Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 January

Say It Ain't So - Quirk Does Hawaii, For Good?

Word is that ace writer from the Ad Vertiser Jim Quirk is heading to Hawaii to uncover the truth about the Triads or Poi. We're not sure which.

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Why Marion Rejected Slagle


Bruce Slagle has nobody to blame but himself for being passed over by the City of Marion. Slagle's actions in Burlington have left a record he cannot erase.

Marion is city on the go and grow. They certainly did their research before entrusting the day-to-day management of their City to just anybody. First impressions fooled nobody.

The main reason no city with any sense will hire Slagle is his desire and track record of making policy rather than implementing policy. If Slagle wants to make policy, he should pass around his petitions to put his name on a ballot.

Burlington is conducive to a City Manager being in a position to overstep his authority.

The majority on Burlington's City Council in recent decades has degenerated in quality. The poster child of this decay is without doubt the incumbent Drunk Mayor. A few fine Council people have served, but they end up being a minority among drunks and fools. They leave quickly.

Slagle's fatal flaw was grasping for policy authority rather than politely reminding elected policy makers to do their duty. Should a Council refuse their duty, any City Manager of character who wishes to protect their career would quietly update their resume and start looking. If members of the City Council are too drunk and/or too dumb to think, policy
goes lacking. The door is open for the manager to become king. Slagle did not resist long.

As Slagle donned more robs of authority, his attitude worsened. Idiotic lawsuits were a scorecard of the worsening situation. Personnel matters that should have been settled behind a closed office door became losing court cases. Like any Bourbon Louie of France, building palaces rather than fixing sidewalks became the focus of public expenditures.

As with many a monarch responsible only to God, Slagle soon was at war with the neighbors. Any smaller unit of government anywhere near him was to be bullied into submission. They would serve up tribute as vassal states to further finance Slagle's grand schemes. Slagle's head swelled to the point of picking a fight with a power far stronger than he.

Listening to City Attorney/Court Jester, Power, Slagle declared war on the railroad. Waving a moldy paper not worth the ink that was smeared on it, Slagle and a subservient City Council of greedy clowns lied to the peasants saying their suit was about bringing back jobs. It was a stunt to extort a few million dollars out of the railroad.

The railroad has dealt with many a Slagle before. Appeasement is not the railroad's policy, nor in its' best interest. The railroad keeps no comedians on its legal payroll. By the time the BNSF got done, His Highness Slagle and his Court had no clothes. The pathetic fools they be are plain for all to see.

Trying to cover his tracks, Slagle destroyed all evidence of decisions made in meetings concerning his ill advised war with the railroad. No matter. The public saw enough and was not happy. The divine right of over ambitious City Managers was being called into question.

Like the Emperor Jones, http://www.britannica.com/nobel/micro/733_34.html Slagle senses the natives are getting restless and is seeking an escape. Too, late. Marion has demonstrated that any who do proper research will be aware of what Slagle is about. His past precedes him.

The Burlington City Council will probably end up putting the silver bullet into Bruce Slagle's being City Manager of Burlington, or much of anywhere else. It is not a happy ending. Worse yet, will anybody learn anything from what has happened?

The fate of Slagle should be a warning to Burlington. Electing fools and drunks to lead and supervise city management is the road to ruin.


And don’t forget Emperor Jones’ Silver Bullet Buddy in closing this debacle in small town America.


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Slagle Never Made the Final Cut


When Marion went from six candidates to two for City Manager, Slagle never made the cut. Way to go Spike. The selection committee must have been getting your message.


Slagle did this all to himself. All we did was shine the light in the corners. And from the web traffic out of Linn County I would say that everyone in Linn County has a computer and knows how to use it.


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Growing City Narrowly Avoids Burial in Slagleite


Marion, Iowa avoided certain disaster yesterday by not hiring Bruce Slagle. Local officials picked the Manager of Platteville, Wisconsin to serve as Marion's next City Manager.

Reaction in Burlington water holes was immediate. "Somebody ought to go to Platteville and tell them to hire Slagle, " responded one patron who kept ordering doubles after hearing of Marion's decision.

Unconfirmed rumors say Burlington's Drunk Mayor proposed a citywide sidewalk tax to finance an incentive package to encourage Slagle to stay.

According to the paper Marion’s Mayor and the selection committee liked Pluckhahn's enthusiasm and his success in bringing business and industrial development to Platteville.

"That's what we're looking for," Nieland said. "We're very excited about what he had to say.” Nieland called Pluckhahn, "an up-and-comer."


That’s better than a down and outer. Is Slagleite similar to crap?


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You Poor Bastards


Stuck with Slagle. How do you get rid of such a dumb ass?


Don’t renew his contract if the city council had any balls.


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30 January

Slagle Ain't The Name On Marion's Lips

Slagle is here to stay. I guess our letters of endorsement didn't work.

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Eminent Domain Mall Details


Noted below is an email from Muir regarding the new Manor shopping center.

"The new shopping center is still in the design stage and will have approximately 185,000 square feet of 20 - 40,000 sf tenants, along with a few freestanding restaurants and smaller shop retail, service and possibly medical. Muir will be responsible for the leasing efforts to market the property. We hope to begin construction later this year."


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Who Moved My Church?


Another example of a botched job by our local paper.

From what I have heard, Cindy Johnson is the new pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in rural West Burlington....not Faith Lutheran on Sunnyside. I would highly doubt that she would forget where she worked. Seems that the boneheads have done it again!


What's a mile or two among Lemmings?


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West Burlington Video Pirates

According to Falcon it seems the West Burlington City Council has been attacked by the dreaded Video Pirates. The same Video Pirates that run amok in Burlington. Or, is that smell foul in Burlington?

Little kids playing grown up!

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Burlington Seeks Salvation from Slagle

Yea, I Walk Down Valley Amidst The Shadow of Debt


Coins tossed on Tambourine to buy City Manager a one-way bus ticket to Marion.


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Marion Crackdown On Illegal Hiring


"Marion mayor to announce crackdown on illegal hiring," headlinded a story in Sunday's Cedar Rapids Gazette. The Mayor of Marion wants to stop illegal aliens from taking jobs away from legal U. S. residents. It is refreshing to see local government going the extra step for the protection of local citizens. When will the Drunk Mayor of Burlington do the same?

If Senator Courtney is in the midst of a home remodeling project, you can bet it will not be anytime soon. Why do local labor unions support these political idiots who slit the throats of local working people by letting illegals come in and take jobs?

If you look the other way at illegals moving into your city because nobody else will, your city has no future.


Does the crackdown on illegal hiring extend to Slagle?


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Immigration Poll


The latest telephone poll taken by the office of the Governor of Texas asked whether people who live in Texas think illegal immigration is a serious problem.

A) 20% of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."

B) 80% of respondents answered: "No es una problema serio."


-How Bad Does It Have To Get?

Like all problems, no one will do anything until it takes a couple of $100 million dollar studies to solve a $2 problem.


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26 January

More Industrial Tool Layoffs


I heard ITF of Fort Madison is laying off another 40 employees today.


We've heard that there are weld failure problems on the CAT equipment coming from parts made at ITF. Hope these issues can be resolved. We can't stand any more. Maybe that was the reason behind the welding training grant money handed out awhile back.


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Real Cost of Immigration


The following web page explains the real cost of illegal immigration in the United States. I thought some of your concerned viewers may like to take a look.

Amnesty and Continued Low Skill Immigration Will Substantially Raise Welfare Costs and Poverty


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How Long?


You have been sent this message as a courtesy of Accuracy In Media

How long until blogs get dragged in on this as media? Remember Sen. Courtney!

The Communist-influenced "Media Reform" Movement


I'm sure if there is a way to try to weasel against Constitutional Rights, Courtney will be right there for us all.


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24 January

BPD Kudos


Congratulations to the BPD for catching the $50 bill counterfeiters. Good job to them and the bank employee that alerted the suspicious customers. Hopefully, the courts will slap them hard all the way to Ft. Madison.


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How Will Slagle Accept Rejection? A Fat Pay Raise!


The folks in Marion are obviously doing their homework. There seems to be no rush to judgement in selecting a City Manager. This means Slagle will be passed over.

What will Slagle's reaction be?

Will he spent a night at the opera in Gulfport with the Drunk Mayor? What will his response be after his head clears? Will Slagle stay on, or do us all a favor and resign?

With no place else to go, my money is on Slagle trying to hang on. This not only will provide income, but an opportunity to further get even with the City of Burlington.

Will it take a new cast of City Council members to finally put Slagle out the city's misery?


How will Slagle accept rejection?

Edwards and Lost Keys Ell will tell us how Slagle is barely getting by, that smaller cities (Marion, not by much 23,000+ and growing vs. 26,000 and declining) are paying significantly more money and that Slagle has a family to raise. So instead of a performance review and firing, Slagle will get a fatter raise than any previous year. Then Ell will chime in with his "cut services" crap and never look at the budget other than to see if his name is spelled correctly.

The whole bunch is pathetic.


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23 January

Burlington City Officials Ignore Question

Falcon asked a whole lot of elected officials about Bruce Slagle's email sent to Kohl's in an attempt to derail Kohl's move to West Burlington.

The only person to reply was WB City Administrator Dan Gifford. Everybody else blew it off.

Atta boy Dan. I'm glad to see you are willing to keep the public informed.


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In Your Bookstores Now! Eminent Domain Malls For Dummies

A new book should be in your local bookstores. Pick one up.

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City Hall Mayhem - Missing Tape Found?

Sources close to city hall tell us that during Monday's work session one of the missing closed session tapes was uncovered.

When the Mayor found out about the missing tape he was found wandering the halls.

It's hard to tell how this is going to shake out.

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No Need For Car Wash Tickets


Why do we give the city administrators an allowance for a vehicle? Can't we give them (to use) an old police car and a book of car wash tickets every year?


What do they need the car wash tickets for?


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22 January

Slagle In Running For Mason City Job?

Apparently, Marion isn't the only city looking at Bruce Slagle. Seems Slagle made one list for Mason City.

Any truth to the speculation?

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Can Slagle Now, Before His Auto Raise


I think Slagle gave Burlington a black eye with his e-mail to Kohl's. No business or manufacturing plant is going to be interested in Burlington once they hear what Slagle will do if they do not agree with him.

From his little Sign about voting to his managing the city to the lawsuit with the RR, to eminent domain to the E-mail with KOHLS and I'm sure there's plenty more fiascos he is responsible for.

I do not believe Marion will hire him if they investigate him at all. If not, then I think it's time to show him the door. I know there are a few folks who still think he is doing his job efficiently and needs a raise, but it’s time to get rid of him before he destroys the city's future altogether.

And while we are at it, there is more house-cleaning needed, starting with Power and then Edwards, Ell and anyone else that acts stupid!

Slagle is a drag on the city and is getting worse by the day. It is time to can his ass now, before he gets his automatic raise from his drinking buddies.

Thanks Spike


It's a shame the city Council doesn't understand the relationship between performance and pay. If they did, not only would they deny Slagle's raise, Slagle would be unemployed.


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Galesburg Recognizes Burlington Mistakes

It always amazes me how other people and other communities understand the ramifications of Bruce Slagle and Scott Power's disregard for the law.

Why doesn't anybody wake up around here? Does Slagle really dump stupid juice in the water supply?

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18 January

Slagle's Bullying Will Not Work in Marion


Slagle must be getting what he figures are his last kicks as the biggest frog in a small and ever shrinking pond. The Kohl letter was a window into the heart of darkness Slagle is.

If Slagle tried a stunt like that in Marion, he would be fired. Cedar Rapids is a lot bigger pond.

If the City of Marion hires Slagle, they may wish to declare war on Springville. This would give their new City Manager something to do other than pull the wings off of flies.


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The Decline and Fall of the Emperor Jones


I am writing up a rant in advance for Marion's rejection of Bruce Slagle.

As one still living amidst the ruins, did you observe Slagle's management style becoming more arrogant as he amassed more power? The personnel lawsuits involving City employees comes to mind.

Kudos to whoever brought the Kohl's go to hell email to light.

I would say the BNSF lawsuit was to Slagle and Power like Waterloo to Napoleon, or Stalingrad to Hitler. Shit head dictators' arrogance lead them to such watersheds.


Mine's done!


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FYI Manor Purchases 2


Lot 193 Flint Hills Manor transferred to the City for 50,500.
Lot 6 for 18,000.00 then again the same day to the city for 30,000.00
Lot 38 for 115,000.00
Lot 18 for 45,000.00
Lot 15 for 42,000.00
Lot 20-21 for 52,000.00
Lot 51 for 52,000.00
Lot 43 for 34,500.00
Lot 42 for 50,500.00
Lot 5 for 47,500.00
Lot 192 for 56,000.00
Lot 195 for 41,500.00

More to follow when the EMINENT DOMAIN kicks into full force.
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17 January

Regionalism, Don’t You Just Love It?


Slagle's letter to the Kohl's rep does sound a little threatening. Granted, there are concerns and ways to deal with traffic, storm water, etc. These concerns on the WB site should be communicated by the WB city management to Kohl's, not Slagle.

Yes, it is a joint jurisdiction intersection, but if we are going to be successful regionally, we must be cooperative with other communities.

Maybe Slagle was counting too heavily on Kohl's to be a major player in the Manor project. We do not want to send a negative message or letter to any potential developer or business.

Don’t business deals usually require a written contract?


Regionalism is a 100-year plan in Burlington.


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$200,000 Down The Crapper


We really showed ‘em now didn’t we? If you don’t move to Burlington we’ll drown you in your own rain water and make you drive over to “Boardway” to get away.

Do you think the Angelou people saw something they wanted no party of? All that money for studies and we can’t get past trying to be the big bully.

We know where that got that Bonehead Slagle and his sidekick Sue-‘em Power.


Slagle is the biggest blow hard phony gas bagI know of. Well, maybe not. I can think of a couple more to add to the manure pile becasue of their methane output.


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Eminent Domain Court Schedule Concealed


I watched the kids play on TV at city hall Monday night. Why does the city know when the property owners are scheduled for their eminent domain court hearing but the citizens don’t?

I heard Slagle back pedal after telling one person when they were going to be in court and later shrugged it off as he didn’t know when.


Oh, Slagle knows, makes him feel manly in Power's eyes.


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Slagle Should Be Monitored For Internet Use


Slagle’s email has to rank near the top of the reasons children should be monitored on the internet.


And city managers should never negotiate economic development deals. If I was a prospective big box tenant of Eminent Domain Mall, I would be thinking twice about the deal.


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Manor Mall in Trouble

Spike –

I’m getting gas. I think we’re about to take a hit on the Manor project.


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Slagle “Rube” Endorses Eminent Domain

Dear Spike,

I watched tonight's meeting on TV and was surprised to see my idiot former neighbor stand up and praise the council for what they were doing. The city bought them off. They were screaming about what was happening just like the rest of us.

Then something happened. They were losing their house. These are the kinds of people that support the project. I hope their new neighbors enjoy the neighbors from Hell like we did.

Maybe if we get lucky, Scott Power will represent the city in the eminent domain proceedings. Considering the job he did on the railroad suit, we ought to have an excellent chance.


Scott Power is involved in every rotten deal in this town. Eminent Domain Mall is right down his alley.

BTW - Did you see how Ell and Edwards kinda puffed up in their chair for the canned atta boy like they really accomplished something? either that or it was beer:30.


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Two Cents


I just want to put my two cents worth in about the manor project.

I think everyone is missing the big picture here, the eminent domain was written for a main purpose and that was not to force people off their land and then sell it to a private person or corporation.

Our founding fathers never figured that any people in the government would be so ruthless as to use it for other than its original intent. They never thought that anyone would twist and turn it around as they have.

Now the State of Iowa fixed the problem but our city council and city manager slide it in before the new law takes effect. If this were a hundred years ago we would have tarred and feathered the council and city manager and rode them out on a rail.

That is just wrong, any way you cut it. I just don't feel we can trust anyone on the city council anymore and from talking to people about this; there are a lot of people that feel the same way.


Slagle and Power should have been fired over the railroad lawsuit lies and lump sum bills. This is just more of the same.

Until you do that, we are destined for the continuation of our death spiral.


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Burning Bridges


Slagle must think he has a contract to ink in Marion. That is not the case. The press reports say he is one of six in the running. I will bet you anything Marion's search committee is still doing their homework.

Starting a scorched earth policy is not smart. Slagle's ass is liable to be sitting in the ashes of his own creation. Slagle has irritated enough people already. The Drunk Mayor Edwards may not be able to stop Slagle from being fired should Marion do their research properly.

The infection boiling under the surface maybe reaching the bursting point. When it blows, what is revealed may cause a hell of a stink.

If I were the Drunk Mayor, I would start taking a cab home at night. It appears Slagle's power to protect his intoxicated honor has decreased dramatically since the BK lot episode over a year ago.


Slagle has a leg over the horse to get to Marion. More like a pony really.


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No Speakee De Englay OK With Delan-a?


The Burlington Advertiser in all their pompous, pious, righteous indignation has been crying on their only page honestly labeled as opinion that we are not nice enough to illegal immigrants. If a working knowledge of English is necessary to gain citizenship, why is printing voting instructions only in English intolerant?

Are we being softened up for the firing of Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane?

Jimmy and Lois are not paid very well, but enough to meet their bar tab at the Sombrero. Illegal immigrant college grads with rudimentary English skills may be had cheaper.

As far as knowing the community they are reporting on, illegal alien reporters would be no different than any new Jimmy or Lois. The real advantage, the illegals would possess English skills even lower than those of a recent Journalism School graduate.

Keeping the masses ignorant by deliberate omission would no longer be as glaring. Dealing with complaints, Delaney could simply say the reporter's ignorance of culture and language caused "an honest over looking." Those who keep pressing for the whole truth would then be labeled as intolerant bigots and hate mongers; just like Spike and Congressman Steve King.

If the new help gets uppity and demands in excess of $75.00 per week, or learns enough English to figure out the whole truth is being edited from their work, one call to immigration solves it all. "Next."

About the only joy in reading the Advertiser is seeing some of the Jimmy Olsons and Lois Lanes develop their skills, achieve competence and reading their work in a real newspaper after they move on.

Write Congressman Steve King. Tell him you support his efforts to defend our borders.


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Cost of War


Just what the Iraq war is costing our Congressional District and some of the item this war money could have provided our district, fiscal year 2007 budgeted.*

Taxpayers in Congressional District 2 will pay $582.7 million for the cost of war in Iraq. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

183,844 People with Health Care or

13,470 Elementary School Teachers or

87,674 Head Start Places for Children or

261,723 Children with Health Care or

7,251 Affordable Housing Units or

69 New Elementary Schools or

103,839 Scholarships for University Students or

12,910 Music and Arts Teachers or

14,438 Public Safety Officers or

655,697 Homes with Renewable Electricity or

9,763 Port Container Inspectors

- Source is the National Priorities Organization


Or 1664 railroad lawsuits or 19,423 lawsuits against your city firemen!

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16 January

Slagle Tries To Sandbag Kohl's WB Deal

Slagle/Kohls Email Paints True Bully Slagle Covering Manor Mall

Glaring Reason We're Stuck With this Jackass - Initimidation Economic Development!

Who Authorized Slagle's Intervention?


Is Slagle trying to ruin the West Burlington deal with Kohls before he leaves or finally gets fired? I guess he's just bitter that they can close the deal without displacing families. Check out this e-mail from Slagle to a Kohls rep...


I am pleased to hear that your company is interested in this area and I look forward to that potential. I have had discussions with the City Administrator of West Burlington on your potential site for Agency and West Burlington Avenue's. Please understand that Agency Street is a joint jurisdictional street, whereby we also have jurisdiction over access, traffic control, and storm water drainage. As mention above I have talked with the West Burlington City Administrator and expressed our city's concerns with regards to how access, traffic control devises, and storm water will be handled.

We will require that a traffic study be done to indicate impact and volume. That traffic study will be necessary in order to be granted any multi-directional access to Agency Street and identify what upgrades will be necessary to the intersection at Agency and West Burlington Avenue along with the traffic control signals. It would be our first preference that no additional access to Agency Street be granted and that a frontage road system be designed to handle the traffic and have that traffic directed to West Burlington Avenue to the east and Boardway Street to the west.

We also have great concerns on how storm water run off will be handled. It is our position that no additional storm water will be directed to Agency Street and especially the intersection of Agency and West Burlington Avenue.

I provide this information so that you will not be surprised at a later date as to what will be required.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or our Public Works Director Ron Knoke at knoker@burlingtoniowa.org or 319-753-8171.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the Greater Burlington, Iowa area.

Bruce Slagle
Burlington, Iowa
City Manager


So the large one needs to cover his ass for slinging Burlington's taxpayers' to the heap of the debt pile for Manor Mall. Bruce Slagle is a bigger loser when it comes to economic development than he is regarding city management.

Talk about bush league jackasses. Threatening our small chance for something new.

Sic 'em, Falcon! Now your Mayor has reason to pull financial support from the Chamber, Southeast Iowa Regional Plannning and the Library or any other financial arrangement Slagle and Power control.

And his spelling isn't so hot, either.


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Send Slagle on the Italian Grand Tour


If the City of Marion is dumb enough to hire Slagle, do you think a little going away present would be in order?

The City of Burlington could vote to send Hinkle on another tour of Italy and this time take Slagle along. The entire expense would be justified as economic development.

Every day Slagle is away is just that much less time available to shred documents and sweep crap from under the rug and throw it out the window. Maybe outside investigators could be called in during Slagle's absence to audit what has gone on.

Italy does have an extradition treaty with the United States. "See Naples and Die."


Is that like death by pasta? The rolly one's Sansabelts can't stand much more.


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A Lack of Quality


FS made an excellent observation about the quality of Case New Holland associates who enter local politics. The mind set is not what it was when Racine ruled its own roost and made those traction engines that still rule at the Old Thresher's Reunion. Things changed radically with Fiat.

Once Fiat paid to get a quality name with Case, the shake down set in. Every related supplier in the old country came running to Burlington to set up shop. Good paying jobs went out the door at Case while the City of Burlington helped to subsidize it all between Roosevelt and Gear Avenues.

A new name in town reminding one of imported pasta paying half as much in wages was heralded by the local elected idiots as economic development. Using public money to reduce wages is brilliant economic development. It makes as much sense as a ponzi scheme.

Fiat's heritage of shoving crap out the door to fall apart on the customers hands is getting it nowhere. Fiat's bonds in financial markets are now rated as so many of its products; junk.

If Case New Holland is sold to save Fiat's automotive division that inspired Yugoslavia to build the Yugo, hopefully the next owner is committed to going head to head quality wise with Deere, Cat and Kamatso. Quality starts with a state of mind.

Serious, random drug and alcohol testing at the Case plant and City Hall would be a good start toward improving the product produced by both.


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15 January

10,000 Others Prove Slagle Smart Guy


Call him devious. Call him deceptive. Never call Bruce Slagle stupid.

There is now no hiding the fact the Slagle has gotten wise. Like nearly 1/3 of Burlington's population over the last 40 years, Slagle knows a better future is anywhere but Burlington. And he 10,000 endorsements to prove it.


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What If Slagle Leaves? How Can We Afford For Him To Stay?


I couldn't stand all the crying by the city council in today's paper over Slagle leaving. Only Campbell realized that John Mercer is the brains behind the Manor project and not Slagle.

Maybe the council was really crying they might have to face the music for the mess Slagle is making in the Manor. anyway you think about it, the taxpayers are the losers.


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Slagle's Pay Raise Due


I hope our drunk mayor Edwards and Ell give Slagle his raise before he goes to his new job in Marion. It would be a nice gesture of good will for Edwards' BK sleepover and Power's wheel barrow of no merit railroad lawsuit cash.


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A Community's Heart On Display


It is so wonderful to come to your site and see so many local people have been pouring forth their hearts in support of Mr. Slagle making a professional advancement. What special bond exsists between the citizens of Burlington and their CIty Manager?

That so many would state why Mr. Slagle should be given a greater opportunity elsewhere is almost unbelievable. It takes a special sort of individual to engender such support for his moving up and on.

Hopefully, Burlington will never see another like Mr. Slagle once he is gone.


We can hope. That is all that is left. And I don't have much left.


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Courtney Talking Out Of Billfold Regarding Unions & Wages

Falcon has been carrying stories about our good Senator Courtney and his cash support of the cash construction industry instead of those running a legitimate business.

His support of the cash construction business is so typical of his double barrel hubbub baloney.

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A Periodical for Those Holding Power in Burlington


Has anybody contacted these people about doing a feature on Burlington's alcohol fueled municipal government?


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CNH Brain Drain


I don't know what it is but there must be something in the water down at CNH that creates these dead beat, halfwit public servants that appear in all levels of local government both here and in West Burlington.

Newton was correct in that gravity causes crap to sink, drop or run down hill, a fact proven by Slagle and Power who were both hired by inept city councils of the present and the past, all of which were staffed with previous CNH employees.

Surely, not all former CNH employees are dimwitted or deadbeats, although the voters of Burlington and West Burlington can’t seem to differentiate between the halfwits and the full wits when it comes to the brains of their leaders.

One would wonder how any of them completed enough time at CNH to retire without being fired for dimwittedness. What is it that makes these people popular with local voters? Does it have something to do with hanging out at the Iowa during breaks, lunch and before and after work, or is it really the water?

We’ll probably never know the real cause of this epidemic but one thing is obvious, we’ve all suffered the results.


The malady seems to only effect those CNH employees that enter politics or slide around on the fringe of politics as if they are somebody other than has beens.

Fortunately, everyone else seems normal.


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13 January

One Mini-Me Included Free


I'm surprised at you. Please add a P.S.

P.S. Don't forget, if your looking for an assistant city manager with experience in financial manipulation of the tax base of municipalities we have an excellent candidate in Mr. Doug Worden.

Mr. Slagle and Doug have worked very well together in the past and he should also serve you well, even though Doug has only served one community since his graduation from college and is probably anxious to further add this opportunity to his resume. Salary requirement is minimal, based on his experience and job performance.


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One More For Free


I wish for the sake of our city and our continued existence as a city that Knoke would leave with Slagle. These two are nothing but a drain on our city's budget.


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Any Hope For Our Drunk Mayor?


Do you suppose they would add our drunk mayor into the package?


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Slagle Job Applications


I think Slagle applied for a job in Nebraska a few years ago. In the paper he said he has never applied for another job. Maybe it's time he did.


03:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Google Slagle


I just did a Google search on "Bruce Slagle" and the first 3-websites returned are:

1. WestBurlingtonCity.com (Falcon's site).
2. BurlingtonIowa.org (the City's site).
3. BurlingtonDerailed.com (Spike's site).

Could this be a problem?


Yes, we hired the wrong guy and the Ad Vertiser doesn’t know it!


03:33:58 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle Resume 2 - Please Post


Humorous letter of recommendation for the city manager. Let's not forget about the destroyed tapes of the closed meetings and the sign held up by the city manager "Vote for anybody but Tim Scott" when council member Scott questioned the city manager and staff abuse of flex time. Nobody running the store on Fridays was the reason Scott rightfully spoke up.

Edwards made some stupid comments in the paper and sounded like we or Edwards couldn't get along without Slagle. Edwards has no management experience and it really shows.


To The Marion City Manager Selection Committee:

Mr. Slagle is not a firebug and will not burn any incriminating audio tapes of closed session council meetings. Mr. Slagle does not own any magnets and will not tamper with any audio tapes of incriminating closed session city council meetings. Mr. Slagle does not politicize his office and will work 6 days a week.

Hope it helps.


03:32:52 - SPIKE - No comments

Homes for Sale In Eminent Domain Mall


The City is selling some of the homes in the manor they have already seized. To get a bid sheet, please call City Hall, ask for Bruce Slage. Bids are due by Tuesday 1/16/07 by 1PM to the City Clerk.
For sale:

2902-2904 Market St
2906 Market
3000-3002 Market
3114 Market

Also for sale separately are the garages on the same properties. Sorry, we all missed the open house on 1-4-07, apparently the notice in the Advertiser was pushed to the last square inch not being covered by Vilsack’s great legacy. Property must be moved by 3-17-07, buyer responsible for all costs.

I wonder what type of return we will get(the City) on the sale of these homes?

Sign me - Bye Bye Bruce

Wow, these property sales should make a hell of a dent in the $6.5 million bond issue, maybe $10,000. We might have a sidewalk program again in 2075.


03:30:55 - SPIKE - No comments



I read in the paper today Slagle will honor his contract in giving the city of Burlington a 60 day notice. I say hell with that give the idiot a bonus to leave early and save us much more money. Hell, give him a bigger bonus if he can take his untrained monkeys with him. Good by and good luck Marion.


I like the part that Slagle couldn’t bear to leave his contract early. For what? Where does he think he’s going? The only difference between this deal and a dead albatross is the albatross has fresher breath.


03:29:32 - SPIKE - No comments

You Can't Tell the Monkeys Without a Program


The above was found by typing in Goggle, "Slagle Burlington Iowa." That Burlington's brilliant City Manager is in the final sweeps for the Manager's job in Marion has made the Cedar Rapids media. No doubt eager Marionites have been finding out the truth through derailed.

Have you been getting many hits from the Cedar Rapids area lately? If so, you may need to add some assistance to Derailed for outsiders.

Have you considered creating a link to a synopsis and time line of Burlington's Slagle problem? Perhaps there could be links from the date of the crime to some better postings on the transgression involved. Like all great tyrants, there is always a supporting cast of substance addicts, the morally depraved and the just plain dumb. A brief overview of the supporting villians would doubtless be useful.

The Drunk Mayor. How many people in Marion are aware of this embarrassment's whopper in the BK lot? How about the attempted cover up and refusal to release public documents by local law enforcement. Did anybody ever figure out if Slagle was involved in the decision to let the Mayor call his wife for a ride?

The BNSF lawsuit train wreck. This disaster ranks as one of Iowa's all time great moments in municipal idiocy. Slagle was not just following orders. He was leading the charge on this fiasco. Slagle's role as point man in the cover up afterwards with missing and destroyed meetings records is worth at least 5 years in an orange jump suit.

The inept City Attorney. Legal bills not itemized, but paid. A loosing streak that would get any Jr. High basketball coach benched back to just teaching Civics. "Without merit, Without merit, Without merit."

Senator Courtney. The State Senator who loves to stick his nose in municipal affairs. How the Drunk Mayor and Slagle welcomed him to conspire in the brilliant BNSF lawsuit and subsequent disappearance of all records of what transpired.

Dim of Wit Council Members, past and present. The infinite verbosity of Senator King. The mystery of the missing school keys by the fire chief.

Golf and drinks anybody?

Spike, I realize you have a real job. You are not on the public payroll. Thus, your time is limited. I throw this out as a suggestion. The better the people of Marion are able to comprehend what has been done to Burlington, the drier their powder will be for Mr. Slagle.

What you have done already with Derailed would make Paul Revere proud.


All our friends in Marion need to do is type "Slagle" in the Search box. And have an hour or two to kill.


03:28:33 - SPIKE - No comments

12 January

Dum' and Dumber

Falcon is carrying the remarks made by West Burlington's jackass mayor over amubulance care. All you voters that put this reckless nimrod in office should be ashamed of yourselves.

Read it.

And don't have chest pains in West Burlington if Trousil is answering 911.


17:07:31 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle Resume - Please Post

Dear Marion Iowa City Council:

I would like to offer my letter of support for Bruce Slagle. Mr. Slagle will be a fine city manager for Marion.

Mr. Slagle is hard working, honest, forthright and extremely competent in all management skills needed to run your city in a professional manner. Mr. Slagle can be trusted to do the right thing, protect your citizens and taxpayers from excess costs while avoiding all litigation that might arise.

Mr. Slagle has no outside activities, does not drink and does not play golf. During the summer he can be found on the weekends at City Hall with the air conditioning shut off working away on city budget matters.

Mr. Slagle rides a bicycle to work so he will not need any gas allowance. He works hard and has gotten by for years without a pay raise or vacation.

Mr. Slagle takes direction well from the city Council and never oversteps his authority. He takes criticism well and seeks the opinion from the city Council members before he makes any decision that could adversely affect the city.

You'll find that Bruce Slagle is your guy. If you will hire Bruce Slagle in the next 30 days we will throw in the lowest paid city attorney in the state of Iowa and have our mayor, drive them both to Marion at his earliest sobriety.

Thank you for considering Bruce Slagle.


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Everybody Quiet!


Good riddance, Bruce. You've pretty much sucked us dry; time to move on to greener pastures. If it were my choice, I'd fire Slagle before he could quit.

Doesn't Marion have any clue what this guy is about??? Someone needs to alert these poor people!!


Then we get stuck with him.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Please Hire Slagle!


If anybody wishes to encourage the City of Marion to hire Slagle, check this link out to Marion's elected city officials. You will note by and large that this group's individual resumes reflect education and success. What a difference from Burlington's elected "leaders."

Sit down at your keyboard and let Marion's elected leaders know why you think Bruce Slagle should be their next City Manager.


02:59:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Where's Ell-do? - and it's all Vilsack all the time!


It was unclear in the daily fishwrapper if Bill Ell was in attendance at the most recent city council meeting. Now this doesn't surprise me as the Hawkeye is an apologist for city hall and refuses to hold them accountable for anything.

Do you happen to know if our International Man Of Mystery was missing in action again or if he managed to wander into the council chambers to look all confused and befuddled for an hour or two, wander back out, find his keys (Hey! How about that!) and drive away again into the night?

For that matter can we get some sort of report card on his attendance over the past few months? Lord knows the lickspittles down at the fishwrapper aren't going to hunt down information like that much less publish it.

Speaking of the fishwrapper, it's all Vilsack all the time down there. One fluff piece after another. Poor Tommy is moving. It's bittersweet tears for their goldenboy. Next day it's talking points for his campaign. In the weeks before it was a few more puff pieces one after another.

Could that band of hacks at the paper be a little more blatant with their political leanings? And they sit in that building and try to convince the readership they're NOT in bed with the entrenched and corrupt Democrat political machine in southeast Iowa? Do they think their readership is that stupid?

They need to wise up. They're the legacy media and their time is over. Their stranglehold on information is being broken by sites like burlingtonderailed.com and westburlingtoncity.com and their days of being the sole disseminators of information is ending.

They can't get away with hiding the truth and perpetuating lies for their favored political lackeys and not being called on it anymore. As their angst over the railroad lawsuit and other countless other issues have shown they don't like it when they are called on it.

You don't question the purveyors and authors of official “truth”. Like those they protect, they'll use every means at their disposal to ruin you.


02:58:11 - SPIKE - No comments

11 January

Slagle Headed To Marion?

The rumors appear to be true about Slagle cleaning off his office walls of photos plaques. Bleed Us Dry Slagle is one of 6 finalists to become Marion's city manager.

For the City's sake and future, please don't tell them about www.BurlingtonDerailed.com

Let this incompetent jackass get out of town. Maybe he will take Power with him and have the mayor drive 'em both.


14:16:12 - SPIKE - No comments

Blight is in the Eye of the Benefactor


The City of Burlington will turn a blind eye to horrendous blight until recognizing it may prove profitable to the right people. If an acquaintance of Randy Winegard wanted to develop lower Lincoln Street, you can bet public dollars would flow.

If such development "demanded" the southeast section of Aspen Grove Cemetery be condemned and the interred moved, the City Council would vote to do so. City government does not exist in Burlington to serve all the people. It is there as a tool to be used for the benefit of the "right" people in Burlington.

Southeast Iowa is earning the reputation as the Appalachia http://www.chrisapp.org/partner/Article_Display_Page/0,,PTID5560%7CCHID104346%7CCIID186230,00.html of Iowa. Yes, trash in the streets, buildings collapsing from neglect, etc. have helped in this perception. Even more so is the corruption and trash running the local political system.

When the rich and powerful may have a neighborhood confiscated and demolished on a whim, blight goes deeper than sight. It is the manifestation of a community's blighted soul.


You could hire Special Prosecutor Scott Power to condemn the cemetary. It takes special legal skills to condemn the dead when there is no blood to suck out. Power would find the cemetary was actually built on railroad property and the dead should be paying back rent to the city under the 1885 Agreement.


04:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Defines Blight? 2


Here's a couple more sights in midtown Burlington that make the Manor look like paradise. One is by Aspen Grove the other is on North 5th.


Concerned Citizen Photos

01:30:41 - SPIKE - No comments

09 January

What Defines Blight?


This mess is right next to Aspen Grove and it's obvious the City of Burlington is failing to perform its obligations in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. There are extremely blighted sections just to the east of Aspen Grove that would make the Manor look like paradise in comparison.

Scenes such as this are more the norm than the unusual here in River City. A drive through town, with the exception of a few main streets would show a town falling apart at the seams.

The entire bluff system is littered with trash thrown over by lazy home owners or those that refuse to pay the extortionist system of trash fees here in Burlington.

I think city waste department personnel should report scenes such as this to city hall and action then taken to force the clean up. Trashiness here in Burlington is a major problem and shows the laziness of homeowners to keep their property looking presentable. Poor doesn't mean one has to live like
a hog, although poor isn't a prerequisite for being trashy.

The overall outward appearance of Burlington is not good and as long as city hall maintains and attitude of indifference nothing will change and the detrioation will continue until most of the taxpaying public are gone, then what?


It sure makes a compelling argument against Slagle's Eminent Domain Mall. I haven't seen a mess like this in Manor for quite a while.


A Concerned Citizen's Photo

16:50:10 - SPIKE - No comments

08 January

Industrial Tooling and Fabrication Correction


I have a correction. Industrial Tooling and Fabrication in Ft. Madison layed off 60 employees not 100 as I emailed you earlier.


17:34:40 - SPIKE - No comments

Let Power Monitor the Remedial Supervisors


County Attorney Pat Jackson should be using his time prosecuting those who are honest robbers and rapists; the goons who steal and otherwise violate your person at gunpoint. Somebody else can monitor those who commit crimes against the community by virtue of winning 50% plus one in an election.

Hire counselor Power to baby sit the Board of Supervisors.

Heland tipped the balance on the County Board from college level to special education. Heland is a tool of those wonderful people at City Hall who brought you the BNSF lawsuit. Who better to monitor the mess the City has wrought than the City's attorney of remedial ability?

If a brain trust of Hoschek, Heland and Power makes your nervous, take comfort. At least Beck is still around to help them decipher any big words found in the Code of Iowa.

Since Edwards, Slagle and Company created this mess, let the City pay for the resulting baby sitting necessity. As Power never submits an itemized bill, Manor confiscation expenses may be easily confused with moron monitoring. Keep the public dazed and unable to figure out what is really going on and at what cost.

Consider paying Power to baby sit an investment. If Hoschek and Heland end up in Ft. Madison, there is no way the City can help themselves to the County treasury. Saying they were acting in accordance with Power's "professional" advice may buy Des Moines County's special education Supervisors a bye with a criminal court.

This creates a win, win situation for the elected criminals and big spending bureaucrats who are the majority at City Hall. Any way you look at it, the taxpayers lose.


It’s not a question of if; it’s only the date that’s open to debate.

05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Courtney Slops To Union Special Interests


The article on State Senator Tom Courtney quoted Courtney to say that the public unions worked hard during the election campaign and they will be expecting more money for pay raises.

Was this election about what is best for all citizens or just the public unions?

They are all at the trough wanting more money or more benefits. Who is supposed to pay for all of this?

Maybe if we had some tax cuts on average citizens, it would give families more money to enjoy and pump into the economy. Businesses do pay too much in property tax. The real problem is governments over spend.

Shifting the tax burden will not fix the problem.


The Ad Vertiser keeps pumping this drama that Courtney is somebody, i.e. "... (Courtney) is third in charge."

That's like saying Al Haig was in charge. All bravado and no substance. We all know Courtney and he is no Al Haig.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pedersen's Pound Puppets Perform!

Retitle of "Meanwhile, Good News From Lee County"


The article "Meanwhile, Good News From Lee County" should be retitled, "Pedersen's Pound Puppets Perform!"

Common sense tells you that the person who is Vice-Chair should become the Chair at the very next changing of the guard. However, the GOBC isn't known for using common sense.

Looks like Rick Larkin and Ernie Schiller were trying to start a fight. Didn't Ernie vow to stop the "infighting"? Ernie, leave the dirt in the garden where it belongs. Don't become a member of the "Pedersen Pound Puppets"!


You have to wonder when there are 4 Democrats and 1 Republican what they are so afraid of.

Any way you look at it, what the 3 supervisors did is best for Lee County. As well it should be.


04:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 January

Industrial Tooling Lays Off 100 Employees


Industrial Tooling and Fabrication in Ft. Madison just let go of 100 personnel indefinitely due to lack of business, this is about 1/3 their workforce.

Let's hope it is just temporary.


10:58:22 - SPIKE - No comments

Target Harasses Customers - "Targets" Teens - KMart Just Plain Sucks


A few days ago I was at Target with my little sister (she's 17). We were looking through the Christmas clearance items like all good Americans do. Anyway, my sister was looking at a large box with no tag on it. She went to take the UPC code off of it to scan it and see what the cost was and the security "lady" came over to make a spectacle of asking whether she needed help and was followed by three or four regular employees. My sister and I promptly replaced all of our items and left the store.

Why is WalMart beating out all other stores? Because they don't harass their customers. I don't like WalMart (especially since the redesign) but I refuse to go somewhere where I'm treated as though I'm stealing.

Also, my sister told me there was an article in the BHS paper about how much the Target security looks at teenagers more closely than adults. I would think this would be very bad for business as the number of 18-25 years olds with disposable income is going up because of community colleges and staying at home.

I don't need to shop there. There are many other places in town that provide the same, if not better, service.


Target is profiling customers? This idea from the retailer that sold all the pseudoephedrine you needed if you were a meth maker and then flaunted it to the local cops when the cops complained?

Several years ago I went into the Target bathroom and found a man in the next stall ripping tags off a winter coat. Before he put the coat on and left the store I reported the incident with his description to their customer service. They gave me 50 reasons why they wouldn't do anything while we all watched the desperado come out of the bathroom and leave the store with his new coat, one last tag swinging in the wind.

The other group missing any common sense and a total lack in direction of customer service is KMart. That store is managed by a bunch of rude, incompetent, irresponsible nitwits that couldn't run a profitable lemonade stand. As far as I'm concerned all the shoplifters can go to KMart. And the city should start enforcing the sign law that they let KMart so badly abuse on a very regular basis. It's a shame Sears and Martha Stewart tarnished their names with these Blue Light boobs.


08:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

05 January

Ad Vertiser On Cue


Looks like you were right again. The newspaper blamed the county attorney for the twin's mistake.

Shouldn't Jeffy had the rules down pat before he rolled the Caddy into the parking stall? Or maybe Heland was too busy trying to find the road to Big Hollow.


10:43:15 - SPIKE - No comments

Campaign Promise As Lame As Your Excuses - Week 1


I heard blabbermouth Heland on KCPS Thursday talking about his illegal resolution. I believe Heland said, "I don't think anybody would consider that breaking the law."

Jeff, I think you broke the law. You acted on an item that wasn't on the agenda.

So don't think anybody thinks you didn't break the law. I do. And you're a fool to believe everybody else is as dumb as you and the newspaper think we are. Your campaign promise was as lame as your excuses.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing from the big mouth that told us Ed Blow was going to jail over the Hy Vee building. Eight years in government and the first thing out of the box, Bingo!

Then he cried about how he had come from a 3 readings and vote situation at city hall. It just goes to show you how desperate the situtation really is. He still thinks he is playing by city rules.

Heland cried about how he didn't like the idea that some people had no respect for the local elected officials. This is why Jeff. And why we never will.


05:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No Video, No Audio

Sounds to me as much as Trousil wants you to believe he isn't molded in a likeness of our drunk mayor and his stupid antics, he appears to be a clone.

When it came time to broadcast and record the West Burlington City Council meeting it seems the audio/video equipment wouldn't work for some mysterious reason. Just like the equipment didn't work for the second Supervisors' forum. And the heat didn't work in the Port building for a Blow rally but did work a few days later for a Culver rally well before the "parts" were supposed to arrive.

It amazes me that the collective mayorial brain trust thinks that we are all so dumb as to believe their crap. We don't and we are patiently waiting for the tailgate to drop and these 2 turnips to hit the ground.


04:47:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser Trying To Shift Blame - Wrath Of Bart

We understand that after Bull Dog Bart Miller slept through the Heland illegal motion fiasco on Tuesday, he is now ready to blame everybody else for Heland's blunder.

Apparently, Jimmy Olson was on vacation and Bart was filling in for Jimmy. So on Jimmy's first day back he is blasted with Bart's mistakes and ordered to the court house to slop the blame on somebody else.

I guess we'll see who is the chosen one to receive the brunt of Jimmy's wrath. Or is that the wrath of Bart?


02:03:11 - SPIKE - No comments

Other Ambulance Problems


Geez....sounds like other towns or cities are going through this same F.D. thingy also.


01:47:38 - SPIKE - No comments

04 January

Honest Open Government? – Heland Initiates Illegal Resolution

Ad Vertiser’s Crack Reporter Bull Dog Bart Miller Asleep?

We were all told how Jeff Heland had all the answers to how Des Moines County should be run. Heland’s campaign mantra was “Honest, open government.” Then Tuesday attendees to the first meeting had to endure 2 hours and 45 minutes mostly filled with Heland expounding about how he single-handedly was going to change the meetings to “Honest, open… accessible” events of monumental proportions.

The Ad Vertiser’s crack reporter Bull Dog Bart Miller was too interested in bitching about the need for the Des Moines County Supervisors to publish the Thursday work session agenda to realize Heland’s first day in office and first official act resulted in openly breaking the law.

As payback for electing Heland, Hoschek got Heland’s vote to rescind the amendment to the secondary roads policy concerning the county’s Class B roads.

After the vote, Heland immediately moved to amend the overturned resolution by changing one word in the former resolution. Heland and Hoschek then voted to approve the new resolution.

That vote was illegal. The amended item (now a new item) was not on the published agenda, therefore illegal. The resolution is illegal. Heland endorsed and broke the law.

I don’t know what kind of con job Bull Dog Bart Miller was pulling on his readers but it sure smells like a big old cover-up of their favorite candidates. Now he will argue that it wasn’t. But it had to be a cover-up. Why wouldn’t he keep the wheels of American journalistic freedom alive by exposing this illegal act that extinguishes the spirit of Iowa’s “Sunshine Law?”

As for Heland, it is obvious Heland doesn’t know as much about the law and government as he told us he did while citing his 8 years of extensive experience as a Burlington city councilman. No wonder he had help being mayor.

True leaders keep their mouth shut until the find out what the problems are. Heland has his nose so far up Hoschek’s butt like a puppy dog, just to comply; he can’t see the Iowa Code.

Heland and Hoschek can’t run their own whorehouse and have no business in office trying to run the government’s whorehouse.

And Bart? Well, Bart’s, Bart. What can I say? Go ahead, tell us how to think.


07:01:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Volume in Lieu of Knowledge


It is nice to see Supervisor Heland is performing as expected. Did anybody fall asleep during his discourse?

Heland is further proof that the less one knows, the more they pontificate.


I don't know if anyone fell asleep, but they had 2:45 to try.


06:56:35 - SPIKE - No comments

Meanwhile, Good News From Lee County


More on the Lee County vote for chairman and vice-chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Along with Larry Kruse as Chairman, Bob Woodruff was voted in as Vice Chair. The Anne Pedersen-Rick Larkin-Jerry Kearns Good Old Boy Club got outmaneuvered in an attempt by Larkin to have George Morgan as chair and the newly elected and inexperienced Ernie Schiller as vice chair.

The vote was Schiller and Larkin yes, Kruse and Woodruff no, with Morgan abstaining. No majority meant that the vote failed. Woodruff and Kruse then nominated each other, both of which passed with Morgan serving as the tie-breaking vote for each.

It was another attempt by GOBC to control the Board of Supervisors and it's agenda by using the two positions as bait to get Schiller's and Morgan's vote. Schiller pretty much broadcast from the get-go that his loyalties and marching orders lie with the Club.

Both Pedersen and Kearns stayed for the vote as in an attempt to bully Morgan into falling their way in case the carrot didn't work. As it turned out neither did, even though Morgan will likely pay the price by getting primaried when his term is up in 2008. It was a huge miscalculation on the part of the GOBC to manipulate the outcome.

Kudos to George for not being bought or bullied and siding with the Republican/anti-Good Old Boy Democrat coalition that's trying to do something positive for Lee county. It was good to see the GOBC slapped down hard.

Their little group had till a few years ago absolute control over the county Democrat party as well as county government since the 80's, and this victory will help loosen that death grip a little further. It was particularly disgusting that they were willing to put Schiller, newly elected and with no experience or knowledge of the position whatsoever, as Vice-chair just to advance their own power agenda.

With Kruse-Woodruff-Morgan in control of the agenda and the majority, they can continue on moving the county in the right direction it has been going the last few years. Not only do we need to keep and improve on the fiscal discipline of the last few years in place, but with our economic development effort moving into the post-Lowell Junkins era we need to make the right choices to structure that effort to use the coming Port Authority to it's full potential for attracting good paying jobs.

The vote was a huge victory for the county.


Kudos to Morgan. It also shows Pederson has been neutered by her personal problems.

You're right, the vote was a huge victory for Lee County.


06:55:17 - SPIKE - No comments

That’s The Problem – Their Hands Are Already Dirty - No More Dirt


The citizen that is in a disagreement with city staff (imagine that) over his claims for damage caused by the city's sewer back up was told by Doug Worden that he should have hired clean up crews for $12.00 per hr.

In all fairness, would Doug Worden clean up 2' deep sewer water? I highly doubt it. He wouldn't get off his ass to do any manual labor. If this happened to Worden or Slagle, the issue would be handled much differently. Typical run over the citizen that has been happening with not much resistance or council help.

Worden was out of line by saying everybody else should work for $12.00 an hour with no benefits figured in. How much per hour is the city employee's average wage including wage, pension and health insurance? Much more than $12.00. I was disappointed that not one council member had the guts to question this. The mayor doesn't work for $12.00 but he didn't raise issue either. As long as they get theirs!


That’s the problem in City Hall. Nobody wants to get their hands dirty. And that’s the reason Mini-Me had taken on the stature of his boss. No work, all golf, bigger pants.

And speaking of golf, we hear the mayor rides around CNH in a golf cart like he is some big shot. I wonder if CNH has a DGC DUI rule?


06:52:45 - SPIKE - No comments

Drunk Mayor to Buy Toyota?

Toyota Developing Drunken Driving System


Toyota Motor Corp. is developing a fail-safe system for cars that detects drunken drivers and automatically shuts the vehicle down if sensors pick up signs of excessive alcohol consumption, a news report said Wednesday.

DUI Dodger

He won"t need one in prison.


06:48:12 - SPIKE - No comments

Trousil Editorial


Trousil's letter to the editor was overly long, overly explained and incomprehensible as to point. Just about normal.


04:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Henry Needs Gold Watch


Don Henry still doesn’t understand the railroad lawsuit, the impact of the 1985 agreement or the use of any common sense.

As a BNSF employee and stockholder, we don’t owe you a thing Don except your gold watch.


04:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

03 January

Heland Gases Court House - Dems Gone Wild!


Well, I fear today was the first of a long four years. Heland hit the ground running at the supervisors' meeting this morning, with several added agenda items. By the time he had politicized the proceedings, the meeting had lasted 2 hours 45 minutes.

Of course he explained that his goal is to streamline the meeting, but that remains to be seen. His endless talking made Hoschek look like a schoolboy politician. Oh woe is me and anyone else who might want to attend a county board meeting.


Nothing like keeping the crowd in suspense. I fear that Heland's incessant rambling is likely to last beyond the known world reserves of audio tape before the 4 years are up.

Then what? DVD's of the meetings? Dems Gone Wild!


05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Eminent Domain Mall


During the city council meeting, the city manager gave a briefing on the Manor project. He showed several pictures of other Muir developments. They were quite impressive and it looks like a good developer.

One question though. The president of Muir sent the city an E-mail that stated Muir is looking forward to the "possibility" of developing this property. Is there no guarantee?


Until there is a signed contract, it is just wishful thinking and unbridled hope.


04:51:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Eminent Domain Mall 2

Slagle says that Muir isn't going to ask for TIF financing or a tax abatement. Shouldn't we all be jumping for joy?

No. Keep in mind that Slagle gave away over $2 million in cash contributions to Eminent Domain Mall.

And he did all that without a contract.

04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

02 January

Bob Beck Elected Des Moines County Supervisor Chairman

Kruse New Chairman in Lee County

Supervisor Bob Beck was elected Chairman this morning while Supervisor Larry Kruse was elected Chairman in Lee County.

16:44:15 - SPIKE - No comments

Why is Burlington's Power Structure Singing Praises of Scott Power?


The propaganda arm of Burlington's power structure, the Advertiser, spilled a lot of ink in praise of counselor Power. It begs the question. Why?

Before Derailed and other alternative sources allowed local information to flow unrestricted by the Advertiser's editors, such page plus stories of praise were rare. Is it because the public is getting wise and growing angry at what their taxes buy when Power is hired? I loved the "itemized" by the year cost of Power's services.

Is the public being fed opiates of praise to accept delayed and un detailed legal billing as the Manor confiscation looms? What will it cost the City in legal fees to pacify this neighborhood for Randy Winegard's shopping mall building buddy? I doubt if Slagle and Company want the public to know the answer. Power's billing practices have helped obfuscate and delay determining the price of folly before.

Has Power screwed something else up? Are the pages of praise a ploy to soften outrage on another to be announced soon buffoonery like the BNSF lawsuit?

The space and ink allocated to Power could have been a hell of a lot of advertising revenue. The Advertiser must have some purpose in doing so. You can bet the public interest is not the reason.


They want to get rid of Power and know it would be a good thing but don't have the balls to say so!

Did you notice how Slagle, Ell, Edwards, Tapp all hung around looking for a scrap?


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