Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 January

Victory Over Information Infidels


"The prayer asked of "Victory over those who disbelieve," and "Protection from the great Satan" among other things."

Thanks for the link to the Imam's prayer for our state legislators. Reading it, I could see how State Senator Courtney could derive inspiration in his jihad against our knowing too much.

Disbelieve in the single party path to a socialist paradise is blasphemy.

Secret meetings concerning the affairs of government is sound doctrine. Only the high priests of public policy should decide what is best. Laymen are totally unable to comprehend what is good for them. Knowledge would only serve to confuse and condemn them to hell.

Protection from the great Satan Spike is essential if there is to be victory over those who disbelieve.

Taking the words of the Imam to heart, will we see some end of session maneuvering to out bloggers orchestrated by our State Senator? Senator Courtney has tried to smite Satan before. Satan must be exposed if he is to be defeated.

We should all pray that come next election day, Senator Courtney is driven into the wilderness.


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How Was the Party?


Have you heard how Slagle's going away party at the Chamber went? As I recall, the 24th was the day.

Did the trough hogs from the Court House show up and go face down in the goodies? Was Ell there and able to maintain his grief? What about the Drunk ex-Mayor?

Slagle served the Chamber well. The local money boys are biting their nails as their casino investment goes sour. They cannot say their troubles are for lack of a swimming pool. Thanks, Bruce.

Concerning the bon voyage planned in Bonn's Hollow, has Slagle RSVP'ed yet?

Emily Post

I have absolutely no doubts that Hoschek, Heland, Ell, Edwards, Murray and Mini-Me were neck deep in the Chamber slop.

There cannot be abstention when you condone the behavior; you act accordingly.

After the last fued between Hinkle and Slagle over Eminent Domain Mall I have no doubts Hinkle was happy to spend Chamber money to get Slagle out of town.


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One Party Rule


Why all the crabbing about "ONE PARTY RULE"? Maybe someone should start another party instead of bellyaching about it.

Maybe they could start another newspaper, as some think it would be easy to outdo the one we have.

O silly me, some just like to b-itch.


Des Moines County is littered with taxpayer bodies. This is the end product of the thugs elected to public office by the local Democratic Party and their flock of Blind and Deaf Lemming Sheep.

The local party leadership does not even remotely represent the good Democrats. They're nothing but a wanna be bunch of thugs and bullies without a brain cell or accountability in their head or ass.

Democrats with some moral fiber should regain control over their party. Before Southeast Iowa is totally flushed down the drain.

After the railroad lawsuit, Eminent Domain Mall, the ex-drunk mayor's antics, Lost Key Bill Ell's dreams/delusions/fantasies, Tim Hoschek's one man resolutions, a gambling supervisor and a crooked city attorney and city manager, how much more proof do you need of Total Party Failure?

If you are happy with the Ad Vertiser then you must not read the Des Moines County News, Shopper Spree or Bonny Buyer.

We choose not to ride their bus to oblivion.


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Work For The Change This Fall


I would like to know who is up for re-election this fall in the Iowa State Legislature so I can start working for their defeat.


You can start with Courtney and we'll fill in the rest of the blanks. Should be Cahoon, too.


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Voting With Their Feet


I see the Advertiser's favorite local political super stars are leaving the area. Iowa's former Governor and First Lady have been Advertiser front page regulars.

Has anybody totaled the dollar value in ad space spent on covering the Vilsacks' failed bid to President and subsequent Hillary hype to pay off their campaign debts? Recent caucus and primary results have ruled out Washington for the Vilsacks and any federal appointments for Advertiser editors.

No further spillage of ink on South Main Street will change things. The dream is over. It is time to move on.

The Vilsacks join a long line of Southeast Iowans with above average education and connections who have acknowledged the end of the rainbow ain't where they say they would rather be.

Good luck to them both.


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29 January

Colin Baenziger and Associates Background Investigation Services

Time For Bake Sales, Car Washes or Old Duck Decoy


Of course, the current council wouldn't think of doing something like this.

"We at Colin Baenziger & Associates have noticed that many cities do not have the resources to investigate applicants for City Manager and Department Director level positions thoroughly and completely. As a result, a number of cities have been embarrassed.

Part of our Executive Search Practice at Colin Baenziger & Associates is to perform these investigations for local governments. What we do varies to some degree with the position. As an example, attached is an outline of what we do when we investigate a City Manager candidate. Our prices are reasonable and we can tailor our approach to suit your circumstances."


Let's see, we could ask the citizens to do some bake sales and car washes to raise the cash. Maybe someone even has an old duck decoy willing to stop the tyranny. It will be far less for everyone to contribute $5 to uncover the lying, thieving crooked scum bags before one of them becomes city manager and it costs us $8-$10 million dollars in needless expense and tax increases.

But then the city council would have to check with the local Democratic Party to see if it is OK. And we all know how that goes.


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Iowa State Legislature Disgrace


Just why in the hell did the Iowa Legislature have a Muslim give the opening prayer for the legislature? What is wrong with Iowa?

The Iowa Legislature started just over a week ago and some people were upset before the first issue was ever addressed.

When the session began, a Muslim Imam began the prayer in the Iowa Legislature. This is where the controversy begins.

The prayer asked of "Victory over those who disbelieve," and "Protection from the great Satan" among other things.

Here is the text of the opening prayer, as transcribed by Radio Iowa:

"Imam Muhammad Khan of the Islamic Center of Des Moines spoke first in Arabic. 'I seek refuge in God against the accursed Satan in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful," Khan said in English. Khan made no specific mention of the war in Iraq or foreign affairs, but he called God the "master of the day of judgment" and asked for "victory over those who disbelieve."


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Burlington on Steroids


When I read this, it sounded familiar. These poor devils got hit quick with what has been going on in Burlington for decades.

I will give Burlington's leaders credit for one thing. They are doing their best to hasten the pace of decline.


The mortgage crisis is only a faster vehicle to the same crash the local nitwits have been sitting at for years.


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Crime Wave


For those of your readers that don't see the For the Record in the Advertiser here's a listing of crimes since Friday.


Domestic abuse assault
First offense drunken driving


Public intoxication
Second degree burglary
Third degree criminal mischief
Intoxication, simple assault and fifth degree theft
Theft reported
Theft reported
Vandalism reported
Theft of vehicle


Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Burglary of residence reported
Theft reported
Vandalism reported
Vandalism reported
Theft Reported
Theft reported
Assault reported
Gas drive-off
Theft reported
Vandalism reported

This says a lot about the way of life in a small town of 25,000 located in boondocks Iowa. Just what is it that attracts the people who commit these crimes to Burlington?

We know there are no jobs in Burlington but the welfare and other handouts are readily available with little or no long term residency requirements and of course drugs are also readily available and the cost of the drugs may
explain the reason for many of the crimes, such as the thefts and burglaries.

The vandalism must mean parents have no idea where their kids are or give a damn what their doing, while roaming the streets at night.


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Drunk Mayor


I see where the Advertiser published a story that the mayor of Pleasantville
was arrested for OWI. He probably wishes he was the mayor of Burlington
rather than Pleasantville. I wonder how many people in Pleasantville will
catch the story in the Advertiser.

Had the mayor of Pleasantville lived in Burlington the results would have
been considerably different. The police would have been ordered to call his
wife to come and take him home and the Advertiser would have never published
the episode, until long after the news had leaked out through the grapevine.
Of course the grapevine has been replaced by actual breaking news from Spike
and Falcon, which leaves the Advertiser adrift and nodding on the grapevine
by itself.


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28 January

A Priceless Pursuit of the Past


It makes no difference how much is spent on downtown Burlington, you can never go home again.


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Muslim Imam Opens Iowa Statehouse With Prayer


Look what is going on in the Iowa Statehouse.


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I was hired by a Wisconsin company to be the liaison between Methode
production that used an IC chip made in Wisconsin that was part of the clock
spring assembly assembled at Methode, in Carthage and sold to VW in Germany.

The Methode factory in Carthage is a state of the art computer controlled
facility and it will be a shame to see it go.

Their injection molding department was one of the most advanced I'd ever
seen and I've seen a few.

This was really a high tech facility but they were being forced to Mexico
and other countries by their customers. Ford was being pulled out about the
time I left two years ago.

Methode was a great place to work, state of the art, progressive, clean,
people oriented and quality minded.

Methode had so many of the latest quality programs up and running it was a
pleasure to be there and see just what can be done when there's top down
quality involvement. Their kanban was a system to behold as was their 5S
program along with SPC and many other controls that contributed to their
quality products.

This will surly be a big loss to the area. I understand they may want to
continue with their plastic work if they can find outside business to
support it. I read an article in the Rockford Register Star about the


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West By Northwest for Worden?


"There is something for everyone here, from the historic city square with the bandstand, the George Daily Auditorium, the award-winning Oskaloosa Public Library, William Penn University, 3 Golf courses including Harvest Point, Elmhurst Country Club and the legendary Edmundson Park & Golf Course."

Three golf courses means there is something for Worden in Oskaloosa. There is more to consider if considering a move. Oskaloosa may not be exactly like Burlington.

Burlington's brain drain has made it much easier for municipal malfeasance to flourish.

William Penn is a respected institution of higher learning. This may mean a larger core of educated who stay informed. Those with tenure are not easily intimidated. They may be willing to speak out against municipal stupidity.

As I recall, you reported the lines from Derailed to Linn County nearly melted down when Slagle was being considered to mismanage Marion. If you start seeing an overload to Oskaloosa, please let us know.


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26 January

America's Finest Dog Park


We all need to listen to Larry the Cable Guy and just lighten up. Look at the opportunity for the Manor site.

As Larry would say, sumbitch, we could turn this into a Doggy Park like they wanted. Yes a doggy park!

We could turn it into a tourist attraction and fill the motels. We could advertise nationally that we have the only $5M dog park in America. BYOB bring your own bag (for da poop)

We have to be creative and think outside the bag. Nobody else would have a $5M doggy park and we could get national attention, maybe even go on Oprah and Leno. Now that's funny stuff.

Git 'er Done Council!

Larry fan

Might be a good idea to bring this idea up when Lost Keys a Ell and Junior Murray are at the Sombrero using bar stools for walkers. At least you shouldn't get the nastiness.


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Spring Time 'Til Hiring in Burlington


Slagle fleeing the scene of his crimes mid winter will give Worden a chance to earn the big bucks until at least June.

It will be April at the earliest before the links at Flint Hills are in shape so Hinkle and Ell may conduct thorough and proper job interviews.



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Building Permit Surge Needs Verification


I would appreciate it if the city would make public the names of projects
that accumulated in $50 million for building permits. I don't mean hidden
somewhere in the local paper but under banner style headlines that will
catch the eye of the taxpayer.

What constitutes the twenty million in new taxable value for the next fiscal
year? Let people know where this money is coming from by making it public

The library was built with handouts from many sources and now the high costs
for maintaining the facility are on the backs of the taxpayer. The cost of
this library is approximately double for every man, women and child living
in Burlington when compared to the rest of the states libraries. We've been
paying top dollar for years for our library, even the old one. How many
people are employed by the library and what is the cost for pay and benefits
per year to the taxpayer? Just what was the cost to run the library for the
last fiscal year? I think the new library is top of the line but are we
living above our means? I would say we are, and the taxes will prove this
eventually, if not already.

Also, why do the RecPlex, pool and golf course constantly burden the
taxpayer by always operating in the red? How does the city make up for
these losses?

I doubt the taxpayer will ever be shown these stated monies thrown around at
testimonials by local officials who never produce proof of their
accomplishments where one can view them in their totality.


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Newspaper Axes Continue To Fly

Now Chicago Sun Times has been hit with the axe.

How far will it spread?

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25 January

Job Related Experience


I take great issue with your opinion regarding job related experience - "The ex-drunk mayor has his hands full driving his golf cart at work let alone finding city hall each Monday."

If he can find Flint Hills and operate a golf cart, he is qualified to manage the City of Burlington.


I guess you have a point. So both the drunk ex-mayor and Worden each qualify.


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No To Worden


Doug Worden said in Tuesday night's council meeting that he had 3 years until retirement. If so, then I don't think the city council should be in a position to have to go look for another city manager in less than 2 1/2 years. It's just another foolish waste of taxpayer money.

We need someone that will be here longer than that. It's going to take longer than that to straighten out the mess.


Never forget Worden is part of the problem. And he never specifically answered the question if he was a candidate for the Oskaloosa city manager's job. Mini-me avoided it with deflection. He learned from one of the sleaziest.


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Methode to Close In Carthage

Methode Electronics manufacturing plant in Carthage is closing.

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Sex, Lies, Perjury In Detroit vs. Just Plain Boring In Burlington


At least in Detroit when the mayor and his chief of staff were having an affair the newspaper had something salacious to report other than the usual lying and perjury. In Detroit, they commit perjury to cover up sex.

(Chief of Staff) Beatty: "And, did you miss me, sexually?"

(Mayor) Kilpatrick: "Hell yeah! You couldn't tell. I want some more. "

Why are our local lying elected so brutally boring?

As far as I can tell, our local liars do not even steal much. They mostly lie to cover money lost due to their stupidity and incompetence.

If we cannot elect the best, why not some of the brighter flawed? If the dollar loss is equal, or better yet less, I would much rather get some entertainment value from my taxes.


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City Council Meeting


I do not know Leon Shahan, only from watching the city council meetings. We did watch the council meeting Tuesday night. We are in agreement that Shahan may sometimes be overbearing and criticize the council too much, but he sure is not wrong all of the time.

Thanks to Leon for going and asking questions. In fairness, he was 100% correct when he questioned everything on this Manor project and he said if Muir pulled out it would be a financial disaster. He was right. Bill Ell was wrong. Leon Shahan is smarter than Ell in many areas.

We should remember how Mayor Ell, Slagle and some of the council acted during this whole process when they were questioned by any citizen about this Manor Retail Development. They were very cocky, arrogant and they knew it all. This was going to be a sure thing and nothing was stopping it.

Ell said this was going to grow our tax base so we could provide more services. What Ell didn't think through, was it was going to take 20 years before we see a profit.

As it turns out, they are not near as smart as they thought they were. And they are going to have a high maintenance cost to take care of 23 acres, unless they let it grow up in weeds. Not to mention the $80,000 per year of taxpayer money that they lost. They sure do not understand how a purchase agreement works, or they just didn't read it!


Lost Keys didn't read any part of the purchase agreement or any other document related to anything since he lost the school keys. That's why he looks so stupid. He just let his "best friend" Slagle slide the paperwork under his nose and Ell stamped it like a good little boy.

Now he's read it and he still doesn't get it. He lied through his teeth and got caught doing it.

He doesn't realize that either.


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Rotten City Government


Until the citizens of Burlington come out of their one party shell game
nothing at city hall will change. As long as Des Moines County, including
the City of Burlington continues to select and elect their one party lackeys
our county and city will be on the bottom of the growth chain in the state
of Iowa.

Our city government, county government and local school board continue to
make grossly bad decisions that will only end when the entire county falls
on its ass.

The city gives away the farm in wages and fringes to phony city managers
while the school board gives away our hard earned money to a former school
superintendent, to the tune of $100,000 a year till he turns 65.

Our current mayor shows all the symptoms of a third world dictator by
telling citizens when and what they can discuss at council meetings. Yet
this same mayor praises a loser city manager who has done more to ruin our
city than any one person in years.

We also have the county wanting to give everyone raises while the working
private sector gets little to no increase in pay. Why do "public servants"
always think they deserve constant yearly wage increases while those
supporting them get little to nothing for their efforts?

Paying the city manager of Burlington $100,000 is an insult to the taxpayer
and we've never gotten our monies worth, especially from Slagle. Now his
pals from city hall and the chamber will bestow on him their gratitude and
thanks for all his shenanigans and losses bestowed upon the Burlington
taxpayer at his upcoming farewell party. The liars will be out in force
during this back slapping testimonial to failure.

A city of about 25,000 citizens cannot afford high priced losers for city
manager. We need more bag for the buck than we've been getting. I'd say
$5000 more than the highest department head would be a maximum without all
the crazy fringes hidden from public view and knowledge.

The mayor can be as positive as he wants but the real truth is Burlington
rates as a loser city brought about by dimwitted city government, city
managers, and one party politics. Our senatorial representative is also
part of the one party system; so at the state house we basically have the
same problem, need I say more?

Happy will be the day when the people of Burlington stand up and vote out
this one party charade. Burlington is starving for honest and fair local
government a government that will bring in good paying jobs and stop
gambling with taxpayer money for get rich quick schemes.

Who knows just what will happen with the failed Manor project? Can you
believe the spill coming out of city hall? Are there 12 or only 4 entities
looking to add low paying strip mall jobs at the Manor?

The city could probably realize more money if it were converted to a rest
stop/park facility than a strip mall. Whatever happens to it you can bet
your last dollar it'll be a loser for the taxpayer - such as the RecPlex,
pool, golf course and of course the water park.


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Powers Bill to City


I was able to find the original billing Powers sent to city hall for his railroad work.


This is the next to the last railroad lawsuit bill. Quirk never did his job to uncover the last $130,000+ that went unreported in the Ad Vertiser.


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24 January

No Worden! And No Power!


I heard that remark Worden made about Power's legal bills being so hard to figure out. If, after 30 years being the city's budget manager, Worden can't make Power change to line item billing like other city vendors including me, then I don't believe he has any business being city manager.

Worden forgot who he works for. Or maybe not.


How would we know how badly Iowa's Loser Lawyer is screwing the taxpayer if there is no accounting? Power needs to be shown the door. He's no good for Burlington and no good for the taxpayers that pay his frivolous bills.

Don't these council members know any good lawyers to ask an opinion?

After Eminent Domain Mall and the Muir fiasco it will be impossible for anyone to claim what a good real estate attorney Scott Power is. That was Power's only supposed claim; being a good real estate lawyer. He sucks at that, too.

The city has 9-10 pending appeals over Manor property Power has left to run up a bill on. The taxpayers will lose again because Iowa's Loser Carnival Lawyer is representing them.

The guy can't win. But he sure can bill.


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Et Tu, Courtney


Re: "6. For intoxication, or upon conviction of being intoxicated."

The Code of Iowa referencing removal of elected officials by the District Court.

How fitting that our Drunk ex-Mayor saw fit to praise Caesar who helped bury Burlington.

There is a lot we will never know about what transpired after his "Honor" was found at Burger King. Was the City Manager involved?

If what would have happened to any of us had happened to the Mayor, perhaps Burlington would be in better shape.

It was too bad the other single party system lynch pin who accomplished so much with Slagle could not be there to say good-bye. Cheer leader in-chief of the railroad lawsuit and Manor Mall enabler Senator Courtney was in Des Moines.

Slagle and the Drunk Mayor are history. Senator Courtney should be likewise after the next election.

Those who have betrayed our trust must be held accountable.




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Edwards for City Manager?


"Then Mike Edwards gave his big speech on what we need in a city manager. He thinks we should only hire one from Iowa."

Would saying hire from within the City limits be too obvious? Is the Drunk ex-Mayor looking to make a come back? Worden forever?

Inspired by intoxication, or not, Edward's comment is indicative of what is wrong with Burlington. Inbreeding, provincialism and nepotism are largely responsible for Burlington's prodigious municipal perfidy.

Burlington should look for a City Manager who has experience working with elected office holders to promote progress. That certainly rules out hiring from within. It may mean looking beyond the Midwest.

Electing competent City Council members whose experience with the outside world extends beyond the amazing tricks taught donkeys in Tijuana is another part of the equation. The previous City Manger could never have worked his "miracles" if there had been wise and proper over sight by the Council.

Burlington has earned a reputation as the laughing stock of Iowa. The dog and pony show has gone on long enough.


The ex-drunk mayor has his hands full driving his golf cart at work let alone finding city hall each Monday.


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Mayor Ousted

No, not our mayor.

At least not yet.

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23 January

The Call & The Long Reach of The Internet

The Story.

The Call.

It sounds like our whining mayor Lost Keys Ell and Junior Murray berating someone, just anyone, anyone will do, doesn't matter, just anyone.

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City Attorney Scott "Hose 'Em" Power Still Lump Billing City

Taxpayers Taking The Lumps

Interim Burlington City Manager Mini-Me Worden spilled the beans on City Attorney Scott "Hose 'Em" Power, Iowa's loser lawyer. Apparently, Power is still billing his time to the city in lump sums. Worden made a remark that the billing would be too hard to figure out.

What was worse was Soothsayer Lost Key Bill Ell's explanation of attorney billing. Apparently, Ell doesn't have a random clue how attorney's account for their time even though he is married to one. It was absolutely pathetic.

Will this council ever wake up?


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Council Meeting Report

Slagle Not So Golden


We watched the council meeting tonight. Granted, Slagle has done some good things for the city. He has also shown some very poor leadership and made very costly mistakes.

He has not been exactly forthcoming with information. Look at some of his track record. The railroad lawsuit, $300,000. The Manor, $5 million dollars. The firemen lawsuit and other wasted tax dollars. It was surprising at how much the council, including Tim Scott, who bad mouths Slagle in public, then he hugs him and brags him up. How sickening was that.

The council said tonight that they did know about the November letter when Muir indicated that they may want their money back. Murray blamed the Hawkeye reporter Mr. Able for not reporting that. It wasn't the Hawkeye's fault that the council members said that they didn't know about the November letter. Now they say that they signed off on it. Did some of these guys lie too? Able should tell Murray to stick it in his ass.

Then Mike Edwards gave his big speech on what we need in a city manager. He thinks we should only hire one from Iowa. How short sighted is that? He made excuses too about the Manor. They all want to make excuses and not take any responsibility.

Nothing is going to change with this council from what we saw tonight. They don't want to hear any comments that they don't agree with. Ell tried to shut Shahan right up, but let Edwards ramble on about nothing. This is the worst city government that we have ever had and it is the council's fault for letting it happen.

done voting

I like how condescending these jackasses treat the citizens. Shahan needs a mirror to hang around his neck so these prima donnas can see themselves when he makes his point.

Lost Keys Ell let the drunk ex-Mayor ramble on like he had to leave Gulfport a few hours early and then found city hall and said, "Let's stop here, I'm important. They love me." Get a haircut on your way home and then stay there. We don't care what you think, quitter. You were as much the problem as the rest of these incompetent jackasses.


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City Manager Application


I loved reading your city manager application. Not sure if it is just funny or if it is one of those painfully funny because so much of that stuff is so true.

At one time here in Wapello we nearly had one of those. Well, actually to create a position for manager. Funny thing was one of the council members assured the guy he had the job and when they took the vote that night (with a large crowd of people in council chambers) with the man standing in the room, they were one vote short of having enough to hire him. Talk about egg all over the face of a council member.

Even though I don't live in Burlington, I think the manor project makes the city as a whole look like something a bunch of escapees from the nut house. Gotta love those guys over at KCPS keeping the pot stirred and sticking it to the council every time they can.


At least Wapello's ego builder didn't turn out like ours. Our council sticks it to themselves, everyday. Fred and 7 only report it.


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Enforce the Law Next Time


"The City Manager shall not take part in any election for Council Members, other than by casting a vote, and shall not appoint a Council Member to City office or employment, nor shall any Council Member accept such appointment."

It is sickening to hear all the praise given to Burlington's out going City Manager by those who let him run wild.

If the City Council had what any scavenger tom cat in the alley carries under his tail, they would have fired Slagle for meddling in municipal elections. The Iowa Campaign Ethics Board reprimanded Slagle for using City resources for campaign purposes. That should have been the last straw.

Had our elected leaders enforced there own damn code, we would all be better off today.


If they enforce this law then they have to enforce all the other laws. And that isn't going to happen.


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Perkins School


I am a native and previous resident of Burlington and lived near Perkins School. While in the city on business last week, I took a walk in the neighborhood and noticed that it appeared someone was living in one portion of the 2nd floor. Curious about the status of the property and building, I checked the internet hoping to find something out.

My search led to the BurlingtonDerailed site. I read the articles about a purchase of the property and building for $49K, and indication that it was purchased by a doctor.

I was surprised to learn this and was wondering if you have any additional information concerning the owner, their future plans for the building, etc. Has the building been rezoned residential, multiple dwelling, etc? Why was it sold, at what appears, a low cost for 3.5 acres? What is the status of the plane crash memorial?

The selling price and method of sale surprised me.

I appreciate any information you can provide.

Thank you,


Perkins School was rendered obsolete by former School Superintendent Mike Book who went on a monument building extravaganza consolidating school districts the taxpayers will be paying for in the years to come despite declining enrollments. Much like the city council, the school board sat on the impotent sidelines while Book played economic development genius and sold the property for almost nothing in his rush to build, retire and have us pay his $100K a year retirement while employed elsewhere.

After several years, what you see is what we're going to get. Not much and an eyesore for the neighborhood.

There was a commotion over the memorial. We don't know what ultimately happened.

But our readers will remember.


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Correct Past Errors and Look to the Future


It is time to move on. Other than Slagle and Power, who has much to gain by pursuing Muir's backing out?

Getting the Manor site sold and recovering what we can should be the objective at hand. A quick and satisfactory resolution is needed. There are still issues looming relating to past questionable judgment.

Selling off the vacant lot may prove much easier than finding a buyer for a water park tied to a shuttered casino.

There are some lessons to be learned.

Elected officials are not economic development specialists. They should provide the base of infrastructure and public services from which development springs. They need to judge the worth of and work with developers.

Yes, the elected guilty need to be voted out of office. Responsibility does not end with them.

We are guilty for demanding that elected officials provide jobs. The only jobs elected officials can directly provide is government jobs. Government jobs are paid for directly by taxation, not creating wealth.

More people need to be involved. Look at how few even bothered to vote in municipal elections that placed those responsible for our messes in office. We need to encourage and support decent people with ability who are interested in serving by holding public office.

Crack down on the blight. Fix the side walks. Develop a long term plan to deal with aging infrastructure and stick to it. A few show places in a slum will never sell a community.

Unreasonable expectations spurring endless lawsuits will only make our house ever bleaker.


Problem resolved. Muir left the building correcting Slagel's interpretation of their departure letter. The word they used was "mischaracterized."

How appropriate. A fitting tribute to Slagle's last attempt for a major cover up.


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22 January

Council To Give Money Back - Council Gets All Weepy

In the first common sense move in months, the Burlington City Council agreed in closed session to return the earnest money to Muir for the dormant Eminent Domain Mall.

A Muir letter read by Ell clarified what we all knew months ago; the economy was tanking.

Then, in a sickening display including copious amounts of bullshit, the council all deified Chief City Liar Bruce Slagle's 10 years of bullying the Burlington taxpayers into stupid debt tricks. I threw up and missed part of it.

We're damn glad you're leaving and we wish the council would have had the balls to fire your incompetent ass years ago. Don't let that door hit you in ass on the way out.

And somebody change the locks on city hall.

That Damn Spike

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The Hawk Eye Finally Gets It Right!

We give Publisher Steve Delaney a lot of well-deserved crap. Their role in the demise of Southeast Iowa is not being overlooked.

But today's unsigned editorial is dead on the center of accuracy. One prior article and editorial were also on dead center.

It is time to move on and forget the $240,000 earnest money. What the hell is $240,000 in a $5.6 million dollar loss? Nothing more than a 4.28% accounting error. The taxpayers are going to have to eat it.

The notoriety of another lawsuit will condemn this city for years as a place of foolish, incompetent nitwits.

If you need proof, only consider that according to Chief City Liar Bruce Slagle, 12 companies called about Manor Mall. Only 4 companies have been sent info packages.

That's proof.


14:18:07 - SPIKE - No comments

Removal of Public Officials

Sections of the Iowa Code pertaining to the removal of the city council members or any elected official. The only real issue is whether the court would impose some unreasonable bond demand.

66.1 Removal by court.

Any appointive or elective officer, except such as may be removed only by impeachment, holding any public office in the state or in any division or municipality thereof, may be removed from office by the district court for any of the following reasons:

1. For willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the duties of the office.

2. For willful misconduct or maladministration in office.

3. For corruption.

4. For extortion.

5. Upon conviction of a felony.

6. For intoxication, or upon conviction of being intoxicated.

7. Upon conviction of violating the provisions of chapter 56.

66.3 Who may file petition.

The petition for removal may be filed:

1. By the attorney general in all cases.

2. As to state officers, by not fewer than twenty-five electors of the state.

As to any other officer, by five qualified electors of the district, county, or municipality where the duties of the office are to be performed.

66.4 Bond for costs.

If the petition for removal is filed by anyone other than the attorney general or the county attorney, the court shall require the petitioners to file a bond in such amount and with such surety or sureties as the court may require, said bond to be approved by the clerk, to cover the costs of such removal suit, including attorney fees, if fin

66.7 Suspension from office.

Upon presentation of the petition to the court, the court may suspend the accused from office, if in its judgment sufficient cause appear from the petition and affidavits which may be presented in support of the charges contained therein.

66.24 Want of probable cause.

If the action is instituted upon complaint of citizens, and it appears to the court that there was no reasonable cause for filing the complaint, such expense may be taxed as costs against the complaining parties.

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Manor & West Ave Apartments

Dear Spike,

All of this manor stuff is so fishy that if someone really got to the bottom of it, all of Burlington's City Council would probably go to jail. They all know what's going on and they condone it. It's sick to think about.

With that being said, What about the apartments out on West Ave? That place has been a farce from the get go! A lot of local contractors waited forever to get paid and yet there the place sits! What are the investors waiting for? They should be screaming at the top of their lungs about this place sitting!

Do you know anything about that?

Thanks for the rant time


They saw the economic decline before Slagle and Muir identified it and then unfortunately, acted identically.


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Double Dipping


I find it a bit unusual that the city continues to hire previously retired city employees when there are hundreds of un-retired people looking for work, full or part time all over Burlington.

Rehiring already retired city personnel is wrong and should be stopped. Why the city council allows this double dipping to continue is beyond anyone's guess.

Actually, anything the city council does tends to make one cringe in fearfulness.


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IPERS Income


One can have Ipers payment suspended. If you are over 70 one can earn as much as one wishes on Ipers covered job. This information is online, just dial up Ipers.


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Hard Times at the L. A. Times


Newspapers are facing tough financial times.

Circulation and revenues in decline are forcing cuts. Management afraid to face the truth is being cut lose.

California is a trend setter. As this trend continues to spread, what of the local Advertiser?

Is there hope that the Advertiser's selectively blind and biased Editor & Publisher along with the Managing Editor may be shown to the door? The news staff is already over flowing with largely clueless, under paid interns.

If interns end up being editors, would it make any difference?


I'm waiting for the Easterly migration.


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21 January

Homework, What Homework?


Bruce the Brute Slagle assured us tearing the Manor down for the Mall was removing blight.

In their rush to railroad Manor residents to calm rage at the then Drunk Mayor, Slagle, Courtney, et. al for the failed great train robbery, Slagle did not have time to complete his blight study. Even with Senator Courtney's hear no, see no, say no, evil grandfather clause, eminent domain in the Manor had only until the end of September to remain exempt.

Slagle said the dead line was irrelevant. The Manor was 75% blight. Therefore, eminent domain could be applied to the Manor anyway under the provisions of tighter Code of Iowa restrictions.

The City had just demonstrated its willingness to spend $300,000 on "without merit" legal action. There was only a month to stop them. The City knew damn well their low income victims had no money, let alone time, to fight back.

Bruce was busy beating up the people of blight that September. Before October was done, so would be Slagle's study proving blight. October of 2006 has come and gone. Where's the blight?

Did the blight study fall out of Slagle's brief case while rushing through Minneapolis from a meeting with Muir to his job interview?

If Slagle meets dead lines in his new position like he did in Burlington, a for profit organization will throw him out quicker than an angry liquor store owner.


13:28:55 - SPIKE - No comments

Re: The Land Fill and The Lost House


Nothing surprises me with this bunch, including Mercer, who profited well on a part-time job for about $70,000 while drawing his large government pension.


I wonder what his tax implications are for his IPERS/retirement, financial windfall, less than a year income? He might lose his IPERS and be on the hook for 37% to the IRS.

All for a job that was "fun."


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19 January

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Two Viewpoints

Which Is More Accurate?

Viewpoint One -

"At this point it appears to me that we are getting much more than we are willing to pay for. I guess that is a great deal for Burlington, but it is not fair to Mr. Slagle." - Councilman Bill Ell

From the drunk ex-Mayor Mike Edwards when he justified Slagle’s pay raise because “he is raising a family” when Slagle was barely getting by on almost $89,000 a year.

Viewpoint Two -

Spike's report card on Bruce Slagle's job performance written many months ago.

Report Card for Bruce Slagle -

Trustworthiness F-
Competency D-
Ability To Deceive A
Fiscal Irresponsibility A+
Ability To Hide Power's Legal Fees A+
Willing To Listen F+
Willing To Accept Criticism A+
Willing to Change F-
Respect By Community F
Respect From Fellow Vacationers C
Ability To Buffalo Council Members A
Willing To Accept Unwarranted Pay Raise A
Golf Ability D
Propensity To Cheat At Golf B
Inability To Name One Accomplishment A
Blame Others For Being Spike A+

Overall Achievement Level - 3rd Grade

Since we wrote that I would say not much has changed except Slagel's lying, cheating, deception has gotten worse.

And Lost Keys Bill Ell is still a puppet without a clue. And the drunk ex-mayor is still the drunk ex-mayor and probably drunk.

That Damn Spike

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18 January

The Landfill and Lost House of Slagle’s Folly


My house on Market St. was moved to the K of C parking lot and put on blocks. When I went to City Hall to see what the house sold for they didn't have any records for it being sold, but would look in the basement and get back with me.

After waiting around three weeks for an answer I went back down to city hall. The secretary told me they had just sent me a letter and quoted this was their response to me.

"Dear Mr. Johnson, I am writing you in response to your recent request for information on a structure you previously owned in the manor. You requested information on the sale of 3004-3006 Market St. This structure was let out for bid and no bids were received.

Ultimately this structure spent many weeks in the parking lot of the Salvation Army. Mr. John Mercer had a local individual inquire about the structure and informed him that he could take it; therefore the structure was not sold. The main purpose of allowing the structure to be taken was to keep it from being salvaged and deposited in the landfill. The structure had a value in being reused and therefore we allowed it to be reused.

I hope this adequately answers your question as to the structure in question.

Sincerely Eric R. Larsen."

I go back down and run into Scott Power and he tells me he knows nothing about it and refers me to John Mercer. I ask him if he still worked for the city and he replied no. So we went to see Eric Larsen.

He takes us to the secretary and checks on permits. There were no permits to move my house but there was a permit to demolish half of it.

From there I went to Mr. Slagle and he said it wasn't right about the permits that there should be permits and he would check into it.

Two weeks went by and I went back to Mr. Slagle and there were no permits and he did not know where the houses went, so I told him.

I also asked him if he wanted to see the videos on the illegal dumping and his reply was "Oh that Fye" and he showed no interest in seeing the videos.

I asked Eric Larsen the same question and he had no interest in seeing them either.

I had one of the highest priced houses out of the condemnation hearings but the city didn’t get any bids on it. If so, then why was it moved and who paid for that?

As far as saving on dumping fees the city would have put it in the quarry and there would have been no cost.

Now half of the house sits at the bottom of Curran Street. The other half sits down from the Washington School by the freeway and they are both on basements.

How lucky Mr. Mercer found someone to take them off the cities hand for free. I would like to know who, or if, the taxpayers paid to have those houses moved two times apiece.

I had a meeting with Jeff Abell at the Hawkeye and we went over the videos of the illegal dumping at the quarry. Jeff Abell is going to check with the DNR and Mr. Slagle for some answers.

I also left a list of people to call and two videos showing the illegal dumping that Mr. Slagle told us that everything was above board. Also, the DNR said they never received the video that was sent to them.

I don't think they will get away with it this time, maybe the city will find the permits now like they did the dump receipts. If the city is found guilty of illegal dumping I think John Mercer should be charged because he was in charge of the manor project.

Jeff Abell said he would get back with me in a couple of days so I guess we'll wait and see how this plays out.

Also on that video was an old rusty water valve that they were installing at the new North Hill School maybe we had better check the water before the kids get there.

I'm sure the city will find some way to cover their butt on all this. I am sending a copy of this to the editor of The Hawkeye and we will see if it gets printed.

Leonard Johnson

How can you demolish half of a house and then reuse both halves? That seems like fraud.

How can you have two halves and no permits to move either one? That sounds like a crime.

How can you be issued an Occupancy Permit for half a house? That sounds like a code violation.

Why would you give away an asset? Did they really have no bids? Where is the proof of the ad requesting bids for the home? That seems like nepotism.

The city planner doesn’t have any interest in seeing the videos of alleged illegal dumping by a contractor employed by the city. He’s young and therefore shielded from the law like Junior Murray. That’s ignorance of the law.

As for missing documents, Bruce Slagle is an expert at creating documents to cover his lies.

We all know what Bruce Slagle is. And thanks to the free flow of electrons, so does the rest of the world.


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Slagle's References


I wonder if Slagle used Kelly Doran as a reference when applying for his new job?

I also notice that the consultant hired to quiet downtown crossings has a Twin Cities connection. I wonder if they put in a good word for Slagle as well.


Maybe two words - Carnival Rube.


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Date of Muir's November "Joke" Letter and Date of Slagle's Resignation


Is it known, yet, what the actual date of Muir's joke letter was? I've been wondering what the date is compared to the date of Slagle's unexpected and very welcome resignation announcement.


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The Enterprise of the Irish


“Taxes and interest rates came down, and all of a sudden we believed in ourselves.”

For over a century, Ireland was known as a leading exporter of impoverished emigrants. Burlington achieved this distinction in the last half of the last century and there is no end in sight.

Ireland is reportedly turning the corner.

Paying for without merit lawsuits, swimming pools at a hard luck casino and abusing eminent domain to make vacant lot of a mall means our taxes will not be coming down anytime soon. Unlike Ireland, government around here does not provide infrastructure and base support to promote individual initiative. We have Soviet style total command and control.

No matter how bright the dreamers who declare command and control is the way to go, it fails. Burlington's plight is worsened by command and control by back room schemers.

When it comes to plugging Burlington's brain drain, banishing from power the likes of Senator Courtney and his buddies from City Hall to Des Moines would be the first step in improving our luck.

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Lights - What Lights?


Just why won't the city tell the public where the old ball diamond lights are? I'm talking about the ones removed from the Manor Babe Ruth league during the big Slaglenomics failed mall fiasco.


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17 January

City Lies?


After reading the Hawk-eye coverage of the City mishandling of the Manor and Muir issues and who knew what and when did they know something, created discussion over coffee today.

We were in agreement that somebody is not telling the whole truth. Do we have anybody in city hall that is honest and will they step forward?

The council should have stopped Slagle,Worden and Power in their tracks during the railroad lawsuit. Did the public get the truth back then? Why were documents of a meeting destroyed and a phony excuse accepted by the council?

The city council's lack or leadership is at fault, too. They need to take as much responsibility for this as anyone. They are to blame too. What did they really know? If they didn't know, then Slagle should be shown the door immediately. Why wait until Feb 1st? What else will he hide?

When Power's contract is up, let's hire a new attorney. It's time!

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. When truth is divided, errors multiply. Does this fit city hall? Or, this may fit better. As Abe Lincoln said, no man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar. They can't seem to remember what they said.

Burlington resident

Lies? There are so many ass covering liars in this deal that a score card, a bookie and a Hollywood writer couldn't keep the story line straight.

Not only do we have Pinocchio Slagle's nose stretching to Gulfport, the city planner can't seem to recall what he said to either the Ad Vertiser in his own emails or to anyone else. But he is young so he isn't an experienced liar.

Lost Keys Ell knew about the Muir letter within hours of Slagle. Slagle's secretary knew of the letter because Slagle doesn't gather his own faxes. If the fax sat on the fax machine more than 5 minutes, other city workers knew, too.

Lying is cause to fire anyone in any real company. It's a shame that doesn't apply to city employees.

Are those of you that voted for Crooked Slagle's pay raise, do you feel good now about the good job he's doing? And Junior Murray, are you ready to write the report card for your Sombrero mentor?

Is there a brain cell left of morality in the local Democratic Party leadership for this debacle? After all, this is where it started with the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell, Censorship Senator Tom Courtney, Trough Riding Supervisor Tim Hoschek, Didn't-Deliver-My-Own-Precinct Supervisor Jeff Heland, Shit-Stirrer/Bully Andy Anderson and the rest of the little thugs the Party has become, Home-Free-I'm-Shielded Councilman Matt Murray and Slicker Than Snake Spit Scott Power-Iowa's Best Loser Lawyer.


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Falcon Has Muir Letter

Click Here to see the Muir Letter.

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Muir Provided Letter Of Credit - Where Was Ours?

Muir Cites "Day of Reckoning"

Spike -

A couple items:

"It used to be, 10 to 15 years ago, if you wanted you wanted to lease up a shopping center, you'd just have to get a grocery store at one end and a Target, Wal-Mart or K-Mart store for the other end, and you were cooking with gas. You could lease up the space in between for however big you wanted it to be. The reality of it now is that the grocery stores are struggling for the most part and the discount stores don't want the grocery stores because they are the grocery stores.

"The Targets and the Wal-Marts and the Kohls' all want to own their own real estate now. That's also true for Home Depot, Lowe's, even Cub Foods, they all prefer to own their own real estate now, so it's really harder to put that kind of project together and make money. You spend a lot of time and energy putting those variables together for somebody to sell off at your cost and in order to get your increase in there, and you end up owning all of the small shops, which is difficult today.

"And then the second factor is land prices. Land prices have escalated beyond reason in many cases, and I think that's the one trailing part of a popped real estate bubble that has yet to see the effects of what's happened. That realistic adjustment of land values hasn't happened yet. Landowners only understand the basic law of physics in real estate: Up is good and down is bad, and they're not going down.

The question is how long will the market take to recover before you can justify those kinds of prices? When you're doing retail shopping centers and you're looking at third-ring suburbs and outlying areas where they have land prices at $8 or $10 per square foot for large tracts, you're looking at having to lease small shop space at mid-20's rents, plus operating expenses, a retailer can't make it with those numbers. They (landowners) who are doing this will have a day of reckoning. "

The above quote is from a July 1, 2007 interview with Kelly Doran, former president of the Robert Muir Company. Doran has bought out Muir's interest in the Muir-Doran Construction Company.

"Jim Lasher, LSA Design, stated the Ramsey Crossings Review Committee met on June 9, 2006, to discuss and score the RFP submittals for Ramsey Crossing. He provided an overview of the discussion of the committee regarding the developer proposals for the Ramsey Crossings project from Robert Muir Companies, Ryan Companies and Shingobee/Inland Real Estate Management Co. Mr. Lasher advised at this time the review committee formally recommends that City Council select Robert Muir Companies as their preferred developer for the Ramsey Crossings project. Furthermore, the committee also recommends that City Council direct the City Administrator and City Attorney to begin negotiations with Robert Muir Companies on the Exclusive Rights Agreement that will define roles and responsibilities, specific performance requirements of Robert Muir Companies, further refinement of their plan of finance and a detailed schedule. It is anticipated that this should not take any longer than 30 to 45 days.

Councilmember Olson asked if the suggested uses of the buildings are able to be changed.

Ms. Lasher replied these are only suggested uses at this time.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig asked if the City has any controls or input on the leases.

Mr. Lasher replied the committee has only talked about one specific lease, where they requested the suggested use of an exercise facility be replaced with something that would not be in competition with the fitness facility that has been discussed at Town Center. There have not been any other controls requested at this time.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig requested further information regarding the process at this point and controls the City will have. He indicated he would not want to commit to $3.5 million in assistance at this point.

Mr. Lasher explained prior to having the developer begin a full submittal package for the City is the initial step of the Exclusive Rights Agreement. This agreement will lay out the broad picture parameters about how the project will move forward and the economic conditions of the project.

It will include a more detailed analysis of uses and sources and the actual guarantee the developer will bring to this project to be sure the City has little or no risk in the project. The committee has recommended in the event that negotiations with Robert Muir companies are not successful, that Council instruct the City Administrator and City Attorney to immediately begin negotiations on the Exclusive Rights Agreement with Ryan Companies, the second highest scoring team.

Tom Pompquist(sic, Palmquist), President of Robert Muir Companies, stated he is grateful that the selection committee selected the proposal of Robert Muir Companies; they are eager to begin working in earnest on the Exclusive Rights Agreement. They have talked to a number of the users shown on this site plan; this is a market driven project and he believes the interest is strong. He views the development of a project of this nature as an interactive process; there will be a host of ideas staff may bring, the developer may bring, and the market may bring, and a combination of the various constituents involved in the process to get together and determine what will make sense and be a win/win for everyone involved. This is the hallmark of properties he has been involved with. Robert Muir Companies is a long term owner of real estate; he sees this as being a long term relationship between the City and Robert Muir Companies.

Councilmember Pearson inquired about the expected timeframe for the project.

Mr. Pompquist(sic) replied Robert Muir Companies has several of the properties in this area under contract already. The market reality in terms of the interest of the end users and their timeframes will drive the process. In light of the City's eminent domain process there are windows on which they must close on properties, and Robert Muir Companies can work within those dates.

Construction would likely begin in the summer of 2007. It is expected to open with Phase 1 of the project by fall of 2008.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig stated he is familiar with Robert Muir Companies and their reputation, and he is proud to have them as part of the proposals for this project. Three very good firms submitted bids for this project. He explained his concern is the discussion of millions of dollars in assistance; an analysis including ways to be creative will be needed when considering this assistance.

Mr. Lasher indicated the property owners in this area have been served with eminent domain proceedings. There will be a public hearing held within the next two to three months. One of the major factors in the decision to select Robert Muir Companies was their indication that they will be in a position to provide a letter of credit as a backstop to the City in the event that the City needs to close on property prior to Robert Muir Companies actually moving forward with their closings. Robert Muir Companies was the only developer that agreed to provide this letter of credit.

Councilmember Cook stated he is very impressed with the initial application and design presented by Robert Muir Companies, and he is impressed that they are willing to step up to the plate and work with the City.

Councilmember Olson inquired if businesses that are currently located in this area will be offered relocation opportunities within this project.

Mr. Pompquist (sic) replied they have not had that level of discussion with any of the parties at this point, but they would be willing to talk to anyone.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig indicated his interest in Robert Muir Companies lending a strong ear to opportunities for businesses currently in this area.

City Administrator Norman indicated this developer selection for Ramsey Crossings is on the agenda of the City Council meeting tonight."

The above is from the minutes of the City of Ramsey, Minnesota, City Council work session from Tuesday, June 13, 2006. Note the mention of use of the eminent domain process.

There has been some rumor that Robert Muir is ill and is divesting himself of his holdings because his children have no interest in pursuing the business their father grew. I have yet to substantiate such rumor.


Where was our Letter Of Credit to purchase Eminent Domain Mall?

Oh, I forgot. Our dipshit Economic Development Manager Bruce Slagle didn't think that was necessary because Muir knew Winegard and Slagle plays golf at Spirit Hollow.

Amateurs and misfits playing big dog with taxpayer money.


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Who is Muir?


I wanted to know - just who is Robert Muir?

* Born: Mar. 10, 1928, Salt Lake City, Utah
* Residence: Boca Raton, Fla., Durban, South Africa
* Family: wife Robin; two sons, two daughters, eight grandchildren and on great grandson
* Education: Business degree from University of Utah
* Professional Background: Builder of high-rises in Los Angeles. Constructed over 11 malls in Minnesota. Began his career in the mortgage business before starting his real-estate developing company, Robert Muir Co., in the late 1950s
* Racing Operation: Muir said that about 15 years ago he bought into a couple of Thoroughbreds owned by an ailing friend, Lou Burnstein. Following Burnstein's death, Muir became actively involved in buying and breeding horses with his wife, a native of South Africa ... Since he has been in the horse business, Muir's horses have won five Equus Awards in South Africa, the equivalent of the Eclipse Award. One of those horses is Argonaut, a top runner in South Africa in 2007 and the champion juvenile male of 2006 ... Currently owns more than 50 horses, including some in partnership ... Is a partner with Team Valor International and Des Scott in Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Sprint contender Jazzy, who raced in South Africa until coming to the United States in early 2007 ... "Des and I have been partners for a number of years. Barry Irwin of Team Valor talked to our trainer, Geoff Woodruff, in South Africa about Jazzy. He took a liking to her and Team Valor bought 50 percent. We knew all along she was a quality horse." ... "I had winners from the beginning of getting involved in racing, so it got in my blood pretty fast." ... Hobbies include golf, swimming and scuba diving.

Or maybe he's this guy . . .

Robert Muir is a competent & professional Stage Hypnotist. He has been a qualified Advanced Structured Hypnotherapist since 1998, after graduating from Austin International Training Institute London.


Hypnotist beyond reproach! And the taxpayers have the debt to prove it!

A new line entry for Bruce Slagle's resume - Carnival Rube.


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Smell of A Deal Gone Bad


I had to run to ShopKo with the wife. Walking across the parking lot she said, "What's that funny smell?"

I told her not to worry. It was just the smell of a Slagle deal gone bad.


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Stop, Look and Listen

Wednesday's Ad Vertiser alludes to the city being given a clue to the impending train wreck at Eminent Domain Mall.

We had information in late September that the deal was in big trouble. No inside information from city hall. No privileged information. Just information when pieced together outlined a whole lot different picture than what was colorfully painted by Bruce Slagle. More bad news followed over the next three months.

We blew the damn horn and everyone ran for the Quiet Zone.

Next time we blow the horn, Stop, Look and Listen. The tax dollars you save may be your own.

"That Damn Spike"

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Sick Pups


Re: Eminent Domain Mall

First we heard a city employee say the whole eviction process was "fun."

Then Slagle said he thought the Dear John fax from Muir was a "big joke."

What I wonder is what kind of sick pups do these people hang with? They tear people out of their homes acting like they did everyone a favor and then have the unmitigated gall to make stupid ass remarks like this.

Just because they may not have a brain cell doesn't mean we don't.

Fed Up

Looks like Big Joke Bruce Slagle, Slick Scott Power and Not A Clue Bill Ell are hanging the residue on the taxpayers.

Good job, Bruce. I'm sure this travesty of stupidity will follow the remainder of whatever kind of career you have left. As well it should.


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Five Men Up - Five Men Out!


"I'm concerned where that money would come from. Right now, I can't give an answer," Mayor Bill Ell said.

There is a hole in Ell's head where the money fell out. The failed railroad robbery, Huck's Hole and the Manor Mall void. Never fear, there is still money around after these disasters for quiet crossings.

The Council's puppet masters at the Chamber of Compost and their allies at the Advertiser have decreed quiet crossings a must. This leaves no money to help youth baseball shafted along with the Manor residents.

"I am not going to be steamrolled into doing something on short notice," he (Davidson) said.

The City Council and the single party political structure from Des Moines on down was perfectly willing to steam roller those in the Manor. Roughly 30 days notice to bend over was a steam roller in overdrive.

Davidson was not a part of the Council then, but he has joined the crew. The first order of business should be correcting past errors before creating new ones.

We need to make some line up changes. We are not even into the second inning and the Council team keeps screwing up. Pass the recall papers. These bums need to be outta here.


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The New City Manager

The Council Needs A Lesson In Manners


I wish there were some legal way to keep these people that run Burlington city government from hiring the new city manager, but I don't believe there is a way.

We needed to advertise the wage starting around $65,000 since a town this size can't support another Mr. Bruce Money Man.

Also Mr.Ell and Mr. Murray need to quit sitting at those council meetings and acting like they don't understand what anyone is talking about and putting them down as dumb acts. Not everyone in front of others can really be pro speakers especially when they know before they get up to speak that they are going to be more or less treated like scum under the council's feet.


All of them on the city council are terribly rude at times. A show of being a little humble wouldn't be too bad and admitting they were and are, wrong in many issues.

They talk about progress and building the city. They first need to go back and try to correct many mistakes they have made.

The manor revisited deal - get that money back to Muir before it cost us more for our great city attorney Powell. It's a no-brainer.

City guys quit playing with the taxpayers money. Do what's right and you won't have to be on the defense all the time, Get out and see how the poor live and take a look around this slummy looking town.

It used to be beautiful when we had jobs here. Get some jobs here instead of letting them go to other small towns . Wake up.

Thank you.


The incompetents hiring another incompetent doesn't bode well for Burlington.


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Burlington City Manager Application Obtained At Great Risk

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16 January

Quiet Zone Overpromised By Slagle


Here we go again, spending $$ we don't have on a venture we know nothing about and won't bother to learn about before we are inextricably mired down in legal fees payable to that nitwit Scott "we have a winnable case" Power.

Don't you love the smell of incompetence in the morning with your Shredded Wheat?


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Time For Accountability of Failures


The BNSF failed lawsuit and the failed Manor/Muir project that was absolutely going to happen has the surrounding communities laughing at Burlington. This is a failed group in city hall and how long will the public put up with it?

The citizens that are working hard to make ends meet, can't afford any more failures by our elected officials and over paid city management. The next city manager doesn't need a $350.00 a month car allowance either. He/She can drive one of the cars that always sit near city hall. It is foolish to pay their car payment and pay them mileage too.

It takes more money from the young family or retired people to pay for these things. They never see it that way, but they need to start managing like it was coming out of their own pockets.

We need a council that can provide some leadership and guts to stand up and not be afraid to make some changes.

Burlington Resident

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The Taxpayer Doctrine of The Slagle/Power Conundrum

"I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service us." Locutus of Borg/Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds

Sounds like our mayor, Lost Keys Bill Ell.

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News of Burlington Eminent Domain Mall Reaches Omaha

Not only did KWQC Channel 6 cover the Eminent Domain Mall but it reached Omaha's channel 2 TV news.

And the Des Moines Register has comments on their site.

Don't you just love how our city shines among the stars?


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Found - Baseball Lights - Maybe


The little league lights were sold with the K of C Hall when it was sold to the Salvation Army by the city. I don't know why the city did not take them down and keep them .

The Salvation Army sold the lights to the Danville Baseball league. Mr. Slagle didn't even know the lights on that little league diamond were sold to the Salvation Army. I talked with Mr. Slagle and he told me the lights, poles and fencing off the Babe Ruth diamond and the Manor Revisited were taken down and stored.

I called the Parks Superintendent about the lights. He thought it would be a quick fix to take the lights and install them at the SCC college but he said the Babe Ruth league needed higher poles and brighter lights.

I was at the work shop Tuesday night . The cost for the new lights would be around $180,000 dollars. The mayor didn't have any idea where we could get the money from.

They took away the baseball diamond with the manor project so I believe they owe the taxpayers a ball diamond with lights.

We always have money in this town for special interest groups so why not for the taxpayers. If we call in Randy Winegard's loan of $1.8 Million dollars the money we saved on interest would go a long way for paying for the lights.

I also believe Mr. Muir is going to get his earnest money of $240,000 dollars and if we don't have Mr Power fighting in court we can save some there.

If these are the people sitting on the city council that's going to interview and hire somebody for city manager, I think we are in serious trouble.


Leonard Johnson

We have had several conflicting reports on where the missing lights are and who owns them.

We don't have a soul in city hall capable of hiring a city manager. Or for that matter, we don't have any business hiring anyone in city hall as city manager.

If Ell, Murray and Davidson give Power a Green Light to litigate I guarantee someone will demand a recall election.


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Avoiding Unpleasant Priorities


I see that noisy crossings are still the greatest threat to Burlington's survival.

Are we able to pay off the debt on the Manor Mall and purchase quiet crossings? Is this a priority to make the Council look like they are doing something positive. Are quiet crossings really a pressing priority?

Our City Fathers are worried if we do not "progress", we will go back to using outhouses. Watch out. It may become prophecy.

The brown liquid flowing south of the railroad bridge after a heavy rain is not cappuccino. The DNR is not likely to go away again after being told again that you under estimated a sewage retention system.

The DNR will be forced to demand corrective action. Will we plug our discharge pipe above the railroad bridge?

Not needing to plug your ears while enthroned and concentrating on downtown merchants ads in the Advertiser. What a wonderful way to start your day.

Will you still be able to afford an unpatched pair of pants to pull up after paying your taxes?

Thomas Crapper

Ahh, the priorities of life.


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Link to Courtney's Handiwork


This may be helpful in explaining the fruits of Sen. Courtney's labors on preventing growth via command and control.


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Questioning Senator Courtney


"Unfortunately, about two-thirds of the world's people lives in repressed
economies. They seek opportunity, but find only obstacles, corruption, bureaucratic red tape or even outright theft of their resources,"

A report on economic productivity notes a correlation between freedom and prosperity. The more government control, the less wealth.

This report compared countries. If you compare states and their environment visa via entrepreneurs, you will find Iowa near, or at, the very bottom. This should come as no surprise. Do not expect things to improve.

Iowa Senate Majority Whip Tom Courtney announced he would be whipping business into line when he and his friends took over last year. Senator Courtney needs to clarify why and a few other things.

How is greater government control going to create greater local wealth? Why are government employees in Iowa earning roughly 40% more than their counterparts in the private, tax paying sector?

Are secret meetings and public record destruction the way to run our government? Will anybody put teeth into Iowa's open meetings laws? Did you attend the illegal, secret Burlington City Council meeting to sue the railroad? Do you know who voted to sue the railroad at the City of Burlington's illegal secret meeting?

Grandfathering the Manor Mall permitted trampling private property rights to create a $5.4 million vacant lot. What did you do to stop the Manor Mall from being grandfathered into Iowa's eminent domain restriction bill?

Will you ever reintroduce legislation to ban anonymous free speech on the Internet?

Our State Senator has a lot of explaining to do. He is supposed to make himself available for questions and answers. Be there with a recording device. The party newspaper of record sometimes needs setting straight.

Be prepared to press for answers. Senator Courtney cornered starts with BS and has been known to advance to verbal bullying. Do not let him get away with.


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15 January

History Is Proof of Futility


If city hall doesn't know any more about marketing than they do economic development this will be another grand example of the futility of amateurs paid as professionals.

History is Proof

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Lest We Forget!


1. What would it take to get a recall petition for our Council Members?

2. Does anyone know if predicted revenues were met?

3. Does Burlington City Code allow referendums, and are referendums legally binding on council members (like a no confidence vote)? Force them to resign and special elections be held.

Burlington City Council Minutes (portion extracted - not final minutes)
Meeting No. 4: February 21, 2006
Source: City of Burlington Website

Randy Winegard stated that an extensive market study of Burlington/Ft. Madison was done with predictions of revenue at approximately $60,000,000.00. He stated that the Riverside Casino predicted revenue is approximately $82,000,000.00. John Billups representing Downtown Partners read a letter of support of the project. Dennis Hinkle of Burlington/West Burlington Chamber of Commerce Board and Grow Greater Burlington stated that they have voted unanimously in support of the project. Dave Walker of 608 Terrace Drive and treasurer of the Southeast Iowa Riverboat Commission stated that their Commission voted unanimously in favor of the project. Mayor Edwards reviewed how gaming revenues supports the Vision Iowa program, schools, gambling addiction and local City taxes. He stated that most people think of gambling as a form of entertainment. All present had opportunity to speak and nothing additional was filed in the office of the City Clerk.
(VOTE: 4 - YES Edwards, Ell, Scott and Thomas) 1 - NAY Campbell) CARRIED

If your readers want to read more about our city council in action, click here to read the council minutes.

1. Not much. A few voters to sign a petition. The sticky part is the potential need to post a bond for the court. But if you want to entice a group of locals to make that decision just type in "recall election" in our website search box in the left column. If what you read doesn't fire up the troops, nothing will.

2. Predicted casino revenues is like projecting when Britney Spears will get married and have more kids. What is interesting about the minutes you sent along is huge disparity in projected revenue from what was posted above and the actual revenue recently quoted from casino sources in the Ad Vertiser.

The casino folks quoted a projection of $18 million and hit $10 million. Ft Madison's revenue was far less. That seems far enough apart not to be an accounting error but more like an error under Sarbanes-Oxley to warrant you an extended paid getaway in a Federal facility.

3. I don't know. But I am sure our readers do.

I think if you have the right group for #1 it would not be difficult to prove how incompetent the whole bunch is and how ill-informed they chose to be.

Campbell warned them. They ignored his warning. That has to be documented somewhere.

People ask "What happens with a bust economy?" Simple - You go bust!

And we are there!


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More So Now Thy Sheep Awaken?


It is great to see comments by more who have recently followed the light to your site.

Your site certainly has been a must read for a long time at City Hall and the Advertiser. What they have read surely inspired in them dread.

Yea, though they walked through the valley of the shadow of exposure, their managers and staff took comfort in assuring themselves that damn few were aware of you. Those delivering evil seem most upset that the sheep are becoming aware.

You are providing a path to greener pastures. More sheep must throw away their blinders and become wolves against those leading them into ruin.

New readers should keep their comments coming and tell others to book mark your site and Falcon's.


Trust me, there are a lot of former sheep no longer asleep.


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Ball Diamond Madness

Hi Spike,

I just heard from a old friend on the city council. I understand they are going to give the Babe Ruth league $15,000 a year for the next 10 years.

Pretty interesting considering Lame- Duck Slagle and Sombero Ell couldn't find any money just last week.


In a plan hastily prepared by the city chief executive screw-up Bruce Slagle, the city has offered to contribute $10,000 per year for 10 years from funds they don't yet have.

Don't you just love the foresight on that one?


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Asleep at the Typewriter


There has been a troubling disconnect between what has been going on at City Hall and the citizens of Burlington.

Readers of the Advertiser have been ill informed about the series of events leading to the Manor Mall disaster. The Manor Mall is simply the latest and largest in a long string of abuses.

Sloth and partisan bias has guided the self proclaimed single source of credible news in our community. News contrary to their views has been withheld from the community.

Suing the railroad was not questioned. Was it about jobs, or was it about ill gotten money for more City spending? Who on the Council voted to sue? Nobody has answered those questions. Punishing big businesses without merit as, advocated by Senator Courtney, is common sense, not news.

Illegal secret meetings and destruction of public records is no big deal. A little bit of ink to say do not do it again and all is right.

A far too cozy relationship between the City and the Chamber of Commerce is nothing to worry about. Government should serve those who buy advertising first, the citizens second.

The Mayor drunk and allowed to avoid arrest, who cares? He simply got a break anybody else who held office in the single party hierarchy and City government would deserve.

So what if City Management is more available to grounds keepers on golf courses than citizens.

Evicting people from their homes to further a dubious under taking of great risk is not an outrage. It is deemed common good according to the single party socialist credo. The Manor Mall was a noble under taking. It stood to increasing local retail advertising revenues.

What of City Council Candidates who questioned the route to hell that created the Manor? The Advertiser endorsed the self ignorant and truth troubled. Worse yet, the campaigns of those sounding a warning were largely ignored.

After the fact chastising of the City Council is a lame attempt to divert blame. Would a properly informed public have elected such incompetents?

If the Advertiser had been doing its job, would this web site exist? If it were not for alternative citizen media, what would we know?

The time has come for the Advertiser to accept the responsibility selling advertising as a "professional" news source requires. Real and objective investigative reporting would do much to avoid future pain.


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Yes, We're Not In Burlington Anymore


It looks like some of those affiliated with the single party running Des Moines County forget to shift gears after the Iowa caucuses.

No rides home from Burger King in New Hampshire.


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Ethanol Landscape Changing

The economics of ethanol continue to evolve in a not-so positive manner.

And sawgrass experiments continue.

When we should be redesigning the user of this fuel, the engine because one of these days the ethanol bust is going to suck the air out of everybody's lungs.


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14 January

Missing Lights & Missing Developer


Nobody seems to care about the missing ball diamond lights. The council is too worried about finding a new developer.


They should be worried about finding a new developer. Slagle advertised for Muir in such a way that precluded any real developers from bidding on the project. The council just sat back and endorsed it.

When you take out a classified ad in the home town Ad Vertiser in tiny type, who's going to show up?

Now, if you advertised in one of the development industry trade publications, who might have come with a better deal? Tell the world to see if they want to come here and then do the deal.

But if you still don't get the abstracts done on time due to your grossly inept city attorney, would the outcome have been any different? More than likely we would be in the same sinking boat, no pun intended.

Now they want to play with train crossings with a plan concocted by the same inept, incompetent idiot of Washington Street.

Ass backwards amateurs playing in a professionals world they obviously know nothing about.


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Hawkeye Editorial


I agree with the Hawk-eye editorial in Sunday's paper titled Steering The Ship. I thought it was accurate and well written. It is time that the "entire" city council understands their role. They are the boss of the city manager and the staff, not reversed. Murray, Ell and Davidson's attempt to defend Slagle's action only shows that they are weak in the area of understanding their role and standing up to some of this nonsense.

A question for Ell that I know he will not answer on this forum, but maybe The Hawk-eye can question him.

He told the citizens for two years that the City had a winnable case against the railroad when we all knew that our chances were slim at best. He wasted $300,000 of the citizens tax dollars. Now he tells the community that the developers are contacting the City and are interested in the Manor property. He also stated that with Muir pulling out, it is just going to delay things for a few months. With Ell's track record, can we believe him?

But back to the questions.

Can we expect the property to be sold at the original price of $2.4 million and construction to start in 2008?

Another question. The City manager stated that they would give the Babe Ruth league $10,000 per year which would be the savings from the
maintenance of this property after Muir took it over. Now that this has fallen through, the City will have a maintenance cost after all. Will they still give Babe Ruth the money and what budget will this come from?

Concerned Citizen

3rd question: Where are the lights from the ball diamonds they tore down?


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Beat the New Press


"Wei is the first 'citizen journalist' to die in China because of what he was trying to film," the group said in a statement."

Former City Councilman Don Henry seemed almost envious when referring to the People's Republic of China and their efforts to control the Internet. Recent revelations made here have doubtless made the crew at City Hall angry and desperate.

Single party political systems do not like being called into question.

Past postings by Hoschek's honeys and a member of Burlington's former first family you have shared with us. They were nothing to be taken seriously. Their postings were great entertainment and a window unto the intelligence of the local single party elite.

I trust nothing serious has been in your mail box lately.

Mr. Wei was killed for reporting on City officials literally dumping on local citizens. Being dumped on by local government has a familiar ring.
What we don't know won't hurt them.

How far are they willing to go to shut critics up?


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I for one think we should just give the $240,000 back and write it off before it cost us a lot more in fees to the Power retirement fund. This whole deal will cost us more than the city idiots are saying when you figure we have lost all taxes on the properties.

I also think we should give the ball diamonds back to the kids and just try and market the property minus the ball diamond.

Also I would like the city to explain to the people how they issued rental permits to property in such disrepair. From what I have heard they said there was so many drugs in the manor. If I am correct we have laws to enforce these type of problems but instead we just decide it was blighted and move forward with a losing plan.

I do agree what is done is done and it is time to move forward, but it seems all we do is spend money we don't have. We must be in much better shape than most think as we keep spending millions and are told we just don't understand.

Remember we have spent millions on the manor and its not over with yet. I am guessing it will be closer to $10 million before it goes away. We gave Fun city almost $2 million and they then "paid" the city $18,000. Wow, what a deal.

And don't forget the new water tower on Kirkwood street .


You think maybe the $18,000 was from cooked books? Or maybe an election game?

I'm willing to bet Worden can't produce a copy of audited financials that will support the $18,000 payment. And neither can Fun City.


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Lies and More Lies

Hi Spike,

I am a first time writer and have just couple question. Do the fools we have voted in know there are laws against lying? Why don't the people of Burlington bring suits against everyone of the liars.

Maybe crook Slagle has already gotten rid of all the minutes and feels safe.



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12 January



Muir cited the delay in receiving the property abstracts for the condemned Manor properties in a timely manner from Burlington as their reason to request a refund of the $240,000 earnest money.

Can someone explain to me why this level of incompetence is allowed? I've only been reading this website for a few weeks and it appears that this kind of thing is happening on an almost daily basis. What is wrong with these people? A 10 year-old with a bit of common sense could do better.

Reading about our city leaders makes me think of Dr. Phil. I wonder what they are getting out of this. What's their pay-off? People who practice inappropriate behavior over and over do it because they are getting something out of it. So what are these fools getting?


Glad you found your way to our website. Come back and write often.

I know it seem biased and we're not Dr. Phil or Suzy Orman.

Bruce Slagle - Ego fed, elevates his low self-esteem, grants power, makes hollow friends on the golf course and bars

Scott Power - Greed, decreases need for new clients, gives control, more greed

Lost Keys Bill Ell - Ego fed, elevates his low self-esteem, makes friends on the golf course and bars

ex-Drunk Mayor Edwards - Democratic politics, ego fed, elevates his low self-esteem

Junior Murray - Ego fed, elevates self-importance but hindered by self-described "ignorance"

What else could it be?


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I have said it before....

And I will say it again....


Burlington tore down the manor for 2 main reasons.

1. Commercial properties pay higher taxes than
residential properties.
( It's always about the money, isn't it Burlington.
Forget affordable housing for the low income)

2. And more importantly... The "Manor" has always been
regarded by the City Council as "The Slums" "The
Ghetto" "The Blight on Burlington" "a high crime
district, and other negativities that I can't think of
right now. Burlington evicted the residents of the
manor knowing full well that there wasn't enough
remaining affordable housing in Burlington to absorb
all the families being evicted. They did this in hopes
of forcing at least a percentage of the low incomes to
move to other communities. Now they are creating a
rental shortage in Burlington, thus allowing them (and
some of the council member do own rental properties)
to raise their rents. Simple supply and demand.

I moved away from Burlington some 32 years ago, and
Iowa itself 22 years ago. I moved to sunny southern
Calyfornia (as the "Governator would say) and now at
the ripe age of 50, I just recently retired. Had I
stayed in Burlington, with their lack of jobs, and
poor paying ones at that, I would be working until the
day I died. Now I am looking for a nice community,
somewhere in this country, to retire to, and I can
sure tell you, it won't be Burlington. I thought that
town was screwed up when I left... It just went from
bad to worse over the last 32 years.


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Preparing Our Young


Our parents told us school was like job. We did not have job skills sessions when I was in Junior High. We learned you show up, follow instructions and follow through to get through. Self esteem was earned, not an inalienable right.

The norm now in Burlington's booming economy has become two parents under employed in two jobs apiece. They provide a lower living standard than could one back then.

This means less opportunity for parental input on preparing for the world. Our schools are filling in the gaps. It is hard to fault the schools job program, but it means less time for critical thinking skills we were taught.

"It's a lot funner (than social studies). You get to do hands-on stuff instead of reading a book or doing worksheets all day," Blankenship said."

Yes, students, the less you know about the proper role of government the happier you will be in Burlington.

Slinging salad and raking back dice are what the majority face if they remain in Burlington. Census figures over the last 40 years tell the fate of our brightest best prospects. Who will stay here to fill other positions?

Remedial English and Social Studies students should be exposed to Journalism and Law. Doing so will help maintain our current standards of reporting and City legal advice. What of local leadership?

Rather than detention, those showing early signs of moral maladies should be condemned to spend quality time in the City Manager's Office and with local elected officials.

Pondering the fate of our future relieves the regrets of my narrowing number of potential years.


With the Chinese and other governments providing more and more financial support to Morgan Stanley and Wall Street, the closer and closer we get to our prediction of our grandchildren waiting tables for the rest of the world.


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11 January

Say Good-Bye, Bruce


There is an old and honored American tradition when it comes to honoring tax crazed tyrants. Should Slagle be any exception?


Better than spending a dime of money on beer for Hoschek and food for Heland while making a far more memorable life experience for Slagle.


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Hoschek Elevated To Big Chair - Heland To The Throne

With all this commotion, we missed Hoschek being made Chairman of the Des Moines County Supervisors. Heland now occupies the big throne in the #2 business.

The trough is officially open both sides of the river and in all casinos.

Keep you wallets chained and locked.

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Going the Way of The Ditto


Newspapers are predicted to take a hit this year
. Couple an economic downturn with an increasingly obsolete distribution medium and the analysts are gloomy.

Locally, the Advertiser will not be profiting from any Manor Mall advertisers in the foreseeable future. None the less, positive thinking is being propagated. It is nice to see those pre-election endorsements may yet push the bottom line out of the press pits.

"There are people out there that want to see this fail. We won't let this fail," Ell said. "It's just not all doom and gloom. On the contrary, I see it as a setback, but nothing that would stop us from pursuing this."

Murray added, "Being new, I can shield myself in ignorance."

An advertising venue that cheered the Manor Mall on should not get away with ex post facto shifting blame. Prior to the election, the Advertiser was were more than willing to ignore, or even question, the ignorance of those they continually endorse for public office.

Whatever solution to Manor Mall mayhem is proposed, get all the facts.

Enlightened self interest is one thing. The Advertiser's self interest is not always the same.

And its future is headed the way of the Ditto.

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More Casinos


The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission on March 6 will discuss the possibility of issuing additional gambling licenses
for Ottumwa, Fort Dodge and Tama.

However, "Dan Kehl, chief executive of the $140 million Riverside Casino and Golf Resort near Iowa City, said he's concerned about a saturation of gambling in Iowa. If there's too much gambling, casino companies won't be able to afford the millions of dollars in capital investment required to upgrade their properties, said."

Anybody want to gamble this outcome?


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10 January

Breaking News From Falcon

Breaking News being reported by Falcon is Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle is going to work for Springsted, a Minneapolis financial consulting firm.

I don't want anyone to write any endorsement letters. Let them find out on their own.


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Muir Refund Due To City Delays - This Isn't Our First Goat Roping!

Outrageous Legal Advice & Lack of Performance By Scott Power

Closed Session Meeting Tape Burning Set For February 1

Muir cited the delay in receiving the property abstracts for the condemned Manor properties in a timely manner from Burlington as their reason to request a refund of the $240,000 earnest money.

This delay created a contractual breach by the city and it would seem the City has no defense in this request since the delay was of the city’s own making and doing.

If you remember the City filed several appeals regarding the condemnation board’s awards. In so doing, the city created the very mechanism Muir needed to cancel the contract but to also receive their earnest money back. The abstracts were never ready on time. So to save chump change in an already squandered cesspool of taxpayers' dollars we lose $240,000. Good business.

You Blind Lemming Sheep Clowns tell us what a good real estate attorney Scott Power is. Scott Power knows so little about so much basic law than any member of the bar should. Incompetent is the word. A malpractice claim should be filed against Power and his law firm for non-performance.

And as for Slagle’s comments stating the Muir fax is not a legal document, he is even more stupid than we thought and Slagle better not base his grandiose escape plan on that idea. He won’t get far.

As for Junior Murray’s comment, “Being new, I can shield myself in ignorance.”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse and your comment Junior, is no excuse. We already know you broke the law. Hiding is not manly but rather a selfish act to cover your ass.

Again, it comes down to closed session tapes to uncover the truth. Tapes that will be destroyed or burned in Slagle’s ashtray on or before February 1.

After all, this isn't our first goat roping.


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The Spruce Bruce 2


At least the Spruce Goose flew!!

The Spruce Bruce didn't even get out of the gate.


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Bruce Slagle Reception Invitation


Will we see you there?


If only to make sure this jackass keeps his word and quits like quitters do; running like Heland with wind up his skirt. Another perverse waste of money in this town.


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Honoring What Once Was and Never Will Be


"I didn't have evil intentions, but I guess I did have power." - Harmon

In Minnesota, a Major League baseball park was torn down to build a successful shopping mall. In Burlington, a Pony League field was felled for a shopping Mall that never was.

If you visit the Mall of America, you will find a marker where home plate was in the old Metropolitan Stadium. If you visit Roosevelt and Agency, all you find is vacant lot.

I hope kids in the neighborhood replace the former Pony League field with a respectable sand lot operation. It would be a positive indication that somebody in Burlington knows what they are doing.

A couple of 4' X 8' sheets of plywood should be erected for a back stop. On the reverse side should be painted a brief history of the Manor Mall crime and a listing of all guilty parties. Consider such a monument only temporary.

Burlington can currently ill afford much more. To those who claimed good intentions, we have have given power. Good intentions alone are never enough. Power without wisdom creates woe.

If Burlington ever does recover from its current decades long rule by the inebriated and incompetent, a more permanent granite and bronze marker should be erected. Such an expense would not be frivolous. It would be a warning to future generations tempted by the gaudy, sleazy and easy.


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Spite at Spike?


I tried your link referencing pornography at the City of Burlington's web site. It did not work.

Are the kids mad and denying access to fully informed adults who read you?


Must of been a glitch.


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09 January

The Spruce Bruce

Credit where credit is due. It flew a few feet and was mothballed.

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Blighted Prime Commercial Real Estate

A well made point that went sailing non-stop through Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell's head Monday was made by Rev. Starling. Starling asked the council how the property that was formerly the Manor was blighted and worth nothing became a prime piece of commercial property.

The answer? It's like magic. But unlike magic; we know how they did it.


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Cash The Check


Maybe Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber should just go try to cash the Muir check before they stop payment.


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Deep Holes in Burlington

Hi Spike,

Watch out when driving west down Kirkwood St.; you might disappear down a deep hole, much like the taxpayer's money.


The city doesn't have any money for streets; only Eminent Domain Mall, lawsuits, golf and beer.

If the streets aren't wet when the cars scrape bottom it looks like Smokey & The Bandit Part 6.


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Things Go Better With Beer


It was obvious Ell would rather have been elsewhere during the City Council's first post Manor disaster public meeting. The righteous rage of the reamed had Burlington's Mayor ready to scream.

To rephrase Harry Truman, If you can't stand the heat, get the hell to the Sombrero.


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Misinformed or Never Informed?


Mark Twain said, "If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed."

Do you think we will ever get to see the letter from Muir? Or will it be referred to in the past tense after the fire?


The discrepancy of facts prevails. Slagle misrepresents the Muir letter both in date and substance but we can't see whatever else he has misrepresented.


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Giving Credit Based Only on Personal Views


Re: Kelly Doran - Robert Muir Company/President

The City of Burlington had nothing to fear going out on a limb with Muir. Muir was just plain good people.

The Advertiser reassured us. Randy Winegard was acquainted with Muir's management. Kelly Doran was a top manager at Muir when the Manor Mall was negotiated.

The Drunk Mayor and Senator Courtney could certainly relate to Mr. Doran. Doran was making his move to seek public office via the political party of their choice.

With no ink on a solid contract, nor the bulk of the money up front, it was full steam ahead to railroad people of a lesser stature out of the Manor. Muir would make it all good. Muir would come through and bring it all together.

Local government decisions based on personal feelings rather than analyzing economic realities once again leaves tax payers fleeced by false hopes and promises.


05:03:07 - SPIKE - No comments

Web Pornography


Tax increment funding (TIF) in Burlington has left many wondering where's the lubricant. Were it not for TIF, we probably would not have a vacant lot at Roosevelt and Agency.

Pornography is permissible for adults. However, somethings should be kept out of the hands of children. If you wonder why there is messy and expensive ignorance at City Hall, check this out.

Until responsible adults control City Hall, access to TIF should be denied and the children should not be posting it on the web.


Or anywhere else.


03:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What of Senator Courtney's Role?


Senator Courtney was in on the Manor disaster up over his belt buckle. It was an amendment in the Iowa Senate to eminent domain restriction legislation that grandfathered the Manor Mall long enough to bestow its benefits upon us all.

Senator Courtney was in on the illegal secret meeting to sue the railroad. Now we have reports of another secret meeting last week of dubious legality concerning the Manor disaster. Was Senator Courtney present at the Manor Mall secret meeting?

I hope Senator Courtney shows up at Monday night's public meeting. While not a legal member of the City Council, Senator Courtney's secretive influence has done much to make Burlington the mess it has become.

Senator Courtney should make himself available informally so he may explain what happen. Why should he hide and make others take the heat?


01:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 January

Burlington Council Melts Down - Mayhem Ensues!


Boy, Ell is sure acting cocky as Mayor. He keeps saying that he doesn't understand what the citizen is talking about at the meeting. If he would have an open mind and clean out his ears he may understand.

The citizens that questioned the BNSF lawsuit estimate going from $50,000 to over $300,000 had a good point. What does Ell want to do, have Power sue Muir and spend $250,000 to be able to keep the $240,000 down payment and drive other developers away while it is in court?

Matt Murray was WAY out of line when he was yelling at the citizen and reminding him that he (Murray) was the leading vote getting in the election. He won't last long acting like that. That was immature and chest pounding.

Davidson sure seems like a nice guy, but his comparison to his football team that fumbled at the goal line to the Muir backing out that hung us for $5M was ridiculous. Jim, the citizens on the hook for $5M is a little more costly than losing a high school football game.

These guys have more excuses and bullshit than any council in the history of our city. The good ol' boys club and a bunch of puppets.

Taxed Enough

The council absolutely melted down. All we needed was the drunk ex-mayor slinging the gavel towards the audience for effect.

Lost Keys Ell was the most condescending, self-righteous piece of pig pen boot scraping I have ever seen. One citizen describe TIF districts perfectly but not not to Ell's liking. So Ell had to tell us all about it and demonstrate again what an outrageously incompetent gas bag Dilbert in a 6 state region he really is. Besides, the way Ell was promoting the adjournment you would think his sole mission was a pitcher at the Sombrero. Maybe he can't help it.

Junior Murray better get his act together or he is going to take Senator King's place on our Shit List Hall of Fame for Stupid Remarks. And in record time.

We had so much hope for Davidson. His remark about his vast experience from 6 weeks on the council and sophomoric pep talks only demonstrate how little he grasps of the situation or his fiscal responsibilities.

I swear, I really don't know how much more of this I can stand. It only gets more stupid ever damn day of the week.


03:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Seeking Truth for the Evicted


I wonder if any of the Manor's low income residents who were evicted for the failed Mall would like to know the truth? Burlington's City officials are hell bent on secret meetings and with holding documents.

Maybe these folks would help them file a law suit. Nobody else seems willing or able to do so.


03:47:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who is Accountable for Our Right to Know?


Once again, the City of Burlington has held a secret meeting of questionable legality. Once again, a public document in the form of the Muir letter is being kept secret.

What about laws concerning public access to public information? Is the rule of law for others, but never your friends and local party comrades?

Is another hand slap editorial all our right to know is worth? Where is the law? I can not wait for the annual Advertiser fest of self congratulations for defending the truth and public right to know.

It will inspire me to drink away my despair. After rereading the Advertiser's claim that they alone are defending Burlington's right to know, I will use the medium on which the lie is printed as a vomit bag.

Were it not for the new media Spike, Falcon, Fred and Seven provide, just what would we really know?


03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Technology in the Service of the Status Quo


When our Drunk Mayor threw in his gavel to become the Drunk ex-Mayor, he listed the Manor Mall as his crowning achievement. How sad he is no longer in office to receive the accolades he deserves for this accomplishment.

Over a century ago, you could pour a City official into their buggy, unhitch the horse and tell it to go home. In the not too distant future, technology may make operating a motor vehicle under the influence but a memory.

If General Motors research comes to fruition, Burlington may be better able to recruit and retain talented and enlightened leaders. The Mayor whose leadership we have so tragically been denied was truly a man ahead of his time.


03:27:17 - SPIKE - No comments

Finding Beauty in Bankruptcy


I am so happy Slagle and Hinkle have assured us there will still soon be retail activity at the Manor Mall.

Hinkle is most reassuring saying that Burlington will not suffer the nation's current economic downturn. Hinkle is correct. Burlington has been in an economic all its own for nearly 40 years.

What better than great art to brighten my home and raise my spirits after returning from another day of brutal under employment. Agency and Roosevelt will be the place to go for the product. Once the weather warms, artistic economic activity will blossom there.

Tapestries in black velvet of big eyed dogs, bull fighters and Elvis Presley will be there to be had. Objects of art direct from Tijuana will be purveyed from the back of pick up trucks. I may even purchase a plastic sculpture of a drunk holding up a lamp post to remind me of the Mayor who helped make such an artists colony possible.

It is my own fault for not fleeing when I had the chance. It would be overly negative to complain about those who have spent my taxes so wisely to improve my quality of life in Burlington.


03:27:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 January

Will the Victims Arise?


Doing research in various bars around Burlington, I did not observe much outrage over the Manor disaster. The mood was more that of an awakening victim of a personal crime. There seemed a sense that something terrible had happened, but not yet certain is to what, let alone a knowledge of why and how.

If there is more than one angry exchange at the next City Council meeting, it would be a positive. Do you think people will finally demand an end to their being screwed by local elected officials?


20:23:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

You only have to ask one question.

Why would any other developer come to Burlington if Muir can't make it work, how can anyone else?

The answer: they won't.

"They" don't have anything to offer or a better offer than Muir and the supposed myriad of developers calling are probably the leeches that are looking for a deal on distressed property operating with the same economic downturn that we all are.

It's a Bruce Slagle, Scott Power and Lost Keys Bill Ell peyote pipe dream.


13:08:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Counter Attack the Cover Up


"The Hawk Eye Friday made a verbal request to Slagle to review the public document, which was declined. Slagle argued he couldn't turn over the letter because "this is a legal document."

Slagle declined to state why he believes the letter is not a public document.

When the newspaper indicated it would contact the city's attorney, Scott Power, to obtain the letter, Slagle answered, "You're not going to get anything from him."

The above came from a questionable source. It is time for the people of Burlington to go straight to the source. At Monday's City Council meeting, a seething mass of those stuck paying for the Manor Mall mess should demand to see Muir's letter.

A legal document covers a lot of territory. What else could become a legal document and not for public view? When will secret meeting passed, classified City ordinances be enforced against any caught reading Derailed?

Lies and secrecy at Burlington's City Hall is nothing new. The illegal secret railroad lawsuit meeting. The extra ordinary destruction of minutes from said secret meeting after it was declared illegal. The Drunk Mayor's ride home. Etc. The Muir letter is just more of the same.

Who will finally enforce the law concerning our right to know?

Burlington's self proclaimed protectors of our right to know have so far been a joke. City officials breaking the law and hiding the facts to protect their guilt has rated nothing more than an editorial. Will the advertising salesman who with great pomp struts around town as a publisher put his money where only his mouth has so far been?

Iowa's Attorney General only knows where Burlington is when seeking votes in an election year. The overwhelming majority of those responsible for the Manor Mall mess are party mates who have been most productive at producing votes for Mr. Miller.

In Burlington, institutions that are supposed to protect our rights and promote justice have been utterly corrupted. An angry mass in the Council Chambers Monday night would be a positive starting point for returning rule of law.

Secrecy is the well spring of tyranny.

Government by obfuscation, deceit and intimidation must end.


Sounds like the railroad lawsuit and Ground Hog Day all rolled into one. Is there anyone left with an ounce of common sense in city hall? Do the clowns even know the bus left?

But from the looks of today's minimalist, recycled cartoons, Ad Vertiser, Publisher Steve Delaney barely has enough money to fix the press to keep us informed let alone do any investigative reporting that includes a lawsuit to uncover the lies. I'll bet that expenditure is making Kansas crap all over their spreadsheets. Plowing money into an archaic method of communication can't be pleasant.

But it is a tribute to the Press Department and their ability to keep the color in register more days than not with junk equipment. If we all knew how long those blanket cylinders needed to be changed out, it would be years since they haven't been changed since the press was new in 1972.

Most old printing presses like that have been scrapped at Chanen's and sent to China to make Publisher Steve Delaney's new SUV.


12:56:14 - SPIKE - No comments

Let the Distractions Begin


The Muir mess is amazingly made public on the day focus is on Iowa's caucuses. Step one to lullaby the sheep.

It is inevitable City Hall will soon create an imminent threat to draw our attention away from the Manor Mall. The current quiet crossing crises will not do the trick. It is old news. Public safety is usually a safe beat to scare taxpayers into line. We will all die unless... makes a good red herring cover story.

Whatever boogey man those wonderful people who blew over 5 million of our dollars dream up, the Advertiser will be there. The new end of the world will go page one while Power losing to Muir in court will be buried.

People need to remain enraged and focused on what has been done to them. Those responsible need to be held accountable.


It was reported on KCPS Friday that Slagle had the Muir letter on December 20. Seems like a long time for Slagle to burn the evidence of his wrongdoing.


02:22:00 - SPIKE - No comments

06 January

Bruce Slagle & Scott Power Voted Best Liars 2007


I vote Burlington Iowa City Manager Bruce Slagle and Burlington Iowa City Attorney Scott Power Best Liars 2007.

Fed Up

Does that mean they each get a 9% raise? It does make a nice addition to your resume when you are Vice President of Gas Bag Consulting.


16:44:11 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington Violates Open Meetings Law - Again!

Seems like Scott Power and Bruce Slagle spent the Christmas holidays at the Hans Trousil School of Criminal Behavior.

The council met in closed session last week to discuss "imminent legal action." And then discussed the Muir fiasco.

If the council did discuss legal action, who authorized legal action if they just found out about the letter as they claim? Who placed the closed session meeting on the agenda?

Why didn't they report on their closed session meeting as required by law?

Do you suppose they were all too stunned to understand the gravity of being led down the road again by the Outrageously Incompetent Duo Power and Slagle? Or, is the council totally ambivalent about pissing away our tax money on a Bruce Slagle economic development pipe dream of hallucinogenic proportion?

And why was the usually verbose Murray so conspicuously quiet about the whole thing?

16:39:53 - SPIKE - No comments

The Next Domino To Fall


The failed train robbery, catfish craps, the Manor Mall, what next?

Des Moines County's public money distillery is part of a developing world food shortage. Running cars on corn only makes sense with tax subsidies. As with other feel good, government meddling, the mess spreads afar.

Starvation sparks political instability and wars. Ethanol is on the verge of fueling a world wide famine. When riots and revolutions start. Subsidies to ethanol will stop.

How much will the collapse of ethanol end up costing local taxpayers?


It already has cost the local taxpayers. A 10-year 100%, Hinkle sponsored ethanol tax break fueled by the 2 meatheads Hoschek and Diewold with another 10 years at next-to-nothing taxes coupled with the Hoschek sign off for fewer jobs, the taxpayers got hammered.

If there hadn't been the public outcry on Round 2 of the Hinkle led charge for the alleged $50+ million dollar expansion on the local distillery we'd be paying even more. What's wrong with that guy?

I'd still like to see the financials that supposedly supported a $50+ million expansion even though I can smell 'em cooking from here.


16:22:12 - SPIKE - No comments

05 January

Muir Fallout? Clean House Throughout City Hall!

Time For The Newspaper To Do Its Job

Spike and Falcon

Between the BNSF lawsuit that wasted $300,000+ and this Manor $5 million boondoggle absolutely proves that the city manager and the council are not as smart as they think they are.

Ell's comments in the paper were disappointing. He acts like this is no big deal to hang the community out there for $5M. When anyone questioned anything along the way, they were treated as though none of the citizens are as smart as they are. This is a dishonest arrogant bunch inside city hall. The community has lost all respect and trust in the Burlington City Hall.

The city manager should be shown the door immediately. Doug Worden should never be the city manager and it is time for a new city attorney.

The council has lacked the guts in the past to make any of these decisions which is very disappointing. And to think that the council members bragged up Slagle and gave him a 9% pay raise only shows how naive they really are.

Don't forget that Slagle burned the documents of an on going lawsuit. Nobody does that unless they have something to hide.

The council also voted on the BNSF lawsuit before they even knew about the 1985 agreement. This 1985 agreement is what clearly won the lawsuit for BNSF.

The City manager and the city attorney should have been replaced then. It was also a conflict of interest for Power's law firm to receive the job and profits from the lawsuit.

It is time that the Hawkeye starts doing their job again.

The question for the council. Where is the money going to come from to pay for the $5 million loan? Every year we are told it is a bare bones budget with no fluff. Where are you going to find the fluff this time? They just told the Babe Ruth league that there is no extra money. They always find the money for the things that they want or their to cover their costly mistakes.


Ell's comments are those of Clueless to The Real World and reek of the lawless West Burlington Mayor. Ell cannot lead this city out of the chaos. In fact, I don't see anyone capable of straightening this mess out anytime soon.

Slagle has strangled this city with debt and stupid moves. And the drunk ex-mayor helped. When you drink you can't think. And all 3 of them drink to stupidity.

It's going to take someone to grab hold and kick some major league ass to restore any sense of order. Bill Ell is impotent in every regard and the biggest gas bag phony in town.


01:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Manor Mall Caves In


If the city didn't have a clue about Muir having second thoughts they must truly be dimwits. I had emailed Muir several times over the past year and the information I received from them was nothing more than distant commitment with the start being pushed back further and further.

I was also told the city was pushing too many demands. PUD was one of the problems indicated, lack of leasing responses and the poor economy.

If I gathered this much information from a couple of emails I would think the city would have somewhat of a clue being they were directly involved. To me it was just a typical Slagle careless unprofessional management decision.


Blindsided? What hole did Slagle have his head stuck in? How could anyone mistake Muir's dance as any but the last dance?

Don't forget that a bunch of these prospective companies focused on the tone of Slagle's warning letter to Kohl's. Kohl's is one of the hottest mainstream retailers going. So when a bully like Slagle tries to intimidate Kohl's how hospitable can it be for anyone wanting to locate in Eminent Domain Mall?

Bruce Slagle is an incompetent idiot that should have been caught long ago and fired if the city council had their head stuck somewhere other than up Slagle's butt.


01:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Made The Quick Bucks?


Looks like the only people to make any quick money was the real estate agent working for the city.


BTW, who was the real estate agent for the city? I wonder what the hell they know about the city's dirty real estate business?


01:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

With Muir Dead - Baseball?


Now they can put the baseball park back where it was.


And put the lights back up.


00:19:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Have No Fear Slagle Is Here!


Thank goodness we still have Mr. Bruce Slagle to guide us through the next round of negotiations with the Manor Project. I'm sure we find a suitable buyer, require little if no money down, but we will only do this after refunding Muir's earnest money back to them with interest.

I believe the council will give Brucey a key to the city (as long as it's not lost) and a gold pocket watch - hey, we fleeced the taxpayers this long what's a little more?


PS. Land values along Roosevelt are at a minimum 5.00 per sq. foot. 1 acre = approx 43560 sq ft x 23.7 = 5,161,860.00

00:16:00 - SPIKE - No comments

04 January

Where Are The Slagle Lovers Crowd Now?

"Bruce has done so much for the city." I keep hearing it, I want to gag like my dog "Snot, yakkin' on a bone."

I say, look what Bruce has done TO the city and I urge every citizen to write a letter to Slagle's new employer describing how he screwed the taxpayers while playing God with those people's lives.

It's no wonder Slagle never bought new license plates for his truck.


01:37:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Publisher Steve Delaney's Endorsement

Everyone keep in mind Publisher Steve Delaney told us how great a mayor Lost Keys Liar Ell would be. Shows you how little Delaney knows about anything, including the truth and his efforts to cover up anything he doesn't think the public needs to know.

Maybe it is time our readers boycott Delaney's advertisers and send this guy a strong message that we are no longer going to tolerate his nonsense. Enough is enough. Last week it was a bank embezzlement.

What's next?

01:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mayor Bill Ell's 1st Official Act? Lie Through His False Teeth!!!

In Thursday's Ad Vertiser our 2nd Finest Liar told us that Muir would be on board by the middle of January when in fact Liar Ell knew last week the deal was dead. Slagle and Ell are joined at the hip. Trust me, if Slagle knew so did Ell.

Bill Ell, everybody's favorite good old boy stood within City Hall and knowingly lied and misrepresented the truth to us just like he did when he lost the school keys and during the railroad lawsuit.

Habitual liars do those kinds of things. And Bill Ell is a habitual liar and is no good.

And, for the record, what did Jim Davidson know when he nominated Bill Ell and endorsed Ell's wonderful job performance? If Davidson knew about the letter, then he is just as guilty.

And now that I think back on the facial expressions of the guilty parties during the council meeting, good thing no one mentioned prune juice.

BTW - Since Doug Worden knew of the Muir letter he should be fired on Friday along with anyone else that knew.


00:30:47 - SPIKE - No comments

03 January

Eminent Domain Mall Is Dead!!

Now Is The Time For Pitchforks and Torches!


Muir backed out today. Still opportunity to attract a developer, but will have to be someone VERY aggressive.

Wouldn't surprise me if the city issues a refund to Muir on the earnest money.


If the truth were known, that asshole Slagle already issued the check. Now, you other Blind, Lemming Sheep jackasses that always want to castigate Spike, what do you have to say now?

Language too strong? That's how dumb you people have acted in response to letting Slagle, Power, Edwards, Ell, Courtney lead you down this road of incompetent stupidity just to cover up their role in the railroad lawsuit.

Now we can all watch the leadership from your Democratic Central Committee and Publisher Steve Delaney endorsed candidates, Lost Keys Bill Ell and Junior Murray.

This is the biggest debacle in the history of Burlington. Period.

Lawsuits and lots of them.


23:17:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who's It Going To Be?


Why don't you come out of the basement and endorse a candidate? Seems like you should, you have an opinion on everything else.


We have opinions and our readers have opinions. However, we aren't like the Des Moines Register protecting ad revenues or the Ad Vertiser protecting the local Democratic Party hacks, thugs, gamblers, bullies and drunks.

We were taught to never discuss politics or religion in polite company. We believe in the person not the party. So that makes us unpopular with everyone.

We think the presidential race will shake out to Clinton and McCain.

Here's why we think the others won't make it.

Romney - Well qualified to lead and a solid record of leadership but religion will hold him back regardless of his explanations along with his gun stance.

Obama - Idealist with no real foreign affairs experience, good dancer but can't dip.

Edwards - Just won't, voters don't like retries but I wish he was my lawyer. If he had to litigate this race, he would make it.

Thompson - Plain spoken, common sense, overall package is excellent with country's interest at heart but he was late to the party and that isn't good.

Huckabee - Right wing gift taker, schmoozing the ultra right wing loons. Hasn't heard about separation of church and state and doesn't have a clue about foreign policy. Thinks Texarkana is a foreign country.

Giuliani - Couldn't beat Clinton then or now.

Biden - Can do it, no one knows it.

Richardson - Can really do it, everyone knows it but needs $150 million to do it.

Dodd - Coupled with Biden would be good, ran a stealth campaign, not enough money.

The rest just clutter the dance floor with bad imitations of the Tango.

McCain and Richardson are the only candidates the NRA might support so far. Everyone else wants to ignore that people kill people; not guns.

But anything can happen. What the hell do I know about it?

And that is precisely why I avoid the political arguments. Who has time to listen to it and after a year of it, who wants to? After the Bush administration how can any one of these candidates be any worse? It's time to take the "W's" back off the keyboards and give someone else a chance.


01:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hanging On To Clarabelle


Ell is the perfect figure head to represent Burlington.

He is past his prime. The vast majority of his life experiences, other than a few state fairs and national convention or two, have occurred within 25 miles of Burlington's City Hall. He has no grander vision than to re-create a nostalgia corrupted memory of what was over 50 years ago.

Ell is a rube who's position will serve to scare away any who may bring about real change. Real change would threaten the position of those who pull Ell's strings. If not Ell, there are others who would do the same.

Another young dumb local boy who aspires to nothing greater than Burlington as it always has been comes along. Ell, or Murray? The only difference is more than a score of years and God knows how many bottles of beer.

Old Ell's never die. They just forget where the key went to wind the clock.

Buffalo Bob
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Caucus for Freedom of Speech


I would like to suggest a platform plank to be submitted by those attending the precinct caucuses Thursday:

We support Freedom of Speech as enshrined in the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech applies to anonymous speech and extends to all mediums of expression, not just "newspapers."

Put your name forward to attend the next step, the County Convention. If this plank is not put forth by the County Platform Committee, follow the process to have it inserted for debate by fellow County Convention delegates.

Those who would restrict our freedoms have a lot of explaining to do. A floor fight over a Freedom of Speech plank is a wonderful venue for them to do so.


01:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Burlington Black Sox - Say It Ain't So, Bruce!


In their haste to avoid restrictions we the people demanded on eminent domain abuse, the City of Burlington evicted youth baseball along with Manor residents. Thankfully, the folks in Middletown are willing to step up to the plate and correct Slagle, Hinkle, the Drunk ex-Mayor, the Advertiser and Senator Courtney's mistake.

There is a lesson in this for the young people of Burlington.

Like over 5,000 residents in living memory have discovered, the future is anywhere but Burlington. Most of those who have fled were the young and productive. Burlington is no longer even of tee ball stature when it comes to providing opportunities.

Until people in Burlington are willing to throw the bums out, there will be no joy in Mudville.

Shirtless Joe Taxpayer

01:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Cost of Living in Burlington


I think it's utterly deplorable what the city of Burlington charges for
water, taxes on utilities, looses through its non-voter approved business
decisions and/or dreams of grandeur and what it pays its so called city

Since January 1, 1998 through this January 1, 2008 the water rates have, for
me increased from $84.40 to a whopping $128.63. This is an increase of
approximately 35 percent in a period of 10 years. Living in Burlington you
can assure no wages have increased that much unless it's been city

Burlington also imposes a 2 percent sales tax on utilities even though the
state puts no tax on utilities.

The RecPlex looses about $100,000 every year and has every year since it
opened its doors.

The pool struggles as does the golf course. This just shows that Burlington
is not capable of running a business because of its bad management and
excessively high employee cost.

We also have a city government that makes business deals that cost us
hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in monetary loses. The library
alone cost Burlington taxpayers at least double what the rest of the state
pays in library taxes. We pay something in the area of $45 per every man,
women and child in the city while the rest of the state pays about $22 to
$24 for every man, women and child.

Over 30 percent of the citizens are over the age of 65 yet the city cuts
these fixed income people zero slack when it comes to taxes and fees.

Our schools are taxing the living hell out of us and the school system is
constantly on probation for achievement and fails to graduate at least 31
percent of its students from high school; so says the state department of
education in its reports. It cost approximately $11,000 per year per
student in the Burlington School System and does anyone really think this
amount of money is buying a quality education and passes as money well

We've lost from the casino investment, Huck Finn investment, the railroad
fiasco where the city thought they could rob the railroad; the then fire
chief lost the keys to the entire school system costing the taxpayer an
additional 50 to 60 thousand dollars. The chief then tried to cover up the
loss for several months until he was eventually caught lying. This guy is
now the mayor, what a joke.

Yes, we in Burlington have everything to look forward to in 2008 because up
to this point it's been a steady downhill slide for all of us.


01:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments



Where are the lights from the Cottonwood diamond. I have heard they are in storage twice from Lost Keys Ell.

I have also heard they are at Danville wired to the utility grid.

Does anyone know for sure?


Well, Burlington Council, where are the lights you had torn down to make room for your green space project?


00:36:30 - SPIKE - No comments

Play Ball!


Now the City of Middletown has offered up land for KIDS to play baseball, but Bill Ell says hold on, we have a super secret plan that is being formulated. He also indicates in his blathering we don't want Burlington kids playing baseball in Middletown so why support a crazy idea of someone willing to help kids.

Another example of Burlington leaders not wanting to work with anyone in Southeast Iowa. Is the City of Burlington paying Slagle for a study to see what it should cost to have kids play baseball in the area? Is this what were waiting on? I always thought baseball was the American pastime.

Put me in coach I'm ready to play.


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02 January

Burlington Enters Darker Period

Master of Deceit and Minister of Misinformation Lost Keys Bill Ell moments ago was re-elected mayor. It truly is the signal of darker days ahead.

Can it get any worse?

18:03:01 - SPIKE - No comments



Looks like everyone BUT the city of Slagle is willing to help the children get the ballpark that was taken from them. As I remember it the city was going to let the children play ball at the recplex. But now that has changed.

Looks like more lies are the only thing the people of Burlington can depend on. We will be hearing that we are way over budget again soon for snow removal.


Slagle is working on another master plan. I just wish that worthless jackass would leave town and take his beer guzzling, golf buddy with him. And Scott Power can drive the getaway car.

BTW - Where did the lights from the ballpark go and what was the city paid for those lights? Who made the decision? And who authorized the action?


00:41:20 - SPIKE - No comments

Fueling the Political Process


CJ's Bar and Grill in Prairieburg, IA is a Democrat caucus site Thursday evening. Des Moines County Democrats should take note.

If a suitable establishment with a liquor license is available next time, the Drunk ex-Mayor and Des Moines County Democrat Co-Chair's precinct caucus should be held there.


Well, Burger King is out unless you pitch a tent. The Sombrero would only work on Monday night after a council meeting. Can't go to Gulfport because it is in Illinois.

In the alternative we could just go to the Ad Vertiser's office and have our brains sucked out then we wouldn't need to have caucuses.


00:34:09 - SPIKE - No comments

New Mayor Today?


I guess if the drunk mayor gets a ride home from BK we'll get a new mayor today. I can't believe the advertiser would get behind Ell. He is such a disappointment.


I didn't know the Master of Deceit and Minister of Misinformation Lost Keys could stay up that late. Or was Lost Keys seen riding around with the drunk ex-mayor Edwards campaigning?

Maybe this will be the day Lost Keys misses a meeting. Since Ell became mayor his attendance record improved.

I'm not saying it made any difference. Only that his attendance record at the council meetings improved.

I wonder if Lost Keys got thrown out of any liquor stores on his golf vacation this year?


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An Account of Thompson's 'Desire' Question, From The Man Who Asked


This is an interview by National Review Online with Todd Chelf about what his opinion of Fred Thompson is as a follow-up to the media misrepresentation after Fred's visit over the weekend.. Of course it is nothing like the media’s opinion of Fred Thompson.

The Hawk Eye didn’t bother to interview Todd and they are right here IN Burlington!


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