Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 December

Democratic Caucus Start Time Immaterial


All this concern for the Democratic Caucus start time isn't an issue. As long as the drunk ex-mayor doesn't leave early for Gulfport with Heland and Courtney gets done with his Pravda home schooling course, it doesn't matter what time it starts.


I guess they drop Hoschek off early to eat, drink and threaten people.


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Slagle and the Law

Hi Spike,

I see where one post mentioned the idea of getting the Attorney General to investigate several of the local projects and highly questionable situations. I notified the AG's office via e-mail awhile ago and they told me to contact the CITY LEGAL HACK.


You wouldn't have had any response, Scott Power was too busy padding his legal bill from all of the various conflict of interest accounts he has.

Besides, your case had merit. Power doesn't litigate to win.


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JK Doesn't Yield To Campaign Pressure


I see JK Martin from KBUR had a tizz over dumping Bruce Slagle's last radio show for a possible Fred Thompson town meeting.


JK can't broadcast anything but a biased opinion and distortion of the truth so we really aren't missing much. He is just as bad as Publisher Steve Delaney on biased reporting.


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What Fred Really Said in Burlington


As usual what was reported in the fish wrap wasn't what was said.


I especially like this remark from Thompson - "The reporter wouldn’t know that because she wasn’t even there."

Can't get much better than that. The unknowing media telling us how to think while they rewrite history. No wonder they don't teach anything more than an abbreviated history outline in the schools. Nobody knows what the truth really was.

If Newspapers In Education didn't include the Ad Vertiser kids would have a chance.


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We Made National News Again

No Dilberts Involved!


We did it again without any mention of Dilbert.


Glad to hear no Dilberts were harmed in this story.


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Slagle Ignores Real Blight 6


Here’s another possible blight problem Mr. Slagle should explain during the next council meeting, since he’s the resident expert on such matters.

This home is located on North Hill and apparently hasn’t been painted for several decades, at least and the West facing porch is just about ready to fall off onto the adjacent sidewalk; please be careful when walking past this home.


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30 December

Democratic Caucus Revised Start Time 3

Does Anyone Know What The Hell Time This Mess Starts?


Well it seems they can’t keep their act straight.

The state Democrat site says 6:30, the info I sent came from the county party said 6:30, but the ad they took out in the Hawkeye today said 7.

Either the Democrats don’t have a clue, or the Hawkeye made a mistake. But neither of those are possible, right?


It's ALL possible!! You just gotta believe. Just check out the brain trust behind the locals and it will all fit into place.


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29 December

Caucus Start Time Correction


The Democrat caucus starts at 6:30, not 7:00.

Were you trying to single-handedly undermine the process?


No, the Democrats can screw this up on their own with Heland, Hoschek, Ell, Anderson, Edwards and the rest of the local Democratic Party's retreads and wanna be thugs.

They sure don't represent the Democrats I know. And never will.


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Caucus Sites In Des Moines County

Please try to arrive by 6:30 pm in order to be registered by 7:00 pm.

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28 December

The Hawk Eye of 1894


This article appeared in the Burlington Gazette on July 3, 1894 and goes to show that the Hawkeye back in those days was just as slanted and biased as it is today. In cahoots with the mayor they were pushing a tax increase from $600 to $1000 to continue public improvements by imposing an additional $400 tax on saloons in town. This was $400 above what the state mandated. The Gazette in other editions really lambasted the Hawkeye for supporting this unfair tax situation.

One thing we know for sure, with the current city manager and past and present mayors this Hawkeye crap would never be printed today.

Deja Vu

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Where Does A $99 Million Dollar Loan Go?

Morgan Stanley, the Wall Street investment house that holds the $99 million dollar loan on the casino is in serious financial trouble and obtained a cash infusion. The $5 billion investment came from China Investment Company, a Chinese led sovereign-wealth fund. A sovereign fund is a government controlled investment fund usually with strings attached.

Morgan Stanley is not alone in seeking and/or obtaining sovereign fund capital.

Merrill Lynch is negotiating $5 billion from Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd., a Singapore investment fund.

Citigroup sold a stake in itself to an Abu Dhabi fund.

Bear Sterns obtained financing from Chinese controlled Citic Securities.

For all of these investment houses, including Morgan Stanley, to obtain this type of financing the borrowers must sweep their accounts for under performing loans in order to receive the high cost financing.

So where does a $99 million dollar under performing casino/water park loan go? To the trash, taking everything else with it.


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What, Me Worry?


"I am confident they will take it over next month," City Manager Bruce Slagle said. "I don't foresee anything getting in the way of that based on what I know right now."

All is well. The Manor Mall will pay off. Don't worry. Be happy.

Slagle would never lie to us. Slagle would never leave us knowing he is not leaving us in better shape than when he came.

As we all luxuriate in the $12 million from the railroad law suit and earn big bucks from the Cement Pond, let us never forget he who did so much to make it all happen.

Thanks, Bruce.


"..based on what I know right now." We would never know when he said that the way the Ad Vertiser holds the story to fit the ads. Slagle could have said that 6 months ago.


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Echoing the Advertiser


Why change the face
Of municipal rape
Ell for Mayor
In 2008


Next Monday will have Thomas nominating himself, Ell nominating himself and Murray calling Courtney for directions.


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Relax The Water Quality?


After reading about the DNR's brilliant decision to relax water protection in Iowa, I think Burlington no longer has the market cornered on Idiots in Government. Seems to be an almost universal endemic !!!!! Everywhere we look its the same.

I left the State because of their backward, self serving style of governing and would recommend people still there no longer buy any form of license for fishing, hunting, parks use, or anything else until they smarten up some. Seems a constant stream of things to drive people to the brink.

It used to be rather amusing, but anymore it is deadly serious.


You're right. Our water is at record levels of nitrates, pesticides and manure and those of infinite wisdom, little knowledge and no forethought make a decision. Now is the time to toughen water standards.

As for the Idiots in Government, we do have a disproportionate per capita share of incompetent idiots.


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27 December

2007 Top Ten Stories

1. City Mismanager Bruce Slagle Makes News

Interviews For Job In Marion, Iowa - Gets Sacked and Sent Home

Slagle Declared War On Blight But Can’t Close The Deal – Even the City’s Cockroaches Were Unimpressed

The ill conceived, poorly planned and miserably executed Eminent Domain Mall flopped around like Slagle’s belly in a muscle shirt. Born out of a plan to cover Bruce Slagle, Scott Power, Mike Edwards, Bill Ell and Tom Courtney’s railroad lawsuit debacle the mall appears to be headed for status as Burlington’s newest park and debt instrument.

City Thief and Chief Liar Bruce Slagle read insider information on the casino, water park and Eminent Domain Mall and then announced he was resigning to pursue other interests leaving the taxpayers on the hook for his incompetence. However, before he left Slagle challenged the council to fire him. Gutless, the city council backed away. Scott Power remained the city’s loser lawyer covering Slagle’s (and his own incompetent) ass all the while.

2. Catfish Bend/Fun City/Morgan Stanley Cash Call

Only Councilman Mike Campbell had sense enough to realize the city should take their $1.8 million dollar investment in the water park and run like hell. Now it appears the city is on the cusp of losing the $1.8 million dollars due to financial collapse of the entire Fun City/Catfish Bend Casino. The city received a mercy payment made days before the election to quiet a possible loan call by the city. The casino didn’t have the $1.8 million to pay the taxpayers back anyway so I guess it is a moot point. Morgan Stanley is still out there and a $99.9 million dollar loan may seem like a lot of money. But the fate of the Roosevelt Avenue boondoggle will rest with some Morgan Stanley clerk that will make a clerical adjustment for the year-end books. Then the bankruptcy court will intervene followed by class action lawsuits uncovering gross mismanagement.

3. Burlington Bank and Trust / Two Rivers Financial Embezzlement & Failed Cover-Up

Burlington Bank and Trust / Two Rivers Financial ran more ½ page ads in the Ad Vertiser than anyone has in the last 50 years to cover up an embezzlement scandal by one of their bank officers. Earlier in the year the Ad Vertiser and BB&T clearly informed us of another bank worker that had embezzled chump change from the bank compared to the $570,000 this time around. Dilbert Banker told us there wasn’t any customer money involved but hid the news from its customers for months nevertheless. We would like to know why it took 5 years for the bank to notice the missing money when they whack their customers with outrageous service charges every day of the week to pay for the advertising bill.

4. Drunk Mayor Becomes Drunk Ex-Mayor

The drunk mayor Mike Edwards was called a drunk in an open council meeting and soon thereafter became the drunk ex-mayor. Another drunk, the Minister of Lies and Master of Deceit, Lost Keys Bill Ell, was chosen to be mayor. God help us all if this is allowed to continue.

5. Local Economic Development Fails

Dennis Hinkle from The Burlington/West Burlington Chamber of Commerce and Grow Greater Burlington grew his staff by 100% and produced absolutely no new businesses in 2007. However, in news broken here months earlier, Kohl’s department store, the suspected Eminent Domain Mall anchor, will open in March 2008 in West Burlington. And from the way it looks, on schedule.

6. Keokuk Thrives

Despite Hinkle’s failed attempts at bringing jobs to Burlington, Keokuk Mayor Dave Gudgel enticed Wisconsin entrepreneur Ken Hendricks to locate a wind turbine tower plant in Keokuk to support the Siemens blade plant, fortunately without the help of Lowell Junkins asking for his usual 10%. Sadly, Hendricks died in a fall December 21. Junkins is still on the run and to the relief of many, will be caught soon. Meanwhile, Fort Madison is doing its best to remain anti-business.

7. Airport Board Temporarily Sweeps Their Dirt Under Rug

The Southeast Iowa Airport Authority secretly decided to end Remmers Aviation 60+ year-old business in Burlington. Ignoring the Iowa Code and assisted by lazy writers from the Ad Vertiser and the lawless West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil who knowingly violated the Iowa Code, the scandal was left to unwritten history for the time being. However, as all bad things that happen based on incompetence in Burlington, Remmers Aviation has a golden opportunity to sue and successfully win its case against the Board for their illegal 2-1 vote. Trousil meanwhile gets the 2007 Stupid Criminal Award for telling everyone he didn’t care that he knowingly broke Iowa law. This story is not over.

8. Matt Murray Joins Senator Courtney's Calls For Censorship & Repeal of 1st Amendment Rights

Former Republican Matthew Murray was elected to the Burlington City Council and immediately chants his mentor Tom Courtney call for censorship and cancellation of the First Amendment to the Constitution in order to promote the Democratic Party’s agenda. Endorsed by the Ad Vertiser, Iowa’s Oldest Ads In Print, Don Henry suggested that anonymous blogs be censored and government controlled. We hope Murray’s high school student curriculum is better planned than his fractured recollection of the U.S. Constitution. As for Henry, he’s old, gotten looney and appears to be prima facia evidence of the problem in Burlington and not a solution.

9. Tyrant Hoschek Evades Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment & Creating Hostile Work Environment

Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek’s long-term harassment of the former CPC Director came to a head and Hoschek skated free. Des Moines County taxpayers dodged a huge bullet this year after Supervisor Tim Hoschek was outed for being a sawed off little tyrant. Well known in the courthouse for his demeaning behavior and foul mouth, the straw finally collapsed when Hoschek continued in his vendetta of persecution of the CPC Director. There will be a lawsuit one of these days naming Hoschek and the County as defendants. The taxpayers will pay.

10. Quiet Zone - Cost Estimate Off By a Lot of Money We Don't Have

Another Bruce Slagle disaster has been ill conceived, poorly planned and dropped in the taxpayers’ laps without any regard. Slagle hastily prepared a plan for the implementation of the railroad crossing quiet zones in downtown Burlington. All of this was done without any consultation with the railroad or the Federal Railroad Administration, the people that have to approve the city’s plan. Slagle’s plan won’t work and the only things we can say for sure that will happen in a year from now is that Bruce Slagle will be gone and the bill for all this will be a lot higher than promised. Oh, and the whole thing is being pushed by Ron Billups, a tire merchant trying to restrict his competitor's business by closing railroad crossings on 8th Street.

The real news continues to be brought to you by Spike and Falcon. What would the public know if we weren’t uncovering the truth and not what Publisher Steve Delaney wants you to know? The Ad Vertiser wasn’t recognized by 2 outside consulting firms as the biggest detriment to Southeast Iowa for no reason.

So the question remains. What would we know of these news items?

It can be boiled down to 3 words -

Little, if anything.

BTW - Unlike Citizen Kane down on Main Street, we don't make the news, we report it.

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2008 Burlington Mayoral Prospect - We Hope Not!

When we first ran this cartoon the drunk ex-mayor was still in office. Now he is gone and has been replaced by another drunk.

According to the archives we've seen no change except a bigger bag.

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Best 2007 Book

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25 December

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In The Season of Giving - The City Taketh


The city is playing fair with all.

They have taken from the old, young and all taxpayers.

They have taken money from all. They have taken land from many and they have taken baseball diamonds.

I am not saying I want, or could do their job, but I could be honest and open about others money and future.

I still believe we could and should bring the state attorney in and have all this looked at.

I also believe we need to know what all is going on before it's too late.

I also believe we still have a chance to pull out of this but it will take a complete clearing of all city offices.


You could do their job up to the honest, fair and open part.


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24 December

Ball Diamond Lights Went To Danville?


Found the lights. They were sold or given to the city of Danville for their baseball diamond.

Bet they got a better deal than we did. Maybe we could play at Danville for free.


Let's see. A city asset goes to Danville.

Has to be a record. Had to have been bids taken. What was the selling price? Were they removed by city employees?

After all, the lights were city assets.

Sounds like another Bruce Slagle stupid move. I'm so glad that jackass is headed for the door.


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Where'd The Lights Go?


Before the city sold the K.C. Hall property and the ball diamond to the Salvation Army there were lights at that ball diamond and the ball diamond across from there in the manor project.

They say they need lights at the college so the kids can play at night. We should either have the money or the lights lying around somewhere unless we accidentally gave them away.

The city council and the city manager should be the ones to give us an answer on this question. Lets get on them and find out where the lights or money went.


Seems logical. Where did those lights go?


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22 December

Drunken Lemur Dilberts Exposed

We're high rolling now. Most every real newspaper in the country has run the Crapfish Bend Being Run By Drunken Lemur Dilberts story.

And if that isn't enough press, millions more will read it on Scott Adams' Dilbert Blog.

I tell you, it can't get much better than this at Christmas. And you wonder about the $18,000 mercy payment to the City for the koi pond.


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Presenting a Negative Image to the World


Those controlling Burlington, especially the Advertiser, love to denounce you and others who broadcast the truth. By telling the truth, you are presenting a negative image of our community to the world.

Incompetence, embezzlement and preposterous petty tyranny in their penny ante fiefdom are dirty little secrets to remain no more than local oral legends. The Dilbert debacle has the whole world laughing at Southeast Iowa and its cash starved casino.

The Dilbert story hit the mainstream media. Talk shows are encouraging callers to comment on being victimized by humorless, vengeful incompetents as satirized in Dilbert. Hosts of such shows lead off with the Southeast Iowa dateline as they recite the story to incite callers.

Dilbertesque characters running the local casino have done far more to portray a negative image to the world than you, Falcon, Fred & Seven, or anybody else. Will the local Dogberts of dice ever be publicly chastised for the publicity they have wrought?

As long as those casino dollars keep buying advertising, how much will be said about gross mismanagement, misleading pool "profits", the eventual fate of $1.8 million in public money, persecuting workers over issues petty, the plight of resulting laid off workers, etc.?

Rail away at Derailed and others exposing the ugly truth. It diverts the public from demanding accountability from those responsible for making our community a depressed laughing stock.

Elbonia on the Mississippi?

PHIL The Prince of Insufficient Light

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Catfish Craps Lawsuit


I hadn't heard of this lawsuit until I ran across this article.

It appears Catfish Craps fired an employee who posted a Dilbert comic strip that accurately portrayed the mentality of the casino's management, and than unsuccessfully attempted to deny him unemployment benefits. I could not find any mention of this on the Ad Vertiser's website.


You won't either. Ad revenues.


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Blinded by the Blight

Dear Disgusted:

The only way for Burlington to grow on its present course is to attract welfare collectors from elsewhere. Welfare is no way to live like a Rockefeller.

If substandard housing is unavailable, how do you expect these harbingers of our future to put gas in their bulging Escalades and pay their cell phone bills. Taxpayer subsidized lunches for their population increasing offspring will not cover it all. They could turn to selling drugs and violent crime.

Turning our emergency medical facilities into war zones is a small price to pay for state and federal subsidies based on population figures.

The railroad lawsuit, the Wrecked-Plex, Huck's Harbor, the Manor Mall, quiet crossings and numerous other development projects are proof local leaders know far more than we what is best for us all. Our elected leaders know full well what benefits we all derive from their turning a blind eye to "blight."

Our new residents utilizing what you claim is "blight" will guarantee such wise leaders continue to be re-elected.

Your being negative with a camera is the real reason will Burlington will continue to shrink.


Can't we wait until the Ad Vertiser tells us so?


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21 December

Great Monuments to Eminent Domain Abuse

They Missed Wreck #21


Redevelopment by elected amateurs who know more than the market has produced numerous bright and shinning failures. Burlington is not alone.

The problem is, each new crop of the elected deluded refuses to learn from the mistakes of others. Developers, newspaper publishers and others who figure fiscal gain with nothing of theirs at risk are not reliable information sources in the public interest.

Every public decision maker needs to read this.

If there is a student in the audience in need of a research subject, write up Burlington's Manor Mall when the dust settles. Submit your research. These folks may publish it.

Burlington's Manor Mall is another example of desperation induced delusion resulting in the "cure" being worse than the disease.


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Canton ILL Ethanol Plant Declares Bankruptcy


The Canton, IL ethanol plant declared bankruptcy last week and lost their grain license this week.


More to follow. If you want to see one bonehead that doesn't get it, click here.


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Catfish Craps Lawsuit


I hadn't heard of this lawsuit until I ran across this article.

It appears Catfish Craps fired an employee who posted a Dilbert comic strip that accurately portrayed the mentality of the casino's management, and than unsuccessfully attempted to deny him unemployment benefits. I could not find any mention of this on the Ad Vertiser's website.


The Judge sure understood Dilberts were running the casino.


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Blight or Affordable Housing?


Now, I ask the citizens of Burlington are these pictures of blight or
affordable housing? I think since Mr. Slagle is the local expert about
blight that he should stand up at the next council meeting and tell us just
what this pictures represent.

Are there not city codes against housing the likes of this? Don't the
neighbors have a right that their property values are not impacted by lack
of city code enforcement?

The Burlington taxpayer and/or voters are fools to let city hall get away
with this lack of concern for the destruction of our city through its give a
damn attitude in city code enforcement.


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Kelo Criminal Courtney


BL mentioned the Kelo decision in regards to eminent domain crimes. The Supreme Court threw this back at our legislators. Therein lies the crime of Senator Courtney.

The Iowa Legislature bowed to public pressure with an eminent domain restriction bill. Governor Vilsack vetoed it. Governor Vilsack was leaving office to become President Vilsack. All concerned figured they had covered their butts. The issue of eminent domain crimes would just fade away. Keep those developers campaign dollars coming.

Public outrage caused an historic special session of the Iowa Legislature to override Governor Vilsack's veto.

An amendment in the final eminent domain bill came out of the Iowa Senate. It grandfathered confiscation crimes underway in several cities, including Burlington. Senator Courtney did nothing to strike the Manor Mall from the amendment. Senator Courtney then voted for the Bill's passage as amended.

Senator Courtney, Slagle, the Drunk Mayor and the whole host of other single party suspects were set to screw the little people they falsely claim to champion.

Adding insult to injury, Senator Courtney showed up at the pathetic attempt by the poor and powerless to prevent being railroaded by Burlington's elected thugs and their wealthy allies. Developers, financiers, advertising vendors, etc. all stood to gain. False concern for the Manor residents situation from their State Senator should have filled the ball field bleachers with rage. Most did not realize who was responsible.

If your "Honorable" Senator tries to tell you he did right by voting for Iowa's eminent domain restriction law, ask him why he did nothing to stop the Manor Mall being grandfathered to avoid the will of the people.

We do not vote on Supreme Court justices. We do vote on whether or not Senator Courtney continues to make crime pay.

If you are enraged at the crime called the Manor Mall, administer justice to Senator Courtney next election day.


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Senator Courtney's Welfare Wonderland


"The problem you have is that you don't want this to look like you're picking on poor people," he (Courtney) said.

To that, Courtney added DHS officials have told him Iowa's welfare rules are no more lenient than those in Illinois."

Senator Courtney does want not his power base picked on, nor does his party of bread and circuses. Buying votes with taxpayers "generosity" has been their victory strategy for nearly 80 years.

Historically, most in Iowa who hit hard times and end up on welfare have gotten back on their feet and become self sufficient. These are not necessarily the crowd Senator Courtney courts. Courtney wants the class of voters who have no intention of getting off the dole even if that means importing them from urban hell holes.

So what if those responding to easy welfare increasingly rape and rob the productive natives. Senator Courtney wants their vote. To that end, he helped mandate same day voter registration in Iowa.

These new comers certainly can find their way to register for benefits at Iowa's welfare offices. Why is Senator Courtney afraid of their ability to register to vote in advance?

Let these new comers encourage friends and family remaining from whence they came to vote early and drive to Burlington. These visitors can claim they reside where the new comers do. Forge what little is necessary. Vote again for Senator Courtney and his friends. Call it fraud and you are, "Mean spirited and hateful."

Senator Courtney will tell you he is simply expanding democracy to the disenfranchised.

If anything, Iowa's welfare rules should be more restrictive than surrounding states harboring an abundance of multi-generational welfare recipients. What about dollar value of benefits compared to other states?

Factor in Iowa's socialistically depressed economy and resulting cheap housing as the productive flee. A straight dollar for dollar comparison is misleading if not comparing all costs of living.

Those who could be productive and decide instead to make a life time living off being poor deserve to be picked on. They deserve to be anywhere but here.

If you are tired of being taxed to be raped and robbed, cast your vote so Senator Courtney is anywhere but in public office.


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Bail Out Solutions


To the City of Burlington, bail out of the waterpark. That should enable Burlington to pay for the storm water holding tanks, silence the train horns, and maybe have enough funds left over to let kids play baseball under the lights @ SCC.

Wait a minute - what am I thinking that makes sense.


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Dead Ends


Iowa Racing and Gaming is not posting corporate officers.

Throw your money away, but no of mention who is personally responsible at Crapfish Bend's website.

When the mob ran Vegas in decades past, who was really in charge was not supposed to be public knowledge. I am finding it difficult to research who is in charge of Catfish Bend.

Unlike our local amateurs, the professional mobsters at least knew how how to manage a gambling den and make it pay.


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Central Street Drug Houses To Be Demolished


The school district purchased the two homes on Central St that are boarded up. They have an appointment with a bulldozer and the school district has plans for renovating the press box and improved handicap accessibility.


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Who's in Charge?


This link at the Secretary of State's Office takes you to the corporation files on Great River Entertainment. Push the link to officers of said corporation and you get:

Officers Searched: Great River Entertainment

The system could not locate the corporation information.

Please return to the previous page and reattempt your search.

Why are officers of limited liability corporations not listed?

Sec. of State Micheal Mauro has a reputation around Des Moines as a Polk County party hack. The Republicans had their first candidate against Mauro drop out. Even with with this assistance, Mauro did not win by a land slide.

Polk County Democrats brought you the Tom Harkin Center/Central Iowa Employment Conspiracy that has some of them crying in court. Hopefully, Great River Entertainment's Officers not being listed is only a clerical error and not a favor for party friends in Southeast Iowa.


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Auto Fuel Economy


No one should hold their breath on the auto fuel economy proposed increase,
even if it should become law.

As long as congress can be bought off by the highest bidder we'll have the
same scenario as we've had with the country of origin food labeling bill,
still un-enforced and posing a threat to all of us.

Greedy American companies have made the United State nothing more than a
distribution center for Chinese ill built products while at the same time
destroying America's manufacturing base and middle class.

Our government has made hundreds of poor trade agreements with the Chinese
and others making our country a sorry mess headed for third world status.

Open boarders, socialism and rotten politics just don't work.


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20 December

Ante Up 'Til it Hurts


I saw in the Advertiser there was to be a meeting earlier this week of stock holders in Catfish Bend Casino. Anything to report? Was what transpired at this meeting confidential?

If it was reported in the Advertiser, I missed it amongst the blizzard of buy, buy, buy. I hope what is going on at the casino is not being treated like the local bank robbery.

What happens if stock holders do not "volunteer" to come with more money? Do they get taken for a ride?

Blind Tom

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Another Victim of the Kelo Decision


I haven’t bought this book. I have only read what is at this link. The book is titled “Bulldozed”.

But the story is soooo familiar. Even the Kelo case that caused this mess still doesn’t have the development the crooks promised.

Our Supreme Court really screwed us on this one.


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19 December

CC: Advertiser


Nice letter. The bank trying to hush up a major screw up; it has the making of a Simpsons cartoon script. Stealing over half a million is not covered by patient confidentiality.

Does the Advertiser own stock in Great River Financial Group? If not, was their copy to be complicit in the cover up delivered by their advertising rep who is doing well off the bank's recent half page purchases?

The public has a right to know only what those running Burlington want them to know. That is the role of the Advertiser. That is why they hate Spike, Falcon, Fred & Seven and any others who dare provide a path to seek the whole truth.

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Who Did What With the Money?


Catfish Craps was an ill conceived mess from the start. From what I can tell, it just keeps getting worse. Where are the outside auditors?

City Council members kissing the seats of Burlington's elite sunk our money into the swimming hole and refused to cash out when disaster was no secret. There may yet be a bright spot in their bad decisions. Since Great River Entertainment took government money, does that give government a say in who audits the books to determine the guilty?

The State Auditor's Office may need to sort through what became of the taxpayers money.

I would hate to think there are entries showing over one million spent on girl scout cookies as a community donation. If there are, trust the Advertiser to glowing quote Lawyer Hoyer on what mismanagement has done for Southeast Iowa.

I sense the casino could expose what fools and crooks many of Burlington's self proclaimed brightest and best business brains truly are.


Don't forget to ask the bankers that invested in the casinos and sat on the gambling renewal initiative committee telling us how good gambling was for the communities they served.

Then look at Ft Madison. No boat, no gambling revenue, no hope for any and the casino paid $30,000 an acre for 20 acres of trailer park property.

Add up the myriad of construction change orders and pretty soon, you have real money.

Finally, find the consultants that said the gambling revenue would effectively double and sue them right before you hammer the board of directors for not doing their job of financial oversight.

It's spelled Sarbanes-Oxley


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Where are the locations of the caucuses? I do want to attend but I don't where.


We'll get the answers and post them for you and others that have asked.


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Society's Problems Land in Burlington


I have told people for years about the society's problems that are moving into Burlington.

I see them everyday, walking the streets with cell phones, dogs and setting out in the front porch watching the cars go by, or at the grocery store with their state cards and several children hanging on them.

I am all for welfare that helps people become a working part of our community, but when I look around all I see is a bunch of freeloaders. They go to the nearest state building and sign up for everything and get it! Having one child on the welfare line is fine, but having one every year from different fathers that they can't find when it's time to pay has got to stop!

Slum Lords (there are plenty in Burlington, spending the money they make from the state at the local country club instead of fixing up the dilapidated buildings they rent out) that rent out buildings that are falling apart should have the state inspect them before they can rent them out. Why isn't this happening?

I saw where two houses were finally boarded up on Central St., it was about time, I would be ashamed to say I owned them, nevertheless let someone live in them, they should have a date with the bulldozer!

I have 3 adult children, one lives out of town to make a good living. She tried to find a position in this town but couldn't. Within a week she had a wonderful job with a good future. The other two are leaving after they get their degrees.

Burlington has nothing and can offer nothing and to look around town and see the boarded up buildings downtown and the rundown properties all around town holds nothing desirable to any one thinking of moving here.

I told my children we will be following them soon!


01:52:47 - SPIKE - No comments

Colonial Burlington


"I thank God, there are no free schools nor printing [in Virginia]; for learning has brought disobedience, and heresy ... and printing has divulged them, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both."

William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, 1671

Governor Berkeley would feel at home in present day Burlington.

The printing press has not gone away. However, it has been greatly tamed.

Modern mass distribution by this ancient method requires massive amounts of capital. Advertising provides the resources to run a large press. Those controlling the wealth control the advertising and in turn control over all content.

This is something you can take to the bank.

Free public schools are well established, but their quality is headed into the ground. Free public schools are now ever less stressing the process of critical thought. Not being critical of even a criminal's self esteem is the creed.

The community's youngest citizens are trained only to fill the menial economic opportunities provided locally. They need know little more than how to count to 21 to deal Black Jack.

Disobedience and heresy are not in their vocabulary. Their limited reading skills do permit them to comprehend election day directives in the Advertiser.

Information must be controlled to protect those in control. It is nothing new. It is still true over 400 years later.

It was 50 years after Governor Berkeley's comments before a printing press was set up in Virginia. Those governing Burlington are not having such success.

Libels against the frauds and failures of Burlington's best government are being divulged. Burlington's inept elite who can not compete with the outside world are finding it harder to hide how they fill their pockets from the public treasury.

The proof is the attacks against the messengers and the uncontrolled mediums they use to expose those ruling us to ruin. Those in control figure making the truth go away will permit their exulted positions to stay.

Colonial governors could not control information. Enraged colonists have a way of making royal governors go away. Those ruling Burlington as their personal colony to exploit should take note.


01:47:14 - SPIKE - No comments

18 December



Thought you might like to hang this on Burlington's Wall of Shame right next to some of the already guilty parties in Burlington's demise.


02:30:31 - SPIKE - No comments

A Caucus Opportunity


There is more to the upcoming precinct caucuses than wannabe Presidents. Both parties have a passing of platform planks. These non binding statements on issues are voted on and passed up the line.

I would suggest a plank for local precinct caucus goers of both parties to present, debate and hopefully pass:

- We resolve that no more taxpayer support be given to casinos, nor any business related thereto.

- As casinos get in trouble, they are bound to seek bail outs. The City of Burlington is broke, but there is always Des Moines. We all know who pays in the end.

Enough is enough. The time has come to send a message. Candidates who depend on party activists to get elected better take notice.


02:20:34 - SPIKE - No comments

17 December

Railroad Researching Extra Loud Locomotives


This was first distributed via ink on paper. Therefore, it must be true.

Given how long it took the Advertiser to report the bank robbery, do you think they have seen this yet? Note the National Recovery Administration (NRA) blue eagle logo. Why is the Advertiser not running the NRA eagle on their mast?

Given the Advertiser's advocacy of government interference unconstitutional, as well as "without merit", I am surprised they do not fly the NRA eagle.


03:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bank Heist


I find it utterly amazing that a person could steal $569,115 from his place
of employment and walk away with hopes of no jail time. If only all thieves
could realize such lenient pay back for a crime perpetrated over a period of
five or six years.

I thought greed was one of the seven deadly sins and deserving of
incarceration or at least I thought it was. By the way, did the character
that embezzled money from that elderly Schramm's lady get any prison time?

Burlington has a long history with thieves, a fact continually reinforced on
a daily basis by observing the police blotter, news crier and this bank
itself where a teller was caught with her hands in the till not so long ago.

Is stealing $569,115 through embezzlement any worse than someone walking
into a bank and running off with a bag of cash? This stealing from a bank
by employees is no different than a teacher misusing his or her position of
trust to harm children.

Also, if it weren't for customers where the hell did this bank obtain the
money he stole in the first place?

Don't forget this guy was embezzling money for over five years and not just
in one lump sum. Of course now after the fact he's going to face the
consequences of his actions head-on by expecting no jail time.

Letting this guy walk, as his lawyer hopes, would be a huge miscarriage of
justice and a slap in the face to old adage, "crime doesn't pay." Mr.
Miller has been a thief for over five years and just because he didn't get
caught sooner doesn't necessarily mean he's worthy of being noted as a
person with a "clean record."


Wishful thinking on both guilty parties.

The other guilty party is the bank president that said customer's money was never touched. Isn't it all customer's money?


01:42:17 - SPIKE - No comments



Heard through the grape vine today that the Catfish Bend investors who have been "asked" to make a further donation may be bought out if they don't come up with the dollars being requested. The initial Hawkeye article indicated the request was merely that, not a demand. If this is so it would appear that the powers that be have come up with a way to force their hands.

From the very beginning of the rumblings about financial concerns regarding this casino, the boat and the land purchase in Ft. Madison I began to think there was much more to the story. I did a little research on the Ft. Madison land purchase and potential casino construction and found out that in less than 30 days the financial picture changed so drastically that they went from building within a matter of months so the mobile home court had to be cleared out to postponing it indefinitely because of financial concerns. I can't believe that an organization like that can't see any farther down the road than 30 days. Something else is afoot and we won't know what it is until it happens.

Part of the problem with such a venture is that the people who are making the big investments aren't impacted much by the economic downswings this area is experiencing. To them $4 gas doesn't mean much - just a little less in the IRA contribution this year. To the average guy who's spending (or supposed to be spending) his money at the casino it's a big deal. Those investors need to keep one fact in mind - whether you want to mix with the little people (middle class ) or not, they're the ones that make the difference in financial success or failure. Their dollars only stretch so far, but in most cases they're more than willing to spend them - if they've got them to spend.

Add to that the fact that we live in the climate arm pit of the country and it makes for a less than favorable tourism spot. The only people who willingly travel where there's snow is someone wanting to ski. The last time I checked there weren't any ski slopes in SE Iowa. Here the snow just complicates things.

Signing off for now.


The smallest investors have been given a buyout offer to accept. From that they must deduct the debt factor for their portion of the Riverside casino - for some about a 40% reduction in funds paid.

Everyone says they have never made as big a return as they have with the casino investment. And did so for years. So a loss right now shouldn't be a big deal. It's the way they go about it that is questionable.

Winegard had a huge lawsuit with a couple of locals over the Blackhawk, Colorado casino. This one will be bigger. Something happened in those 30-90 days.

Our source still maintains Kiels will get it back, 10¢ on the dollar.

As for the $1.8 million owed the city. I would guess history.

Merry Christmas taxpayers, sticks and coal.


01:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Welfare Identified Two Years Later


It's about time some organization spoke up about the decline of Burlington other than those forced to use local blogs. The local paper would never print a letter to the editor that brought up the issue of welfare and how it's destroying our local community. The state calls it something else now so as not to offend anyone but its still welfare, no matter how you say it.

For the past 25 years our community has been overrun by people from out of state with no intentions of joining the workforce or being productive citizens.

These domestic immigrants are seeking a better life at the expense of the Iowa taxpayer and along with their better life those of us that live and work in Iowa have paid the price through a school system with below average graduation rates, run down housing, above average serious crime, extensive drug problems, disproportionate taxes and the list just goes on and on.

There's another group of people from Chicago coming to Iowa but they come for employment in the Columbus Junction area and are recruited by the company hiring them to replace illegal immigrants. I talked to a group of these workers at a local motel where the company houses them for the first 30 days. When I asked one lady how the work was she indicated it wasn't bad at all with the exception of standing for the entire shift. This just goes to show there are some people that want to be productive citizens and others that have no intention of ever joining the productive crowd.

Burlington is caught between a rock and a hard place because as the productive taxpayers leave to find work their replaced by non-productive entitlement people with no thoughts of finding work or being productive citizens.

Most people around town talk about the problem but that's about the extent of it. Nothing is being done to control it. Burlington already has enough of their own entitlement crowd without importing more. Look around at the nice cars, cell phones and all the benefits these people get that the average working person just dreams about, especially free health care.

I have to thank the Chamber of Commerce for bringing this problem out in the open because our community and others are being overrun with entitlement, both imported and Iowa domestic.


I think this problem was identified by County Attorney Pat Jackson over 2+ years ago. Nobody listened and we've been paying ever since.

Now ever vigilant to social issues Publisher Steve Delaney proclaims it news to deflect our interest in those big old trust my bank 1/2 page ads.

Since our leaders have run the youth out of town instead of the corrupt politicians and city manager, who's left to do these jobs?


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16 December

Biggest Crime To Come


The biggest crime to be committed on this community is to make Bill Ell mayor again. Or was this early endorsement from the fish wrap only a diversion from the Big Bank & Theft ads?


Whenever Ell is asked a question he defers to Slagle. I guess that is leadership; leadership by osmosis.


12:37:50 - SPIKE - No comments

14 December

The Bank Dick of Burlington


"Was His Face Red . . . And His Nose, Too ! when the bandits took the money . . . and the SAFE !"

Egbert Souse, where are you now that we need you?

I am glad the Advertiser is not running a security service. Five months to report a robbery is a trifle long.

"Egbert Sousé: Ten cents a share. Telephone sold for five cents a share. How would you like something better for ten cents a share? If five gets ya ten, ten'll get ya twenty. A beautiful home in the country, upstairs and down. Beer flowing through the estate over your grandmother's paisley shawl.
Og Oggilby: Beer?
Egbert Sousé: Beer! Fishing in the stream that runs under the arboreal dell. A man comes up from the bar, dumps $3,500 in your lap for every nickel invested. Says to you, "Sign here on the dotted line."
And then disappears in the waving fields of alfalfa."

Was the missing $570,000 invested in Beef Stake Mining? Not all maybe lost. Beef Stake stock may pay off better than Huck's Harbor. Lord knows beer must have flowed through our local leaders inspiring the investments they have made.

Who says investors have been shafted? If restitution includes Beef Stake stock, that house in the country a few miles Northeast of Nauvoo may come to pass.

Idle hours fishing in the arboreal dell along Henderson Creek, a bounty of beer, what could be better?


I wonder if the banker had a gambling problem? Some do.

Is it true there was "You talk to the Hawk Eye, you're fired" memo?

Why was the story held 5 months until the brow beaten Ad Vertiser finally relegates the story to the lower right hand front page usually reserved for Tim Hoschek and his abuse problem?

Why has the bank been running these non stop 1/2 page jumbo ads everyday for the last month or more?

The crime isn't the story. The story is the cover up.


08:11:16 - SPIKE - No comments

13 December

Nice Article


Nice article on Banker Miller.

But I would have to disagree with the president's comments that the customers money was safe and unaffected.

I would assume that the shareholders and board members are customers of the bank, as well as the droves of employees. So to say customers were unaffected is untrue. Typically the insurance the bank has would cover the losses, less the deductible - around $100,000.

I wonder how this affects the employees 401k, esop, and/or profit sharing?


And then all of those big ads in the Ad Vertiser cost a boat load of cash. But they spin that into a business deduction to combat any negative fallout they receive.


12:24:02 - SPIKE - No comments

We Own the Tracks. We Own the World!


Slagle and the five dwarfs have no need to consult with the railroad. They can do as they please. Quiet crossings will be set up however they deem fit.

The City has a piece of paper from 1858 that says the BNSF must do as they say to run along the river. The Federal Railroad Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Surface Transportation Board, etc. were not around in 1858. Thus, they do not matter.

The City's pop bottle and scrap metal proceeds are going into a special fund, along with all the big dividends from Huck's Harbor. These resources will fund the next "without merit" festival in Federal Court.

All will be cheered on by the Advertiser. Stupidity and waste of public resources in the pursuit of more retailers buying advertising is no vice. It is a virtue


12:19:59 - SPIKE - No comments

"As Truth Falls, The Internet Rises"


I see there is growing opinion that the internet is becoming the more trusted source of news.


I can't imagine any better place for a scientific study to be conducted in order to corroborate the theory than Burlington, Iowa.


12:18:04 - SPIKE - No comments

Train Whistles


I would have thought the company that Slagle hired to do the sound barrier study would have done a complete workup on the noise levels over an extended period of time prior to giving the city a tentative list of solutions.
What and the hell was the Hawk Eye trying to do, back up their man Slagle?


People in short pants and playing with pocket whistles need backing up.


12:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

12 December

Quiet Zone Plan Flawed

This one is simple.

Our city council lets Bruce Slagle chart a course for us to spend, yet again, more money we do not have and cannot get in order to attempt to establish a quiet zone within one year.

All done without any communication or approval from the BNSF or the Federal Railroad Administration.

You people are out of your mind.

It isn't going to happen and this is another shining example of Bruce Slagle's incompetence.


01:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Amateur Sound Engineers Derive Misfit Results

You put a Mr. Wizard Sharper Image tool in the hands of amateurs, then expect professional results and have the Ad Vertiser print the findings as gospel using an amateur disclaimer.

All without one bit of consideration for temperature, wind, consistent fixed location, humidity, barometric pressure or weather conditions to measure the sound pressure, not the noise level. Not to mention the scientific test equipment should be operated by qualified engineers or scientists to derive accurate data.

Then you state definitively that the train engineers regulate the volume of the whistle. The switch is either On or Off. This isn't a child's pocket whistle like you want us to believe.

What a load!

Train whistles were designed to warn misfit councilmen avoid certain death when they stumble out of the Sombrero after a city council meeting. The idea is to disrupt their stupor, albeit very difficult to do in Burlington.


01:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments



We the people of Burlington must stand up and take back our city.

We must demand our money from the water park.

We must demand that the city leaders give the ball diamonds back to the current and future children of the area.

We must decide once and for all if we want honesty or lies coming from city hall before it is too late.

The time is now to take back what is ours and root out all the deceit.

We need to make the ones we have voted in to answer questions when asked and not allow them to run circles around things that we cannot change.


01:24:18 - SPIKE - No comments

U.N Says Deal With Climate Changes

To illustrate the disparity in how things gets reported, the U.N. tell us to deal with global warming or face "oblivion."

00:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

11 December

Gulf Seafood Location Questioned


I seriously question that Gulf Seafood will be able to set up shop on Manor Mall corner.

They don't need to take anyone's home to sell frozen seafood.


The Gulf Seafood truck has already been spoken for down at Catfish Bend. So I guess time will tell.


12:00:34 - SPIKE - No comments

$18,000 Deflection


It looks like the recent $18,000 water park payment to the city was a diversion. If the city would have asked to cash out, where would they get the money to pay off the $1.8 million dollar debt?


What happens if this whole mess bankrupts? What would Slagle, Worden, Lost Keys and Garry Thomas have to say about it then?

Maybe Murray has some ideas he would like to share now.


03:11:14 - SPIKE - No comments

The Real Story

The real story at BB&T/Two Rivers Bank is not the embezzlement, it's the cover up. Covering up the loss by manipulating the spin on what happened.

If they deceive us about this, what else are they covering up?


03:04:35 - SPIKE - No comments

How Does This Happen?


How the hell does a bank vice president embezzle $500,000+ and not get caught for 5 years?


First of all you make sure the bank has no internal audit mechanism other than the good old boy system. Then you hire good old boys.

Then you transfer the good old boy suspect to a branch bank in Des Moines to deflect the local blogs from learning about the chaos.

Finally, for insurance, you buy a boat load of big and small ads that run for months to keep the local media outlet from bashing your incompetent bank managers from being publicly berated by a lazy news writer.


03:00:23 - SPIKE - No comments

Classic Example of How Burlington's Power Structure Operates


This proves what you have said all along and myself and others have chimed in with. These people will stop at nothing to suppress information to protect their position. The Advertiser plays right along.


The Ad Vertiser is playing the Titanic accordion like nothing is extraordinary.


02:40:11 - SPIKE - No comments

John Who?


If John Dillinger tried buying enough advertising to keep his name out of the Hawk-Eye Gazette for robbing banks, how far would that have gone?

The old Hawk-Eye Gazette was a real newspaper. Today, we have the Ad Vertiser.

The Lady in Red

The Ad Vertiser would run extra editions 3 times a day UNLESS Dillinger was running a month long 1/2 page ad campaign. Then John Dillinger could just walk into the bank and be made Vice President.


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A Store in Hand is Worth More Than a Promise


News about a new furniture store on Agency is good news, if true.

If I was running a business, I would not trust any blue sky at the Manor Mall. Where's the concrete?


The only store you're going to see on that corner is the Gulf Seafood truck selling shrimp.


02:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bust Along The Fault Line


The real catastrophe in Burlington has city hall as its epicenter with major faults running under both North and South Roosevelt Avenue.

The Sunday Advertiser tried to hide the real news by throwing in another picture of a dB meter and the same old spread about the railroad whistles
downtown. One would think the disaster emulating from city hall and Roosevelt Avenue would deserve more than a one day mention in the fish warp.


You would think. But again, we apply way too much common sense. And we aren't spending a boat load of money to advertise in order to convince everyone that this oversight meltdown was a freak thing, your money is safe with us.

In a real bank, the bank president and chief operations manager would have been fired by now. Maybe this was the reason the operations manager retired last year. The timing was about right.


02:27:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Radio Moscow on the Mississippi


"But I could say I'm Gertrude with a sore throat from Poughkeepsie, so it's well nigh impossible to hold callers personally accountable for the truth of what they say."
- Don Henry

Talk radio is evil. Matt Murray says so. Don Henry says so. Evidently the Advertiser makes an exception to the dogma put forth by their unofficial and official spokesmen. Talk radio is front page fawned over if it advances the pursuit of totalitarian socialism.

In the realm of talk radio, Big Eddie is a big nobody. He may be the most popular of the politically correct, but he does not bust into the national top ten shows. Conservative talk radio rules. What Big Eddie is selling is such BS, he has changed his name to confuse the gullible. Like the Advertiser, Eddie uses the Newspeak "progressive."

Never forget, "Ignorance is strength."

"He (Big Eddie) colored his broadcast with descriptions of Burlington, a "town of 28,000" that has endured "all the transformations that the new economy has offered," Yes Don, nobody is accountable for the truth of what they say on talk radio. Eddie was probably just repeating what the local single party dictatorship told him when describing their worker's paradise.

If you are a friend of the Advertiser, you will never be pressed for the truth. "Mayor Bill Ell said he was unaware of the company's cash flow problems but said he is confident the business will bounce back." This should have prompted any Jimmy Olson worth the gas in his Rambler two seater to ask 15, or more, follow up questions on when Mayor Ell knew the local casino was failing.

If you are fan of Big Eddie and believe everything you read in the Advertiser, click here.

Enjoy it while you can. Radio Moscow is now the Voice of Russia. Castro and Publisher Delaney's days are numbered.

Overtaxed Bernie

02:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Piano Player or Politician


Check this out Spike, I think this guy has a handle on things as they really are :-)


I liked his quote from Harry Truman worth repeating: "My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference.”

Sure is true around here.


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10 December

Having One's Priorities


I am so happy City Manager Bruce Slagle is addressing Burlington's greatest problem before he leaves.


03:51:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Counting Decibels


We will all go deaf from train air horns.

Keep the publics attention focused on the frivolous as we are all robbed blind by the casino and our local bank. Or at least until the ad campaign runs out.


03:48:25 - SPIKE - No comments

Read it Last, In the Advertiser


Seems appropriate of late.


03:44:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Sale of Old Hy-Vee Building


A new furniture store has signed an offer to purchase the old Hy-Vee on Agency. No details yet as to when they will open, or how many they will hire.

I thought I would post it here since we won't see it in the fishwrap for a few weeks, unless they read your blog, then it will make the fishwrap sooner.


03:42:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Dec. 7th


It is only my humble opinion, but I think the newspaper (?) on Main St. could have found a place for their write up on December 7th on the front page, instead of burying it like they did.


Stories like this go where the ads aren't.


03:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Was This A Story?


Monday the third of DEC. at the Burlington city council meeting, the consent agenda had a state grant for whom ever owns Case, Fiat Allis, Sperry New Holland, WHO EVER!

Any way the grant was for some $600,000 dollars or more and it was on the consent agenda. So a citizen asked to pull it off of the agenda for some discussion about this large sum of money

Basically all the council would say was it was bushiness as usual, but when asked who would make sure that all of the requirements were fulfilled that had to be for state grants NO ONE KNEW! This is your City Government at work as usual!

And the Advertiser never even thought to write a thing in the paper about this large sum of money given to a corp. that affected Burlington. In other words DUH, I DIN"T THINK THERE'S A STORY HERE that the minions of town need to know about!

These Corps. are given money for incentives but they have hoops they are suppose to jump through. But in Burlington they do not follow rules! Like ALFAGOMMA OR BORGI OR COBO. Because none of them have fulfilled their requirements for their incentives.

But they seldom pay the cash back, because no one enforces it. And they hire temporary workers who have to pay to work at these places, and they pay terrible wages and benefits.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT HAS NOT AND IS NOT WORKING! This is failed leadership of Government and the Chamber of Commerce!



It sure wounds like a story to me if nothing more than to tell us CNH is expanding.


03:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Don Henry Revisited 2

Falcon has a different slice on Don Henry's Gulag Primer.

We'll keep the 1st impression of one of our readers; "elitist, moronic twit of an old man, sounds like Ell."


03:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 December



On Pearl Harbor Day, and every day, we should remember all veterans for it is to them that we owe our very freedoms.

Spike, I do not know if you and Falcon are veterans, but you certainly are fighting for the same American freedoms.

No longer can The Hawk Eye keep stories secret for days or weeks, waiting for the opportune time to drop them. I just cannot believe the way that the privileged drunks like Don Henry rage at simple free speech.


04:08:49 - SPIKE - No comments

Their Old Professors Know

And So Does Quirk

Re: "While you're at it, send it to the U of I School of Journalism. Get their reaction."
- Spike


Save your time and dimes. Don Henry's attack on freedom of speech has doubtless been broadcast to the academic halls of Journalism.

The Advertiser's newsroom is infamous for an over abundance of Journalism school interns. These Jimmy Olsons in training have no doubt told friends and instructors at their respective academies.

Too bad these potential Perry Whites are stuck here. Hell, they could be under the tutelage of "old" classmates who graduated last June. Is it any wonder news stories end up screwed up when written by people who have no concept of the community they are covering.

Citizen Kane has no reason to recruit and retain competent Clark Kents and Lois Lanes. Kane could care less if there is nobody there to pull Jimmy out of jams and set things right.

Apprentices and Jimmy Olsons work cheap. All the more treasure for Kane to transfer to his Kansas task masters. As long as there are no other sources of information, nobody will be any the wiser.

You, Falcon, Fred & Seven provide a venue for victims to vent on the poor quality of Kane's product. How dare they point out errors. No wonder Citizen Kane has his minions screaming that they alone should control local information.


After Jim Quirk was making daily news for Publisher Steve Delaney he left for Hawaii to write for West Hawaii Today, a local newspaper. What is really peculiar is that his writing style isn't close to the slop the Ad Vertiser's editors regurgitated on a daily basis. If you have doubts, click here and see for yourself.

If you have to register at West Hawaii to read Quirk's articles, do it. It is very enlightening to see article after article never repeating the same old news a hundred times over that has become so prevalent on Main Street.

And the accountability for this lands right on Publisher Steve Delaney and editors Dale Allison and Randy Miller's shoes.

Angelou Economics was right, the Ad Vertiser is a detriment to our community. They just didn't grasp how big that albatross was. Or maybe they did and that's why they threw their report out the rental car window on their way back to the airport to get out of town, never to be heard from again.


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Burlington's "No Bias" Ad Vertiser


How many stories is the Hawkeye going to run on the Vilsacks trying to get Hillary Clinton elected President? Being a political junkie, I looked forward to the piece on Tom Vilsack and his experience running for President. But the most recent story, as well as the one on Christie Vilsack, read more like endorsements for the candidacy of Senator Clinton than they do informative pieces on the Vilsacks.

Then I see a front page story about a former Mormon out of Nauvoo attacking Mitt Romney. The story was no more than a pulpit for this gentleman to try and bring down Governor Romney. And today the Hawkeye runs the AP story on Romney's speech on religion on the back page. They guy making accusations warrants front page coverage; while the actual candidate's own words on the issue is relegated to the very back.

Great job Hawkeye; prop up Senator Clinton while dragging down Romney through your selective reporting. And people wonder why there are so many charges of media bias...


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Only Pack The Essentials - Hurry


No work on the Manor Mall. Now the casino and Huck's Harbor are crumbling.

Are local supplies of tar and feathers sufficient for Monday's City Council meeting? Will Slagle announce his willingness to leave without further pay if he can have an hour's head start to get away?


04:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Knowledge Induced Stress


Slagle is not the only perpetrator to flee from the scene of the crime. Our dearly departed, Drunk ex-Mayor has not been gone all that long.

This honored public servant was in on the Manor Mall and Huck's Harbor. He flew into a rage when criticized at a public meeting. Why was the then His "Honor" under such stress? Could it have been more then the shakes?

City Hall reads you more closely than the Advertiser. Mayor El's most recent lie claiming he was unaware of the casino's condition is a sick joke. The governmental guilty probably knew long before it was hinted here.

Could the Drunk ex-mayor's outburst have been prompted by knowledge of greater public outrage to come? Will we ever know who knew what when?

Nobody should be surprised. We all are suffering the inevitable results of small minds promising to deliver great things with large amounts of public money.


04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 December

"A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"


December 7th has an ominous ring. How ironic that this is the day the Advertiser acknowledges nearly $2 million of Burlington taxpayer's money could be resting on the bottom of Catfish Bend.

Pearl Harbor was an intelligence disaster. So is Catfish Bend and Huck's Harbor.

The Ad Vertiser demands that it be Burlington's sole believable source of information. They have quoted their surrogates to discredit others. On the eve of debacle, ink was wasted for one of their own to demand "e-restraint."

This source and others have warned for some time. Councilman Campbell wanted taxpayers money moved from harm's way. The Ad Vertiser hung him from the yard arm.

Like the Japanese midget sub sunk at Pearl Harbor's entrance just prior to the tragedy, the sinking of the gambling boat in Ft. Madison was ignored. Burlington was in no danger. Money for local charity was the mantra.

There are lessons to be learned. No single information source is infallible. Does the source have a vested interest in how a story reads? Does the source have a history of pandering to the powers that be?

The best way to be prepared and avoid disaster is to collect and objectively compare intelligence from all available sources.


At Pearl Harbor there were spies. At Burlington City Hall we have traitors; Bruce Slagle, Scott Power and Lost Keys Bill Ell.


December 7, 2007 - Day Of Infamy

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Things to Come


The city council and the mouthpiece for Muir should be reminded that smoking causes cancer.

After reading the puff piece in last Sunday's Hawkeye, I may need a colonoscopy.

Should the Hawkeye ever decide to do some homework on what led to this blossoming debacle, that may want to look at Fort Trumbull, Connecticut. Some may remember this as "Kelo vs. New London".

Two and one half years after the Supreme Court decision that allowed a city government to TAKE private property and Transfer same to a corporate entity, nothing has been developed. The prime contractor, Corcoran Jennison company, is in virtual default.

Does some of this sound familiar? Changing economic conditions? Difficulty to find funding? Promised tenants that are not named but are "very interested"?

I know the Hawkeye won't do the job of a responsible newspaper. They won't ask intelligent questions, or dig into the backgrounds of those who approach the city council with their hands out.

That task is left to bloggers and those of us who can do research, not just regurgitate the words, or press releases, of others.


But you missed the point of "regurgitate the words, or press releases, of others." If you do this there is no accountability for Publisher Steve Delaney or his minions.

The Muir email is the Crystal Ball of Doom. If I was on the hook for $5+ million right now and I read a letter from my hand picked developer like this, I'd be crapping 40 pound coconuts and scooping handfuls of blood pressure meds.

In the 1920's Crash they were looking for a window ledge. I suppose we should head to Mosquito Park for a Blind Lemming Sheep Leap.


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Let Them Eat Carp


Catfish Craps is turning into a feast of fools.

Reports of dire loses and other problems at Burlington's gambling complex are nothing new. Reports are now circulating that the casino's loses are of crises proportions.

If the demise of this venture concerned only private investors, it would not concern myself, nor most other Burlington taxpayers. Inept local elected leaders have forced us all to the table.

The City "invested" nearly 2 million in a swimming pool at Catfish Craps. Many of the incompetent, inbred local elite are heavily invested in Catfish Craps. They used their influence to sink our money in as well.

Note Iowa's Oldest News on Paper's non endorsement and recent defeat of the one Councilman who wanted to cash us out. Those Council members wanting to stay in the game at Catfish Craps were endorsed. What benefit have the vast majority of us reaped from the casino's advertising?

What comes next? Will the elite come crying to the City Council wanting a public bail out of their dot com house of cards?

Will the Advertiser regale us with tells of woe by casino employees who may lose their jobs if no bail out is delivered? How about another piece touting Lawyer Hoyer's claims of what the casino has done for charity with no mention of what has been put over on the community.

The time has come to just say no.

We peasants should be enraged if we are fleeced, again. Why should taxpayers be forced to eat carp so the elite can walk away with walleye fillets?

Heads must roll if the City gets stuck with any loses relating to Catfish Bend.

Marie A.'s Maid

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Don Henry Revisited

Hi Spike.

So, Don Henry rants about anonymous blogs and says there is no credibility because these people won't post their name?

How about Deep Throat? Does Don Henry think Nixon should have gotten away with all the crap he pulled? Oh wait, Deep Throat was anonymous, so he has no credibility.

Hey Don, if you really want to find out some ones identify, it can be done. But first you might want to consult a lawyer on that one, because no one has been slandered on Burlington Derailed. If you can't take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.

Keep up the good work Spike. As I said before, Spike, if you ever need any financial help to keep this site up, you know how to reach me.


1. You can't slander someone when you're telling the truth.
2. The truth is the best defense.
3. People wonder why we haven't been sued.
4. See items #1 and #2.

As for cash contributions, I know everyone is busy but instead of $$ just write once in awhile and tell us your thoughts. It drives Publisher Steve Delaney mad to see people thinking for themselves.


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It Was the Voices in My Head


We have been screwed more than once. If Slagle and those elected who have abdicated their authority to him try this defense, they too should be convicted.


Hoschek and Courtney have voices in their heads. Does that count?


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Open Me First


Is somebody on your gift list tired of being taken by a stacked deck?

Have leaders in your community forced you into a no win game? Fight fire with fire. Give a gift that evens the odds.

Supplies are limited. Act fast. Next day delivery an no additional cost to any address with a 526 zip code prefix.


01:25:41 - SPIKE - No comments

Ajax Laundry Detergent - Spike Stronger than the Advertiser!


Crapfish Bend!
Huck's Mudhole!
Eviction Mall!
No Merit Railroad Lawsuits!
Intentional Destruction of Secret Meetings!
Airport Board Illegal Votes!
Advertiser Coverups!
Drunk Mayor Run Out of Office!

Dirt can't hide from intensified Spike!


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Slagle Ignores Real Blight 3


Here's a falling down garage near the corner of 10th and Dodge that's crammed full of dead weeds and other plant growth, which should be a concern to the fire department and neighbors.

What possible reason would someone have for filling up a dilapidated garage with combustible materials? This is just another example of blight here in the Burlington area where city codes are seldom enforced.


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$1 Million a Month?


"When Will it End" at Falcon is saying 1 million a month is being lost at Randyland. Is there a way to verify this?


I guess we could ask Bruce Slagle. He probably knew awhile back. Why else would he move on?


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STS -122 Set To Launch On Saturday

STS -122 is now set to launch on Saturday due to fuel sensor error.

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06 December

Catfish Bend Run Aground

Captain Bruce Slagle Pilots City to Sandbar

About 6 weeks ago we had good intel that Kiel expected to get the Catfish Bend operation back for 10¢ on the dollar. We were poo-pooed as not knowing what we were talking about.

After having a Don Henry sleight of hand deflection moment, we worked a Falcon reader's post from yesterday. We have learned that the casino put out a cash call for $9+ million dollars to cover the cash crisis. Revenue has tanked and things are in total disarray. The goal is to raise the money before January 1st and eliminate the small casino investors.

Me, I'm buying a ticket to the West Burlington pool for next summer.

It's going to be the only one open.


12:24:41 - SPIKE - No comments

"Publius," You Irresponsible Jerk


"The Federalist Papers are a series of 85 essays written between October 1787 and May 1788. They were composed by three different authors: Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, all under the single anonymous pseudonym 'Publius'. Initially published in three New York newspapers, they subsequently appeared in newspapers across the fledgling nation."

"And it's nameless, irresponsible jerks who give the First Amendment a bad name."
- Don Henry, December 5, 2007

The public would not trust what "Publius" produced until a Bill of Rights was added. Number one, freedom of speech and belief. Without freedom of information, no people remain free for long.

Messrs Hamilton, Jay, Madison, et. al. accepted an enshrined limit on the power of government. Their wisdom created a then new and now proven superior form of government.

The local Mandarins of the old media are not happy they have lost their near monopoly on information. Let there be no limits to their power.

If Messrs Henry, Delaney, et. al. believe Mao's form of government is more to their liking, they should pack up their daily depreciating in importance printing press and move from Burlington to Beijing.

If Senator Courtney and Councilman Murray feel so inclined, they should join them.


We still can't believe a former elected official would write such crap! It is absolutely incomprehensible.

I hope every school in Iowa reads this and uses it to teach children the First Amendment and how important it is to squash censorship advocates like Henry and Courtney.

Speaking of that, maybe Henry's editorial needs to be sent to the media sponsored Iowa Freedom of Information Council (Publisher Steve Delaney a board member) to see what they have to say about this type of lunacy.

While you're at it, send it to the U of I School of Journalism. Get their reaction.

Hell, send it to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Embarrass this umpire for the buffoon he really is.


03:36:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Expatriot Political Possibilities

The Iowa Code Does Not Apply To Us!


In Southeast Iowa, you no longer need to live in a political jurisdiction to hold public office therein. This offers enormous possibilities.

Many a comment has appeared here on how those with any ambition and education have fled our area. Some of these refugees have written you to express dismay and outrage at what a mess where they grew up has become.

If you doubt this emigration has resulted in a leadership degeneration, look at the increasing number of drunks, fools and petty tyrants who have obtained local political office. Technology offers a long distance solution.

Let former residents run for office. They can make themselves accessible via the Internet. Candidate contact and public office duties may conducted via interconnection.

By not living in the area, the corrupt local elite will find it nearly impossible to enforce their will. Those not living here can laugh at the big frogs in too small a pond to have them fired from their job, destroy their business, call in their bank notes, make their pets disappear, etc.

If those living afar with a connection and interest in this area are willing to help, we would be fools to refuse. This area needs all the help it can get.


Sounds like the Trousilism school of ignorance.

Here's another case of the Iowa law doesn't apply to us. Ft Madison Councilman Greenwald says he is above the Iowa law. The Ad Vertiser calls it a loophole. We call it violating the law.

Greenwald moved out of Ft. Madison and knowingly lived outside city limits before he applied to have his property annexed. The annexation move came after he was caught living outside the city. Some people say Greenwald told them of already having his property annexed.

Greenwald does not live in the city of Ft Madison and he is using an improper interpretation of a South Dakota court case to justify thumbing his nose at the Iowa Code.

And Mayor Ireland supports this violation of the law. And it looks like they have Scott Power Jr. telling them we have a winnable case.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


03:22:53 - SPIKE - No comments

Please, Just Fade Away


Don Henry is a Hypocrite and works for a corrupt, slimy, propaganda, advertiser that has an agenda for the elite clique in Burlington who has selective laws, codes, and privileges for its Elite members.

I've talked to people who will tell of story's about Henry who was on city business where him and a few clique members like Mike Brouwer were supposed to represent Burlington and he was so fall down drunk that he could not even talk and it is said that he threw a shot glass at the bar keep!

Yes, this is what is wrong with Burlington, people like this making decisions that effect the city in a negative way. And when people speak up, they crucify them! Henry was sent to represent Burlington. What a FARCE!

This Drunk should follow the EX drunk Mayor and get help immediately. And leave the editorials to honest hard working citizens of Burlington.

Now as far as mistakes and accountability Henry; YOU HAVE NONE and YOU ARE A MISTAKE.

Now just do everyone a favor and please just fade away!

Thanks Spike.


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STS -122 Set To Launch this Afternoon

The launch team at NASA's Kennedy Space Center is continuing its steady march toward a lift off Thursday afternoon for space shuttle Atlantis. The countdown is proceeding smoothly, NASA Test Director Jeff Spaulding said Wednesday.

Mission STS-122 is scheduled to launch at 4:31 p.m. EST from NASA's Florida launch base. Atlantis will carry the European-developed Columbus laboratory and attach it to the International Space Station. Seven astronauts, including two from the European Space Agency, will fly aboard Atlantis.

NASA Image

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Shuttle STS-122 Viewing Schedule

Provided By NASA

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Slagle Ignores Real Blight 2


Here's some more blight in the vicinity of Oak and Lincoln. The house is abandoned and the garage close by is all but fallen down, posing a dangerous hazard for any children that might play around the place.

Why does the city of Burlington fail to enforce its codes? Neither of the structures should be allowed to exist in there current conditions. Slagle should be put out on the streets looking for real blight that permeates the entire city as a whole.


03:14:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Stockyards Development


The old stock yards by the railroad yards should be rebuilt. It will breath new life into downtown Burlington.

If the stockyards are rebuilt, farmers for miles around will bring their livestock to Burlington. The railroad will buy livestock cars again. Packing houses will arise from their ashes in Chicago.

After riding the stockman's caboose to Chicago and selling their livestock, returning farmers will step off the Ak-sar-ben flush with cash. When their family meets them at the depot, they will drive their buckboard across now quiet crossings and go shopping.

Sales of kerosene lamps, high button shoes and maybe even more than a few new Case and Avery steam tractors will soar. The ripple effect of this economic activity will enhance Burlington's quality of life and promote growth.

No idea is too absurd, nor expense of public money too great, if it promotes living in the past in Burlington.

Gustavus Swift

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05 December

No Disappointment For Don Henry

Just so our readers and contributors aren’t disappointed that we let Don Henry sneak away with a turd.

Kiss Our Collective Asses, you over-bearing self-righteous, censorship-mongering-to-suit-your-buddies’ agenda, umpire toad. You are the prima facia evidence of the problem in Burlington, not a solution.

Anyone that uses his entire weekly allowance of words to promote and endorse China’s run at censorship and media control is indicative of what is wrong in this community; the local newspaper’s attempt to tell us what we need to know driven by jackasses like Senator Tom Courtney and Supervisor Tim Hoschek whispering in Miller’s ear.

We’ll never paint a picture to make you happy. You’re living in that Dream Land inspired by too many nights at the Sombrero with your beer buddies Slagle and Ell.

As for the government controlling us, if people like you think you can do this forever and invoke censorship, we’ll move this website to Sweden and then you dipshits can figure that one out when you’re all clustered in the newsroom with Publisher Steve Delaney screaming over “make some news today people!”.

What’s it going to be next week, Don? Armbands to identify the “better students.”


13:12:52 - SPIKE - No comments

Better Days On Track


Here's a look at future improvement regarding the quiet zone under Slagle's guidance.


The old stock yards on the river were in better shape than this when they tore them. It's about what Slagle will get for $300,000; a dirt road and a light guarding the sewage plant.


04:09:01 - SPIKE - No comments

Slagle Ignores Real Blight


Here's another example of blight here in Burlington. This home is located
at 625 N. 10th. The house number could be wrong because it didn't have one
and I had to guess at the number since the city doesn't enforce city codes.
Many homes, businesses and other structures in Burlington don't have street
number identification. The owner lives in Macomb, Illinois and obviously
has no use for the place; so why is it still there ruining the appearance of
our city?

It appears by the looks to have been abandoned several years ago like many
others in town, unlike those in the Manor.

I thought Slagle was the town's blight inspector and eminent domain czar; so
why is this home still standing?


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City Codes Applied As Needed


I guess the new pub and eatery planned for North Eighth will eventually meet
pretty rigid and rigorous processes before opening because it must meet all
city codes. That's what the development director says, "Gayewski's business
will be scrutinized closely by city staff to ensure it meets all city

It's just too bad that many home owners, slum lords, and owners of downtown
businesses are exempt from meeting any city codes. Is this a secret club
one belongs in order to circumvent city codes?

Just take a ride around town and look at all the so called "code"
violations. Mr. Quagliano never had a chance of stopping the restaurant
plans. Until the citizens of Burlington take back their city as a group
nothing will change and it'll be business as usual for the shakers and
rollers in good old Burlington.

The only chance for change in Burlington is at the voter box. History
confirms the citizens of Burlington make the same election mistake over and
over again with their one party voting habit. Just look at what the people
of Venezuela did yesterday, at the voter box. If Venezuela can do it, why
can't Burlington?


No one has mentioned that Gayewski's business partner is Bob Brueck (G&B Construction). Whatever Bob wants the City wants. Remember the old Hy Vee building plans for DHS? Bob raised all kinds of hell about how that would change downtown.

So why didn't they remodel one of the derelict buildings downtown?


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Channel Rage Into Justice


We could all lose a great deal more than Mr. Phung did at Catfish Craps. Taxaholics with a casino disorder continue to bet $1.8 million of our money on a game called Huck's Harbor.

When grumbling increases about losing our shirts, the purveyors of this pyramid scheme shuffle a little money to keep their suckers at the table. The sinking of Ft. Madison's arm of this enterprise and reports of less than anticipated results for the Burlington casino complex go unheeded.

If Huck's Harbor ends up paying off like Mr. Phung's slot machine, would any of us get a suspended sentence for attacking those responsible?

What if the more responsible recourse of verbal berating is applied to those responsible? The Advertiser has sold a lot advertising to the casino over the years. The Advertiser will of course defend the guilty. After all, the Advertiser endorsed them.

To go after those who are "always negative and offer nothing productive," the Advertiser could always call Councilman Murray for another quote. Blogs and talk shows are terrible. It is so much safer to use a surrogate to attack those who's effectiveness you dare not acknowledge.

If Huck's Harbor goes under, it should take more than one political career down with it. Without punishment, there is no justice.


02:53:54 - SPIKE - No comments

"The Psychology of Antisocial Behavior with Emphasis on Psychopathy"

Dr. Spike:

"He, Professor Fowles, said there are some people who are psychopathological and successful. One example he gave was people involved in business and politics."

As moderator of a layman's forum on the sickness ravaging the local body politic, do you think professional help for certain local leaders would be of benefit?

The ability to conceal and confuse, aggravated by Advertiser malfeasance of media, makes voting booth therapy not always effective.


02:52:25 - SPIKE - No comments

Tyranny in the Name of "Tolerance"


There is a Muslim group trying to shut down Mike Savage and his radio show. These folks already have one notch on there pistol grips and are out for more.

If Senator Courtney and Councilman Murray converted to Islam, would these folks do the same to Fred & Seven? Once Fred and Seven were gone, would they then turn their guns on you and Falcon? Even if you say nothing of their faith, attacking Courtney and Edwards for their arrogance, stupidity and being a threat to freedom would be "hate speech."

Murray is already playing the hate card without bowing toward Mecca.

The first warnings would be the Advertiser doing a local feature story on the wondrous benefits of achieving "tolerance and diversity" through tyranny.


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04 December

Bank Ads Cause Gag Reflex


I can't believe the amount of 1/2 page ads the local bank has been running. Almost everyday. What kind of payback is this? It makes me gag.

But what I really don't understand is how they can afford it after having $500,000+ embezzled by one of their bank officers.

I guess it just goes to show how much money the local bank really makes but won't reinvest in the community in business loans.

Fed Up

Excellent point. At least someone might be able to start a small business if the money paid the Ad Vertiser for all those ridiculous ads was used for something worthwhile.

That's one of the reasons Iowa is dead last in entrepreneurial startups. That and taxes. Taxes shoved down the throat of business by the likes of anti-business Senator Courtney, the media watchdog.


02:55:14 - SPIKE - No comments

Could It Happen Here?


"This reform was about democracy or totalitarian socialism, and democracy won," said opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez said.

The people of Venezuela voted against constitutional change that would have allowed a thug dictator to remain in office forever. Hugo Chavez, a close friend and ally of Fidel Castro, did not get what he wanted.

Has anybody heard if Des Moines County's single party dedicated to totalitarian socialism has sent flowers?

Is there any hope voters in Des Moines County will wake up and end the ruinous rule of Senator Courtney and Little Timmy Hoschek?


The Three Little Stooges of Dictatorship - Chavez, Courtney and Hoschek.


02:39:56 - SPIKE - No comments

Lots of Concerns


I don’t believe Doug Worden should be concerned because him and Slagle are joined at the hip and also will cover up for one another. If the city council we have now interviews and hires the new city manager we are in a lot of trouble. I don’t know about Mr. Davidson but Matthew Murray should take a course in civil liberties. I thought maybe he was a woodworking instructor, but I don’t believe he even has the brains for that.

Bill Eli, Garry Thomas and Tim Scott are yes men for Mr. Slagle, whatever Bruce wants he gets. They must not want to be his enemies.

As for the ball diamonds, they had three diamonds in the manor area they are in the process of giving away to Muir if he ever comes up with the money, which I doubt.

The taxpayers in this town pay for the RecPlex that hasn’t made any money since founded so why not let all the kids play their games there; or is for the wealthy only?

R. Winegard casino doesn’t seem to be doing very good. The one in Ft. Madison closed. He’s laying off people and between the water park and the casino the pay is substandard. He hires a lot of temps at Winegard that do not make a livable wage.

But still Steve Delaney at the fish wrap gives Winegard, Slagle and the city council nothing but high praise. They must buy a lot of advertising from him or he’s scared of all them also. Don’t make any enemies Mr. Delaney.

As for the downtown partners, who are they? We’ve torn Jefferson St. up so many times it should have a zipper on it. As for the quiet zone and the new lighting downtown what other business in this town do we cater to? If you take a drive down Jefferson St. keep your eyes on the ground level because if you look up at the 2nd stories you would think you were in a very blighted area. As for Daisianna’s with the bricks falling off the side of it. What other building in town could get away with that? Does BSlagle own that?

As far as city managers, assistant city managers, the city council and anyone whom runs for public office should have a credit report run on them because if they can’t handle their money, why should we trust them with ours?

The average people in Burlington just don’t care, which I don’t believe. But they have been run down by the city government so long they figure what’s the use.

They say one man can make a difference so it seems to me it's up to Mr. Davidson to make a change. Or will he just fall in with the good old boys?

See you at the Sombrero Bill for our next course in city gov. You guys couldn’t run a pop stand let alone a city. If you take the attorneys, the banks, and the post office out of downtown it would be a ghost town.

I don’t know who Dennis Hinkle is but isn’t he supposed to bring jobs and new development to Burlington? If so, he’s either to lazy or working for someone in Burlington that doesn’t want good paying jobs in town because it would take their employees away.

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03 December

The Airport's Role

"The airport runway is the most important main street in any town."
- Norm Crabtree, former Aviation Director of Ohio.

Not here in Burlington. Without any viable economic development the airport's role has been diminished to a dirt road to nowhere.


02:55:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Manor Mall Cave In Missed By Lost Keys Ell


Lost Keys Ell says, "The Manor project will be a boon to the city's

I wonder just who will profit from the boon? Does he really mean the best
Burlington can do is bring in low paying retail and fast food establishments
instead of livable wage manufacturing jobs?

When is some organization in this dilapidated rundown town going to stand up
and be honest on the question of why can't Burlington bring in livable wage
jobs while Mt. Pleasant and Ft. Madison seem to do it on a regular basis?
Just what the hell is wrong with Burlington?

Where can prospective employers be taken in Burlington without seeing the
squalor spread throughout the area? The city fails to enforce city codes on
a regular basis just as our federal government fails to protect our borders.

A look at the school system says a lot with a graduation rate of less than
80 percent and a subsidized or free lunch rate of just about 50%. Abandoned
and rundown buildings everywhere would be another negative for those looking
to set up shop in this city as would be the school ratings. Building all
these new schools will have little to no impact on improvement of the
graduation or free lunch ratings. The school problem is a parenting and
economic problem and has nothing to do with the school infrastructure.
Until the social and economic problems are solved the schools will continue
to produce substandard results.

The state is another sore spot because Iowa again ranks 50th, or the worst
state for an entrepreneur to start a new business.

Having a political system of only one party is another loser situation for
Burlington. Burlington has no checks and balances when it comes to fiscal
responsibility. We live amongst a group of rubber stamp, basically
dishonest, sneaky elected and hired city officials.

Anyone who'd believe the statements made by a person that covered up the
loss of the school keys, for close to a year, shouldn't be bragging about
something he knows nothing about.


You should be worried. Muir loses their 50,000 s.f. anchor tenant (their only) and speaks of the economic decline and building next summer with no contractual penalty. What if they never build?

The economy has tanked and everybody but Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell knows it. That dipshit still doesn't understand that Muir has to build something in order to collect the taxes. All you need to do is look at his photo in Sunday's Ad Vertiser. It tells you everything.

So our city leaders have displaced all these families and what do we have to show for it? A mayor that doesn't have a clue how he got there. And further more, cares less. As long as he can continue to run his mouth and go drink beer after the council meetings, everything is good.


02:39:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Pay Slagle for Something Useful


If we must pay Slagle according to the terms of his contract, let us get our money's worth for the remainder of the agreement.

Give him a ticket book and send him afoot downtown with chalk marking car tires. Does the janitor at City Hall need an assistant? Put Slagle on the switchboard. Make him answer with his name and title.

There are plenty of other jobs Slagle could handle to serve out his time. If he does not like working such jobs of atonement until his contract for pay expires, Slagle could do the mutually beneficial thing and just go away.


Maybe a tank needs scraping at the sewage plant. He'd never notice the smell.


02:29:16 - SPIKE - No comments

Tom, We Love You


A man who says he grew up in Burlington sent the Advertiser a letter commenting on Senator Courtney's anti-business attitude and the damage resulting. I see one of the Senator's single party fans have replied.

Mr. Olson may well have gotten a better than average education and can earn more money elsewhere than dealing blackjack in Burlington. If welfare forever is your end game, what a friend you have in Courtney.

We should all be thankful somebody is working full time to stop Senator Courtney.

Senator Courtney works tireless trying to create more high paying jobs, in government. Government workers deserve a better standard of living than those working to support them in the real economy.

It is nice to know that whenever the various soviets of Des Moines County's single party system hold a congress, they buy their free lunch from local grocers. It is the least Senator Courtney can do after taxing and harassing these businesses.

Senator Courtney and friends support local media by advertising in the Advertiser. Such gratitude in repaying those responsible for all the favorable "news coverage" is a virtue.

Senator Courtney, we love you and what you have done:

Driving businesses and the jobs they create out of Iowa.

Your efforts in secret to launch the "without merit" railroad law suit.

The Iowa Senate Amendment to the eminent domain restriction bill allowing the Manor Mall to evict low income residents from their homes.

Your courage in trying to correct mistakes in the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech should be less free in Iowa.

Yes, the single party activists of Des Moines County need and support Senator Courtney. They profit well under Senator Courtney.

Until the majority suffering to pay for it all wake up, things will just keep getting worse.


Maybe you could find one or two to slobber all over that nitwit Courtney; but they would be the ill-informed, blind trough monkeys so prolific in Des Moines County. Distant cousins of the blind lemming sheep so often found.

Otherwise, he is just a wanna be thug without the sense to come in out of the rain.


02:27:26 - SPIKE - No comments

What if the Advertiser Moderated a Debate?


Journalists are supposed to be impartial. Nobody is perfect. Some simply wear the mask of being impartial to hide their agenda.

CNN has been called the Clinton News Network and not without justification. The recent CNN sponsored Republican debate featured known opposition hacks. Some have said CNN's denial of knowing so was "crap."

I have seen local political candidates debate in a public question forum controlled by the local newspaper editor. A good editor does a far better job than the League of Women Democrats. All that markup to pay for advertising is returned in some measure to the community.

Unfortunately, such would not be the case in Burlington. Can you imagine the farce if Citizen Kane took to the stand to moderate a political debate.


02:21:05 - SPIKE - No comments

Double Headers and Doggie Doo


The Advertiser claims Muir is still go for the Manor Mall. Are we being covered with dog park surfacing? Too bad about the kids ball field.

If things change, we own a great location for local kids and dogs to play.


02:18:19 - SPIKE - No comments

Christmas Time


Again this year there will be no Nativity Scene in the United States Congress this year! The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in the United States capital this Christmas season.

This isn't for any religious reason, they simply have not been able to find three wise men and a virgin in the Nation's capitol.

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.


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Railroad Quiet Zone


Somebody should point out to the Hawk Eye and the Burlington Town Council that there is no South 7th or South 8th street railroad crossings on South Hill. They are both on North Hill.

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