Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 July

Doubts Cast on Hybrid Efficiency


Looks like the hybrid car isn’t so green after all. There appears to be more waste with a hybrid than with a regular combustion/gas car. I guess all those Prius drivers are driving an ugly car just for the short term savings. They aren’t helping Al Gore at all.


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Detroit and Des Moines County


Former House Speaker Mr. Newt has not made friends in Michigan with comments about the cause of decay. Reading his insight on Detroit and Michigan, one can not help but compare their despair to that of Burlington and Des Moines County.


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Breeding a Bigger Burlington


"Life for young people in Russia without connections is a mixture of inadequate and corrupt education, and a choice of boring dead-end jobs. Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union's Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose - but a leg up in life, too"

Burlington's single party political system has produced the same results as a similar system its leaders have long idolized. Youth facing boring, dead-end jobs with dismal prospects in Russia are not marrying and raising families. Sound familiar?

Burlington has resorted to recruiting welfare "clients" in large metropolitan areas to move here and raise the numbers. Russia is responding to a like population decline by going home grown.

To preserve tyrannical command and control, Russian's young are being encouraged to copulate solely to procreate. Tzar Putin is setting up breeding camps to repopulate the failed worker's paradise.

Has the time come for Burlington's single party political system to also set up breeding camps in attempt to repair the damage they have done? If so, how would the official publication of the local single party political system cover such a mass "wedding?"

Would the Advertiser's Society page be expanded with photos and notices of the "happy couples?" Would a special supplement be in order like that heralding Catfish Bend's new digs? A special supplement to honor such a civic achievement is always an excuse to sell more advertising.

Comrade Cupid

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30 July

Heland Didn't See Anything - Had His Eyes Closed!


I can't believe Heland thinks we're all as stupid as Hoschek. Everybody in the court house knows about Hoschek's abusing employees in most every office.


Des Moines County Supervisor Jeff Heland didn't see anything anything because he had his eyes closed like most political wienies. Heland's eyes are going to wide open like a scared little girl afraid of the dark when a taxpayer sues the county for allowing all this to take place. Or the CPC director decides to sue Hoschek personally in Federal Court for a civil rights complaint.


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Blast Off for Burger King?


If an astronaut with rocket fuel in his Tang landed a space shuttle in Burlington's BK parking lot, would we ever know?

Would phone calls be made between the Police Department and Slagle for instructions? Is another sin of omission from the Advertiser in order? Would the astronaut's preference of political party be a factor in the decision process?

Will it take an errant landing of a NASA space vehicle in Burlington to make federal authorities aware of what is going on here?


Cosmonaut Jacobs may have other plans to bring scrutiny to the local political arena.

BK Pilot Edwards has shifted his operating area to include the landing area between the golf course and town. It's only a matter of time before he lands outside his group of friendlies and taken hostage by someone not so impressed with his piloting skills or his political party.


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No Action By Airport Board


You’re right. I can’t find any reference of the Airport Board taking any executive action to terminate Remmers Aviation lease in the board minutes.

I would think the Airport Board would have voted to terminate Remmers’ lease in May. Those minutes would have been approved in June. Nothing in the record at all. And no special meeting or executive session.

So who directed Airport Manager Sharon Leeper to give Remmers Aviation their termination notice? Did she act on her own?


Does seem awfully strange that there is no record of this action. No indication if one person or two gave the orders. I wouldn't think Sharon Leeper would arbitrarily or capriciously make this decision on her own.


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Large Airport Travel Expenses


I did notice a huge, close to $20,000, expense by the airport on training and travel in just three years.

Do you know how many people worked at the airport from 2004 through 2006? I can't imagine a rinky-dink operation spending that much money on travel and training.

Something smells about this expenditure.


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Hoschek Fluff Piece

Mr. Chairman, point of information:

Did the Advertiser run a fluff piece or editorial of praise on Hoschek? If so, when? If so, is it still available free on line?


It'll cost you $2.95 to read it. That controls the fallout for Publisher Steve Delaney.


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You're Wrong Spike!


You're wrong! The Keith Jacobs sighting looked more like this!


Now how do you know that?


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29 July

Supervisor Tim Hoschek - Tell Us Your Story

Open Letter To Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek

Supervisor Hoschek,

If you have a story to tell and want to share your version of the real story about the CPC director, email us. We will print your letter verbatim without editing anything just like we do for everyone else. Something you will not receive from Publisher Steve Delaney.

Think about it Tim, your own forum for your position in your own words. Combat the lies that Jeff Abell wrote and Steve Delaney published about you.

Send your letter. Tell your story. Clear your name.

We will post your letter the minute we receive it.


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Kazakhstan's Calling Senator Courtney


Everytime I read of some rat hole tyranny trying to muzzle free speech, I am reminded of Sen. Courtney. In Singapore, those who insult Allah on the net maybe prosecuted. In Iowa, it would be those who insult Sen. Courtney. That is, if Sen. Courtney can ever get his bill out of committee.

"Web sites, blogs and personal pages all are subject to criminal as well as civil prosecution in Kazakhstan, and the country's information minister, Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, has vowed to purge Kazakh sites of "dirt" and "lies.'"

Sen. Courtney really should pay a call on Citizen Kane on South Main's counterpart in Kazakhstan. He may get insight on how to return to the good old days when the Advertiser was the only news source of note in his district.


Maybe Courtney could take the drunk ex-mayor along on a fact finding mission by telling him of the kick-ass vodka.


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Candidate Keith Jacobs Has Video Support

In our quest to get the news everyone wants, we were provided a copy of a similar UFO sighting to the one made last week by Keith Jacobs.

The truth is out there
and they're heading east.

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27 July

Largemouth Mouth Political Ass Covers Party Vote


I see true to form that Democrat blow hard Jeff Heland covered Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek’s illegal behavior with, "I didn't witness any abuse." And how could he? He wasn’t in office yet and it was probably a normal business day when he had his feet under a table down on the boat.

This is nothing more than Heland’s payback for the Democrats putting him in office when he couldn’t remember how long a term the supervisors had.


Let me tell you. When Largemouth Ass starts to tell me how he perceives the world I start looking for the Iowa Code. And it isn't in regard to the Open meetings laws. Only then can you begin to separate fact from habit.

And if Heland said, "She never indicated she was going to sue us that I'm aware of. But I think it's a good idea to have something like this written into our contracts so that we don't get sued." Why have the language if you were unaware of the possibility of litigation?

As for being a witness of the Hoschek abuse, Heland wouldn't know what happened in the court house because he is never there.


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Campaign Feet Off the Ground for Jacobs - A Galactic Vision


Keith Jacobs' out of this world contacts and vision has earned him my vote.

Candidate Jabobs networking abilites would be an asset in drawing a commercial air carrier into the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport. A carrier with the latest in anti-gravity equipment should have no need for fossil fuel. Air E.T. could care less if the City can not maintain an obsolete fuel operator at the airport.

Unlike those currently running Burlington, Keith Jacobs has vision. He realizes there is more than a provincial range of opportunities. While local economic development "specialists" struggle with the concept of an international economy, Keith Jacobs is thinking inter-planetary.

Keith Jacobs has had personal interaction with the beings who could help bring Burlington up to speed. Expanding trade beyond our solar system opens up new opportunities for Burlington and the surrounding region.

Perhaps investors from the Planet Alchemy may seize the opportunity to locate a facility capable of turning corn into 24K gold. Supervisor Hoschek could handle the paper work for a government hand out to clinch the deal.

For too long, Burlington has suffered under leaders who see only pink elephants and green snakes. It is time for a leader who sees beyond Pluto.

The time has come to elect Keith Jacobs to the Burlington City Council.


Make it so #1.


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Airport Cover Up – No, Just a Cover Up As Usual


I am so darned sick of these political cover-ups in this town - city hall, the chamber, the courthouse, library and now, the airport.

Is there anyone left that tells the truth?


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Supervisors Did Go On Record Re: Hoschek Harassment


The Des Moines County Supervisors did go on record back in 2005 about Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek’s abusive behavior.

Check your archive, Spike.


I can’t find it. If you type Hoschek into our Search Box it comes back with more hits than the Funk & Wagnell.


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The Pride of Burlington


Does Mr. Jacobs take his medication as prescribed?

Have any of the aliens taken out papers for City Council? Sen. Courtney has made it possible for them to show up at the polls and register to vote. With a big enough ship, they could come into town on election day and take over.

The aliens may as well claim Burlington for their own.


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What’s Next? Federal Court for Tim Hoschek?


Do you think the newspaper will follow up their story on Tim Hoschek or is it going to die after one airing?


Remember the editorial promoting the maligning of Tim Hoschek? And I know the newspaper is looking at keeping their favorite mascot.

Tim Hoschek needs to be shown the door before the Des Moines County taxpayers are faced with a million dollar payout for a Federal Civil rights charge.

The sooner the better.


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Hoschek Is An Abuser


Since you can’t walk the halls of the courthouse without a disguise maybe you could get some of your posse to ask each office if employee abuser Supervisor Tim Hoschek has been in to coerce and abuse the employees.


No need. We already know it and have been telling everyone for almost as long as BurlingtonDerailed.com has been a Burlington landmark and beacon.

I wonder if Ad Vertiser Publisher Steve Delaney and his squad will have to actually visit the courthouse to get the story? Some of the facts will have to surface from something other than a phone call and a threat for Hoschek’s records from the County.


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Throw Timmy Out with The Bath Water


Time for Tim Hoschek to be shown the door before the Des Moines County taxpayers are faced with a million dollar payout for a federal civil rights charge. The fish wrap didn’t explain that to their readers in the soft blanket they covered their little Timmy up with.


I say throw the baby out with the bath water and his dirty laundry.


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Oscar Comes To Visit On Death’s Doorstep

In Providence, R.I. Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours.

According to an essay in Thursday’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine Oscar has been right in 25 cases.


Image: New England Journal of Medicine

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26 July

Airport Board In Limbo - Caveat Emptor!

Chamber Past President Endorses Galesburg Company


It is just bad business and another shining black eye for Burlington when Remmers Aviation, a 60 year old Burlington company, is told to get out and then replaced with an out of state company that has no ties to this community is handed the contract.

I heard the board never voted on any other proposal. It looks like a setup to me. I was told there was an objection to the vote over a conflict of interest with one of the board members that did vote? Why wasn't that reported in the paper?

What's going on here?

Airplane Owner

I think there is a problem with the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Board Bylaws regarding the attendance and quorum rules and the vote taken on Wednesday. Maybe their action isn't valid.

Where was the Chamber's Buy Local Program and Dennis Hinkle? Sounds like that is just another pile of crap staff builder to me. I heard the past president of the Chamber sent an email endorsing the Galesburg company after he bought a junk airplane off eBay and Remmers Aviation repaired it to FAA requirements.

Caveat Emptor applies to this whole stinking deal.


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Selling Fish Wrap


I see the Advertiser on line reprinted the Iowa DNR fishing report. This is a shrewd move to move newsprint.

After reading the fishing is good, you go forth to do battle. If you have luck, how do you get rid of fish guts? I suppose you could dump them in the back of the old cathode ray tube monitor as you dispose of it. This is not a long term solution.

As long as there are fish to be cleaned, the Advertiser has its place.

Virgil Ward

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25 July

Wanna Buy a Boat?


Catfish Craps in Burlington performs below par, but the barge in Ft. Madison better than expected shows gambling marketing geniuses under estimate over saturation. The rush to dry land should depress the worth of used gambling barges.

Rock Island and Davenport are rushing to build inland next to an interstate, something extreme Southeast Iowa lacks. Clinton wants onshore. Where will it end, this terra firma trend?

Opportunity knocks for smaller river towns the chance to get in on the game. A barge in Oakville, Oquawka, Gulfport, Dallas City, Montrose, etc. could become reality with bargain basement prices on these dockable gambling dens nobody wants.

A license should not be much of an issue. Gambling addicted state legislators could care less if bankruptcy runs rampant in the "gaming" industry. Just keep those hidden tax dollars coming. Sen. Courtney has no end of touchy feely schemes in need funding. Ditto the good Senator's fellow elected dimwits in Illinois.

When all this over building runs aground, fools can burn their dot com stock momentos to keep warm when the river ices over.

Moe Green

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24 July

A Water Logged Minstrel I


Did the traveling performing artists drifting down the Mississippi recruit Burlington's arteest in residence to join them? Bob Saar would be a great addition. If nothing else, Mr. Saar should have better sense concerning river navigation than the crew that recently pulled in from the north.

It seems like every dreamer in America selectively reads Twain. Those least in touch with reality seem most determined make a river voyage of self discovery. Jimmy Carter tried to discover how to reconnect with voters by going down river on the Delta Queen in 1979. That resulted in an aircraft carrier.

Such dreamers dwell on the romance of the river found in Twain. They would be much wiser if they took heed of Twain's observations of human behavior.

If nothing else, these ships of fools make a diversion from the economic depression that gambling boats have failed to haul away.

I hope the Rock Away pit orchestra, Myron and Lawrence, survive the inevitable tangle with a tow boat.

Taps on the accordion; is that as mournful as Amazing Grace on the bagpipes?

Cap'n Ernie

No, you're not that Cap'n Ernie!

Bob Saar would make a good addition to the troupe. Most importantly he would see that the boats docked upstream against the current.

Or, at least I think he would. I'd offer them $1,000 to tell that nitwit Hoschek the river cruise included free meals.


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Nearer My God to Thee?


Nice pics of the showboat that visited Burlington. "Sanford and Son" hopefully will not end up in a remake of "Night to Remember."

I am no naval architect, but seeing all the props stacked above deck makes my mind wonder to a capsizing of tragic consequences in Chicago nearly a century ago. I would not like to be playing Huck Finn on the RockAway task force should a typhoon hit on a wide stretch of water.

I wish the troupe well. The river south of St. Louis and especially downstream of Cairo is a tougher act to follow than the navigation pools north of Alton.


You hit that big water south of Cairo and those REAL big tows; this tragedy has epic proportions with 8 knot currents and Rebel Tow Masters still fighting the "War." And there wasn't a life jacket to be seen.

When the 5 piece raft was coming down river it was undulating like a sea serpent taking water over the bow. Of course, the main reason was everyone was standing on the bow watching it take on water.

I guess that's why they're called entertainers. Or Liberals looking for a handout in an environment where even Mark Twain knew there aren't any.


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Catfish Bend Revenue Falls Below Expectations


Our local newspaper the Democrat, reported that Catfish Bend hasn’t met revenue expectations but the boat has. And the boat will be open fewer hours now.

How come we haven’t seen any of that story in the fish wrapper?



I doubt they would want to pass on any concern with Casino Rock Islands' plans to expand 3 miles from the river.


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23 July

172,801 Dead Farmers Still Getting Subsidies

Congressional investigators say the U.S. Agriculture Department has been paying farm subsidies to thousands of people who are dead, in some cases for many years indirectly through corporations and other business entitites.

A report by the Government Accounting Office says USDA paid $1.1 billion in subsidies to 172,801 dead people between 1999 through 2005. Forty percent of that money went to people who had been for at least three years, the report found.

Nineteen percent went to individuals who had been dead for at least seven years.

Senator Grassley will hold a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday to uncover this stone further.

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12 Days Ago

Twelve days ago we ran the lead in for the Ad Vertiser's Sunday multi front page story about Amtrak's efforts to rehabilitate depots including Burlington's depot served by Amtrak.

I guess Delaney liked the idea even though the details are always missing from the unanswered questions.

But through all the ink that was spilled in the story no one from the city indicated they would be traveling to Denver for the Amtrak conference this week.

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Miss Rockaway Armada Docks in Burlington

The Miss Rockaway Armada is a group of approximately 30 performers and artists from all over the country floating down the Mississippi river, “as far as they can, anchoring here and there to perform, give workshops, and create the big huge stinking spectacle we wished would have stopped in our hometowns.”

As you can see from the photos, it was a spectacle of unseen proportions similar to the docking of the Love Boat colliding with Sanford and Son.

At 8:00 pm the artists started their 1 hour show including a fire waving hula hoop accordionist and two fire breathing marshmallow roasters.

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21 July

The Final Sentence

From our advance copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

The final sentence of the book is spoken by Harry: "I've had enough trouble for a lifetime."

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20 July

Ethanol Stirs Fear of Water Shortage


Did you see this one? Another ethanol wrinkle.


And land prices.

It isn't over.


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New Economic Development Actions Could Create & Retain Over 2,700 Iowa Jobs

According to the press release from the Iowa Department of Economic Development I don't see anything here for Southeast Iowa. I guess it was lunch time or golf.

Des Moines, Iowa (July 19, 2007)– Major expansions of landmark Iowa companies Target Corp., Principal Life Insurance, Cargill and Red Star yeast—plus new manufacturing in Newton and major biofuels growth—highlighted a crowded development agenda today for IDED. The Economic Development Board and Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) made development awards to 14 projects that plan to create and retain more than 2,700 jobs and make capital investments of $814 million.

"When I became Governor, I laid out a vision of creating the economy of the future in this state, bringing new jobs and greater opportunities to communities large and small,” said Governor Chet Culver. “And today I’m happy to say this vision takes one more step toward becoming reality. These 2700 jobs, and the economic impact they create, will help secure our future and create new opportunities that will keep your kids and my kids in Iowa, where they belong.”

“This month, all of the state’s targeted industries will take a big step forward,” said IDED Director Michael Tramontina. “Iowa is a great place for business. More and more companies are recognizing Iowa’s advantages in skilled workforce and quality of life and are choosing to locate here.”

New manufacturing jobs sought in Newton & Kellogg

TPI Composites was awarded $2 million from the Economic Development Set-Aside (EDSA) and Phyisical Infrastructure Assistance (PIAP) programs and tax benefits from High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program to build a manufacturing plant in Newton. Operations at the new facility are expected to provide 723 jobs. Wages for production jobs would range from $12.25 to $13.40 per hour, plus benefits. The company would bring a patented technology to Iowa for molding lighter, stronger composites. Part of LCSI Holding, Inc., TPI Composites has selected Newton among the sites being considered for the new operation.

Smith Jones Inc., doing business as Midwest Manufacturing Co., plans to expand distribution operations in the Kellogg from 4,700 to 133,000 sq. ft. by remodeling three existing buildings. The nearly $700,000 project creates 20 jobs, 13 of the jobs paying an average wage of $16.16 per hour. The Economic Development Board awarded $100,000 from the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) for the expansion. Supplying engine manufacturing companies, Midwest Manufacturing is the primary source in North America for the ring gears used to start engines.

Cedar Falls in line for new Target and Martin Bros. distribution

Target Corporation, which operates one of state’s largest distribution centers in Cedar Falls, will construct another 400,000 sq. ft. specialized center nearby for distribution of fresh produce and frozen and refrigerated foods to Midwest stores. Target’s $86 million project was awarded tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program to create 51 jobs, 37 of the jobs paying an average wage of $23.62 per hour, plus benefits. Construction will start late this year and be completed by late 2009. The High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program provides qualifying businesses with tax benefits to offset the costs incurred to locate, expand, or modernize an Iowa facility. Tax benefits may include refunds of sales taxes on construction and racks, shelving, and conveyor equipment for distribution centers as well as an investment tax credit.

Family-owned Martin Brothers Distributing Company Inc. was awarded tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program for a more than $6 million expansion in Cedar Falls. The food service distributor will add 50,000 sq. ft. to the existing warehouse for dry, frozen and refrigerated storage. The project creates 18 jobs, 12 of the jobs paying an average wage of $20.34 per hour. Martin Brothers supplies food services to healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, restaurants and convenience stores in Iowa and surrounding states.

Parking ramp, child care part of The Principal jobs growth

The Principal Financial Group was awarded tax benefits for a more than $100 million expansion creating jobs in a downtown Des Moines Enterprise Zone. With plans to increase employment by 1,500 people in Des Moines over the next five years, the company will build a new 1,800 vehicle parking ramp and a child care center for 180 children at the northwest corner of 7th Street and Park Avenue. Additional employees will be housed in the company’s existing complex. Wages of 840 of the new jobs will pay an average wage of $23.45 per hour. Groundbreaking for the childcare center is planned to take place August 3rd, with construction expected to be complete by the middle of next year. The parking ramp is expected to be complete in 2009. Headquartered in Des Moines, the Principal Financial Group is one of the largest employers in Iowa.

Major investment at Iowa Bioprocessing Center

Cargill Inc. was awarded tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program for a major expansion of corn wet-milling operations in Eddyville. The expansion creates 31 jobs paying an average wage of $23.37 per hour. Increased capacity will support additional ethanol production of 110 million gallons per year as well as new production of animal feeds, corn oil, gluten meal and other products. Cargill’s wet-milling operation in Eddyville anchors the multi-billion dollar Iowa Bioprocessing Center, a collection of international businesses adding value to agriculture.

Cedar Rapids seeks yeast expansions

Red Star Yeast Company and Bio Springer North America Corporation are planning a joint $75 million expansion in Cedar Rapids. Red Star Yeast Company will expand to produce more yeast and a new Bio Springer facility will make yeast extracts and similar products. Scheduled for completion in 2009-2010, the projects will create 35 jobs paying an average wage of approximately $23 per hour. The Economic Development Board awarded the projects $192,500 from the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) and tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program. Bio Springer is a subsidiary of the Lesaffre Group of France.

More than doubling Sioux Center ethanol

Siouxland Energy and Livestock Corporation, which operates the oldest farmer-owned ethanol plant in Iowa , is planning a $42 million expansion to more than double production to 60 million gallons per year. The project was awarded tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program to create 11 jobs paying an average wage of $16.70 per hour. Now under construction, the expansion in Sioux Center is expected to be online late this year.

Tax benefits for Belmond ethanol jobs

Newly formed Belmond Renewable Energy will construct an ethanol plant opening in the spring of 2009 that will have a production capacity of 100 million gallons per year. The plant was awarded tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation (HQJC) program to create 43 jobs paying an average wage of $18.18 per year. Midwest Grain Processors will be the significant owner of the $210 million plant.

Assisting Ruthven success

A growing manufacturing operation in Ruthven was awarded $410,000 from the Economic Development Set-Aside (EDSA) program and Enterprise Zone tax benefits to expand into a new building and automate its process. Farmers Corrugated Solutions will create 116 jobs paying an average wage of $12.47 per hour. In 2006, Farmers Corrugated Solutions bought a company in Arkansas that made pallets from cardboard rather than wood and moved production to Ruthven. Corrugated shipping pallets are lighter in weight, equally strong, easier to configure and recycle than wood pallets.

Award to expand Osceola’s Mac-Lander

The Economic Development Board awarded $320,000 from the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) to Salford Farm Machinery to acquire and expand Mac-Lander, Inc., a trailer manufacturer in Osceola. With the addition of new products to the plant’s output, Salford will be creating 41 jobs and retaining 15 at an average wage of $13.11 per hour. The Canadian company plans to continue existing trailer production as well as bringing new agricultural tillage products to Osceola from Canadian plants. The $2.5 million project was also awarded tax benefits to invest in an Enterprise Zone.

New era for Janesville company

W.S. Darley Company plans to purchase and expand Ohler Machinery Company, a manufacturer of pumps in Janesville, Iowa. The Economic Development Board awarded the project $150,000 from the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA). W. S. Darley will create 14 jobs and retain 10 jobs paying an average wage of $17.02 per hour. Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. and new machinery and equipment will be added to the Janesville facility as part of the $2.6 million expansion. Headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois, W.S. Darley manufactures fire fighting pumps, compressed air foam systems and other fire fighting apparatus in Wisconsin and Oregon.

Food verification, online training awards

FoodChain Global Advisors, a sister company of Genetic ID, was awarded $250,000 from the Value-Added Agricultural Products and Processes Financial Assistance Program (VAAPFAP) to expand in Fairfield. The more than $1 million project creates 50 jobs and retains 2 jobs paying an average wage of $23.98 per hour. FoodChain is working with the organic and natural foods industry to ensure that products meet non-GMO standards.

Phasient Learning Technologies of Ames, a leading provider of Internet-powered training solutions for major national companies, was awarded $100,000 from the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) to continue next generation product development. Further development activities will create 26 jobs, 24 of the jobs paying an average wage of $23.84 per hour.

Since the original Grow Iowa Values Fund started on July 1, 2003, IDED has assisted 462 Iowa projects that are expected to create 35,874 Iowa jobs. Total capital investment as a result of the fund is projected to be $11.65 billion.

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19 July

Little Timmy Makes Some of Our Dumb Appear Smart


You must have touched a nerve picking on Little Timmy. You would think you threatened to torture RT's dog.

Of all the elected idiots in Des Moines County, Little Timmy is the undisputed remedial reading retread of the lot. The others do not want you to make Little Timmy go away like the Drunk Mayor.

Compared to Little Timmy, Senator Courtney is a regular C- student. If Little Timmy goes away, people may stop fixating on Little Timmy's inabilities and realize there is not one in the lot capable abstract thought, let alone long division without a pencil eraser.

You made the Drunk Mayor go away, now you are pointing out Little Timmy's "special needs," when will you stop? How dare you demand public officials of at least average intelligence and moral fiber.


I knew the Drunk Mayor! And Little Timmy is no Drunk Mayor! Hoschek may be "the undisputed remedial reading retread of the lot" but he sure wouldn't park at Burger King unless they were giving away free food.

If we just had John Kass covering Timmy's escapades, Timmy would have been in orange by now.


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18 July

Condemn the Advertiser


If the City Council really wants to do something about blight in Burlington they should Condemn the Advertiser. Condemning the Advertiser and reselling it for half what it cost the City would be a far better investment than the Manor debacle.

Every small college administrator knows the quality of student publications it produces reflect on the over all quality of the institution. So it is with newspapers. The Advertiser is an embarrassment to Burlington and the surrounding region.

Using the 75% blight formula allowing eminent domain under current law, the Advertiser is without doubt eligible for condemnation. Advertising alone would probably make the 75% blight figure. Throw in the inaccuracies, editorializing in "news" stories, deliberate omissions, etc. and it is is nearly impossible to argue the Advertiser is not blight of the worst sort.

First Amendment rights you say, bunk. Property rights certainly mean nothing if it means more advertising for the Advertiser. The Advertiser rarely cares about the other amendments making up the Bill of Rights. The Advertiser should reap what it has sown.

Condemning the Advertiser, removing those responsible for its current sorry condition and reselling it to a news organization with a track of record of excellence should be the first step to revitalizing Burlington and the entire region.


We're looking into a something pertaining to Iowa law and newspapers that will bring a wrinkle to a few agendas.

Keep you posted.


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Just Go Hang Hoschek


Why don't you just go hang Hoschek from the nearest tree if he is so bad? You want law and order to return to Dodge.


Senator, stop writing these unsigned emails. I though you hated unsigned editorials. Besides, he's hung himself this time without us.


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Delta Queen Departs


How nice to see a real excursion boat was docked at the Port of Burlington building instead of a barge load of slot machines.

TKW Image

The Delta Queen departs Burlington. 7-17-07 appx. 13:30.


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17 July

Hoschek Quagmire Is Starting To Mire Down


Forgive my ignorance, but can you tell me what is going on with the C. Schwartz CPC deal? I haven't read or heard much about it in the fishwrap. Why are we paying her off? What is being brushed under the huge rug we use in Burlington and DM County to hide everything?

Please shed some light! What did dipshit Timmy do this time? It sure is costing us some loot!!


Timmy has been extremely abusive to CS among others. Been going on for quite awhile. About 2 yrs. ago he got totally out of control in the courthouse and went on a rampage.

She has had grounds for 3+ yrs. to sue the living daylights out of the county and Hoschek. It is probably the most flagrant violation of hostile workplace I have ever heard about.

And she isn't the only one w/a beef. So it will come up again. And the taxpayers will pay again.

And we have others things Tim Hoschek has done. Stay tuned.

How's that for a start?


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Twain Wisdom


Nobody said stuff quite like Mark Twain.

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed."


"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."
Mark Twain

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Joke or no Joke


Suppose you were an idiot.

And suppose you were a member of the Burlington City Council...
But then I repeat myself.


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16 July

Tootaloo Little Timmy?


As the propaganda arm of the local single party political system, the Advertiser saying anything at all about Hoschek's horse's ass antics does not bode well for Des Moines County's most mentally challenged Supervisor. If little Timmy were a Republican, the Advertiser would have run him out of office after one term even if his public service made Abraham Lincoln's look mediocre.

Citizen Kane on South Main has fired the warning shot. Remember Charles Foster Delaney telling us our Drunk Mayor at the time simply got a break law enforcement would give any other citizen impoverish by excessive taxation. The Drunk ex-Mayor is no genius. Little Timmy is far slower.

The ruling elite is applying heat to Hoschek and he is probably too stupid to take the hint. His time lag from chastisement to resignation could be far shorter then the Drunk ex-Mayor's. I wonder if Timmy would tell the truth and name names if forced out, or swear the decision was his own?

If Little Timmy goes the way of the Drunk Mayor, who would replace him? You can bet it would never be Ed Blow. Blow had brains and crossed Burlington's real rulers. Those ruling Burlington love 'em drunk and dumb, but not so drunk and dumb as to draw attention to what is really going on.

Should we put another dollar in the juke box and prepare to dance with Diewold forever?


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I would appreciate some honest person involved in the TIF, tax abatements and other incentives programs used to entice jobs to the Burlington/WB area stand up and make public the following for each of the companies given taxpayer dollars:

• First, a list of all companies on subsidies in our cities and county.

• How much did each company get?

• Which subsidy program did the money come from?

• What did the company do with the money?

• How many jobs did it create?

• How well do the Jobs pay?

• Are they full-time?

• Do they provide healthcare coverage?

• Are they accessible by public transportation?

• Was there a corporate income tax credit and sales tax exemption involved?

• Have temporary workers been employed during the current year?

• Are temporary workers paid the current local livable wage?

• Does the company have any workers temporary or full time that are on Medicare or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program?

• Was there a clawback, or recapture provision in the subsidy contract for each firm?

• Was the school board given voting rights to protect school funding from revenue losses caused by property tax abatements and TIF?

There are many more questions the public has a right to know about these give-a-ways to corporations but for now these few would be a good start in honesty by those responsible for making the deals.

No response by the local representation for these deals would be a good indication of dishonesty and scamming of the taxpayer. Someone with the Chamber of Commerce, Grow Greater Burlington, West Burlington or Burlington cities should stand up and let the people supplying the money know how it was spent.

People involved in these negotiations must be held responsible for these deals should the conditions not be met as written in the agreements.

It’s time for sunshine laws when it comes to these taxpayer funded deals.


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Bastille Day Passes Without Problems


Bastille Day came and went without extra security around City Hall in case the oppressed peasants of Burlington were bent on repeating history.

How long will it take before they come to clean up the courthouse?

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15 July

Bio Fuels Money Train & Environmental Violation

Today's Des Moines Register has bio fuels reading material for the rest of the evening including a little ditty on Big River Resources' environmental violation.

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13 July

Open Letter To Hawk Eye Publisher Steve Delaney & His Kansas Owners


We have told you repeatedly for years about Hoschek and his irrational, abusive behavior. Our readers have told you repeatedly for years about Hoschek and his irrational, abusive behavior.

Every time this happens you let Hoschek slink in the back door of the newspaper and tell his story so you can sell newspapers. Now you offer that Hoschek might be “maligned.” Is that because you endorsed his re-election?

Today, in your unsigned editorial you call for an independent investigation of the CPC Director’s resignation. Why now? Are you waiting for us to release the details of our investigation before you sweep the Hoschek dirt under the rug?

We know you use our website for news leads. Your sale of controversy does nothing to foster growth in the community and stifles any meaningful dialog between parties.

Maybe, if you had spent some money to get the facts of the illegal closed session meeting, the taxpayers would have saved $500,000+ in legal fees. Instead, you padded your Kansas owners’ bottom line and let the Iowa taxpayers hang.

Now you cry for an independent investigation but you act as if you know nothing of that jackass Hoschek’s bizarre behavior. Why don’t you just enter “Hoschek” in the BurlingtonDerailed search box and pick a subject and have one of your crack writers investigate it longer than a Wikipedia search.

You and your legion of minions can sit on all the local boards of self-importance you want. It is time for you to get off your ass and walk the walk the rest of us do to make things happen.

Without your editorial mandate to disrupt this community on a daily basis.


P.S. Funny thing, I’ve been reading Jim Quirk’s articles from Hawaii intermittently since he left. Quirk’s reporting has been a 180-degree change from the daily crap under your tutelage. Why is that? We’re going to do more about Quirk. Seems like he was just a part of a lot bigger problem you have in your editorial staff.

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Dave Edwards Leaving Notre Dame – Headed To Winfield?

Look Out Winfield – Get The Shovel!


According to sources Mr. Dave Edwards, principal of Notre Dame High School, is resigning as principal to seek employment at Winfield/Mt. Union High School. To the relief of concerned parents, this is a true blessing. We wish Winfield/Mt. Union all the best in having him as principal.

Now, if only we could get rid of the other poisoned apples at this school, our children may have a chance to really learn something. Be assured that whoever takes over his position it will be under new policies and procedures that will prevent any circumstances like this from happening in the future.

Hopefully, news of what all has transpired here has made it as far as Winfield so that parents whose children attend this school will be watchful of every move Mr. Edwards makes.

This is a true victory for all at Notre Dame.

Celebrating in Burlington.

The folks in Winfield will use the dipshit shovel upside the head if he acts up. Trust me.

Now how does Notre Dame recover financially from firing the previous school board?


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Want To See a Real Harassment Case, Go To Galesburg

If you have any doubts about how much trouble an elected official can get into over harassment of court house employees look no further than Galesburg.

Assistant Illinois State Attorney John Pepmeyer has been accused of more nefarious activity than Genghis Kahn. A lot of it sounds very serious if it is only half true.

Click here and see what charges in Federal Court look like for Pepmeyer.

Pepmeyer has even pissed off the Illinois Attorney General.

And check The Political Wasteland. Read the comments and see if you can identify with any problems similar to Hoschek.

However it plays out the Knox County taxpayers pay the bill to defend an elected official.

Is that what you want to happen here when the circumstances involve Hoschek acting totally irrational and making threats of violence that are 10 x's worse than what is going on in Galesburg?

The taxpayers got off cheap this time. But there will be another time for Timmy.

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Hoschek Serves his Masters Well


Tim Hoschek serves the real rulers of Burlington very well. In fact, Hoschek epitomizes what these rulers seek in those whom they admit to the governing class.

Hoschek is a fool's fool. His being in a position of political power keeps an ignorant majority sedated. They think a man of the people is looking out for them. The true rulers of Burlington like this. It goes beyond Hoschek.

Heland, the ex-Drunk Mayor, Sen. Courtney, to name the obvious, and others like them tell the rest of the world Burlington is an asylum for the mentally and morally handicapped.

The real rulers let Hoschek and other field hands into the big house every so often. In some mansion overlooking the river fancy finger food is served and the rulers pay $100 or more for admittance. The money goes to buy political opium in the form of keeping the pathetic like Hoschek in political office.

Some may think it odd that the rulers of Burlington would promote and protect political hacks that affiliate with the party of socialism. They mistake those ruling Burlington with the intelligent, innovative and successful seen elsewhere. Capitalism means broad based competition. Burlington's rulers are terrified of the concept.

Burlington's rulers are largely inbred, inept and on government life support. Not primarily in the form of direct payments, but rather protected by a governing class who's ignorance and resistance to change keeps change from the outside at bay. This is how the rulers of Burlington protect their position.

Government of the pathetic, by the intoxicated, protecting the incompetent shall not perish from Burlington. Burlington itself is perishing as a result.


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Manor Mall Haste More Money Waste

"We Have a Winnable Case" Scott Power Still Bleeding The City Dry


The City was in one big hurry to confiscate Manor properties. Public outrage over such abuse made the Iowa Legislature put a stop to it.

The Iowa Senate attached a rider to the Bill allowing more time for Burlington to carry out this crime against private property rights. I wonder what favor Sen. Courtney called in to get a far away colleague to sign for his dirty work?

Even with the extension, the Ides of October loomed. This express railroad job overlooked some former alley properties. The guilty at City Hall refuse to answer the Advertiser's calls. Will they talk once they get their story straight?

I wonder if the answer will take as long as Slage's promised report proving the Manor area confiscated was hopelessly blighted. No matter how long it takes, the Advertiser probably will not call them to task for it.

All this means more hours charged against the taxpayers by Burlington's City Attorney. This is one hell of an interest rate on compound incompetence.

When the final bill is tallied, the real estate reaming in the Manor will make the failed great train robbery in federal court look like a matinée ticket.


Remember during the railroad lawsuit when Lost Keys Ell blew up his gas bag about how lucky the city was to have such a skilled city attorney in Scott Power?

As we can all plainly see, Lost Keys has no more intuition about what a good attorney and acceptable job performance is from looking for the lost key ring.

A good property attorney would have caught those 4 missing-until-now parcels in Eminent Domain Mall about 8 months ago.

It just adds to the excitement of incompetence.


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Ad Vertiser Ignores Campbell Campaign Bid


Glad to see Campbell is running. But you seem to be slipping when it takes you a week to get the story out. What’s up with that?

And how about the fish wrap? They gave Campbell two words to let the public know he is running. In a little corner of the article dealing with Councilman Stalker. They are so lame.

Where was Bob Saar for that one? Home grooving on Captain and Tenille?


Captain and Tenille? You been to Weird Harold’s Record Sale? I know 50¢ a record is deal for you, but you have stacks of that scratchy stuff.

As for missing Campbell’s press release we’re not the local/regional Iowa’s Oldest News In Print newspaper. We’re just a plain ol’ blog filled with lies, inaccuracies, conjecture, speculation and hearsay. We don’t have a room full of crack writers using Wikipedia and the phone to get the facts. Actually, I was searching the web for the difference between fusion and fission and Campbell’s name popped up as an antonym for dichotomy.

I suppose you want a cash refund for your BurlingtonDerailed subscription?


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Where Will The Muir Money Go?


Anyone found out where the $2.4 to $2.5 million that Muir pays for the Flint Hills Manor will go?

Is there another pay raise in the cards for Slagle?

Higher legal fees for Power?

It looks to me that the City borrowed $5 million which is to be paid off with Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and then when the property is sold to Muir will have in hand $2.4 to $2.5 million that the City can keep and spend as they like while the School District and County will have to do with less in taxes for the next decade (or more) until the $5 million TIF bonds are paid off.

Now if a COMMISSION form of government was doing this kind of thing (aka a SCAM) you would think that the B.B.C. on Main would send out reporters to get that story and the papers would be filled with editorials blasting the process.

Any of those new people wanting to run for City Council bring that up????


Do you suppose they would pay off a portion of the bond? I think you are asking a way too complicated question. It will take a lot of ass covering and double talk that is far more confusing than working 2 jobs to pay the taxes for the Boondoggle Mall bond.


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Even Pixley Had An International Airport

At Least You Could Get a Plane to Somewhere Near There


"The name of the state that Hooterville was located in was never mentioned, but in the first episode, Oliver told Lisa he had to fly to Chicago and change planes a few times to get to Hooterville."

Watching reruns of Green Acres, I believe Pixley had an "International Airport." At least Hooterville was closer to Pixley than Burlington is to Moline.

Jed Clampett

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News Flash

Iowa State Senator Gene Fraise of Fort Madison has endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President.

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12 July

Falcon Gets The Document

Falcon has a copy of the severance agreement for the CPC Director.

After reading paragraph 3. I have one comment. It doesn't mean diddly squat.

No one can sign away someone else's rights to sue.

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Based On The Circumstances - Malicious Misconduct!

Hoschek’s Abusive & Belligerent Behavior Cast in Stone


Supervisor Beck said that the CPC person resigned because of abusive stress from Little Timmy. Isn’t that a violation of federal law? He's such a loser.


It’s a big time violation of federal law. According to the Ad Vertiser’s writer the CPC Director resigned from a hostile and abusive workplace.

(Supervisor Beck) "She didn't quit because she didn't like the job. When she handed me that letter, she was under complete stress, abusive stress I think. I'm not going to go in to it because it's handled right here and it cleans it up," Beck said. "(Turning to Hoschek) And, I would say without item No. 3, do you have a real good attorney? I think we are paying for this clause in here ... it's far and away cheaper than if we fight it in court."

Article No. 3 of the severance agreement prevents Schwartz or her heirs from suing the county for issues "arising from conduct occurred up to and through the date of this agreement including, but not limited to, any claims arising from any federal, state or local laws dealing with employment, employment benefits, and/or employment discrimination." From The Hawk-Eye 7/11/07.

Sounds like a huge laundry list of malicious misconduct has finally been exposed and the county skated. This sets the stage for the next employee Hoschek has harassed and abused to clean up when their lawsuit pops out. And it will come. Hoschek has unclean hands.

The well-illustrated diagram of Hoschek’s pattern of abusive and belligerent behavior has been cast in stone. Those stones will build the foundation of a very successful lawsuit. And it's coming.


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We Got Off Cheap! The Community Loses


Shame on Mr. Brown and Mr. Andrews for chastising Supervisor Beck and Heland for paying the CPC Director’s severance package. Neither one them have any clue whatsoever to make any comment on the end result of Tim Hoschek’s dirty dealings. Brown and Andrews might seem righteous in their comments but they apparently were there as Hoschek rubes.


We should all say our prayers this woman didn’t sue the living crap out of the county. She would have won. She would have walked away with an enormous settlement, bigger than the railroad lawsuit’s legal bills by a factor of two. And she deserves every penny of it.

Tim Hoschek has been in the courthouse yelling, threatening, intimidating and disrupting the workplace long enough. It is time people realize this belligerent jackass is out of control and has the distinction of being the dumbest person to ever be elected to any office in Iowa.


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A Great Denver Adventure for Our Mayor


If Ell does attend the Amtrak depot initiative in Denver, will the city buy his train ticket? Amtrak or the bus are the only two choices to escape Burlington without a car.

Would the extra cost of a sleeping compartment for the overnight trip be a bad investment? The Mayor is liable to lose the key. Doing so may give cause for the Mayor to ride the bar car all the way.

If Slagle wants to attend, a one way ticket only would be in order.


Amtrak took the key step out of the equation. You lock yourself inside the sleeper, without a key.

Slagle can't go, he needs to sign the conscription papers for us to pay for Boondoggle Mall, Iowa's shining example of incompetent development.


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Are New Casinos Pulling Them Away from the Big River?


I see the Advertiser on line ran the standard AP story on gambling takes overall being up in Iowa. Another Iowa newspaper ran the same story, a day earlier(choose July 10, 2007 in the drop down menu), written in house and with more detail.

"Seven boats decrease," was the headline on the inside portion of what began on page one. Among the losers was Southeast Iowa's gambling barge.

The house of catfish craps Burlington taxpayers have been conscripted to help finance is not the barge. Apples to apples will take a few more reports. Still, these negative figures should serve as a warning.

Do a little comparative shopping. When it comes to pimpish posh, comparing Riverside to Catfish Bendover is like comparing the Mississippi Queen to a cheap jon boat. Besides Riverside, Waterloo has new entry in the race to market saturation and the folks in Davenport want their own land based casino.

Sen. Courtney and company in Des Moines have an unquenchable thirst when it comes to buying votes with your taxes. Since the gambling tax
does appear in the mail with a form to fill in, most are fooled. The likes of Sen. Courtney will let licenses flow to keep up their cash flow based on the fool them forever principal.

One of these days, an overbuilt gambling industry will retrench like the American auto industry. Unlike the City of Burlington, a wise player should start heeding the signals and plan an exit.


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Meeting in Denver, no commercial air service out of Burlington. I don't know if Ell could figure out how to get to Colorado, much less out of Burlington.


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11 July

Amtrak Invites Burlington To Meeting To Improve Service

The Question Is - Will Anyone Go? Were We Invited?

It seems Amtrak has invited the Mayors from the cities its trains run through to attend a meeting on July 24 in Denver. Citing the need for a greater exchange to provide additional passenger rail station improvement resources, Amtrak has invited communities along the 2,438-mile route of the Amtrak California Zephyr to a "civic conversation" in Denver as part of its "Great American Stations" Initiative.

The Galesburg Mayor isn't going because he is going on vacation and thinks it is not worth spending the taxpayers' money."

I can't wait to hear what our new mayor has to mumble about this. Something about the keys to the Dodge. Didn't Brian Tapp and Southeast Iowa Regional Planning spend a mitt full of money to do a feasibility study of the depot? Maybe that idea was scrapped when Tapp got a wild hair to move to the college.


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Would Slagle Still Go to China?


I have been looking diligently for a new position that would be a step up for Burlington's City Manager. After the Marion rejection, a nice single party dictatorship would seem to suit his experience.

I was thinking a position in China would be a suitable match. A government controlled press, persecution of critics on the Internet, virtually unlimited authority and numerous opportunities to line ones own pocket on the side abound. It would be a lot like Burlington.

After reading about a Chinese bureaucrat being severely reprimanded for incompetence, I wonder if Slagle will hence forth rule out a government position in China?


No golf courses and lunch, lunch is a whole lot less filling.


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Advertiser On Line is Working


3:33 p.m.

Video takes a lot of band width. I guess the "free" pirated version of "Citizen Kane" is on the hard drive. The Advertiser's server now uploads.


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The Advertiser - Offline


Tuesday 12:27 p.m.

Did Citizen Kane not pay the electric bill so he could pay his taxes on Xanadu? The Advertiser online is offline. Are all the Jimmy Olson's signing on at once to read Derailed for news leads?

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Newspaper Site Inop


11:23 a.m.

What is up with the newspaper site? Cant go read the daily version of the fish wrap anymore because it goes to some quicksearch site. Tried to get in different ways but to no avail. Keeping the news secret now are they?

It's not worth buying it!



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Open Meetings Law


"Riverdale faces 3rd lawsuit alleging open government violations"


We're too broke to sue.


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10 July

Breaking News? - Campbell Seeks Re-Election!

We're A Week Late - Where Was Steve Delaney's Crack Political Reporter?

According to a press release on July 3, 2007 Burlington Councilman Mike Campbell has announced "he will seek a second term serving the citizens of Burlington. Campbell was first elected to his seat in November 2003 and has, since that time, worked tirelessly to represent the taxpayers of his hometown.

“I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to advocate for the citizens of Burlington on our City Council. I am passionate about the role of local government in this community and am looking forward to putting in another four years as a voice for the people,” Campbell said.

As a councilman for the citizens of the City of Burlington, Campbell has made a name for himself as a representative who asks questions that trigger discussion and deliberation about issues. “I tend to favor the citizens' interests foremost in the process of government versus accepting the status quo of, ‘We've always done it this way,’” he said."

Did we miss this news because of the ads? Where were Steve Delaney and his crack local political reporter Jimmy Olson on this one?


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What Price Are Display Ads on the Editorial Page?


Do you have any idea how much per column inch Citizen Kane on South Main charges for Advertorials? If I need sway public opinion to profit
from doing business with the City of Burlington, it would help me do my budget and business plan.


Well, if you're wanting to become the local fixed base operator at the airport, you don't have to pay anything. But there are paybacks if you are successful. You can no longer sue the city for wrongful termination actions against city firemen.


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Having a 1972 Watergate Flashback? Call a Plumber!


Did you hear about the break-in at Senator Barack Obama's headquarters in Davenport on Friday night? Two laptop computers and campaign literature were taken in the burglary.

What’s going on?


I heard it was an inside job. The Democrats were trying to figure out what the plan was supposed to be. It seems no one knows.


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The Price They Paid


DS should take a look at the Hawk Eye editorials, namely the one usually in the upper left corner of the page.

These editorials are never signed and could be written by any number of people. Is this really any different than letters appearing in a
blog? Are we to believe the Hawk Eye doesn't slant its editorials? Are we expected to believe everything the Hawk Eye writes in its editorials?

The public can't go to Snopes in order to find out if the Hawk Eye editorials are truthful or not.

Just where's the difference here between the Hawk Eye editorials and letters in a blog?


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Has Ruse of Law Replaced Rule of Law in Burlington?


Why is there no penalty for breaking Iowa's Open Meetings Law in Burlington?

I am not an attorney. Is violating this law a criminal offense by any and all elected public officials involved? If so, would that include
Senator Courtney in his role as special guest star at the should-not-have-been secret meeting to sue the railroad?

If violating Iowa's Open Meetings Law is considered a criminal act, who prosecutes? Does the County Attorney do it. Does the Iowa
Attorney General's Office do it?

Is violating the open meetings law resolved by a suit in Civil Court. If so, who sues? I have heard of professional news organizations
pressing the issue. Burlington has no professional organization dedicated to delivering the news. Burlington has the Advertiser.

The Advertiser, the County Attorney, and Iowa's Attorney General are all part of the single party political system running and ruining
Burlington. Would this amazing coincidence cause inaction when it comes to illegal secret meetings?

Is the answer a Committee of Public Vigilance? Must Burlington's citizens take up pitchforks, pistols, and torches to make the guilty
toe the line?


The Ombudsman might write a letter to the council like they did twice before and all will be forgiven. There is no penalty unless they do it at least 496 more times. Hell, the last time, Scott Power lied to the Ombudsman and they didn't do anything to him for that.

We could eliminate the Ombudsman. They don't seem to do anything. Why should we subsidize it?


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09 July

Hidden Airport Agenda and Free Advertising?

Ad Vertiser Mixes It Up - Names and Causes


Remember that airport piece Steve Crowley wrote last weekend that the newspaper published as a “guest commentary?” Ol’ Steve actually submitted an application for the FBO lease. Unbelieveable.

I wonder if he hid that from them, or if they are simply endorsing his application with free advertising.


I didn't read Crowley's advertorial. I read until he started blaming Remmers for the airport's decline. I knew then he doesn't have a clue what the hell he is talking about or is oblivious of the facts. Crowley doesn't know any more about the airport problems, the solutions or how to run a fixed base operation than I do running a manure spreader.

RegionsAir leaves town and unloads a huge fuel bill on Remmers to pay out of his own pocket. Then the Airport Board couldn't discuss the problem with Remmers before they terminated the lease. A glowing display of professionalism and leadership. I wonder where they got their directions?

And I wonder if the Ad Vertiser will give equal time to all parties to air their thoughts free of charge or was this Delaney's endorsement of Crowley? Or get Remmers' name right in the future?

Anyway you cut it, it stinks and I will guarantee you Slagle and Power are smack dab in the middle of it.


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The Hawk Eye's Plane Offer


I just learned The Hawkeye has offered their plane, picture attached, as a substitute until Great Lakes can get the aircraft they knew they didn’t have and couldn’t get when they low-balled the contract to eliminate others that could have provided service.

The Hawkeye, following their normal practice, will discover & report this offer several days after it has been made public on the blogs, and will run the picture upside down. A correction will follow with the plane standing on it’s nose. No further corrections will be attempted.

Is the contract & subsidy Great Lakes received based on starting on a specific date and providing service for a specified period of time, or “whenever we get around to it and as long as we feel like it”?

Right Thinker

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Hoschek Needs To Go!


Timmy is an idiot, and that is too soft a word for him, he is a loser! We need to wake up and make him a full time letter carrier!

He ran on being a full time supervisor which was a lie to begin with. If he were full time he would be doing more damage, so I guess we should be thankful for that. He's been fired from every job he's ever had or laid off for good reason, how in the hell did he manage to get elected and then re-elected.

Let's wake everyone up in DM County and get the loser outta here!!!


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RE: The Price Truely Paid


I thought you were trying to act as a legitimate news outlet. As a news provider, you should try checking some facts and use reputable sources of information. Anyone with 2¢ of common sense knows that anonymous e-mails are not a good source for information.

While some of the facts for the “The Price They Paid” e-mail are correct, most are distorted or open lies. Check out Snopes once in a while. In fact, check out this article.

I know you won’t spend time checking this fact because it might mean you have to crack open a book, maybe one at the Burlington Library.

The true price the founding fathers paid was the time and effort it took to make their world a better place. This is something you and every other American should think about once in a while. If you truly want to make Burlington a better place, step out from behind your ‘pen name’ and run for city council. Taking such an action would get far more done than slinging names like a six year old on the playground.


Thanks for your comments.

What makes snopes.com the standard for accuracy in America? What track record do they have for accuracy? Telling us to check snopes is like Bob Saar telling us the newsroom at the Ad Vertiser uses Wikipedia for their fact finding missions a couple of weeks ago. We don't.

As for what we do, we are successful. There have been many changes brought about by our stories. And even if The Price Truly Paid story was 100% inaccurate, I will put our accuracy record up against the Ad Vertiser and 98% of the web's blogs any day of the week.

Have you run for office? Maybe you can make a public difference. City Hall is in need.

Me, I don't have the stomach or patience to deal with the incompetent city manager and his never ending lies and ass covering. Or to serve with 4 others that want to rubber stamp his agenda more times than not.

Lastly, I am at a loss as to what would make you think I don't use the library or contribute to the community good? Only Senator King thought of this as my night job.

Write anytime.


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06 July

High Cost of Services Send Us To Slagle's Outhouse


I would like to know just what is driving the huge cost increases in the services provided by the City of Burlington.

My city provided water bill in August 2004 was $101 and change. Now at the start of July 2007, not quite three years it's $128 and change. Nothing at my house has changed other than the services provided by the City of Burlington.

The services provided by Burlington have increased an inflation busting 27% in less than three years. In July the new increases are: water coming in with an increase of 5.25%, sewer 5%, trash $0.50 and of course the city has the gall to put a tax on the total also, which is another 2% while the state doesn't tax city services or utilities.

City leaders need to seriously consider outsourcing these services because the city can no longer efficiently operate these services. The exorbitant salaries and benefits paid city employees is beyond reason in today's economic climate.

A good example is giving Slagle a 9% increase for lying, destroying evidence and always operating on the shady side of the honesty spectrum by his closed door manipulation of the city council and others.

The CPI for those years, 2004 to 2007 was 3.4%, 3.2% and 2.0% no where near the Burlington 27% increase.

The citizens of Burlington are being robbed and it will continue as long as we have a city manager such as Sagle and a one party government. Wake up Burlington before it's too late.


It's the lumber costs for building Slagle's outhouses.


The Taxpayer Funded Slagle Outhouse

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05 July

Sue Tim Hoschek and The County - It's Time!

Supervisor Tim Hoschek finally forced the CPC Director to resign. Hoschek has yelled, intimidated, threatened and harassed this poor woman for a long time. Hoschek created a new textbook example for Hostile Work Environment.

She had an opportunity to sue the daylights out of Hoschek and the County awhile back. She took the high road and let it ride. She could have won without much effort it was so blatant.

I hope she sees the light this time around. This pompous little jackass needs to be run out of office and forced to sell everything he owns to pay his share of the lawsuit. The taxpayers are just going to have to pony up to the bill. Hopefully it won't be as much as the railroad lawsuit. But it could be.

And something else Hoschek. Before you tell your fellow supervisors to read the contract maybe you could explain to all of us about the bike trails contract and your grand daddy of all Hoschek screw-ups - the ethanol plant contract that you signed without the other supervisors knowing anything about that materially changed the number of new jobs the ethanol plant had to create AFTER the contracts were signed. I think that more of fraud than a dumb ass Hoschek move.


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The Illegal Vote

Great Job Lost Keys, I can't wait to see what the next illegal action is. I hope Bob Saar is feeling better now that his political endorsement is doing such a remarkable job.


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When will we learn it is time to clean house. I read in the fish wrap today that again the council used the excuse they were unaware and thought they were doing right.

Maybe its time we spend the $$$ and pay Slagle off to move on down the road and clean city hall completely and start over. What would we have to lose?

Just remember we can always use the excuse we were unaware.

Just another note, has anyone heard how long it will take to recoup the millions we spent on the manor, all for over all economic developement.


Well, let's see. About $3 million shortfall at, guessing 5% interest, in one corner. And in the income side we are going to get maybe 2% back in sales tax dollars.

We will never live long enough to see it paid. They aren't called real estate developers for nothing.


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Will He Show Up For Work Or Will The Vortex Get Him Again?


We know how Bill Ell has a predilection for not showing up for his city councilman duties, so are we to expect he will likewise be notoriously missing and unable to located when it comes to fulfilling his new obligations as Mayor McCheese?

For that matter, were his absences from city council meetings ever even brought up during these oh so thorough and painstaking mayoral deliberations? Did Bob Saar mention it during his alcohol fogged begging for Bill Ell? Did Ell pay off Bob's bar tab for the endorsement? We could be talking hundreds here if not more.

And just where does Bill Ell go when his disappears? I don't think that has ever been determined. Is he still out looking for the keys? Does he disappear into some interdimensional vortex? Is he hanging with Saar and Edwards in the bar?

The new guy got rolled and Burlington got screwed. Business as usual.


Golf, lunch, keys. You know old man things. And don't forget an inaugural illegal action by the council under Ell's direction. Another old man thing, "I didn't know it was illegal."


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The Deluded Faithful - Followers of Frum?

Spike -

Reading the Smithsonian article link on John Frum makes me wonder if the author visited Burlington instead of the Southwest Pacific. Chief Isaac sounds a lot like Slagle.

"After the flag raising, Chief Isaac and other cult leaders sit on benches shaded by palm fronds as several hundred followers take turns performing traditional dances or modern improvisations. Men and boys clad in stringy bark skirts stride onto the dancing ground clutching replicas of chain saws carved from jungle boughs. As they thump their
feet in time to their own singing, they slash at the air with the make-believe chain saws. “We’ve come from America to cut down all the trees,” they sing, “so we can build factories.”

Has anybody checked the drinking water at City Hall for Kava injectors?


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What Is The Point?


I'll bet you made Hinkle happy Tuesday morning. Maybe this will give a reference point to call him what he is: a cargo cult economic development specialist.

Has Delaney sent Jimmy Olson south on old US 61 to investigate the emergence of a rival newspaper? Does Spike live in Spring Grove?

I am beginning to believe scheduled air service will not return to Burlington. What is the point? Every year there is less and less of less and less.

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News in L. A. Ain't Nothin' New Here - Political Incest


The Mayor in bed with the media made news
in Los Angles. Such incest in Burlington is simply business as usual.

It is no wonder public policy in Burlington is crossed eyed and lacks teeth.


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04 July

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed, and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well-educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt. Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.

Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

They gave you and me a free and independent America. The history books never told us a lot of what happened in the Revolutionary War. Our forefathers didn't just fight the British. They were British subjects at that time, and they fought their own government! Some of us take these liberties so much for granted...and we shouldn't.

So, let's take a few moments while enjoying our 4th of July holiday and silently appreciate these patriots and thank the God who moved them. It's not much to ask for the price they paid.

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Atlantis Is Home

Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton

After a three-day trip from California, the shuttle carrier aircraft and its piggyback passenger Atlantis touches down on the Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility runway. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton

Secured atop a modified 747 aircraft, Atlantis returned to Kennedy Space Center. The ferry-flight made the trip from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility, landing at 8:27 a.m. EDT July 3, 2007 officially concluding mission STS-117.

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03 July

Speeding To Lunch


At 11:45 this morning a Des Moines County yellow dump truck #32386 about mowed me down coming in the freeway from West B. This guy ran 65 mph weaving in and out of traffic all the way to the Main exit.

In addition to speeding he was burning up my tax dollars going to lunch. Why is he in such a hurry?


Maybe he was having lunch with Lost Keys and Hinkle at Flint Hills. Or filling potholes for Hoschek's relatives.


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Hinkle Blows his Horn for Air Service

False Alarm Brings Out Economic Development Guru

Grow Greater Burlington Director Dennis Hinkle provided the musicians and dancers to do a ritual dance to drive away the Dick Durbin Devil so scheduled passenger air service may return to Southeast Iowa Monday afternoon.

Precautionary Landing Brings 1st Airliner to Burlington in 4 months

A scheduled passenger airliner made an unscheduled stop at the Southeastern Iowa Regional Airport yesterday waking the napping airport manager. The plane was in Burlington less than an hour during which time the flight engineer corrected a problem with a cockpit fuel-warning sensor before resuming its trip to Denver.

A phone call from the awakened airport manager to Grow Greater Burlington offices brought Director Dennis Hinkle and several recent new hires racing to the airport along with a group of Aboriginal musicians and a witch doctor.

Screaming, "De Plane, De Plane" Hinkle and his staff mistakenly descended upon a flight attendant as Mrs. John Frum," the wife of an important American who might have influence with the Federal Aviation Administration.

"You tell John, make the planes come back, bring us lots of tax money we have to pay for Fun City," Director Hinkle told the bemused object of his mistaken identity. Asking not to be identified, the flight attendant said she enjoyed the show as did many of the passengers who stared wide-eyed, pointed wildly and took lots of photographs. One passenger asked if they had taken a wrong turn and landed somewhere voodoo cults of corrupt politicians lived after using his iPhone to read BurlingtonDerailed.com.

Once the flight engineer finished his work, all hurried back aboard the plane to resume their journey. "I guess it is a good thing it was just a sensor. Where would we find fuel around here?" remarked the flight engineer as he hurried up the steps into the plane.

As the jet roared west, Director Hinkle pounded his chest saying his efforts would once again make planes land in Burlington full of "tax dollars." A local citizen, his scanner tuned to the airport, overheard the captain talking about just “departing some hell hole and wanting radar vectors back to the real world.”

Burlington’s new mayor missed the action. He couldn’t find the keys to the terminal building. The mayor did comment it was a real nice day to golf and have lunch.

Reprinted courtesy The Spring Grove Sentinel

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Don't Forget "We Have a Winnable Case"


Don't forget our newest mayoral embarrassment told us, "We have a winnable case" when he told us how good a case we had against the railroad. Get a grip, it's going to be a wild ride.


I just can't get by his multitude of lies covering for Edwards, Slagle and Power. No wonder the Ad Vertiser sent Saar to endorse him. Lost Keys is a guaranteed controversy waiting to happen.


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In 2006 our US Congress was in session only 97 days. That's eleven days less than the record set in 1948. Most people would expect to be fired if they worked so little and had nothing to show for it. But wait, they did manage to find time to vote itself a raise.

Let's all make a difference, we need leaders elected with conviction - at every level. Let's start this fall!


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02 July

Lost Keys Ell The New Mayor

Bob Saar begged for Ell’s vote from Campbell. Murray showed his true colors in his nomination of Ell. Thomas said he had the most charisma.

Murray and Scott added to Lost Keys vote to land Mumbles in his role as mayor in the 2nd ballot.

Instead of a drunk now we have a leader for the community that withheld the fact that the keys to the school had been lost and kept that loss from the city council and the citizens for over 5 months and ultimately led to the taxpayers coughing up $57,000 in attorney fees paid to Scott Power.

Golfing buddies with Slagle, Slagle’s pocket pool player and now Puppet Mayor.

The vote was 3-2 to elect Garry Thomas as mayor pro-tem.

So will someone tell me how much better off we are now. Maybe Bob Saar can spin up some Ted Nugent tonight and tell us how good this is and how he got designated the Ad Vertiser's city hall lobbyist.


Oh yeah, Mary Baker showed up wanting to know what mayor pro tem meant.

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Fueling Flight from Burlington


Now that Burlington has run Remmers out of the airport, how do you fuel an airplane? Do small planes taxi to Casey's on Summer Street?

What if by some miracle a corporate jet touches down amidst the weeds? I read somewhere these machines do not run on ethanol. Do they wait while some nearby co-op loads their farm delivery bulk truck with kerosene and drives to town?

It brings to mind old highway maps of the west, "Gopher Hole Flats. Nearest fuel 75 miles north by northeast." I hope this is not the case.


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Southeast Canada Sounds Like Southeast Iowa

Spike -

Would you say Hinkle, Slagle, the single party system and all the rest would fit this mold for growing mold?


Yep. Except the Mounties would already have Slagle and Power locked up with Edwards.


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Unanimous Council


I cannot believe the council selected Matt Murray to fill the vacant seat. I’m shocked they would pick someone who is a thinker. Lets hope he can continue to have higher brain function in the future.


Unanimously, even. Let's hope the Borg have no effect. I hope Murray remembers every time he sees Slagle headed his way Slagle is chanting, "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated" and flips up his shields.


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Congressional Earmarks


Here is the earmark set aside for SCC in the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations measure:

$250,000 West Burlington Southeastern Community College for facilities and equipment for the health care education program.

Of course the senator who sponsored this money is unidentified; so I was wondering what SCC is really planning to use these funds for. Since this money comes out of our tax dollars SCC should be willing to share with the taxpayer how they intend to spend the money.

Nation wide this irresponsible behavior by our congressional representation will cost the taxpayer's a half billion dollars with the average
earmark at about $250,000.

Basically our senators know its dirty pool, which is why they fail to sign their names to this type of political pork.


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01 July

Nice Transistor Radio


Nice media hype on Apple's new hand held toy.

I bet it will play cartoons. If this true, Little Timmy must have one. This will give Hoschek something to occupy his mind during the Board of Supervisors meetings.


The loss of buttons might hinder Hoschek's amusement and is a very serious issue.


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