Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 September

Did Power Misrepresent BNSF Letter To City?

Sources say the letter sent by the BNSF to Burlington was not an offer, but rather a promise.

Apparently the railroad told the city that if the city wanted to pursue an appeal the railroad promised to take the city to the U.S. Supreme Court.

These same sources say that Power shot off a very unprofessional response.

I think Power should learn to listen more intently to people that have the inherent ability to fulfill their promises of practicing good law.

What is mind boggling is that Lost Keys declared his belief the city's case had merit after the city had lost the case and had received the letter from the railroad. That's gross misrepresentation.

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Itemization, Courage and Trust


The Hawkeye editorial was correct about the need for the itemized legal bills. The council should demand to see an itemized bill on the railroad and the fireman cases. It is the responsibility of our council to do this. I believe they will.

Don Henry's article was a bit harsh. Don uses the military saying, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. That may sound tough, but this isn't the military, Don. Citizens have a right to question, agree or disagree with any level of government or the regional commissions.

Our government is for the people and by the people and it should be open. In fact, our very own military is fighting around the world to maintain freedom and democracy. Don's article was a little off base and contradicting.

Don also says it takes courage to trust. That may be true, but it also takes brains to know who we can't trust. We have had some good reasons to not trust some of our local leaders. Trust is important, but it must be earned.

Has the city hall management earned our trust and respect? Maybe this is the missing ingredient.


We'll see if the city council has the Courage to stand up to Power and demand an Itemization of the legal bills to regain the Trust of the citizens.

Don't expect much response. As Power said, "It's none of your damn bsuiness."


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28 September

Lack Of Street Program To Pay Staff


Councilmen Tim Scott and Mike Campbell were on the KCPS Big Show Wednesday discussing our lack of street plan. Thank you to those two and KCPS.

These guys are correct. Our streets are falling apart. There are many seal coated streets in the residential area that in the past were taken care of much better than they are now. We had a street plan.

The City did away with the seal coat street plan and the council needs to put this policy back in place. It looks like the plan is, just let them fall apart.

Tim Scott's comments in the Hawkeye are correct, they are falling way behind. It should have never got to this point. Very poor planning and poor city management.

They always seem to find the money for the pay raises and the benefits, and the citizens receive what is left over. I wonder if the annual goal session is a goal session or a golf planning session?

Other Cities are doing much better with their streets and they have lower taxes too. How are they doing it?

The council needs to figure this out because the staff isn't getting it done. The City is too top heavy in management to start with. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians?

Eliminate some management positions, stop wasting money on lawsuits we can't win, don't hire consultants for every little thing, and put this money into purchasing concrete, blacktop or seal coat.

This council needs to take back the reins and if that is micromanaging, so be it!


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City Helps Relocate Manor Residents

Suburban Yarmouth Experiences Influx

Standing in the second floor balcony, Burlington Mayor Mike Edwards welcomed former Manor residents to their new home. "We're doing all we can for these people," reassured the Mayor.

Yarmouth, Iowa - Derailed News Wire

The Smith family finds their new home quite a change from the one they had to leave. "It's a longer walk to the bathroom, but the stool will never leak," noted Mr. Smith. Mrs. Smith has spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. "I've never used a wood fired cook stove before, but I'm learning," Mrs. Smith said confidently.

The children just love the neighbor's horse that comes visit. Young Jimmy Smith held up a cage containing a rattle snake saying, "Dad and I caught him in the basement. Finding rats and mice to feed him ain't been no problem."

All the children said they are adjusting to their new school.

Mayor Edwards relates how he came up with his relocation solution. "Law enforcement agencies elsewhere are unaware of my special driving privileges, so I run a lot of county roads to avoid any misunderstanding. I noticed all these houses sitting empty. Then, the Manor problem came up. One afternoon as my head was clearing, it all came to me," Edwards said.

Critics claim the City's relocation program is forcing former Manor residents into isolated squalor. Mayor Edwards disagrees.

"Nearly all are moving into a home larger that the one they left. Nobody is being relocated more than a short drive away from a tavern with running water. We're not condemning these people to a dry town like Danville. That would be inhuman," Mayor Edwards explains.

At Burlington's City Hall, City Manager Bruce Slagle had nothing but praise for the Manor relocation program. " As quick as we jammed this through, I never want to deal with these people again," exclaimed Slagle.

Like many thousands over the last few decades, the Smiths are happy to no longer live in Burlington. "Yes, things will be rough for a while. With a lot of hard work, we can at least better our lot here. Leaving Burlington is like being freed from jail," said Mr. Smith.

Mrs. Smith concurred, "Our taxes are so low now, we actually have money enough to spend as we decide that makes a real impact. With gas prices going down we can affrod to shop in Davenport where they appreciate our business. We have hope again."

The City hopes to have the relocation program completed by the end of the year.

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You Get What You Pay For?


Your comments about what motivates Senator Courtney sent me to the Iowa Ethics Board's web site. It is a bit of a maze, but can be navigated with some effort. I found the effort most enlightening.

I checked out 2004 contributors to the good Senator's campaign. You wade through a lot of Political Action Committees. Lots of labor unions, more than a few out of state, and of course Iowa's attorney's are represented.

Individuals included a lot residents in Des Moines more affluent suburbs. Does being a lobbyist pay well?

My main focus was on donors in the Senator's district.

On 7-7-04, a Wm. Scott Power of Burlington gave Senator Courtney $25.00. On 4-16-04, Mike Edwards of Burlington gave his State Senator $100.00. There were a lot more names of people who should know better.

Underwhelmingly represented on Senator Courtney's donor list were residents of the Manor. Could this be a case of money talks and the penniless walk? Is there a relationship?

Tell me it ain't so!


I guess Power will be upping his ante for the next election.


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Who's Worthy?


Although it is a year away, have you heard of anybody of worth who may possible run for City Council?

Now is the time to start being seen and visiting with various groups in the community without stating an intention. It is the time to gather facts and frustrations and plan how to address them.

No names. There is no need to out anybody who may explore and decide otherwise.

Is there hope?


Only one. The other lost his keys to city hall.

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27 September

Where Were the "Little People's Friends"


The "little people" of the Manor got railroaded by the City of Burlington. Where were those who argued before the City Council that the railroad should not run over "the little people" by closing the shops? Their advocacy resulted in a $300,000 check for counselor Power that truly has "no merit."

Where were those great defenders of the down trodden, organized labor? These self proclaimed protectors of the proletariat turned out a howling mob urging the railroad be sued. Is it OK to look the other way because some of the buildings trades members may get paid to make poor people's homes go away?

What of Senator Courtney? He was front and center, in secret at least, telling the City to ram it to the railroad. Senator Courtney claims his political affiliation is with those looking out for the little guy. To the Senator's credit, he went against his party's leader when the Governor vetoed a bill restricting eminent domain.

The bill the Senator voted for that over road the Governor's veto says an area must be 75% blighted before confiscation may commence. Slagle claims the Manor is 75% blight. Slagle is so certain, he is full steam ahead to level the Manor before Courtney's vote would demand proof. Proof can wait for a fiat accompli.

The folks in the Manor could certainly have used Senator Courtney's demonstrated powers of persuasion over the City Council to at least comply with the new eminent domain law.

What of the City Council claiming mayhem in the Manor is about removing blight and making a better Burlington. The Council is looking out for everybody. This is as truthful as saying the railroad lawsuit was about jobs. All that matters is generating more revenue for City Hall.

Like a malignancy drawing forth more blood vessels to nourish it, City government has become a parasite fixated on exponential growth. The health and survivability of the host is of no concern.

Little people should beware of those claiming to be their friends.


Where has Courtney been throughout the Manor project? Courtney voted FOR the eminent domain veto override which was a vote against the Manor revitalization.

It seems Courtney played party politics instead of promoting the local economic development project. Had to be. He sure wasn't advocating for the residents of the Manor.

Why is that? Not enough money for his political campaign?


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Paint Color Delays


Love your comment about contract provisions on construction delays. Will the whole casino project be held up for weeks because the baseboard doesn't quite match the door trim inside a broom closet?

The more I watch the development on N. Roosevelt, the more I am reminded of the Fausel/Winegard/Colorado casino dispute. The court's final judgement makes numerous reference to construction delays.

When reading between the lines on the judgement, you get the impression the Colorado casino was a huge exercise until it was sold to a competent party and brought to completion. The Colorado project was sold to the City as proof of the local developer's impressive casino development acumen.

What you told about Martinis is deja vu all over again on Roosevelt.

If, or probably more likely when, the casino crashes to the ground, what will the City of Burlington's total loss? As the fastest shrinking city in Iowa, Burlington can ill afford such a reversal.

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Media Gods Pay Homage to Internet


The Advertiser is not alone when it comes to the Internet upsetting their ability to determine what is news. Some are finally acknowledging the change. At the national level, Matt Drudge is impacting what is news and what is not.

There is no stopping a continuous free flow of information. If you expect to stay current, you can no longer sit at your desk and expect the news to come to you.

The competition is driving credibility to a higher standard as well. If you know not of what you report, you will be called on it. Remember Dan Rather. If you try blaming others on an issue you have advocated, you will be called to task. Remember all who advocated suing the BNSF?

Spike and others alike are returning the miracle of Adam Smith to the media thanks to new technology. The wealth of knowledge is of benefit to the nations.


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26 September

Book To Retire In June - Taxpayers Pay for Years

Burlington School District superintendent Mike Book will retire next June. Burlington taxpayers will pay Book and his wife's medical insurance benefits until Book is age 65.

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No Contract Is a Real Problem

I still find it troubling that the city does not have a signed agreement from the developer. All the talking heads proclaimed, “We don't have a project yet, we can't sign anything.” Bullcrap, Little Eva.

If this project was real and the developer had any potential clients for this project, the developer should be happy to send the city a Letter of Intent/Interest outlining their official position. The agreement would have the usual exit language in case the developer changed his mind. But it would be something we could hang our hat on.

To blindly spend $4.6 million dollars based on future expectations is not good business. And it reeks of amateurs playing in a game we can ill afford.

And right now that's all there is to this deal, future expectations.

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Ell's Misguded Budget Ideas


Ell needs to think a little before he talks. He gave his explanation on why he supports the $5M Manor development. Ell stated that if we are going to continue to provide services that we need to grow the tax base.

What about all of the tax dollars that this city management has squandered. $300,000 wasted on a lawsuit that the judge declared that had no merit. Mr. Ell, $300,000 would provide some services too.

It is like a family's budget. It isn't just the amount of money that we make, it's what we do with what we make. Growing the tax base is necessary, but it doesn't do any good if the money is wasted.

The lady at the meeting that asked the question, does the community have any say in this $5M project? It may be a good project, but the City hid it from the community and that isn't right.

Is some of this money going towards the lawsuit legal bills and the unpaid Fun City loan? They better be careful, because there are such things as audits when this is all over.


Kinda like $52,000 is not too much to pay for lost keys.


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Legal Bills Still None Of Our Damn Business


I see Power still thinks that his legal bills are none of our damn business. Why won't the spineless council just fire this guy.


Only a thug city manager would endorse accepting a lump sum bill from the city attorney. Only lawyers with something to hide send lump sum bills.

Which is it?


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Council Meeting Observations


Just finished watching the 2 1/2 HR council meeting. There were some interesting questions by the tenants and the property owners. With the City's track record the past two years, it is difficult to believe anything.

They always paint a rosy picture and then we usually get stuck with poor results. The city taxpayers in this community are at risk in this deal, so let's hope it works. We better hope this isn't another performance like the railroad lawsuit.

Chris Nosbisch did a pretty good job of answering what he could. It looks like Chris is the one doing all of the work and has the headaches. Slagle looked like he was about to go to sleep. Did he say anything all night? Campbell even said something. Scott made it clear that the council will have a final say in the details and not just a hand picked housing commission. That was wise.


Slagle and Ell were caught smirking at each other. I guess they were contemplating that first post-council meeting beer.


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Economists on Talk Show


Do you think it would be worthy of any local talk radio show, most importantly The Big Show on KCPS 1150 AM since JK avoids controversy like the palgue, to have as guests any of the authors of the ISU study on Tax Increment Funding and its impact in Iowa? Their report was not favorable.


TIFs can work. But they can be abused like they have been in West Burlington. Just ask Falcon.


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Manor Refugees Most in 40 Years


If memory serves me correctly, the Manor plan will create Burlington's greatest number of eminent domain refugees since the US 34 freeway. The cost to benefit pales in comparison.

The freeway was property used for a major transportation project. It pulled passing commercial vehicles off city streets. Transporation so expedited, made the City more attractive to potential employers. US 34 is a major artery all across southern Iowa. The benefit extended far beyond Burlington.

A new road demanded a new bridge. The City pissed and moaned for years about no longer pocketing quarters off those crossing the river. Commerce now flows unrestricted by municipal greed. Only 30 miles of 2 lane remain between Burlington and the nearest vast markets to the east.

The Manor is about not about private land taken for a vital public purpose. It is about tax subisidies to a potential low paying retailer. It is not about expediting traffic, but aggravating a choke point at Agency and Roosevelt. It is about a Tax Increment Funding (TIF) scheme to shift the burden of taxation to others.

Eminent Domain should be used sparingly and then only when there is a proven, overwhelming benefit to the community at large by confiscating private property. The Manor is no such project.


The city is only looking for commercial tax revenue so Edwards and Ell can give Slagle that raise he so desperately needs to survive. that's pretty important.


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Hold The Plat Hostage


I see the City Council is dealing with a proposed resolution to approve the final plat of Randy Winegard's Fun City project. Is Fun City current on its loan from the City?

If Fun City's account is not current, hold the plat hostage. Does the lender holding a note over your head let you pay whatever whenever?

It appears the City of Burlington does if you have the right name.


Whatever the city signs us up for I hope they are bright enough to add a construction delay clause to the contract.

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25 September

Wrong Direction


Since some of the council members read you regularly, and the Hawkeye is too slow, I decided to take this route.

The Manor redevelopment project is taking us in the wrong direction. All over the city, we have open spaces and unused buildings. Yes, I know, it sounds like the same old complaints, but you cannot disguise the truth, (such as the Montgomery Ward area.)

I won't rehash the funding issues, but I will present another option. With the new library greeting travelers as they cross the great river bridge, does it not make more sense to revitalize the rest of Main, first. Lets face it, that entire road looks more blighted than the Manor, and the businesses along it. With the exception of Dairy Queen, every storefront along that one mile, or so, stretch could use a face lift. The Depot, an Iowa architectural landmark, is falling apart. This is not a main street that any community would, or should, be proud of.

I have been through many towns in Iowa ("towns of comparable size") and ours is one of the worst. Where is Downtown Partners? Where is The Hawkeye? Yes, they have written editorials on this subject, but they need to do more than complain. Point out the problem, suggest a solution, and name those that can help. Building up Roosevelt Avenue and diverting money and energy will not help this community. Building a shopping mall, when so many have lost jobs the past 3 years, will not spur the economy. Forcing people from their homes will not foster goodwill, not from those affected or anyone else in this town.

The emphasis needs to be on the Main street. That is our gateway. Burlington grew up from the river, and the revitalization needs to start there.

And for the Hawkeye editorial board, you can sign me
Douglas Tyler

Thank you for your letter.


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Confiscation to be Justified at What Cost ?


Slagle is certain the Manor is 75% blight. That is nice.

The decision to confiscate the property will be blessed on Monday night. Of course we must rush to beat the dead line on a new state law passed because of public outrage over such confiscations. The new law only allows confiscations if the area is 75% blight.

So we can all feel better, a study will be done after Oct. 1 to prove that what was confiscated under the old law could have been confiscated anyway under the new law because the area is 75% blight. How much is this study to cost?

5 million dollars of CIty funds to create a vacant lot, hundreds displaced from their homes, no signed contract with any one to buy the vacant lot and now a needless study to justify this arrogant, ill-conceived plan as being about blight abatement.

Why can not the guilty at City Hall take up obsessive hand washing to get the blood of the innocents off their conscience? Water and soap is a hell of lot cheaper than commissioning more studies.


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When Moving Money Runs Out

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Hinkle Misguided Letter of Support

This morning Dave Riley expressed his opinion in the Ad Vertiser indicative of the reason regionalism might never work. Riley suggests that all economic developers in the region are of a much lower competency level than Burlington Chamber Executive Director Dennis Hinkle.

How bizarre.

Hinkle sat mute for over a year and a half before mobilizing to answer the Governor's call for an economic dvelopment summit.

Hinkle never publicly criticized Burlington for suing the BNSF.

Hinkle sat for 6 months waiting for the shoe to drop before the railroad left town.

To suggest Dennis Hinkle is this region's Godsend is terribly misguided. To suggest the other economic dvelopment professionals are of a lower caliber is a terribly arrogant approach to promoting regionalism.

Lunch would be good among friends.


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Casino Market Saturation?


I have been hearing anecdotal reports from folks in the Iowa City area that crowds at the new Riverside Casino are dropping off. The opening days traffic jams are no more and a lot of slot machines face empty stools.

The Indians at Tama have opened their grand gambling expansion. A Waterloo casino is due to open soon.

If there is any truth to these individual observations, what of Burlington's "economic salvation" based on gambling? The swimming hole next to the yet to be built casino is already becoming a fiscal sink hole.

Will individuals behind Burlington's Casino pledge their personal fortunes to protect the City's investment, or will they hide behind the corporate shield of liability? They certainly threw their "good name" and influence around to get the City to invest.


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Shocking News ! - Advertiser Demanding Accountability


Citizen Kane has demanded Burlington's elected officials explain their reasons for confiscating the Manor. What a reversal.

Are the Chamber monkeys not happy with this project, or is Citizen Kane threatening to accept some responsibility to hold elected officials accountable? No matter, this is what people expect when they patronize a news source.

It is heartening to see a little talk the talk from Citizen Kane. If a bogus reason to close the doors comes up again, will the Advertiser walk the walk?

Spike and other alternative news sources such as the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM and Falcon, deserve a great deal of credit for getting the 300 lb. gorilla of local media to show signs of doing the right thing.


But Delaney never offered in Saturday's editorial how the Ad Vertiser would correct their negative news style. Don't hold your breath.


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22 September

Manor Questions

Some of the details for this 10-year Manor project commitment need to be answered. We might be in favor of this project if it doesn't create an unfair burden upon the residents or unwrap another railroad lawsuit.

What do we owe now?
What portion of the exisiting city debt structure can be directly or indirectly traced to the various Manor projects over the years? How much do taxpayers have in this deal now? Including the Levy Malone loan refinance.

Return On Investment
The city is asking the taxpayers to make another risk investment. The estimated costs are $4,266,570 to acquire the property, demolish it and relocate residents. This will be covered by interim financing.

The property will then be sold to a developer for $2,400,000.00. The $1,866,570 balance plus interest will be covered by a general obligation bond “utlizing the incremental revenues.” Now if the TIF revenues fail to provide sufficent income, much like Fun City, who pays?

The property valuation is projected to be $11,000,000 on 220,000 square feet at $50.00 per square foot.

I guess I'm not smart enough to understand this double speak. You can't build a Best Buy, Kohl's or TJ Maxx for $50.00 per square foot. It would be more like $150.00 a square foot.

The county assessor will have an appraisal done. It seems hard to believe that the valuation derived from the appraisal would be lowered to 1/3 of the cost to build the new buildings. If the commercial rollback is over 99% then the valuation and resulting taxes seem like they should be much higher.

The 1979 Urban Renewal Plan
From the Flint Hills Urban Renewal Plan from July 1979 signed by then Mayor Thomas Diewold there appears to be several rules that apply to redevelopment of the Manor property.

I think any proposed changes need to be spelled out in detail. The Urban renewal Plan recognizes Industrial propert as mentioned below.

As quoted:
Prior to the sale of land for private redevelopment specific redevelopment controls will be adopted by the governing body of the municipality. Said adoption will constitute an amendment to the urban renewal plan.

If the City of Burlington desires to modify this plan, it may do so after holding a public hearing on the proposed change in accordance with applicable state and local law. Any change affecting any property or contractural right can be effectuated only in accordance with applicable state and local law.

Recognizing the dangers of blight, deterioration and obsolescence which threaten the stablility and vitality of the Flint Hills area as a major housing resource for low-and-moderate income citizens of Burlington and equally recognizing the dangers associated with the underutilization of industrial land which is adjacent to that housing, the City of Burlington has initiated a long range program of urban renewal action in the Flint Hills area.

The primary objectives of this plan are to stimulate, through the public actions and commitments specified herein, private investment in redevelopment and rehabilitation of the residential portions of the area, while minimizing the disruption and dislocation of the predominantly low and moderate income population and to stimulate the construction of industrial facilities within thee undeveloped sector. In order to achieve the objectives of the plan, the City of Burlington will undertake the urban renewal actions specified in this plan, as provided for in state law.

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Manor Appraisal Company


I didn't hear last night who the city's realtor and appraisal company were. It was something about property values.

Do you know?


According to the city's documents, the appraisal company is Roy Fisher, Inc. I believe they are the same appraisal company used by the city in the railroad lawsuit.


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Manor Project Indicative Of Poor Leadership


The manor project may very well be a good project, but some more detailed questions should be answered by the council.

Where is the $5M coming from? I assume it will be borrowed. How will it be paid back? Any guarantees of the pay back, or are we just hoping and gambling with the taxpayers money?

The City has a recent track record that has not done too well. Their $300,000 lawsuit legal bill was way over the estimate.

So far, the Fun City project hasn't shown a return to the City. Where is this money coming from?

The citizens can't absorb much more. Is there any grant money involved? I sure hope so.

The city staff just hasn't done much lately to earn the trust of our community. Ell says that the citizens are in error or that they should do their homework. But look at how many errors the city management has made lately.

Does Ell believe everybody in this town is stupid? He was quite arrogant at the last city council meeting on TV. Everybody is just wrong but Bill Ell? The Hawkeye surely has to agree with some of this and ask some questions.

$150 for moving expenses? What a joke! Slagle receives $350.00 per month just for his car allowance. Some months he only drives to the city hall and back. That is excellent mileage reimbursement that the poor taxpayers are paying. We shouldn't have to make his truck payment for him. He could use one of the city's cars that is parked in front of city hall. This would be a savings.

Council look into this. It makes sense.

It makes no sense to give Slagle $350.00 per month for his vehicle when we own cars that he could drive.

Would you handle your money like this? Rent a car when you have an extra one in the driveway.


Either Slagle or Edwards asked Fenton at Monday's council meeting, "Have you lost all confidence in city management and staff to do their job?"

The answer is no, we have only lost all confidence in Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Power. There are a couple of others that are skipping through the leaves of competency. They look like they could be turned around.


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A Free Press Doing Its Duty, Elsewhere

Kansas Awaits


Is Citizen Kane on South Main on the verge of a nervous collapse? The local mutiny against Kane and his game must be driving him insane. He has dared to mention violations of closed meetings laws having consequences.

The Advertiser actually told of a public official being personally fined for ordering an inappropriate closed door meeting 160 miles away. Citizen Kane should be blowing away the veil of secrecy at City Hall, but instead
he hits the State Capitol. Talk about a long, long shot across the bow, Kane has taken it.

No more yellow dye over the side as a useless indicator for those who hunger for the route to truth. Unless Citizen Kane is actually ready to make a command decision like suing the local political pirates for numerous
questionable closed meetings and miserible record keeping, the storm is only going to get worse.

Kane, the admirals back at command in Kansas have been hearing stories about those little steel balls you pull out of your pocket. Rumors of reservists who remember WWII being brought to the bridge to assist you, are they true?

Pull yourself together, man. If you do not, there is a weekly shopper on the Colorado border with your name on it.


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Slagle Needed In China


I understand Slagle is looking for another government job. How far is he willing to travel? Can he learn a new language.

Communist China has been working wonders when it comes to confiscating small property owners' holdings. You tell people to get out. If they refuse, you send the army in. If they still resist, shoot them. This seems like the kind of work environmment Slagle would fit right into .

Why put up with listening to peasants bitch in some dank park shelter? Such people never interfer with a Chicom bureaucrat's golf outings.

China has achieved what those running Burlington seek. Government does not exist to serve the people. People exist to serve the government.

The Mayor may get off on the whole workers paradise, hammer and sickle syndrome, but he best stay put. Drunk drivers can be sentenced to hard labor in China, or worse.


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Burlington Rental Market Is Not Cheap


When I moved to my first apartment in Burlington, I paid $800 for first and last, plus a pet deposit. Add that to electric, water and telephone deposits and it came to well over $1,000.

How on earth is a renter going to move with such a small amount? What if they have a pet?

This just seems unfair to me.


$150 is not enough money for moving expenses.


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Blogs Are New Watchdogs


Thought you might appreciate this article expecially since you are the owner of a Blog site. It seems Congress may start posting contracts, grants and the legislators that try to hold us up with pork barrel spending.


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Is Your Mailbox Full?


Jesus are people pissed. I love the Manor outrage you have been getting. You must be increasing your readership and respondents.

The arrogant asses at City Hall have declared the area blight and the residents the same. Did Senator Courtney, Cahoon, Sands, or any County Supervisors show up at the Manor Shelter house? Is the Manor in Sands, or Cahoon's district?

The whole damn world of local retail cannot camp out within pellet gun range of the junction of US 34 & 61. What the hell would another mega retail mess do for the intersection of Agency and Roosevelt?

Fairway Center is a good place to dtich a stolen car after you strip the mag wheels off it. Nobody would notice it there for days on the north side. Is the owner willing to unload it cheap? You once mentioned Fairway as a possible redo.

Couldn't that be the first to strike the blow against downtown eyesores and be rehabed? It would take a good draw on the order of Wally World, but Best Buy, or Circuit City should have pull to make it go. Rename Mt. Pleasant Street Business 34 as a drawing card.

Any word on when Harris Enterprises is going to deep six Delaney? They let old McCormally drink himself to death in his office for years. McCormally could write drunk or sober. When he was sober, McCormally actually made a few sound business management and editorial credibility decisions. Delaney doesn't make any decisions drunk or sober.

Are you getting any hits from outside politicians and media outlets? If you do, the bastards better be prepared to get whacked by formal inquiries.


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Newspaper Understands Their Role


Link to suit over CIETC secret meetings.

Closed meeting $9,000 fine

In Des Moines, public bodies trying to operate in the shadows are being nailed by the press.

The Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium (CIETC) Board payed some fabulous salaries to their buddies running the Tom Harkin Center. Allegations of 1.6 million federal dollars down the drain on this mess and reports of closed meetings contrary to Iowa law are getting some action.

The Des Moines Register has filed a law suit against the CIETC board asking a judge review tapes of the closed meetings to determine if these meetings violated the law and the recordings be made public.

Even if there was no probable malfeasance to a public body's closing the doors, do not try it in Des Moines.

Closing the doors of a state education advisory group cost its Chair $9,000 in fines out of pocket. Why? Six media organizations filed suit over a closed door meeting concerning hiring a consultant.

If you want to violate the law in Iowa, do it in Burlington.

Closed door meetings at City Hall where a "straw poll" determines policy to squander $300,000 is business as usual. Worse yet, burn tapes of the secret meetings that reportedly were never audible to begin with. What do the people of Burlington get from their great guardian of free information?

Front page pictures of little kids and kittens.

I realize the Advertiser's financial resources to play games at the Court House are not equal to those of the Register. Still, they are part of news media organizations that may be willing to provide outside assistance to pursue such serious violations of the public ability to know the truth.

Since the Advertiser refuses to do their duty, would somebody reading this please inform a media organization willing to defend public access to information of what is going on in Burlington.

Please send help.


If Delaney would have spent some cash he could have played a role in the community's rebirth. All he needed to do was get the tapes before Slagle's matches.

Instead, Delaney sanctioned the hit on the Burlington taxpyers.


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Sewer Problems


I've been hearing rumors of a sewer problem in the Park Place/library side of town. It'll be interesting to see how and when the story comes out, and who's pointing fingers at whom. And finally, who's going to pay for the incompetence?

I've also heard on the street that no big box stores have contacted anyone about the manor project. Are we being hoodwinked again??


We can fix sewer problems.

No letters of intent or signed contracts? We'll pay for that.


04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Not In Burlington


I would hate to imagine fiscal punishment for his deceitful deeds would have our intoxicated Mayor drinking North Star from Aldi's.

As long as the Advertiser continues to let secret meetings go unchallenged, Mayor Edwards can still afford Budweiser.


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Wheels on the Ground & Other Videos

NASA has a great blog that detail the highlights from the Atlantis landing.

As an example at 6:12 am EDT Atlantis was 9 minutes from landing traveling 3500 mph 160 miles from the runway.

NASA Videos - You need a high speed link to properly view these video files.
Click here and scroll down on the right side to “Wheels On The Ground.” Click "View this video" to view the landing video and several other video clips.

The landing approach as seen in the cockpit heads-up display is really remarkable. You will notice when the video starts the runway appears slightly above center right as an inverted “v.”

Another great video is “Video from Atlantis' Left Booster Rocket.” It even shows the booster rocket landing in the ocean.

01:15:29 - SPIKE - No comments

Shuttle Atlantis Home

After embracing a chance to meet with their families, the STS-115 astronauts finished up their landing day answering questions from the media during a televised news conference. Mission Commander Brent Jett reflected on the success of the flight, which delivered a new solar array truss to the International Space Station. "The mission from our standpoint went off very well," summarized Jett.

The commander continued by offering congratulatory thoughts on each of his crew members. Of Pilot Chris Ferguson, Jett said: "He backed me up, kept me out of trouble. It was a real privilege to fly with him." Jett also greatly praised first time astronaut and spacewalker Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. "Heidi is a natural… she is a very clever person and came up with a lot of ideas that you don't usually get from a first time flier," said Jett.

After a good night's sleep in the crew quarters at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., the astronauts will return home to Johnson Space Center in Houston on Friday. There, the crew will enjoy a happy homecoming as thanks for the successful completion of what is quickly being regarded as one of the most complex and productive space missions in history.

Atlantis glided to a predawn landing at 6:21 a.m. EDT, concluding a successful mission to resume construction of the International Space Station. Launched Sept. 9, the orbiter arrived at the station on the 11th to delivered and install the P3/P4 integrated truss segment duirng three successful spacewalks.

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21 September

Angelou Report Finally Available

For the Target Industry Section, click here.

For the Marketing Plan, click here.

For the Regional Assessment, click here.

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Slagle Checking The 19th


I'll bet Slagle is checking the weather every 5 minutes with thoughts of the 19th hole rain delay.


12:00:54 - SPIKE - No comments

Wal Mart To Sell Generic Drugs For $4

Wal Mart has announced plans to sell 291 generic prescription drugs for $4.00 for a 30 day supply. The Florida test market will spread nationwide next year.

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Golf Anyone?


Way to go Bruce, it's going to be 70 degrees today - great weather for golfing. Which is what the thugs should be doing - why waste these peoples time? You admitted we are just going to talk about what we mailed you already.

Who could possibly move all household belongings for $150.00? Who is going to be able to rent a 4 bedroom house for 473.00 a month? What a crock, how much did Slage get for moving expenses when he moved to Burlington?

The Manor project was presented prior to Oct. 1 -- because the new eminent domain laws go into effect on that date, and the City will be grandfathered in because it was in the works prior to Oct 1.

I hope those folks get an attorney.


This project smacks of all that makes Burlington's leadership incompetent, incompetence.


09:32:26 - SPIKE - No comments

Golf? Fire This Bonehead!!

Bruce Slagle's logic is gone. Slagle equated standing in an wind-blown, cold, unlit shelter house to hear the City will take your property if you don't sell, to being good weather to play golf.

I used to think Edwards was the biggest embarassment in city hall. The finish to the biggest embarassment race is getting closer.

Anybody that plays golf in a shelter house in the dark should never be allowed to handle real money.

Fire this jackass.

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The Great Burlington Treasure Hunt - CSH Part 2


GH overlooked one of the biggest tourism opportunities in SE Iowa, "The Great Burlington Treasure Hunt" in which tourists buy a map and scour the city looking for Bill Ell's lost keys. Any suggestions for prizes if they're found?


Golf and beer with Ell and Slagle?


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CSI? No CSH - Crime Scene Holidays!

Entrepreneurial Tourist Opportunity


Postings at your site are remarking on how many people far and wide are marveling at Burlington's corrupt political structure. The Advertiser's server is sometimes jammed with traffic. I'll bet a lot of this traffic is coming from beyond where the fish wrap version of the Advertiser is distributed. The world must be watching.

I suspect a tourism opportunity is being overlooked. With all this interest, why are the curious not being encouraged to visit the crime scene? Has anybody approached local tour operators to get the ball rolling?

Just think of what there is to see. Local volunteers with the historical society could give tours of City Hall. The curious could gawk at where the culprits hold court and secret meeting of dubious legality. The City's oldest continuously operating audio recording equipment west of the Mississippi could be demonstrated. The trash bin where the City Manager burns the wax masters would be worth a photograph.

Of course the railroad shops would be on the tour. The now largely empty parking lot for employees and unused buildings stand as monument to greed and avarice. Somebody from the S.E. Iowa Economic Development effort should ride along and ask visitors if they have any good ideas for the facility's reuse. Local leaders have none.

Before getting too far from the shops, a visit to one of the Mayor's many known watering holes in West Burlington would be in order. How many visitors have a Mayor who likes to threaten people with a gun in his car?

The Manor is a recently announced felony in progress worthy of a look. Abusing eminent domain to purchase property for 5 million which in turn is sold to a minimum wage employer for 1 million makes the now infamous failed train robbery look like penny candy shop lifting.

Tours during business hours and pleasant weather should drive by local golf courses in hopes of seeing local economic development specialists or city leaders hard at work.

The riverfront rail yards at the crux of the failed lawsuit are an absolute must see followed by a jaunt down South Main. Here visitors can view where local sewage and news are processed to palatability according to official guide lines in ironic and odiferous physical proximity. Keep your eyes open for the Alien Wolf Baby of Bons Hollow.

The last stop is one no tour should miss.

The infamous BK parking lot. It was on this very spot that Burlington's Drunk Mayor avoided what for anyone else would have been an operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated bust. Had the Mayor received justice, this bust would have put him up to the magic number for an all expense paid vacation at an Iowa penal institute.

The Advertiser has the means to help create and cash in on this gold mine. Their web site has the ability to target the web audience to advertisers. Any story new, or achieved, relating to local political degeneracy could feature tourist ads. Local dram shops could pitch to tourists, "Mayor Edwards passed out here." Restaurants could in all honesty state, "Food so good, local economic development specialist have been known to lunch with us for over three hours."

Such targeted marketing would requiring changing from the old mass media model. It would be seen by some as innovative. Therefore, the Advertiser will never seize the opportunity and may win a newspaper prize.

No good thing lasts for ever. The single party thread running through all this absurdity has so far kept local and state prosecutors at bay. It may not do so forever. Things only get more bizarre. The ever increasing infamy may force action over party loyalty.

Nobody has yet to cross check all the grant begging that has gone on. If the Feds come calling, they do not gave a damn what your party affiliation. Cook the books and you are going down.

Those who wish to tour the scene of the crimes and per chance visit the culprits without staring through Plexiglass, better book their visit soon.


Entrepreneurial economic development is alive.


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Fun City In Red


One of the great Burlington success stories "Fun City" came up short $150,000+ (no mention in the Hawkeye yet). I wonder how the golf course, swimming pool and Rec Plex did this year?

Of course the Rec Plex is another Burlington success story from what the Hawkeye says, although its cost the taxpayer well over $500,000 since it opened? The motels and fast food joints should be making up for the losses to the taxpayer on these city business ventures.


When you cut admission prices to 33% of what they were, undoubtedly you have to sell a lot more ice cream cones.


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Eminent Domain Abuse


The brutes running Burlington plan to confiscate and bulldoze homes in the Manor. Has anybody affected sought outside help?

The victims of this outrage against individual property rights are the type bullies like to terrorize. Most Manor residents lack financial resources, political influence and the general knowledge to fight back. If a big box retailer wanted to confiscate part of the Golf Club and Bittersweet Place with a huge tax break thrown in, how far would that proposal get?

Those about to be violated need to act and act fast. They need to raise hell and get some state wide and possibly nation wide media attention. The Advertiser is no answer. Nobody with the power to overrule the local bullies reads it. Besides, the Advertiser is not about to detail the plight of the powerless if it may derail their tapping a potential bonanza of advertising revenue.

The bullies certainly do not want a real investigative journalist from the outside poking around Burlington. The Manor may end up being the least of their embarrassments and potential legal problems.

Getting wide attention may draw a property owners rights group into the fray. Such groups may have the legal resources to drag the City into a battle. With Power for the persecutors, the people may actually win one.

One bully's "blight" maybe a working man's castle. The people of Burlington need to put a stop to local abuse of private property rights.


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20 September

Angelou Plan Unveiled

After much ado about little, ho-hum. I heard great coffee and cinnamon buns.

I will be positive. There are people out there doing real deals. Those people have the know-ledge and don't have a lot of time for lunch.

After we read the report, we will know more. The website, Click Here.


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God Bless You Mr. Fenton

Spike -

Hats off to somebody who goes right into the lions' den unafraid. Is Mr. Fenton's residence soon to become a City of Burlington TIF project?


He has been threatened by the Mayor on TV and then Slagle got belligerent with him in the hallway afterwards.

Slagle had the unmitigated gall to tell Fenton he had no respect for Fenton.

Bruce, I don't give a rat's ass what you think, you pompous ass. You're a blow hard bully and you need to find a job where all that gas will be put to use at the methane plant.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Council


It is obvious that we have a bunch of shysters running our city.

I watched the council meeting Monday night and when the Manor project is brought up you can tell by the mannerisms of the city council that they have their minds made up and all the meetings are just a formality.

Private property rights are a big part of the American dream and it is a sad day when eminent domain is now interpreted to mean that governing bodies can take your private property from you and sell it to a developer with the objective being a chance for the government to rake in more taxes from a proposed commercial property than it would receive from current residential structures.

It sounds like something the Soviet Union would have done back in the day.


Remember Edwards telling us how his goal was infill commercial development because they pay the full tax bill? I guess he meant new infill development.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Rank and File Deceived


In talking with somebody who was at the public meetings prior to the decision to sue the railroad I was told of the unions' guilt. This person told of how Mike Edwards buddies whipped the rank and file into a lather for the lawsuit.

Most of the rank and file not being aware that a lawsuit would get them nothing, did as they were told.

The semi-ignorant exploiting fellow union members. It sounds like a Mike Edwards kind of thing.


And I believe every word of your story along with the rest of Burlington.


04:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Melee At City Hall


The boys sure had a fun time at City Hall. They earned every last insult and then some. I'll bet the engraving needle at the end of the City's recording horn had a hard time handling the volume level.

The sad part is not all the guilty were there to share in the abuse.

Where was Senator Courtney? He barged his way into City Hall and helped line the switches resulting in the great train wreck of a lawsuit. Courtney is such a weasel running for cover and leaving his friend the Drunk Mayor to take the heat.

Where were the union Godfathers? They rounded up their sheep and paraded them into City Hall to urge the lawsuit. A lawsuit may not be as much fun as a sharpened nail in the end of a baseball bat, but by God they were gonna show that there railroad who's the boss.

Beating up the railroad was supposed to make all those jobs come back. Only the ignorant would believe such and their ignorance was exploited by all the guilty.

Where were the Chamber Monkeys? They have more strings running into City Hall to pull than anybody. They sure howl and pull strings when they want a banana. They knew this whole lawsuit mess would end up an expensive train wreck. They silently sat back and watched, afraid to move.

A lawsuit against a major corporation filed by the City of Burlington and the resulting fiscal fatalities were a billboard bigger than the moon. Any and all outsiders could see that any place but Burlington was the place to do business. This suited the status quo crowd at the Chamber.

What of the great guardians of the public interest. Those who trumpet the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights and give not a damn about the rest of the Bill of Rights stacked the cards in advocacy of the lawsuit. After all, whatever the Chamber wants, the Advertiser agrees.

Mr. Delaney should have been in the Gallery to have abuse heaped on him for his role as cheer leader in chief of the lawsuit disaster. He has been quick to point blame at elected officials, but has yet to acknowledge his failure to light a red signal warning of what could and did happen.

By all means the citizens of Burlington should show up at council meetings and vent. People should also inform all of the other guilty parties of their displeasure at the disgrace that was committed in their name.


There are people that would like to see Delaney in a cheerleader's outfit.

Edwards stoking the fires of his union brothers is one thing I have a real problem with. Edwards got the railroad workers all shook up with this lawsuit being about jobs.

Edwards knew when he made those statements, after the railroad told Edwards, Ell, Courtney and Hinkle point blank, regardless of any lawsuit, the jobs are not coming back.

Then, to add insult to his union brothers, Edwards knew that the lawsuit was never about the jobs BEFORE the council voted to sue the railroad, but then told us otherwise.

That is as rotten as rotten gets in addition to being a lie.


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Manor Plan

Read about the Manor Plan in detail.

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Shuttle Atlantis View of Hurricane Gordon

S115-E-06684 (17 Sept. 2006) --- Hurricane Gordon was captured beneath Shuttle Atlantis' vertical stabilizer at 18:15:36 GMT, Sept. 17, 2006 with a digital still camera, equipped with a 20-35mm lens, by one of the crewmembers aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The center of the storm was located near 34.0 degrees north latitude and 53.0 degrees west longitude, while moving north-northeast. At the time the photo was taken, the sustained winds were 70 nautical miles per hour with gusts to 85 nautical miles per hour. NASA Images

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Shuttle Atlantis Landing Delayed Until Thursday

With an added day in space, Atlantis’ crew will survey the vehicle once more before its return to Earth Thursday. More inspections of the vehicle’s heat shield began after Wednesday’s landing attempts were waved off due to an unfavorable weather forecast.

An object was observed by flight controllers using a TV camera on the shuttle in close proximity to the spacecraft. It was observed following standard tests of Atlantis’ reaction control system about 2:45 a.m. Tuesday. Flight controllers continue to inspect the orbiter to determine whether the item may be something that came off of Atlantis.

Before its bedtime, the crew positioned the shuttle’s robot arm above the payload bay to begin the added checks. Mission Control has used its cameras to survey the top side of the shuttle while the crew sleeps. Atlantis’ crew – Commander Brent Jett, Pilot Chris Ferguson and mission specialists Joe Tanner, Dan Burbank, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Steve MacLean – will use the shuttle’s robotic arm on Wednesday to inspect the underside of the vehicle.

Space Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale said the Orbiter Boom Sensor System, a 50 ft. arm extension, will only be used for added inspection if needed. The extra arm will be used if prior surveys detect suspect areas or if earlier images are not sufficient.

Landing opportunities for Atlantis on Thursday begin with a potential 6:22 a.m. touchdown at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Atlantis’ mission has resumed the construction of the International Space Station. Atlantis delivered the P3/P4 integrated truss to the station on Sept. 11. The STS-115 and Expedition 13 crews used the shuttle and station robotic arms to attach the truss to the orbital outpost. Then STS-115 astronauts conducted three spacewalks in four days to prepare the truss and its solar arrays for operation.

The weather forecast at Kennedy Space Center calls for better weather at the Shuttle Landing Facility on Thursday. Forecasters will continue to monitor the situation. The weather forecast for Wednesday had called for unacceptable thunderstorms and strong winds at the potential landing time.

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19 September

Citizen Turns Up Council Heat - Major Whoopass!

Resident John Fenton Hammers Council

Last night local resident John Fenton asked City Manager Bruce Slagle, Mayor Edwards and Lost Keys Ell for their resignation because of their role in the failed BNSF lawsuit.

Fenton asked the council many tough questions that for the most part went unanswered. And considering the questions, I see why.

The behavior of Lost Keys Ell, Edwards and especially that jackass Slagle were the reason Burlington is on the map today.

The biggest disappointment was Lost Keys Bill Ell. Ell kept hammering at Fenton to find out where he did his homework. When Fenton didn’t answer Lost Keys got more belligerent and told Fenton his facts were wrong.

When Fenton shot back, “What facts were wrong?” Lost Keys was at a total loss for even one itty-bitty example. Nothing, nada, zippo. Ell could not name one thing!!!

From where I sat, John Fenton did what more people need to do, take these three accomplices to task for their role in deceiving Burlington citizens as to their capacity to govern for the good of the community.

It looked more like the lunch crowd got caught, out to lunch.

We’ll try to get Fenton’s remarks. If we do, look for them right here.

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Fun City Loss At $150,000+

Lost in the excitement of Monday night's Council call-in session was Slagle's news that the first year preliminary loss at Fun City was about $150,000+.

05:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser Finally Answers Call For Change

05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pin 'Em Down at the Press Conference


I guess the boys at KCPS are pleased to be a thorn in the pompus ass of Citizen Kane on South Main. Ever since Bill Mertens took sick and died, the Advertiser has suffered from no adult supervision.

Do you think Perry Mason Power and the fools at City Hall will hold a press conference as Power has hinted?

I would encourage somebody from KCPS to attend this press conference. They should ask the questions the Advertiser and KBUR will not. If nothing else, just having a GOOD audio recorder running through the entire event would be worth the effort.

It might pay to print the 1880 Agreement the morning of the press conference. This would not give Perry Mason and the other co-conspirators much time to agree to a mutual lie. If they cancel the press conference at the last minute, they still crap on the floor and fall in it.

Miller's broadside shows how concerned the whole corrupt bunch is. They are probably worried about criminal investiagtions they may not be able to halt. Keep the heat on these assholes. Make them fry. They deserve it.


Expecting a press conference like Rather covering the Democrats in Chicago, KCPS will be sending Fred, 7 and Tommy just to make sure the data link stays open throughout the news conference.

I have called a few friends to sweep the room for jamming equipment and cigarette lighters. We can't afford to take any chances with Fire Bug Slagle or his defective equipment.


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Breaking News - Lloyd Maffitt Out of Retirement? Again!

Word on the street is that late last night the Ad Vertiser shined a giant beacon of light around Burlington's skies. Some report the image was shaped like a giant pen.

Could this mean that Delaney and his posse signaled Lloyd Maffitt to pop out of retirement to lend a hand to squelch the Attack of The Burlington Blogs?

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Turn Up the Heat - Pour on the Oil


Now that the Advertiser is openly screaming and creaming against Derailed, has there been any increase in the effort to out Spike so he may lose his job, have his loans called in, his dog disappear, etc.?


I noticed pencil futures are up driven by excessive use on South Main.


04:53:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Poor Hawk Eye


From the read of Randy Miller's editorial, it looks like the Hawkeye is frustrated with Burlingtonderailed.com and Westburlingtoncity.com

Why would that be? We enjoy reading all of the very good post on these websites. Maybe they are just jealous that Spike and Falcon and his or her bloggers have undoubtedly been more correct on the outcome of such issues as the BNSF lawsuit, the city manager's performance, the Mayor's behavior and many other viewpoints that are expressed.

Spike has just gotten it right, from what we have read. Maybe the Hawkeye knows that their once popular opinion page is taking the back seat to the two local popular websites. It should be a concern, but who could blame the local bloggers when it takes two weeks to get a letter published.

Spike has some wonderful pictures and Falcon has more local sports pictures than our newspaper. We enjoy both sites and we read our Hawkeye too.

Does the Hawkeye want to control every piece of information and dictate what we read or say? It appears that way after reading Miller's childish name calling rant. Miller just doesn't get it.

A popular national newsman recently stated that the blogs are here and it is a good way for citizens to express themselves on the issues. This newsman said the news media and politicians should embrace the blogs, not fight them.

Are we supposed to respect an article like the one Miller wrote? It was a terrible piece of writing. The laugh of our morning coffee!


A blog is viewed on South Main as a change. They don't do changes very well and don't want changes at all because they might have to leave the office to get a story.

It is a very self-serving crowd.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

18 September

Munchkin Miller Sent To Verbalize Blogs

Delaney Answers Spike's Call 2 Days Before Angelou Study

In Sunday's Ad Vertiser, Publisher Steve Delaney had his 3rd in command Randy Miller take blogs to task. It appears this will be the only response from Delaney to our challenge last week.

Both the Lockwood Greene and Angelou Economics studies identified the Hawk Eye as a problem for Southeast Iowa. We wanted to know how Delaney planned to change the way the newspaper did business from their negative reporting think-like-us attitude to a supportive role for the needed economic change.

Most obvious of Miller's gibberish is the Ad Vertiser still wants to control the message by shooting any messenger of dissent.

Apparently, Delaney still doesn't understand he is part of the problem. Every successful regional economic development recovery has the local newspaper firmly entrenched in those efforts.

Ron Fields can't carry the load by himself. And it is very apparent that he is.

08:13:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Edwards' Comments On Railroad Lawsuit

On 9/26/05 the first city council candidate forum was held.

Here are some comments made during the forum by Burlington Mayor Mike Edwards.

1. The reason for lawsuit - “…rr was going to do the city wrong”
2. (Our) “attorney brought a winnable case”
3. “we’ll settle before trial, a financial settlement, I would imagine”
4. (Our) “attorney brought a viable case”
5. (there's) “going to be a settlement, just don’t know how much”
6. (we) “had to do something to get their attention”

Then the question was asked:
“Are you willing to invest substantially more money in the railroad lawsuit?”

7. “no amount is too much…we’ll cut our losses in April” (at trial).

That was some crystal ball Edwards was drinking from. I wonder if he feels the same now?


05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Miller's Poor Editorial


Many people read Burlingtonderailed. Citizens will share factual information with burlingtonderailed. The Hawkeye should appreciate the leads rather than criticize the bloggers. An example is the Mayor Mike Edwards BK incident. The Hawkeye was the last to find out about this. If it were not for this website, the story may have never been told. It was hidden from the Hawkeye, but the citizens knew about it. This is one of the many examples.

The Hawkeye should search for the truth on the issues and hold those accountable. It is irrelevant where the story breaks. It just so happens that the Hawkeye is usually a week or two late. It is just the nature of modern technology.

Randy Miller says if it were not for the Hawkeye, the blogs have no story. Really? It seems that "some" of the issues hit the blogs or the radio first, then the Hawkeye reports on the story. Nothing wrong with that, but Miller should acknowledge the fact. And they must admit the pictures are really good.

Hawkeye writer Randy Miller's Sunday editorial is an example of the attitude at the Hawkeye. Miller claims that only negativity is presented on the blogs. Citizens have a right to voice their opinion about their elected officials or as Miller says "local leaders" on websites, local radio stations or the newspaper.

Do they deserve the criticism Randy? Our Mayor who is out drinking all night, smells of alcohol, falls asleep at the wheel with the motor running. The police show up and let him call his wife to come and pick him up. If our Mayor was sober, why would he need a ride home?

Now our City sues the railroad and loses $300,000 to legal bills when the estimate was $50,000 to $60,000. Our City manager then destroys the documents of their meetings! He then makes excuses to cover his actions.

They spend hard earned taxpayer dollars taking our firemen to court, when adults should be able to settle the differences on petty issues. Mr. Miller, are these the leaders you are talking about?

Miller then writes that the Hawkeye editorials are one sided to persuade the public to their viewpoints. Miller says this will encourage letter writers to argue.

Isn't this arguing that the Hawkeye is encouraging creating negativity and naysayers? We should all just follow the viewpoints of the four editorial writers? It is OK to argue the viewpoints in the Hawkeye, but not on local blogs or the local talk shows?

It appears that the Hawkeye wants their power to be known. It is a real problem when our local politicians are afraid to go against the Hawkeye's viewpoints. Miller's editorial was just the same old one sided ridiculous viewpoint that he admits to. When a business has no competition, their quality suffers.


Miller overlooks rule #1 in customer service - If one person complains there are 10 more out there with complaints. If 1 person writes a complaint letter, there are 100 more complaints out there. Given those ratios and the number of emails we receive imagine how many people are unhappy with the Ad Vertiser's ringing endorsement of the status quo.

The Ad Vertiser will continue to be part of the problem and not the solution. That's not surprising.


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Miller's Editorial


For the first time since the 1920's there is another local voice being heard in Burlington. The Advertiser is alarmed.

Like most good propagandists, the Official Voice of the Chamber of Commerce seldom lies. Only that portion of the facts that are of service to the official agenda are made public. Deregulation and technology have put forth a competitive forum that has not existed since the merger of the old Gazette and the Hawk-Eye nearing a century ago. The whole story is starting to slip out.

Freed from oppressive regulation, the old technology of AM radio has provided a running debate in many markets. KCPS is but one of many examples. The computer is the greatest thing to broadcast information since Guttenberg. Information is moving at an ever increasing rate to wherever any seek it.

If the Advertiser is worried, they should clean up their act. People will sort through the ads if the whole truth and not just the local power structure's truth may be found there. Owning the biggest printing press for miles around ain't what it used to be.

As far as anonymity goes, Burlington is notorious for persecution of truth purveyors. We know the routine. You are fired. Your loans are called in. Your business is boycotted. etc. Tellers of the truth who may upset the status quo must go.

Go read the names signed as authors of The Federalist Papers. Do the names there make those documents any less valid? What matters is content.

Citizen Kane on South Main must be in one hell of a snit for the blog bitch to run. We are all still waiting for Citizen Kane's mea culpa on the railroad law suit. Citizen Kane, like the group he omits facts for, does not want change. Most of all, those who comprise Burlington's pathetic power structure have no intention of changing themselves.

Killing the messenger will not save the status quo. Outside changes are increasing the pressure. Unless there is positive change to cope with new realities, Burlington will continue to implode.


I guess we should expect little change on Main.


04:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Spike In The Doghouse?


You silver tongued con artist son of a bitch. You must have really pissed on their granola bars. This is hilarious. I notice they did not cry about lies. Citizen Kane must be getting a lot of crap from his Chamber handlers over coffee downtown.

Derailed must be the first thing everybody at the Advertiser looks at to start their day.

Keep up the good work. Some hard choices need to be made in the near future. The more information available regarding what must be decided, the better the odds of a good decision.


You know they love us. Their time on our site proves it. Maybe it takes them longer to assimilate our news nuggets than our usual readers.


04:57:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Thank God it is Finally in Print


Falcon has done a great service by posting a transcript of the Aug. 25th call in on KCPS about the failed railroad robbery. When I heard it, my gut got a sinking feeling. It reminded me of reading At Dawn We Slept, a book in which the screw ups leading to Dec. 7, 1941 are chronicled.

One thing that struck me was the railroad telling General Electric they would service locomotives at Galesburg. If this cost GE more than coming into the exsisting facility at Burlington, I imagine G E was not impressed. Did the City's pissing match with Railroad end up influencing G E's plans for making switch gear? Given the enourmous size of General Electric there is perhaps no connection.

Slagle smelling money for Burlington alone is especially disturbing. Slagle should have had no position other than to gather information and report to the council. Since real estate negoiations were involved, the doors could and should have been closed to keep the council in a position to decide. Slagle alone was setting policy and advocating disaster.

Senator Courtney comes out in true form; a mouth without a mind.

I know not Randy Daniel. The story he tells of ignorance, arrogance and greed among many local elected officials would have lead to their lynching 150 years ago. While the Advertiser portrays Daniel as a parody of the cartoon villain Snidley Whiplash, Ed Blow tells a different story.

Blow backs Daniel tale of events related to railroad's closing of the shops and local officials' reactions. When it comes to credibilty, I'll take Blow over the Advertiser.

Pearl Harbor was largely a result of arrogance and poor judgement. Greed was not a motive. The same can not be said about the City of Burlington.

Those responsible for Burlington's descent into infamy should be made to pay for their crimes.


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News Nugget A Year Late


It took your cryptic post to expose editor Miller's long time friend Lee County Auditor Ann Pederson's bankruptcy that happened over a year ago. Where was the Hawkeye on that story?

Do you suppose Miller was covering for his friend or did he need your news nugget to get the story a year late?


Better late than never I always say in the newspaper business. Fish don't know what day the news came out.


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National Lampoon's Ad Vertiser


I know not if you remember this classic. I still have a crumbling acid paper original. The Dacron Republican-Democrat Sunday Edition was first issued in 1978. The content remains relevant concerning small town newspapers.

If anybody who has moved away wonders what the Burlington Advertiser has degenerated into, order a copy of this National Lampoon classic.

If anybody can not find their old Pathfinder, just order the 1964 high school year book parody.


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Caveat Emptor Slagle

Great Slayer of Evil Dragons:

The word is afloat that Slagle is passing around his resume. It makes sense to get while the getting is still good.

Any city doing background checks on Slagle is bound to hear of Derailed and Falcon. Have you been getting many hits from local governments around the country? Were I responsible for researching and reporting to an elected body on whom to hire, after verifying what I find here and at Falcon, Slagle's application would meet up with a shredder.

Derailed and Falcon are doing other cities a favor by making the truth available. Doing so may cost Burlington a little in the long run. However, Slagle's unemployment check is an invaluable investment compared to retaining him as City Manager.

There would be a certain justice in seeing Slagle try to get by on an unemployment check. He should suffer through that dreadful experience just like so many who used to work at the shops.

The whole damn bunch need to rehab painting license plates.


The dreaded teeth of the shredder missed some things. And Slagle is looking for a job.


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15 September

Minerville Railroad Days September 16-17

A Great Family Outing Both Saturday & Sunday 9-5

For more information visit their website.

BurlingtonDerailed.com Photo
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Burlington Air Show Saturday

Pitts, Hornets, Hawkeyes and Fling Wingers

Mr. Bob Post flying his high-powered Pitts S-2B biplane.

6:00 -9:30am Community pancake breakfast in main hanger.
8:00 a.m. Aircraft ramp will be opened for public to view and Remote A/C will be demonstrated.
Starting around 10:00 am we will start the show off with a Flag raising then non-stop action on the ramp starting with the local aircraft parade and then Performances by Bob Post, parachute jumpers and possibly more aircraft in the air.

An excellent FA-18 information site.

Fling Winger = Helicopter pilots.



An E-2C Hawkeye from the "Bluetails" of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 121 stationed aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) on the flight deck between evening flight operations while operating in the Arabian Gulf, March 26, 2004. The Norfolk, Va. based nuclear aircraft carrier is on a scheduled deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. U. S. Navy photo by Photographers Mate First Class PH1 Brien Aho. All other photos US Navy.

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Third Spacewalk a Success

Astronauts Joe Tanner and Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper completed STS-115’s triple play by successfully conducting the mission’s third spacewalk at the International Space Station. During the 6-hour, 42-minute excursion, Tanner and Piper continued efforts to prepare the station’s newly installed P3/P4 truss segment for operation and also completed other tasks devoted to the assembly and maintenance of the station. The spacewalk came to a close at 12:42 p.m. EDT.

Shortly after beginning the spacewalk at 6 a.m., Tanner and Piper retrieved a materials exposure experiment from the station’s exterior and performed maintenance on the P6 truss. The spacewalkers then moved to the P3/P4 truss, where they prepared a radiator for deployment. Flight controllers unfurled the radiator, a device that will remove heat from the station, at 9:11 a.m.

Tanner and Piper also installed a wireless TV antenna on the station and replaced a faulty antenna assembly on the S1 truss. Near the end of the spacewalk, Tanner and Piper conducted a test to evaluate infrared video of Space Shuttle Atlantis’ wing leading edge. They also performed get-ahead tasks that were slated to take place on future spacewalks.

Mission Specialist Dan Burbank coordinated spacewalk activities, and Mission Specialist Steve MacLean oversaw station robotic arm operations. During this mission, MacLean became the first Canadian astronaut to operate the arm built by his home country. NASA Image

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Investigate Power


There have been leaks that Burlington City attorney Scott Power has made comments that got to our council members that Power was confident in this BNSF lawsuit because Judge Wolle was a friend from the past. If this is true, which I believe it is, Power must have thought Judge Wolle would show favoritism and endorse questionable corruption.

If Power was basing our outcome on these assumptions rather than the facts, that was a costly mistake. This should be investigated. I believe he underestimated Judge Wolle. Maybe that is why he is Judge Wolle.

This whole thing stinks!


I hope and want to believe any Federal Judge would take a dim view of law school friend that brings a case before his court that has no merit.

And Power had a lot of no merit. Remember the Judge clearly warned Power before trial that he had an enormous burden to prove his case. Power didn't listen to his friend.


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Courtney & Hoschek


Is Senator Courtney concerned the alien wolf baby will be bullied in school? What a dipshit. The article on Courtney proves the Avertiser is doing their part to try and rehab that rogue's reputation.

What is next; Hoschek the genius nobody knows?


Two dipshits in a pod. And the ol' Ad Vertiser just trying their hardest to suck our heads dry.


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Keep 'Em Confused Courtney


I see the Advertiser has done another fluff piece on one of their eternal endorsees. Burlington's sixth City Council member is blowing smoke about education.

The great Senator Courtney is going to mandate to every school district in Iowa how they should run their operation. Why the hell did we bother to hold local school board elections if Senator Courtney and his Senate caucus cronies know what single policy should be rammed down on all?

Courtney was crying about school bullying. More B. S.. The reason is pay back time for Senator Courtney's supporters and his and his ilk. Do not forget about paying teacher's more for their unwavering support of Courtney and company.

"Democrats have always been for jobs and education," Courtney said. You could have fooled me, Senator. You certainly did a lot for the folks who used to work at the railroad shops.

What about the railroad lawsuit? While falsely proclaimed to be about jobs, it was a racket to rob the railroad and enrich your political allies at City Hall. Why bother with Education? "Would you like to super size those fries," is within the realm of any third grader's reasoning. Courtney and his local political buddies have done very well at sabotaging any jobs from coming to Burlington that would utilize a good education.

If Senator Courtney and his friends are about jobs, why was Ed Blow run out of their clique? Blow is about the only local elected official who realizes what needs to be done to bring good jobs and a reason to learn into the area.

If Jimmyette Olson wanted to do her part for Education around Burlington, why didn't she ask Senator Courtney some pertinent questions?

Ask Courtney if the railroad law suit was really about jobs? What was your role at the secret City Council meeting or any other time? Do you intend to introduce legislation this coming session that makes it harder for local government to abuse the use of closed sessions? Have you contacted the Attorney General of Iowa about possible violation of law by the City's decision to "straw poll" in secret rather than vote in open session when deciding how to spend over $300,000 of public funds? What do you know about reports the railroad was willing to work with the City of Burlington to bring a new employer to the shops prior to the decision to sue?

The sooner people around Burlington wise up and rise up against Senator Courtney and his clique, the sooner things will begin to get better.


Courtney doesn't fool us. He belongs in the Lost Key Ell retirement home for blow hard gas bags.


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Falcon's Story


I read the transcripts of the KCPS show from August 25th on Falcon's website. Shocking, simply shocking.

If 50% of what Randy Daniel claims is true, how do we get the information out to the general public? Where was Pat Jackson during this ordeal? Why didn't Hoschek say anything? Why hasn't this hit the papers, why hasn't anyone held these bums accountable?

This fall ---- DON'T VOTE!! That's right don't vote until you find out the truth about our local, city and state elected officials.


Blow, Danniel and Jackson worked to resolve the job loss and find a reuse for the shops. Imagine the benefits that might have occured. Wouldn't the Charles E. Perkins Children's Library been a nice addition to the library?

We can eventually rid Southeast Iowa of this cancer. The only way to do it is by voting or by calling for an outside investigation.

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The City's Losses


Here's our loses under Bruce Slagle form of government.

Negotiations with City employee unions resulted in employee health insurance concessions.
We eliminated the $50,000 in Council Special Projects.
We eliminated the $55,000 in Target Neighborhood Programs.
We eliminated $50,000 for Snake alley limestone curb repairs.
We eliminated the $15,000 sidewalk program.
We moved Downtown Partners, Inc. funding request of $12,500 to the Tax Increment Finance Fund.
We eliminated $110,000 for bus replacement.
Personnel costs were adjusted because of hiring delays, position cuts by attrition and hiring wage adjustments.
We are using Hotel Motel Tax Funds Special Operation Account for the Auditorium expenses and riverfront maintenance costs.
We reduced and or eliminated many General Fund capital equipment requests.

Thanks Spike.


Seems like $340,000 spent on legal fees would have paid these bills.


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Astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, STS-115 mission specialist, waves toward the digital still camera of his space walk colleague, astronaut Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper as the two share extravehicular activity (EVA) duties during the first of three scheduled spacewalks. The STS-115 astronauts and the Expedition 13 crew members are joining efforts this week to resume construction of the International Space Station. NASA Image.

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New Solar Panels Extended

S115-E-05999 (14 Sept. 2006) --- Space Shuttle Atlantis astronauts spread a second set of wings for the International Space Station today. The new solar arrays were fully extended at 7:44 a.m CDT. The new arrays span a total of 240 feet and have a width of 38 feet. They are attached to the station's newest component, the P3/P4 integrated truss segment. The installation of the P3/P4, which occurred Tuesday, and the deployment of the arrays set the stage for future expansion of the station. NASA Image

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14 September

Lawsuits Indicative of Poor City Management


District Judge MaryAnn Brown has some old fashion common sense. She can see exactly what is going on with the city management in regard to the court case with the fireman.

Judge Brown made some comments that should wake up this city management. It is ridiculous that this went to court. If this small issue cannot be handled behind closed doors without spending taxpayer dollars, we should find new management that is capable of doing so.

Our management is displaying vindictive, reckless, arrogant attitudes and poor decisions on how they spend our money.

We sue one of the largest businesses in the country because we are bitter that they closed their railroad shops. We take our firemen to court over petty issues. If businesses are looking at Burlington for a possible new location and are reading our paper, we are in trouble. They would probably cross us off their list.


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City's Image Well Known


And now the city has not only lost one of its finest fireman, they have to pay the man from March.

What a bunch in city hall. And the lawyer should be TARRED AND FEATHERED and sent down the river in a sinking canoe.

I was at the University Of Iowa Hospitals and clinics Wed. and was talking to some doctors and nurses about the corruption of Burlington. And they said they have heard of all of the shit going on in Burlington and they could not believe that the people would let The Chamber of Commerce, the Library Board, The City Council and the School Board get away with the corruption they have been getting away with.

When dignified people like that hear stuff like that from other cities what do you think they think about Burlington, IOWA 52601? And also prospective employer's looking to locate in Burlington?

This town right now is controlled by thugs, bums and monkeys and it is being noticed by a lot of people outside of the city! The people need to step up and stop this from happening and throw the corruption out with the rest of the trash.


Today would be a good day to start! Believe me, Burlington's reputation is known further away than Iowa City.


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City Budget


This budget reflects well thought out, realistic, departmental budget requests and reflects hard work by the City's department heads who continue to perform in an outstanding fashion their function of preparing hold-the-line operating budgets in an attempt to maintain service levels. The total approved expenditures amount to $32,130,303.

There is likely no greater challenge for city officials than maintaining the direction and health of the city while suffering significant reductions in resources and rapidly rising expenses. With the permanent cuts in State distributed revenues to cities coupled with the sluggish economy and a laggard property tax system, Burlington has faced a difficult financial situation.

Therefore, it is crucial that financial decision-making be strategic measured and consistent with citizen priorities as well as being sensitive to the overall needs of the community.


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A New Career for Power & Slagle


The City Manager and City Attorney should find new jobs. Methinks they should become stock brokers.

Like a cabbie on the scenic route, these boys know how to run up the bill. I dare say they already understand the concept of churning.

Though we may lose, they always win.


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Power & The Judge

Hi Spike

RE: Scott Power-City Attorney for Burlington,IA.

Today's Hawkeye contained an article en-titled "City Prepares for possible BNSF Appeal" The article referred to Judge Wolles's decision on BNSF request to force the city to pay the railroad's legal expenses.

From the outset of the filling of this case, Scott Power Knew, or should have known, that Judge Charles R. Wolle would be the Judge who would eventually try this matter even though it was filed in Des Moines County, IA. originally.

Judge Wolle, as it happens , was confirmed as Judge of The United States District Court for The Southern District of IA. on 08/05/87.

Scott Power was a part-time Magistrate Judge of the same Federal Court as Judge Wolle during the time period of 1987-1997 when WM. Scott Power ended his judgeship to devote full time to the practice in ASPELMEIR LAW FIRM.

Judge Wolle, eventually, did Mr. Power the favor of retaining the BNSF matter in his court and not sending the case to the Transportation Board in Washington, D.C.

You can see why Judge Wolle had the propensity, at least, when the case was frivolous at trial, to not order the cost of litigation to the city of Burlington.

The Eighth Circuit of appeals, however, will have no such reason to overrule Judge Wolle when the matter of request for RR'S expenses is appealed, as it might be.

Whether or not Scott Power communicated to the city council in closed session, his confidence that this matter would be tried to Judge Wolle and the consequences of any decision to proceed with the case against BNSF will now come before different Justices who are not so inclined to favor Scott Power nor the city of Burlington, unfortunately.

All the more reason for canning Power now because another city attorney might negotiate a settlement somehow more favorable to the city in a future case. Power obviously cannot!



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I Missed Something?


I was glancing through your site with some slight giggles. You claim to hate the advertiser so much and yet you spew forth the information you get from them almost verbatim. The lawsuits against the firemen by the city are perfect examples. Neither case was a lawsuit.

They were both civil service cases concerning discipline and the city won both. (check the court records like I did if you don't believe it). I wondered why the city would sue a fireman as you first said. I found out they didn't.

If you insist on quoting inaccurate stories by the advertiser like this then maybe there is reason to question the other items you post as news. I would like to think you are really trying to get the real news out there. But sometimes I wonder. Thanks for listening (reading). Thanks for the great shuttle shots. I really enjoy them.


I don't hate the Ad Vertiser. I disagree with the way they do business and how their business practices adversely affect Southeast Iowa while telling us how to think.

Although both of the issues with the firemen started with civil service appeals, I couldn't find your reference that we said the city sued either fireman. When you get to District Court and spend $15-$20,000 to fight over a $350 issue, call it what you want.

And if the Judge reinstated the fireman with grade and pay, I consider it a loss for the City.

However you tag it, pissing away $340,000 of taxpayers' money for ill-advised legal matters is a prime example of a City out of control.


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Shuttle Gallery

S115-E-05801 (13 Sept. 2006) --- This panoramic scene of the International Space Station over terrain could be used for a quick game of "find the two astronauts in this picture." The combined crews of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the orbital outpost have resumed construction on the station this week. The two STS-115 crew members in this picture were participating in the second of three scheduled space walks. Astronaut Daniel C. Burbank can be recognized by the broken red stripe on each leg of his extravehicular mobility space suit. Not so readily visible is astronaut Steven G. MacLean, representing the Canadian Space Agency, just above and to the right of Burbank. NASA Image

S115-E-05623 (12 Sept. 2006) --- Astronaut Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, STS-115 mission specialist, releases the restraints on the forward Solar Array Blanket Box (SABB) during the Sept. 12 spacewalk, which she shared with astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, partially visible at top edge of frame. The two participated in the first of three scheduled STS-115 extravehicular activity (EVA) sessions as the Atlantis astronauts and the Expedition 13 crew members join efforts this week to resume construction of the International Space Station. NASA Image

S115-E-05689 (12 Sept. 2006) --- Although no astronauts are visible in this picture, action was brisk outside the space shuttle/space station tandem when this digital still image was recorded on Sept. 12. Astronauts Joseph R. Tanner and Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper participated in the first of three scheduled STS-115 extravehicular activity (EVA) sessions as the Atlantis astronauts and the Expedition 13 crew members join efforts this week to resume construction of the International Space Station. NASA Image

Photo shot from Shuttle Atlantis before docking at the International Space Station. NASA Image

Flaming rockets propel Space Shuttle Atlantis into the sky, blocking the sun, for a rendezvous with the International Space Station on mission STS-115. Appearing below the main engine nozzless are the blue mach diamonds signal the speed and force at which Atlantis roars into space. NASA Image

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13 September

Another Appeal? Absolutely Not!

So now that the City's Loser Lawyer Power has lost another case, Power is going to discuss the appeal of his latest loss with Slagle in order to decide whether or not to file an appeal in the case.

When is this nightmare going to stop? When is the City Council going to put their foot down on Slagle and Power?

Now would be good!

Fire them both before they are allowed to resign to pursue other ventures. Anything less is an endorsement of their job performance.

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Answer Coming?


When do you expect to hear from Delaney at the Advertiser?


I will be old, very old!


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12 September

Ambulance Chaser Shut Down - Again!

Power Loses Yet Another Lawsuit - Firefighter Vindicated

The ever over confident “we have a winnable case” Burlington City Attorney Scott Power has lost another lawsuit. Seems like just yesterday Power lost another lawsuit.

Power spent countless taxpayer dollars chasing the ambulance in order to unfairly punish a Burlington Fire Department Captain for reading the details of an ambulance run report.

This is the second lawsuit Power has lost over an ambulance run where the patient testified that she felt everyone involved did the right thing. Everyone except Scott Power and City Manager Bruce Slagle.

Normally lawyers like Power chase the ambulance, this time the ambulance won.

So Power goes 0-3 for “winnable” cases this year and the taxpayers pay for Power and Slagle's incompetence.

Get rid of this LOSER!


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Railroad Lawsuit Appeal – Hope Not!

All I can say is we all better pray, burn incense or leave town if Burlington is foolish enough to file an appeal over the ruling in the railroad lawsuit.

And we better all do the same things to ward off an appeal from the railroad.

The railroad attorneys could file the appeal pro bono in order to recover their legal fees.

Then what do we do? Have Scott Power dazzle us again?

It's time to clean house – Power, Slagle, Edwards and Ell need to be shown the door.

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Good Question Spike


Good question, how will the newspaper change to help southeast Iowa? Its been this way a long time.


Don't expect much. Then you won't be disappointed.


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Shuttle Atlantis Spacewalk #1

With the P3/P4 truss securely attached to the International Space Station, STS-115 Mission Specialists Joe Tanner and Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper are now conducting a spacewalk to prepare the bus-sized structure for operation. The spacewalk began at 5:17 a.m. EDT and is available on NASA TV.

The new truss element, which also includes a set of new solar arrays, was attached to the station at 3:48 a.m. Tanner and Piper began their excursion after bolts connecting the P3/P4 to the P1 truss were tightly secured. The third of four bolts was tightened at 4:35 a.m., officially making the P3/P4 a part of the station.

The new 17.5-ton, 45-foot long truss will provide power, data and communication services for the station. The arrays will be unfurled to a full length of 240 feet on Thursday and will eventually double the station’s power capabilities.

Tasks for today’s spacewalk include the installation of power and data cables between the P1 and P3/P4 structures in preparation for solar array deployment. Tanner and Piper will also release launch restraints on the Solar Array Blanket Box and other tasks to configure the structure for upcoming activities.

The excursion is scheduled to conclude at about 11:37 a.m. Mission Specialist Dan Burbank is coordinating the spacewalk activities. Mission Specialist Steve MacLean and Expedition 13 Flight Engineer Jeff Williams are operating the station’s robotic arm, called Canadarm2. During this mission, MacLean became the first Canadian to operate the Canadarm2 in space. Two more spacewalks are scheduled for STS-115.

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11 September

Thoughts On Economic Development

What's The Hawk Eye Going To Do?

Ron Fields’ column in Sunday’s paper about next week’s economic development summit meeting is very timely and filled with excellent advice about how the region needs to change in order to get out of this crevasse we’re in. But I want more.

I want to hear from Steve Delaney, the publisher of The Hawk Eye. What is Delaney going to do to right his wrecked ship of journalistic sensationalism?

Both Lockwood Greene and Angelou Economics have identified the newspaper as a problem. How is Delaney going to rectify their role in how Southeast Iowa joins the world economy?

We've been told what we need to do, what is the newspaper going to do? Delaney, you and your paper are part of the problem. Tell us how you plan to fix your problems to the extent we want to participate with you.

We have a right to know.

Angelou Economics

I want to hear about this project from Angelou Economics personnel not the untrustworthy local hacks that have been the majority of the problem and not part of the solution.

The credibility of an outsider might be far more truthful than anything from the mouths of known snake oil salesmen. Let the professionals interpret their study, not Brian Tapp.

Manor Project

I believe the Manor Project was announced early to divert our attention from demanding accountability for the railroad lawsuit debacle from our city leaders.

Why did Edwards & Slagle take a key role from Dennis Hinkle by announcing the Manor Project? Neither one of them are qualified to make announcements like this. No bar or golf course is involved.

At the very least Hinkle should have unveiled the Manor Plan. It's his job, not Slagle and Edwards. Even though Hinkle has little credibility, Slagle and Edwards have no credibility whatsoever.

A disgraced mayor and an untrustworthy city manager are not poster children for anything this city does. I find it very hard to believe the Manor Project will be anything new or different from what city hall has rammed down our throat before.

Without any signed contracts why are we even talking about the Manor Project? Are we just spending money to look like we are doing something other than lunch?

Southeast Iowa Economic Development Consortium
These are the very people charged with precipitating change that took over a year and a half to call the Governor. If it is left to people like Slagle, Edwards, Ell, Courtney, Hinkle and Tapp you'd better start praying as Fields suggests.

We don’t have another year and a half.

The Future

What good will any of this be without a major change in the way The Hawk Eye does business? The accountability for that change rests solely with Steve Delaney.

Untrustworthy leaders and a newspaper steeped in a tradition of writing nothing but controversial stories instead of factual news stories without an editorial slant foster little belief that there will be any noteworthy changes.

Without a major housecleaning at city hall and Delaney stepping up to much needed change, forget it! Nothing we attempt will matter! Start praying. Fields had that right, too.


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Ron Fields’ Article Makes Sense - After The Housecleaning!!


I thought Ron Fields editorial in Sunday's Hawkeye had some good points. He is one of their better writers. Fields is correct that our community needs to pull together and sometimes the attitudes could improve.

Fields also correctly pointed out that the naysayers or critics are very passionate and love their community too. Some of these negative critics and attitudes have developed because many in the community are not only discouraged but are fed up with our city hall.

Some of these citizens and their families in these blue-collar jobs have been forced to make many adjustments. These citizens hear on an annual basis at the city budget time, that we have no money for services, but then they hand out their pay raises.

These citizens witness the behavior and foolish spending such as the BNSF lawsuit. The judge said we clearly did not have a case to win. This cost the citizens $300,000. It was a huge mistake.

The Hawkeye cheered from the sidelines. That was a mistake and poor judgment by the Hawkeye. When other businesses that are looking to locate in Burlington read the Hawkeye on line, they see all of this. It sends a negative message to potential new businesses.

The Hawkeye criticized and called our neighbors to the West names because they would not agree with their viewpoints on the library. Boy, that is a good way to sell regionalism You sure don't win them over like that!

And it is none of our business if WB decides to build a new swimming pool. This library issue was handled poorly from the start by sending them a letter of the increases.

Fields is correct that we must pull together and not throw up our hands and surrender. But we also need new leadership inside City Hall that will gain back the trust of the community.

The community doesn't trust this clique inside city hall and there is good reason. They are some self serving individuals that put themselves first, cover each others back and have totally lost the trust of this community. If we are to turn it around and work together, we need some real leaders in our City Hall.

Has our Mayor been the leader and provided the reputation for behavior that Burlington can be proud of? Do we really want Edwards out front? Is our city manager a leader when he holds up a sign that says vote for “anybody but Tim Scott?”

The city staff and the city manager were clearly abusing the flextime by leaving on Fridays. Scott was only doing his job because he had fielded complaints that it was difficult to do business on Friday's at City hall. Slagle was abusing the flextime himself, so why wouldn't his employees? Just another example of poor and lazy leadership.

We won't even get into the destroying of the documents of a lawsuit that was not even over yet! If we want to fix the problems in this community, start in City hall. Maybe then the attitudes, trust, naysayers, CAVE people would change for the better!

Burlington citizen

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Packers & City Management


The Green Bay Packers offense and the Burlington City management have a lot in common.


Bear fan

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The Thugs Are At It Again


Well,, well well. We now see why the thugs in city hall and their propaganda ministers at the Hawke Eye had their panties in such a twist over the legislature stomping on eminent domain for private commercial uses. You will notice how quickly they brought up the prospect of dropping the eminent domain hammer on those who won't bend over.

You will obey or they will just take what you have. Your house doesn't generate enough tax revenue therefore you must go. Your house is on valuable real estate and we want it. Give it to us. Don't care to go? We'll make you go.

We're not asking you to sell your home. We're telling you to. This is nothing but a shakedown by thugs. Nothing but despicable, damnable thugs. Plain and simple.

This isn't for a road or a bridge or some public purpose. This is for a private business development. Something to generate more tax revenue than the current occupants of the property! Now tell me that the legislation that was passed in Des Moines recently wasn't needed and needed immediately.

We know about the BS arguments about more taxes being generated by the new commercial property but it is simple elitist thuggery of the government masked by dubious economic development.

No one is asking the questions that should be asked. Who is pushing this behind the scenes? Who are the investors? Who stands to make money from it? Who is getting money from the construction? Where is the “on the books” money going? Where is the “off the books” money going? Which banks are involved? Follow the money Spike. I would bet you will find it leads to the usual suspects. It always does.

Find out Spike. Something smells here and it needs to be uncovered and exposed. You know the Hawkeye isn't going to do it.


It sure generates lots and lots of questions that we will be asking over the next few weeks.

The first big question is why would we do all this if we don't have ANY signed agreements from anyone.


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Burn Down Burlington to Hide the Crime


After wasting $300,000 plus on an idiotic lawsuit against the railroad, Slagle, Edwards and the rest of the gang need a diversion. Behold the bulldozing of the Manor.

Sit down and reason through the rosy rhetoric spewing forth. TIF is to be a financing vehicle. If you want to know what TIF does for your community, ask the folks in West Burlington. In short, the new business pays little if anything and your taxes go up.

Randy Winegard supposedly interested the parties who have yet to sign a paper saying they will build. Will Randy's friends get a deal like the casino swimming hole? I want a loan where I can pay it back whenever I feel like it with no penealty. Burlington's sucker status is growing and becoming well known.

What is transpiring reminds me of why Fullerton Lumber Company is no longer on Lucas Street.

Nearly 40 years ago, thieves broke into the lumberyard office. They cracked the safe and took the contents. To cover the evidence, they set the whole lumberyard on fire doing damage far in excess of what was taken in the robbery.

The robber-arsonists decades ago and Burlington's elected criminal class share a common trait. Neither gives a damn. As long as they cover their butts and somebody else has to clean up the mess, they could care less.


I don't think Slagle will be around long enough to see this project get any legs.


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T.I.F. District = Screwed


Burlington granting tax increment funding (TIF) for making the Manor go away is madness. It is nothing more than a burden on taxpayers with ever decreasing wages to subsidize business. In this case, subsidizing a low paying retail project.

Do not write this off as blog B. S. Check out a study by Economists at Iowa State University on the negatives of T. I. F. projects.

It is especially hypocritical that Burlington's Drunk Mayor who is there for "the little workin' people" is taking point on this project. The working poor and elderly on fixed incomes will be hit the hardest to subsidize the developers.

It is exactly this kind of bullying, bulldozing of small landowners that lead to the passage of eminent domain restrictions not only in Iowa, but also across America. I am not certain the City wouldn’t confiscate land from individuals to enrich the developers. Nothing has yet been signed. Talk may not get the real estate thieves under the new legislation deadline.

If any small property holder wishes to fight back, they should check the web for groups fighting to protect against eminent domain abuse. Such groups may even have a legal defense fund willing to take on Burlington's elected bullies. With Perry Mason Power for the defense, game over and another whopper of an un-itemized legal bill.

Robbing the railroad did not work. Robbing from widows and orphans appears to be the City of Burlington's new policy. All Slagle, Edwards and other co-conspirators care about is increasing the money flowing through City Hall. Never forget, money is power.

Senator Courtney, as an unelected member of the Burlington City Council, what is your position on this? What's that? You only speak in secret with the guarantee that no record of your actions will ever surface.

Be prepared for a heavy dose of missing facts and half-truths from the Advertiser. We are talking about retail development. Retailers buy ads and the Advertiser is about nothing more than increasing its advertising. It is good that the little taxpayers be screwed if in the end it enriches the Advertiser.


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Boat For Sale?

Hi Spike

Just heard a rumor that the gambling boat is for sale as soon as it docks in Burlington.

Is it me or is something about to happen in town? Because have you seen all of the home construction going on in town?

Surely there is not that many people buying new homes in town is there?

Thanks Spike.


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Shuttle Docks With Space Station Today

The STS-115 crew awoke Monday at 12:15 a.m. EDT to begin the third day of the mission. The astronauts will prepare for docking this morning as Space Shuttle Atlantis continues to close in on the International Space Station. Docking is slated to take place at 6:46 a.m. today.

Commander Brent Jett will fire Atlantis’ engines several times this morning to close the gap between the two vehicles.

Atlantis and the STS-115 crew are delivering the P3/P4 truss and a new set of solar arrays to the station. After the truss is attached to the station, the crew will conduct three spacewalks to outfit and prepare the truss and arrays for operation. STS-115 is the first station assembly mission since STS-113 in late 2002.

The STS-115 astronauts will enter the station for the first time about 7:50 a.m., where they will be greeted by the Expedition 13 crew. The two crews will quickly begin preparations for Tuesday’s installation of the truss and the first spacewalk. The crews will use the shuttle robotic arm to hand off the truss to the station arm at about 10:42 a.m.

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Shuttle Atlantis Photo Gallery

If you have a high speed internet conenction you can view many high quality images at the Shuttle Atlantis photo gallery Click Here.

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10 September

STS-115 Launch Photos

NASA Image

KSC-06PD-2106 (09/09/2006) --- KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. – After suiting up, the STS-115 mission crew exits the Operations and Checkout Building to board the Astrovan to Launch Pad 39B. On the left, front to back, are Pilot Christopher Ferguson and Mission Specialists Steven MacLean and Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. On the right, front to back, are Commander Brent Jett and Mission Specialists Daniel Burbank and Joseph Tanner.

NASA Image

KSC-06PD-2130 (09/09/2006) --- KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. – Smoke and steam billow across Launch Pad 39B as Space Shuttle Atlantis hurtles into the sky for its rendezvous with the International Space Station on mission STS-115. Liftoff was on-time at 11:14:55 a.m. EDT. After several earlier launch attempts were scrubbed due to weather and technical concerns, this launch was executed perfectly. Mission STS-115 is the 116th space shuttle flight, the 27th flight for orbiter Atlantis, and the 19th U.S. flight to the International Space Station.

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09 September

Atlantis Flies In A Perfect Launch

NASA Image

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I have managed to keep my mouth shut for awhile! This just pisses me off!

Quoted from today's paper, " Until a long term home for the ballplayers is found, games will be temporarily moved to the Burlington Regional RecPlex." What the hell are you people thinking?

First of all, is there going to be a charge for watching the games, and if there is, is the city going to foot the bill?

Next, we have the concessions. Concessions are probably the NUMBER ONE way that the baseball league funds all of its equipment, improvements. Do you people know how exciting it is for the catcher to get new gear?

Is the city going to reimburse for the money lost, while they are looking for a new home? Why in the hell don't you make this painless for the kids, and directors of the league and maybe think ahead, and find them a home, FIRST!

I don't even have a child playing in these leagues, but when I did, it was a very important part of his life. It kept him busy, kept him out of trouble, and hopefully made a difference in his life.

The school system is throwing people out of homes, now the city is going after people in Flint Hills Manor.

Next, the city is throwing young kids out of their baseball field! Hey don't worry, we can find you a home later)

I have one thing to say to the city! Pick on someone your own size.

Very Angry Citizen

How 'bout it boys? Is the little lady telling us the truth? You boys don't seem to have much of a plan for wanting to be poster parents.


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No Deal!


No signed developer agreement + No signed big box customers = No Deal.

Seems like a premature jaculation of the old unfounded premise - Build It, They Will Come.


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Dumber Than Than the Plumbers


in the infamous Barbara Walters interview with President Richard Nixon
Barbara Walters asks: "Are you sorry you didn't burn the tapes?"

Richard Nixon: "You know, interestingly enough, everybody in Europe that I talked to said, 'Why didn't you burn the tapes?' "

Walters: "Mmmm."

Nixon: "And the answer is, I probably should have."

The guilty responsible for Burlington's $300,000 plus train wreck may think they have pulled a fast one by burning the secret meeting tapes. Some are old enough to remember Richard Nixon. None of them have learned from what happened to Nixon.

The flaw is not method. It is motive. If they get away with it this time, their arrogance will only increase. As long as self interest superceeds constituent interest, your Waterloo awaits.

Richard Nixon was ten times smarter than the whole lot of failed local train robbers. The ultimate fate of Richard Nixon will ultimately be theirs.


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Facts Cited Don't Mean Much


This may be a very good project for Burlington, but I agree with the other post, to have it delivered by Slagle and Edwards takes the wind out of it. The poster child comment coming from Edwards is laughable.

The city hall planning dept. person that said there are over 1000 houses available for these people. Most of them can't afford what they have now, they sure can't afford to buy houses.

Not everybody earns city hall wages. And not everybody out there is a criminal when they talk about the crime rate.

But in fairness, let's give it a chance. But it would be nice to have real truthful leaders leading the way. What are we supposed to believe or have trust in after these latest issues?

OH Well

1000 available houses in Burlington? How about rental replacements?

Facts that seem like too good usually aren't.


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Don't Drink The Kool-Aid


Burlington's elected leadership hell bent serving us all Grape Kool-aid. Don't drink the Kool-aid. We will all need the antidote if we do.

Instead of beer at Friday Fest, the boys should all drinking the grape flavored base with a healthy dose of that special chaser. Failed train robbing and a planned massive TIF screw up in the Manor are making all of us sick.


You're right don't drink the grape Kool-Aid, it's Jim Jones Grape Kool-Aid.


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08 September

Friday Fest Attendance


You missed the point. The only reason Slagle and Edwards announced the Manor project was so they could go to Friday Fest for free beer tonight.

No development agreement, no developer agreement, nobody signed up, what else could it be but for free beer.


You make any excellent point. If anyone snaps photos of them pontificating over a beer, email 'em to us.


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Slagle & Edwards Gotta Go


If these two clowns think they can deflect their ouster from office, they are wrong. They wouldn't listen and made a $300,000 taxpayer funded mistake. Now they want to spend $5 million dollars to buy up land and use eminent domain to get what they can't have.

Edwards says he wants Burlington to be a "poster child" for doing things the "right way." It aready is, for drunk mayors that don't have leadership skills or brains.

Edwards and Slagle don't know what the right way is. Look at the last 3 years. Slagle and Edwards gotta go.

Thanks Spike for your website.


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Shuttle Launch Scrubbed For Today

The launch of Atlantis has been postponed until 11:15 am EDT Saturday.

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New Commercial Development Will Raze The Manor

The Untrustworthy Duo Slagle and Edwards announced a commercial development for the Southeast corner of Roosevelt and Agency. The project will consume the Manor if it comes to fruition. Maybe by using eminent domain to grab the land if these two were telling the truth.

It is interesting that Slagle and Edwards made this announcement. I thought we employed Dennis Hinkle to do these types of economic development deals. Maybe Hinkle had to fall on the sword to help Slagle and Edwards get some positive spin press instead of having to answer for their role in the failed railroad lawsuit.

Look for stores like Kohls and maybe a big box electronics store. It seems hard to believe that the demographics can support these types of retailers with Coral Ridge, Northpark and Peoria so close by. But if you factor in Quincy and all the area in between including out to Ottumwa, maybe it makes sense.

That is if we can land some jobs to supply the disposable income. We need jobs, real jobs.

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Show Me Proof of Edwards' Performance

Hi Spike.

So DH thinks Edwards has led this city well? I see the venom spewed forth from this person, however I see no facts. Lets see some information.


This will be like looking for Leprechauns.


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What's Next?


What's next on the agenda for the sinking ship?


More space babies will be born in Bonn's Hollow, the let's do lunch crowd will get fatter and Edwards, Ell, Power and Slagle will eat up 30 days trying to get their stories straight. And Edwards will spend time trying to find the loophole in the 1985 Agreement that mentions jobs and not money.


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The Anger Builds


You are getting more and better written postings. This indicates those who usually pay little or no attention to what goes on are waking up. Such bodes ill for the idiots who have crapped in their nest.

All this anger needs a lens to focus it on the guilty elected officials next Fall. If the guilty have any sense, they will resign and avoid being embarassed like the great Senator King. Getting rid of the visible idiots is easy. Rooting out the real cause of the problem is harder.

Institutions like the Chamber of Compost are not subject to elections. Neither is the Advertiser. The atrophy and rot within these local institutions is also responsible for the general decay that has come to define Burlington.

The public can remind businesses that belong to the Chamber they are not please to see a membership certificate displayed. The same goes for businesses that advertise in the Advertiser. Make your displeasure known and take your business elsewhere. Coral Ridge and Northpark are calling.

If the bottom line starts to sag, the status quo loses its attraction. Only then will the quest for positive change be undertaken.


We love our email. Each email is like Christmas, only months early. I sure wouldn't want these sticks and stones thrown my direction.

Funny you should mention the Ad Vertiser, Coral Ridge Mall and Northpark Mall. They all had the former publisher of the Ad Vertiser money stains all over their stores.

It is OK for us, but not for you common folk. You remain in line to buy locally. I don't think much has changed in this regime.


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Suitcases Full of Money

Hey Spike,

Didn't that Brian Tapp guy brag he had suitcases full of money? Maybe the city could get the money to pay its legal bills from him instead of my tax dollars.


Oh, Tapp doesn't really have any suitcases full of money. He just tells everybody he does. An empty suitcase of self-importance is what he delivers.

Maybe Tapp could get Federal money since Courtney thinks that is someone else's money.

Then we'd be all set.


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I think we are forgetting that there is Federal & Iowa Law and then there is Slagle/Edwards/Courtney law.

I certainly hope our City Manager and City Council watched the outcome of the former Governor of Illinois George Ryan's trial. He was not above the law.


Sooner or later, these little thugs will hit the brick wall of justice. And I'm betting sooner.


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Chamber Monkeys Dizzy


I visited a web site that gets fewer hits than an Amish approved pornography site. If you have not already guessed, I speak of Burlington on Crack.

The rejected and unlamented Senator King of City Council infamy did not like Randy Daniel's call to KCPS. Senator King does not like Randy, nor Spike. He alludes that both are one. Nothing new there, but King reports the truth is irritating some people.

These irritated folks thought what Mr. Daniel had to say sounded as if it came from a tabloid, or Burlingtonderailed. More importantly, King did not quote these folks as calling Daniel a liar. Senator King who proclaims all must be identified to be valid described his unimpressed sources as, "...well-respected downtown business owners."

Never mind sources, the truth has gotten out and it is tearing at the Chamber monkeys.

Senator King not naming his sources leads to speculation. Did these business owners actually start their business, or did their great-great-great-grandfather? These people are afraid of those who actually have the smarts to make something grow and go. They are insecure with anything but the slow decline of the status quo.

Always secretive, the Chamber monkeys let the Advertiser do their talking. King trying to kiss their butt and be important has let it out they are upset and worried. Not smart Senator. If you want to run with the silver back gorillas, you must learn and abide by the rules of the pack.

People need to stay angry and steer Burlington on a new path. Those who have run this town into the ground for generations need to step aside.


It always amazes me the intense level of interest in the messenger and not the message. These people just don't learn.

Sore Loser King is like a dog turd on your shoe. Until you get it all scraped off, it still smells.

I wonder if those same ...well-respected downtown business owners" are members of the same Grow Greater Burlington group that King so valiantly filed a Campaign Ethics violation on for not supporting his absurd bid for reelection?

Now, I need to scrape my shoe. There's one big turd left. And speaking of porn, why did that dog get fired?


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Friday Fest


Do you think we'll see Mini Me - Mr Bagle - and MIA Ell pouring beers and laughing it up at the Friday Fest tonight??

Of course, help me I need a job Hoschek will be there - will his understudy?


You won't see Slagle, Power, Edwards or Ell at tonight's Friday Fest. Although the idea of free trough beer will be an overwhelming incentive to attend. And they might read this and through caution to the wind. They're that dumb!

Now Hoschek & Heland, that's another story. They could be indicted by a grand jury and still show up for a free trough ride.


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RE: Lose The Gum


Re: "Lose The Gum" by TL: It's going to take a hell of lot more than that to make Tim Scott "TRUSTWORTHY."


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Time To Fly

Atlantis Set to Launch on Friday

Space Shuttle Atlantis and the STS-115 crew is set to launch Friday morning on an assembly mission to the International Space Station. The launch time for Atlantis is targeted for 10:41 a.m. CDT.

NASA Image

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07 September

Angelou's Understudy, Lawsuit, Not My Money!

Well, Angelou Won't Show Up But Look Who We Got to Fill In!

Next City Lawsuit For Power

Courtney Declares "Someone Else's Money"


From the online droppings of the Hawkeye:

“Keokuk native Dave Williamson, an artist and public speaker, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address. Keokuk native Dave Williamson, an artist and public speaker, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address.”

Spike, oh sage, please fill me in here maybe I'm missing something. I'm sure Mr. Williamson is a nice enough fellow and the kind of raconteur I'd thoroughly enjoy a fine meal and evening with, but why in the name of all that's reasonable would you have him as a keynote speaker at the unveiling of a regional economic recovery plan!?

Sweet merciful crap! The hell Spike!? Isn't that where you round up the actual people who wrote the freaking plan, all local, state and federal politicians and business leaders and maybe the governor, put them all on a dais, bring in the TV cameras and media and put on a full on three ring show?

Now I realize Drunkie can't make it because at 9am he's still either passed out behind the wheel of his car in the BK parking or holed up with a stripper or down with the brown bottle flu, but where is the rest of the political establishment? Early tee times?

Are they all in a double secret strategy session where they are planning to file a lawsuit against the sun for going down every evening in violation of an 1123 B.C. agreement with the Egyptian sungod Ra?

Power only needs $50,000 to start proceedings and you know those Egyptian gods have some deep pockets what with all those big ass pyramids. Word is Ell is all for it, Slagle is on board and the Hawkeye says it's about damn time since they're pretty sure the Pharaohs are Republicans.

Oh, and Brian Tapp is going to be there to discuss a regional planning website. Well, golly gee Bri that's some bleeding edge work there, circa 1995. Wow, how much of that 100 grand did it cost us for Angelou to tell us to crank out a website?

Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission Braintrust couldn't noodle that one through on it's own? Big Bri SE already has a couple of dandy websites you oughtta check out:

Click Here.

Click Here.

Oh, and for statewide corruption I'd click here. http://state29.blogspot.com .

By the way local boy made bad, State Sen Tom Courtney made the big time on State 29 recently. You'll love this one Spike – Courtney says it's someone else's money after all.

We are screwed indeed.


What the hell does this guy know about economic development? And why can't you find him on Google?

This sounds like the let's do lunch and not much more consortium is becoming the Garden Club and so typical of a Brian Tapp deal gone South!

I'll bring my yawn chair.


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Ell & Slagle Homework Challenged

Both Arrogant Disgraces To Community


Bill Ell had the arrogance to tell a citizen at the council meeting that the citizen just didn't do his homework. This is so typical of smarter-than-everybody Ell.

If Ell and the council had done their homework, we would be $300,000 richer. Ell and the council failed to asked the right questions and then do THEIR homework. Powers did not do his homework either.

Bill Ell has no right to question anybody's homework. He didn't do his and it costs the businesses and residents $300,000. What a phony he is. I guess the judge was totally wrong and Edwards, Ell, Slagle and Powers were right.

Slagle's comments in Wednesday's Hawkeye showed the true person he is. He keeps saying he followed the law. That is very misleading. Slagle claims the law says he must destroy documents of the meetings after a year? I don't think so. That is what he is saying. Nobody believes it but Edwards and Ell.

Like Ell criticizing the citizen, Slagle says he should gets his facts. If you, Slagle, had your facts, we wouldn't have lost $300,000.

Slagle acts like he really isn't all that concerned. To him it is just $300,000 and I'll still get my raise every year from these idiots.

Slagle has disgraced this position.


Regarding "Edwards, Ell, Slagle and Powers were right." Power was one teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy, little step from having his law school buddy Judge Wolle call Power's lawsuit frivolous.


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Lost Keys Ell Out To Lunch in Twilight Zone

Slagle Consummate Teller of Fortunes


Good for Garry Thomas. Ell tried to shut him up when Thomas only mentioned to the citizen that he would support a policy change in regard to destroying documents.

Ell was dead wrong when he rudely interrupted fellow council member Thomas. Ell told Thomas that they should not discuss this because the suit may not be over.

Wrong again Bill, it's over and you lost $300,000+of your neighbors' money. You are an arrogant, cocky, know-it-all. You think you are smarter than the rest of the council.

If you were correct and Thomas should not have talked about the policy destroying the documents, then why did your golfing partner, the city manager, read a prepared statement on the same issue Thomas was talking about?

Why did Slagle even have it out and ready? Explain that to the media.

Slagle's excuses were no more than that. Excuses. The law says the documents must be kept for one year. He followed the law and kept them for one year.

The law does not say the documents of an ongoing case must be destroyed in one year.

For Slagle to continue to tell the council and the public that he followed the law, is ridiculous to the point that it sounds untruthful. It is obvious that we need a change inside City Hall.


Lost Key Ell is the biggest gas bag of bullshit this city has seen since Jane Wood and Gale Lawley. In fact, have you ever noticed how Slagle kinda looks like Lawley?

Slagle's exaggeration of the truth only needs to be sourced to his answer to the age old question- Jobs or Money?

Some body needs to show Slagle out the same door Power leaves through – the front door of public humiliation!


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Slagle Misquoting The Iowa Law

Ol' Blow It Out Your Ass Slagle was heard on the alternative radio talk show Wednesday misquoting the Iowa law and how his misapplication of that law was used to cover his closed session tape burning incident.

Maybe the Ad Vertiser can't interpret the Iowa law Bruce, but there are a hell of lot of us common folk that know the disposition of closed session meeting tapes is for the City Council to decide, not you.

You know why you burned the tapes, it was to cover Power, Edwards, Ell, King, Courtney and your ass. That's all there is to it.

You should learn some one of your dimension can't hide behind a facade. Unless it's a big one.

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Luvin' It


Great reports on the Burlington City Council.

The natives are restless. I do not remember any time when the Council has had their crap shoved back at them. I hope people do not let this blow over.

Some decent people with above average intelligence willing to represent all of Burlington need to step forward and be elected. If people crawl back in front of their televisions, it will not happen.

Where are the Chamber monkeys in all of this? Those bastards pull the Council's strings. They won the minute negotiations with the railroad broke off. The lawsuit was simply wrapping around the fact that nobody new would move into the shops.

At the bottom of this whole mess lurks the Chamber of Anti-Commerce. I think folks are begining to comprehend the Chamber's complicity in this mess. My fear is all the focus on the Chamber's lap dogs, elected officials, will let the Chamber continue as it has.

Keep it up Spike. The guilty must be made to pay for their crimes against Burlington.


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Would You Have Done?


What would you have done different with the lawsuit that would get us a different verdict? Mayor Mike Edwards has led this city very well. You are such a !#*#@$* know it all.


Thank you for supporting BurlingtonDerailed.com. Your email makes our job so much easier.

The absolute minute I found out my legal counsel had knowingly concealed and wittheld the 1985 Agreement, which the entire case was based upon, I would have fired Power's ass so quick the next thing he would have remembered was getting up out of the street in front of City Hall barefoot.

Then I would have hired another lawyer to dismiss the lawsuit. That same lawyer would have fired Slagle which was easy because he was found typing up excuses in his office for allowing lump sum billing.

Finally, I would have hired someone to beg foregiveness for the aggregious behavior shown towards a 150+ year employer of our area citizens.

But that's just me.


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Top Heavy


The real cost of government education per student in Burlington is somewhere between $10,000 and $11,000 give or take a few hundred per student.

Now, if there's a 2nd grade class with 20 students and one teacher we're talking about $210,000 for that classroom. Now we factor in say $40,000 for teacher pay; so what has happened to the other $170,000?

I would think the public would be interested in the way they are robbed in the name of education. People should become more interested in just what's going on in our government run schools.

The taxpayer should be concerned when it comes to government wasting their hard earned money and in Burlington this is doubly true because of the poor school board performance.


To answer your question, "what has happened to the other $170,000?"



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Lose The Gum


I watched the replacement for Monday Night Football. If Tim Scott wants to be considered trustworthy he needs to stop chewing gum during the council meetings.

It got so bad when he was trying to explain his railroad lawsuit more details are to come, the gum chewing was interfering with his sentence structure. The chews per second elevated to such a fevered pitch, I wanted to send him a towel.

Lose the gum, Tim.

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06 September

Citizen Demands Answers

At Monday night's city council meeting a local citizen presented his demands for Slagle, Edwards and Ell's resignations.

I missed the speech but did catch the part where Edwards was huffing and puffing and squirming in his chair like a baby that crapped his diapers. Edwards' belligerent behavior is a prime example why this city is adrift in the sea of uselessness.


"I'm here to ask for the resignation of the City Manager Bruce Slagle. The Mayor Mike Edwards and Mayor Pro Tem Bill Ell. And I think the remaining council should support this too.

First Bruce Slagle - Bruce I like you as a person but as a city manager you are a failure. You might say a high school girl taking a bookkeeping class could do what you have been doing for a lot less money and trouble.

You are not a manager of anything in my opinion and you have a tendency to break the law or ride a fine line and that is not how you are suppose to manage a city. You are not trustworthy and we do not need this kind of a person running our city.

Second - Mike Edwards- the same for you. I like you as a person but you are a disgrace as a leader of our city. The way you handle yourself on the street is like a thug. And you don't know how to make important decisions that effect us now and ten years from now.

Right now, our friends in West Burlington have problems with the library. The library is bullying them and where was our leadership? What Mike? Were you hiding or being a thug too? We don't want to make enemies. We want to make friends for our neighboring cities. And good leadership for our city.

I must tell you I voted for you but you let the city down and disgraced the leadership forever in Burlington. I do not know the history but you have to rank up there as the worst mayor in Burlington's history.

Third - Bill Ell. Same for you. I like you as a person, but Bill, are you brain dead? The way you voted on Bruce Slagles raise; what was that? As a leader you are a failure. Also, I do not know how you ran the fire department as long as you did.

Now, I think this is the consensus on the street also. As for Economic Development goes we need to have a meeting with Steve Forsberg at the RR and see what his story was as to how the city treated the RR. And maybe Mr. Tapp and Mr. Slagle might owe Mr. Daniel an apology and money too.

As far as the lawyer goes, I think this man is a scam artist. The way he bills his customers for services rendered and the way our city manager allowed this to happen. This is corruption at its finest in my opinion. And to shred important tapes? Criminal is what it is!

Do all of you understand where I'm coming from? I really want all of you to respond to this and give a statement to the city about this situation. And then Resign from office immediately, if not sooner.

We want Jobs in this city and this is not how you go about it. Think about it would you come here with our history? This is LEADERSHIP FAILURE and by the way, was it for MONEY or JOBS? PLEASE RESPOND, AFTER I AM THROUGH WITH ONE MORE THING.

I think Bruce Slagle, Mike Edwards, and Bill Ell owe Councilman Mike Campbell a public apology for the way you treated him and talked to him the way you did in public. Councilman Campbell is a real leader; he was outnumbered four to one but he could see it would be useless to waste time, energy, and resources that we don't have suing the railroad.

But, Mike Edwards deciding to bully him and threaten him and the rest followed. And, I must say, if that were me that you did that to, we would be rolling around on the floor right now, but Councilman Campbell is a very professional person who cared about this city. And he did the right thing. So that said, I think you should all apologize right now to Councilman Campbell.


Editor's note: When Edwards answered whether the railroad lawsuit was about jobs or money, Edwards replied, "both." As if that didn't show enough monkey butt Edwards then went on to say the lawsuit was also about a"broken contract."

Busted! Give it a rest Edwards. Nobody believes you. We all know Courtney & you were behind this teach-the-railroad-a-lesson. You only look more stupid when you shake out your feathers like a baby Robin.

05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Edwards & Ell Are Finished

I've said it many times, Edwards & Ell need to be shown the door. And The Twins' belligerent outbursts during Monday night's council meeting only show how out of control these guys are. And, how utterly incompetent they both are.

When a local citizen called for Edwards to apologize to Councilman Mike Campbell Edwards replied, “I told Mike in the work session he was right and that is as far as it is going to go.” Sounds typical. Little people offer to resign when they know there won't be enough votes to get it done. Even smaller people can't admit they made a mistake.

Then, Councilman Garry Thomas tried to answer a citizen's question about Slagle's tape burning when the Big Gas Bag, Lost Keys Ell took Thomas to task. Ell said it was a conflict until the 30 days were up in the lawsuit or some other crazy talk.

Fortunately, Thomas snapped Ell's crap right off at the lip and told Ell never to do it again.

Better go look for those lost keys, Bill. You stand a better chance of that instead of trying to fill your Hush Puppies with your condescending attitude of self-importance.

I swear, I have never seen anything like this preposterous behavior from anything other than drunk monkeys.

Scott, Thomas and Campbell better be heads up on how they fix these problems at City Hall. Everybody is watching and everybody is keeping score.


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Edwards Looked Like A Head of Red Cabbage


I watched Monday's council meeting on TV. I thought our drunk mayor was going to pop his cork right there on the tube. His head was the color of red cabbage.

Man, Edwards was a first class arrogant ass. This guy carries a gun? Makes me want to find another bar.


04:51:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle's Bogus Ass-Covering Email

At Monday's council meeting Slagle read a copy of an email he sent the council members extolling his strict adherence to Iowa law and moral duties.

Slagle didn't write that email. Some lawyer did. Slagle isn't that smart and his penmanship isn't that concise.

Sounded to me like all he did was try to cover his ass.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Courtney & The 1985 Agreement


If local state Senator Tom Courtney was strongly supportive of the BNSF lawsuit, which it sounds like he was, why is the Hawkeye leaving him out of the stories?

The judge said the City's lawyer that wrote the 1985 agreement with BNSF did not include important facts pertaining to the shops. It looked like the judge blamed this lawyer who wrote the contract.

Is this the same lawyer that made fun of Supervisor Blow's Git'er Done attitude? Maybe this lawyer didn't git'er done. What's wrong with getting the job done?


Courtney was involved in this right up to his eyeballs. Why the Ad Vertiser hasn't added him to the guest list is anyone's guess.

Yep, this is the same lawyer that criticized Blow for not taking that sow's ear building and plowing taxpayers' money into making it a purse that only appeared to be silk. Get me the dozer.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

College Homework


According to the 2007 Princeton Review, Iowa University is ranked number one when it comes to not studying. This ranking is another shot in the arm for Iowa education and a college that pays something like 30 professors, or more, in excess of $250,000 in salaries per year via students and the taxpayer.

This may explain, via trickle down give a damn, why the BCSD operates mostly behind closed doors with everything in secret because of their blundering decisions, overpaid administration, dismal graduation rates and on and on and on.

Why was Mr. Upton fired? Where's the local rag input on this one?

04:13:00 - SPIKE - No comments

05 September

Ell Gets Taken To The Woodshed

Garry Thomas took Bill Ell right to the mat at tonight's council meeting.

Garry, you were absolutely 100% right to go after Ell. Ell was totally out of line and his big bag of know-it-all-gas attitude towards you is indicative of the problem in this city.

Good job Garry.

21:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

RE: Angelou Missing Meeting - You're Screwed!


Why isn't Angelou Economics coming for a big pow wow on September 19th? Why make the trip when it's just as easy to make a phone call, put it on speaker phone and tell all those in attendance (and coincidentally those responsible) the results of the study which are unanimous and conclusive on all counts: "You're screwed!"

No need to fly across the country to deliver two words.


I see your point. Sometimes I guess I just miss the big picture and forget the role modern technology plays in delivering bad news.


04:29:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Edwards and Ell Need To Resign


I think Edwards and Ell need to resign. Between the railroad lawsuit and the lost school keys these two lied to the public and it cost us a lot of money.

Edwards and Ell both wanted to give Slagle another pay raise because of the good job he was doing. Do they feel that way now after Slagle burned the tapes?

Edwards and Ell are not good for Burlington and the other council members should ask them to resign Tuesday night and accept their resignation, Tuesday night.

We don't need liars with a pattern of deception running this city. These guys are more than thugs and bums.


They won't resign because they don't have the mental faculties to realize their lies and devious behavior is abnormal.

Maybe we can recall Edwards and put enough heat on Lost Keys to resign before he gets a vote count similar to SL King.


04:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Did They Know & When Did They Know It?

Hi Spike.

It's all over now, but the shouting. I have a few questions.

Cahill knew about the 1985 agreement, why didn't he say something about it? Is this the same guy that was a Supervisor on the board?

Was Slugle drooling to destroy those tapes? He knew everyone wanted to listen to see what went on. Can them rats sound even dumber on tape? What was he hiding? He got his raise, so what gives?


Cahill knew about the 1985 Agreement because he wrote it. Cahill is a former Des Moines County Supervisor. And Cahill did talk to several people after the lawsuit was filed about the City's odds fo winning.

Power knew about the 1985 Agreement because he hid it from the City Council. We know that from his own admissions. "I didn't think it was important.....I can't tell the council everything." If Power had any credibility why did it take a letter from the BNSF attorney to Power published on this website to wake everyone up? Remember how Sore Lose King told us that he knew all along because he was doing such a good job of being informed? I guess he missed that memo.

Slagle destroyed the tapes because the tapes proved Power, Slagle, Edwards, Ell, King, Baker, Campbell and maybe the City Clerk (if she was in attendance) all knew before the lawsuit was ever filed that the lawsuit wasn't about jobs and that the "jobs" issue was a cover story for the money being behind the lawsuit. Jimmy Olson might have forgotten to ask the City Clerk about her recollections.

The tape would also include Power's official estimated costs for litigation. I believe Power estimated it would be no more than $50,000. What the hell happened there Power? Was that $50,000 estimate the costs for the railroad rolling over and playing dead from fear of your legal expertise? I'd like to hear how you believed, as an alleged experienced trial attorney in Federal Court, how you believed the City would only spend $50,000.

The tape would also show that they conducted their infamous illegal vote to proceed with a lawsuit and who advocated the "jobs"cover story. We at least know it wasn't Campbell.

Campbell was the only one to resist Slagle and Power's call for the Mindless Lemming Sheep to endorse a lie. Remember Lost Key Ell's admonitions in the Ad Vertiser? Hey Bill, remember the lost keys? At least Campbell took a moral and legal direction instead of the road to perdition and lies.

The last item I can think of is Power's comments that he "had a silver bullet with each and every one of your name's on it" was first uttered to the council. Later, Power uttered this same threat to other elected officials in another meeting that including West Burlington Mayor Trousil and WB City Manager Mansager. In this meeting Power told the other elected officals to butt out of Burlington's lawsuit, they didn't need any help suing the railroad.

Don't leave Courtney out of this mix. Courtney openly advocated the lawsuit in December 2003 shortly after the railroad announced they were leaving "to teach the railroad a lesson" or something similar. Maybe the tape would show Courtney's influence on our drunk mayor.

I'm sure there is more, just as there always is when thugs, bums and monkeys have a light shined in their dirty cage. Like rats scurrying to get out of the light, the Spike Light is just as bright.

That's why Slagle burned the tape.


04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Tapp's Role In Angelou Study Already Questionable


Brian Tapp from Southeast Iowa Regional Planning seems like the last person we should expect to deliver the results of the Angelou Study.

Brian Tapp was the person that changed the Planning Commission bylaws so he could make an Illinois resident the Chairman of Regional Planning's Board of Directors.


And we hear that Chairman Bradley is scrambling to reestablish an Iowa presence to deflect the criticism. I think Tapp has bigger problems coming down the pike he won't be able to wiggle out of. Stay tuned.


04:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser's Insight Appears Untimely


It seems a bit odd that the folks at the paper seem to have such an insight into the results of the Angelou study. Do they already know what the report says?


Devine intervention can't play a role. Maybe an inside pocket.

Has to be something unusual since Angelou and Lockwood Greene both stated the dismal role the Ad Vertiser has played in economic development and developing a poor community image with their negative reporting style.


04:17:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Angelou Study Not A Report


How can we expect Hinkle and Tapp to interpret the Angelou Economics study? They don't know what Angelou's intents were or how to convey that data to the community. What prevents Tapp and Hinkle from putting their spin on the study results?

Looks like another Brian Tapp debacle of disseminating flawed data as factually correct.

It sure wasn't worth $300,000 of our tax money and we they could have continued to do lunch and play golf.


Excellent point. How do they know the intent of Angelou's study results?

Maybe Jimmy Olson could interview Hinkle and Tapp (separately) to see if their stories match.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Angelou No Show Is No Surprise


You shouldn't be surprised the Angelou people aren't coming to tell us how to change things. If they don't publically state what changes need to be made we will be told by the Advertiser and the Chamber what to do. They will continue to hide their agenda from the taxpayers.


The Chamber will protect their members instead of voicing the need for change. The Ad Vertiser will protect its revenue base and will go no further than getting their toes damp.


03:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Teacher Firing


Why has there been nothing further in the paper or on radio stations about last school year's firing of long time high school teacher Jim Upton who was accused of theft from school dances?

Matter of fact why was his name not released ?


Better question is why haven't charges been filed?


03:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

04 September

Angelou Economics No Show

I couldn't believe what I read Sunday in Ron Field's column.

Angelou Economics is not going to be here September 19 to present the results of their study for Southeast Iowa. Can someone explain to me why the hell not?

We paid these people over $100,000 and they can't make a meeting to explain the results.

What is even more disturbing is that our Southeast Iowa Economic Development Consortium didn't have enough sense to change the date so Angelou had to be here.

The incompetence in the economic development arena around here is spell binding. I think Angelou gave up. They took one look at this bunch of nimrods and just ran the opposite direction.


05:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Unhappy Labor Day


The former workers at the old railroad shops have little to be happy about this Labor Day. They have been used as pawns by local political hacks in a failed attempt to get their hands on more money to squander.

Workers and the community were told the railroad lawsuit was about jobs. Union leaders joined a chorus of political hacks claiming to be friends "of the workin' people."

Guest conductor Senator Courtney led the chorus. The evil railroad was to be punished.

The railroad was not coming back no matter what some self important, small town political body thought. The local political hacks knew that. They simply lied to the workers because they smelled something for nothing via the legal system. The out of work shop workers were simply poster children to used as heart string tugs so the public would support their scheme.

Courtney, Edwards, Slagle, Ell, Tapp and all the rest should have been bargining with the BNSF about another use for the railroad shops in an attempt to create jobs. Local Union leaders did not care because they knew whatever moved in was not likely to be unionized. In short, no union dues, no give a damn.

To add insult to injury, the ill advised lawsuit that was falsely represented as being about jobs came to its inevitable conclusion. The public pays to clean up a $300,000 dollar train wreck. Nobody won but the lawyers.

For those who are busy counting change at a convenience store on Labor Day, forget not those who served up false hope and delivered a screwing. Courtney, Edwards, Ell and Tapp are no friends of people who work for a living, except in a law office.

If you are unhappy seeing the fruits of your labor confiscated in taxation to pay for gross folly, remember these phony friends of working people on Election Day.


Pretty disgusting statement when our drunk mayor and former Case union leader knowingly lies to his fellow union brothers. I guess it's OK as long it's not a Case union job he was lying about.


05:07:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Citizen Kane Projects Blame


The great Charles Foster Delany has spoken. As usual, a self serving half truth is the message.

Citizen Kane is correct in blaming city elected officials for antics of questionable legality to initiate a train wreck of a lawsuit against the railroad. The clown prince of the local press fails to say more.

Where was Citizen Kane before the train wreck? Where was Citizen Kane when the door to the council chamber swung shut for a let Slagle run wild "straw poll?" Why was Citizens Kane's paper cheering them on, until they lost?

There is lot more blame to go around than what Citizen Kane has laid forth. Kane's feigned outrage is a smoke screen. Why no mention of Senator Courtney and union leaders who argued for the lawsuit? What of the Chamber monkeys?

Kane is right about weak elected City officials. His silence is deafening about those who bent these weak reeds into the mud.

Kane is part of Burlington's pathetic power structure. Like Dr. Goebbles, he is given a seat at the inner circle as Propaganda Minister. Kane's blame game is an attempt by the power structure to focus blame on the lowest and most easily replaced component of the power structure, elected City officials.

Citizen Kane may claim his conveniently delayed indignation at what has gone on City Hall is proof of free press protecting a free people. Sorry Charlie.

Were it not for a free and unrestricted Internet, this whole thing would probably have been swept under the rug.

When the First amendment was written, the founders had people like Spike in mind, not Charles Foster Delaney.


When does the Ad Vertiser accept responsibility for ignoring the facts in the case?

And to test your hypothesis just answer the question - If BurlingtonDerailed.com hadn't chased this story, how would the taxpayers ever know what kind of coverup was being served?


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What A Relief - Wolfgang VonBonn Is Real!


I am glad the Advertiser saw fit to verify the stories our Mayor has been telling. All that talk about space ships landing in Bonn's Hollow and blank-eyed gray skins scampering around had me concerned.

I was worried his honor had finally come down with the D. T.s. The Advertiser has put my concerns to rest.

No matter what he says, or does, our Mayor can count on the Advertiser to see him through.


00:27:00 - SPIKE - No comments

03 September

Delaney Hits Half Way Mark


The Hawkeye editorial in the Sat. paper by Steve Delaney was pretty good. He took Slagle and the council to the woodshed. The Hawkeye may have supported the lawsuit, but they don't support the cover-up corruption.

Slagle should not get away with attempting to convince the council that destroying the documents was just common policy. They are not that stupid. Slagle's excuses were about as sad as destroying the documents.


Well, I suppose we should be happy that Delaney said something. But I'm not happy.

Delaney trivializes this $300,000 legal bill as a "dust up."

I have news for Steve. This was a battle of cosmic proportions that the City slipped out of like crap through a goose. And they aren't smart enough to know it. Ell and Henry still think we could have won.

The City Gang should go home every night for the next 10 years and thank the Lord we don't have to pay the railroad's $1 million+ dollar legal bill. And I have no doubts that it cost that much. They had real lawyers that charge a shit load more than $115 an hour like Power.

The bigger problem with the Ad Vertiser is the fact that they knew the story shortly after it happened and let it fester into a scandal so another series of controversial stories could pad their bottom line.

Quirk had the story and Delaney chose to ignore it because it was going to cost some $$ to go after the closed session tapes before they were destroyed. And he had the right to go get the tapes. He is supposed to be in the news business. You would have thought Power's "silver bullet" comments would be enough to excite Delaney.

As for Slagle, he is just about history. Rumor on the street is that he has been looking for a job for the last 2 months. We need to fire his ass before he quits. That might save some other poor bunch of saps in the next town he sets up his medicine show in from being screwed to the wall by his incompetence..


05:33:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Drunk Mayor To Be Sparkplug?


I had to laugh at El Drinko Edwards now wanting to be involved in finding a company to go into the shops. What kind of sparkplug would he be?

Edwards would be better driving the golf cart for Slagle on their way out of town.


They'd have to stop at Burger King for a nap to make it all the way out of town due to Edwards' misfiring.


05:13:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Delaney Takes No Responsibility For His Role


I see that Publisher Delaney can't seem to find the right words to accept any responsibility for his role in the railroad lawsuit. You've told us countless times what was going to happen and you know Delaney reads BurlingtonDerailed.com.

Why doesn't he try to make things better in Southeast Iowa?


Maybe he stopped reading the news here and didn't know what was going on.


05:07:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Rats Caught


You were right along time ago. I didn't believe. I was wrong. City Hall is infested with thugs, bums, monkeys and now, rats. Big, fat golf rats.

We trapped the rats and now it's time to fire them.

Do you think our drunk mayor will give Slagle his raise as a going away present?


Leaderless Edwards just might do that. After all, Slagle is raising a family.


04:46:00 - SPIKE - No comments

02 September

Go To The Council Meeting Tuesday

Hi Spike

What do you say to a peaceful protest at city hall Tuesday after Labor Day?

Just people with signs walking back and forth during the council meeting on the sidewalk.

I'm going to be there anyway to watch the council meeting and a few others said they were going.

If we do not do something this is going under the rug and you know that.

Thanks Spike.


12:21:25 - SPIKE - No comments

City Losers - Priceless


Ell lost the keys and they attempted to hide it. $45,000. They lose the railroad lawsuit. $300,000.

They destroy the tapes and documents to hide the truth. Priceless!

Trust has been disgraced. Should we replace two people before we move forward? That is the general consensus on the street. This is one thing that the Hawkeye and Spike should agree on. Slagle should be shown the door and then he can golf all he wants. Please take Ell with you.


Remove Power and Slagle and then Edwards, Ell and Courtney.

12:18:40 - SPIKE - No comments

01 September

Alien Space Baby Born To Wolf In Bonn's Hollow

Thursday marked the end of The Ad Vertiser's coverage of our corrupt City Hall just as we predicted. Back to normal.


05:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments

One Man's Decline Mirroring That of His Community


Three decades past, Don Henry's writing was insightful, witty and concise. Like Burlington, Don has declined.

Don Henry's incoherent ramblings against the railroad make one wonder what has caused his disorder.

Did Don Henry's serving on Burlington's City Council cause his loss of mental agility? Has Don Henry been doing a Mayor Edwards and permanently poisoned too many brain cells?

Like the old ball player dropping pop flys, Don Henry should figure out it is time to stop tarnishing the memories of what was once great and put away his pen.


I think Henry's editorial should be made into a poster and hung in the new library as an example for future generations that study the history of suing railroads when you have no legal basis, no lawyer, a city council composed of Mindless Lemming Sheep except for one, a drunk for a mayor and the mindset of Provincial Pollyannas that can't tell a Bud from a Bud Light.


05:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington's Recording Equipment On Display

05:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Paid In Full

Spike -

Power told us it would cost $50,000 to litigate, write the check and stamp it "Paid In Full". What's he going to do sue the City for the balance? The City would win based on the legal skills he demonstrated with the railroad.


Too late, I’m sure Slagle cut a check and ran across the street so his Buddy Power had fresh money for the holiday weekend. You know, "Birds of a Feather."

05:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What an Inspiration These Village Idiots Be


What a wealth of material being submitted. There is no reason for any taxpayer in Burington to suffer writers' block after what has been done to them. It makes my morning to read the growing awareness of an enslaved people.

Rather that being icons of evil to be feared, those who have been misleading Burlington are becoming a laughing stock. Once a dictator becomes and object of ridicule on a mass scale, their days are numbered.

People are feeling the rage. More are realizing they are being screwed. Keep the comments coming. Just do not forget to do more than vent. Election day will come again. Vote.

Do not let any of the guilty idiots go on the ballot unopposed. For those who have the guts and talent, make the plunge and run.


05:04:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Inaudible Recordings

Spike -

City Council members who say they heard the mystery meeting tapes before Slagle made them go away report the tapes were inaudible. Just what caliber of audio recording is the City capable of? What equipment is being used?

Why is tape still being used? I would think a few quality microphones correctly placed and mixed through a properly spec.'d PC would do the trick. Blank CDs are much cheaper than blank audio tape. CDs are easier to destroy than tape.

Researching the audio equipment the equipment the City is probably using, I can understand the Mayor may have sentimental attachments to an article produced by a command and control economy in a workers paradise ruled by a brutal, paranoid alcoholic. If so, let the Mayor take the old equipment home as a trophy to hang above his bar.

Citizens of Burlington need to stop accepting lame excuses and demand to know how and why their taxes are being wasted.


This is better equipment than was used to make the recordings. Power, Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Courtney needed junk recordings to cover their lame ass excuses for telling the truth.


05:04:00 - SPIKE - No comments


Hi Spike

With all of the corruption in Burlington I think we should try another kind of Government here. What do you think about this?

I want to play Anarchy. STEAL, DESTROY, LIE (edit). How about that?

Thanks Spike.


We already have it. Led by a drunk.


04:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments