Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 June

iPhone Goes On Sale - Red Sea Parts

CNBC estimated that Apple will have $150 million day by the time it ends.

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Only Hoschek, Ell and Heland Have To Ask

The Biggest News Story for Today is Not The New City Council Member.

At 6:00 p.m. Local Time cell phones change forever.


Meanwhile In Redmond Bill Has Had a Long Day DeBugging Vista

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Pruning Trees in Burlington


There is a tree in the 1900 block of West Avenue that has a branch hanging over the sidewalk by much less than the eight foot minimum as stated in the city code.

People using the sidewalk must duck or get off the sidewalk to get around this branch.

It's amazing that no city employee has noticed this branch that's been there for a number of years. According to city code 151.09 this branch should be no closer to the sidewalk than eight feet.

Anyone driving by can see that this branch is just about dragging the sidewalk and has been for a number of years; so how about getting it cut back to the eight foot vertical minimum as required.

Could be no city employee has driven down West Avenue for the past three or four years.


No time to prune trees, I've got a city manager and city attorney to prune under Iowa Code and 720 and 722.


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Airport Closure


How many days have we been without air service? Maybe you could have a counter on your site keeping track of the number of days with out service. Does Sharon Leeper still get paid to manage the airport that has no commercial air traffic? If so, does she need an assistant? Sounds like a sweet gig.

Sign me

We've been without airline service longer than Paris Hilton was in jail. The airport manager should be reduced to part-time, 2 days a week.


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Free at Last


Thanks to a Supreme Court that follows the US Constitution once in a while our children are no longer held hostage to Burlington’s illegal and racist rule of keeping them in the failing Burlington school system because of the color of their skin.

Now my children can be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. Just what Martin Luther King Jr. set out to do many years ago.

Free at last, free at last.


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28 June

Airport Still Closed

I went to the airport to see if anyone from the city or airport board had done anything to get airline service restarted. I wasn't surprised by anything I saw.


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Totally Disgusted’s "WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT"

To: Totally Disgusted,

I agree, in part to your posting, however, I take exception to the following: (Bush and his ignorant no nothing brain trust are headed the way of the dinosaurs. Now his vice president seems to think he isn't part of the executive branch and doesn't have to spill the beans on what he and his idiots have been doing over the past six and half years.)

There are 3 separate but equal branches of government (judicial, executive, and legislative). Where is it written that Congress has any authority over the other 2 branches? What congress is doing is going on fishing expeditions instead of doing their legislative jobs. The only authority Congress has is impeachment of the judicial or executive branches.

We, the people have authority over the 3 branches.

Spike, why does the city council have to tell the Advertiser, in advance, what there interview process is going to be? If I had been Garry Thomas, I would have said no comment. By the way I don't agree with appointing a replacement, a special election should have been held and . . . . . why can't we get "newer" people to run for office?


I agree – no retreads for 4 months or 4 years. You never get the mileage out of the retreads.


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Venturing from the Ivory Tower


Senator Courtney and other Party Commissars in Des Moines County must have told the Politburo in D. C. to get their field man into Burlington. No more aides. Send the real article.

I am pleased to see Professor Loebsack will meet with we the unwashed south of I-80 at Tom's Market this weekend. I hope this created no scheduling conflicts with any Gay "Rights" gathering in Mt. Vernon or Iowa City like Steamboat Days did.

If you have any concerns about Southeast Iowa being shafted on air service, illegal aliens being rewarded for their crime with amnesty, citizenship and welfare, etc. be there. Besides, Tom's pastries are tasty.

You never know if another opportunity like this will present itself again until campaign season.


I suppose Loebsack will be arriving in the Nash since the airport is just about closed down. I saw a ground hog leaving the property.


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27 June

Congressman Loebsack To Visit Burlington

Friends -

Congressman Dave Loebsack will be in the area this weekend, stopping in Burlington on Saturday for a "listening post." The event will be held at the Bakery Haus inside of Tom's Market & Meats, 550 Division in Burlington. Congressman Loebsack will listen to constituents' concerns from 3-4pm. There is no charge for the event and it is open to the public.


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Best Performance by A Failed Supervisor?


I dropped cable so I could afford to pay my taxes. Did you see the I Wannabe a Council Member show from City Hall? If so, what do you consider the important points of performance by the wannabes?

Was it high drama, soap opera, comedy, or a mixture thereof?


One guy wanted to resolve the energy crisis in his 5 month term (with Garry Thomas' help).

Another guy wanted us to all get along and stress the positive. So did another guy.

Chuck Griffin was the "ONLY candidate with any experience as a councilman" that supports Dennis Hinkle. Too verbose and too much bullshit for me. Doesn't sound like he reads BurlingtonDerailed to get his economic development update.

Harter, the school board member wouldn't resign his SB seat to serve on the council. Former teacher's union leader. Don't need those Edwards thought processes.

Matt Murray seemed the most affable and best able to bring new blood to City Hall but this would ruin his life if subjected to city hall's negative influence.

John Fenton was the ONLY person with a real agenda for action and outline of what he would do. He was sandbagged with a do you still want to fire Slagle question. His outspoken attendance at the prior council meetings demanding Slagle's rightful resignation will earn a thumbs down from Slagle, Power and Ell.

Diewold apparently reads Derailed. He mentioned his insurance/financial planning business as his weapon of choice for employment and the most important problem facing Burlington is the airport crisis. Ben thought by addressing those issues with us he is home free. Wrong. He just needs to go home.

All we got from Mayor Pro-Tem Ell was mumbling and empirical wizardry approximating Harry Potter. There was a Dick Tracy character Mumbles, I need to find out whether or not Ell fits that persona.

They all want to help Burlington. Most probably can. Only one will get the nod.


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Does anyone really believe the council can make a logical choice for the empty seat that's available?

A vote would have been better and $9,000 would have been a drop in the bucket to the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars wasted by this council in the past.

It doesn't bother them one iota to waste $100,000 a year bailing out the RecPlex; so what's the worry about a mere $9000.

Who do they think their kidding?

This will mean more of the same for another two years through a continuation of the "dumb ass syndrome" in city hall.


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High Costs of Tuition At SCC


Why is tuition at SCC $107 per credit hour and at Black Hawk $74 per credit hour? Why does it cost 31% more at SCC than Black Hawk?

Is this an indication of the real cost for recruiting students for sports from outside of Iowa?

What purpose does it serve the community of Burlington to bring in "free of charge" students from outside Iowa just to have a winning sports team of one sport or another?

Are we buying the success of sports at SCC or what?

I think the taxpayer is being duped here.


Maybe there are more students at Black Hawk? Take longer to polish the hallways at SCC? Anyone?

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26 June

America's Nightmare Is Over!

Paris & Tinkerbell Reunited

Shortly after midnight and 10 pounds lighter, Paris Hilton was released from jail. The World can sleep better tonight knowing that after 24 days of incarceration America's nightmare is finally over.

In the excitement of the reunion Hilton's dog Tinkerbell peed on the rug. Our requests for an interview were not answered.

I can finally turn off the TV.

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Council Coverage & Analysis Coming

Our coverage of the Burlington city council interview process is in process.

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Passports and Political Prosperity

Spike -

It's just amazing that a passport will take ten to twelve weeks to process for an American citizen while our brilliant amnesty bill crowd says it will only take 24 hours to run a background check on illegal immigrants. What lies we are fed by our representation.

Our congress is only concerned with their ability to stay in office, line their pockets and secure high paying jobs when they retire from the special interest that have bought their services. Of course, they'll have ignored the American people throughout their tenure in office; it's all about their pockets.

Americans can be duped so easily.

Sick of It

I thought the Democratic Party promoted American jobs. Why are they supporting this Amnesty Bill? Do they need the votes? Or election payoffs?

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North Hill School "Rat?"


My take on this labor problem at North Hill School is that Pieper is receiving union pay for his workers but he hires Halfway house workers and other non-union laborers. He then low balls their pay, which they gladly accept and pockets what remains of the higher wages for himself or the company coffers.

This goes along with his hiring of possible illegal Mexican immigrants down in Green Bay and providing them with an old farm home a bit southeast of Weaver.
I've seen them walking down the road towards the house in weeks past. They work at the hog confinement facility just across the road from his business office in Green Bay Bottoms.

That rat was down in front of his business by Weaver last week and he called the sheriff to no avail. It was perfectly legal to have the rat on public right of way.

Maybe the school board should check out the pay for these taxpayer supported construction workers at North Hill School and make sure there what they should be.


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Corrupt Government Everywhere Hates the Truth


Corrupt, brutal, single party political dictatorships besides Burlington's are having a fit over the free flow of information via the Internet. Communist Chinese officials are livid over the truth getting out. Blogs are exposing their malevolence and blowing their minds.

An interesting parallel appeared in an article on China's ongoing failure to trample the truth. One example concerned brutalizing private property owners. A couple's plight at the hands of the powerful stirred outrage after web stories spread the truth.

"They quickly became household names in China -- and symbols of resistance against greedy land developers and corrupt local authorities -- mainly thanks to Internet postings."

Does this mean there are Eminent Domain Malls in China as well?

"It's fascism," said one, while another mocked: "The inhabitants of Chongqing are truly naive, the Chinese media is all controlled by the Communist Party, they decide what people know." How many column inches of advertising one must wade through in China to read the official party line?

Senator Courtney tries to trample truth through legislation that would out bloggers for "unofficial" punishment under the false pretext of fairness. Chinese President HuJintao simply wants to "purify" the Internet. Of the two, one must respect HuJintao's brutal honesty.

If people wish to have their rights respected, they must search for the truth


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Trickle Down Tyranny


National leaders of the single party political system to which those running Burlington pledge allegiance are out to destroy the First Ammendment. "Fairness" is simply at attempt to mask Fascism.

The courts refusal to over rule McCain Feingold's muzzle has only emboldened these tyrants. If they are sucessful, the little Furhers farther down the totem pole will try their hand.

Senator Courtney's infamous attempt to out bloggers for destruction by the ruling elite went nowhere in the Iowa Legislature a while back. That was before Courtney's comrades took control. You can bet the "Honorable" Senator is watching closely with another resolution in his iron fist.

Spike, Falcon, Fred and Seven would all be shut down and worse if these tyrants have their way. If people do not rise up and stop them, gulags labeled "Re-education Centers" and "Sensitivity Training Compounds" await.


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Worthless Government


I find it sickening that our elected representatives are caving into big business and special interest and trying to jam this worthless Amnesty Bill down the throats of the American people.

We have a party in power that is rated less than the president which is really lower than the city attorney here in Burlington, as a matter of fact these people are lower than whale dung.

Illegal aliens in this country have more freedom than "we the people" and it's time we got rid of these dead beats in Washington who would sell their mothers for reelection and/or votes.

Big business even makes movies for industry on how to not hire Americans. Bush and his ignorant no nothing brain trust are headed the way of the dinosaurs. Now his vice president seems to think he isn't part of the executive branch and doesn't have to spill the beans on what he and his idiots have been doing over the past six and half years.

America hasn't seen mismanagement like this since the great depression. Bush probably has the lowest IQ of any president, past or in the future.

Totally disgusted

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25 June

Ad Vertiser Finally Listens To Us & Gets It Right!

The Airport Needs Citizen Intervention

Goaded by our June 6 and June 15 comments regarding the Burlington airline debacle, Sunday's editorial in the Ad Vertiser is exactly dead on. Finally, someone realized that what we have been preaching is extremely accurate.

That damn Spike, right again.

As suggested June 18 -

When you write your letter of complaint to our Senators and Representative for the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport be sure to include these facts.

1. The loss of scheduled airline service is a catastrophic loss for Southeast Iowa that cannot be tolerated until September.
2. Great Lakes Airlines knowingly bid on a federal contract they had no means to fulfill. They had no airplanes or crews to operate the Essential Air Service contract to the affected cities they bid on.
3. Ask your Senators and Representative to request the Justice Department initiate a formal inquiry into the bid Great Lakes submitted.
4. Ask your Senators and Representative to cancel Great Lakes Essential Air Service contract and ask for new proposals.
5. Remind them that Senator Durbin’s actions contributed to this mess and Illinois is benefiting from our loss.

Senator Charles Grassley

Senator Thomas Harkin

Representative David Loebsack

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Format Set For Applicants


At 4:30 in council chambers each candidate will get 1 min. to introduce themselves and then the council will grill them for 9 minutes and then the candidates have 1 minute to finish.

And it will be televised.


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Can't Hold a Job, Hold an Office


Diewold being considered for the City Council is a symptom of Burlington's disease. If you are too dumb to deal cards, or count
change, Burlington holds a better future for you than elsewhere.

Just get in with the local political Mafia. Pray where they pray and join the same organizations. Dumb and compliant is just what they seek and reward. Ed Blow is perfect proof of what fate awaits those who cross the Godfathers.

If Diewold ends up on the council, it is obvious the morons reign supreme. The rest left with any sense may as well start packing. It may be too late by the time the Federal Prosecutors get here.


I can't wait until 4:30 to hear One Party Speaker Diewold tell us why his Dad is the reason the council should choose him. Diewold, I know your Dad. You aren't your Dad or even close.


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You Will Like Our Side, or Else!


I assume you have kept abreast of the attempts at thought control by liberal politicians and their phony "objective" allies in the main stream media.

If you refuse to listen to their dogma, they will ram it down your throat.


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Are Many Refugees Reading Derailed?


Anecdotal observations lead me to believe the collective intelligence of Burlington goes up around Christmas and Steamboat Days. It is then when those who have faced and facts and fled come back to visit family and friends who are still being bled.

Contact with those still ensnared may give refugees some picture of what is going on. If Sen. Courtney had his way, there would be a news black out on the web. Only the Advertiser would get through.

Years ago, the Advertiser loved to claim a mail subscription was like a letter from home. Perhaps then the Advertiser told the truth, but no longer. The Advertiser on line and in print is little different than Radio Moscow and Pravda at the height of the Cold War.

I wonder if refugees find out about Derailed during their visits. Do you find your readership outside of the scene of the crime increases after these homecoming holidays?


Oh yeah, they come home and write us before they come to try to get us to go to lunch with them. WE have refugees all over the world reading BurlingtonDerailed.


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23 June

Lone Survivor

On Thursday and Friday Glenn Beck interviewed Marcus Luttrell the lone survivor of Navy Seal Team 10. The interview provides an extremely clear picture how the Rules of Engagement have severely hindered our troops to operate and how you don’t win wars playing by the rules when the other side doesn’t have rules.

Read the transcript of Part I and Part II. Better yet, spring for the $6.96 and hear it in Luttrell’s own words. It is extremely compelling hearing their story first hand. Another account of the story.

If you’re liberal, anti-war, goat milker, go milk a goat this isn’t for you.

Beck said, “It is the read of the summer.” I can’t imagine it won’t be.

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Should I Care?


I sometimes wonder why I bother caring, or why I, eventually, end up wasting my time reading the Hawkeye. Friday's edition is a perfect case in point.

The council is in disarray, can't make up it's mind or establish ground rules to select a replacement for Edwards. The Hawk-eye editorial page? Zip, Nada. Here was an opportunity for the paper to demand leadership and decisive action. As usual, the cowards have run away from the local issues. They are, truly, Iowa's moldiest news. They are not alone.

When the citizenry re-elected Scott and Thomas to the council, it was, I believe, with the expectation that some positive actions would be taken. The end result has been worse than the first time around. The only proactive thinking has been on the sewer fund. A wonderful idea, but it is eclipsed by the wasteful spending of $14,000 on consulting fees for quiet zones.

Why does any member of the council pretend anymore? You have done NOTHING. Turn it all over to Slagle and Power. The city czar has shown that he's not afraid to make a decision, even if it does violate state law.

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22 June

Atlantis Lands In California

NASA Image

Space shuttle Atlantis descended to a smooth landing at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., concluding a successful assembly mission to the International Space Station. With Commander Rick Sturckow and Pilot Lee Archambault at the controls, Atlantis landed at 2:49 p.m. CDT.

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Operation Bolero II

After being buried 268 feet beneath the ice of a Greenland ice field, Glacier Girl a restored 1941 Lockheed P-38F Lightning, is headed across the pond this weekend from Teterboro, NJ to Duxford, England, site of the Flying Legends Air Show at the Imperial War Museum, July 7 & 8.

The story of Glacier Girl was done in USA Today.

You can track Glacier Girl's progress here.
or start here.

Flight schdule:
June 22: Teterboro, N.J., to Presque Isle, Maine

June 23: Presque Isle to Goose Bay, Canada

June 24: Goose Bay for maintenance, then to Frobisher Bay, Canada, and on to Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland

June 25 & 26: Sondre Stromfjord for maintenance

June 27: Sondre Stromfjord to Kulsuk, Greenland, near Glacier Girl landing spot, then to Reykjavik, Iceland

June 28: Reykjavik for maintenance

June 29: Reykjavik to Stornoway, Scotland, then to Duxford, England, site of the Flying Legends Air Show at the Imperial War Museum, July 7 & 8

Source: AirShowBuzz

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747 Freighter To Baghdad

A quick cockpit insight to Iraqi Freedom and what it takes to get 'er done from a perspective of a long haul 747 freighter to the World's richest sandtrap.

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Never Trust a Single News Source or Delaney


Did they ask you to whom you gave a political contribution? Has anybody cross referenced the Advertiser's editorial staff? Do slanted news stories and no news stories count as an in-kind contribution?


Apple got $400 million dollars worth of free advertising for the new iPhone. So you could put a number on Delaney's shenanigans and slanted news stories.

They already knew one thing for sure. I sure as hell wouldn't contribute to Ell, Hoschek and now, Diewold. I can't believe Diewold can't find a job somewhere. Diewold has worked most everywhere and been fired at most, so I guess pickins' are getting slimmer.

I liked the part about his experience as a Supervisor would make him a good choice to be a city council member.

Diewold wasn't a competent supervisor. He was part of the two man tag team that jammed a 20-year tax abatement down the taxpayers' throat for the ethanol plant. I can't wait to see how his campaign strategy works out. I suppose the local Democrats promised him a slot next to Lost Keys.

Last summer Diewold wanted to be a Supervisor. Now he wants to be a councilman. Has anyone told him the council gets paid a lot less money yet?

And I still don't like people touching my stuff, Chuck!


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Diewold Running?


Can you believe that Dipshit Diewold is running for council? I thought he might learn his lesson.

And you are right about our unions. I pay my dues and nobody listens to us. Just a few more years.....

Sign me,
They sure as hell don't represent what I think - but they used to

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Ozark Makes Surprise Bid To Restore Airline Service

The city manager and airport advisory board were stunned when Ozark Airlines made a surprise stop on Wednesday to offer Burlington reliable scheduled airline service to St. Louis. Slagle was not available to meet with Ozark management due to a prior golf commitment. Lost Keys Mayor Pro Tem Bill Ell showed up with the Lavatory key he recently found in his desk drawer. Ozark management was grateful for the return of the key since it was the only one they had.

Our photographer was lucky to catch the Ozark flyby from the Great River Bridge.

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21 June

Where, Oh Where are the Eminent Domain Mall Ads


I checked this newspaper out in China. Given that country's respect of individual property rights rivals Burlington's, I thought Slagle might have advertised there for eminent domain mall development bids. No luck.

Those language packs take for ever to download. It takes even longer to search through all those squiggles looking for "Slagle." If I knew the Chinese character for snake, it might have helped.

If anybody in the audience knows Vietnamese, they could help by seeing if the ad ran in Hanoi, or Ho Chi Min City, formerly Saigon. Certainly there are Spanish speakers in the house. Has anybody checked the press in Cuba and Venezuela?

It would take a long time to search the state controlled press in all the dictatorships around the world. Knowing Slagle, I figure such publications would hold a special appeal when bestowing City business.

Does the Advertiser still get all the City of Burlington's legal notices?

Slagle would never lie to us. That ad must be somewhere.


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The Sopranos on Spring Street


The rubber rat at North Hill School was literally something out of the Sopranos. When a fellow family of mobsters did not get their share of the take for not working on a public funded project in New Jersey, a pickup carrying a rubber rat pulled up starting a strike in the name of justice.

If the contractor complies with the law including wages at or above minimum wage, I have no beef. The project is funded with taxes confiscated from those of us earning far less than $30.00 per hour.

Funny how you never see these protesters with their rubber rat outside City Hall when raising your taxes is at issue. Rape of the many to reward a belligerent few is not the path to broad based prosperity.


Union thugs trying to impose their bullshit on the rest of society. The old Ad Vertiser was there to hold up the party line. I wonder who called them.

I really feel sorry for the plain old life-long union members that have paid their dues forever being led by a bunch of Neanderthals wearing their muscle shirts and dragging their knuckles like the former drunk mayor and his entourage of advisors.

What a leadership choice.


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East Berlin on the Mississippi?


A hotel in the formerly separated city of Berlin is banking on travelers in Germany wishing to experience the gloom that was once East Berlin. This experiment in despair nostalgia should be closely observed as it may have implications for Burlington.

Burlington's ongoing experiment in inept government trying to make the economy grow is much closer than Germany for North American tourists.

There are ever more hovels being abandon in Burlington as those at the end of their resources jump the wire in search of a brighter future elsewhere. These hovels could be brought up to code for habitation and occupation by tourists.

Care should be taken not to over do such restoration. Plastic toys, broken down boat trailers and other such garbage should be left in the yards to preserve their local flavor.

"Socialist Unity Party functionaries such as party General Secretary Erich Honecker and Prime Minister Horst Sindermann peer down from portraits in most rooms, giving the impression that one is under constant surveillance." There is no problem representing this aspect of "Big Brother" in Burlington. Just put up some campaign yard signs amongst the trash advocating Senator Courtney and the ex-Mayor of Burlington.

If Burlington wishes to attract tourists and their gold in search political and economic trauma, scheduled passenger air service is essential. Should the experience become overwhelming for some, they could die of fear waiting for Amtrak to arrive.

Burlington - The GDR at the West End of the Great River Bridge.


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Padding His Resume


Perhaps Slagle took charge of Steamboat Days in an attempt to make himself look better to his next potential employer. Slagle has a lot to cover up.

I doubt if the good people of Marion were impressed with Slagle's record of public records destruction. Add to that the bullying and other assorted acts of deception and you get rejection.

Unlike Burlington, there are places where the press does their job. Real news people on their butts is something no City Council wants. Hiring Slagle in such a situation is begging disaster.

Try as he might, Slagle will not live down his past actions. There is no point trying to hide the facts. Government insiders around Iowa are aware of Slagle's practices. For all others, there is Derailed.


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20 June

2 Views - Rain Forecasted for Thursday, Maybe Friday

Tonight's Fly-by

The ISS is on the left and Atlantis in trail. BurlingtonDerailed.com Photo

S117-E-08056 (19 June 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the International Space Station moves away from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Earlier the STS-117 and Expedition 15 crews concluded about eight days of cooperative work onboard the shuttle and station. Undocking of the two spacecraft occurred at 9:42 a.m. (CDT) on June 19, 2007. Astronaut Lee Archambault, STS-117 pilot, was at the controls for the departure and fly-around, which gave Atlantis' crew a look at the station's new expanded configuration.


Space shuttle Atlantis’ astronauts spent – weather permitting – their last full day on orbit today getting their ship ready to return home tomorrow with two landing opportunities available at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 12:55 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Commander Rick Sturckow, Pilot Lee Archambault, and Mission Specialist and Flight Engineer Steven Swanson checked out Atlantis’ hydraulic systems and flight control surfaces beginning at 8:58 a.m. today. That was followed closely by the steering jet tests at 10:08 a.m.

All seven astronauts spent the day stowing equipment for the landing, and then came together just after 2 p.m. to discuss their mission with NBC, ABC and CNN. The crew is scheduled to go to sleep at 8:38 p.m. and wake up at 4:38 a.m. Thursday.

The Mission Management Team worked into the early evening to ensure the shuttle is safe for landing. Some fuzz from a gap filler poking out on the outer edge of the left wing was noticed during Tuesday’s late inspection and deemed safe for reentry based on its location and measured protrusion of about 4/10 of an inch. Also, the MMT reviewed additional data presented on the thermal blanket damaged during launch on June 8. The blanket was repaired during the third spacewalk of the mission and cleared for reentry.

Discussions centered around thermal models developed by engineers to assess whether any damage may have occurred to underlying structure, but photographs taken by Danny Olivas – who affected the repair – clearly showed no heat effects.

Entry Flight Director Norm Knight indicated that the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, would be the only landing site considered Thursday, based on consumables that provide flexibility to land as far out as Sunday. The weather forecast shows a chance of rain showers within 30 miles of the runway at landing time with a cloud deck at 5,000 feet – both are landing violations. The plan calls for a deorbit engine firing at 11:50 a.m. for the 12:55 p.m. landing and a 1:25 p.m. deorbit burn for the 2:30 p.m. landing opportunity.

If landing is moved to Friday, two landing opportunities would be available in Florida and two in California at the Edwards Air Force Base. Three sites would be available Saturday in order of preference – Florida, California or at White Sands Space Harbor in New Mexico.

The next STS-117 status report will be issued Thursday morning or earlier if events warrant.

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Will Slagle Book Streisand? Karaoke Next?


City Manager Bruce Slagle in command of Steamboat Days has my head spinning. Do you think he could book the Queen of Politically Correct performers, Barbra Streisand?

Streisand's Marxist mumbling and blaming George Bush for the planet Mars having no breathable atmosphere between songs should earn raves from the Advertiser. Citizen Saar may possibly review her as a paragon of patriotic performing artists rivaling even the late George M. Cohan.

Saving all the little people of the world keeps Ms. Streisand busy. This coupled with public demand makes her fee far too expensive to be bothered with the little people of Burlington. Yes, the market is cruel.

Not that all this dreaming makes any difference with Slagle in charge. With Slagle's proven management skills being harnessed to Steamboat Days, non stop karaoke may leave the crowd yearning for the racket of fireworks.


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Stupid Slagle Tricks


Anybody with any sense in the public sector knows you stay away from actively leading volunteer groups as much as possible. With public office holders, that even applies to one's own political party. There is no real control and you stand to take a lot of heat for failure.

I wish Steamboat Days no ill, but somebody on the committee should have had the political sense to keep a City Manager the hell out of the leadership position. On the committee to co-ordinate use of public areas is useful, but public officialdom should end there.

Some say Delaney damn near caused the wreck of Steamboat Days a few years ago. Do you think Slagle will succeed in steering the SBD Committee into the rocks?

No matter the outcome, Slagle leading Steamboat days should give you enough material to fill a CD ROM.


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Where Were The Requests For Proposals Advertised?


Do you know where Slagle advertised for proposals to develop the Manor? I have Googled and looked a lot of places and I can't find any ad, anywhere? Slagle says they advertised. Where?


Have you checked his desk drawer? Everything suspicious goes in there and disappears from there.

We should have some idea when it's time for the bill to be paid or a disgruntled developer sues the city.


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Mystery 'Gorilla' Project Unveiled

The mystery "Gorilla" project was unveiled last Thursday. The project was the subject of much speculation and question. The mysterious potential manufacturing project in South Dakota will be an Hyperion Oil refinery if all hurdles are met.

Real-estate agents representing an anonymous company began acquiring options to buy thousands of acres of land from farmers in Elk Point leading to an article in the Wall Street Journal last month.

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Bob Saar's Take on Ted Nugent


I could barely make it through Bob Saar’s “review” of Sunday’s Ted Nugent concert. Who does Saar think he is to interject his feeble opinion as the one “for the masses?” One, Ted is an entertainer and folks were advised FAR in advance what the content of his show entailed. If mommy or daddy bleeding heart liberal didn’t want to hear what Ted had to say, then they could have just waited outside for the fireworks show to begin. Two, I do not recollect Ted dropping a single four letter word during his performance. No F-Bomb, no S-bomb – just his own opinions that he has been consistent with for decades.

I happen to agree with Ted on many fronts and that includes getting tough on the bad guys and helping to ensure that our great country does not become the Socialistic disaster that many European countries now face – including France, the U.K., Germany – all of which previously were true western democracies until socialism took root. Let’s pray that the majority of Americans will elect officials who will make sure that America is not next to fall.

Ted is looking at the worst-case scenario. Maintaining our fundamental Constitutional rights and fighting the bad guys was the primary message from Ted on Sunday evening, and Mr. Saar somehow has a problem with this.

I’m thinking that the true “un-American” here was the one who wrote the article, but I will withhold final judgment until his final review on Sunday.

By the way, the concert was GREAT, too!

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Ted Nugent for President


Ted Nugent wowed the crowd at Steamboat Days in a state vital to any wannabe President's race for his party's nomination. Ted the entertainer makes a lot more sense than some of the command and control crowd parading through here lately pretending to be statesmen.

If "Law and Order" Fred Thompson gets into it, maybe Uncle Ted Nugent would be his running mate. Let the people decide if they want pork with their beans and bacon bits on their greens.

"I don't see how you can do this job without being an actor," Ronald Reagan.


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19 June

Atlantis and ISS Just Went By

It was a spectacular evening to see the Shuttle Atlantis and the ISS go zipping by a few minutes ago. They'll be back tonight at 11:06 pm traveling from just above West to West-Southwest.

Wednesday night at 9:53 directly overhead from West Northwest traveling to the Southeast.

For our nationwide and international visitors click here and select your country and city.

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Shuttle Viewing Schedule

Here's the schedule to get outside to see the shuttle and space station fly by.

S117-E-08011 (19 June 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the International Space Station moves away from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Earlier the STS-117 and Expedition 15 crews concluded about eight days of cooperative work onboard the shuttle and station. Undocking of the two spacecraft occurred at 9:42 a.m. (CDT) on June 19, 2007. Astronaut Lee Archambault, STS-117 pilot, was at the controls for the departure and fly-around, which gave Atlantis' crew a look at the station's new expanded configuration.

S117-E-07888 (18 June 2007) --- The International Space Station's Canadarm2, or Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) and solar array wings are featured in this image photographed by a crewmember on the station while Space Shuttle Atlantis was docked with the orbital complex. The blackness of space and Earth's horizon provides the backdrop for the scene.

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Ted Nugent Best BSD Rock show in years!


Who does Bob "Sombrero-Drunkie" Saar think he is to call Ted Nugent's show
"hostile, anti-Americanism"? This is a quote from Monday's story about the Nugent show last night.

Perhaps Bob Saar should look at himself before he starts to call someone "anti-American" and hostile. After all, through his alcohol-tinted glasses, he has slammed numerous people (and often, BSD performers) in his
regular Sunday column in the Burlington Hawk-POS. Bob just doesn't "get it" and he never will.

I was fortunate enough to score some VIP tickets to see "Uncle Ted" and he did not disappoint IN ANY WAY. Quite frankly, Ted Nugent was the best rock & roll show that Steamboat Days has offered in years.

I usually get upset when the BSD committee schedule headline acts who have appeared here two, three, or more times (can you say Creedence Overkill Revisited...not visited by John Fogerty anyway...headlining at three
BSD in the past ten years).

But as far as I'm concerned, Steamboat Days can bring back Ted Nugent to close BSD on Sunday evening and play until the fireworks show starts every year. Ted was awesome!

I don't personally agree with all of Uncle Ted's opinions that he offered last night, but I did love watching all of the local whiney, smug, too-cool-for-school Lefties squirm in their lawn chairs.

And the funny thing was, when Ted started to slam Hillary Clinton and made a obvious slam at Illinois Gov. Rod Blow-hole, I didn't see one person leave the area because they were "offended". Maybe some sympathetic
PETA-types were offended, but the show was so truly awesome that they stayed around to listen to Ted play and rant some more. Rock On!

Just before Uncle Ted took the stage, the BSD committee were rightly applauded for their hard work for BSD 2007. But I wanted to vomit when they announced that Bruce "The Deceiver" Slagle will run the BSD Committee
in 2008. YUCK!

Hopefully "The Deceiver" will be long gone by June '08.


Anybody that waves a machine gun and yells, "Eat me" to a local Lemming heckler is OK in my book.

"The Deceiver" Slagle as Steamboat Days Skipper? Double Yuck! That smells worse than 2 feet of rain-soaked Mormon Flies. Say good-bye to anything decent. Slagle has screwed up enough stuff in this town he might as well screw Steamboat Days to the wall, too.

Who in the hell decided how this story plays out? What a pitiful bunch of Mindless Lemming Sheep! I keep thinking it can't get any more bizarre.

I'm just about ready to say you people deserve the screwing you're getting.


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Where Was My Congressman?


It was too bad Congressman Loebsack was not in the Steamboat Days Parade. It appears there was a parade conflict last Saturday. Congressman Loebsack was among those rallying with the marchers in Iowa City's Gay Pride parade last Saturday.

Had Congressman Loebsack been in Burlington, it would have given his local constituents a chance to remind him that besides "Pride," passenger air planes returning to Southeast Iowa are also important.

Next year, perhaps the Steamboat Days Committee and the Gay Parade organizers in Iowa City could avoid such a conflict. The Gay Pride people could even be invited to enter make an entry in the Steamboat Days Parade. Maybe Congressman Loebsack could march with them.

Such an arrangement would give Congressman Loebsack an opportunity to come out of the closet and acknowledge his District encompasses more than just Linn and Johnson Counties.


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Live and Let Live


I believe people should be allowed to do as they please as long as they don't adversely affect the lives of others.

Now there's a home on Louisa Street (1700 block) that parks their motorcycles on the sidewalk forcing walkers to navigate around the parked cycles by way of the lawn or out in the street. This same home also parks cars across the sidewalk totally cutting it off to anyone passing by.

I called the Burlington police twice about this parking problem and not one thing has been done to put a stop to it. The day after my second call they were still parking, on the side walk, two motorcycles side by side blocking the walking public’s right of way.

The person answering the phone at the police department said they'd send someone right over to take care of it. Well, I guess that just never happened because the problem still existed a day later and has been going on for several months.

I often wonder how many police have driven past that house during normal patrols and have never bothered to tell the owners that parking a motor vehicle on the sidewalk is not allowed.

The people living there should know parking on the sidewalk is wrong but sometimes people just have no clue what is right and what is wrong and here in Burlington this is a predominate trait.

Burlington parking code 79.07.4 states it's against the law to park on sidewalks or across sidewalks.

Could someone of authority please tell the people living in the home that parking on the sidewalk or across the sidewalk is WRONG?

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18 June

Repair Made To Shuttle's Thermal Blanket

ISS015-E-12134 (15 June 2007) --- Medium close-up scene of Atlantis' port side orbital maneuvering system pod prior to repair work performed by astronaut John (Danny) Olivas, STS-117 mission specialist (out of frame). Olivas later spent two hours stapling and pinning down this piece of thermal blanket on one of Atlantis' orbital maneuvering system pods. The 4-by-6-inch corner of the blanket peeled up during the shuttle's launch last week.

ISS015-E-12155 (15 June 2007) --- Close-up scene prior to repair work.

ISS015-E-12229 (15 June 2007) --- Close-up scene following completed repair work by astronaut John (Danny) Olivas (out of frame), STS-117 mission specialist, who spent two hours stapling and pinning down a thermal blanket on one of Atlantis' orbital maneuvering system pods. A 4-by-6-inch corner of the blanket peeled up during the shuttle's launch last week. Staples, inserted by Olivas' application with a medical stapler, are visible near bottom of the frame. Metal reinforcement pins can be seen above the staples.

S117-E-07686 (16 June 2007) --- The STS-117 and Expedition 15 crewmembers gather for a group portrait during a joint crew press conference in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station while Space Shuttle Atlantis was docked with the station. From the left (front row) are astronauts Clayton Anderson, Expedition 15 flight engineer; Sunita Williams, STS-117 mission specialist; cosmonauts Fyodor N. Yurchikhin and Oleg V. Kotov, Expedition 15 commander and flight engineer, respectively, representing Russia's Federal Space Agency. From the left (middle row) are astronauts Lee Archambault and Rick Sturckow, STS-117 pilot and commander, respectively. From the left (back row) are astronauts Patrick Forrester, Jim Reilly, Steven Swanson and John "Danny" Olivas, all STS-117 mission specialists. Shortly after the two spacecraft docked on June 10, Anderson became a member of the station crew. At the same time, Williams became an Atlantis crewmember for her ride home, completing more than six months in space.

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Great Lakes Airline / Airport Fiasco – Who Would You Believe?

As reported in Sunday’s edition of the Advertiser it seems Dennis Hinkle and Sharon Leeper the airport secretary want you to believe they have been working furiously to secure the restart of reliable airline service in Burlington.

During the railroad lawsuit debacle Dennis Hinkle told the Advertiser’s Jim Quirk that he had made numerous phone calls to the BNSF to try to work out a solution. Quirk wrote his story refuting claims made that the BNSF had not been contacted by any representative from Burlington, including Hinkle, from April 2003 until October 2003.

The day after the story ran, Hinkle called Quirk to say that his comments were not true, that he had not contacted the BNSF anytime during this time as Quirk had reported. Quirk failed to print a correction. The public was told a lie and Quirk was not compelled to rectify it. A lie that is still perpetuated to this day.

Then Hinkle ignored Governor Vilsack’s offer for a year and a half to develop an economic development plan for Southeast Iowa. Instead of action we got golf, lunch and not much more. Even after the plan, a couple of studies and a lot of lunches what have they achieved?

Recently, the airport secretary and airport board want us to believe they were acting in everyone’s best interest when they terminated a 61-year tenant over 4 lease payments when they sent Remmers Aviation notice they didn’t care what happened with RegionsAir fuel bill. I think Leeper did what she was told to do by Slagle. She didn’t dream this up on her own. And neither did the airport authority. More Mindless Lemming Sheep.

Now, with Hinkle’s 15 employees and the airport secretary covering her butt along with the airport authority they want us to believe they are doing everything they can to fix the problem.

Who Would You Believe? No one in this town does anything proactively. It’s always after the fact. That comes from not knowing the problem exists, what it is, how to fix it and then by ignoring it until someone else uncovers it. If they had done what they should have we wouldn’t need to write letters to fix it.


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Write Your Airport Support Letters

When you write your letter of support to our Senators and Representative for the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport be sure to include these facts.

1. The loss of scheduled airline service is a catastrophic loss for Southeast Iowa that cannot be tolerated until September.
2. Great Lakes Airlines knowingly bid on a federal contract they had no means to fulfill. They had no airplanes or crews to operate the Essential Air Service contract to the affected cities they bid on.
3. Ask your Senators and Representative to request the Justice Department initiate a formal inquiry into the bid Great Lakes submitted.
4. Ask your Senators and Representative to cancel Great Lakes Essential Air Service contract and ask for new proposals.
5. Remind them that Senator Durbin’s actions contributed to this mess and Illinois is benefiting from our loss.

Senator Charles Grassley

Senator Thomas Harkin

Representative David Loebsack

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A Few Things On My Mind


Long time reader, first time writer.

There are a few things that have been bugging me and I'd like to take a moment to let them out.

First: I want to meet the person who hired Bob Saar at the advertiser and punch them in the nose! He is an arrogant A-Hole who goes to Steamboat Days for the purpose to get trashed, then trash the good performances. I bet if jazz was the style of music at Steamboat Days, he'd be happy.

Second: I'd like to drag this on for a bit if I may. THANK GOD THE DRUNK QUIT! He should have been locked up when the police found him passed out in his car. If it was anyone of us, we'd be locked up without a doubt. There are way too many lawyers, bankers and city officials driving drunk, and NOTHING is done about it. It bugs the hell out of me that this happens. I notice the same names in the paper who are busted over and over again for OWI and none of them are the listed. Are they paying protection fees?

Third: Winegard City opened its casino doors, which is sure to bring more and more problems to our community. I foresee more drunks, who are broke, committing crimes for money. I foresee more people collecting taxpayer money to support their gambling habit. I also see Winegard growing a fatter wallet and laughing as this city falls apart and becomes a ghost town.

Here is what needs to be done. The city council needs to be completely cleaned out and refreshed. The City Manager needs to be publicly fired by the new council. Then the new council needs to hire someone at the pay rate the Manager needs to be at....starting at minimum wage, with raises every year for good work, not a raise to compete with other cities. Winegard City needs to be forced to pay back its share of the waste of time waterpark. They should also be forced to pay 50% of the profit from the casino to the city to be used to straighten up this city. Not for wages. The only good thing about Winegard is the jobs that are provided. Now this town needs to be a place people want to return to before Winegard is forced to layoffs. The other action the new council needs to do, is get prospective businesses into these empty buildings and stop forcing people out of their homes.


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ISS015-E-12026 (13 June 2007) --- Anchored to a foot restraint on the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) or Canadarm2, astronaut Patrick Forrester, STS-117 mission specialist, participates in the mission's second planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA), as construction resumes on the International Space Station. Among other tasks, Forrester and astronaut Steven Swanson (out of frame), mission specialist, removed all of the launch locks holding the 10-foot-wide solar alpha rotary joint in place and began the solar array retraction. Space Shuttle Atlantis docked to the station is visible at left.

ISS015-E-12063 (13 June 2007) --- Astronauts Steven Swanson and Patrick Forrester (out of frame), both STS-117 mission specialists, participate in the mission's second planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA), as construction resumes on the International Space Station. Among other tasks, Forrester and Swanson removed all of the launch locks holding the 10-foot-wide solar alpha rotary joint in place and began the solar array retraction.

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15 June

Burlington Airline Debacle Part Deux

Great Lakes Airline Needs to Go!

Iowa Senators Grassley and Harkin appear to have a new supporter to help restore airline service in Burlington, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. But not all might be as it seems. Durbin is the instigator of the problems behind the loss of Burlington's commuter airline service.

Great Lakes is a codeshare partner with United Airlines. United gave Illinois Senator Dick Durbin $5000 in campaign contributions. THE CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS

RegionsAir was a codeshare partner with American Airlines. American gave Durbin $2000 in campaign contributions. THE CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS

You could safely argue Great Lakes had plans to obtain the RegionsAir airplanes and crews for their current route system by underbidding the Essential Air service contract in order to win the government contract. According to monthly documents filed by Great Lakes they have little excess capacity or airplanes and crews to fulfill their bid for the Burlington service. See below.

If Great Lakes would have obtained the RegionsAir fleet of airplanes as part of their scam to underbid the Essential Air contract, the $5 million dollar penalty to obtain a fleet of airplanes and crews is faster, cheaper and easier than trying to obtain the airplanes and crews on the open market.

However, obtaining the fleet of airplanes, different airplanes from what they currently operate, is not easy. Great Lakes would have to obtain FAA certification to operate the RegionsAir Jetstream 731. Unless Great Lakes obtained the entire airline including the operating certificate issued by the FAA for RegionsAir as part of the deal, it would be very difficult for a commuter airline to handle this size transaction.

Since RegionsAir was struggling financially, it is highly probable Great Lakes was trying to grab RegionsAir especially in light of their recent letter to the communities which by the way is cause to terminate their interest in the contract. See below.

Then there is another problem. A major lender of Great Lakes is Raytheon the builder and financier for a large portion of their airplane fleet. Great Lakes has been financially plagued so Raytheon might not have any interest in seeing what little financial stability Great Lakes has disrupted by the acquisition of RegionsAir.

So, if you want to see airline service restored to Burlington you better start writing letters to Senators Grassley and Harkin. The future of Southeast Iowa depends on it. There are solutions. But none anyone locally can make happen.


Great Lakes Letter to the Affected Communities

Great Lakes Traffic Is Up - How Can They Expand?

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City Council


I agree with our council and Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Ell's suggestion to appoint a volunteer council person to fill the vacant seat until the November election. If a petition is gathered by the citizens to hold an election, they should support that too. After all, the citizens have a right to select their representative, more so than the current council. I agree to save the cost of an election, when one is so near.

I question Ell's strong desire to save the taxpayers' money. He said he should be a good steward of the citizens' tax dollars. True!

So why didn't Bill Ell and the council take this same taxpayer safe guard when they sued the railroad and wasted over $300,000 of taxpayer money? Now Ell is concerned with a $9,000 election cost? That was the biggest waste and poorest decision in the history of any council.

It was obvious to anyone that could read that the City would lose this lawsuit. The attorneys made a lot of money, and everybody else lost. Didn't Ell say all along that we have a winnable case. How ridiculous! I would feel ashamed if I spent the citizens hard earn money like that.

concerned taxpayer

Lost Keys Ell professed loudly and at the direction of his Lordship Slagle, "We have a winnable case." Ell wouldn't know a winnable case from the location of the lost school keys. Both are hopelessly lost, forever.

If the people of this community want more of the same crap that Edwards brought to the table, vote for Lost Keys Ell. You'll get a royal dose of Dumb Ass Mayors, Part Deux.


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Planeless Burlington Not Alone


It appears folks in Central Illinois also have no choice but to drive to Lambert Field for a St. Louis connection.

Decatur, Illinois version of Burlington's Advertiser reports U. S. Senator from Illinois "Dirty Dick" Durban is pleading with Great Lakes Airline to re-establish downstate air service with all due haste. The Hearld Tribune also credits "Dirty Dick" with shutting down RegionsAir over pilot training issues.

If it ain't in Cook County, does "Dirty Dick" really give a damn?


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Profiles in Perfidy


Citizen Kane on South Main sending an old reporter (Don Henry) to do the Editor-in Chief's job was totally gutless. The local power structure's Propaganda Minister did not even have the decency and courage to write his old political comrade's obituary and eulogy.

There is a lesson in all this for all the little elected comrades in the service of these people. Those who are really in control will encourage and promote your stupidity as long as it perpetuates maintaining their exulted positions.

Once the public gets fed up, they will drop you like a used Kleenex.


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14 June

Calling All Curtiss Jennys

Preparing to Take to the Air Once More to Serve Southeast Iowa


There is no future in serving aviation markets the current size of Burlington's. Even the Advertiser admitted new equipment for this market is not a real option. The market is in larger equipment designed for larger markets.

If by some miracle scheduled air service does return to Burlington, is there a planned marketing blitz to keep such service aloft? What do all the recently hired people at Grow Greater Burlington have up their sleeve, other than a golf tee?

The longer the wait, the more travelers use the Quad-Cities, Peoria, Cedar Rapids and even Des Moines airports. Each day's delay chases that much more of the local market away. It is far harder to win back those customers you have failed to retain.

Federal tax dollars to bribe a carrier into a small market is no way maintain local air service. The people of Southeast better utilize such service, assuming it ever returns. There is no way to hold onto the status quo. You either make it grow, or it goes away.

Trained Industrial Archeologists race to restore vintage planes economically viable in Burlington's subsidized "essential" air service market.


Dare I mention that the city could demand the STB and FAA rescind the contract awarded to Great Lakes.

And Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin could launch a fraud investigation against Great Lakes for predatory bidding on a contract Great Lakes had no means of fulfilling. According to several reports Great Lakes employees wondered what their CEO was doing when he bid on this service when the airline couldn't meet the demand in the Denver hub. They had no airplanes or pilots and no source to go get them and they knew it when they bid on the contracts.

Then the Senators could go inflict some pain on Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois. He started this mess. Durbin's name is all over the hate mail to put RegionsAir out of business. It worked. Now we suffer the consequences. Never forget the Moline airport is in Durbin's district. It is to his advantage to have us lose airline customers to the Moline airport.


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Hoist Partners


I am really disappointed with Don Henry’s column in Wednesday’s fish wrap. I cannot imagine why Don thinks Mike Edwards did such a good job as mayor. There were so many things that just went wrong.

I cannot support Bill Ell as mayor. Ell has proven time and again that he is in Slagle’s pocket and does whatever he wants. Maybe the only reason Don supports Bill Ell is that they hoist a few together at the Sombrero.

Keep up the good work.


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The Truth Behind The Amnesty Bill

Lou Dobbs Calls It Right More Times Right Than Not


Big Media hides the truth behind the Amnesty Bill.

Here are Lou's Dobbs Top 5 Dumbest Things in the Immigration Bill

5) Taxpayers will pay for the immigration lawyers for illegal aliens if working in agriculture.

4) Illegal aliens would be given legal status just one day after their application is filed even if a background check is not completed.

3) Gang members are eligible for amnesty if they renounce their gang status.

2) Borders do not have to be secure before the amnesty program begins.

1) $2,600,000,000,000 -- That is the cost the Heritage Foundation estimates to cover the retirement benefits of 12,000,000 illegal aliens if this amnesty bill becomes law.

The executive and legislative branches of our government are failures and totally out of touch with the American people, who by the way elected these people and no, it wasn’t the Mexican people who they now represent.

Anyone voting “Yea” on this bill will have committed the equivalent of treason against the American people.


Lou calls it right more times than not without the ego stroking that goes on everywhere else.


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13 June

ISS015-E-11870 (11 June 2007) --- Astronauts Jim Reilly and John "Danny" Olivas (visible among Reilly's helmet reflections), both STS-117 mission specialists, participate in the mission's first planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA), as construction resumes on the International Space Station. Among other tasks, Reilly and Olivas connected power, data and cooling cables between S1 and S3; released the launch restraints from and deployed the four solar array blanket boxes on S4 and released the cinches and winches holding the photovoltaic radiator on S4. The crew cabin and nose of Space Shuttle Atlantis docked to the station is visible in the background.

All NASA Images

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Don Henry Assigned Self-Impalement for Edward’s Homage

Don Henry Named Head Vassal to Lord Delaney


GH's Writing the Mayor's Exoneration on Derailed was right. The newspaper had one of their own assigned for self-impalement on the spike, ‘er, sword. Don Henry’s homage as vassal to Lord Delaney fell short of the mark. Shame on you, Don. How you could write such drivel is amazing even for a broken down old councilman.

Everyone in Burlington should be at Steamboat Days drunker than skunks in tribute to Edwards’ departure and afterwards, head across the river and then to Burger King for a nap. The taxpayers should cough up bus money so everyone can go.

Make this a Steamboat Days to remember.


Someone had to do it. It was an ugly job. I will never get by Edwards’ lies, dishonest behavior and misrepresentation of the truth for his role in the railroad lawsuit, Burger King and all the rest of his nonsense. I’d like to know if Don Henry knows whether the lawsuit was about jobs or money? Maybe he could shed some light on the matter.

And for Henry to promote an Edwards’ clone, Lost Keys Ell, to be the next Mayor is offensive and cronyism VooDoo politics. I just can’t get by Lost Keys’ 6 months of hiding the $57,000 lost school key from the City Council, a city council that I think Scott and Thomas sat on. They should remember that flagrant dishonest cover up when they vote for the new mayor. And while you’re at it, don’t forget Lost Key’s role in the railroad lawsuit. His far-flung prevarications remind me of how far the tentacles of Bruce Slagle and Scott Power reach.

Bill Ell as a healer? Don, what the hell kind of cheap beer were you gorged on when you wrote that? Even Burgy won’t give you that kind of delusional adventure without leaving your recliner!


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Faulty Notice For Eminent Domain Mall


I heard that the city had already posted notices for any competing developers to submit their proposals for developing the Manor. Then Tuesday morning on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM I found out that the notice went out May 17.

How can we send out requests for proposals? We haven’t seen a proposal from Muir. We have nothing to compare.

Has the newspaper gotten a copy of the Muir proposal and if so, why haven’t they printed the details?

It was our tax money that Slick Slagle used to fund his pet project. We should at least know what the grand plan is.


A copy of the request for proposals will never see the light of day. I would like to know exactly where the requests were advertised.


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Cat In Need Of Owner – Preferably, A New Owner


Last week I read in a letter to the editor that a family had moved from the Manor and purposely left their cat behind.

I drove by the address tonight and the cat is still there and the people are gone. How many more people grabbed their mitt full of taxpayer money and left their pets behind?


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12 June

NASA Image

S117-E-06914 (11 June 2007) --- Astronauts Jim Reilly (center frame) and John "Danny" Olivas (out of frame), both STS-117 mission specialists, participate in the mission's first planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA), as construction resumes on the International Space Station. Among other tasks, Reilly and Olivas connected power, data and cooling cables between S1 and S3; released the launch restraints from and deployed the four solar array blanket boxes on S4 and released the cinches and winches holding the photovoltaic radiator on S4. Earth's horizon and the blackness of space provided the backdrop for the scene.

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Fiddlesticks Leaving Town?


Have you heard that Fiddlesticks is leaving town?


I hope not. I have a some free meals coming from their frequent eater card.


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China - The End of Ethanol Draws Nearer


The Communist Party in China has wised up to the evils of ethanol. You can feed the masses, or feed your Mazda.

The single party political system in Des Moines County should take note of what their counterparts in the far east have discovered. What good is a workers paradise without food?


When you have a billion citizens on the steps of city hall looking for food is far more serious than calling for the mayor's resignation over his parking habits.


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11 June

Giddy Candor


Since everyone is giddy with the new wave of candor due to the mayor’s resignation I have a proposal: Since Scott Power, Bruce Slagle and Dennis Hinkle actually call the shots and run this city we should demand and propose their positions be elected positions. At least if they were elected we could have the illusion of representative government.

The way Burlington currently operates we have no representation; we have paid yes men and figure heads. Do we still have the right to petition or has that right been removed?


I think it only takes 1 or 2% of the voters in the last election to petition for an election.


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Filling the Empty Bar Stool


The departure of the ex-Mayor creates a void to be filled-an empty barstool.

Do you think there will be a special election, or an appointment by the remaining Council members? Is anybody lobbying the Council for the position?

If appointment it is, I hope the remaining Council members have enough sense to ignore any pleadings from Senator King.


Nobody said anything about an empty barstool.

I don't have a clue. The money needed for the election was pissed away on Slagle's raise.

No one wants King's opinion about a thing.


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Where do we sign this petition? We have spent millions with no choice of the outcome. Now is the time to spend a meager $10,000 on a special election to try and right things or at least start in the proper direction. If anyone has or knows where the petition is or will be please post it.


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Ex-Mayor Makes Friday's USAToday


I see our former mayor made USAToday's Friday edition.


Great, nothing like good PR.


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08 June

Atlantis On Orbit

NASA Image

Special Florida Launch Correspondent for www.BurlingtonDerailed.com

Special Florida Launch Correspondent for www.BurlingtonDerailed.com

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Shuttle STS-117 On The Pad

Shuttle Atlantis is set to fly Friday at 6:38 pm local time.

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Edwards' Resignation - It's A Good Thing


That's a good thing for everybody!


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Edwards' Resignation - Too Close To Home



I guess it was hitting too close to home.


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Edwards Wrote His Own Legacy

On Thursday a KCPS Big Show 1150 AM caller criticized us for referring to former Mayor Edwards as the drunk mayor over the last few years. The caller is entitled to his opinion. So are we.

Edwards is just a drunk now. What he does with his life now is his decision. We hope that he realizes that he needs to deal with this and that the impairment from the strangle hold alcohol has on him is destroying his life.

When you drink you can’t think. When you can’t think you shouldn’t be setting public policy and pissing away our tax dollars while stroking your ego built on the irrational ideological application of Democratic Party and union nonsense that belongs outside the city council chambers.

But to take taxpayer dollars to pay a Walter Mitty incompetent attorney off on an illusion of grandeur lark at the direction of a more incompetent city manager and then lie to us is unconscionable. Drunk or not.

That will be your legacy. And you did it by your own hand.


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One Down! No, Actually 2-4!


A few more to go. I certainly hope for the City of Burlington, they hold a special election rather than having Lost Keys take over as Mayor.

If the council members read this please take note, we can ill afford to have a clone of Mr. Edwards as our next Mayor.

Thank You, Mike, for doing the right thing.


Actually that’s 2-4, two down, four to go. Hopefully the council will start to clean house.

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Burlington Mayor Edwards Resignation Long Overdue


Glad to here the Mayor finally resigned, it was long overdue. If only he could convince the rest of the whining mindless puppets and the puppet master to go with him, Burlington might have a chance yet.


Slagle better enjoy that raise while he spiffs up his resume.


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Drunk Dialing/Drunk Resigning?


We know of the phenomenon of drunk dialing where the inebriated party dials acquaintances (many times those with whom they have had romantic affiliations) and attempts to have conversations with the sober party.

The conversations are usually marginally coherent, emotional and normally made sometime after midnight.

What do you suppose the chances are that the Drunken Gavel Tossing Lord Of The Burger King Parking Lot and walking MADD Public Service Announcement was performing a variation of drunk dialing and was "drunk resigning"? I wonder if he penned his resignation while in a state of intoxication?

Or was he in a state of more intoxication of normal? Will he recant his drunken resignation at a later time? After consultations with city officials will his wife come and retrieve his resignation for him?


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Edwards Departure


Were it not for your efforts, Burlington would still be cursed with Edwards and he would be positioning himself for higher office. Unlike the Advertiser, you let the truth be known about the threat Edwards posed.

Edwards leaving office is the greatest positive to hit Burlington since the opening of the new bridge to Illinois. Citizens of Burlington should seize the opportunity Edwards' departure creates and work for positive change.

I hope the citizens of Burlington appreciate what you have done.


It is time to effect the beginning of serious changes to the moribund status quo.

And we’re not letting up!


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Is the Ex-Mayor Giving Spike Credit

Spike -

"Edwards apologized Tuesday for the outburst. He indicated his frustration over a spat of negative press aimed at him over the past few years."

Concerning negative press, I have no memory of the Advertiser doing anything but advocating and apologizing for the ex-Mayor's policies and actions. The ex-Mayor must be talking about a medium other than the fish wrap.

I wonder if the ex-Mayor will continue to faithfully read Derailed now that his political career appears over?


But Edwards also said, “I know I have inflicted a lot of my own wounds.” We only called his actions as we saw it.

Edwards may have had Burlington’s best interests in mind but he sure as hell didn’t use that melon to get ‘er done. Not many people get the multitude of opportunities to do something positive only to screw it up with a bad attitude and stupid moves.


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Burlington Mayor Edwards Resignation A Surprise?


Was the Edwards resignation a surprise to you?

I'm not sure they shouldn't hold a special election, even though it does cost, rather than hand pick someone. It should be the citizens choice. It probably won't make much difference anyway


Yep, it was a surprise. It’s not like he didn’t have a lot of opportunities to kickstart this process.


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They Know Best


Come on now people. THE City Council is doing what’s best for Winegard City, Iowa. We need to change few names though; Slagle Alley (he is just as crooked as a snake) Powers can have his name on all the sanitation trucks. And good old Edwards, tear down what’s left of the church. It’s old and blighted. Now build Edwards Bar and Taxi Service and let him go down in history as the biggest jackass this town ever had.

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Corruption Everywhere You Turn?

Hey Spike

Does this resignation of the drunk mayor mean his permit to carry a fire arm is no longer valid?

And is he wanting sympathy from everyone for his disease or is he man enough to handle it like a man?

Well that's one down and two to go, I do not see the City manager lasting until August, I hope.

And Brain Dead Ell has to go also!

The corruption has gone on long enough and it has to stop! Also the BPD needs a good house cleaning. And the new Chief has to go too! We do not need any more cops cop for a chief or the good buddy system; it breeds corruption!

We need an administrator who is qualified to be Chief with qualified internal affairs to watchdog the Chief and BPD itself.

What a bunch of Crap this city has endured for eleven years and the Chamber is just as CORRUPT!!!!!

Thanks Spike


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07 June

This Isn’t Right and It Stinks Worse Than The Public Knows


While other similarly sized cities offer incentives to bring in (or keep) their fixed base operators, Burlington charged ours a premium in rent.

What did they do when the airline skipped out of town? Did they help Remmers recover the dump truck load of money they were owed by the airline for fuel?

Did the airport adjust their rent based on the fact there was no longer any fuel business? Sounds like they said "not my problem" and held out their hand for the rent check. 60 plus years of service in this town doesn't mean much I guess. They're dreaming if they think they can lure somebody in to replace Remmers without having to pay that entity to be here.

I also wonder why the Hawkeye made such a big deal out of the money the airline owed the airport back when they skipped out of town, but didn't make mention of the much larger amount they owed Remmers.

It's a sad, sad day when one of the area's oldest family businesses is run out of town. Ron Remmers is an honest, hard workingman who deserves better than that from the town he chose to return to 30 years ago.


Just where the hell was Delaney and his bevy of snoops to peer into RegionsAir unpaid fuel bill fiasco? That’s what gets me about people like Delaney and the rest of the jackasses in this town that will stab you in a heartbeat if they think you have a leg higher in the stirrup or doing something they don’t understand. Hell, you could have sent Lloyd Moffit out to get the story of the unpaid fuel bill. But then you would have to kick the story to run your damn ads.

Now to a question for Lost Keys Ell, Tim Scott and Garry Thomas. Please tell the community, did you know that RegionsAir had screwed Remmers to the wall on their fuel bill and that you did everything you could to get that incompetent jackass Slagle, the one you just showered with accolades for information sharing and a fat undeserved 9% pay raise, to work out an arrangement with Remmers to account for the lost revenue and unpaid bill?

And to the Airport Advisory Committee. You people don’t have a damn clue what the hell your job is or should be. You need to find out and then resign. Go get some college interns in aviation management to fill in ad hoc. We’ll get informed advice.

Where’s Sharon Leeper? Wasn’t she hand picked by Slagle to manage the airport? What’s her role in this boondoggle? Running paperwork around your desk isn't running an airport.

Attention Dennis Hinkle. Did you send any of your 15 employees to the airport to try to resolve this? Hell no you didn’t. You couldn’t figure out who to send or what day they were free.

But the best question for all of our city leaders is this. Did any of you spend 1/10th the time you have sniveling over Winegard’s damn casino to resolve this issue with Remmers?

There are very few people that understand that the jobs we need in this town arrive by airplane, not on vacation to a gambling parlor.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

SEI Regional Airport

Dear Spike,

Thank you for your spot on Op-Ed regarding the airport situation and the lack of assistance offered by local government to assist the peripheral businesses effected by the lack of a commercial passenger airline using the facility.

As a business traveler, I have been forced to commute to other airports hours away making any and all air travel for me a 12-14+ hour excursion to reach a destination where previously it typically took 8 to 10 flying out of Burlington. For our city to not take the lead and show an inkling of support to the infrastructure of what helps sustain the operation only sends a message to the new operator that that SEI and the city will be difficult partners to work with in the future.

That same message could spread to other industries and business which would only exacerbate the perception of this region being non-progressive and non-supportive of even the bare minimum to keep vital programs in place – such as the airport.

It really hit home for me seeing the front page article regarding the eviction of Remmers and then seeing further in that edition, the adverts that this fine local (and LOYAL) company took out to congratulate the graduating classes of 2007.

Oh, the irony of it all.


Frequent Flier and Driver

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What Are we Going To Do?


I don't know why Edwards resigned. Maybe he will get dried out. All I know is now we're faced with loser Bill Ell as mayor. There is no chance with him.

What are we going to do?


We are going to move forward and move the crap to the side of the road even though Spring cleanup is over.


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06 June

Burlington Mayor Edwards Resigns

According to a press release issued about 4:00 p.m. today, Burlington Mayor Mike Edwards resigned from the Burlington City Council. Citing personal issues Edwards' resignation was effective immediately.

21:06:03 - SPIKE - No comments

A Crisis of Monumental Proportion Is Lurking

The untimely demise of Burlington and Southeast Iowa is right here, right now. And it has everything to do with Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Power.

If we all weren’t so wrapped up in watching the monkey cage for any missteps from the chimps, the public would have seen the crisis at the airport brewing.

You all know airline service did not restart on June 1st, as we were all lead to believe. As a collateral result of last year’s low passenger count Burlington lost its ability to receive buckets of Federal grant money. If we had airline service restored today, it could be 18 months before we see another dime of federal money.

Now, our fixed base operator can’t pay the hanger rent because he can’t pump enough fuel to make ends meet. His biggest fuel customer is the air carrier that should be serving Burlington PER THEIR CONTRACT. An example of trickle down economics and unrealistic expectations from an air carrier that was boisterous in their claims as to how they would serve Burlington.

Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Power were real quick on the draw to go sue BNSF but have totally ignored the effects the lack of air service has on this city and region. The government labels airline service to Burlington as Essential Air Service for a reason. The $500,000+ spent on the railroad lawsuit would have gone a hell of long ways to effectively market our airport and would have generated real, measurable traffic.

I’ll bet you not one of these overripe jackasses can show us one letter, email or fax (that isn’t backdated) that would lead us to believe they have done anything to try to fix this transportation crisis. They can all hope their misdirection to Eminent Domain Mall will result in some tax revenue to cover their incompetence instead of creating real jobs that more often than not first arrive in town on an airplane.

One thing we do know, after 61 years of paying the rent every month and providing the community the economic development engine to attract industry and business to Burlington Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Power couldn’t find a way to forgive 4 rent payments or even tack them on to the back end of the lease. I doubt if there is any other entity that has leased property from the city as long as Remmers Aviation. I know there is no other that has provided the economic impact from the service provided to the community.

Slagle, Edwards, Ell and Power are the reason this town is in the toilet and no amount of self-flagellation, smoke blowin' or mirror flippin’ from these losers will ever make things better. Never! Ever!


P.S. And as far as Hoschek knows the airport is where the airplanes go. I’d like to know how his trips to Washington to sit on NACO’s Transportation coffee klatch would benefit Des Moines County and Southeast Iowa now. Throw him in the stack of useless ideas. He doesn't know he doesn't know.

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Writing the Mayor's Exoneration


You are correct that the Advertiser will pick up on the Drunk Mayor's antics. As before with the Drunk Mayor's sleeping it off at the wheel escapade, the Publisher of the Advertiser will write the Drunk Mayor's pardon on the Advertisers Editorial Page.

We all know the drill. Let us save the pompous Publisher from his labors to save his single party political soul mate. After all, were it not for this web site making the Drunk Mayor's antics known, there would be no need for the failed cover up and clemency.

I suggest readers submit their own pardon for the Drunk Mayor editorial to you for judging.

Points would be given for those apologies following the Advertisers protocol. Half truths, inaccuracies, blame shifting, "over sight," omission, political correctness, and all the other methodology employed by the Advertiser to promote and protect those ruling Burlington would be counted.

As you respect anonymity, I would encourage all the little Jimmy Olson's reading this to make a submission. This is Jimmy's chance to aspire to what his future could hold should he some day obtain Kansas citizenship and be promoted to Publisher of the Advertiser.


04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Council Disruption and City Manager's Pay


I did not feel that I chastised Mr. Oetken. I have known Todd for a long time. If it appeared that way the I apologize. I empathize with his dilemma and I felt that another setting was more appropriate. I could see and feel his anger and frustration and I was only trying to defuse the situation, obviously in didn't work.

Oh, I forgot I do LISTEN to the citizens, I went door to door soliciting the opinion of the taxpayers concerning the sewer lateral line program.

Concerning the managers pay raise: Right or wrong we are living in an age where the market drives the pay scale for professionals and CEO's for their leadership and knowledge. I do not kiss Slagle's ass or anyone else's. I DON'T HAVE TO.

Garry Thomas

I'm glad to hear that you went door-to-door soliciting feedback about the lateral sewer lines. Thank you. Be sure you put some safeguards in place to keep a contingency fund and not let it become a slush fund.

Contrary to your opinion, Bruce Slagle is not CEO caliber material for anything. He couldn't retain a position in private industry for more than 11 seconds because of his poor decision making skills. His lying would be enough to fire his ass 3 minutes after he was hired.

You promised in your campaign that you would exercise financial responsibility if elected. We believed that you would do that. A 9% pay raise for Slagle is totally without merit and your reasoning is without basis. You need to get a grip of reality when it comes to job performance. You need to revise the City Manager written job evaluation form that Slagle has you use and put some teeth into it. All CEO's are rated on performance. They are not rated by their own egotistical, self-written form. Last night you said Slagle deserved a raise because he gave you the information you asked for. Did you regularly check to see if the information he gives you is accurate?

The citizens wanted to ask their questions about the railroad lawsuit in a public forum. Both Tim and you were in favor of that. What happened? Why did you let that issue die? To protect the supposed cohesiveness of the council? What a load! You have perpetuated the lies and deceit by not taking this to a public forum.

Garry, you made a promise to clean this town up. I believe your intentions were honorable.

Now you need to get 'er done. Giving Slagle a 9% pay raise based on corporate America is a step 110% in the wrong direction.


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05 June

We Missed The Concept Memo


One does not read the Advertiser for coverage of the news. The only reason to read the Advertiser is to know what news they are trying to cover up.


I guess we missed the concept memo.


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Another Free Ride Home?


Did the mayor get another free ride home again, passing out by Flint Hills Golf Course after another night of drinking?

Is that true????


Could be, but I doubt it. There aren't any strip joints out by the golf course.


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Video Tape Available Of Mayor's Rampage


The video tape of last night's council debacle is available to the public at City Hall. You can check it out and see for yourself.

Unless that overpaid lardass kept it in his desk drawer like the audio tapes of the illegal closed session council meetings.


Good point there, Sherlock. All you Little Buckaroos pony on down and while you're at it, make us a nice fresh copy.


12:38:57 - SPIKE - No comments

Great Coverage - Did I Miss Something?


Great coverage of the Drunk Mayor's tantrum in the Advertiser.

Bring on the boys from Bombay. I bet if they saw they saw the Drunk Mayor showing his true colors on their video link, they would write it up. Even if they did, I doubt if we would read.

Citizen Kane on South Main covers for the Drunk Mayor. Forget not the editorial proclaiming the Drunk Mayor was in line being allowed to call mommy for a ride home.

From this morning's Hawk Eye
Council at a glance
During regular session Monday evening, the Burlington City Council:

* Approved setting a June 18 public meeting to discuss an ordinance vacating all public right-of-way within the boundaries of the Manor Revisited project. The Flint Hills Urban Renewal Area includes 23.7 acres bordered by Roosevelt Avenue, Columbus Drive, and Agency and Market streets.

* Reappointed Mary Krohlow to a six-year term on the Burlington Library Board of Trustees.

* Approved an agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation to provide $74,820 in Safe Routes to School funds to the city. The funds would be used to construct a sidewalk along the east side of Cliff Road from Sunnyside to Florence avenues and to purchase a traffic speed indicator.

-- Jeff Abell


You can bet the Ad Vertiser will make the most of it. They'll take a few weeks of our time beating the dead horse like always. Only they will change out the girl in the bikini photo to nice big ads to line their pockets.


12:34:41 - SPIKE - No comments



Wow, what drama at the council meeting! I haven’t seen a fit like that since my son was 2 years old. I guess Mr. Oetken’s comments hit a little too close to home for Mr. Edwards. Think he will try a little Hollywood rehab to show us how contrite he is? I know I doubt it too.

The current power structure loves the apathy in this city because it is what keeps them in power. When the citizens of Burlington feel it in their wallets and see the effects in their living rooms maybe they will get off their butts and vote. Until then the drunken mayor and his corrupt crew will have the upper hand.


The only time I've seen fits like that are from drunks in bars.


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This Town Is Hopeless


I don't know the details surrounding Mr. Oetken's problems with the police dept., but I could tell by watching the man was frustrated. What if he only felt safe in a public forum? He said he's been dealing with his issue for a couple years. Maybe he has no alternative but to bring it to light. Is this the way we handle citizen complaints? Why couldn't they discuss it in public? Where do you go when you can't trust the police or city officials?

I think last nights meeting was a good indicator of how things are handled in this town. I think Mr. Oetken is lucky he wasn't shot; remember, the alcoholic mayor (yeah, I said it) has a really bad temper and carries a firearm!

On a side note; if we keep evaluating city salaries by comparing to other city govt., there is NO end in sight to these raises!! Obviously, they'll just keep topping each other. Maybe they should be compared to wages in the private sector. Wait; that makes sense. It won't happen.

This town is hopeless.


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Da Crusher


Here is a link for those who would not know Da Crusher. Unlike the Drunk Mayor of Burlington, the Pride of Milwaukee was at times lovable and always harmless entertainment.


We have no pride here.


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Live from City Hall, All Star Wrestling


It sounds like the old days of black & white, non prime time, televised wrestling have returned to Burlington's Council Chambers. When does Slagle get into the act by clobbering a citizen critic with a folding chair?

I wonder what the Drunk Mayor's blood alcohol level was at the time of this outburst. When will he start carrying beer kegs in front of the camera like Milwaukee's pride of years ago, the Crusher?

I was worried about our local elected idiots. They had not done something really stupid for a long time. I knew they had it in them.

What a performance. Bravo!


Slagle ran like a little girl afraid of the dark!


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04 June



I wonder how the fishwrap will cover this outburst of city employees?


Headline above the fold - Steamboat Days Starts Soon.


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Mayor's Tirade Goes Noticed


Did the mayor just throw something at a citizen? What the hell happened? The TV went dead, too! Edwards acted like he was across the river at a strip bar hootin' and hollerin'. What the hell has this town turned into?


A citizen was giving Ell and the new police chief a real case of the ass and as he left the lecturn, Edwards threw a fit, then yelled "we're adjourned" and the picture went dead! I saw him swinging his gavel like a mad man playing Whack a Mole when something flew threw the air.

It was a hell of a night in Burlington's corrupt council chambers.

Anybody have a copy of it on tape? We will load it up for EVERYONE and their dog to watch!


PS - Garry Thomas' demeaning chastisement on how this citizen should conduct himself in the council chambers was probably the most dizzying array of nonsense I ever heard.

Garry, Keep you home spun lectures to yourself and LISTEN to the citizen. You work for them whoever they are. It is not the other way around! BTW - you should be ashamed of your ass kissing justification of Slagle's pay raise. You too, Tim.

19:48:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Mayor Throws Fit

I think I just saw our drunk mayor slam his gavel down so hard on the council table that it broke the handle. He sure was in a hell of a hissy fit.

Good job mayor! You're living proof why there isn't anyone in this town should take your and the council's bullshit reasons Slagle should get a 9% raise.

You're a bunch of losers and you're the leader of the pack!

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QC Times Links Local Chamber To Farm Subsidy

Want To Know Who Is Getting A Farm Subsidy?

The Quad City TImes recently discovered ethanol and wrote about it their Sunday edition.

In the comment section I discovered a link to a website that lists the top recipients of government farm subsidies searchable by zip code for the past 10 years. In the list associated with 52601 the 112th largest recipient of farm subsidies is the Burlington Area Development Corp. in the amount of $80,563.18. The Chamber receives a farm subsidy.

If you need a link the Iowa Secretary of State to see is behind the corporation, click here.

If you think the subsidies are large in Burlington, check Mediapolis and Montrose. That's some serious money!

Now we need to cross reference the subsidy list to the ethanol plant investor list. We know the answers. Now we need the proof.

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Slagle Set For 9% Pay Raise At Tonight's Council Meeting

Slagle doesn't need to get another job anywhere else, he has the mindless lemming sheep council duped into believing his lies.

Slagle never answered the community concerns for his role in lying about the railroad lawsuit. But, neither did the city council. Even after many campaign promises otherwise.

Slagle gets the taxpayers to subsidize a commercial developer without a written agreement and plans to sell the property for less than the taxpayers have invested. Oh, I forgot, Slagle's Eminent Domain Mall anchor store is setting up shop in West Burlington.

A couple of weeks ago Slagle and Mini-Me slide a $900,000 budget amendment that includes $100,000 more taxpayer money for the railroad lawsuit right under everyone's noses and they just rubber stamp it.

How long will this incredibly dumb ass movie last? Channel 1 makes more sense.

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Here's one of the Greatest Movie Lines Ever!


I know Bob Hope has been to Burlington. You don't suppose he did his research here?


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We Know BNSF is Harrassed - How Much Are They Taxed?


The City of Burlington loves to harass the BNSF Railroad.

The without merit lawsuit over the shops and bitching about the whistling makes me wonder what will be the next complaint. Just how much does the BNSF Railroad pay the City of Burlington and Des Moines County per year in taxes?

Unlike government taxation, the railroad must meet the demand of the market to raise capital. If they could tax instead, I would not blame the railroad for building a bypass around Burlington and liquidating all taxable assets contained therein.

Other businesses not tied so tightly to the City of Burlington by real estate so dear to their overall operation have fled. If the City of Burlington keeps up the crap, I would not blame the railroad for doing the same.


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Worried's Trash Talk


After reading Worried's letter I have to believe that he doesn't live in the rural part of the County and probably hasn't been to the dump in years. First, the tarping rule at the dump reduces the amount of trash that ends up along the roadside. How you ask? If you've ever followed Sanford and Son to the dump without a tarp you know that whatever blows out or falls out is someone else's problem, heck if enough blows/falls out you might just save a few bucks.

Second, he actually believes that the tarping rule encourages people to dump illegally!!! Really, that's what he said, quote:"This just forces some residents to dump their trash in places other than the landfill because they don't have the means to cover up the trash or the fees are just plain to high as most government transactions are in Des Moines County."

Give me a break, how does it "force" anyone to dump illegally? They'll let you in the dump with a bedsheet covering the load. As for the dump fees, $3.50 a ton is a bargain compared to buying trash tags, that same $3.50 lets you set out 3 cans, a far cry from a ton.

No, people dump illegally because they are too lazy to drive to the dump or because they just don't give a rat's rearend about their community or the environment. For the most part, they are the human version of what they dump, garbage.

Sign me,
Tired of being dumped on

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01 June

Train Horns & Tin Horn


Correct me if I`m wrong, but didn`t all this talk of the train noise start after the City of Burlington lost their lawsuit with the Railroad ?

I think we have a bunch of cry babies living in Burlington. There are a lot of other things these people should be bitching about, namely, our so called City Council & all of their antics.


They can bitch all they want. It's going to cost somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000 per crossing to install quiet zones.

All of a sudden Lost Keys Ell is concerned for the taxpayers. Lost Keys would be the first in line when his lateral sewer line broke.

Lost keys didn't care when he spent $57,000+ covering up the lost school keys. He's a tin horn, phony blow-hard that is facing re-election with us on his ass.

The lateral sewer fund is a good idea. But it needs to have a cap on the amount collected and safeguards so Slagle can't get his slimy grip on the money. Otherwise, Slagle will be paying for everything he should have exercised financial restraint on.


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One Way To Deal With Corruption

The former head of China's food and drug administration was sentenced to death Tuesday for taking bribes to approve substandard medicines - including an antibiotic blamed for at least 10 deaths.

Nothing like a good motivational deterrent.

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