Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 March

Expectations For Shell Building


I hope DaBecca Natural Foods does come to Burlington and accepts its obligation to pay its fair share of taxes, actually hires full time benefited employees, pays them livable wages and avoids the temporary employees, so predominate here in Des Moines County.

Temporary employees here in Burlington are basically exploited and robbed of their dignity by many local firms. Some of these temp firms charge excessive fees such as over $30 to watch an orientation movie, taken out of the first pay check. I know of one person whose first check amounted to only $4.51 per hour, just about half of the stated hourly rate after all the deductions and fees were taken out.

The taxpayer doesn't need another free loader industry such as the Ethanol plant where the taxpayer picks up its taxes while they earn enormous profits. It's hard to blame the Ethanol plant since it just took the offer thrown on the table by the dimwits here in Des Moines County that offered and then consummated the loser deal.


Economic development incentives are supposed to be a mix of intelligent design. That's how the ethanol plant rape occured. No intelligence and no design. That's a problem since Hinkle led the charge on the ethanol handouts.

If DaBecca is willing to pay those wages to their employees, you have to use incentives to make it easier for a company to locate in your community.

DaBecca says their sales are booming. That translates to more jobs if that boom continues. More jobs = more community impact. We want DaBecca to locate their plant here in Burlington.

Whereas over at the ethanol plant they only add a pot, some pipe, increase their capacity 100%, increase their profits beyond wildest expectations but only add 3 or 4 new employees. Great efficiency, great profits, but not enough community impact to warrant another big ass tax abatement.

As for these blood-sucking temporary employment agencies charging $30 to watch their tape, leave town. We don't want you blood suckers here!

And as for the ethanol plant, not another damn dime!


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Recent Manor Aquisitions


Ravenscraft to the City (Lot 39 Flint Hills Manor) $30,000.00

Ravenscraft to the City (Lot 40) $40,000.00

Still no signed contract? Oh, that's right Flint Hills Golf Course opened Friday.


That means another 1-1/2 years to get it done between golf and lunch.


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30 March

Photo From Recent School Tour

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Heland - Any Tax Will Do!

Our tax and spend Hoschek twin was on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM this morning expounding, "If you don't like this tax, there's always another." Apparently Largemouth went to some Iowa DOT agenda derived meeting (sponsored by the Iowa DOT) and bought into how we need to raise taxes to support the DOT's agenda to dump more state maintained highways onto the County's budget.

I'd like to know whether or not Largemouth used a County vehicle to travel to Mahaska County or whether he just filled up his Cadillac.


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Pounding Smoke


The City of Burlington is a recognized master when it comes to pounding smoke up one's waste disposal pipe.


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Gutter & Downspout Inspection

Spike, pass this on:

Beware, The Burlington Street Department in a letter received today states they will be conducting a smoke test next Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m.to 3:00 p.m. under the guise of finding out if you have a sewer gas problem IN your home. Could this be a way for a Councilman to drum up some sewer drain repair business?

The Street Department Heads must think we are stupid. They could care less about sewer gas IN your home. Why don't they just tell it like it is. They will be looking at your gutters & down spouts to see if they drain into the sewer instead of the storm drain as they should. If yours drain into the sewer, better plug em up quick.


If we are to believe the city's intentions according to their letter they would then have to gain access to every basement to see if there is smoke in the basement.

What a load!


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New Chamber Director?


Please look into our supervisor - his daughter is the director of Chamber of Commerce in Estherville, Iowa . You don't think he would pull strings to up the Chamber in Burlington and then let his daughter come here to take a job ??


You can never believe that Largemouth Ass would knowingly participate in manipulating the system, would you? I would imagine his daughter is very happy to be somewhere else for a variety of reasons.


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29 March

Condemnation Board


The Condemnation Board is a panel of 6 commissioners randomly selected out of a pool by a judge. 2 are property owners in Des Moines County, 2 are selected on their knowledge of property by virtue of occupation (banker, home inspector) and 2 are selected based on their occupation in the Real Estate field (appraiser, realtor).

Why would Power file a complaint? They are randomly selected, and are a diverse group to determine a fair value.

The Condemnation Hearings are open to the public, the only portion not open to the public is the debate between the Commissioners on setting a fair value on the property. Upon reaching their findings the meeting is reopened and the amount awarded is made public.

Their are hearings planned until May, starting at 9AM at the Sheriff's office.


Power is upset that things aren't going as easy as he told everyone they would. You just have to know how this guy twists the truth to fatten his wallet.

Plus the fact he thinks he is above the law.


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Direct hit. The Chamber is the root of all evil. Local government is simply a tool for their evil ends.

Those running Burlington's City government are too stupid and/or drunk to do what is in the best interest of the majority. They do as they are told.

As the old Western Movie cliche so accurately portrays, when criminals make the town drunk the Marshall, they have nothing to worry about.

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"I Apologize......Ride's over, huh..."

All the pilot could say was, "I apologize." The onlooker has it wired.

Best on a high speed link.

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When Does the Wall Go Up?


Reading about Chamberism reminded me of the Berlin Wall. Government beyond excess and totally inept was doing to the Democratic People's Republic of Germany what Chamberism is doing to Burlington.

The economy was a shambles. People, especially the better trained and educated, were fleeing to the point the system was on the verge of collapse. To protect their position, the ruling class sealed the borders. No place was it more graphic than in Berlin.

Like the Communist Party and the State in the Democratic People's Republic of Germany, the Chamber calls the shots with Burlington's City government. When will the Chamber instruct the City to build a wall around Burlington so no others may escape?

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Re: “Breaking News” Vilsack to Endorse Clinton


In response to the post “Breaking News” Vilsack to Endorse Clinton”

The real story is “Clinton pays off $400,000 Vilsack Campaign Debt for Support”.

You will never see that headline in the main stream press.

Obviously bribery not only works for votes concerning troop withdrawal legislation but for receiving an endorsement on the campaign trail. The Democrats are well on their way to imploding before the primaries even arrive. There isn’t enough meat on that bone to make it the distance.

I hope all Democrats are proud of the party and their speaker…..Ms. Pelosi.

Get ready THOMPSON ‘08


Watching from afar……

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28 March

Manor Property Acquisitions Update/Power Throws TemperTantrum

Hi Spike,

Burlington City Attorney Scott Power has filed an objection to the composition of the condemnation board, in particular, the presence of Ron and Barbara Kelley on it. Cry Baby. Things aren't going his way so he cries foul.

Do you think that if we smeared Slagle, Power and the city council with Preparation H they'd shrivel up and go away?

It's worth a thought.


Expect Power to file a lawsuit claiming the Condemnation Board is actually a part of the 1858 railroad agreement. He could file a Federal lawsuit and tell another Judge how dumb his arguments are.

How long will this incompetent jackass be allowed to suck our pockets dry? Power makes Ross Perot's "Giant sucking sound" barely the whisper of a mouse.


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Mayor Announces Plans for 'Chamberism'


Seeing how you lead the Hawk Eye’s news stories by several weeks, I’ve taken the liberty of writing a future news article for the paper. Enjoy.

-Burlington’s ScrappleFace

Mayor announces plans for 'Chamberism'

BURLINGTON, Iowa (AP) – Mayor Mike Edwards said Sunday that his administration plans to create "Sovereign Chamber Property" as part of sweeping reforms toward Chamberism, and that officials would move to seize control of large residential tracts and redistribute land to chamber approved developers."

The Burlington leader, speaking on his KBUR radio program "Hello Mayor," said the government was "advancing quickly" with a concept of "Sovereign Chamber Property" to be included in forthcoming City long range plans.

"It's property that belongs to the Chamber and it's going to benefit the Chamber of Commerce," said Edwards, who vowed to undermine free enterprise’s continued influence in Burlington.

Edwards did not elaborate, but stressed that “Sovereign Chamber Property” must benefit only members of the Chamber.

"It cannot be production to generate profits for one landlord or a small group of landlords that become rich exploiting peons who end up becoming slaves, living in poverty and misery their entire lives. It’s best that we seize the peons’ land and scatter them across the County" he said.

Government advisers preparing a blueprint for pending reforms have floated proposals that would roughly define seized property as “Chamber controlled assets” such as the Manor properties that are managed by Chamber leaders who share profits.

Burlington's government already helps organize and finance thousands of Chamber-managed projects, but the city does not have full ownership of the real estate or infrastructure used by the Chamber.

Edwards, who hosted Sunday's program from the Memorial Auditorium next to Mississippi floodwaters, said his government planned to seize control of large residential tracts and trailer courts spanning more than 7,400 acres and redistribute the "idle" lands to the Chamber under a citywide economic development plan.

Re-elected to a fresh 4-year term in November 2005, Edwards has accelerated his push toward Chamberism by seizing Burlington’s privately held property and imposing greater Chamber control over the land.

The leftist Mayor also plans to slap new taxes on city residents and do away with term limits that would otherwise force him to run for reelection again in 2009.

Since reform began several years ago, officials have redistributed more than 1,460 acres of land that had been classified as unproductive or lacked property documents dating back to 1858, according to City Attorney Scott Power.

Critics say reform has failed to revive Burlington’s economy, which does not produce enough jobs to satisfy local demand. The government has been forced to pay lip service amid shortages of good paying jobs.

"If Mr. Edwards really wants to help Burlington's poor, he must slash property taxes so residents can afford to buy food to feed their families," said opposition leader Leon Shahan. "We're only seeing increasing job shortages and more expensive taxes."

Opponents accuse Edwards, a close ally of Chamber leader Dennis Hinkle, of steering Burlington toward Cuba-style Chamberism, becoming increasingly authoritarian and dangerously dividing the city along class lines.

Chamber leaders say Burlington's economy is as healthy as ever under left-leaning Edwards and applaud the Mayor's initiatives to improve living conditions for Chamber members.

Edwards plans to hold a closed work session where the Council will authorize more reforms and land seizures by not voting.

I guess Scott Power will do the legal work.


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In 1998 there were 80 plus congressmen picked up in Washington DC and surrounding states for serious drunken driving charges and all walked with the blessing of MADD, an organization that refuses to bite the hand that feeds them.

I've emailed MADD many times on both the federal and state levels asking them why the double standard and they've never once responded, I wonder why?

The above information was published by Capital Hill Blue several years ago and was also broadcast on Paul Harvey when speaking of congressional crime during his news broadcast.

If Tony LaRusso were a member of congress we'd of never heard about his drunken driving charges. Of course, if he lived in Burlington he'd probably of gotten off because of his position and/or name alone.


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27 March

February 26 News - Today


Do you know what this date means? It's the day you broke the story and photos of the crumbling highway 34 pier. Exactly a month ago.

I can't stand all the old news coming so fast each morning. It's going to break the wayback machine. First Wedding Expressions, now the bridge.

What's next, Kohl's moves to West Burlington?


Seems to be a lot of demolition and dirt work out on Agency. All that is going on with Eminent Domain Mall is Power is getting his low ball property acquisition tactics hammered in court by 80-90%.

Yep, the famous Burlington real estate and railroad attorney is losing his property value arguments to the tune of having to pay the Manor owners 80-90% more than the City's low ball appraiser believed the value to be.

One thing hasn't changed, Power's legal fees are still piling up.


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Knoke WOWS 'Em


What will it take to wake up this community? When the public works director's attitude mirrors the attitude of his bosses how can we expect anything to get fixed.

Knoke's employee evaluation from Slagle must read: "All I can say is Wow. Perfect use of - it's not my job."

How long before the crumbling stops? Will it ever stop?


I wonder what else is crumbling.

Instead of Eminent Domain Mall the city should have been looking for the money to replace Cascade Bridge before it drops in the gulch.

That IS Knoke's responsibility.

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Another Knoke WOW!


How about Knoke's "I don't care comment." WOW!


He doesn't care. It wasn't his money that built the ramp. It was the taxpayers'.


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26 March

Wedding Day Blues - Another First For Spike


Breaking the news on the problems at Wedding Expressions. I believe this was back in December? The fish wrap picks up on it in March.

Thanks for breaking the news here first.


What is truly amazing is that after we broke the story we posted another story about the cops crawling all over Wedding Expressions. I suppose the Ad Vertiser was still hoping that Wedding Expressions advertising revenue had not dried up and, like leaves in the Fall, fluttered to the ground.

If you have a wedding planned through Wedding Expressions or know someone who does, you better get a lawyer and get on the stick to get what you paid for. This cash refund idea is going to tank for the very reason the store closed - INSUFFICIENT CASH FLOW!!!

And if you are the local PD, you better look a little closer next time on one of our leads. You missed this one by a mile. All the signs were there. How many people got hurt because they didn't have any warning.


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25 March

Picturesque Burlington


More classic photo’s of Burlington housekeeping.


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24 March

Tony LaRussa Is No Relative of Our Mayor


Doesn't the Tony LaRussa story sound familiar? Found asleep, smell of alcohol, SUV running. Tony didn't get a choice to either call for a ride or take a sobriety test.

There, is the difference.

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Nice Dump Photo


Your photo of all the physical trash piling up in Burlington is so typical. The plastic grocery bags caught in the weave remind of a land fill fence.

Does Burlington ever enforce its alternate year parking ordinance on boat trailers with flat tires? Why the hell are trailers allowed to be stored on public streets?

I realize many victims of Burlington's economy have fled to the open road to find work. I am glad they are being productive. On the weekends they are able to get home, is there somewhere they could park their semis rather than half-blocking a lane on a busy street?

I have seen poor areas of rural Mexico that were far better kept. I know Burlington is becoming just as poor, but can we at least maintain some pride?


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23 March

Spike Beats Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN, FOX, MSNBC


You broke the Vilsack/Clinton endorsement 2 hours before the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and even before the Des Moines Register. The Advertiser is still running the Alford story from yesterday.

Good job, Spike.


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Breaking News! Vilsack To Endorse Clinton

A news conference is set Monday for former Governor Tom Vilsack to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. Maybe Vice President Tom Vilsack?

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Ethanol Stupid Juice Hits Northern Iowa Supervisors

Even though the ethanol market is over-saturated Kossuth and Hancock Supervisors requested and then received State tax credits of more than $24 million last month for proposed ethanol plants.

If you want to read the course outline for Stupid Business Decisions 101, click here. The whole bunch is nuts.

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Galesburg Going Crazy?

Knox County State Attorney John Pepmeyer is under investigation for sexual harassment and has leveled counter charges against other employees amid an Illinois Attorney General probe. Doesn't sound good.

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County Employees Suck Up Parking


It's nice that the library is providing parking for both the Des Moines County Court House and Health Departments while those wanting to use the library play second fiddle for parking spaces. Since the library doesn't open until 9:00 AM and county employees start work around 8:00 AM, they have access to the prime slots up front.

County employees should not be allowed to park their cars in the library lot and someone should put an end to it.


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The area in the picture looks like a blighted area. Maybe we the people should let our elected Idiots buy it.


And build 3 malls?


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City Trash


Here is a picture from the corner of Market and 9th in downtown Burlington, which is the corner just east of Clark Field House.

Is this a disgrace or what?


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Pillow Talk in the Publishing Business


The Los Angeles Times is looking at jerking their Sunday opinion section because of an intimate relationship involving the Times Opinion Editor and a public relations firm executive.

In Burlington, the Advertiser, City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and the single party political hierarchy all sleep in the same bed. It is an orgy of incestuous inter-relationships.

If similar journalistic ethics were applied to the Advertiser, how many days would Burlington be blessed by its absence?




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New Weapons Developed At IAAP

Engineers at the IAAP have been working on two secret military weapons. Like always, you'll see it here first.

The close combat DeWalt weapon

Suburban Survival Weapon

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22 March

Hinkle Deals Supervisors Tax Abatement Resolution

We understand that Dennis Hinkle/Chamber/Grow Greater Burlington presented the Des Moines County Board of Supervisors a tailor made resolution to extend a tax abatement for the ethanol plant. The resolution was presented for the Supervisors to pass, I guess with Largemouth Ass leading the Burlington way.

100% abatement. That's what you wanted to know, isn't it?

The members of the Chamber wouldn't run their own businesses this way, why do they condone this half-assed attempt at economic development to continue? The golf courses aren't open yet.


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Greenspan on Ethanol

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan summed up the future of ethanol very well, "The demand for corn to produce ethanol will lead to a nation of starving pigs."

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Tapp To Study Angelou Report?

Plagiarism To Play a Role in Tax Incentive Study?


Here we go again with taxpayer money wasted on yet another study of the same old information. Information that was contained on page 8 of the Angelou Economics study titled, Report 2: Southeast Iowa Target Industry Report.

"Tax Abatement: The amount of abatement is calculated against the new value added, and amounts to a reduction of taxes of 75% in year one, 60% in year two, 45% in year three, 30% in year four, and 15% in year five."

Why would we need another study when it’s already been done by Angelou? The local taxpayer can not accept anymore tax bills; so new companies can reap huge profits off the backs of the taxpayer who ends up with the tax burden.

Are there any honest hard working taxpayers on any of these boards, committees and other self righteous groups that continue to drive their agendas down our throats?

A one party system is basically a non-functional, poor decision making form of government, lacking the basic checks and balances of a two party democracy. Des Moines County is a classic example of a non-representative form of dictatorial government.


How much is Tapp going to be paid? What can they possibly say that hasn't been said before?

The answer is nothing. It's going to take common sense and there isn't much of that from what I can see.


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Free Speech Circa 2002


Craig T Neises has front page news with a Freedom of Speech case. I can't believe the Advertiser would cover something remotely related to Freedom of Speech. I'm not surprised though since this case actually made news back in 2002 when the student was suspended, and the Supreme Court entered into a free-speech debate on this case back in Dec. 2006. Does it usually take that long for news to get to Burlington, or does it take that long for Advertiser reporters to pick up on these issues?

I think he should stick to covering school board meetings. He obviously doesn't cover other school related stories - when asked why, he says their not news worthy.

This would explain why no one from the fishwrap was at North Hill, or Sunnyside, or the public library the week that Mary Jo Huff (Author, Educator, and Storyteller) was in town. Promoting reading, and education isn't newsworthy? They missed out again, she instructed, entertained approximately 300 students at North Hill, 450 at Sunnyside, and over 150 students and parents at the Library.

What am I thinking, he probably doesn't know where the Library is, if he did, he would have made reference as to why the "Bong hits for Jesus" trial is presently being heard at the Supreme Court. Its because a three-judge panel of the appeals court (in California) relied on the Supreme Court's famous 1969 "Tinker" case, in which two Iowa High Students were allowed to continue wearing anti-Vietnam armbands. By the way, the student wasn't even on school property!

You would think they would be able to dig a little deeper rather than copy the paragraph posted on CNN.com on Monday.

I bet Mr. Delaney just shakes his head when he reads this Freedom of Speech (and anonymous) website.


Delaney is probably the guy that copied it from CNN.com.


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Re: Midway No Way


On March 7th a posting with the above title indicated that Midway is only useful as an airport if you are traveling to Chicago to stay. Last night I had three people who had flown out of there or knew people who had say it's a great connecting location to various cities throughout the US. I don't know about international travel, but getting Burlington people from here to Chicago and then on to other spots sounds pretty effective. Of course this is all moot now since Mesa Air wasn't selected as our airline. Even so I wanted to clarify it.



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21 March

Tax Abatements and Burlington Regional Planning

The Des Moines County Supervisors are set to spend taxpayer money to have Southeast Iowa Regional Planning aka Burlington Regional Planning do a study on tax abatements. What for?

Brian Tapp has repeatedly shown us that he only marches to the drone of his largest contributor-Burlington. Until we uncovered his manipulation of his Chairman of the Board of Directors position he thought nothing of having an Illinois citizen in that seat. Tapp probably thinks his study should show how Galesburg and Peoria do tax abatements or how to use Eminent Domain from Burlington.

And will Tapp really "study" the issue or just author a manipulated report to suggest another big fat tax abatement for the ethanol plant? He's known for covering his ass like a little kid. Is Tapp lying to us like he has before? Will he further Bruce Slagle and Burlington's agenda?

The ethanol plant has made an enormous profit. Their success came on the backs of local Iowa taxpayers.

If the ethanol plant wants to expand and receive another 100% tax break, move to Illinois. We can't afford it. And leave us a nice fat check to clean up your mess when you do leave or go bankrupt.

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Things Not So Good At Daily Planet


Things may not be going so well at the Daily Planet. Have you noticed the registration marks midway down on all the pages?

Those marks are designed to be trimmed from the page after the page is printed. I think they're doing this to save newsprint and cut costs. If you trim every page about 2" less per page, pretty soon you have saved some real paper.

It also indicates that they no longer have any pride in their product.


It also indicates the Kansas crowd is going to take all of the money they can back to Kansas. And you are observant!


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Burlington Style Retribution in Red China


The Communists in control of China are learning a little about controlling the ever more literate masses. Rather than sending the offender for free speech to a re-education gulag forever, the offender is free to look for another job.

The Chi-Coms are learning what the Chamber of Commerce and others running Burlington have known for decades. There are more subtle forms of control that do not enrage the masses to the point of tanks in the public square.

This explains those running Burlington having their representative in the Iowa Senate, Sen. Courtney, introduce a bill to out bloggers. Subtle intimidation works only on specific targets.

Free speech is only free without fear of retribution. Those running and ruining Burlington have nothing to fear but truth.


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It Sounds Like Burlington


"They told me that I should be punished for ... breaking the 'hidden rules'," the 50-year-old was quoted as saying.

The professor in China would have the same problem in Burlington. The subtle tyrant never puts tyranny in plain language.


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Single Party System "Constituent Service"


The official mouth piece of the local single party political system made a news splash of the fact that an aide of our new Congressman would be in Burlington. With the previous Congressman, the one the Advertiser told us not to vote for, a regular field office was available on Jefferson Street.

This reminds me of the Ministry of Truth in 1984 bragging about the chocolate ration being so many kilos, but never mentioning the new ration was less than it previously had been. Today's history must not mention yesterday's in order to mask the truth.

Does Winston Smith work for the Advertiser?

Unlike our previous Congressman, the Advertiser's Congressman took Political Action Committee money. The union bosses bought a lot on the cheap.

Why did the Advertiser not run a big story about their Congressman voting to outlaw the secret ballot in union representation elections? Do you think it is good idea that Soprano & Son should know how you voted in their bid to "represent you?"

The Advertiser is already having fits over the fact that they know not who moderates this site. How long until the Advertiser advocates going back to 19th Century system of political parties printing out ballots so everybody knows for whom you voted?


Believe me, when it comes to the primary political process the local thugs have no peer. They are not afraid of vote fixing. They are not afraid to threaten elected public officials with their jobs. They are not afraid to record whose ballot they count to see who was voted for.


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Goddess of Virtue


You must be under the skin of the self important ones at Burlington's Propaganda Ministry down by the turd plant. They do not want to declare open war for fear the attention would drive more to search you out. Short of that, they seem to be doing all they can to destroy you.

Is the troika of Delaney, Alison and Miller getting heat from the home office? Is Moscow Central upset with declining advertising revenues? Is it declining circulation? Is it their total lack of credibility in the community at large? Is it perhaps all of the aforementioned?

I am sorry, but they asked for it. After reading all that self righteous crap about freedom of information and speech, it was like listening to whore claiming she is the goddess of virtue. I could not let them get away with it. I had to fire back.


Please don't apply to the good people that work at the Waste Water Treatment Plant any derogatory connotation or comparison when compared to the Omnipotent Triumvirate. The turd plant is on the west side of the tracks and so are the turds.


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20 March

Ad Vertiser’s Editorial Staff


Who are you referring to in your post about the Ad Vertiser’s editorial staff? You don't believe the garbage you write do you?


The omnipotent triumvirate: Delaney, Alison & Miller.

We have zero doubts about what we write!


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Frying Their Wires


The Advertiser is obviously not happy. After the First Amendment lecture, the bad blogger column.

Two hundred dollars of Chinese electronics gear is gaining the power of millions of dollars, or more, worth of printing press.

The peasants are not simply listening and doing as told. They are sassing back. Too bad.


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Burlington School Failures


The following is the list of public schools and districts on the Iowa Department of Education’s watch list. Appearance on the list means that in the 2003-04 school year, the district or school failed to meet for one year the state’s minimum reading and math proficiency goals or standards for test-participation or graduation or attendance rates.

Only the Burlington schools on the list are shown in this table although there are many other schools shown in the full article dated 3/19/07.

I hope overpaying our superintendent and giving him an assistant at exorbitant pay improves this disgraceful statistic along with the cost of new schools. It’s amazing how more money after more money never improves the quality of government run schools. Could it mean there is no incentive to improve because there are no performance standards or requirements other than belonging to the government union to insure yearly raises?

Last year the state gave reading comprehensive test to education majors at both Iowa and Northern Iowa and the results were dismal to say the least. At Iowa no one passed the test and at Northern only 20% passed. “Maybe we’re on to something here,” as SCC would say.

Taxably Concerned

But we're going to have pretty schools we can't pay for!

I'm as concerned about the education majors failure to read. How do you geta college degree without reading? An iPod?


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The Ethanol Bubble


The ethanol bubble brings to mind another. For those who do not remember, a brief outline. Get out your disco duds.

Auctioneers told eager buyers they were not making any more ground. The bidding started in excess of what could reasonably be debt free in a generation and climbed from there. The Soviet Union was sucking up grain.

Farmers were running around in pimped out pickup trucks wearing $200 work boots. The arrogant among them lorded over others that they were multi-millionaires and their children would be richer. Farm implement makers were working night shifts. Rural America was on a roll.

Carter's grain embargo pricked the bubble. Subsequent government policy with Payment In Kind (PIK) as farmer welfare to grow nothing destroyed a lot of ag support businesses and small towns.

Small banks that had survived 1929 and stayed out of FDIC, folded. Bloomfield, IA became the bank failure symbol of Iowa. During this period, The Continental Bank in Chicago sent shock waves through the financial industry.

I am seeing signs of a similar bubble with Ethanol. Could failures related to an ehtanol re-adjustment cause problems for Federal Reserve Banks in the Midwest?

Has the ethanol euphoria become an insanity capable of producing a worse, more wide spread depression?


When this bubble breaks it is going to smell like seared flesh and burning rubber.


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Burlington Wi-FI Hot Spots


Anyone knowing of hot spots around Burlington, West Burlington should go to the attached web site and add them. The only one shown on the web is addressed as 200 Front St. in Burlington.

Many of the motels in our area have free internet but there are no listings on the web page. You can add any you know of here in the area from the web site.


I noticed that the Wi-Fi hotspot you mentioned is Southeast Iowa Regional Planning. That's just who I'd want reading my emails.

Be careful.


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Condemnation Proceedings In Spite of No Contract


Some of the latest sales in the Manor.

Brent property $290,000.00

Kelly property $72,500.00

Johnson property $75,000.00

With the last two selling for over 30% of the Cities final offer, the City also will have to pay the landowners costs (Legal, Appraisal fees, etc).

Still no signed purchase agreement signed with the developer? This could be one costly blunder if the developer backs out, and the City has to sell at a lower price to another developer. How long would the City Manager be around?


You'd sure think that Economic Developer Bruce Slagle would have gotten some putz to sign up by now. After all, Slagle promised way last year that the signatures were only a few days away.

Oh, I forgot he did some putz to sign up! It was taxpayers. You'd think this city ran a science class instead of a city.


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No More Gambling Votes

Hi Spike

How come the advertiser has not reported the story about the Iowa legislation passing a law that says cities have no right to vote the gambling casinos out anymore?

It seems that some dog track and casino in Des Moines was crying about not being able to borrow money to build a hotel unless they could get rid of a voting process every 8 or 10 years that could throw the gambling out of the cities they're in.

It seems that the cities cannot make it without the gambling money just like Burlington. And the Legislators are consorting with the gambling odds makers or bookies.

They're all in bed together and it seems that the gaming industry has taken over the cities. Even politically they seem to put whoever will roll over for them in office.

It's the same old cliche " MONEY talks and BS walks " And that is the end of story.

Thanks Spike


Their argument doesn't hold water if Catfish Bend can build a new facility and not worry about the vote. Maybe they already knew this change was coming. It can never hurt to have a bank president on the re-election committee throwing his whatever behind private business.

We do know there's a Supervisor consorting with the gaming industry on a regular basis.

And we heard that the casino no longer has to have water in the pond.


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19 March

5 Weeks of Ads

After 5 weeks of paid advertising touting the region’s efforts to overcome the world economy, I only have one question to ask.

What has the Ad Vertiser done to help other than sell advertising?

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Ethanol Failure Is A Mouse Hair Away - On a Good Day!

Ethanol is the most ripe industry for failure I have ever seen. Any number of factors can make this extremely fragile industry fail. Sunday's Des Moines Register has taken a few of the pieces apart.

Bush's Unrealistic Expectations

How Ethanol Is Made From Corn Stover

Why Corn Stover Won't Meet The Need Or Click here.

02:08:09 - SPIKE - No comments

Governor's Appointments


It's heart warming to know that our new governor appoints people to important positions based solely on their donations to his campaign rather then their qualifications for the position at hand.

This new governor is already indicating what's in the future for Iowa by selling appointments with little or no regard to qualifications.

Iowa state government is full of overpaid deadbeats appointed by how much money they gave this or that campaign.

Just how many appointees has the governor appointed that did not buy their appointment?

This is an insult to the people that elected this character to office thinking they were getting the best man when they were just getting another big spending; give a damn, greedy politician. Just whose best interest does this new governor have in mind, his state or himself?

Sick of It

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18 March

Short Circuit

Our good friend Bob Saar over at the Ad Vertiser reminded us today how important it is for us to have discourse over things. Bob likened anonymous blog comments as how wars are started.

We agree. That’s why our contributors to BurlingtonDerailed.com are assured of privacy. So people can say what they think without wars being started and prevent those same people being hurt from the recriminating barrage of retribution handed out by the local jackass crowd led by the Ad Vertiser’s editorial staff.

We know who most of our contributors are. Some personally, most by name only. They represent a broad cross section of our local residents. Blue collar to blue blood.

If we start a war, it has been because diplomacy didn’t work. How many dogs can you poke with a stick before you get bitten? Obviously, Bob doesn’t know how many sticks have been poked in the local citizens by the Butchers of Burlington.


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16 March

Ethanol Plant Debt Paid Off


I’ve been told the local ethanol plant has paid off all of its debt. If the numbers they quoted to us to get their tax abatement are true, they paid off about $40 million or more.

If they’re looking for money to expand they better look in their own billfold. I'm not interested in subsidizing a company when I can't afford the taxes I pay now.


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Ethanol Is Not Going To Last

There are approximately 113 ethanol plants producing today in the US, with a capacity of 5.6 billion gallons per year or 365,000 barrels per day.

Another 84 ethanol plants are either under construction are expanding, which could add another 6.1 billion gallons of annual production capacity in the next few years.

In 2006, the ethanol sector consumed nearly 2.2 billion bushels of corn-about 20% of the total US harvest of 10.7 billion bushels.

In the United States blenders of ethanol receive a 51 cent per gallon tax credit for every gallon of ethanol use in gas only; for by a diesel the equivalent credit is a dollar per gallon. This $.51 per gallon tax credit costs about $500 million per year in California. With these costs passed along at the pump the oil profit could equal $100 billion per year in California.

Ethanol is less efficient. A barrel of ethanol contains 3.5 4 million British thermal units(BTUs) of energy, while a barrel of gasoline contains 5.25 million BTUs. This means a gallon of ethanol only provides about 70% of the energy that one gets from a gallon of gasoline.

Brazil is the largest producer of ethanol where it is made from sugar cane. The cost to produce ethanol from sugar cane is less than one third the cost to produce ethanol from corn. If Brazil had an efficient network to move ethanol to the seaports they could export 2.2 billion gallons of ethanol, almost 3 times what they produce now.

By 2008 is estimated that approximately 75% of the corn normally exported from Iowa will not be available.

04:42:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Listen to the Message - Ignore the Messenger


The Advertiser's annual Sabbath to Sabbath, free speech revival will wind down on Sunday. The Most Reverend Citizen Kane on South Main, will doubtless deliver his benediction on the only honestly labeled page of his missalette the opinion page.

On Sunday, odds are we will be preached to about the importance of free speech. The special emphasis of this freedom will probably relate to newspapers and publications grown dubious of such description like the Advertiser. Read what Father Kane has to say, but remember that free speech is not just for the self ordained, journalistic clergy.

New technology is threatening this clergy from country priests like Citizen Kane to the costal elitist cardinals of the New York Times and television network news. The message is no longer filtered to the ignorant masses through a clergy that at its base is lucky to be even semi-literate. What movable type did to the Borgia popes, the computer is doing to the news business.

The journalistic clergy better wake up. They can no longer delete what refutes dogma supporting their special position and that of the princes. The masses are gaining the tools to seek the truth for themselves. Only a credible clergy offering honest, impartial and worthy guidance will remain relevant. Those selling indulgences are in trouble.

Like the Golden Rule, free speech is a must for a more just society. When reading Citizen Kane, just think of televangelists quoting scripture.


The only televangelist I can think of that fits this crowd is Ernest Angley. Now that boy is a healer, not a divider. I've seen on TV when he pops 'em outta the chair walking with his bare hands after 40 years in a wheelchair.

Borgia Popes remind me of the Drunk Mayor. I bet he wishes he could have been there for the Banquet of the Chestnuts instead of the parking lot of Burger King.

From Wikipedia, the only internet news source not subject to historical verification:

"In spite of the splendours of the Pontifical court, the condition of Rome became every day more deplorable. The city swarmed with Spanish adventurers, assassins, prostitutes and informers; murder and robbery were committed with impunity, and the Pope himself cast aside all show of decorum, living a purely secular life and indulging in the chase, dancing, stage plays and orgies (culminating in the debaucherous Banquet of Chestnuts of 1501)."


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Free Speech Under Attack Around the World


Free Speech is under attack worldwide. The Financial Times article on this destruction of freedom includes a map showing where Free Speech is under attack.

They missed the City State of Burlington.

If the City Hall crew, the single party political system and Senator Courtney had their way, your internet server would be in the basement of City Hall. Watch your key words, or you may end up out of work.


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15 March

Ethanol Plant Subsidy Coming?

They Can Pay Taxes Like Everybody Else!


I see from the ads the local ethanol plant is trying to raise more money. I suppose that means that they will want another 20-year tax freebie from the rest of us. They can pay taxes like everybody else.

Hoschek and Diewold screwed the taxpayers and gave them an unneeded tax package to get them to Iowa and they have made record profits with our money and they give nothing back to the community. At least the gambling joint throws some pennies out to us.

Regardless of the precarious position of the ethanol industry, the taxpayers have no business funding any more deals. Did Dresser Rand ask to abate taxes for 20 years? Did the Italian companies ask to abate taxes for 20 years?

Since they are fund-raising capital for expansion they should include whatever they want to steal from my wallet in what they raise.


This ethanol plant will never pay any meaningful amount in taxes. Never.

Like I keep saying, "When this ethanol industry blows up it's going to be a like a snag letting go on an 800 pound fat man's bicycle shorts. Nothing but burning rubber and seared flesh."

And it's going to be our friends and neighbors that will be burned by these snake ethanol salesmen while they're fleeing Des Moines County like rats.


09:11:01 - SPIKE - No comments

Farm Subsidy 2007


Today’s agricultural programs are costing taxpayers and consumers more than ever. From 1995 to 2004, farm subsidies cost taxpayers $143 billion. In 1995, the top 10 percent of farm subsidy recipients received 55 percent of total subsidy payments. By 2003, the top 10 percent collected 72 percent of total subsidies. Because fewer than half of America’s farmers are eligible, subsidies do little to help farmers manage risk. Among the “farmers” who have received more than $200,000 in subsidies are billionaires David Rockefeller and Ted Turner and former NBA star Scottie Pippen.

Furthermore, more than 60 percent of U.S. farmland qualifying for subsidies is owned by landlords, 95 percent of whom don’t farm. These “absentee landlords” routinely double dip by collecting subsidy checks directly from the government while transferring to themselves a substantial portion of their tenants’ subsidy payments through higher rental rates.

Just goes to show that special interest have control of lawmakers, so unless our elected officials represent those that vote rather than those that buy them, nothing will change in Washington.

Very similar to the Iowa Democrats who are dealing a death blow to Iowa’s right to work laws in order to pay off the unions who bought and paid for their seats in Des Moines. Of course this will end up stuffing the union coffers with stolen money from the Iowa nonunion worker, which in turn ends up in the Democratic pockets at election time. Unions, those on welfare, self-righteous Hollywood misfits and illegal aliens are Democratic tools strung along in order to pay for Democratic electors. Has anything really gotten any better for any of these Democratic tools in the last 45 years, has it?

The current crop of backstabbing, greedy, gerrymandering, liars that fail to represent the folks back home should be thrown out of office. Iowa elects loser after loser just as Burlington elects loser after loser to local government seats and then sit idly by while they steal every cent we own in order to live as the “privileged class.”

Until straight ticket voting ends nothing will stop this crazy mess we’ve gotten ourselves into with these dimwitted politicians who fail to represent anyone but themselves and their rich sponsors. As an example, most of Harkin’s money comes from outside Iowa; so just who does he owe his allegiance too? Some straight ticket °voter whose only donation came from his Iowa union dues or those on the left that have given him thousands of dollars to make sure he votes their way?

Really Concerned

We'll try to get a copy of the largest Des Moines and Lee County receivers of farm subsidies. The names on these lists will surprise you. Especially when you compare the investor list for the ethanol plant.


08:49:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Mexican Truck Drivers


Well, our President defied public opinion again and we'll now have 100 Mexican truck companies all over our highways killing and maiming American drivers.

Our government does not have the skills necessary to control our borders and will likewise never have the skills to control these Mexican drivers or
their potential illegal cargo.

Below is a quote from the Eagle Forum published on 3/14/07.

"U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters went to El Paso to make the announcement that for the first time, starting in April, 100 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed to make deliveries anywhere in the United States, and she put no limit on the number of trucks the 100 companies can operate. This is a major step toward Bush's vision of a North American community.

To find out why the Bush Administration ignores the comfort and safety of ordinary American drivers like me, just follow the money. Big corporations
are eager to have their made-in-Mexico-by-cheap-labor products delivered in the United States by Mexican drivers, who are paid 33 to 40 percent less
than U.S. truckers."


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Dog Park Closure


For all those promoting a dog park in Burlington:

Iowa City had to close their dog park due to mud.

Also, Iowa City charges to use the park. The permit is $25/year with a $5 discount for spay/neuter and an additional $5 discount for microchip. There is a low-income reduced fee available for qualifying individuals. The exception to the annual permit is a daily pass available for $5.

Then we have to wonder who get to clean up all the dog poo.


Slagle, Power, our Drunk Mayor and Lost Keys are the most qualified to pick the poo.


08:38:06 - SPIKE - No comments

Special Interest Groups


Outdated has every right to his opinion, however, let's talk about the real problem in this area, and I'm talking about the public workers union. These people are among the highest paid people in this area. They are almost guaranteed a raise with every contract, along with a better benefit package, all at the private workers expense.

Wouldn't it be nice to tell the public workers that they can't have a raise until the private workers get a little COLA? And I ain't talking Pepsi.

By the way, at my place of employment, I have no COLA, I haven't had a raise in 7 years, and my health insurance premium has gone up 4 dollars a paycheck on average for the last 8 years.

As for China taking our jobs, who do you think wines and dines Congress, not Union workers. Has the price of a Maytag washer gone down since they moved production to Mexico? I didn't think so.


The teachers' union is one of the largest lobbyist groups and they do wine and dine every politician they can get their grubby mitts on as do the rest of the Union/PAC/special interest groups that lay the feed in the trough.


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14 March

Distilled Omission


The Advertiser has nothing to do with sunshine when it comes to public information local government is required by law to provide.

The Advertiser is more like moonshine. It keeps you numb and dumb so you have no idea who picked your pocket.


01:29:27 - SPIKE - No comments

"Oh, the Hypocrisy..."


The Ad Vertiser's sunshine rant is becoming too embarrassing to look at. It reminds me of when Larry Flynn sought spiritual guidance from Jimmy Carter's sister. The Kansas City Star quote on protecting the truth tellers was too much.

Delaney and the crew would love to out you. Sen. Courtney whom they perpetually endorse and cover for wanted a law to out free speakers. Ditto the departed Sen. King's version of a railroad lawsuit with the election ethics board. You can not intimidate the anonymous.

If this crew found out who has been telling on them, I know the routine by heart. You lose your job and/or business. Your car is vandalized. Your household pets are at high risk. The Mayor of Burlington looks you up in a bar and tells you he has a gun in his boot and leaving town would wise.

There will be no police report for the Ad Vertiser to ignore. A police report will never be written.

Will the Ad Vertiser keep this charade of free public information up all week?

To rephrase Herb Morrison watching the Hindenberg crash and burn, "Oh, the hypocrisy..."

01:28:11 - SPIKE - No comments

Washington Insider

OK Spike,

The fish wrap isn't the only source of total drivel. After the relentless and unexplained barrage of Anna Nichole coverage and no surprises from our Fed level, When are you gonna share THE list you got from the DC special services Madam ???

We know you must have it!


I wish I could say a few locals had their names enshrined for posterity. However, even those ladies have their standards. No doubt there are names that will shiver some timbers and she is not intimidated by the Federal prosecutors whatsoever.

Nothing like Springtime in Washington when everything pops out.


01:25:47 - SPIKE - No comments

National Pork Producers Support Ethanol Cuts

Last week the National Pork Producers voted to support the repeal of the tariff on ethanol and elimination of ethanol tax credits. Pork producers are worried as is much of the livestock and commercial food industry that this boondoggle ethanol boom is going to increase the cost to feed livestock and drive food prices too high.

Think fat man and a snag in his bicycle shorts. It isn't going to be pretty.


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May 24th Casino Opening?


Waterloo is struggling to get its casino up and running. May 24th is being quoted among the press in Iowa as the date Burlington's land based gambling emporium is to open. Does this sound realistic?

If Burlington does not open on time, how mad will the State Gambling Commission get? They are plenty upset about not yet having any take to rake at the new Waterloo facility. If roulette on Roosevelt Ave. turns into another Colorado "opening soon" venture, would the commission possibly jerk the Burlington license?

If there are excessive delays, how long would it take the City of Burlington to pull another eminent domain stunt on an overdue casino so the City could sell it to somebody else?


The only thing open May 24th will be the mud road to the construction site. Check back about Halloween.


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Union Downfall


Unions are an outdated socially perverted entity from a once noble mission into a socioeconomic virus destined to usher in the next great depression.

In the 1920's, unions protected people from slave wages and conditions. Over time, they won the war and the American middle class boomed. Today, having fulfilled their mission, rather than fading away, they continue to fight in a kind of sad, desperate grasp at hanging on to their own existence. They are not unlike the ACLU. Having gained the major victories and won all the good fights, they seek out the most petty, trivial, and even downright morally reprehensible battles in effort to justify their continued existence.

How come Japanese cars perform better, get better mileage, and are safer?

Well, maybe it's because the Japanese don't cut $2000 of features out of every car to fulfill rich union retiree obligations. Or perhaps it's because they have more money to hire the best engineers because they don't pay uneducated, unskilled workers $25-35/hr to do manual labor.

Wait. Wait. I got it, perhaps it's because they're workers haven't been poisoned by American unions and feel like a craftsman trading equally with their company rather than leeches trying only to suck out as much as possible while exerting the minimal amount of effort... hmmm?

If the Iowa right to work law is repealed Iowa will have committed business suicide. City, county, state and federal unions are destroying our county as is their brethren in the ACLU. Both of these organizations have outlived their usefulness to society and are nothing more than a cancer eating away at the American dream.

Unions are a prime reason for China and the loss of American jobs.


It is going to be such an expensive lesson our children and their children will have to learn by waiting tables for the rest of the World.


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13 March

Opportunity Knocks - Airline Money To Be Made

It seems in this pre-caucus year this would be an excellent time to partner with Great Lakes the new air carrier to find available slots into Chicago O'Hare and begin service to Burlington. The traffic draw for the next 10 months could be the right financial impetus to land O'Hare service.

The candidates, their "people," the press, Secret Service and the campaign leeches all need to get to Southeast Iowa. Now is the time to take a real step into economic development and open dialog with the Great Lakes marketing people. The Chamber has like 15 employees now, up from about 5 a year or two ago before the Angelou Study. Someone could surely fit that into their schedule.

That is if you're not doing lunch, golf or want to wait a year and a half.

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Never Going To Get True Story


You know we are never going to get the true story of the mayor's sleepover, the railroad lawsuit, Slagle's tape burning or the Democrats' vote tampering in the last primary election unless you and Falcon expose it.

The sunshine on those stories would blind the average citizen. Hell, it's even blinded the fish wrap.


The Ad Vertiser has special sunshine avoidance glasses - a galvanized bucket with no eye holes cut in it. That way they can hold their heads down and look at their shoes and no one will know any better including them.


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Halliburton Will Move From Houston to Dubai

Cheney Gang Leaving Town

Oil services giant Halliburton will move its headquarters from Houston to the Mideast financial powerhouse of Dubai, probably to shelter its income from U.S. taxes. They say they want to get closer to their work.

KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, booked more than $20 billion in revenues from its work in Iraq. Last month Federal investigators alleged Halliburton was responsible for $2.7 billion of the $10 billion in contractor waste and overcharging in Iraq.

Sounds like the Cheney gang is leaving town before the Sheriff can catch up.

02:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Right To Work About To Get Sandbagged

Hi Spike,

It seems the union money used to elect the Democrats is going to be repaid by our legislators manipulating the right to work laws to raise millions in union dues from non-members.

Good job you boneheads! Nobody will ever want to locate a new plant in Iowa.


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Democratic Convention Blackmail


Don't you just love a bunch of thugs acting up. The Democrats are trying to hold Denver hostage over their convention next year. I think it is hilarious. I'm a Democrat and right now, I can't think of a Democrat I'd vote for when they act like this.


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Illegal Aliens and the ACLU


Why the bottom feeding ACLU is worried about illegal aliens in Hazelton, Pennsylvania when their past president was arrested for child porn is mind boggling. They should be off trying to save their worthless reputation. Of course this wasn't mentioned in the local fish wrap as this rag promotes the ACLU because both organizations have the same agenda.

This is just another example of the type of personnel running the ACLU and their dreams of ruining our country beyond that of what our deadbeats in Washington have been doing.


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12 March

Advertiser a First Amendment Failure


Newspapers nation wide are on their yearly pitch about the importance of public access to information. Singing in the chorus was the local Advertiser.

Claiming local government passed the public access test, the Advertiser praised Des Moines, Lee and Henry County governments. Once agian, it was the Advertiser's infamous lie by omission.

Why did the Advertiser not try to get public information from the City of Burlington?

We still have not been told who on the City Council voted to sue the railroad. What was Sen. Courtney's role at the secret meeting to sue?

Why hasn't Slagle been asked to resign for destroying meeting minutes that should have been public?

What of the Drunk Mayor's BK parking lot adventure? The police department was not forthcoming with what should be public information. Did we ever get the complete story? If not, will we ever?

The Advertiser is to Burlington what Pravda was to the ruling and governing classes of the old Soviet Union.

The men who gave us the Bill of Rights realized bad men would assume office and attempt tyranny. The thwarted actions of Sen. Courtney and Sen. King against those who speak out are examples of why freedom of speech was enshrined to protect us.

Were it not for Spike and Falcon, who knows how bad things would be. That is why freedom of speech for all is important and not just those who own million dollar presses.


Sunshine in the hands of those that wish to control is not sunshine. It should be more likened to the sky of doom.

Delaney fluffed for most all of Saturday's column about how tough he was against the Kansas DOT. As manager of the local Kansas Ad Vertiser he actually took the Kansas DOT to court to gain access to statistics.

But Delaney didn't have the balls to go get the closed session meeting tapes before Slagle had the opportunity to run the magnet over the tapes and later burn them. Why is that? Do statistics have a more meaningful contribution to the community than catching Edwards, Ell, King, Power and Slagle in a bold face lie?

Delaney reminds me a tadpole trying to lose his tail to be a frog. Only the damn tail just keeps getting in his way.


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How Many Morons In Governmentium?


A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science.

The new element has been named Governmentium. Governmentium (Gv) has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are urrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second to take over four days to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of 4 years; it does not decay but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's Mass will actually increase over time since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, thus forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium... an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.


Is this anything like Mindless Lemming Sheep?


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09 March

RegionsAir Still Grounded

RegionsAir voluntarily grounded their fleet due to a dispute over check airman authority. No deadline has been set to restart Burlington service. Flights were canceled through Sunday when we checked earlier this afternoon.

18:44:21 - SPIKE - No comments

DOT Selects Great Lakes To Serve Burlington - St Louis

In a surprise decision to split the essential air service contract 6 regional cities among two air carriers, the Department of Transportation has ordered Great lakes to serve Burlington.

A code share agreement will be established with American Airlines through the St. Louis hub.

It's obvious the DOT felt a change was needed and Great Lakes is the only alternative to service the STL hub. Kansas City is not the place to hub EAS airline traffic.

Keep in mind Great Lakes was a joke airline until the former President of RegionsAir took control. Problems can be resolved when the right people step up.

Great Lakes, Welcome to Burlington.

16:28:07 - SPIKE - No comments


When an overblown Senator from Illinois attempts to politically charge an DOT/FAA contract process, well, we all know how that goes in Illinois.

According to our sources the RegionsAir grounding is over how the new FAA inspector in charge of RegionsAir interprets the check airman written policy. It has nothing to do with anything other than interpretation of written policy. RegionsAir decided to stop flying without any FAA intervention.

Now, if someone can show us other facts to the contrary dish them up. Otherwise, in the case of the Ad Vertiser, your self-serving, self-centered grossly repetitive news reporting style we blamed on Jim Quirk, has to be fixed. Apparently, you don't have the readers you say they do. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to use old news to fill a top headline news story.

And the Cleveland/West Virginia hub problems have nothing to do with the St Louis issue.

As for Durbin, his only motive is to drive the revenue to Midway.

07:45:11 - SPIKE - No comments

How Many Yahoos??


How many of the yahoos trying to ditch RegionsAir actually have to travel from Burlington on a regular basis??

My guess is not too many of them. I would like to know just where they got the “2 to 1 in favor of a switch” statistic because I highly doubt that it was derived from the people who actually travel a dozen or so times a year flying out of B-Town.

This does not pass the smell-test.


It doesn't take much to sit behind a desk and write a sensational headline. If they had to slog off across the world to do their job, their provincial ass would have a different view of reality.

As for their survey, Family Feud conducts better surveys and we get to see the results.


07:25:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama - Delayed Politcal Honesty!


The U. S. Senator representing Mayor Edwards second home, Gulfport, and of Edwards partisan persuasion has decided to pay 17 year-old parking tickets. It appears this confession to old crimes is linked to his seeking the Presidency.

If Mayor Edwards is running for President in another 17 years from now, do you think he will admit how he got to Burger King?


Disingenuous. And Obama isn't going to be President. And In 17 years Edwards won't be legally driving.


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Bill Gates Endorses Unlimited Work Visas


Now we have Bill Gates in Washington telling the government that the United States should have unlimited H1B visa permits. In other words, let all the foreign skilled workers in that want to come in, thus stabbing the middle
class workers in the back in order to feed the country's business leaders continued exuberant perks and greed driven salaries.


Gates donates his $$ to charity to feel good while he slices the American skilled workers' throat.

Buy a Mac! Yes, they do run PC software. And yes, the PC guy does look like Slagle's brother.


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Mexican Trucks Unwanted


Letting trucks from Mexico enter the interior of the United States is a mistake and will create nothing but another crises, brought about by a United States government that is nothing more than a bureaucratic, incompetent group of overpaid trough feeders.

Washington D.C. is ruining our country and should stop this insanity now. Stopping this hairbrain Mexican truck deal would be a step in the right direction.

Our government represents Mexican interest more than America and I for one am getting sick and tried of it. Just how low can our government get in its representation of Mexico?


Quickest way to slow this down, do safety/insurance inspections right at the border.


04:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 March

Postcard From Jim Quirk

05:09:00 - SPIKE - No comments

They Got the Wrong Guy!


If anyone is interested, an article by Newsweek detailing who leaked the identity of Valerie Plame as a CIA employee.

It appears that President Bush will have to pardon Libby because they got the wrong guy. And was it because Libby was closer to Bush and Cheney and the administration? He can do this on his last day in office, though I doubt he can ever surpass the record holder of Presidential pardons.

I'd like to know what others think about this?


There are never enough sticks when it's time go after the rats.


04:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 March

Midway - No Way


Midway has not been a real hub since Boeing introduced passenger jets. Midway is a great way to fly into Chicago, if Chicago is your end destination. How many direct flights to and from overseas business centers utilize Midway?

From Burlington, flying to Chicago as your end destination makes no sense. It is far cheaper to drive, or hook up with the on time, state subsidized, Illinois Zephyr in Galesburg. This train delivers you downtown and is scheduled for a day's business in Chicago.

If what the Regional Airport Authority is advocating is the "best" deal Burlington can get, it may be time to forget about scheduled passenger air service. Another option may be cheaper and more practical. A pair of shuttle vans making constant turns for 16 hours a day to Moline and either Cedar Rapids, or Peoria may make more sense and cost less.

It takes a certain population density to create demand and justify a service. Burlington and the rest of the region continue to depopulate. If Burlington had grown by 1/3 rather than shrunk by the same figure over the last 40 years, this debate would probably not be taking place.

Loosing scheduled air service means loosing a major selling point to the outside world to do business here. If scheduled air service ends, ignore the tears of the crocodiles at the Chamber. Keeping others out has been their end game for generations.


You have to move people through the airport. A 44% load factor won't pay for Slagle's free golf at Flint Hills. We think an investment in O'Hare service would have contributed more to the local economy than Manor Mall.


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Essential Air Service

After a brief review of all the proposals for essential air service it seems RegionsAir is the best selection. Essential air service has to take best advantage of the hub servicing all of the local communities served by the contract, not just one.

Southeast Iowa needs connections to Chicago O'Hare and St. Louis to sustain any real economic growth. We have St. Louis and we need O'Hare. Kansas City and Midway are the right turn to the status quo and a good indicator of people making recommendations that don't have a clue to what really drives growth, accessibility to the world and not a Kansas wheat field.

If you have any doubts, swap that St. Louis hub for O'Hare. Things will change dramatically.

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Air Service


Why in the world would anyone want to fly to Midway? That's the equivalent of flying from Burlington to Quincy on a planned trip to California, what's the logic? Are any of these airports a hub?


Midway goes nowhere except Chicago.


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Top U.S. Airports

In the ranking of U.S. airports by enplanements and deplanements of passengers, St. Louis Lambert scooped 12,803,000 passengers and Kansas City 10,040,000 passengers.

Contrary to local thoughts if you want to wonder where you are when you get there, go to Kansas City. If you want connections, go to St. Louis.

BTW, American Airlines enplanes more passengers than any other airline. Period.

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Why Not ORD or STL on the Baggage Tickets?


Is there any possibility of an airline equivalent of the milk train that would run from O'Hare to Burlington to St. Louis? This was the norm for a number of years.

O'Hare gives a great deal of worldwide, non-stop reach from one transfer off the tri-motor. If you want frequent domestic flights in a smaller facility, St. Louis fits the bill.

O'Hare seems to be out of the picture. Is this because of congestion squeezing available slots at Chicago's major connecting airport? Is it because of federal subsidy structures? Is it both?

The two closest, logical, major air hubs to Burlington are Chicago and St. Louis.

Kansas City is for Dorthy and Toto if the slippers fail.


It makes sense but you need to have a slot at O'Hare to make this work. And that won't happen with an airline running Kansas City and Midway as terminal hubs.


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A Reminder Why We Have Homeland Security

In researching essential air service facts, I ran across this gem. That's why we get to strip to our shorts to get on an airplane.

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06 March

Welcome to Hooterville? How do You Get to Hooterville?

Hooterville Business Model Replaces Angelou Study


You are absolutely right about Burlington's need for an air carrier geared to transfer flights. For most business and leisure travel, nearby Midwest hubs are not a point of destination. These hubs are a place to replace the crop duster with a real plane.

That the Chamber and their house organ, the Advertiser, see transferring planes as a non issue comes as no surprise. These business and journalistic midgets maintain there fore bearers' moat around Burlington to keep reality at bay. It is like the surreal, fictional town of Hooterville in rerun land's television series "Green Acres" and "Petticoat Junction."

Hooterville had the Cannonball. Burlington has the perpetually late from the west, Amtrak Zephyr. Quaint, but not what an outside business considers a quick, dependable way to move key personnel in and out.

If you ever see the episode where Lisa Douglas explains how to get from "Hootersville" to anywhere without driving for hours, it sounds like public transportation in and out of Burlington.

It was isolation that added a touch of believability to Hooterville and its bizarre economic structure. The Shady Rest Hotel, Sam Drucker's General Store and the Hooterville World guardian continued to operate as they always had due to limited competition and contact with the outside world.

Hooterville entered history and syndication in the early 1970's. How ironic the demise of Hooterville coincides with the steep decline of Burlington.

The Uncle Joe Carsons and Sam Druckers running the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and Burlington's World Guardian are still working on the Hooterville model. If things do not change, Hooterville's fate awaits.


Lisa Douglas made sense compared to the irrationale we endure from city hall.


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Henning, Heartland's Neil Simon

Great One:

We of many years remember the tv shows created by Paul Henning. This link for the young not tuned to cable re-runs.

Henning knew the territory about which he wrote.


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RegionsAir Support


Thanks for the contact information for the Essential Air Service Division. The following was sent today:

Dear Sirs:

As a frequent traveler, I have come to learn the importance of reliable and convenient air travel from this part of the mid west (Southeast Iowa). RegionsAir has proven to be a reliable and competent provider of this service for our region. St Louis is a very convenient hub and the code-share with American Airlines is significant as AA is one of few major airlines with a decent track record and long term stability. It is my opinion that changing to any of the other mentioned replacement couriers would be a downgrade from our existing air service.

I do not wish to look for other options for air travel from southeast Iowa, but if a change is made for the worse I will not hesitate to do so.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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You Can't Get There From Here


No wonder nobody from the home office has ever shown up to fire Delaney. You can't get there from here.

The airports below are closest to HUTCHINSON, KS:

Wichita, KS - Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) 39 mi / 63 km SE
Salina, KS - Salina (SLN) 53 mi / 85 km N
Great Bend, KS - Great Bend (GBD) 54 mi / 87 km W
Hays, KS - Hays (HYS) 91 mi / 146 km NW
Manhattan, KS - Manhattan (MHK) 101 mi / 163 km NE
Dodge City, KS - Dodge City (DDC) 113 mi / 182 km W
Garden City, KS - Garden City (GCK) 153 mi / 246 km W


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Bid It For Manor Mall


Maybe Tim Scott did clean a sewer, but what about fully retired John Mercer doing the work that any real estate person could do? The last reports in the paper show Mercer being paid over $8,000 and over $5,000 all without the bidding process.

He may be able to do the job, but he had connections in City Hall that got him this job. This just isn't the way it is supposed to work. There is too much of this going on at all levels of government.


The city has a real estate agent working Manor Mall, too.


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Hancock County Falls Into Hoschek/Diewold Spinning Trough

According to Falcon's story the Hancock County Supervisors reneged on their January plan and will now grant a 100% tax exemption for 10 years to a new ethanol plant near Garner, Iowa.

It looks like the Hoschek/Diewold stupid supervisor tricks run amok in Iowa. At least their supervisors got $50,000 per year for fire protection and education which is a lot more than our free loading trough riders demanded from the local ethanol plant.

When this ethanol industry blows up it's going to be a like a snag letting go on an 800 pound fat man's bicycle shorts. Nothing but burning rubber and seared flesh. Save your money because great farm ground is going to be the cheapest ever.


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When No One Cares Anymore


I see that only one person showed up at the city council meeting Monday night.

Not one word was said about the ice storm disaster or how the council would do things different next time.

They think they did everything they could do and the best it could be done too!

And what a way to present the budget for 2007. By raising all the fees they could and raising taxes also. And tell everyone the city is growing good.

What if a person disagreed with the budget? That's too bad because its voted on and that's that right under the rug like everything else. From the library to the RR law suit to the manor project.

Its like a kangaroo court. I guess that's why no one shows up for the meetings, its not that they agree its that it does not matter whether they agree or not that's how it is going to be.

Its almost non democratic or corrupt, and it shows the way the city is run. I guess you just got too give them enough rope to hang themselves!

So when people are tired of taxes going up or fees to expensive or services non existent Don't blame the council, blame yourselves because you put them there.

Thanks Spike


The TV screen got so slick with slobbers I thought I owned a dog named Snot. There are few organisms on earth that flagellate with the frequency and intensity that our Drunk Mayor and Lost Keys can.

It is truly an uncanny ability.


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05 March

Essential Air Service Drama Continues

It seems Great Lakes Airlines has offered to provide airline service at a significantly lower rate than RegionsAir. So low in fact that the bid price is predatory to the point that could jeopardize RegionsAir very existence.

Sometimes that 2nd option is not an option.

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Essential Air Service

American Airlines Steps Up To Code Sharing

It seems the selection for Burlington's airline srvice has taken a new twist. According to a letter filed with the DOT American Airlines is willing to code share with Great Lakes Airline for service to St. Louis.

This is a good news. Great Lakes is now being run by the former President of RegionsAir. Now we have 2 options instead of one.

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Carpetbaggers' Essential Air Service


A Kansas City connection? What a joke! Land in Kansas City and then wonder how you can get to Lenexa.

The only reason the fish wrap endorsed a Kansas City connection was for the carpetbaggers to have an easier way to leave town with the money they steal from their advertisers and go back to Kansas.

And the Chamber of Doom just sucks this up like a Bounty towel. Is there anyone left to think for themselves?


Hub traffic. That's all there is to this equation. The taxpayers' money needs to be spent for the good of all and not for the benefit of the Advertiser's pick pocket owners.


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Combined Law Enforcement Center


I think that by combining the 2 law enforcement entities, you are going to eliminate some of the checks and balances that are supposed to be there. With the questionable police department tactics (remember, Slagle is their boss and Edwards is a favorite customer), we need some chance of keeping them honest and in-line.

Thus, checks and balances. I say keep the police department in the building they took by eminant domain. They had to have it so bad back then, they can live with it now! They've sank millions into it; now it's not good enough? Or did they make a mistake by taking the building in the first place??


There may be efficiencies to combining the 2 agencies. However, as long as Bruce Slagle and Doug Worden have anything to do with it we should flee the county whether Large Mouth Ass thinks its a good idea or not.

I would like to see the PD move out of that building.


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Burlington's Essential Air Service

RegionsAir, Inc. is the only airline proposing Burlington airline service that has code sharing with the airlines. Regardless of what the Chamber of Doom and the Ad Vertiser think, if you don't have airline code sharing it is a lot like Slagle in his shorts: it ain't pretty and you don't want to look.

Nobody wants to go to Kansas City or Midway in Chicago. You might as well bulldoze the town if their influence plays any role in the decision.

Public comments regarding future airline service in Burlington are due Wednesday, March 7. You may send your opinion regarding the airline proposal you would like to see serve Burlington.

Send your comments to the following address by email or fax:

Essential Air Service Division
X-53; Room 6401
Office of Aviation Analysis
Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, S. W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Send an advance copy by fax to 202-366-7638 or by email to dennis.devany (at) dot.gov and mike.waters (at) dot.gov.

They don't want to hear about your lost luggage or having to strip to your shorts to fly. They only want your opinion about what airline is best for Burlington.

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Get a Good Education and Get Out of Burlington?


Poking around the labor shed study of Burlington done in 2003 I noticed something curious. 23.4% of Burlington's workforce was listed as having an undergraduate degree. The same degree figure was 46.2% among our commuters from Burlington who were driving an average of 27 miles to work.

Are we seeing success in the Chamber's efforts to attract nothing but trash jobs? Should those who go off for a degree major in dealing black jack? Is this by default, or by design?

The 2003 study is getting stale. Is there any word of another study to be done anytime soon? I can imagine the figures of any honest new study will be even more depressing.


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Tim Scott Still Doing City Work


Tim Scott said, " if he was re-elected to council he would not work for the city in his self-employed business anymore." Last week's paper (city legals) proved otherwise.

Why would the city hire Tim Scott when there are at least 5 or 6 other locally owned and operated businesses available to do the work? At that time, Scott must have felt it was unethical for him to do work and also be on the council. Now, apparently, he feels otherwise.

Evidently the city doesn't seem to think there is a sense of conflict either. Seems to me this is blatant cronyism!


P.S. Spike, if you check your archives, you will find Tim's letter to this effect.

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Siemens To Expand Further?


You heard here first. Not in other news outlets.

Possible Siemens expansion. Preliminary information is that they are looking to build a $50 million dollar production factory in Keokuk. Land is to believed to be aquired already. No word as to number of hire's. Will the fish wrap investigate?

More info to follow with confirmation of the expansion.


It would be great news if it comes to fruition.


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Taxed To Death And Tired Of It


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04 March

Saturday's Lunar Eclipse

NASA Image

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02 March

Kohl's In West Burlington?

It sure looks like Kohl's is headed to West Burlington.

Bulldozer + fresh dirt + demolition = Kohl's.


Slagle's Economic Development Proficiency + Slagle's Welcome Email = Kohl's In West Burlington

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Library As A Warming Center

To A5:

The library lost power at 3 pm on Saturday and it was over 24 hours before the power was restored. I don't believe it would have served well as a shelter during the storm.


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Slagle in Heels? I Hope Not!


In Largo, FL a gender confused City Manager is being fired. The City Manager plans to undergo a sex change operation to become a woman. The community is not accepting the change.

In Burlington, City Manager Bruce Slagle is simply confused. Being totally confused is better than being gender confused. Nobody will fire Slagle for his problem.

It is too bad brain enhancement is more complicated than breast enhancement.


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01 March

Burlington Drunk Driving Processes

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Burlington Chamber of Compost - Over a Century of Decay


We know you will not sell out to the forces of evil. You are no monkey for the Chamber and never will be. Spike promotes an end to the status quo of no grow. As a result, The Chamber of Compost, along with their lackeys at the Advertiser and the single party political system, are out to out Spike.

For well over a century the Burlington Chamber of Compost has been a collection of small minds sworn to keep Burlington small. Deluded into self importance by virtue of a small and shrinking point of reference, Burlington, they fear growth and change.

The Chamber does what it can to promote garbage jobs as development. These jobs retain and attract few who may upset the Chamber based power structure of the inadequate who have much to be insecure about.

Someday, things may change. If they do, part of the thanks goes to Spike and others who have dared to challenge the Chamber of Compost.


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Shelters May Be Needed In The Future


I am wondering why our city leaders did not offer the auditorium, library or schools to those that needed heat and shelter. I hope in the future, we the people of the city demand that public buildings that we all pay for are available in case we need them.
Why heat them and not use them?



You must stop thinking. It makes too much sense.


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Wastewater Bypass Typical of Incompetence


I see in the local fish wrap that both Ft. Madison and Burlington dumped raw sewage into the river because of the power failure.

My question is why would both of these cities backup power sources have failed? Are there any records of them being tested on a monthly basis?

It seems, especially here in Burlington, that we are never prepared for any crises regardless of what it is.

We pay excessive monies for our city departments and time after time they fail or can't react, 20 hours and couldn't get a generator to start.

Why did the backup power fail? Heads should roll on this one because there's just no excuse for the incompetence that's so predominate here in Burlington from city hall on down the line.

It took the city of Burlington about 20 hours to get the lift station working after the failure. Why the hell did it take 20 hours to fix the emergency power or did it ever get fixed? Sounds like it was never brought on line because much of the power was restored by mid Sunday morning?

Typical Burlington policy is heads will never roll but the raises continue to flow.

I would guess Slagle is responsible since he sits at the top of the pile and noticeably covers up the failures of his stooges.


It's easier to let it run into the river than spend any time on preventative maintenance. Don't forget we get to pay a penalty with the DNR for the discharge.


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Al the Boar Gore


Gore won an Oscar but the Tennessee Center for Policy Research has found that Gore deserves a gold statue for hypocrisy.

Gore's mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service.

In his documentary, the former VP calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption at home.

The average household in America consumes 16,656 kWhs per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWhs--more than 20 times the national average.

Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh--guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore's average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.

Since the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Gore's energy consumption has increased from an average of 16,200 kWh per month in 2005, to 18,400 kWh per month in 2006.

Gore's extravagant energy use does ot stop at his electric bill. Natural gas bill for Gore's mansion and guest house averaged $1,080 per month last year.

"As the spokesman of choice for the global warming movement, Al Gore has to be willing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, when it comes to home energy use," said Tennessee Center for Policy Research President Drew Johnson.

In total, Gore paid nearly $30,000 in combined electricity and natural gas bills for his Nashville estate in 2006.

This is just another example of tactics used by the global warming crowd.

Gore is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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