Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 October

Ell Endorsed Slagle's Undeserved 9% Pay Raise


Don't forget Ell pushed Slagle's 9% pay raise through. Along with help from Garry Thomas and the drunk mayor. Ell think we all forgot about that. We haven't and neither should he.

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“Lost Keys” Ell Says “We Have A Good Case….Worth The Investment” - Finale

On May 20, 2006 “Lost Keys” Bill Ell said that he believes the city has a good case against the BNSF railroad. Ell said, “I’m thinking we should be able to win this.”

He sure hit the nail on the head of reality with that burst of knowledge.

With judgement like this, who needs Power to tell us all how "winnable" the case was.

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The Final Answer Is - Jobs or Money?

During Tuesday's candidate forum one question wasn't asked of Lost Keys Ell. So here we go to fill in the gaps.

Lost Keys, was the railroad lawsuit about money or jobs?

And maybe throw in the answer to when did you learn of the 1985 Agreement? We'd like a straight answer to that simple question.

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Courtney Backed Murray Reprimanded For Radio Show Appearance

It seems junior councilman Matt Murray skipped school to be on the radio talk show a couple of weeks ago without signing out, something required of teachers at the high school when they leave the property. And something Murray has a really bad habit of previously ignoring on more than a casual basis.

This time however, Murray was reprimanded and we hear, docketed pay because of it. Good. It is about time. Makes you wonder whether or not Murray sat down with his employer before he took out papers.

Apparently Murray is unfazed since he is being backed by Courtney.

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Ell Supported Slagle's Destruction of The Closed Session Meeting Tapes

From our posting on October 3, 2006:


Reverend Starling questioned the council in detail about the railroad lawsuit, destroying of the documents and the $300,000 legal bill. He did a good job.

The Rev. questioned Slagle and expressed his disappointment in the city manager for destroying the documents of the closed meetings. Slagle answered with the same old bullshit.

Slagle said he followed the state law and the council needs to change the policy. Ell jumped in to defend his friend and made a fool of himself.

Ell said Slagle did the only thing he could have done and that was follow the state law and destroy the documents. Ell is deceiving the citizens with this half truth. The state law says the documents must be kept for one year, it doesn't say they must be destroyed after one year. The council should have been notified before the documents were destroyed. The Reverend correctly pointed this out to Slagle. Slagle appeared nervous.

The Reverend expressed his disappointment in spending $300,000 and wasting the citizens money. He asked if Power gave the city an estimate. Campbell said it was $50,000, Edwards said he thought it was $60,000 and then Ell spoke out, it couldn't have been. Ell is wrong again. If the documents were not destroyed, maybe we would know some truths.

To which we replied:

I'm glad to hear a man of the cloth is upset about the charade Slagle, Ell and Edwards are trying to shove up our 6. Maybe Slagle was contemplating his accoutablility for his misdeeds when the Reverend spoke. Or worried that his Manor Project might not cover up his nefarious ways during his job search......Lost Keys Ell wouldn't know it if the dumbass stick hit him right between the eyes. Every time that guy opens his mouth all I see is a $52,000 bill for lying to the city council and the taxpayers and seeing nothing wrong with it.

The same still applies today: dumbass stick and lying to the city council. I can't get past Lost Keys lying to the city council.


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The Ultimate Manipulator


Ell pulls a few stings, but he is a piker compared to Slagle.

Slagle pulls Ell around like a puppet. Murray is showing signs of falling under the same malevolent spell as Ell. Neither deserves to serve on the City Council.

The City Manager is supposed to serve the City Council. In Burlington, the opposite is true.

Slagle's letter of reprimand from the Iowa Ethics Board should have been gotten him fired. The City Manager is not supposed to be a campaign manager for toadies on the Council who submit to his will. Instead, Slagle keeps getting pay raises.

Voting aye for raising Slagle's pay raises, Ell. Murray is a newbie. Has Murray stated no more pay raises for Slagle?

Campbell has if anything been too quiet on Burlington's Slagle question. Perhaps when you are part of the asylum's sane minority, you will go crazy trying to promote reason too often. At least Campbell has voted for not increasing manipulator Slagle's pound of flesh.

Until there is a sane majority on the City Council, the City Manager's Office will continue being a campaign headquarters. Illegal secret meetings and missing tapes and minutes of public record will continue to be a threat.

Ell must go. Murray better wise up and do so fast.

Until voters are feed up enough to remove Slagle's sycophants, things will just keep getting worse.


Slagle has been tutoring Murray to win the election. Just ask anybody that drinks at the Sombrero.


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Buddy Money for the Big Boys Forever


Ell and Murray voted to shaft the little guy. A sweetheart deal to support Randy Winegard's "Fun" City just keeps on rolling. How many non-millionaires have received a less than 1% annual interest rate loan from the City?

There are people in Burlington struggling to make home mortgage payments on balloon rates. Some are slipping into foreclosure. Why are they taxed to finance a sweetie deal for a local multi-millionaire?

How many banks would carry a debtor for so long paying as poorly as Huck's Harbor? This is the City's chance to make some money? What kind of new math makes anybody believe that?

The Winegard operation took their sweet time to finally report a profit. Were they afraid if some cash did not get shifted, the roof would collapse to meet the City opting out? Once this dismal amount "profit" was made public, Ell and Murray jumped off the fence and voted to keep welfare for the wealthy.

It is too late now to see the final campaign contributors list before election day. If Ell and Murray end up with a last minute radio blitz, it will be afterwards before we know who helped pay for it.

If you are also elated at the miracle of Mr. Winegard's water park becoming profitable, do so while you may. Not many outdoor water parks in Iowa are profitable over the Winter.

If some hack from the local single party in the clandestine service of the rich tells you, "Ell and Murray, they represent us little people," open your eyes.

Only the wealthy with a million dollar plus, pay as you please, loan from the taxpayers have any legitimate interest in Ell and Murray being re-elected.


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30 October

Bill Ell - The Great Manipulator

When it was time for Bill Ell to step down as chief of the Burlington Fire Department he formulated the job description and qualifications the new fire chief would have to possess in order to be hired.

Bill Ell wrote the job qualifications so the new fire chief had to have a four-year college degree; something he didn’t possess himself. That would be a good thing if done for the right reasons.

However, the requirement was added to allow Ell the latitude to hire his handpicked- successor. But more importantly, that requirement eliminated promotion from within the ranks of the Burlington Fire Department, something Ell didn’t want to do.

After the potential Burlington Fire Department applicants had been eliminated by virtue of the supposed college degree requirement, Ell removed the college degree requirement in order to hire the current Fire Chief.

Is that the kind of great manipulator you want for your next councilman?

Bill Ell made the rules to suit his own agenda while ignoring his obligation to promote from within the department. Ironically promoting from people with the same qualifications.

Bill Ell is no leader. But he is a Great Manipulator.

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Union Misrepresentation

Does Bill Ell represent the union vote? We don't think so. And if he doesn't represent the union vote he shouldn't be running with the Democratic Party support and endorsement.

Bill Ell represented the city of Burlington as its fire chief and participated in labor negotiations to obtain the best contract on the city's behalf. Ell did what was necessary on behalf of the city to decrease the costs of fire protection in the city of Burlington including anything the city manager wanted from him.

After Ell became a city councilman he has twice voted against and endorsed the city's participation in reprimanding and litigating against city firemen. Bill Ell is in Bruce Slagle's pocket as he has been with the other Burlington city managers continuing to vote against Burlington firefighters.

So if anyone tells you Bill Ell represents union voters in the upcoming city council election, they're sadly mistaken. If he doesn’t represent the union vote, he isn’t following the Party doctrine. If he isn't following the party doctrine, he doesn’t deserve the Party’s support.

Bill Ell is not what the citizens of this community need. And he isn't what the hard working union members need either.

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Murray's Illegal Campaign Sign Scavenger Hunt

While driving around we came upon these illegal Matt Murray campaign signs.

Form your own scavenger hunt and find these signs.

No substitutions are acceptable.

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Unfunded Mandates


Your were right about Murray's bid for a council seat. Every Democrat in office starts their campaign focused on unfunded mandates from higher government as being the root cause of Southeast Iowa's decline.

Matt Murray has claimed three times this is the reason Burlington has hit the toilet.

I think we should find out who is handing Murray the toilet paper.


Slagle is handing out the toilet paper.


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NASA Image

S120-E-007038 (28 Oct. 2007) --- Astronaut Daniel Tani (top center), Expedition 16 flight engineer, participates in the second of five scheduled sessions of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction continues on the International Space Station. During the 6-hour, 33-minute spacewalk Tani and astronaut Scott Parazynski (out of frame), STS-120 mission specialist, worked in tandem to disconnect cables from the P6 truss, allowing it to be removed from the Z1 truss. Tani also visually inspected the station's starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ) and gathered samples of "shavings" he found under the joint's multi-layer insulation covers. Also the spacewalkers outfitted the Harmony module, mated the power and data grapple fixture and reconfigured connectors on the starboard 1 (S1) truss that will allow the radiator on S1 to be deployed from the ground later. The moon is visible at lower center.

NASA Image

ISS016-E-006573 (28 Oct. 2007) --- Space Shuttle Discovery, docked to the Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA-2) on the International Space Station, is featured in this image photographed by a spacewalker during the second session of extravehicular activity (EVA) for the STS-120 mission.

NASA Image

ISS016-E-006489 (26 Oct. 2007) --- In the grasp of the station's Canadarm2, the Harmony module (center) is moved from its stowage position in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-120) to its temporary location on the International Space Station.

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29 October

Competition for Gamblers is Making a Difference


The Mesquawki settlement at Tama recently expanded their gambling operation. I stopped in on the way home from Ames Saturday night. The place was not busy at all.

There was nobody in the upscale restaurant. The buffet fare was OK for a buffet, but it was not busy. More importantly the slots were not busy and the pit area had closed tables. The display platform at the main door was empty. Last Spring, it held a new car you could win.

All this is anecdotal. It may just have been an off night. The difference from when I last stopped in Tama was the opening of a casino in Waterloo.

Further down the road, Riverside was doing well.

Of all casinos I have recently visited in Iowa, Fun City is the least attractive. No wonder they are losing business. The number of operators has reached the point where the weak could well end up going broke.


We know the weak are losing money for starters.


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Kalona Horse Auctions - Europeans Can Raise Their Own Horses


Much has been written about the last horse slaughter house in Illinois. Over the weekend 59 Belgian draft horses were crammed into a conventional stock trailer made for cattle and pigs and were being hauled to a horse auction in Minneapolis, probably just a stop on the way to the slaughter house.

Many people don't know that the Kalona auction handles a lot of horse meat buyers for Belgium and France. The horses are sent to a ship in Baltimore. Enroute to Europe the horses are slaughtered outside U.S. laws.

If the slugs from Belgium and France want horse meat they should raise their own horses. Maybe a few Lipizzaner Stallion steaks might thrill these people more than a some kid's pony or horse.

And the argument that the meat market provides an outlet for old and sick horses is baloney. No one eats meat from old and sick animals.

Except maybe the French and Belgians.


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27 October

NASA Image

S120-E-006071 (24 Oct. 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the Harmony node in Space Shuttle Discovery's payload bay, vertical stabilizer and orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods are featured in this image photographed by a STS-120 crewmember during flight day two activities. Earth's moon is visible at center.

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26 October

Those Big Diving Board Dividends


Roughly $18,000 returned on $1,800,000 invested for more than a year, wow! 1% leaves me impressed. Where can I find a mortgage rate like this? Why the delay in reporting these impressive results?

Like a hamburger on the grill for two minutes, was more cooking required?

What accounting firm is doing the financial oversight? If public money is involved, does that mean the State Auditor can look at ALL the books?

J. P. Morgan

That only leaves a $36,000+ bond payment shortfall for the taxpayers to make up.


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Crime Wave


Has anyone even noticed the number of reported thefts, criminal mischief's, drive offs, burglaries and robberies going on in Burlington? Just take a look at the crime page in today’s local rag.

It's amazing that a town of only 25,600 can have such a continuous crime epidemic. We now have gun point robberies right at the gas pump and other businesses. Apparently robbers are standing armed at the pumps and liquor stores robbing customers at will.

What could be the cause of all these senseless criminal acts? Well, there are a few reasons all of which fester here in Burlington:

1. Fatherless children

2. Lack of livable wages

3. Lack of jobs

4. Huge population of drug users, extreme

5. Homelessness

6. Many who don't want to work at all class of citizens

7. Gambling

8. City government that gambles with taxpayer money

9. Large population of those living off entitlements

10. Low graduation rates (plain uneducated)

11. Parents who don't know how to parent

12. Parents who dump their kids off on the schools for parenting

Here’s the list of the property crimes in Burlington per 100,000 people, with stats like this what industry would want to locate here? The data does show a drop in crime rates as the population loss dropped and now appears to have leveled off a bit. Source of this data was the FBI web site.

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Claims Departments and Casinos


The City of Burlington is not the only disappointed party when it comes to a promised casino jackpot.


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25 October

DAMN This ain't Paper


Snake eyes at Fundless City, again.

The whole casino trust is crumbling. The gambling barge sinks, the land based Ft.Madison casino is "on hold" and now Huck's Swimming Hole is drying up. The entire house of cards appears headed for a bottomless pit without a ladder.

It takes a Juris Doctorate just to keep track of all the corporations involved covering the principal holders' tracks and asses. As one corporate firewall after another collapses, have any of the principal investors jumped ship?

Are you tired of being taxed to the point of homelessness to support our City government's gambling habit? Do not beat on the one armed bandits. Such rage will get will get you arrested.

Members of the Burlington City Council who have rejected cashing out deserve a beating. Mike Campbell has publicly stated in the past he wants out. Keep this in mind come election day.

The water in this pool has not suddenly turned yellow. Taxpayers have been getting a shower since day one.

Should Huck end up in court, what will the City be awarded? Counselor Power for the plaintiff? There maybe enough for an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen next door. What a perfect party treat.

This pool party deserves a going away party for all who have refused to get of the pool.

Jimmy the Geek

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You Take a Fun City. I Take a Da Money and Run


I found a message in a bottle from victims still trapped in the wreckage. It tells of a rumor that Randy Winegard has sold out his interest in Catfish Craps. Does this mean Under Funded City goes as well?

If there is a sale, I assume the Gambling and Skimming Commission would be involved. Perhaps a public record on the web?

I know not if there is any truth in this. How do the corporate entites interlock? Are the pool, the casino and Under Funded City all tied together? Would he ditch the Pzazz legacy?

As in true with so many small city empires, the founder leaves it to the heirs who are nothing but errors. They cover their ass with huge personal bank roll and head for the hills; Colorado? Basket Factories part II?


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NASA Image

S120-E-006066 (24 Oct. 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the Harmony node in Space Shuttle Discovery's payload bay, vertical stabilizer and orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods are featured in this image photographed by a STS-120 crewmember during flight day two activities.

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24 October

New Middle School


A good name for the future new middle school on the outskirts of town could certainly be:


This name describes exactly the reality of the location. Does the school board have any idea of the additional cost to bus the majority of students in and out of this location?


No. Just get 'er done! Anyway, any how, any cost.


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Corn Cobs Part II


I couldn't find the article but I think the corn cob plant was the reason Junkins got fired at economic development. But I do remember the sign that was hung on the fence for show.


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Cheaper Than Italy


Seems Hinkle could have saved the money this year and just drink his way along the river.


I see that the wine trail was paid for with Port Authority money. How did that happen? Didn't the Iowa Legislature designate that money for Port projects?

I suppose that goes along with the Port money for flowers on the Montrose bridge.


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Burlington Golf Club fire


The advertiser must of chosen to not cover the Monday morning fire on the Burlington Golf Club property off of Milldam Rd. Burlington and West Burlington firefighters spent several hours and used thousands of gallons of water to extinguish an intentionally started brush pile fire.

Anybody at the advertiser belong to the BGC? Just curious as to whether a citation was issued or not, and if one was, which judge will brush it under the rug? Who pays the fine?


The wind was blowing 12 gusting to 25 mph all Monday morning. Sounds real safe to me.

Slagle will just sweep it under the rug like the drunk ex-mayor's sleep over.


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STS-120 Discovery Off and Running

NASA Image

NASA officials and launch managers were pleased Tuesday following a clean countdown and flawless launch of space shuttle Discovery from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach said the launch team at NASA's Kennedy Space Center was able to study a potential problem of ice buildup without jeopardizing the shuttle while still launching on time.

"It was one of the cleanest countdowns we've had since I've been launch director," Leinbach said.

Discovery and its seven astronauts have a tight schedule that calls for placing the new Harmony segment to the International Space Station, moving a tower of solar arrays already in space to a new location and overseeing the station crew rotation that will see Discovery astronaut Dan Tani and station resident Clayton Anderson switch places.

"(There is) just a tremendous set of challenges in front of us," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for Space Operations.

There won't be much time to savor the liftoff, though, because preparations are already under way to get Atlantis over to the launch pad for a Dec. 6 launch.

"This is exactly what the (launch) teams have trained multiple years for," Gerstenmaier said.

from STS-118

NASA Image
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23 October

Better Than A Korean Corn Cob Plant


I don't care if 50 jobs or 5,000 jobs are coming to Lee County. Whatever jobs we can get has to be better than the Korean corn cob plant that Junkins tried to fleece us with.


The one with the fake sign on the Fruehauf fence?


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Publisher Steve Delaney's Cousin?


Remind you of anybody?

Just change some names, places and events and the rest of the story (what's left, anyhow) is frightening!


From Woot.com 10/21/07. "One day, one deal."

Cortina Trilby, supreme sovereign of the WonkerMedia blog empire, sighed heavily. The irritation was writ plain on her face as she glared around the conference table at the pathetic coterie of wastrels, hangers-on, and limo-chasers that passed for "journalists" around here. What had she done to be surrounded by such idiots? All she wanted was some real dirt, some inside dish, some nasty facts to sling in the faces of those who had the gall to succeed in creative fields that Cortina herself hadn't been able to master.

She'd been making them pay on the Wonker blog for years now – and making them pay for her Upper West Side penthouse. There was big money in the resentment of those page-viewers who were just as enraged and useless as Cortina herself. And she'd be damned if she was going to let this hapless herd of stringers bungle away her sweet little earner. "What else?" she snapped.

"Well, uh, I was at this restaurant for lunch the other day and I spotted Claire Danes scraping the chipotle mayo off of her portabello sandwich," stammered a bespectacled staffer whose name Cortina never bothered to learn. "She looked really ugly and stupid, ha ha."

"Pictures?" Trilby demanded.

"No, but -"

"Then you've just been demoted to coffee boy," Trilby interrupted, with a dismissive wave. "Run down to the first floor and get me the usual. No, two usuals. What else do we have? Anything?"

A recent Columbia grad spoke up over the sloshing sound of her exposed cleavage. "The other night at Klub Dakau, I heard that the Compaq SR2170NX Desktop that Woot's selling this week is actually a refurb. It's an open secret in the industry. They've sold it before, and it's only $20 cheaper this time. And get this – it runs Windows Vista. Let's destroy it!"

Could this be it? Could this be the hit piece that would soothe their boss's ire? Mouths slightly open and brows up in anticipation, the apprentice character assassins looked expectantly at Trilby.

"Hmm. Hmm, hmm, hmm. I have one question. Are you congenitally stupid, or are you trying to destroy me?" The Columbia grad's lower lip quivered and her eyes watered, but Trilby wasn't finished. "You're talking about a computer with an Intel 3Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, DVD±RW drive, and a PCI-Express slot for upgrading to a better video card. Where are our readers supposed to find satisfaction in hating that, you idiot?"

The humiliated stringer wept openly. Trilby offered her once chance to make amends: "Now give me something good right this minute, or I swear to God, we'll do an entire week of posts about that roll of fat under your chin."

Grasping at salvation, the stringer suddenly remembered something. "We had a mole at Dave Eggers' daughter's second birthday party the other day. The kid was wearing this awful lime-green baja and a pair of Dora the Explorer stretch pants. She looked hideous. With thighs like hers, I'd lay off the cake."

"And…?" Trilby let the enigmatic question hang.

"We got pictures," the staffer confirmed in triumph.

"Run it." The room erupted with cheers. The beast would be fed. Another innocent life would be reduced to rubble and converted into page views. Cortina Trilby walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked out over Manhattan, already hungry for the next kill.

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Couldn't Be Any Dumber - I Thought


I didn't think any city could be dumber than Burlington when it came to scaring away new business. Since our city council hasn't even heard what this supposed big project is, how could they ever make any rational comment? Any member of the council should listen to anyone that has plans to add jobs to the city. We'll be the laughing stock of Iowa.


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Greenwald Doesn't Speak For Me


Chris Greenwald doesn't even live in Fort Madison. And if he did, he sure as hell doesn't represent me or my thoughts.

Greenwald's brainstorm to cross train policemen to be firemen is just about as stupid a thing as I have ever heard.

Maybe if he shut his mouth and listened we might get some jobs to help pay for our fire department.


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Send Those Jobs to Wapello


This Fort Madison dust up sounds more like sour grapes when they didn't do their homework before they sunk a bunch of taxpayer money into a new water plant.

If there are jobs to had and Fort Madison doesn't want them, send them to Wapello. We need em.



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$24 Worth of Beads and a Real Estate Deal


All this commotion Junkins has stirred up in Lee County shouldn't be news. Junkins tried to fleece an Indian Tribal Council years ago.

"Similarly, Jochum and Bear council members expressed outrage that Walker's council had settled a six-year-old dispute with a consulting firm headed by former tribal lobbyist Lowell Junkins, a former Iowa Senate majority leader fired by the tribe in 1997. Junkins' firm sued to recover damages and the matter has been tied up for years in federal and state courts and arbitration proceedings.

"That is an outrage," said Jochum, also a former Democratic state legislator. "That lawsuit filed by Lowell Junkins has been fought by every Tribal Council since it was filed, including Alex Walker. You have to question the motives behind the settlement, especially when you consider Lowell Junkins has been helping the Walker council since they were ousted. There is strong feelings held by tribal members in opposition to any settlement with Lowell Junkins."

Attempts to contact Junkins were unsuccessful."


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How Dare They Be Challenged


The Advertiser has company at the crying towel. The graying goddess of political correctness, the New York Times, no longer is setting the national tone. A web site is.

The Times rails in print. The Advertiser spills no ink, but their asses spill off local bar stools straining to over hear any comments about Derailed and Falcon.

News consumers are gaining ever more sources. The days of a single source being able to serve still swill and selective truth to support an agenda are ending.


When the newspaper's purpose changes from answering questions to raising more questions their new place is found between Us Magazine and Weekly World News?

What's next from Publisher Steve Delaney? Bat Boy escapes GRMC?


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Does it Involve a Free Lunch?


Speaking of port commissions now we have Hoschek dancing in the trough.


Scrolling down the page we found Lowell Junkins sitting on this port commission. Seems that would be a definite conflict of interest to Iowa taxpayers.


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The Sack of Burlington


Check out the painting.

Hinkle the Hapless and His Horde. Local Taxpayers to Finance Another Tour of Italy. Free Trade Zone necessary to avoid duties on items purchased with plunder.


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22 October

When Comes Our Finest Hour?


Years of mediocre leadership ignoring a building crisis nearly destroyed Great Britain. Only as the peril was on their door step did the people turn to a leader up to the task.

Winston Churchill truthfully said salvation could only be had by blood, sweat and tears.

Burlington's leaders face a crisis by offering up Fun City, bets and beer.

Do the majority of us have the courage to face facts and make sacrifices to turn the tide? The most recent municipal primary offerings and results are not hopeful.

Are we an honorable, intelligent people willing to do what it takes to earn a brighter future, or are we French?

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Go for the Shoddy and Gaudy


Your analogy of the Airport's fixed based operator is on target. It applies to many more decisions effecting our community's future.

Gambling as economic development immediately comes to mind. Academic Economists will tell you gambling is no answer. Your site has had numerous links to this information. Too few have paid attention.

Now the results of betting on gambling are becoming apparent as saturation takes its toll. 18 more high paying jobs leave the spark plug plant meaning less for the slots. Spark plugs create wealth. Slot machines do not.

Low paying casino jobs are disappearing as the base that made them possible continues to rot.

The membrane of the ethanol bubble is showing numerous cracks. This industry is totally based on political subsidy, not market demand. Local taxpayers have been forced to invest in this bubble which soon may go the way of a casino in Ft. Madison.

The majority of local political leaders reflect shoddy and gaudy as well. They claim government creates all wealth and will distribute it evenly. Drunks and petty dictators dazzle, dupe and eventually disappoint.

Through out History, this has been the claim of those with a deluded desire for power. Most should remember the fate of the late great Soviet Union. Why will it work here?

It takes more than a politician's mouth to make a mess. Allies give their lies legs. With the Advertiser's hearty endorsements, deliberate omissions and cover ups, the guilty go away only at their own volition.

The Angelou report on this area's economic future listed the Advertiser as major barrier to improving Southeast Iowa's future. Petty controversies and curious omissions served up instead of truth and objective, intelligent analysis perpetuates the myth of some easy, painless, magic fix.

The outside economic consultant paid to study a path out this morass offered no cheap, quick and easy fix. As a result, the study gathers dust.

As long as the majority continue to buy into the easy and sleazy, things will continue getting worse.


And a year later the Ad Vertiser is still the barrier to new growth.


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NASA Hides Air Safety Study Results

NASA is hiding the results of their air safety study and ordered the subcontractor to purge all related data files.

Sounds like the local Airport Board.

Hide it - they will come.

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RROP - Real Rate of Progress

In Sunday's tome to economic development success, Augspurger reports Hinkle's progress in economic development; 6 manufacturing companies (who are they by the way?) in 8 years have come to Burlington.

After Hinkle made several of his Italian Crusades he reported 3 companies in 4 years. Now 6 companies in 8 years. It would appear to the average onlooker that the RROP - Real Rate of Progress is holding steady or maybe improving even though the RROP has actually diminished.

So after posting his fabulous success numbers this week Hinkle and Sherwood will jet off to Italy on their annual vacation for a few weeks of food and wine and not much more.

Funny how things can be made to appear what a few want you to believe fiction as fact.


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We give Bruce Slage a $350.00 car allowance per month, and also reimburse him for mileage. Obscene. I could drive a really nice car for $350.00 a month.

Every month we make his car payment, does that mean when it's paid for we (the City) get to keep it? Can't we get him an old police cruiser instead?


I wish someone could explain why Slagle's truck has out-of-county license plates on it. Why wouldn't he buy his plates in Des Moines County?


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A Letter of Condolence is in Order


When the Politburo of Des Moines County's single party system meets again, they should authorize a letter of condolence to their counter parts in Venezuela.


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Galesburg Jumps In Quiet Zones

Seems Galesburg wants to join the quiet zone bandwagon. And there seems to be quite a disparity in costs to implement the zones.

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19 October

FBO Fuel Price Correction?


Two corrections for you.

1. Jet Air's fuel prices, in their defense, have stayed steady with what Remmers charged.

2. According to sources in Iowa City, they did indeed offer the FBO deal to Remmers before they ever considered Jet Air.


We checked a web source for aviation gas prices. Glad to hear the fuel prices haven't risen, yet.

Item #2 should tell these misguided board members volumes. They would like us to believe that all these issues and problems came up all of a sudden and that the former president of a aviation trade organization suddenly forgot how to
run a business.


10:49:51 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington's FBO

It Ain't Purty But That's What They Brung Us


Jet Air is a class act from beginning to end. Stop by any of their FBO's and you'll see why they were the right choice for Burlington. Remmer's had 60 years to show us what they had and what they showed us was they just wanted to sell some fuel and fix a few planes. Well as someone who has used Burlington as an FBO, I expect more then that.

I find it hypocritical that you use the argument that Remmer's should stay because they've been here for 60 years, you certainly don't apply that standard to other underperforming entrenched entities. Remmers was contracted to provide a service, apparently it was decided that the service could be better provided by Jet Air.

I've spoken to quite a few pilots about this and there doesn't seem to be the outcry that you are making it out to be. If the Board acted illegally then they should be held accountable, if Remmer's was wronged, then they should sue. You apparently have some self interest in this issue beyond your concerned citizen status.

Welcome to Burlington Jet Air, here's hoping we have a long, mutually beneficial relationship.


There's more to this story than what we have reported. We can support anything we write about the airport. Period. We are that confident of our information and many resources.

This change was about personalities and not performance as was everyone was led to believe. Starry-eyed children dreamt of a little jet time if Jet Air came to town.

Not one of them realized that there is no jet charter business here. Or any other charter business for that matter. The BRL market is dead.

Remmers was doing what business there is/was. The Burlington market is dead because economic development is dead. If there had been the emphasis on economic development there should be, this problem would never have arisen. When you have 15-16 people doing economic development and can only hold "future" parties, something is wrong.

Business aviation drives an airport's economic stability. You find an airport with a viable business aviation market, you will usually find a successful FBO.

Don't let a few shiny airplanes and promotional BS overwhelm you. Grab those airplane maintenance log books and make your decision. Much of Jet Air's problems with the FAA concern recordkeeping. Poor maintenance records are a solid prescription for trouble.

Remmers leased space to operate his business. He can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Jet Air is paid to operate the Iowa City airport. What changes might have occurred if Remmers was offered a 30 year lease and paid to be there?

You have a bunch of private pilots deciding how an airport should be run. The airport manager is at her limit. Mulch is carrying a torch over buying a junk airplane off eBay and then being faced with an large, unavoidable repair bill.

Private pilots for the most part are cheap. They want to fly for nothing. Aviation isn't a john boat operation. You gotta pay to play. The fuel price is about 75¢ higher since JA took over. That really promotes general aviation use.

A doctor, dentist, lawyer, CPA or computer expert in a little airplane are some of the most dangerous things on the airport. The human spirit needed to drive these people to excellence is also their undoing in aviation. That's not to say that they don't make good pilots. But I don't sit in the basement performing surgery, drilling my teeth, writing legal briefs or doing my taxes.

We have no self interest in this matter. We do have an interest in seeing that what is done is done legally and in the best interests of the community.

Replacing a long time Burlington business with a perfect safety record and no violations of any FAA rules with a cowboy style operator with a long violation history with the FAA is just bad business. Especially when it is wrought with problematic recordkeeping and an illegal vote.

Panacea overtook common sense. In the airplane business, that will get you hurt or killed.


03:47:00 - SPIKE - No comments



I was looking in the on line Advertiser for the story about the boat closing in Ft. Madison. I found this fluff and lint.

From the looks of it, Jimmy Olson did not write this. It looks like the work of Lawyer Hoyer. Was Jimmy too lazy to write the real story about the boat closing, or did higher powers tell him to put his name on a press release?

How many dollars a week for ad space does Fun City purchase in the Advertiser?


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Chicago Needs Road Trip

If the Chicago needs to be reminded that gambling will not cure anyone's financial condition they should just visit Burlington and see first hand what won't work.

00:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

18 October

Substantial Difference in Airport Board Stories

West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil said the West Burlington City Council knew the Iowa Code prohibits municipal employees from serving on the airport board when Trousil and the council appointed West Burlington Police Chief Alex Oblein and former city administrator Gregg Mandsager to the board.

That is knowingly and willfully breaking the law. A fact Trousil readily admitted.

West Burlington Councilman Crowner says as soon as the council learned of the problem the council rightfully took action to replace Oblein on the airport board.

That story substantially differs from Trousil’s story.

Somebody is not telling the truth.

And I doubt if it is Crowner and the rest of the council.

01:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Airport Board Fails to Do Background Check On Jet Air

Safety of Traveling Public Jeopardized Without Regard

In addition to conducting an illegal vote to replace Remmers Aviation the airport board failed to do any background check on Jet Air prior to voting.

Jet Air’s FAA file is over 2,000 pages long. This is abnormal and cause for careful consideration after careful review.

Jet Air has multiple violations in their flight operations and maintenance operations for drug testing, training and flight operations. The penalties include fines and letters of reprimand. This is abnormal and cause for extremely careful consideration.

The president of Jet Air refused to be ramp checked by the FAA. That is a huge red flag the size of Mount Rushmore.

In spite of the board learning of these violations, airport board member Dwight Mulch defiantly made the motion to vote Jet Air to replace Remmers Aviation.

Without even checking to see if Jet Air had insurance coverage.

We’ll have more on this story.

Oh, by the way, the argument that Jet Air possesses the minimum requirements to conduct operations might be valid.

But were they the right choice to replace a 60 year old Burlington business?

01:13:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Today, Ft. Madison - How Soon "Fun" City?


Saturation takes its toll. Even the help is bailing out. Turn over has its reasons. Low wages and odd hours, what wonderful economic development.

Burlington better cash out before all the City has to show is no longer usable pool passes.


01:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

déjà vu all over again


Around here, it is called ethanol.


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Fuel or Famine?


The debate rages at Iowa's largest academic asylum. The Daily Iowan continues to report on the human cost of ethanol. You do not see much on this in the Advertiser.

The Advertiser's self righteous editorial crusade to save humanity through selective truth works in reverse if it threatens local political leaders. Besides, inane subsidies may trickle through the local economy and increase advertising.

Bankrupt local taxpayers and bloat bellied babies starving in the third world are the sole result of Dick Cheney.


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17 October

Catfish Bend Seeks To Close Down Boat

Quoting from the Daily Democrat -

"Great River Entertainment, which operates the Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino in Fort Madison, wants to shut down the Fort Madison facility completely for an indefinite amount of time.

That request was made Tuesday evening at the quarterly meeting of the Southeast Iowa Regional Riverboat Commission in Fort Madison."


15:46:35 - SPIKE - No comments

Let Burlington Pay For It - Power Is Legally Impotent


The city made this damn mess at the manor mall, let them pay for it. Why should I pay more taxes for Slagle's Foley?


Here we go again. Tacit council approval for the legally impotent Power to run up another big fee on a "guaranteed win." According to our researchers the only lawsuit Power has ever won was the billboard lawsuit.

And Burlington is a lot safer because of it.


02:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Will Accidental Insight Make Heland Vote Right?


Now that the Burlington is broke, break open the County Treasury.

Counselor Power wants the County to join the City in trampling the rights of private property owners. This is the pay off Slagle, the Drunk ex-Mayor, Hinkle and other undesirables were angling for when they put Heland on the Board of Supervisors.

Huff and puff Heland again made copy for the Advertiser. "The people who lived there helped us win World War II. Let's not forgot that," Supervisor Jeff Heland said." Like a cocked and dropped shotgun that accidentally discharges and bags a duck, Heland's chatoic mind has made an inadvertent and excellent connection.

People have risked and lost their lives to defend our rights. It would be a disgrace if County government supported the local elite that in purusit of further enriching themselves and their friends, has made a mockery of our rights.

Will Heland do the right thing, or vote as he is told?


02:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

A Source Not Primarily Selling Advertising


I see investigative journalism is becoming more a function of independent groups outside the mainstream media. This is not news around here.

I doubt if the Advertiser will ever pay you and Falcon for the gems you have exposed. Have they offered to pay if you would just go away?


They plan to out-wait us.


01:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Re: Oct. 16 Post "The Right to Protect The Left"


In reference to "16 October The Right to Protect The Left" , I'd suggest you read the text on above link. Too much of this junk out there without you using it.

Sounds good - - - - like modern marketing.


After being subjected to this single party strangle hold on common sense and good judgment the message isn't about whether this is a true story. It is only an illustration of why these jackasses get to run loose and ruin our community without any accountability.

However, that nut job professor in Boulder comes to mind.


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16 October

The Right to Protect The Left

02:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

15 October

Fall of the Fraud of Ethanol


Even the tree hugging liberals are running away from ethanol. Catch today's editorial in the U. of Iowa Daily Iowan.

Will the next batch of Jimmy Olsons Citizen Kane hauls out of the U. of Iowa Journalism program have qualms when ordered to praise Hoschek's folly?


11:38:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Learn and Discover


The Chamber is going to host a Members Glimpse into the Future of the Chamber of Commerce.

Dates and Times are as follows: Thursday 10/18 @ 4PM, Tuesday 10/23 @ 9AM, Thursday 10/25 @ 7:30 AM, Friday 11/2 @ 12 noon. This is a chance to hear present issues along with the future vision of the Chamber. With a bonus question and answer session.

Are there any particular questions we should ask at these meetings??


What happened to implementing the Lockwood Greene and Angelou studies?


11:30:49 - SPIKE - No comments

Proof of Residency


I think the Fort Madison council should use this action in West Des Moines to police a little bit of their own.


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14 October

Slagle Appoints Airport Board Member

Unless I misread the article, City Manager Bruce Slagle appointed Steve Bangert to the Southeast Iowa Airport Board to replace Steve Lewis without any public notice.

Who directed Slagle to do this? Where was the city council's action? In fact, did the city council even know about Slagle taking action? Was there an interview process?

Even that West Burlington law-breaking mayor is going to hold interviews to at least make it look real.


03:28:55 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington High School In Need of Assistance

According to a story in the Des Moines Register Burlington High School is in need of assistance to meet student achievement goals.

Maybe if we spent more of our money in the classroom instead of these Mike Book Memorials our students wouldn't receive such notoriety.

Circus tents and a bale of hay or somewhere in between.

03:23:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Muir a Catfish Bend Investor? Water Park Early Out

Stories keep popping that the developers of Manor Mall is/are investors in Catfish Bend Casino.

Why doesn't Burlington take an early out from the water park and an IOU for the interest owed at 4% annual interest? Seems like a better deal than nothing. Why should the taxpayers take a hit?

03:21:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Did Slagle Apply To Mason City?

Did Burlington City Manager apply for the city administrator position in Mason City?

Just wondering.

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13 October

Airport Board Ignores Iowa Code Violation - "Life Goes On"

Nobody Died - What Do We Care?

According to this morning's Ad Vertiser, the Southeast Iowa Airport Board Chairman reported they have not consulted the board's attorney over the illegality of the Jet Air vote to replace Remmers Aviation.

In fact, response to questions resulted in "I can't speak to the state code in this matter. If it happened, it happened."

I think the response will be somewhat different when something does happen or someone does get hurt. The possibility does exist.

People with over 2,000 pages and multiple violations in their FAA file aren't doing something right. But again, neither is the board. So maybe it is a perfect match. So Trousilistic.

09:15:14 - SPIKE - No comments

A Side Order of Slagle


As I recall, it was documentation of Slagle's illegal meddling in an election that got him in trouble before. Bad boy Bruce is back at it.

Slagle's arrogance has not slacked. Like all good bureaucrats, he shuffles papers. Has he issued any candidate advocacy documents like he did last time? If so, they should be posted on the web. The Advertiser will ignore the story.

We need a Council with the balls to fire Slagle. Slagle needs to find another job where he is not rewarded for breaking the law and playing golf during business hours.

Slagle's bungling in Burlington guarantees he will never advance to anything greater on his current career path. The Peter Principle pinnacle of Slagle's management abilities in the private sector would be as night shift supervisor at a burger joint.

Slagle needs cause to get a grease stained tie and get on with his life.

Rather than golfing, Slagle could goof off in the parking lot at two in the morning. With a pot of "free" coffee, Slagle and the Drunk ex-Mayor could whine about the good old days.

Proof Slagle is breaking the law, again, may break the inertia that is holding him in his position.

R. McDonald

01:07:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Play it Again, Spike


As you continue to put truth before advertising, your readership grows while the Ad Vertiser's slows. Many who have seen the light more recently probably have never seen the following.

An oldie, but a goodie. He who is supposed to serve conspires to rule.

I look it up every so often to remind me why we fight. Remember the Alamo! Remember the Maine! Remember Pearl Harbor! Remember Bruce Slagle's Reprimand!

Who says things never change in Burlington? They always get worse the next time around.


01:05:25 - SPIKE - No comments

School's Out Forever


Mr. Murray was not skipping school to campaign with City Manager Slagle on the radio. Union agreements give contract covered employees time off the job to "serve" in public office. Mr. Murray and his rumored campaign manager were simply "informing us about our City government."

Therein lies our lesson.

How many high caliber people out there with an interest in doing so never seek public office? They must stay on the job producing wealth to support the public sector.

How many local office holders and candidates have ever held responsible postions in the productive, private, sector? Productive, responsible people have a low tolerence for incompetence. If you wonder why slugs like Slagle get a 9% pay raise for breaking the law and screwing up instead of being fired, go figure.

This is something to keep in mind when deciding for whom to vote.

Class dismissed.

A. Cooper
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12 October

Slagle & KBUR Strike Out On Campaign Trail


Isn't it about time for Slagle to hold up a sign in the Council Chambers telling us who "not" to vote for? I wonder who it will be?


He already has. He has been grooming Murray and doing so is another Iowa Campaign violation. I guess Slagle is mad that Campbell didn't vote for his fat ass 9% pay raise.

I doubt if the Ad Vertiser has any interest in the story. Maybe Charlie Smithson Executive Director & Legal Counsel for the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board might have some concerns.

Along with the idea that KBUR is now selectively advocating and endorsing political candidates.


02:41:52 - SPIKE - No comments

Skipping School


I heard Ell and Murray on the talk show the other day. Wasn't Wednesday a school day? How can Murray skip school to attend a radio campaign event? Doesn't this acknowledge the school system's endorsement of Murray for a council seat?

Murray ran as a Republican against Cahoon for his seat in the Iowa legislature and lost. Now he is a Democrat. How far will he go to win this seat?


As far as the Democrats will push him. It's amazing how far the local goombas will go to occupy a seat or promote a candidate. Lost Keys Ell sat as fire chief for years against labor union contracts.

Now, Lost Keys is promoted as labor's answer to a municipal election. The big union drunk ex-mayor must be real proud of that revelation.


02:38:00 - SPIKE - No comments

One Less Possible DHS Location


I see there is one less possible new DHS location with the closing of the downtown eatery.


It says - For Rent.

02:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Salvation by Automation - Robot City Manager Is Result


Artificial intelligence experts are predicting people will wed robots. We may just meet that perfect machine to take home to meet our aging desk top.

If experts can build the perfect mate for man, with 500 kilowatt headache suppression circuits, what else may they build? Will it go beyond an individual machine to be there for an individual human? How about an intelligent machine to look after a community?

I would like to see them build an artificial, intelligent, city manager.

Burlington could use a model that does not take part in illegal secret meetings, destroy records, lie, etc. If anti-golf programming is an option, it would be a wise investment.

There are better versions of the current human model city manager to be had. If we wait too long for technology, nobody will left to need it.

02:36:01 - SPIKE - No comments

Don't Drink the Funny Smelling Water


Burlington faces a $4 million dollar plus bill to literally clean up its act. This is twice the price we were told. This is only for one project in the near term.

A Pathologist once told of how the aging we see on a person's outside is also visible once accessing their insides. With aged and neglected buildings falling into our streets, what is going on underneath?

The City admits aging pipes in the sanitary sewer system admit ground water. Are these antique pipes giving ground water something in return? What else looms on the horizon for infrastructure investment on a massive scale?

River front water fountains, casino water parks, train whistles, etc. are for more important than public health and safety. Let the folks in Ft. Madison worry about what flushes out of Burlington.

Higher levels of government are lowering the boom on Burlington's governmental buffoons. These Wimpy's will not get hamburgers on credit extensions forever.

The public should be raising hell and demanding answers. Only 9% bothered to vote in the municipal primary. Why are angry citizens not nailing responsible officials to the ground for what has gone down? Who has been trying to cover up what and for whom?

Nothing changes. You may as well do what the City Burlington does.

Go pee in the river.


02:33:48 - SPIKE - No comments

Gambling Against Iowa's Future


I admire Randy Winegard, but his concept of building 2 casino hotel complexes only 20 miles apart was fatally flawed from the start. The Catfish Bend debacle is in sharp contrast to the Riverside Casino south of Iowa City which is doing even better than expected. Of course, the Iowa City area has strong ties to big money that Burlington does not.

I think it likely that the aging boat will be sold downriver to pay down debt and they will go with one casino in Burlington. Alternatively, Winegard could buy one of the motels in Fort Madison or Keokuk for a song and put a casino room on.

Speaking of Lee County, is there anyone who can deny that a $100 million plus freeway bypass around Fort Madison is a total waste of money? Lee County'’s population is both declining and aging rapidly. Traffic must be decreasing as well. They need heart bypasses, not freeway bypasses.

Our glorious Governor and legislature are planning 11% increase in state spending this fiscal year and a 12% increase next year. The University of Iowa just spent $67,000 on a free Three Dog Night concert September 28.

Fiddling while Iowa burns!


02:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

NASCAR Fans Spread Death?


Those who work for the liberal elite in Washington are forced to go out amidst we, the great unwashed. It may be unhealthy to do so without special precautions.

As when visiting any backward country, get your shots. Avoid foods and members of the opposite sex which engender any doubt. They may be unclean and unhealthy.

Politically correct events in coastal areas of enlightenment require no special care. NASCAR events attracting the uncouth could kill you.

KCPS radio carries the NASCAR circuit. Is listening to KCPS hazardous to your health?

I am waiting for our congressman to show up in a biological warfare suit. All that gear makes it easier to not hear what maybe hazardous to your career.

Schaudinn and Hoffman

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11 October

400 Jobs Land In Keokuk - More Coming!


400 excellent paying manufacturing jobs are going to land in Keokuk. According to folks attending the news conference new hire pay will be 160% higher than the existing Lee County average.

I wonder if our loser mayor could pull off a deal like this?


Ell is barely able to tie his shoes. Ell, Hinkle, Slagle and Power couldn't have done this deal if they wanted to.

The city of Burlington doesn't possess the skill sets to negotiate; only litigate.

And golf season isn't over yet.


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The Off Year Election's Fifth Column


The primary numbers should be most comforting to Ell, Murray, the Advertiser and the single party structure in general.

State wide, the single party running Des Moines County operates in non partisan races. They encourage their own to pursue "non partisan" local races even if they are not really interested in such an office. You will do as instructed to move higher up the scale. If a candidate does not identify with the party, they may be targeted.

This goes beyond the social network of being an active party member who knows other local activists. State party organizers have been known to co-ordinate pressure group involvement, fund raising, and campaign management instruction, "after hours and on their own time."

I wish the parties would stay out of local government, including at the County level. Ideology often gets in the way of providing the front line services we depend on local government to deliver.

The classic example was Burlington suing the railroad. The City of Burlington is not the governing venue from which to launch a crusade against capitalism. If you think this was not party running City affairs, what the hell was Senator Courtney doing participating in the illegal secret meeting where it was decided to sue?

This "without merit" fiasco cost tax payers money that could have been better utilized elsewhere. Partisan involvement in Burlington's suing the railroad helped make the City a regional laughing stock.

When voting for a local candidate, think before you leap. Is the candidate spouting philosophy that supposedly will turn paving stones into gold, or talking about setting priorities on which streets will be repaved and how to get the best deal on the job.


Sounds like Stalinism to me.


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American Queen Docks Friday


The American Queen steamboat, with 436 passengers and 160 crew, will be docked in Burlington Friday morning,
leaving for Hannibal at 1PM.

American Queen details:

01:35:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Back from the Dead


I thought Mike Campbell died.

Campbell's work on the City Council used to make the Advertiser. As the election neared, Mike just faded away like General MacArthur. Was this Councilman Campbell's reward for warning that a locomotive was bearing down on Counselor Power and his client?

Campbell did make the primary cut. I guess in Mike's case, no news is better than biased news. What course of action do you see the Advertiser taking between now and November so they may write Campbell's obituary?


01:33:58 - SPIKE - No comments

10 October

Campbell Wins Primary

Despite Democratic Party shenanigans including the involvement of City Manager Bruce Slagle, Mike Campbell has won the primary election.

Now on to a November victory.

01:14:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ell To Be Upset By Lies & Deceit

We're going to have a month long opportunity to send Lost Keys Bill Ell home.

It's going to start with his management and lack of leadership at the Fire Department. And the lost keys will only scrape the dirt off.

It will end with this buffoon's diluted cerebral mush regarding the railroad lawsuit. "It's about the jobs!"

If the citizens of this city put this incompetent boob back in office, you folks deserve everything Ell, Slagle and Power are going to ram down our throats.

This guy should have been on the porch years ago. Fired.

I just can't get by Ell's outright, blatant lies to the public and city council as a city employee.

Who does Bill Ell think he is, Hans Trousil?


01:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Airport Investigation May Let Down the Fence


I hope HP called the FBI. I hope besides the standard law degree, the investigating agent has a deep knowledge of forensic accounting. Under the pretext of missing fencing, a check of the books to verify the missing property was not fenced may uncover more.

If any word leaked of a possible audit, you can bet there would be remake of Twelve O'Clock High. "Pilot to bombardier. Pilot to bombardier. Bruce, you now have control of the airplane."

Shredded documents would rain down on us all.

C. LeMay
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09 October

Burlington Primary Elections Results

Posted: 10/9/2007 9:19p
Burlington Council - 4 Year

Michael Campbell Jr. - 14.54%
William Ell - 31.01%
John Fenton - 6.78%
Chuck Griffin - 10.25%
Matthew Murray - 29.52%
Duane A. Sourwine - 7.57%
Write-in Votes - 0.34%
Burlington Council Vacancy

Jim Davidson - 56.03%
Leonard Johnson - 13.24%
Jim Ritters - 30.21%
Write-in Votes - 0.52%
21:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Airport Fence


When the new 8' security fence was installed at the airport it was grounded every 100 ft with a solid copper ground wire. Drive down Summer Street and take a look, every where you see one of the white "No Trespassing" signs there is a ground wire next to it.

Now take a drive along Hartman Road on the west side of the runways and guess what? All the wires have been cut and removed by what I assume was some entrepreneur looking to turn a fast buck on the scrap metal market.

I'm sure that the airport is completely unaware that someone stole their ground wires.

Of course there is another explanation. Maybe they weren't stolen, maybe Bill Ell lost them and he hasn't had time to tell us yet.


If they can't abide by the Iowa Code to conduct business you can bet they don't have a clue. I doubt if the airport manager has ever driven the perimeter of the airport fence line.

It is a Federal crime. Call the FBI. They will investigate.


11:19:55 - SPIKE - No comments

No Bail Out for Catfish Craps Casino


LD is observant about the quality of food at Catfish Craps Casino. There are superior operations not that far away and people are going to them. The buffet at Riverside is far better. The quality of the food is just another indicator of trouble.

As business wanes, so do the hours of operation. Catfish Craps keeps cutting back. Will it get to the point of no hours to cut back on losses? Before Catish Craps would take a final dive, would they come hat in hand to local government?

The City needs to cash in on their casino swimming pool venture. Take the money while it is there to be taken. Remove the temptation to throw good money after bad. No more subsidies for gambling.

Catfish Craps Casino is not an asset to the community. If there is talk of its closing, Catfish Craps deserves no more special favors.


Catfish Bend is facing the greatest business hurdle, supply and demand. When you have your own chickens, why go to the store for eggs?


11:14:19 - SPIKE - No comments

Truth in Ad Vertising?


News - Iowa & Illinois
-1 dead, 250 hospitalized as
-Clinton takes lead in latest Iowa poll

The above is a direct copy from the online Advertiser of 10-8.

I guess there is one candidate who takes action when it comes to demonstrating the need for socialized medicine as well as increasing Social Security death benefits.

I am glad to see there is one candidate who is giving noble purpose to the debate of public policy.

The literary artistry at the Advertiser never ceases to amaze.

Dr. Kevorkian

11:11:55 - SPIKE - No comments

Silence of the Lemming Sheep


Nice photos of the property gone to hell at 420 N. 4th. I am certain the City will tell you this is the result of train whistles. Nobody wishes to live there because of the railroad.

If you make the noise go away, hordes of people from other areas will flock to live in Burlington's decaying central core. That is why we put up barricades around buildings falling into downtown streets. Salvation is at hand.

Like a Pierce Arrow found in a barn, Burlington's charming architectural relics will take a lot of loving care and constant attention to restore and keep in operation. Running a craps table at a casino, or working at some fast food franchise will provide new comers with the resources to begin a renaissance.

Burlington's leaders are inspired by a power beyond reason. Have faith. Don't worry. Be happy.

Meher Baba

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08 October

Casino Buffet


Some of my thoughts after a recent visit. I was born in Burlington and graduated high school there 50 years ago.

As an attendee of over 60 some different casino buffets, I would have to rate the casino in Burlington as the worst, notice I did not say one of the worst, at which I have eaten. If the local politicians are getting fat stuffing themselves there, they must not have any taste buds.

Burlington has invested money in several questionable projects, but where is the money for street repair? While on a recent visit, I almost ruined the front end of my vehicle because of the poor condition of the streets. But I am sure the profits from Winegard's swimming pool will straighten all this out eventually, and Burlington will have world class streets.

What is wrong with this place that you cannot get a council composed of people who have Burlington at heart and not their own agenda. It appears to me from what I have read that the electorate should be getting tired of being duped by now. What does it take to wake the populace up to what is going on?

As the son and brother of former Railroad workers, I owe my upbringing to the checks paid out by the C B &Q. Burlington has been and will continue to be a railroad paid for community. The sound of train whistles meant food on the table for me. Now that the nincompoop politicians have run the WB Shops out of existence, they want to claim the biggest problem to your town is train whistles. How about the Central Ave. overpass that is getting cosmetic repairs, the streets with potholes, the ever lessening population, the ruining of people lives by taking their property, the sidewalks a mother cannot push her baby carriage on, a dead tree that is a safety factor on a politicians property, a newspaper that only prints articles favorable to the local politicians and advertisements, trucks being allowed to traverse streets that are load restricted and a rampant increase in criminal and drug related activity.

I have always loved my old hometown, but now I can only be ashamed of what is going on there.


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Blight In Slagle's Parking Lot


Here are some shots on the same block as city hall and to top it off it's owned by SCC with taxes at $3408.86 which are of course, exempt.

It just goes to show how blight is generated by all types of home owners. Just why does the college own this eyesore situated in the heart of downtown Burlington is beyond comprehension. Why have they let it fall into slum conditions and what if anything are they going to do with it now?

The Columbia street side is a natural deposit for litter and has the appearance of a trash can. The soffit is falling off as well as trim around the windows, and all the paint is peeling off the exterior of the house.

There's a tree in the front yard that's branching out right into the front of the house while brush and other vegetation has grown up all around the premises creating a condition similar to that of an abandoned home.

I don't recall any premises in the Manor that represented blight more thoroughly than this house at 420 N. Fourth, just a few steps from city hall.

It's apparent city hall has no concept of blight but they can sure as hell ruin lives for monetary purposes under the guise of blight.

Years ago this home was well kept, lived in and owned by a taxpaying productive citizen and his family, now its nothing but pure blight, having been left to rot by the college. This type of crap is a direct result of Burlington's management, which refuses to accept or enforce city codes nor be accountable for the well being and appearance of homes and buildings in Burlington.


It's OK since the property owner or future developer isn't an investor in the casino.


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Man Commits Suicide Over Zoning Denial


I certainly hope this would never happen in Burlington, but with the way our council operates who knows?

Do we have an officer on duty during council meetings? If we don't when Slagle reads this you can bet we will.


There is an armed, uniformed police officer at all Burlington City Council meetings. But there was an officer at the Clarksville council meeting, too.


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Griffin Out Under Over Expectations


I wonder; if Griffin doesn't make the city council, what office will he run for next?

He seems hell bent on getting elected to any position he can get. In my experience, usually the ones who want the positions the worst, are the worst ones for those positions!


Well, he seems to fit the category. However, he doesn't fit those trough shoes the way Hoschek, Diewold, Ell, Courtney and Edwards do.


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What Will Our New ACLU DO?


I see Southeast Iowa now has a local chapter to be a watch dog for our civil liberties. Will they be Rottweilers when it comes to the rouges in local government?

Will the local ACLU file suit the next time there is an illegal secret meeting at City Hall, or when public records mysteriously disappear at the hands of Slagle? Will they speak out if Senator Courtney re-introduces legislation to out free speakers for discrimination and intimidation via unofficial elements?

The ACLU nationally is curiously quiet on the Second Amendment. Playing pick and choose with the Bill of Rights is BS.

I hope the local chapter is not just another politically correct club. So much must be done to halt abuses by the local single party which pledges allegiance to political correctness.

The founding fathers of our nation never heard the term "hate speech." If the local ACLU starts mumbling this phrase, they are enemies of liberty.

I am not holding out much hope.


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05 October

Blown Away


This is the first I've heard of Box Car Chuck's Big rail adventure. I am blown away by his finding. I am in BNSF locomotives everyday and it is
impossible to blow a horn louder. All BNSF motive power has converted to electric switch gear to actuate the air horns. When you pickup an electric horn relay it simply gets energized. It is essentially a digital circuit (either on or off). The air pressure is always 130-140 psi.

There are no analog horn blasts anymore.


RE: "There are no analog horn blasts anymore." I beg to differ. I swear I heard Griffin speak last night.


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Local Negativism? Look To The Creator!


The Hawk Eye is the biggest perpetrator of negativism in the region and residents should look no further for the creator.

The Chamber will heartily endorse the first candidate that has the guts to tell what they all think.


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"Goin' to the the Candidates Debate, Mrs Robinson?"


I see another candidates' forum looms. This explains the Advertiser's hype to bitch about locomotive air horns. Much abuzz about BS.

Have you set your VCR to record great moments in assininity?

I have no cable. I must be elsewhere making it possible to pay my ever increasing taxes. Great one, will you give us an accurate summary of the all star summo match of the mostly stupid.

I can guess the Advertisers take. Vote for Ell and Murray.

Joltin' Joe

Well, it was pretty mundane from the question asking to the answers. It was only the motions. It was so poorly attended that we should all be ashamed.

Campbell had the best advertising in his closing remarks.

Lots of good intentions. People that seem to have no allegiance (except maybe Murray and Griffin) to Slagle and his incompetence. If I were Slagle, I would be packing my bags and getting my address changed. There are people out there to rid this city of the parasites.

Boxcar Chuck Griffin has a dream plan for economic reform that includes 100 new manufacturing jobs each year for the next 10 years that will equate in $200 million back to the community. Griffin also mentioned his tenure of employment with the FBI. We would like an explanation of that resume point. No one leaves the FBI except for a higher level government job. If Boxcar can be led down the road over train whistles, Bruce Slagle can mesmerize this guy into believing he can walk a tightrope at Ringling Brothers.

Murray seems well spoken but without much experience or substance to back up the needed oversight the out-of-control city manager and staff need. He seems way too close to Slagle's butt.

As far as Lost Keys Bill Ell goes, I can't get by the the lost school keys. Ell has a proven record of deception and lies and being caught. Ell has cost this city more money as an employee and elected Goomba of the Democrats than he will ever pay in taxes even if he lives to be 150 years old. He is a phony and a pompous fraud.

Even the Ad Vertiser ran the highlights from the FIRST forum as their lead story in today's rag. That in itself is a perfect display of the apathetic community they created in the break from being a newspaper and morphosis into an advertising driven daily circular.


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Burlington Sidewalks


Two days ago I noticed a woman pushing a dual baby stroller, loaded with two young children south on Summer Street. Now, this wasn't on the sidewalk but in the street itself.

Looking at the sidewalks it was quite clear why this woman was pushing the kids out in the street. The sidewalks are a mess with roots cracking and pushing them in all directions along with decay making it impossible for people to even walk on them for fear of breaking a leg. Somewhat to the north of the woman the sidewalks are brick and grass has grown up so thick between the cracks it's impossible to push a carriage with children.

Below are a couple of the city codes relative to regulation of sidewalks:

137.04 RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAINTENANCE. It is the responsibility of the abutting property owners to repair, replace or reconstruct, or cause to be repaired, replaced or reconstructed, all broken or defective sidewalks and to maintain in a safe and hazard-free condition any sidewalk outside the lot and property lines and inside the curb lines or traveled portion of the public street.

137.05 CITY MAY ORDER REPAIRS. If the abutting property owner does not maintain sidewalks as required, the Council may serve notice on such owner, by certified mail, requiring the owner to repair, replace or reconstruct sidewalks within a reasonable time and if such action is not completed within the time stated in the notice, the Council may require the work to be done and assess the costs against the abutting property for collection in the same manner as a property tax.

Anyway, as I drove by this woman I wondered just how much this city wastes on the downtown area, frivolous lawsuits, underserved and bloated pay increases, bad real-estate deals, major blunders in city management, code un-enforcement and just why the city is doing nothing to curb the spreading blight in the inner city with its decay spreading its jaws around the entire city, slowly ruining neighborhood after neighborhood. Burlington is becoming a city of entitlement with people dependent on the government to support them with no intention of becoming dependent or productive citizens.

We have, right on main routes through town many housing units that could be called “dumps and or slums” people are living in, owned by absentee landlords and some homeowners that are such eye sores its impossible to believe someone is actually living in them.

In a nut shell that’s why that woman is forced to push her kids down the street rather than a decent sidewalk, that in many cases are non-existent here in Burlington.

Burlington needs a progressive city government and until the one party system is gone nothing will ever improve and the decay will continue to eat away at what’s left. It’s sad to see the once fine homes become rundown slum apartments that just plain look like hell all over this once clean and decent city.

The future looks grim as the entitlement crowd increases and the livable wage jobs continue to disappear for Burlington and other river towns along the Iowa and Illinois border.

Once the leaves fall and winter approaches Burlington will bloom into its winter coat of trash covered bluffs with paper and plastic litter blowing as tumble weeds in the Arizona desert, what a site to behold.


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04 October

Catfish Craps


Catfish Craps is running out of money for further expansion. You read it in the Ft. Madison paper before the Advertiser is typical.

I love the claims of what gambling does for the community. Why is there no similar hype on the broken homes and bankruptcies for those who can not handle gambling? Some will succumb and seek gambling out anywhere. None the less, proximity makes a difference.

Gambling was sold as something to fleece tourists. It was a lie. Most of the suckers come from nearby. Why is Catfish Craps advertising on local cable television? Cable is proof they are pitching to locals. Two low paying jobs to keep your head above water does not leave a lot to spend in slots.

Gambling does not create wealth. Gambling is good at recyling government checks. If Burlington's City Council had good sense, they would cash in their swimming pool chips.

Houston, we have achieved market saturation. This turkey is crashing.


No wonder Fun City can't pay the city taxpayers interest on their loan, the Friday and Saturday night gut buster buffets are sapping the financial strength of the already broke gambling crowd.


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Box Car Chuckie?


The tale of Candidate Griffin's fact finding tour from Burlington via rail is only so much noise on the unimportant issue of train whistles. Griffin claims engineers told him they always blow their whistles louder in Burlington. We really need to know how candidate Griffin achieved this enlightenment.

On every real passenger train I have ridden, the engineer stayed in the cab looking for danger ahead. What engineers did Griffin talk to and where? Crews get off and on along the way. How many engineers did Griffin talk to who regularly blow a whistle in Burlington?

I have read where bums and friendly train crews will converse when stuck on a siding while waiting for a priority train to pass. Did Griffin steal free rides on freight trains? If so, would stealing rides on freight trains qualify him as a bum?

The east west route through Burlington preceding the Santa Fe's take over had a reputation for being bum friendly, if the bums behaved. The old Santa Fe was known for its fierce treatment of free loaders looking for a free ride. The Santa Fe's school of management now runs the BNSF.

The iIl-mannered bums running Burlington a short time ago found this out when they were looking for a free ride in Federal Court.

Candidate Griffin needs to clarify how he obtained his decibel data on train whistles in Burlington. The resignation of the head bum who wrecked this town's reputation in a without merit law suit was a blessing. New bums should not be brought aboard.

K. C. Jones

Railroad folks are notorious pranksters. I would imagine Chuck Griffin is far more infamous as the butt of a big story. By the time Griffin had reached Fairfield on his magic carpet ride to Denver I would imagine his infamy was being created via cellphone and radio waves all the way to Denver.


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Train Whistles Signal the World's End


I see the Advertiser has decided the greatest issue facing Burlington is train whistles. A rehash of the ho-hum forum for City Council candidates on this earth shattering issue was again in order. Appearance over substance.

It is like a house with a bowed and leaky roof. As long as old pans in the attic catch the worst of it, the woman of the house will demand new drapes. No thought is given to what will be the fate of new drapes, along with a whole lot more, when the roof caves in.

Crumbling infrastructure, economic decline, a declining number of people to pay for ever more infrastructure and worse yet frills, all are of little importance. Why are train whistles more important?

Since trees and outhouses have been removed from the middle of Jefferson Street, small retailers have made some what of a come back. Check the display ads in the Advertiser and you will find the downtown little guys. Display ads are the Advertiser's gravy atop the Sunday mega store inserts.

The downtown crowd is now crying about train whistles. Go figure why the Advertiser is crying train whistles downtown are causing the sky to fall. The Angelou economic study was dead on when it determined the Advertiser is no asset to this area. Why is this finding never rehashed in the Advertiser?

I hope there are enough voters who can see beyond the Advertiser's self interest and are capable of independent thought. Bondo on bridge pillars only covers up the looming bills for heavy maintenance and infrastructure replacement. These are the real priorities bearing down on Burlington like a run away train.

Consider which candidates are best able to avoid Advertiser think and perhaps give Burlington something it has not had for decades; hope for a real future. If local leaders do like the Advertiser and concentrate on the trivial for a quick fix of controversy, Burlington will continue its decline to being no more than a whistle stop.


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Ignorance is Strength


There is a co-ordinated, nation wide attack under way against free speech. From Congress to City Hall, elected "representatives" of the people are trying to limit debate to only what is best for those in power.

The City of Burlington pulled advertising from KCPS because of comments made on the "Big Show" some time ago. Will San Fransisco embolden Slagle and company to condemn Fred & Seven as purveyors of "hate speech." Condemnation is the first step to censorship under the banner of "fairness" for the airwaves. It will not end with radio.

Portions of the Internet are wireless. "Fairness" for what is said here would be the logical next step. Once a precedent is set, look for bush league bullies like State Senator Courtney to successfully legislate against their critics as well.

Your national and world news will be limited to whatever the New York Times says it is. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN already play follow the Times. FOX will be emasculated and domesticated to serve our elitist masters.

National talk radio will become a one sided monologue of why you should invest in government bonds with what you may spare of the 10% of your income left after taxes. Avoiding problems for those who have no solutions will still run on Burlington's sole remaining AM station.

The Advertiser will continue to serve its local thought control function, but without contradiction.

If all you wish to be is a mindless lemming sheep, you will be happy under the single source, new world order of information.


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03 October

Thoughts - Locked Doors, DOT, Knoke, CPC, Accident ID


I guess that original photo of the off ramp crumbling on the central street exit finally got some results, although it's only cosmetic in nature; so says the DOT.

Also, the owner of the Tama building now keeps the doors locked making it impossible to check and see if the elevators are licensed. My guess is they aren't.

Also, I thought Knoke was supposed to show up and give Tim Scott an explanation as to why the huge underestimate for the runoff tanks. This reeks of Slagle interference and/or city hall cover up.

One of the benefits of working for the city is there's no accountability from the top down; hell, it's only taxpayer money anyway and the yearly raises continue to roll in despite the lack of any performance requirements or standards.

Why isn't the salary of the new CPC administrator being made public, could it be the supervisors greased his hand with fringe benefits far and above the $45 - $55k salary range? Similar to what the city did with Slagle when they hired him for the non-accountable position of city manager.

We still haven't received any information on the accident victim at the Ethanol plant a month or so ago, looks like another cover up by the local establishment and the IOSHA.


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02 October

Knoke Remains In Hiding

Burlington Public Works Director Ron Knoke was conspicuously absent from Monday's council meeting. We were hoping he had the guts to face the music over his $2 million dollar mistake.

Apparently not.

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Curse of the House of Heland


Falcon had a wonderful photo of the House of Heland. It looks like something abandoned the Jaycees could use for a haunted house fund raiser. Even the gothic sit-coms of 40 years ago, the Adams Family & the Munsters, had less foliage around their settings of insanity.

No wonder nothing gets cleaned up around Burlington. One of the king pins of the local single party system is a prime offender.

All that brush makes it hard to tell if Heland has a drive way. If he does, I hope it is next to the dead tree. If that tree should plummet to the ground and pancake Heland's pimp mobile, would it be a case of divine justice?

Happy Halloween!

Gomez Addams

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Heland Outed, Again!


I saw the posting of Heland's lovely dead tree in the yard.

Makes me think back to when I was a young single mother, and had a similar tree in my yard, and could not afford to have it cut down. Do you think the city of Burlington let it go? Do you think the city of Burlington offered to help me?

Hell no, they rode my ass, until I found a way to have it cut down, and it cost me plenty. I say they had better do the same to others!


Falcon is running a great letter that exposes Heland's nonsense for what it is.


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01 October

Unsolved Burglary/Missing Generators and Tools

City Continues To Ignore Responsibility To Manor Residents

Hi Spike,

So far we have heard nothing more about the stolen items from our former home on Market; the one the city stole.

I'm surprised since the generators were city property. I think the city lied.

No subcontractor BORROWED the second generator as stated by the city. It was stolen and the city doesn't want to look (more) incompetent and untruthful than it already does.

If it was a subcontractor, I wish they'd return my brother's BORROWED tools and toolbox, and explain why they kicked in our front door to BORROW them; and did they BORROW the first generator, too?

We haven't heard from the BPD either, but I'm not surprised.

And I haven't been apologized to for being called a potential thief by the city's project director.


Since the Ad Vertiser took a new step to discover the rationale behind the $2 million dollar mistake, I wonder why they won't take up this cause. Smells like a complicit cover-up to me.


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It Can Happen Here


It can happen here like Burma.

A second anniversary looms. It has been nearly two years since former Burlington City Council member, Senator King, tried to use Iowa's Campaign Ethics Boards to out Spike and in effect shut down this site. The mouth without a mind lost.

State Senator Courtney introduced a bill in the Iowa Senate to out bloggers thereby identifying them for destruction by other than "official" means. Senator Courtney's bill never got out of committee.

Tyrants are desperate to control what you know to maintain their control. Locally, that means you would only know what you read in the Advertiser. Only their party line must be put forth.

Men who agree with King and Courtney when it comes to the public right to know are running the country formerly known as Burma. They are down right brutes and murderers when it comes to blocking free access to information.

If you think it can not happen here, be not so sure. Some on the Iowa's Campaign Ethics Boards expressed an interest in "regulating" net speech. Re-electing Senator Courtney and electing others who consider themselves absolute monarchs may tempt fate once too often.

W. Dawes

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