Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 February

The X Files


Doug Worden and Mayor Lost Keys Ell double check incriminating documents relating to the Manor Mall before crating for permanent underground filing off Plank Road.


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Slagle Lands in Minnnesota Company

Former City Manager Bruce Slagle has finally been officially outted. Mis-Manager Slagle is now vice president/client representative for Springsted a Minnesota company advising municipalities on financial matters including bond issues.

Keep tabs on this guy. Let his new clients clearly understand what a wonderful job he did plowing this city into bond debt, lying about every controversy to cover his incompetent ass and then skipping free like an unrepentant criminal.

Oh wait, we forgot. Slagle isn't like an unrepentant criminal, he is a criminal.

If they have doubts, tell them to check the results of our outrageous bond debt including Eminent Domain Mall, the Midwest's newest shopping mall for the displaced.

Or, better yet. Have them call Muir for a reference.


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City Jobs

Spike -

Re: I've Heard Enough's, Double Dipping

I respect that he/she may have a different opinion on the good City jobs going to the people that have the inside connections. I don't think they understood the point.

They are correct that the retired Champion employee made a wise personal and financial choice. Maybe the City should hire all of their new employees that have worked their 30 years and retired with a livable pension.

Forget about the young family man or women that really needs the job. Forget about their children that need the health benefits and for their parents to have that good government job. It is more important that we hire the former City employees and the UAW retirees that have the right friends in the City.

Maybe these jobs should go to the young family residents so they can afford to pay their taxes that provide all of these good government jobs. No, that makes sense. If our city council supports this, then they are to blame too.

Nothing but a big clique and it never changes.


Are these the same young people that need a job to stay in Burlington to pay taxes for the next 40 years instead of the 3-5 years before the retiree is off to his slip-on shoes like our Mayor?


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Paying for Quiet Crossings


Local taxpayers will be able to work off their tax debt to further enrich the Advertiser and other downtown business interests.


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Ad Vertiser Takes Both Forks In Road


It is interesting the Advertiser openly supported the tax increase on cigarettes to finance increased health care costs caused by the smoking crowd and now claims a smoking ban is excessive government laws interfering with our lives.

It sure seems they like to have their cake and smoke it too.

Tired of 2nd Hand Smoke

The Ad Vertiser's stance is not surprising. With the pressure of being told how to write their stories with Publisher Steve Delaney's slant, being paid no money, addicted to cigarettes and Mountain Dew Jimmy Olson doesn't have any choice but to speak out against this law.

Besides, if the Sombrero became smoke free where would the news crowd hang out?


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Courtney On Gay Marriage


People need to know what Senator Courtney is up to. It sure looks like the Advertiser is complicit in covering up Courtney's position on an issue that would enrage most voters.

The Advertiser didn't say anything about Courtney trying to side step advocating Bruce and Bob entering into state sanctioned wedded bliss? The Des Moines Register said something.

I bet Senator Courtney was not happy to read Falcon Thursday morning.


Courtney puts the taxpayers in the same position everyday of the week. Pandering in most states is illegal. For Courtney, it' s a life style.

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Who Thought of Side Walks?


The first I remember seeing the issue of no side walks to the new middle school was at this web site. Do local elected officials read Derailed?

I know some of them can read. How many of them can think is another issue.

A cardinal rule of leadership is stay informed. Pick the brains of others, especially if you have none.


We don't need sidewalks to the new middle school. Children don't walk to school. Their mommies drive them to school while they play on their Game Boys or talk on their cell phones.


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Game Machines - Courtney Pushing Buttons

Nothing Else He Can Do


The local saloons should watch out because Courtney has signed on to sponsor SF-2240. A bill for an act relating to permissible prizes for use of an electrical and mechanical amusement device and the penalties for awarding an improper cash prize.

He and six other senators are trying to pass a bill to put a limit on merchandise not to exceed $50 maximum. The original bill stated a maximum of $5 in Merchandise only.

This Courtney should be monitored closely because he's already cosponsored 41 current bills in the Iowa Senate.


41 Bills???? From a guy that want to censor blogs and free speech. Every one of those bills needs to be scrutinized for this weasel's handiwork.

Courtney is nothing but trouble waiting to happen.


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Mexico and Illegal Immigration


Mexico is a third world nation that has repressed its people for centuries
and continues to do so today. The majority of our drugs flow from and
through Mexico with little to no attempt, by Mexico to stem the flow because
of corruption at all levels of the government.

There are people in our country that our sick, full of hate, spite and
untruthfulness trying to over turn the immigration law previously defeated
twice. These people are so full of crap they make me sick when ever I hear
them say, "Gestapo and storm troopers" when referring to our border patrol.

Why don't these traitors of the American people and laws go down to Mexico
and clean up that cesspool of drugs, greed, crime and filth? These people
should go to the source of the problem and stop disobeying our laws in their
quest for cheap labor. This goes for American unions, the chamber of
commerce, business interest and others that try to undercut the American
worker with cheap uneducated labor from Mexico.

No one belongs in the United States unless they come here legally and follow
our laws. We have somewhere between 12 and 20 million criminals running
around our country, stealing our jobs and lowering our wages. This problem
has nothing to do with race or religion but only that of a criminal nature.

Again, Americans that want these illegal aliens in our country should go
down to Mexico and attack the source of the problem instead of making
themselves stupid by blaming a country that lets in legally over 2 million
new citizens per year, more than any other nation in the world.

The people that stir up these immigration lies to further their agendas are
nothing more than hypocrites of the lowest human form. These people are
fanatics from the bottom of the food chain.


This pretty well sums it up.


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Bush To "Make It Up To The Country"

Yep, that's right, a do-over.

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28 February

Feds Answer City's "Notice" - Sends Quiet Zone Help!

I see the Federal government responded quickly to Burlington's quiet zone battle cry. Help from FEMA landed yesterday as a precaution.

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One More Name For Obama

Jeremiah Wright

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Drunk Mayor Middle School


I would support naming Burlington's newest school after the Drunk ex-Mayor. There are good reasons for doing so.

The south property line is the railroad right of way. This would permit endless, pointless, without merit real estate disputes with the BNSF.

Like Burger King, the parking lot is right off Roosevelt Avenue.

The school is based way out on the fringe which makes no sense for most of its constituents.

As Burlington's first Mayor to ever resign from office, naming the new school in his honor would make purposeful the lessons of his ex-Honor. We should remind our young to learn from our mistakes.


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The Hiring Hall Kiss


"These employees have the inside track to get these jobs. One employee retired from Champion Spark Plug after 30 years with a UAW pension. He is now employed full-time with the City receiving health insurance and will receive IPERS. He earned $34,000 in 2007."

You must go to the hall and kiss Senator Courtney's hand to get elected to the City Council. If you think otherwise, just look at Junior Murray.

Why should anybody else be any different when it comes to dealing with the single party Godfathers?

Vito Corleone

Don't forget lots of genuflection before Lord Courtney, keeper of the People before you kiss his ass, 'er hand.


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A Revealing Rejection


The Mayor of Arlington, OR was recalled by voters for a photo of herself in lingerie standing on a fire truck.

If Mayor Ell appeared in a photograph wearing only his underwear while perched on a fire truck, would we finally be able to throw him out of office?

One must give the Mayor of Arlington credit. She leaves a more appealing legacy than the Drunk ex-Mayor of Burlington. Ditto the current Mayor on what he has so far accomplished.


How about if Lost Keys was dressed in lingerie?


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Salaries of Burlington's Management Personnel

Data Compiled by Whizz Bang

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Double Dipping


What's wrong with rehiring retired workers? I know of
one case in which an employee had a personal medical
emergency that required immediate attention. There
was no time to train a replacement so a former,
retired employee was asked to return. This is good
business for a change - no costly training of an
employee that you fully intent to terminate at the end
of their needed time and you know that the job will be
done correctly.

As for the retired Champion worker, when did it
become unethical, immoral or wrong to make what
appears to be a wise personal financial choice? It's
too bad that more people don't have his work ethic.
Would it sooth your soul if he was pushing carts at
WalMart? This is typical "it's not fair" whining that
has infected this country. When you say "these jobs
should go to the young person trying to stay in
Burlington" are you suggesting that the City should
descriminate against those over a certain age? The
fact that he is retired with a union pension is a moot
point. If he had retired without a pension would you
still bitch about his hiring?

I know someone who quit a job after 27 years, topped
out at $12/hr and no retirement to take a City job at
$17/hr and IPERS. Smart move.

Citizen, either give up your job to "some young people
trying to stay in Burlington" or quit your whining.

Sign Me...

I've heard enough

Your example is not the way it usually goes with city hiring.


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27 February

2 Names Will Become Important In Presidential Race

Two names are going to become problematic for Obama -

Tony Rezko and Louis Farrakhan

So problematic, it might be his deal breaker.

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Ad Vertiser Banner Writer Jumping The Gun With City

Boondoggle Diversion Back Outta The Ditch


I see the Ad Vertiser has jumped back on the quiet zone bandwagon this morning. I don't think the city is in any position to tell the BNSF anything. We tried it before and it cost us $400,000 in legal fees from a loser lawyer.

When will they ever learn? How much will it cost this time? Did the city contact their insurance agent for a liability policy?


From the looks of this tidbit, closing crossings might be the drill. Wishful thinking is a bigger play in this new boondoggle diversion from Eminent Domain Mall.


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City Pay For Double Dipping Retirees


I was speaking with a local business lady that told me the Hawkeye published the City of Burlington wages and she said that there were 60 employees that were paid over $50,000. Is this true?

When you add their health insurance, pensions, and other benefits, these are very good jobs. She also said that there were city employees back on the payroll after retiring and receiving their pensions.

Isn't there anyone else in Burlington that want those jobs. These employees have the inside track to get these jobs. One employee retired from Champion Spark Plug after 30 years with a UAW pension. He is now employed full-time with the City receiving health insurance and will receive IPERS. He earned $34,000 in 2007.

I would think that there would be a young man or women in Burlington with a family that could use that job.

Shame on the City for allowing this. These jobs should go to the young people trying to stay in Burlington. Give them a chance too.


Burlington City Hall has no shame. If they did, things would have changed years ago.


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Feeding the Hand that Feeds Tim


It should come as no surprise Little Timmy Hoschek would prevent any record remaining of secretly and thus illegally, giving the Chamber of Compost all they desire.

How many times hath the Chamber prepared the trough for Little Timmy to fall face first into?

There is no free lunch.


Tim Hoschek meets the clinical definition of getting nothing for something. Does that count towards the free lunch?


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Casting Calls in Our Future?


"It's the way it was described in the script," Belajac said Monday. "Some of these 'holler' people -- because they are insular and clannish, and they don't leave their area -- there is literally inbreeding, and the people there often have a different kind of look. That's what we're trying to get."

With two generations of decline under its belt, how much longer until this area will interest film makers?


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World Class Burlington


Ruthless dictators hate the free flow of information.

In pursuit of purity of belief, Pakistan blocked a greater area than their own jurisdiction. Have you been subject to any similar attempts?
How crude to attempt to kill the medium rather than the messenger.

Senator Courtney knows better.

Senator Courtney introduced legislation to out you and any posting here. Once outed, messengers exposing the local dictatorship would be subjected to the Dilbert Drill. The dictator can then claim plausible deniability in what is done.

Burlington's expertise in applying the Dilbert Drill has drawn international attention via the funny papers. Should this expertise be shared?

Has the State Department considered Senator Courtney and the local single party system hosting an exchange program? Along the lines of the sister city program, sinister systems overseas could learn the subtleties of suppressing truth and dissent so as not to separate "fairness" from Fascism?

Let none say the world is passing Burlington by because it has nothing to offer.


We'd help Courtney pack as long as he took his buddies with him as a package.


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Naming of the new middle school - Eleanor Roosevelt


Let's hope the Burlington School Board does the right thing in naming the new middle school Eleanor Roosevelt. Besides her excellent qualities and leadership in many areas using her name just makes sense.

There is already inequality between the two middle schools in Burlington. Let's level the playing field with the names. James Madison is named after a president and is located on Madison Avenue.

Eleanor Roosevelt was the spouse of a president and would be located on Roosevelt Avenue. When people from other schools visit out area it would make it so much easier to find the school. We also would be giving homage to a great female role model.

This just makes sense.


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Oak Street School Sale


I would like to know if you have heard if the Oak Street School is going to be put up for sale and if it is going to be done like the other schools were?


Why break a pattern of selling something for nothing?


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We Should Trust Local Leaders


Re: "This is just another sign of poor judgment and mismanagement here in Burlington. I'm beginning to think there's no elected person in this town that can think their way out of a wet paper bag."

Our elected officials know what they are doing building a school by the city gates with no sidewalks. They are planning for our future.

Burlington will grow far beyond the school near Sunnyside and Roosevelt.

Our City leaders invested in a job producing casino. That casino will draw thousands of janitorial staff and black jack dealers to Burlington with their families. The casino will bring tourists.

Illegal aliens with Ford F-150 beds full of little ones will flock to Burlington. Momma will work as a chamber maid while Poppa sacks burgers and fries.

Throw in the Wrecked-Plex. All those visiting ball teams are touristas as well. My God, how the emigrants will roll in.

I would not worry about sidewalks. A better right of way is to be had on the south side of the new school.

Senator Courtney and his gang sued the railroad without merit. Lost Keys Ell and the rest are going to tell the railroad how they will accept blue light special quiet railroad crossings. Our local elected really know how to run a railroad. They will probably run the railroad right out of town.

When the BNSF has enough, they will probably bypass Burlington altogether. The BNSF will pull up every last taxable rail, spike and tie. The right of way will be there for the taking.

Purchased with taxes and no longer taxable, the former right of way will become a tax supported bike path. This path will run from the river west right along the new school. Secluded and wooded, this route will be a predator's paradise. Perverts are tourists too.

People in Burlington are too damn negative. If they would just be more positive, they would understand what is being done to secure a brighter future for our community.


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26 February

Correction On Illegal Supervisor Meeting - Hoschek Did It!

Chief County Law Breaker Hoschek Pulls Plug

"I Believe In Openness" Heland A Willing Participant

As you read here last week Hoschek and Heland conducted an illegal Supervisor meeting with the Chamber. We reported on February 19th that Supervisor Jeff Heland told Des Moines County Auditor Carol Copeland to turn off the audio recorder and then proceeded to conduct their illegal meeting without any record.

We were wrong.

Supervisor Tim Hoschek shut the recorder off all by himself without any regard for the law. There is no record of why the Chamber was requesting more money other than payroll for a larger staff.


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The Rhythm

When will Catfish Bend catch the rhythm?

Maybe when Bob The Esquire Dinosaur is done there he can handle some things for the taxpayers, like illegal and secret meetings.

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Does The Appropriate Dress Make a Leader?

Only one of these people have any business playing dress up.

When Diablo did, even she said No!

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Vance And Ireland to Run For Wise's Seat

In Lee County Tracy Vance and Steve Ireland are running for Phil Wise's seat.

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Betting on Catfish Craps


Has anybody started a pool on when Catfish Craps Casino will declare bankruptcy, or be sold off for a dime on the dollar?

I have heard some private investors with $100,000 plus pouting about their prospects. They at least had a choice. I did not choose to invest in the mess. Our brilliant local elected leadership dealt me in on this disaster with a swimming pool.

As far as I can tell, the only way to recoup my involuntary bet is by betting on when this bottom feeder floats to the surface dorsal fin down.

Izak Walton

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Seems the sidewalks to the new school on the outskirts of town were
overlooked because the school board was looking for another handout instead
of financing them when they decided to build the school, that's basically
out of town in the first place.

The school board made a major mistake by not taking care of the sidewalk
issue early on. There are no sidewalks that far out; so how did they figure
the kids would get there because there may be a few kids that won't need
bussing in order to get out that far.

This is just another sign of poor judgment and mismanagement here in
Burlington. I'm beginning to think there's no elected person in this town
that can think their way out of a wet paper bag.

Just where is the center of the population that will attend the new school
from the current Oak Street School? What percentage of the children will
have to be bussed compared to the current Oak Street School? Why will both
middle schools now be located on the edges of the southern and northwestern
boarders of the population? What is the logic for building a school so far
from the center of the population?


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25 February

New Drink At Catfish Bend

Drinking "Drunken Lemurs" by the Pool


I have a recipe for the new Drunken Lemur Cocktail now being served at Lemur Bend Casino:

.2 ounces of cheap vodka

1.6 ounces of distilled water

Top off in a cracked, dirty glass with ice and unsweetened orange Kool-Aid.

Tell the taxpayers they are getting a Screwdriver when in fact all they are getting is screwed.

Mr. Dooley

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The Dilberts @ the Casino 4


The Dave Steward episode at Catfish Bend has taken on a second life with the publishing of the new cartoon. Fox News has a new item on their website about it.

The management at the casino deserves all the derision they are receiving.


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Urban Blight - Pot Holes Per Block


Those pot holes and craters on Kirkwood and Cottonwood along with the Curran
overpass approaches are like the four seasons, they appear like clock work
every year the same as winter.

We should take the tourist money and fix the damn roads right instead of
squandering it on foolishness. That Curran overpass area has been a
nightmare for years because it's never fixed properly in order to cut cost
for the more important items such as raises and bonuses for our union grown
management team.

Holed Out

A simple measure of urban blight is count the number of potholes per city block. Simple math.


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Lack of Responsibility


Again, Burlington management fails to perform as usual by letting 2 million
gallons of untreated wastewater run into the Mississippi River.

Burlington management has an agenda of wasting taxpayer money on nothing
more than dreams of grandeur, while they fail at common sense and fiscal

We need the wastewater tanks much more than we needed the Manor project
because this worthless city government is polluting the river on a regular
basis and has been for years. Maybe we should plug up city hall and pump
the stuff in there for holding; at least we'd be gaining something rather
than continually polluting the river. Without the current city council we'd
be much better off. There's plenty of crap in there now and a couple of
million gallons more wouldn't even be noticed.

You would think someone in the city would remember to report their constant
discharges of sewage into the river because it happens on a regular basis.
Is anyone in charge?

Do the voters of Burlington ever stop and think just what their doing to
ruin what's left of Burlington? How much longer will they continue to vote
party rather than honesty, responsibility, leadership and the rest of the
required attributes needed for good government?

I suppose the person in charge will get his or her yearly raise and bonus as
usual since responsibility is not a job requirement for city management here
in Burlington.


There isn't anyone in charge. Don't bother looking.


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24 February

Dilbert Days

Dilbert Days continues over being fired by the Drunken Lemurs.

Or the local Gazette doing its article.

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22 February

Cost Effective Quiet Zone


Here's another idea!


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A Paradise for Parasites and Politicans Who Prey on Them


Re: "Why would someone move to Burlington when there are no livable wage jobs and little work of any kind?" Wondering

Cabrini Green and Pruitt - Igo are history. These great monuments to Senator Courtney style Socialism that were supposed to create an urban utopia became living hells. The rats and residents gotta live somewhere.

That somewhere is becoming Burlington.

Burlington has become an economic hell. Fleeing residents have left behind a large stock of aging housing to be had cheaply. Senator Courtney and comrades have seen that the welfare is good. If you want to open a high risk, high rewards business of your own, you can drive to Chicago, or St. Louis, and back in less than 10 hours and be selling your merchandise on the streets by dusk.

If the natives raise hell and want you to get a job and/or cut back on your welfare, fear not. Senator Courtney will come to your defense. How dare anybody pick on his growing consistency. Senator Courtney works hard to see that there are no jobs to be had.

Getting even with business was the stated goal of Iowa's Senate Majority Whip when he assumed his throne. Add to this Senator Courtney's corrupt and inept courtiers at the Court House and City Hall. Who in their right mind would want to locate an honest business in Burlington?

Ignorance and dependency are when Senator Courtney and his local crew crave. They convert them to political power. They will come beating on the new residents doors come election day.

Thanks to Senator Courtney, new residents can even register to vote at the polls on election day. Getting off your butt every first Tuesday of November to vote for Senator Courtney and/or his cronies beats getting an honest job and going to work five days a week all year long.

Like Cabrini Green and Pruitt - Igo, Cournteyism can not carry on forever. It makes as much sense as burning your overcoat to keep warm. When it collapses, will there be any homesteaders willing to move in, fight off the remaining savages and once again make Burlington a place productive people wish to live?


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Banishing Blight for a Brighter Future


"Burlington's downtown landscape is looking better with each brick removed from the 200 block of South Main Street."

The Advertiser is happy the old Venus News location is no more. The building is blight. If removing blight on South Main Street is a good thing, why stop in the 200 block?

The old Union Hotel was once a vital asset and source of pride in the community. It is long gone. Ditto the Hawk-Eye and Gazette of old. Now, we have information blight in the form of the Advertiser.

Biased, incoherent, selectively omitted information buried amongst ever dwindling advertising is giving the area a blacker eye than any architectural eye sore. What should be done about the problem at 800 South Main Street?

The old information monopoly is no more. The Advertiser gets worse as changes in the information business squeeze the bottom line. In response, the Advertiser's absentee slum lords of information provide tenants of ever increasing inexperience and inability.

Like the Advertiser, Venus News also faces fierce competition via the Internet. Venus News has moved to a new building and by all appearances continues to prosper. Responding to competition with less expensive incompetence will only hasten decline.

The Angelou economic study listed the Advertiser as a major negative to improving our area's prospects. With each subscriber and advertiser removed, the sooner our economic landscape will look better.

Worse than any eye sore is the mind sore the Advertiser has become.


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Venus News


I can't believe the Hawkeye would make such a big deal out of CMM tearing
down the old Venus News eyesore when the old Penny building, right down in
the middle of town, has ruined the view for decades.

Why doesn't the Hawkeye go over to the 1000 block of Court St. and write an
article on why the owner of a home has a mountain of trash stored in his
carport. They could then go over to the old Heil ice house and take some
photo's around the property and show how rundown and trashy the place is,
could it be blight?

The editorial should have had the heading "Eyesore erased" and not "Eyesores
erased" because it's just one of many rundown properties in Burlington that
have existed for year upon year with no action to remedy the blight.

Basically the city of Burlington does not enforce its own codes and only
does so when one of the single party goons has something to gain. The
Hawkeye should be all over the city government for its inaction on cleaning
up the hundreds of blighted properties scattered all over this town.

The Hawkeye is just an extension of the local single party and will never
dig too deep when it comes to local blight or anything that might hold those
on the council and other officials accountable.


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21 February

Drunken Lemurs 2

Here's today's example of Drunken Lemurs.

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Lemurs, Sheep and Alcohol

It Takes Talent


It is nice to see this area's business gurus are receiving the credit they deserve in a national comic strip.

It takes the talent of drunken lemurs to turn a profitable little casino into a money losing $10 million beggar. Turning wrath at what they have wrought into petty vindictiveness directed at a subordinate is a typical response.

Credit the drunken lemurs for not being the dumbest beasts on the field. They know how to get $1.8 million from the blind lemming sheep. Mix drunken lemurs with mindless lemming sheep lead by a drunk and you get Huck's Harbor.

Spike, thanks for the anonymity. That is all protecting local truth tellers who expose the follies of the local petty. Otherwise, we could all end up on the dole like the man who posted Dilbert.


Pretty well sums 'er up.


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Bring Him to Burlington

Democratic Labor Exec Under The Gun for Financial "Irregularities" Could Fill Slagle's Shoes


This guy has the proper character traits and party credentials to become a local political star. There is one draw back.

He graduated from college and even got an advanced degree.
He issued political endorsements and turned them into personal profit.

Setting up your own consulting operation to shake down candidates and issue groups shows initiative, intelligence and creative avoidance of ethics.

Do you think the thugs running Des Moines County's single party system would welcome him into the fold?


We could have a new city manager and a real Democratic Party thug instead of a bunch of wanna be, Mindless Lemming thugs. Courtney, Edwards, Heland, Hoschek, Ell and Anderson's knees would need replacement from genuflection.

Is being thrown off an airliner anything like Lost Keys Bill Ell being thrown out of a liquor store for breaking wind?

With all this AND an election year, I can never retire.


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Another Wastewater Violation for Burlington

This One Might Hurt


State officials say two million gallons of untreated wastewater mixed with storm runoff water leaked into the Mississippi River in Burlington.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says Burlington city officials discovered that a pipe had become plugged on Tuesday in the Hawkeye Sewer System. The line was unplugged later that day.

Even though the city reported the discharge on Wednesday state officials will issue a notice of violation because the city waited too long to report the incident.


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Blight for Free


Burlington's blight of choice program management system manager should take
a look at the west end of Court Street just a stones throw from Central
Avenue on the south side of the street. There's a house there with a car
port that must have 50 to 75 bags of trash stacked up in the car port.

I don't recall anything this bad in the Manor and it was declared a blighted
area by the "Sultan of Blight" Bruce Slagle and his stooges.

I fully understand if city codes are not enforced that it's a management
problem and until we have new leadership, code violations in all categories
will prevail.

Code violations are one factor in making Burlington's landscape a poster
child of trash. When fall arrives and the foliage disappears the view in
Burlington becomes one of plastic bags and tons of other trash lining the
bluffs, back alleys and through ways.

The citizens of Burlington just have no concept of how to vote for good
leadership and until they become educated in this respect it will be
nonfunctional government, as usual.


Call John Mercer, he'll give the trash away without any paperwork.


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Hinkle, the Council and the Future


I was very surprised to see the article in the adviser about the 250 jobs going to Lee Co. I don't know if the Advertiser was trying to slam Dennis Hinkle or not.

The council meeting last night was a joke. They can't decide to have a ballpark or a dog park. Mr. Ell just don't get most of the questions . He'd rather refer to Mr. Worden now that Mr. Bruce has hit the trail.

I'd just about bet that Doug Worden will be our new city manager if the city council is choosing one . What qualifications does this city council have to even pick a city manager? That's why I think Worden will be there for his last three years. He knows the legal ropes well from his ex boss.

How long are we going to let this city council keep putting us further in debt? How long are we going to pay the bills for the special interest groups?

The county is no better than the city so we really have not a lot to look forward to . Mr. Murray talks about all the people on this site as being negative. Let him tell us what positive things the city council has done for the taxpayer other than squander all the taxpayers' money.


At least we don't make fun of you for speaking your opinion or sit and play dumb like the mayor when he is handed a simple question.

That Damn Spike - Letting People Have a Say

03:23:33 - SPIKE - No comments

Looks Like Burlington


Spending whatever it takes trying to maintain an illusion of past glory creates a freakish, hideous reality.


We already have one those.


Gulfport Bar

03:12:07 - SPIKE - No comments

The Old County Home


Hey, I was wondering if you knew who is in charge of the Old County Home out on Washington Rd in West Burlington? I have been trying to get a hold of someone from the county, but haven't got an answer from anyone. Surprise.

Just thought maybe you would know. Thanks!

Southeast Iowa Paranormal Investigation Team

Nobody is really in charge at the courthouse. You could try to call Hoschek if he isn't hauling the mail, Heland if he isn't across the river or Beck. That's it. Everyone else is a ghost of the past.


03:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bankrupt Municipal Government


"The problem is basically bloated union contracts," Shively said.

California is often sited as being on the cutting edge of emerging trends. The City of Vallejo, CA is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

Paying public employees far in excess of what those doing similar work in the private sector earn has consequences. It goes on around here. Add in other lapses of leadership.

A Wreck-Plex that does not pay for itself, an empty Manor Mall, etc. aggravate the situation. The current financial situation at the Catfish Craps complex does not bode well for the City's "investment" in the casino's swimming pool. The pressure builds.

A decreasing, aging, ever lower wage earning population base to tax will not let this party go on forever. The local single party system, totally under the thumb of union bosses, continues in denial. Proclaiming a shield of ignorance will not cut it when the bills come due.

Will Burlington go bankrupt before anybody does anything to put our house in order?


02:48:19 - SPIKE - No comments

Djuan Goode


In Wednesday's paper there was an article about Djuan Goode one of the three
guys that allegedly committed a second-degree robbery and was denied release on his
own recognizance, a good decision by the court and held under $20,000 bond.

His mother complained they have no financial means having moved to
Burlington 2 1/2 years ago from Chicago. My question is this - Why would
someone move to Burlington when there are no livable wage jobs and little
work of any kind? Where is Djuan's father and his side of the equation?
What possible reason would his mother have for moving to Iowa when all their
relatives still live in Chicago? The crime stats in Burlington are probably
just as bad as they were in Chicago; so that couldn't have been the reason
for coming here. Was Djuan having problems in Chicago prior to moving to

Apparently Mrs. Goode has five children and no means of support other than
the taxpayer, regardless of where she lives.

Apparently the family didn't find anything better here than what they had in
Chicago; so why move?

I just don't understand why a mother would pick up her five children and
move to a strange town in a different state with no relatives or friends.
How did she intend to support herself and her children?

Mrs. Goode probably wishes she never came to Iowa now because her son will
probably be a ward of the state for the foreseeable future should he be
found guilty of robbery.


01:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

20 February

Catfish Bend Lemurs Make Dilbert's National Cartoon Strip

WOW!!! We're in the Big Tent Now!

According to the story in the Des Moines Register, Dilbert has outted Catfish Bend's Drunken Lemurs.

Click Here to read the Dilbert cartoon.

To buy your favorite Drunken Lemur a Gift, Click Here. Select today's date 2/20/2008 to get the correct cartoon.

We're in the Big Tent now!


P.S. For you new readers Blind Drunken Lemurs are not to be confused with our local crop of Mindless Lemming Sheep (Our Supposed Leaders) or Blind Lemming Sheep (The Expert Followers) products of our local one party political quagmire.

11:19:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Supervisors & The Chamber


With all the failures attributed to the Chamber in bringing livable wage jobs to Burlington does anyone expect them to be above board when begging for cash to support their elaborate office space and maintaining their

Of course the same goes for the current board of supervisors who are overpaid, unreliable and outright non-achievers.

Boy, when it comes to Des Moines County and the Burlington City Council we're stuck with nothing but bottom feeders that have no respect for the laws governing them anymore than they respect the misguided citizens that elect them year after year, losers all.


03:02:08 - SPIKE - No comments

The Law Does Not Apply to Des Moines County


Des Moines County's single party system can do whatever they damn well please. Hoschek, Heland, Senator Courtney, City Councils, etc. all have learned this by experience.

Turn off the tape. Give the Chamber and other organized pressure group, especially unions, anything they want. After all, it is not real money. It is tax money.

The Governor and the Attorney General depend on Des Moines County's single party machine every time they run. They are not about to do anything about breaking open meetings law. Besides, the current system makes any who complain hire their own attorney.

Where is our brave and courageous defender of the public right to read advertising? At best, a few brave words of rebuke. Talk is cheap. Court cases defending the public right to know eat up ad revenue. The Advertiser perpetually endorses the guilty, no matter what their crime. Party over principle.

Change the law? Not if Senator Courtney and his comrades in the legislature can help it. Trust them. The Governor will not be forced into any embarrassing veto.

Until people in Des Moines County realize what is being done to them and vote the bastards out, nothing will change.


The law doesn't apply in Southeast Iowa. Open meeting laws are violated by just about everybody.


03:00:38 - SPIKE - No comments

19 February

When Will They Ever Learn?

Hoschek & Heland Conduct Illegal Meeting

County Spending Running Unchecked

Sources tell us that last Thursday Des Moines County Supervisors Tim Hoschek and Jeff Heland conducted an illegal meeting with the Chamber.

Heland told Des Moines County Auditor Carol Copeland to turn off the audio recorder and proceeded to conduct their meeting with the Chamber. Apparently, the Chamber has requested an increase in funding from the taxpayers for tourism. But how would we know? There is no record. And no one from the Ad Vertiser present.

In a side note we understand that Heland has been spending county money like it was his personal checking account. Now our money supports his excess.

There were no substantive negotiations with the county’s unions. I guess that is the price the taxpayers pay for Heland's election to office. Just give them whatever they want.

There is no fiscal management left and lawlessness has set in. Sounds like the Ghost of Slagle.


04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

18 February

Siemens Adds 287 Jobs

Siemens Power Generation announced plans to expand its wind turbine blade factory in Fort Madison adding 287 jobs.

You read it here last week. You'll read it there tomorrow.

15:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Oskaloosa Man Sues City Council Over Open Meetings Law

An Oskaloosa man has had enough of these illegal closed session meetings that seem to run rampant.

It can be done.

09:51:32 - SPIKE - No comments

17 February

The Manor Mall - A Monument to Mendacity


Nice photo of Slagleville west.

You confiscate property and throw people out of their homes. You tax people like hell to do so. After spending over $5.5 million, your developer buddy backs out.

Raise taxes again to cover the losses created by the development failure.

Victims on fixed and low incomes can not afford the taxes. They are reduced to living in old trailers. You sell off lots and put up old trailers where your mall was supposed to be. You become a great humanitarian by arranging to house your victims. Your "kindness" is front page news in the Advertiser.

Pity wears thin after a few years. Trailer people are trash of a lesser God. Trailer people are blight. It is time to clean up Burlington. The Advertiser runs "news" stories denouncing the horrible blight.

Something must be done.

The school district uses taxes and eminent domain to buy up and drive away the people of blight. You build another middle school, be it necessary, or not. Taxes go up again.

The property never again goes on the tax rolls.

Slagle was a real genius. The wonders he worked with the assistance of the Drunk Mayor and Senator Courtney never cease to amaze. Slagle and the Drunk Mayor are now history.

We still have Senator Courtney. Do you think Senator Courtney can work with Ell, Murray and others to keep us on the path of brilliance blazed by Slagle?


03:05:16 - SPIKE - No comments

16 February

Blood on the Newsprint


"Stanton, who had headed the newspaper's digital news report and Web integration, replaces James O'Shea, who was fired in January in a clash with Publisher David Hiller."

The L. A. Times is trying to adjust to changing times. Falling circulation and ad revenues have made the position of editor a rope and trap door. The latest to climb the scaffold has digital experience.

The decline is industry wide. The great bastion of elitism, The Washington Post, which has passed judgement for so long as to what we as a nation are supposed to know and think is in trouble. Burlington's turn will come.

As the recognized new media pioneer in the small market of Burlington, are you a candidate for Advertiser leadership like Mr. Stanton at the L. A. Times. When Delaney the deluded and Allison the arrogant get the axe, will you be wielding it at the behest of the Advertiser's absentee owners?

Stranger consequences created by change have been known to occur.


If you examine the Ad Vertiser's Sunday advertising inserts you will have noticed a decline. Many of the Sunday's usual advertisers are somewhere else.

By the time you get to Monday, the Ad Vertiser is so thin it could be released in one section and still see through it.

Advertising dollars are spread to media that produces results. Newsprint based media is declining in results.

We have no doubts that the 1,000+ area readers/day enjoy an ad free environment. So we will stay that way.

Besides, advertisers would incur such local wrath the gamble on new business is hardly worth it.


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15 February

Saturday Court House Meeting


Just to let your readers know that Courtney, Sands and Cohoon will be at the court house from 9:00-11:00 in the Supervisor's Board Room.

The floor will be open for any questions or comments.


15:06:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Zone Liability Cost Ignored


Quiet zones for rail crossings would cost the city far more than has been
said because once zones are in operation the liability for an accident in
the quiet zone is shifted from the railroad owner or transit operator to the
local government.

This means any accidents would be the liability of the Burlington taxpayer
and not the railroad which could involve millions of dollars should an
accident occur.

Also, a special assessment against those desiring the quiet zones would be
better than taxing the entire population because these zones are for a
special interest group, namely downtown inhabitants. Other cities assess a
special assessment tax for up to 20 years to pay for quiet zones.


Minor detail. No problem. "I'll check with staff." "Without a name it is worthless."

And in this corner - BNSF.

I can't wait to see how this shapes up and our local nitwits decide to cover it up.


11:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Sayeth the BNSF?


The City of Burlington's pursuit of quiet crossings goes forward with little mention of the major party involved. Yes, the railroad is required to put in quiet crossings at the City's expense. Full and mutually beneficial cooperation is not required.

The railroad is probably still smarting from the children at City Hall and the Union Hall for "without merit" messing with their right of way. The judge extended mercy to the mentally and professionally challenged who cluttered his court. The City should have paid the railroad's legal expenses.

The Drunk Mayor, Senator Courtney, Lost Keys Ell, et. al. wasted tax dollars. Tax dollars grow on trees. Look at local property taxes the railroad pays. The railroad spent hard earned revenue. Were I the railroad, I would be in no mood to cooperate with the City.

Unlike the City of Burlington, the railroad is a going and growing concern. Revenues and national importance are rebounding. Serving back waters like Burlington is no longer the railroads focus, nor future.

19th century routes like the one through Burlington are a delay and expense to expediting freight across the continent. Line relocations around irrelevant bottle necks like Burlington are becoming economically viable. In some cases, federal assistance has been made available for such projects.

Until Senator Courtney, Ell and any remaining guilty idiots join the Drunk Mayor in political obscurity, honest, beneficial cooperation with the railroad is probably a moot point.

Until a better relationship is re-established with the BNSF by the City of Burlington, proceed with extreme caution on any project involving public money and the railroad.


Oh yes, the railroad. Bully Bill Ell's favorite target. I guess that comes from getting your nose bloodied far more times for lying than he ever did anywhere else and then running to hide behind the skirt of Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Scott Power?


11:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Siemens Set To Expand


Siemens is set to hire an additional 250+ soon. Stay tuned for an announcement!


10:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bank Thief


I wonder what a lower echelon bank employee would have gotten for stealing
over a half million dollars? How much would a person get for just picking
up a large bag of money and running out the door get for prison time, should
he or she get caught?

Does anyone recall what that teller, at the same bank got as punishment for
stealing depositor's money? After all I would assume this is all
depositors' money in the bank and not necessarily the banks'.


This nonsense from bank officials is comical. It is always the customers' money.

The teller had a drug problem. The banker had a greed problem.

You would think that carries more weight than 3 years.


10:52:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Slaglesville West Retirement Community

Or A Preview of The Results of Bruce Slagle's Financial Consulting Skills?


Below is a photo of the new retirement community located at the old Manor site that cost the Burlington taxpayer in excess of $5,000,000.

The name of the community, Slaglesville West, was selected by the city council to pay tribute to Bruce Slagle a previous city manager who did so many good things for the citizens of Burlington.


We thought it was a preview of the work Bruce Slagle will perform for your community if selected to consult on your city financial matters.


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Heart Felt Hugs from the Mugs at City Hall


Will "King Pin of Keys" Ell and "Digits" Doug Worden be doing the heavy lifting when it comes to replacing Slagle "The Silencer?"

Some young guy with a little time under his belt and experience at making potential problems for the boss disappear is hard to find these days.


10:46:45 - SPIKE - No comments

The Deadline is Today


If memory serves me, today is the deadline for submitting an application to be Burlington's next City Manager.

Did you get any response to the application posted here a month, or so, ago? If so, I hope you forwarded them to the City. I heard the City got around 12 responses as of earlier this month.

I imagine an opening as night shift manager at a burger joint would draw more interested prospects. Working with high school kids would probably be a more enlightened and honest class of co-workers than the current majority of our City Council.

If the current applicant crop is not up to par, will the deadline be extended and the standards set even lower? Is the Parole Board likely to release any worthy prospects soon?


The mayor has been known to change requirements to suit his fancy. Or, was that change his suit to be fancy?

Either way, it is usually wishy-washy.


10:35:03 - SPIKE - No comments

Neighbor In Jail Over Threat To Kill Dog

Just worthy of notice to various miscreants that like to create havoc.

10:32:53 - SPIKE - No comments

14 February

Burlington Bank & Trust / Two Rivers Vice President Gets 3 Years in Prison

Burlington Bank & Trust / Two Rivers Bank & Trust Vice President Mike Miller was sentenced Wednesday to 3 years in prison for embezzlement and money laundering.

Apparently, the Judge must have thought the crime involved the customers' money; unlike the bank president's thoughts.

03:46:31 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Crossings We Can Afford

Re: "Yep. And we stand by those numbers. We'll see who was right before this is over. $178,000 won't even pay for the signals unless you bulldoze the crossings."


How could you doubt the wisdom of Burlington's City Hall? There is no way that quiet crossings downtown will end up just like that big septic tank that was under estimated by more than a $1 million dollars.

Slagle found what he was looking for in a Minnesota consulting firm. While he was at it, Slagle found a Land of 10,000 Taxes consulting firm to give us quiet crossings that will not wreck our budget.

Those responsible for our safety have already checked it out. We have nothing to fear.

Yea of little faith.


03:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser & DNR Ignore Dumping Video & Story


I went to the council meeting last week and the city found my moving permits. I am surprised that they didn't find them sooner.

It has been a week now since Mr. Abell and I viewed the videos on the illegal dumping. There hasn't been anything listed in The Hawkeye about the illegal dumping. That doesn't really surprise me.

The city council said I could leave the tape with them. But if I did I figured I might as well just throw it away.

It really doesn't surprise me that there has been nothing in the newspaper on this dumping issue. When I was down at The Hawkeye, I had an letter to the editor I wanted to check on.

We went to Mr. DeLaney and he said that the letter was too long to publish. "He decided what went in the newspaper and what didn't."

Having only met the man once, he seems to me to be a smaller version of Bruce Slagle.

The city council hasn't got this worked out on the moving permits yet. I think that they are going to be very surprised on this dumping issue.

I think Mr. Powers is due to make some more money off of the city.

What really surprised me last week though, we had more people down there for the dog park than we do when the bigger decisions are made in this town. I'm not against the dog park, but it seems a little strange to me how committed Mr. Thomas and Mr. Scott are for the dog parl and the kids in this town have to wait around for a ball diamond.

I have tried to contact Mr. Earley from the DNR, but he doesn't answer his calls or emails. His boss, Mr. Leopold, doesn't answer his either.

The time is coming where they are going to have to start coming up with some answers.

And yes, Mr. Murray I know who took the videos. And before long you will too.

Leonard Johnson

Well, I am not surprised Publisher Steve Delaney's remarks or attitude. He knows what's best for the community, not you! After he reads this on BurlingtonDerailed there will be a short one day article with 50 paragraphs of rehashed crap filler. That is why everyone needs to tell their friends about this website.

When someone files a lawsuit the city council will wake up. And Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Scott Power will start to hose the city some more with his winnable case bullshit.

It will get exciting when the EPA or state auditor steps into this mess. Concealing illegal dumping might be a Federal crime if it contains asbestos. Then the phone calls to the DNR will be answered.

As for Junior Murray. Well, he just doesn't know any better. His vision for Burlington is hiding behind is youthful ignorance of the law and acting like a Baby Robin.

Be patient. The truth can only be hidden so long. Then it will flow like our raw sewage overflow during a rainstorm.


03:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Zone - Cost Is No Problem


$178,000 or $1 million, what's the difference? We must have it or we wouldn't spend it. Just ask the idiots on the council, they think we are rich and have a bottomless barrel.


03:27:53 - SPIKE - No comments

13 February

Quiet Zone Cost Questioned


I see the new issue of Trains magazine states the estimated costs for Burlington's quiet zones fall between $200,000 and $1 million per crossing.

Aren't those the estimates you threw out?


Yep. And we stand by those numbers. We'll see who was right before this is over. $178,000 won't even pay for the signals unless you bulldoze the crossings.

That Damn Spike

06:29:04 - SPIKE - No comments

A New Oversight Committee?


Someone mentioned oversight committees for our fearless leaders but the mayor said it was not necessary as it would lead to nothing new.

I bet it would lead to great deal of underhanded dealings especially the Manor Project they do not want anyone to know about.

I was wondering if maybe these committees would be good for the city council and for the county supervisor's, especially to keep check on their wages, as they would have to cooperate with the committee if it were to be set up right.

Is this correct or does a committee not have any power to get the papers or whatever it needs to see what happened?

Can anyone answer this?

just wondering

With the fear of retribution quite high, any citizen can demand documents from either clown shed.

The idea of a citizens' oversight committee would be great if they are granted the power needed to control.

The best solution is to vote them out of office. It is faster and will lead to less headache.


06:22:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Dog Parks, Dog Poop & Our Mayor - Lost Dog Ell


I thought public parks were for all public use. From what I seen at the last council meeting people using it will pay a fee. So it sounds like if I don't pay the fee I am not permitted to take my hound to this public area.

I believe it should be given to the kids for baseball then the public could use it on the non-league playing times.

I also have seen it one-to-many times coming from the mayor's mouth, "I didn't know" or "I don't understand."

I just feel our mayor does not have enough brains to decide on anything when asked until he talks to Worden, Power or others in charge. He cannot make any decisions on his own and when he does he almost always changes his answer soon after with the saying, "I didn't understand the question; I didn't know; Oh, you are being negative please sit down."


For somebody that sits around city hall and proclaims that he knows more than the rest of the city council either he is asleep in his chair when he is there or the rest of the council is asleep in theirs.

Either way, the taxpayers get screwed.


06:16:54 - SPIKE - No comments

Bruce Slagle Effect


Now that “The Spruce" Bruce is gone, does city council need to do something along the lines of this?

Council pays psychic to evict ghost

It may not be such a bad idea.


Ghost of Christmas Future

06:10:14 - SPIKE - No comments

Babe Ruth League Funding


Isn't it surprising how fast the Burlington City Council could get on the CAT Grant bandwagon after Mayor Trousil and his council put the idea out there.

Of course, they (BCC) still haven't put their names on the dotted line for funding.


There isn't an original thought that goes through "I'll check with staff" Lost Keys Bill Ell's head. And we note there are no regionalism ideas coming from Jim Davidson in the spirit of cooperation.

Kudos to West Burlington for stepping up to the plate.


06:07:36 - SPIKE - No comments

Comedy of Errors


The new retirement package presented by the school board to the public indicates potential savings of $170,000.

What it doesn't tell you is that the some of the people eligible from the support staff will actually make more in retirement taking the package, than if they stay at their jobs.

How that saves money, I'll never know.


New Math?


06:00:53 - SPIKE - No comments

12 February

What is a Post Turtle? Supervisor Tim Hoschek

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75-year old Des Moines County farmer, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually the topic got around to Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek and his elevation to Chairman of the Board of Supervisor. The old farmer said, "Well, ya know, Tim is a "post turtle'."

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a "post turtle" was. The old farmer said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle.

The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain.

"You know he didn't get there by himself; he doesn't belong there; he doesn't know what to do while he's up there; and you just want to help the dumb animal get down."


03:49:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Kirkwood Street To Be Renamed Pothole Or City Council Ave.


Seriously, be careful while driving on Kirkwood St.; the potholes will destroy your vehicle. That's from either end, too. It's already ruined my car's front-end alignment.


Was it this 40 footer?

01:57:42 - SPIKE - No comments

Dog Pooh


It looks like the special interest crowd will get their dog pooh park while
the majority of dog owners will continue to fertilize the lawns of city
property owners. That part of the city code about dog crap is a joke as are
many of the political correct canned codes currently un-enforced in

In my opinion a dog pooh park should be somewhere removed from areas where
the general public gather and not in a public park. Maybe the city should
provide each dog owner with a gas allotment, similar to what Slagle got so
they can afford to run to Dankwardt Park each time their dog has to pooh or
stretch its legs.

Maybe that large strip of untaxed land running from Mt. Pleasant St. down to
Agency on the western edge of the city line could be used. There are
several acres overgrown with shrubs, weeds and wild flowers, and the dogs
would probably love running around there for their exercise. Since the
owner pays no taxes on it why can't the special interest dog owners use it?

The next time you step in dog crap while cutting your grass just remember,
a dog park will change nothing while it serves a few avid dog owners, at
least until the newness wears off.

Pooped Out

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Looking Out The Window

Here's the window.

This was the view.

S122-E-007026 (9 Feb. 2008) --- This digital still image of the International Space Station was photographed through an overhead window on the Space Shuttle Atlantis as the two spacecraft approached each other for a Feb. 9 docking. While STS-122 astronauts were recording photos of their home for the next several days, crew members aboard the ISS were clicking images of the shuttle, with the primary focus being on its thermal protection system. NASA Images

00:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

11 February



Let's see, Hoschek can skip budget meetings to earn $200.00 over 2 days, but complains about paying dues (around $300.00 annually) for Gina Hardin's involvement in a local service club.

This is an organization that raises funds for children's needs of all ages in the community. Such as the Boots and Coats program that distributes new coats and boots to elementary schools for those children that go without, the program that distributes new dictionaries and thesauruses to all middle school children and raising money for the Key Club scholarship program at the high school.

And let's not forget the annual Pancake Breakfast (I have seen Tim glad handing at this event). They have a number of other events throughout the year to raise awareness of the needs in our community.

This is a group that thrives on giving of their time (yes Tim, they volunteer their time) to give back to the community, too bad Tim doesn't see this.

In comparison the city of Burlington gave the City Mis-Manager over $300.00 a month for a car allowance.

When we allow part time mail carriers/part time supervisors to miss crucial budget meetings for a small payday what did we as a community get from that?

What service club do you belong to Tim?


Hoschek belongs to the largest service club of all, his own self-service club. Free dues and all the benefits.


02:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Fed Up

Hi Spike.

Usually when someone gets a raise, it's because of job performance, not because someone else got a raise. The formula that Des Moines county uses to determine raises is bizarre.

My taxes have gone up 100% since 1995. My services have not gotten any better, in fact, they have gotten worse.

I haven't had a raise for about 7 years. I am ashamed to live in this area, and the local elected people have made me feel this way.

I will never invest another penny into Des Moines County as long as these baboons are in office. I can't blame any company for not wanting to open up shop here, I sure as hell wouldn't, and I won't. This area is the mother of all jokes.

Shame on you board of supervisors- shame on you city council- I know you read this. to hell with you.

God bless Spike, at least Spike uncovers the real news.


02:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

School Buses


I see where the Ft. Madison school district is worried about the shortage of
school bus funds because of the high cost of fuel and bus drivers.

Burlington's lackluster school board and previous loser superintendent
decided to build a new middle school on the far outskirts of the city.
There aren't even sidewalks in that part of town, it's the sticks.

How in the hell are students supposed to get to that school? I would
estimate at least 80 percent will be bused because it'll be impossible for
most students to walk that distance while wearing down the lawns of home
owners living in the area. Is the school system going to put in sidewalks
for those living along the way to that school?

To me this school is just another poor decision by the school board and
others who shoot from the hip here in Burlington. When it comes to
leadership Burlington just doesn't cut the mustard. No consideration was
given to the taxpayer when the decision was made to build a school out near
the far edges of the city. If the state thought like our school board
Burlington would still be the state capital. Can one understand why
Burlington isn't the state capital? Does it make common sense to have moved

I guess if we have the money to blow on a no longer employed superintendent
to the tune of $100,000 per year we can surely blow more thousands on
needless busing of students. Our school system is a bottomless pit where
enough money will never be enough nor make children learn. We're already
getting a substandard school district for approximately $11,000 per student.
Just how much will it take to buy our way out of a broken government school
system when the root cause isn't even realized?

Everyone involved in selecting this site for a middle school should be fired
and run out of town. The handling of the previous superintendent would have
been grounds enough. We just can't afford this continuous election of
people to public office that have no common sense. I really hope those in
public office here in Burlington are not graduates of the Burlington School
District or we're in real trouble, this also goes for the city council.
Maybe one rule for running for public office should include mandating that,
"no graduate from the Burlington School District need apply." We just can't
afford the lack of common sense leadership anymore.


Now Ft Madison can't run their school buses? First it was their fire department.
Then their police department. Now cross train everyone to be someone else and
something they aren't. Can anyone spell broke?

Maybe we should annex Ft Madison and bus their students to Sunnyside Up Middle School.

Makes sense to us. Maybe Senator Junior Murray could tell us how that would work.


02:51:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Babe Ruth Dilemma Has Possible Solution


I found it more than a little ironic/amusing/ridiculous/inexcusable that when the two reps from the Babe Ruth league came to WB's city council meeting seeking funding for baseball field lights, they not only got immediate
assistance from WB, but possibly got much more than they asked for.

Randy Pflum has spent numerous Monday evenings at the Burlington City Council meetings requesting assistance for a dilemma caused by the council's reckless actions, only to hear, "We're trying to find you some money that we will pay out over 10 years".

After the presentation at the WB meeting, Mayor Hans Trousil said he thought he had come up with a solution to their problem.

Based on info from regional planning, the money to add lighting to the SCC field could likely qualify for CAT Grant funding. Both Pflum and Scott Peck looked at each other in amazement because they had never heard of anything like this.

It would seem to me that the likes of high dollar city officials such as Slagle and Worden would know about this funding source and the likelihood that the project might qualify. At the very least they could have contacted SEIRP as Trousil and WB City Administrator Dan Gifford did during which time Tapp indicated that it sounded like a viable project.

When Peck said they only needed about $35,000 to reach their goal of $175,000, Trousil advised him to request the full amount in the grant in hopes they'd get what they needed.

It's great to know that WB is looking out for the little guys, because all the guru's in command at Burlington are probably busy sifting through those multitude of developer offers for the Manor Debacle Project.


Mini-Me is looking through Golf Digest and Golf. He could care less about Babe Ruth. He's a short timer and nowhere to go.

As for Lost Keys Ell he knew about the CAT money but was keeping it a secret from the rest of the council.


02:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

09 February

Hoschek Reaction to EM Budget Not Puzzling

This Is Hoschek’s Normal Response to Peer Criticism

I can’t get over this morning’s article in the Ad Vertiser. Everyone wonders why Hoschek is in a wad over the emergency management budget.

It is real simple. It stems from illumination and illustration.

Our readers have been on Hoschek’s ass for over a week over his decision to go play mail man and make $200 instead of attending the county budget meetings.

Hoschek only reacted like the caught little rat he is to the criticism of his poor job performance. Little Timmy’s grand standing for the voters gets more pathetic every time he tries to pull it off.

All of the commission members had the drill down cold. Hoschek had his chance but he was off somewhere else slopping in the trough of taxpayer money and not where he should be; providing his needless input during the budget meeting instead of days later when he has been outted.

Over the next 8 months everyone needs to tell their friends, neighbors and acquaintances to read BurlingtonDerailed. We’re going to tell Hoschek’s story. It isn’t going to be pretty.

Hoschek needs to have the voters slam the door on his dumb ass this year for good. Just like they did on his partner in taxpayer crime, Ben Diewold.

Enough is enough. Send this whining, whimpering jackass home.


10:37:30 - SPIKE - No comments

County Pay


I agree that the local government pay is becoming excessive, when you include their health insurance and pensions. Most employee's today are not receiving 4% - 5% pay raises annually, if they even get a raise. To continue to compare to other cities or counties, is an out of control method. It never ends.

In fairness to Hoschek. Heland and Beck voted for the raises too. The City and County will not have the funds for proper road maintenance, but they will always have the funds for their pay increases.

It's really sad. They are politicians, not managers. If these people are not happy, they can move or go get a job in the private sector that pays less and does not have the same benefits.

It's wrong to continue to expect more from our citizens.


10:18:10 - SPIKE - No comments

08 February

Call The Waaaaaaaaaahhmmbulance for Timmy!


We need to look hard at our budgets, but let's give ourselves a raise. We work hard as part-timers and we need to make full time wages. A county supervisor (part time)makes more than a teacher starting in the school district (full time). That doesn't add up, I wonder if Timmy could explain that to anyone - other than his pets?

As far a the family thinking he is being picked on - Timmy makes it to easy. As far as the Hoschek name, didn't Falcon list a Hoschek in the arrest column a few days ago? Didn't Susan Hoschek file Bankruptcy a few years back? Or was that some other family?

If they think Timmy is being called out, call the waaaaaaaaaahhmmbulance.


Timmy couldn't have seen the budget, he was out hauling the mail for $100 a day. The Chairman of the Des Moines County Supervisors missed the most important meetings the county ever has each year to carry the mail and make $200 for himself. I wonder if he charged mileage?

Maybe Hoschek would be willing to donate that $200 to the Des Moines County coffers to offset his county paycheck for those 2 days at his other part-time job. Probably not, since Hoschek needs the money so he can pay his $28 portion of the tax bill on the family co-op cabin on the river.


09:58:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Threats And Thuggery


With all of the threats of violence and generalized ass kicking being issued by the lackeys of the powerful, is there any wonder why the oppressed who dare to speak out in this corrupt little corner of Iowa go to such pains to keep their identities unknown?

When mayors are out of control drunkards capable of anything and county supervisors employ goons to threaten their detractors keeping anonymity is paramount.

The thugs in power in Southeast Iowa will maintain their little fiefdom one way or another. You will be silent and cooperate or you will be silenced by other means.


They try. But the beam of electrons has the cockroaches occasionally scurrying for their hole.


09:56:46 - SPIKE - No comments

City Illegal Dumping Question Remains Unanswered

Junior Murray Playing Lawyer


I do not know Leonard Johnson. I did watch the city council meeting this week. Johnson claimed to have a video that provided proof of illegal hauling and dumping from the City project at the Manor.

In the meeting, council member Murray asked Johnson, who shot the video? Murray said, "Who shot the video! If I don't know who shot the video, it is like an anonymous letter, not worth the paper written on." I disagree.

If it is illegal and there is proof, unlike the proof when the DNR supposedly checked it out, wink wink, then illegal, is illegal. If this were a private business doing the project, rather than the City, the City inspectors would have enforced every rule and code. We all know how they operate, unfairly. Then again, their former boss was running the project.

The police dept. welcomes anonymous tips and information to help solve crimes and illegal activity. They can't deny that.

So what is so wrong with an anonymous video, Councilman Murray? Is City Hall afraid of the truth? It sure looks like it. Will they ever restore integrity in Burlington City hall?

Burlington Resident

Ignorant youth caught on tape. No, not the dumping. Junior Murray playing lawyer. He has quickly become the New Senator King!

It is not relevant who shot the video until it is time to file charges and go to court. You can bet Leonard Johnson knows who shot the video.

Caught. Caught like rats right in their lair of city hall.


09:26:05 - SPIKE - No comments



Now that Slagle is gone I would assume he erased all incriminating evidence of his wrong doing from his computer and burned any hard copy evidence. I think the council should remove the burn barrel from his office and ban illegal burning in city hall offices.

Maybe the council should have his hard drive analyzed because most information is probably still lurking in there somewhere.


Oh, but the communication problem is resolved!


09:24:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Taxing Little Timmy


"The IRS doesn't allow someone to claim mileage to travel to their primary office. They can claim mileage on a personal car for going out and about, to work sites or remote offices."


If GH is correct, is Hoschek's home his office? Does struggling to comprehend "Hooked on Phonics" at the kitchen table make your home an office?

If Little Timmy's home is not his office and mileage from home to work is not IRS legitimate as a business expense, would that make mileage paid by the County to Hoschek income? If so, has Little Timmy been reporting such mileage compensation as income?

I plead innocent to being an accountant or an attorney. I do watch Perry Mason reruns on cable. While this may qualify me to represent the City of Burlington, I do not consider myself qualified to issue a professional opinion on Hoschek's mileage.

Is there an accountant, or tax attorney, in the house who would care to render an anonymous opinion?

Assuming Hoschek's home to Court House mileage is income, should his tax returns be audited?

Who do we call?


09:18:19 - SPIKE - No comments

BHS Basketball 3


I think RG's biggest issue is with the fact that it is the "good ole' boys" system that is influencing the progression of the BHS program. WE all know it happens, we all see it, and it is unfair.

It's just too bad that it's the KIDS that have to pay for the peer pressure that the coaches succumb to. I have seen the player that RG mentions. Where did he come from? He would be starting on any other team in Southeast Iowa right now.

I can't see any reason that he wouldn't be playing varsity for Burlington...other than politics!


08:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 February

Missing House 2 - Obviously Slagle Has Left The Building

Call For Archeologists


Don't you just love it. The missing permits for the lost house have now been found after having been mysteriously "misfiled." You can tell the perpetrators, Newby city planner and Lost Keys Bill Ell, this is Deception 101.

It is readily apparent Slagle has left the building and the mice are left to their own innate abilities.

If any of you amateur archeologists researched Slagle's early years I would guess that you would see this same pattern emerged shortly after Slagle arrived in town.

The Bruce Slagle computer of lies is still there. It is just in different hands.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Re: Driving Ms. Timmy


The IRS doesn't allow someone to claim mileage to travel to their primary office. They can claim mileage on a personal car for going out and about, to work sites or remote offices.

The question then begs if Tim claims his home as primary office. Do the others do the same?


For Hoschek, home is where the trough is.


04:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

BHS Basketball is in good shape?

Dear Spike,

I feel like I need to respond to RG and the actions he or she feels need
to be taken with BHS Boys Basketball Coach Jeff Bloomer.

I have been attending Burlington High School Basketball games for 30
years, maybe missing a total of 30 games in those years. I have seen the
ups and downs of these seasons and this just happens to be a down year.

For RG to be asking for Coach Jeff Bloomer to be dismissed is crazy. I
have spoken with Coach Bloomer maybe only 4 or 5 times, and have only good
things to say about this excellent person and coach.

He has been a high school coach for many of years, leading teams to state. He
works very hard with each team he coaches and knows the game of basketball.
Coach Bloomer has forgotten more things about basketball the RG would ever
claim to even know.

I remember hearing the very few names that applied for this
coaching position 2 years ago, and he was by far the best applicant. If
the answer is to fire a coach because he has a losing season or two, I
very much doubt BHS would have a coach in any sport. I guess some people
don't understand that the MAC is probably the toughest conference in Iowa.

Maybe the complaint of RG should have been for Activities Director Tom
Plein to look for another conference for Burlington to participate in
sports with, so that we can WIN ALL THE TIME! Sure, I love to win, but
believe me, in high school sports there is more to life then winning. I
have seen it even when BHS teams have seasons like BHS happens to be
having this year. I see every player on that team we have this year is
working hard and for sure a team player.


So, Activities Director Tom Plein you don't even come close to having a
problem with a BHS Boy's Basketball Coach. You have much more pressing
issues then to worry about something like this. At $5.00 per game it is a
bargain to see our teams play every year, and look forward to seeing them
be coached by Coach Bloomer.


BHS 1979

We see this as a little too self serving. I guess our readers will have to figure
the (edit) out by themselves.

In our play book speaking to a person only "4-5 times" hardly allows recognition
let alone the ability to determine whether or not he is a good person and form such a diametrically opposite view let alone how he has coached each and every team prior.

Maybe some other viewpoints on this subject and not the player.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

06 February

4.34% Raise


Great to see the Des Moines County Supervisors will vote itself a pay raise. $35,000 for a part time gig. How/where do I switch parties so that I can run for office?

Do you have councilman Murray's number, I could ask him. As I recall he ran and lost as a Republican for the State house then switched to the Dark Side and was elected to the council.


Timmy needs new dancing shoes since it is an election year.


02:50:33 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Speared


Why does it bother Sue Spear what is printed on this web site if it doesn't matter? Why is she even visiting this web site, if it doesn't matter?

When you're in public office you either take the heat or get out of your free game.

The heat must be getting to the family, they are worried they will have to support little Timmy, But wait, he's never lived on his own so he must have a lot of money saved to get him through the rough time.

Really intelligent - going to kick someone's ass!!! Real class statement, just goes to show you a Hoschek and a former Hoschek lacks it! No one said the whole family was involved in this, so don't make it such.

Timmy is ruining the name, he's at fault.


02:45:13 - SPIKE - No comments

Casino Industry Wants to Eliminate 8 year Gambling Referendums


I see the gambling industry wants to eliminate the public to renew their right to vote on gambling. If it doesn't work any better than it has here at Crapfish Bend, the taxpayers will undoubtedly have a role to play when the next bill outlines a bail out plan for successful boondoggles.


02:36:55 - SPIKE - No comments

05 February

For the Love of Timmy


I see you have the Hoscheks mad. You could be tempting an army.

Over 50% of Des Moines County voters must be related to Little Timmy. How else may one explain his re-election record?

They are planning to kick your ass. When you cannot argue against the fact that an office holder is drunk and/or stupid, you resort to threats of violence. How single party typical.

Cruel, but true, Little Timmy of the Court House is "challenged" more so than most. If the family is upset at public comments concerning Little Timmy's "special needs," Little Timmy needs to leave public office.

You better watch out. Fans of South Park will after you as well for making fun of Timmmmah.


03:39:39 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Sorts Timmy's Mail?


Which relative sorts the mail into route order so Timmy knows who gets what when delivering the mail?




03:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek's Résumé


I don't know anything about Tim Hoschek; so could you please give me a brief history on him. What's his trade and what are his qualifications for supervisor?


He has no qualifications other than his relative was mayor.

He was run out of the family brick laying business because he couldn't understand hard work.

He was fired as a county conservation officer because he didn't understand easy work.

He was fired from a couple other jobs for no work.

He is a part time rural mail man, used his route to place political ads in the mail boxes (free).

He is "watching over the taxpayers best interests." He only watches his own best interests. The most recent example included 2 days off from the budget meetings to play mail man.

He has never brought one tangible asset back from Washington, DC other than his expense account and bloated self-importance.

He has forged documents on the ethanol plant.

In 20+ years, nothing has changed.

Classic example of a true dipshit.


03:36:27 - SPIKE - No comments

Horse Whip Hoschek


Is anybody out there ready, willing and able to take on Little Timmy Hoschek?

Running against Little Timmy in a primary is pointless. The inner sanctum of the single party system will protect Little Timmy. Little Timmy may not be one of them, but he is stupid enough to do everything they tell him. Besides, Hoschek makes Courtney look semi intelligent by comparison.

This means the only recourse is to run somebody with sense as a Republican. That will require local voters to pull their head into the sunshine when comes to pulling straight party levers.

Unlike Hoschek and Heland, Beck is capable of independent abstract thought. Beck has kept his head down. The Courtney, Edwards axis of ignorance and intoxication is doubtless not thrilled with Beck.

Will the goons find another lap dog, party hack thug, like Heland and go after Beck? If they do, Beck will need support from sensible citizens in a primary

Beck needs somebody who is literate to help him run Des Moines County properly. With 66.6666% of the County Board competent, Heland can be held in check. Jeff could use the spare time to plot his someday running for Congress.

Government by ignorance, intoxication and intimidation must be eliminated. Until then, there is little hope.


03:24:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Burlington Athletics


I agree that it is hard to compete with MAC powerhouses like Bettendorf. But I think one of the problems is lack of continuity in the teams.

I heartily applaud the Y for having youth basketball teams but every year they are mixed up teams due to students changing schools.

Then we have two middle schools. The James Madison 8th grade class has tons of athletes for their football, basketball, volleyball programs. Oak Street has a very small number and consistently lose due to those small numbers. That's real great for their confidence. Why don't they combine the middle school sports? That way when they get to the high school level they are used to playing together and may actually win a few games. Continuity.

The new middle school should have been a city wide middle school. James Madison could be the city wide 6th grade. It makes so much sense!


Only continuity I see is Booster Club $$. Older students usually have a higher dollar yield per donation.


03:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Family Ties? Not Always!

Hey Spike,

If you don't like my brothers, thats fine no skin off my rear. Its your right, even if I dont agree with how you air it on the net. But to refer to my family as "mad and inebriated" well that incompases alot more than have had any thing to do with you or your site. Unless you have a problem with me or other members of my family that have nothing to do this mess, kindly leave us out.

Just curious, did you catch the Tyra show on Cyber Bullying?


Matt Edwards

You're exactly right. Not everyone in your family should be included just because of your 2 brothers' issues. When your brother gets loaded he gets mad and writes us, hence the reference to "mad and inebriated."

We're sorry to include you in the morass your brother Mike created and brother Mark perpetuates.


03:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

04 February

Hoschek Family Responds In Little Timmy's Defense

Dear LM and Spike,

You are both so full of yourselves. We will let the voters decide on whether or not Tim Hoschek is good for our county or not. Your rantings and ravings won't change anything. Never has and never will.

I would love to be face to face with you both and have you cut down my name like that again. Hoschek's have and always will be a good name in this community unlike you and yours. Be careful what you say as someday somebody is going to kick your pompous ass.

Please don't reply to my email either by the way. If you don't have the guts to print my email on your site then don't bother replying. What you have to say means nothing as usual.

Sue Hoschek Spear

I always love it when the Hoscheks respond like the ex-drunk Mayor Edwards' family; mad and inebriated.

Regardless if your email is legitimate, and it does appear to be, Supervisor Tim Hoschek is a worthless drifter, adrift in the Sea of Stupidity. It is commendable you want to stand up for your little brother's misdeeds but also puzzling that you would condone his illegal acts and self-serving behavior at the taxpayers' expense.

As for kicking my ass I guess I place as much emphasis on that as your neighbors do when you threaten to kick their ass over the truth. Kick my ass and you could wind up in the same boat as your brother - behind bars.

As for Little Timmy, he is fair game this year and we are gonna lower the boom on him. The taxpayers are tired of his stupidity, miniscule attention span and lack of moral fiber.

Write anytime.


13:25:18 - SPIKE - No comments

Ad Vertiser's Weather Forecast


If I had not read this with my own two eyes, I would have never believed it, but here’s the quote:

"The snow likely won't last long. Mud is in the forecast for today with high temperatures in the low 50s and a 50 percent chance of rain."

Does this mean I need to go out and get a mud jacket?


Muddy Waters

Was that light mud, heavy mud, scattered mud, mud drizzle or mud flurries?


13:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Quiet Zone Money Saver


I think we could save some money with this approach.


04:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Little Timmy Is Next!


We must make sure as citizens of Des Moines County that Little Timmy is put out to pasture. He has leached off the county for four terms now and wants to do it for a fifth.

I would like him to make a list of what he has done to make DMC a better place to live in. Then list the cost these trips he has taken to make DMC a better place to live in has cost us.

Hoschek is a loser. He has never been able to keep a job, he has always been fired or let go. Now DMC voters will have the opportunity to make sure this doesn't happen again.

He is a little person with a very big mouth!! He is totally into himself and will only do for others if it will make him look good.

Most of the voters that have voted for him are long in age or have departed this earth. So maybe the youth of Burlington (those that haven't departed) will help elect someone that will work hard for DMC and not someone that is just out to promote himself.


Hoschek IS a loser. Anytime the Chairman of the Supervisors can miss budget meetings to go play mail man it's time to send a clear message that this little boy needs to be spanked and sent home.


04:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Jeff Bloomer's Gotta GO!


Politics are the main reason that the Burlington Boys Varsity Basketball Team is 1-9 in the MAC. Coach Jeff Bloomer plays the golden names in Burlington regardless of the talent that is on the bench.

There is a 6'4" sophomore, who is as tall as the varsity's tallest player, who has AAU experience and can shoot the lights of the gym, and they are not playing him in the varsity games.

What gives...don't they need all the help they can get to win? There are other players who never even go out because they know it's the same old good ol' boys system and they will never get a chance to mature and blossom into their potentials.

Everyone said Coach Jeff Bloomer was going to be the shot in the arm that Burlington needed to compete in the MAC. Bloomer doesn't have the respect of the players nor the parents and he sits on the sidelines during the games and does very little coaching.

Folks, it's time to get rid of Jeff Bloomer--he's proven he can't motivate his kids. What's he teaching during his 6 day-a-week, 3 hour-practices anyway??? Quit working the kids out so hard so that you can watch them fail game after game. Try different combinations, make some bold changes and do what it takes to stay competitive and let the kids learn what it's like to have fun AND play basketball.

It's hard to compete with some MAC powerhouses like Bettendorf with their huge workout rooms and huge corporate sponsorship, an invitation-only booster club and former Hawk Eye standout Kevin Skillet as a coach. But there is no reason that our varsity boys team should be 1-9.

Please join me in wishing Jeff, farewell. We need a coach who praises his kids and makes them want to win every game, plays the talent and rewards hard work...both during the season and off season.

It's not all about winning but, gee, wouldn't it be nice to win once in a while. At $5 per head for adults fans, let's give folks their money's worth. AD Plein needs to start looking for a replacement...and soon.


04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Challenging the Local Soviet Style System


"Why all the crabbing about "ONE PARTY RULE"? Maybe someone should start another party instead of bellyaching about it." AP

If you want to challenge local single party rule, start here.

There is an opposition party in place. They can put candidates on the ballot. It is weak. It will take work. It worked within memory to give voters a choice and scored victories. Local government worked better back then.

Do not expect immediate miracles. It will take several election cycles with a lot of disappointment to turn things around.

The local ruling single party is totally dominated by well organized, ignorant, thugs. As far as anybody with quality of character and intellect working from within, the thugs will destroy them. If you do not toe the socialist line, you will be send to political Siberia.

Ask former County Supervisor Ed Blow. Blow had his flaws and made some mistakes. Blow was not blown away for any mistake in guarding the public interest.

Blow refused to support racketeering the railroad. Senator Courtney and the rest of the thugs railroaded Blow out. Senator Courtney and his goons cost Burlington taxpayers $400,000 for nothing.

Competition with a freedom based, competitive system caused the collapse of the terror based Soviet Union. AP is correct. Competition with another political party is the only realistic local recourse.

Just like businesses, when political parties compete, we all win.


03:48:00 - SPIKE - No comments

03 February

Day 3 - Slagle is Really Gone!!

I heard a door slam shut, Day 3.

Good Riddance!

Spike & The Taxpayers of Burlington

17:39:32 - SPIKE - No comments

Answer To Highway 34 Snow Removal - It's Coutney's Fault!


Falcon's reader has a good point about the lack of snow removal on Highway 34.

The only answer I have is it was Saturday. Everyone knows the State doesn't work on Saturday. That's the day they all run down and pay homage to Courtney's Biscuits and Bullshit!


06:46:30 - SPIKE - No comments

02 February

Exclusive Slagle Chamber Party Video

03:22:04 - SPIKE - No comments

The Mail Must Go Through


Neither sun, rain, nor gloom of night will stop part time rural mail carrier and some time County Supervisor Hoschek from delivering the mail.

But what about free food and booze?

If Des Moines County budget meetings were held at Martini's with taxpayers picking up the check, would we see Hoschek?

Mr. Zip

Hoschek would look like Heland.


03:12:52 - SPIKE - No comments

Fetch, Boy! Good Doggie!


"I don't know about the puppy press but it sure is the truth. As for KBUR they are so stale my old gym socks from high school are fresher."

Like Matt Murray, a shield of ignorance protects Polly Anna positivism at 1490 kilocycles of amplitude modulation. When was the last time KBUR broke a story exposing local leaders' incompetence?

At least Fred & Seven encourage open discussion of local issues. Comments there earned KCPS the honor of City Hall refusing to do business with them. Can putting a positive spin on problems to protect those lacking solutions say the same?

KBUR is truly the puppy press. Like a dog trained to fetch fish wrap off the porch every morning, all KBUR knows is what they read in the Advertiser.

KBUR has not been a source of local enlightenment since vacuum tubes glowed to deliver it.


When was the last time KBUR broke any story? However, it is a place for blind people to go to have the Ad Vertiser read aloud to them. Takes less than 5 minutes when you skip the ads.


03:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No Improvement Anytime Soon


My Little brother's birthday is tomorow. Darn good guy, sorta short and wirey when he was a kid but is like 85 when the sun comes up. He was a tailgunner on a darn B-17 in one of them other conflicts. They picked them smaller built people to fill them tiny dangerous spaces in the technology of the times.

He will always be my Hero. Did good for what the government wanted at that time. Lives in Wapello, Iowa and pretty sure he didn't do his duty to support what is going on now with this idiotic Bush administration.

I know the local crap seems important, but look on up a little, this country will be years gaining back any respect we ever had because of Bush and Rove and wide stance and others.

The local BS is just the very bottom of what is going on exponentially higher up.

I have absolutely No respect for the government we now have to live under and can't see any improvement soon. Oh, I was navy and ate good. Payin' for it now.


03:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

01 February

Should Old Atrocities Be Forgot...


When is the proper time to celebrate the departure of Slagle?

Correct me if I am wrong, but Slagle is on vacation until Friday, Feb. 1. I take that as still on the payroll. Since it is Winter, Friday golf is not an issue.

Is Friday at five the hour of our deliverance? I wonder if Worden, Ell and some of the others seen so often at the Sombrero will they be crying in their beer like Gotti's old crew when the Teflon Don left for prison?

My bottle of Andre is on ice. Should I pop the cork too soon, I can not replace my bubbly. Andre was post holidays marked down and all I can afford after paying local taxes.

In Slagle's case, the sound of Auld Lang Syne is truly "The sweetest music this side of heaven."

Please advise.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Good riddance to that worthless jackass.


03:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Ignores Budget Meetings to Make $200

Two weeks ago in the Ad Vertiser Supervisor Tim Hoschek told us all how he had the Des Moines County taxpayers’ best interests at heart. His same old hollow message.

That was 2 weeks ago.

Since that outburst Hoschek has missed two extremely important budget meetings so he could go play mailman for $100 a day. Both budget meetings were for budgets in excess of $4 million each.

Maybe Hoschek could explain this.

If not, maybe the voters can.


02:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Did You Hear?


By the way, did you hear the January 31, 2008 morning show on KCPS around 8:10 AM?

During the show Councilman Tim Scott was speaking and said "KBUR is never negative." Fred, the KCPS announcer asked Scott, "Do you defend me to the council the way I defend you to the public?"



I don't know about the puppy press but it sure is the truth. As for KBUR they are so stale my old gym socks from high school are fresher.


02:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Manor Site - False Hope


When Obama supporters are finished with their signs, "HOPE" the Manor site may be a good place for them.

Remember when some of the citizens were criticizing the city manager and the council for this project and Slagle and Ell said, just wait until they see this fancy Muir development finished, then everybody will agree it was the thing to do.

Ell said in a recent council meeting, that this will only be a few months set back for the project. Any predictions here?

I would be surprised if this is developed and on the tax roll in 5 years. Slagle is gone and Worden will be retired before this mess is settled. It could be 20-25 years before we see any new tax dollars from the Manor site. Remember Bill Ell stated in a council meeting that they were doing this so they could grow the tax base and provide the services that have been cut. That is what he said.

The people now were supposed to wait 20 years to get those services that our taxes already pay for. This is a mismanaged city that has proven that they can't be trusted. The Hawk-eye should do their job and not back off these guys even if they do take some heat.

city resident

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