Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 September

The Horror....The Horror of it All


Over a century of resisting change has brought Burlington to the attention of an artistic few in the outside world. If you need a visual back drop of crumbling structures still sporting faded Cocoa Cola slogans painted on rotting mortar, Burlington fits the bill.

Burlington has become eye candy to those who need a festering corpse for a back drop and can not afford a back lot. Burlington, what better place to film a horror flick.

The real horror is being trapped on the set with little hope of escape. Your taxes are higher than in other cities. Your wealth is transferred to arguably the wealthiest man in town as an interest free loan on his casino's unprofitable side attraction. Your home is not your own.

If the casino owner thinks you are blight on his approaches, the City will steal your home. A friend of the casino owner will be sold what was yours for fifty cents on the dollar, or less, of what the City invested. Your taxes go up to make up the difference.

An inbred, incompetent elite can not create wealth that spreads to the community beyond low paying jobs. They encourage fools to run the government to discourage any with real ability from moving into Burlington. They protect their position.

What is not stolen from you to support the inbred elite is squandered by elected political leaders. Infrastructure crumbles. Basic services are poor and cost far more than they should. There is virtually no over sight of government by the elected intoxicated and ignorant.

Bureaucrats do as they please. If it is a fair weather Friday, Flint Hills, ho. Lots of luck finding them if your problem needs their attention. If they are called upon to replace crumbling infrastructure, they miss by 50% at minimum what it will cost. One must show money to cover losses of previous failed ventures.

It is all just the most recent episode of what has gone for over 100 years. The visual decay is simply the outward manifestation of the cancer that continues to eat within.

If the small time film maker currently working in Burlington strikes gold, all the world may come to know; Burlington, lights, camera, misery.

D. W. Griffith

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28 September

"I Don't Know Why"

Burlington Public Works Director Ron Knoke can't explain how he missed the retention tank estimates by $2 million dollars. Knoke wants to make design changes. Soon, he will soon be advocating downtown businesses' basements again.

This is when a strong city council would start a natural selection process up and down the food chain until someone could answer the question.

And it shouldn't stop until it reaches Slagle and Mini-Me's office. It's Slagle's watch and Mini-Me's fiscal responsibility.

What else have these boneheads miscalculated? By even $500,000?

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Heland Eyesore Exposed

Des Moines County Supervisor Jeff Heland has been outed over on WestBurlingtonCity.com

Cast your vote for the neighborhood eyesore.

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I don't understand why we keep letting this vicious circle continue. We are going down the crapper and now we need more retention areas for rain water.

I still say pay Slagle off and move on with life. As we have seen, we cannot trust what he says. I for one have never heard or seen anything where he as admitted to doing wrong or even making a mistake.

Now they want a $800,000 - $1,000,000 dollars for a fire truck for the airport. From what I have heard it will be a matching grant to pay for it. I heard somewhere around $100,000 out of our pocket. We did survive for the last months with out one.

I think putting it on the open market and let a private firm run it would be a viable option to save the tax payers of Burlington and the surrounding area a ton of money.

Just one more thing: when will the new tenant open the spec building?


The airport fire truck is probably mandated equipment by the Feds and eligible for a grant.

Debecca is supposedly raising money to finish their expansion plans.


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Opt Out of Fun City - IOU For City's Interest!


Burlington should opt out of the Winegard water park to recoup the 1.8 million interest free money given to the project and use what's left after to cover the asses of those that miscalculated the cost of the equalization tanks.

I would also suggest selling off the RecPlex to stop the constant $100,000 yearly losses. This entity has yet to breakeven since its opening.

Another option would be using the hotel/motel tax to bail out the RecPlex on a yearly basis since the hotels/motels profit directly from the RecPlex while the taxpayer looses every year. However, this won't happen because the hotel/motel tax is currently being used to cover the Winegard obligation bond payment.

Another loss was the Manor Mall project where the city paid something like 5.2 million for the project and then sold it for something like 2.7 million; in most circles this would be called a loss, wouldn't it? Yet, our city administration considers this a winner for the taxpayer. Now the whole project is basically on hold because of the business climate and haggling between the city and Muir.

Slagle should make sure people are punching the clock and doing their jobs as the descriptions specify. A good example of this is lackluster enforcement of the city codes. Just drive around town and look at what's going on. There's more blight in the core city than the Manor ever could have produced.

We live in a one party dictatorship and the only movement is in a downward direction as proven over and over again by unsound governmental decisions and deceit by city hall.


Maybe we should opt out of Fun CIty and get an IOU for the interest payments.

Or, did we "negotiate" that away?


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27 September

Fired For Incompetence


In reference to the editorial regarding the Slagle/Knoke $2 million dollar error for retention tanks, I would be fired from my job for a 50% error in estimating especially when it involves $2 million dollars for incompetence.

Maybe it is time to shut down this Slagle boondoggle.

We can't afford a city manager of his obvious expertise.


Crap floats to the top.


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Best Interest of The Burlington School Board or Conflict of Interest?


It was interesting to see in the Hawkeye Wednesday that Don Harter, Gary Imthurn and Dennis Kuster all voted for Dennis Kuster to be President of the BCSD School Board. Don and Gary are both former employees of the district and may still receive district benefits. Dennis Kuster's wife is an employee of the district.

Just recently in the Quad City Times four former district employees were asked to resign their seats on the Moline School Board by the Illinois State Board of Education. These board members still received district health benefits. The state board saw this as a conflict of interest.

The article also stated that a board majority of former employees could influence policy in ways more beneficial to themselves then the district. All though these three members are not the majority of the board, they still have an influence on policy!

This is something the citizens of Burlington might want to think about! It is also sad to see only two members are parents with children currently in the district!


Things are a little too cozy for my liking. Or effective management and oversight.


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How Does Your Airport Grow?


The Quad City Airport takes marketing seriously.

The Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce electronic newsletter is being sponsored by the Quad City Airport. The folks at Cedar Rapids' Eastern Iowa Airport have taken note and are not happy.

Provincial whining is pointless. If your product can not compete, you lose. If a little time saves enough dimes, people will fly out of Moline. The Quad City Airport is making travelers aware of their service. Where is Southeast Iowa's Airport in this struggle?

Both the Quad City and Eastern Iowa Airports pull passengers out of Southeast Iowa. Are potential travelers aware the local option is returning?

When local air service resumes, a trough for Hoschek and the rest of the local free lunch political hogs is not enough. A marketing blitz of the Southeast Iowa Airport's potential customer base is a must. It is tougher to win back customers lost than find new ones.

Southeast Iowa's small and ever shrinking population base may not support scheduled air service. The current opportunity may be the area's last chance to maintain this service.

If scheduled air service is severed again, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) may strike again. Dirty Dick destroyed this service before and would would not hesitate to divert its federal subsidy to METRA and/or Midway Airport.

It would be a shame to see this service so vital to economic development squandered because customers are unaware of what is offered.

Juan Trippe

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Former Aldi's Distribution Building


Looks like it will be occupied by the company that also bought the Aldi Bakery downtown. Plans are under way to install equipment and retrofit the building. At some point they will be looking to hire staff. It is unknown at this time how many they would look to hire or at what wage.

I thought I would pass this along because the crap eye will miss it for a month or two.

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26 September

Hoschek Mumbles Airport Discontent

We Say, Not One Damn Dime!


Supervisor Tim Hoschek provided an extremely weak comment regarding the Southeast Iowa Airport Board request for more funding. Something to the effect of "they need to be a little more open."

We'll take it a little further.

I don't care what soon-to-be retired, Airport Board ex-chairman Steve Lewis says about anything. If he can't discern the Iowa Code what can he possibly understand about fiscal management.

You don't deserve one damn dime until you correct the problems you have created in your quest to replace Remmers Aviation with your ill-planned, poorly executed, hide-behind-your-Mother's-skirt hatchet job you did on Remmers.

And you need to get your membership problem fixed, too.

Not one damn dime!!!

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Steak Fry


I see where the Bias Eye wrote an article about the Des Moines Co. Democrats steak fry this coming Thursday on page two, today.

This rag never mentioned a word about the Republican steak fry recently

Is this fair reporting?


Someone needs to track their writing. Political endorsement laws must be adhered to, equal time and space for all candidates and parties in every election.

And the Ad Vertiser's claim that they only scribe the Democratic Party line doesn't count.

While you're at it, search the Iowa Code to see if the Ad Vertiser qualifies as a newspaper with so much advertising. How much news in column inches does a newspaper have to print in order to maintain status a newspaper?

Also check any trade groups. They might have rules for membership by legitimate newspapers vs. advertising circulars.


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Citizen Kane - Advocating Shame to Cover Airport Sham


Citizen Kane has once again advocated no more than a slap on the wrist for local office holders who hold the law in disregard. West Burlington Mayor Trousil is only admonished to obey the law.

The Drunk Mayor episode, the illegal secret meeting to sue the railroad, Rosemary Woods Slagle of the destroyed tapes, and Trousil's open admission the law does not apply to him are treated the same. Bad doggie! Don't soil the carpet again.

The Advertiser loves to claim it is defending us all as an advocate of the publics' right to know. There is no doubt we are well informed of retailers are telling us to buy. Were it not for Spike and Falcon, what would we really know?

If the Advertiser were serious about their claimed role in our community, they would sue those who withhold public information. They would ask where are those who enforce the law. They would advocate those who fail to follow the law go through the justice system.

Citizen Kane huffs and puffs. Those pulling his strings encourage him to perform this charade. All the better to make the lemming sheep think there is still a real newspaper operating in the community. The last few vestiges of the old Hawk-Eye died with Bill Mertens.

For the public to be damned, the public must be kept in the dark. Citizen Kane and his Advertiser are nothing more than a vital cog for those in control to continue doing as they please.


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"Journalism" in Service of the State


If Jimmy Olson does as he is told at the Advertiser, foreign adventures could await. His experience would serve him well for a position with this news agency.


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Feast of Fools


WP reported an invite for free eats at the Airport, Oct. 12, @ 11 A.M. Checking my calender, I see Oct. 12th is a Friday.

Besides the three mentioned stooges representing the local single party system, what of the City Hall comedians? I would imagine Slagle and the others are invited. Forget not "Grow" Greater Burlington with Hinkle and his hangers on.

Should those catering this event check the weather before preparing the feast? If the weather is good, not all the "piggies in their starched white shirts" may be done playing in Flint Hills dirt.

"Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon," Harrison and Lennon.

Abbey Road

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25 September

Airport Board Poster Winner


The Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Authority held a poster contest for grade schoolers. This is nice for the kids, but I doubt if they comprehend the whole story.

Perhaps this image better portrays the methodology employed by those making appointments to the Airport Authority and the fruits of their labor.


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Only What Those in Control Want You to Know


Des Moines County Republicans held a steak fry last Saturday evening. It is one of those events where candidates and office holders address the faithful. In the past, the Advertiser covered the local GOP picnic. Not this year.

Single party political systems survive on only their side of the story being told. In Nazi Germany, listening to foreign radio broadcasts could be fatal. In the old Soviet Union, the Voice of America, the BBC and other subversive news services were jammed.

Any time two or more hold hands around a standard bearer of the local single party system, the Advertiser is there. No hard questions are asked. Citizen Kane on South Main simply ignores those who may oppose those whom he serves.

The local single party system does not want people to hear about fiscal responsibility and the idea that ever expanding government may create more problems than it solves.

The Advertiser does all it can to see you are not exposed to politically incorrect heresy. Politically correct events are covered.

This latest episode is simply more proof that the Advertiser is not a credible news source. The Advertiser has no more credibility than Pravda during the cold war.


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Garry Thomas Wants You To Get Your Ass Kicked For Greater Understanding


You'll evidently have to take a beating before you'll understand but Garry Thomas wants all the skate boarders and BMX riders to quit whining and get their asses kicked for greater understanding.

Quoting Mr. Thomas: "I'm uncomfortable moving the skate park. I think this is an opportunity to learn about other people. If we move and run, I think we're missing an opportunity," he said. "I think if we worked together, we can fix this."

Wel...um...hm...yeah...ok. Does he also believe that if people stood around and held hands rainbows would appear and unicorns would show up? I bet those skate boarders are uncomfortable getting their heads worked over with a padlock or their own skateboards. I guess learning how other people kick your ass is important.

Yeah, sending kids down to that park they'll learn to move and run alright; right up until they get caught and the beating starts. And hey if you get your ass kicked badly enough it does indeed take lots of people working together to "fix" you. It's called the ER. Sweet sainted
mother of Tony Hawk!

I don't know if Garry Thomas has sprogs but if he does what do you want to bet he wouldn't deign to let them go down and smoke the peace pipe with the tribes currently marking their territory out on the community skate park. Oh no. Let other people send their kids down there to suffer the abuse and get beat down for the sake of brotherhood.

I can't believe no one on the council said, “Garry are you out of your damned mind?”

What is Garry going to say when one of the skater boarders on his brotherhood mission is killed? When one of them is shot? Oh gee sorry? I thought it was a really good idea to have kids go down there and tangle with gangs of thugs and packs of feral kids and adults and get their asses kicked? Where was the Police Chief when this plan was floated? Hauling the former mayor home from the BK parking lot?

I want that UFO Guy as Mayor and Mary Baker on the council and then we'll round up a bunch of winos, bums and raving derelicts off the street to fill the rest of the positions. It couldn't be any worse than the Brain Trust that is running things now. At least it would be entertaining to watch.

Sweet merciful crap!


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GRMC Nurses Speak Out


I would like to speak out for the nurses at GRMC......

I work at GRMC and am proud of it!!!! Today I am sad because I think I am going to have to go out on strike...... This saddens me because I am a very caring and compassionate nurse. I feel that if the upper management of the hospital would just step back and think about that day when they are the patient....well, they would feel very fortunate to be at GRMC.

We have an excellent facility with excellent nurses and doctors. This unfortunate circumstance we are in right now is very unnecessary. We are all (or it should be ALL) in this business with the very same goal..............Patient satisfaction!!!

Now, I don't know about you but I am hoping that is the thought throughout the hospital when I enter the ED or where ever I happen to be when I have to be admitted to a hospital!?!!

This is not about money!!! This is not about power!!! This is about being decent.

I am a nurse at GRMC and I am very satisfied with my wage. But if you want to play dirty ball, let's talk about the wages of the upper management (the same people that come to us for good care when they are sick or have to have surgery). I know the nurses are not working toward huge wage increases. They just want decent medical insurance.

It is very discouraging when you pay, pay, pay for medical services, especially after paying hundreds out of the check each month for services at the facility that you work in. Now, I am wondering what the upper management pays for insurance and if they have it through the same company the employees do?

I consider myself as a fine upstanding citizen of this community. One who pays my share of taxes, always insures my vehicles and anything else that I own, pay my bills, and contributes to charities in the area. Now, I ask you, what has that gotten me?

I am more that likely going to have to sit on a picket line, in the cold, at night, with my coworkers and hope for the best for the best. I know the majority of the nurses at GRMC are of high quality and high integrity and I know we all hope the community does not think less of us if we have to resort to a strike against our life line.....GRMC.


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Debecca Foods


With our great leaders at the Chamber touting our business park development and the promise of new jobs, I was hoping they could explain where Debecca Foods is in relation to opening, and what time frame they are looking at to start hiring.


Good luck.


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The Three Stooges Didn't Do A Thing


Got a post card from Great Lakes Aviation today. Apparently we are all invited to the airport on October 12th @ 11AM. They will be having a Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting. This includes FREE BBQ and drinks for your lunch break, they are also giving away roundtrip tickets and other prizes.

I wonder who's paying for all of this?? Anyways, it will be a nice opportunity to see Hoschek, Courtney and Heland at the Hog Trough patting themselves on the back. Job well done boys.


The three stooges didn't do a thing to fix the airline mess. But I am sure they will be snout down and tail up.


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No Knowledge of the Law

Spike -

At least with these criminals, ignorance of the law is believable.


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Today Iran - Tomorrow Burlington?


Iran has shut down a web site that dared to counter the official line of those running the government. I trust Senator Courtney is taking note.

The Iowa Legislature reconvenes in January. May we expect another Bill in the Iowa Senate to out our good senator's critics on the Internet for persecution?

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24 September

Local Mayoral Political Skills Differ

Burlington's Mayors Deny Being Crooks & Bums

West Burlington Mayor Admits Being Crook & Bum


One thing for sure, our mayor doesn't beat around the bush about admitting to breaking the law like Burlington's former and current mayor. When our mayor breaks the law he just comes right out and tells you he broke the law.

With total and absolute indifference.

So Proud of Our Mayor

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Iowa Code Doesn't Apply


According to the newspaper "Trousil said, in his opinion, Oblein is not prohibited by state code to serve as a voting member of the board.

"We all knew the code said what the code says. Now what do you want me to say, that we violated the code? If we did, we did. So what, life goes on. If we violated the code, we violated the code. What else can I say? I mean life is going to go on," Trousil said.

The Iowa Code only applies to Iowa, not West Burlington.


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Steve Lewis Missed The Point


Airport Board Chairman Steve Lewis missed the point with his observations regarding the illegal vote conducted by the Airport board to terminate the Remmers Aviation contract and signing up Jet Air.

It isn't a question of whether or not Oblein is a good person, it is a only a matter of how much it will cost when Remmers sues.


Whether Lewis is astute enough to admit to knowingly ignore the Iowa Code like Trousil isn't the question. His reference to other votes doesn't matter. It's the failure to comply with Iowa law in the termination of Remmers' contract and the illegal vote conducted granting Jet Air's new contract that count.

What gets me is the Airport Board knowingly conducted business in violation of the Iowa Code. And how one person with an agenda can bring the whole party down to getting busted.


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So What Nobody Died!


I guess Trousil must think since nobody died that everything is OK with his violation of Iowa law. Well, I don't think it is is OK.

Trousil should resign before we have to go to the expense of removing him from office.


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22 September

Gas Land


Gas Land stations here in Burlington have been sold to an Indian immigrant group who may or may not represent someone else and the intention is to terminate the entire group of current employees including managers.

I guess we can figure out who'll be running the stations, can't we? The new owners are currently out of Chicago.

So, apparently the gas business's here in Burlington will be following the same trail as the motels.

Disappointed Again

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21 September

Another Airport Litigation Angle


Don't forget Remmers could add Jet Air to the lawsuit. Jet Air has no technical right to be conducting business at the airport. Their contract is void since it was approved by an illegal board.

So it would seem Jet Air is working for Remmers.


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Where Was the Airport Manager Sleeping?


I find it very difficult to believe that the airport manager didn't know what the Iowa Code said about how she was governed. If she didn't know, she should be fired. Today!


Under a mushroom.


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Trousil and the disregard for the law


Interesting...I seem to remember Trousil saying once that red tape keeps him out of jail. Does that mean, now that we know he has made two illegal appointments to the airport board, that he gets to go to jail? I guess that is one way for us to pay for his room and board - possibly a better deal than he gets as the Mayor.

As soon as Ron Remmers realizes that the vote that put him out of business was illegal, does that put the City of West Burlington at risk of liability? It was a vote by that illegal board that ran him out of business. It makes sense that either the Mayor or the City is civilly liable for the income that he would have made until retiring on his own terms.


This is one time we screwed up. If we had released this story a few days earlier at least some law abiding citizen would have had an opportunity to run for office.

As it stands now if Trousil votes for himself the citizens of West Burlington will be saddled with Albatrosso Trousilli for another 4 years.

As for Remmers, he has a perfect opportunity to litigate his losses.


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Airport Board


You missed two other important points in section 330A.5 of the Iowa Code.

First, Trousil broke the law 3 times not 2. His failure to appoint a replacement for Mandsager of his departure within 45 days is a violation.

Secondly, it looks like the board had to post an "adequate surety bond" to cover the job performance.


from the Iowa Code 330A.5:
Each authority shall have a board of an odd number of three or more members and the board shall be the governing body of the authority exercising all of the rights, duties, and powers conferred by this chapter upon the authority. The board members shall be appointed by the governing bodies of the member municipalities. The number to be appointed by each municipality shall be provided for in the agreement or ordinance creating the authority. However, an elected official or full-time paid employee of a member municipality is not eligible for appointment to the board. Board members shall serve for terms of four years at the pleasure of the municipality appointing the members except members of the initial board shall determine their respective terms by lot so the terms of one- half of the members expire at the end of two years. The remaining initial terms shall expire at the end of four years. Each member of the board shall qualify by taking an oath to faithfully perform the duties of office. Within forty-five days after a vacancy occurs on the board by death, resignation, change of residence or removal of a member, or from any other cause, the successor of the member shall be appointed by the member municipality represented by the vacancy and shall serve until the term expires. The board shall, within ten days after its appointment, organize by electing a chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer, each for a term of two years. The treasurer shall execute an adequate surety bond in a penal sum to be fixed by the authority, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of office, the premium on which shall be paid by the authority. Board members and officers shall serve until their successors are duly elected and qualified. A salary shall not be paid to a board member; however, each board member shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of the member's duties. All actions by an authority require the affirmative vote of a majority of the board of the authority.

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The Formula to Explain Local "Leadership"

Mr. Wizard:

As a victim of liberal New Math decades past, my check book's salvation only came about with $40.00, bigger than your hand, electronic calculators. As you are versed in the language of Science, I have a question you may be able answer.

Burlington's leadership appears to be comprised of ignorance, sloth and malice. Are you able to determine the ratios of each that make up our community's current leadership and ever increasing rate of decay?

Would such an answer be valuable in calculating the time left to total disintegration?

Issac N.

It's raining apples!

It is a simple equation of ratios:

Ignorance 100% + Sloth 100% + Malice 100% = 300% therefore everything is OK. It is a simple, but extremely complex equation similar to whether carbon becomes a diamond or a lump of coal.


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Council Candidate Forum Report - Ho-Hum

All the council candidates told their stories for the voters and all of them did a pretty good job of expressing their opinions.

But there was one candidate that is just to gullible to be set loose around Slagle. Slagle would suck Chuck Griffin's brain dry like a Borg Queen.

Griffin proclaimed that according to his extensive research aboard Amtrak trains to and from Colorado last summer he was told by BNSF engineers that they only blow their horns in Burlington and no other city.

Chuck, you must have had your Turnip Truck button on your jacket pocket. I'm sorry you missed the cut. If your plan for Burlington is based on crap like that, the citizens of this community don't have enough toilet paper to slide you back into the big seat.


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Direct Flights to Kansas City Make Sense


Illegal secret meetings, missing tapes, immunity from drunk driving for elected officials, and now the Airport Board. Who you are in Burlington effects compliance with the law.

If the Attorney General of Iowa keeps ignoring what his party mates in Burlington have been doing, the feds may not. All these local hacks love spending federal grants. The Justice Department takes a jaded view of misappropriating federal money.

No wonder the local political structure has been so anxious for direct flights to Kansas City. Leavenworth is only a short distance away.


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In regards to GRMC's operating procedures I've also heard about their methods of signing on new doctors. They give them extremely generous salaries ($350,000 per year seems to be the typical figure), but the catch is the doctors have a specified number of years to make their practice a paying proposition to support that salary.

I've heard it said that doing so is an impossibility in this area. What happens then is the doctors aren't able to generate the amount of income required by their contract so they must pay back some of their wage. In the end some leave.

I'm hoping I live a long healthy life and drop over dead so the first call made for me will be to the undertaker.


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Leave if You Do Not Like It


What is happening with local nurses is just more of the same in Burlington. If you are not happy here, go to work somewhere else. In Burlington, there is nowhere else.

Those in control figure you will stay and take their substandard offer rather than move away. This has been their game plan for over a century. Keep everybody else out so they could keep things just the way they like it. Success breeds failure.

This worn out game plan fails to acknowledge what thousands have accepted. Burlington has gotten so intolerable, they are moving away. Eventually the whole structure will collapse as there will be too few left to support it.

You are already seeing cracks developing as fewer are left to be taxed. Raising taxes just encourages more to leave. The cycle of decay accelerates.

Offering up low wage casino positions and other junk jobs just retains those with less to offer. The bulk of the brightest and best have already left.

It is only a matter of time before Burlington becomes nothing more than a shrunken warehouse of those living off government checks.


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If the Hsu Fits...


So is Burlington simply a reflection of politics in Iowa or the other way around? The href="http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070830/NEWS/70830015/1056/NEWS09">Des
Moines Register reported August 30th that four top Iowa Dems took money from Mr. Hsu.

Former Gov Tom Vilsack, current Gov Chet Culver, entrenched Sen. Tom Harkin and local hack Dave Loebsack all responded with typical liberal guilt by donating the money to charity (it feels good to give even if it is dirty money from other people). None admitted any wrong doing.

It won't be long before you'll needed to change the name of your website from "Burlington Derailed" to "Iowa Derailed".

Sign me,


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20 September

Obviously Not


In answer to your question, "Did anyone really read the Iowa code?"

Obviously not.


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Not First Airport Board Violation


According to this morning's newspaper story West Burlington and the airport board have knowingly violated the Iowa Code for at least 5 years. Trousil admits that he replaced the former West Burlington City Manager with the current Police Chief.

Since Trousil knowingly admits the appointment of the chief was in violation of state law, then he surely knew the appointment of the former city manager was a violation also.

That means that Trousil shows flagrant total disregard to Iowa law. And so does the Airport Board.

Somebody needs to report this all to the Iowa Attorney General, Iowa Ombudsman and Iowa State Auditor.

Last, the vote to replace Remmers with Jet Air is an illegal vote. According to the Iowa Code that vote should have been 3-0 to make the vote binding since all members of the Board were present.

All the other votes are illegal and have to be redone since Mandsagar was a board member.

I cannot understand why Board Chairman Steve Lewis would allow something like this to occur. You would think he would know what the state laws say about how they can conduct business.

Or the airport manager? Why wouldn't she know what the law said about board members?

Did anyone really read the Iowa code?


Rumor is Steve Lewis wanted Remmers replaced but didn't have the guts to vote publicly to do it since he worked on an occasional basis for Remmers as a flight instructor until he ran off more students than he brought in.

You would think the airport manager should have known what the Iowa Code says about operating an airport authority.


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Airport Could Lose State Money


In addition to costing the taxpayers an enormous amount of money to redo the airport board votes, the airport might have to give back all of the state funding they have received.


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Trousil Lies & Is Caught Redhanded!!

Falcon cut right to the chase this morning after The Hawk-Eye broke the first segment of the airport board story. Trousil claims the WB police chief appointment to the airport board was temporary. Apparently, it wasn't.

Oh, and Trousil said he knew he was breaking Iowa state law when he appointed the chief but there is no one to ever volunteer. That means Trousil isn't afraid to violate the law to promote his agenda.

And this guy Trousil is running unopposed?

09:54:26 - SPIKE - No comments

Great River Bridge


Where is local government on this issue as we have heard nothing from them about the Great River Bridge being a “potential” threat from terrorism – we need the Des Moines Register to inform us of a potential disaster?

One would think that the minimum the local officials would do is ask responsible citizens to have due diligence and report any suspicious activities anyplace in our community whether it is the bridge, the depot, or even our schools.

The city officials seem asleep at the wheel sometimes.


07:22:00 - SPIKE - No comments



If you read the paper Wednesday about Great River trying to put RN's under the heading Supervisors, because of their warped interpretation of a law. Nurses can only do what they are trained to do and under the authority of a doctor. They just don't walk into a patient's room and do what they want to with them, they have to follow a doctors orders.

This hospital will try anything to undermined the people that keep them in business. They overpay the doctors and under pay the RN's who really do most of the work, it's a disgrace. We need competent people to get into the nursing profession, and to be treated right. I know one nurse that works there and there are quite a few who have already decided to leave.

They have money to throw around to look good but they forget the RN's that are needed to help in each building. They even took away the money for Safety Town!


Everywhere else nurses and premium pay walk hand-in-hand. Not in Burlington.


02:28:21 - SPIKE - No comments

GRMC's Bursting Bank Account


One thought on the GRMC's stance against the nurses and their bursting bank account - They expect us to believe they're a non-profit organization.


They're only a non-profit in corporate status with the IRS. Otherwise, they are an extreme cash machine.


02:25:30 - SPIKE - No comments

18 September

Obeying State Laws Applies to Others


The airport authority is just going to do like the city, county, and state governments always do and just ignore whatever laws or requirements are out there.

Time and time again, these things are handed over to their "legal beagles" and the public is told that the law doesn't apply in their particular case. I've seen this over and over again in every local branch of government--whether it was the West Burlington city council, the Burlington city council, or the Des Moines County supers. I'm sure you are aware of these situations.

They'll go ahead and do whatever they want to do and not worry about whether they are breaking any state or Federal laws--after all, even if they do, who's going to really do anything about it?

Keep up the good work and keep their feet to the fire!!


There are people to do something about it this time.


11:54:27 - SPIKE - No comments

Nurses Strike?


I have heard rumors that the hospital only offered the nurses at the hospital a 1% pay raise in the latest contract negotiations. The nurses' union is recommending a strike at the end of the month unless a better wage increase is offered.

Has anyone heard anything on this, and why wouldn't the local news have coverage of this?? The hospital has to be one of the areas largest employers that is spending a lot of money buying land, building new hospice centers and redoing parking and landscaping areas.

I would hope the 1% offer is untrue.


We hear the hospital is sitting on more cash now than they had to dispose of when building the new hospital. That's a lot of dough.


11:52:22 - SPIKE - No comments

Illegal Aliens and African Americans


Why isn't the NAACP bashing this illegal alien problem? We have about 8.5% black unemployment yet the NAACP and others such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are totally silent about this issue.

Instead of chasing unknowns and causing conflict why don't these organizations and individuals stand up and question this unemployment problem and support the African American.

I haven't heard a word out of Sharpton or Jackson regarding the 12 million illegal alien and criminals that are stealing black jobs as well as the jobs on the white side of the spectrum.

This problem concerns both white and black American citizens; so what the hell is up?


11:50:03 - SPIKE - No comments

17 September

I Hate Airport Riddles! Tell Us The Story!


I hate riddles. Life is short enough as it is without you making us sit and bark like a dog.

All I know is if this is all true about the airport board every vote that has ever been taken will have to be be redone with a new board member.

BTW the board has 1 contract with an FBO, Remmers Aviation. The contract with Jet Air is null and void without the entire selection process being repeated in its entirety.

Don't help us out with the rest of the riddle. Tell us the darn story! I hate riddles!


In due time.


14:21:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Riddle Partially Solved


Just a guess on your riddle...

Iowa Code 330 Article 5 Airport Board includes the following line: "However, an elected official or full-time paid employee of a member municipality is not eligible for appointment to the board."

So the 2-1 vote, minus the one vote from the elected full time paid employee of a member municipality (West Burlington Police Chief) really ends up being a 1-1 vote on their recent action against a 61 year old Burlington business.

And since that same section also reads: "All actions by an authority require the affirmative vote of a majority of the board of the authority" anything less than 3 votes is the same as no votes.

Welcome to Burlington, where 0 = "majority will."


Well done, Watson!

Now, finish the this part of the riddle, "but also 1 = 0, so total = 0."


12:27:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No Solution to Riddle - Yet!

Back on September 5 we ran this riddle:


A riddle of material concerns ignored.

135 – 10
145 – 15

NPTRS 135 – 56
NPTRS 145 – 34

IC 330A5 = -1 therefore 2:1 = 1:1 = 0

We've had no one guess the answers so here is a clue to one part of this riddle -

IC 330A5 = -1 therefore 2:1 = 1:1 = 0

IC = Iowa Code and -1 therefore 2:1 = 1:1 = 0 is true,

but also 1 = 0, so total = 0.

11:18:59 - SPIKE - No comments

Airshow a Bust - No Burlington Airshow By a Long Shot!


I wanted to let you know that Aviation Appreciation Days was a flop. No crowd and plenty of parking. I didn't see the hackeye ever run a story.


It is a true testament to the prior airshows the Burlington Airshow group sponsored and ran with their great volunteers.


10:46:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Tama Building


The other day I was waiting for a tire repair when I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and took a tour of the Tama Building on the corner of Third and Jefferson.

Wow, what a let down and depressing tour that was. The entire upper floors were vacant and starting to decay in a fashion similar to that of the Burlington Hotel just a few years ago.

I started at the top and worked my way down floor by floor traversing each floor from one end to the other. Nothing but empty suite after empty suite was to befall my eyes. Some of the doors were locked while other were not and some doors were wide open.

It didn't take but one floor to realize this building was soon to be nothing but a shell with contents of decaying former office suites, just a skeleton of its former self as are many of Burlington's, Jefferson street buildings.

Several years ago I went into the Tama Building and there were functioning offices on every floor and the place gave the feeling of active commerce. What happened to those business interest previously housed in the Tama Building? Did they go out of business or did they move to another section of town? Without tenants how can an owner maintain this building in a responsible manner? Will it end up being the responsibility of the taxpayer?

My first clue of decay was when I entered the building through the Third Street entrance. I couldn't fail to notice the old pictures of the building were missing as were others that previously graced the walls by the elevators.

The Tama building is just another vision of how Burlington's downtown is just a rustic memory of a once thriving center of commerce. Just how many thousands of square feet of office and/or living space are just rotting away in downtown Burlington?

Of note, there was the faint sound of music or a TV emulating from just one suite on the second floor of the Tama Building situated above the Third Street entrance. I wondered if there was a homeless person, the owner or possibly a tenant occupying that suite.


With all that internal travel, did you notice if the Elevator Inspection certificate was current or if the restaurant has reopened after a 6 week summer vacation?


10:17:31 - SPIKE - No comments

Ramps to Rubble


It makes one feel all warm and fuzzy that Burlington will have curbs compliant with the Americans with Disabilities act in five years. Group hugs all around for City officials.

This statistic ignores the fact that once past the curb cut, many sidewalks are impassable to those using a walker, let alone a wheel chair. It is like bragging about painting the ceiling, but ignoring the roof leaks.

Burlington can boast about losing a "without merit" lawsuit, a never will be self sufficient Rec-Plex, an interest free loan to one of Burlington's more wealthy citizens, and a whole host of municipal spending of much greater importance than tending to the basics.

It matters not if you do your job. It matters more if you can produce a statistic to prove you may someday get around to doing your job.


10:07:30 - SPIKE - No comments

"Releasing Names..."


re: "Releasing Names a Problem" By Denied

"I guess the local paper no investigative reporters to nose around..."---Ain't that the TRUTH!---As I was told by Mr. Delaney in an unrelated case: "Oh we don't have the time or resources for that".

Feel free to use my name,

Ron Thornton

10:06:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Releasing Names


There was an article in the paper today about the Illinois State Police not
releasing the cause of Marvin Davis's death. He's the man from Nashville
who was murdered and dumped along Hwy 34 east of Monmouth, Illinois.

It's been well over a month since that construction accident west of West
Burlington at the Ethanol plant and the local rag has never identified the
person injured nor has the state said a word.

Why should the authorities not release the name of this injured worker?
Just what is the secret regarding this person? Could it be this injured
person was not a citizen but rather an illegal immigrant working for a local

I guess the local paper has no investigative reporters to nose around and
find out the name of this mystery worker or what is exactly transpiring at
the Ethanol plant. I wonder how many Iowans don't have jobs because of
possible illegal workers at the Ethanol plant.

10:02:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Answer to the identity question


In response to the question about identifying the murder victim in Illinois versus not identifying the injured worker locally, the difference is literally life or death. The release of identifying information is regulated by the Health Information Portablilty Accountability Act, or HIPAA. HIPAA is a federal law that states that identifying demographic information about a person receiving medical treatment may not be released without permission of the patient, except in limited circumstances. We have all had to sign the "Privacy Act" papers when we go to the dentist, doctor's office, emergency department, etc. The procedures at most pharmacies have changed, in that we are usually asked to stand behind a line when not being waited on, unless the counter area provides a reasonable amount of privacy to customers.

In the case of the murder victim, since he never received medical treatment, HIPAA was never an issue. In cases where a victim receives medical treatment, HIPAA rights usually terminate upon death. As a courtesy to grieving family members, information is usually not released until the notification of next of kin has been accomplished. In the case of an injury where medical treatment was rendered, the patient (a.k.a., the employee) has the right to keep his identity private, and rightly so.

Many people have signed away their privacy rights in order to get published, and sometimes the news agencies have gotten their information from family members who are not bound by such restrictions. If a health care provider or allied health care worker releases such information, there can be a fine of up to $100,000 per violation, with the possibility of prison time. Family members, while unable to legally give permission to release information in most cases, are not subject to such fines. They can be held liable in civil court, though, if it creates enough of a rift that the victim would seek a legal solution.

This is not to say that the advertiser is blameless. I agree that they seem to glean the information that they want released, leaving other equally important information unreported. I just feel the need to give them credit when they finally do something right.


Rather than give the Ad Vertiser the benefit of the doubt, I would rather guess they don't know who the hurt worker is.


10:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

14 September

Releasing Names a Problem


There was an article in the paper today about the Illinois State Police not releasing the cause of Marvin Davis's death. He's the man from Nashville who was murdered and dumped along Hwy 34 east of Monmouth, Illinois.

It's been well over a month since that construction accident west of West Burlington at the Ethanol plant and the local rag has never identified the person injured nor has the state said a word.

Why should the authorities not release the name of this injured worker? Just what is the secret regarding this person? Could it be this injured person was not a citizen but rather an illegal immigrant working for a local contractor?

I guess the local paper has no investigative reporters to nose around and find out the name of this mystery worker or what is exactly transpiring at the Ethanol plant. I wonder how many Iowans don't have jobs because of possible illegal workers at the Ethanol plant.


Lloyd Moffit would have gotten the story and then reported it correctly without weeks of repetitive cut and pasting of previously published paragraphs of puke.


10:54:09 - SPIKE - No comments

A Tragic Loss


The Register Mail link to the Galva, IL man killed while walking on the railroad tracks was heart wrenching.

The story did not say if the victim drove his riding lawnmower to the store because his driver's license was revoked. The man's behavior was obviously attracting attention.

Store employees fearing the man was intoxicated and contacting police did the right thing. Despite his inability to follow a sobriety test, the cop reported no odor of alcohol. The article made no mention of a history of mental instability.

The article failed to say if the victim was walking toward Burlington when the train hit him.

If this poor devil had made it to Burlington, who knows how far he could have gone in local politics. He could have ended up being Mayor of Burlington.

Opportunity only knocks in the right places. Sad, so sad.


10:49:15 - SPIKE - No comments

Bank Acquisition


MidWest One recently aquired Iowa State Bank in Iowa City. Once completed MidWest One should have 31 branch offices around the state, and make it the 3rd largest bank in Iowa. Their is no affiliation to the Iowa State Bank in Burlington.

I thought you should know since it won't hit the crapeye for a month.

Derailed Business Editor

It was about a month on the Cessford story.


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13 September

So Much for Education


I woke up yesterday to find Gary Imthurn won a spot on the Burlington School Board.

Gary Imthurn? He is supposed to help improve education? Ask anyone who was a student or colleague of his and you'll hear he is definitely a "lowest common denominator" kind of guy.

His campaign theme was that teachers do too much already! Another lazy complainer put in charge in Burlington.

What a surprise!


Great! A Lazy Complainer Blind Lemming Sheep that could care less the system needs fixing!


10:33:04 - SPIKE - No comments

Gas Prices


Has anyone else noticed the towns around Burlington have cheaper gas! Wever has gas for $2.89 and it's been that way since last week, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, Mediapolis, Fairfield, all the area's around Burlington have their gas prices down, what is up?

I say we boycott all the gas stations in this town, they are taking advantage of everyone. I will not buy any gas in Burlington ever again!


Or the $3.049 over the weekend? Buy local and get hosed I always say.


10:26:32 - SPIKE - No comments

"Is this part of the reason I'm so broke?"


If an ethanol producer pays lower tax rates than the oil refiner, some claim the ethanol producer is “subsidized by the government“ and is “taking my money out of my wallet.”

This is true only if you are a socialist who believes that the government owns everything and anyone who is allowed to keep any of his own money is somehow stealing what government owns. The original American attitude, on the other hand, is that the is that private property is a fundamental right and that government is a necessary evil.

It is interesting how socialist philosophy has become so widely accepted.


10:24:13 - SPIKE - No comments

Sue the Railroad - Part II

Spike -

Burlington's newest school is moving along right next to where more than two score of trains daily move through town. No movement has been noted on constructing side walks to the new school.

It will not be long before a trail is worn from the school to the railroad's right of way.

Light trains drifting downgrade make little noise. When I was in middle school and using the railroad as the shortest, driest distance between two points south of a sidewalk-less Sunnyside, I was nearly nailed by an eastbound Amtrak.

It is only a matter of time before some poor kid is less fortunate than I. Let the lawsuits begin.

Instead of this miracle of natural selection remaining a dispute between the railroad and grieving survivors, the City should get in on the action. Sue the railroad for maintaining an unfenced, attractive nuisance and whatever else comes to mind.

Burlington's brilliant City Attorney could get another shot at legal larceny. Ask for millions. Make no mention of bringing jobs back to the shops, or helping the victim's survivors. Let a little honesty not cloud the issue in this round. The City cares only about "without merit" financial gain.

Despite their huge pool of well qualified, in house legal talent, the railroad has a history of turning to high powered, outside legal counsel to handle the tough ones. With Power for the plaintiff, any in house rookie should again bring the railroad victory.

Burlington's love of "without merit" lawsuits will in time have us all trained to traverse the tricky surface of crushed rock. It will not be ballast supporting track structure we will be treading. It will be the streets and sidewalks of Burlington.

Rumpole of the Bar Flies

Let's hope not.


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Interest Rates


The loan the city got for Mr.Winegards waterpark is sitting down at the Burlington Bank and Trust Bank at 6% interest, Maybe if they would have gone where West Burlington went to get their loan at 4% we would have had enough money left over to pay a couple of the city salaries from the money we saved.

Leonard Johnson

BB&T schmoozes the Roosevelt interests. Another reason, their president sits on the gambling re-election committee.


10:15:21 - SPIKE - No comments

It Could be Worse Elsewhere


The Mayor elect of West Lake, LA never took office. He was found dead of a bullet wound. His family alleges it was the deed of a "known, organized criminal enterprise."

Burlington's known, organized criminal conspiracy has so far only acted to cover up a Mayor's stupidity. It is hard to believe, but it could be worse elsewhere.


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12 September

Riding The Ethanol Express


I guess I just don't understand big business. How can an industry, let's just say ethanol, post millions of dollars in profits while being subsidized by the government? Isn't that like me taking my money out of my wallet and handing it to the investors?

Is this part of the reason I'm so broke? Why do I have to give my hard earned tax money to a bunch of millionaires?


Did you see that the local ethanol plant expects lower profits this year while spending $64 million on an expansion?

I'd sure like to see their books. And that proforma that shows $64 million dollars in capital expenditures.


02:11:00 - SPIKE - No comments

SCC Rehab Needed


I see where Mrs. Brandt was talking about, via a letter to the editor in the local rag, the methods used by SCC to get rid of Tim Walsh, Donna Miller, after thirty years and Don Brandt after 45 years of broadcasting SCC games.

We must realize that SCC has outgrown its hick status and is now an overpriced priced junior college. SCC charges about $30 more per credit hour than Blackhawk does; so does this tell you something or not?

The sports teams are anything but local in makeup. The baseball teams are loaded with out of state and country players some of which probably speak English as a second language and the basketball team is about as out of
state as you can get.

There are local basketball and baseball players that never get the nod from SCC or the free ride, only to leave the Burlington area to attend four year colleges where they play these sports with no problem.

It's my understanding in order to get a CDL license from SCC one must shell out $4,500, which seems extremely high for a driver's license from a junior college.

It just seems SCC is forgetting its roots and purpose in life, which isn't to run up sports records by giving free education and living expenses to out of state players while ignoring its local citizens for which it was created
to educate.

SCC emulates Burlington city government in the way it treats the people taxed to support it. SCC has lost its direction in life and needs a large dose of rehab to get back on track.


01:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ride the Zephyr to Xanadu


High priest of funny money Norman Hsu boarded the Zephyr in California bound for Denver. He cracked up and was removed from the train at Grand Junction, CO. Had he booked passage to Burlington and behaved, Mr. Hsu may have found sanctuary in Xanadu on The River.

The Zen master of soiled money would have entered a hermit kingdom ruled by the political belief system that has profited so richly from his teachings. His presence would blend in. He would simply be one more in what has become a small town Shangri-La for the shady.

Decades past, the Burlington Hawk-Eye reported Tokyo Rose riding the rails through Burlington on her pilgrimage to a penitentiary. The Advertising supplement it has become would only report, "Norman Hsu who?"

Young Leaf Hopper Heland has solidly placed his nose up the behinds of others who have digested Mr. Hu's cash for their campaigns. Rather than the lingering scent, Leaf Hopper Heland could learn the techniques necessary to be honored at the fund raising banquet of unlimited resources and move up the ladder of political power in his quest to reach nirvana.

What of the provincial defender of the faith who would out heretical questioners of the one party path which leads to the ultimate victory of entropy? By applying the thoughts of Master Hsu, what could State Senator Courtney do.

Tapping the wisdom of the oriental master of money over morals, Senator Courtney could afford to scale new heights of power in pursuit of purity of belief enforced upon the masses. With no limits to his power, Senator Courtney could make a larger ash pile of those spreading heresy on the Internet than Spain's Inquisitors ever dreamed possible.

The hermit kingdom's temple halls of those who would deny the right of the secret ballot to one and all would never know want when it comes to intimidating others.

The true inner peace of never accepting individual responsibility and developing self thought could have been purchased for our community.

If only Master Hsu had kept cool and not drawn attention to himself like a know it all novice who passes out in a Burger King parking lot before waking to the dawn. Burlington will never know how much faster it could have traveled the single party path to oblivion and ultimate nothingness it has decided will be its destiny.


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11 September

Geese Murdered by Handgun


Love the way you tell the truth but Iowa did have a special Canada Geese season it ran Sept. 8 an 9th.

But the use of pistol was illegal. If you have proof, turn the idiot in.


I wonder how many geese you can kill with a handgun? Most people can't hit a garage from 25 yards let alone a goose. Was it a revolver or a 15 shot clip in a .40 caliber?

And what was the limit? If you count 3 shotguns x the limit minus the dipshit Wyatt Earp, it still has to be within the legal limit. Do you suppose the guilty had licenses or did they just show up on a paid hunt?

Oh wait, I forgot. Slagle can poach all the geese he wants and his kid could drive the carcasses away in a golf cart. Scott Power would sue Mother Nature under the eminent domain laws.

And the meat was wasted, you can bet on it.


01:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Beautify Burlington with Buck Shot


Flint Hills does have a problem with pests.

Geese are messy, destructive and annoying. I think shooting pests on the golf course is a public service. Why stop with geese?

I read that Flint Hills is infested with the worst sort of messy, destructive and annoying pests during business hours every Friday. As I must work during those hours to pay my taxes, I will trust the reports of others.

If the DNR officer would grant permission to shoot loafing bureaucrats and economic development types at Flint Hills, I would take a vacation day, load my Model 870 to the gills with 00 buck and report for duty.

If the hunt is successful, the general health and appearance of all Burlington should be greatly improved.


You handle the hunt. Me, I'll be looking for Luba.


01:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Roach Pong


DT forgot to mention that the head roach can be found on Washington Street and not Grove Street.


Rumor is the exterminators won't touch the houses. They can't guarantee their work.


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10 September

Manor Demolition


This is the reply I sent to Mr. Earley regarding the demo at the Manor. He told me he would get back with me as soon as possible after September 10th. I am also sending a copy of the to The Hawkeye. They did not print the piece on Mr. Winegard getting free interest.

This may not get printed as well.

I have had two contractors contact me about the manor project and the way
Mr. Fye demolished the building and hauled the debris away as 100%
demolition. The city said Mr. Fye got paid $322,500.00 and if he had taken
the dirty demolition to the landfill as stated by law the $322,500.00 would
not have even covered the landfill fees.

Whose responsibility is this if this dirty demolition gets into the
watershed? The City of Burlington, The Project Manager, The Contractor Or
The Quarry? Would this manner take a federal judge to straighten this out.
If the average citizen cannot get by with illegal dumping why should a hired
contractor get away with this.

Leonard Johnson

16:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Saturday Goose Hunt - early a.m. and late afternoon


Check out who's shooting geese at Flint Hills golf course. Seems that 3 shotguns weren't enough, the new clubhouse manager had to use his handgun to finish 'em off.

Yep, the DNR (I'm told) warden gave permission to cull the 'herd'. That's funny, it was the DNR that put nesting boxes out in the late 80s that started the growth of geese in this area.


I'd like to know how an Iowa DNR officer can give any permission to take any Federally protected migratory waterfowl. I don't think he can give permission.


02:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Roach Pong


How nice Mr. Slagle wishes to play Pong with the County Health Department over the roach house. It seems nobody has the authority to evict the cockroaches.

Those roaches are lucky the house they live in is not coveted by a developer acquaintance of Randy Winegard. If that were the case, their home would be confiscated, demolished and hauled to a quarry on Plank Road quicker than you can say eminent domain.


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Ethanol boom could limit hunting prospects


Great, just great. Food prices are going up because of ethanol, and now we're facing the prospect of losing some of the nations best hunting ground. From www.pheasantcountry.com


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Winegard Hiring


I stopped at a local pub for a cold one the other day and a woman who worked at Winegard's was complaining that one of our temporary employment agencies had sent 19 workers over for temporary jobs and 18 of them failed the drug test.

Her complaint, they hired them anyway.

Just goes to show how bad things are in Burlington these days.


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Something Borrowed Something Brown Something Stinks


Do you think Slagle has the missing tapes of the secret meeting to sue the BNSF that was not supposed to be secret hidden in his dirty underwear pile?


At least Clinton had a drawer for his socks instead of a pile like Slagle.


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07 September

Worried – It’s Friday Golf Again


Iowa has a real problem in that city, county and state governments have sold out the taxpayer for business ventures that seldom live up to their "ride the free train" agreements perpetrated on the backs of the taxpayer.

Here in Burlington and Des Moines County it's almost impossible to find out any statistics on just how these corporate welfare recipients of taxpayer money have lived up to their agreements.

What gives any government the right to make deals with taxpayer money and seldom if ever report via an audit of the agreement to those paying the bill? Government on its own is one of the most screwed up none efficient, wasteful, irresponsible, unaccountable and amateur institutions known to man and rivals cancer as a threat to mankind.

Locally, government can't even enforce city codes or clean up the blight but they sure as hell can waste millions of our local tax dollars on ridiculous business deals and frivolous lawsuits, which have yet to put a penny into the city coffers. Just how much profit has been realized from the RecPlex, a city run business that to my knowledge has lost at least $100,000 per year since opening its doors? I think the local business groups that get the benefit of this entity should pick up the tab for its losses on a yearly basis. Why should the taxpayer fund its losses?

A government has no right to operate a business because government is irresponsible and unaccountable for mismanagement. Had the RecPlex been a private entity the taxpayer wouldn't be robbed to pay for its losses. How about raising the fees until it turns a profit and starts benefiting the taxpayer rather than being a yearly liability? It didn't bother the city to raise the water rates 27 percent in past three years; so how much have they raised the rates at the RecPlex in the past three years?

It's just business as usual in Burlington where common sense in government is just a dream at best. Just proves a single party political system lacks the checks and balances required to even stand a chance of survival in today's world.

We all know that Slagle and friends read Spike's blog but never respond to the many questions that arise, which can be done anonymously. I would guess this has something to do with incrimination. The same goes for the chamber and all the other "lets do lunch after golf" organizations predominate here in Burlington, organizations that have milked the taxpayer for years with no accountability, ever.

Leadership, performance and accountability in Burlington government are non-existent.


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06 September

Show Me The Interest


I see last night where the City Council and Mr. Slagle voted to stay in the water park business. This business has made no money in two years and cost the tax payers over $280,000.

This amount would be enough to fund the City's contribution to the Domestic Abuse Program for 140 years. The only one who benefits from this is Mr. Winegard. He put up no money, has paid no interest, and he can write the losses off on the business. I think it is time for there to be a change in the Burlington City Council because these people don't know whether they are getting a good deal or not. All I can say, the next quarter would have to be fantastic.


Winegard can write off the losses and now he wants to return taxpayer money after using it for two years interest free without paying anything for the use of that money.

That is one of the best loan arrangements I've ever seen.

I wish I could get that kind of deal on my house.


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Fall Tour of Trash


Seeing the Advertiser's all to common corrections listed the correct price for the Heritage Trust's Fall Tour of Burlington homes clicked with the comments of FFS on run down Burlington properties.

The solution? Why not organize a Fall Tour of Trash?

Charter Burlington Urban Service Buses to take citizens around to see how bad it is really getting. Stick Slagle and others responsible for non enforcement of Burlington's building and sanitation codes on tour vehicles. Encourage City office holders and seekers to go along for the ride. Let them be tour guides.

Riders should be encouraged to ask questions about what they are seeing of those in a position, or seeking a position, to do something about the mess. No cell phones nor other means of communication should be permitted between tour guides en route.

Slagle must not be permitted to co-ordinate a scam on the spot. Slagle is infamous for making disliked information and proposals disappear rather than utilizing them as tools to a solution.

Afterwards, hold an entire tour question and answer session and see how many different stories are given compared to what was said on the bus.

Enforcing basic building and sanitation codes is a basic reason for having City government. Those who refuse to handle their basic responsibilities should be thrown off the bus and sent to the moon.

Ralph Kramden

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You Do Not Get What You Pay For


After reading about convicted felon Norman Hsu giving money to Vilsack and Harkin at Falcon, I checked the Hackeye's archives to see if I had missed something. Pasted below is what I found.

Search: Norman Hsu AND date(8/1/2007 to 9/5/2007).

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If you read the Hackeye on line, you at least get your money's worth. Why would anybody pay to have it delivered to their door?


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Fugitive David Hsu's Dirty Money


I see where both Tom Harkin and David Loebsack were both recipients of money from the Hsu organization.

Harkin took $46,000 while newcomer Loebsack pocketed $2,000.

I wonder what Mr. Norman Hsu received in return for his huge contributions to the Democratic Party machine?

How many jobs has this Hsu money cost the middle class in order to elect these people?

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What the Advertiser Never Advertises


I noticed at Falcon a link listing failed presidential candidate Tom Vilsack and U. S. Senator from Iowa Tom Harkin among those taking money from convicted felon with a Chinese connection, Norman Hsu. They forgot Congressman Loebsack.

Loebsack's fingers in the fortune cookie jar was mentioned in an article in the on line Cedar Rapids Gazette last week. Written by a Gazette reporter, the article was duly buried in the second section, but none the less there.

Does Jimmy Olson read other papers around this part of the world for leads, or are the Advertiser's computers only for online gaming and wikipedia as a "credible" reference?

If Loebsack passes gas, it gets more than passing praise in the Advertiser. The same for the other two. Where is the Advertiser's brilliant local and regional coverage on all of this funny money landing so close to home?

This is just another in an unending string of such omissions which prove the Advertiser is not a credible news source. The Advertiser is nothing but a house organ and mouth piece for the local single party political system.


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No Pain - No Gain


Do you think if people around here finally screwed up the courage to sacrifice the careers of Cargo Cult economic development "leaders" around here, Southeast Iowa would finally get off the ground?


It's going to take more than goats to clean the nest.


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05 September


A riddle of material concerns ignored.

135 – 10
145 – 15

NPTRS 135 – 56
NPTRS 145 – 34

IC 330A5 = -1 therefore 2:1 = 1:1 = 0

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City Codes


The failure of our government to enforce immigration laws is no different than the City of Burlington's failure to enforce its city codes.

Just take a drive around town and you'll find violations of city codes in just about every city block.

The entire city code should be reviewed and all the so called codes un-enforced should be removed from the code.

We have lawn waste deliberately deposited in the streets, lawns not cut and over a half foot high, houses and businesses without numbers scattered all over town, trash and junk piled up at this house and that with no attempt by the city to enforce cleanup. Houses go unpainted and falling down with entire sections of siding missing. Un-mowed lawn between the sidewalks and curbs, sidewalks overgrown with weeds, grass and deformed by tree roots that make it outright dangerous to attempt walking on them.

That building arcade that started falling down months ago on Jefferson Street is still taped off with no attempt to repair the damage for the entire summer. This is just another downtown eyesore left to remind citizens of the shabby wreck of a town Burlington has become. I won't mention the old Penny's building that's been a classic example of Burlington's blight for the past 20 years or so. Where's Slagle when we actually need him to do something constructive?

Now as fall approaches we citizens as well as any visitors that may stray into town must face all the trash dumped around town, currently hidden by the weeds and foliage.

Has anyone noticed the goings on around the 100 block of Central Avenue? What type of home do we have going here, the one with part of the address missing? Burlington is a haven for slum landlords who purchase rundown homes, rent them for outrageous rents, never repair them and milk the system for everything they can get. It's obvious the social service never follows up on where taxpayer money is going by renting these unfit and inhabitable homes.

Unconcerned landlords will purchase a home in a decent part of the city and the next thing you know the entire area begins to go down hill because they have no concern about the makeup of the neighborhood nor do they give a damn what happens over time to that neighborhood. Just take a look around town and one can see just what these people have done. While all this is going
on the landlord lives further and further from town living the good life at the expense of the neighborhoods they've ruined.

So, it's time to clean up the codes and enforce them to the letter. If the code can't be enforced then Slagle and his stooges should catch the next train out of town; so we can hire new personnel that know how to run a city.


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04 September

Better than Being Mayor of Burlington


This job has far greater authority and better benefits than just stay out of jail free. They only problem is you inherit the position. All your buddies down at the hall voting for you means nothing.


Another crazy drunk ex-mayor would fit right in.

The last paragraph in this article had a very sobering statement for the country this mad man calls home.

Swaziland's devastating HIV/Aids epidemic is believed to have the highest rate of infection in the world, with two in every five pregnant women carrying the virus. Life expectancy has halved, to just over 30, since 1999. A baby born in Swaziland today has almost a 75 per cent chance of dying before 40.


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