn't keep his word. He belongs in treatment or in jail.

I wouldn't criticize him if he would apologize and go get help. He acts like nothing is wrong and I'm sure his supporters are telling him to hang in there until it all blows over. He needs help to correct his problem. If he stays on the council, which it looks like he is, he won't get much respect from the public.

What amazes me is how guys like Heland who promotes good leadership and role model qualities, and then sticks up for, or makes excuses for Edwards. Courtney just dodges everything like a politician.

Why the community elects these guys is another thing. Look who we have leading us? What the hell is wrong with us? We vote in Hoschek, Heland, Courtney and Edwards. It looks like a UAW board of directors.

What's up with King and Campbell? I think King is really a sore loser.

I heard them talking on KCPS about King's comments on King's website bashing Campbell. I didn't go to King's site to look because I could care less what he says.

But I remember when King started his site, he said his site wouldn't be used for that. King is a loose cannon and I'm surprised that the radio station wants him to cover the council meetings. He'll just have an ax to grind with Campbell.

If Campbell is smart, he will just laugh at him and ignore him.


I heard Jeff Heland try to trivialize Edwards' most recent debacle. It was pathetic how he whined on KCPS's Big Show 1150 AM on Wednesday begging Fred & 7 to change the subject.

I wonder how Heland would like to be Edwards' insurance man when Edwards' is involved in a drunk driving situation and is about to test the upper limits of Edwards' liability insurance?

Jeff, you have some good ideas. But this time you're in over your head with this deal. As an Edwards' supporter you can do more good talking to Edwards about doing the right thing than trying to trivialize it on The Big Show. It isn't going away.


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King Stoops To New Low

Need A Cheap Shot? Call Chris King

Chris King stooped to a new low Wednesday telling everyone that fellow Councilman Campbell has an alcohol problem after accusing Campbell of being BurlingtonDerailed.com's source of information.

King says that he purposely fed Campbell false information regarding the Edwards' Burger King ordeal so that King could entrap Spike in some sordid misstatement of the truth.

As always, King's overstatment of factual information seems to catch up with him like his railroad lawsuit lies did.

We learned of the Edwards' BK sleepathon about five days before King says he told Campbell his imaginary details. Five days before King even talked to Campbell.

We have been unable to corroborate other supposed facts regarding Edwards' BK incident. As the story unfolds those details will be verified.

What was interesting about King's accusation of Campbell's nonexistent alcohol problem is that he only mentioned Campbell and not Ell, Slagle or himself. Tell me King, have you ever used any substance to excess while serving as city councilman? If not, what fuels your imagination?

I hope you know a lot more about signs than you do everything else. You'll never make it as a news repeater.

Hell, you don't even make a good rumor monger.

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Mike Edwards is on the Vision Iowa board. Bees park gets lots of money for a bunch of steel. Shift commander's father is president of Burlington Baseball Asociation. Mother still on Civil Service Commission?

Is any of this true? And if it is, are there any strange connections? Just wondering.


I have no idea that any of this is true other than Edwards does sit on the Vision Iowa Board.

I will say I find it a real stretch to go this far with a conspiracy theory for a possible cover up. I think I would understand the responding officer giving Edwards a chance for a ride home before I could conjure up all of this "closeness."

I believe the officer could give Edwards a walk and it really isn't anything that might not happen occasionally. Maybe some day the officer would do the same for someone that really needs a break. But, more times than not, that opportunity only occurs when you're the mayor or city manager.

One thing you have to remember, the officers involved in this matter were really put in such a no-win position by Edwards' condition. They didn't want to deal with this anymore than I do.

Plus, they know the Chief. I think, and believe, Wunnenberg would chop heads for a coverup, big time. This really is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. There are no winners.

This story is really about Edwards. Edwards made this mess. Edwards needs to deal with his alcoholism and forget about city council. This City can't be a rehab center for anyone.


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What Happened At The Ridgewood?

Several months ago we received an email regarding several posts made on Cry Baby King’s website about our Mayor Edwards being drunk at the Ridgewood Bar in Fort Madison supposedly with a stripper named Laura.

Chris King let it go up on his site without review or verification. After King realized his errors, the posts all of sudden disappeared from his website for some unknown reason.

I elected not to post it since I was unsure of the new author to our website, King’s problems with deception, King’s multiple email accounts, King's obvious obsession with uncovering Spike's ID, possible computer abuse at his former employer and telling the truth in general about city matters. I was being cautious thinking it not above King to deceive us.

On Wednesday, the Ridgewood incident popped up again on King’s website. King says what Edwards does on his free time is Edwards’ business even if Edwards is the mayor.

The writer asked King twice again if the rumor was true and whether or not King had talked to Edwards about it. King never answered the question.

King says the rules are going to change on his website now that he will be leaving city council.

I can’t wait for the rule changes. It is going to be more apparent why the voters kicked King off City Council. Irresponsibility comes to mind as a possible reason for the few votes King got.

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5 Signatures For Recall?

Is it really true that you need only 5 signatures on a petition to get the mayor recalled? Can anyone one tell me more about this?


Well, there is more to this. You need 5 voters to sign a petition to file with District Court. The judge has the option of asking the 5 petitioners to file a bond equal to what Edwards' legal fees might be if Edwards' wins.

With this in mind you only need have a preponderance of the evidence to bust Edwards. It's not always that easy to do. But with a mayor like Edwards, it is probably very remote he could win in court.

We'll do a little more research. It is a viable option.


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Why Would Pritchard Broadcasting Hire Chris King?

I wonder why the Pritchard radio stations would hire King to be a news repeater. If they look at King’s outburst and tirades on King’s own website over the last 4 months, I find it hard to understand why a radio station would participate in allowing King the forum to initiate a personal vendetta against everyone that ever took King to task under the auspices of covering the news.

Speaking solely from a liability perspective, I wouldn’t let Chris King near 2 tin cans and a piece of string. There is nothing King could offer my radio station but legal trouble. And lots of it.

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07 December

What Role Does Courtney Play In Edwards Ordeal?


If Edwards is the #2 Democrat in Des Moines County what role does Senator Courtney, the Des Moines County Democratic Chairman play in the Edwards's mess? Courtney should be advocating Edwards's resignation instead of remaining quiet.

I've been a Democrat my entire life and I am ready to make a change. This is not how I want my elected officials to act and if the party is involved in a coverup, I want nothing to do with the Democrats.

sign me

81 and old enough to know better

I would guess Courtney is telling Edwards to lay low and this will blow over. I haven't seen Courtney do anything really constructive since he went to Des Moines.

I am sure there are many Democrats AND Republicans that feel the way you do. Edwards' problems are related to his feeling that he is invincible because of his "political power."

Edwards told us, "I can make things happen in this town."

Well, Edwards did make things happen in this town. And it wasn't good.


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3 Groups Defend Edwards


Some of us were discussing the Mayor incident and Don Henry's article over coffee this morning.

Henry makes some good points in his article, but some of it was rather weak. In our discussion, we didn't really agree with Henry's discretion comparisons.

Don points out that we all have probably benefited from officer discretion. True!

Henry used examples such as:

1) not getting a parking ticket when our bumper is 1" over the line

2) driving 29 MPH in a 25 MPH zone

3) rolling through a stop sign

I believe we do have a good police force and excellent officers. They do need some discretion. Discretion should not be abused.

Did someone on the shift show up or communicate on the phone to release Edwards or did the officers act on their own? All tapes should be released to remove any doubt.

Back to Henry's comparison's that were ridiculous. Parking a car an inch over the line doesn't kill innocent people. Drunk drivers do kill innocent people everyday.

Drunk drivers have left victims' children to grow up without a father or mother that was killed by a drunk driver.

Is this funny? Edwards has been arrested 4 times for OWI and may have got off a 5th time.

This is serious, not some joke or something to laugh at.

Don says Edwards may have had 1 or 3 drinks and decided to take a nap. Real funny Don!

Edwards admitted to a long night of drinking. His past driving record, the car running, the achohol smell should have been enough probable cause. A person in our coffee group, said it is a fact that Henry is good friends with the shift commanders' father. Nice try, Don!

It is sad that some people in our community will attempt to defend a man with this driving record.

There are three groups defending the Mayor, some strong union buddies, political party buddies or people that drive drunk themselves.

We all know he drove to the BK lot after a night of drinking, the Mayor admitted this. We'll never know how drunk he was because he didn't have to take a sobriety test.

That's the real issue and why!

Coffee group

Your coffee group should have written Henry's column. If any of the rumors are true about Henry, he used to pop a few caps off them brown bottles.

I really don't like to hear that Henry's sorry excuse column could be infuenced by a friendship with the watch commander's father. Even if it that is true, it can always be perceived as a problem.

Edwards was too drunk to drive any further when he pulled into BK. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have been overcome to the point of having to sleep it off.

I wonder how KBUR's JK Martin will feel when he does his next interview with Edwards? JK didn't receive a Get Out Of Jail Free Card like Edwards. Martin is going to pay for the next several years because drinking and driving isn't Monopoly and it's not a game.

Meanwhile, Edwards drags the rest of the community down with him including the police department. Everybody is being hindered by Edwards' actions. How long can the City bleed?


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What Happened To Ontrack?


If Burlington is on track, why doesn't hardly anyone post at the other site? He keeps having to start posts and almost everyone that does reply disagrees with what he says.


Because everyone comes here to find the news instead of mindless wanderings over "there."

Supposedly King is headed to the alternative radio stations in Burlington to be a news repeater. I suppose he is saving his keen eye for the "story" for January 3.

King promised that he would tell us the real "story" about Edwards. That didn't happen. I guess his version isn't the same as the others.

And King might be busy with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Board for his website postings about other candidates. We haven't heard a glowing exoneration from King so it's anybody's guess how that is playing out.

The Ethics Board will have a problem investigating because King just kept removing website material he didn't like or if it was controversial like the Edwards' story from the strip bar in Ft. Madison. There's a lot of responsibility to the good-old-boys club when you wield a rubberstamp.

All I know for sure is King is gone from city hall. But he will not be forgotten because he will continue to open his mouth and tell us something instead of looking in the mirror and listening to the voters.

And despite King's assertions to the contrary, he does remain a public figure after he leaves office.


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The Pig Flew - Hoschek Still Oxymoronic* Twit

The Des Moines County Supervisors voted on Tuesday to join the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Authority. Supervisor Tim Hoschek voted against it even though Hoschek sits on the NACO Transportation Steering Committee.

Way to go, Tim. You are a true visionary for Des Moines County. Maybe we could buy some used stage coaches with all that money you're going to bring back from Washington.

Hoschek had boasted that Des Moines County would join the Airport Authority “when pigs flew.” Well, Hoschek, the pigs flew and you’re sitting in the pig manure with one foot in your usual position at the public trough.

*Oxymoronic – definition. A rhetorical figure characterized by inconsistency and incompatibility.

Seldom does the dictionary have such a glaring definition for a word. This time, I have a better definition for Hoschek.

Hoschek – definition. A twit impersonating a county supervisor.

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BurlingtonDerailed.com Online Only

Is Burlington Derailed on-line only, or can it be found in print?


Sorry, online only. But we are working on a screenplay.


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Are People Afraid?

I have been wondering why people haven’t been all over this Edwards deal. It can only be one thing.

Everybody that cares has too much at stake to stand up and run this thug out of town. Retribution, even from a bunch of thugs, is hard to endure when you’re in a little town like Burlington.

Edwards got on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM the day before the election and told us why he was worthy of being reelected. Those were all lies. He made those statements knowing what had happened 2 days earlier after 8 years of lies to the community.

How do I know they were lies?

In 1997 Edwards stepped before the council and the community after his 4th OWI and swore off drinking. He obviously didn’t stop.

Edwards told us numerous times the railroad lawsuit was about jobs. He knows the lawsuit was never about jobs.

Edwards lied to us before. He will keep lying until he accepts responsibility for his actions.

The citizens don’t have to fear a liar. And there is no reason to be afraid of a thug.

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Potential War of the Alcoholic's Succession

While chances of the Mayor resigning appear slim, the drinking and driving problem is repetitive. I would rather bet on the river not flooding in the next 20 years than the Mayor correcting his behavior.

The next time, Burlington police will probably cut no slack. Illinois law enforcement in Gulfport should be advised of the same. Another OMVI should make involuntary removal of the Mayor a non issue.

This brings up selecting a replacement on the City Council. The rules below were culled from the City of Burlington's web site.

Is anybody making preparations to petition for a special election to fill the balance of an embarassed Mayor's term? If not, what are the odds of the Council using appointment? Is the Council worthy of such responsibility?

Be prepared, or be ready to accept more of the same.

5.10 VACANCIES. A vacancy in an elective City office during a term of office shall be filled, at the Council’s option, by one of the two following procedures:

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13 [2])

1. Appointment. By appointment following public notice by the remaining members of the Council within forty (40) days after the vacancy occurs, except that if the remaining members do not constitute a quorum of the full membership, or if a petition is filed requesting an election, the Council shall call a special election as provided by law.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13 [2a])

2. Election. By a special election held to fill the office for the remaining balance of the unexpired term as provided by law.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13 [2b])


Maybe we should be patient for the new council members to take their seats and ask for Edwards' resignation and then hope they don't appoint anyone.

King doesn't have a chance. He's going to be in too much trouble shooting his mouth off over at the radio station.


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Spike Misses 2 Stories

City Raises Rates But Won't Fix Water Pressure Problem


You’re slipping Spike. You missed two stories from Monday’s council meeting over and above the Edwards problem. Last night the council raised the sewer rates. And then Bill Ell started jerking us around over cutting services by laying off firemen and policemen.

We know Edwards is a drunk but how about my water pressure? It’s not right to raise sewer rates when we don’t have enough water pressure to take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time. King said he would look into the problem but he never did anything.

Then Ell cried that the council is faced with cutting services and they might have to make employee cuts. He is so lazy to take this approach. Why can’t they cut costs instead of people?


There is absolutely no excuse for the continuing problems with your water pressure. We’ve told everyone several times and tried to speak for you and your neighbors. You talk to the city and they say the water department is a whole separate department that can do whatever they want. But, the council raises the sewer rates.

As far as King goes, he doesn’t know anything and he is as lame as a duck with a peg leg. Maybe King will find your story worthwhile after he is a news repeater for Pritchard’s radio stations. But don’t bet on that either. I still don't understand Pritchard's thinking on that move.

Lost Keys Ell is just a mouthpiece for Slagle. The only things these boneheads understand are cut firemen/policemen and unfunded mandates. Deflect the lack of management skills with threats of layoffs.

A question for Lost Keys. When you examined the city budget what line items did you think could be reduced without laying people off? Don’t everyone hold their breath for the answer. In 7 months the budget process will be over.

You can bet on this. If Lost Keys is starting to talk about next year’s budget shortfall and layoffs, we have more financial problems ahead. So get your checkbooks warmed up.


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06 December

Edwards Too Stupid And Arrogant To Resign

Police Department Respect Evaporating


No apology from our drunken Mayor Mr. Edwards? Unbelievable!

If Otis the Mayor read the articles in the Hawkeye and the comments from our police chief, the Mayor is probably convinced that he didn't do anything wrong that entire night of drinking. He is too stupid and arrogant to know enough to apologize.

The next time, he may cause a fatality on Roosevelt Ave before he gets to BK. What will the police say if this happens?

There are a lot of people in our community that have lost respect in our police chief over this incident. That is too bad for Wunnenberg, because he has been a good chief. But 90% of the people in Burlington believe that there is more to the story and realize that drunk driving is against the law for EVERYONE!

Before we worry about building a new police building and a covered parking lot for the police vehicles, the trust in the PD needs to be restored first. The PD can blame Edwards, not the public.


The only way the police department can regain the respect of the community is for the Chief to turn over all records to the newspaper and let them review the material.

Any citizen can ask the Attorney General or the Department of Public Safety to investigate.

Or, one of our readers could email the Des Moines Register news desk and give them the Edwards story. Along with channels 4, 6 and 8 and the Fox channels. One of these TV stations will pick this up.

They all like juice and this story is as juicy as Aunt Nelly's Florida oranges in June when you find them in the back of the refrigerator.


P.S. You are right about this being Edwards' fault. He IS responsible for this mess.

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Edwards Won't Resign? - Throw The Bum Out!


I think everyone was assuming the arrogant mayor mikey would do the right thing and resign. It's painfully obvious that he doesn't know how to do the right thing.

It seems to me that the citizens will now have to remove him the hard way. We don't have to settle for this crap! Get these people out!


5 people need to sign a petition to have Edwards removed through a court action. Edwards has no defense unless he hires Scott Power and then we will be told that Power found a law from 1776 that guaranteed a person the right to be a drunk mayor and "by God, we've got a good case."

Like fleas man, they're all just like fleas. Bad for us and bad for the dog.


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Where's The Public Defender?


Haven't heard a word about the lawyer that relieved himself in Jerry's cafe. Is this acceptable behavior if you work for the state?

If the average citizen had done this vulgar thing, what do you think would have happened?

In my opinion this crude drunken person should have been fired, no excuses.


The public defender involved in this incident is part way through his ordeal.

At least he admitted he did wrong and is ready to accept responsibility for his actions unlike Mayor Edwards. Alcohol clouds your judgment even if the food wasn't bad.


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Nothing - Absolutely No Response From Edwards

Indifferent Edwards Assumes Seat Without Apology

There was absolutely no response from Burlington Mayor Edwards during Monday’s City Council call-in session or the following Council meeting about Edwards’ brush with almost being caught for DUI at Burger King.

Nothing. No acknowledgement, no remorse and no apology.

Just like nothing ever happened out at Burger King.

Well, something did happen and it is about damn time this phony resigns. Where are his handlers? Don’t they understand this mess? Do they need to be further embarrassed by their protégé before they understand that this is not going to blow over?

Edwards is a glaring embarrassment to Burlington and its citizens. Edwards’ cavalier disregard for his drunken actions will not be tolerated.

Sooner or later Edwards will be arrested for drunk driving. After Edwards’ upcoming 5th DUI, I would hope that instead of everyone feeling sorry for him the taxpayers show up in court and demand that the judge throw him in prison.

That’s where 5-time drunk drivers belong, in prison and not in our City Hall.

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More Edwards


I would like to make a couple of points about the Mayor incident.

The police chief or asst. chief stated in the Hawkeye, that the officer didn't think he had probable cause to arrest or request the Mayor to take a sobriety test. Nobody in town believes this.

He (Edwards) said he was drinking from 7-1 and he only had a faint smell of achohol? He either passed out or fell asleep because of too much to drink.

I'm not sure of the difference of passing out or falling asleep under the influence. The officer smelled achohol and the Mayor's car was running.

That's not probable cause? Officer discretion or abuse of officer discretion? Or did a friend in the dept. make the call?

When police departments receive grant money for roadblocks, they stop motorist and have no probable cause, but citizens that have had an achohol smell had to do a roadside sobriety test. Citizens have received OWI charges on these stops. Did they have probable cause, other than the officer gets to earn overtime pay from our taxes? Then the rules are different. The comments coming from the police dept. look inconsistent with the belief that drunken driving is a real safety concern.

The police chief is disappointed in the public for being cynical. What does he expect when this is so obvious that Edwards got a break because he didn't have to take a sobriety test when everybody else would have? Are they really serious about drunk drivers and the fact that drunk drivers kill innocent people everyday, or is law enforcement only serious about this with some people? The City is going to end up facing lawsuits for their so called discretion.


When the cops set up roadside safety checkpoints they are prohibited from calling them sobriety checkpoints. The cops tell the news outlets that they do these checkpoints to reduce drunk driving.

Duringthe roadside check your response will be closely monitored when they ask you to test your headlights, turn signals, brake lights while checking your license and checking your breath for even a faint odor of alcohol.

You can bet all the egg money that if you show up at a checkpoint with even a faint odor of alcohol, you are going to get a field sobriety check. Brake check, or not.

Unless you're our mayor. Then you get a ride home.


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FBI Investigation Needed

Hi Spike

You know I wrote you the other day and requested an investigation into the BPD by the state police, but the more I thought about the situation the more I think the FBI should investigate the police dept.

Because I know when ever you investigate a police dept. all of the surounding law enforcement will work together. But I don't think the FBI would do that,Not for the BPD anyway.

And not only that, but if there is wrong doing done it might be considered a felony if the FBI investigates it. And that would stop the problem right now wouldn't it?



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05 December

Would Doing The Right Thing Result In The Wrong Thing?

The Stain On The Legacy Remains

Suppose Mike Edwards does the right thing like Richard Nixon and resigns. Then what?

Would the current Council replace Edwards with Chris King? Which Council would do the replacing? If the resignation comes before the newly elected members are seated, would the old Council fill the void, or defer to the incoming Council?

If King were selected, it should spark a revolution and give folk's at the Socialist Worker cause to interview Edwards again.

Spike for City Council? Spike is a far greater asset to the community forcing Burlington's leading newspaper of record to cease rendering aid and comfort to the existing power structure through conscious omission.

Worrying about whom would replace is Edwards is probably academic. Like Bill Clinton, Edwards is more likely to lie low and hope lies help everything blow over.

Be it a blue dress, or lack of a breathilizer test, the stain on the legacy remains.


I think the City would have to hold a special election.

I hope the council does not have the power to appoint someone to fill Edwards' seat. That would only aggravate the problem.


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Can Edwards Be Expected To Do The Right Thing?

Are Rules Enough?

We need rules to manage our behavior on a personal level. But rules alone cannot solve this crisis in public trust of Edwards, the police department and City operations in general.

Edwards’ behavior is having an adverse effect on creative thinking, innovation and smart risk taking that the City needs to take to be competitive and viable.

Principles promote personal responsibility on an individual basis. We need leaders relying on their principles to guide their thinking in this fast changing economy.

Keen judgment, coupled with integrity and vision, is mandatory to deal with these changes. Alcohol clouds judgement.

Given these demands to succeed in the real world, can Edwards be expected to do the right thing?

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Does Implied Consent Exclude Probable Cause?


I'd like to know why the police thought they needed probable cause to administer the field sobriety tests to Edwards? In Iowa, when you receive your driving license, you also agree to the Implied Consent Law.

Iowa has this because driving is a privilege, not a right. Because of this, Iowa saw fit to place certain "conditions" to owning a license. One of those is the Implied Consent Law.

After a quick google search, here is what I came up with for the legal definition:

IMPLIED CONSENT LAWS - Laws adopted by all states that apply to testing for alcohol in the blood, breath or urine (most states have such laws that apply to testing for the use of drugs). The principle underlying these laws is that any licensed driver who operates a vehicle has consented to submit to approved tests to show intoxication.

So the police shouldn't have needed probable cause, because Edwards already gave his permission to be tested at anytime when he renewed his license.


This might be overruled at the responding officer's discretion. Unless the responding officer was told to do something else by a command officer.

Nonetheless, this is an excellent point.


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Speaking of Investigations


Speaking of investigations, whatever happend to the investigation that was being conducted by the Iowa Ombudsman over the closed session vote for the railroad lawsuit. Seems like it has taken a long time and we haven't heard anything.


It does seem like a long time since there was news about that. I guess we're going to have to find out about it.

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What If It Was Me?

If I was Edwards and I didn't have anything to hide, I would demand the police department release all of the videos, tape recordings, cell phone records and anything else that proves me and the police department innocent of any wrongdoing and tell us all to jam it.

I'd also ask the Des Moines County Attorney to invoke a conflict of interest request to the Iowa Attorney General and the Department of Public Safety asking them to investigate the incident.

But that's me.

The police department works for the council and the council works for the citizens.

We have a right to know what is going on with our tax money. We finance it, they're all accountable to us.

Everyone one of them, including Edwards, Power and Slagle.

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Spike & Burlington Derailed


Give yourself a pat on the back! I feel your a big part of the reason the advertiser is trying to do some investigation on edwardsgate. It seems you've been scooping them pretty big time! I feel your honesty and efforts should be applauded!

To the naysayers of this site, I say open your minds a little. You don't have to agree, but you need to stay educated!!!

Keep up the good work Spike!!!!! Please don't give up!! Expose these good ol' boys for who they are!!


We appreciate acknowledgement of the work required to keep this website going.

I would rather be reporting on the Space Shuttle or the air show. I don't like some of the things that we need to report.

We get a lot of emails that cover lots of areas we are not ready to dive into just yet. Bankruptcy of elected & city officials, infidelity and corruption.

We need to rid the City of the problems at the top first. New management will find the weaknesses in the structure and when we demand accountability instead of golf scores, things will change.

Until then, we will keep hammering away.


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04 December

Edwards Beholding To the Police


Mike Edwards is now beholding to the police force as a result of police action taken in the BK matter. Will Mike be involved in contract negotiations with the officers union?

If so, this would be totally unacceptable and something the community will not stand for.

Chief Wunnenburg would like us to believe the moon is made of green cheese. Shame on Mr. Wunnenburg if he thinks we're that gullible to believe this incident was handled by the book.


Edwards' view of contract negotiations is already blurred. I think the line would be less defined now.


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03 December

Why Hide The Tape?

The Hawk Eye Needs To Get All of The Tapes


1) First, lets give credit to the Hawkeye for their follow up on the Mayor incident. They didn't have much choice because of the public's outcry of preferential treatment. Burlington Derailed and the Hawkeye's chatterbox showed the public's opinion.

2) Many citizens have been charged with OWI for very similar incidents. They paid a big price.

3) The mayor admitted that he was going from bar to bar and drinking all night. We all know what happened next.

4) The Police Chief continues to attempt to convince the community that the Mayor got no preferential treatment. The community will not buy this story.

5) If the tape that Wunnenberg viewed is not hiding anything, why doesn't he release it?

6) Will it show proof that the officers called somebody higher up? Will it show proof that one of Edwards union or political buddies in the dept. showed up? That's what the community wants to know. Why was Edwards given the option?

7) The community doesn't believe they are getting the full story. Wunnenberg isn't protecting the Mayor. He appears anyway, to be protecting his officers. There has been other cases in the country, where the police said they did no wrong, but when they were forced to give up the tapes to view, the public and the media viewed them much differently. Does Wunnenberg believe he does not have to answer to anyone? What next, the tapes will be lost?

8) If there is a controversial issue involving our police dept. in the future, the community will not believe or have trust. That trust and confidence in our police dept. which is so important, will be lost.

9) The city council should demand the release of the tape. The community's confidence and trust is far more important than protecting an officer or two.

10) Drunk driving is a major safety issue. People are killed everyday by this. The mayor drove to the BK lot after having too much to drink and either passed out or fell asleep. The past rules, were if you had too much to drink and behind the wheel, don't have the keys in the ignition. Edwards car was running? Faint smell of achohol. We are supposed to believe this?

11) Police need some discretion, but it should not be abused and an excuse to let your family and friends go free. That was the law in Iraq.

12) Will everybody in the future get the new policy, the Mayor Edwards' deal, an option to take a sobriety test, go-toe- to-toe, head back, breath test or call your wife/husband?


I think the Hawk Eye has taken the bull by the horns. This is what the citizens of Burlington expect from the newspaper to regain lost respect. Now we will see what they do with the story to go forward.

Don't anyone forget the police car video tape has full audio to go along with the video. So everything Edwards said to the police can be heard. And we need to hear the dispatch audio that has the cell phone conversations and radio traffic recorded with the 2 police officers and anyone else that may be involved.

Why does the police chief have to discuss release of the tape with city attorney Scott Power? Remember Power is the guy that said voting in closed session meetings was legal. How do we know that he will get this answer right?

If the newspaper is forced to file a freedom of information request, it only makes everyone involved look real bad.

I hope the tapes don't wind up in Slagle's desk drawer. That's where the closed session meeting tapes wound up and became "inaudible."


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Points To Probable Cause

Today's Story Is Crystal Clear - Edwards Got a Break

Point 1. When the responding officers got to Burger King, they ran Edwards' license plate. That probably came back with Edwards' driving record including his DUI history.

Point 2. Edwards smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking.

Points 3 & 4. Edwards' keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was running.

Points 5. Edwards' behavior was erratic and that is why the police were called.

Point 6. At 4:30 a.m., the newspaper boy and bread drivers are the only people out on the streets.

Point 7. The biggest lie told to police is, "I've only had a couple of beers."

That's probable cause.

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02 December

Edwards Symbol Of Community Sickness

Mike Edwards is not Burlington's problem. Mike Edwards is symbolic of a community's sickness.

The people of Burlington overwhelmingly re-elected Edwards knowing full well what they were buying. The alcohol abuse, thuggery during a labor dispute, idiotic litigation any first year law student would know was jousting with windmills, etc. were public knowledge. The record was nothing the incumbent Edwards ran from. He ran on it and the results reflect the community he represents.

As Burlington continues to lose population, it has yet to reach the level of Kingston where an individual can literally meet the whole community and draw conclusions. A larger community draws attention and is largely judged by those whom it chooses to lead. Mike Edwards is drawing international attention

The International Socialist Organization states as a goal, "Reforms within the capitalist system cannot put an end to oppression and exploitation. Capitalism must be overthrown."

The voice of this Marxist group, the Socialist Worker Online, has written glowingly about Burlington's Mayor. Guilt by association may not be fair, but it is a fact. Disciples of "Das Kapital" have a dismal record of economic development.

Those who worship The Wealth of Nations are moving America and the world forward. Given that those who read the Wall Street Journal rather than the Socialist Worker are more likely to have a positive impact on local economic development. What has Edwards done for Burlington's future?

Any city knowing Burlington is a competitor for economic development will show the above links to a prospective business. Couple this with other negatives like the BNSF lawsuit, crushing municipal debt, high taxes, the Code of Iowa's agriculture over commercial and industrial bias, etc. and Burlington is not even in the running for the bronze.

The future wealth and health of a community is no longer guaranteed by employment based on unsustainable labor contracts. The Garden of Industrial Eden when the U. A. W. could dictate reality because the rest of the world was busy defusing unexploded bombs, rather than building backhoes, ended long over a generation ago.

The results of Burlington's last municipal election prove it is a community that refuses to face harsh reality.

Iowa's Governor often has a problem with the truth, but he did discover it when saying that community development begins from within. How will the world know the majority in Burlington are willing to face new challenges and once again compete successfully in a global market? When more than a small percentage of Burlington's voters turnout to elect leaders who reject living in the past as a viable solution there will at least be hope.

Until that time, Burlington has no future and deserves none.


Burlington is at a very serious crossroads in development as a vibrant community. To capitalize on that development we need leaders and not a reversionist mayor bogged down in socialist thinking.

If the community fails for any reason in the smallest detail, we're screwed. Not a little, but for the next 20 years.

Burlington has too much baggage. That baggage makes the advertiser money.

And the advertiser's tabloid style of journalism doesn't help this community in any constructive manner. It is as backward as Edwards, Ell, King, Power and Slagle have shaped city hall. And they are all in bed together.

We gave up on hammering Edwards before the election because we couldn't get the point across to the public about Edwards and we figured it was only a matter of time until Edwards got his next DUI and was forced off the council.

Now to get Edwards off the council it will take 5 voters to petition the District Court and let a judge decide whether or not Edwards is fit to be in office.

All because the voters were too enamored with Edwards' politics and weren't listening to the danger signs of Edwards the man aboard a ship of fools.


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Mayor Knew What He Was Doing

Spike -

If Edwards was sober, he would not have declined the sobriety test. He would have taken the sobriety test and continued home.

If he thought he was drunk and would not pass the sobriety test, he would take the option to call his wife for a ride.

The police should have been suspicious when not only the strong smell of achohol, but Edwards choice to decline the sobriety test should have raised the red flag. What about public intoxication?

Edwards own comments: he said he was at the bars for several hours and he probably stayed out too long, then he falls asleep or passes out, then he declines the sobriety test.

What is the public supposed to think? This is our Mayor!


I'd guess we should realize that Edwards was too drunk to drive the rest of the way home so he stopped at Burger King. We should also realize Edwards had an opportunity that many of us would never get.

A lady over at the advertiser's chatterbox said it cost her $5,000 for being asleep in the car AFTER she had called her husband to come and get her. And the cops showed no mercy in waiting for her husband to get there.

What's 10 minutes when you could use your discretion to see if she did call her husband? And if he didn't appear, she could have been charged with lying to police. The cops waited longer than that for Edwards' wife to get there.

Edwards needs to resign and accept responsibility for his actions. Period. End of story.


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Edwards Above The Law

Edwards' Gun Permit Needs To Go

Hi Spike,

I'm really disappointed in the way the BPD handled the Otis Edwards drunk passed out Burger-chris king mayor mccheese thing.

Cover up? Without a doubt.

Edwards' permit to carry a weapon concealed should be taken away immediately.

Since Edwards is the mayor, he is above the law, so I guess the BPD did the right thing and let him off the hook.

Burlington is derailed once again.

Thanks Mr. Police Chief, you should be ashamed of yourself, I know I can't trust you.


This gun permit thing is really something that needs to be addressed by the Sheriff. I don't think we need to get started down that road just yet. If we don't hear some encouraging words from the Sheriff soon that he has revoked Edwards' permit, I guess we will have to start turning up the heat from other directions.

I don't like drunks with concealed weapons permits. I'd like to know whether or not Edwards was armed the night of the traffic stop.


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When Is Christmas, Xmas?

"Downtown ready for Xmas"

Has the Hawk totally lost it,XMAS! It's Christmas,has been and always will be CHRISTMAS.

I think the powers to be at the Hawk haven't gotten enough subsciber cancellations,with the recent ADDS story and all the letters to the editor regarding the graphic description.

I would think the Hawk would try to clean up the style of journalism they have been so notorious for. A lot of the large retailers have found out it's not nice to mess with the word Christmas,maybe The Hawk will also, let's hope so.


It's all about the money. There is no money in Christmas. But there is in XMA$ when you're saving space for ads.


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01 December

Ottumwa Gains New Jobs

Cause of Loss A Mystery

Jobs that had a chance to land in Burlington are headed to Ottumwa. Influent, an Ohio based insurance telemarketing company announced Monday the initial hiring of about 20 new well-paying jobs at a new location in Quincy Mall in Ottumwa. Hiring plans might include up to 50 new employees.

Sources say Burlington could have had the jobs in the Influent expansion. I wonder if they considered the railroad lawsuit or problems at City hall to avoid locating here? Regardless of what Hinkle and the "professionals" tell us, there will always be lingering doubt.

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The Mayor's Problems


There are many rumors going around about the Mayor incident. Edwards obviously made a poor choice.

It is the city council's responsibility to make sure that our city manager and the police chief get to the bottom of this.

Did one of the officers at the scene make a phone call? Who did they call?

Why was the decision made to let Edwards go home?

That is what everybody wants to know. Who made the decision and why? Why was Edwards above the law?

Slagle and Wunnenberg are putting their own integrity on the line by defending this action.

The reputation and credibility of our city hall and police dept. should be a concern of our city council. They should not allow this to be swept under the rug.

The Hawkeye's credibility is at stake. It is the editor's decision. Will they do their job or act like our city hall management?

The council and Edwards just recently said that the community's attitude and behavior is monitored by new people in town that are looking at Burlington as a business location.

Edwards stated that it matters what people say in the convenience stores. Well, we all know what the community conversation is this week.

Maybe our Mayor and some of the city management better look in the mirror. These outside businesses are watching.

The mayor did wrong. It will be worse if a cover up is permitted!


Slagle has no integrity. He is for sale at whatever is the flavor of the day.

The police chief and department have something at risk. The department was compromised by Edwards's behavior even though there is the possibility that nothing improper happened.


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Investigation Needed


I've been reading alot of negative comments about the MAYOR and I have to say that I still support him but he does need to get help with his disease.

Now for the BPD their integrity is gone; in other words corrupt and still corruptable. I believe there needs to be an investigation by the State Police to determine if any wrong doing was done and if there was, the chief should be held accountable.

I believe this is the only fair avenue to pursue to assure everyone there was no wrong doing done and to try and save some integrity in the dept.



I think everyone is ready to acknowledge that Edwards needs help. The question is whether he can, or should continue as a councilman.

Everyone always thinks the worst when advocating an investigation. You are right in thinking an investigation immediately restores integrity to those being investigated.

I think with all of the mistruths spoken by Edwards, Ell, King, Slagle and Power in the last year it would go a long way to assure the citizens at the police department can be turned to when there is a problem without question.


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Ode To Edwards

If diet colas leave you flat

And you still yearn to drain the tap

Let DUIs be not a scare

Just get yourself elected Mayor.

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