Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

Last Ditch Hippy Movement


I doubt if Clear Channel has any interest in who you are or care if their employee emailed you. If you listen to their talk show they seldom get into any argument over the topics you bring up on Derailed.

Even when the mayor was passed out at Burger King, KBUR acted as if it didn’t happen.

I think they might be the last radio station in the country promoting peace and love for all. A last ditch hippy movement if you will.

The city? They would love to silence you. You heard mayor Edwards. He said it was one of his goals for this year. How crazy is that?


Rants of a paranoid alcoholic with a penchant for the arts, especially dance and music.


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Bizarre Emails Continue

“Spike, call Clear Channel, pretend your a manager from whatever company and tell them your are verifying my employment there. I started there January 9th, 2006 and was let go just the other day.

I will take a picture of a paycheck stub and post it on my new xanga since someone from your team impersonated a city official and told me i needed to take the stuff off of there and hacked into my site.

You and your readers will not know when we find you. We plan to hunt you down legally and morally, i dont care if your site gets shut down, i just want everyone to know who you really are. Thats what you feed off of. Is no one knowing who you are. But I know.

My new xanga is xanga.com/nathandmccoy


Your bizarre email speaks for itself. We don’t impersonate anyone. We don’t have to.

Since you want to major in law enforcement, you surely know that if the City can’t shut down BurlingtonDerailed.com, it is sure as hell can’t shut down your Xanga site.

Which brings up a very good question. Why would the City of Burlington want to remove things from your website? Or shut you down?

Earlier today there was a note stating that your site was shutdown by the owner. I presume that is you.

I sincerely doubt Clear Channel fired you for emailing Spike. If they did, then they are more paranoid than everyone else in this town over who Spike is. And if they did fire you for emailing Spike, then you need to see a lawyer and review your options for litigation against them.


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Pitfall Of Xanga Blogs? Anyone Can Read It


You are right, this is American, the land of the free, then home of the brave. Freedom of speach right....? Well after your little comment and bringing my employer into it...I lost my job. Thanks Spike.

I will find out who you are. Edwards and I will not give up untill you are stopped. This site is getting redicioulous.”


IF you WERE fired for your email to BurlingtonDerailed.com from Clear Channel's email system, you might have cause to file a lawsuit against them unless they have a policy against personal emails at work.

I would think that expressing your opinion couldn’t be cause for being fired from a radio station. But this is Burlington and things happen here like nowhere else.

But keep in mind, your blog clearly stated you were a DJ for Clear Channel. "Interests: I'm 20! I am a radio DJ at clear channel radio. I'm on 107.3 KGRS and 101.7 the Bull."

However, several of our readers have confirmed that you don't work for Clear Channel as a DJ (as you claimed on your Xanga site) or in any other capacity for the radio station.

Your original email, you said, "I dont care if you post my name, my xanga, or whatever else you want to put because I am taking a stand. You are reduclious...." Even then, we chose not to identify you.

Coupled with your tirade on your website about who Spike is, anyone on the World Wide Web could read what you wrote.

I don’t know how you and Edwards plan to “stop” us, but keep in mind whatever you do, our readers know you’re coming.


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29 April

Edwards, " I Get No Respect"

And You Never Will


The City's goal session article in the Hawkeye Friday brought me laughter. Our Mayor is complaining about web sites that criticize public officials.

First off Mayor, this is still America, and the public can voice their opinion with compliments or criticism. I have read both.

The Mayor has been criticized on this site and through the newspapers because he has had a reputation of very poor behavior. With all of his past arrest and public embarrassments, what does he expect? Compliments?

It just shows how stupid he really is to even bring this up in a goal session.


Edwards wants respect and civility. He deserves neither. Mike Edwards is a thug trying to pull off the act of being a leader. Don’t ask for my respect. It will never happen.

If I had my way, Edwards would be 2 months into a 5-year prison sentence for DUI.


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Property Owner To Fix Greenway Sidewalk

Spike -

Shouldn’t the property owner be responsible for fixing any unsafe sidewalks, not the city?? I would also hope the potholes that need repaired (at Greenway) by the city are larger than the one pictured in the advertiser.

Didn’t the city have a sidewalk program to help property owners repair/replace poor sidewalks?

Maybe the weekend rains will wipe some filth off City Hall.

A non e mous

Oh yeah, we had a sidewalk program. But we gave it up to give Bruce Slagle a pay raise because he is raising a family and playing golf instead of trying to solve the City’s budget problems.

And I forgot. We also have to pay for the railroad lawsuit. Since we're about 1/3 of the way through that ordeal, no sidewalks for about 25 years.

The Greenway citizens need street lights and cops.


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28 April

They All Lie


Can't you figure it out? The occupants of our city hall can't be trusted to do the right thing. It shouldn't surprise you about regional planning either.


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More High School Athletic Problems


My kids tell me a varsity player got caught stealing a test and he has joined the tennis team so he can play baseball.

What's wrong with our schools? The legislature is ready to give our teachers a big raise. Will a pay raise stop these things from happening?

Keep up the good work. Maybe more parents will pay attention to their kids.


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Steamed? No, Mad As Hell!!


Well, Steamed is even more steamed!

If what I heard was true, one of the Varsity Club thieves was allowed to join the tennis team. I believe the tennis season has already started so that his suspension, or part of it, will be done before baseball season.

What the hell? Did his daddy get his way?

As far as complaining about the "politics" in sports, and complaining to the AD, it will not help! I do know for a fact that complaints were made this past season in regards to the sophomore basketball team. The same players played ALL the time while equally good players sat on the bench ALL the time. That's wrong.

If we do get new families that move to the area, this is how the kids are welcomed to our schools.

Sad don't you think?

Mad As Hell formerly known as Steamed

If this is true, then somebody needs to be fired. I don't care who, the principal, the athletic director or the School Superintendent. Somebody has to go. Maybe all of them should go.

To circumvent the rules just so an athlete can participate in a sport is wrong. This is totally unacceptable behavior and zero accountability from whomever let this happen.

The message being sent here is real simple. If you steal we will change the rules so you don't get punished.

No wonder the professional atheletes from all sports have the attitude they can do whatever they want. They were taught that by their parents and teachers.

I guess the old adage is true. Don't expect to win the war if you have no leaders. A football team that was 0-11 should have been a clue last fall, there are no leaders.


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Politics, Really?


I just would like to say that all people deserve to be punished if they break the conduct policy.

But it bothers me when people say that playing time is purely politics. I know this isn't the issue, but whoever said it is all about politics is crazy.


Well, after you read the emails we received this morning it is very evident that the high school doesn't believe in any meaningful punishment for these Varsity Club thieves.


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The Ultimate In Price Gouging

Exxon Mobil made $93 million dollars A DAY in the 1st quarter of 2006. Congress won't enforce a windfall tax. And the oil companies say they aren't making enough money to invest in new refineries. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

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Truth Escapes Regional Planning & City Officials

We have heard several stories that Burlington and Southeast Iowa Regional Planning have reached an impasse on telling the truth.

On April 7 Angelou Economics held a focus group meeting for all elected officials in Des Moines, Lee, Henry and Louisa County. No one from the Burlington City Council or any other Burlington city official attended the meeting. We know Slagle, Worden and Ell were on a more important golf vacation.

Rumors are circulating that Southeast Iowa Regional Planning’s Brian Tapp forgot to invite city officials to the forum. City officials can’t find any record of Regional Planning’s emails inviting city officials.

Brian Tapp from Regional Planning is rumored to have email receipts for the invitations but has declined, and refused, to provide them to the city.

Somebody is lying, which really shouldn’t surprise any of us. Tapp has a history of not telling the truth to cover his ass. Slagle and the City Hall crowd have demonstrated to us many times they can’t tell the truth with any regularity.

Meanwhile, Angelou Economics has to develop a workable plan for Southeast Iowa. All without input from Burlington.

Which brings us to the question, golf or lunch? Which is more important than the truth when you are spending $400,000 for an economic development study?

And people criticize us for taking these incompetent boobs to task. And the mayor is critical of internet blogs. He should be. We got his number long ago.

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Deery Road Rage Story Dead?


What ever became of the Brad Deery/carload of schoolgirls road rage incident? Seems like that story up and disappeared like a fart in the wind. Nothing from the police that's for sure.

Last report I had heard from peeps up in B-Town is that after a night of libations at Fun City area a throughly lit up Braddy boy had chased down the car load of girlies, ripped open the door and went on a profanity and spit spewing terrorizing tantrum of road rage.

He's living dangerously pulling a stunt like that. Forcibly opening a car door would automatically make most people assume they are getting carjacked. I know the response for myself in such a situation would be to draw my weapon and unload the magazine into the assailant opening my door. I'd advise my daughter to do the same thing.

Brad Deery is lucky one of those girls wasn't packing or he'd be room temperature right now. How could they have known they weren't being jacked up or some maniac wasn't trying to rape or otherwise harm them?

I guess wealthy businessmen are like Mayors, high officials and certain other select classes of citizens that are above the law in Southeast Iowa. Must be good to be the Kings and the Annointed Class.


In a real city I'm afraid you would be right. Four teenage girls from the city would grab an out-of-control drunk the minute he opened their car door and proceed to beat the daylights out of him.

I'm afraid we might never know because it doesn't look like the police department wants to tackle the investigation. Deery is one of the advertiser's largest advertising customers so they aren't going to do a thing either. But they'll go investigate everything else they don't know anything about and drive it in the ground.

I still want to hear from the girls in the car. We'll post the details so the next time it happens everyone is ready to see that the Iowa State Patrol is contacted to dispense law enforcement.


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New Dummies Books Interesting Reading


I just loved the three book selections for summer reading. Couldn't have been better.



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New School Rules


Their parents are "ass kissers" huh? Well, maybe you should open your eyes and see the truth about Burlington athletics. EVERY SINGLE SPORT INVOLVES POLITICS. Starting and playing time is not based on ability at all.

However, this will never be changed until people who are always complaining get up enough guts to take a stand and say something to the AD or a coach. But, no. People would rather complain behind backs and be childish about it.

Do something about it. Seriously grow up and say something to someone that will get the word out and quit complaining to everyone else.


OK. I'll strike a line in the sand. If your kid steals, drinks or does drugs, he/she is out for good. Every student involved in any extracurricular activity agrees to random drug testing.

You don't like it, too bad. That's the way life really is. If you want my tax money to pay for your schools, these are my rules.

Why should we shield these kids and tell them the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are going to save their sorry asses when they screw up.


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27 April

Jump On New Summer Books

As most of you know Summer time brings new books to read. We have received advance word of 3 new books that are coming soon.

Here are the cover shots.

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What Do Mommy & Daddy Do Then?

Spike –

I agree with Steamed, Spike. The BHS AD needs to lay down the law with these young criminals and follow through with just punishment. It is flat out not fair to the kids that obey the law.

I also know the parents of these thugs, and they have held their young thugs hand and opened doors for them for everything. These thugs aren’t any good at any sport, it’s just their parents know how to kiss the right ass to get their thug children in the right place.

What happens when (and I’m sure it could happen) these thugs don’t learn a lesson and they commit a felony and end up in prison?

What do mommy and daddy do then?


I find it hard to believe that there was any discussion about what the punishment should be. It should be right by the code of expected conduct for any representative of the student body in any extracurricular activity.

You steal shot glasses on a field trip; you’re off the team the season and on probation if, and when, you come back. You drink; you’re off the team for the season and on probation if, and when, you come back. You do drugs; you’re off the team, expelled for the year and don't come back.

Harsh, but simple rules that don’t need interpretation by the parents, staff or an end-run by the administration.. The kids know right up front what is expected and the consequences if they break the rules.


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Punishment To Fit The Sports Season?


I think that the person commenting about the four young men that got caught stealing should get their story straight. These boys are NOT getting off easy by any means.

They all received fines, a week of suspension, kicked out of their spring sports, kicked off of varsity club and then 25% of summer sports taken away. Not to mention the fact they had a four hour drive home with not so happy parents.

I understand thieves are the worst kind of people, because that usually leads to lies. However, it isn't up to Burlington to decide the punishment for these youth.

They are getting enough taken from them, why are we complaining about thinking more should be added? One other thing, how many of those boys have you personally sat and talked with on a regular basis? They are NOT bad kids, they are however kids that made a mistake. Yes, a dumb one but its still a mistake.

No one is perfect remember? I would be very much surprised if you yourself have NEVER made a mistake.


Well, maybe we should all be glad they didn’t wind up in a St. Louis jail in orange jump suits. That would have such a negative impact.

I don’t like the fact that there had to be discussion about the punishment that included any parents. Who runs the high school? The staff or the parents?

Frankly, they should have lost 100% of their summer sports and had 100 hours of community service doing something worthwhile instead of giggling about it on their Xanga site.


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Two Answered Questions About Trolley

Spike -

The Trolley was purchased from Barngrover for $38,000.00 .


$38,000? Holy Cow, Batman, that's some serious cheese.


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Unanswered Trolley Questions


I'm wondering; what is the deal with the trolley? Who sold it to the Downtown Partners? Seems whoever it was really gave the buyers the old slick willy salesman pitch.

I wouldn't give $500.00 for that piece of junk! Makes me wonder where it came from, who sold it to them, and why anyone in their right mind would pay so much for it!

I'll bet there are inside connections and someone made a TON of money!!

More of the fleecing of B-town!!


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26 April

BHS Varsity Club Go Shoplifting On Field Trip

Dear Spike,

Well, I heard something Tuesday that was very disturbing. This past weekend the varsity club from BHS went to St. Louis for a trip as they do from time to time. There were four Varsity Club members that were caught stealing something in St. Louis, and had to return home.

Shoplifting is probably something that most kids may try once before they are out of high school, they just don't realize the consequences of what they are doing. I am not going to mention any names, but yes I do know them all.

This is what bothers me. I was told, and I don't know if it is true, that the athletic director at BHS wanted to let them all go with a slap on the hand. Why lose great players from the team, right?

I was told that the dean of students stood up and said no, they take the punishment like everyone else!!

One of these students, whose name was just in the paper for stealing, is already suspended from the baseball team. This additional offense will result in a suspension of at least 50% of the season if not more.

This young man's father is fighting the suspension, saying it’s not fair!! It won't take long before more people know who this father is!! If your son is guilty, your son needs to take the punishment like the rest of them. Why is he any different?

What is society telling our youth? Hey, it’s OK to do these things?

What about the kids on the teams, sitting on the bench, that do the right things, that don't drink, that don't steal. The ones that DON'T GET TO PLAY!!

Am I the only person that feels like this? We had better see these suspensions enforced If not, we need to find out who is in charge of our sports at BHS!!

Burlington IS watching!!

Sign Me Steamed!!

Sounds to me like there needs to be a house cleaning. I don't care how good a baseball/football/track athlete you think you are. If you do the crime, you pay the consequences regardless of your supposed athletic skills or who your parents are. No Exceptions!

Why should a kid that breaks the law get a scholarship instead of a kid that hasn't screwed up? These kids know the scholarship rules.


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Proof In The Pudding

Since we ran the teen drinking articles a few weeks ago there have been some developments.

At least two kids have been busted for underage drinking including one last week that says he isn’t going to quit just because he got busted.

A Clear Channel DJ wrote taking us to task about our thoughts regarding the MySpace.com and Xanga posts are an intrusion into kids personal diaries. He went on to say that he isn’t going to quit drinking even though he is 20-years old. I guess he didn’t read the news wire at work about the MySpace.com student murder plot in Kansas or the fact that his fellow worker had been busted for a DUI.

What it shows me is that teenagers don’t have the answers that we all thought we had when we were their age. What is still disturbing is that these kids think that when they break the law that they have a right to do so and then want to blame me and their parents for their actions to justify it.

They aren’t going to blame us for anything except exposing their personal choices to be involved in illegal activities to our readers.

And shame on those parents that tried to influence our opinion that widespread underage drinking is OK. If you ever need to see the effects of underage drinking, just look at our Mayor; 4 DUI’s and looking for number 5.

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No Trolley Payments?

Hi Spike,

What's up with the downtown partners not wanting to pay for a trolley they purchased? My wife asked me after reading this in the advertiser if we could ask the bank if we could stop paying for our house we borrowed money for.

The city has got to stop this kind of thinking especially when the RR gets through with us.

Because if were not bankrupt by then, we will be in debt so deep it will cost $200.00 a month to dump your trash.


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24 April

Advertiser Promoting County Administrator

The only people that have any interest in a County Administrator is the advertiser according to this morning’s article. All 3 supervisor candidates think the idea to hire a County manager is ill conceived and not needed.

I would think the Main Street crowd could see how poorly Slagle has performed to get the drift of how poor management can lead to disastrous results. Or, how hard it is to fire an incompetent manager even when they lie to the public on a regular basis.

Keep the “professional” manager in city hall. We don’t need anyone like Slagle anywhere near the Court House. We have that idiot Hoschek; there is no need for any more incompetence.

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No Need To Take The Time

Never mind if you haven’t taken the Angelou Economics survey, the survey is closed. I guess they got enough of a blast from Burlington when the city council didn't show up for the elected officials' forum and Slagle was on vacation playing golf.

No need for economic development here. We got all we need.

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22 April

Funds in Pursuit of Reports


If reports are true about Lee County Democrats raising funds to cover whatever the latest, overdue ethics filing says, does that mean the report must then be amended to reflect the revenue growth? Has anybody asked an outside auditor to look at this mess?

It would be nice to know where all this miracle money is coming from. I wonder if any of the over paid executives with CEIC running the Tom Harkin Center in Des Moines donated any of their six figure salaries to help Lee County? Stranger things have happened.

Will any of this miracle money go to repay Lee County for the use of office materials and equipment to print campaign propaganda?


We could hope for that, but I doubt it will repay the taxpayer funded office supplies used to print political material.


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21 April

Exxon Mobil Pays Their CEO $686 Million Dollars

In the last five years Exxon Mobil has paid their CEO approximately $686 million dollars in wages and stock options.

There isn’t ANYONE worth a salary of this magnitude. No one.

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Illegal Immigration In Mexico

Illegal immigration in Mexico is a felony and freely prosecuted by Mexican authorities. As a legal immigrant in Mexico you may not attend a political rally.

If you hire an illegal alien in Mexico to work in your company, you are charged with a felony.

If Mexico believes there is a need to enforce their immigration laws, why don’t we?

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Lee County Democratic Central Party Status

Although there has been no word yet from the Campaign and Ethics Board about the outcome of the hearing held to uncover the shoddy bookkeeping practices, sources say that there have been some significant contributions to possibly offset the bookkeeping errors.

As you might remember, the Central Committee filed at least 3 erroneous campaign disclosure statements with the state for 2004 election expenses.

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Steamboat Days Entertainment

The last two shows for Steamboat Days 2006 will be announced Friday night at 5:30 pm at Big Muddy's.

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20 April

Perfect Job For Mayor

I see the mayor of Federal Heights, Colorado moonlights as bouncer at a strip club. The citizens are in an uproar over the mayor's job since a prostitution sting uncovered the part-time night work.

It only goes to show that after Edwards retires from Case he can find meaningful employment if he can keep his hands off the booze and the entertainment.

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Steamboat Days Lacking Real Entertainment


When will the final Main Stage acts be announced for '06 Burlington Steamboat Days?

To be honest, so far there are NO acts annnounced that I would consider seeing. I mean, who really wants to see the hair band Poison A THIRD TIME within several years at BSD? Not me. And that freakish Bo Bice as the headliner on Saturday night makes me wanna vomit.

I have purchased multiple festival tickets for every BSD since the early 1980's. Unless at least one decent act is announced who I have some interest in AND hasn't attended BSD for a decade, I will save my ticket and beverage money and will completely avoid the riverfront in mid-June.

And after talking to others in the area who feel the same way, not attending BSD may be epidemic this year due to the lack of quality acts scheduled.

It is pathetic when Fort Madison's "Simply the Blues" festival has better performers scheduled for it this year thus far than Burlington Steamboat Days.


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School Bus Policies

Hello Spike,

I do have some input about the school bus drivers and policies regarding the school bus transportation system. I don't think the drivers are bound by as many rules as the students are that ride them.

A few years back, my son was involved in an accident on the bus he was riding, it was rear-ended He was thrown out of his seat and hit the floor, as this was what he told us.

The school district did not notify me that an accident occured..... this must be their policy, keep 'em quiet. I found out about it from from my son and a neighbor.

My son complained about lower back pain and we took him to our private doctor. If this ever happens again, I promise I will hire a rabid lawyer and slap the BCSD with a massive lawsuit.

I hope Book reads this, instead of worring about how much money he can suck out of the taxpayers to fund his retirement.


I know one way to stop anything you think a school bus driver is doing wrong. Call the Iowa State Patrol or Iowa DOT and file a complaint. They will chase these types of issues right to their source.

Don't call the school district, cops or deputies. I had a school district driver supervisor laugh at me when I complained about reckless driving and speeding when I followed a school bus up 61 one day. He didn't think it was so funny when a trooper showed up a day later along with a DOT inspector.


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Old HyVee Building


I've heard rumors from city employees that the city has purchased the former Hy-Vee building. I haven't heard anything from the local news sources, but that of course doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

The local leaders are known for breaking the law, and the paper is known for hiding the truth. Have you heard anything about this?

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19 April

School Bus Safety?


Is it legal for a school bus driver to talk on a cell phone while driving students??

Corner of Pilger and Gnahn this morning 6-19-06 at 7:30 a.m. Bus 26. Looked pretty impressive turning the corner and talking at the same time.

Just curious,


I'm not sure about being legal, but it definitely doesn't sound safe. Maybe one of our readers has some input.


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Police Unresponsive


Over the past couple of weeks I've called the police complaining about drivers going the wrong way on one-way streets and I even gave them the licenses numbers of the vehicles.

Well, guess what, the same people still do it and laugh about it when they go by knowing the police here in Backwards are the same police Paul Harvey once said can never solve a murder; “so if you want to kill someone do it in Burlington, Iowa.”

What a reputation our town has throughout the Midwest and nation. Believe it or not I even gave them the time each day the violation occurred but they still couldn't, or just can't, figure out how to catch them.

Is this Barneyville or what?


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Illegal Mexican Aliens


I think this covers a very important issue when our friends in Washington run again for office. A yea vote for amnesty deserves a nea vote for reelection.

A Tsunami of humanity is flowing across our United States while the president and other elected officials have done nothing to stem the flow.

These illegal aliens are bringing with them some very dangerous diseases that were eradicated from the United States many years ago. We’re talking tuberculosis; hepatitis dengue fever, chagas, and even leprosy are being imported into the U.S. inside the bodies of illegal aliens.

For forty years, the number of recorded cases of leprosy within the U.S. totaled 900. Today, there are more than 7000 current cases of leprosy in the U.S. Dr. John Levis of New York’s Bellevue Hospital’s Hansen Disease Clinic said of America’s documented cases of leprosy. “There are probably many, more and they are spreading.”

Once thought to be nearly eradicated in this country, TB is now making a strong comeback. In a recent interview with Mother Jones Magazine, Dr. Reichman of The New Jersey TB Clinic recently said: “In the 1990’s, cases among foreign born Americans rose from 29 percent to 41.6 percent. Antibiotic resistant strains from Mexico have migrated to Texas. Since three years ago, 16,000 new cases of TB were discovered in the United States. Half were foreign born. Strains of TB once only found in Mexico have migrated to the border states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. It will move north as illegal aliens work in restaurants as cooks, dishwashers, and food handlers. We sit on the edge of a potential catastrophe.”

In 2001, New York’s Tuberculosis Control Program discovered that 81 percent of that city’s new cases of TB were attributed to immigrants.

Cases of TB are now being found in many areas of the country, where there are high concentrations of illegal aliens. In March of 2002, the Washington Post reported that Virginia’s Prince William County experienced a 188 percent increase of TB infections over the previous year. Yes, the streets of Prince William County are over-run with illegal aliens seeking day-laborer jobs.

The threats posed to our country by illegal aliens are many. However, our political leaders will undoubtedly continue to ignore them. Our own president is willing to place all Americans at risk, in exchange for securing the Latino vote for the Republican Party.

Facts and quotes taken from writings in the American Daily and Washington Post


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18 April

Only The Taxpayers Will Pay For The Pigs' Mess


When the City of Burlington declared war on the railroad under the battle cry of "jobs," there were union promises of financial assistance. The drunk Mayor and his comrades were humming the "Internationale" as the City moved to teach the evil railroad capitalists a lesson.

As time passed, the unions' assistance was not forth coming. In addition, the reason for the war against the railroad morphed. Protecting the "rights" of workers to life time employment at the railroad faded and the root of all evil became the reason. Money was the sole reason for the City's war against the railroad became enshrined under oath in a court of law.

While it is extremely unlikely the unions' pledge of financial support was anymore valid that the City's concern about protecting jobs, the unions have a valid out. Seeing how "social justice and equality" was simply a smoke screen to generate public support, the unions should be under no moral obligation to render financial support to the City.

Anyone who has read and understood George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm" knew from the start the reason for City's "class struggle" against the railroad. They also know what the result will be. Any of the pigs still in power who are responsible for this fiasco should be butchered at the next election.


Nothing like a hot July day in Iowa, 100º, 80% humidity, fermented pig manure and then the Judge sends down his order. If that doesn't smell bad enough, wait for the legal fees trial.


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Priorities of Economic Development


Which is more important to local elected leaders when comes to economic development; golf, or lunch?


It sure as hell isn't responsibly spending $300,000-$400,000 to hire a consultant and then failing to show up when they come to town and want to talk to the local elected officials. Ell was off on a golf vacation with Slagle and Mini-Me Worden.

Absolutely pathetic.


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City Hall Mayhem


Only the City Council will be able to take action to make changes inside City hall. The voters could make changes at the next election and I believe they will. We cannot afford to wait that long. Even the Hawkeye must be able to see this.

Bill Ell is Slagle's buddy and he has let the people of this community down. He has allowed some of the things to go on inside City Hall.

Why are Slagle and Worden gone at the same time? That is the reason Worden was promoted to Deputy City Manager, to be there when the manager is gone. They have neglected this duty.

Edwards is a Slagle fan and he cannot be counted on. Edwards has been a disappointment and an embarrassment. The citizens have three council members to count on to make the necessary changes.

Our current City management does not have the confidence and trust of the community. Why is this?

04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Enlightenment in Davenport


Our poor City Manager stuck in Davenport. All those days of watching hundreds of thousands of citizen's dollars being lost in legal fees. All that time away from hearth and home. Nothing to read in his room but Gideon's book and real estate flyers.

Has anybody heard if His Exalted Highness of Malted of Hops has made any road trips to cheer up Burlington's brave City Manager? Checking the public officials travel guide of things to do in Iowa, perhaps our Mayor could offer consolation by taking our brave public servant to Mound Joy for an evening of spiritual and cultural enlightenment.

Perjury's toll is not just to the public pursue. The souls of those who under penalty of oath have been forced to tell the truth must be soothed.


And don't forget that it helps the struggling young artists.


03:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Help For The Boozing Mayor


Help is on it's way for the boozing Mayor. Check this story out.

New drug a shot in the arm for alcoholics


You gotta want to quit before any "shot" takes hold. And from what we hear Edwards is still hitting it hard.


02:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Can't Believe The Advertiser Or City Hall

Hi Spike

I had a very bad day Friday. I read the advertiser early in the morning and it said Friday's garbage route was to be picked up Monday. Ok, so I don't put out the trash.

At around 5:30 I come home and see the neighbors' cans empty on the street. So I call the Hawk Eye they tell me to call the city. I tell them it's in today's paper and ask them if they know at all what they print in the paper and the guy doesn't respond.

Finally, I ask him if he knows the paper is piss poor at reporting the truth about anything? And all he said was DUH!! if you want to talk to the editor Steve Delaney to call back Monday.

You know it's not about the money. Wait, yes it is about the money. Sounds familiar don't it.

Anyway I tell you he told me to call the city well they were closed. And by the way, where are the councilmens' phone numbers. It seem like they wanted everybody to know how to get a hold of them.

And on all of the directories its just City Hall, is that not funny?

Anyway I'm done with the piss poor piece of crap News paper. And I hope a lot more people are too.

It seems like a bunch of MORONS down on South Main.

Thanks for letting me vent SPIKE.


Well, don't forget the morons in City hall. They might have given the morons on Main Street the bad information.

And factor in that Slagle was in Davenport testifying truthfully to the lies he told us taxpayers for 2 years about the lawsuit being about the money and not the jobs.

And since you missed the garbage last week, the City will be glad to charge you $1.50 for another garbage tag to pick it up this week.


Burlington City Council Contacts For Those That Will Do Something Other Than Label You A Trouble Maker Or Ask Where You Live

Mike Campbell Contact Info
cell number 750-0544, home phone is 752-0390

Tim Scott Contact Info
work number 753-9883, home number 753-5022

Garry Thomas Contact Info
cell number 750-9503, home number 754-8336

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14 April

Slagle Finally Admits Everyone Lying About Lawsuit


Now that the lawsuit is over I guess we know that the lawsuit was never about jobs.


Power, Slagle, Edwards, Sore Loser King and Lost Keys Ell have been outed. All those mornings SL King flapped his jackass jaws of lies on KCPS’s Big Show just illustrate how little that doofus knew that his myriad of self-righteous lies would catch up with him.

In time, there will be more secrets uncovered these thugs tried to pull over the taxpayers.


04:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments

How Will We Win?

The Judge in the railroad lawsuit said if the city loses the lawsuit he will conduct another trial for the railroad to outline their claim for legal fees for the City’s frivolous lawsuit. That is a warning.

If the City wins the lawsuit we face an appeal from the railroad and a trip to the Surface Transportation Board that will cost millions. That is a warning.

So tell me again, how do we win this lawsuit? How many warnings do we need?

The only winner is Power’s law firm. The taxpayers will feed his retirement fund until the City Council fires him and sues him for return of the legal fees.

So that makes a loser a winner.
04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mount Pleasant News Explain Higher Journalism Standard

It seems that the Mount Pleasant News is trying to hold themselves to a higher standard .

How much longer should we have to wait?


04:44:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle Partying All Week In Davenport

According to sources Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle has been camped out in Davenport all week even though his testimony was on Monday.

I doubt that Slagle paid for this out of his own pocket since Slagle just got back from vacation and needs the money because “he is raising a family.”

I wonder who authorized Slagle to spend this money?

04:44:00 - SPIKE - No comments

12 April

Lawsuit Was Never About Jobs


No new postings lately. Have you been in Davenport as a witness? Have you been in Davenport to watch the melt down as a spectator?

At least it is now official. The railroad law suit is not about jobs. The lawsuit is about the money. Slagle said so under oath. We all know how trustworthy Mr. Slagle is.

After reading this report on the opening day, how much worse will it get? Profiles in perjury, the saga continues.


I will try to keep from saying I told you so. A lot more people than me shouldn't be shocked by this.

08:18:57 - SPIKE - No comments

10 April

West Burlington Public Library or Spike Field


Now that it looks like the Burlington Bees want to find a corporate sponsor to pay for naming rights for the ballpark, I thought we should extend similar thinking to the public library.

West Burlington citizens could pool their money and buy the naming rights. The Burlington Public Library would then be known as the West Burlington Public Library located in Burlington.


I like the idea. Maybe we could name the ballpark, Spike Field. I can hear it now, "The Burlington Bees are home tonight. Gates open at 6 at Spike Field."


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Illegal Aliens


Well, big money won the day again because the senate sold out the America it represents by giving our country over to millions of people that will never be loyal Americans, will probably never learn the language or participate in anyway. Their goal is to get out of us what they can and then leave after we're all broke.

Where were the unions during this blood bath to our American immigration laws?

All elected persons who voted "yea" for this junk should be voted out ASAP.

This agreement is worse than the drug bill and is so full of holes it will never work. Were are the legal records these criminals will use to prove how long they've been criminals in this country?

We as Americans have again been sold down the drain by those elected to represent us. Our senate didn't even take the time to do the job right because they wanted to get home or where ever else they go to have fun and games at our expense.

These people who voted "yea" in the senate are no better than the criminal elements they represent.


This reminds me of a point you made in a prior email. These people are criminals in this country illegally. And they are sapping human services to the breaking point while sending postal money orders back to Mexico without paying the needed taxes to pay for it.

It might not be too bad if they were identified,allowed work status and then be made to pay income taxes just like everyone else until they became U.S. citizens. If they don't want to comply with that, then deport 'em and ban them until such time as they want to follow our rules.


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09 April

Nightline To Feature Teen Blog Site - MySpace.com

The feature story on Dateline NBC Sunday night at 6:00 pm will be a story about MySpace.com the popular teen blog.

From the previews shown on MSNBC it is a program that every parent should watch and then talk with their teens about.

07:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 April

Burlington City Council Fails To Show Along With Many More

Lost Keys Ell On Vacation Golfing With Slagle

Tapp Says He “Sent Invitation” – City Didn’t Get It?

On Friday, Angelou Economics, the economic development consulting company hired by the Southeast Iowa Economic Development Consortium aka Let’s Do Lunch and Not Much More Bunch held a forum for elected officials in Burlington.

Conspicuously absent from the meeting were any members of the Burlington City Council or staff. Slagle and Ell are on a golf vacation out of town (I wonder if they will be thrown out of any liquor stores this year?).

Also missing were many elected representatives of Henry and Louisa County and Fort Madison. However, 3 Lee County Supervisors had time to attend and hold an emergency meeting Friday to approve an economic development grant application. Trousil was the only attendee from West Burlington.

According to sources, Regional Planning’s Brian Tapp said he sent the invitations last week to all elected officials in Des Moines County, Lee County, Henry and Louisa County.

Trouble is no one remembers getting an invitation in Burlington, which seems odd. Either the Council got the invitation or they didn’t IF Tapp really sent it. And that is a more than a possibility and something we will never know the truth about.

What this huge misstep really shows is just how out of touch this whole bunch is. We can spend our tax money to buy some of the best economic development consulting specialists only to find it will be met with apathy by our inept local elected officials.

Another huge opportunity wasted. Unless you’re off playing golf. Then you don’t care what’s going on.

05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Online Danger Still Lurks


Your coverage about the danger of the teen site has helped educate some local parents that did not know that their teens were posting information and their picture on the site. I know of two that took their kids off of the site that you were warning about. Keep up the good work.

The police department has been warning parents and teens about the danger too. Everybody needs to do more to get that warning out to the parents. The kids don't understand the danger. They are young and naive and are easily influenced by the adult.


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07 April

261 Jobs On Horizon For Fort Madison

According to Friday’s Daily Democrat 261 jobs in a “high tech” industry are possible for Fort Madison. Lee County Supervisors held an emergency meeting Friday to approve their portion of $1.5 million dollars in federal grants.

Other sources say that not only did the Lee County Supervisors have time to meet Friday, 3 Supervisors also attended the economic development forum for elected officials held by Angelou Economics in Burlington. Something the Burlington City Council didn’t do.

Good luck Fort Madison and Lee County.

23:46:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Nightline To Feature Teen Blog Site - MySpace.com

The feature story on Dateline NBC Sunday night at 6:00 pm will be a story about MySpace.com the popular teen blog.

From the previews shown on MSNBC it is a program that every parent should watch and then talk with their teens about.

18:32:10 - SPIKE - No comments

Road Rage Deflection


I've asked people around town what they know about the "raging car dealer" incident and I can tell you this: he and his family have already been in the process of damage control. I heard that the roadrager's wife has personally been telling "the story".

Of course, it is the teens' fault. The "girls were drunk and out of control." The dealer is well known for his level-headed calm composure!! Ask anyone who works for him, they've seen his rage!

And if it's like the rest of the things that happen to people with "influence" or whatever these people think they have that makes them better than the rest of the population, they will have successfully brushed it under the rug.

Like the mayor, they are untouchable. Like the police department; unchecked total power. This town reeks of corruption! You can expect some corruption, but this is ridiculous!!

Spike, how do you stop this craziness?! Do you think these morons will just kill this town, then move on to kill some other town?! God knows they're in the process of ruining us financially!!


We've heard alcohol was involved. And it wasn't the teenage girls. Maybe a check of the FunCity credit card receipts might turn up a clue.

Burlington is in tough shape. There's no leadership from Edwards, he's just Slagle's puppet. People have to start raising hell with the city council and demand they start to shoulder the responsibility for the mismanagement and poor performance. Write your concerns here or risk the fallout from being heard.

Until that happens, this town will continue to slide down the sewer led by thugs, bums and monkeys. And out of control road rage car dealers.


04:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

It's All Show Business At Library


The library board really knows how to gain public support. We cannot expect West Burlington, Danville or Middletown to pay the same rate as the Burlington residents. They had no say in our library. The Danville resident needs to drive into the library and with gas at 2.50 per gallon, cannot get to our library as easy and as often as our residents that can walk down the hill to our library. Regional cooperation is important, but we should not use threatening tactics.

Our Burlington library has one of the highest operating budgets in the State per capita. We spend several hundred thousand dollars more than some of the other Cities of our size.

These were facts that were reported in the Hawkeye a few years ago. Back when Bill Mertens was here, Bill did not omit these facts. I remember that we were spending over $500,000 more per year to operate our library than what Ottumwa was spending.

That is just ridiculous. They were always running low on money. When the library bond failed, they had money to pay for grieving counselors for their employees that were saddened by not getting a new building. The Des Moines Register had an article about this and stated how absurd this was.

They also closed the library to the public during this time. Patrons received no notice and had to wait outside or come back later.

They should get out of the movie video business and leave that to the private businesses. This takes up space, manpower hours and is a cost to the taxpayer. If a citizen wants a movie, they can go rent it.

This hurts the private businesses that are expected to pay the tax bill.

Burlington Resident

Grief counselors for bond issues? No wonder the Library is way over budget, they have no grip on reality.

People can handle an accurate budget. But when you start running the cost overrrun meter 6 weeks into a project those same people have no reason to ever trust the library again.

Do you suppose they will send grief counselors to West Burlington, Danville and Middletown after they pick their pockets to pay for their poorly conceived budget?


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Delta Queen Steamboat Company Sold


The Delta Queen Steamboat Company has been sold to the Ueberroth company.

The company has been reeling from the damge to New Orleans tourism since Katrina. The Mississippi Queen is scheduled to dock in Burlington twice this year.


02:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

National Education 8th In PAC Money

The NEA pays no tax on their huge building in Washington while other entities must pay the tax. Might this have something to do with their huge PAC payouts to the Democrats in order to cover their political agenda?


In the 2004 elections, the top 10 PACs by money spent by themselves, affiliates and subsidaries were:

1. EMILY's List $22,767,521
2. Service Employees International Union $12,899,352
3. American Federation of Teachers $12,789,296
4. American Medical Association $11,901,542
5. National Rifle Association $11,173,358
6. Teamsters Union $11,128,729
7. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $10,819,724
8. National Education Association $10,521,538
9. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees $9,882,022
10. Laborers' International Union of North America $9,523,837


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06 April

Special Needs At The Hawk Eye


Counselor Cahill should have taken a different tack on his client's request to record in Federal Court.

The judge in Davenport is outside the Advertiser's circulation of errors and numerous retractions. His Honor is undoubtedly unaware of the incompetence of the party making the request to record.

Counselor Cahill should have sent clippings of his client's innumerable inaccuracies, especially the inability to run the correct sports page on the corresponding day. The evidence of disability would be overwhelming.

A motion to make an exemption on recordings for the Advertiser should be based on provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to the Justice Department.


Special needs to the advertiser means they have to get out of the building to get the story and back to write it before the Sombrero closes.


04:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington Library Tax Among State's Highest


The local rag had a article about the library today informing the public that the small towns surrounding Burlington didn't want the library tax increases.

However, the rag also failed to inform the Burlington taxpayer that they currently pay about the highest library tax in the state and this is for the current facility. Towns larger than Burlington have library taxes 80% less than Burlington. Burlington charges each man, woman and child living in the city limits about $45 each for the library while most cities in Iowa charge something in the area of $23 to $25 per man, woman and child.

On top of the taxes the Burlington construction cost for the "Negative Voted Library" are about twice what other cities have paid for the same size libraries. Cedar Falls library at about 48,000 square feet cost 5 million while Burlington's at 51,000 square feet cost 10+ million.

This library is going to haunt the Burlington taxpayer forever and then throw in the phony railroad fiasco and we might just as well shut down this inept run city.

I heard a good one the other day about employment in this area on a radio station - it was stated that "Southeast Iowa is challenged," it's interesting to see that CHALLENGED has replaced the word DEPRESSED in Southeastern Iowa.

Is this politically correct or what?


If figuring construction costs, I think you can safely add $2+ million and carry the debt.


03:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Outrageous Tax Benefits From PAC Money

According to a recent study conducted by Arizona State University and the University of Southern California the average return for each dollar given to the political action committee for a tax-writing member of Congress is $1,616.

Archers Daniels Midland received $2,500 in ethanol tax credits for each dollar ADM handed to the PACs for the members of Congress that approved the tax credits.

Sanjay Gupta, an accounting professor at Arizona State’s Carey and co-author of the report said, “There is a huge disconnect between the tax benefits and political giving.”

I’d say there is an extremely fine line between graft and corruption.
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Road Rage Details Unclear

In the last 48 hours we have received an email from a person claiming to be the alleged driver of the car involved in the road rage incident in front of the Roosevelt Dairy Queen. We also received emails from 2 alleged passengers in the carload of girls.

All of these emails came to us as anonymous messages even though they included email addresses.

If you want your story told, you need to include your real name and real email address as everyone else does to become a confidential source.

Otherwise, I will continue to hold the messages as I do all messages I suspicion to be bogus.

We will pursue this incident wherever it leads us.

03:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

05 April

Advertiser Tries End Run - Notebook & Pencils Likely

Our ever faithful Jimmy Olson has talked the great Poobah at the house of paper and ink into spending money so Jimmy can take his tape recorder to trial next week in Davenport. Nevermind that Jimmy is a witness and might not be able to sit in the courtroom until after he has testified. Since the advertiser has 3 writers going to testify maybe the glass house crowd will have to go and struggle with reporting news while their employees burn up the salaries..

Very strict Federal Court rules ban audio and video recording of trials. Apparently, the advertiser thinks they should have special treatment to violate the rules.

The Judge clearly stated in today's order he will listen, but "unless The Hawk Eye makes a showing of special need, the court will deny the motion pursuant of Local Rule 83.5."

Now the advertiser wants the tape. They had no interest in spending a little money to obtain the closed session meeting tape that has led to this lawsuit heist of the taxpayers wallet. Now, they want to spend a lot of money to tape the trial for their benefit.

Maybe if they had realized their role back in January 2004, we wouldn't be in this position of funding Power's retirement fund. And they would have saved a lot of money to pay their lawyer.

My guess? Motion to tape - denied.

05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Lawsuit Costs - Where Will This Insanity Stop?


I heard that the fireman lawsuit cost the city over $25,000. Have you heard anything?


If it is true, that would be grounds to fire both Slagle and Power for being incompetent and not winning the lawsuit.

It is absolutely outrageous to spend $25,000+ over a paperwork infraction.

Where in the hell was the City Council when this decision was made? Didn't Power say that the lawsuit was winnable? I guess it might have been as long as Power wasn't trying the case.

This is like an Ode to Davenport. Or, is that Odor of Davenport?


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Iowa Homeowners Insurance Skyrockets 41.9% In 2 Years

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners homeowners insurance has skyrocketed out of control. The rate in Iowa was 17.3% higher than the national average from 2001 thru 2003.

Only Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota had larger increases.

I'm tired of insurance companies being guaranteed a profit while extorting their customers. They hammer us and then go bury their profits in a Bermuda reinsurance scam.

They're as bad as the oil companies' profiteering.

04:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlesque Circulation

Information Free and Available Progresses

The State of Washington Supreme Court has ruled for Internet freedom. Restricting web site content is becoming harder for Judges and State Senators everywhere.

Newspapers are so desperate to maintain circulation, they are moving their product directly from the press to the recycle center. Sorry Charlie, declining readership means declining advertising rates.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is being redistributed. The powerful are rapidly losing their ability to protect their position. Their struggle to retain power is beginning to border on the burlesque.


04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Iowa River’s Among Nation’s Most Polluted

Iowa Cattle Producers Worst In U.S. For Compliance

As most of you know the Des Moines Register has been running a series of articles on the dismal condition of Iowa’s waterways. Water pollution problems are reaching, or already have reached, epidemic proportions.

Fertilizer run-off is the worst in the country. Des Moines installed the largest nitrate removal system in the world because some streams have nitrate levels 50% higher than the rest of the Corn Belt. Pesticides are a substance that most cities do not even test for in their drinking water supply.

Hog confinement operations contribute to the problem along with cattle feedlots that are at the top of the list for non-compliance of enviromental laws.

A volunteer that occasionally does water testing summed it up, "In Iowa, water is seen more as a resource to be used up and used as dump for agriculture.”

That needs to change. Clean water will not last forever.
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04 April

In The Belly Of The Whale

The City of Burlington's attempt to take back what it has given to the railroad made me think of just how big firms legally crush peons that get in their way. Who today knows who Edwin Howard Armstrong was?

You can thank Mr. Armstrong for your ability to read this message and whole lot more. Edwin Howard Armstrong was the genius behind modern communications circuitry. Mr. Armstrong had his patents stolen from him by a large corporation. Mr. Armstrong being in the right decided to fight.

By the time it was over, he was broke, divorced, and dead by his own hand. Killed by lawyers has been suggested by some as Mr. Armstrong's epitaph. The case dragged on over a decade after his death.

Forget the crap about our legal system stumbled over by coaches trying to teach Government and those pamphlets distributed by the Bar Association. Money talks. Money buys the best mouths in the business. The fate of Mr. Armstrong shows how those in the wrong with the resources will use the courts to crush those they have wronged.

If those with the dough can dish out this kind of hell to the righteous, what can those in the wrong who attack them expect?

The City of Burlington is about to find out.


03:19:06 - SPIKE - No comments

03 April

Throw Another Log On The Fire

The railroad filed a motion today to add another Washington lawyer to their legal team. This one has a specialty in appellate law.

We're having fun now. See you in St Louis.

12:46:51 - SPIKE - No comments

Rigdon Talks On KCPS - I'll Bet Power Was Pleased!

Rigdon Said Fred "Perpetuates Stupidity"

On Friday's KCPS Big Show 1150 AM former councilman/mayor Jerry Rigdon got on the radio and told us everything he knows about the railroad lawsuit. It didn't amount to much. Like Fred said, "A $500 an hour lawyer is gonna tear him up."

Rigdon cited an informal legal opinion written years ago. Poor believed the city still had a claim to the riverfront property. A legal opinion paid for by the now defunct dock board. Funny how informal legal opinions are usually biased to those paying the bill.

I listened for over 20 minutes to Rigdon reinterpret history and how the Poor legal opinion was the definitive work on the subject. Even though it runs 180º to numerous U.S. Supreme Court opinions preceeding and subsequent to the Poor opinion.

Rigdon had the temerity to go on and on about how Fred perpetuates "stupidity." And then giggled like a school girl at what he had said.

Magically, as if Scott Power himself called Rigdon on the Bat Phone, Rigdon had to abruptly get off the phone. Or maybe he looked in the mirror.

Two things come to mind. I said we could tell a lot about the quality of the case by the witness list. The other thing, the lawyer that has a fool for a witness can sometimes be a fool, too.

09:20:56 - SPIKE - No comments

Cahill Cites Statute Of Limitations


I remember at least one and maybe two letters Dan Cahill wrote to the newspaper after the railroad lawsuit was filed saying the city should have filed the case years ago that too much time had passed before the lawsuit was filed.


I remember one letter similar to that train of thought. I have heard from at least 2 people that Cahill thinks the lawsuit is a goose chase due to the statute of limitations.

08:56:06 - SPIKE - No comments

Intelligent Response


Comparing the postings at your site to the Advertiser's letters to the editor, I notice there is no comparison. By far, your site contains expressions of opinion more coherent and thought out. Your audience appears to have a broader range of knowledge and experience.

Have you any thoughts on why your site elicits a more intelligent response?


We filter our water? I know we have a few readers that do read the paper for the local sports since we don't do sports.

I think our readers come here because they have nowhere else to turn without the fear of retribution. Fear can stifle the truth and opinion.


08:48:15 - SPIKE - No comments

School Taxes Keep Climbing - Next Vote? No!


We just paid our property taxes and noticed the Burlington school district is increasing the taxes more than the City and the County. We voted for the sales tax to build the new schools.

We will not support it again because they keep raising our taxes anyway. Some of the board members really disappoint us. They are not what they appeared to be when they ran for the position.


08:36:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Road Rage? You Bet It Is!!


Is anybody paying attention to the fact that this could have ended with tragic consequences? It is fortunate that the girls did not meet one of the many fast moving heavily loaded semis traveling down Roosevelt Avenue as they made a turn into oncoming traffic in a 4 lane!

If these teenage girls do not have enough driving experience to know which way traffic is moving, and that causes them to turn into the fastest moving traffic in the city, it is time they got some training before somebody gets killed.

I can tell you for a fact, if I were traveling down Roosevelt, with my family in the car, and somebody turned into traffic heading straight for me, I would be seriously upset as well.

It is easy for all of us to sit back in our chairs and calmly think about what the "right" reaction would be, but we weren't there, and we're only hearing about the "road rage."

Would you be so critical of the situation if Mr. Deery (or one of his children or his wife)was seriously injured, or worse yet...dead? Or better yet, would you hear about it all if it was a “regular joe” that had yelled at the girls? Give it a rest, before you go around trash talking somebody for actions you disagree with, and realize that at that moment in time, his life, and the life of anybody else that may have been in his vehicle was just threatened. His reaction was passionate to be certain, but threaten any man’s family in this community and see what reaction you get!


I'd be mad. I'd yell. I'd call the police. But I would NEVER open a stranger's car door and threaten them for fear they were packing a gun. Even a 16 year old girl can pack a gun.

As for the what if? Hindsight is almost always 20/20. How did you know the girls "turned into traffic heading straight for me?"

This sounds more like a rationalization for road rage behavior. There is no rationalization for road rage.


08:14:36 - SPIKE - No comments

Main Street Crossing Problems


The past stories in the Hawkeye regarding the Main Street railroad crossing being closed don't seem to tell the whole story. According to someone who works at the railroad, that area has been submerged with water for several months. A broken water or sewer main appear to be the culprit.

Although this is only rumors, they seem to make sense, since soft muddy ground would lead to track panel problems leading to a rough crossing.

Might be something to look in to. Since the Hawkeye only gives us what the "city" wants us to think. Keep up the good work!


Your story makes a lot of sense since there is a huge pile of dirt down there. Far more than needed to undercut the roadbed and reset the track panels. Something that could be done with a backhoe instead of an excavator.

I suppose Scott Power will add that to the rent check.


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02 April

What My Geeks Say About MySpace

If parents want something to read about MySpace, click here for an overview. Many of the issues regarding MySpace apply to Xanga.

14:28:46 - SPIKE - No comments

Long Distance View of Burlington


I shot you an e-mail a few days ago. I forgot to say I really like your site because it keeps me up to date on what is going on in my favorite town in the entire world. I respect all of your opinions and agree for the most part with everything you say.

Keep up the good work.


Get your education. Experience the world. Then think about returning to Burlington.

We want people with your ideas and opinion to live, work and raise their families here. Even though with an excellent education and modern technology you can work all over the globe and live in Burlington, you must make sure you can provide yourself with a life-long occupation before you jump on the return ship.

Burlington isn't doing too well right now. Until sharp focus and real leadership return to the city and region, be careful.

Don't let Burlington disappoint you as it has so many people.


14:23:56 - SPIKE - No comments

Good Press??

Dear Spike,

All of this hype recently in the media about teens partying, getting busted, and having it aired via the local paper (full names included regardless of age) is a bit extreme.

Dang, if the worst that these kids can do is get busted for drinking beer, then somehow this does not seem to be so bad. Having lived in larger cities before arriving in SE Iowa, it is apparent to me that things could be much, much, more worse than some teens sneaking a few beers. You did the same, so did I and about 50% of every other people 20 to 80 years old as they passed through their teen years. Why the hype now?

Are media outlets such as the paper, burlingtonderailed.com, KCPS, and other news sources potentially fanning the flames of rebellion with local teens by trying to be "news-worthy" and simply adding to the problem?

Don't rule it out.

Through education and leadership, parents and adults can help teens to avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse without imposing on their natural instinct to grow and explore as individuals. It is about trust and relationships with our youth in the community.

It has NOTHING to do with posting their names and personal information in the paper and on the web for all to see. This poster only sees the hype resulting in more rebellion and (unfortunately) free advertisement to teens to find a cause to rally around for getting drunk!!!


We all know about the advertiser and their motives to attract readers' eyeballs to their ads. We don't sell ads and have no agenda other than to communicate opinion, illuminate local issues, criticize poor government leadership and demand accountablility for people and their actions.

And we do that without any financial incentive. We have no incentive to drive readers to BurlingtonDerailed.com other than to express an opinion without the fear of retribution.

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Not All Teens Drink


The adults of Burlington still speak like every high school student drinks. The facts are yes high school students drink and yes some students choose not to. There is never an offer of praise for these students that choose not to. I don't understand.

Adults are the first to assume every student drinks. Yes, I have friends that drink. Yes, I still choose to hang out with them. Yes, they respect me enough not to do it when I am around. They also never ask or "force" me to do it. It is funny how that is never brought up.

These kids that drink are just assumed to be "bad" kids. They aren't. The adults wouldn't know because they assume everyone in high school that drinks is automatically bad. Take a few seconds to talk to some high school kids. Not every single one of them drinks, and most of the ones that do have enough respect they don't "force" others to drink.


Drinking doesn't mean you are a bad kid. It only means you have broken the law if you are under 21 or choose to drink and drive at any age.

I'll stand by my original opinion. It appears that too many teens are drinking way too much and way too often.

There is an extremely fine line between excessive drinking and alcoholism regardless of age. i don't want to see our kids turn out like our mayor.


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