Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 August

Final Answers

Spike -

I thought in the beginning that something needed to be done to settle the ownership of the river front property.

Now I am more confused than ever. Does the city own it or the railroad? Is there another act of congress besides the first one that married the city to it ? Is there any taxes paid on it? If so, who pays them? Is the 1985 legal?


The railroad owns the property and has paid taxes on it for years. The original/subsequent congressional acts allowed the city to transfer the title to the riverfront property to the railroad for public use. A railroad use is a qualified public use.

The 1985 Agreement was found to be a legal and binding contract. Exactly as it was originally intended to be when it was written and not reinterpreted by foggy memories and biased testimony.

Hope this helps.


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What Else Has Been Falsified?


The integrity of local elected public officials and managers has been called into question by the destruction of public records. This lack of integrity is bound to raise doubts beyond just explaining the why of a failed lawsuit.

Public elected officials and managers file a great many documents related to hundreds of thousands of dollars received from higher levels of government in the form of grants. These grants are required to be filled out in full and the information contained therein to be accurate and honest under penalty of law.

There are bound to be questions related to the integrity of grant applications and other documents that have a financial impact on local government. There is just cause for the current lack of public trust.

It would quell any such doubts if an independent, outside auditor, or prosecutor, were to do a full review of what has transpired.


Do you have something specific in mind or you just speaking in generalities? There have been lots of applications that have passed through these unclean hands.


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Players Workshop Tryout for Farenheit 451?

No! Just Our City Officials Taking Care of Their Mistakes

You tell me that Bruce Slagle and Scott Power burned those tapes because they could and I will tell you that you are the most nieve person on the face of this planet.

Remember Slagle Ell, Power, King and company lying to us that the lawsuit was about jobs? Or was that money?


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Don Henry's Editorial 2


You're right again, Spike!

Nice try Don Henry. Your article Wednesday morning was another attempt to try and say you and the council were right. They were wrong, just read the judge's finding and his comments. We had a poor case, not believable, lacked any common sense and we didn't have good witnesses.

You said we had the courage to take on the big railroad. We had the courage, but lacked the ability and brains to read the contracts and then make a good decision. This decision cost all of us $300,000. Don, I thought you were smarter than that!

As for Edwards taking the lead and making the suggestion to work with the railroad to get some jobs in the shops. You are wrong again Don. Edwards isn't the guy.

Edwards is the one that ignored those that did not want to sue the railroad. He stuck his big chest out there in those council meetings and he was a tough guy with courage but no brains.

Edwards thought our chances were good because he isn't smart and he listened to an attorney filling his pockets with our money. Admit it Don, it was a huge mistake. Go have another beer.


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Don Henry's Editorial 3


Don Henry should stick to remembering the good old days hoisting a few down at the bar.

As far as his impact with an editorial like he wrote Wednesday, I'd rather be in Cleveland when I hear nonsense like that. It just shows how little this community has progressed since Henry was on city council.

Go Home Don

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Don Henry's Editorial 4


Don Henry should go back to the Sombrero and drown his thoughts. And take our drunk mayor with him.

Maybe the cops would get a twofer.

fed up with all of this!

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Edwards Displays Lack of Leadership


The only leadership displayed by Mike Edwards is how to park at Burger King so he can always make a quick get away. I wonder whose bath water Edwards has been drinking now? Power's?


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Malpractice Defined


They are not as thick as they are for medical malpractice. None the less, there are those willing to devour their own. Once the appeal date passes, do any at City Hall have the balls to make the call?


If they just had pair between them all the call might be made. It was an illegal lawsuit as determined by the State Ombudsman. That should carry some weight along with the concealment of the 1985 Agreement.


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Itemized Billings Needed


Now that the lawsuit is over I think we should see the itemized, detailed billings from Power's law firm. Lump sum payments without detail smell like burnt tape recordings.


You smell it too, huh?


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4 Heads - 4 Stakes


We need 4 stakes for 4 heads.

Slagle, Power, Ell and Edwards need to go. What they did is a criminal conspiracy.

Drive these bums and thugs out of town before they dream up some other idiotic stunt.


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30 August

Don Henry Totally Out To Lunch

This morning Don Henry professed his pride in supporting the city in their failed bid to sue the "behemoth" BNSF.

Don Henry is totally off base and is a prime example of the provincial thinking that has hindered Burlington's acceptance of the New World Economy and the need for change to compete in this economy.

Shame on you Don. Your idea that just because the BNSF is a large corporation is reason enough for taxpayers to turn a blind eye to challenge an existing contract solely to benefit the city because they make money is blatantly absurd! That should play well into site selection committees considering Burlington for a future location.

As for your comments about Mike Edwards redevelopment efforts for the West Burlington Shops, Edwards had his chance for leadership 2 1/2 years ago. Edwards failed then and it will not be any different now. Don, do you think Edwards will take his six-shooter in his boot to negotiations? How about his chip-on-the-shoulder union attitude? Not every good job can be a union job.

I'm glad you left public office. We don't need your thoughts cluttering the recovery efforts of Southeast Iowa. Your time might be better spent doing lunch with the rest of the people that do lunch and not much more around here.

We don't want your input or your leadership.


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Burlington's Teeter Totter Budget Management

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Unanswered Letter To Ombudsman

I think it is time for the Ad Vertiser to send Jimmy Olson to City Hall for a copy of the letter from the Iowa Ombudsman's Office officially proclaiming the closed session meeting held to vote to litigate against the railroad was illegally conducted.

Power and Slagle need to tell us why they ignored that letter and failed to file a timely response to the Ombudsman's charges.

Keep in mind the Ad Vertiser is almost as guilty for this debacle. They openly endorsed the coverup and deceived their readers while telling us all how to think.

What really pisses me off is that cheap ass Delaney from the Ad Vertiser wouldn't spend a little money to obtain the “Lost Tapes” before Slagle and Power destroyed the evidence. I understand Delaney's fright in trying to do the right thing while kissing the City's ass, but not taking a hardened stance against city hall to fight corruption is gutless and unfathomable.

The Ad Vertiser will let this story line run a few more days and then it will be replaced with “Alien Space Baby Born To Wolf In Bonn's Hollow.”

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Opportunity Knocks

Help Wanted: City Attorney

Rapidly shrinking Midwest city of approximately 24,000 has an immediate opening for a Literate City Attorney,. Must be able to read and comprehend sports page of local newspaper. Lie Detector Test will be administered. Proven previous positive experience in dealing with legal precedents a plus. For further information, click here.


You need to expand that Help Wanted Ad to include: Wanted - Sober Mayor, Competent City Manager & On-Call Locksmith. No Golfers Need Apply.


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Now that the Drunk and the Clowncil have once again shown their butts...is there anything that WE the good upstanding, middle class wrking stiffs can do to get these folks run outta town on that rail?

I am sick of one thing after another. Seems they are doing everything in their power to flush this city down the tubes.

From the BNSF suit, to the library, to the Burger King late night parties...I'm about ready to pack up my family and find someplace that college educated, law abiding working families are welcomed, not down trodden.

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Is There Any Integrity Left?


I have never met Mike Campbell, but he was the only one inside city hall that had any sense. Campbell took a verbal beating from some of his fellow councilmen because they did not think Campbell was a "TEAM" player with the lonely NO vote to sue the railroad. They bullied him. They owe Campbell and the entire community an apology. Then they should fire two people if they have any guts.


Burlington has neither integrity nor credibility. None!

Right after the Council fires Power and Slagle; Edwards, Courtney and Ell need to resign.

Remember that pompous, boisterous, self-righteous crap that ran out of Bill Ell's mouth when he chastised Campbell? I don't know how that gas bag can look in the mirror every morning let alone give such a mumbo-jumbo interview to Quirk for Tuesday's paper.


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Zero Credibility For Slagle & City Hall


It is one thing to give horrible advice and make a terrible decision that cost the City (really the taxpaying citizens) $300,000. It's another thing to destroy the tapes and the minutes of their meetings.

How is this community or media supposed to ever trust City Hall again? What else have they destroyed or not bothered to tell us the truth about.

Our young men and women are fighting corruption all over the world and we sit here and allow this! It really is a sad day in Burlington.


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My Dog Ate the Tape Recorder

Clairvoyant One:

You were correct. The evidence has been destroyed.

Was this gift of prophecy bestowed upon you by space aliens, or have you simply been studying the criminal minds who run Burlington for a long time? What predict you as the end result of this disappearance?

Will Jimmy Olson complain until Citizen Kane on South Main shuts him up and proclaims all was proper? Will intelligent life from a higher level of government investigate and press charges? How many local elected officials will use their previous position to get a room with a view so they can count train cars crossing the bridge at Ft. Madison?

Will this malignancy on the City of Burlington be removed by proper channels of justice, or is a Committe of Vigilance the only way to acheive justice? I need to knew. My pitch fork may need sharpening.


No, I'm not an alien space baby although I have ridden Space Moutain at Disneyworld.

You only have to apply common sense to seek the outcome. They have none, so the battle was almost won before it began.

If your attorney uses the phrase “I have a silver bullet with each and every one of your name's on it” you know that they have no real attorney you might have to litigate against. Nothing but a grade school yard bully would pull that stunt.

And when that same attorney knowingly hides a crucial document from his employers you've won.

This isn't over by a long shot.


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Is Southeast Iowa Doomed?


The West Burlington city council wants to spend $1.5 to $2 million on a new pool that is only used 3 month out of the year, but can't pony up money for the library or the Fire Department.

Burlington officials destroy tapes after suing a MAJOR corporation(and losing), but now want to work with the railroad to find a reuse for the shops. We also have Hoschek and maybe, Heland.

Lee County officials filing BANKRUPTCY; the entire mess with GRRWA in Fort Madison.

What are the education minimums to run for office in SE Iowa?


We have no minimums. You only have to be able to play golf, drink, do lunch and never, never think for yourself!

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Watergate on the Mississippi


Is the City of Burlington bucking for the Rosemary Woods award?

Is there a woman in Power's life who will blab all to the press? Burlington could use another Martha Mitchell in this situation. With the evidence destroyed, who will ever know what went on.

It looks like time for the U. S. Department of Justice to begin an investigation. The Attorney General of Iowa is not about to upset the local politburo that helps re-elect him.

At least Richard Nixon had as his last shred of honor the ability to resign in disgrace. Power, Slagle, Edwards, and Ell probably are lesser men than Nixon. Their resignations will likely come only after a criminal conviction. King's legal fees should not be paid by the City.

The people of Burlington who put these criminals in a position of public trust should rise up en mass and demand a house cleaning.


Power, Slagle, Edwards, and Ell ARE lesser men than Nixon. King? King is nothing other than a Sore Loser.


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Openness In Lee County


In the spirit of openness in local government check this out - Ch. 13 bankruptcy 7-12-05 case #05-05076.

$60K in cc debt and a wardrobe listed only worth $100.


Holy Cow! We're on it.


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29 August

Fred & 7 Drive The Nail Into Pinochio's Head


Listening to Fred and Seven Mnday day on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM, they were correct. I almost forgot about the original legal estimate.

Fred said he thought it was around $50,000. This city manager, council and attorney should feel guilty in the way they looked after the citizens’ money.

I remember how council member Mike Campbell was the only one that was against this lawsuit. He looked at the facts and said it would be a big gamble and expensive. He was so right.

We should also remember how he was treated by Ell, Edwards and King. They were the Campbell critics.

Those three are not near as smart as they thought they were. Their arrogance cost this community $300,000. To ignore the 1985 agreement was fatal in this case.

There needs to be some accountability before we move forward because the community has lost trust and confidence in the city manager and the city attorney.

They have proven that they can't do the job so why keep them? Let's hope other businesses were not looking at Burlington at this time. They wouldn't come here and who could blame them.


Power estimated the legal fees to not exceed $50,000. He was as close to that estimate as he was about having a “good case.” What a joke.

As for Ell, Edwards and King, they wouldn’t know where to squat under the tree without Slagle directions let alone have any guilt about pissing away all that money.


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Where In The World Is Waldo Ell?


Concerning the whereabouts of Councilman Ell, rumor has it he was cringing in his sleeping compartment in the last car when the collision occurred.

Since he lost the key to his compartment door, rescuers had to cut him out.


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Burlington Citizens Get Lawsuit Report


When you click here, you will find out how the citizens of Burlington feel when Counselor Power reports to City Council on the outcome of the failed railroad law suit.

Quoting from the painting's description:
"This painting shows a figure sitting chained to a desk with an abacas in front of him. He has blank eyes and ears, a stopper in his mouth and he wears a dunce's hat and a clown's ruff.

He represents the majority of us who are regarded as lesser persons by those with authority over us such as a pupil or an employee and the ignorance of accepting that he is somehow inferior.

He is shackled by the restrictions of time and place (school or workplace) A slave of society serving a life sentence to make a living!

He puts his hand up to answer a question- but he may never get a chance to answer it."


Sounds right, we never get answers to our questions!


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28 August

Bar Car Looted at Burlington Wreck Site

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Senator King Gives Speech at Burlington Wreck

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Anybody Seen Lost Keys Ell?


With all this bad news about the railroad lawsuit I wondered where Bill Ell is. He was one of the great defenders of the scorched earth thinking.

Or will he find out about the outcome of this trial in 7 months?


I'd guess 7 months.

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Untold Confessions of the Great $300,000 Train Wreck


The Advertiser of Sunday 8-27 had an editorial pointing fingers. It appears the City of Burlington's train wreck is the fault of elected officials and lawyers. The Advertiser was partially correct. The Advertiser ignored the Chamber monkeys, Senator Courtney and other co-conspirators that include the Advertiser. It was another classic of Advertiser hypocrisy.

As I recall, the Advertiser was among the cheer leaders advising the City to do battle with the railroad. Why did the Advertiser not advise at the time against a law suit? Why did the Advertiser not advise the City to get a second opinion from an out of town attorney who specializes in real estate involving railroads? Why did the Advertise not advise....etc. etc. etc.

What was written will probably be the official line of all the guilty parties that hope a little propaganda will shield them from the public's wrath for what they have done.

If any party wishes to respond to those blaming them in an attempt to cover their own guilt for the great $300,000 train wreck of the City of Burlington, they should do so promptly. I hope this little information source that roared is opened to them. The Advertiser appears unwilling to tell the whole truth.


If the Ad Vertiser truly pursues the fabled closed session meeting tape and factually report what they hear, how would they ever explain not doing it earlier. The guilty parties will never let that tape see the light of day.

My guess is that the tape is long gone. Contrary to Iowa law as I read it.


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School District Legal Fees Out Of Control


Now that Power has lined his pockets with city money we have the school systems Mr. Book lining the pockets of Ms. Seitz with thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. Of course Mr. Book indicates it's the cost of doing business.

I rather doubt this lame excuse for incompetence, spending thousands of dollars while other districts of similar size spend little to none.

The passage of the sales tax has done nothing but burn holes in the pockets of the inept school board with the exception of Mr. Harter who seems to be the only honest and concerned person on the board.

Book himself is paid at least $50,000 more than the job is worth and his results have been dismal to say the least while at the helm of the Burlington School District. What's the high school graduation rate, again?

The BCSD is basically run with an open checkbook because most of the board members are incapable of even trying to control Mr. Book's wildness and lack of concern for the money he squanders.

With the exception of Mr. Harter the rest of the board just take up space at the board meetings. We could replace them all with sandbags and end up with the same halfwit performance.

This just goes to show Burlington is just one scandal away from being the laughing stock of Iowa because of its elected officials, library board and now the school board with their great achiever Mr. Book.

Burlington rewards incompetence rather than fiscal responsibility. The Burlington voter consistently makes the wrong decisions time after time by voting party rather than competence. This is how these deadbeats get in office, screw up the system, are replaced and then reappear to start over again. The elected city officials operate the same system of rotating in for a term rotate out only to rotate back in a couple of years later.

We need new blood in all of Burlington's elected positions and we need boards that care about the taxpayer and his or her money, as does Mr. Harter.


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More Lawsuit Fallout 4

Hi Spike

What do you know about law? Because I think we are "SOL" when it comes to a Law Suit against POWER or SLAGLE or the COUNCIL, but I'm not sure!

Slagle says its legal for him to spend a lot of money without the citizens to vote on it. But what about the RR SUIT itself when the council voted to go to court, was this legal by state law?

Because the Council, Slagle, and Power need to be taught a lesson if they broke the law in any way. And then shown the door.

We need to find out if we have a leg to stand on, And then get a citizen committee to investigate this and do what is necessary.

Let me know and I will help any way I can to see that JUSTICE is done on these Monkeys,THUGS,and BUMS.


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Senator Chris King "Agrees with Spike"?


I tried to post this to Mr. King's site but I had to set up some sort of account. No thanks.

It's too bad you didn't "agree with Spike", Mr. King, back when you wrongly and unwisely voted to sue BNSF. You could have saved the city a lot of money and embarrassment. You elitists know best, I guess.

Us common folk ain't got the smarts like you learned-folks. However, us common folk even saw this coming.


Come back anytime.

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26 August

Lawsuit Fallout? Clean House!!


Whoever you are it is not important. You, Ed Blow, Randy Daniel and several Burlington residents were right. We were going to lose this lawsuit. The council, Slagle, Power and the Hawkeye editor were very wrong.

Heland supported this lawsuit too, and I will never vote for him again.

Can they admit that it was a foolish and poor decision? The Hawkeye editor said in a past editorial that the lawsuit was the right decision, because we would then know who owns the river front. Expensive way to find out, don't you think Steve?

What is wrong with these people, can't they read? This was very poor judgment and it cost the citizens of this community over $200,000. of their hard earned money. The council's reactions and comments in today's paper were very disappointing. They think they made the right decision to sue the railroad and waste this money.

We didn't have a chance in hell to win this. Are they going to sue GE too, Garry? Slagle and Power misled this council. Or, they just didn't do their job by not informing the council of the 1985 agreement.

Think back how cocky our Mayor Edwards was. He was a tough guy and he was going to show the railroad. He wasted our money and ruined the chance to get the jobs in the shops. He has his job, so he is happy.

This whole bunch should be ashamed of themselves. The council has one way to save face and do the right thing. They should replace the city attorney and the city manager. If they don't, then we should vote every one of them out of office and never vote for them again for anything.

They need to start thinking for themselves and have the guts to go against the city manager. Bill Ell has been the biggest disappointment ever!

The Hawkeye should demand the truth, not cover it up. There are things that this community doesn't know because the Hawkeye didn't report the whole story. That is wrong!

One question for dipshit Edwards, does Slagle still deserve another raise this fall like you lobbied for?


You have two votes for Slagle's raise with Ell supporting Edwards.


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Lawsuit Fallout 2


Isn't it just amazing that this council and city manager (if you can call him that) thought it was a great idea to sue the railroad. The citizens of Burlington do not stand a chance with management like this. $250,000+. That would sure fill some pot holes. They squandered our money and the Hawkeye supports this? May the Lord help us!

Burlington resident

And they could have bought some more oil for the gravel road in downtown Burlington to keep the dust down.


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Lawsuit 3 And County Zoning

Well Spike, what can I say?

You were right, I was right, we both were right. To the self-serving crooks down at city hall, take this and slam it down your pencil-necked throats.

You bums make this area look really bad, and your ratty tails should be so far between your legs that it curls up and chokes the oxygen out of your pea-brained skulls.

BNSF knew what they were doing all along, but you just couldn't listen to anyone, could you? I hope you sleep good at night.

Spike, don't retire this site,it provides vital information to the working men and women of this area. You are a public service to Des Moines County and the surrounding area. I will donate to keep this site up, you know how to reach me.

One more thing. I was told that if I wanted to build a house in rural Des Moines County, I better hurry the hell up because if Heland wins, I'm SCREWED!!!!!!!!!


Right on all points.


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Punish the Guilty and Move Forward

Most Worthy Servant of the Oppressed:

"I have yet to read the ruling," what an excuse. The public needs to demand a better explanation in open forums. This is especially true of Senator Courtney.

At least Jimmy Olson is asking when the gullotine will be erected. I hope the necks of Slagle and Power are being measured for a perfect fit. It is up to the voters to drop the blade on the elected culprits.

Will the Drunk Mayor go on another bender? This depressing news should be worth at least an out of towner to take solace in the performing arts.

What say the Chamber monkeys? This tribe of self-important simians are most responsible for this mess. They more than any other group finance and choose the fools for a term on the Council. The Council does nothing major without their approval. It looks like no unearned income will be forth coming for the City to put up another useless structure to try masking the decay for which the monkeys are guilty.

The local bullies probably figured they would make threats and settle out of court. The railroad was not some corner candy store they could make cringe in fear. The big frogs in the little pond took on a water moccasin. The fangs went deep and delivered a full load of venom.

The railroad has done the citizens of Burlington a favor. The whole facade of Burlington's power structure has been laid bare and the rot exposed. A very expensive lesson has been learned.

A collection of memories and moldy documents are not the path to better future. It is time to move on and stop trying to live in the past. What has been learned should be used to give Burlington a real future.


After we get done beating them up some more. Then we will move forward.

You don't suppose Edwards would valiantly step forward to resign over the outcome of the lawsuit, do you?


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What has been the reaction in the losing corner today?

I read the Advertiser. While Citizen Kane may have dutifully editorialized as he was instructed, I get the impression the reporter was amused by the outcome. The longer this dragged on, the more idiotic the entire thing became.

Thanks for your work exposing these idiots. Have you gotten any interesting threats from them lately? How long before they blame you for their loss instead of themselves? After all, Hitler blamed the November Criminals and the Jews.

Hang in their.

Fed Up

I expect the next step is to blame the innocent messenger.

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Edwards Immortal Infamy


As Burlington's Drunk Mayor's brain is already bathed in a chemical with perservative properties, why not the rest of him?

Edwards could go on to achieve lasting fame like another failed train robber.


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25 August

Friday's Short List For Incompetence

Corporate America usually chooses Friday afternoon to fire employees. If you need cause, just peruse BurlingtonDerailed.com for the last 2 years.

Here's my Friday short list:
King- Sorry, I forgot he's already gone.

Everybody needs to let this bunch of incompetent thugs, bums and monkeys know that we have had enough. Fire the ones we can, recall Edwards; vote Ell and Courtney into retirement where they belong.

Keep in mind Courtney and Edwards led the charge to sue the railroad without negotiating first. They wanted to teach the railroad a lesson.

I guess you boneheads really showed 'em now, huh? Power's "it's a winnable case" wasn't quite so profound.

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Never Play Chicken with Trains


What a collection of idiots these local elected officials be.

Suing the railroad makes as much sense as seeing who can wait the longest on a grade crossing before starting the car and beating Amtrak through the crossing. It did not take a J. D. to see what would happen. Anybody who can read and think in a logical manner knew the 1985 agreement would hold.

Senator Courtney better not try hidding behind the gold dome on this fiasco. His stinking fingers are all over this mess just the same as Edwards and the balance of the unholy host. Slagle was not simply "following orders" in this disaster. Like Adolph Eichman, he was going to make the railroad run to his schedule.

How long will it be before Power submits the final bill for his part in this train wreck? As for consellor Power and his brillant legal mind, I would not let him write out a will for my pet cat.

The people of Burlington need to bow towards Davenport and sing the praises of the judge who did not slap the City with the railroad's legal expenses. It could have been a lot worse.

The current City Coucil is not going to get a lovely lump sum from the railroad to squander. After firing Slagle and Power, some hard decisions need to be made on what frills to cut. If there is any hint of raising taxes to pay for this self inflicted gunshot to the head, the people of Burlington need to start plucking chickens and heating tar.


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Stop The Nonsense


No common sense. That's what Power and all of his special witnesses did not have. People like Jerry Rigdon and the rest of them that thought they knew everything. Well they didn't and now their motto is " If I only had a Brain "

Now how much is the RR going to sue Burlington for letting incompetence run the show by filling an illegal lawsuit in the first place? People, Slagle, Edwards and Ell have to go because they will destroy this city if you let them continue.

The school board and the library board are the same. They are full of educated idiots who like to spend "OPM" (Other Peoples Money) recklessly and foolishly and giggle about it. We need to run them out of town and now!

Thanks for letting me vent Spike. And let me tell you SPIKE, I do not want you to retire. You are needed very much in this area, You took on the thugs,bums and the monkeys for all of us little people and we still need you every day!


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Preponderence of The Evidence

Apparently the Judge read our posting on July 8, 2005. We wrote:

The Ugly Side Of Civil Law – No Reasonable Doubt Here

When Burlington finally gets its day in federal court it will be up to City Attorney Scott Power to make a strong case to the judge or jury.

Burlington made the complaint against the railroad so Burlington has to clearly state their claims and present evidence supported with relevant case law to show that using the preponderance of the evidence, the judge or jury would rule in the city’s favor.

As defined by law.com
preponderance of the evidence n. the greater weight of the evidence required in a civil lawsuit for the trier of fact (jury or judge without a jury) to decide in favor of one side or the other. This preponderance is based on the more convincing evidence and its probable truth or accuracy, and not on the amount of evidence.

Thus, one clearly knowledgeable witness may provide a preponderance of evidence over a dozen witnesses with hazy testimony, or a signed agreement with definite terms may outweigh opinions or speculation about what the parties intended.

What should be real troubling for our city leaders is contained within that definition, “or a signed agreement with definite terms may outweigh opinions or speculation about what the parties intended.”

I’ve seen nothing yet that remotely resembles a case for the City. Let alone a case that the City can win. The City can’t present a preponderance of the evidence to make any case other than paying Power's legal bills.

And I think the lid will come off this mess when the court gets to the 1985 Agreement. That’s preponderance of the evidence.

Again, something Burlington doesn’t have.
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Blow Was Right

During the recent Democratic Convention Burlington Mayor Mike Edwards was overheard to say “bullshit” when candidate Ed Blow told the convention attendees that his efforts to negotiate with the railroad were fruitful and a reuse plan was possible with the BNSF.

Sounds to me like the rantings of the town drunk are just that, bullshit.

Ed Blow was right. There was a reuse plan.

And it was cheaper than the bullshit from Mike Edwards.

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Another $20,000+ Recently Paid To Power

The claims recently authorized for payment by the Burlington City Council include another $20,000+. I doubt if that includes any railroad lawsuit fees.

Probably just the recent legal fees to sue Burlington firefighters.

Power has to go.

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Ad Vertiser's Quirk Beats Spike To Electrons

Whether by hit, miss or luck, the Ad Vertiser's Jimmy Olson Quirk happened upon the Judge's decision yesterday and in a panicked fit of sweated brow and extra large Slurpies, the Ad Vertiser's ace website group beat ol' Spike to the murder of millions of electrons to alert the world.

All I can say to our readers, I'll try harder.


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Mayor Moving?


There's a rumor going around that the Burlington mayor may be moving to a bigger city. Indications are on the Internet.


I'll buy him the bus ticket!


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24 August

Without Foundation, Without Foundation, Without Foundation!

I will only say this one time, I told you so!

The most common used term by the Judge regarding the city's claims - "without merit."

More tomorrow.

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Heland - Stay In Town - We Don't Want You!!

Hi Spike.

I voted for Blow. I will vote for him again. He can be trusted. I also signed the petition to get him on the ballot as an independent.

I use to vote Democratic ticket, however, I now vote for the person, not the party. I will help Blow in his bid to help the working citizens of this area.

Hey Helium, oops, I mean Heland, what do you know about people that live in the rural areas? Stay in town, and mind your own business. We don't want you.


Watch out for the will of the party. You have crossed the line of reason. You are in danger Will Robinson.


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Gate Keepers of The Money


Your comments on the local banker problem hit their target.

I remember an old school teacher, long dead, who told of teaching one of our long time bankers high school math. It was a lost cause.

I met the man who used to do another banker's high school home work. This guy has gone on to do well in the world. It goes with out saying he never resided near Burlington after graduating.

If compound interest is beyond one's realm of capabilites, it comes as no surprise that including a small percentage of start ups in a portfolio is incomprehensible.

My dad tells of one worker's response to paying 10 cents an hour to make baskets, "A fly in your soup is better than nothing."

Speaking of financial problems, has the note with the City been paid for the over grown swimming pool?


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Castro, Courtney, Hitler and Heland - A Single Party Thread


You make a very good analogy comparing Des Moines County to North Korea. The comparison goes to any fabled dictatorship of the 20th Century.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, et. al. never spoke of the government. They never spoke of governmental institutions formed by custom, or constitution to serve the people. They spoke of the party. Heland has only quoted them.

The goals of the party were paramount. The goals of the party were not the will of the people. The goals of the party were the schemes of the ruler and the ruler's inner circle. While Courtney, Edwards and others of Des Moines County's single party Politburo as a group have at best 10% of the intellectual capacity of any one of the aforementioned titans of tyranny, their hearts are in the same place.

The people of Des Moines County are to blame. They have been too lazy to organize a response to this threat. The people's moral bankruptcy is leading to financial bankruptcy as the Politburo continues to take its toll on the public treasury.

Ed Blow is putting his reputation on the line to strike a blow for freedom. The lethargic oppressed of Des Moines County need not miss Monday Night Football to attend a meeting. All they need do to strike back against the tyrants is get off their ass on election day and vote for Blow.

For those who realize the severity of the threat and are willing to do more, I am certain Ed Blow could use some help.

A victory for Blow would be the first step toward ending the tyranny and reversing the decay that Des Moines County has come to represent.


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License? We Don't Need No Stinking License!

Spike -

I thought it was against the law to sell insurance in Iowa without a license. Does Hoschek have a license to sell insurance? As many have pointed out, Hoschek is already peddling prescription drug insurance.

As you point out, how long before county employees are forced to listen to another insurance pitch? It is really wonderful that our taxes will compensate these people for their on-the-clock, rapt attention to the benefits of purchasing the Hoschek approved brand and plan.

If Heland already has his insurance license, he is pre-qualified to be a Des Moines County Spervisor. Just imagine how much less county employees may accomplish in a day with two insurance salesmen to listen to, or else.

Not that following the law makes any difference. As the Drunk Mayor of Burlington has demonstrated, once elected to office in this town you are permitted to pick and choose which laws apply to you.


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23 August

The Will of The Party? What The Hell Is Wrong With Heland?

When Des Moines County Supervisor candidate Jeff Heland was asked what he thought of incumbent Ed Blow running against him in the November election, Heland muttered something about “the will of the party.”

This is the only reason voters need to consider why Heland should not be elected. “The will of the party.” What a bunch of bullshit. Don’t bring your “will of the party” to my house. I don’t want the will of ANYBODY”S party. This isn’t North Korea.

And I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the will of the Des Moines County Democratic Central Committee thugs. That’s who put Heland in the seat - Courtney, Edwards and Anderson.

This election is about who is the right person to do the job. It is not about the will of the Democratic Party. It is about who is the best choice to lead the citizens of Des Moines County. Not the ideological demagogues of the 3 Stooges.

Ed Blow has done more for Des Moines County in 3+ years than Jeff Heland did in 8 years on the Burlington City Council.

Give Jeff Heland a free ride into the courthouse and the county will be zoned, under the influence of the Burlington City Council and Hoschek will be teaching graduate school courses in trough surfing to Heland while they pass out each other’s business cards at taxpayer sponsored conventions. And every county employee will have to sit through an insurance sales pitch.

Give Ed Blow another 4 years as a Supervisor and there will be a job performance standard met that will never be touched in our lifetime.

For once, it’s time for the status quo; Heland must go.


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I Made A Mistake

Hi Spike

I see Ed Blow is running for Supervisor. I'm glad to see it because I must say that I voted for Diewold because I thought he was the lesser of the three evils. But even I make mistakes.

When you compare Heland to Blow there is no comparison. We do not need a Chamber monkey in there so forget Heland. Blow is much better a person and one thing for sure is that he is not a Chamber ASS KISSER!

If I had it to do over again I would not have voted for Diewold but for Ed Blow.

Again I am sorry, Please forgive me!

Thanks Spike


We all make mistakes and with help, we can fix this one before we all pay dearly for it.


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Malpractice Claims Coming?


I would hate to add up the total on the City's railroad excursion into idiotic litigation. The fools and Falstaffs on the City Council will be looking for somebody else to blame.

If you worked for the insurer carrying Professor Power's malpractice policy, would you be nervous?


I would be very nervous IF anyone on city council had any balls to confront Power's bullshit - like lump sum billing and a city manager that endorses it.

Since the reference to Falstaff may leave many Edwards supporters scratching their crotches, the reference to Falstaffs is not to a defunct brewery in St. Louis.

Funny thing about trough feeders, after they eat what they have in front of them, they just slide over to another meal. In their minds the only important thing is being first.

If you have your hands in everyone's pocket, you just find another pocket to pick, first.


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I read where you may be finished with this site after the railroad lawsuit. I can't say I blame you. It gets old fighting things.

You have done an excellent job of providing information. Your own research and info on issues has been interesting. You did expose some things that were the truth and we probably would have never known about.

I'm sure Edwards, Slagle, Worden, Ell, Heland and the other phony's will be glad when you are gone. It is amazing how the citizens just sit back and let our government roll over them and take more of our tax dollars.

If only one or two stand up, then those people are labeled as trouble makers. It will only be when many rally together that there will be change.

I don't see it coming anytime soon, but it will someday when people have had enough. Until then, more city management pay raises and gravel downtown streets.

Your photos of the shuttle were great. Thanks and good luck.


Don't count us out just yet. Keep in mind I said after the railroad lawsuit ended.

That could be years.


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22 August

Power Tentacles Extend Into School System


Did you see that your favorite barrister is also the attorney for the school district?


Scott Power has his hands in too many pockets of the taxpayers and seems to wallow in the idea of ninja trough surfing similar to Boss Hogg Hoschek. That means Power represents the City of Burlington, Southeast Iowa Regional Planning, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce/Grow Greater Burlington and the Burlington School Board.

First you have to respect the professional abilities of whomever you deem a favorite barrister. And since I have no respect for a parasitic leech on the taxpayers' billfold, I doubt if Power will ever make any of my lists other than the list of first to fire.


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Chamber of Compost


Your observation about the "Chamber monkeys" is accurate. It is really nothing new. As a boy, I remember hearing the old folks tell tales of the Chamber's illustrious history of defending the status quo.

The railroad best portrayed the mind set. The railroad was a territorial animal that kept others off its turf at all costs. I remember hearing a story of when the Santa Fe built from Kansas City to Chicago in the late 19th century. The Santa Fe dropped going through Burlington because the C. B. & Q. already blocked access to any reasonable bridge location and would make no concessions to aid a new competitor's shorter route.

It was not just the railroad. Old timers told how any outsider was actively discouraged from moving to Burlington by the local chamber. The stories told of a wide range of manufacturing companies that were told to keep out. Some of these companies are still major players. This pattern continued well into the 20th Century.

The Chamber kept outsiders on the outside and wages low. The strategy worked.

By the early years of the 20th Century Burlington had pretty much stopped growing. As the rest of the nation continued to grow, Burlington's relative status shrank. By the late 20th century, a mass exodus was in progress. One thing has changed.

Old timers said the Chamber was open about what they were up to. Today there is a public relations facade dutifully repeated by the Advertiser. The Chamber claims it wants to grow Burlington. Just look at the results for the truth. Nothing has changed except the press releases. Who cares if the community is going comatose.

Keep outsiders out. Keep wages low. The Chamber still works for the status quo.


You are right. The stories of controlling access to Burlington's workforce are legend. I have talked to people over the years that have told me how Burlington doesn't follow conventional wisdom when it involves forward thinking and community betterment.

Things need to change. Something has to be done other than lunch.


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Regional Planning Still Manipulating The System

Several sources have confirmed that Southeast Iowa Regional Planning past/current-Board Chairman Ray Bradley is trying to reestablish a business presence in Iowa.

Bradley recently moved his business to Hamilton, Illinois from Keokuk.

After Bradley's move SEIRPC Executive Director Brian Tapp changed the SEIRPC by-laws in May to allow Bradley to continue his position as Tapp's Rubberstamp Board Chairman even though Bradley is a resident of Illinois.

All this sounds typical of Brian Tapp's wishy-washy way of doing business - tell whoever asks whatever they want to hear so they go away whether it's truthful of not.

Makes you wonder what other backroom deals Tapp has pulled we need to know about.

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21 August

Falcon Forging a Credible Product


Falcon is coming along nicely. Whoever is doing it must have some time to invest in their effort.

Photo illustrations, graphics, etc. are of quality and making an impression. It is already more appealing to the eye than the online Advertiser.

It would not take much to attach a regular daily local news and sports section to the site.

Add a little assistance from local undertakers on the toll of the dead and there would be no reason to read, let alone advertise, in the Advertiser.

The Chamber of Stagnation and others who have used the Advertiser to perpetuate their profitable status quo by promoting the general decline better watch out. If not, Falcon or somebody is going to come along and make a living off advertising the truth.


When you're not in bed with City Hall or the Chamber monkeys, the news is newer, the attitude is better and we aren't told how to think.

Coupled with daring advertisers willing to openly support a blog instead of hide behind their ad placement on the Ad Vertiser's follow-up "See page 3, 5 or 7" to the story, Falcon captures the current market trend of online news.

Added to this the low cost of paper, Falcon has a product.

Plus, after we get done covering the demise of Burlington after the railroad lawsuit loss, it will be time to consider retirement.

We've shined the light, it's up to the voters to run the thugs, bums and monkeys out of town - and take Hoschek along. If the voter's don't expunge the problems, you are destined to live this decline.

And like Hamburger Helper the Ad Vertiser can say they helped.


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Ensnare and Enslave

They Will Never Pay Anything Off


That a local bank is encouraging tax increases and gambling should come as no surprise. You do not need whips, bloodhounds and a Yankee Overseer to control the slaves of Burlington. A simple contract, or two, will do.

Encourage them to throw their money away in gaudy games of chance from which you reap dividends. Keep their taxes going up. They will never pay anything off. If you hold the mortgages and liens, who needs a lash. The indebted keep their mouth shut and do as they are told.

It is all part of the grand plan to fight change. The Advertiser tells the slaves what the unseen power brokers want them to hear. Drunken, ignorant political hacks raise taxes, squander the proceeds and are a subtle no trespassing sign to outsiders who may bring change.

Long for the interrelationships. They are intertwined worse than the blood lines at an Arkansas family reunion. As you have pointed out, they are all in bed together.

Things can not continue to decline as they have forever.

There are three options. Burlington fades into another Sperry; there is a slave revolt; an outside force descends on Burlington like Sherman's army?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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School System Management

Hello Spike,

God bless you and the 1st Amendment (or at least what's left of it). OK , Book got his raise, BCSD is on the no child behind left list, so that means that Book deserves a raise?

Hey Mike, I could do your job for less than half of what you are being paid, and I would still get to sleep in every day. You really have the Board fooled, or the taxpayers, take your pick.

Wait!!! you are pals with the board!!! Except for Mr. Harter, Who, I, have a lot of respect.

Hey , There is one more person who might run for Supervisor who thinks he has the RX for all the problems around here , I say go ahead.....see what happens.....


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Did the Advertiser go Broke?


There was no online edition of the Advertiser 8-17.

Did they fail pay to their internet service provider?


Shortage of electrons! Happenin' everywhere in Burlington.

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18 August

KCPS Back To School Auction Today

The KCPS Back To School Auction has begun.

Bid early, bid often.

I still need some oil pigs. If they only had oil pigs.

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Falcon Has 'Em Ducking

If you haven't been reading WestBurlingtonCity.com you need to start.

Falcon and his readers have a lot to say about life in the Burlington/West Burlington Metroplex.

Of particular interest was the local bank president's involvement using bank assets to support the recent sales tax vote. Falcon shouldn't be surprised by that since the same bank president was the committee member whose name was found supporting the continuation vote to retain gambling in Southeast Iowa.

That's pretty rich - the bank supports gambling and taxes; an interesting position. Understandable since several board members are also Catfish Bend investors.

I believe corporations are not allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Maybe SL King will file a complaint with the Ethics Board. Unless he banks there.

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Of Beer and Bass


What does a 10 inch bass and the Mayor of Burlington have in common?

Catch and release.


You don't suppose?


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17 August

Siemens Chooses Ft Madison Location

Hiring Will Begin Soon

Siemens Power Generation said Thursday it will rebuild and then move into the old Wabash National plant in Fort Madison.

According to company sources Siemens will employ 250 people. The closing date for the purchase of the facility is expected in a few weeks.

Hiring will continue through the end of the year.

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Siemens Wind Power Press Release

Press Release
Power Generation
Erlangen, Germany
August 17, 2006

Siemens Wind Power increases production
New rotor blade factory in the U.S.

Siemens Power Generation announced today that it has selected Fort Madison, Iowa, for its U.S. wind turbine blade manufacturing site. The manufacturing facility will be established in an existing 20,000 square meter building complex on more than 50 hectares in Lee County, which is located in the southeastern area of the state. The facility is expected to employ an estimated 250 people. This new manufacturing facility in Fort Madison will allow Siemens to better meet the strong U.S. demand for wind power generators in the future.

"This will be Siemens’ first blade factory in the U.S. and will further expand the capacities of our worldwide manufacturing network," said Randy Zwirn, president and CEO of Siemens Power Generation, Inc. and member of the PG Group Executive Management. "Since the initial acquisition of Bonus Energy A/S in 2004, we expanded our existing blade plant in Aalborg / Denmark, opened an additional factory in Denmark, and now this is another important step in our strategy to build our presence in the wind energy business, and serve growing markets. By expanding our wind power manufacturing capacity in the U.S., we will substantially increase our ability to competitively serve this important market, which is projected to triple by the year 2020," added Zwirn.

The Fort Madison facility will be upgraded and expanded in order to more suitably meet the needs of the company’s wind turbine business. The first blades to be manufactured at the Fort Madison facility will be for the company’s 2.3-MW wind turbines. Series production of rotor blades for wind turbines is scheduled to start in Fort Madison in the first half of 2007.

Due to the site’s close proximity to water, rail and road transportation options, and its central location in the United States it is ideal for wind turbine blade manufacturing, with the massive size of the blades and the transportation logistics involved.

With the U.S. Department of Energy’s goal of obtaining six percent of U.S. electricity from wind by 2020 and the growing public demand for clean energy, it is expected that wind energy will contribute an increasing amount of the nation’s energy supply.

The Power Generation Group (PG) of Siemens AG is one of the premier companies in the international power generation sector. In fiscal 2005 (which ended September 30), Siemens PG posted sales amounting to approximately EUR8.1 billion and received new orders totaling EUR10.9 billion. Group profit amounted to EUR951 million. On September 30, 2005, PG had a work force of approximately 33,500 worldwide.

Reference Number: PG 200608.59e
Press Office Power Generation

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School Property Pharaohs


Does anyone know if the school district still owns several acres off the new Mason Road on the North side? If that property is no longer in the future plans for new schools, why don't they sell it and get it on the tax roll. It could be a housing development and generate some taxes that they love to spend.

As far as removing the trailer park for the school, I'm sure the country clubbers like that. Look who is on the school board. People that are far too good to ever live in a trailer and don't have any reservations about kicking them out. Just because they have a lot of money doesn't mean that they are better people. They just think they are.

Burlington resident

I like the part about the School Board wanting someone else to do their dirty work for them. Kinda like the Egyptian Pharoahs - can't get their hands too dirty building their monuments.


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Another Timmy Link


Not only do the citizens of Des Moines County laugh at Timmy, nature does as well. Click Episodes to view Timmy in action.


For our dialup readers, allow time for the cartoons to load, they are worthwhile.


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Timmy's Big Adventure


Subject: Timmy's Big Adventure

I see the Advertiser gave coverage to Tim Hoschek's class report on what he did on his taxpayer funded summer vacation.

Very good Timmy! You get a star by your name.

If you are interested in more of Timmy's adventures, check this out.

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Leadership That Burlington Needs


A City Councilwoman is accused hitting and choking a Mayor. This is one elected official willing to take action.

Nobody in Burlington is willing to do anything about the ignorant Drunk Mayor. If this woman would move to Burlington and run for City Council, I would support her.


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Spike -

The Sunnyside mobile home park was purchased by Muhammed Nawroozi for one thing - Profit. As far as the new owner cleaning up the park, that remains to be seen. If he is, he must be pacing himself.

Wednesday morning I drove through the park. At least 7 homes were stripped and in a heap (and have been for weeks) 2 others had been "tagged" for not fit for habitation.

It is unfortunate that not only have these people had to have Mark Anderson as the previous owner, they will be displaced and the new owner will profit from it. Maybe he will rent them some of his other great properties once evicted.

Maybe the City Council and Mr. Worden could do some creative financing to help them out??
keep up the good work.

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16 August

Housing Affordable for Burlington's Opportunities


Good paying jobs are going elsewhere fast in Burlington. Working at the water park/casino does not pay what the shops nor G. E. did. Risking your life as the night clerk in a convenience store next to public housing does not pay either.

If all Burlington's trailer parks disappear for public buildings, who will be able to find a 30 year old single wide to call their own?


The city only thinks of revenue dollars per property unit. The tax yield in a trailer park does not generate enough taxes for the city to care.

The big slide was inop today at the water park so the revenue yield there seemed to be suffering. The whole crowd seemd rather slim.

Meanwhile, over in West Burlington the crowd was good at their pool and they don't have a big ass bond payment for the next 9 years.


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More & More Money For Gravel Roads


We give the schools more money; we give the superintendent more money; we give city employees more money; we give the city manager more money. Now all we can afford is a gravel road through downtown and one of the busiest streets in the middle of town.

Don't we deserve better? If I wanted to drive gravel, I'd move to the country and not have to deal with these city morons!!! What the hell??!

BTW...the only reason Blow was defeated as supervisor is because he's the only one with a lick of sense. I knew they'd get rid of him before the results even came in!


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City Budget Award More Like Amateur Magicians

To: Burlington City Council Members

You read this site and responded during the election, so I have a question.

The budget award that Worden wins every year for his masterpiece from the association that gives awards to these glory seekers, how much money does it cost to submit the budget for the award? Somebody is making money on this I would assume. Just tell us how much. What does Worden do the rest of the year besides spending a lot of time at the Y?

OK, we now know he can prepare a budget, so cut this waste and fill pot holes. And when you can take care of our streets and the sidewalk program, then you can afford a dog park! It costs money to mow and maintain it.


This magical accounting award means nothing when you just fill out the forms and don't adhere to prudent management and implement cost reduction policies in everyday practice.

Think of this award as more of an acknowledgement for joining an amateur magicians' association.

Slagle and Worden meet the requirements for being magicians since magic is just an illusion just like the Burlington City budget.


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The Real Cost Of Education


Iowa taxpayers fund kindergarten through 12th grade education here in Burlington to the tune of $10,045.37 per student per year. That’s what we spend on public education in government schools (let’s not call them public…nearly every school is open to the public. Only government schools are run by the government).

The government schools run two sets of books. There are good reasons for doing this from an accounting standpoint. But it’s often used to deceive the public.

The school budget most people hear about is called the “general fund”. The general fund is the money local governments have some choice in spending. A school board can spend general fund money on salaries, health care, books, and computers or just about anything they want.

The budget we should consider, the real budget, is known in government circles as the “all funds” budget. It includes all the “general funds” money plus other money that’s dedicated to specific uses.

If you ask how much money it costs to educate a child in a government school, Burlington public schools will give you a number that’s between $4000 and $5000.

It’s simply not true.

Divide the “all funds” budget by the student population of the Burlington schools, for example; you come up with an average (and frankly stunning) figure of $10,045.37.

The Burlington government schools operating budget for 2005 – 2006 gives a total “all funds” budget of $46,481,991 while total expenditures were $46,650,718.

The actual number of students was 4,644 although when you weight it out the school system claims a total of 5382 or 738 students more than there actually are. My figures are based on the true student count without weighting.

Another strange figure is that special programs have increased 73% since the 93/94 school year from 251 to 433 for the 95/96 school year. The student population of Burlington’s government schools has greatly decreased; so why the large increase in special programs?

Regardless, here in Iowa taxpayer’s are shelling out more than double what the schools tell us we’re spending for these government schools to education our children. Of course it’s not just Iowa or Burlington but all school districts in the country tend to mislead the taxpayer on true cost of government run schools.

What must it cost for a private school education here in Burlington?


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Middle School Needs


Do you have any idea why the school board want's to put a school so far out of the central population center of town that most kids will require bus service to get there? Are there any sidewalks out there? Also, it would just add to the tax burden for transporting the majority of the kids to school

Just how does the school board (I use the term loosely) justify this location? They could have put it over at the old St. Francis location although I saw a company doing a survey over there the other day. Maybe someone already has plans for that location. Maybe a new fast food joint will be boosting the workforce in the not so distant future.

Actually what was wrong with the old Horace Mann property, doesn't the school system already own that property? Of course that would mean not wasting about a quarter of a million for the land called for now. Of course it's just taxpayer money anyway; so who cares?

This so called school board here in Burlington is just as arrogant as the library board that wants to rape the taxpayer to pay for their dreams of grandeur. These people are sick and should be replaced by people who earn a living and know what it takes to scratch out a living in this tax happy city and county.

Wake up Burlington your being robbed to death by local government.


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15 August

Mayor Caught?


I heard yesterday that the mayor had been picked up in New London for drunk driving.

Thought I'd pass it on to you just in case you have some way of finding out if it's true or not.


I guess that would be news if it is true.


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Hinkle Calls For Action – After The Fact

Nick, Heath, The Barn Door Is Open!!

In Sunday’s Ad Vertiser Chamber/Grow Greater Burlington President Dennis Hinkle freely admitted that the sale and move of a portion of General Electric’s switch gear plant to Texas came as a complete shock and surprise to him.

I‘m sure it did. Hinkle hasn’t probably set foot in that plant for months (if ever) to ask if there was anything he could do to help GE keep those jobs in Burlington. If he had, there might have been something that could have been done.

Not only was Hinkle shocked, he called the local militia to form to see that the rest of the GE jobs don’t go running out of town.

Hinkle’s pattern of behavior is not new. Economic development is about doing the unconventional because everybody else is doing the same thing. Doing nothing is not a viable option.

It’s time to sever the cord. Find somebody aggressive that can perform instead of following the Mindless Lemming Sheep.

Before it’s too late.


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SEIRPC Board Chairman's Business In Illinois


You were right. Southeast Iowa Regional Planning's Board Chairman has his business in Illinois.

I was driving through Hamilton, Illinois last week and saw that Ray Bradley has his business office in the 1700 block of Keokuk Avenue and the garbage trucks parked behind the office building have his name on them.

Thought you would like to know.


Send us photos. I want to know what the hell SEIRPC Executive Director Brian Tapp is trying to pull with this stunt. Next thing we know, it will ring up as Illinois Regional Planning.

No wonder Keokuk wanted to dump Bradley as their representative on the SEIRPC Board.

They need to dump Tapp, too.


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Heland Caught Squeezing All The Lemons


I thought the SCC board was a volunteer position. I noticed Jeff Heland collected over $3900.00 for the year. That is $325.00 per month in expenses. That seems excessive. At 40 cents per mile, that is 812 miles per month.

Are we paying him to visit his insurance clients? Or is this another example of milking the taxpayers?

He puts on like he is all about community service. I hear he is looking forward to the $32,000 per year part-time county supervisor job.

He is another politician that makes promises to employees/voters with somebody else's money. It is a conflict when he is also selling them insurance. He reads this site, so maybe he can answer about his expense accounts.


Don’t expect any response from Heland on this website or anywhere else about his expense account at the college.

Heland had to run for office for the money. I can’t think of a thing he brings to the courthouse except a hand extended for his check.


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Canine Intelligence Levels at City Hall

Spike -

Burlington is broke, but take heart. Bullion may be budgeted so your mutt may run free to poop and pee where it pleases.

There is no money for sidewalks. Taxes keep going up. Nobody is willing to face the costs of the ill-advised railroad lawsuit. Jobs and people who pay taxes as a result, are fleeing in droves. Etc. Etc. What is the solution?

Our taxes are to be abused to build a park where doggies may doo what they do. If Burlington's salvation is to be found in such a "necessary" project, Dehn Street is not the place to build it. Dehn Street is too secluded.

Put the doggie doo park on the parking lot just east of City Hall where the old YMCA sat.

The spectacle of dogs making an unintelligble racket with their noses up each others’ rearends is appropriate there. What better way for citizens on their way to a City Council meeting to prepare for the ordeal.

If you want a reminder of the Drunk Mayor's forays to Ft. Madison, throw in a dog in heat.

Such a waste of public resources should be out in the open for all to see and this case smell.


Where do they keep getting the money for these ideas, the library?


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Paint Over Dry Rot In Potemkin Village


The City of Burlington has won an award for its budgeting from an association of municipal finance bureaucrats. When it comes to process over progress, Burlington deserves recognition.

It matters not how you waste it. What matters is how you plan, package and display how you waste it. Smear bondo over everything and hit it with a quick whoosh of canned spray paint.

If an award is given for America's Potemkin Village of the year, Burlington should be in the running.


Burlington winning a budget award is like winning a ribbon in the livestock show at the Iowa State Fair. At the end of the day you're still going to be hanging in the cooler.

And no matter how you dress up a pig, it's still a pig. Or two.

Next thing we'll hear is Scott Power wins Litigator of The Year Award from the
Drunk Mayors Of America Association - DMASS.


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School Tax Hike Is Taxation Out Of Control


Correct me if I'm wrong, don’t Taxington residents have Federal taxes extorted from them which (eventually) get shoveled into the state/federal schools whether they choose to use them or not?

Don’t we also have sky high property taxes which get extorted from them which get shoveled into the black hole of incompetence and ineptitude of the State/Federal Indoctrination Academies, whether we have children or not; or even choose to send children to the brainwashing hell holes, or not?

Now all those multi-millions aren't enough so they have to sneak though a sales tax extension to funnel yet more money into a failed institution? All of that money STILL isn't enough?

You can bet they'll still be complaining that there isn't enough money, that the teachers are underpaid, there is no money for books, we need to donate money for supplies, wah wah wah cry cry cry wail wail wail.

How much is enough Spike?

If these people are so terribly concerned about schools here is a thought. Open your own wallets and pay for whatever crisis you have manufactured yourselves.

Everyone else is tapped out and fed up. They're your kids, YOU pay to educate them and keep your hand out of my pocket. I'll pay to educate mine and it won't be at a Federal/State school with someone else's money.

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10 August

Regional Planning Bylaws Changed May 16


According to my sources, the agenda for the May 16 meeting of Southeast Iowa Regional Planning included an item for Bylaws.

Where are the minutes for this meeting? And why does Regional Planning have an Illinois resident as board chairman?


All you have to do is demand a copy of the minutes. When they don't provide them (and Tapp won't) send us an email. And send the Ad Vertiser a note, too. We know places to send their refusal.

i have no clue why Brian Tapp had to modify the by-laws to retain Ray Bradley as SEIRPC Chairman after Bradley moved to illinois. But you might want to think about the need for rubberstamps.

Don't think about a challenge. Tapp's lawyers also represent Burlington and the Burlington Chamber.

It is utterly disingenuous to the 36 or so, other entities that pay dues to SEIRPC. Except Burlington, they probably like it that Tapp has loaded the deck for their work load.


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09 August

Sue 'Em 'Til They All Go Away


I expected to see more from Senator Courtney in the Advertiser concerning G.E.'s decision to halve its' workforce. Did the reporter simply not report carpet chewing threats of a lawsuit?

As I recall, the good Senator was a guest of honor and a "hang 'em high" advocate at the session held at Burlington City Hall when the decision was made to launch the children's crusade against the railroad. Should the City of West Burlington debate a similar folly, Senator Courtney should be invited for his expertise.

Besides Courtney, the West Burlington City Council need only send an emissary across the street to Otis Campbell's for another expert. The Drunk Mayor of Burlington is also no stranger to such stupidity, nor adverse to stupor decisions.

Many economic forces influenced G.E.'s decision to farm out to a source closer to the prime of source of cheap, illegal labor. Taxation, illegal immigration and regulatory harassment are part of the equation. These factors political office holders have a real influence on.

What do Courtney, Edwards and their friends stand for?

Has Courtney ever worked for legislation requiring state services be denied illegal aliens? Ditto the City of Burlington on this problem.

One thing you hear over and over is the cry for further needless programs and projects. Of course, somebody else we are told will be made to pay. When the dust settles, our taxes go up and those they said would pay simply raise their prices to cover their taxes. Thanks a lot.

G.E. is simply acting upon the fact so many others already have, the future is anywhere but here.


We've heard Scott Power is dreaming up a lawsuit for the improper use of electricity. It seems the City of Burlington discovered how to switch electricity before Ben Franklin saw sparks.

We'll have to wait 7 months for Ell to realize the impact of this news and somebody needs to run out to Burger King to wake up the mayor.


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It Just Doesn't Matter


I was getting ready to go vote no on the sales tax extension. And no, it's not because I don't like "the kids", just because I think the money handlers are doing a lousy job and really need a reality check.

Then I thought, wait. I voted no to the library 3 times and look how I got slammed on that! Imagine how hard they'll hit us if this extension gets knocked down!! I'm scared...I'm allready taxed half to death!!

Why vote? The powers that be will only make it worse if things don't go their way!!


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08 August

Did Anyone See This Coming?

Hi Spike.

GE just announced they are getting rid of 300 jobs. Sounds like they are outsourcing them to a Texas company, did anyone see this coming?


Our economic development people are not proactive, only reactive. So my guess is no.

No one, including city officials and politicians, ever go to these companies and say, "What can we do to help you do business better, in Burlington."

Hinkle will argue that he goes to these people all the time. Yeah, Case and the Italians; thankfully. No one else I know of. And we have ears most everywhere.

We can't keep taking these hits. We are reaching critical mass. But the effort will have to come from other sources.


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Tuesday's Vote


I'll be headlining a 'Get Out and Vote' for tomorrow's (Tuesday) postings. The extension of the school sales tax is on the ballot. The sales tax supporters are betting on a light voter turnout.

The K.I.D.S. committee will be on the phone calling their supporters in order to stack the vote in their favor. They're hoping for a very low voter turnout so they can squeak it through. That's why they picked the August 8th ballot date.

Spike and Falcon should do what they can to remind voters when the polls are open and to get out and vote so we have a FAIR vote, not a stacked vote.

The polls are open tomorrow from 7AM - 8PM.

Polling locations are:


Oak Street Baptist Church, 1303 Oak Street
Christ Episcopal Church, 623 N 5th Street
Pro Plumbing (former Salter School), 705 Maple Street
Bethany Luthern Church, 2515 Madison Ave.
St. Luke's United Church of Christ, 1403 South Street
Corse School, 700 S. Starr Ave
Messiah Lutheran Church, 2411 West Ave.
Notre Dame School, 702 S. Roosevelt Ave. (South end entrance)
Autumn Heights, 2830 Winegard Dr.
Concordia Lutheran Church, 2901 Cliff Rd.


St. Mary's Parish Center, 520 W.Mt. Pleasant St.


Old Care Facility, 13702 Washington Road


Mediapolis City Hall, 510 Main St.


Danville Community Building, 104 Shepard St., Danville


Two Rivers Office Building, 5601 205th Street, Kingston


Plumbers Union Building, 3203 Hwy 61 South


Yarmouth Fire Station, 20454 Eastern Ave., Yarmouth



Thanks for sending this over.


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05 August

On Deck - Atlantis STS 115

Like a fantasy movie scene, the fog on Launch Pad 39B is pierced by lights on vehicles and the service structures as Space Shuttle Atlantis approaches the launch pad. First motion was at 1:05 a.m. The slow speed of the crawler results in a 6-hour trek to the pad approximately 4 miles away. Photo credit: NASA/Ron Ostoski

Countdown Rehearsal Scheduled

On Monday, the STS-115 crew is due to arrive at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test activities. During the week, astronauts participate in spacesuit checks, training exercises, and a dress rehearsal with simulated countdown at the launch pad.

Atlantis arrived at Launch Pad 39B on Aug. 2, riding atop the mobile launch platform and carried by the crawler transporter. Once at the pad, the vehicle was enclosed by the rotating service structure. Preparations for launch continue, including the installation of the payload in Atlantis' cargo bay The launch window for this mission to resume construction of the International Space Station opens Aug. 27.

The STS-115 crew consists of Commander Brent W. Jett Jr., Pilot Christopher J. Ferguson and Mission Specialists Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, Joseph R. Tanner, Daniel C. Burbank and Steven G. MacLean, who represents the Canadian Space Agency.

During their 11 days in space, the astronauts will install the integrated P3/P4 truss segment with its two large solar arrays that will provide one-fourth of the total power generation capability of the completed station.
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04 August


Spike -

Thanks to Tom Greene for pointing out the obvious (what is amazing is the advertiser printed it!).

Next time let's coordinate going to the meeting for a series of questions and answers for Mr Hoschek. I for one would love to, anyway we can get this done??

Who could get the info and possible questions out to the masses?

Signed the real SPIKE!


Don't expect many answers, he doesn't have any. Hoschek never answers our questions. His family members like to speak for him. Maybe you should ask them.


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Time For Another Hoschek NACO Trough Surf


Timmy/Timid says he gets great info from these NACO meetings on how to better run the county government. Has he ever been the Chairman of the Des Moines County Supervisors, or is he along for the ride?


It will only cost taxpayers $1500 for Hoschek's NACO trip to Chicago.

Hoschek only shows up for the supervisor meetings so he can claim the mileage on his expense account. He’s not a real supervisor. As you will all soon see.


04:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Spike for Supervisor


The deadline to fill vacancies draws near. It does not look like anybody but Heland will be on the General Election ballot for County Supervisor. This bodes ill for Des Moines County.

The Courtney/Edwards evil axis of arrogance and alcohol has a satellite that can not break free of their pull. Heland is that satellite. Heland is more than willing to pull all of Des Moines County into the despair and morass that is making Burlington infamous.

That Heland will win is not a foregone conclusion. Those who are not happy with the situation need to make public their discontent.

A write in for Spike is the way to tell the world not all are willing to accept government of the arrogant, run by alcoholics, for the privileged few.

The intolerable and the intoxicated along with their lackeys will tell you a write in for Spike is wasting your vote. How can your write in be wasting a vote when the single choice on the ballot is a total waste?

Spike, do not pull a Lyndon Johnson and run from responsibility. Let your name becom a rallying point for those who wish to voice their disgust. Consider it an extension of your online missionary work. You are forgiven for making no personal campaign appearances.

Tell the world some still know wrong from right. Check on write in and just spell S-P-I-K-E.


Whoa, Heland as a satellite? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics, celestial dynamics and nature? And don't you need a permit to launch a rocket that big?

You are right, I would have to limit campaign apperances but I would only have to appear once every 90 days for a Supervisor meeting. I could have my checks direct deposited into a charity bank account.

I don't think I would fare well in the land of Ranger qualified trough surfers like Hoschek.


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Why Can't I?


The City of Burlington financed babysitting adjunct to a casino is not meeting their marker.

If Winegard's water park can welch on a debt does that mean the rest of us no longer need pay our parking tickets? Criminal justice in Burlington is by all indications an issue of who is you in the local who is who, not what you do'ed.


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Malevolent Ambition of the Ignorant


I read the warning about the confederacy of clowns running Burlington and their scheme to take over Des Moines County.

It appears ignorance and lack of morals are no barriers to ambition. To rephrase the chant of mindless marching hoards controlling Middle Europe in the middle of the last century, Today Burlington. Tomorrow, the world!


Send in the clowns.........


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Who Is Spike?

We receive emails that continually demonstrate the supposed power of deduction and reasoning.

To the question on every drunk mayor's lips, Who is Spike? jed clampet emailed us proclaiming:

“randy daniels thats who

sit spike...............stay...................good boy


To get ol’ Jed the schoolin’ he apparently needs I replied:

"missed that one, Jed. nice try."

So when Jed can’t stand the pressure any more and caves in to the giddy taunt of Who’s Spike? Jed writes:

“oh really, if i missed the mark then why didn't i see it posted this am like i expected it to be...............hmmmm makes you go hmmmmmmmm

after all you name drop all the time. come on let me and all your fans see it on your website.

good boy!


Here’s your post hotshot. Boy, you sure sound like Sore Loser King. Hmmmm, makes you go hmmmmmmmm.

Who else cares Who Spike Is? The only ones that care are the ones that deserve to see their name in print.

So, I guess Jed, you must be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

BTW - I don't even care who Spike is?


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You're Both Wrong!

I'm Spike.


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03 August

No, I'm Spike

You can't be Spike, I'm Spike.


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I'm Spike

I'm Spike.

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Where Will It End? Confederacy of Clowns Running Amok


I see by your posting the confederacy of clowns running Burlington into the ground wish to do the same to Des Moines County. Where will it end?


When the Head Clown Bruce "Puddles" Slagle can run the County's finances into the ground the way he has Burlington's.


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The Penalty for Being Spike


If the bastards think they have outed you, should we all get on our computers and scream, "I'm Spike?" I know they are not placed with the slave revolt you have been leading.

Given the usual punishment the evil rulers of Burlington met out, we will all lose our jobs, any loans with local banks will be called in, our property and person will be assaulted and the police slow to respond, etc. until we leave town.

It is the same end that awaits all under the oppressor's thumb. We may as well go down fighting.


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Ideas On Law Enforcement


So the city and the county want to merge law enforcement agencies? It seems the Sheriff’s Dept. Budget is always Maxed out. And the BPD is the same way.

The only thing I see that they could achieve by doing this would be to get everyone's salary raised with the savings, if their was any, which I seriously doubt because of the management that would be involved to oversee this project.

Of course the BPD could have the jurisdiction in the whole county. Of course they would not have the manpower to handle it without the sheriff's help. But it seems that they can't even handle the city with the recent unsolved murder case and all of the drug activity going on in town.

I vote no to this venture because I want to save the taxpayers a lot of money.


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02 August

Who Is Spike?

Who is this Spike guy and who made him God of all God's, knower of all


I'm surprised you don't know who Spike is. Everybody knows Spike!

After all, there is a little Spike in all of us!


14:32:49 - SPIKE - No comments

Former Sgt. Walker


A Burlington police sergeant burglarizes a home to steal jewelry and he gets… one year of probation, plus a deferred judgment so he will have no conviction on his record!

What kind of a message does that send?

Even more odd is what the 5 sentences HE story omits. Was he carrying his service weapon when he committed the burglary? What would have happened to anyone who
might have caught him in the act?

Sgt. Walker was the court jester at Burger King and was later fired for his own drunk driving. How does all of this connect?

Of course, we in Burlington are not supposed to ask those questions.


I can’t believe The Ad Vertiser squirreled the story away into a couple of paragraphs buried inconspicuously amid the ads. Why haven’t they carried this story for weeks and done follow-up articles on alcohol in the workplace, alcohol abuse, drunk driving and a myriad of other stories connected to Walker and our drunken mayor?

Walker was the on-duty command officer when Edwards was found drunk at Burger King. Our sources still maintain city officials were called for advice on how to handle Edwards.

Walker was supposedly living with Iowa State Senator Tom Courtney’s daughter at the time of the Edwards' Burger King drunk sleep over.

Courtney and Edwards were serving as the Des Moines County Democratic Central Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman when the Edwards/Walker deal went down. Courtney and Edwards are cut from the same mold and joined at the hip.

That’s how it’s all related!! Everybody is in bed together!!!

I’m concerned why the judge didn’t include a mandatory alcohol program. And I really don’t like the idea that in a year Walker can carry a gun again while running around Fun City as their Security Chief. But since Walker's father has financial interests in Fun City, don't expect much there.

Maybe that phone call made by Walker was really to Courtney to tell Courtney his best friend was passed out drunk at Burger King.

All of this doesn't make Walker a genuinely bad person. He's made at least several mistakes in his life. Only he can decide how to live it from here on out. He's had all of the help from the Ad Vertiser, his parents' business partners and the court system.

Those are the people that we need to question. What else don't we know?


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01 August

Regional Planning Part 2


When are you going to expose the rest of the scandal at Regional Planning? You got everybody in Lee County wanting to know more.

Concerned Citizen

The next installment will soon travel North.


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City Management Style Needs To Change

Where's The Money Coming From?


Our city council needs to wake up and start asking questions. Not that the water park is not a good thing, but if they don't make the payment to the City, where is the money going to come from?

Worden stated his usual, we'll just have to find the money somewhere. Does he have some hidden away?

How do you just find more money, when the city council was told that there is no more money for things like the sidewalk program. They always find money for the things that they want or for their screw ups.

The council should really question this practice that has become accepted by city management. They couldn't find $15,000 for a sidewalk program, how are they going to find money to pay the water park payment?

Not to mention the BNSF lawsuit escalating legal bills. Our city council needs to put a stop to this style of management.


I'm very disappointed to see Worden just shuffle the money answers as if he doesn't care. Maybe there is more to the story why he hasn't taken his city manager's certification test.

Furthermore, his numbers don't add up. Worden proclaimed, "The water park has been meeting or exceeding projected revenues."

That seems pretty far-fetched since Fun City cut admission prices 67% weekdays and 33% on weekends.

That cut means that they need more people to make up for the lost revenue or their original projections were horribly inaccurate.

Worden doesn't really know where the money will come from other than the taxpayers.That's all he needs to know.


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City Influence On Des Moines County Coming Soon

The process to assume control of the lives of Des Moines County citizens by Burlington has begun.

Burlington’s drunken mayor Edwards wants to begin discussions next year to explore combining law enforcement services in Des Moines County. An idea worth considering but not with the BK drunk’s leadership or involvement.

Our town drunk wants to begin the process next year when a new County Board of Supervisors is seated.

The all-time promoter of City Control Jeff Heland will be seated then, if he succeeds in the November election.

Since the drunk, Courtney and Anderson handed Heland his next job, have no fear that Heland will rubberstamp any proposal they throw his way.

The next thing will be countywide zoning. Heland likes that idea, too.

All controlled by the city.
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Your Chance, Your Choice, Your Future – Don’t Give Up!


I know not much if anything in this following editorial has much to do about anything. Or maybe it does. All I know is I felt like telling a story and here it is. Maybe not fit for this site, but maybe you could direct me to one that would be.

Ah, Burlington. I have been reading the postings at this site for some time. It can be down right honest to the point for hysterical. I have to give our City Council and Board of Supervisors credit. Any other city and they would be homeless bums (too cruel?). Who keeps reelecting those people?

It was Clinton who MTV Rocked the Vote for. Us thirty-something dead-end job Burlingtonians and our peers who finally registered to vote. We saw hope with Clinton. Not since Carter had there been a man in office who the thirty-somethings could associate with.

Sure Reagan had his moments, but Bush? That's when I got my voter card. Even if my one vote didn’t make a difference I tried. That was the Clinton Propaganda plan. Connect with those up and comings that needed a ray of light. Medical leave, minimum wage hike, Monica. At least we saw our tax dollars and our opinions put to use.

George W Bush, even though I thought Al Gore had a few screws loose, I voted for him over this Hitler Wannabe. I think Nostradamus missed the mark. Texas looks like the middle east. And blue turban, ever notice that pretty blue tie Georgy always likes to wear?

If this country can survive gas hikes, utility hikes, loss of jobs and natural disasters (biblical or not?), Then in the next election everyone 18 and over needs to vote. Sure George can’t run again, but if you read the Constitution there might be ways around that.

The media always gives us more questions than answers. The future of Man lies now with those twenty-somethings thinking the same thoughts that we (thirty-something’s) did.

What does Burlington have to offer? If you read this site or see it with your own eyes, not much. Wanna be an IT geek? Go to the cities if you want the rate of pay you deserve.

Write software programs? Don’t doubt your work, get your schooling and put it out there. Rejection is not worse than not trying.

Think you’d do a better job on the City Council or the Board of Supervisors, run, can’t hurt. Look at who we have elected so far.

All the Young Americans of Burlington need is a full time Casino. Really a big interest ( and pigs fly). If you want something to do in Burlington at 18 you go to your computer, or out to a movie, or things I just think are too long to list.

When those about to hit forty lived in Burlington there were Saturday night dances, cruising the park, sitting under the lights of the Port BS’ing it with your friends. Hell, even Steamboat Days had known bands to offer then.

When I saw Bo Bice as the Saturday Night Main Act I knew things had gone to hell. Ten years ago I watched Travis Tritt. Not a country fan by nature, but when would Burlington Steamboat Days ever have Triumph (a Canadian band, worth listening to).

Kurt Loder of MTV had a heyday when a little band by the name of Gun’s and Rose’s started their American Tour in an old Naval Building in Iowa. Worked for them.

All I’m saying is don’t give up. Studying sucks, but scholarships aren’t given to C students. Sports an option? Use it. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by.

I was seventeen once staring at my ceiling wondering what tomorrow would bring. It always brings the same thing, your chance, your choice, your future.


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Spike's Fan Mail


all I see the few times I read this rag is put downs on everyone. please come forward with your supporters and run for offices. but are there supporter?

if we din't support are youth who will take care of our social security, ipers, who will be our doctors, dentist, etc. You are not willing to support the sales tax in Burlington, but does your group of supporters plan not to shop were the tax is in place in the future.

What I would like to know what public official harmed you that your this bitter. Or are you simply jealous that you lack the capabilities to be an effective leader or not willing to take the chance to lead.

This is not taxington this is negatington. what would an outsider think reading this about our community or are you a slum lord that doesn't care about Burlington.


You aren’t Tim Hoschek are you? No one else would mention needing our kids to support IPERS.

At least our outsider gets to read something other than what the Ad Vertiser wants you to believe as the truth or how you should think.

BTW, you can always avoid reading what we write. It won’t hurt our feelings.


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