Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 August

Where a Handicap is Truly a Handicap?


I see a candidate for Business Director of the Lee County Development Board turned down the job.

Odds are this job would require working with Hinkle on regional projects. Maybe his current employer does let him play golf during business hours and his handicap is an embarrassment compared to Hinkle's.

When it comes to head hunting for an economic development person in S. E. Iowa, does Golf Digest have a help wanted section?


Rumor is the change in title was enough to kill the deal. Most successful economic development people like to hear Executive Director in front of their name. Not Business Director.

Another shining example of independent stupid thinking.


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Where is the Newspaper Geek?


"Mrs. Harding soon took over the Star's circulation department, spanking newsboys when necessary. "No pennies escaped her," a friend recalled, and the paper prospered while its owner's political success increased."

As of 12:15 Thursday, the online Advertiser was not online. Did the online newspaper geek's Radio Flyer wagon loose a wheel causing him to be late with my electrons?

Great River's annoying fitness center ad kept folding over into actual nothingness instead of the usual linked nothingness of poorly written editorials pretending to be local news stories. I wish area undertakers would host a collective local obit site. Ditto for local law enforcement agencies posting the public record rap sheets.

District Court summaries and few other collective efforts on the web tied into an over arching site could put the Advertiser in the dust bin of history.

If you can not get a news product out on time, you will loose circulation and advertisers. The rate of decline maybe figured at an inverse rate to the quality of your product. In the Advertiser's case, a few delays could prove deadly.


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Manor Mall Archeology - The Big Dig


Would excavating the Plank Road Quarry be like digging around a Teamster Officials rural acreage? Who knows whom or what one is liable to dig up. It might be like King Tut's tomb.

A little piece of that great black void in the universe where all the secret meeting tapes, etc. have been theorized to have perhaps fallen into maybe between Lenox Park and Flint Creek.


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30 August

SLAGLE and The MANOR Uncensored


Anyone like to wager that Slagle says the city had nothing to do with the hiding of materials from the manor? I think he will just say the city hired a company to haul the rubbish and that will be the end of it.


First, Slagle will be insulted you suggested that he did anything wrong while screaming that the newspaper never gets it right.

He will then claim that the council directed him to do it.

Then he will burn the ScotchTape dispenser in fear it will contain an audible recording.

Scott Power will sue 3M for manufacturing the defective ScotchTape claiming it is audio tape under an obscure, never issued patent.

Mayor Lost Keys Ell will tell us the railroad is involved in losing the master key to the schools.


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The Cost of Waste Disposal


Re: your comment "Seems like a pretty easy resolution. Slagle loses challenge = Slagle Fired!"

If Slagle is fired, will we be stuck with his unemployment? At best, the expense of an unemployment compensation hearing will be involved.

If Slagle is banned from Flint Hills, will he simply go away?


Lost Keys Ell will give him a 15% raise right after Slagle is fired citing that it was "not a winnable case."

Slagle will suck the life out of this community until he is full.


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Spike For Breakfast


I have just been turned on to this website about a week ago. I have told two other people about it. It is great. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and read it. I haven’t written anything yet but I am sure I will.

This town is so stagnant. If definitely needs turned over, like supposedly Lake West did when it stunk so bad like sewage.


Welcome. Write anytime. You will see that we aren't politically correct*. We submit there are no clean ends.

But we get the job done.


*Politically correct - def. Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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Which TeleTubby is Jeffy?


Think back to a few years ago. Some of America's Jesus Jihadists were having fits over Tinky Winky. The purple suit and red purse were sending subliminal messages to preschoolers. Gay is ok.

I hope the Teletubby suit you refer to Heland wearing is not purple. There is no evidence linking Heland to a certain Senator from Idaho.

The folks at the BBC claim Teletubbies is designed to prepare preschoolers for literacy. This may demand more research via viewing. It sounds like an excellent educational opportunity for fellow Supervisor Hoschek.



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29 August

Above Ground - Slagle Outted

Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2007 7:51 pm

Mr. Slagle,

I was a property owner in the manor and we seem to disagree about how the demolition has been removed. I have come to the conclusion there is only one way to put an end to this disagreement and satisfy everyone's concerns with this issue.

I and other citizens will hire an operator and an excavator from out of town to dig in the quarry. I know for over two weeks you have been hauling clean fill in there. I know there is not clean fill under that.

If we dig deep and find only clean fill I will apologize to you and the citizens of Burlington that I was mistaken and pay for the operator and excavator, but if we find wood, drywall, insulation, shingles or any other material that is not clean fill, then I expect you to pay for the operator and excavator and apologize to me and the citizens of Burlington.

I believe you Mr. Slagle, Mr. Mercer, the members of the city council, myself, a few members of the community, the equipment operator, the owner of the quarry, Mr. Burnside and Mr. Hacher from the EPA, a representative from the DNR and news media.

I would like to put an end to this subject because one of us is right and one of us is wrong. If you and the rest of the people I mentioned don't agree with this simple solution, it is not going to look very good to the citizens of Burlington. I will be forwarding copies of this letter to the Congressmen, Senators, and the appropriate individuals at the EPA and DNR.

I had a call from the DNR that they received a large packet from you today with all the documentation on the quarry. They stated you hauled loads out of the quarry. The problem I have with that is the people on Plank Road that live near the quarry have not seen loads going out of the quarry, only black dirt from the future Kohl's site being hauled in.

I would like you to respond to me and the taxpayers of Burlington because our tax dollars was spent on this project.

Leonard Johnson

Seems like a pretty easy resolution. Slagle loses challenge = Slagle Fired!

Why would Slagle submit a package of material to the DNR regarding a private landfill? What wasn't this material sent to the Des Moines County Landfill?

After all, Slagle supported the Morton's ridiculous plan of self-indulgent finance and lawsuits. Now Slagle sides with everyone else, the landfill is too expensive to use.

BTW - Why did Hal Morton need time to "look" for the City's dump records? Did he need time to generate documents?


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Manor Mall Exposed


Mr. Leonard Johnson should be congratulated for calling out Slagle on the Manor dumping issue.

Will Slagle hide behind his stacks of lies or come out in the open and face the music for once?

If it's found that he lied, his nine percent unjustified raise should be rescinded and his gas allotment revoked or better yet, he should be fired.


The man went after a rat with a bazooka.

As for the Slagle lying, as we've said many times, if Slagle's lips are moving don't believe a word you hear.


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Keep Heland as Jokester in Chief for KCPS


Radio Comedians to fill the morning drive slot are popular. Bob & Tom and their pale imitators on Quad-Cities FM stations are nothing compared to Heland. If Fred and Seven seek comic relief, put Heland on the line.

Fred and Seven need only ask a simple question. Heland's attempts to dodge issues and make sense of his actions are hilarious. Radio has not seen the likes since Edgar Bergen interviewed Mortimer Snerd.

Bob & Tom get big money from radio stations for the right to carry their syndicated act. Heland's laughable attempts to prove he is intelligent are prepaid by Des Moines County tax payers.

The more who know what an idiot he is, the more likely Heland will be driven from office.

Let the show go on.


Will you just listen for me? Visions of that TeleTubby suit and donut wheezing are just too much for me.


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Paid by the Hour - Not Worth


TW made a great observation on Perry Mason Power's legal research. I appreciate the comparison to High School students learning reasearch skills.

High school kids do work faster. High school kids are not paid by the hour for their efforts. High school kids are not expected to itemize their time and neither is Power. Any high school debate team could have done better than Perry Mason of City Hall on researching railroad real estate law.

Is there a member of a college debate team who will be home in Burlington next Summer? If so, hire them to research issues facing the City and send Power on a three month vacation.


Some services you pay for by the hour are received in motel rooms in hour or less increments. Power doesn't do anything in an hour and what he does do should be done in a motel room because that is what the taxpayers get.


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Take the Money and Run


For some time now, the experts at marketing gambling have been going more Gulfport than water park. "What happens here, stays here," ads are still being run to attract gamblers to Las Vegas.

Water parks for the kiddies is not where the gambling market is headed.

The City of Burlington must soon decide on exercising the option of taking our money out of the water park at the Catfish Craps complex. The water park has not made money long term and probably never will.

City leaders are probably too ignorant to realize the dice are loaded on the water park deal. Unless the public raises hell, we all are likely to end up being cleaned out.

Moe Green

So much for your advice. We're going to be winners!!


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BurlingtonOnTrack Derailed


I'm sure this is old news but I see www.burlingtonontrack.com is no longer on track.


In the mud due to incompetent management .


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28 August

Hole Of Nothingness In The Universe - The Answer To All Questions?


If they have found this vast expanse of nothingness in the universe perhaps it can explain a few of the great mysteries we have pondered for so very long. Could this astronomical phenomenon provide all the answers for all of the heretofore unanswerable questions?

Maybe that is where the City Council meeting tapes go.
Maybe that is where the keys Bill Ell lost went.
Maybe that is where Bill Ell himself disappears to for that matter.
Maybe that is also where the itemized railroad lawsuit billing records went.
Maybe it is where www.burlingtonontrack.com went.
Maybe it is where a former mayor, Union Thug, Drunk Driver and raging alcoholic's sobriety disappears to.
Maybe it is where the gavel goes when it is hurled across the city council
chambers by out of control mayors throwing tantrums.
Maybe that is where police microphone tapes, radio traffic tapes and credibility disappear to when dealing with drunken mayors in BK parking lots.
Maybe that is where the asbestos from the manor went.
Maybe that is where the advertisements for proposals for bids for the manor revisited project for companies other than Muir went.
Maybe it is where the roaches are going next.

Why, the possibilities simply boggle the mind Spike.


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Dogma VS. Duty - A Dilema for Tiny Minds

Heland Heads County DHS To Lowball Rent


Heland said the board does not want to get into a bidding war, but conceded the state will reimburse the county for the lowest rate for comparable rental space.

"I'm not going to have the state play us against local businesses," Heland said. "By the same token, we have to look at the best deal." The Hawk Eye 8-26-07

Poor Comrade Heland. There is competition vying to lease the Department of Human Services space. Heland's little mind must make a public decision. One choice is so much easier to deal with.

The official party line of the local single party political system Heland embodies embraces the discredited theories of a 19th Century German dreamer. Competition is evil. The Workers' Paradise is in conflict with what is best for the taxpayers of Des Moines County.

If Riverside is paying off better than Catfish Craps, even with the price of gas, where would Heland take his business? What of reports on Falcon's site of Comrade Senator Courtney hiring non-union labor to remodel his house? Even party hack comrades understand the concept when their own dime is on the line.

When our money is on the line, we usually get the party line and pay more for less.

It is time people in Des Moines County get organized and give small minded party hacks like Heland and Courtney some real competition. When businesses and office seekers compete, we all win.


I wish you wouldn't incite the Largemouth TeleTubby like this. His rants on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM this morning will bring mindless wanderings to a new low.

I can't stand the sound of his voice. It's a cross between a whine and inhaling while gorging yourself on a dry donut.


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Eat This. It Will Kill You. BTW Attend The Fish Fry!


Only the Advertiser could turn a fluff piece on a small town fish fry into an editorial on do not eat the grease. I nearly barfed up my bacon when reading this intrusion of views on news.

A feature on Gulfport's fish fry to raise money for the local ambulance service was not the proper venue for a politically correct rant on dietary habits. I know, socialism is bleeding the treasury so something besides tobacco must be vilified so it may be taxed to death. Keep it on the editorial page.

At least Jimmy Olson admitted the money went for a good cause. Having emergency medical responders handy around Gulfport is a good idea.

You never know which one of Burlington's leaders will drive off the road in Gulfport at four in the morning searching for the bridge to go home.


Circular writing is like scribbling with crayons. They think there is a controversy. They just can't get it figured out far enough to fill their blank stare.


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Main Street Pot Holes - It's Just a Matter of Time


What is taking so long to fix Main Street across from the Depot? Couldn`t those deep holes be filled with gravel temporarily? Would like to get the city to pay for realignment on my little car?


It's just a matter of time.

Time for you to ruin your car and can't drive it. Problem solved as if it never existed.


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Minority Group Of Losers

Attorney Scott Power Chief Trough Polisher


I see where our dim witted city attorney now states that funding a lateral sewer program would be the equivalent of a majority supporting the well being of a minority.

This is shocking news since the entire town is run by a minority group of losers elected continually by a minority of voters who more than likely were or still are members of one union or another.

It's like the option sales taxes that were voted for by all those feeding at the public trough and carried by all those deadbeat citizens living off the backs of the working few in Burlington, who could care less about voting for anything that doesn't provide them a free ride.

Yes, Burlington is a city that provides free rides for all those feeding at the public trough and basically guarantees them secrecy and non-accountability in the performance of their jobs.

Our city attorney has made a good living off pursuing frivolous lawsuits making him the only winner in the whole damn city, with the exception of Slagle, bar none. He's the minority winner in a town run by minorities with no accountability or performance standards governed by a system based solely on greed and deception.


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Scott Power Legal Opinions Outdone by High School Students

New Middle School Students Issued ATV's


After reading the top story in today's Hawkeye I have to wonder why Power didn't say something about his concerns on this sewer repair fund before so much time was spent discussing it. Of course he may have and I missed it in one of the articles. I do understand that he has to have time to research something like that before speaking out on it, but he took even longer than the average teacher gives his/her students to complete a research paper.

One other thing, why is no one asking about the lack of sidewalks to get Burlington's junior high students to the building being constructed on Sunnyside? Many junior high students walk and ride bikes to get to school, and without any sidewalks west from Irish Ridge Road along a busy street like Sunnyside the chances of a pedestrian accident seem high. I thought maybe the district would take the money from the Safe Routes To School project to study it, but nothing I've read indicates that.


First, the average high school student is smarter than Scott Power and would tell everyone the house is on fire when it was confined to the stove.

It seems a simple solution would be to just charge the users of the sewer system for the lateral fee. And cap that money so Slagle can't get his grubby paws on it.

As for sidewalks at the new Bruce Slagle Middle School on Sunnyside, I heard they are just going to issue every student an ATV. This solution was easier than thinking about it before they jumped into the Mike Book Abyss of Stupid Spending.


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How Would They Handle This Infestation?


We have seen how local government is slow to react to a house infested with cock roaches. What would their response be to house infested with illegal aliens?

Would local authorities scream, "Immigration" through a squad car loud speaker and watch them scurry? Would representatives of the local single party single system show up telling them about Iowa's new same day voter registration?

In any case, I doubt a damn thing would happen until the public would be made aware of the situation. One thing you can count as a certainty is the Advertiser would never tell us until it was posted here, or on Falcon.


Bruce Slagel would deny that they existed.

Hoschek and Diewold would register them as voters and give them tax incentives.

Scott Power would sue them for being not being human under an obscure KKK law.

The drunk ex-mayor would take them to Gulfport and BK.


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27 August

Airport Board Minutes Terribly Lacking in Detail!


I read the minutes from the Airport Board's July meeting. From what I've heard the minutes in no way accurately reflect what happened at the meeting.

What gives? Aren't they supposed to conduct their meetings under the Iowa sunshine law?


Wilbur, the Airport Board is supposed to follow all Iowa laws in the conduct of airport board business. Unfortunately, there seems to be a few that wish to do whatever the hell they want without accountability or an accurate record of what actually transpired. All meetings from this day forward should be recorded and available for the public.

There is way too much secrecy and clandestine activity. Maybe the board meets at 7:00 a.m. to ward off the pesky newspaper. We all know, there isn't an Ad Vertiser writer that even knows if he/she is alive at 7:00 a.m. They are more of the brunch crowd.


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Derailed's Headlight Makes Roaches Scurry


Local government loves to ignore its basic duties. Public health and safety are secondary, as long as only the peasants are effected.

Glamourous pursuits such as stealing poor people's property to enrich wealthy acquaintances of the local ruling class are more important. Substandard and even unsanitary properties, often owned by their friends, must not to be condemned. Peasants seeking enforcement of basic sanitation standards can buy Raid and howl at the moon.

For years, the official mouth piece of the local elite has performed as ordered. Total control of information kept almost all totally in the dark.

Your recent roach report and comments in response is yet another example of how Derail is derailing the local old boy system. Public knowledge will not permit them to look the other way. Following Derailed's lead, the official mouth piece of the ruling elite was even forced to cover this problem.

Free flowing information is a community's greatest single asset for improving its members condition.


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RAIN = Sewage Bypass


Here we go again. Every time it rains we have to file another report for dumping sewage in the river. We should be clean of all sewage soon except our leaders/leader of this city.

It is past time to flush city hall of all this and start over. What do we have to lose?

I wonder if we cleaned house at city hall is we would have to file a report.


We would all feel good from a good flush of city hall.


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Deep Space Des Moines County Sending False Signal?


Have all your NASA postings attracted attention?

I remember reading early SETI researchers being briefly fooled by signals from earth. Have astronomers inadvertently trained their instruments on Burlington's City Hall, or the Des Moines County Court House?

Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!

Dr. Smith

There isn't any real scientist that would train a $3.00 telescope on Burlington, let alone study it. Remember the Angelou Economics study that was going to send Burlington anti-revisionists heading to the nearest asylum?

I have a real hard time with "...1 billion light years across of nothing. That's an expanse of nearly 6 billion trillion miles of emptiness." when all you have to do is look in Slagle's office to find a big nothing.


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25 August

Massive GE Layoff - Surprised? No!


Surprised that the Hackeye didn't pick up on the announcement at GE. 200-250 employees will be laid off starting in October and ending after the first of the year? These are permanent layoffs.


BurlingtonDerailed.com Business Editor

Surprised? No. It is the cockroach lag time factor.

They're probably saving it for their Big Ad Sunday Edition.


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24 August

Slagle Steals But Still Can't Manage To Get By

City manager Bruce Slagle can steal good homes for his ass-covering economic development Eminent Domain Mall project under the ruse of blight.

Yet, Slagle ignores three city households uprooted by cockroaches.

You tell me, who's the cockroach?

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Ell Seeks Second Term?

Ell Golfing With Publisher Steve Delaney


Unavailable for comment on Thursday? All the Hackeye had to do was attend the Chamber golf outing (Thursday) they would have seen hackmaster Ell TEARING up the course. Oh, wait the hackeye leader Delany was there - he should have gotten the quote.


They were too busy lying to each other about their golf scores.


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Dumb & Dumber Pathetic As Ever


How appropriate for Timmie and Bennie! Two little beanie babies, one holds an office he doesn't deserve to have and the other can't get re-elected, but he'll keep trying!

Thank god the voting public has gotten rid of one. Now we must make sure his twin is ousted.

Timmie was on vacation when he should have been at the meeting, that he now says he has is suspicion's about. As I hear it he was at the family cabin, which isn't that far from Burlington, he didn't have the guts to be there.

Hoschek keeps saying he's looking out for the people of DM County. Is he doing that when he's taking their money and making trips to Washington DC? What's the likes of him going there, they must laugh behind his back.

He is so phonie! But so are his buddies Bennie and Big Butt Heland.

Des Moines County must be the laughing stock of Iowa with who we have representing us at meetings. Lets stop the bleeding and get them out!!!


The laughter extends far beyond the confines of the river banks. Believe me. I'll bet Hoschek is the idiot model used in more than one county supervisor training manual.

And it is 2 Beanie Babies and one TeleTubby.


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We Don't Need No Airport


Not all was play at the NACO Convention. One Missouri delegate went from the Convention in Richmond, VA to Washington D. C. on business. Karen Miller testified as to the need for rural air service.

If Tim Hoschek had gone to testify before Congress, essential air service may have been stricken from the budget. After all, them there airports is just for rich people.

Hospitality suites have their purpose.


Hoschek had his purpose - annoy and perpetuate ignorance. And direct the convention attendees to the best troughs in town.


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Hoschek's Free Lunch Schedule


I checked out NACO's web site. I found a photo of two Colorado County Officials fending off thirst at the "Inaugural Gala Reception." This looks right up Little Timmy's area of expertise.

How mean to demand Little Timmy leave office. Look at all the hospitality suites he would never see.


All that steak, lobster and shrimp going to a worthwhile supervisor seems a lot better deal even if they are from another state.


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An Axis of Ignorance


Is there another Axis of the Ignorant forming in Des Moines County? Will Hoschek and Diewold work together to remove Beck from the Board of Supervisors?

Working with Des Moines County's single party political system which seeks out and promotes drunks, fools and the feeble minded to run for public office, anything is possible.

Are there enough decent, intelligent people left around here to form an alliance and smash the Axis as was done nearly 70 years ago?


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More Than a Call Home for a Ride


Abusing alcohol mixed with adultery can have serious consequences in Iran. Saeed Ghanbari should seek assylum in the United States and move to Burlington.

Mr. Ghanbari's only hurdle to becoming Mayor of Burlington would be obtaining U. S. Citizenship.


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23 August

Hoschek Goes To Washington


Don't you love Hoschek. He sneaks off to the NACO convention and nobody says a word, even the newspaper.

Then Hoschek can't go to the CPC lynching but after it's over he tells us all what happened.

This guy needs to be shown the door.


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Cry Baby Hoschek Endorsed By Bad News Ben

All I can say about Wednesday's pathetic article featuring Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek and perpetual wanna be politician Ben Diewold is they both are two of the most disingenuous, phony, goof balls to ever suck taxpayer money from the public trough.

Maybe while they're standing there in their short pants crying like babies, Dumb and Dumber could explain the exorbitant ethanol plant tax incentives they gave away.

And if they can't seem to recollect the details, stay tuned.

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Airport Board Meeting Minutes Sparse in Detail

The July minutes of the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Authority appear somewhat skinny in the details. I wonder why?

Maybe if the Ad Vertiser sent one of the Olson boys we might know more.

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22 August

Expect No Fratricide From City Leaders - Cockroaches Rule


I am really not surprised our City is dragging its feet on destroying cockroach sanctuaries. Consider some of the characteristics of cockroaches:

Cockroaches proliferate amongst and promote decay.

Cockroaches consume much and in return produce nothing of value.

It takes extreme effort and perseverance to bring cockroaches under control and prevent their re-appearance.

Cockroaches will resort to cannibalism under duress.

Cockroaches are terrified of light and flee for cover when exposed.

In defense of cockroaches, they do not neglect their destructive duties on Fridays to play golf.

Admiral Sprage Raid


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Socialist Leadership Delivers Sustainable Non-Growth


Woods and Poole released their population projections for Iowa through 2030. Des Moines County is predicted to keep loosing population.

Fleeing residents abandoning aging housing stocks should provide an excellent environment for an explosive growth in the number of cockroaches.

Will Des Moines County's "leaders" receive an award from Green Peace for embracing a policy of non-growth to save the planet?


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Water Park Profit From Alcohol?


Is the sale of alcohol at the water park making the city money or Randy Winegard? And is the water park going to pay its way this year like Winegard said it would the first year?

Or is the city going to finance the water park forever? If so this is the last boondoggle the city should be aloud to make with taxpayer money.

Especially with West Burlington's new water park coming next year! Like I said if it does not pay what a boondoggle! and will we ever listen to the chamber or Winegard again?


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Hillary Fibs in Iowa About Ethanol, Voted Against It


Hillary voted against Ethanol 17 times
. Maybe she isn’t an Iowa fan.


Hillary just likes our votes.


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What the heck is going on in Burlington?


I've been reading articles lately in the local Fishwrap that just really make me wonder about what is going on in our town and our nation. Lunacy seems to be the order of the day.

The first thing that recently caught my eye was that a "Wiccan Priestess" was invited to prothelize at the local left-wing Unitarian Universalist church. According to the article, it states that a large number of adherents to the Wiccan religion actually attend services at this local church regularly.

So apparently there is a large number of people (Witches and Warlocks) who adhere to the Witchcraft that is the basis of this so-called church.

If you are a god-fearing Christian, you should be fearful of the Wiccans trying to make themselves out as a "mainsteam religion". It certainly is not!

A couple of weeks ago, the Sunday Fishwrap had an article about the WB city manager heading a group looking for "Ghosts" and "Orbs" in local homes. So apparently we have a high-ranking, highly-paid local city official who is more into chasing "supernatural occurrences" than working to make his city a safe, live able community.

You have to wonder about the sanity of people who chase Ghosts and Goblins for a hobby. Nuts I say!

Then, I read a "Letter to the Editor" in today's Fishwrap (8-21-07) by a Burlington man that slams Christianity and states that our leaders in Washington are out to create a "religiously sanctioned government" and that a Christian group sanctioned by the Pentagon is nothing more than "an evangelical USO-style troupe who proselytizes their Radical beliefs" to troops serving in Iraq.

The only Radical thing that I can find in this published letter was the intent from the author. He argues that the Christian group's message is nothing more than "propaganda".

I find it tragic that so many individuals in our community are now aligned against Christianity and Christian ideals and that many of these same folks will publicly decry Christians of all stripes and denominations for their faith.


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21 August

Endeavour STS-118 Home

NASA Image
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Roach Motel & Ranch Cause Mass Exodus

Roaches Invading South Hill Driving Residents From Their Homes

Residents Seen Fleeing

After listening to a citizen describe Burlington’s largest roach motel and ranch to the Burlington City Council during Monday night’s meeting, our crack reporters decided to take a field trip.

Armed with the description provided by the citizen forced from her home by the roach invasion, we easily found the subject property on Grove Street across from the Player’s Workshop. There hasn’t been that many derelict parked cars on Grove Street since the Player’s Workshop did “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.”

As described all 10-17 cars were parked out front, 3 empty houses were for sale adjacent to the Motel, junk could be seen piled high in an upstairs bedroom window, 10-15 people including children could be seen milling around throughout the property and neighbors were loading a moving van.

The City’s response to the citizen has not fixed the problem. Roaches are invading South Hill.

I don’t think there was anything like this anywhere in the Manor. Yet, the Manor was condemned as a blighted area.

Do roaches swarming over property lines qualify as blight or as economic development to bolster the hotel motel tax revenues?

After 3 families have been driven from their home, just what is Slagle going to do?

Borrow more money according to his agenda. Something is really wrong with this picture.

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Direct International Flights from S. E. Iowa Regional Airport


Why should local travelers seeking a tropical vacation have to change planes in Kansas City and probably a second time to reach paradise?

If a small regional airport in Arkansas could get direct international air service, why not S. E. Iowa? Incompetent and secretive management of this local facility would actually be an asset in attracting such service.

One of the major candidates for President nearly living in Iowa lately is without doubt familiar with how to obtain such service. If not directly, that person may still have contacts who could make it happen. Perhaps that candidate could help.

Fast action is required. After the caucus, none of them will give a damn about Iowa.

D. Ortega
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More Bio-fuels Heartache


The Brits did a study and discovered that switching to bio-fuels create MORE carbon gases than fossil fuels. Now what? We can’t use corn or switchgrass and the greenies will starve themselves over nuclear. I guess we burn the greenies.


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Free Speech?


Who are these freaks? Who think they can intimidate and control what people say in "AMERICA" Where you still have the freedom of speech!

Although probably not for long if George Napoleon Bush has the anything to say about it.

Those in control sound like the mob or the gestapo or maybe a union. Anyway you should let the authorities know about this. Because this sounds illegal, to threaten people like this!

Thanks Spike


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20 August

On The Next Flight, Treat Your Flight Attendant Well

For all you air travelers that think your flight attendants are on your airplane to kiss your uncouth butts, watch this video. Me, I'll take the biggest, meanest flight attendant that can carry me to the nearest exit and hurl me down the escape chute.

16:29:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Professor and his Pooch


I wish I would have heard Heland heeling like the dog he is for the absent minded professor who is our Congressman. Did Heland ask questions of concern for this area? I bet all Heland could do was roll over and beg for affection.

If Jeff did not ask, maybe he can answer:

What is being done by the federal government to expedite the return of necessary passenger air service to S. E. Iowa?

When will Senator Dick Durbin be investigated for taking payoffs from competing air carriers that resulted in S. E. Iowa and down state Illinois cities losing necessary passenger air service?

Why does our Congressman refuse to support cracking down on illegal immigrants who drive down our wages, especially wages of the working poor?

Why did our Congressman vote to deny your right to a secret ballot when deciding if an outside agent should represent you with your employer?

What is the logic of our Congressman refusing to officially support gay marriages, but saying he would vote to let gays adopt children?


P.S. If Congressman Loebsack thinks everybody in his district is a sycophant like Heland, he may not keep his job.

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In the Advertiser's Case, Euthanasia


Small and medium sized newspapers are in trouble. Not only are they losing readers, they are not drawing users to their Internet sites.

Those who study the subject say some local newspapers could die.

As with any business facing competition, only the strong will survive. Doomed are those who refuse to accept innovation and change to deliver a product the public wants.

Illegible articles by a parade of those trying to learn their craft covering a community of which they know nothing is not a quality product. Dogma spilling off the opinion section into "news" stories will no longer sell either.

Selective omission in pursuit of an agenda will not work anymore. Some other source will pick it up. People will look elsewhere for the whole truth. Woe be to those who fail to deliver all the news.

In some cities, the demise of the local newspaper would be a tragic loss. In Burlington as it now stands, it would be an act of mercy.


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Who's On 1st?


Did you see the article about air service? The newspaper still thinks Steve Lewis is the chairman of the airport board.


That's how laziness pays off, times 2. Too lazy to go get the story the 1st time and then too lazy to go get the facts straight the second time.

I guess they were too worried about the our West Burlington Shops story to take time to reflect.


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Air Service to Kansas City


I see the locals may return to the skies and the fish wrap will have their much needed service to Kansas City for their owners. There isn't anyone in the real world of travel going thru Kansas City.


Only the carpetbaggers running off with our local money.


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Airport Board Lacked Authority?


I noticed in the June minutes of the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Authority that there was no executive action or vote to terminate the Remmers Aviation lease.

How does this Board act on something like this and not have an open vote to authorize the action?


Beats me. I wouldn't have a clue. I think it might have something to do with partially permeable membranes.


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Enemies of the People's Party Pay


You think you are so smart insulting local party leaders and committing malpractice of information. Read this and weep.

WO has warned you. We know who you are. We have representatives in Des Moines who will make your actions illegal. You will not have Internet access in Burlington.

Do not think it cannot happen here.

Those in Control

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17 August

Heland's Snout Stuck


I got back from vacation to hear Supervisor Jeff Heland on the KCPS Big Show 1150AM Thursday morning with Congressman Loebsack. Heland had his snout so far up Loebsack's ass he wouldn't have heard a stick of dynamite go off in his shirt pocket.

It was disgusting.


It sounded more like -

Daddy, Daddy, please tell us the story about the Big Bad Wolf blowing the house down.

Puleez Daddy, c'mon Daddy, puleez tell us the story.
Puleez Daddy, c'mon Daddy, puleez tell us the story.
Puleez Daddy, c'mon Daddy, puleez tell us the story................

ad nauseum to infinity.

Imagine being surrounded with boneheads like this everywhere you go.


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"Nearer My God to Thee" for Dubuque Casino


There is talk of an iceberg on Dubuque's gambling barge. Net revenues at Diamond Jo's Dubuque operation dropped 9%.

The sea of suckers is becoming flooded with competing casinos. A failing dog track within Dubuque being allowed to enter and expand casino style gambling has not helped Diamond Jo.

As the economy goes bust, social gamblers will visit and spend less. Problem gamblers will accelerate their progress into bankruptcy court.

Fewer dollars gambled with greater competition means the miracle of the market will make hard times for casinos. Being a land based casino is no salvation from the invisible hand in this situation.

People in Iowa City and Johnson County are smart. There is no casino within sight of the Avenue of the Saints and I-80 interchange. Gambling interests had to settle for Washington County in order to tap that market.

Unlike Burlington's leaders who sunk public monies into the Catfish Craps complex, educated people know you can not gamble your way to broad based economic growth.

Yancy Derringer

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STS-118 Endeavour

ISS015-E-22539 (15 Aug. 2007) --- Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, STS-118 mission specialist, participates in the mission's third planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction and maintenance continue on the International Space Station. During the 5-hour, 28-minute spacewalk, Mastracchio and astronaut Clay Anderson (out of frame), Expedition 15 flight engineer, relocated the S-Band Antenna Sub-Assembly from Port 6 (P6) to Port 1 (P1) truss, installed a new transponder on P1 and retrieved the P6 transponder. NASA Image

SS015-E-22574 (15 Aug. 2007) --- Backdropped by a blue and white Earth and the blackness of space, Space Shuttle Endeavour, docked to the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station, is featured in this image photographed by a crewmember during the STS-118 mission's third planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA). The shuttle's Canadian-built Remote Manipulator System (RMS) robotic arm and station's Canadarm2 are also featured in the scene. The SPACEHAB pressurized logistics module is visible in Endeavour's payload bay. NASA Image

S118-E-07124 (14 Aug. 2007) --- A portion of the International Space Station frames this view of the lower portion of Italy and a portion of Sicily, photographed by a STS-118 crewmember while Space Shuttle Endeavour remains docked with the station. NASA Image

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16 August

Cessfords/Old Castle Buyout


An Irish company (Old Castle) that does business all over the US, has purchased Cessford. The have no plans to eliminate any jobs. I figured I should email you since the Hackeye won't pick it up for at least a week.


Thanks for the info.

Oldcastle companies operate in 50 states, 4 Canadian provinces and South America with 50,000 employees. Oldcastle is the the North American subsidiary of CRH,plc.

A Eurotop 300 company, CRH plc headquartered in Dublin, Ireland has operations in 27 countries, employing approximately 80,000 people at over 3,200 locations. Our operations focus on three closely related core businesses: primary materials, value-added building products, and specialist building materials distribution.

Good news about no expected job loss. Now if Hinkle could go find something for these guys to build.


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National Railway Equipment to Shops?


Just heard from a RR worker from Kansas and he said National Railway Equipment from Silvis is going to take over the shops in West Burlington by the end of the year and rebuild engines for BNSF.

I wonder if the chamber or the city is going to take credit for bringing jobs too Burlington? Oh probably. The golf and lunch and not much more club!

I really hope the club stays out of it so they do not screw a for sure thing up!

Thanks Spike


There have been some near misses on this for the same old reasons, golf and not much more. We're going to sit on the story until it's a done deal.


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Hoschek Missed His Own Funeral

Supervisor Tim Hoschek MIA Tuesday - Heland Stands Up for Him


Tales of a thief in the CPC office were laid to rest by the Board of Supervisors. That is, those Supervisors who showed up. Where was Little Timmy?

Page 5 was as shallow a grave for this story as the official mouth piece of the local single party political system dared. Citizen Kane on South Main could not spike the story. Besides, Spike would just dig up the body.

The story I am waiting for is when voters in Des Moines County come to their senses and vote Little Timmy out. That will no doubt earn a glowing political obituary in the Advertiser lamenting an end to Hoschek's "public service."


Little Timmy was hiding out like the spineless little worm that he is. He can't stand to be wrong even though he doesn't know any better.

I liked the part where the accuser had to report that nothing was taken. I wonder where WO is now that the verdict is in and Spike was right about something he knew about before the Ad Vertiser rolled out of bed.

What now Timmy?


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More Fun Than Flint Hills Fridays?

Spike -

The Russians have taken a novel approach to growth. Should Burlington's leaders who promise growth and deliver dearth be given another day off to try a different approach?


Sex for SUV? Borat love you! Make Whoopee!


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You Can Work With The Railroad


I guess if you don't piss off the railroad, a city can work with the railroad.


Or sue them without cause.


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Authorities Will Probably Look the Other Way


I wish JL luck on getting higher powers to investigate improper disposal of hazardous material from the Manor transgression. Burlington is a province of Illinois to the folks in Des Moines.

Iowa's Attorney General has done nothing about stay out of jail free cards for local elected officials. Just remember what column you find Tom Miller's name under on an election ballot. It is the same one the Drunk ex-Mayor used to be co-chair of.

The local single party political system delivers well every election day for these folks. They will be in no hurry to end any hush up.

An enormous public out cry is the only thing that will get the higher powers off their butts. Only when they feel threatened will they take action against those who have served them so well.


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Hawkeye Fish Wrap


I was trying to look up the accident at the ethanol plant via the Hawkeye archives and you now have to pay in order to read it, provided you find it in the archives.

I was unable to find it and wouldn't pay them to read it anyway. Do you remember when that happened? I'd still like to know if the injured party was an illegal worker or not.

I enjoyed the article about the asbestos removal at the Manor yesterday on your site. Around town I've seen it take a month or more for just one house while they did the entire Manor in record time. I don't think any protective measures were even taken to protect the public or the environment.


The worker was stuck from his knees down and 12 employees from the ethanol couldn't un-stick him. Strangely, nothing more was said anywhere.


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STS-118 Endeavour Viewing Schedule

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15 August

STS-118 Endeavour

ISS015-E-22323 (13 Aug. 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, Space Shuttle Endeavour's orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods and vertical stabilizer are featured in this image photographed by a crewmember while docked with the International Space Station during STS-118 flight day six activities. NASA Image

ISS015-E-22371 (13 Aug. 2007) --- Astronaut Dave Williams, STS-118 mission specialist representing the Canadian Space Agency, participates in the mission's second planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction and maintenance continue on the International Space Station. During the 6-hour, 28-minute spacewalk, Williams and astronaut Rick Mastracchio (out of frame), mission specialist, removed a faulty control moment gyroscope (CMG-3) and installed a new CMG into the station's Z1 truss. The failed CMG will remain at its temporary stowage location on the station's exterior until it is returned to Earth on a later shuttle mission. The new gyroscope is one of four CMGs that are used to control the station's attitude in orbit. NASA Image

ISS015-E-22410 (13 Aug. 2007) --- Backdropped by a blue and white Earth, a Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) on the exterior of the station is featured in this image photographed by a crewmember during the STS-118 mission's second planned session of extravehicular activity (EVA). MISSE collects information on how different materials weather in the environment of space. NASA Image
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CPC Director Exonerated On Page 5


I see the advertiser covered up the story made up by the CPC employees. Why didn't they go front page and tell us all the focus comes back to little Timmy and his harassment of court house employees.


Maybe they lost track of the story line in the rush to deflect the blame from Supervisor Tim Hoschek for a hostile work environment?


13:52:22 - SPIKE - No comments

Asbestos Mall Revisited

Trust Me, I'm From The City & I'm Here To Help You


I am a property owner and voter in Burlington, IA. Some of the property I own was located on Market St. which the City of Burlington is in the process of buying from me, also known as "The Manor Project." They are demolishing these house to make room for a shopping center which they say will generate more city taxes. These homes were built in the 1940's during the war years and the boom at our IAAP ammunition plant.

These homes contain asbestos.

I have a letter from the EPA confirming that all homes built in this era contain asbestos in the floor, ceilings and walls. Being an owner and working on this property myself this is nasty stuff to work with. The EPA said it would be a substantial amount of money to remove asbestos from all of these homes.

The city had contracted with a company to remove the asbestos from these homes before they were razed. To my knowledge only the slate siding was removed.

When demolition started I called the EPA, the gentleman I spoke with told me he had a bad leg due to surgery and would not be able to come to Burlington. This gentleman told me if the houses were wet down and the debris loads covered and taken to the landfill as asbestos there should be no problem.

The city landfill states they had loads come out for asbestos but no paperwork for private haulers as to what was hauled. To my knowledge, the loads were not wetted down or covered for transportation.

I would say over 70% of all demo was hauled to a private rock quarry on Plank Rd. in Burlington, IA.

They were turned into the DNR. The DNR reported that there was lumber in the loads and needed to be removed. Almost all of the debris was covered before DNR arrived. Also at that site is the debris from Sunnyside School from approximately 2002.

This was not at all clean fill. Shingles, insulation and wood has all went into this quarry.

I contacted the gentleman at the EPA again that I had spoken with previously and he vaguely remembered our conversation. He said if they found uncovered asbestos it would need to be disposed of properly, but if it was already covered they would not pursue it.

Behind this rock quarry is a contaminated lake from the Burlington Northern Shops with ground monitors. This quarry and this lake are on a major watershed that runs into Flint Creek and the Mississippi River.

This matter has been turned over to the Iowa Attorney General and I believe it would be beneficial for you to look into these matters. Can you help get this matter investigated so that I may have a truthful answer. The City of Burlington always tells you everything is fine. I appreciate your time and attention into this.

I have contacted Iowa Senators and Congressman about this matter and the Governor. The only response I have received is from the Governor.

I believe this should be looked into very carefully because that quarry is full of demolition from the "Manor Revisited Project." Why wasn't it disposed of at the landfill because it is not clean fill?

Maybe it was due to the price the landfill charges. I am sending a copy of this to The Burlington Hawkeye and we will see if this gets coverage.


I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've heard rumors but nothing we could verify.

What you have learned about asbestos is all true. Every asbestos abatement/removal I've ever seen has always been done with a water bath to control the dust.

It seems very strange the material was sent to the quarry, a private facility. It is also very strange that the landfill has no hazardous material paperwork for the loads taken there. There has to be a Federally controlled paper trail for the asbestos removal.

Contact the Iowa State Auditor to request an investigation. City bond money was used to pay the contractors. They might look into it and find someone that will scare the answers out of the guilty parties.

As for Publisher Steve Delaney, there's not enough blood or potential for a long term controversy for him to get involved. Besides, with this heat, they have all gotten lazier down on Main.


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Right Again Spike


According to Iowa's Oldest News in Print it looks like your estimate for the costs of the quiet zones was right on the money. It looks like the taxpayers will have to pay for it.

BTW I like your idea for a Bob Saar concert and bake sale. Makes more sense than taxing us to death. Some magic brownies would ease our pain.


You old hippies all think alike. Take a trip and never leave the farm.


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Hoschek's Dog and Pony Show


A chorus line of Supervisor Tim Hoschek's faithful dollies singing songs of missing records seems to be sticking in a groove. Their lyrics cannot get over the hump of anything massive they claim missing has been verified to the public.

The exiting female lead was not the only one with access to the CPC office. Hoschek's chorus line also had access to the records. Who is to say what they will not do to protect Clown Prince Timmy.

Keep singing girls. Stay in practice so you can sing to an attorney should one of you become the butt of Hoschek's abuse.

If your discrimination attorney is worth more than his freshly pressed suit at handling a cream puff law suit, you may need never sing again for your supper.


It may not be one of Hoschek's angels, but it is coming. Trust me.


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Why Not Count Hoschek's Smarts for a Start


Like any good criminal defense lawyer, the local single party political system is trying to cloud the issue by vilifying the victim. Counting the silverware in the CPC office does not change the fact that Hoschek is a bullying, ignorant, ass.

The issue is Hoschek's actions toward a subordinant.

If any audit needs to be done, it should be done on Hoschek. A battery of tests to determine Hoschek's I.Q. and educational development, starting with an Iowa Test of Basic Skills for 6th graders, would perhaps be in order.

The results of such an audit on Hoschek is probably something the local single party political system would not want to be made public.


1 X 0 = is still zero

I think I would rather Hoschek have a psych screening before I let him in my office or near my employees.


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Re: Mike Sweet's Column on 14 Aug


I rarely try to change the ravings of anyone who is hell-bent on their own intellectual destruction, or those who believe the volume of their voice relates to the validity of their arguments. Mike Sweet, while soft-spoken in voice, falls into the first column. His only saving graces are his ownership of guns and a predilection for imported beer.

His continued delusion over the 2000 presidential election and all things Bush is sad. The fact is, had Gore won his home state of Tennessee, Florida would not have mattered. He failed where others have succeeded: Mondale, Dukakis, McGovern, Kerry, Dewey, etc.

I've read your blog since day one, and find it entertaining. I, however, like to deal in facts, as I believe you do. Please name one law, actual and referenced, that Karl Rove has violated. Please include any attendant documentation you feel bolsters your claim. I'm not enamored with the current administration and some of their actions (or inactions). The current President has often been a disappointment, and a few of his advisors should be hung for incompetence.

However, regardless of the spewing from Patrick Leahy, John Conyers, or the Daily Kos, Karl Rove will not be charged with any crime.
Congress can subpoena all they like. Produce enough paper to deforest the entire pacific northwest.

The one fact that can not be changed is that anything Rove told to, or advised the President on, is privileged, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and all pertinent Supreme Court decisions.

Keep up the good work. It's the Blogs that often keep people informed where traditional sources fail or are horribly corrupted by ideological bias.


I believe the investigation won't be be centered on what Rove told Bush but rather what he told everyone else. Rove can advise the President on anything he wants but I think executive privilege stops at the suggestion of any illegal act.

There is always someone that knows too much. Like Alberto Gonzales' deputy.

The loss of 5 million White House emails is legally problematic. Using the Republican National Committee email system to circumvent Federal law regarding the EOP (Executive Office of the President) use of government-provided e-mail services for all official communication is a problem. CIA operative Valerie Plame is another problem.

Granted, there are folks ready to fall on the sword for Rove and Bush but when the tip of that sword starts to split flesh, people talk. When two or more people talk, that's conspiracy.

When I have time to dig in the way back machine I will see what else I can find to keep you busy.


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Economy Tanking Means Public Sector Trouble


The economic indicators are going down. Even Wal-Mart, the prime supplier to America's increasingly poorer workers, is reporting a decline in profits. Less wealth is being created.

The government does not create wealth, they confiscate it from others. While hard times makes the private sector reduce and innovate, government simply raises taxes. Get ready to bend over.

Senator Courtney and fellow socialists have established total control over the State Capitol. Just as state trust funds raided during the last recession were refilled, Senator Courtney and his comrades went on a spending spree earlier this year.

The legislative budget office was already predicting a short fall on what these Santa Clauses promised versus projected revenues in a boom economy. What happens with a bust economy?

Heaven forbid public sector employees be laid off. You can not cut back on your puffed up promises. "Revenue enhancement" will solve all.

Taxing your way to prosperity as the answer results in disaster. Leaders in Newark, East St. Louis, Burlington and elsewhere have shown what this policy produces. None the less, they keep repeating their errors.

Do you want bike trails, or bridges that do not fall down?

Leaders people around here have voted in from City Hall to the U. S. House will tell you we can have both. In the end, they will deliver only a line of weeds and wreckage in a ravine.

Bankruptcy looms if we can not learn to elect and support real leaders who will make the hard choices necessary to live within our means.


You ask, "What happens with a bust economy?" You go bust!

The real economic indicators may be headed down but according to USAToday's front page real news story gambling has not reached the saturation point.

Quoting from USAToday, "Critics say gambling's growth hurts the economy. "When money is spent in casinos, that's money not spent in the consumer economy," says John Kindt, a University of Chicago business professor."

So you see, all is well. Don't worry, be happy. Until the lid flies off this crap trap.


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14 August

Supervisor Tim Hoschek Calls In Reinforcements

Hoschek's Angels Write In


I read in the paper today, a few women wrote in the comment page, that Connie Schwartz leaving is a good thing. It seems suspicious that one of the woman is an old fling of Timmy's and runs around with his current live-in.

They are all running scared, trying to help Timmy stay in office.


I told you Hoschek would run like a scared little girl.

The one thing Hoschek's Angels didn't address was Hoschek's violations of Federal Civil Rights laws. To me, that seems to be the issue here, Hoschek creating a hostile work environment. It is not Schwartz's work record.

Since all 3 of these women work with Federal Laws everyday I wouldn't think they would appreciate the 4-letter word used in their office and directed at them regardless of how friendly Little Timmy was or how incompetent Hoschek perceived them to be.

Or would they? My guess? Absolutely not!


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Mike Sweet Is Right On The Money

Mike Sweet's editorial today is right on the money.

Karl Rove is absolutely no good and good riddance. Rove broke more laws than Clinton had girl friends.

Let Rove fight the Congressional subpoenas on his own. Maybe Congress can reach out and touch his criminal activity.


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Mystery Worker


Who was the injured mystery worker injured at the free tax zone ethanol plant? Will the Hawkeye ever print his name or will we never know who it was?

By not printing his name the Hawkeye is showing its slant toward covering up important news such as the ex mayor and his exploits between the golf course and his home and their give-a-damn attitude about illegal aliens and the immigration crisis.

They name everyone else when it comes to accidents or crime; so how about it Hawkeye what was the name you so carefully avoided publishing?


The information will ultimately be available from OSHA or Iowa's version of OSHA. You might check to see if there has been a call to Immigration.


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Disgrace and Departure Not Part of Local Culture


"Liu said Zhang hung himself on Saturday, according to the report. It is common for disgraced officials to commit suicide in China."

In East Asia, to lose face is cause to take a permanent pause from the human race. Mr. Zhang's actions to save honor after shipping defective toys to America will save the state the expense and embarassment of a trial.

If disgraced officials around here took the oriental end game to avoid shame, we would have a whole host of new faces besides the Mayor's.


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Burlington Thoughts


I’ve never in my life seen such low down poor city management on display for the whole state and nation to view. We who live in Burlington are under serviced, overtaxed, constantly lied too by local officials and just plain unrepresented in local government.

Burlington is becoming a replica of Newark, New Jersey and if you don’t believe me just drive around town and look at the dilapidated housing and rundown infrastructure. The hopes and dreams of the city are being based on gambling and drinking and if you don’t believe this just look around.

Don’t look to the Chamber, Grow Greater Burlington or any other of these entities for help because they have there own agendas, one of which is to raise the taxes of the working man here in Burlington while reducing it for business. These groups represent business people and have no interest in the working man’s income. Who do you think runs these organizations, is it Joe Blow working at Winegard or CNH?

Burlington has also been deluged by the entitlement crowd that adds no value to the city, other than keeping the crime rate statistics up while driving up taxes for those that manage to eek out an existence for their families.

The high school graduates something below 75% of its students while approximately 50% of the students are on free or subsidized lunches. Just what does this tell one about life in the city of Burlington? The school decides to build a middle school on the far western side of town that will necessitate most, if not all students be bused, now is this a wise decision for the few taxpayers remaining in town? Someone on the board must have ulterior motives for making this bone head decision. I don’t even think there are sidewalks out in that part of town. This is just another example of poor judgment and incompetence of elected officials here in Catfish Bend. When looking up school facts on the Internet one will not find Burlington listed because Burlington facts are just not there and can only be found on state education sites. It’s probably a good thing in the long run or the few that come here surly wouldn’t, if they actually knew the school statistics.

As far as gambling goes Burlington isn’t exactly a hot spot and gambling will only support its employees slightly above the welfare threshold at best. Of course there are some that may earn a real living but that’s the exception while the average working person’s pay will most likely be somewhere between 12 and 25 thousand dollars, is this the Burlington dream or what? This city is basing its “jackpot” hopes on the ruination of others through their losses or why else would gambling be in Burlington. Just who are the winners when it comes to gambling? Will gambling provide livable wages here in Burlington? Des Moines County and Burlington are in the top ten when it comes to taxes and low paying jobs in the state of Iowa and if gambling doesn’t provide livable wages we’re all losers. Livable wages are something over $10 per hour here in Burlington. Of course the city goes along with this because all they look at is the motel taxes and other taxes they can collect to maintain their yearly raises, which are not based on any resemblance of performance.

Burlington taxpayers should hire a consulting firm to tell us how to get rid of the local elected and appointed officials because voting here doesn’t work. Straight ticket voting insures the continued reelection of the same losers time and time again, which explains why nothing ever changes with the exception of increased taxes and fees, in other words, less service for more money syndrome.

As the population of livable wage working people decreases, entitlements increase and the cost of government becomes excessive which drives those few remaining working people away and eventually the city ends up with high paid government employees and the entitlement crowd with no tax base left to support them. I don’t think it’s the rich or the entitlement crowd that’s been leaving this city, does anyone think that? Actually there’s a very thin line between entitlement and government both of which walk the same path here in Burlington.

The local paper censures the news it spews forth in order to maintain a resemblance of respectability while promoting its own agenda. Why else wouldn’t it publish the name of the person hurt at the ethanol plant the other day? Could it be because that person was an illegal alien who had taken a job away from a tax paying citizen or to protect the contractor that hired him in order to line his own pockets? Just who do illegal aliens benefit here in the Burlington area?

If anyone thinks this Manor project will provide livable wage jobs should think again because retail does little to support a single person let alone a family. We’re talking unlivable wages through this Manor project but the supposedly increase in taxes should at least provide the free insurance, perks and raises for Slagle and friends for the next few years while the rest of us continue our decline in income.

Maybe we’ll all get a free DUI pass from the golf course to our homes as recognition for our stupid one party politics and payback for continually electing the same stooges to local office time and time again.


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Ell Whistling Through His Shorts


According to the Hawk Eye
Mayor Bill Ell responded, "I just have the feeling I'm being coerced here by the railroad. I don't know if that's true but they're asking us to spend some fairly large dollars for something they created, and I don't know how much benefit the railroad is to Burlington at this point."

You think Ell and the rest would have learned their lesson in Davenport. The BNSF is not a big Lionel train set for these children to operate as they see fit. Children playing on the railroad tracks get run over.

True, it is no longer 1907 when every thing and body came in and out of town on the train. This is not to say rail is no longer an asset to a community. Who the hell would locate any sizable industrial plant or bulk distribution center here without rail access? Their beloved and subsidized ethanol plant would pull the plug without rail.

Something the railroad created is called Burlington. Burlington is something the likes of Ell and company have been destroying.

Only a fool would wonder what benefit a railroad's main line is to Burlington. A better question to ask is what value are idiots like Ell to Burlington.


I'll say this, Lost Keys Ell has been consistent. Consistently out of touch with reality, the world and what they hell goes on that he misses when he is off looking for the lost keys to the schools.

I cannot fathom that this guy has any sort of clue other than to tie his shoe laces each day. On the day the BNSF, Iowa DOT, the consultants and Bob Saar are all trying to work the quiet zone deal, our Mayor demonstrates his entire intellectual capacity in one remark. I'll bet that dumb ass remark went over real big with the railroad.

I suppose you could call hot air flipping through an old man's pants whistling. But it don't smell like hot air and it reminds me of why he was asked to leave a liquor store down South on !

If Lost Keys was 10 years younger I'd swear he used LSD.


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13 August

STS-118 Endeavour

All NASA Images

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CPC and Ethanol


WO is saying you are without arms in the battle of the wits? After reading their "intellectual" diatribe, I'd say WO is the one that better get some ammo! I'd love to read anything else this dimwit has to say! It is entertaining reading; the more they write, the dumber they look! C'mon CPC....sue some sense into the nitwits!

And even though you haven't said it in a while, I agree with you 100% about the ethanol boom (bomb). It's going to take some time, but I think in the end it's going to be a big bust! I like the idea, I wish it was possible. I just don't see it working out in the long run. Like you've said and everything I've read, there are too many negatives. I guess time will tell. In the meantime, those looking for an easy buck will keep investing. I feel a little sorry for them! (Until my taxes are used to bail out the whole mess!).

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China is Not a World Away


"All Chinese media, including newspapers, periodicals, news agencies, TV stations, broadcasting, the movie industry and art performances, are categorized and managed as “mouthpieces” of the ruling Communist Party."

The Chicoms are working desperately to control the internet to protect their power. Does the Advertiser still offer a reward for the identity of Spike? Senator Courtney did what he could.

Tyranny is tyranny. It matters not where you live.

Cho Sen Lies
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Fourth Rate Fourth Estate


Americans are increasingly unhappy with the news media. This information is the result of a poll by the Pew Research Center. The highest negatives came from internet users.

Those using internet news sources have far more to choose from than consumers depending on traditional news sources. Demographics of internet users show them as a group to be better educated and informed.

Complaints centered on political bias, inaccuracy and not caring about the people news organizations are supposed to serve. These complaints are something people around here should have no problem relating to.

Has anybody done any local consumer satisfaction marketing research on the Advertiser?


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Wastewater Fines - How Much?


Any idea how much the City has spent in fines when it rains? It's absurd we have wastewater entering the river when we get an inch (1) of rain. Do we need to bond some more money to cover future fines?

Is it true that the large storage tanks due to be installed are empty milk jugs?


Whatever it cost is too much!


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Would Burlington Consider Selling Flint Hills?


The City of Cedar Rapids is considering selling off part, or even all of one of their municipal golf courses. Unlike Burlington, Cedar Rapids is growing and developers are eyeing the land.

If anybody made an offer on Flint Hills, would Slagle and Hinkle ever let it be known?

Tiger Ball in the Woods

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10 August

Re: Bob Saar Concert/Bake Sale For Gate Aid


If Bob Saar isn't available for Gate Aid maybe Ted Nugent is.


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A Tale of Two Generators And The City’s Screw-Ups

City Steals From Manor Resident

Hi Spike,

Here's a late response to the Hawkeye's 'feel good' article about the two generators loaned to us by the city of Burlington after power to my now lost home was shut off. This was almost two weeks before we were required to be out of our home. The city's solution was to apologize and loan us a generator. This was on a Friday afternoon. That was stolen from the house that evening.

The city loaned us a second generator the following Tuesday. That one was taken along with my brother's toolbox and tools later that night. Someone had kicked in the front door to get them.

We reported the theft to the police. My brother called the Manor Project Manager about the loss and during the conversation it was 'suggested' that perhaps I took it (sounds suspiciously like an accusation, doesn't it?).

Later, we were told that the second generator had been found. The story was that a subcontractor had taken it to use.

WHY they kicked in the door of a still private residence to get it has yet to be explained. Under most circumstances, wouldn't that be considered as breaking and entering? And my brother's tools? Where are they?

After this happened, I found a couple tools in my mother's former bedroom while looking around.

So, as might be suggested by my narrative, the whole situation was anything but a humorous series of events like the Hawkeye made it out to be. There are many unanswered questions.
I wouldn't mind seeing the second generator for myself.

Less Than Pleased

Let’s see, the city takes your house, takes the time given for you to move, the City’s agent steals from you after breaking and entering and then the city accuses you of a crime. Mercer told us during a council meeting that what he was doing was fun. Doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time. In fact it is outrageous and someone needs to be held right to the fire.

Where the hell is the Burlington Police Department in this deal? Driving the drunk ex-mayor Edwards home? What's their comment to these issues?

During a council meeting that dipshit Slagle told us all that nothing was wrong out there, “Not to his knowledge.” Another shining example of what Slagle “knows.”


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Durbin Right in the Middle of RegionsAir Mess

Great Lakes Tie to Durbin

United Airlines contributed $10,950 to Durbin
United Airlines Pilots PAC contributed $5,000 to Durbin
Assn of Flight Attendants representing United Airlines flight attendants contributed $6,000 to Durbin

United Airlines is Great Lakes code share partner.
United Airlines is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Dick Durbin is the Democratic Senator from Illinois.
Illinois profited from Dick Durbin running RegionsAir out of business.

Have doubts?
You shouldn't.
A lot of Burlington airline passengers are going to Moline to catch a flight.

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Deranged Dick Durbin Calls US Forces Nazis and Soviets


For those who did not catch it at the time, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is the statesman who compared our service people guarding terrorist suspects to Nazis and Soviets.

If these brave people are Nazis, what are the people of W. Illinois and S. E. Iowa? Are we are a bunch of hicks to be robbed of necessary air service so Dirty Dick can line his pockets?

If you listen to Supervisor Jeff Heland run his mouth on KCPS, you would think we are worse than hicks. Only an absolute idiot and toady would defend Dick Durbin.


It doesn't end there for this guy.

Sen. Durbin in conflict on O’Hare Airport expansion

Durbin, Chicago Mayor Daley and Illinois Gov. Ryan get large campaign contributions from O’Hare Airport contractors

U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) the principal sponsor of legislation to mandate the expansion of Chicago'’s O’'Hare
International Airport, has received $140,752 in campaign funds from contributors with contracts or economic interests in the airport.


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Cave In at Ethanol Plant

Vato donde est mi pala?


A recent trench collapse left a contractor partially buried at Great River Resources according to the crayon scribbling dullards at the Fishwrap.

The name of the employee was not released.

Now given the penchant of the fishwrap for digging up and releasing any sort of private, salacious or gruesome info they can get their grubby little hands on regardless of taste, individual or family wishes decorum or journalistic responsibility, obviously one can't help but to question their actions when things like this come up.

Now, maybe I just have a suspicious mind but what do you suppose the chances are that the contractor's mysterious employee at Great River Resources was of the Illegal Alien variety? You know the fishwrap wouldn't want to publish those sorts of facts. It doesn't fit with their agenda.

Questions that are begging to be asked and answered:

Was the employee illegal?

Are there illegals being employed on the Great River Resources expansion project?

Who knows? I'll bet Spike knows. If not, I'll bet someone who reads Burlington Derailed knows. Then we'll all know.


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Toot Toot Trial Lawyers, Good-bye


Burlington's self important and self engrossed have nothing more important to pester our bankrupt city government about than train whistles. They are whistling in the wind under our current legal system.

Even though all crossings downtown are protected by flashing lights and/or gates, that is not enough. Should our ex-Mayor be in his cups and drive into the path of train that did not whistle, the railroad will be sued for pain and suffering, sexual disfuncton, etc. etc.

Some experimentation is being done with audio devices triggered at the crossing. This could be carried a step further.

Tie a trial lawyer to the cross bucks at each crossing with electrodes attached to sensitive parts of their bodies. As a train approaches, a jolt of current will cause the trial lawyer to scream out a warning.

As rail traffic increases, we may yet see a reduction in without merit legal actions that are such a drain on our society.

B. Stone

I'd suggest we tie up Scott Power for the 1st test but Power isn't a real trial lawyer. He's a real estate attorney. Nope, he isn't that either.


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Of Breeding Dairy Cattle and Mindless Lemmings

Identification is Essential to Good Breding

Spike -

"In managing a breeding program, be aware of the effects of inbreeding, but keep in mind that the degree of inbreeding determines its effect on an animal’s performance. Further, inbreeding only depresses additive genetic merit."

In reading comments about some of Des Moines County's office holders being less then Rhodes Scholars, it has been stated that they are related to over half the county's residents. This helps them hold office.

Researching basic animal husbandry as it relates to the dairy industry has caused me great alarm. Is inbreeding causing the Southeast Iowa area's decay? Is decay causing this area's inbreeding?

At what point do all our local elected leaders become cross-eyed, mindless, morons?

Joan of Arkansas

One more generation of Mindless Lemming Sheep should just about do it.


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Keep it Up!


I am glad to see more citizens upset with the antics of local elected idiots are writing you. I see those who like these idiots have stopped ignoring you.

Their responses shows what you do here is having an impact. Keep it up.


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Durbin Working The Back Room to Our Detriment


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[WASHINGTON, DC] - U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today sent a letter to the
President of American Eagle Airlines, Peter M. Bowler, asking that the airline
work to minimize the disruption of air service for downstate Illinois travelers.
Regions Air which formerly served downstate communities such as Quincy and
Marion halted service on March 8th. Great Lakes Aviation was recently awarded
the Essential Air Service contracts in Marion and Quincy formerly held by
Regions Air, but transitions to new air carriers can take weeks or months before
full service is restored. Durbin has asked that the airlines cooperate to make
sure the necessary planes, personnel and equipment are in place so that service
between downstate communities and St. Louis Lambert International Airport can
resume immediately.

"While I am happy to see that the Department of Transportation has named Great
Lakes Aviation as the new carrier for Marion and Quincy flights to St. Louis, we
need to do everything possible to make sure that Great Lakes doesn't experience
any delays in beginning service and that they have all the help they need to get
off the ground and in the air right away," said Durbin.

Regions Air is the current recipient of a two-year $3.5 million per year federal
subsidy to operate Essential Air Service (EAS) to Quincy, Marion, and Decatur.
The Essential Air Service program was established by Congress in 1978 to ensure
that communities with commercial air service before airline deregulation could
continue scheduled flights. Without EAS, many rural communities would have no
commercial air service at all, and residents of smaller cities would have to
travel significant distances for flights. Great Lakes Aviation will take over
with service in Marion and Quincy when Regions' contract expires in May and July
respectively. In addition, the Department of Transportation has issued an
emergency order seeking proposals for service to Decatur.

[text of the letter below]

March 13, 2007

Mr. Peter M. Bowler
American Eagle Airlines
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX 76155

Dear Mr. Bowler:

I write today to request your assistance in restoring American Connection
passenger service from Decatur, Marion, Quincy, and Springfield, Illinois, to
St. Louis Lambert International Airport. As you probably know, the U.S.
Department of Transportation recently awarded Great Lakes Aviation Essential Air
Service (EAS) program designation for the Marion and Quincy flights. The
Department has also issued an emergency order seeking proposals for Decatur service.

This urgent request is necessary because the previous carrier, RegionsAir, has
ceased scheduled operations. And there are simply no guarantees that they will
ever resume operations.

This most recent shutdown comes on the heels of a 48 hour cessation of service
March 3. As we discussed last month, Regions has been generally unreliable from
St. Louis to nine Midwestern cities for several months.

With four Illinois communities without scheduled passenger air service to St.
Louis, this issue has become even more urgent than when we discussed Regions
poor service record in February.

I appreciate all you and American have done to date to monitor this situation. I
respectfully ask you to work with Great Lakes Aviation, the U.S. Department of
Transportation, and the affected communities to restore American Connection
service to St. Louis as soon as possible.

Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator

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CPC Revisited

Re: CPC Investigation Needed? Hoschek Is The Root of Evil Here!


Upon reading your response to my email it is obvious that in the Battle of the Wits you are unarmed! However you are like a toy to play with. Someone who must stoop to name calling to try to punctuate their side of an issue has no place asking me for facts when you can’t debate an issue any other way.

Why do you add “Hoschek is the Root of the Evil Here?” as a lead in to what I have to say? Nothing I said made any connotation to Hoschek. But since you brought him up (again and again and again), I don’t normally agree with him but in this instance he is being chastised for holding Schwartz accountable for her own actions. Heaven forbid if she should do that. Maybe she has succeeded in giving you a snow storm in July as she obviously has Beck?

You seem to be only relying only on the Ad Vertiser as you primary source of news? If you are too frugal to purchase The Hawkeye to keep up with things that you know nothing about, you could access the paper online.

By the way it is a small town, and I know who you are!!!


Obviously, you haven't read the paper or done any research of your own. And it is readily apparent you only look to the Ad Vertiser, Iowa's Oldest News In Print to get your facts. You must be the last nieve person in Burlington believing what they write is true and accurate.

So that leaves one road for you. You are either friends with Marston, Brooks, Hoschek or the paper since you have some innate desire to jump into a fight unarmed. And it is nice that you want to defend your friends. But even friends make mistakes you can't fix.

You really need to get the facts straight because your tone and direction make it readily apparent from your first email that you don't read BurlingtonDerailed on a regular basis or have a clue what the problem is with Tim Hoschek abusing the court house employees. If you did you would remember that we have asked that Hoschek be held accountable for violating Federal Discrimination Laws. Why hasn't he been? That is the real issue here.

You and everyone else knows who Spike is. That what makes this job great, the know-it-alls.

And just so there is no question, I meant exactly what I said about Hoschek, Heland, Marston and Brooks the other day.


P.S. Did you read this morning's Ad Vertiser? Maybe you'd like to reserve any comment about the CPC until after next week's airing of the allegations?

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09 August

Bob Saar Concert/Bake Sale For Gate Aid


I wish Bob Saar and the rest of the quiet zone folks would spend more time having bake sales and fund raisers instead of bitching about the trains. The solution is money and they need a lot of it to do what they want to do. Maybe Bob could do a Willie Nelson-style Gate-Aid concert.

Or Slagle could just go sell bonds the rest of the city's bond rating. Either way, it would stop the whining and without bonds, somebody will have to sharpen their pencil.

Practical Man

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Infrastructure in Burlington Victim Of One Party Politics


Excellent pictures of the infrastructure problems here in Burlington on today’s Falcon Internet site: West Burlington Iowa News, Sports, and Opinion

Burlington officials are more interested in throwing people out of their homes and robbing the taxpayer of 2.5 million dollars than they are about the city’s sewers and water system crumbling down around us.

We live in a loser town run by dimwits that think just because the water system and sewer systems are out of site that no one knows about the decay and lack of upkeep that’s gone on for years. It’s OK that the taxpayer pay exorbitant prices for backfill should they be required to replace their pipes at the sewer connection. The high cost is a result of the city not supervising the back filling in years past by private contractors. Again, the city is incapable of policing its own city code.

The south side of the city has little water pressure and I know at my house it’s about half of what it is down by Case company. The sewers back up at any rainfall that may be classified as over an inch or two. There are also places in town where sewers are connected to the water drainage systems which causes sewage back ups into homes.

Back to the pictures of the Viaduct, from what the pictures show this bridge should probably be shut down before it falls down.

We even have a 10 or 15 mph limit on the Cascade Bridge that may indicate another possible fall down situation in the not so distant future.

Several buildings in the downtown area have been torn down to prevent them from falling down, although once and a while one will start falling down prior to its being torn down because no one is driving safety concerns downtown either.

To top it all off Iowa ranks right at the top in the Midwest for decaying bridges indicating that the state has no concept of responsibility either; so it’s not just the cities that are irresponsible and reckless.

Whatever the situation here in Burlington you can bet the taxpayer will always be ignored, if possible. The one party system is a failure but the local voters continue voting accordingly putting all of us in a quagmire of abuse, mistrust and scandal. The city founders would be ashamed of the 21st century government where personal agenda’s are the norm and decisions are for the good of a few rather than the masses.

Disgusted as Usual

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Dirty Dick Durbin as Mentor to Border Rubes


U. S. Senator Dick Durbin shaking down and destroying Regions Air for personal gain is simply part of a great tradition in the land that has more in common with Al Capone than Lincoln.

Is there a school in Springfield to train aspiring political hacks on how to do it? If there is no Paul Powell College of Footwear Container Finance, are there internships available? Burlington's hacks should apply.

Burlington's crooks share political party affiliation with Dirty Dick. Some are said to have gambling and drinking habits to support. Do you think Dirty Dick could find them a staff position to learn how it is done in the big leagues?

Hoschek's mind is simply an extension of his stomach. Tim can not comprehend more than free eats and booze in a hospitality suite. Any contact with Illinois beyond Gulfport would be wasted on Hoschek.

Heland shows promise. He appears to have the need for the cash and can read the Sports pages of the Advertiser without a dictionary. Heland already displays an innate ability with selective truth.

Courtney needs to refine his intimidation skills. Senator sinister has gotten nowhere with his clumsy attempts to out and destroy his critics. I am certain Dirty Dick and his friends can teach our State Senator how to demolish the innocent while maintaining distance and deniability.

There are others, but I think these examples will suffice as paragons of local vice.

A higher education in corruption could open doors. Instead of being political corruption's equivalent of the Midwest League, some of our local lice could end up with the Washington Nationals.


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It Would Be Sooo Easy.....


I can't believe these so called "county supervisors" collect a paycheck for acting like a bunch of children. Surely we could get a better return on our money if we replaced them with 6 year olds. These guys are just a total embarrassment to the entire region!

It's really hard to say who is more inept and ineffective; the city council or the board of stupidvisors. I get the feeling you could swap these two out, and no one could tell the difference!! Could either of these groups be more useless?

I hope the former CPC gets a good out of town lawyer, and sues the stupidity out of these idiots. It would be sooo easy.....


If I thought Hoschek and Heland were able to learn from their mistakes I would donate $1000 to Schwartz to help sue the daylights of these boneheads to teach them a lesson.

Unfortunately, they both would claim that it was just politics and the taxpayers would have to foot the bill.

Unless they were sued personally.......


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Regional Gambling Competition Trumping Trump


Billionare publicity hound Donald Trump is facing loses at his casinos. Rosie is not the source of his ruin. Increased regional competition is blamed.

When it comes to comparing development smarts, Trump makes the local boys look like newly hatched fry.

Regional competition is not limited to New Jersey. What will be the fate of Catfish Craps Casino be as new venues sprout?


Iowa's Gaming Commission's hunger for gambling revenue will drive this right down to Jimtown Casino, "The Best Little Casino Between Danville and New London."

Now that is regionalism.


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Join the Party - Stop the Riot


As predicted, without Ed Blow to compliment Beck on the County Board, Little Timmy is causing big trouble. Heland is no help. Heland is simply another child to watch.

Like two brats in a china shop with only one adult to watch them, extensive and expensive damage is being done. Beck is not to blame. The local single party political system is to blame.

The cabal of Courtney, the Drunk ex-Mayor and a host of locusts from labor unions decreed Blow must go and go he did. Blow had his faults, but Heland is not Supervisor caliber. Heland is a spoiled hack.

Comrade Anderson is supposed to control the party. He dresses down Beck for trying discipline terrible Timmy. Beck maybe the only responsible adult on the Board of Supervisors, but he was not elected to be nanny to a pair of children past menopause.

This babysitting is getting damn expensive. Precinct caucuses are coming.

If you lean Democrat, go and seek a precinct chair position from which to vote out current county leadership and hack hangers on. Given the ruling party's entrenched insanity and immaturity, you have a tough task that must be done.

If you lean Republican, likewise go and seek a precinct leadership position. You have an organization to rebuild in order to offer credible opposition come the big November. As it stands, Hoschek will be on the next General Election ballot.

If you think your grade school Civics level of sophistication makes you some sort of "Independent," you are a no party nit wit. You get to swallow whatever slop either party serves up in a General Election and no voice in a primary.

Doing more than voting as a party volunteer is time consuming and if you are honest, thankless. If decent citizens can not find the time, crooks and creeps will. The current leaders of the party currently ruling Des Moines County and more than one of their office holders prove this point.


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STS118 Space Shuttle Endeavour Liftoff

Emerging from the billows of smoke below, Space Shuttle Endeavour hurtles into the sky on mission STS-118.

Photo courtesy of Reuters
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08 August

Heland Defends Dirty Dick

Des Moines County Supervisor Jeff Heland made an appearance on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM this morning to defend Dirty Dick Durbin, the Senator from Illinois we can thank for the RegionsAir dabacle.

I cannot believe the great flapping jaw will stoop so low as to leave his citizens to go forge the party line. No wonder Heland can't find anything wrong with Hoschek's abusive behavior, Heland practices the same thing on the taxpayers every day.

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One Bridge Question Answered

Falcon answered the call for answers about Burlington's bridge safety with excellent photos from Dan Hockett of the Mt Pleasant Street viaduct. No need for the Ad Vertiser to cover the story.

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"Where the Sewage Flows From The Village"


As editor and publisher of an insignificant periodical featuring advertising and accidental fiction, Mr. Steve Delaney has been drawing comparison to himself and his publication from fiction of greater fame. Art imitates life.

If heaven forbid, Mr. Delaney should gasp, "Rosebud," Jimmy Olson need not take time out from grieving to write an epitaph for a tombstone.

Nearly a Century ago, a fitting tribute was written by a man who lived roughly the same distance from Burlington its nearest current passenger air service. Edgar Lee Masters knew a certain character of county seat newspaper editor that remains timeless.



To be able to see every side of every question;
To be on every side, to be everything, to be nothing long;
To pervert truth, to ride it for a purpose,
To use great feelings and passions of the human family
For base designs, for cunning ends,
To wear a mask like the Greek actors—
Your eight-page paper—behind which you huddle,
Bawling through the megaphone of big type:
"This is I, the giant."
Thereby also living the life of a sneak-thief,
Poisoned with the anonymous words
Of your clandestine soul.
To scratch dirt over scandal for money,
And exhume it to the winds for revenge,
Or to sell papers,
Crushing reputations, or bodies, if need be,
To win at any cost, save your own life.
To glory in demoniac power, ditching civilization,
As a paranoiac boy puts a log on the track
And derails the express train.
To be an editor, as I was.
Then to lie here close by the river over the place
Where the sewage flows from the village,
And the empty cans and garbage are dumped,
And abortions are hidden.

Spoon River Anthology

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RegionsAir Fights Back - FAA's Action is Unheard Of & Unconscionable!

The RegionsAir lawsuit has merit, unlike the infamous Scott Power railroad lawsuit endorsed by Bill Ell's "We have a winnable case."

The actions of the FAA is absolutely unprecedented and smacks of good, old fashioned Illinois corruption landing right at the feet of Senator Dick Durbin. Durbin is in this up to his eyeballs. I saw something a few weeks ago about Durbin's involvement with Great Lakes, Great Lakes' political contributions to Durbin, Chicago airport funding and other nefarious activity regarding his efforts to put RegionsAir out of business.

The FAA's action is unheard of! And absolutely outrageous if true.

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Incompetence Breeds Contempt

It appears that the only thing missing at the CPC office is the competency level to take over when a well qualified, competent leader leaves office. This happens many times in corporate America. And it looks like it happened in the CPC office.

As for Marston and Brooks it was summed up quite well by Schwartz, "I think they need to put their pride aside and ask for the help they need instead of making excuses for not being able to perform the necessary functions of the job," Schwartz said.

It is easy to ride the coat sleeves of competent people. If you have any doubts just look at Hoschek, Heland, Marston and Brooks.


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Similar Mission - Different Tactics

Agreement Signed Under The Threat of Blacklist


The apparent heavy hand used against RegionsAir seems all too similar to the Remmers Aviation deal. A few want to make changes thinking they know more than everyone else.

According to the lawsuit on March 9, "the FAA’s regional inspectors “demanded” that Regions cease operations and sign the consent agreement 'but gave no specifics as to what was wrong or why [Regions] should cease its operations.' The airline maintains the agency also threatened employees, saying it would use its authority to effectively blacklist them from working at other airlines or elsewhere in aviation by refusing to approve employees to work elsewhere, and forced then-President Doug Caldwell to sign the agreement under duress."


The FAA shows up with the goon squad and gives RegionsAir's President 45 minutes to make a decision to sign an agreement?

He should have walked in his office, closed the door, armed himself with a tape recorder and then asked the FAA to clearly repeat their demands.

Somebody has a lot of explaining to do. And it starts with the inspector in charge of RegionsAir right after the congressional hearing's featured speaker, FAA Administrator Marion C. Blakey. She should be ashamed of this. And she is smart enough to know all about it. If she doesn't, she should be fired tomorrow by noon.

The FAA has become Caspar Milquetoast due to the airlines' PAC money. I guess if you can't afford the big dough, you don't see the FAA at all unless they want to shut you down under orders from some senator.

These back room tactics are similar to the Remmers Aviation deal. The Airport Board didn't do any FAA due diligence on Jet Air. If they had, they wouldn't have done what they did. Jet Air has seen the FAA; up close and personal. Remmers Aviation hasn't; ever!


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Junkins Gone


According to Lee County Supervisor George Morgan at Tuesday's meeting Lowell Junkins is no longer connected to the Lee County Economic Development Group as of August 1. Interviews are underway for a new leader.


Good riddance. He got a tremendous opportunity to resign before they fired him for performance issues and then abused it. I'd like to see the receipt for the bank deposit where Rothgeb paid Junkins' salary for the last 6 months at Lee County Economic Development Group.


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Space Shuttle Endeavour Set For 5:36pm CDT Launch

It's launch day at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where Space Shuttle Endeavour and her crew of seven astronauts are undergoing final preparations for the STS-118 mission to the International Space Station.

Endeavour's orange external tank is being loaded with 500,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and hydrogen. This process, called "tanking," takes about three hours to complete. The propellant levels in the tank will be continuously "topped off" during the remainder of today's countdown.

All systems onboard the space shuttle are functioning normally this morning, and there's only a 20 percent chance of weather prohibiting a liftoff at 6:36 p.m. EDT.

Mission STS-118 will be the first for Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan, the teacher-turned-astronaut whose association with NASA began more than 20 years ago. First Lady Laura Bush called Morgan Tuesday morning to offer congratulations "one schoolteacher to another," and to thank her for her commitment to the space program and to education.

NASA Image

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We Can't Do Any Worse!


I think we all need to take out papers to run against Tiny Tim in the next election. Our campaign slogan could be "we can't do any worse!"

Timmy has to go.


No one could do any worse.


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Citizen Kane - An Acehole on South Main?

From Citizen Kane -

Emily: Really Charles, people will think-...
Charles Foster Kane: - what I tell them to think.

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CPC Investigation Needed? Hoschek Is The Root of Evil Here!

Spike -

Isn’t it amazing what people will say when they can remain anonymous!

The CPC situation needs to be truly checked out or left alone, not just theorized by people like the author of this website without letting their identities be known. Isn’t that right, SPIKE!

You appear to be like those who write letters to editor who have no idea of what they’re talking about.


Why don't tell us what you know instead of what you think? Give us some facts that can be corroborated. Prove the messenger is wrong. Hoschek scribbled this story, not us.

We stand behind everything we write about Hoschek. Just because the newspaper doesn't have any sense doesn't mean we don't.

Go raise hell with Publisher Steve Delaney. Ask him about doing an in-depth investigation. He won't. He can stir it until the cows come home and make money and then send it to Kansas like a good little bot.

Or better yet, why don't you go ask Ed Blow and David Miller about their experiences with that half-baked idiot Hoschek? They will tell you a lot more than what you read in the Ad Vertiser. Save your time with Large Mouth Ass. He knows it all and is keeping his mouth shut like Karl Rove in the best interests of the Party and self-preservation.

The only one hurt in this deal is Schwartz. Not those 2 disassociated employees looking to keep on Hoschek's good side.

As for writing a letter to the Ad Vertiser, why? I can write a letter here and it is printed immediately and not in 2 or 3 weeks when they get around to it.

Write anytime.


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07 August

Trash Emptied - Email Us!

I emptied the trash. Sorry for the confusion.

Email us!


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The Ad Vertiser’s Operations Manual

Taken From the 1951 Movie Ace In The Hole


I found the Mother Lode.


As written by John Oswalt
“Charles Tatum, a down-on-his-luck reporter, takes a job with a small New Mexico newspaper. The job is pretty boring until he finds a man trapped in a mine. He jumps at the chance to make a name for himself by taking over and prolonging the rescue effort, and feeding stories to major newspapers. He creates a national media sensation and milks it for all it is worth.”

Memorable quotes for Ace in the Hole provide the most meaningful look inside Publisher Steve Delaney’s Operation Manual.

Charles Tatum: I can handle big news and little news. And if there's no news, I'll go out and bite a dog.

Lorraine: I've met a lot of hard-boiled eggs in my time, but you - you're twenty minutes.

Lorraine: I don't pray. Kneeling bags my nylons.

Reporter: We're all in the same boat.
Charles Tatum: I'm in the boat. You're in the water. Now let's see how you can swim.

Charles Tatum: Bad news sells best. Cause good news is no news.

Charles Tatum: How'd you like to make a thousand dollars a day, Mr. Boot? I'm a thousand-dollar-a-day newspaperman. You can have me for nothing.

Charles Tatum: I've done a lot of lying in my time. I've lied to men who wear belts. I've lied to men who wear suspenders. But I'd never be so stupid as to lie to a man who wears both belt and suspenders.

Charles Tatum: It's a good story today. Tomorrow, they'll wrap a fish in it.

Charles Tatum: Mr. Boot, I was passing through Albuquerque; had breakfast here. I read your paper and thought you might be interested in my reaction.
Jacob Q. Boot: Indeed I am.
Charles Tatum: Well, to be honest, it made me throw up. I don't mean to tell you I was expecting the New York Times, but even for Albuquerque, this is pretty Albuquerque.
Jacob Q. Boot: Alright, here's your nickel back.

Charles Tatum: Where's my desk?
Jacob Q. Boot: The one by the door. You may be out of here by Saturday.
Charles Tatum: Sooner the better.

Deputy Sheriff: Hey you! Sheriff wants to see you, down at the trading post. Don't waste any of his time 'cause he ain't staying around long. Maybe you ain't either.
Charles Tatum: You don't say?
Deputy Sheriff: You wanna know something? He don't like you.
Charles Tatum: And I was going to propose to him.

Sheriff: You're that Tatum guy that was popping off over the phone last night!
Charles Tatum: I wasn't popping off, Sheriff; I was threatening. "Play along with me and you'll get re-elected. Don't, and I'll crucify you," that's what I said, remember?
Sheriff: I think I'll have my boys take you down to the county line and throw you out!
Charles Tatum: Throw out your campaign manager? You need plenty of help.
Sheriff: And maybe before I throw you out, I'll toss you into the 'Klink' for awhile!

Charles Tatum: I don't belong in your office. Not with that embroidered sign on the wall; it gets in my way.
Jacob Q. Boot: Then it does bother you a little.
Charles Tatum: Not enough to stop me. I'm on my way back to the top, and if it takes a deal with a crooked sheriff, that's alright with me! And if I have to fancy it up with an Indian curse and a broken hearted wife for Leo, then that's alright too!

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Love Letters to Hoschek


Many a morning I stop in at the neighborhood dram shop for an eye opener. Retirement is wonderful.

My local bar buys the fishwrap Advertiser. I have better uses for a portion of the price of flavoring my coffee. Why do I recently see lots of love letters to Timmy on newsprint, but not on my computer screen?

Is this targeted marketing? Is most of Hoschek's support base figured too stupid to run a computer? Do you figure this is design, or default?

Old Grand Dad

Planned obsolescence of the Mindless Lemming Sheep's brain.


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Background on Anderson


Comrade Chairman Anderson, what is his background? Is he another bright and shinning failure out of some Union Hall like the Drunk ex-Mayor?

Inquiring minds wish to know.

Lavrenity Beria

He has a history with similar union activities as the drunk ex-mayor including intimidating elected county officials with their job if they don't scribe his Democratic Party line.


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Advertising the Ad Vertiser


The L A Times has acknowledged Matt Drudge drives up readership on their web site.

Do you do likewise for the Advertiser? Would the Advertiser ever admit it if you do?


They don't have to. All we have to do is read our website statistics.

Fact 1: We report the story. 7-10 days later they write about it amid the ads.

Fact 2: Then our readers come back to check the facts because we don't charge for it.


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06 August

The Advertiser April 16, 1912 - Robert E. Lee Strikes Ice Berg - Sinks


I doubt if the Burlington Hawk-Eye ran such a headline back then. Years ago, the Hawk-Eye was a respected, credible news source. Back then, accuracy counted. That was before the Hawk-Eye morphed into the Advertiser.

Citizen Kane now charges roughly $3.00 a pop to print out the Advertiser's archeived mistakes on the web. This is a damn good reason for Burlington to maintain a library. One would go broke documenting the mistakes under Citizen Kane's reign of errors at the Advertiser.

If you can not outlaw the truth, tax it so that it is suppressed. How long until Citizen Kane claims copyright infringement and demands $3.00 for for every article accessed via microfilm at the Library?


I did notice the Ad Vertiser was feuding with the railroad back in 1852 according to Bob Saar. The Ad Vertiser called the railroad "an artificial means of prosperity."

So is taking perfectly good newsprint, filling it with advertising, calling it a newspaper and sending all the money to Kansas.

Burlingtonians do not learn from history. They ignore it as if it only affects someone else. And the Ad Vertiser tells them so.


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Single Party System Circiling Around Tim Hoschek


Des Moines County's single party political system is rallying around a wounded, ignorant, brute; Hoschek.

If an employee should go, you do not harass and berate them. You show them the door if corrective instruction fails and be done with the problem. Hoschek's feeble little mind can not comprehend the concept.

The letters to Citizen Kane campaign is off and running. I wonder how many of these expressions of support for Hoschek are ghost written? The local single party Presidium is full of semi-literates, just like Hoschek.

Twenty plus years ago, the Hawkeye raised hell with the local single party system for co-ordinating a campaign of ghost written letters to the editor. Keep an eye on the style of these letters.

As the propaganda arm of the local single party political system, the Advertiser has endorsed Hoschek time and again. Hoschek's mental disabilities and lack of character made no difference. Party label was all that counted.

The time has come for Tim to go.


The sooner, the better.


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Nothing But Hoschek - A Hollow Coconut


The only things that matter to Tim Hoschek are his paycheck, his IPERS retirement account and nobody else but Tim Hoschek. Everything else is politics and nothing more.

Hoschek’s statements about “watching out for the taxpayers” and his ”buy local” are the most hollow of all his political mumble jumble he is so well known for.

Hoschek can’t name 3 things of substance that he has done since he came into office except collect his paycheck, check his IPERS account and abuse the court house employees. I expect that record to continue untouched.


Bangin' on a hollow coconut shell with a stick would better suit Hoschek's skills and abilities. And he could do that and not cost the taxpayers a dime if the Mindless Lemming Sheep would wake up from their nap.


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CPC Situation

Subject: Re: CPC Situation


I'm not defending the actions of Hoschek, and perhaps he did harass Schwartz in some ways, but I do think there are two stories or incidents here that should be kept separate.

One is TH's actions towards her, and the other is her job performance.

I know and have known both Marston and Brooks in settings other than the CPC office and believe them to be honorable people who would not fabricate or exaggerate the situation they have been in and are in at this time.

That being said, I believe Schwartz was doing a less than adequate job, and I also believe her contract would not have been renewed because her only true support on the board was, and is Beck. What that says, I'm not sure. Either way, she was out. I'm not necessarily a supporter of the severance package, but if it kept the County out of a lengthy legal entanglement it was probably a wise deal.

Anyone with much knowledge of harassment issues should realize that once the accusation is tossed out it's pretty much a done deal.


What we have heard is that Beck and Jackson went to the CPC office to account for "anything missing" and then had Marston and Brooks show them everything supposedly missing. There was nothing missing as the Ad Vertiser alleged. All Brooks could ever say was a missing training manual that apparently had been missing for awhile.

I would have to see a lot of material to substantiate your belief. If the CPC director was having a problem I believe it was from the long term effects of Supervisor Tim Hoschek's rampages. I've seen this guy in action. He needs to be slapped silly. And a little girl could do it.

There are 2 other employees with a beef.. Don't know who. They are scared to death that their names are going to pop. Somebody needs to get the entire Hoschek file from the auditor. She had to release it to the Ad Vertsier but others trying to get it have been offered an abridged version.

Heland hasn't been chastised because he is holding the party line. The Andy Anderson story is true and Beck will not buck the party even though he has been warned that he is going to get hammered for this if he doesn't address the issues in detail for the public.

BTW - Where is Heland? I see he has been dubbed Hilary's county boss. I guess her advance team didn't do their research very well. Maybe they should email us. Will give them the stump the chimp question: How long is your term as supervisor? That will impress the daylights out of 'em.


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05 August

Party Faithful Fill Editorial Space


I see the Democratic Party blind faithful filled the fishwrap's editorial space today. When will they ever learn? The Tim Hoschek glad hand is picking their pocket while he mooches from plate to plate.

Sick of Hoschek The Mooch

Blind, Mindless Lemming Sheep?


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Cascade Bridge

What about Cascade Bridge?

Did Eminent Domain Mall suck up the dough to replace Cascade Bridge?

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04 August

Local Democrats Coming Apart? Why? The Poster Boys Are Thugs!

Sources tell us that at the last Des Moines County Democratic Party central committee meeting Kommandant Andy Anderson told Bob Beck to stop criticizing Tim Hoschek's job performance because, "Hoschek is a good Democrat." I guess Beck was supposed to overlook Hoschek breaking Federal civil rights laws.


Tim Hoschek is a worthless slacker and doesn't represent the working man or a good Democrat in any sense of the meaning. I don't give a rat's ass who is relatives were or who his supporters are. That, very apparently, didn't have a thing to do with how Hoschek ultimately operates within the courthouse or in life.

A person that has gone to work for 20 years and puts in his time without screaming, yelling, gambling to an excess on the boat and then chasing the checks to the bank, sleeping with a hooker in Gulfport, hiding the fact that you lost the keys to the schools and then hid that fact for 6 months costing the taxpayers $50,000+, carrying a gun in your boot, sleeping off a drinking binge in a parking lot or threatening elected officials with their job if they don't vote the way the Democratic Party wants them to doesn't represent my image of a Democrat.

And it shouldn't be yours either. They are not good Democrats.

They are thugs and criminals. Some have been caught. Others are going to be.

It only takes patience. And we are patient.

Hilary Clinton should be real proud of this county.

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Tired of Hearing The Hoschek Whiners


It's just this simple. Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek has been abusive to the county employees. The CPC director was just one of many. Somebody will file a lawsuit and then Hoschek will still squeal, "It's just politcal." We'll it isn't; it's criminal.

These two CPC employees Marston and Brooks should stop their bitching and get back to work. They sound like a couple slackers looking for their 10 minutes.

And shame on the newspaper for writing such a stupid story. Don't they have enough sense to realize a Democratic Party ploy to exonerate Hoschek.

Or are is Delaney part of the cover up?


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03 August

A Glass Plate to Document the American Queen Docking


I was working when the mystery ship docked at the Port of Burlington on Thursday. Did you line somebody up with lens, light box and wet emulsion plates to record which Queen actually graces Burlington with her tourist dollars?

Has the Advertiser figured out if the QEII is coming yet this navigation season?


As a matter of fact, we use the definitive source 8 out of 10 spies recommend with a Foreword by David Letterman.

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Whatever Happened to Billy Murray? Or The Delta Queen?


I have a Victor acoustic disk of Billy Murray singing about "The Village Blacksmith." It tells of the fortunes being made catering to millions of Model T Fords et. al. This should be Exxon's theme song. I did not know he did "Waitin' on the Robert E. Lee."

I love obsolete technology. It is understandable. I remember talking with Bob Mefford in his shop about cutting master disks in bee's wax.

I see the American Queen made it to Burlington. What happened to the Delta Queen? The Advertiser the Delta Queen was coming. I hope she was not torpedoed off Otter Island by one of the Kaiser's U-boats?


Ah, the infamous submarines in the Mississippi River saga.


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Fly High on Amtrak?


Who needs air service out of Burlington with Amtrak's latest offer?

Traveling local government officials on "business" should check out this new service. It is already a go from here to San Fransisco. Today the west coast, tomorrow D. C.?

Would the Drunk ex-Mayor have resigned if he had known this offer was just down the track? Should Hoschek go first?


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02 August

Spike & BurlingtonDerailed Meet CIA and NSA Standards

After years of hard work BurlingtonDerailed.com has met the lofty standards of the CIA and NSA.

Black ops is a dirty business. It was just covert; until we started to shovel the crap.

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City Taxes Missing In Action Due From Alliant Energy


There's a swath of land running from west of Wilbert Vault works all the way to Agency Street that Alliant Energy has never paid taxes on and to top it off the city of Burlington was totally unaware this land existed. We're talking several acres of land between West Burlington and Burlington that runs from Mt. Pleasant Street (almost) all the way to Agency.

Wouldn't we all like a parcel of land this large that's tax free and until recently unknown to the Burlington taxing authority.

Can this possibly be true? I hope the hell not.


Does this mean my Alliant bill is going down?

Or another pay raise for Slagle?


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Delta Queen Wins America's Cup


Do you think Jimmy Olson, or Citizen Kane, could tell the Delta Queen from the American Queen if they were docked side to side and stern to stern? The Advertiser's "News" Department just gets worse. When will a duck hunters boat blind be called a battleship?

At least the Advertiser's Sports Department knows how to cover the local beat. Is this perhaps due to competency trumping political correctness in the hiring and retention of Sports staff?


The spelling of Queen was close.


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Publisher Steve Delaney Waiting On The Robert E Lee?


Didn't I read in the Advertiser that the Delta Queen's stop in Burlington back in mid-July was to be its last of the year?

The Advertiser is so inaccurate, they apparently do not believe what they write themselves.

Will the correction tell us to be Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee?




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2 Better Suggestions


The Advertiser is in a wad to go retrieve cell phone records and emails from the court house in their no-stone-unturned investigation of their Golden County Employee Abuser Supervisor Tim Hoschek.

I have 2 better suggestions.

Go get the cell phone records for the police department and the city the night the ex-drunk mayor slept over at BK.

Then go pull the cell phone records for the same bunch and the Sheriff's office for about 45 days before the ex-drunk mayor resigned.

The real interesting part of their lunacy makes you wonder why the Advertiser picks on the county but lets Slagle, Power, the drunk and Lost Keys Ell all skate on the closed session meeting over the railroad lawsuit.

Could have saved the taxpayers lots of money.


Publisher Steve Delaney has one mission, sell newspapers at all costs and send all that money to Kansas.


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To Serve Burlington


Has cosmonaut Jacobs given any further details on the flying saucer over Roosevelt Ave.?

Watching old Twilight Zone reruns on the Sci-Fi channel helps me understand how things work in Burlington. I hope those were not Kanamits cruising the fast food strip for their favorite dish. If they were Kanamits, only our brightest and best could save not just Burlington, but the world.

For hors d’oeuvres, serve them Hoschek. For a hearty entrée, serve them Heland. Side dishes of sinister State Senator Courtney, City Manager Slagle and another with the key ingredient of Ell would go well. To conclude the feast, an aperitif of Drunk ex-Mayor.

If the Kanamits wish this order to go, serve them Power. His without merit legal documents are perfectly passable as Wet Naps.

Indigestion is inevitable. Throw in however many tons are necessary of Burlington's Geologically known limestone to neutralize all the acid this will generate. We would hate our guests to be so mad they would turn their ray guns loose and make devastating global warming a reality instead of a politically convenient myth.

A steady diet of such fare has caused thousands to flee Burlington never to return. If we are facing Kanamits, our only hope is it will do the same for them.

Bon Appetite.

Julia Spock
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01 August

Minneapolis Bridge Collapses - 6 Thought Dead

An I35W bridge collapsed in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon.

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American Queen in Burlington Thursday


The American Queen steamboat is going to be in Burlington Thursday for the first time since 2003.
They leave at 1PM, pull a 180, and go south playing the steam calliope.

I think it is a great show, albeit brief. It would be great for someone to make a video for Youtube.

American Queen details.


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