Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 November

City Is Residential Landlord - For City Employee


City development director Chris Nosbisch is bailing on this City Manor project. Maybe he knows it isn't going to go as planned.

This will open a house for a Manor family. Nosbisch lives in the City owned house in the 1700 block of Dill St. by Perkins Park. Was he paying fair market rent, or is this another government perk?

Houses are bringing $500.00 -$700.00 per month in rent. A nice park in the back yard. Maybe a council member can tell us how much rent we are receiving?

Maybe the City should let a low income family in need rent it, rather than a city employee that earns $50,000 a year and could afford to own a house and pay property taxes. Just a thought.


I find this troubling for many reasons best answered in the form of questions.

Why does the city own residential property?

Why was a city employee allowed to rent it?

Who determined the rental rate?

How much more property does the city own that we don't know about?

How did this happen?

These are all questions that need to be answered as always without the spin from Bruce Slagle. I’m sure that won’t happen. We’ll get his big old dog slobbers with smelly breath instead.


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Des Moines County Historical Society Gets Grant

In a story published Wednesday by the Des Moines Register from a news release the Des Moines County Historical Society obtained a $100,000 state grant to help remodel the old library.

I wonder who's going to administer that money? Regional Planning?

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Go Ahead - Log Crapo Park


I really like the idea of logging Crapo Park. Once all the trees are gone we can replant the entire area in native prairie grass.

Since all we're doing is going backwards we might as well take a big step and use the Wayback Machine to get all the way to 150 years ago. That way we can ride around in horse-drawn wagons so we won't need to improve our streets, save the environment by reducing fossil fuel usage while protecting the ozone level.

Let's get started. The sooner the better.


But we just spent all that money to re-oil Valley Street.


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Nothing Corrupt in Burlington Should Be Of Any Surprise

I’ll Huff and Puff And Steal Your House From You

Spike –

I never went to the Manor meeting. What a surprise to read my thoughts on how to fight back were the same as the property rights attorneys' suggestions. Of course, I never went to Law School. I sometimes wonder about Power.

What a laugh to read Power in the Advertiser huffing and puffing to try blowing the Manor victims away. Typical J. D. bravo, bluster and B. S. Counselor Power may as well save his $300,000+ breath. Just because the folks in the Manor are not wealthy does not mean they are all ignorant and timid. Counselor Power should know never to judge an adversary based on your client's assessment of them.

All it takes is few willing to fight back. A legal battle will stall the dictator's timetable. The Belgian army did the same to the German imperialists in August of 1914. Their sacrifice bought time for others to organize and counter attack. Some Manor victims have already hired a real
attorney and are ready to fight. Muir may well cut and run if the money doth not come as they wish. Then what?

Counselor Power may win his case, but not a victory. The longer this is delayed in court, the more people will realize what the City is trying to pull. Another election is coming up in a little less than a year. A new, literate majority on the City Council may drop the Manor injustice and
demand an itemized bill from Power before even considering payment.

The brave souls whose homes face confiscation fighting against incredible odds should be an inspiration to us all.

Viva La' Manor!


Power went to the Huff and Puff Gas Bag Law School on a Lost Keys Ell Scholarship. When I read his comments all I could hear was, “We've done nothing wrong, we did everything right, this is a winnable case, it will only cost $50,000.”

There was more gas in one paragraph than the elephant truck at Ringling Brothers.


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Newspaper vs. Newspaper Competition a Worry, Elsewhere


It seems a federal judge is worried about an alliance of San Francisco Bay area newspapers restricting competition. Anti-trust laws are being studied to prevent a possible monopoly on news and advertising.

The Burlington Advertiser has had no such worry for well over half a century.

Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ein Furher. This was the cry in Central Europe about the time newspaper competition in Burlington died. One public opinion. One news source. One political party. This is what resulted in Burlington.

All is not as it was. The Advertiser is having a fit over new, alternative news sources.

Spike, if the Advertiser offers you a large sum of money to go away, will the Justice Department be involved?


Oh, they'll never pay me off. Where would they get their news on a timely basis? For the last two weeks they’ve been running at the least day-old, if not two or three day-old AP stories.


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29 November

Logging Crapo Park

Flint Hills Golf Course Next! Burlington Golf Club In Peril


There are some mighty rare and strange species of trees in Crapo Park. I have never seen the boys on PBS's Yankee Wood Shop make a chest out of some of these woods.

The trees in Crapo Park should be worth a lot more than the native luck of the draw on Otter Island. When do the loggers start in Crapo Park?

Better watch Slagle and the boys at City Hall. They may sell the logging rights to Crapo on a no-bid, same dollar per tree price as Otter Island.

The same incompetence and ignorance that got Burlington into the current debt mess is incapable of finding a solution other than simply raise taxes.


After Crapo Park they could just start going street to street logging all the city trees right after Flint Hills Golf Course. Probably the reason the Flint Hills manager is retiring on Friday. Either that or he was tired of Slagle's underage kid driving the golf carts with immunity.

The Burlington Golf Club has some nice timber they could get.


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City Grasping For Sticks


TW has a very good point about the timber bids. What's next, sell the trees from Crapo park? They need money that they lost in the lawsuit. They should have thought about that before they sued the railroad.

Things are not as rosy in city hall as they make us believe. Shouldn't the City Council take some responsibility for these poor decisions? Maybe they need to look at cutting staff and consolidating positions, rather than a Band-Aid approach.


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Otter Island Fiasco


This Otter Island deal smells from the get go and the taxpayer's have a right to know who actually won the bid and who or what organization will oversee the operation to prevent the problems as noted by TW.

We should also know if the operator has any relationship with any of the officials in our city government.


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Manor Victims Should Sue Quickly


I see outside defenders of our sacred property rights have been talking with victims of the Manor confiscation. This is a good sign.

While the outsiders admit their limited resources may not permit their taking the City to court, there is no reason a resident may not do so. In fact, it may pay to file suit quickly.

Herr Slagle admits he has no contract in hand yet from the Muir conspiracy. A quick suit or two may mean no contract for a long time, if at all.

Would you put forth a contract on a project dependent on Power's proven legal prowess? Muir is willing to pick the citizens of Burlington's pockets via TIF and the City treasury, but perhaps not if there is uncertainty and delay that may end up costing them.

Somebody needs to file a lawsuit to allow closer examination of this crime against individual rights.


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Maybe We Can Do the Same Thing Quicker & Cheaper


If the city does eventually use eminent domain to take private property in the Manor, does anyone know how many signatures it would take to force a recall election of the city council members?

Of course, at the same time we need people to run for office that really have Burlington's best interests in their heart. It does no good to recall the inept if we put the same in their place.

We need new committed people to run for office.

One more thing, has anyone been out to Dankwardt and Crapo Park. If you walk the ground you will notice that Creeping Charlie (ground ivy) is everywhere along with other weeds. Playground equipment is gone from where it traditionally had been. It should remind us that if you put a forestry person in charge of the parks you will have pretty good trees but nothing else. Shouldn't the parks director have a degree in something other than forestry?

And where does the parks budget go, I know a lady down the street that can grow anything. Maybe she . . . . .


Maybe we could gain some quick ground if we formed a citizen watchdog group. Anytime you see Edwards, Slagle, Ell, Power or any other city official stumbling out of a bar just call 911 and watch them go to jail. The weather will be cold and they will be head down not thinking that someone is watching.

Saves time and money. We can start over. And the results will be better.


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Manor Contract Imminent?

Spike -

Bruce Slagle said Tusday that he expects a contract from the Manor developer on Friday. Does this mean we will have a rundown on who will occupy our shopping mecca the same day?


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Re: Waterpark Partnership


I've never been to Huck's Harbor and doubt that I ever will since I don't have young children or grandchildren, but I'm surprised that no one has commented on one aspect of the "great deal" Burlington citizens were supposed to get since our tax dollars have and will help build it.

As I understood it Burlington residents were supposed to get in for a cheaper admission price than everyone else who paid. That pretty much went out the door though when it became apparent that few people were going to pay the higher price to go there.

When the weekly prices were lowered to $5 a day (at least that's how I remember it) there was no longer a better deal for Burlingtonians than anyone else. Maybe I'm wrong in this, but that's what I remember.


You’re right, Burlingtonians were supposed to pay less than everyone else.

I wonder if the contract for the bond money had any clause that protected revenue in the event Fun City lowered their admission fee?

Oh, silly me! I forgot we don’t write contracts to protect the citizens and taxpayers.


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A Common Belief System Among Crooks


Kelly Doran, past President of Robert Muir Co., pledges allegiance to the same political expediency as Des Moines County's single party system. Did this help keep Manor victims in the dark while a sneak attack was planned? Everybody from the Governor of Iowa to Burlington's Drunk Mayor was of the same political party. They all kept Manor victims in the dark until their time to be slaughtered.

The funny part is the local single party political system claims it is the friend of the little guy, the working slob, the oppressed. 400 less-than-wealthy people having their homes confiscated so a multi-millionaire may line his pockets with City of Burlington TIF grants says otherwise.

Watch campaign disclosure reports in future local and state level races. See if a Muir connection shows up. A few thousand invested in campaign contributions may be the investment for reaping nearly $6 million dollars from the City's now empty treasury.

Why are people in Des Moines County still dumb enough to buy into and vote for such B.S.?


Because the Party tells them to just like the Mindless Lemming Sheep they are.


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What's Next?


I totally agree with FFS about the quality of City Management sucking life from city. And the corruption all over the leadership of all entities in the city.

My opinion is simple. I believe it all started when Gambling came to town. It’s like a mafia of thugs has taken over, oh so quietly, and gained control of the city from city hall to the police and the school system and now the county!

Now what is next state of insanity? About all I say you can do about it is not to spend your time or money at their establishments or businesses and do not associate with these thugs and criminals.


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28 November

What Happened to Competitive Bids?


I see the city is about to cut timber off Otter Island. How can the city just decide to sell off a city asset without selling that asset at fair bid or with an auction? Anytime we sell old police cars and bicycles they are sold at auction.

If Slagle wants to use the timber reserve to solve city debt and his poor management skills, we should get maximum money for this timber.

The other problem I have with this idea is that for the most part timber buyers and loggers will absolutely screw you to death. They leave ruts, they tear up fences, they leave brush, they make the neighbors mad and they take trees that they didn't buy.

Sounds likes a typical Burlington business venture; poorly done.


It would seem to me that the smartest thing to do would be to call the Iowa State Forestry Department and have them survey the property for saleable trees. They will mark the trees and will arrange to have logging companies bid on the trees in question in an open auction.

That takes lots question marks out of Bruce Slagle's control. Then the city council has to have the guts to control what happens to the money they raise from their newest revenue venture.

If it is ill-conceived and ill-advised, Bruce Slagle is your man. When a city is to the point of selling timber to raise capital, things are bad. Real bad.


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Quality Of City Management Sucking Life From City

And When Will River Park Place Pay Off Their TIF Debt?


It's nice to know that the City Council members are confident the city's debt will decrease dramatically in the next five years. We can all sleep restfully knowing the decisions to create the debt were made by the same group of dimwit people that thought it a wise investment to sue the

Just when will the city let us know when or if the TIF revenues from River Park Place fall short in repayment of the $700,000 the city stole from the taxpayers for the library? How long will it take for this building to generate $700,000 in TIF revenue?

I would also like the city to explain why they tax our utility bills 2% while the state removed its 5% tax? We get a break from the state but the city robs us by taxing the high cost of energy because they have no fiscal responsibility and could care less about the high cost of living in one of the poorest areas of the state.

Going partners with Winegard saved the taxpayer's $3.2 million because the city was going to make another blunder by considering a $5.0 million water park. Just what kind of logic is this? The city's having problems recovering the $1.8 million let alone the possibility of recovering $5.0 million.

In my opinion, the city has yet to prove factually that it's been creative and instituted things that will have a positive impact once the debt is removed. I wish Edwards would explain what in the last five years has been positive for the taxpayer of Burlington.

The inbreeding between city hall, boards, committees, Winegard, the chamber and the Hawk Eye is ruining, if it hasn’t already, the City of Burlington. Because these entities control just about every aspect of life in Burlington, the average citizen will never be free or be able to realize the pursuit of happiness.

Without a two party system of government there will never be a checks and balances form of decision making here in Burlington. Ignorance in voting a straight party ticket has proven once again that voters are not well informed and vote as instructed by the same people that are digging a hole we'll never be able to get out of.

This city is full of greed, dreams of grandeur, incestuous relationships between local entities, power struggles, lack of vision, extremely poor management, drugs, and an overall deterioration of life through higher than normal taxation coupled with low paying jobs.

The local voting pattern has made Burlington and Des Moines County one of the highest taxed sections in the state while at the same time generated nothing but low paying burger flipping jobs. Out of 99 counties Des Moines County is ranked 9th highest taxed in the state with wages about $10,000 below that of the rest of the state.

Life in Burlington just plain sucks because the taxation and quality of city management is draining away our quality of life.


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Even U2 Can't Help


Arrogant, ignorant, egotistical rulers running up a bill for the benefit of the ruling elite have become a sad staple in the third world. The masses are left with a future of endless poverty and misery trying to pay off the mess.

One rock star out to save the world has made 3rd world debt reduction his cause celeb. Bono is lobbying creditors to relieve the 3rd world from debt that leaves many nation's with little, if any, hope of a future.

Like the Bongo Congos gone broke, Burlington's brilliant political leaders have handed out borrowed money to their wealthy friends who fail to repay. Burlington's financial situation is truly 3rd world.

Perhaps Bono can convince some other rock stars to join him in a benefit to lift this burden of crushing debt from the backs of Burlington's peasants.


Bono has a proven track record for helping worthwhile causes. He expects people to work together to help themselves.

We're down 0-2 before we even get started.


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City Debt


I thought the article in the Hawkeye about the city debt was well written. He provided the facts. Some of the debt is necessary.

I don't believe that we saved $3 million by partnering with Winegard on the Motel water park. Who said the water park was mandatory? That is political spin to justify their decision.

Was it necessary to provide the motel south of town with a $1 million TIF? Other local motels did not get any help.

That isn't the place for government spending. Our city water, sewer and trash bill that is going up is a tax increase, too. If businesses and families operated like the City, we would all be in financial trouble. Running up the credit cards isn't smart management.

The City can always get more money from the citizens and the businesses. Families and businesses can't operate like that or they go broke. How about some basic services for a change?


Basic services aren't as appetizing to discuss over lunch as big dog development.


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Library and Historical Society Issues

Should a Portion of The Manor Be Preserved For History?


Anything sold from the library on eBay was a duplicate of items already at the library. Secondly, those items were donations to "Friends of the Library" which is a separate entity from "the Library" itself.

Thought is was interesting that the email regarding the sale of library property was signed "MK". Did the sender mean to suggest this was coming from a person involved with the Friends of the Library with those same intitials?

Manor vs. debt. Can't find more than $700,000 to support the intellectual and educational interests of the city but can find millions for Fun City and then millions more for the Manor project.

Why has no person from the Historical Society come forward to protest the destruction of what is a truly historical part of Burlington. Housing for thousands built in less than a year. Think about it. If that is not a herculean project of historical proportions I don't know what is.

However, since the North Hill crowd doesn't live there, who cares. A part of this area should be preserved.


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27 November

Debt is Debt Regardless Of The Spin

Will somebody explain to me how the city's various debts are not debt. If I list my mortgage, credit card debt and car loan, which of these obligations is not really debt? Which of these debts wouldn't affect my ability to get a house loan? Would my banker rewrite the rules to make a loan if my debt load was 80-90% of my take home pay?

If we have a catastrophic event where will we get the money? Randy Winegard? A loan from Scott Power or Bruce Slagle?

If you remember last year when the city borrowed money for Fun City, Mini-me Worden said he did not envision the need to borrow any more money for the foreseeable future. I guess his definition of the future is somewhat short-sighted.

Right now the city is $194,000+ behind in paying the Fun City bond. And this same guy endorsed borrowing $6.5 million to develop the Manor without a contract from the developer or any anchor stores.

If you add up whatever assets we have left and subtract the debt there isn't much left except taxes. We sure can't borrow it.

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Just Can't Find Him - Guess We Need To Replace Him


I noticed that in the story posted Sunday on the Hawkeye website about Burlington's crushing level of debt they noted that Bill Ell was unavailable for comment neither Friday nor Saturday. How many stories have we read in the fishwrapper where Bill Ell is Missing In Action and unavailable for comment? Does the man own a cellphone? Does he go on secret missions for the CIA or something? Does he live in some part of the city which is not served by either land line or cellular service? Does he live in some alternate dimension where such signals cannot reach his location? One would think he would be responsible enough to answer questions posed by what is, to hear them tell it, “the paper of record” in Burlington. His constituents should make note of this sort of obfuscation.

But oh, we never hear a thing from Bill Ell unless he's backed up by his buddies in city council meetings so they can tell him what to think. That's probably why he doesn't like to answer questions by himself. He isn't capable of forming a coherent response at least one that conforms to the one party lie. So he hides and the press can't find him and he's unavailable for comment. He's Missing In Action. He's always missing. Wait a minute...Missing...Bill Ell...Missing. Hmmmm. Do I see a reoccurring motif here? Bill Ell. Missing. Help me out Spike. I seem to be on to something but can't quite put my finger on it.


Ell has no tangible answers to serious questions. His only answer will be "gotta cut back on services...we'll have to layoff police and fire to make it work."

Maybe Ell is still trying to find an answer for hiding the lost school keys for 7 months from the city council and taxpayers. And how he blame somebody else for the deceit.

Far as I'm concerned it saved a handful of soybeans from being wasted for the ink used to print his comments.


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Jimtown vs. Burlington

What is the Difference Between Downtown Burlington and Downtown Jimtown?

Burlington puts oil on its gravel streets.

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Shuttle STS-116 Launch Preparations Continue

The next shuttle launch is coming up no sooner than December 7.

NASA Image
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25 November

Déjà Vu Economics?

Hi Spike

Do I understand right? Slagle put a board together to try and save money by looking for cost cutting ways to save energy on city property and utilities!

Chris King and Jerry Rigdon are on it? Right there is a sign of failure!

King is the man who said regardless of whether there is settlement discussion in the near future, or the case goes to court, the city's case remains on sound footing by all accounts.

Rigdon is the BRAINS behind the 1985 agreement, and the city's expert witness.

I think that we should just pay the bills and leave these experts out of the equation, or we will have major problems in the city's finances that we do not already have like bankrupted.

But like I say we are already close right now!

These two nimrods should not be involved in city business ever again! CITY HALL does not learn anything ever about bad experiences!


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24 November

The Biggest Travesty of All


The biggest travesty of the new library is the fact that the library sold a lot of their collection to raise money. Many Burlingtonians donated countless hours to collect and catalog items of historical value only for it to be sold on ebay.

In my opinion, the libray sold their soul and essence of what a library is supposed to be just to build a building. And that is all it is, a new building.


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23 November

Left Over Snow Money Used For Slagle and Power


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff. It's nice that we have the freedom in this country to express our opinions.

Isn't this weather great for November? A few more weeks of this and the City will be able to afford sidewalks with the low utility bills.

By the way, what happened to the savings from last years winter's street budget? We only had two snows. They budgeted for more than that. Where is that money? I know we are not supposed to ask.


That money went for Slagle's pay raise and Scott Power's mindless, no basis legal theories and misuse of the Federal Judicial system.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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22 November

High Utility Bills


I was wondering how much the railroad lawsuit fee, Slagle’s raise and the losses at Fun City contributed to the demise of the sidewalk repair fund? I find it almost laughable that the city utility bill caused the fund to be depleted.

Slagle’s is overpaid; so why can’t that gas fund he gets go towards the utility bill or can he not afford to supply his own gas as the rest of us manage to do? The average working mans pay in this county is $29,000. Compared to Slagle’s meager salary, I suppose he does have a problem buying gas or at least the dimwits that hired him felt the need to help him out.

That Power, the city hired attorney, should provide an itemized bill for his entire fee and/or fees prior to receiving any payment. What type of a slouch outfit would pay bills such as Power sent the city without an itemized bill? Does the city accept un-itemized bills from its other service providers?

I know how much incompetence cost us. Regarding the dimwits, imagine how we would feel if Lost Keys and the Drunk Mayor got their way and upped Slagle's pay?

The Power deal is the biggest legitimized criminal enterprise ever invoked on the taxpayers by Slagle and the council.

Slagle has to have pictures. That's all it can be.


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Time For Accountability at City Hall

Hi Spike

If you do not think the advertiser does not have a conflict of interest in the city, just look at Tuesday's paper.

In the front page it reads "SAVE the MANOR" meeting set. And in the story the headline is “HUCK'S HARBOR turns profit for quarter.”

What is that about? Trying to take a negative and turn it positive for the city manager. Also Tim Scott calling Chris Nosbisch a “JERK” in a council meeting for bailing out of Slagle's SCHEMES that the entire council approved.

And Gary Thomas showing up at KCPS radio station for the Big Show and telling Fred that he is too negative of certain elected positions and almost calling them racist. Which I have been told he is very quick at that anyway.

This city is so full of dead it is not funny! And this group in city hall is trying to run everyone that has to work for a living out of town. Well it is almost done for me, I'm looking to sell my property now and find a decent place to live.

Where you know what is going on tomorrow in the town you live. And not a bunch of dumb decisions being made at the drop of a hat for the wealthy at the poor peoples' expense.

I believe the Chamber has to be cut loose from any dealing in city business at all. And the hawk eye should get rid of all of their conflicts of interests and print the news, not what they want you to read.

Slagle should be fired. Bill Ell and the mayor should be voted out at the next election. And Tim Scott should be thrown out along with his mouth because he has had to many chances and screwed them up.

His little reply was not only in the paper but at the council meeting itself. There needs to be accountability at city hall and it needs to start today!

Thanks Spike


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Planner Nosbisch Resignation


Was this in the works? Or, did he find his soul after they announced the manor reclaimation project started, and decided to bail out? We can only hope the City of Norwalk has an opening for Slagle.

I certainly hope the quote from Councilman Scott was a typo/misquote. Whether he's right on or not, that's inappropriate. Oh wait, this is the Burlington City Council, its all about being inappropriate.


I don't think Nosbich would really like an Eminent Domain project utilizing a no contract seizure for commercial development scandal sitting on his resume. He's young enough that this could haunt him for his entire career.

As he matures and gets a load of the real world in Des Moines, Nosbisch will be tap dancing that he left Slagle's mindless wandering in the Sea of Lemming.


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Animal Husbandry and the Local Economy


Inbreeding is known to cause the dominance of less than desirable recessive traits. The facts are coming out about the unholy unions of local institutions such as the Advertiser and Chamber of Compost.

If you look at the retarded, drooling fool on the dunce stool called Burlington's economic future, these revelations should come as no shock.


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Cloudy Memory Doesn't Make It Factual


Hello there. My name is Ben Holeton. i wrote the letter to the HawkEye that you have commented on. I do not know when the ad was placed, nor do i have a copy of it. I know I saw it November 2003.

Someone I used to work with has family in the Phoenix area, and they sent in the newspaper ad with it on there. Now, I will clarify and state that I do not know 100% for sure that it came from the Governor's office, all I know is it had the seal of the State of Iowa on it, and mentioned no specific business. And due to no specific business being mentioned and the seal of the state being on it, I reasonably assumed it was, in act. the state that issued it.

Also, do not think this is a bitter Republican. I am a registered independant. In fact, i voted for Governor Vilsack for his first term. i did not vote for him for a second term as I did not think he did a good job with the first term.

Thanks so much


We appreciate your comments. However, you specifically stated that the ad was in Spanish and placed in an Arizona newspaper by Governor Vilsack targeting illegal immigrants.

The story above from memory is substantially different from what was apparently written and subsequently published in the local paper.

We would be interested in receiving the entire email you sent the local newspaper. And we would like to see the Arizona ad. That would resolve this quest for factual proof that this ad was placed as you stated.


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Simple Answers

Spike -

PL's letter wondering where the drunk mayor is real simple.

Since it is Thanksgiving and last year the Mayor's Burger King parking lot attendance created such a family uproar when exposed, this year the family sent him to the Beverage Mart for 5 cases of Miller Light.

That way he wouldn't be running back and forth for the can deposit. Less exposure and more control.

That's what our community has become. Preventative medicine to control embarassment. Drink 6-8 and call me in the morning.


What does he do with empties?


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Cellulosic Ethanol Is Not The Fix


Iowa made world headlines with the news of making ethanol from corn cobs and stalks. I don't think this is the farm fix.

We can't grow enough corn and still feed the world. We need to get more money for our corn by making products where we get more money for the farmers than a few cents.

Iowans lose in long run in the ethanol industry.


They really don't work when you give away 20 year tax abatements for 50 jobs like the Chamber insists you need to.

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21 November

Falcon Uncovers Direct Conflict Of Interest

Triad of Notoriously Incestuous Relationships Extends Strangle Hold

It seems Falcon has uncovered a dirty little secret the South Main crowd tried to keep hidden. The new Business Editor for the Ad Vertiser is Mike Augspurger. Augspurger is the editor of the Burlington/West Burlington Chamber of Commerce Newsletter.

Funny thing, this information was missing from the Bio on Mike Augspurger printed in the paper.

Now, somebody tell me with a straight face City Hall, the Ad Vertiser and Power's law firm don't represent the Triad of Notoriously Incestuous Relationships.

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None Of Your Damn Business!


I guess we will never know how much was really spent on the railroad lawsuit. Do you think that Power is still protecting his double super secret witnesses or his scortched earth trial strategy?


What trial strategy? The "Silver Bullet" offense? What a gas bag of lies.

You can bet his big old Thanksgiving turkey will be mighty tasty since we all paid for it.


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Advertiser is a Single Party Political Adertisement

Spike -

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses. Vladimir Lenin

Falcon has a great point about the non-existent credibility of the Advertiser. Dennis J. Carroll, recently off Governor Vilsack's staff, writes a page 1 "news" story for the Advertiser announcing our Governor wants to be President.

What the hell is next? Bruce Slagle ghost writing City Council coverage under the Drunk Mayor's byline?

Like a widow picking up a one night stand at a bar on her way home from her husband's funeral, a certain period of separation is appropriate. Compare Mike Glover's AP story to Carroll's. Carroll's rah-rah fluff should have been a signed editorial, not news.

Citizen Kane on South Main will grovel under a snake's belly in the service of Des Moines County's single party political system. The Advertiser does not exist to inform and enlighten the masses so they may make wise choices for themselves.

The Advertiser exists first and foremost to sell advertising. After that, it omits and distorts in order to organize mindless lemming sheep to the single party slaughter every election year.

Never confuse the Advertiser with a newspaper. The Advertiser puts the name of what was once a proud little newspaper on its mast. In doing so the Advertiser is no different than a pirate ship flying a flag of convenience.


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Where's The Drunk - It' s Thanksgiving


I watched the council meeting tonight to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Edwards Burger King sleep over only to find our drunk mayor was absent. Is he in rehab?


I doubt it. Probably celebrating across the river with Heland.


02:47:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Mayor's Self Interest and Sidewalks


You would think Burlington's Drunk Mayor would be an advocate of improving the City's sidewalks. It is in his long term best interest.

Despite his promises to the contrary, the Drunk Mayor still is drinking. It is only a matter of time before he is again busted for driving under the influence. After serving time for multipal offenses, he will be released with no driving privileges.

This means as a former Drunk Mayor he will be doing a lot of walking and bicycling. Spacious, paved right of ways for non-motorized traffic should be his top priority.

Lawsuits "without merit" and pay raises for friends advocating such foolishness have squandered a lot of resources that could have gone into repairing sidewalks. The Drunk Mayor fails to follow through on self interest that would be enlightened self interest for all our benefit.

Retaining the Drunk Mayor is to nobody's benefit except City Bureaucrats.


02:45:52 - SPIKE - No comments

20 November

Sidewalks or Slagle's Pay Raise?


Sunday's article about the energy savings committee quoted Councilman Thomas as saying Slagle said the high utility bills is what axed the citizens sidewalk program. The utility bills may have been up, but Slagle and Worden convinced the council that there wasn't any money for these programs.

After the budget was finalized including these budget cuts, Slagle convinced the council that a pay raise for Slagle and the staff was in order and to hell with our sidewalks. They found the money for the pay raises though.

So it wasn't that they had no money for the citizens programs, they just chose to give more money to the city manager and his staff.

Is Thomas this naive? It should be the city manager's job to find ways to save on our energy bill. Slagle is paid a high wage to do these things.

Slagle would never make it in the private sector because performance is expected, not excuses or pushing the work to a volunteer committee.

I tried Ethanol too, and I got about 2-3 gallons less per mile, so other than supporting our ethanol plants and the farmers, it isn't a savings as Thomas proclaimed. At one point, I was paying more per gallon for ethanol and getting less MPG.


The energy savings from Slagle's cubicle would have been a real cost cutter the minute they caught him lying to the boss. That's why he picks the taxpayers' pockets.

Remember the air conditioners in city hall were cranked down low enough to hang meat on the weekends so Slagle wouldn't sweat when he came in on the weekends to check the closed session tapes?

Fire this guy and move this city forward. You find a younger person with a better skill set, you'll have enough money for the sidewalks. And a lot more.

Only problem is, Lost Keys will lose his golfing buddy.


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Another SEIPRC Screw Up - No Guts Leadership


Southeast Iowa regional planning recently made a revolving loan to a company whose assets may be tied up in the Iowa Supreme Court. In addition to that, numerous people told me that the company is heavily leveraged in gas futures by not having sufficient gas purchased to cover their prepaid gas accounts.

I also read where Tapp vouched for the guy's financial condition in a regional planning board meeting.

Is regional planning using tax money to fund Tapp's private slush fund?


Tapp has never been good at doing his due diligence. Same thing happened with another of Regional Planning's revolving loan fund recipients. Only after a year or two had gone by did Tapp find out it was a shell game.

Too bad regional planning doesn't have a board of directors with any guts or leadership abilities. Oh, I forgot, the Chairman of that bunch is from Illinois. And Lost Keys Ell helps bless this buffoonery.

But you won't read about that in the newspaper. Along with a lot of other things that get shoveled under the rug by Tapp and his slipshod management style.


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Advertiser Lacks Credibility

Spike -

Citizen Kane on South Main grandstanding about verification of what they print is an absurdity. Citizen Kane censors not on falsehood, but only in the name of protecting Burlington's pathetic power structure. If it does not offend the right people and it passes spell check, it is off to the press.

As technology makes it possible for anybody to be equally heard everywhere the only way to hold an audience is quality of offering. That means the truth. The WHOLE truth and a constant striving to make certain it is. When the Advertiser was the Hawk-Eye, this was the case.

Blackberrys are here. New hand held printed word technologies are on the horizon. Ink on paper news will not be delivered door to door. Somebody else willing to seek out and propagate the truth may well take the Advertiser's market. Look at what Spike and Falcon have done already.

If the Advertiser's owners wish to keep raking in advertising revenue with electrons after ink is obsolete, they better find credible staff to recreate the Hawk-Eye with great haste.


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Delaney Caught


Delaney and his troops are just lazy asses. They have been busted again. Y.ou have to wonder how much more they print is wrong


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Iowa City Ne'er-do-Well Blogger On Spike's Case


Send me proof of the Arizona ad and not your rewritten idea of facts or speculation. I will post the ad copy on this site.

You surely can't believe that anyone running for President will be able to cover up a newspaper ad.

Until then, I'll go with what was provided. Unlike your friends over at the Ad Vertiser.

One thing I forgot in my email to you. Send along proof of that "forgotten Vilsack's history of luring illegal immigrants?" I can't seem to locate any of that information either.


> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: A clever denial does not equal the truth
> From: WalkerCL04@aol.com
> Date: Sat, November 18, 2006 8:06 pm
> To: mailhook@burlingtonderailed.com
> Spike, take another look at that letter from the Governor's assistant and try to imagine how that message could be dancing around the truth.
> I think you are way off base on that subject. In the first place, an editor tries to verify the author of the letter but does not try to verify the content of a letter.
> Have you forgotten Vilsack's history of luring illegal immigrants?
> Charlotte Walker

04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

18 November

Delaney's Malabsorption Of The Internet

Spike's Reader Corrects Irresponsible Error

Correction Letter Follows This Post

In today's self-righteous wekly proclamation, the Ad Vertiser's Chief Poobah, Steve Delaney stood on his own bandwagon to tell everybody how well they do their job policing e-mails, verifying the letter writer's ID, protecting the weak and poor along with checking the facts before they print letters to the editor.

Apparently they don't do as good a job as they lead us to believe. Especially when letter writers make outrageous, unsubstantiated claims.

Last week, the advertiser printed an outrageous letter claiming that Governor Vilsack had placed an ad in a Phoenix newspaper, all in Spanish, enticing all illegal immigrants into moving to Iowa.

We received questions from several of our readers asking about this. Thanks to one of our readers the following reply was received from the governor's office.

As we have shown time and time again, the advertiser doesn't check their facts, doesn't do their job and tells us how to think all the while telling us what a good job they've done. This is just another blunt force trauma example of how a good newspaper has turned into nothing that a good fish would like to be wrapped in.

Last week they trashed the Des Moines County Attorney's office. This week it was the Governor.

What will it be next week? An outrageous claim about Spike?


11:58:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser's Correction


You were right. The letter was bogus. Maybe you could run this as a Correction since they won't.


From: Jones, Cindy [IGOV]
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006 12:47 PM
To: m
Subject: Re: your email

Hello Mr. M.: we have received your email regarding the letter to the editor in the Burlington Hawkeye and did read the letter. We do not know the basis for Mr. Holeton's claims. We checked with our Iowa Dept of Economic Development and they have never placed any ads in Spanish and do not have any record of an ad of this type being placed in Phoenix. It is unfortunate that Mr. Holeton would write something that cannot be substantiated in fact.

We have increased efforts to make Iowa a welcoming state for documented (legal) immigrants by:

--funding New Iowans Centers

--increasing funding for English as a Second Language

--providing translation assistance in life threatening situations, etc.

The Vilsack-Pederson Administration has a focused and comprehensive record to changing Iowa's economic landscape. A number of state programs and grants have been directed toward SE Iowa -- with two additional efforts in Lee County announced this week.

Southeast Iowa, like the rest of the state, is vital to transforming our state and bringing hope and opportunity to future generations.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Cindy J. Jones
Constituent Caseworker Coordinator
Office of Governor Thomas J. Vilsack and Lt. Governor Sally J. Pederson
1007 E. Grand
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

See what your state government is accomplishing at www.ResultsIowa.org.

The New Iowa:
A Vibrant, Healthy, Growing State

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17 November

Council and Citizens to Blame for Slagle


You are correct in your observation of how the Des Moines City Council deals with their City Manager. The example cited is how it is supposed to work.

If you are drunk, incapable of higher mental functions, lazy, or all of the aforementioned and serving on a City Council there is no way you can do your job. When the Council is incapable of doing their job, a power vaccum is created.

Power abhors a vaccum. Slagle has filled the void with relish and a vengence. Slagle has demonstrated an amazing ability at getting the wrong things done with little, or no adult supervison and guidance.

It is up to the citizens of Burlington to recruit and support competent people to serve on the City Council. A competent City Coucil majority needs to be put in place to provide governing guidance.

If Slagle can adjust to using his talents as directed, he would be an asset. Like a dog allowed too long a stay inside not house-broken, Slagle may not be able to make the adjustment. In which case he should be thrown out the door for good.

The mess Burlington has become is not the fault of one. It is the fault of all.


03:31:54 - SPIKE - No comments

Clandestine Courtney


Senator Courtney likes to appear at illegal closed door meetings in Burlington. I cannot wait for the Senate Majority Whip to try holding such meetings in Des Moines.

Unlike Burlington, real newspapers cover the goings on of the government in Des Moines. They play hardball and sue arrogant asses who flaunt the public meetings laws.

Perhaps Senator Courtney will try passing a bill censoring newspapers like he tried to do to internet sites. Then everybody in Iowa will be as ignorant of what is being done to them as the citizens of Burlington.

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16 November

West Burlington Roundabout Dies

A grandiose plan to turn the intersection in front of the hospital into a European roundabout died during the West Burlington City Council meeting last night.

We are indeed fortunate that the demolition derby drivers that frequent the hospital will be left to their conventional memories to perform the necessary driving skills in order to avoid an accident.

If you want to experience Europe, have an espresso.

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Courtney Ready for Challenge?


Courtney is going to keep both eyes open this year as Majority Whip. Unfortunately, he will still turn a blind eye to whatever Slagle and Edwards do.


Courtney should have both eyes open. That way he can watch the rest of the players, play. Courtney is a phony, backstabbing thug like the rest of his pack.

And the folks in Des Moines know it.


11:09:07 - SPIKE - No comments

Des Moines City Council Gets It Right

It seems Des Moines has gotten it right on the interaction between the city manager and the city council.

City officials are worried about the potential environmental concerns a new ethanol plant in the city might have on the city. The city manager is going to hire a consultant.

The city manager is going to do this at the direction of the city Council. The Council asked the city manager to negotiate with both developers. The council is expected to choose a plan in December.

The optimal words in this story are, “The Council directed, asked, will decide.”

How come we can't get it right here in Burlington? Does Des Moines have a better city manager? Or do they have a city manager that understands the pecking order?

Bruce Slagle needs to be shown the door. Now. As a Christmas present to the citizens.

Another year end housekeeping tip.
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Lake Starker


The parks director has gotten his wish. There are no geese at Lake Starker.

There is no Lake Starker.


Probably no money to finish the project. We've got to save up for Slagle's raise.


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15 November

SE Iowa Regional Planning In Another Mess

Sources say Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Director Executive Director Brian Tapp has yet another controversy stirred up in Lee County. This developing story should have serious ramifications for Tapp and his crew.

The controversy has been brewing for several weeks and it doesn't appear that there will be resolution.

Stay tuned.

12:30:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Makes County Pay

Hoschek was recently elected chairman of the regional port group. The group meets periodically. Hoschek stated he makes it a priority to meet at a fancy restaurant, have an expensive meal and charge the meal to the county.

Hoschek went on to say that he can't wait for the meetings to be held at Martini's.

You have to keep in mind that he charges the county for all the travel mileage to get to these meetings. Until Ed Blow changed the county policy Re: the attendance of out-of-town meetings, Hoschek made money on these deals through the reimbursement from the county. So not only did he get fat, he got rich on the taxpayer dollar. Is that public service? Or is this behavior of a genuine trough surfer?

For all the years Hoschek has attended the port group and all of these nice meals Hoschek has devoured, what has he done for the citizens of Des Moines County?


12:12:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Pays $14 A Year In Taxes For Family Cabin

As reported here months ago, Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek finally became a taxpayer in Des Moines County after many years of never paying any taxes.

According to a letter to the editor in yesterday's Ad Vertiser High Roller, Ninja Trough Surfer Hoschek pays $14 a year for one-third of the taxes on a family owned cabin north of Burlington.

I don't like the idea that someone in charge of a $27 million budget believes that by paying their fair share of $14.00 in taxes should be rewarded by collecting every dime of their travel allotment to the point each year that Hoschek runs out of money for his trips to the courthouse.

Will someone please tell me what this guy has done for Des Moines County other than slop at the trough of public funding for the last 12 years?

I'd even pay his taxes, if he'd leave office.
12:00:53 - SPIKE - No comments

Is Hoschek An Island?


Green sure has Hoschek pegged. Will little Timmy follow Beck, or Heland?


I hope Heland uses whatever good sense (he might have and needs to demonstrate) to realize Tim Hoschek should never be Des Moines County Supervisor Chairman again. But I doubt that happens, since the party owed Heland the job, the payback is probably that Heland votes for whatever Hoschek wants.

You'll get that when you vote the party politics into the system of good government. The voters are going to get what they deserve.


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I Guess Things Must Be Good

Cops, Drunks, Pervs and Lemmings Running Amok


Isn't it convenient how a couple of entrapment arrests ala Dateline NBC from the Burlington PD gets all the heat off of them for Drunkie's preferential Burger King Parking Lot treatment and all of the other incompetence and corruption?

Are they so flush with funding and tax dollars they have resources for such foolishness? With the wave of violent crime that has been seen in Burlington recently how do they have TIME for an investigator to get on-line and play a teenage girl in chatrooms and entrap would-be pervs into some sub-statutory sex? Hmmm.

I guess they've caught all the guys from Chicago that keep shooting up the apartment projects. I guess they've caught the person or persons that shot and killed Dianna Dawson in her home. I guess they have that John Lee Jarvis case all wrapped up, too. Guess that horrible meth crisis they're always crying and wailing about has been solved, too. Must be since we've got cops sitting around in the office trolling chatrooms talking dirty on the internet. Damn. I feel safer already Spike. How about you?

Nothing like trotting out the old reliable perv or pedophile behind every bush to terrify the scared-of-their-own-shadow soccer mom crowd and divert attention from your own failings. Oh well.

I imagine there is another dumb ass out there they can entrap into coming to Burlington for a little underage teeny bopper fornication to score some headlines in the Hawkeye to divert attention from the real issues and have the mindless lemmings foaming at the mouth screaming for blood and the removal of genitalia.


11:57:46 - SPIKE - No comments

How Much Did This Cost?


How many man hours was wasted entrapping the teacher from Illinois? I know the corrupt the corrupt BPD and if I'm right they .harassed this man to death trying to get a bust.

Because that's how they work. If you put enticing things in front of a person long enough they will cave into temptation. We are only human!

It did not take long for the story to get out. I will bet the cops thought promotions were in order.

How much money was wasted on this case when they should be on the streets or trying to solve murder cases or drug busts?

BPD uses harassment and entrapment all of the time. It seems like they break the law more than the crooks. What a PD! I hope they do not come busting down your door anytime soon!

Thanks Spike


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14 November

Investigate Newspaper


Now that the election is over, I have a good idea. Why not investigate the paper for impersonating a newspaper?

The big picture of Culver and his election sign on the front page of the paper was terribly one-sided when it was followed on page 2 with another big picture. Did they need to include the Culver sign?

According to election law the newspapers are mandated to provide equal coverage, even down to measurement in words and column inches.

When Nussle came to town he was sent to the far corner of the paper where no one would ever see it.

I don't think the paper meets the smell test on this one.

sign me,
Me? I Voted for Culver!

Maybe someone other than Sore Loser Chris King would like to report this to the Campaign and Ethics Board for their opinion.

And while you're at it, investigate the ratio of column inches of news versus the column inches of advertising and see if there are any Iowa laws that control or mandate this.

Then let us know.


01:44:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Chamber Election Endorsement MIA


Why didn't the Chamber endorse either one of the supervisor candidates? They normally choose a candidate.


According to sources the Chamber had various reasons for no endorsement. Most of it was spineless bullshit! It never ceases to amaze me how anything gets done when they are all playing hide-and-seek with their own shadows.

We'll have the story real soon about these buffoons.

It will be the first of our year-end house cleaning tips.


01:26:34 - SPIKE - No comments

Protect Burlington From The Ad Vertiser


We need to protect our community from the newspaper. Sunday's editorial told us we need to prosecute the computer pervert here in Burlington.

If we get a conviction and the school teacher can't get a job anywhere after his prison sentence, guess what? He'll be living here like the rest of Illinois' riff-raff living off our tax dollars.

I suppose Delaney, Alison and Miller would be happy if this guy got out of prison and moved into their neighborhood so he could watch their kids go to school.

And Delaney could give him a job at the paper.

People wake up, protect Burlington from the newspaper and their idle minds of stupid stuff.


01:24:22 - SPIKE - No comments

Let Illinois Pay – It's Their Problem


I read the paper's take on the online pervert school teacher from Illinois soliciting sex from a minor over the internet. If Iowa prosecutes this case he only faces a misdemeanor. In Illinois, he faces a felony.

I'd rather have the bad guy locked up in Illinois for 22 years on their dime and not mine.

01:22:41 - SPIKE - No comments

Clean Your Own House First


The local PD seems really interested in law enforcement. Too bad they can't find the ticket book for their own. I've been writing you for months and you just ignore my questions. And that makes me mad. How can I raise my kids to have any respect for authority if everyone isn't treated the same?

My kids tell me about a 100+ mph trip down Roosevelt eluding the cops, a car with drugs, no DUI ticket, a Mike Edwards ride home, an altercation, a crash that totally wiped out the car and a fight with the cops.

I think the local police station needs to clean their house up so I can keep my house under control. And if my kids need to go to jail to learn a lesson, then come get them before its too late.


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11 November

Straight Ticket Outlawed in Missouri

In response to the concerns voiced about voting a straight ticket - while I was vacationing in Missouri recently I noticed a newspaper article saying straight ticket voting was not allowed there. I figured such things were controlled at the national level.


The new Iowa Secretary of State vowed to change this abomination.


16:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Sunnyside Street Safety & Overtime


The editor's column in today's Hawkeye mentioned the safety issues with the repaving of Sunnyside while the street was open. I would agree that it was less than safe for everyone involved - workers and drivers, but I would add that the traffic control provided by the contractor often left a lot to be desired.

On a related matter, I also heard that the city didn't want to pay overtime, so workers were on the job Monday-Thursday, 10 hours each day. Too bad they weren't working Monday-Friday, 10 hours each. The project would likely have been done for a while if that had happened.


Last Sunday they had the street opened up and lots of people, trucks and idle chit-chat while one guy was deep in the ditch working by himself.


15:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Stay Where You Are


I agree with earlier posts about the train noise through downtown. Those horns have been sounding for years, though I'll admit there may be more trains now than before.

The business people who move into the area and then complain remind me of the city dwellers who want to live in the country, and then as soon as they arrive complain about the gravel dust and livestock smells. They've been there for years. Those of us who grew up in the country knew that.

If you don't like those things, you best stay where you are.


15:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Still More More Legal Bills


I may be wrong. But there was another payment of $29,000.00 to Pothitakis Firm stating that it was for Settlement f/Self Ins Fund. What is this about?

On the subject of the superviser election. There are too many things wrong.
1. The way the voting machines were setup.
2. The amount of money that Heland raised to run his campaign.
3. The lack of time that Heland spent beating the bushes for votes. It is almost like he knew he was going to win.


I don't know about this legal bill but I do know that we blew through Slagle's 2006 $60,000 budget for legal fees last year sometime.

Heland spent no money and no time to campaign. After his statement that the "Democratic Party owed him the Supervisor's job" you have to wonder.


14:48:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Voting Machine Instructions

Spike, I don't know if you used the machine or not but, the instructions were easily understandable. If you voted straight ticket but wanted to vote for Blow you needed to de-select Heland by touching the box next to his name and then cast your vote for Blow.

This is the same instruction for casting you vote and then changing your mind. At the end of the machine process you are allowed to review your ballot and it even asks if your sure you want to cast your ballot. Ed lost because he received fewer votes, not because of the machines or their instructions. Let's not turn this into a whiny, disenfranchised voter issue.


The idea behind the post was how pathetically lazy we have become as voters in a democracy and how ill-informed people are about how to vote. And to further my idea, read the following post from Oak St. Baptist Church.

If you have to "de-select" a button to vote for anyone, the system is flawed. And so is the educational portion of the voting process. I'll bet 40% of the voters on the machines don't know how to "de-select" a vote. When you have to challenge a person's intellect to vote, you create Mindless Lemming Sheep straight ticket voters.

Me? I'd want ever vote that is unaccounted for to be counted in my column.


14:39:28 - SPIKE - No comments

Voting At Oak St. Baptist

Spike -

While I was waiting to vote, on an electronic voting machine, the elderly woman on the machine in front of me, turned and asked why Bush wasn't on the ballot. She had voted straight ticket and couldn't find her vote on the presidential race. Another lemming-----

The election worker told her this was a mid-term election and the presidential election wouldn't be for another 2 years.

Maybe there should be a change in election law that removes the ability to vote straight ticket and at the same time a tax credit of, say, $400 for each person that votes in a national election year.

I've often wondered how many people know that you don't have to cast a vote for anyone listed on the ballot, in any particular race?


14:30:55 - SPIKE - No comments

10 November

Quiet Zone Taxes Will Quiet Horn Noise


The estimated cost of modifying a railroad crossing to a quiet zone is $500,000, the city pays for the installation of equipment; however, the equipment is installed by BNSF Railways.

To establish a new quiet zone, each public grade crossing must be equipped with flashing lights and gates, power-out indicators and constant warning time in track circuits, according to the BNSF Railway Web site.

Additional safety measures may be required to compensate for the absence of the horn as a warning device. New quiet zones may be in effect 24 hours a day or just overnight between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. according to the Web site.

If the Burlington City Council proposed to tax only those residents in the areas of the new crossings do you suppose that those terribly loud locomotive horns might all of a sudden seem to be a lot quieter??????????????


That should settle that. $4 million is just a start.

I can only imagine the distress in City Hall when they find out they have to pay cash-in-advance before the railroad begins construction.


08:00:04 - SPIKE - No comments

Voting Machine Instructions

According to several voters if you voted a straight ticket, the local voting machines required you to touch Jeff Heland's name in order to cast your vote for Ed Blow.

After touching the button to vote for Blow the machine required you to touch Heland's name in order to register your vote.

How many of you knew that when you voted straight ticket using the voting machine? Could this be the reason there were over 3,000 ballots without a supervisor candidate vote?

07:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Changes Coming


I don't care what anyone says, Ed Blow is still the man for the job.


It will be amazing how fast 4 years of hard work will go up in taxes.


07:45:15 - SPIKE - No comments

Dead Woman Wins County Commissioner's Race


This is what happens when voters blindly vote straight ticket. A dead Democrat won because of straight ticket voting. Go figure.


That's nothing, we had dead voters vote, here! That's what straight ticket votes amount to.


07:42:47 - SPIKE - No comments



I, for one, am glad the elections are over and the Democrats have seized control on all levels.


1. The political ads are over and we can get back to regular programming on TV.

2. The County/Country should be fixed shortly, the Democrats campaigned that they had all the answers, we shall see if that is true.


06:39:00 - SPIKE - No comments

09 November

Big Payments Approved For Scott Power

On October 16th the Burlington City Council approved 4 payments to City Attorney Scott Power of $446,844.11 that includes at least $122,734.94 in legal fees. I have no doubt there is no line item explanation for these fees.

I have to wonder how much of these payments include hidden fees and charges are left over from the railroad lawsuit. Don't tell us, "We leave it to staff."

Our city council is a disgrace to common sense and accountability.

10:41:15 - SPIKE - No comments

Straight Ticket Is An Admittance of Ignorance


Well, it looks like the local machine hand fed its party members yesterday and now we're again stuck with a continuation of incompetent government here in Burlington and Des Moines County.

Voting straight ticket is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette and a slap in the face for those that actually vote for the candidate and not the party.

Voting straight ticket is an admittance of ignorance and generally results in complete inadequacy and corruption of local government as already witnessed here in Burlington, and in the near future, Des Moines County.

04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Boundless Taxation Approaches


Prepare for higher taxes. The bigger the hog, the more it eats. Government hell bent to spend will chew your arm off when you no longer have anything else to throw in its trough.

Since the voters believe in prosperity based on government edict and without merit legal suits, they should prepare for deepening poverty.

A competitive position in the world market place is determined by boundless innovation, not excessive legislation.


All Heland ever talks about is eating his sausage and biscuits breakfasts. Coupled with Hoschek, the taxpayers will pay for their trough.


04:52:00 - SPIKE - No comments



Growing up in Burlington when something odd occurred, my parents used the phrase - everyday you're reminded you live in Burlington, Iowa.

Heland is elected by straight party voters(mindless lemming sheep). Today is no different.


Groundhog Day - The Movie. It is a glaring tribute to why Burlington has been, and will be bogged down forever.


04:51:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bulb Grows Dimmer


Well, it looks like the Dems all but got their dream wish in Des Moines and Lee County. It looks like the majority Democrat registered voters went along with their appeal to vote straight ticket and flip the middle finger at President Bush. The sole survivor of the carnage was GOP state rep Tom Sands. All this to go along with taking the governor seat and both legislatures, as well as 3 congressional seats, including an upset of 30 year congressman Jim Leach.

In Des Moines, Ed Blow, the only bright spot the county has seen in a long time, got waxed as he tried to run as an independent after the primary. It looks like with Heland's victory the Imperial Thugocracy is now in full control. I can't wait to see the good things to come out of there.

Meanwhile, here in Lee county her imperial majesty auditor Anne Pedersen and the north Lee county Democrats have retaken near total control over county government with victories by her hand picks Rick Larkin, Janet Strunk, and Ernie Schiller over Marie Brady, Mary Koehler, and Bob Abel, respectively. The Republicans and non-Pedersen rural/south Lee Democrats had made gains in recent years with victories by Dan Dunagan and Larry Kruse of the GOP, and Buck Jones, George Morgan, Joe Kowzan, and Bob Woodruff of the Democrats. Now it seems the county has taken a 10 year step backward.

The split in the county Democrats in Lee a few years back brought to the surface some of the best Democrats to run in decades, that weren't part of the Rick Larkin - Anne Pedersen - Jerry Kearns wing of the party, including the above candidates and the one this year for Treasurer Mary Koehler. The split also allowed Democrat officials like Phil Wise and Matt Pflug to break free of her grasp, while the literally back-from-the-dead
GOP party put up a number of viable candidates with Abel, Brent Fellows, Dave Hunold, and Steve Morey along with incumbent Dave Heaton.

Unfortunately, the ray of sunshine the county briefly basked in is nearly gone with victories by Pedersen cronies Larkin, Schiller and Strunk last night. At the same time my Republican friends say their counterparts in the GOP, the Ritters, Culps, and Angry Doug Abolt have consolidated control, and whatever magic was there appears to be long gone as the 2nd run for Bob Abel fell short and the momentum of support now seems to have dried up. Both parties ran by crony rule and an iron fist for the sole purpose of doing nothing but having power - and the rest of us caught in the middle.

With 3 of 4 non-supervisor officials in Pedersen's back pocket, as well as supervisors Schiller and Larkin, that leaves Kruse/Woodruff as the lone holdouts and George as the swing vote. Let's hope George doesn't cave to Pedersen's pressure with a new economic development director and consolidation on the table. And with Woodruff doubtful to run again in '08, hope is fading fast as Kruse will get the full brunt with no backing by a comatose county GOP trying to establish a kingdom of nothing.

The price for the straight ticket suicide pact? Des Moines County finishes flushing while Lee waits on deck. Let's hope Sands can keep winning in Des Moines. With Blow gone no doubt Heland, Hoschek, Edwards, and Slagle will form a new Axis of Evil to finally fritter away all remaining tax dollars left in the county.

In Lee, Phil Wise will stay far away while Strunk or State Senator Gene Fraise will not dare cross Pedersen. Schiller is not only personally for county zoning, but apparently has stated that both county employee salaries and benefits aren't high enough, and we need to increase taxes. He also appears to be part of the radical left anti-Bush wave that got
swept into office last night, and chock full of liberal ideas. Him, Larkin, and Pedersen will get along well.

Enter Brian Tapp's perpetual scheming into that equation and you have a recipe for implosion. He might finally get his wish a multi-county region directly under his control.

Pity, with the coming Port Authority Lee County was actually being given a serious look by business for the first time in 25 years. That success could bleed over to surrounding counties like Des Moines. Hopefully Lowell Junkins is able to counteract Pedersen and get some good done in spite of her. Lord knows she doesn't want economic development to happen here, as that might erode her power base if non-party stepping Democrats,
Independents, and God forbid Republicans move to the county. That's why we haven't had anything come in for a couple of decades.

It's just too bad Lee county Democrats couldn't have stopped for a second to think and vote for Bob Abel and Mary Koehler, or Des Moines for Ed Blow. You are going to pay dearly for that middle finger.

Meanwhile, Missouri is looking like a helluva place to live.


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Bye Bye Iowa


This sounds familiar. Start a company in Iowa on a shoe string. Bring forth a radical new product. Be sucessful.

Somebody else with greater resources makes you an excellent offer. You sell out. They take a realistic look at the cost of doing business where you did and relocate.

And become more successful.


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When's Heland due?


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08 November

Heland Celebrates In Gulfport?

It appears Jeff Heland celebrated late into the night in Gulfport.

10:41:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Straight Ticket Is Totally Irresponsible

As summed up by a local politician last night, "Voting a straight party ticket is totally irresponsible."

If you can't form an opinion beyond your party's mantra you deserve everything you are about to get handed to you.

Just remember, your Democratic Party is the bunch that sucked up the County's ending fund balance to keep taxes artificially low. Bob Beck doesn't stand a chance.

You Mindless Lemming Sheep deserve everything the thugs that run your party are going to feed you.

I've told you about these jackasses for a long time. Time to learn the hard way.

05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

$6.5 Million Spent Like Water

After 11 seconds of thought the city council unanimously voted to encumber the taxpayers with more debt.

Good job. Keep up the good work. You can now run to Heland and Hoschek to tap into the County's money.


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No One Forced You To Move There


I'm beginning to think that all the whining about the train horns is more unbearable than the horns themselves.

Let's worry about more important issues than something that has been occurring in this town for over 100 years. Why should we foot the bill for a quiet zone when certain businesses voluntarily set up shop next to the tracks. No one forced them to move there!

I can think of plenty of annoying things that I would like to have silenced first. It would be nice to hear from those who object to this frivolous campaign, since it seems we are the minority, due to the one sided coverage by the Hawkeye.


It's going to be our money, the railroad won't spend a dime on it.


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Railroad Crossings

City Bills Mount Up


If the City didn't foolishly and wastefully sue the railroad they would have $300,000 to spend on quieting the railroad crossings. Edwards and this bunch should have thought of this when they were playing tough guy with the railroad.

How will they pay for this now? They couldn't even afford the sidewalk program's $15,000 for this year.

We have the Fun City payment and we will have to pay the payment somehow for the Manor project until the commercial buildings are built and we receive the TIF tax dollars. Are they putting us in a poor financial situation?


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07 November

Vote Ed Blow

Here's Why!

08:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Don't Be This Guy!

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Vast and Voluminous Verbalization of a Void


"He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know."
-- Abraham Lincoln

I never would have guessed Heland was old enough to have met Lincoln.


08:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hawk Eye Rides Dead Horse


I recently read that the Hawkeye is throwing its support behind Heland. No big surprise, but it reminds me of the tribal wisdom of the Lakota Sioux, passed on from generation to generation - When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, you should dismount. However, in government(and at the hawkeye), more advanced strategies are used, such as:
1. Buy a stronger whip
2. Change riders
3. Appoint a committee to study the horse
4. Lower the standards to include the dead horse
5. Reclassify the dead horse as living impaired
6. Hire an outside contractors to ride the dead horse
7. Harness several dead horses to increase speed
8. Arrange visits to other countries to see how other cultures ride dead horses.
9. Provide additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horses performance.
10. Do a prductivity study to see if lighter riders would increase the dead horses performance
11. Declare that the dead horse does not have to be fed, cost less, and has a lower overhead, it contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do other horses.
12. Rewrite the performance requirements for all horses
And of course.......
13. Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position!


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Get Out and Vote Against Single Party Control


Those who are fed up with excessive government and the expense and decay engendered thereby can strike back. Vote against the single party system that has done so much to destroy S. E. Iowa.

The oppostion elsewhere in Iowa is out in force. Like minded voters are being contacted in greater numbers than ever before in a non Presidential year. You may not see it in Des Moines and Lee Counties. You damn well know the Advertiser will not tell you.

Your vote for change from the single party system that has strangled this area will be counted with others elsewhere and could very well end up making the difference in a tight race. A new face of a different political faith as Governor will not be so willing to look the other way at the crap that has gone on in S. E. Iowa.

Remember, if the single party system that has done so much to destroy S. E. Iowa controls the entire state, there is far less chance of outside assistance to punish the guilty.


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06 November

Dresser Rand Incentives

Of all the bond money the city council will rubber stamp tonight, we can only support the money for Dresser Rand. We need to retain those jobs at all costs.

The rest of it is boondoggle money with no contracted future except to the taxpayers. Slagle will be fired and long gone when the Manor debt will be retired.

If you have any doubts, walk into a local bank as a private citizen and ask them to loan you risky development money.


11:49:36 - SPIKE - No comments

People vs. Party


Click over to read Ed Blow's latest letter.


It all comes down to 2 letters in the morning's Ad Vertiser.

A local businessman wrote about Ed Blow to tell us that it is about the Man and his Job Performance.

The Democrat's Chair writes that it is all about the Party with no mention of the man or his job performance.

It is about the person and not politics. Politics clouds the issues.


11:38:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Advertiser Is Democratic Party House Organ


The Advertiser in its role as house organ for the local single party political system issued its orders telling us all to vote as the Politburo says. Only those supported by the Politburo were endorsed. Had it been otherwise, it would have been like reading Stalin Sucks in Pravda 70 years ago.

The Advertiser's feigned angst over the Supervisors position was laughable. Why is serving on the City Council, etc. any better training for the job of Supervisor than actually getting things done as a Supervisor? I never knew the tempest of tripe that spews from Heland's mouth is, "...taking the temperature of the citizenry..."

The Advertiser reinforced the big lie on zoning Des Moines County. "...Heland says it would be up to county residents to bring a zoning proposal to the board table." What county residents? Slagle, Edwards, Courtney, Ell, and a few more criminals of the governing class come to mind.

Zoning Des Moines County is Heland's chief goal.

Once Des Moines County is zoned, it is a lot easier to pull stunts like the Manor confiscation.

Should we not be voting for Heland because of joint capital involving the Burlington and Des Moines County? I guess the Advertiser does not want to remind folks that the bankrupt, taxaholics who have spent Burlington into the gutter need Heland to get their hands on County funds.

The Advertiser has once more done as told by the Politiburo and power brokers of Burlington.

Are you satisified to sing "Solidarity Forever" with the Politiburo? Look at the City of Burlington and see the dismal, disgraceful, results. Do you want to see the rest of Des Moines County suffer the same fate?

If you do, go into the polling booth and do exactly as you have been told by the Advertiser.


Like all organs, when they become diseased you cut 'em out.

As for taking our temperature, Heland will get us in the position; but it won't be the temperature he wants to take.


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Hawk Eye Led By Scott Power's Legal Ineptitude


WOW! The Hawkeye endorsed Heland. What a surprise. It is interesting that the article had (7) paragraphs dedicated to Randy Danniel's $17,500 payment. It also noted that attorney Scott Power notified the Hawkeye with the Danniel information.

This is the same attorney, Mr. Powers, who misled our city council in the railroad lawsuit that cost the taxpayers $300,000. Powers also failed to inform our council members of the 1985 agreement according to the council. Powers didn't think the 1985 contract was a big deal. The Judge said it was that 1985 agreement that won the case for the railroad.

Did Powers do this for personal gain? Who benefited from the $300,000? Not to mention the destroyed tapes! It makes the Danniel consulting fee look like peanuts.


Oh yeah, the Ad Vertiser is the phoniest bunch of Kansas tabloid journalists to hit Iowa since the Civil War.

Scott Power is the same lawyer that lied to the Ad Vertiser, lied to the city council and misrepresented himself to be on the same playing field as the railroad's attorneys.

Scott Power went to a major league ball game dressed in pink leotards.


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Vote For Ed Blow


I wanted to let you know that I'm voting for Ed Blow in Tuesday's election. I voted as a Democrat all my life and have never been more ashamed of the Democratic Party as I am now.

I do not feel that I am part of what the party has become with the local leaders and what they stand for by the actions and the way they carry themselves in office.


Go to Ed's website and read why Ed Blow is the most qualified candidate to lead Des Moines County the next four years.


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Vote For Blow

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05 November

Main Street Chicken Littles


I would have been surprised if the Advertiser did not endorse Heland. They are too afraid of appearing chicken, like the Chamber Of Commerce, if they make no endorsement. The Advertiser first and foremost considers it their duty to support the single party cause. They can not report anything straight if it may harm their party favorites. Omission, omission, and again omission to the health of their single party allies.

The Advertiser is used to cleaning up the mess their pets make. The Drunk Mayor cover up and later pronouncement that all was above board is typical. Hoschek's remedial skills are an open joke, but the Advertiser lets it slide. If Heland wins, I am certain we will find out what fatal flaw was hidden soon enough.

Worry not about finding this truth out first in the Advertiser. Spike and/or Falcon will break the news the Advertiser has known for years.

The Politburo kicked Ed Blow out because he was too damn honest and worried more about serving the people who elected him than the Politburo. Given the opinion and omission dishonestly served up as news by the Advertiser, it is not hard to understand their role as fellow travelers of the Politburo and endorsing Heland.

Honesty and competency scares the hell out them both.


Where WAS the Chamber's endorsement today? Maybe they couldn't make their minds up like how to use the phone to call the governor for a year and a half. They're a bunch that checks each shadow out for any that might resemble their own closet.

You can bet we will expose Heland's fatal flaws. The Ad Vertiser only thinks no one else knows. That's either how naïve they are or how naïve they truly are.


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Heland = Tax Burden


People in Burlington may think little of Des Moines County government. One reason being the county taxes are far lower than city taxes.

If Heland gets in and the City of Burlington takes over Des Moines County, is it possible county taxes could become as much of a burden as city taxes?


The taxes will have to go up. Heland and the city thugs will spend every dime they can get their grubby little paws on.


17:47:14 - SPIKE - No comments

Not Disdain For Citizens


The newspaper says Ed Blow has disdain for the citizens' input. I have found Ed to always answer my questions and listen to my concerns.

I think the newspaper really means Ed Blow ignores the newspapers' input and that's really what they don't like? The newspaper wants to tell us how we should think, act and who we should elect for public office.

In 75 years I have never seen any time as bad as we have right now with the newspaper trying to tell us how we should live our life. Me, I'm going to vote for Ed Blow.

I know he has my best interests at heart and not after my 50 cents for a newspaper. If you want to know what's not in your best interests, then vote for the other guy.

16:59:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Heland Flip Flops On Eminent Domain


Heland's comments in Sunday's slanted newspaper about Eminent Domain and County zoning are totally different that his comments on these issues that he made on the radio. Heland and The Hawkeye totally twisted what he really did say he supported.

The Hawkeye doesn't want their readers to get the truth. The Hawkeye twisted and slanted the story to help the candidates that they endorse. It isn't right, but that is how our local newspaper chooses to operate.

What would they do if every non-Democrat canceled the paper? Does Delaney have any integrity? Maybe we should seek out local investment and start another local newspaper. It could happen with the right leaders.


The Ad Vertiser flops on Heland's eminent domain position found one page earlier where Heland TALKS his way through the flip. Did anybody proof read Quirk's article to find out what Heland's position really was?

Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Sounds a lot like Tim Hoschek noise coming down the hall. Flip, flop. Flip, flop. Here comes Heland right behind Hoschek. The flip, flop Mindless Lemming sheep.


16:07:59 - SPIKE - No comments

Heland Missing Job Performance


I didn't see anything in today's article about Jeff Heland's job performance as a city council man. Or any other achievement?


Jeff Heland was successful in forcing the 2 mile zoning on County residents. That helped stymie manufacturing job growth when the city wouldn't let Richard Beames expand his manufacturing company and add jobs. And then the city sued Ed Blow personally because he tried to add jobs to Des Moines County.

So I guess if Heland wins, all manufacturers in the county can look for similar treatment.

Except the city would never sue their puppet, Jeff Heland.


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Ed Blow Strikes Hard

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04 November

Jeff Heland & Gay Rights Positions Explored

Falcon has posted some material today that bears reading and careful consideration before you vote on Tuesday.

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03 November

Why Are Taxes Lower?

Want to know why your taxes are lower? Click here for a few of the common sense reasons that government can run just find without the bloat.

04:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Blow Represents The Majority


Ed Blow has given all the DMC voters a choice in the general election. That is a good thing.

I don't even believe that it is important to have an affiliate party for local positions. The elected officials should do what is best for DMC and all residents. There are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green or Blue party, etc. They are all residents of DMC County and should have a choice. Choose the person that you feel best represents your views.

The local Democratic party leaders, Courtney, Heland, Edwards and that bunch, want to tell everybody who we should vote for. They don't want us to have a choice.

Heland and Blow are both good guys. There is a clear difference between the two. Heland supports higher property taxes, taking private property to give to other private developers and abusing Eminent Domain and stricter zoning because government knows best.

Blow is more in the middle, protecting property rights and he is the only politician that I can remember that actually said he would lower taxes and then he did it. Blow represents the more moderate or in the middle resident. Most of us are in that group.

This Democrat is voting for Blow, because Blow represents more of what I believe.


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Meaningless Diewold Endorsement


I see Ben Diewold has written a brilliant, scholarly dissertation in the voice of the local single party political system concerning the Heland problem. Ben's Advertiser editorial encourages us to vote for Heland because the party says so.

If somebody with more money wants my property, wants to pay me less than my price is, and I refuse, then government should condemn my property and turn it over to them. I am supposed to accept that because the party that falsely claims to protect "the little guy" demands it?

Think again, Ben. Try thinking for yourself, Ben. Property rights are the basis of political rights. The principal of a man's home being his castle is a pillar of individual rights. It should be a warning that your political party at the local level no longer honestly represents what it once did.

Ben, did the local Politburo promise you something in the future? Was this part of the recent infamous loyalty oath action taken by the Politburo? Single party political systems are notorious for their purges. You better watch your step.

Watch the tape of the Baath Party leadership meeting when Saddam Hussein held the floor and started a purge. People stood up praising Saddam and swearing their loyalty as the goon squads took them out back to shot. Loyalty in a political party not held to any accountability means little.

If you, or anybody else wishes run to run with blessing of the single local political party, they probably will not shoot you, at least for now. They may still try to ruin you on a whim.

What they did to Ed Blow they are capable and willing to do to others. That includes you, Ben. Pledge allegiance at your political peril.

Ben, buy yourself a copy of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and take notes. Pray like hell local voters can think beyond party.


The "only" real fool is Ben. He thinks if he scribes that blood oath he is invincible. All I can ever hear form Diewold is the jibberish parrot voice of Hoschek.

Voters sent Ben home for good reason.


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The Kerry Deal

Obviously Falcon got this story right. Kerry is a total dipshit and the Republicans' newest public weapon.

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Magazine Scam


Unfortunately the warning about the magazine scam came to late for me. This is the e-mail that was written on the receipt. The money I lost by buying from this gentleman was not easy to come by.

Can you give me any advice on what to do about this?

I know this is probably not a big deal for most people, but it is to me. My faith in our youth of today, just dropped.


Juanita from Texas

Usually there is not much that you can do. You can try to file a police report if the person was going door-to-door. You can always write the postal inspectors if the transaction involved the US Mail.


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02 November

KCPS Is VOB - Voice Of Burlington

Heland Missed History Lesson - Founding Fathers Wanted To Limit Government - Not Bloat It


KCPS is doing for Burlington what Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, the BBC and others did for the enslaved in the old Soviet block. Truth unjammed terrifies tyrants.

Listening to Heland reminds me of the cold war glory days on shortwave radio. Today, even Radio Havana ain't what it used to be. Heland's half truths, omissions and denials brought back memories of Radio Moscow 40+ years ago.

What a bunch of socialistic, paternalistic, condescending crap. Heland and the whole local Politburo must think the rest of the world is as ignorant as their base.

When Heland went on about the Founding Fathers being political activists, the attempt at credibility by association nearly made me ill. The Founding Fathers were activists in LIMITING the powers of government.

The founding of our Republic was about a modern, rational experiment in controlling government's power over the individual. When I listen to Heland I am reminded of the Founding Father of a far different revolution; Lenin.

The frame work conceived in Philadelphia still stands. The elitist conspiracy concocted in Petrograd is now dust. It is time to retire Heland to the political dust bin of local history.


10:36:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Mediacom Violates License Agreement

Heland Advocates Zoning And Eminent Domain & Nobody Heard It

And Nobody Wrote About It

As most of you know the Supervisor Forum was not televised last night. By not doing that, Mediacom has violated their contract with the city.

The only reporter at the forum was Quirk from the Ad Vertiser. So we are left with his interpretation of events.

Quirk’s article today contained a critical omission of Heland propaganda. Heland again proclaimed his desire to zone the county.

And Heland is still in favor of Eminent Domain. Only not quite in those words this time. This time it was eminent domain should be used for utilities, roads, blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, Heland’s record on Eminent Domain is more persuasive. Heland sat on the city council that forced the County into the 2-mile zone around Burlington.

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The Advertiser Should Eat Crow


Why would you would allude to a highway improvement vital to the future of your community as "pro pork?" Could it be that the candidate does not subscribe to the correct philosophy of the community's single party political system?

When a major candidate for Governor of Iowa wants to buy votes by mandating "investing" a portion of the retirement plan of state employees on risky, provincial start ups was he labeled pro insolvency? I guess it is a matter of loyalty to the local single party political system.

Advocating closing the 4 lane gap from Monmouth to Gulfport is arguably of more importance to far many more along the Des Moines to Burlington corridor than 25 miles of a sparsely populated area of Illinois. Advocacy of worth on infrastructure vital to more than one state, or House District, should be argued on the editorial page. Headlines of commentary have no business being peddled as news.

Does the Advertiser consider propagandizing the point of view of the local single party political system to be its primary duty?

It is no wonder outsiders who observe S.E. Iowa list the Advertiser as a major detriment to the region's future.


10:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Old Schools Are Sold - Not Given Away


I notice in the Des Moines Register that the Rice elementary school on the West side of Des Moines was sold for private development such as condo's, small stores and the like for $650,000 (4.3 acres).

Here in Burlington our school board gives away Perkins schools 3.5 acres for a mere $49,000.

Here's a good example of school boards running amuck with little or no concern for the taxpayer that spent millions to maintain the property.

Just goes to show that the people paying the bills in Burlington have no representation in the school system nor local government.


That sale was in a city not in comparable size to Burlington. We cannot derive an meaningful value from that.

Well, you won't hear that from us. Monument builders need to shed problems to focus on the monument.

Much like the Egyptians. So what if a few thousand slaves were killed in construction, build my pyramid.


10:29:17 - SPIKE - No comments

Councilman Thomas Is Right Here


The voter is right about me being missing in action on KCPS and other media outlets. But, I believe I am up on the isssues as much as anyone on this council. I will continue to fight for the people the best way that I know how. My email was down for awhile, but I have a new email address and you can post it if you would like to. garrythomas41 (at) msn.com

I would still like to hear from my the voters anytime.


I knew you were out there. Our readers sometimes feel desperation and despair when the hopes they have for a change somehow look compromised. So they email us.

A side note. I haven't seen the revised dog ordinance. But if you are happy with it and it removes the police department from the decision process, it will be something we probably need. Unfortunately, as you know, it is almost never the dog, only the owner. And the owner should pay with stiffer fines and jail time.

Thanks for emailing.


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01 November

More Reasons To Vote For Ed Blow

Need more reasons to vote for Ed Blow? Click here. He is the most qualified candidate.

05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No Farm, Outhouse or Corn Crib Is Safe


Yes, no farm, home nor outhouse is safe from Jeff Heland. If those who have schemes for your property do not care to pay you what you think it is worth, they will get back what they invested when Jeff Heland has it confiscated from them in the name of the community.

Heland believes taxpayers should have all the responsiblities that go with owning property, but none of the rights and privilidges that our forefathers believed should go there with.


05:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Heland And The Nanny State

Spike -

Jeff Heland represents the worst (or best, if you are so inclined) of what the Democratic party has morphed into.

Redistribution of monetary assets, a "I know what is best" mentality, and the ever more prevalent granting of victim status and special consideration to fringe groups. His actions are indicative of the Democrat's utopian Nanny State.

Jeff Heland will vote to raise county taxes, impose zoning on citizens living in rural areas, and transfer revenue to other entities who refuse to exercise fiscal restraint. These are not only my opinions but an observation of Heland's own words and deeds, over the years, and restated during this campaign.


You sum it up very well. And the Democrats think no one is paying attention.

04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Making the Mississippi Flow Backwards


I listened to the Podcasts of the supervisor forum and KCPS Big Show debate. I was utterly amazed to hear Heland suggest there is room in his mouth for more words. It would take to some new form of audio compression.

Whenever a questioner tries to nail Heland down on an issue, "Stop trying to put words in my mouth," pours out of his mouth. Given the velocity and volume of what comes out of Heland's mouth, it would be easier to make the Mississippi flow backwards than to get words upstream against this raging torrent.


We had to degrade the Podcast audio file to the lowest level practical to get it to fit. The next lowest signal level will be tin cups and string. This imple, but effective system has a built-in audio limiter utlizing string. Too much talking and the string breaks from vibration.

Presto, concise answers.


04:53:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Newberry Scheme - Oh Yes, We Are Going To Get It!


Am I understanding this whole nonprofit scheme right, or am I totally misunderstanding the article?

1. The owners will be able to get the government (me) to pay off their debt on both their 2nd and 3rd mortgages.

2. They want the city to kick in (what else is new?).

3. We will lose tax money on the property.

And all under the contention that it will make the area safer? What kind of doublespeak is this and why is the city even looking into it?

I'm sure there are a ton of property owners in town that would love to change over to nonprofit and get the city to kick in to fix up their property, then not have to pay taxes.

Would appreciate it if you'd give your opinion on this whole deal in case I've misunderstood something.


No, you didn't miss a beat unless the Ad Vertiser missed something. It seems as if we could be headed down another slope of slipperiness into the great abyss of stupidity. I started laughing hysterically at the 2nd and 3rd mortgage part.

When real estate developers see prey, they are like your cat with a mouse They will play with it until it dies from being played with instead of the bite.

The taxpayers are the mouse. And the developers are going to line up to play with the city. News of eminent domain, unsigned contracts and city bonds travel like ambulance chasers to a crash scene.

And we will be led there like Mindless Lemming Sheep.


04:52:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Is There To Elect?

Hi Spike.

Everyone including me agrees we need to elect better people for the city council. But who are these people and where do we find them?

Who of all the people that have run in the past would you (Spike) vote for and why? Maybe your readers can write in their choices on this blog for people they know who would be good on the council. It might make for a good discussion and if some of the 'recommend' people see this it may get their excitement level up to pursue a run for council.

Thanks for all you do, Spike.


The first thing that needs to happen is fire Slagel and Power. They are the root of most all problems in city hall.

It will still be very difficult to attract qualified candidates until you get rid of the council riff-raff. Ell is on his way out and it's a matter of time until another DUI puts Edwards on the street.

Then we can work on replacements.

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Medical Breakthrough


The wonders of Medical technology never cease.
I guess this is good news for the Mayor and bad news for the citizens dumb enough to keep re-electing him.


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City Salaries


The Burlington city manager department with two employees for the year 2006-2007 will cost the taxpayer $177,103 for salaries.

The personnel department with one person will cost the taxpayer $79,363.

Just what is the basis for such squandering of taxpayer monies?

How many local companies pay their personnel manager $80,000 per year? What would a personnel department cost if it were outsourced to the Iowa Workforce Development?


I would be happier with the two major salaries reduced by 100%.

A good personnel manager can save your butt. When Slagle and Power go sue everybody they can find, no personnel manager can do their job. But if your personnel manager endorses litigation like the 2 fire department lawsuits, then there needs to be a change there. too.


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Where's The Council?


It is clear that Eminent Domain is being abused here in Burlington. At election time, Scott and Thomas were available all of the time for questions and answers on KCPS, KBUR, blogs or the newspaper. For every city issue, they were out there for the citizens.

Scott has continued to be available, but what happened to Garry Thomas? I think he duped us. He won't fool us next time. He isn't available, he doesn't answer e-mails and he isn't up on the issues.

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