Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 April

First Methodist Church Gutted By Fire


On Sunday April 29th at around 2:30 am. someone or a group of no accounts burned our church down. And started a fire in the First Presbyterian church and broke into the Zion church but police scared them off.

What a terrible thing to do, and with all that is going on at the schools.This world has a lot of EVIL in it, and I know that it did not just happen, but I have just never been so close to it before and it scares me.

What do we have to do to rid this kind of terrorism from our lives? I do think their is a lot of people taking either illegal drugs or legal drugs that can drive peoples to things like this, But also their are people that are psychiatrically challenged or mentally challenged.

And if they stop taking med's or if they cannot afford them they will go over the edge, But I think this was just plain EVIL vandalism in my opinion and it must stop now!

I do pray for the perpetrators who did this but they must be taught that this will not be tolerated. Burlington should find out who was responsible for this at all cost. Or it will tell the thugs they can get away with it and they WIN!

John Fenton

Falcon has excellent photos taken by Dan Hockett.


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26 April

For Old Times Sake


Here is another one from the history book.


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25 April

Big Country


I've heard rumors Chris King has lost his job, and he doesn't seem to be listed on the Big Country website anymore...


The last rant I heard from him was one day when he told his listening audience he was Pre-Med in college. Then I shut off the radio.


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Chamber of Criminals


Who was denounced on the Chamber's Computer?


The voters were right on this one! Don't know about the Chamber.


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24 April

Senator King Chalks Up Chamber


Did you ever see this tidbit? Looks like Senator King chalked up his buddies from the Chamber.


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Satellite Franchise Tax


I contacted the three democrats on the committee that was investigating the proposal for putting a franchise tax on satellite dishes and was assured
this issue was over for the remainder of this year.

Below is the reply I received from one of the representatives on the committee.

"The "tax" the air issue is over for this year. How we address franchise fees and its regulation in the future will continue to be an issue. I do not know the outcome, but definitely know your opinion."

I think it included the iTunes issue also although not directly mentioned.


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Tax the Advertiser


Newspapers are not taxed. Why not? Is Senator Courtney afraid to tax newspapers?

If the idea is to tax advertising and entertainment, the Advertiser should be taxed. Some of the best laughs I get all day are Jimmy Olson's attempt to write a news story.


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Slap in The Face


Why would a local food store chain display Mexican flags, sombreros and other Mexican paraphernalia in honor of a country that has cost Americans
their jobs, lowered our wages, taxed our charities, taxed our schools, have no desire to become citizens nor abide by our laws, 63% of whom are
functionally illiterate and on top of this it's estimated that each illegal alien cost the American taxpayer $22,000 per year.

Again, why would a food chain promote Mexico when there are other countries around that are not robbing us blind?


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21 April

Courtney Votes for iTunes Tax


On Friday Courtney voted for a bill, Senate File 596, that imposes a tax on downloaded videos, music, ring tones and books.

“The Senate Democrats lust for new revenue knows no limits,” said Senate Republican Leader Mary Lundby (R-Marion). “Now they are going after Iowans’ iTunes and ring tones.”

The bill passed the Senate on a vote of 29 to 20 with Democratic senators voting for the legislation and all Republicans senators voting against it.

“The digital download market is growing by leaps and bounds and Democrats want to get their hands on their piece of the pie,” said Lundby.

Under the bill, each digital download will be subject to the five-cent state sales and use tax.

“Not only is the legislation greedy, it’s unrealistic,” said Lundby. “If you are downloading ring tones while on vacation out of state, this bill expects you to fill out a form claiming the downloads so you can pay the government when you
return. Is that a feasible plan? I don’t think so.”

The new tax is expected to generate more than $4 million in the 2008 fiscal year that begins July 1 and more than $5 million in FY2009.


What a load of crap! This is a good indicator of Courtney’s Tax and Spend Legislative Session this year. And they promised us change and reform.

Does this mean the Beverage Mart in Gulfport will have to install a Wi-Fi hot spot so our Mayor can download his iTunes when he picks up his Miller Light?


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20 April

The Business Of Trash


Here are some trash numbers for your readers.


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A Ruinous Financial Role Model


I see Burlington's political leaders have issued a proclamation. The City Council has decreed that April 24, 2007, shall be Teach Kids to Save Day. The goal of Teach Kids to Save Day is to educate children about fiscal responsibility.

I hope the kids do not take to heart the example set by those who approved the proclamation.

Bonding the City to the maximum level allowed makes as much sense as maxing out your credit cards. If some unforeseen expenses come along, you are in trouble. Unlike private citizens who face ruin for doing so, the City just raises fees, taxes, etc.

Fiscal responsibility is not simply not spending money. It is also spending money wisely. Hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on an idiotic, with out merit lawsuit against the railroad was irresponsible. Give aways to the rich involving throwing low income, elderly people out of their homes is not a wise way to spend either. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Getting Burlington's City Hall involved with such a noble cause as fiscal responsibility is an oxymoron. It makes as much sense as the Drunk Mayor signing a pledge card with the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

If local bankers want to do something about fiscal responsibility in Burlington, they could start working to put competent, fiscally responsible citizens on the City Council. Is there a person in their organizations who may be interested in running for the City Council? Would bank management allow an employee the time involved to do so? The Drunk Mayor's union insures he has time to work his wonders.

If local business leaders wish to further fiscal responsibility around Burlington, they need to put their influence and money where their mouth is. Otherwise, our children will continue to turn their dimes into dollars so they may afford to escape from the fool's paradise decades of socialism and fiscal irresponsibility has created.


Having the city council proclaim knowledge of fiscal responsibility is akin to a poke in the eye with a sharp stick - Either way, you're blinded and it hurts!

Should we rant about the railroad lawsuit or Eminent Domain Mall? That's like keeping the balance in your check without any money while Power and Slagle pick your pockets.


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Bill Would Add 5 Percent to Satellite Television Bills in Iowa

Hi Spike,

I saw this article posted on SatelliteGuys.US, which follows events and news surrounding Satellite TV and Radio. It could affect thousands of satellite subscribers in SE Iowa.

This article first appeared in the Des Moines Register on April 12th.

If this tax increase legislation is passed, it would directly affect Satellite TV viewers in Burlington, West Burlington, Fort Madison, and any other municipality where the cities charge a "cable franchise fee" to cable subscribers.


Like they said, a tax on air!


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19 April

Burlington Police Chief Dies In Marina Accident

In our quest for news stories we learn of things from our readers and sources that we are allowed to utilize technology to report in an extremely timely manner. This time the details of the story can be told by the scampering ants on Main Street.

Burlington Police Chief Dave Wunnenberg died in a construction accident at Bluff Harbor Marina Wednesday evening.

It is a tragedy of community proportion.

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Re: DaBecca Deal


My interpretation of the wage information presented by Dennis Hinkle during the supervisors meeting was that the $15 hourly average did not include the management staff, because he said something about those individuals making even more than that in salary. Even so, I too wondered just how that $15 wage was being determined.

As for companies coming into the area with incentives and not meeting the requirements made on them, Hinkle said that Cobo had failed to do so on the wage part of their deal so part of their incentive was returned. You can read that in the DMC News article about the supervisors' meeting.


You would think there would be a handout document that would show how this average would be calculated. But that is too logical.


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A Shell Of An Idea


The latest I have heard is that once the shell building is sold they will re-invest the money into another one in the same area.

With any luck they can attract clean industry to the area. Either that or a large professional business from the banking field.

My worry is that once the incentives are gone in 10 years a lot of these companies will just up and leave for another town that will offer them new incentives.


The shell game works albeit never fast enough. But if you don't have one, it never works.


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18 April

Incentive Packages


With the new incentive package rolled out for DaBecca Natural Food, will they be required to stick to the employment numbers as quoted? I also question the average wage of $15.00 an hour for employees. Does that include the plant manager's wages? If it does, wouldn't that lower the average wage drastically?

It seems to me that incentives were offered to another firm in the Flint Ridge Business Park. The stipulation was they would need to have or maintain a certain number of employees, but that has failed to happen within the specified time frame (with no penalty).

I do believe that DaBecca is a great shot in the arm for businesses in Burlington. I certainly hope these jobs that are created are not run through a temp agency that will fleece the hard working people of Burlington/W. Burlington.

Since Mr. Hinkle has indicated that 30% of our workforce are in the areas of production/heavy manufacturing, shouldn't we be looking at diversifying what companies we are trying to attract? Couldn't we attract a few design companies, ones that specialize in golf carts, and or golf clubs?

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Truth In Advertising

Political Promises Truck Makes Burlington Stop


This company should be commended for the accuracy of their advertising.

Local Guy

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Temp Agencies 4


Your reader is correct, I misread the part about $4.51 per hour rather than the check. An honest mistake on my part.

I do agree with you that the reduction in what was promised to the person working was not right. You should get paid what you are promised. My experience is I have been placed by both places in Burlington at some time in my past and never had the additional fees come out of my check. There are agencies in the surrounding area however that may do that, those I have never worked for so I am not in a position to say. Maybe someone else with that experience can
answer? If the food company moves to Burlington I would hazard a guess that the two places in town would get that contract so it may not be an issue.

The other point that was overlooked from my original is that the agencies do provide health benefits and vacation time. Not as good as people may wish for but I have heard of an instance when someone working for an agency did not want to get taken on with a local company as their benefits and vacation time were worse than the temp agencies.

Then again it seems that everywhere you look the worker is losing some benefits or the companies that provided the good benefits no longer exist in this town.

It would be interesting to see what the food company offers in terms of benefits for local workers and if the people attracting these companies to town take that into consideration or just jump at the thought of someone filling an empty building?


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17 April

Where's the Advertiser?


I failed to find the Ad-Vertiser among the prize winners. Do they win the Des Moines County Iowa Daily Press Awards by default?


Absolutely not. The Des Moines County News and Shopper Spree won the local awards.


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Weapons Free Zone Proven Not Safe


The great and horrible irony of the Virginia Tech tragedy is that the a house committee in the Virginia legislature rejected a measure that would have allowed law abiding citizens who possess their permits to carry a concealed weapon to keep their weapons with them on campus. VT has a "violence prevention plan" that includes making the campus a "weapons free zone." One armed citizen could have put a stop to this; just like the mall shooting in Utah where an off duty officer stopped that situation from becoming much, much worse.


You pass the criteria for a concealed permit and then can't carry it? Coupled with the school not warning everyone to run for their lives for 2 hours smacks of academic lunacy. Looks good in theory, but isn't worth a damn when somebody is shooting at you!


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Classroom Under Control

We need more people like this in America's classrooms.

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Eminent Domain Mall Asbestos Problems


Any thoughts on the levels of asbestos in the Manor properties. Do you think the rules will change for removal by a government entity?

Just Curious

Are you suggesting that Slagle would not adhere to the published asbestos removal laws? When answering that question just keep in mind whether the railroad lawsuit was about jobs or money?


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Employment Agency Wages Clarified


This is a reply to PRC.

It was not a $4 check. After all the deductions it amounted to an hourly rate of $4.51 per hour worked and nowhere near the $8.15 promised. I did not reveal the hours worked to protect the identity of the recipient.

How could this have been misinterpreted?


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16 April

So Many Courses - So Few Fridays


It fortunate for the folks in Marion they never hired Slagle. Just look at all the golf courses in the area.

With so many courses, taking off Monday, Wednesday and Friday is the only way to properly play them all.


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Temp Agencies


No track covering going on here, I wish I was rich enough to own an agency!!

I have really never heard of a company deducting $35 for "tools and maintenance" and it has certainly been my experience that the wage quoted to you by a temp agency is the wage you get paid. Is it too dangerous a legal issue to name the company on here, as stated before it can only be one of two in Burlington. There are lots of others in surrounding towns but only two in Burlington. You never stated how many hours were worked at $8.15 also in order to get the $4.00 check. I am interested to hear more!

I have been a regular reader of your site for many months, just never felt I had enough input on certain issues to make a post but I did on this one.

As for the e-mail address, I can provide you my actual home address if it makes you feel better but the whole point of an anonymous e-mail is to well...remain anonymous!


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13 April

It's Friday - City Hall Time To Golf


Everybody should keep an eye out in the City claims for FDGA memberships. Does this guy looks familiar?


We'll keep an eye out. But odds are it will be listed under employee benefits.


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Temp Agency Feedback


The temp agency promised $8.15 per hour and the check came out to be $4.51 per hour after all deductions plus a $35 "miscellaneous tools" charge tacked on by the temp agency. Of course this $35 charge had nothing to do with any tools or miscellaneous equipment because none were issued to the employee.

After all deductions the employee was given a check that worked out to a total of $4.51 per hour although promised $8.15 per hour salary.

The point of the article was why did the agency charge a $35 miscellaneous tools charge when there were no tools or equipment involved in the job?

This charge is apparently a fee taken out of checks that isn't fully explained to the person hired by the agency or is tucked away somewhere in the fine print and unnoticed by the temporary person.

Temp agencies fulfill a need for the ups and downs of business but not fully explaining their fees and miscellaneous charges; even though they may be only a one time deduction is deceiving.


Thanks for sending the information. The email chastising you for sending the original story came through an anonymous email based at Yahoo in the United Kingdom. Yet, the writer supposedly knew of what happened here in Burlington.

Sounds more like an employee or owner of a temp agency covering their tracks. And that's why we let it fly. Average people don't take these steps to cover their tracks.


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Re: Tri-State Summit Revelation

Heland Learns Something His Party Didn't Mention!


During discussion at this week's supervisors' meeting on the recent Tri-State Summit that all the board members attended, Heland commented on his surprise at learning from information shared at that gathering that the average wage in the tri-state region is lower than that in any other part of those same three states, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

Gosh, I wonder how that can be? Could it be that the economic development gurus of Burlington are solely focused on making this the "service center" of the tri-state region?

Last time I checked it didn't take a college degree to work at Wal Mart or any of the other stores occupying the strip malls everyone is salavating to have. Face facts, make this a service center and you'll widen the gap between the haves and have nots. Soon it will be the "have everythings" and the "have nothings".

We can only hope that the people who stay around continue to have children because those teenagers are the only ones who'll be able to afford to work in these businesses.


Like we've said many times before, our children and grandchildren are going to wait tables for the rest of the world.


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Eminent Domain Mall Picture

Hey Spike,

In regard to EM's letter about the lady leaving her house for the last time. Have a look at some of the pictures that didn't make the fish wrap. They are in the photo section. That poor woman sitting in her living room with no furniture and the other photo's are sickening.

Repeat after me city council....Real slow now so it sinks in



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Spring Into Stupidity


There has been a Winter drought of dumbness from City Hall. Will good weather and Fridays at Flint Hills create new and expensive comedies in the guise of the public good?

Most taxpayers are slaving away on Fridays. With virtually nobody around to overhear them, Hinkle can slip Slagle and any Council member along into a receptive, six pack state of mind for the latest Chamber scheme.

Would charging these folks triple greens fees during business hours save us any money?


If you fired them all would be a good start for cost savings.


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12 April

NEWS FLASH!!!! Hospital Pops Checkbook Out!


Hospital buys Danielson Property. 131 acres for $5.5 million. Visit WestBurlingtonCity.com.


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Picture Tells All About Eminent Domain Mall


The picture in yesterday's paper of the elderly woman leaving her house for the last time after being forced out by our local government was just about the saddest thing I've ever seen. Our city officials appear to be doing things we think only "other governments" do. I wonder how they sleep at night?


I guess another story is how the street defines a blighted area from a non-blighted area.


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Life Is Better Somewhere Else


Falcon ran a nice feature on a lovely local native voted America's hottest bartender.


It just goes to show motivated young people will seek success somewhere else. Kudos for her!


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You Can't Eat Ethanol


The warning bells are sounding about the absurdity of converting corn into car fuel. Government will take action. It will not be to the liking of ethanol's advocates.

Famine leads to food riots. Riots over bread in St. Petersburg during 1917 started an ugly chain of events that killed millions and still serves as an inspiration to Burlington's Drunk Mayor.

Governments from the Pharoahs of ancient Egypt forward have pursued a policy of cheap, plentiful food. Government has been willing to quietly pick the people's pocket to prop up food production. That is why the mailbox has become the best friend of the American farmer.

Ethanol is a case of subsidies gone wild. The goal of ag subsidies is to keep the masses happy, not make farmers happy.

Ethanol is counter to government's goal. The subsidies will be pulled. The bubble will burst. Like the early 1980's, rural America will be facing one hellish hangover.


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Thoughts to Ponder


Need I say more?


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Manor Mall Tax Project


I think I recall years ago (maybe in the 80's) someone named something like Levi Malone getting a huge part of the old manor to rebuild/upgrade. I wonder if they still own it and if we will have to buy it back from them before this is over with.

I for one am tired of adding to the POWERS RETIREMENT FUND. I am not sure what we must do to change all this but I do know we must change it soon.


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Post Office Blues 2


RT was correct about the USPS complaint section on their web site but they failed to respond when I complained about the counter service in the Burlington Post Office. This was several months ago and I'm still waiting.

Post Office management is totally non-responsive and non-productive as they sit back drawing their excessive salaries and benefits while doing nothing about improving postal service.

If the government would cut its ties to the postal service it would probably fail within six months solely due to poor management. The USPS is just another top heavy, poorly managed, bureaucratic government styled nightmare.

From the postmaster on up we have a classic case of grossly paid, over-benefited, dead weight bureaucrats and as long as it's a monopoly things will never change.

Our only chance for improvement is competition.

Postal Blues

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Blood Suckers Step Up


I would like to ask more information from your contributor who asked the blood sucking temp agencies to leave town.

Name and shame! Which agency charges you to watch videos and gives you $4 paychecks for a week's work???

Certainly not any I have been involved with.

Right now there are only two agencies in Burlington, I am very familiar with the practices of one and know for sure that's not the case. Could you back up your accusations with concrete facts perhaps?

Temp and Staffing agencies provide a valuable service, ESPECIALLY for new companies to town who do now know the workforce. The agencies drastically cut down the recruiting and sorting time. Also for the companies it gives them a chance to evaluate a worker before taking them onto their own playroll. If you are a good worker surely that will not be a problem?

As far as benefits given that some LOCAL companies in the area do not even offer benefits I think you should start by asking why they do not offer benefits, sick and vacation time before pointing the finger at people that offer it. Its not law in Iowa or the USA to have to do that, an area where the US is lagging behind the rest of the world.

On a positive note its great when we attract new business to town, we certainly need it.


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11 April

The Monetary Value of No Merit Is Still Zero


I see the City of Burlington has once again called on the expertise of their "Without Merit" City Attorney. Rather than playing train robber,
the new role is robbing the poor and elderly of their homes for the Chamber of Commerce.

As I recall, the Great Train Robbery cost the citizens of Burlington over a quarter of a million dollars. This was far below Perry Mason's original estimate.

Is there an attorney in the house willing to venture an anonymous, honest estimate of what this latest round of larceny via the legal system could end up costing the taxpayers?


I'll bid $30,000 for Power's court room atrocities.


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Wit Family Growing


I take a look at the local political arena ie: city council, county supervisor's, Mr. Power, Mr. Slagle, Mr. Knoke and I mean to tell you the Wit family is getting really large!!!!!!


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Funding Municipal Elections


I see Obama wants to violate free speech by making taxpayers pay for his speech. I wonder what the trickle down insanity will be?

Will the Drunk Mayor demand local dram shop owners and beer distributors fund his re-election bid? Will local gambling interests fund Heland's re-election bid?


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Burlington Post Office Opening


The Postmaster of the Burlington Post office recently retired (within the last 2 to 3 weeks). He will have a temporary replacement until the district office selects who they want as the permanent postmaster. Maybe the customers who are unhappy with the service will have a new will ear when the new one gets here. Also, there is a place on the USPS website people can go to for customer service concerns if they want more attention than the local postmaster.


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10 April

Obama Tells Us The Public Should Pay For It

Obama was on Letterman last night and told Dave that he favored campaign costs should be paid by the public.

That's just what I want. The ultimate trough-a-rama.

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09 April

Zach Attack!


2007 Masters Champion Zachary Johnson from Iowa City.

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West Burlington Post Office


I have been using the West Burlington post office for quite a few yrs now and ladies out there are second to none. They are always very helpful and they move right along. I do drive right by Burlington post office to get to WB and i promise I still save time and in todays world time is money.

I think Burlington post office is a lot like our city council. I will allow each to think what i mean by that.

Thanks to the Ladies at WB Post Office.


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Re: Burlington PO Service


I too would say that Burlington's postal service leaves a great deal to be desired, at least in our case that's true for the past several years. We live near the end of our regular carrier's route and there are days when our mail does not get here until 5 or after. I'm sorry, but that is completely illogical to me.

We also receive surveys from the post office about our service, but apparently they don't read them because nothing has improved, despite several letters I've written to complain. If I ever move within this area (heaven only knows why I would take the time and effort to move within SEI), I will check into the mail delivery situation. I'm tired of getting today's mail tomorrow.


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Pelosi-Logan Act


Reading this weekend on Pelosi's travel to Syria and reflection regarding the Logan Act. I did a wikipedia search and read it's content. I can understand how the previous incidents/accounts could be interpeted as 1st amendment speech,
even up to current history. This trip I see different as she and her escorts used government aircraft (using to demonstrate U.S. government stature) and stating her office position (Speaker of House, 2nd in succession to
President Bush) and announcement of Israel's (a foreign sovereignty) intent for cooperation without being Israel's representative or having authority for Israel.

I feel she has demonstrated exactly what a Logan Act, text book case, would look like. Her expressions would lead an observer to think these individuals have official U.S. State Department authority but do not.

This conduct only empowers our enemies.


Thank you for your time and allowing me to voice my opinion.

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07 April

Kohl's West Burlington Bound

From a story Falcon posted it seems everybody knows Kohl's is building their store in West Burlington except Bruce Slagle, Burlington's pretend economic developer.

If you still have any doubts, check out the size of the sewer pipes at the West Burlington construction site.

Big pipes = lots of water = lots of concrete = big parking lot = Kohl's.

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Highway Taxes


Listening to KCPS Friday morning, everyone in Des Moines and the local County Supervisors want to raise gas tax to pay for highway maintenance. They complain there is not enough tax on gallon of fuel instead of looking for other source of revenue. Why not grow sawgrass in median of highway’s to use for production of ethanol, from my reading they could have 2 maybe 3 growths and that money could be applied directly to roads.

On second thought just raise taxes, that’s easier.


And it takes no skills, thought or abilities.


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Twilight Zone


The U.S. Postal Service has removed all clocks from the retail areas of its 37,000 post offices. Postal service officials say the move will give those areas a more uniform look. Bur some observers think the move is designed to keep people from noticing how long they wait in line.

Forbes, April 16, 2007 issue pp 38

Maybe this is a national problem and not specifically a Burlington anomaly.

It's well known that postal management is basically incompetent and that the postal service remains in business because it's a monopoly protected from more efficient competitors by the government.

Postal Blues

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Manor Property Acquisition

Hi Spike,

Manor property owners were paid $65,000 for their property, 3104-3106, by the city through condemnation Wednesday. City Attorney Power ranted at the condemnation board and tried to tell them how to do their jobs. Apparently, they didn't listen since the owners received about $17,000 above the city's final offer. He didn't even have an attorney.


No attorney and the citizen still wins. That should tell you a lot about the competency level of the city's legal advice. Not about this particular property case but the overall strategy of low balling the property owners.

Power will squawk, " We hired an independent appraiser to set property values." True. But it seems Power hired the wrong appraiser since most of the property values have been substantially above what the appraiser thought.


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Post Office Blues


I don't know if it's a coincidence or what but every time I go to the Burlington Post Office I have to stand in line for what I feel is an
unreasonable amount of time.

I can't help but notice many patrons are basically there shopping for collector stamps and other retail items; so why can't the post office
have a shopping aisle somewhere besides where people come to mail letters, boxes and buy plain old stamps.

Today, some guy was looking through some kind of catalog for what seemed like an eternity while mail patrons were waiting in a line ten deep. There was a lady at the other counter talking to the postal employee about who knows what, as we all stood there waiting.

Now I'm not in that big of a hurry most times but the post office is in the business of mail: so why do I have to wait while there are some retail negotiations going on? Maybe they should move the stamp collector items, pens, scales, envelopes, boxes and other retail items out to the mall to free up the postal workers for postal matters, like mailing letters.

The Burlington Post Office is the only one I know of that has this constant line waiting problem. I guess it's a management directive to push the retail sales. I would think retail sales would be secondary to mail movement which after all is the postal services main line of work, isn't it?

Normally, I go to another town to mail my stuff because there's no lengthy line wait. I did have to mail something again yesterday; so I went to another post office to avoid the delays.

Postal Blues

Don't forget postal rates are going up soon.


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06 April

Ain't This the Truth!


This sign posted in a Marine barracks, says it all.

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05 April

Iran Releases Sailors As A ‘Gift’ to Britain

Homeward Bound

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04 April

History Repeats - In Photos


As you can see, the study below of Burlington's Drunk Mayor deep in thought concerning the future of his community.

Burlington City Council Work Session

This really should replace full color photo of the Council on the City of Burlington's Official website. Behold, a true illustration of who is in charge at City Hall.

The fellow seated on the floor must be Slagle. Notice how he tries to maintain a facade of importance and dignity as his left arm keeps him from falling over.

The passed out one prostrate left of Slagle must be none other than the Drunk Mayor. He has achieved his greatest notoriety while unconscious.

Who could that be, half-passed out while reaching for the Mayor's pocket? Could that be Lost Keys Ell trying to figure out if the Drunk Mayor accidentally slipped the wrong keys into his pocket since they the whole bunch keeps slipping their greedy hands into the citizens' back pocket for more taxes and "fees."

Is that Counselor Power keeping the wall from falling forward? I hope his oily hide is leaving no stains on the wallpaper.

What puzzles me is who is the character still able to hold his head up and keep his cigar straight in his mouth?


Mini-Me Worden?


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Queen Hillary Comes to Town


The first I heard about The Queen coming to town was on “The Big Show” Monday, April 2 on KCPS 1150 AM. Fred said he was doing an interview with former governor Vilsack in advance of her Highness’s visit to the Auditorium. Mr. Vilsack did a great sales job and Chip was very polite and didn’t ask any thought provoking questions.

Where was the publicity? It must have only gone to the party faithful. That is what I have heard about it in other towns in Iowa. We wouldn’t want to have any unpleasant moments, would we? She is totally scripted and can’t think on her feet. Why would anyone vote for a socialist that can’t think?

Please don’t use my real name if you post this.


We really hate to admit being scooped. But as long as the news is being reported on a timely basis, we all win.

After hearing rumors of the planned burger bash in Lee County a week ago we were reluctant to post it. After all, Iowa's Oldest News In Print would surely have printed an agenda for one of the Party's candidates.

But after reading the lackluster coverage it seems the Ad Vertiser has their endorsement set for someone else.


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Editorial Inspiration


Thanks for the Rosie Meter. It explains Sweet's material in the Ad-Vertiser.


At least we all know what he writes is his opinion and is signed. That is such an opposite to unsigned editorials, being told how to think and the occasional Editor's non-directional ramblings about nothing in particular.

We welcome opinion. We hate bullies. That's the dichotomy of the local Ad Vertiser.


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Another Personnel Change At PD?

Hi Spike

Just found out the BPD had a task force officer resign. Bet the advertiser had no clue. What do you think?

Especially the way the BPD did it. It is all very suspicious since the BPD let him go as if nothing happened and he is free to work on any police force or security job. Another words, the BPD covered up the reasons with no accountability. And if not, have them explain the situation to the public.

I think there needs to be an investigation into the BPD ever since the mayor's deal. We found out about the cop who ran over the mailboxes drunk by accident.

I suppose the fired cop will be working at Fun City. Cops like this should be unable to have a gun or badge ever again and for the BPD to cover this up Heads should Roll right away.

And as for the advertiser, they could not find a corrupt story in city hall if it bit them on the ASS!

Thanks Spike


Whatever the reason for the dismissal, at least he is gone. We can be glad of that.

Now we need to clean house in City Hall.


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Somebody Go Get Pelosi

After seeing a draped-Pelosi in Syria consorting with terrorists somebody just needs to bring her home. She has no business playing that game. Mindless pandering comes to mind.

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03 April

Rosie Meter


Rosie........Now here is a genius!!


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Pelosi / Hezbollah = WTF


Wake up Southeast Iowa! This is not the party of your past Fathers.

Just yesterday Ms. Pelosi was in Beirut meeting with Hezbollah.



They made her Vice Admiral and all of a sudden Pelosi is qualified to discuss matters with terrorists? Pelosi better get back in her big Air Force jet and go home.


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Where There's Smoke, There's Sloth


It is good thing CG alerted Derailed last friday about the City's smoking sewers test. Uninformed residents may not know what is going on and call the Fire Department.

If the Advertiser had not seen it on Derailed, they may not have gotten around to telling those without internet access days later.


According to the City if your basement fills with smoke, "Just air it out." What about your pet birds? Are we just supposed to air them out?

A friend tells me Alliant has a guy that only runs around town assessing natural gas leaks. Supposedly, they lose 30% or more of the gas from their pipes before it gets to the customer.

And you wonder why your natural gas is so expensive.


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02 April

Hillary In Town

Why hasn't the Ad Vertiser told us that Sen. Hillary Clinton is going to stump at Memorial Auditorium at 7:45 tonight after supposedly chomping hamburgers in Lee County.

Why haven't the masses been told about it?

Why would the Ad Vertiser withhold the information?

Do you suppose they want to beat BurlingtonDerailed.com to the story? Or are our local Democrats wanting to genuflect in private?

Or maybe Hillary is going to take the local jackasses by the neck and tell them to butt out if they are going to tamper with local votes like last year's Democratic primary.

Whatever it is, it sure is pretty amazing behavior from the Ad Vertiser.

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