Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 October

Why Vote For Ed Blow?

If you want a few more reasons why you need to vote for Ed Blow, click here.

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$6.5 Million Dollar Bond


I would like to know what the $900,000 dollars of the 6.5 million dollar bond issue is all about. Slagle stated in the hawk-eye that it would be used for road improvements.

Road improvements? Unless he is talking about constructing new roads, those roads are 100% better than the city streets at least they are concrete instead of rock and tar.

Then some amount of the $900.000 will be used to help Dresser-Rand expand. I wonder if this was part of the bribe to get them to stay in Burlington, And why do we keep financing a capable multi-million dollar corporation owned by Halliburton who is probably worth billions? The people of Burlington had better start pulling together and elect people who have a stake in the community. Slage won't be here in a few years to suffer the repercussions left by this administration.

On another issue I feel Ed Blow has done a good job at least I feel he is sincere about what he does and is doing it for the betterment of the people in the community. Heland on the other hand is windier than a sack full of farts and a bunch of double talk.

We all saw his action on the council the first time. It seems like all he wants to do is spend other peoples' money and dictate like the rest of those num nut's on the council. Like the councils in the past, always ready for new development, spend, spend, spend but forget about the improvements of the infrastructure. Like the street and the sidewalk program that continues to fall by the wayside.


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$6.5 MIIILLLLLION Dollars! Come On Down!

Spike - Why would the City bond (borrow) additional funds to make interest payments on what they are borrowing??

This must be that new math?

How many other developers has the City contacted in regards to the Manor Reclaimation project? Surely they would get at least one more offer - to keep everyone honest and above board!


Slagle says he's going to throw the bone to other developers after Muir presents their proposal. Those supposed developers will have 30 days to get their plan to the city.

I don't know any legitimate developer that can/would provide a proposal in less than 30 days. Too muck risk. Not enough time.

The city has to pay interest on the Fun City waterpark bonds that haven't generated any revenue; another under-utilized capital investment of the taxpayers' money. Or, was that the Rec Plex?


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A Gamble We Can't Afford

Americans Tired of Excessive Government


Government at all levels has been trying to do too much. People are getting tired of it.

When government tries to play real estate developer, you end up with casino related swimming holes that do not repay what they have borrowed from taxpayers. You get vultures swooping down on property owners less than knowledgeable who are having their homes confiscated via eminent domain.

When government tires to micro manage private business you end up with looser law suits totally "without merit." You get tax increment funding (TIF) give aways that studies show have a miserable rate of return on investment.
Etc. etc. ad infinitum.

People need to elect representatives who will stick to the basics. Streets, public safety, schools, etc. that are services for which government was created.

Representatives need to tell the minority of well organized whiners wanting government to provide total security from change the truth. There is no such thing. Those who promise and attempt to deliver a cradle to grave utopia have a track record of bankruptcy and tyranny. Where is the U. S. S. R. today?

An excellent local example of such choice is now before the citizens of Des Moines County. Heland believes in government without end. No level of taxation to finance too much government is ever too much for Heland and those like him.

If you want to pay ever more for and clean up after rank amateurs exerting their ignorance in fields where they have no business, vote for Heland.


Heland is a gamble we can ill-afford. Heland will grow government with zoning, commissions, study groups, more gambling and eminent domain.


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Tapp Out Of Control

As you have probably read or heard, Southeast Regional Planning Executive Director Brian Tapp coerced the City of Burlington into spending a boat load of money for engineering studies for the reuse of the depot. Part of Tapp's brain fart included Regional Planning moving their offices into the depot.

Now Tapp has decided he wants to move to Southeast Community College at a rent cost 12 times higher than Regional Planning pays now. Rent would go to about $12,000 per month and the taxpayers are paying for it.

Somebody reign this spud back to the pantry. He's out of control.

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Manor Casino


City staff said there will be a large retention pond from the storm water run off in the Manor development. Maybe they can put a Casino in and we could have a Casino on both ends of town. Wouldn't that be good for our young families?


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Trickle Down Circulation


Big Metropolitan areas are seeing newspaper circulation declines steepen. What starts in the big markets works its way down to the small.


Hence the need for sensationalistic reporting. Bolster the numbers with tabloid journalism.


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30 October

Cronyism and Real Estate Scams for the Select Few


Let's make a Deal in the Manor is just the beginning for real estate insiders to rake it in big. Just imagine the haul if Heland gets elected. With a terminally confused and clueless Hoshchek as Heland's sidekick, county zoning is a given. "What da ya want us to da do next Mr. Slagle?" will be the basis of all County Board decisions.

Heland is already sharing his visions of rural blight with us. Coupled with Heland's zeal for unwanted, nor needed county wide zoning, let the scams begin.

Somebody needs to watch the public record of real estate transactions at the Court House. It would be interesting to see if insiders were buying Manor property prior to the PUBLIC announcement of the project to confiscate the Manor for Mr. Big's buddies.

If there is unusual property buying going on in the county by those who finance and support Burlington's elected criminals, it would be nice to know before election day. This may give voters some idea of what these people hope to gain through Heland.

Dispose of your ethics. Have no heart. Get to know and get in with the right people in Burlington. It is far more profitable than the no money down real estate infomercials on cable when the Mayor is weaving his way home from Gulfport.


Don't forget the untested theory of “coordinated capital spending” banging around the court house making government bigger and taxes squandered.

Coupled with Slagle raiding the county taxpayers' wallets, we might as well move because it won't be fit to live here.


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Greed Breeds Corruption


Good job HK.

Burlington is sick to the core with these deadbeat one party scum bag local politicians.

Just how long will the citizenry tolerate these greedy, sneaky, lying bums. What's it take for the good citizens of Burlington to say they've had enough.

Even the Des Moines Register coverage is questioning the Manor project where the local rag never mentions the questionable crimes being committed by city hall. The local rag is too busy trying to whitewash the new library as though it were a lily white and above board project.

Looks like this Manor project is nothing more than a cover for certain people to line their pockets at taxpayer expense through the ever present greed of local city fathers and dead beat politicians.

It'll be interesting to follow the slime trail back to find out who's lining their pockets off this rotten Manor project. The entire project stinks to the core with corruption and greed.

Why doesn't the Hawk Eye ever print these stories of greed and corruption going on here in Loserville?

Keep up the good work Spike,

Sick of it

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Do you know the warning signs of a problem gambler? If not check this web site out. You will note the obsession with obtaining ever more money and mishandling of personal finances as major warnings.

Ask yourself if any incumbent office holder, or candidate, exhibits any warning signs of problem gambling. Unlike an abuser of alcohol, problem gamblers are seldom found passed out in their car at three in the morning. Problem Gambling is extremely hard to detect.

Government by addicts creates more problems than it solves.


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What's He Talking About?


On Fridays "Big Show" Fred & 7 were talking to Tim Scott about the manor project when a caller "Bill" called in. He said that he had talked to Tim just the week before about the manor deal and that Tim had assured him that the city would not sign off on the deal without a written contract with the developer.

There was dead silence with Tim finally saying he didn't remember saying that. Both Bill & Fred came to Tim's defense. If Tim didn't lie to Bill, then one would surmise that Scott doesn't know what he's talking about.


I don't care what Slagle and Edwards have told the council. This development project is ripe total chaos.

No one spends $6.4 million dollars without a signed contract. Nobody.

Then to shovel this crap about Muir presenting their offer and then the city is going to give everyone else 30 days to submit a counter proposal is absolutely assinine.

Why not let everyone compete on an even basis? Maybe another developer would pay full price for the property instead of the taxpayers. Paid up front without the taxpayers being led to Slagle's Slaughter like the railroad lawsuit.


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Des Moines Register Endorses

The Des Moines Register has endorsed Culver, Leach and Boswell.

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27 October

Has Corruption Already Hit Manor?

Slippers Are A Little Too Cozy!


Three properties have changed hands in the Manor. Looks suspicious to me.

1. Daniel Cahill to the City (Lot 46 Flint Hills Manor) $80,000.00 Doc 2006-5997 9/29/06

2. Vickstrom to Jacobs (Lot 44 FH Manor) $60,000.00 Doc 2006-5995 --- then ---- Jacobs to the City for $115,000.00 the same day! Doc 2006-5996

3. Elmer Kelly to the City (Lot 12 FH manor) $25,000.00 Doc 2006-5998

Another thing. It is absurd that Nosbich is referring people to Community Action for assistance. Community Action is supported by the taxpayers. Shouldn't the City have already lined up assistance without the taxpayers paying twice?


From $25,000 to $80,000. What a spread! The little guy at $25,000.00 seems to be the one coming up with the short straw.

One parcel is sold for $60,000 and later the same day it is sold for almost twice as much at $115,000.00!! It sure looks like profiteering, if not corruption. It all appears way to cozy for me. There is no way property in the Manor could have been sold on a $115,000 contract sale. I can smell the stink.

Three things are for sure.

A. This is the perfect example of why the City of Burlington led by Bruce Slagle and the drunk mayor have absolutely no business being in the development business; they don't know what the hell they are doing.

B. The little guy is going to get low-ball dollars.

C. The taxpayers are paying for the Slagle's incompetence. Again.


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Podcast - Wednesday's KCPS Big Show 1150 AM Supervisor Debate

Fred & 7 Host 1st Blow-Heland Debate

Available Online as Podcast

New Release From EdBlow.com

Incumbent Des Moines County Supervisor Chairman Ed Blow dicusses his election platform with KCPS Big Show 1150 AM Hosts Fred & 7 the morning after the Burlington Iowa Business and Professional Women's Candidate Forum.

Candidate Jeff Heland also appears on the KCPS Big Show and voices his support for County Zoning and the use of Eminent Domain to obtain private property for private developers.

The Podcast is 13 Mb in file size. You do not need an Apple iPod or any MP3 player to listen to the Podcast. You do not have to download the file to listen to it. Just click the Black Speaker Button to the left of the title and the Big Show begins. Use the Pause button to stop and keep your place.

A great community service by KCPS 1150 AM to hear what the candidates have to say in their own words.

Thank you KCPS 1150 AM.

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Heland To Play Burlington's Role In Court House


If you ask me Heland is all about Burlington's role in the Supervisor's room at the court house.


Mindless Lemming Sheep. What about the county residents?


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Heland Policy on Gender Benders


Heland is concerned with special species protection for the gender confused. Would Heland implement a policy in Des Moines County buildings as has New York City's transit system?

Will Heland decree that Des Moines County recognizes special species partner status as a dance around the issue of gay marriage? Will the County extend health and other fringe benefits to special partners of employees who have status as a protected species?

Check the record. Male homosexuals are an extreme risk group. As a group and I stress group, the rates of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and behavior related disease is far above the general population. The life expectancy is low.

An innsurance company must figure rates based on whom they are insuring. How much would extending fringe benefits to special partners cost Des Moines County taxpayers?

I belong to a discriminated against minority. I am a white male, going bald, over 40 and over weight. Will Heland support special species status for myself and others so inclined?

As the stupid average slob who ends up paying for every idiot elected official's touchy feely foolishness the only way I can gain is not to vote for Heland.


Heland did ring the bell as Chairman of the Burlington Human Rights commission for additional protection for gay and lesbian citizens even though their rights are fully protected under Federal discrimination laws.

After he rang the bell, we never heard another word from him. That is a pattern all too familiar.


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Little Dogs Sniffing


Regarding the post that mentioned Newton doing as Burlington did, lose the documents for the closed meetings; four words, Iowa League of Cities.

The city managers and elected officials learn their strategy on how to hide information and squeeze more tax dollars from the citizens. Our city hall can't be trusted. Period!

The Hawkeye surely can see this. Has it ever been this bad with Burlington management. I can't remember it being this bad.


No, it has never been this bad. Maybe the Ad Vertiser could see it if they took their nose out of Slagle and Edward's butts.


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Spell Check

Hey Spike:

Why does my computer's spell check always highlight Slagle and suggest Silage? Am I witnessing the geneses of artificial intelligence?


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Burlington Would Probably Sue Them


The Iowa Northern is an industrial spur compared to the BNSF. You do not see the big lines reach out to small towns along their line like a short line. It is a classic case of the little guy grubbing for every dime he can with what little he has by seeking business through promotion of community good will.

The Iowa Northern is experimenting with passenger excursions as a fund raising vehicle for school districts along its route.

The Iowa Northern is basically the old Burlington Cedar Rapids and Northern, later Rock Island, from Cedar Rapids to Manly. I wonder what would be the case now if the Iowa Northern had saved the south end from Cedar Rapids to Burlington as well.

The gypsum plant would doubtless like to have direct access to the national rail network. Mediapolis, Wapello and other small towns along the old route could still boast of rail service being available. Having direct rail access to the north would be a positive when promoting Burlington to prospective businesses.

If the Iowa Northern ran into Burlington from the north today, how would it be treated by the City?

Would the City of Burlington demand all proceeds from from this fund raising be turned over to them because the original railroad failed to pay royalties for the use of the its name in the charter? Would the unions produce a howling chorus directed by local Politburo members demanding that all coaches be brought to Burlington for cleaning no matter where they end up as part of an 1875 labor contract?

Sue, sue and sue again would be the advice of the Courtney, the Drunk Mayor, Slagle, and the whole cast. Of course the City Attorney would give a low ball estimate to soothe public jitters while telling of victory nearly assured.

The Iowa Northern should thank fate that 100 miles is all the closer they get to Burlington. To rephrase Oscar Wilde after spending time in one of Queen Victoria's prisons, If that is the way the City of Burlington treats businesses, it does not deserve to have any.


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26 October

Supervisor Candidate Forum On Podcast

If you missed Tueday night's Des Moines County Supervisor forum, all you need to do is click here to get the podcast on Ed Blow's website.

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Falcon Endorses Blow

Falcon wrote an excellent factual endorsement for Ed Blow today.

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Heland Out To Cover Burlington’s Tax Shortfall

Heland made comments at Tuesday’s forum about “coordinated capital spending.” On the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM Wednesday Heland explained what he meant by “coordinated capital spending.”

Heland believes that his job as supervisor is to help Burlington stabilize their taxes. Heland said he feels that since Burlington has a tax shortfall he should look to other county entities (West Burlington, Middletown, Danville, Mediapolis and all county residents in general) to straighten out Bruce Slagle’s financial incompetence.

What he hell is wrong with this guy? We just had a countywide debacle over the Library’s hostage situation and now Heland wants to get everyone to pay for Burlington’s inability to exercise financial restraint.

It went further. Heland’s comment extended to school funding. Why should/would West Burlington residents be paying for Burlington schools like Heland suggested? They can’t pay for what they need now because of TIF abuse. Now Heland wants West Burlington to pay for Burlington schools?

Heland’s final moment of apparent desperation regarding “coordinated capital spending" came when Heland said, “What is good for West Burlington is good for Burlington.”

All you folks in West Burlington (and the rest of the County) better grab your pocketbooks and bury them in the backyard if Jeff Heland gets close to the courthouse. With Trough Timmy leading the way, we are so screwed. The county will be in the same financial position as Burlington. Taxed to death and out of money.


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Why Did The Ad Vertiser Neglect Contentious Zoning Issues?


During the forum Jeff Heland admitted he is in favor of county zoning and Ed Blow said he is against county zoning. Do you have any idea why the newspaper wouldn’t print any of the candidates’ ideas about county zoning in their coverage of the forum?

I have to wonder if the newspaper wanted to help Heland on an issue that is a hot button issue here in the county.


I think that makes a lot of sense. Everyone but the Ad Vertiser’s readers know Heland wants to zone the county. And that became abundantly clear Wednesday morning during the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM.

Heland was very vocal about his belief the county needs to be zoned. And that his beliefs “differ quite a bit” from Ed Blow’s views. Truer words were never spoken by Heland.


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KCPS Snubbed At Forum

For some mysterious reason, the Business and Professional Women forgot or didn’t invite a KCPS 1150 AM news crew to the candidate forum Tuesday night. One could think that Brian Tapp was in charge of emailing the invitations.

Fred and 7 from the KCPS Big Show had excellent coverage Wednesday morning of the on-air debate on who should be elected Des Moines County Supervisor. After listening to Wednesday’s show, I have no doubt the KCPS listeners obtained more information about the candidates and their ideas for Des Moines County than any other coverage so far.

We hope to have the Podcast of the Big Show ready to post sometime on Thursday. It is mandatory listening for every citizen.

Next week Fred & 7 are hosting their own candidate forum. This is mandatory listening.

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Slagle Syndrome Spreading


It is becoming an epidemic. The horrible blight that has been known to blind people and empty their wallet before they know what hit them.

There is absolutely no record of any closed door meetings held by the Newton City Council for roughly the last year. At least the taxpayers of Newton were not dragged into a $300,000+ lawsuit for which no record of why exists.

Slagle syndrome destroys the fabric of trust between the governed and those chosen to govern. Perhaps the time has come to put jars on bars and check out lines begging for funds to fight this blight.

The first step to finding a cure is isolating the agent of infection. Once sufficent funds are in hand, Mr. Slagle needs to be given a one way ticket to China. Only when Slagle is gone can therapy begin to restore trust in local government.

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Is Heland Planning a TIF Crime?


Slums and blight in Des Moines County, the horror.

Are Heland's handlers at City Hall telling him this? It sounds all too familiar. It reminds me of the prelude to the screwing Burlington's citizens got in the Manor.

Of course slums and blight must be eliminated with none other than Tax Increment Funding (TIF). Now that the City of Burlington is tapped out, raid the County Treasury. Does another acquaintance of Burlington's Mr. Big need free money for development?


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Red Guards, Etc. Banned From Collecting Ballots


You mentioned how Des Moines County's single party political system has used goon squads to harvest nursing home votes. It is now illegal to do so. See page 22 concerning absentee ballots in Health Care Facilities.

People complained state wide in prior elections about this practice. More than political parties have been the problem. 527 groups like MoveOn.Org, financed by a foreign born billionaire convicted of insider trading in France who is hell bent on destroying America's sovereignty, labor unions and others have done so as well.

Bipartisan representatives under the direction of the County Auditor's Office are now the only group authorized to deal with absentee ballots in nursing homes and other health care facilities.

If anybody sees unauthorized absentee ballot activity in any health care facility, take action. Get license plate numbers, names, and if you have a camera of any sort, photos. Contact the County Auditor's Office and law enforcement.

If local law enforcement refuses to respond, take names of those responsible and call the Iowa Attorney General's Office. Publicity here and anywhere else would not hurt either.

Exploiting those who may suffer from diminished capacity is abuse not only of those so afflicted, but our entire political process.


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Even Venus News Is Leaving Town

We don't use the same economic trends as a Wall Street trader but this one could be a serious indicator of Burlington's weak economy. According to Falcon, Venus News is moving to West Burlington from its Main Street location across from the depot.

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25 October

Heland Double Talk

Jeff Heland told us all during the primary campaign that he believed the Des Moines County Supervisors made a mistake and that “Ed Blow was going to jail” for his role in the closed session meetings held to determine the purchase of the old Hy Vee building on Agency.

Heland also criticized the Supervisors for potentially taking the Hy Vee building off the tax roles as "ill conceived."

The only group to share Heland’s mindspring comment was the Ad Vertiser. Even Kathleen Richardson, the Ad Vertiser’s advocate for open meetings, declared the meetings were properly conducted in accordance with all Iowa laws.

That should have been the final word. But it isn’t.

As a member of the Southeast Community College Trustee, Heland voted to take taxable property in Fort Madison off the tax roles so the College could build a fire training center. During Tuesday's candidate forum Heland said the "State made me do it."

Why is that? Why would Heland shoot this mouth off and then vote to do the same thing he believed was wrong in the first place and then blame it on the State?

Disingenuous is the word is the word I’m thinking of.

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"Finding Votes"


The longstanding procedure for acquiring extra votes for the entrenched political machine in SE IA has been to obtain them in nursing homes through the use of absentee ballots. This has been done for years, usually with the assistance of helpful union thugs and other party hacks.

Ask anyone who has worked in a nursing home. They've seen it done and have been told to keep their mouth shut or lose their job.


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"Rural Slums & Blight"


We watched the supervisor forum last night. Both candidates seemed to have something to tell us about why they are running for office.

I would like to know where "the rural slums and blight" Mr. Heland spoke of. He also spoke of controlling what people do that affects their neighbor. What was he talking about?

It sure seemed Mr. Heland favors county zoning. If he is, I don't want him to help me decide how to live. I moved to the country 46 years ago to get rid of neighbors telling me how to live.


Beats me. I don't know where the "the rural slums and blight" are. But I have seen some cornfields this time of year that look blighted - blighted by a corn picker.


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Name Drop Soup


During the supervisor debate Jeff Heland spoke of meeting the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize winner in Des Moines recently. What in the world does this have to do with running Des Moines County?

I think name dropping is just typical of a local official trying to look like some big shot. I don't care who Heland met. I want to know what our officials bring back to help our city and county.


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1st Anniversary Fast Approaching


The first anniversary of Burlington's Drunk Mayor's BK sleep over is rapidly approaching. Has anybody planned any events to mark this date, which will live in infamy?

I would suggest nothing be held at the scene of the crime. Unlike the Mayor, Burger King is a respectable operation. Burger King should not suffer any guilt by association with a degenerate who passed out in their parking lot. Besides, the crime scene is private property.

Perhaps a mass sleep over could be planned on the parking ramp at Main & Washington. The Friday night just prior to this year's election would be perfect.

People could bring the kids and sleeping bags. Banners could be hung out proclaiming, No More Drunk Mayor, Pull His License Before He Kills A Kid, Taxation By Intoxication Must Go, etc.ť A tailgater could take place, but absolutely no alcohol.

The City should be informed of the protest in advance and damn well better permit it.

Those who own video cameras could bring them to the sleep over. The Drunk Mayor may stop by on his way home from Gulfport and threaten everybody with a gun in his car.

Given the Advertiser's curious omissions when it comes to the Drunk Mayors antics, expect no prompt news coverage of such a protest. The Advertiser may get around to reporting the protest after Thanksgiving.

If anybody wishes to organize such a protest, I wish you well.


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I was down at Sheaffer yesterday to get a pen fixed and while there I talked to a woman who has been there about 25 years.

She told me she didn't know what she would do when the place shuts the doors and I suggested she try Siemens.

She then proceeded to tell me Siemens was looking at two other locations that were more of a match for them than Ft. Madison. I was unaware of this development. Were you aware of it?



I heard the Siemens deal was officially signed. There is a 2nd company that ran the ads for $17-$25/hr employees that is considering Ft Madison. And one other.

But they have nothing to do with Siemens other than being supposedly one of their suppliers.


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24 October

Are They Scared Enough to Try Stealing It?


Ed Blow's candidacy has those running Burlington and Des Moines County worried. Courtney and Edwards thought they had buried Blow, but he refuses to roll over to these bullies.

Burlington is shrinking, not growing. Has there been a suspicious increase in the number of new voters in Des Moines County? If so, one might cross reference new voters to the percentage of these recent registrations voting absentee. An abnormally high number in both respects is not a good sign.

Names off tomb stones becoming voters in high turn over neighborhoods has happened with disturbing freqeuncy elsewhere. I would hate to think it is happening here.

I never met my great-grandfather and neither has Heland. He better not be voting for Heland.


I have no doubts that the absentee votes for this election will receive more scrutiny than any other election in recent history. Hoschek and Diewold's trips through nursing homes with their pens will be nothing compared to what we're about to see.


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Unreported Manor Story


I see neither the advertiser nor city hall has announced the news that the low rent housing board denied the request to move the people from the manor to the front of the list for low rent housing.

The advertiser does not seem to report certain things when it involves their cohorts and decisions that are flat out failures.

Conflict of interest is what comes to mind, also corruption.


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Fan Mail


Your hate mail is more informative than many postings. It is nice to see the Edwards family is so concerned with your site. Do any of them own spell check?


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23 October

Ed Blow Launches Election Blog

According to this morning's press release, Ed Blow announced his election blog. Click here.

I'll bet we see a lot more over the next 2 weeks from Ed.

Good Job!

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Family Letters


You're so en-fricking-credibly right!

Since we live in such a loser town we should give up and forget about trying to do anything bold and enovative that might enhance our appeal to those dim-witted enough to consider locating in this backward, piece of shit town. Thanks again, for telling me what to think, Spike. I'm with you all the way. And I look forward to the day that everyone thinks like you and I.

Warmest Regards,

Mark Edwards

P.S. A small matter....When are you going to correct the poor sap that posted here many months ago about the "50 million dollar middle school"? In fact, when are you going to correct ANYONE who posts erronious info here? You wouldn't want to be accused of shepparding those blind lemming sheep, would you? Don't get me wrong, old buddy Spike. I'm with you all the way. Burlington sucks, and I am so glad you and KCPS are here to help keep us all from becoming too proud of our piece of shit hometown. Keep up the good work! BTW, are you on the ballot? I need a man like you to do my thinking for me....someone with enough balls to post this...

I always enjoy hearing from family. When we get a family letter that supports what we do it becomes all that much more satisfying.

I'm glad you agree with what we do albeit in a slightly independent perception of reality.

As for original ideas, I'll leave that to someone other than the mayor and his posse of hoodlums.


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Party Doctrine Doesn't Work - Ed Blow Does

"I am ready, as a fighter of the Working Class to fullfill the directives of the Party to defend the German Democratic Republic and its Socialist achievements at any time with my weapon in my hand and to lay down my life for them. This I swear."


The Politburo of Des Moines County's single party political system is suffering mass paranoia. I have heard reports they are demanding loyalty oaths to the party of any who run for office under their red banner.

Like all tyrants, the oath is to ruler, or the ruler's party. Hitler had the German Military swear an oath to him, not the nation, after the "Night of the long knives." The old workers paradises of the vanished soviet block, so admired by Burlington's Mayor, had citizens swear loyalty to party rather than fellow citizens.

Ed Blow was not buying the B.S.. Blow thought he was elected to serve the people before the party. The Politburo ran a stooge against Blow in the primary. Thus was Blow excommunicated as a heretic for not putting the aims of the Politburo first. Blow did not roll over and play dead.

Blow is on the ballot without the Politburo's blessing. Blow is generating support. This is driving the Politburo into fits. The result has been wild accusations and talk of loyalty oaths for all. The Politburo has a lot to nervous about.

The Politburo's fingerprints are all over the railroad lawsuit disaster, TIF grants for the wealthy, the massacre of Manor residents, etc. This from a Politburo claiming to be for the "little guy"makes me laugh till I cry.

The time has come for the Politburo to cry. There needs to be a payback for what they have done to local citizens. Voting for Ed Blow is a good first step.


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House Fires


Iv'e been wondering about the number of burnt houses in Burlington. Some have been sitting for at least 5 years. Someone is getting paid to see that they are removed, I would think. Maybe the fire department should go back and finish the job??

Thanks for listening.

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20 October

Manor Advice - "Don't Patronize The Poor"

"Don't patronize the poor, they are as smart as the rest of us but haven't had the breaks." Former President Bill Clinton, Georgetown Speech, October 18, 2006.

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City Bonds $2 Million Dollars Over Estimate


On Nov.6th, the Burlington City Council will consider the issuance of $6,520,000.00 Urban Renewal Tax Increment Revenue Bonds. These bonds will not be included in the City's General Obligation Debt Limit since they are Revenue Bonds. Also, being Revenue Bonds, they are not subject to Reverse Referendum (voter approval).

The only way the issuance of these bonds could be stopped is by three Council Members voting to not issue them. That seems unlikely since the City has already acquired at least five owner-occupied residences.

Those residents who are not owner-occupiers will get a reduced rent ($50.00) once the city acquires a multi-unit facility. The City plans to pay around $1,500.00 in moving expenses to each household.

Burlington voters would be wise to follow the proceedings on cable channel 18 or attend the Nov. 6th meeting.

John Sandell

Thanks John, for explaining how this will happen. Too bad the Ad Vertiser can't spell it out for us this easily. It is amazing how Slagle can weasel a way to saddle the taxpayers.

But how in the world have we have gone from a $4.2 million dollar deal to $6,520,000.00? 30 days ago we were screaming about $4.2 million dollars. Now this albatross.

I guess I just think of debt being debt. Asset or liability. No contingent liability in this deal, it's all liability. No developer, no stores, no contracts, just blue sky that we already own.

A flushing of the citizens' brains to avoid the accountability for the railroad lawsuit? Where's Tim Scott's press conference like he planned?

Watch channel 18 on November 6th.


09:32:42 - SPIKE - No comments

TIF Abuses


The developers get rich on the TIF. TIF is misused and it takes too long for recovery on some projects. When TIF or other tax incentives are used for apartment complexes, it is not a good deal locally. These developments have more need for police and fire protection.

These big real estate companies are the ones that benefit. Our city hall calls this economic development and then complains when these facilities turn into drug and crime problems.

Our elected officials are put in office to solve problems, not create them. $300,000 wasted on a lawsuit that we had no chance of winning? The council members should feel ashamed.


09:18:57 - SPIKE - No comments

Ed Blow Genuinely Cares About Des Moines County


I'm not sure how to post on the web site, but I do enjoy keeping up on your outlook on life in Burlington. I share many of your sentiments about the poor economic condition of things around here. It was all made even more plain to me recently when I calculated that in the 19 years since my husband and I built our house it has appreciated 20%, if we could actually sell it for the estimated value a local realtor suggested.

My reason for writing is to encourage all your contributors who are so vehement in their criticism of Heland to get out and vote for Ed Blow. My observation of Ed is that he wants to be a Des Moines County supervisor because he genuinely cares about the county. I don't believe he has political aspirations ( especially since he dumped the local Democratic party)- he's just here to do a job.


That's all there is to contributing. Write us anytime.


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Display Heland in a Dumbing Down Environment


The last thing Courtney and Edwards want is the stupidity of their puppet on uncontrolled display. Heland is like a vampire. Too much time in the sun and he is done.

The gambling barge would be a good place to promote Heland.

Most of those aboard are dumb enough to believe in something for nothing. The racket keeps one's voice from carrying any distance. All the flashing, moving lights designed to numb the mind may make what Heland says make sense.

Some say Heland has spent a lot time on the gambling barge. If so, he should be comfortable in the environment.

Heland is a safe bet in one respect. If he wins the election, we all lose.


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Train Horns Are Here To Stay

We have a snowball's chance in hell of paying for railroad crossing quiet zones. You can gather all of the petition signatures you want.

We can't afford it. Period.

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Library Back Slapping


Well it didn’t take long for the back slapping to start up on the completion of the new library via the panhandling of Mr. Boyd. Mr. Boyd should work for the city acquiring money - via panhandling - rather than wasting tax dollars as our current city administration does.

Why wouldn’t Mr. Boyd get a plaque, what he did was acquire double the money for what a normal city of Burlington’s size could afford in a library. It’s a real accomplishment since that mausoleum of a library was well above our ability to pay now and in the future.

Burlington taxpayers already pay the highest tax in the state for library service, which was for the old library. Just what will the real cost to the taxpayer be for this over extending program? Right now a family of five is probably paying in excess of $225 a year for the old library. In the rest of Iowa this tax is more like $120; so just what does the overburdened taxpayer in Burlington receive for such high taxes that other Iowa cities don’t? Just how many new employees will be required to staff the place? Will existing employees run the snack bar; gosh did the taxpayer need a snack bar in the library?

Naturally the local rag thinks everyone should just forget how we’re overcharged for library services and just accept the fact that being cheated and robbed here in Burlington is a way of life. The people in the Manor know what this type of treatment is here in Burlington.

The Hawk Eye is right on one point, “the battle is over” and the Burlington taxpayer is the loser and will be for generations to come. The city should roll back library taxes to the mean taxes currently paid in Iowa, which is somewhere in the $23 dollar range per man, women and child.

Maybe more people could accept this mausoleum if they weren’t being robbed to support it.


We'll see where everyone is when the tab for the first year operations is tallied up.

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Spike's Hate Mail

JS writes:

Hey Spike
Who do you think you are?
I think Bruce Slagle is doing a great job.
If you think that he is doing such a terrible job, you try doing what he does and puts up with every day.
A citizen

Also if you have a problem with Bill or Mike, then you try and see if you can do their jobs. And if you can't then keep your mouth shut!
A citizen

You are a disgrace to mankind.
No wonder there was a flood for 40 days/nights from God.
It was to teach people like you a lesson.
I don’t care who you are, you don’t insult someone of the same human race as you, like that.
It is so low.
You talk about how this city is so corrupt, then what’s SO wrong with it?
Yes, the railway thing did not go as well as it should have. But that
doesn’t give you a reason for saying the things you did.
And as for the whole Library thing goes, who’s side are you on?
West Burlington’s?
Do you even know what is going on?
Or what they are asking?
They are asking to be apart of our Library-and I and the Burlington City Council understands that, but what they really want is to be able to use the library, but not actually pay for it. Is that right? I know not!
The only thing the Burlington City Council is guilty of is to let what you are saying to get to them.
Now, if you have any real evidence, then speak up at the Council Meetings.
That’s what they are there for.
If you really want to criticize someone for destroying this city, then it
should be you for what you are saying to the people that might be leaving the board.
They should be the ones that get the apologies.
A citizen

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19 October

When Do The Schools Get Paid From Manor TIF District?


Do you know if there are any TIF districts already in place for the Manor? I've been told that there is an old TIF district out there that hasn't paid any taxes for a long time to our school district and probably won't for quite a few more years.

Also are there any more TIFS that are that old in town? What a bunch of crap, Burlington needs to get rid of all of the Chamber Monkeys and most of CITY HALL or Burlington will be so broke they will never see daylight again.

This is not fiscal responsibility of taxpayer money, this is Incompetence, Arrogance, Ignorance and Corruption.

Thanks Spike.


I don't know the answer to this question. You raise a good point. I don't care what the economic development project is, you never ever give away the taxes for schools, libraries or fire protection.

But you know those rules only apply somewhere else, not in Burlington.

If you ever need to see abuse of TIF districts and their detrimental effect on schools, look no further than West Burlington. They are the shining example of TIF abuse.


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BNSF Set For Major Galesburg Expansion

Looks like Galesburg is about to land a $30-$40 million expansion of the diesel repair facility in Galesburg.

Even though Burlington was operationally precluded from the expansion, wouldn't it be nice to have a couple of million dollars in a trust to be used by area residents instead of a $300,000+ legal bill?

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Where In The World Is Heland?


Where is Heland? We're 2 weeks before the election and Heland is nowhere to be seen. Is he home trying to figure out why he is running for office?


Maybe Waldo Heland is out drumming up votes with Edwards across the river in the Gulfport bars. I know that Heland's Cadillac hasn't seen any gravel roads so he has to be looking for a ride to visit the voters wherever he can.

One thing for sure, I'll bet the absentee ballots will receive a lot more scrutiny this election than anytime in recent history.


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Debtors Prison


Burlington's municipal criminal element is bonding the City to the max. You have mentioned these criminals are eyeing Des Moines County's funds.

If a Heland - Hoschek axis of asses controls the County Board, how much loot do you figure the City Hall criminals will get their hands on? You may as well figure in the County's bonding capacity. They will surely run that up as well.

These criminals will condemn one and all to debt enslavement for the benefit of the wealthy few. Why are these criminals not yet in prison?


It takes time to get the right people into position to investigate misconduct.


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18 October

City Bonds Approach Max Debt Limit For Manor


Did I hear that the city staff estimated the Manor project to be $4.2M and they were going to borrow $5M for the project? That is $800,000 over the estimate, more than they gave the library.

$800,000 is 53 years of the former sidewalk program, excluding inflation. We can't afford sidewalks for the poor and elderly, but we can budget $2M over the estimate for the developer?

Now I hear that the city has voted to bond for either $6M or $6.5M $2M over the estimate. What is up with this?

This opens the door for corruption. Who will oversee this project and hand out the money?

The city staff? Do they have an open checkbook? Can we trust them to negotiate with our money? There is too much money over and above the estimate. Businesses would not budget or spend this way. They should be ready for a complete state audit when this is finished.


With this new bond the city is very close to their debt limit. I'll bet the next thing we hear from Slagle is that it really isn't real money; it is bond money, bond mney is like Monopoly money.


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Vote No To Heland


Heland's response to any issue is to run his mouth. The State abandoning portions of old US 34 to the County is cause to bitch and moan according to Heland.

The law is clear on this issue. Why bitch and belly ache? All you accomplish is pissing off the folks at Iowa D. O. T. from whom you may someday wish a favor.

If incapable of abstract thought, utter forth a barrage of babble is Heland's approach to everything. Simply running your mouth is no way manage millions of tax dollars, nor run any organization. Why has Heland gotten as far as he has?

Heland is nothing but an ignorant tool of those who are at the root of this area's decay. Heland's mouth is a distraction to draw attention away from their plans of further plunder.

If you do not wish those who have ruined Burlington to do the same to the whole of Des Moines County, leave a void on your ballot next to the mental void known as Heland.

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Burlington's Manor Project Makes News


With last night's channel 8 news story the Manor project has received coverage on all 3 local TV stations. Burlington City Planner Chris Nosbisch said during his interview that the city would relocate residents to new housing "the same or better than what they have now."

That is news! We are making residents move from a blighted area into another blighted area? Is this what we really plan to do?


Maybe Nosbisch was just nervous. But his eye contact was not one for someone being forthright in their answers.

Let me take Slagle, Nosbisch, Ell, Courtney and King into a blighted area of a real city and I'll guarantee you that Slagle will have warm pee running down his leg, Nosbisch will think being lost deer hunting was a piece of cake and King will be screaming like a little girl. Courtney? Courtney will be looking for Edwards' asleep in the local BK parking lot.


09:49:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Costs of a Typical Sleepover 2


You forgot one item in the cost column from Edwards' BK sleepover - the degradation of the city's image. We are the laughing stock of this state.

I attended a meeting in Des Moines a few weeks ago and several people I never met before came up and asked me what is going on in Burlington? I had no answers. After the second person asked me to explain about the mayor, the manor, eminent domain, the railroad lawsuit and a city manager "taking the city for a ride" I got more angry about Burlington's problems.

Why should I be interrogated about our so called, "city leaders" and lack of leadership just because I happen to live in Burlington?

Then it sunk in. I was responsible. Responsible for letting this corrupt bunch of thugs occupy city hall. I voted to shift the balance in city hall away from a council that totally supported anything the city staff does. It is time to call in my votes.

Spike, you have a new contributor.


P.S. Spike, I forgot to mention, all these people read Burlington Derailed and the are all real happy that you aren't in their town.

We love our readers.

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Tax Them and They Take a Hike


A little news from north of the border that nobody can deny. Businesses are fleeing a tax hell hole. Be in Toronto, or Burlington, the result is the same.

Local government needs to concentrate on providing traditional basic services for which it was created as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Local governments playing investment banker, cultural attractions broker and real estate developer is something they do poorly.

If you take proper care of the basics, you become more attractive to those better suited and more knowledgeable to take care of the rest.


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Casino Construction Behind Schedule

According to sources the new Catfish Bend Casino is already behind schedule. Apparently, the soil is unstable so it has to be removed and new dirt brought in to replace it before construction can begin.

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17 October

The Costs of a Typical Sleepover


Has anyone figured up the costs to the taxpayers for Mayor Edwards being let go from his Burger King sleepover? All these lawsuits and pay raises total thousands of dollars we can't afford.


Payback is a bitch when you get caught. Only the taxpayers are paying the bills for Edwards' screwups, not Edwards.


12:03:07 - SPIKE - No comments

When Are You Going To Fire Slagle and Power?

Will somebody on that city council grow some guts and fire those jackasses Slagle and Power? What the hell is the matter with you people?

Now we have another lawsuit. This time in the form of a Slagle authorized appeal that "won't cost the city anything since it is already in the city budget" or some nonsense like that.

Budget 101 Refresher for the city hall crowd and Council:

1. There is no city budget for legal work, it was pissed away in the railroad lawsuit. With the $300,000+ loss, you are about 5 years behind in legal budgets.

2. Even if there was a lawsuit budget, the taxpayers pay for Slagle's nonsense.

3. And contrary to what Quirk wrote, our bumbling, incompetent city attorney will get paid. It will be buried in his lump sum billing that Slagle and Power wear like badges on their chests.

4. There is no city position for Slagle to protect; the city attorney was slapped stupid in the district court case. Power's pride must be smarting from all the court room losses he endures. I think this is at least the 4th loss this year. In fact, does anyone know if Power has won any city cases in the last 4-5 years?

5. I don't give a shit what Slagle says, Power never filed any appeal for less than $975.00, the amount allegedly not owed to the firefighter.

6. If the cost of this appeal was more than $975.00 you lost again Slagle! Are you that damn dumb?

7. I don't care if Power got all wimpy-eyed and begged for an appeal, somebody put a stop to this ludicrous, ridiculous, assinine, moronic behavior.

8. And to Lost Keys Ell- NO PAY RAISE FOR SLAGLE!!

In addition to all of this, if the firefighter doesn't file his answer in appellate court, there is a chance the firefighter could lose the money awarded him by district court.

So will somebody tell me this city doesn't get even with people that cross them. Retribution is Power and Slagle's motto.

Fire these thugs. We can't afford their dumbass ways.

11:55:22 - SPIKE - No comments



When is Tim Scott and the rest of the city council going to hold a public hearing to let the public ask questions about the railroad lawsuit?


Don't hold your breath. As far as Edwards, Ell, Power, Courtney and the Ad Vertiser are concerned the story is over.

We have a lot of questions when answered might be in direct conflict to what Edwards and Power portrayed as the truth in the press conference.


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Manor Railroading May Not Be Over


Citizen brings up an excellent point about the Manor being ripe for a fight.

The arrogant elitists at City Hall along with the local power structure and local Politburo allies may think they pulled a fast one on Manor residents. October 1st may not be the point of past tense.

Ed Fallon is spreading the word about the massacre in the Manor. Fallon's altruism may be based on another run for Governor, but that is beside the point.

Fallon appeals to a constituency that loves to raise hell at what they perceive to be wrong. Most would agree that secrecy and short notice to run lower income citizens out of their homes to enrich private developers from the public treasury is a wrong.

No doubt the legal aid groups and others are becoming aware of what has transpired. Demonstrations outside City Hall would be a lovely sight.

On the other end of the political spectrum, there are conservative groups to whom eminent domain abuse is a red flag. These groups have been known to step in and take up the fight against government oppression.

The victims of the Manor outrage need to select leaders to appeal to and work with any outside group or groups willing to render assistance. Any counter attack probably will end up in the courts.

With Perry Mason Power for the defense, a repeat of the City of Burlington vs. the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad fiasco should make for further futile and expensive court room drama.


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Eminent Domain


There is national coverage this week on eminent domain. I listened Monday morning to a news brief about local governments abusing eminent domain. The local governments are claiming that they are making it easy on the victims.

What price do you put on a private citizen that does not want to give up their home? This sounds just like Burlington. They are abusing it.

How could they have been so secretive on the Manor issue? This is no way to treat their citizens and it appears sneaky.


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London Stalling


It appears gambling such as is permitted in Iowa is troubling the English.


It troubles me and I live here.


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16 October

Heland and County Zoning

From the Ad Vertiser:

“If elected, Heland said he would not go into office pushing zoning, "but I would never back away from intelligent land use planning."

In 1996 when Heland was on the Burlington City Council he voted to shove the 2 mile zone onto county residents before the county had a chance to develop a comprehensive land use plan.

If you don't think “intelligent land use planning” is anything other than county zoning, you're as naive as the rest of the Mindless Lemming Sheep that follow Heland, Edwards, Ell, Anderson and Courtney around.

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13 October

Ad Vertiser Clued In?


Has the Advertiser figured out yet what Hoschek did? If not, are they too busy writing up an endorsement of Heland to ask any questions?


Nope, they haven't found the relevence to the Hoschek document even though it is the material basis for misrepresenting the ethanol plant's application for federal funding through the Iowa Department of Economic Development, the EDA, the USDA and RISE funding used for the Beaverdale interchange. That is a crime.

And no, ignorance of the law is no excuse this time.

Whatever the city wants the newspaper will supply even if it means endorsing Son-of-Hoschek.


05:04:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Hoschek Question - Is Heland A Clone?


What has been the response to the Hoschek forgery? The Hoschek question has perplexed local citizens for some years now.

Was Hoschek too damn dumb to be dishonest?

I suspect others cooked this up and came to Hoschek for his signature. Little Timmy probably lacks the gray matter to develop this. It is still no excuse.

Any third grader knows you do not cheat on test papers. As far as I know, Hoschek passed third grade. Hoschek never should have signed doctored documents. So what happened?

Des Moines County should not suffer such leadership. It has been to the County's great fortune Hoschek has been a sheltered work shop of one.

Electing Heland would create a moronic majority on the County Board. If that happens, Des Moines County is doomed. This most recent scandal demonstrates the need for voters to get out for anybody but Hoschek's clone, Heland.


The mere suggestion of a Hoschek clone is enough to make me leave town. The real problem with Heland is he is nothing more than a key for the City of Burlington to unlock the County's money supply.

Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Mini-Me Worden all see that fat bucket of cash the County has to work with and they think they know what's best for County residents. And we all know how well Slagle and Worden do budgets.

Between that and Heland's desire to zone the County should be enough reason for the County voters to show Burlington why Burlington is in Des Moines County, not vice-versa.

And contray to Jeff Heland's comments, no one including the Democratic Party owe Jeff Heland a thing.

We don't need someone to foster Hoschek looney bin thinking.


05:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Screw, Not Serve The Community

Spike -

Had Courtney voted against a popular bill restricting eminent domain, he would have been forced to explain himself.

People would have demanded to know what important Burlington project Courtney was protecting. Telling the truth would have upset the scheming maggots at City Hall's plan to railroad the Manor residents via short notice.

Courtney can count and knew the bill would pass with enough votes to over ride the Governor. Courtney kept his ass covered by voting to override.

It all is part of the same old routine. Government in Burlington is all about screwing the community, not serving the community.


There is no doubt Courtney played the role is lap dog for the Democrats. If Courtney and Cahoon were really supporters of limiting eminent domain, Courtney would have publicly chastised the project as an abuse of taking property by eminent domain for commercial development. The very tactic the legislation was designed to eliminate.


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A Better Business Climate?


Illinois is supposed to be more friendly towards business than Iowa. Iowa has traditionally taxed and tormented business for the benefit of agriculture.

That is why I have advocated river counties in Iowa working with their counter parts in Illinois on development. Offer a prospect a choice of state locations. Any growth will benefit both.

Is Mr. Bradley in Hamilton for a tax break, or to avoid debt collection?


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Old Photo

Spike -

You must have an old photo, Spike. Apparently, Bradley must not be able to find anyone in Lee County or for that matter Hamilton, IL to repair his garbage truck. It has been in Mt. Pleasant for two weeks. Must be he is not that busy that he needs it.


Maybe he drove it to the economic development summit meeting last month.


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Gambling Market Saturation Acheived?

Open a new casino and the others around it suffer tells me market saturation is being achieved. Riverside reducing the take in Davenport is proof that supply is moving beyond demand.

These figures also show that gamblers are locals who respond based on proximity much like retail shoppers. Gambling in Iowa is not destination driven. Burlington will never be a little Las Vegas.

If local developers can stick to their program and Burlington's new casino opens, it will not draw as a destination. I will draw like a big box store.

Folks in Ottumwa keep mumbling they want a casino. If they get a casino, a competitor to the west will cut off customers from that area.

Over building beyond the capacity of your market is a receipe for disaster.

The City of Burlington was dumb enough to finance an ancillary to the yet to be built casino. Nonpayment on the note is showing a water park meant to produce a destination draw is not.

Citizens of Burlington better hope and pray they get paid for the risky investment their "leaders" have made in the gambling industry.


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Ad Vertiser Omission?


Newspapers all over Eastern Iowa have been full of stories relating to the Catholic Diocese of Davenport declaring bankruptcy due to the actions of pedophile priests. The Advertsier is saying little about this compared to other newspapers.

Other papers have assigned reporters to get the local take on this story. It is not rip-off-the-wire and plug some white space.

The Advertiser is quick to tell of Congressman Foley's sins and how it was handled by those above him. The Davenport Diocese bankruptcy is a homosexual scandal involving actual physical contact with minors much closer to home. Where's the ink?

The sin of omission seems common whenever there is an issue the Advertiser wishes to go away. Sin only compounds sin.

If it may offend some and goes against your world view, do you ignore it? As horrible as this story of perverison prompting bankruptcy is, it should not be swept under the rug.

Vigilance against perverts in a positon of trust preying on minors begins with awareness of the threat.


Can't sell any ads from those stories.


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West Burlington Pancake Breakfast Saturday - Be There!

Photo by Dan Hockett

The West Burlington Fire Department is having its annual pancake breakfast
on Saturday, October 14th from 6 am until 11 am. Menu includes pancakes and
sausage. Beverages are milk, orange juice, or coffee.

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12 October

Hoschek Shocker


I was shocked to read Hoschek is able to sign his own name. I always thought he made an X in the presence of a witness who signed.


Might be. We found out he can't read.

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Regional Planning's Bradley Business in Illinois


Caught Photo

Here's a photo of Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Board Chairman Ray Bradley's business in Hamilton, Illinois. It is located at 1659 Keokuk Avenue in Hamilton.


Caught Photo

Regional Planning Executive Director Brian Tapp changed the by-laws to reinstate Bradley after he moved to Illinois but he sure didn't help Bradley buy new license plates for that garbage truck. I thought you had to buy new plates shortly after you moved to a new state. Must be easier in Illinois.


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West Burlington Pancake Breakfast Saturday

Photo by Dan Hockett

The West Burlington Fire Department is having its annual pancake breakfast
on Saturday, October 14th from 6 am until 11 am. Menu includes pancakes and
sausage. Beverages are milk, orange juice, or coffee.
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11 October

Hoschek Illegally Signs Ethanol Plant Document

Southeast Iowa Regional Planning & Hinkle Deeply Involved

Federal Money At Risk – Penalties May Apply

We have learned that Supervisor Tim Hoschek illegally signed an agreement with the ethanol plant that significantly modified the original agreement regarding the number of jobs created and the average wages to be paid to new employees. Hoschek signed the paperwork on his own without the other Des Moines County Supervisors' knowledge.

To qualify for Federal funding the ethanol plant had to declare how many jobs would be created and what the pay rate would be. The U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration approved the use of federal funds based on that agreement.

Hoschek was presented the modified document by Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Executive Director Brian Tapp after the deal had been agreed upon with the full knowledge of Dennis Hinkle at Grow Greater Burlington.

Tapp brought the modified agreement to Hoschek to sign. According to file documents Hoschek signed that agreement on behalf of all Des Moines Supervisors outside of a regular meeting without a resolution or vote.

The modified document is a substantial restatement of the terms agreed upon to get the federal money. The penalty can be as severe as to have the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration demand the County pay back the money.

Looks like orange might be a nice fall color for Hoschek. Maybe it will include matching jumpers for Tapp and Hinkle to complete the set.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. All 3 of these clowns knew exactly what they were doing. Only this time, they got caught modifying the deal after the fact. The Feds take a real dim view of that.

We'll have more on this story in the coming days.

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Ethanol Plant Development Agreement Signed

After years of negotiation Des Moines County Supervisors finally got the local ethanol plant officials to sign the development agreement outlining the enormous tax incentives given to the ethanol plant to move to West Burlington.

The agreement wasn't perfect. But it was a hell of a lot better than the Hoschek - Diewold Dumbass Dance that got us into the economic development boondoggle of the new century.

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Is There A Direction? Who Pays?


Talk in the coffee shop is that the City manager, city attorney and the city staff is making this council look like idiots. The 1985 contract WAS the contract according to the findings of the Judge, We march in a council member from 25 years ago and he says that isn't what we meant. Those BNSF lawyers probably think we are a bunch of hillbillies here in Burlington, Iowa.

The Manor project that the council is going to borrow between $5M to $6M was hidden from the media and the citizens by this city council is just wrong. They may get us in another lawsuit. All it would take is one owner in the Manor that could get the financing from an available source and the City could have a Supreme court case on their hands.

Who would pay the legal bill? The developer or the taxpayers? It has happened in other States. Have they given this any thought?


You can bet Scott Power has his eyes set another big fee defending City Hall and not the citizens.


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West Burlington Pancake Breakfast Saturday

Photo by Dan Hockett

The West Burlington Fire Department is having its annual pancake breakfast
on Saturday, October 14th from 6 am until 11 am. Menu includes pancakes and
sausage. Beverages are milk, orange juice, or coffee.

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10 October

Pushers Taking The Poison They Peddle?


There has been a rash of elected local officials around Iowa in the news of late. Theft, drug dealing, etc have landed them in jail, or out on bond. In Burlington, this would be business as usual.

With the massive expansion of gambling, I wonder how long it will be before we hear a tale of woe related hereto? "I betrayed the public trust I sought and obtained to finance my gambling addiction," is bound to be heard before too long.

Elected officials are addicted to gambling taxation revenue. The poison they peddle is certain to take its toll on them as it has all others in society.

Caveat Emptor.

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Power To Ethics Board


So far no one has picked up on the obvious. In Power’s statements he said he was comfortable about not telling the council that the 1985 agreement was in force, because he had checked with the council member of the time, as well as the attorneys and maybe one or two others.

If this is the case, why didn't Power call these people as witnesses during the trial? According to the judge’s comments, Cahill was not there to defend himself over what was written. Why not? I am sure any one of these people he allegedly talked to would have been happy to go on the stand and swear under oath what the agreement meant?

Scott Power needs to go. Not just as city attorney, but in front of a board of ethics to answer for his idiocy and incompetence.

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BNSF To Invest $30-$40 Million In Galesburg

Looks like the Burlington Northern Santa Fe plans to enlarge its Galesburg diesel repair facility to the tune of $30 million to $40 million investment and potentially create more than 40 jobs.

It's always nice to have something instead of an empty building and a big ass legal bill.

Just something, anything.

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09 October

Let My People Stay!


Ed Fallon represents an Iowa House District in the CIty of Des Moines. The former candidate for Governor was in Burlington Saturday to investigate why largely low income residents are being thrown out of their homes.

Around 40-60 people gathered on Little League diamond bleachers to tell of their plight. The shelter was unavailable.

Many related the hardship of moving with a family. They told of riding the line between self sufficiency and public assistance. Most work at dead end, low paying jobs and their taxes have been used to subsidize "Fun" City and now removing their homes will further engender despair.

The Advertiser related the hardship stories, but not the resentment. Some spoke about the abuse of eminent domain and tax increment funding(TIF). Amongst themselves, some complained about their homes being confiscated so an acquaintance of Randy Winegard could get a huge taxpayer subsidy for their business.

Fallon was openly asked about what could be done to stop abuse of TIF for retail projects. Fallon says he has tried to get this practice stopped, but has gotten nowhere.

Residents resented how quickly this foul deed did proceed. The City of Burlington knew about this a long time ago. Governor Vilsack knew this deed was afoot, but mentioned only Burlington as one reason not to override his veto so eminent domain abuse could continue on as it has. Neither the City nor the Governor told the people most affected what loomed over their heads.

There was no time for Manor residents to organize, nor for citizens citywide to know what were the alternatives and total bill to the taxpayers. It was a sneak attack.

Mrs. Fallon went through the crowd gathering names and addresses. Mrs. Fallon was asked if she were aware of Burlington's culture of corruption. When replying she was not, Mrs. Fallon was told of the Drunk Mayor's antics, the secret meetings, city government as a vehicle for enriching the few, etc. Mrs. Fallon needs to spend some time researching the achieves of BurlingtonDerailed.com for a full briefing.

About 20 minutes into the meeting, Cohoon and Courtney showed up. They properly said they had come to listen. Fallon had organized the event. It was his meeting, not theirs. Cohoon listened and took notes. Courtney stood around with his eyes behind a pair of Goin' Hollywood shades.

Fallon told the crowd he had never seen the Manor before, but his drive through impression was not one of blight. At the end of the meeting, Fallon asked to walk through the area with residents.

Few at the meeting are willing to go quietly. Many want to fight back. There was leadership potential among some of the more knowledgeable and articulate residents who spoke. With some outside assistance, they could prove a problem for their tormentors at City Hall.

Residents were basically told to get assistance from the outside to fight back.

That outside assistance better come quick. The bully boys at City Hall are moving fast before any outside lawyer can find something they may have failed to do properly in the confiscation process.

Fallon's appearance means more than he may run for statewide office again. There is now no denying that Burlington's culture of corruption is being taken note of at the State Capitol. The question remains, how long before the prosecutors come looking?


Not long.


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Late is Late


I went to the meeting with Ed Fallon this weekend. Our local State representatives Courtney and Cahoon showed up about 20 minutes late. I guess our problems weren't important enough for them to be there on time.

Courtney reminded me of a bad Elvis impersonator at the meeting. The sunglasses, the demeanor, the whole impression was one of somebody with an attitude who would rather be elsewhere. I wonder if the shades were for eyes tired from too much Gulfport with the Burger King Mayor Saturday morning?


We've reported Courtney's disregard for important issues many times. Cahoon doesn't want to be associated with any controversy, none.

Late is late. Nothing more than disrespect is shown when you can't be on time.


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Fun City Alcohol Problem


Please correct me if I'm wrong.

All the underage drinkers getting busted @ Fun City the other night- most bars would lose their liquor license or, at the very least, have them suspended.

As you have reported in the past this is not a new problem at Fun City. Even the out-of-towner minors know to head there for some partying. Since Fun City is becoming the new hot bed of criminal activity perhaps the city should claim eminent domain and take over. Oh wait, they only do that at Randy's request.


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06 October

Excessive Taxation Blurring Representation?


Those poor devils in the Manor are finally getting some attention to their plight from an elected representative. Ed Fallon's Iowa House district is 160 miles away in Des Moines, but he is coming the distance to investigate what has been done.

What of the representatives whom the folks in the Manor elected to represent them in Des Moines? Do they represent the Robert Muir Company of Minnesota first and foremost?

Driving people from their homes because the city hopes for a tax windfall on commercial property in the future subsidized by all under the guise of TIF makes one wonder. Do whatever their friends and fellow travelers at City Hall want to feather their nest above all else.

Senator Courtney and Representative Cohoon, where are you? Whom do you really represent?


You won't see Cahoon ANYWHERE near a controversy. Meanwhile, Courtney IS the controversy!


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Power Spins Another Yarn - Or Two

At Tuesday's press conference and cover up, Burlington City Attorney Scott Power very emphatically proclaimed the City still owns the riverfront property by stating, "the city's property the railroad has the right to use for railroad purposes" even though the 1880 city council document below shows something quite to the contrary.

This is the city council record from August and January 1880. Within this document the Lower Accretions are conveyed by deed (sold) to the CB&Q Railroad for the sum of $35,000.00.

So let's see, we have a willing buyer and a willing seller in a transaction where the consideration of $35,000 is transferred from the Buyer to the Seller in exchange for the deed to the property.

Also included in this document is the Council resolution to annex the property for the West Burlington Shops. I don't see any reference about principal machine shops, either.

So tell me, who owns the Lower Accretions? I'll place all my money on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe contrary to what our overpaid city attorney represented to the public.

It is absolutely amazing that even though Power was slapped silly in court, he still maintains he is right. That arrogance is the reason we lost the lawsuit. Along with the incompetence.

The best way to read this is document to download the image and print it out.

1880 Burlington City Council Resolution Conveying the Deed to The CB&Q RR for $35,000.00

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Howard Johnson's Coming To Town

The awnings are up. I guess I am the last to know that Howard Johnson's is coming to town and will occupy the former Grand Orleans.

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Ron Fields Leaving

Burlington's last chance at newspaper assistance to illustrate the wrong direction the Mindless Lemming Sheep seem to be taking, is leaving town. The Ad Vertiser's Business Editor Ron Fields is moving to Hayes, Kansas to become editor of another Harris newspaper.

On Thursday's Big Show KCPS 1150 AM Fred lamented how hard it will be to to fill the void. Fred was right.

Delaney started as the business editor. Look how he turned out.

Maybe when Delaney gets the axe Fields will come back. We need him.

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Why Was Courtney Mute?


If Courtney was at the press conference, were any questions asked of him? He was among those advocating suing the railroad. All the Advertiser focused on was Power.

The Advertiser was and still is in bed with the whole gang responsible for the current sad state of affairs. As I recall, the Advertiser has endorsed most of the elected morons who made it all possible.


Courtney sat in the audience and my guess is that he will never speak publicly about his role in this disaster.


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Moving Costs


This Manor deal is another asinine decision by our inept elected and hired officials.

My understanding is the city wants to generously give each person forced to move from the Manor $365 for moving expenses.

I put into an on-line calculator what it would cost to move three miles here in Iowa for three people having lived in a two bedroom house for over five years. The chart is below and gives the high and low range for such a move.

The people living in or who own homes in the Manor are being cheated by these bums in city hall.

Estimated Expenses for Your Move
-------Lower Estimate//Upper Estimate
Estimated Weight - lbs.----9660//12075
Transportation Expense-----$519//$671
Packing Expense----$1256//$1570
Total Cost----$1775//$2241
Distance estimated by ESRI to be 3 miles


I agree, you can't move for $365.00 unless you only have 10 suitcases and a waterbed. The numbers above look reasonable.

However, ALL moving companies will usually discount their interstate rates by about 55%. Intrastate and instate rates are usually can be negotiable even though movers make more money because they don't have to share the moving fees with others. However, if you catch movers at the right moment, you can make some really good deals.

Let's hope the city reconsiders these costs. Any economic development project like this can eat actual moving costs because the publicity is worse than the money.


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Middle School Problems


The social equal boundaries the school board created is not the best thing for the students. But the best way to get grants for all kinds of projects they don't need.

They need to start doing things for the kids not for the grants. Like put the boundaries back where they belong, not if you live on Flemming Ct. off of Flint Hills Dr. and you go to Black Hawk School.

How dumb is that? Every kid gets bused and now you want grants for safe sidewalks. This is ignorant. Burlington needs intelligent decisions made, not incompetent ones all of the time.

Now Sunny Side wants social balance so you send disadvantaged kids over there so you can get free lunch programs and special classes. It creates jobs for teachers but do you send upper class kids to lower class schools for social balance? I don't think so.

It's all about the money, not the kids. The kids would be better off going to school in their own neighborhoods, not 5 miles away and being bused. The tax dollars and the kids would be much better off without these stupid ideas the current superintendent has come up with.


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Mark Foley An Indicator


The scum bags representing the voter in Washington have no shame nor do they practice what they preach. Their all so righteous until they get caught.

Then when they get caught they run to rehab and claim drugs, alcohol or other problems such as abuse caused it all.

Anyone who believes this bull has their head stuck in the ground. Politicians, actors, entertainers and famous persons in general pull this crap when they get caught.

There's always someone else or some other event to blame their devious actions on.

This creep Mark Foley should be sentenced to hard time just like any other criminal, should it be proven he broke the law.

Barney Frank from Massachusetts is a senator that rented his house out to a pimp and prostitution ring. He also had a pile of other indiscretions over the years. Believe it or not Barney is still in the senate passing laws for us while he lives to a whole set of different standards as most congressman do.

I often wonder why we send our boys over to Iraq when the biggest threats to the United States originate in Washington by those elected to represent us?

Term limits would put an end to most of this corruption in Washington and until then we are stuck with these losers elected to represent us. Anyone in Washington over two terms is most likely lining his or her pockets by selling their votes to the highest bidder.

Why citizens continue to elect the same people over and over again is beyond comprehension because after two terms their bound to be corrupted and self serving.


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It seems like Power, Rigdon and Hogberg were managing the city lawsuit not the council. And yes, the incompetent city manager.

At least that is what Powers said in his own hindsight words. Now with leadership like that running your city that is why you have taxes almost the highest in the state and unreal debt.

Mismanagement is rampant in this city and so is corruption. Hinkle and Tapp did not show up to the so called sweeping under the rug of the lawsuit press conference because they are not going to dodge any bullets for the council.

They are brains for the dumb ideas, but are not going to take any responsibility for the failures that they create.

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Under Rug - End Of Story?


Slagle shredded the evidence against them but saved the evidence for them and then read Quirk's editorial as the reason they sued the RR.

And they do not care what people think. As far as they are concerned it is under the rug and over. End of story. This is incompetence and not fiscal responsibility of taxpayers' money.

Power, Slagle, Edwards, Ell and even dumbass Kellogg should have to pay the city back out of their own pockets like criminals have too.

Thanks Spike


Oh, it's not the end of the story. It was just Edwards little attempt to use a whisk broom when he needed a shovel.


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Like Dusty Roads ...They Just Fade Away


Like a dog rolling in dead fish, I sometimes read trashy tabloids. Hollywood's worst boob jobs, cancer cured by artichokes, alien space baby in Bonn's Hollow, you know the fare.

BurlingtonOnCrack has fit this bill in the past, but for how much longer?

Senator King's web site has never been worth a book mark, so I have always search engined my way down to it. Google will no longer take me there. Does Google ignore dying web sites?

Dogpile got me to the Senator's dung pile. Nothing new has been posted there since he put forth your secret I. D. nearly a month ago. Whatever happened to the chest pounding self promoting that was laughable as flying saucers coming from the center of the earth?

I guess like others who thought they could walk on water, Senator King is slowly fading away.


Like the unsettled dust from a country gravel road. Sooner or later it will just be dust.


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05 October

Recollections Of Old Men

City Attorney Scott Power stated that he based the railroad lawsuit on the recollections of several old men. Power said he used the comments of former councilmen Jerry Rigdon and Wayne Hogberg among others to formulate his meritless lawsuit into a $300,000 taxpayer boondoggle.

If that wasn't enough of a dumb move, Power went back to these same Old Men to bolster his ego to justify his attack on the BNSF as righteous and sound.

So there you go folks, that was how it happened according to Power.

In this case the unwinnable war was ill-conceived, poorly executed and lost due to the absence of leadership bright enough to say "Uncle" when the Winds of Merit blew up their skirt.

Recollections of real warriors are based on the blood of war, not "20/20 hindsight" or incompetent attorneys.

Fire this guy and withhold his final payment. He didn't earn it. His bullshit excuses are pathetic.

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Pathetic Excuses


What a load! Mike The Drunk Mayor holds a press conference and doesn't tell the public? What's he afraid of, losing his cool in front of the taxpayers? The public has the right to ask all of the people involved in this coverup questions about what happened.

As for what Mikey said, I wasn't there and I don't believe any of his pathetic excuses.

And Ell is such a loser. I guess someday he believes he will find the lost keys in one of his pants pockets.


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Council Meeting Legal??


What a huge disappointment. Our city council and their council meeting which they called a press conference and refused to let the public talk.

All five council members were there in the council chambers without advertised public notice. Is that a meeting by state law? These guys are unbelievable!

No regard to the 1985 agreement. Took an illegal vote in the closed session. They could prove otherwise, but the tapes were intentionally destroyed to hide what?

Can you believe Slagle keeps insisting that he followed the state law and destroyed the tapes? The law says that the tapes must be kept for at least one year. It does not say the tapes must be destroyed after one year. He sounds like a child that keeps telling little lies.

What kind of poor legal advice did we get? This case hurts the reputation of Powers entire law firm. I would never hire any of them and I have heard others say the same thing. The citizens are out $300,000. The council should not only be ashamed, they should fire Slagle and Powers. We'll see if any of them have the guts.


Slagle and Power told real lies, not little white ones!


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Was It Legal?


At one point during the last city council meeting, Mike Campbell said something to the effect, and if I remember correctly he even cited some legal passage, about the possibility that the tapes of the closed session somehow could in fact be made public eventually.

He was shut down really quick by one of the thugs (I think it was Ell) who changed the subject and it never got back to what Mike started or tried to say.

Do I remember this wrong? He seemed to be making an important statement that quickly got lost! Maybe I just heard it wrong. Do you recall?


I didn't hear that particluar comment but I do believe Campbell is right. I will get an answer how that might have happened if Slagle and Power hadn't conspired to cover their asses.

And conspired is the only word. These two guys are what's wrong with this town.


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04 October

Tapp & Hinkle No Shows

During Monday's council meeting Edwards promised that Tapp and Hinkle would be present for the City's hastily called press conference on Tuesday.

According to reports Tapp and Hinkle were no shows at the press conference.

I suppose Hinkle was helping Tapp pack for Regional Planning's abandonment of downtown Burlington.


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Great River Region


Regarding the Great River Region effort to present an image of member communities: If taxpayer dollars are to be used in this effort, then "lead, follow or get out of the way" (re: Don Henry in the Sept. 27 Hawkeye) are not the only options. Lead or follow both imply agreement with the effort. Get out of the way implies acceptance.

Opposition is a legitimate position and those who oppose have every right to express that opposition. In fact, they can exercise that right without presenting an alternative to the concept, especially if there are doubts about the judgment and good sense of those who levy the taxes used to fund the effort. They may be branded as negative or non-progressive. So be it. Opposition sometimes requires big shoulders and thick hides.

John Sandell

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Perfume No Longer Covers it


When the stench of what has been going on in City Hall is so bad the clergy come forth, how much worse must it get until prosecutors start poking around the cesspit?


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Slagle Lies


No where in the Iowa closed meeting code does it state "records must be destroyed after one year."

Here's what code 21.5 states:
A governmental body shall keep detailed minutes of all discussion, persons present, and action occurring at a closed session, and shall also tape record all of the closed session. The detailed minutes and tape recording of a closed session shall be sealed and shall not be public records open to public inspection. However, upon order of the court in an action to enforce this chapter, the detailed minutes and tape recording shall be unsealed and examined by the court in camera. The court shall then determine what part, if any, of the minutes should be disclosed to the party seeking enforcement of this chapter for use in that enforcement proceeding. In determining whether any portion of the minutes or recording shall be disclosed to such a party for this purpose, the court shall weigh the prejudicial effects to the public interest of the disclosure of any portion of the minutes or recording in question, against its probative value as evidence in an enforcement proceeding. After such a determination, the court may permit inspection and use of all or portions of the detailed minutes and tape recording by the party seeking enforcement of this chapter. A governmental body shall keep the detailed minutes and tape recording of any closed session for a period of at least one year from the date of that meeting.

No where does this section say "the minutes must be destroyed after one year."

Our lying city manager deliberately destroyed the evidence of this meeting to preserve his job and protect all the other liars who attended this betrayal of Burlington meeting. Slagle's action boarders on treason against the taxpayer who must foot the bill for this incompetence.

In the old days all of these bums would have been run out of town.


Funny Slagle burned the closed session tape and minutes but kept the tape of a railroad family member that called in to support the lawsuit. That was real relevent history.


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Redemption Centers


Has anyone else had difficulty returning cans and bottles to the redemption centers? I have been refused returns on my empty glass containers, and heard today they have previously refused cans at both Burlington locations. The Maple St center even ran out of money and stopped taking returns at one point.

And now it appears the Keokuk center was burned intentionally. Hmmmm, arson, paying employees in cash, refusing to accept returns.

I wonder if Tom Courtney could come out of hiding and look into these issues?


I would suggest that you stake out Edward's house and follow him to his favorite redemption center. I have no doubt given the number of Miller Lite cans he returns, he has a handle on who can move the empties.


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03 October

Thou Shall Not......


Burlington's most infamous forum of false witness has drawn the attention of those who preach the virtue of truth. Two associated with a trade of men in black have asked the City Council for the truth and pressed their point.

Church came to the whores and they are nervous. So nervous, we have been promised a press conference with full participation, if Power makes it, of those who have turned City Hall into a house of ill repute. In his role as "madam of the establishment," we will see if the Drunk Mayor delivers a cast of characters more corrupt than Sky Masterson's prayer meeting markers in "Guys and Dolls."

For this to be a real press conference, more than just the Advertiser should be present with a full charge of powder and shot. Fred and Seven from KCPS should show up with questions in hand.

Numerous, modern, properly operating video and audio recording devices should run through out. The whole affair should be made available on local cable access with numerous replays.

It is obvious the guilty wish their transgressions against the public would simply be over looked. They hope a press conference will be a venue they may manipulate. If the local press lets them pull off a paint over, they are just as guilty as the Drunk Mayor and all the rest.

Citizens need to send the local media questions they would like to see asked. For starters, was the BNSF lawsuit about jobs, or the City of Burlington laying claim to any and all good will departure funds the railroad was willing to disperse?

The Drunk Mayor's prompt press conference better not end up like counselor Power's promised press conference. We are still waiting for a date and time on that one.

A well earned thank you to those famed for wearing black who went into the lions den as only a few have previously been brave enough to do.

Red jello fellowship, tracts in the screen door and post op abortion photos under the windshield wipers prove little. To challenge leaders of doubtful character in public to produce the truth takes courage and is a far more effective in bringing about a better world.

Evil abounds where the truth is nowhere to found.


Too late. The city hall crowd has already struck. Rumors are it stunk of cover-up.


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Monday's Council Meeting


Reverend Starling questioned the council in detail about the railroad lawsuit, destroying of the documents and the $300,000 legal bill. He did a good job.

The Rev. questioned Slagle and expressed his disappointment in the city manager for destroying the documents of the closed meetings. Slagle answered with the same old bullshit.

Slagle said he followed the state law and the council needs to change the policy. Ell jumped in to defend his friend and made a fool of himself.

Ell said Slagle did the only thing he could have done and that was follow the state law and destroy the documents. Ell is deceiving the citizens with this half truth. The state law says the documents must be kept for one year, it doesn't say they must be destroyed after one year. The council should have been notified before the documents were destroyed. The Reverend correctly pointed this out to Slagle. Slagle appeared nervous.

The Reverend expressed his disappointment in spending $300,000 and wasting the citizens money. He asked if Power gave the city an estimate. Campbell said it was $50,000, Edwards said he thought it was $60,000 and then Ell spoke out, it couldn't have been. Ell is wrong again. If the documents were not destroyed, maybe we would know some truths.

Former council member Rod Kellog spoke and congratulated the council for suing the railroad. He said he would have led the bandwagon and the City showed pride. He supports wasting $300,000 too! It's amazing what happens to people in public office. Kellog's comments were disappointing but not surprising.

We have pride; but we can't read between the lines?



I'm glad to hear a man of the cloth is upset about the charade Slagle, Ell and Edwards are trying to shove up our 6. Maybe Slagle was contemplating his accoutablility for his misdeeds when the Reverend spoke. Or worried that his Manor Project might not cover up his nefarious ways during his job search.

Shame on you Rod Kellogg. Pride? What a half baked dumbass statement that was. The respect I had for you is gone. Whenever you support a lawsuit conceived of idiotic interpretation of the law, you deserve whatever you get. I'm glad you stepped down from city council. We can't afford your thought processes.

Lost Keys Ell wouldn't know it if the dumbass stick hit him right between the eyes. Every time that guy opens his mouth all I see is a $52,000 bill for lying to the city council and the taxpayers and seeing nothing wrong with it.

As for me, I believe Campbell. He is the only sitting member of the city council that accurately recalls Power's $50,000 estimate.

Angelou talked about changing our image. I don't want any part of being associated with these lying thugs.


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Depot Project Scrapped - Taxpayers To Pay Bill

Regional Planning Abandons Downtown Burlington

During Monday's council call in session "Lost Keys" Bill Ell told us that after the thousands of dollars paid to Metzger Johnson to study the depot for the relocation of Southeast Iowa Regional Planning, Regional Planning now wants to move to the Southeast Community College campus in West Burlington.

Lost Keys said that Regional Planning's Executive Director Brian Tapp doesn't want to move to the depot. With this expected move, it is readily apparent that Brian Tapp could care less about supporting downtown Burlington or being within hailing distance of city hall.

I believe the city paid about $50,000 for the depot analysis. Maybe that jackass Tapp can go to his bags of money and reimburse the Burlington taxpayers.

Better yet, don't stop at West Burlington, just keep heading west Tapp.

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Itemization and Malpractice


Counselor Power's pathetic performance on the City's behalf makes one wonder if any time was spent on the process of discovery. Itemized billing would be a way to tell.

Power's presentation before the court makes me think damn little research took place. I have seen much better researched freshman term papers than what Power presented.

Power itemizing his bill may make the process of determining how badly the City was misrepresented a lot easier. Is fear of malpractice making Power's bill come in as a lump sum?


"D" All of the above!


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8 Days a Week?


I see the Advertiser has discovered the two candidates for County Supervisor can tell time. This gives both a leg up on Hoschek.

The big question on Heland's time is whom does he call to get his marching orders? Will Heland be calling Edwards, Courtney, or both to find out what he is supposed to be doing? Heland is incapable of independent thought. That is why Heland gets a big red party star by his name on the ballot.

Blow thought he was elected to served the interests of the citizens of Des Moines County instead of the Politburo of Des Moines County's single party system. For his thought crimes, Blow was kicked out of the commune. Blow is trying to prove people recognize the value of independent thought by running with no party star.

Blow gave an honest appraisal of varying time demands that go with being a County Supervisor. Heland was clueless as usual. I am certain the commissars correctly assured him that doing only as the party instructs will not interfere with selling insurance.

Unassisted, Tim Hoschek would probably take eight hours of mental contortions to figure out what day of the week it is. It is not a question of how long you work, but are you capable of doing intelligent work.

Blow has been a light in the fog when it comes to local leadership. A Board of Supervisors subjected to majority thought capabilities the likes of Hoschek and Heland would be a duplication of Burlington's City Council.


I noticed Heland spoke of pleasing himself in terms of job performance and not the citizens. I guess that isn't news is it?


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Lee County Openness?


How did you like the way Mr. Delaney and our excuse for a newspaper white-washed the Lee County Auditor bankruptcy story?

They had just one article with Anne Pedersen proclaiming that her political enemies are the baddies and that was the end. No follow-up articles and apparently no further research on the matter.

The batterers usually beat something like this for several days. But still, nothing! This is an elected official serving as county auditor who is suppose to be watching over millions in tax dollars and can't manage her own checkbook.

I realize we have our problems with elected officials right here in our hometown, but holy gee-hauss-a-fats this is the county auditor. If this isn't front-page news for a week, I don't know what should be.

Sorry Ms. Pedersen, but your financial calamity was self-inflicted. So don't be trying to blame politics for your own irresponsible acts.

You say your private life isn't for public view. Try telling that to anyone of thousands of elected officials around the country who know better. Moreover, bankruptcy court records are public documents. So, when you walked through that court house door, your private out-of-control spending habits became public record for public view. I guess openness only applies to other people.

You also say this has no reflection on your position as county auditor. Pardon me, but a bit of checking reveals that is not the case. You allegedly told some reporter that medical bills are the problem. But court records tell a totally different story.

You're right about one thing, you have let people down. You let down the voters who should be expecting your resignation.

I have obtained a copy of the bankruptcy court case and I think everyone needs to know that you're making a bad situation worse with your attempted cover up stories.

For years Ms. Pedersen has preached openness. But she quietly slipped off to Rock Island, Illinois to hire an attorney who presented her case to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Davenport to freeing her from her spending tirade.

When all was said and done court records show she will only have to pay around $11,700 of more than $60,000 in legitimate bills she had accumulated. That's a nice deal and much smaller than was reported.

How would you like a deal like that? Now folks, need I remind you this is not your average citizen. This person who is the watchdog over you tax dollars. This is the person who was elected to supervise the disbursement of all your county funds.

Holy property taxes Bat-Man. Holy property taxes indeed Robin. Is a resignation forthcoming? I would hope so.

Who took it on the chin? Well the court record doesn't show any medical bills like she claims attempting to get our sympathy.

Instead the court records one heck of a spending binge. There is Target $5,995, Wal-Mart $1,069, Younkers $4,840, J.C. Penney $2,154, Sears $2,532, Discover $7,434, Famous Barr $963, Home Depot $454, Bank of America $13,336, AT&T $13,650, Bergners $771, Capital One $2,975, Dillards $1,349.

But, she says you don't have to worry about your tax dollars. Her incompetence with her personal finances doesn't jeopardize county funds.

But, wait a minute. I did some checking and found that just last year she used your tax dollars to give a favorite employee a substantial improper wage increase until, at the urging of the Board of supervisors, the county attorney stepped in and told her to stop.

This is the same county auditor the State ombudsmen office found in violation of the open meetings law by distributing a tape of a closed session of the board of supervisors.

This is the same auditor who sits on the Lee County Democrat Central Committee that got themselves in hot water with the state ethics board because they couldn't balance their report.

Ms. Pedersen, can you say early retirement? I hope so for the sake of all Lee County citizens and taxpayers.

And Mr. Delaney if you are going to white wash something at least get the little bit of information you provide correct. More to come!


I still like the clothes valued at $100.00. She probably has shoes that cost over $100 a pair.

Problems like this happen to all kinds of people. It is how it is handled that makes the difference in how we perceive what happened.


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