Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 November

A Case With Merit


I think Ron Remmers could have a good case against the Authority Board. First, the tie breaker was cast by an unauthorized member. Secondly, most boards and commissions require a majority vote of the whole, not a majority of members present. Two votes is not a majority of a 5 member board. Someone should check their by-laws.

John Sandell

We checked their bylaws. The vote needed to be 3-0 on that fateful morning the Airport Board kept crappy minutes to cover their misdeeds.

This bunch is out of control and need to held accountable for the way they have conducted business.


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Nervous Nellies


Since some people get defensive when things are talked about out in the open on your blog and on Falcon’s blog. It must make them cringe when they read the Constitution. There is a town in New Jersey that decided one of their citizens isn’t covered by the First Amendment.

“The township subpoenaed Google for "daTruthSquad's" identity -- as well as for any emails, blog drafts, and other information Google has about the blogger -- claiming that the defendant in the case is actually writing the posts.”

Thankfully, we are not in a police state yet. Most of the Constitution is still in working order. The person or persons behind this New Jersey blog will have his day in court. If some in our local one-party oligarchy think things would be better without our Constitution they can look at the recent events in Venezuela. Chavez is feeling the heat.


Interesting thing about the truth. It ultimately prevails.

That's the major reason the folks we hammer are neutered.


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Let Jerks, Put You in the Payee's Seat


The State Auditor's Office is not responsible for criminal prosecutions. Attorney General Tom Miller is Iowa's top prosecutor.

If Tom Miller hosts a hospitality suite at his party's next State Convention, more than Little Timmy will be in town for the trough. How many of those making appointments to the Airport Board would feel at home sampling the hospitality of uncle Tom?

As the party injured by an illegal contract vote, Remmers has recourse using the civil side of the system. How much would a ruling for the plaintiff cost the taxpayers?

I can just imagine elected officials who appoint to the Airport Board running for cover. It would be funnier than an old Hertz commercial featuring O. J. Simpson dashing through an airport.

Unlike O. J., it is too bad the personal assets of those responsible would probably not be attached.


Remmers could just fill out the check. An illegal vote is an illegal action unless you're Hans Trousil.

We would like to see the documentation that shows there was a vote to terminate Remmers to begin with.


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Run Slagle Out Of Town


Let Slagle sue the city for the $30,000 in pay to leave early. From what I hear we only pay Slagle if a new council is seated. Don't wait until January 19.

Fire this no good SOB and run him out of town. And remind that jackass Scott Power who he works for. Or fire his no good sorry ass too.

Fed Up With Bruce Slagle & Scott Power

I think we could find several witnesses that could provide the necessary testimony that would sink Slagle in a minute. These two have been parasites on this city long enough.


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29 November

Airport Board Thinks They're Safe

I see the State Auditor is almost done with the local airport board. Apparently, the board addressed most concerns the auditor raised.

All except why did they replace Remmers with a company with known safety violations. Why did the put the public at risk?

Oh, and how they covered up their 2-1 illegal vote.

I think this has a lot of room to play out. Others have interest in these decisions.

Keep your tray table up and locked, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Muir Answers Delayed


I wonder how the council feels about this. I would be very concerned. We have huge debt from the project and have lost the tax dollars that the Manor brought in. If the building is delayed a year or two, that won't kill us, but we need the $2.4m.


Councilman Campbell asked the pregnant questions. Worden replied.

And Publisher Steve Delaney watchdog ds0490 wonders what Spike and Falcon are doing on crackerbox, 'er chatterbox.

What a putz! Only Delaney has time to monitor and write that kind of drivel.

'Bout like Don Henry's homage to his drinking buddy Slagle.

We'll see what Don writes when this Eminent Domain Mall debacle unfolds in Slagle's lap. No wonder Scott Power called Henry for a city witness; a con man playing games on reality with an old drinking buddy.

All I can say is that I am sure glad I spent the money for new Northerners this year. But I think I will need the 10-buckles for the slop that's coming.


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The Ad Vertiser's Soon-To-Be Manor Spin


The Advertiser didn't say anything about the Manor disaster.

The Advertiser is in this up over their ass. They smelled advertising revenue if the Manor residents were screwed along with the rest of us.

$5 million dollars and no mall.

$5 million buys a lot of quiet crossings.


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Muir Financial Fallout? We Pay!


I wonder how the council feels about this. I would be very concerned. We have huge debt from the project and have lost the tax dollars that the Manor brought in. If the building is delayed a year or two, that won't kill us, but we need the $2.4 million now.

If we don't get the $2.4M, we have a $5M loan and no income to pay for it.


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Billups OK With Street Closures


I have an idea for Ron Billups. Why don't we close Washington Street between Main and Front Street?

Billups is OK with closing these streets and crossings as long as they don't hinder his business located 3 blocks from the railroad crossing.

But if they close the 8th Street crossing that just puts a big crimp on his competitor's business.

A little too much self interest for my taste.


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Alas, No Manor Mall for the Ages


I am deeply disappointed the Manor Mall may die before its birth. The Manor Mall may well have joined the ranks of the infamous.

A heavy investment in a community under going social and economic decay has the potential to be a back drop for Hollywood. It has happened before. It has happened not all that far away.

As I own no fully automatic firearms, I am not equipped to venture into the Dixie Square Mall near Chicago. With gas prices being what they are, I must satisfy my curiosity into great retail has beens closer to home.

Peering through the windows of the old Wards at Fairway Center is as good as it gets, unless you get clobbered by a brick falling off an abandon furniture store downtown.

Government has proven it can not breath life into commercial ruin. It should come as no surprise government can not even create future ruins.

Burlington could have joined Harvey, IL as Mecca of modern archeology.

Oh, so blue.

Joliet Jake

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So Goes the Manor - So Goes Huck's Harbor?


Slagle and the Council criminals have another mess besides the Manor. Catfish Craps is not doing well.

Slagle going on the lamb is perhaps based on insider knowledge of more than just Muir folding their hand.


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The Des Moines Register has a chart in the education section regarding all the school districts that gives the graduation rate for the class of 2006, total enrollment K-12 and percentage eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

Burlington Community School District had a graduation rate for the class of 2006 of 79%, a total enrollment

K-12 of 4252 and a free or reduced lunch program for 47.3% of its students.

West Burlington Independent School District graduated 86.2%, had a total enrollment of 710 and 40.7% got free or reduced lunches.

What the hell does the Burlington district spend the $10,500 per student on? Also, close to 50% of the enrollment can’t afford to feed their children and I would imagine this is a direct reflection of the economy in Burlington.

Is this a disaster or what?


It is a disaster. 47% of the kids needing a lunch subsidy is indicative of just how screwed up Burlington's economy and the school system are. No child should ever have to worry about lunch at school. Only when the schools decided the cafeteria should be a profit center with Pepsi, Coke and the rest of corporate crowd did it fester into this abcess.


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Command and Control - Crash and Burn


The collapse of the eminent domain mall is a natural result of eminent domain abuse. The public has become outraged at eminent domain abuse. In 2006, a special session of the Iowa Legislature put restrictions on eminent domain.

The crime in the Manor barely escaped the new restrictions. Thank you, Senator Courtney for getting your buddies to grandfather the Manor disaster with an amendment.

People are not only mad about having their property confiscated to further enrich the wealthy, but about the failures so often associated with government directed development.

Market directed development would never have permitted the eminent domain mall. The market value of the Manor was in excess of what could be recouped by converting it to commercial development. 5 million confiscated from taxpayers used to confiscate the property skewed reality.

Government is far smarter than markets. Moscow knows best.

Muir knows the market. Muir knows the eminent domain mall will not fly under current conditions. Muir has never been at the forefront on the eminent domain mall. The charge was lead by Slagle and political hacks from Des Moines down to the then incumbent Drunk ex-Mayor.

The failure of the eminent domain mall is a $5 million dollar lesson in what happens when government gets involved where it has no business.

Fix our sewers. Patch our streets. Leave development to those who know what it takes to make it pay. We will all be better off in the long run.


We don't have anyone being paid for economic development in this town that has their act together. Look outside.


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Christmas in the Gulag


Do you have a special somebody on your shopping list who is worried about the death of free speech. You may wish to check out these titles for a possible position under the tree.

Where do Senator Courtney and Councilman Murray get their inspiration to demand an end to Internet sites like Derailed and talk radio shows like Fred and Seven?

"You should call them progressives and undocumented immigrants." Where does Jimmy Olson get his terms of confusion? We all know Jimmy is giving us the straight dope.

Check it out while there is still time. Once they take total control, you never know when that knock on the door in the middle of the night will be for you.

Have a happy collectivist Winter Solstice.


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28 November

Rumors Amid Reports About Eminent Domain Mall

Over the last 24 hours the world of Bruce Slagle's Eminent Domain Mall has ripped open. We have had several reports that Muir is either out of the deal or going on hiatus until the economy improves.

Our sources have merit and more credibility than anyone charged with reporting or commenting on this story to date.

The city council needs to appoint Tim Scott, Jim Davidson and Mike Campbell to meet face to face with Muir's President and have this meeting without Slagle (and that nitwit Scott Power) present to spin this into a ball of his world famous lies and deceit.

All the BS that Slagle has piled up about abstracts and delays is about to explode like a short fuse firecracker. Now it's time to expose this incompetent jackass for the last time.

And the taxpayers? We wind up with a $5 million dollar park.


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West Burlington Shops

Rumors persist that Slagle and Hinkle are thwarting the attempts of a user for the West Burlington Shops property. Seems the boys want to build an industrial park on the property since it is in city limits.

And 150 jobs or so are not as important as what they want instead.


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Send Slagle Home


Get rid of Slagle, Now!

Worden has done the lifting on the budget for 10 years. He can do the job for another year.

Send this loser packing.


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I hope I heard wrong after all that has taken place but I would think it may be true.

I heard that the developer has dropped out of the new mall project.

I am wondering if Slick Slagle has bailed out because of this and the heat that is about to begin. If this is true we should arrest Slagle.

I also believe we should send Slagle out now and not wait as he has already cost us millions that we didn't/don't have.


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Edwards Family Thugs


The Edwards letter sounds like they had a hand in informing the Campbell Corp.of Mike Campbell's use of their logo.

What a bunch of CRUDS they are and if they would snitch on Campbell they would snitch on anyone, so you would be well advised not to trust any of them or associate with them either!

With friends like that you don't need enemies. Their day will come! Sooner than they think!


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Lex Luthor of Letters


"The Iowa Council was established primarily in response to increases in the amount and the costs of litigation involving the news media. The Council's by-laws still provide that it can serve as a voluntary assessment district to finance lengthy court battles that would benefit Iowans interested in open government. The Council also has created an Openness Defense Fund that is available to members of the Iowa Newspaper Association and Iowa Broadcasters Association to help finance lawsuits involving serious violations of the open meetings and records laws."

Poking around on the web, I discovered there is an Iowa Freedom of Information Council. They sound like an organization in pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way.

Have these people ever heard of Des Moines County? Illegal secret City Council meetings, destruction of minutes and recordings of said meetings, illegal board appointments, the list goes on. The rule of law is ignored when it does not suit the local power structure.

It serves the powerful to keep the people ignorant of what is going on.

All the local defenders of the public right to know do is feign shame on their editorial page. The guilty have yet to suffer litigation for their crimes.

Check out who is the Second Vice President of this virtuous order of public information defenders. Making a Madame a Mother Superior to promote chastity makes as much sense.

Superman will not be coming to our rescue anytime soon.


FOIC is a source often quoted but seldom heeded unless it is in the self interest of the Ad Vertiser suitable for discussion over a glass of Killian's Red.

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Could It Be?


The Minnesota consulting firm that has put together recommendations for the quiet zones, is it the national firm hiring Slagle? It would be interesting to see if they have done any other, if not all, of Burlington's consulting work since Slagle's hiring. Consulting firms and land developers (Muir) are both out of Minnesota, both probably brought in by Slagle.

Do you think any of the council members would look into this?

Tim Scott, you are correct, it is time to cut ties and start the new year with a clean slate. The Mayor, and council should be able to take care of business until a new city manager is hired, unless the mayor fells he is not capable to do so. If that is the case, we need a new mayor as well.

What's the next hot topic? BNSF shops, then BNSF train whistles.

Whats next, BNSF train traffic disrupts the printing presses on Main St?


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27 November

Fishing for Information


Grok like eat catfish.

Grok hear lots catfish where Henderson Creek end.

Grok read Advertiser. Grok walk all way to Keokuk. No Henderson Creek.

Grok go internet. Grok find Henderson Creek end. Grok catch plenty catfish and walleye.

Grok still use Advertiser. Wrap up fish guts and dingle berries.

Grok smart.


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It's Not Polite to Mock the Less Fortunate


I read your holiday greetings from the Edwards family. Have you been imbecile baiting?

The style makes me wonder.

There were no death threats, nor even hints at physical violence toward your person. Some of the words contained in excess of four letters. I did not need to read it over three times to figure out the message being conveyed.

As an average taxpayer without connections, all I can afford is MS Word 97. Is there a newer version that allows special needs graduates to write at a seventh grade level? I suppose a party staffer at Headquarters in Des Moines, not our county, could have been pressed into service.

Tell me true, Spike. Was it you?


Not me. But I did miss the graphic this year of the drunk ex-mayor flipping off the world.


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2:00 A.M. Any Given Weekday at The Sombrero


I thought you would enjoy this photo snapped of Steve Delaney hanging on for the last word and rumor of what Grok was up to.


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Preventing Thought Crime


Senator Courtney introduced legislation to out his critics for persecution. His clone, Councilman Murray, denounces Derailed and talk radio for not speaking the party line.

They only mimic what is advocated by the elite of their party and the elite media. Note the hate site article the Advertiser recently ran from their wire service. Feature free speech of those who refuse their medication. Advertise it to engender support to control all speech under the guise of ending "hate."

Courtney, Murray and their friends at the Advertiser simply want to avoid any organized opposition. Look at what is going on in the former single party worker's paradise of the late great Soviet Union. Thoughts lead to hate crimes against the state.

In Russia, such protests seldom happened when information was better controlled. The few that did went unreported.

Read only the Advertiser. Do as you are instructed. Paradise will be ours.


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Give Credit Only Where Credibilty is Due


"The support of the Web by newspapers has helped to raise the bar of credibility of Web information content." Bob Saar

Professor Saar is on target about the value of credibility on the web. The problem is not all newspapers are credible. Case in point, the Burlington Advertiser.

Alternative sources of information make for a better product and community. Mike Edwards becoming the Drunk ex-Mayor is not due to the credibility of the Advertiser.

Thank you, Spike.


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1/87th Scale Therapy


As a welcome change from the endless advocating of spending millions on quiet zones, the Advertiser ran a nice article on a healthy outlet for those with an overwhelming desire to run a railroad. I would advocate spending tax money to let our City Council members take part.

Railroad shops could be placed where desired and remain there. Whistle volume is simply a matter of adjusting a control.

All is done on a scale far less costly than Counselor Power's hourly rate for "without merit" meddling with the BNSF.

Far more educational than golf, model railroading would encourage learning basic electrical circuits, sculpture, painting, etc. Besides, a 30' X 48' room makes it lot easier find somebody than running a cart on the back nine of Flint Hills.

I would make those on a tax payer pass buy their own rolling stock. Putting their own money on the line if they cause a wreck may teach a valuable lesson. Better at the club house than in Federal Court.

With such therapy, our City Council members may obtain the level of maturity necessary to chaperon a cub scout den on an Amtrak adventure to Galesburg.


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Advertising Makes it Happen For The Slow Understanders


"It is not the purpose of propaganda to create a series of alterations in
sentiment with a view to pleasing these blase gentry. Its chief function
is to convince the masses, whose slowness of understanding needs to be
given time in order that they may absorb information; and only constant
repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of
the crowd."

Adolph Hitler
Mein Kampf - Chapter 6

When does the Advertiser start beating their drum on train whistles again?


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If Worden Isn't Ready, No Deal


I agree with the advertiser. The city council needs to look beyond Doug Worden for a city manager. Worden may be qualified and he may not.

The problem is he has had his nose stuck up Slagle's butt for so long and so far that he can't think for himself. And we sure don't need another round of Slagle.

While they're at it they can find another city attorney. Power has screwed us long enough.


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26 November

Always Good To Hear From Family At The Holidays


So glad you are filled with the spirit of the holiday, "Spike".

BTW, would it be okay if I send you a list of candidates that I DON'T want to be elected next year? I am hoping you might see fit to endorse them here. You see, your site seems to be the kiss of death for aspiring politicians. Keep on blogging!

'love ya, "Spike".

mmm, mmm, GONE!
Mark Edwards

It's always good to hear from the family at the holidays; right after a case or two of beer.

As for that list we have a couple names of our own to avoid in next year's election.

Tom Courtney
Tim Hoschek

'Course what we think doesn't matter since your brother, the drunk ex-mayor, doesn't have the stones to honor his word as do any of the other reprobates and wanna be thugs running the local Democrats.

So the citizens of Southeast Iowa will wallow in their leftover slop if Hoschek and Heland don't break the county's budget with their uncontrolled spending habits first.


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New Home For Courtney's Friends


State Senator Tom Courtney of Burlington toured the Iowa State Penitentiary on Sept. 19.

With all the recent resignations, are prosecutors poking into the affairs of Southeast Iowa’s single party conspiracy? These people go through taxes like a boll weevil through cotton.

Maybe Sen. Courtney can arrange a room with a river view for his friends.


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Grok Saar Peers From Darkening News Cave


Our good friend Grok (Bob) Saar is struggling to keep up with the sad day ahead where newspapers lose out to the age of electrons. A good newspaper is still a joy to read. Reading the Shopper Spree is at least honest. Reading the local fish wrap is anti-climatic.

If the newspaper owners ever figure out the finances of web media they will put a computer in every home and Saar will be working 1 hour a day instead of full-time.

The cave is darkening for print news.

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Ethanol's Future In Doubt


Sorta like you said about ethanol.


When ethanol hits the wall at least there might be the option of feeding the world again.

And it's a comin'.

Charles Hurburgh, professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University said the rapid out-of-state shipping of Iowa corn might be setting up a shortfall of corn to make ethanol next summer.

Keep up on ethanol developments at the Des Moines Register.


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22 November

Consulting on Consulting

Two Bums Looking For A Mark


Former Lee County Economic Development guru Lowell Junkins advises soon to be former City Manager Bruce Slagle on the personal gain to be had advising local governments and the benefits to finding an easy mark.


Looks like 'em.

Watch your wallet and purses.


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Weather Cancels Anniversary Party

The 2nd Anniversary Burger King Party commemorating the drunk ex-mayor Edwards' Burger King sleepover was canceled this morning at 4:25 am due to weather.

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Veenstra and Kim


I think Slagle is headed to Veenstra and Kim in Des Moines. They must not have computers or they would have read about Slagle's nonsense.

Wherever he goes, I wish he would take Worden with him. We don't need a clone of lies and deceit hanging around. Anyone briefing the council with handwritten notes and no explanation needs a serious review.

And the council should get the shovel cleaned. They need it.


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Jobs or Money?


Since you are doing the Thanksgiving Slagle tribute have you ever found out if the BNSF lawsuit was about jobs? Or was it money?

Have we learned if Slagle switched to the Democratic to keep his job?

Will the police arrest Slagle for DUI now that he isn't their boss?


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Pure and Ethical


Bruce Slagle once called himself pure and ethical in his self-written job evaluation after he burned the secret meeting tapes.

Do you suppose he will get to do that in his new job?


Uh-huh! Until he gets caught and then he will be city manager for Toolesboro. Liars always get caught.


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Show Slagle The Door Now


I think the city council should cut the cord to Slagle Monday morning. We don't need him slinking around city hall for a minute.

He made his choice to move on. In corporate America when you resign you are shown the door by security.


We agree. Show him the door.

Slagle has filled his pockets like a shoplifter at Dollar General. He doesn't know what he might need, but he has office supplies stockpiled.


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Investigate Junkins Financials


Lowell Junkins has tried to line his pockets in every deal he has ever been involved in. Somebody finally woke up. Now they need to investigate his financial dealings with the biodiesel plant and how he screwed them people in Keokuk. Now it looks like he is trying to fleece some more people with the next biodiesel plant.

Him leaving is the best news down here this Thanksgiving. Now he needs to be run out of the county.


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Slagle's Undeserved Pay Raises


Don't forget the drunk mayor paid off Slagle for his BK sleepover with 2 huge pay raises.


We haven't forgotten.


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The Days of Wine and Roses - Junkins Buys Wine Tour


With reports of Lowell Junkins using port money for a wine tour and floral displays on a bridge, what else has he disbursed?

I hope a forensic accountant is already at work.

In most organizations, the resignation of a key figure means a customary audit. Slagle is leaving. Will the books be checked?


Slagle wouldn't lie and cheat would he?


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Hold for More Good News - Munchkins Rejoice


Come out, come out wherever you are
And meet the young lady who fell from a star
She fell from the sky, she fell very far
And Kansas she says is the name of the star

Kansas she says is the name of the star

She brings you good news, or haven't you heard
When she fell out of Kansas a miracle occurred"

Munchkins along the Mississippi River in Southeast Iowa are in rapture over the Advertiser's Publisher's announced departure.

Important characters from Kansas recently dropped in unannounced. Their decision has given cause for celebration.

The reign of errors and bias that has been cited for bringing economic despair to Munchkin Land has given way to hope. Winged gargoyles of the local single party political system are reported beside themselves.

One elated Munchkin waiting to file his unemployment claim suggested painting a few rows of bricks at the foot of Snake Alley yellow, "The world needs to know this area is open for business and on a positive path to the future."


We can only hope.


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Junkins' Ft Madison Puppets


You know Lowell Junkins has his claws in Ireland our mayor and the council. Junkins wanted new puppets after he left his development job and he got them. They seem to do whatever he says.

Now we aren't going to have full time fire fighters and what will be next?

People are talking about this lawsuit with Roquette and Hendricks and how bad it is for the county. I'll bet Junkins is behind this. A month ago he was mad because he wasn't working with Hendricks any more. Maybe they didn't want him involved anymore.

I don't either.


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Matt - Slagle's Pony


Matt Murray - Slagle's pony for all council races - ran on a platform of public safety. The Hawk Eye endorsed Murray and salivated over his desire for a safer community in the face of a parking lot bandit.

Might it be possible that Slagle set up these robberies to enhance Murray's platform and help ensure his council victory?

The citizen's of Burlington should start worrying more about the "one-armed bandits" at the casino - they steal more money in an hour than any parking lot hoodlum could net in several months.


I think we better worry about Eminent Domain Mall. The deal hasn't closed and it should have.

But we do have the Dewey Screwem and Howe law firm overseeing the documents. We can all wet the bed over that one.


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Relive Reality - Slagle and Power Perpetrate Biggest Lie Yet

From the archives -

Slagle and Power Perpetrate Biggest Lie Yet

City Won’t Demand Legal Fees Itemization

Burlington City manager Bruce Slagle, City attorney Scott Power and Senator King have perpetrated the biggest lie yet on the citizens of Burlington.

In Tuesday’s Hawk-Eye, Slagle indicated that an itemization of Power’s bill could somehow help BNSF win the railroad lawsuit or “jeopardize our position.”

This is crap. This is a lie. This is more of your tag-team smoke and deflection routine. And the Hawk-Eye is doing a good job of setting their trap for your lies.

In EVERY lawsuit there is a period of time when BOTH parties have to disclose to each other, EVERY witness they MIGHT call in trial. That information is KNOWN to BOTH PARTIES OF THE LAWSUIT. There are NO SURPRISE WITNESSES.

How stupid do you think we are, Bruce? I know you think your council people are dumb. But don’t perpetrate your lies on the citizens. Even if you get Senator King to spread your lies for you.

I’m so sick of the lies from you people, I could puke. You both should be fired TODAY and run out of town.

After this posting Slagle was given another big fat undeserved pay raise for his lying and incompetence.


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Can't Do Any Worse Than Sagle


I think Mr. Davidson is going to have his job a lot harder now that cover-up Bruce Almighty has resigned. What a blessing!

He won’t get much help from Lost Keys, I’m-not-your enemy Bruce, Bill Ell or the high school cheerleader Matthew Murray probably won’t be much help.

Than we have I didn’t know I had to pay, I thought it was free, Garry Thomas and sitting on the fence but I can flip flop Tim Scott.

If these are the people picking out the city manager I believe we are in trouble. Looks like its up to Mr. Davidson if we have any chance at all. Don’t let us down Jim. We will be watching how you vote. Of course maybe Bruce Almighty will just put the high school cheerleader Matthew Murray in charge of the city. Heaven forbid.

Then the only two we have left are don’t know why it cost that much for the rr lawsuit, Scott Powers. And if it’s good for Randy Winegard it’s good for Burlington Steve Delaney publisher of the fish wrap.

I don’t believe we could do any worse than what we have had.


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Brokaw Writes an Obit


“There will never not be a need for professional people to take complicated information, put it into a form that viewers and readers will need to know and want to understand,” he (Brokaw) said."

News on paper is going the way of traveling to Danville via stage coach. Owning the biggest printing press in town will soon carry the influence of owning the only coach and team in Des Moines.

Mr. Brokaw and others have pointed to what it will take to adjust to the changing market. Quality of human assets will trump a monopoly on millions of dollars in capital assets.

Will the Advertiser wake up and replace their current cadre of apprentices and incompetents?


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Slagle Brings On Reflux


I have a sinking feeling he will have a large hand in picking his successor, and will still have some influence on many decisions made by the council.

The ties are far from being cut. In fact, things may be worse now since there is no FOI or procedural limitations on hi


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Good Riddance Junkins


A lot of people have let out a loud sigh of relief to hear that Lowell Junkins has hit the bricks. It couldn't have happened sooner.


Keep in mind he was the Democrats' best candidate for Governor during the Period Of Great Desperation and Intoxication.


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Slagle Excitement Turns To Immediate Concern


At first I was excited, then the worry set in. I believe that he will continue to milk the city (advising) with his new job. We will need to focus on "cutting the cord" between Slagle and Ell/Murray.

I would hope, and think Jim Davidson will be instrumental in the search and eventual hiring of a new City Manager. We have a City Finance Director to provide financial analysis, and a new City Manager to direct us in the area of issuing bonds, etc.

Slagle shouldn't get any work from the city.


He already made enough money from the taxpayers.

I wonder if he ever changed his license plates? Everybody else would have been ticketed by now.


01:24:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle - Holy Crap!


I’m shocked! Holy crap, that’s crazy! I wonder if he’s leaving town.

Maybe I’ll apply for the job.


You aren't chubby enough and you don't lie.


01:21:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Zone Battle Plan - At What Cost?


It looks like the CHAMBER is at it again, and with all of their weapons Fish wrap , Downtown Partners, Library Board and Friends, Historical Society, Etc, Etc, Etc and all of their organized friends. How about that!

The Wrap used the front page and an entire page splainin their case! Now if they can get their city council Stampers to OK it the 're set.

And I do not see a problem with Tim Scott, he is a downtown partner. Ell and Murphy are STAMPERS,and that's about all it takes, because three out of five is a majority.

Now the only Question is what will it cost? My conservative estimate is to much. And please do not believe what ever they say because they have never been correct at telling what a project will cost because they really do not care!

This whole bunch should be held accountable for their actions to the tax payers. The way I see it if the Downtown Partners wants silent crossings, let them pay for it themselves because Burlington can live without the Downtown Partners, in fact they would be better off!

Thanks Spike.


01:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Zwei Assholen - Kaput


Lowell Jerkoff and Brute Silage gone in one week. The Lee County Budget Director barred from County Offices. What next?

Is there a cause behind these miracles? Are G-Men gathering evidence in Southeast Iowa?

00:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray Has No Friends


I see in Saturday's advertiser that Matt Murray didn't make any new friends with his attitude. Who does he think he is? Tim Hoschek?


00:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Market Street Raceways Has Moved

Hi Spike,

I lived on Market Street Raceways; now I live on Vineyard Street Raceways.

Why won't the BPD monitor Vineyard, at least once in awhile? I've called about excessive speeders several times, but I'm usually ignored. What is really surprising is that Little Angels Child Care is just accross the street. Much of the traffic is headed to the new casino and attached facilities.

I had one officer tell me (this was on Market St.) that they had no place to conceal themselves and people would see them, so they probably wouldn't catch anyone. His argument presupposes that the job of the BPD is to issue tickets. He didn't seem to realize that by causing people to slow down he was doing his job best, even If he didn't issue even one ticket. It wouldn't boost the city revenues, but it would help keep citizens safe. "To PROTECT and To SERVE" isn't that the idea?


00:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

21 November

Thursday Is Thanksgiving

Due to the large volume of emails today we are designating Thanksgiving Day a day to reflect on the screw ups and lies perpetrated by City Manager Bruce Slagle.

After you get the turkey in the oven, fire up that browser to see what our readers think about Slagle's departure. For all you Lee County folks rejoicing over Lowell Junkin's forced departure, send those email as well.

All submissions due before 11:00 pm Wednesday.

12:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

20 November

Glory Hallelujah, One Less Bum


Slagle resigns. Oh happy days! How about an audio link to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Yes, Burlington, there is divine justice.


Ye seek and thou shall Google.

I don't think the justice part is over yet.


11:22:05 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Needs The Hawk Eye To Read The Ads?

You don't need to. Just click here or click here for Black Friday's ads today!

Why ruin your holiday reading about quiet zones for the 92nd time this month? Scoop the ads here and get to shopping. Tell them Spike sent ya.

05:24:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Watch Our Backs! Gone Is NOT Forgotten!


I see Slagle resigns. What they are not telling us? Somehow, we will pay for it.

I, for one, don't trust him. I wish he would leave the city and move far far away. I wonder if we could issue a restraining order on him to keep him out of further city business.


I'm as worried as you. We are about to get it from something we don't know about. Maybe another eminent domain mall. Or another railroad lawsuit.

Former Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle plans to remain in Burlington and do consulting work, "doubling his salary" or some similar nonsense. That will last until the prospective clients read about his antics on BurlingtonDerailed.

Next on the list is City Attorney Scott Power. I'll bet his crooked knees banging together sound like coconuts in a 1930's Hopalong Cassidy old time radio western-The Bandit of Catfish Bend.

Speaking of coconuts, we heard that Slagle and Lost Keys found a free patent online to develop a new business. I think the device is used on golf carts. Now you voters will see how inept Lost Keys is without his golf/drinking buddy to shovel him around.

Anyway you cut it, Slagle can't get far enough away for my liking. This guy is nothing but incompetent bad news. Burlington has scraped another turd off its boot with more scraping to do.


04:56:22 - SPIKE - No comments

19 November

Slagle Resigns

It's like Christmas a month early. Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle has resigned.

Good Bye and Good Riddance!


19:44:48 - SPIKE - No comments

16 November

Why Is The Ad Vertiser Vindictive and Such A Rag?

I still wonder why the owners of the Harris News Service are so malicious in the way they conduct business in Iowa. Go to their several Kansas newspapers and you will see after a few days of reading their other papers that this is the ONLY paper that operates in such a malicious and community biased fashion.

Why is that? Did somebody screw the Kansas owners? Do they own a white elephant that no one wants to buy and they can't unload?

What are the problems? Why are they so vindictive towards Burlington and its citizens?

After all, we could shop somewhere else.


23:26:07 - SPIKE - No comments

Former Mayor Sandell's Letter Gets to The Point


I thought the former Mayor John Sandell made some excellent and valid comments in his letter in the Hawkeye today.

The former mayor has a good understanding of how government should operate. I think the History teacher and some other council members could learn from him. I can't imagine The Hawkeye could support the letter written by Murray.


The Ad Vertiser embraces controversy even when it comes from their "candidate with fresh ideas" even when those ideas endorse censorship when trying to muzzle the blogs.


23:15:14 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray Revisited

RE: “had a monkey run with the name "Murray" most of the school employees would have elected him or her as well.”

Dear Disgusted-With-It,

Easy now, I don’t know how in the heck you connected “school employees” with Mr. Murray’s successful campaign, but they’ve got their hands full educating our children without you making such unfounded claims.

Some of us read Mr. Murray’s rant in the paper and if you feel like I do, know he needs a refresher on what makes a democracy great, freedom of expression.

Thanks to the one(s) who maintains this blog and their willingness to post all that they receive.


I don't think there is a lot of respect in the teaching ranks for our newest council embarrassment.


23:09:35 - SPIKE - No comments

Junkins Quit In Time


Lowell Junkins was 5 minutes from being fired. 5 minutes in which he wisely chose to resign.


23:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Should Others Be Nervous?


Lowell Junkins is no business man. Lowell is a political animal. After failing to be Governor, Lowell put his skills on the market to the highest bidder.

Business men and others wanting to get things done find influence peddlers like Mr. Junkins of value. If you want to loosen the public purse strings for your own purposes, get those responsible for government oversight to look else where, "mislead" the press, etc. you hire the likes of Lowell.

Like practicing the Law, it is a position to try ones integrity to the fullest. Many fail the test. Suspicion currently runs high in Lee County.

Could it spread?

Elected officials have been forced to deal with Mr. Junkins. If a prosecutor ends up involved, they may end up being investigated as well.

This probably would involve nearly all in Lee County. It may not end at the county line.

Tim Hoscheck's smiling face shows up on the Port web site above Lowell's. Senator Courtney has a history of meddling where he should not. Senator Courtney was present at the illegal, secret Burlington City Council meeting from which no records remain showing who decided to sue the railroad. Has Senator Courtney done the same in Lee County?

It would be sad if honest officials are forced to endure an investigation because of something others have done. If there has been criminal activity, it needs to be aired and punished.

Have you heard any reports of local government officials sweating like Lyndon Johnson when Bill Sol Estes was busted?

Bobby Baker?
23:05:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Free Advertising Fluff


It has been certain for sometime that Publisher Delaney will not be President Vilsack's Press Secretary. A lot of Advertiser ink was wasted on that effort.

If nothing else, it is good to know she who is paying off President Vilsack's campaign debts is getting her money's worth in a key state.

Even the hangers on are doing their part.

Press Secretary for the Vice President of United States? Has Publisher Delaney bought a tux?

Publisher Delaney would be in his element hosting a reception for the Minister of Mis-Information visiting from some 3rd world dictatorship.


23:02:20 - SPIKE - No comments

"I'm Handling Your Problem to a Tee - FORE!!"


Where are your City employees?

What are they doing?

Who are they with?

If it is not a fair weather Friday during golf season, nobody has more than a general idea.

Technology to the rescue.

The City of Burlington needs to equip every one of their vehicles with this device. For those in charge, a model fitted to golf carts is worth the extra money.


I think it would be like the snow plow driver that ditched the GPS unit in a snow bank and took the city plow to do side jobs.

An implant would work better. Or just fire Slagle.


22:59:45 - SPIKE - No comments



I think if someone would check the location of the outfit that Junkins was in charge of, that entity rents building space from Junkins himself (or a Junkins corp), I had heard for a bunch of $$.

What a sweet deal! Get paid, not do much and line your pockets at the same time.


22:50:50 - SPIKE - No comments

15 November

Junkins Quit Before He Was Fired?


If we use the past as a guide, Lowell Junkins probably resigned before he was fired. Either way, Lee County is better off.


When the let's-do-lunch-and-not-more economic development folks were summoned 3 times by Vilsack to a Southeast Iowa summit to resolve the issues, Lowell Junkins was the only person to step forward. Everyone else went to lunch or were out to lunch.

But Lowell Junkins always had his hand in someone else's pocket. One of these days it will catch up to him. And maybe the Roquette lawsuit will expose more than we know.

Junkins is the guy that gave away Port Authority money to a lot of non-Port projects. $2500 for flowers on the Montrose Bridge is a good example. And money for the Wine Trail. What the hell was that all about? Local vintners would have a hard time filling a UHaul truck let alone a barge.

In the end, I think we will find he screwed up more than he helped. Lots of people are looking this one over. And should be. For lots of reasons.

The truth will come out.


13:31:05 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray's OTHER Vocabulary Problem

Hi Spike,

Perhaps Murray paid you a compliment. Provoking "public discourse" is a good thing, isn't it? Discord is the correct word. A student would lose points for the same error.


Grade: A

13:17:39 - SPIKE - No comments



Murray was elected by a mere 1.2% of the registered voters in Burlington.
This would indicate most of the eligible voters in Burlington stayed home
and had no interest in who was elected to city hall because there were
really no choices other than Campbell with none of the rest having any

I would imagine had a monkey run with the name "Murray" most of the school
employees would have elected him or her as well.

Burlington again has a loser crowd in city hall governed by the ever big
dictator, Slagle.

Until Burlington gets a two party political system we'll always be a city
run by deadheads and losers. Since Slagle's been here our elected city
government has been nothing more than lackeys.


13:16:41 - SPIKE - No comments

Seeing Beyond the Advertising


"One gambler, Debora Johnson, is one who hates to see the boat close. She said she enjoys the atmosphere much more on the boat than at the new casino in Burlington. She said the new casino seems dark and she doesn't like to go there."

One should never trust a single source when in pursuit of the truth. What a difference more than 40 miles makes. It applies to more than just casinos.

How refreshing that Keokuk's Daily Gate City sent a reporter to actually interview the few who patronize the the doomed vessel in its final hours. From what we hear about less than anticipated patronage of Burlington's new casino, perhaps Ms. Johnson is part of a trend by seeking the light at Riverside.

"Something interesting about Johnson, and a few others interviewed on Tuesday, is that she is from Burlington. She simply doesn't want to patronize the new casino and said she'll drive extra to go to Riverside when she wants to gamble."

It is most enlightening to read more than Mr. Hoyer's happy faces plastered over the debacle at Catfish Bend. Rehashing a press release about buying a few high school band uniforms is simply putting a slanted band-aid on an unhappy situation.

If you get your news from only one source that litters your porch, please tell us how many fish you have been catching out of Henderson Creek down by Hamilton. If you grab a copy of the Gate City to wrap up your catch, it may pay to read it first.


Imagine the tears at the Ad Vertiser over the lost advertising revenue? A catastrophe coming into the holiday season!


13:15:39 - SPIKE - No comments

Drive to Riverside. Its Better!


Bye. Bye.

What a great guy. Bye. Bye


13:11:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Sunset Blvd. on Roosevelt Avenue


"Joe Gillis: [narrating] The poor dope - he always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool."

Joe Gillis: [narrating] Well, this is where you came in, back at that pool again, the one I always wanted. It's dawn now and they must have photographed me a thousand times. Then they got a couple of pruning hooks from the garden and fished me out... ever so gently. Funny, how gentle people get with you once you're dead."

A down on his luck, average guy from a small town in the Midwest seeks a better life. He gets ensnared with a deranged, wealthy has been who is still trying to live in the past. Not a happy ending.

Is there a lesson in all this?

Hey Falcon, great link. Thanks.

13:10:25 - SPIKE - No comments

Roquette Lawsuit Questions


Some thoughts on the Roquette lawsuit:

Lowell Junkins under oath, that ought to be a day to test his Right Guard stick of pleasant whiff.

Like all legal filings, it gets rather confusing. What does Roquette gain by voiding the sale? Do they want to hold Hendricks hostage figuring he will pay them even more to get the property?

Did Lowell screw up by not filing papers in time?

What will say the Advertiser over Comrade Governor Junkins resigning?

If crap is exposed to air, I hope it runs up river 50 miles and snares the rest of the cabal.

Your pool membership is soon coming due.


13:05:41 - SPIKE - No comments

I've Got an Illegal Secret


If Burlington's City Council is afraid to go on record in support of continuing welfare for one of their wealthier subjects , simply hold another illegal secret meeting.

Invite Senator Courtney. He loves sticking his nose in, as long as nobody knows what he is up to. Instead of having Slagle destroy every hint of a record, keep no records. Check Senator Courtney's campaign finance reports next election cycle to evaluate his secret performances.

Public meetings mean public input. Who wants the average citizens' input. Those people are in no position to finance future political ambitions. The casino crowd's personal "generosity" is.

The slot machine laden scow has sunk in Ft. Madison. A new Ft. Madison casino is "on hold." Hours of operation have been cut and there are reported lay-offs at the Burlington gambling hall. If the City cashes out, is there enough in the bank to cover our chips?

Would public discussion reveal something those in control believe the public has no need to know?

Blogs are bad. Nobody should directly appeal to the public for a public record decision on $1.8 million of public taxes. If Fun City and other commonly owned operations buy enough column inches of advertising, The Advertiser will have "news" space to tell you only what you need to know.

Over $300,000 wasted on a "without merit" law suit cost none of the remaining responsible officials their jobs. Punish the innocent. Reward the guilty.

Up the ante to over a million. Only a few Burlington citizens have bothered to complain about being railroaded in a rigged game. The Advertiser's brilliant and bold Publisher will do nothing more than scold.

Go behind our backs again and tell us it was about jobs, or some other BS. After all, we are too stupid to know our own best interest.

Gary Moore

13:02:07 - SPIKE - No comments

14 November

Roquette Lawsuit Tied To Junkins Departure?


Roquette America, Inc. filed a lawsuit Oct. 10 at the South Lee County Courthouse in Keokuk against Southeastern Port Terminal, LLC, owned by Ken Hendricks.

This really smells. Junkins' is always looking out for his 10% at someone else's expense.

This might signal the end of Lowell Junkins.


16:04:18 - SPIKE - No comments

Junkins Resigns


Lowell Junkins resigned from the Southeast Iowa Economic and Port Authority today.


15:29:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Presidential Quote For Councilman Murray


Here's a Presidential Quote for the new council member.

Dwight Eisenhower once said, " Do not think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence."

Radio Fan

10:22:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray Promotes Secret Government


According to Murray, Campbell should have gone to each council member and made his case about cashing out the water park.

Out of the public view. Out of the paper's view(albeit very limited). Out of the radio's ears.

Sounds like more burned tapes, illegal meetings and incompetence.


10:16:46 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray Into BR(Baby Robin) Mode

Murray Takes BurlingtonDerailed.com To Task

We like to take credit for breaking news stories days, weeks and months before anyone else. But newby Matt Murry's terribly misinformed comments about BurlingtonDerailed.com are totally irresponsible!

WestBurlingtonCity.com broke the Campbell letter to the public first. Not us, as claimed by BR Murray.


P.S. Baby Robin mode = All mouth and full of worms. Worms fed by Courtney.

09:48:58 - SPIKE - No comments

Thomas Playing Golf On Taxpayer's Dime


Garry Thomas chastises Campbell after he wanted the taxpayers to pay for his golf? What has he been smoking?

Shame on you Garry. I can't afford to play golf as much as I want to and you want me to pay for your golf game?

You lost my vote.


09:39:41 - SPIKE - No comments



The last politician that took you on head to head wound up living in the basement of his 19 year old girfriend's parents.

Looks like Murray is headed a similar direction by using your name in vain.


Just watch for Burlington's newest blog - MattMurrayKnowItAll.com.


09:35:26 - SPIKE - No comments

The Role of Information in Post Edwards Burlington


You can not judge a book by its cover. Seeing this book blurb, I wonder if Mr. Murray has read it. This book may explain the concerns of Mayor Edwards replacement with those who are so negative on the goals yet to be achieved.


09:31:36 - SPIKE - No comments

FBI Techniques


If the FBI ever gets around to bringing Burlington's dictators to justice, do you think this technique will work as well on them?


09:30:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Monkeys Gone Wild


At least Delhi has not elected any monkeys to public office.


09:29:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Murray and Courtney Will Defeat Information Reactionaries


"China says fake reporters use phony accreditation in scams in which they pose as journalists and try to blackmail government or business officials by threatening negative coverage."

In China, only those news organs that parrot the party line are tolerated. In Burlington, the Advertiser fills this role. You, Falcon and KCPS are not the Advertiser. You are fake journalists.

Comrade Murray is only doing what he must to counter reactionary elements that would keep Burlington from becoming a worker's paradise. Spreading information contrary to that approved by the worker's party is a crime against the workers.

Comrade Senator Courtney continues his struggle for information purity. He needs help. With Comrade Murray at his side, Great Comrade Senator Courtney will push legislation through to silence the likes of you.

Your negative coverage must not be allowed to impede the miracle of dialectical materialism which is doing so much to create a perfect Burlington.


09:27:33 - SPIKE - No comments

13 November

Sew, Sow So?


In his recent missive to the HackEye, Matthew Murray scribbles the following drivel:

"The negative home spun Web blogs and talk shows which are meant simply to malign Burlington, its efforts and its citizens, only exist to sew social discourse and community self doubt."

Sew? Sew? Is that what you meant "teacher"? To Sew? I think Matthew Murray must have missed 3rd grade vocabulary class. Merriam Webster defines "Sew" as the following:

"Main Entry: sew
Pronunciation: \ˈsō\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sewed; sewn \ˈsōn\ or sewed; sew·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sīwian; akin to Old High German siuwen to sew, Latin suere
Date: before 12th century

transitive verb
1 : to unite or fasten by stitches
2 : to close or enclose by sewing intransitive verb : to practice or engage in sewing
— sew·abil·i·ty \ˌsō-ə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
— sew·able \ˈsō-ə-bəl\ adjective"

Perhaps teacher meant "Sow" which Merriam Webster defines as:

"Main Entry:
2. sow
Pronunciation: \ˈsō\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sowed; sown \ˈsōn\ or sowed; sow·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sāwan; akin to Old High German sāwen to sow, Latin serere, Lithuanian sėti
Date: before 12th century

intransitive verb
1: to plant seed for growth especially by scattering
2: to set something in motion : begin an enterprise

transitive verb
1 a: to scatter (as seed) upon the earth for growth; broadly : plant 1a b: to strew with or as if with seed c: to introduce into a selected environment : implant2: to set in motion : foment 3: to spread abroad : disperse
— sow·er \ˈsō(-ə)r\ noun"

This is who you have teaching students when he isn't sneaking off campus to engage in furthering his political career on your tax dollars. Yup, you're paying Matthew Murray to do that. What is equally hilarious is that the HackEye couldn't seem to noodle that one through either and let it be published.

I've prepared a lesson plan for teacher. His assignment is to look up the definitions of the following because they certainly apply to him.

1. Parasite
2. Remedial
3. Embarrassing
4. Lackey
5. Incompetent
6. Truant
7. Socialist
8. Whiney
9. Censorship
10. Dullard

One can only hope and pray Matthew Murray isn't representative of the quality of teacher employed by the schools. On the other hand it would explain his win in the election. Create an ignorant, marginally educated population with no critical thinking skills and they'll vote for people like him and those he associates with.

At least it is mildly entertaining to watch Burlington and Southeast Iowa circle the bowl.


You forgot -

11. Baby Robin. All mouth and full of crap.


02:56:25 - SPIKE - No comments

Falcon Follower Hits Every Murray Nail

Quoting from one of Falcon's contributors -

"A question for Mr. Murray and I wish he would respond. Wasn't some of the negativity created by some city management behavior and decisions. Point the finger in the right direction for a change. Do you agree that your city manager should be allowed to shred documents from an on going lawsuit? Do you agree with spending over $300,000 of hard earned tax dollars on a lawsuit that we had a poor chance to win? We could have put that $300,000 into railroad crossing quiet zones. Do you agree that we were told by Mr. Ell that we had a winnable case? Do you agree that the legal cost estimate of $50,000-$60,000 by our city attorney was poorly estimated? The fun city estimates were way off, the sewer estimates were way off too. But it is the citizens fault because they discuss these things on websites or AM radio stations that Mr. Murray doesn't approve. Where did that $300,000 come from by the way? Did it just fall out of the sky or did the citizens services get cut? Did you approve of that too? Do you agree that the former Mayor's public behavior was an embarrassment and created public negativity? Or was that OK Mr. Murray because he is Bruce and Bill's buddy. Matt, you better look in the mirror before you accuse the public of being negative."

- from Reader

02:52:10 - SPIKE - No comments

Zieg Heil Murray


Unfortunately the truth comes out about our new councilman Murray. We are in trouble, if he can't control the behavior of his own children, he won't be able to control Ell and Slagle.

What's next, burning books at City hall?


"I know what's best for you. I have learned everything I know from a book; my book." Matheew Murri. "That's what Courtney said anyway."


02:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Just What We Need!


I see we got just what this city needed, a wannabe politician, defeated as a Republican, closet party switcher, Courtney backed puppet, know it all.


You forgot the part about will do anything for a political seat. I guess that's what it takes go sit at the table with Lost Keys.


02:44:58 - SPIKE - No comments

Did Murrie Rite That?


"There seems to be some curious connection between piety and bad rhymes." Oscar Wilde

You evil force that would "sew" our destruction. This makes one wonder who authored Mr. Murray's letter. Could it have been Jimmy Olson? Was it perhaps Citizen Kane himself?

That their surrogates rage against you is proof you strike fear in their hearts.


Murrie done writ that peece.


02:35:55 - SPIKE - No comments

Feasting on the Taxpayers


Urban decay is a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches.
Drive around Burlington and look at the crap properties the City does nothing about.

Kids bring more to school from home than just attitude. A school full of roaches is more evidence that our schools are a product of our community.

Mutes on train whistles is more important than enforcing basic standards of sanitation and building codes. It is more important than asthmatic kids breathing roach filth. This does not mean Burlington does not care about kids.

One of the richer men in town is riding on a nearly 2 million dollar, pay as you please note financed by local taxpayers so our children can play in a water park. Keep your inhaler handy.

When rubes consider themselves redevelopment experts, roaches and vultures profit.


It's interesting that there is more urban blight in our schools than there was at Eminent Domain Mall.


02:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Graduation Rates


In Saturday's Advertiser there was an article about the variance between
schools in stating their graduation rates.

Of course high schools being the recipients of tax dollars will do anything
to manipulate their figures in order to keep the money flowing just as they
do the attendance calculations that also play a part in the funds

Another skirting of the truth is the cost per student as stated around five
to six thousand when in actuality it's closer to eleven thousand per
student. The school officials leave out all the other cost and only state
the general fund expenses.

It's my opinion that most taxpayers have no concept of what goes on in the
government run public school system. Just realize that our government
cannot run itself efficiently and properly anymore than the school system

How is it that private schools in the area can educate students and achieve
excellent results in all students at a cost of less than half that of public
run government schools? Could it be they must account for their expenses
and the teachers have a responsibility to account for their teaching

In a nut shell, we can count on our government run school system to
constantly require more funds while never attaining the required results.
After all isn't the U.S. ranked somewhere around 17th in education when
compared to other industrial nations?


02:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Symbolic of Burlington's Secret Meetings


If the Burlington City Council does not vote to hold a secret meeting, who is making the decisions to meet in secret? Is it Slagle? If so, by what authority?

Does whoever is doing so borrow Burlington High School's Homecoming Queen crown to place upon their head when issuing an edict to meet in secret?


02:32:37 - SPIKE - No comments

12 November

Public Notice - Emergency Evacuation

Check Your Children


For a moment I thought City Hall was declaring eminent domain at North Hill(Washington), but then I realized the school district changed exterminators. That explained the THOUSANDS, yes THOUSANDS of dead and dying cockroaches fleeing the building.

If you notice any health issues in the children that attended North Hill, please mention to their parental units/caregivers. Might not be a bad idea to check backpacks, bags prior to bringing them into the home.


Maybe the same guys could halt the roach motel on Grove Street and not forget Washington Street. Roaches love the dead and dying.


14:42:43 - SPIKE - No comments

New Councilman Murray Promotes Censorship


Was Matt Murray's letter to the editor on The Hawk Eye's opinion page saying that it's okay to censor those who we disagree with? Or did I misread?


Nope! You read right.

All us hometown "web blogs" are the root of all evil known in the Democratic Party's Kingdom. And the only morally principled Matt Murray told us so.

But he is the same guy that broke campaign financial disclosure laws, broke campaign sign laws and skipped school while doing it.

We have a message for our whiney new councilman. This is the real world and not some text book scenario that adolescent children are told to soak up for a passing grade.

If you don't want to see your name on this blog (web log = blog, not "web blog") then do your job for the citizens of this community and not to perform for your handler, Kommandant Courtney, the censorship representative for all mankind.

And learn to spell "sow." "Sew" is something you do to make the sack to carry your BS in.


P.S. See what Falcon has to say about this.

11:53:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Needs a Future With Such a Wonderful Past?


"Let us close out eyes;
outside their lives go on much faster.
Oh, we won't give in,
we'll keep living in the past."

Jethro Tull - Living In The Past

"Still, we're not alone in finding them baseless and offensive, given that ours is a downtown address, too. And we get plenty of traffic through our front door.

Publisher Steve Delaney
The Burlington Advertiser

Who rides Mr. Walsh's trolleys to go shopping downtown anymore? If we just get the engineers driving the Aristocrat and Aksarben to reduce steam to their whistles, all will be as it was.

Getting Iowa's oldest news on paper will never go the way of Schramm's Department Store.


Those unwilling to learn are destined to repeat their follies.


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10 November

Campbell Raises Concerns to Council

"Too Late for Bill & Bruce"

Huck's Harbor Water Park In Question

Thomas Flips On Pullout

All -

This is very confusing. In the past four years, I was never polled for my support for any special meeting. This includes the closed session held during the railroad lawsuit to chastise me for not being "a team player," and the closed session where we voted to proceed with the railroad lawsuit (which, those of you in attendance will remember that I voted "NO."). Special meetings were called and I attended. We never voted whether or not to hold a special meeting.

Have procedures changed that this is the method in which we determine whether a matter will be voted upon? Or has this always been the procedure and we have simply ignored the proper way of doing things? Since this will not be an issue for me after the next six weeks, I ask on behalf of Jim Davidson and Matt Murray. And I believe the public has a right to know about council procedures. It is their government, after all. The public deserves better than the city manager's interpretation of how the council should govern the city.

I also believe that the public has a right to know why Garry Thomas changed his mind on getting out of this partnership as early as we could. I would like to know that as a citizen, not necessarily as a councilman. Also, the public has a right to know why Garry wasn't asked to reimburse the city for golf fees from a recent outing until Councilman Scott had planned to remove claims from the consent agenda. In conversation Thursday regarding the matter, Garry told me that he was not informed before the golf outing of the personal responsibilities of the fees and that the matter only came to light when Councilman Scott brought it forward.

Folks, it is no wonder why there is a growing disconnect between the public and the government at all levels. It should not surprise us that only 2600 people come out to vote for the people who will make decisions using their money. Actions taken by the mayor and city manager make people despise having to interact with their government. Selective enforcement of city code is not acceptable in Burlington or any other place in these United States. Such actions make people stop caring.

I can only hope that the new council will not extinguish any fire my torch has remaining for the citizen. Jim and Matt, you have the opportunity to give the council fresh breath. Tim and Garry, I believe you two have the passion to put the citizen first instead of behind city hall agendas. Bill and Bruce, it is too late to change either of you.

I'm sorry if this letter is frank, but often the truth hurts. I'm sure a few of you will dismiss my thoughts as "sour grapes" for not keeping my council seat. Nothing is further from the truth. My commitment remains to the citizen in fair representation to their government. I really wish this discussion could be about the merits of staying in the partnership with Huck's Harbor, but I realize there are none.

Mike C.(Ed note: Campbell)

Time to sack Slagle and neuter Lost Keys. Ell isn't a mayor. He's an old man playing games.


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09 November

When Will Davidson Be Seated?

Now that the election is over, when will Jim Davidson be sworn in as the new councilman? Murray is out until January.

At least that's the way it seems according to the law.

But we all know how that goes around here.

09:02:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Zones & Henderson Creek

In Thursday's missive to the masses the Ad Vertiser tells us how they now champion the quiet zone issue. What's funny is that Publisher Steve Delaney could have given credit to Mike Campbell for the push on that issue before the election.

That is if they were an objective newspaper and reporting only the facts. The only Harris New Service shopper.

Where is Henderson Creek?

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A Mighty Fortress is Our CPU


It has been reported a publisher is ranting against Derailed in dram shops. If true, is the arrogance of the Fourth Estate being openly displayed? Peasants are obtaining the power to answer back.

The invention of the printing press and the resulting spread of information did much to expose the corruption, greed and intellectual bankruptcy of many in the clergy 500 years ago. So now does the computer answer to the high priests of the printing press?

Knowledge is power. Those who have kept you ignorant maybe realizing their power to do so is slipping away. Those who have sold their soul to these priests for the indulgence of public office should tremble.

The ability of false prophets in the Papacy of publishing to earn a profit may not be what it was. If a publisher is railing in a public place, is this evidence such is true?


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Global Climate Change - Another View

We are not entering the debate. These 2 videos merely present another view with a follow up revision. Don't email us, email him.

Revision incorporating new material.

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08 November

Quiet Zone


If the city council feels it is important to establish these quiet zones, but can't find the money, why don't they cash out of the waterpark and use a portion of that $1.8 million? Maybe that could help offset the unexpectedly expensive water tank costs as well.


That's way too logical. Lost Keys Ell enjoyed spending over $400,000 to save 180 jobs at the shops trying to teach the railroad a lesson.

Combined, that would have gotten the quiet zones off to a good start.


00:16:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Only One To Report and Profit OnThe Decline


I was at the Sombrero the other night and the subject of BurlingtonDerailed came up. I guess Delaney has his panties in a wad.

You must be hitting some nerves somewhere.


Good! We're going to hit a few more when their boy Lost Keys Ell and his partner Slagle keep screwing up.

How Publisher Steve Delaney can support a candidate based on a platform of lies, deceit and no clue to how he got there is absolutely beyond my comprehension. But it is normal for Delaney and his minions.

What doesn't make sense is this is the ONLY piece of the Harris News Service to operate like a tabloid. Maybe that is because The Hawk Eye is listed as "Other Harris Papers."

Or, maybe Harris doesn't consider the Ad Vertiser a newspaper either.


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Hops and the Fermentation of Hope


When the issue is clear and people realize do gooders are out to restrict their freedom. College students are known for not voting. Tell them they cannot hang out in bars and apathy vanishes.

Citizens of Burlington are having their beer taken away with higher taxes and public policy that squelches growth thus lowering wages.

Burlington's ruling elite likes low wages and no growth. Their thought control apparatus on South Main aids in the promotion of ignorance. The organized ignorant claiming to represent the "workin' people" is a collection of useful idiots exploited to the elite's ends.

Until people in Burlington wake up and realize who is taking away their beer, things will never get better.

Joseph Schlitz

And the people doin' the stealin' offer absolutely nothing to make Burlington or Southeast Iowa better. Only that they have suppressed any forward movement.



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Trousil "Wins" Again

Falcon has all you need to know about Trousil "winning" in West Burlington's election.

Excellent picture.


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07 November

Edwards and Courtney Are Happy


Ell and Murray. Edwards and Courtney are happy.


If you think it was bad before, wait until they get a load of these nitwit rubber stampers.


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06 November

Vote Today - No Excuses!

Vote For Anyone Other Than Bill Ell

Last election people complained that they were so busy they didn't have time to vote. No excuses are acceptable this time.

This town in headed to the wall faster than it ever has been before under the guidance of Lost Keys Ell and his vacation partner Bruce Slagle.

This Catastrophic Duo need to be shown the door.

The only way to do that is to vote. You showed Chris King the door. The drunk ex-mayor resigned. Now is time for Bill Ell to head home.

I just can't get past the lost school key and Ell's 8-month cover up.

You shouldn't either.

11:56:44 - SPIKE - No comments

Just A Question For The People That Care


Just a question for all of that care.

What is the one way we can get rid of Slagle before it's too late?

Can we vote him out? Can we pay him what is owed by law and move forward?

I, for one, believe it's time to take our losses before we lose more than we will ever have.

The city council and DPI keep telling us that we need this and that to bring people and jobs to Burlington but I think it is now time to try to keep the people we already have here.

Every time we turn around we give another place job incentives and when they don't hold their end of the commitment up we give them more extensions. I believe we should give them incentive after they fill the jobs not before.

Just some ideas,


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A Side Line for Slagle

Slagle Could Be Paid To Vote Peddle


It took me a while to dig through and find the yard sign story in the Cedar Rapids paper's web site. That Sunday story sounds like a perfect side line for Slagle.

Slagle already has been sited in the past by the Iowa Campaign Ethics Board for his campaign consulting services. It looks like Slagle is still offering up his services to Mr. Murray.

Those 9% pay raises just are not enough. In addition to doing campaign consulting to keep them coming, why not sell candidates the tools of their trade?

I hope the union intimidator in Cedar Rapids has the union bug on his signs. As long as Slagle has it on his stock in trade, nobody around here will say a thing.

J. R. Hoffa
Meadowlands Stadium
The Pennsylvania Turnpike

10:57:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Campaign Sign Law Enforced Everywhere Else


Seems like they enforce campaign laws everywhere else.

Why not here?


Because Slagle is a Democrat and needs to be to retain his job.


10:39:18 - SPIKE - No comments

Has Heyland Cut Down His Dead Tree?


Dis blunderbust Heyland cut down his dead for 5 years tree yet?

Why hasn't the city enforced that law?


10:36:17 - SPIKE - No comments

Will We Ever Know Who Provided Their Money?


I went poking around the Iowa Ethics Board's website after seeing Campbell was the only City candidate to file this year. Looking at other counties around Iowa, I saw lots of local candidates listed. Who must file a report with the Board? Puzzled, I took the web site's link to the Code of Iowa and found this:

68A.202 Candidate’s committee.

1. Each candidate for state, county, city, or school office shall organize one, and only one, candidate’s committee for a specific office sought when the candidate receives contributions in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars in the aggregate, makes expenditures in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars in the aggregate, or incurs indebtedness in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars in the aggregate in a calendar year.
2. A political committee shall not be established to expressly advocate the nomination, election, or defeat of only one candidate for office. However, a political committee may be established to expressly advocate the passage or defeat of approval of a single judge standing for retention.
3. A permanent organization, as defined in subsection 68A.402, subsection 6, may make a one-time contribution to only one candidate for office in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars.

Is Campbell the only one to go over $750.00 on a City Council election? This seems damn strange.

Seeing how the rule of law is null and void in Des Moines County, is there any reason to be concerned?


I'm not sure Murray knows what the campaign disclosure law says. He sure doesn't know about the campaign sign law.

It's like the campaign signs on the city right of way. It's against the law and Lost Keys Ell just poo-pooed it at the council meeting last night until the keeper of the broken laws Slagle said, "It is against the law."

Now if Campbell had his signs on the city right of way Slagle would send out a city truck and then call Publisher Steve Delaney to send one of his lazy reporters out in the staff car to check it out.

But when you have Edwards, Courtney, Ell, Anderson advising you on how to break the law you have some good advice.


10:30:08 - SPIKE - No comments

Nearer My Newsprint to Thee


The titans of the newspaper business are slowly sinking. Staff are already being cast into the cold, cruel sea. Technology is giving cause for the band to strike up a hymn in hopes of salvation.

Trends start in large cities and work outward. It is only a matter of time until it hits the heartland's county seat operations. As with the sudden dying off of the dinosaurs, a change is coming.

Change in and of itself is not always positive. In this case, it is. Consumers are being given a greater range of choice. Credibility alone will sell the product. Owning the only big printing press in the county will count for nothing.

If the Advertiser sinks into the abyss of the 50-mile long hydroelectric channel from Gladstone to Keokuk, it will not be missed. No news is better than wrong news.


We heard the drunk ex-mayor had to be rushed to the hospital with chest pains when he heard that the Gulfport strip bars might be flooded to make way for progress.

He had to wait at the ER/ Heyland was already there with similar problems.


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05 November

A Colorful Airing Illustrates Burlington's Best Image

Warning: This post deals with crude bathroom humor. But it accurately depicts our Mayor and City Manager

It seems Lost Keys Bill Ell and Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle were on a golf outing as they so frequently do. Inebriated and low on alcohol the pair stop at a liquor store down south.

While shopping one breaks wind. The other, acting on the call of the wild, answers in perfect harmony to the first outburst Dueling Banjos style. . Giggling ensues. More Dueling Banjos wind is broken. A dizzying haze of stupidity takes over. It becomes windier than Chicago, similar to Family Guy's contest with Michael Moore.

So much wind is broken the manager of the liquor store kicks them both out of the store.

You can vote on Tuesday and one of these buffoons will be gone.

With a change in the wind, the other will soon follow.

02:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ell Not Alone


Keys Ell is not alone in his fear of Bruce Slagle. I am afraid too. Taxes go up, the city goes into more debt, they make bad loans and they sell property dirt cheap.

I have a lot of fear. What can this idiot dream up next?


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Murray Email to Slagle


Following up on our convo at the Som.,...any thoughts, suggestions or tips
that might be useful for tonights council form with the Chamber? Thanks.

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Murray Campaign Signs At Meth Lab


Murray can't be too worried about public safety and the drug problem since he placed 2 campaign signs at a known drug lab house in the 1600 block of Madison.

Does that mean he supports meth or do the signs signal a victory in meth eradication?


02:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Union Misrepresentation Part 2


I read your piece Union Misrepresentation a few days ago and did some research. Ell isn't alone in not representing the union vote.

I found a Murray sign in the neighbors yard and went over to read it. The sign was not printed in a union print shop.

So I drove around to find a Campbell sign. Guess what? Campbell's campaign signs were printed in a union print shop.

That's enough for me. I'm voting for Mike Campbell.

Union Bug

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With the Advertiser as My Bible


When the Delta Queen did not show up as Advertised last summer, I wondered why. After reading Sunday’s Advertiser, it makes sense. The river is to be diverted between Lock and Dam 18 and Keokuk where it will generate electricity.

When the channel is built to send water over the dam 50 miles south at Keokuk, does that mean the navigation channel will be east of Burlington? I hope Gulfport is spared. What would happen to all those nice young ladies who cannot afford a thing to wear when they go dancing? Local leaders would be devastated by such a disaster.

All the local industry and the railroad shops leaving, now the Mississippi River, what is to become of Burlington? I want elected leaders who will know what to do and whom to sue.

Mayor Ell’s “acknowledged close friendship with City Bruce Slagle” has served us well in the past. Matt Murray “understands the importance of doing his homework.” My research assures me they will handle any crises like moving the Mississippi east with Burlington’s best interests at heart. They have my vote.

After all, all I know is what I read in the paper.

R. Will

A copy of the BP filing the Advertiser never bothered to Google.

Great moments in Advertiser accuracy.

Courtney and Edwards told me to tell you this.

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Who Gave the Money?


I found Campbell, where the hell are Ell and Murray?


All those yard signs of Murrays surely weren't free.

As for Ell, he doesn't campaign and doesn't spend a damn dime. If it ain't free like the talk show a couple weeks ago, you have to go to the Sombrero to get heard. But bring your beer money.


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Burlington Hawkeye Misses Time and Location


Apparently the advertiser didn’t bother to install a service patch from Microsoft almost a year ago. They can’t figure out that the time changed at 2:00am Sunday morning.


Don't you love it. But that's minor compared to their search for Lock and Dam 18.


01:38:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Jimmy Olson and Geography

Ad Vertiser Reports 50 Mile Long Hydroelectric Project

They Tell Us How To Vote?


How does Jimmy Olson find his way from South Main Street to the Sombrero? I hope he does not fall into Henderson Creek and drown.

Concerning the hydroelectric proposal between the Mississippi River and Henderson Creek, you pointed Jimmy to the story with your link to the Galesburg Register Mail. As always, read it in the Advertiser last. Being last ought to give some advantage of accuracy.

Accuracy and the Advertiser is an oxymoron. Anybody who knows the territory would know a 50-mile channel to generate a small amount of electricity makes no sense.

Did Jimmy try searching any government sites where the BP proposal may be on public file? There are maps on line. There are local hunters and fishermen in bars who know the territory. Real research material is not available at internet game and lonely singles sites.

The Advertiser is always trying to peddle their fiction to outlying areas. I guess the Keokuk tie in could be seen as targeted marketing for south Lee County. The National Enquirer is available at better Lee County supermarkets. Who there needs the Advertiser?

As an organization that cannot figure out Henderson Creek is nearly 50 miles north of Hamilton, IL the Advertiser has a lot of gall telling us who we should vote for.


I guess Augsperger fell short on the Mountain Dew in geography class. I guess providing the link for their story isn't enough.


01:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pictures Lie


The misplaced hydroelectric project article in Sunday's newspaper is nothing new.

A few years back when they ran the picture of the railroad bridge wide open and claimed there was a barge going through.

Maybe it was invisible . . .


Only publisher Steve Delaney had the vision to see it.


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Advertiser Boycott Would Bring Newspaper Around


When you think about renewing your subscription to The Hawk Eye keep in mind Bill Ell is Publisher Steve Delaney's choice for city council.

And all you advertisers; keep this in mind when people start shopping somewhere else and you don't know why.

If the voters can't make the right decision, boycott the newspapers' advertisers. See what happens then.

Buy a newspaper. Find out who doesn't deserve your business.

Buyer Out of Town Spending My Money

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You Ain't Buyin from Bugsy Anymore If Ya Know What's Good For Ya


Talk about union thugs, get a load of the racket being run by the Executive Director of Labor's political intimidation arm in Cedar Rapids. He sells yard signs to campaigns at VoteFactory .com.

Buy his yard signs and you get an endorsement. I guess it is better than having your tavern bombed if you fail to buy the right guy's beer.

Al C.

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04 November

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself" - FDR


Looks like the only thing voters have to fear about Tuesday's election is fear itself.


10:48:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington Mayor Bill Ell Cites Fear Of City Manager Slagle

If Ell Fears His Friend, Who Should We Fear More?

And What Should We Be Worried About The Most?

In this morning's candidate overview Burlington Mayor Bill Ell cites his fear of Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle.

"I would rather be his friend than his enemy," Ell said.

What does Ell know about Slagle that makes him fear his drinking buddy, friend, golf and vacation partner? What has Ell seen that makes him fear Slagle? What has Slagle DONE to deserve such respect utilizing terror?

When you think about renewing The Hawk Eye keep in mind this is Publisher Steve Delaney's choice for city council.


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Lost Keys Explained in a New York Minute


I'm tired of you harping about the lost school keys. Things happen at work everyday. Give it a rest.


Our focus isn't about the lost keys. Our focus is then Fire Chief Bill Ell hiding the fact the keys were lost from the Burlington City Council and taxpayers for over 8 months. That was wrong and in a real city his ass would have hit the door in a New York Minute*.


*Def. New York Minute, the total elapsed time in New York it takes from the time the light turns green until the first horn honks, usually measured in milliseconds.

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Union Misrepresentation Part 2


I read your piece Union Misrepresentation a few days ago and did some research. Ell isn't alone in not representing the union vote.

I found a Murray sign in the neighbors yard and went over to read it. The sign was not printed in a union print shop.

So I drove around to find a Campbell sign. Guess what? Campbell's campaign signs were printed in a union print shop.

That's enough for me. I'm voting for Mike Campbell.

Union Bug
01:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Anyone But Lost Keys Bill Ell

Hi Spike,

You put way too much emphasis on the lost school keys. When the school keys were lost so were the keys to city hall. Everyone has forgotten that.

I think we need to look at Bill Ell's recent history during the railroad lawsuit. Ell lied to the public and hid the truth from all of us.

How could anyone endorse him based on his deceitful ways?


Makes you wonder what else he is lying about and what he doesn't tell the rest of the council.


01:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Art Imitating Life Providing Insight

Citizen Kane Airing To Coincide With Newspaper Endorsement

Spike -

2:00 AM Citizen Kane (1941)

The investigation of a publishing tycoon's dying words reveals conflicting stories about his scandalous life. Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead. Dir: Orson Welles. BW-120 mins, TV-PG, CC, DVS

We will be told for whom to vote in Sunday's Advertiser. Take it for what it is worth. Citizen Kane told us in 1941.

If you are too cheap to buy the disc, set your video recording device for 2:00 AM. This timeless classic provides nuances of insight every time you watch it on a character who tells you only what he thinks you need know as well as what you should think.

Read what you have been told to do and punch the play back button. Pay close attention to the main character's reaction when things go out of his control. The truth sometimes stings.

Search for the whole truth from every available source. Compare what you have been told and verify. Never let others think for you.

Think for yourself and trust your own judgment as you go to the polls.


And vote for anyone other than Lost Keys Bill Ell.


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At Least Derailed Embraces the Future

"Our focus must be on becoming the very best at filling people's 24-hour
news needs
," Curley said. "That's a huge shift from the we-know-best, gatekeeping mentality. ... Readers and viewers are demanding to captain their information ships. Let them."

A resistance to change and institutional pining for the past sounds like more than just the newspaper business. It is an apt description of Burlington's power structure.

To their credit, the Advertiser is a reflection of the community.

The price of this mentality is certainly reflected in census and circulation statistics.

Jeane Dixon

Ed. Note: The Jeane Dixon effect refers to the tendency of the mass media to hype or exaggerate a few correct predictions by a psychic, guaranteeing that they will be remembered, while forgetting or ignoring the much more numerous incorrect predictions.
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Newspaper Bias

From Falcon, an illustration of newspaper bias towards the Democratic candidates.

Trouble is, they wear it like a badge. Albeit, a tin horn badge.

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03 November

Endorse Me


Voters have a difficult choice to make in the general election next week. People of influence will be making many different suggestions and endorsements. If you'd like to give your endorsement for Burlington City Council to me, I'm glad to accept it. But instead of trying to build me up by tearing other candidates down, could you state the reasons voters should select me on Tuesday?

* I'm the councilman who vigorously fought against the railroad lawsuit that cost us $300,000 in attorney's fees and untold amounts of future economic development.

* I'm the councilman who fought for more openness in city meetings and a fairer system of records retention.

* I'm the councilman who truly supports a regional concept, having lobbied in Washington, DC the past two years for various regional efforts. I was the only councilman to attend the Hendricks Industries announcement in Keokuk a few weeks back, again supporting regional efforts.

* I'm the councilman who goes to bat for youth activities, serving on the Youth Center Commission and, personally, as a member of our local Optimist Club. I forwarded the idea of a profitable wintertime use of the RecPlex during recent goal setting sessions.

* I'm the councilman who opposed a 9% raise for our city's highest paid employee, fearing that other department administrators and bargaining units would follow suit. There is nothing wrong with a fair days pay for a fair days work (and vice versa), but 9% ?! Come on! Our budget can not afford so much excessive spending.

* I've never relied on city staff for information to further my political standing other than information freely available to the rest of the council.

* I have no special friendships with any city employees, but I do my best to get along well with everybody.

* I'm the candidate for the four-year seat who is most concerned with the people governing city hall, instead of the other way around.

* I'm just an everyday kind of guy, who wants the best for Burlington.

Those are a few reasons that people should vote for me. I'm sure you can think of others. But please, don't wrap me in a shroud of negativity. I make too many mistakes on my own to point out the mistakes of other people.

Councilman Mike Campbell

We aren't tearing the other guys down. We are merely illuminating the absolute reasons Bill Ell should not be re-elected.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

02 November

What They Did to This Town - A Retrospect


I am glad you are refreshing people's memories of the worst antics during Burlington's reign of terror. Edwards, Ell and King took a bad situation and made it intolerable with the aid of their willing confederate, Slagle.

The "without merit" attempt to rob the BNSF, illegal secret meetings, destroyed pubic records of City proceedings, etc. are the result of their power to make things happen by obtaining public office.

Rule of law has become a joke in Burlington and all Des Moines County. The power of a free press protecting a free people does not apply. Burlington does not have a free press. Burlington has the Advertiser. Still, the blade has been dropping on those who would rule by bullying and terror.

Despite the local power structure's best efforts to control elections, including the illegal use of public and corporate resources, King was voted out. Despite the omissions of the Propaganda Ministry on South Main to hide Edwards' Great Moment in Alcoholism, a free Internet broke the story. This revelation accelerated the Drunk Mayor's degeneration into becoming the Drunk ex-Mayor.

This leaves Ell and Slagle.

Ell will only go away like King. He must be voted out. Getting rid of Ell may finally grease the skids for Slagle's termination.

It is no wonder the rest of world points and laughs at Burlington. Would you invest in a place where you are liable to be sued "without merit?" Why would any wish to live where the open for oppression sign is hung out and enforced?

If Burlington's decline is to be halted, its earned reputation for oppression must be erased. Voting Ell out is a necessary step in regaining a better future for Burlington.


04:58:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Manager


The Hawkeye's editorial in today's (Thurs) paper titled Double Talk is correct. Good for The Hawk Eye, because we should demand open government.

This brings up a local disaster when the city manager destroyed documents of the railroad lawsuit and tried to convince the council and the public that he followed the law. The law says that you can get rid of the documents after one year, it doesn't say that you must destroy the documents or information from meetings after one year.

Why would anyone destroy documents before the legal case is over, unless they are attempting to hide or cover up something? The city manager should have never been allowed to get away with this.

The Hawk Eye and the council should have taken action, not defended him like Ell did. What else have they hidden from us?

I have lost trust in Bill Ell and he isn't getting my vote. Trust was lost with this incident and that trust will never be regained. It's true we should expect openness from our Federal government, but we should also demand it from our local government.

That has not happened with the BNSF lawsuit or the Manor project.

Burlington resident

A newspaper should answer questions. When they raise new, unrelated issues with conjecture, speculation and hearsay while ignoring the facts when printing their version of the "story" it is extremely disingenuous to their paid subscribers and a terrible disservice to the community. If the only thing you can do is stir up crap, then get a newspaper job in Kansas. Leave Iowa!

There is no resolution to a local crisis, only more speculation created by Publisher Steve Delaney. The Ad Vertiser is the only local and regional media outlet to operate in this manner I can find nationwide. Why the hell is that? Angelou Economics was right on target when they crowned the newspaper an impediment to economic development in Southeast Iowa. What a distinction!

Eminent Domain Mall was thrown up (literally and figuratively) to cover up Edwards, Ell, Power, Tapp, Hinkle, Courtney and most importantly Bruce Slagle's role in shoving the railroad lawsuit down the taxpayers' throat. Their individual and collective roles in lies and deceit have no equal in Burlington history and will probably never be equaled in the future if this path of ruination continues.

You want to fix Burlington? Start by getting rid of Slagle. He's no good for the community and we can't afford him.


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Will Hunters & Fishermen Use?

Newspaper Circulation Continues Decline


Ink on paper news continues to lose readers, so the industry is grasping at touting total audience to advertisers. Count our web hits.

Does this explain why the local Advertiser lets you put links to their web site? I know they be not pleased with you and Falcon for telling the rest of the story. I assume that is why in the past they denied links from you.

The web offers something in the news arena the Advertiser has not known for nearly 80 years, competition. How do the Advertiser's web hits compare to yours and Falcon's? I have not seen the Advertiser touting how many web hits they get.

Industry sources in the past have warned that small daily operations putting out a substandard product in any form may not survive.

Blessed be the Shoppers Spree. The Shoppers Spree does not a newspaper claim to be. The Shoppers Spree has integrity.

If the Advertiser does not clean up their act, will local catfish and wild mallards have only the Shoppers Spree upon which to meet their fate with a feast?

Roland M. Bwanna

If our reader numbers are any validation, I'd say the trend is reality. We see over an average of 1,000+ unique readers/day/7 day period. When we do stories on Ell, Slagle, Power, Courtney, Tapp and the rest of the incompetents, readership jumps another 3-500+/day.

Falcon is reporting 2 million hits (something we don't track) in 10 months.

Meanwhile, the Ad Vertiser averages 9.8 people including the family dog/day/copy reading Iowa's Oldest News In Print. No, not really. But their readership numbers have always been suspect. I can't think of any place in town where 2.8+ people read every copy of the newspaper. But it dupes the advertisers.

Blogs are here to stay and a force to be reckoned with whether Bob Saar believes it or not.

And whether Publisher Steve Delaney likes it or not.


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Hydro Electric Plant at Lock and Dam 18?

BPUS Generation Development, Liverpool, N.Y. has applied for a permit with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to look at constructing the hydro-power plant on the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 18.

I think after they do their three-year study they will find they have enough water to float a bar of soap.

And not much more.

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01 November

Slagle Interjects Himself Into Election Process

According to word on the street Slagle has once again interjected himself into the election process contrary to the Iowa Code by tutoring candidate Matt Murray for election to the council.

Slagle allegedly held several tutoring sessions at the Sombrero in addition to numerous phone calls.

Business as usual. To hell with the Iowa Code.

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Detention Doesn't Apply


When I was a high school student, cutting class and slipping over to Gibby's would have been more than a reprimand.

I punch a clock in the for profit sector of the economy. If I skipped work without permission made worse by not punching out, I would be lucky if a reprimand is all I got. Doing it again would not be docketed for time. There would be no next time.

One would think Mr. Murray would advise his boss of a public office absence. Did Slagle tell him to get to KBUR at the last minute for some pre-campaign free air time? That is still no excuse.

I am casting my vote so Mr. Murray will not face such temptation again. Mr. Murray seems like a nice young man. Too bad he fell in with the bad company of thugs.


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Government Money - Where does it go?


The Burlington City Council may very well end up with two teachers and a fire fighter after the November 6 election. Now, there is nothing wrong with having that kind of experience on our city council. But let's consider the role these people will play. The council is in charge of divvying up our money (that they so often refer to as city money). Do we really want to have so many people who have made their personal fortunes from government money controlling our government's budget?


No, no, no, no! It's TAXPAYER money. They get it wrong every time.


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What Has Changed? Ell & Edwards Are Still Aggravated Bullies!

Edwards was quoted in the Hawk-Eye saying to Campbell, “…you better hope I’m still on this council after the next election…If I’m not, I’ve got nothing to lose…. I can make some things happen around this town when it comes to elective office…”

After that outburst Ell expounded on everyone else's shortcomings except his.

What has changed since Lost Keys Ell became mayor?

Is this what Burlington needs in a councilman?

From the post on April 12, 2006.

Fascism - Suppression of The Opposition Through Terror & Censorship

Mayor Threatens Campbell – “I’ve got nothing to lose…. I can make some things happen around this town”

Ell Gases Up His Blow Hard Balloon & Sinks To New Low

Apparently, Mayor Mike (“the lawsuit is about jobs”) Edwards appeared to threaten Councilman Mike Campbell during a Monday afternoon work session.

Edwards was quoted in the Hawk-Eye saying to Campbell, “…you better hope I’m still on this council after the next election…If I’m not, I’ve got nothing to lose…. I can make some things happen around this town when it comes to elective office…”

I would consider these real threats. A bully's threats. Homicidal or suicidal, either way, valid threats. Just like the “I’ve got a concealed weapons permit.”

Leaders don’t need to threaten someone to lead unless they believe in fascism.

Meanwhile, Bill Ell read a prepared statement, probably authored by someone else, outlining everyone’s shortcomings except his own and Mayor Edwards. That was a bit short sighted. I guess his and Edward’s noses didn’t need cutting today.

Ell wants to know why the council “is rapidly losing credibility and any confidence the citizens have in us.”

News Flash, Ell. You have no credibility. That confidence ended long ago when you condoned misrepresenting the railroad “lawsuit is about jobs” to the citizens.

Then you followed it with lies. I did, I didn’t, I did, he did, I didn’t, she did, I didn’t, he did, Spike did it. Hey, how did we get into this? We haven’t told any lies.

And now you’ve been caught lying about it just like Power, Slagle, Edwards and King. That’s how citizens lose credibility and trust in their leaders. You did it. We just pointed it out to the public.

Now Ell wants to humiliate everyone but Edwards and himself. And censor the outflow of news from the council to the citizens. So Bill, I guess we have no right to know anything you say other than what you want us to know as a citizen?

That’s censorship.

Ell, Edwards and King all endorsed a closed session meeting protocol document to be drafted. A document that clearly restricted free speech. That’s censorship.

Fascists support censorship.

Ell’s lowest point came when he chastised Councilwoman Mary Baker for not owning a computer or being computer literate. That is lower than whale crap on the ocean floor. More like something you'd hear from a self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, blow hard, gas bag.

And how did you know that Mary Baker has 600 unchecked emails if you haven’t accessed her email account? What about her privacy? Is that something you fear? Have you been hanging around with Tim Hoschek?

I have never seen such a group of supposed “leaders” that threaten or intimidate everyone if they don’t see things their way. Except, maybe Mussolini, Hitler or Saddam Hussein. And we all know how that played out.

And if fascist is too harsh a description, what is it? Aggravated Bully?

So we don’t have any plans to stifle the flow of information.

That’s censorship and we’re not fascists.

But we sure don’t like bullies.

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Ethanol Hits Where It Hurts


Beer prices are headed up!

"With the increasing demand for ethanol, many farmers are switching over from farming barley and hops to corn. With the continuous demand for these crops, this increases the price, Alberhasky said. The cost of glass bottles has also spiked, further affecting beer prices."

The folly of subsidized ethanol just keeps taking its toll.

Perhaps a beer price spike in the butt will wake up those who think idiots in public office are no concern of theirs. For Hoscheck's sake, I hope this does not lead to cash bars in hospitality suites.

Gottlieb H.

Edwards, Slagle, Ell, Murray will be forced to Burgy.


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NASA Image

S120-E-007581 (30 Oct. 2007) --- Astronaut Doug Wheelock, STS-120 mission specialist, participates in the third scheduled session of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction continues on the International Space Station. During the 7-hour, 8-minute spacewalk Wheelock and astronaut Scott Parazynski (out of frame), mission specialist, installed the P6 truss segment with its set of solar arrays to its permanent home, installed a spare main bus switching unit on a stowage platform, and performed a few get-ahead tasks.

NASA Image

ISS016-E-006646 (25 Oct. 2007) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the docked Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-120) and a Soyuz spacecraft are featured in this image photographed by a crewmember on the International Space Station.

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