Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 March

Knoke's Comments


Ron Knoke is an arrogant individual to start with. They should nail his door shut.

His comments about nailing Howard Johnsons door shut shows the attitudes of some city staff.

Yes, Howard Johnson Hotel should comply with the codes. They deserve a fair chance to fix the problems. They have also invested millions of dollars in Burlington.

I'm sure they pay a large sum in property tax. These property taxes help pay for Knoke and Clements' wages and their other good benefits.

Knoke and Clements have been on the public payroll for so long that they don't have a clue what businesses face today. Neither one of them could survive in the private sector based on Clements personal financial history and Knoke's know it all attitude.

Knoke is not the building or fire inspector and he should keep is big mouth shut and concentrate on his real problems, the streets. The streets have been falling apart for 10 years now, long before this bad winter.

Why does the city council keep this guy? Why do they let him treat the public the way he does?


Because no one has the guts to stand up and stop this stupidity.


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Knoke Puts Taxpayers $85,312 in The Hole


It sounds like Knoke is the spokesman for the city in trying to drive the
motel out of town; so it can be picked up cheap by the firm a few yards
south of it.

Knoke is paid $84,312 a year by the taxpayer and he can't open his mouth
without putting his foot in it. Now that Slagle skipped town it would
appear Knoke has taken over the helm or at least the mouth piece for the

Sounds to me like the city hasn't worked with the motel and just wants to
boot them out of town in order for the land to be put to good use, like the

Why do falling down dumpy blighted homes dot the Borington landscape and our
over paid civil servants say nothing and do nothing about it? Most of these
city management people are lifetime trough feeders that bleed the taxpayer
and are not held accountable for anything, yet receive raise's each and
every year, regardless of performance or standards. I bet Knoke has a city
vehicle or he gets a gas allowance even though he's grossly overpaid to
start with. On top of the wages the average taxpayer has no idea what these
people get in backdoor benefits.

Taxpayers in Boreington seldom if ever know what these overpaid public
servants receive in compensation, how they account for their time and what
performance standards their held to, if any. Wouldn't it be nice to see a
performance standard of what these people actually do for the good of the


For somebody that missed a construction estimate by $1+ million dollars you can
tell how little this guy cares about anything other than his paycheck.

But that isn't anything new.


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Knoke Just Normal


Everyone acts surprised Knoke stepped into the Howard Johnson's problem. You shouldn't be. It's all about city liability.

After a taxpayer hit one of the city's giant potholes out in front of HoJo's, parts probably flew off their car and fell through the dome and broke the exit lights.

Knoke was just covering his butt. Nothing more than that.

What else could his reason be?

Clear to me

Preventive liability!


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The Obsolescent - Receeding in Recession


"According to new data released by the Newspaper Association of America, total print advertising revenue in 2007 plunged 9.4% to $42 billion compared to 2006 -- the most severe percent decline since the association started measuring advertising expenditures in 1950."

An economic downturn in the mid 1950's made museum pieces, or scrap, of remaining steam locomotives. The railroad has not gone away, but the engine of delivery is not what it traditionally was.

The industry press covering those who own presses points out that newspaper web sites are experiencing advertising growth, albeit slowed by recession. In the future, will web advertising support traditional news organizations?

One aspect of the railroad that has died since 1950 is the branch line. Trucks totally took the short haul to small towns. Is it possible traditional county seat daily news organizations will go the way of the milk train to Wayland?

If the Shopper Spree aggressively goes on line and hires a few literate, objective reporters who know what they covering locally, is the Ad Vertiser doomed?

The image of the milk train makes for a nostalgic weepy eye, or two. Would anybody shed a tear if the Ad Vertiser ends up derailed?


If the Shopper Spree ever makes a move, 800 South Main will be a roller rink.


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Murray - Nervous Nelly

Bruce Slagle's Con Job Was Falling Apart


I see the taxpayers will probably be paying for surveillance for city hall.

I can't understand why Mr. Murray is so worried about protection seeing the guy has only been on the job for three months. But with our city council and the way they run things in this town they do make a lot of enemies quick.

But to save the taxpayers some money maybe we could have Mr. Murray and Lost Keys El just pat the citizens down at the door when they go in the council chambers.

Maybe this is the reason Bruce S$$ decided to move on.

Discussed taxpayer

Murray justs wants us to acknowledge how important he thinks he is to the city's future.

As for Slagle, Bruce Slagle moved on because his con job was coming apart at the seams. His crooked ways finally caught up with him and his partner in deception, Scott Power Iowa's Losingist Lawyer.


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28 March

Apple Trees Death Knell Has Sounded

According to the article this morning Apple Trees Death Knell has been sounded.

This story will be told. We've promised it.

Not now.


That Damn Spike

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Supervisors Are Overpaid - No Performance


I know this sounds a little whiny, but I've worked here in Burlington all my life. I've always worked full-time in the service industry at a manual labor job. I'm not complaining about the work; I actually still like to do it after 25+ years.

My gripe is this; in this area of the country I'm realistic about what kind of wage I'm likely to earn, all things being equal, in my profession.

But after 25+ years, I have yet to make what a Des Moines County Supervisor gets paid. And for a part-time job! Do they work harder than the city council? The school board? Me? Why such a big salary? Exactly how many hours do these gentlemen work? Why on earth do they need an expense account?

I admit I'm a little jealous. But more so, I'm mad that we can't seem to find money to fix problems, but we can hand over buckets of cash to our public employees. Cut services, but give everyone big raises.

I think we should all make big bucks. But I live in the real world. Not the fantasy government world. Can someone explain to me exactly how these guys earn their healthy wages?! Inquiring minds want to know!


The Supervisors vote to raise their wages. They also vote to limit the board to three members. Hoschek can get more money if he doesn't have to share it.

That's why he named his stuffed donkey Dumb Ass. Little Timmy realized that a real jackass would crowd his position at the trough.


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RE: Hoschek Fringe

Spike -

"America's Best Water Treaters, Inc"? Something is obviously in the water the Hoscheks are drinking. No wonder they're pissed we won't drink their kool-aid.


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Public Works Director - Hitler or Anti Business Specialist?

Burlington, Iowa - New Business Nightmare


Did you see the public works directors comments in the fish wrap Thursday? He wants to run HOWARD JOHNSONS out of town!

This is what the attitude the city has with economic development busines! Just like SLAGLE did with KOHLS! It's their way or the Highway!

Or is it something more, the real estate maybe? Either way the public works director needs to keep his Stupid ass comments to himself and try to help fix the situation. He was probably in a hurry to get out of the meeting as usual!

That is not the way you deal with the life blood of your community! If it is not in compliance you fine them by the day starting yesterday; not by shutting off the money. IDIOTS!


If I was Ron Knoke and my department missed a bid estimate by more than a MILLION DOLLARS, I'd keep my mouth shut about anything that had to do with business. In fact, that jackass should have been fired for his bid failure in his department and fired for making stupid remarks to the newspaper.

Same goes for the fire chief. His remarks are totally unprofessional and unnecessary. Coming from a person that has been bankrupt twice during his employment in Burlington, he should realize that your laundry doesn't need to be aired to the Ad Vertiser to help them sell newspapers.

To Knoke's remark,"Why are we not talking about nailing the doors shut," we pay you for facts, not your personal subjective opinions. and from what we see, you aren't too good at that for all the money you get paid.

Whatever the problems are at Howard Johnsons they need to be corrected. Now. But to make remarks like this only illuminate how screwed up the city council leadership is along with the fire department and public works department.

Knoke needs to be shown the door. Clemens needs to do his job objectively and professionally. Howard Johnsons needs to fix their problems and the city should work with them. Not deprive them of income.

Otherwise, it is nothing more than anti-business.


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IBC Can Company


Coming to Ft. Madison, another company coming to Ft. Madison. Read it here first, see it there late.

More details to follow.

BD Biz Editor

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Courtney Wouldn't Know


Senator Tom Courtney wouldn't know about business and taxes and their interaction. He's been bottom feeding for so long his lips look the algae suckers out at Hardees.


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Bottled Drink Tax


Maybe the politicians in Des Moines are trying to copy their Democrat brothers in Chicago by increasing taxes on bottled drinks. The folks in Chicago figured out they didn’t have to buy bottled water IN Chicago.

Taxpayers are always smarter than politicians think they are. If a tax can be avoided, people will find a way.


Kinda like the drunk ex-mayor avoids the nickel by buying his Miller Lite in Gulfport? Or does that qualify under NAFTA as foreign trade?


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City Manager Candidates


The city should give each candidate a city vehicle and let them cruise around the city on their own rather than provide a guided dog and pony show where the real Borington will never be shown.

The chamber will probably lay out their Taj Mahal complex for review in the Mercy Building that cost the taxpayer about $6 million in public funds, with little to nothing to show in the form of real jobs of a livable wage nature.

The first spec. building they sold has three to four employees and the second building is just taking up space. What a show for the cost to support this organization of the "let's do lunch" crowd.

I shudder to think what we'll end up with, knowing from experience how this city council and management operate.


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Bangalore or Burlington? - untorpedoed


The CEO of AT&T says he can not find Americans skilled to handle customer service jobs. I find this hard to believe.

With the exception of some local elected officials, illiteracy is not a rampant problem in this part of the world. Granted, educated South Asians may have impeccable grammar, but their accent undoes the concept.

Why does AT&T not move these jobs to depressed, developing third world areas of United States? Burlington could stand to benefit.

If the idea is to pay less than $20 for a 10 hour day, be honest about it. If it is a governmental issue of excessive tax and harass, tell us the truth.

Stop and think about the business climate close to home. The Majority Whip in the Iowa Senate announces his priority is getting even with business. Who wants to deal with dime store Marxists who would legislate your bottom line into oblivion?

At a lower level, is there infrastructure enabling you to run a business. Is there rudimentary passenger air service. Not all personnel you need to move rate a Lear Jet. Is there local political support for such?

Having a County Supervisor unqualified to even answer the phone for your business decrying passenger air service as something only for them rich people is not a plus.

At the lowest level, would you choose to be taxed to support "without merit" law suits against major corporations? Odds are, you could be the plaintiff. Would you choose to bear the burden of asinine development schemes that produce multi-million dollar vacant lots?

Does paying dearly for such foolishness while streets, sewers, side walks, etc. crumble make sense when you can take your business elsewhere?

Electing inept leaders as we have may eventually make Burlington attractive. Once the ability to support the welfare state collapses, less than $20 for a 10 hour day may become the "prevailing wage."


The CEO from ATT could find people to work, they don't want to. Just like Hoschek and Heland.


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27 March

Touring Despair, Desolation and Scenes of The Crimes


Tour buses are being run in depressed real estate markets to see foreclosed homes. In Southeast Iowa, we have whole communities that fit the bill.

Has anybody contacted Burlington Trailways, or any other transportation company about a regional tour?

Gray Line

I see where the city manager candidates are going to be taken on a tour of the city before they are interviewed.

Here's our list of the sites to be seen -

1. The Manor. Home to Burlington's biggest and most recent travesty of justice and common sense. See where our own Loser Lawyer, Scott Power, will continue to screw the taxpayers again due to his incompetence in several more trials.

2. West Burlington Shops. See what Iowa's Loser Lawyer, Scott Power, can do for you at trial with no legal basis when supported by illegal meetings, lies, deception and crooked dealings by the former city manager Bruce Slagle, Scott Power, the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, Lost Keys Bill Ell and a host of other scurrilous players.

3. Southeast Iowa Airport. See the former home of a 60+ year business forced out by an illegal vote of the Airport Board.

4. 800 South Main Street. See where the newspaper used to be.

5. Burger King. See where our drunk ex-mayor passed out and had his sleep over after a night in Gulfport.

6. Fire Department. See where our current mayor lost the master key to the public schools, hid that fact from the city council for 5 months and then supported a lawsuit that cost the taxpayers over $58,000.

7. Fire Department. While there see the firemen that our city sues for no reason on a regular basis. Once again by Iowa's Losiningist Lawyer, Scott Power.

8. The Sombrero. See where the mayor and city council unwind after a night of not answering citizen's questions during council meetings and campaign advice is dispensed by the city manager to aspiring councilmen.

9. Spirit Hollow, Flint Hills and Burlington Golf Club. See where the taxpayers don't want to find out you spend your summers.

10. Slagle's Office. End your tour here to see where crimes are committed and the evidence is burned; evidenced by the soot on the walls.


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Didn't Hoschek Cover Bridges on His Many Travels?


Just read the letters to the editor, where our three supervisors are worried about out bridges and roads. They want us to let our legislators know how were feel about the funding.

I thought with as many trips Hoschek has taken to Des Moines and Washington, D.C. Mr. Big Shot would have rubbed elbows with enough important people to get this handled. He said he loved spending DMC taxpayers dollars to take trips to these places, what is he doing?

We shouldn't have to talk to our legislators isn't that what the supervisors are getting paid a high wage to do?

Hoschek has been living off the DMC taxpayers for 15 yrs., now where has it gotten us?

Please Timmy let us know what you have been doing on these trips! Make a list of your accomplishments, speak up, but don't have DMC taxpayers do what you should have been doing for the last 15 yrs!


A list with no items is still a blank sheet.

The only lobbying Hoschek does is for his own personal gain - food and drink. Little Timmy has never brought anything back from his travels except a handful of receipts and his completed expense account. Never, nothing, nada, zip.

People that have witnessed Hoschek in "action" tell us he is a drooping wallflower. He hangs along the fringe of the group grinning like he knows what everyone is talking about but remains quiet. Kinda like he acts when someone talks to Dumb Ass.


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Washed Up Little Timmy


Only in DMC can the washed up continue to cover up their bad deeds, and then a web site is created to make sure the citizens of DMC are informed about their misdeeds, then the washed up cry foul!!!

Then they want censorship!

You've got 'em on a run!


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New Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School


Why doesn't the Burlington School Board get a backbone and change the silly name of "Hawkeye Creek" before they spend money buying signage? It would be very responsible of them to admit they were wrong.



This bunch is so vain and egotistical they would never admit to a mistake. They know it all. They're above mistakes.

Like forgetting sidewalks.

BTW - We heard the sports teams will be know as the Honey Creek Turds.


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26 March

Hoschek Sleeps With A Nightlight & Dumb Ass


I heard Little Timmy sleeps with a night light. Not just because he's afraid of the dark but because he is afraid of BurlingtonDerailed.

Is that true?


We have heard Timmy sleeps with a night light. Along with a little stuffed donkey named Dumb Ass.

And maybe that's why Hoschek never answers a question. He thinks everyone is talking to Dumb Ass.

And they are!


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Made for Sitcom Political Families


Burlington's political dynasties just keep getting funnier.

Your holiday greetings from Pugsley Edwards bring a special levity at yule tide. Like a card from a forgotten cousin, it brings back memories of the politically departed Drunk Mayor.

Pugsley Edwards pales in comparison to some in the Hoschek clan. Even the dead get dragged into the act.

Vote for my dead ancestors. Vote for Timmy because my dead ancestors would want President Bush impeached. When do we get the Lincoln - Hoschek debate?

How would Grandpa Munster vote? Watching the Hoscheks is better than reruns of the Addams Family.

Spike, when do Hoschek's honeys start sending threatening letters again? I can hardly wait.


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Why Is the Mob Worrying the Lords?


What have the idiots at City Hall done that has them clamoring for greater protection from the peasantry?

All this talk of searching we, the unwashed, who enter the castle has me concerned. I am worried this action is a pre-emptive strike in preparation for something even more sinister than the failed train robbery or the empty lot Manor Mall. Have you heard anything?

When do they start searching our homes and registering our pitchforks for future confiscation?


Right after Courtney steals our personal freedom to blog about his stupid moves. Making these stupid moves only enrages the public further.


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BPD Gets Tough


It looks like the BPD are changing. I believe the former Mayor's boy was arrested for drunken driving, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and probably under age possession of alcohol.

He didn't even get to call his dad to come get him, I wonder if he was still Mayor if they would have even arrested him.

Who gave him the booze? That's the question.

Either way the boy has a serious problem that needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

Proud of the BPD for a change!


Whenever a cop uses his discretion it isn't a good idea to flaunt it in his face.

Hopefully, this kid will get help. Obviously, he could use it.


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Derailed Symptomatic of Mental Illness


People who dwell on your site and post here are sick. Medical Science says so.

If people around Burlington would just watch broadcast television news, read the Ad Vertiser and do as they are told, we would all be better off. There ought to be a law.


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Heated Court House Steps


Who in the world came up with the bright idea of heated steps for the Court House? Sounds far fetched to me. $38,000 could be spent to fill a lot of pot holes.

I think whoever it was has holes in their head. What a waste of money.

But what the hell, it`s just taxpayers' money.


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25 March

Why Stop With Bush - Impeach Hoschek Too!


Why stop with Bush? If trial for misappropriating federal money is in order, when does Little Timmy go to court?

Falsifying documents on the ethanol plant, wasn't that a crime involving federal funds?


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I’d Never Vote for “Little Timmy - Hoschek or Not!


I have no familiarity with the Hoschek name or know much about them other than the one at the court house. I don’t think anything they’ve done in the past justifies reason to elect them in the future. From what I’ve read on Derailed I’d never vote for “little Timmy” but our single party will always reelect him since they continue to think within the box or should I say, party.

Mike seems to have issues with the rest of the family and is looking to make amends or something. I don’t think the public is interested in his family synopsis. I also don’t know why he threw in the bit about Bear Sterns first, which had little to do with what he really wanted to say.

If I were Tim I’d be embarrassed to death about that letter but it’ll probably make Tim feel good. Also, did Mike finish school?

What do you think about Beck giving his daughter that $18,000 sign contract without a bid? That really pisses me off. I wonder if Tim signed off on this transaction.


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Hoschek Family Has No Choice


Some in the Hoschek family are going to great lengths to protect Little Timmy. Tying the family name to impeaching President Bush shows how desperate their appeal to the single party base.

I can understand the family's desperation. If a majority of Des Moines County taxpayers wake and realize they have entrusted their tax monies to a moron, Little Timmy will be looking for a real job, again.

Little Timmy has never been able to hold a real job. One suspects the family does not want to support Little Timmy. Keeping Little Timmy on the Board of Supervisors is not the answer.

People like Little Timmy often end up going on the County. That being the case, Little Timmy should be given a job commensurate with his skills. Sorting pop and beer cans at a sheltered workshop would do.

Many other families have known the heart break of having a "developmentally challenged" member. The answer to their care and feeding is not holding public office.


With Little Timmy's string of lost jobs the Hoschek family angle makes perfect sense to me. If Timmy doesn't keep his job at the courthouse the family will have to once again provide his care.

And the way he feeds from the public trough imagine what his beer and food bill is going to be in January when the snow is flying and depression sets in, fueled by yet more beer.

The Hoschek family has to do anything necessary to keep him in office. They have no choice.


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Panic in the Special Education Wing


The Hoscheks must be in a panic. Sending out impeach Bush craziness, what a joke.

Where does the ignorant wing of the local party of Lenin stand with Little Timmy? Are Comrade Courtney and others of the UAW Soviet backing Hoschek?

You can trace the steep decline in the quality of local government to Hoschek's first term. That was nearly 15 years ago. If Hoschek is in trouble, does that mean people are waking up?


People are going to become enlightened this election year. Tim Hoschek no more represents any union member than a frog can fly an airplane.

When we get done there won't be a union member within 50 miles of the Hoschek check box on the ballot.


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Courtney and Fraise Vote To Gut Collective Bargaining

Courtney and Fraise voted in favor of gutting collective bargaining rights in order to payback the union bosses.

Just 2 weeks ago Courtney said revising the corporate tax structure was way too complex to do in an election year. But again, for Courtney, tying his shoes is on par with Hoschek; a major daily accomplishment.

We'll see how complex this is when the corporations abandon Iowa and the union workers are mopping floors at the Chinese restaurant.

You knotheads better wake up. If corporate money disappears there isn't anyone left to pay the taxes. Then where will you two simpletons be?


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Put It Back Where It Belongs


Since the local politico claim that your readers always complain but offer no solutions, I have a good one.

According to Hoschek in the advertiser, in referring to the E-911 money problem, he says " I just think it's ''how do we afford this stuff." Here's food for thought. There seems to be around a $15,000.00 shortage. I've noticed that the supervisors are paid $33,000.00 or there about for a "part time job". I'd be willing to bet the majority of Burlingtonians don't make that much for full-time work.

Since T.Hoschek and the rest of the supervisors care sooo much about Des Moines Co., I'm sure they'd all be willing to donate half of their pay to shore up public safety. That would be more than enough to fund the E-911 system, and they'd still be getting paid probably more than they are worth!

There's a solution I think we could all live with! See how easy it is to fix broken government? Take the money from the over-paid trough feeders and put it back where it belongs; paying for public safety!


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The clock can't click fast enough for the demise of Ethanol for me. Ethanol
has driven the price of food to ridicules highs and for what?

Ethanol has proven far too expensive for the American consumer because it
requires more energy to produce than it can produce in ones tank. It's
driving up the entire cost of living while saving nothing but the bank
accounts of those producing it. Here in Boreington our Ethanol plant
doesn't even pay taxes thanks to some dimwitted supervisors who had no right
to go it alone on a project that has never proven itself worthwhile anywhere
in the country.

A handful of small companies, including Pasadena, Calif.-based start-up
Gevo, are scrambling to commercialize second-generation biofuels such as
butanol that they believe will be cheap and clean enough to put ethanol out
of business. These new fuels are even designed to be produced by the same
refineries that are cranking out ethanol now.

Our congress failed to come to grips with the farm subsidy bill by not
passing the gross limit of $200,000 in income cutoff for a subsidy. Crop
prices have skyrocketed and the farmers are still getting subsidies on top
of larger than life profits. Only in America!

Ethanol is just a loser proposition for everyone with the exception of the
farmers who were getting subsidies all along and are still getting them
despite doubling of corn prices. Of course those that run the plant have no
fear of losing a dime with all the subsidies they get plus their tax free


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Re: Hoschek Impeachment Crowd Shaken, Not Stirred


What's the matter you chickne#$%@ m@#$*# f@#$*%? You afraid that someone has an idea that you don't like? Afraid a Hoschek is smarter than Spike?


After the SPAM filters went off and if I didn't know Hoschek had a brother, I would think this was a Nigerian phishing scheme.

As for impact, I think the Nigerians are far more successful running a con job.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [SPAM] Our nation's economy is at risk of a financial collapse
From: "h2oabwtorder"
Date: Sun, March 23, 2008 11:41 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, President George W Bush and Secretary of Treasurer Henry Paulsen are not above the law of this nation.

The 3 men have broke the laws of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The bail out of the investment bank, Bear Stearns, is against the law. The use of public money for that purpose is against the laws of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The information gathered throughout my lifetime about our banking system would make most of the American public tremble to their knees, begging our congressmen and senators to take the power to control interest rates away from the central banks.

James Walsh, my great uncle and Steve Hoschek, my dad explained to me when I was a kid what the difference between a federal reserve note and a silver certificate was. My interest in the subject of international finance mushroomed from that point in my young life.

James Walsh and Steve Hoschek had no clue about the information highway's power. But, what they did know taught me to be a better businessman and taught my brother Tim to be an honest servant to the public's good. Many from our family tree have served the public good as senator, representative, firefighters, emergency medical caregivers, veterans and mayor.

I am proud to be called a Hoschek. Pronounced: Hoe Shack

I ask all voters of Des Moines County to support Tim Hoschek for another term. For 16 years he has saved you money by voting not to spend your tax dollars on stuff he believed Des Moines County did not need. And, when he did vote to spend your tax dollars, Tim believed that all the Des Moines County people should benefit from his decision.

OK, back to our economy, please, people, sign the attached petition and forward it on to your public servants, your family and your friends. Feel the power of the information network.

Your children's dollar power is at stake!

Ben Bernanke knows the Federal Reserve Act law. He knew that to cover his backside, the President and the Secretary of Treasury would have to sign off on the proposal.

Tthe Commander In Chief and his Secretary of the Treasury are about to feel the power of the net.


Mike Hoschek
America's Best Water Treaters, Inc.

Attachment -

Petition To Impeach George W. Bush

We the undersigned agree with and call upon Congress to raise debate, vote upon, and proffer to The Senate the following Article of Impeachment:

"On or about March 16th, 2008, George W. Bush, both personally and through his Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, caused to be provided to JP Morgan/Chase a bribe(1) ultimately flowing from the United States Treasury in an amount not to exceed $30 billion dollars US, via The Federal Reserve, in order to induce JP Morgan/Chase to assume the liabilities and assets of Bear Stearns and Company at a price not determined in the free market or via public bidding, in violation of the limitations expressly set forth in The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, 12 USC Ch 6."

The Federal Reserve “bailout” of Bear Stearns on March 16th constituted an unlawful act as it was in effect granting a payment of up to $30 billion US Dollars by The Federal Reserve to JP Morgan/Chase as part of the inducement to purchase Bear Stearns and Company.

The Federal Reserve proffered to the world that this was a “loan”, but in fact it is no such thing. A loan that is “non-recourse”; in other words, there is no obligation upon the acquiring company (JP Morgan) to repay the loan should the posted collateral decrease in value or turn out to be worthless, is not a loan at all. It is in fact a payment conditional upon the default of the underlying collateral, and thus, we the undersigned believe, constitutes in fact and in law an act of bribery.

Such a proffering of a public “backstop” would be legitimate when authorized by an explicit prior act of Congress; however, Congress has passed no law authorizing this action. Under the plain language of The Federal Reserve Act, The Fed is authorized to make loans under “exigent” circumstances to non-bank organizations (of which Bear Stearns was), however, it is not authorized to make direct payments to “prop up” a failing organization nor is it authorized to make payments to enrich one private enterprise at the expense of another, or at the expense, either potential or realized, of the United States Treasury.

We call upon Congress to force the immediate cancellation of the Bear Stearns transaction as an unlawful act, and should The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury refuse to do so, to bring the above article of impeachment.

(1) Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering , giving , receiving , or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in discharge of a public or legal duty .

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To which I replied:

You can't be serious.

Apparently you haven't kept tabs on your brother's activities in office.

As for honesty, your brother has no spine therefore cannot possibly have the taxpayers' interests at heart.

I think it is best we don't involve your family in this.


To which Hoschek replied:

order" Date: Mon, Mar 24, 2008 8:39 am

Dear Mr. Spike,

Well, yes, I am serious. The move by the Federal Reserve and the Executive Branch on Sunday night, March 16, 2008 to bailout Bear Stearns is against the law.

The net is powerful! Unleash the power to the people of Des Moines County.

My brother is doing a fine job for the people of Des Moines County. I know he's an honest man.

My family has always been involved in the political arena.

To keep you informed, our economy is on the brink of collapse. The Bear Stearns debacle is being debated by government officials as I write this. Our lawmakers and our courts will decide if any laws were broken. The petition helps others become aware. There's no spin here on the facts of the matter.


Mike Hoschek
America's Best Water Treaters, Inc.

To which Hoschek replied:

I apologize for sending my political agenda to you. ***** is on maternity leave as most of you already know. I was not supposed to be on her address book.

Please forgive me. I am sorry.


Mike Hoschek
America's Best Water Treaters, Inc.

And our Final Word -

Sounds like a typical Little Timmy deal - "I wasn't supposed to be doing that."

Hopefully this will end in November.


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24 March

Another Hoschek Family Member Pops Up – Wants To Impeach Bush

Supervisor Tim Hoschek’s brother, Mike Hoschek, emailed us a petition to impeach President George Bush over the Bear Stearns bailout allegedly because “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, President George W Bush and Secretary of Treasurer Henry Paulsen… broke the laws of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.”

Hoschek’s brother also proclaimed his brother was Des Moines County’s “honest” answer to all things of interest to the taxpayer.

Several things are readily apparent:

1. We aren’t going to post this crackpot’s spin on impeachment.

2. Obviously, Mike Hoschek hasn’t kept tabs on his dipshit brother’s activities while in office or the money Timmy has pissed away while slopping in the public trough.

3. Tim Hoschek doesn’t know any more about sound financial management than he does tying his shoes. Tim thinks a financial crisis is running out of mileage allotment funds in October.

4. Things are desperate in the Hoschek camp.


03:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hard to Believe - Things To Come?


I sometimes listen to local radio on the weekends while doing chores. This weekend, while listening to a local program that allows people to buy, sell and/or trade goods and services, a young lady called requesting the following – paraphrased:

She was requesting a “donation” of a TV, a comfortable couch, and to have them delivered because she “didn’t have 'no' means to get them to her house.” I could not believe my ears when she actually gave out her phone number. Perhaps she was displaced from the Manor project or something, but it sure was odd to hear on the radio while getting the laundry done.

Is this an example of things to come for Burlington? Or, perhaps, do we as a city have our own “laundry” that needs to be washed thoroughly to ensure more phone calls like this don’t become the norm around here in the future?


03:14:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ethanol Clock Is Ticking - Loudly

The clock is ticking on ethanol.


03:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

23 March

Forbes Magazine - The Taking Of Port Chester

Forbes Should Do The Taking of Burlington

Sidebar With The Screwing By Bruce Slagle, Scott Power & The Drunk Mayors


In the march 24 issue of 'FORBES" there is a article on property condemnation you should read- page 20 and page 40.


All this needs is a a one sentence quote from the first article -

"Undue judicial deference creates large amounts of government discretion that in turn invites self-interested actors to game the system."

We're sure into gaming in Burlington.


P.S. Someone drop an email to reporters Asher Hawkins, William Baldwin and the Forbes Editor. Maybe some national illumination will help guide the decision making process if these knotheads know there are being scrutinized by someone other than the Ad Vertiser.

04:08:46 - SPIKE - No comments

22 March

Bring Out Your Dead


"Bring out your dead," was heard through through the streets of mid evil Europe as the black death took its' toll.

Little Timmy Hoschek has made the message his theme to continue taking a toll on taxpayers of Des Moines County.

"I enjoy going to the nation's Capitol and the state Capitol to bring issues that are important to Des Moines County and county government that I think is vitally important to continue the services we provide," Hoschek said." It would save taxpayers' money to simply tune into the Food Channel for a full report on shrimp cocktail and other hospitality suite fare.

"Hoschek's grandfather served as a mayor of Burlington after returning from the state Capitol." Claiming clutch trouble was much more creative than pleading with police between sobs to put the ballon away. Beware of a Burger King backfire.

"Hoschek said he has been involved in economic development issues as a supervisor and would like to continue to help this corner of the state." Will more documents need doctored after the fact for another ethanol plant?

"I hated to lose my dad a year ago," Hoschek said." Many would agree. Most find it reprehensible to run for office on memory of another.

Is Hoschek's appeal to the dead an indicator of future local single party strategy? With standard bearers like Little Timmy, is the machine becoming desperate enough to follow the example of Cook County? Will the Des Moines County Auditor be ordering special voting machines to facilitate the special needs of the faithful suffering from decomposition disorder?

Adding Little Timmy's name to that of Diewold's among the departed from the County Board would be of benefit. Let neither pull a Lazarus.

If Des Moines County is ever to exit its current dark ages, some things need to remain buried.

Hopeful Reaper

It's more like Parade Your Dead with a Hoschek Button.

This guy is such a loser.


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The Best the World has to Offer?


Do you think the finalists to be Burlington's City Manager are the best of the bunch? Are better candidates being ignored as a ploy by Ell and the boys?

Bring out your dregs. When the public protests, bring forth your boy. Nobody will be any the wiser there were others better.

I hate to think the worst of our local leaders. Given the without merit messes over the last decade, I cannot help it.

Doubting Thomas

I can guarantee you these people don't have a smoking gun candidate.


01:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Manager Decision Maker Abilities Questioned


Sounds like this guy Thomas will be the new Boreington city manager unless one of the other four has more sinister qualifications.

He'd be a natural fit to replace the former Bruce Slagle and pal up with Boreington's finest wannabe public losers. Is this what we need?

Having these local's pick our city manager is an extremely scary and nerve shattering experience, based on the performance of past performance.

I hope our council checks out past behavior of the other four candidates because they obviously didn't on Mr. Thomas.


01:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

It's Official!


Timmy is running for re-election (again). And trying to do so on the past accomplishments of his family, I'm surprised, usually he says I still have some work to do. I wonder how big of an article the other candidates will get in the Hack Eye?

As far as the City manager we are screwed. As yoda once said - once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny! We started down the dark path 10 years ago, and judging by the current applicants for City Manager all hope is lost.


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The Best the World has to Offer?


Do you think the finalists to be Burlington's City Manager are the best of the bunch? Are better candidates being ignored as a ploy by Ell and the boys?

Bring out your dregs. When the public protests, bring forth your boy. Nobody will be any the wiser there were others better.

I hate to think the worst of our local leaders. Given the without merit messes over the last decade, I can not help it.

Doubting Thomas

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Is Senator Courtney Covering Up?


I read all that stuff about Senator Courtney and open meetings. I heard reports he talked about open meetings at a public meeting a few months ago.

I heard Senator Courtney denied he has ever attended an illegal secret meeting. Wasn't Senator Courtney at the secret meeting to sue the railroad? Would that meeting qualify as a not supposed to be secret meeting?

If not illegal, that railroad meeting certainly did not fit the spirit of an open meeting law. If Senator Courtney was telling the truth, is it splitting hairs like what the word is means?

There was a reporter at the meeting where Senator Courtney supposedly said he is open meetings honest. I never remember reading about this in the paper. Would the newspaper not report this for some reason?


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Does Aspen Grove Await?


"Media conglomerate Tribune Co. reported a $78 million fourth-quarter loss from continuing operations Thursday as it copes with the historic downturn in the newspaper industry."

Will declining revenues bring about a change of leadership and culture at the Advertiser?

Real newspapers are hurting. I still see the Globe and other tabloids on the supermarket check out line. They seem to stay in business with no reports of huge loses.

Years ago, the Hawk-Eye Gazette was a respected, award winning, small town news operation. It was a source of local pride. Over the decades, it has become the Advertiser.

The Gazette gone by shared a lot in common with the Chicago Tribune. The Advertiser is more a mirror of the Globe. Is this the Advertiser's survival strategy?

Whatever the Advertiser's strategy, count the advertising. It figures up as impending trouble.

If the Advertiser dies, is there an opportunity for profit in such a small market for a news and information provider? If so, is there a cadre of talent available to pull it off?

No news is better than biased news.


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21 March

Northern Lights

STS123-E-008018 (21 March 2008) --- While docked and onboard the International Space Station, a STS-123 Endeavour crewmember captured the glowing green beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Looking northward across the Gulf of Alaska, over a low pressure area (cloud vortex), the aurora brightens the night sky. This image was taken on March 21, 2008 at 09:08:46 (GMT) with a 28 mm lens from the nadir point of 47.9 degrees north latitude and 146.8 degrees west longitude.

NASA Image
22:34:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Hits New Despicable Low


Reading the paper today I saw that little Timmy is going for another term! Big Surprise!! And trying to get the sympathy vote!

Dedicating his campaign to his father, he's sickening! He hit the lowest with the remembrance to his father's passing which was more of a political ad than a remembrance. ( I know a few people in the Hoschek family and they were not pleased at all about what little Timmy did, they had no idea he was doing it and they thought it was appalling.)

He's a user of people not a helper, we do need the people of DMC to show little Timmy the exit door.


That is all the campaign endorsement needs - the family didn't know about him pandering his Father's memory to further his dismal political career as a trough rider.

Let's just say that there is going to be a lot of illumination for Hoschek this time around. Not only is he going to exposed for his ignorance by the other candidates, Little Timmy is going to be incriminated for his disregard of the law.


10:45:19 - SPIKE - No comments

Birds Of A Feather And Whatnot


According to an article the Hack-Eye, one of the candidates for Burlington City Manager, James H. Thomas, has the following qualifications for the position of City Manager:

Accusations of questionable spending practices.

Staff unrest.

Violations of open records laws.

Ran up $1,292.12 in cell phone charges on his city-issued phone during his five months in office.

$504.45 in personal calls on his city cell phone and his office phone.

The defendant in a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, retaliation and intentional interference with a female employees contract.

Owners of a business filed an intent to sue Thomas for slander, alleging the town manager called their female employees "whores and prostitutes”. This was evidently was a result of a combative and threatening verbal confrontation in which Thomas yelled, "Why don't you get back on the Pier and run your whores and prostitutes who work for you ... I know what you are running up there," at one of the owners.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have found our new City Manager! Could this man possibly be a better fit with the rest of the local political machine? I suppose if he hung out in strip clubs, lost keys and passed out drunk in Burger King parking lots he'd be too good to be true. I guess the young Padawan will have to learn some skills from his new masters.

We have to hire this guy. Pay whatever he wants just get the man here. I simply can't wait.


And who said there was no Easter Bunny?


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One More Thing Spike

One more thing Spike, take a look at this:

It's a matter of time before they come after you like this.

Keep your head down and cover your tracks.


From day one we prepared for a day when the little shits like Courtney, Power, Ell, Slagle, Edwards, King and some of the rest of these half-baked attorneys, jackasses and ne'r-do-wells tried to expose the messenger.

We've broken no law. But we know others have.

We're ready. And so are our lawyers.


03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Only the Desperate Need Apply


The cream of the crop to be Burlington City Manager, what an interesting and colorful collection of wannabes.

At least one claims to have overseen the elimination of 11 positions. As Burlington continues to shrink, a whole lot more than 11 need to go. Given our City Council, lay offs are not a likely issue. Raise taxes and hire more.

Will insulting a brothel operator cause qualms among our City "leaders?" Are they worried what effect this could have on local culture in the area of the performing arts?

No doubt any who were looking for a City Manager job did some research. Put Burlington Iowa in any search engine and Derailed is there. Cross referencing the Advertiser to Derailed will enlighten any intelligent researcher on cover up and what is really going on.

Perhaps the Discovery Channel should send their "Dirty Jobs" production team out to spend as day as Burlington's City Manager. Dealing with double dealing ignorance run wild may make shoveling hog lots appealing by comparison.

Burlington has a deserved reputation not to be envied. If these are the best Burlington can attract, it comes as no surprise.

Watch out. Worden will be declared the best possible candidate. For once, it maybe the truth and a sorry indication of just how far Burlington's decline has gone.

Things will never get better until an intelligent and competent majority are willing to seek public office and we pull our heads into the sunshine and elect them.


If this is the best, what about the other 30+ applicants?

What the hell has the council dragged in AFTER background checks?


03:41:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Manager

Only Hope for Burlington Would Be A Savior


I do hope the city of Burlington can make a good decision for the city
manager this time and not burden the taxpayer with the same results we were
given by the last excuse for a city manager.

Burlington always offers excessive wages and benefits when it comes to
compensation for its city manager, which tends to attract the bottom feeders
as was the last city manager. I think wages should be based on performance
and not just thrown at the person as bait.

Burlington, as a single party entity fails to get the advantages of a fair
and honest government run by diversity and has no checks and balances, which
accounts for many of the cities constant upheavals and failures.

I don't think the city can take another fiasco as witnessed over the past
ten years.

Other cities function well and grow while Burlington stumbles, fumbles and
shrinks. I'm beginning to think the only hope for Burlington would be a
savior and not a city manager.


How fitting for Good Friday.


03:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments



I see we now want to talk about a new law enforcement building.

This should have been done yrs ago, but now I believe it was brought up to take our minds away from other things that we need to keep our eyes on.

Like lawyer fees.

Water retention.

Street work.

$180,000 restroom.

Bike paths.

And just 1 more thing a new city manager.

We really need to get rid of these problems before we move forward.

We will have a safe river front, a quiet down town. What's next?



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20 March

Exquisite Shuttle Photos

As many of you know we have run some spectacular photos from NASA of the various Shuttle missions.

One of our readers sent this link. Go here.

These are spectacular.

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Fertilizer for Further Rot


The Chamber of Compost claims it will grow greater Burlington. All it has grown is the size of its budget and staff.

With 75% of the Chamber of Compost's funding coming from public taxation, it has become simply another arm of government. Like government, its productivity is the inverse of resources consumed.

The Chamber of Compost has become a trough hog that should be taken out behind the barn and shot.


No wonder the Chamber has created the most number of new jobs in the last two years; in-house.


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Dealings on the Dark Side of the Moon


There is a bill currently in the Iowa Senate that would change Iowa's open meetings law and access to public information. The Senate Majority Whip is whipping all over trying to sound noble on an issue he and his local party mates love to ignore.

"I believe in sunshine; when I was president of the Burlington School Board, I liked open meetings," Courtney said. "Having said all that, I am loath to start another board. I can see the day when the board votes to close their own sessions."

Note the past tense reference. Senator Courtney, not School Board President Courtney, was reportedly a ring leader at the City of Burlington's infamous illegal secret meeting to sue the railroad. Of course, all records of this $400,000 fiasco mysteriously disappeared when ordered to be made public.

It appears as Senator Courtney moves higher in the political world, the less he wants us to know.

"Courtney said the danger with closed meetings is that conversation tends to drift away from the stated purpose of the closed meeting."

Excellent point, Senator. Since you were there, would you care to tell us if the railroad lawsuit was about jobs, or filling the City's coffers to finance the Manor Mall?

"Loath to start another board." How ironic from a State Senator who follows the philosophy of too much government is never enough. Translation, keep hiring your own damn lawyers if you don't like the way we do business.

Considering the composition of Iowa Senate "leadership," expect a lot of noise and little substance when it comes to your right to know.


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Eminent Domain


The case that started it all, the Kelo decision, in New London, Connecticut is still dragging on. The project is still in limbo and no development has begun. The Supreme Court took away our constitutional right to private property over a doomed project. I am so disappointed that they didn’t uphold their oaths. This article tells the ugly details of the delay.


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Public Employee Unions


All taxpayers should read this report about local city and government unions:

The Foundry - Why Is Congress Intent on Helping Unions Bankrupt Our Country?

This is for real and our city management should start negotiating rather than rubber stamping the future contracts.

Here in Boreington there’s little to no negotiating at all which is why our taxes are about the ninth highest in the state.


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19 March

Hoschek & Diewold Pilfered the Taxpayers' Pocket


You are right. Hoschek and Diewold pilfered the taxpayers' pocket and we're going to pay for it for years to come.


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Diewold - Stay Home. Get a Job. Keep it.


Tell me it ain't so. Diewold is going to embarrass himself again and run for the Supervisors? What doesn't this guy understand?

Stay home. Get a job. Keep it.

There are no more free ride jobs at the court house for you or Hoschek.


The caliber of the candidate is a little stronger this time around. Now we just need to ask serious questions of the candidates at the forum to expose the incompetence.


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The "N' Word and Hatred

Obama says that he didn't hear anything that anyone else hasn't heard in their own church. What a load.

I've never heard any member of the clergy ever use the "N" word or spit out the hatred like Obama's preacher Jeremiah Wright did. And I would go so far as to say neither have any of our readers.

Had I, I would have calmly strolled to the door and left as I am sure you would have to.

01:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Abingdon IL Ethanol Plant Scrapped

Before it ever got out of the dirt the plans for the Abingdon, IL ethanol plant have been scrapped.

What you feel are the winds of economic war over ethanol breezing through your shorts. Before it is over that wind will be a hurricane.

Not one damn dime of taxpayer money.

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Perennial Arctic Ice Cover Diminshing

"Things are not getting any better."

"The area of thick Arctic ice lost over the past two decades equals 1 1/2 times the size of Alaska.

"While normal weather variation plays a role in yearly ice fluctuations, officials said the dramatic decline in perennial ice -- which can range from 6 feet thick to more than 15 feet thick -- appears to be consistent with the effects of global warming."

Last year the Northwest Passage was open to sea traffic for the first time ever. Polar Bear habitat is decreasing due to the lack of ice.

Pooh-pooh it if you want. To ignore it may have consequences far beyond our current recession or that of all our other recessions combined.

Is the satellite data wrong?

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18 March

Refresher Course On Lockwood Greene

Since it was brought up again, everyone should do a refresher course on the Lockwood Greene report.

Just in case anyone forgot on the morning of the Uber Summit the Chamber is sponsoring.

06:06:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Not One More Damn Dime

One of Falcon's readers raises an interesting point again about the level of public funding received by the local Mega Chamber originally published in the Lockwood Greene Report.

Keep in mind those numbers are 2005 numbers. Since that time the Chamber has more than doubled in employees.

What is more troubling to us is the local ethanol plant is seeking money for a water engineering study.

Not One More Damn Dime. Nada. Zip. Zero.

With Tim Hoschek and Ben Diewold's assistance you carpetbaggers have screwed the taxpayers long enough.

Invest in your own water study. You sure as hell aren't investing anything in the schools, fire district or library.

But you are investing in a new plant in Illinois. Go study the water over there.


06:01:48 - SPIKE - No comments

Eminent Domain Case To Trial

The first of several trials questioning Burlington's use of Eminent Domain to seize the Manor property went to court Monday.

What was very interesting was none of the city's appraisals for the Manor properties seized mentioned anything about Blight, the urban menace Bruce Slagle and the ex-Drunk Mayor promoted to conceal their involvement in the railroad lawsuit cover up.

Also of note was Iowa's Losingist Lawyer, Burlington City Attorney Scott Power, seemed very defensive of his legal skills. That should come as no surprise. We all know his skill set is remedial at best.


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Lockwood Greene Cites Ad Vertiser's Role In Despair

Quoting from page 25 of the Lockwood Greene Report -

Negative Local Attitude - Weakness

Numerous interviewees commented that there are a small number of people in Greater Burlington with a “hang dog” attitude. These folks feel and express that the area is declining and the future is not bright. This attitude, according to interviewees, stems from recent downsizings or closings. Even though this is a minority of people, they are very vocal, and the local newspaper seems to focus on negative issues.

According to one interviewee: “…the newspaper plays up negativity.”

Another interviewee said, “Many of the problems in business and economic development are a result of the unrelenting assault on business and government by the newspaper.”

Nothing has changed since 2005.

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17 March

Last Time Power Was Made to Be Honest

A local bank's business grew quickly and soon needed in-house counsel.

They brought in the first young applicant for his interview.

"In my business, personal integrity must be beyond question," she said and then leaned forward. "Mr. Power, are you an honest lawyer?"

"Honest?" he replied. "I'll tell you about honesty. I'm so honest that, when my father lent me $50,000 for my education, I paid back every penny as soon as I tried my first case."

"Impressive," they asked. "And what sort of case was that?"

"A civil case," as Power squirmed in his chair. "Dad sued me for his money!"

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15 March

Obama Represents Change? Not Hardly!!

If you think Obama represents change in Washington, think again.

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Frisky Business

Bill Clinton sings about being back in the White House.

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Hire Him


The former Treasurer of the Republican National Committee diverted $1 million into his own account from party funds. Is City Hall hiring?

I realize his party affiliation is not correct for our "non-partisan" municipal government. Maybe His Holiness, Senator Courtney, would grant dispensation for a man of such achievement without making him pull a Murray.

If City Hall is not hiring, what about the local private sector?

Are any local banks hiring? His public sector experience would be a plus when dealing with County trusts.

Is Hinkle hiring at the Chamber? I doubt if they would hire this guy. The Chamber has been legendary for decades at keeping away outsiders who's talent would would expose their incompetence by comparison.

It's no wonder Burlington never gets anywhere. They never want to bring in any new ideas.


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Ethanol Eating Away at Roads - For A While Longer


Subsidizing Ethanol keeps rippling out. In addition to highway use tax breaks, TIF give aways, economic development grants, etc. add road wear and tear.

Subsidizing Ethanol is shifting shipment patterns from the farm. More grain is moving during the season of Winter road stress. Roads are being beat to pieces.

Like telling more lies to cover a lie, the entangled web of ignoring market law to satisfy well organized special interest groups just keeps costing more. One senseless subsidy gives geometric growth to more.

In addition to what you pay in taxes, the market enforces its law. Carry more cash to the grocery store and carry out less.

There will be hell to pay when the majority wakes up and demands an end.


14 - 18 months from right now there is going to be a Ross Perot "Giant sucking sound" in the ethanol business. Maybe sooner after the commotion with Bear Stearns on Friday. Bear Stearns has never failed to make money; even during the Depression.

Coupled with the price of commodities forcing food prices higher and commodity traders taking notice, ethanol is going to take a big time dump.

The cost of diesel isn't forcing commodities higher. Wheat and grain shortages are forcing food prices higher because we are growing corn for ethanol.

Save your money. Land is going to be cheap.


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14 March

Crooked Power's Billing Left To Imagination


This is a letter I received from the city yesterday.

John Fenton

This is absolutely outrageous. Scott Power should be disbarred.

Why won't the city provide copies of the actual billing? What is that crooked lawyer hiding? Let us see each and every entry this incompetent boob writes down.

It just proves our point made time and time again. Scott Power has screwed the taxpayers for 10 years with the complicity of Bruce Slagle, Doug Worden and every city council that sat in the chairs. You are all responsible and should be sued and removed from office.

I see Lost Keys and the rest of the little girls hid behind Worden's skirt.

The council needs to pull the plug on Scott Power and flush his crap right down Hawkeye Creek. The old lawyer joke about nothing lower than whale poop sure comes to mind.

And frankly, Scott Power gives every good lawyer a black eye. And every bad lawyer an atta boy!


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Power - Charlatan In Crook's Clothes


Powers has made a career of blinking the dimwits at city hall out of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Why would one think he would even begin to itemize bills when the city has no accountability itself?

The city makes the fees for public right to know documents exceptionally high in order to stop inquiring minds from finding out how corrupt Burlington is from within city hall.

Who ever heard of having a project and not keeping track of the cost? What a bunch of fools we have in local government and shame on the voters that continue to elect them.


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Roto Rooter Next Time


Shame on you Tim Scott. You are absolutely wrong in believing that you should just accept what Power has billed you as gospel.

If that is the way you do business I sure as hell don't want you working on my sewer.

Is that the way your lawyer bills you? By the lump?

Roto Rooter Next Time

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Burlington Water Quality


Citizens of Burlington should check out the following web site concerning Burlington's water.


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The Mouse That Soared

Seems Delta has hired new flight attendants.

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Beyer Trust Question


When Dewey Beyer died he left his farms in a trust at the Burlington Bank to hold down the taxes in Des Moines Co. Now I see John Mercer is the proud owner of 1.21 acres which I do not believe Dewey willed him.

It seems like part of his land is getting divided up in sub-divisions, so I'm wondering if the bank sold it to Mercer. And John gets a real good deal on his taxes also. He only pays $3.06.

Maybe someone should look into this and see how Dewey's trust is getting handled. Maybe Mr. Hoschek could advise us on this.


Don't rely on Hoschek doing anything constructive unless he could get 1.21 acres for himself.


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More Than a Phone Call to Wifey


"When the Duval County sheriff said he would lock up reporters from local newspapers if they kept "interfering" in his business, no one took the threat lightly."

Beating a drunk driving rap and getting to call for a ride home put an unjust stain on local enforcement. The police should not be blamed. Improper political influence was the probable cause.

Political interference with police powers to the point of trampling individual rights is always a concern.

Be vigilant that rule of rouges does not replace rule of law.

W. E.

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Besmirched Beauty and the Beasts of Burlington


The images of Governor Spitzer's hooker are all over the web. Give Spitzer credit. His illegal actions at least gave us a pretty face to fantasize over.

$6 million of our tax dollars is lot greater than a few hours with Spitzer's hooker. Senator Courtney, the Drunk Mayor, Slagle, et. al., what have their transgressions produced?

All our local corrupt have prepared for our eyes is "without merit" on court documents and an empty lot.

General Joe

He got the beauty. We got screwed.


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Medical Examiner Answers


The state of Iowa has a Medical Examiner (Medical Examiner which must be a Physician) Based system in place for Medical Death Investigation which results of a person to pronounce death and investigate cause of death and call for Autopsy.

A Coroner is not identified in the Iowa system therefore Iowa has no "Coroners". For instance in Illinois the Coroner is elected and is not required to have any training whatsoever. A Coroner in Louisiana is also Elected, but is reserved at first for a Physician until there is no Physician available.

A Medical Examiner Investigator (ME-I) is an extension of the Medical Examiner which will pronounce death and determine preliminary cause of death along with being the decision maker whether or not an autopsy is needed with Law Enforcement helping on the decision.

You must attend the St. Louis School of Medicolegal Death Investigation to become a ME-I and you must be approved by the County Board of Supervisors.

No one has ever stated that you had to be a Paramedic. There are EMTs, Nurses, Law Enforcement, and persons that have no other specialties in this field.

Also, a Forensic Pathologist is a Physician that does Autopsies and looks for cause of death. A Medical Examiner doesn't have to do Autopsies. A Medical Examiner is used to sign the Death Certificates and to be a go to person for the ME-I staff.

Hardly ever in the state of Iowa does a Physician Medical Examiner go into the field to do an investigation, most are done by ME-Is.

I was recommended by the Iowa Office of State Medical Examiner to Des Moines County when they were seeking help in this area. I plan to help out as much as possible on getting a system in place for Des Moines County.

Jason C. Griffin
Medical Examiner Investigator
Louisa & DesMoines Counties

Thanks for the answers.

For those of you interested, Des Moines County is going to train a few more.


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What You Don't Find Won't Hurt Them


I see the Advertiser page 3 buried the story on the Manor Mall's legal expenses. How dare running dog reactionaries ask for a complete accounting from the enlightened single party servants of the proletariat.

Checking out a sister single party publication, I did not find the Manor story at all. Like the Advertiser, I did find a lot to be positive about when it comes to local rulers.

It is good this story did not break early next month. There could be more fluff than usual off the wire the first week of April. There is to be a conference of journalists who are,"...responsible participants in the construction of socialism.."

Have you heard if Citizen Kane, or his Managing Editor, will be escorting a delegation of Advertiser Jimmy Olsons to their first conference of socially responsible journalists?


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Burlington on the Volga


"Savva Terentyev said Wednesday he was charged with inciting hatred in a court in the northern city of Syktyvkar. The charges filed Tuesday stemmed from his posting on a Web forum in February 2007 that criticized police in the wake of a raid on an opposition newspaper."

Single party political systems hate free speech. Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, or Burlington, where they are matters not.

Senator Courtney has tired passing a law to out bloggers for persecution. Some Burlington City Council members and Des Moines County Supervisors complain bitterly about information not being filtered through the local official party newspaper.

"Hate speech" is newspeak for those who hate free speech. "Negative" and "hateful" speech must be eliminated. It is only "fair" to do so.

Tyrants do not always take power from the turret of a tank. Germany's electoral system produced a leader who hated free speech. There were no further free and fair elections for some time after 1933.

Keep this lesson in mind come election day. Do not turn your ballot into a suicide note.

Kurt Tucholsky

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13 March

Hoschek Tax Question - Unreported Income?


I have a question.

Supervisor Tim Hoschek religiously claims mileage to and from his girlfriend's house to the courthouse for meetings. It seems since Hoschek has no other job and only works as a rural mail carrier on an occasional basis, Hoschek's employment as a supervisor makes the courthouse his principal place of employment.

Even though the taxpayers pay Hoschek's mileage allowance, the IRS does not allow you to deduct costs for travel to and from your principal place of employment.

So the question is whether or not the mileage reimbursement is actually income since it is derived from travel to and from his principal place of employment and should Hoschek have been paying income taxes on this reimbursement as a result?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Unreported income? For 12 years? Isn't that special?

Our tax people care to opine?


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Hoschek Campaign Bumper Stickers on a Hearse


How low can Hoschek go?

Turning an obituary tribute into a campaign ad reminds one of using the late Senator Wellstone of Minnesota's funeral as campaign rally. Give Little Timmy a Hillary button.

Did you notice a disclaimer in the ad? I thought it was required that all campaign ads carry a disclaimer saying who paid for the political message. Has anybody complained officially?

The lately unlamented Senator King tried outing you before Iowa Campaign Ethics Board for running this site. That got as far as the local single party political system's infamous City of Burlington vs Burlington and Missouri River Railroad lawsuit.

Where is Senator King now that we could use him for something useful?

It is reassuring to know a relative of Little Timmy's is in heaven. I hope he will be patient as Little Timmy does penance elsewhere for his antics and actions against the citizens of Des Moines County.

We should all extend condolences to other members of the family for what Little Timmy has done.


I noticed every photo in the Hoschek Campaign Memorial political ad contained a Hoschek campaign banner but no other family member photos. Why is that?

Do you suppose the family had any clue that Little Timmy was going to pull this re-election stunt?

It does show how stupid Little TImmy is to believe that his firefighter target audience is so nieve as to buy into this nonsense.


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New Medical Examiner


Who is Jason Griffin and what makes him a medical examiner?


If a paramedic can be made coroner, why wasn't one of our local paramedics made Medical Examiner?


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Coroner Courtney for Congress


Dr. Death is running for Congress. Jack Kevorkian gained fame by assisting individuals to commit suicide.

Senator Courtney has gained fame by assisting entire communities to commit economic suicide. The railroad lawsuit and the Manor Mall both bear Senator Courtney's imprint on their death certificates.

The State of Iowa has Senator Courtney currently vowing to get even with business. Several bills currently in the State House advocated by Senator Courtney would continue his therapy of pettiness and vengeance.

Like heroin, Senator Courtney's syringe filled with socialism gives a brief euphoria before destruction. If you feel good about what Senator Courtney has done to Burlington and the State of Iowa, pass the needle to the nation.

Let's make Senator Courtney our Congressman.


Courtney just injects us a different way.


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Hawkeye Creek School Name


If one was not from Burlington and unfamiliar with this area the name Hawkeye Creek School, I`d be looking for an old one room school house. Like an old log cabin.

Lordy Lordy, Such a name. Another goof as far as I`m concerned. The school board had to have come up with that.I don`t think anyone else is that dumb.


At least we have the outhouse to go with the country school house.


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Prevailing Spayed


"On 03-05-08 I came to city hall where you told me it would cost $15 per hour for the information, and 50 cents a copy."

In their ongoing crusade to neuter what is by law public knowledge, how does the City charge for public documents? Would it be cheaper to work release vestal felons to copy by hand?

If it is perceived as positive, is the fee less? If it requires ex-post facto fabrication, is it higher?


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The Future is Not Fishwrap


The New York Times is under increasing pressure to focus on information delivery via the Internet. Investors, not editors, are pressing the change.

Pulp on the front front porch is becoming past tense.

As Spike has proven, you no longer must spend millions to have an impact. Anybody with a few hundred dollars and a hook up can join the fray.

What the future holds is never certain. One thing is certain. Those who have kept you in the dark at the behest of the powerful are trembling.

The Drunk Mayor is gone. Slagle is gone. Senator Courtney has so far been unable to outlaw the free flow of information. The Advertiser continues to lose advertising.

As cost of distributing news is becoming nil, those who deliver swill are becoming ill. If they think continuing as they have is the future, they have no future.


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12 March

Power's Billing


Sounds really weird the way he is billing the City for his services. No wonder he is able to screw the City.

And our supposedly learned council goes along with it ?

I smell a rat in City Hall. Something needs to be done, QUICKLY to get rid of the stench.

Old concerned citizen

I love the stench of corruption in the morning.


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Democratic Pants Dropper


This Spitzer mess is a real Democratic pants-dropper.


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You've got to be kidding...


We have no family here, we were not born or raised here but we moved to
Burlington almost 17 years ago to raise our family here because of the
schools. Job wise we could have gone anywhere but it was within the triangle of
family. In the last four years I have sincerely regretted that decision
primarily because of the public school system. I am disappointed, yet again.

With one child left to go thru the middle school, at what will be called Hawkeye
Creek, it's time to contemplate a move. With the border changes, fights,
thefts and activities continually taken away from the students I am constantly
dismayed at the lack of leadership.

And now a ridiculous name. Did they even think this out? Can you just see all the negative twists that
students will give the name Hawkeye Creek?

Eleanor Roosevelt just made sense. It was an equal to James Madison (which is on Madison Road). The new middle
school will be on Roosevelt Avenue. You have got to be kidding...


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Hawkeye Creek


Forget the fact the school board named the new middle school after a dried up creek. Forget the fact that they didn't name it after Leopold. But remember the fact that they actually VOTED DOWN the name "Leopold Middle School."

All across this country are buildings, parks and other landmarks named after Aldo Leopold. He is better known on the other side of the world than he is in his own home town.

What a slap in the face, to vote against naming a school after a Burlington native who made such a contribution to the world. Each of those board members should be ashamed of themselves.


Looks like we're all up Shi* Creek.


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Pearls Before Swine


"We specialize in introductions of: fashion models, pageant winners and exquisite students, graduates and women of successful careers (finance, art, media etc...) to gentlemen of exceptional standards."

In checking out the merchandise advertised where the Governor of New York did his shopping, the hype behind the $5,500 an hour was most impressive.

Assuming any of our local single party politicians went shopping, I doubt if they would buy here. I doubt if chewing gum at the same time would even be an issue.


Put that pig in pearls and it is still a pig.


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Starting Over in Burlington


The Governor of New York maybe in the market for making a new start
. Eliot Spitzer should consider moving here.

Just like a major leaguer making an injury return in the Midwest League, the Honorable Mr. Spitzer could do worse. He has the proper party credentials. Community Field is not Yankee Stadium. Errors are less likely to be noticed as you regain your old form.

Sleeping it off after a hard night, no problem. Have local law enforcement call mommy for a ride. Wanna pull fast one, not to worry. Open meeting laws are never enforced.

The hookers here may not be as pretty and witty as call girls in New York. Like admission to Community Field, they cost less. A few $20's here and there are less likely to draw attention.

Senator Courtney and other inner circle members of the local Politburo should contact Mr. Spritzer and offer him an elected office. Spitzer could show them how it is done in Albany.

Hell, the boys in Springfield may come over for seminars. Senator Courtney's comrades in Des Moines would be delighted. Come down and learn from a star major leaguer.

As a lawyer of no mean skill proven as a prosecutor, Mr. Spitzer could explain the intricacies of itemized billing to Perry Mason Power. Maybe if Mr. Spitzer sat Little Timmy on his knee, he could teach Timmy how to read and write.

The mundane morons who pass for local talent are becoming a bore. None will ever make it to even AA.

Mr. Spritzer, please consider the offer. It would be an honor and challenge to match wits with an intelligent, corrupt, elected official.

Shirtless Joe Taxpayer

At least the influx of Illinois hoodlums would make Burlington a destination. Tours could be given of City Hall to show where the famed criminal Bruce Slagle hung out with his partner Power between their frivolous lawsuits.


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Lift Off STS 123

Space shuttle Endeavour roars off the launch pad into the night sky to deliver the Japanese Kibo laboratory and the Canadian twin-arm robotic system. Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann

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11 March

Of BK Parking Lots And Private Driveways


The Hack-Eye has an enlightening story in their Sunday Edition about a man found passed out in his vehicle. No it wasn't the man who's name is synonymous with being found passed out in cars. This man was innocent.

Now it seems that the local constabulary, men above corruption and influence, heroes really, found a man sleeping in his vehicle on a private driveway. They rouse the man from his slumber and proceed to interrogate him and haul him off to jail and charge him with DUI. It was determined by the jury that the gentleman was not drunk but had only stopped to rest. Note that the fellow wasn't allowed to call his wife to pick him up. Note that there were no heated discussions by the local constabulary on how exactly to handle the situation. Nope, he was simply thrown in the back of a squad car and tossed in the hoosegow.

Mayor Drunkie Von BarHopper, Burlington's famous drunken out of control mayor and patron of the exotic performing arts was found in a similar circumstances. He was found by the local constabulary passed out in the now historic Burger King Parking Lot. He was questioned and shown to be in a state of obvious intoxication. Furious calls were made to higher ups and audio mysteriously blanked out in the squad cars and in the end the illustrious Mayor of Margaritaville on the Mississippi was allowed to have his wife come haul him home.

One can't help but notice the double standard. Unless of course you happen to be the Hack-Eye in which case it conveniently eludes you. A hard working construction worker gets hauled into jail and charged with DUI, has his reputation besmirched, is forced to obtain counsel and go through the hardship of a trial before being found Not Guilty by a jury of his peers. Mayor Drunkie Von BarHopper on the other hand is allowed to have wifey to come pick him up and the local constabulary attempts to sweep the whole incident under the rug. No jury was allowed to deliberate the guilt of Mayor Drunkie Von BarHopper. No charges were filed. He wasn't taken to jail. He wasn't forced to hire counsel and endure a trial. No, not a member of the ruling class. The law only applies to the proletariat in Southeast Iowa.

And people wonder why Southeast Iowa is known as the most corrupt corner of the state.


The left side of the state.


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Official Beer of Our Fair City


I noticed that His Honor, our Mayor, were'nt drink the brand he normally buys. If it were'nt costin' him nuthin' it ain't worth complainin' about.

If Steamboat Days got itself an official beer, why don't the City of Burlington?

Just like Burgemeister, its too bad they ain't makin' this stuff no more. I used to drink it if it were'nt too long after pay day.

The only problem is we got us five stooges on the City Council instead of just three. If you start countin' all them guys that replaced Curly I suppose we fit the bill.

Burgy Man

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Power's Billing Practices Called Into Question



March 11, 2008

ATT: Acting City Manager Doug Worden

RE: Information Per Total City Lawyer Fees, Hours worked, and Court Costs, Per EMMINENT DOMAIN MANOR PROJECT

This letter is my formal request for information about billing and court costs of the Eminent Domain Manor project that I talked about with you at the City Council Meeting on 03-03-08 and on 03-05-08.

On 03-03-08 you said to come to City Hall and you would take care of my request. On 03-05-08 I came to city hall where you told me it would cost $15 per hour for the information, and 50 cents a copy.

Then on 03-06-08 you told me that it would be impossible to get the information, and you also told Jeff Abell of the Hawk Eye the same story because of the way the city lawyer bills the city.

You and Tim Scott both said that I was in the minority and to let it go. And that it was impossible to obtain this information the way the city lawyer bills the city.

Now I am not only requesting this information but also requesting that you have the lawyer change his way of billing in order to have accountability, and also transparency. Tim Scott agrees but said it will cost more money to have this done.

I strongly disagree that it will cost more to have accountability and transparency to the taxpayers, especially on projects of this magnitude.

I would like your response in writing as soon as possible.


John Fenton

cc: Mayor Bill Ell

Mayor Pro Tem Matt Murray

Tim Scott

Gary Thomas

Jim Davidson

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Hawkeye Creek - City's Former Outhouse Drain AKA Crap Creek


I see the board named the new middle school “Hawkeye Creek.” It could be worse I suppose, although their explanations that they didn’t want to slight any individual by naming it after somebody other than them pretty much sums up the problems we have in education today.

Don’t recognize excellence when it’s staring you in the face, as it might make others pale in comparison. It amounts to Intellectual socialism.

They had Aldo Leopold, the Burlingtonian (and probably Iowan) with absolutely the greatest impact on the world, and they chose to name it after a dried up creek bed.

Great job school board, way to show leadership.


It's a positive indicator of what the school board didn't bother to find out. Hawkeye Creek was/is the outhouse drain for the city.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Crap Creek Middle School.


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County Roads


I see where Tiny Tim has taken it on the chin by a lady from Sperry
complaining about the poor county road conditions in her area.

The roads are not maintained because there's no leadership at the county
level. When the same fools are elected time after time they get complacent
and feel they can hit the seminar trail and live off expense accounts at
taxpayer expense.

No one of Hoscheck's caliber and poor performance should have been elected
multiple times. You'd think the voter's would have learned enough after
having him on the board for just one term. Of course this is Boreington and
Des Moines County where the voters never learn their lesson and continue to
vote for bottom feeders.

I hope his traffic ticket isn't paid by the taxpayer and written off as
lunch or another seminar.

With Dan Cahill on the board maybe we can get some leadership and common
sense where it's needed and the voter will finally rid the county of
deadbeat losers.


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It Oughta be Illegal


Another politician is at it again: attacking our free speech rights. I guess anonymous editorials in the local newspapers will be outlawed next.

Some politicians are ignorant of the law and how we got to be free.

People died for the stupid ones too.


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My Old Kentucky Gulag


Another state's legislature is looking at outing bloggers. Kentucky Republican Representative Tim Couch is looking to pull a Senator Courtney.

Under the guise of halting nasty, anonymous comments aimed at private individuals, elected officials ride along too. Anonymously telling what the elected want kept secret would become a crime.

Senator Courtney would love to shut down this site and others like it. Speak out and suffer the Dilbert Drill. All Senator Courtney wants you to know will be available in the Advertiser. Selective omissions in the service of the single party system will remain unreported.

Beware of bullies claiming they are only trying to punish other bullies.


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What Price Ethanol?


"American families, already pinched by soaring energy costs, are taking another big hit to household budgets as food prices increase at the fastest rate since 1990."

Ethanol is driving up the price of groceries. Subsidizing farmers will come to a halt as the greater public grasps they are paying taxed to subsidize higher prices at the supermarket.

Ethanol is a big fat joke of public policy folly. Nobody will be laughing for long if things keep going as they have.

If national political stupidity keeps ethanol afloat, local stupidity will probably still suffer. Oligopolistic multi-nationals like ADM and Cargill are watching and waiting as the little fish float to the surface. Little fish include the big still by Beaverdale.

Did the County Board and other locals think about what they were doing when granting give aways to build the big still?

In Des Moines County, what will the price be to local taxpayers once the ethanol bubble bursts? Will taxpayers still be able to buy food? More importantly, will the local political guilty still be able to buy beer?

Snuffy Smith

We're never going to see one dime of tax revenue from that ethanol plant.


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Tell Me It's Not True


Tell me its not true! The city let Winegard refinance the water park with the CASINO under one owner!

Huckleberry entertainment. If this is true the council is not financially or fiscally responsible to the taxpayers in the least and should be thrown out on their dumb asses immediately, if not sooner!

This city is run by thugs and criminals and they keep bailing out with no repercussions from the taxpayers. And the HAWK EYE keeps telling the public anyone who criticizes are negative na bobs or poopy in KILEY MILLER'S ARTICLE IN SUNDAYS BUSINESS PAGE.


Miller isn't a serious business writer. He's just filling the seat.


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10 March

Little Timmy Crashes

Several sources confirm Supervisor Little Timmy Hoschek was backing out of his girlfriend’s driveway, not paying a bit of attention and broadsided a passing car.

According to those same sources Hoschek BEGGED the other driver not to call the police and file an accident report. Fortunately, the other driver called the police and a report was filed.

This may seem like much ado about nothing. Not really.

If Hoschek wants to bend the rules to cover a minor traffic accident, how far will he go to cover his mistakes with the taxpayers’ money?


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Elect Cahill Twice


Maybe Dan Cahill could run for senator too! Then we could get two num-nuts Courtney and Hoschek out of office.


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Mayor Elbow Deep In The Beer

Hey Spike,

I saw our poster child mayor with his hands all over the Miller Lite beer at the Steamboat Days Party. He's never far from the trough.


With the drunk banker?


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Fee's and Losers


Well, once again our city hall has raised the sewer fees along with the
garbage fee with an increase of 6% and $0.25 respectfully. By my estimate
these fees have risen over 90% since 1991-1992 eras. What previously was
about $75 will now be upwards of $140 for half the garbage service with no
improvement in the sewer problems in my neighborhood. When it rains most
sewers back up and flood streets and many basements in the area.

The city always has reasons for not having enough money to take care of
business although they always have plenty to squander on dreams of grandeur
and phony raises for deadbeat city managers and others. The water park,
RecPlex and the Manor are good examples of continuous losses to the
taxpayer. None have yet to turn a profit or even break even.

The city lost the five million it wasted on the Manor, plus the eighty-eight
thousand it lost in previous taxes from the Manor properties.

The RecPlex loses about one-hundred thousand per year since it opened its

I'm not sure about the losses generated by the water park.

Raising the fees and then having the nerve to add tax to it is an insult to
every person in Burlington that's on a fixed income. These non-responsible
people running the city have no sense of shame when it comes to stealing
from the citizens. We also pay city taxes on our utility bills a tax the
state doesn't burden us with because of the high cost of utilities.

That five million wasted on the Manor could have gone a long way towards
financing the sewer project but due to negligence and stupidity the money
was squandered by fools on a mirage, visible only by city hall and their

With the exception of the city council most of the conspirators have fled
the city and one was even given a farewell party to celebrate his
destruction of our way of life, not to mention the Manor resident's lives he
ruined. The party room was filled with backslappers and other city
scoundrels whose one party system is destroying our city. I hope it wasn't
taxpayer money wasted on his good riddance party, I wonder who paid for it?

Burlington craves leadership and responsible government that are not
provided by the current Democratic machine, a machine incapable of decision
making at its lowest level.


The only reason Huck's Harbor "posted a profit" was to prevent them from having to pay $1.8 million to the city.

Money they didn't obviously have.


01:52:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hidden Agenda?

Hi Spike,

The only reason Cahill is looking at the Supervisors job is he has a hidden agenda that might have to do with get TIF for some property. Remember the Summer Street deal? I don't trust this guy.


I think any project like that he would have to abstain from voting. At least we have a shot with Cahill instead of that nitwit Hoschek.


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Foresight of the Founders


"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both." — James Madison, 1822

Checking out the the Iowa Freedom of Information Council site, I found horror stories of government cover ups that had a happy ending. The problem was all were elsewhere and most centered around Des Moines.

The greater the distance from the seat of power, the less oversight.

Like Siberia, has Southeast Iowa become a dumping ground for undesirables? Will anybody from Des Moines come down and clean out the corrupt?

Research the problem of government by ignorance and stealth that runs rampant around here. Go to our local state legislators' next community meeting. Ask questions. Demand answers. Demand solutions.

If you think James Madison did not know what he was talking about, open your eyes and look around you. Only a fool would deny the farce and tragedy.


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Farm Subsidies


Here are some stats on Iowa’s farm welfare program that should make those in other career categories sick to their stomachs.

• $14.8 billion in subsidies 1995-2005.

• Iowa ranking: 2 of 50

• 30 percent of all farmers and ranchers do not collect government subsidy payments in Iowa, according to USDA.

• Among subsidy recipients, ten percent collected 55 percent of all subsidies amounting to $8.18 billion over 11 years.

• Recipients in the top 10% averaged $36,530 in annual payments between 1995 and 2005. The bottom 80 percent of the recipients saw only $1,981 on average per year.

Your readers can go to EWG Farm Subsidy Database to find out by county and farmer who gets the money and how much.

With the Ethanol dupe, farmers are reaping record profits while their welfare continues to prosper. Ethanol has cost the American people much more than any feeble gas savings on a fuel that cost more in energy to produce than what a gallon can produce in energy.

In the meantime the prices of eggs, milk, bread, meat and just about all food products and consumer goods have increased dramatically with no let up in site. In a nutshell, Ethanol is killing us as a supplement for gasoline and is just making matters worse than they would be without it.

Corn was the wrong crop of choice for fuel and reeks of dishonesty. Even the state of Iowa has never realized the employment they thought they would get from this charade. Ethanol will fail eventually because it’s entirely too expensive for the American people to support.

I would much rather have American food use American corn rather than import tainted food products from China and other uncontrolled food exporting countries. Even our drug companies depend on China for the ingredients of most American prescription drugs. Of course our own government is incapable of controlling any of the junk imported from China or other exporting countries that have driven millions of jobs out of our country.

We live in a country that is being sold out by a government that has no concept other than loyalty to the special interest that pay for their elections year after year. Our own senator Harkin only gets 16% of his campaign money from Iowa while the other 84% comes from radical left wing organizations and big business; so where does one think his loyalty dwells?


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09 March

Clinton & Obama - The Chicago Way 3

"Please do something!" cried Louie the Barber on the phone. "They're bof from Chicago, and they each got the other's head in a vise and they're squeezing like they want to pop some eyes out."

"Trust me. You don't ever wanna see the eyes pop out," Louie said. "Do something. Make them stop fighting before I get sick."

How to handle it?

The Chicago Way!

14:00:29 - SPIKE - No comments

Little Timmy Story for Monday

Read about the little Timmy screwup here first.


13:56:06 - SPIKE - No comments

The EPA Listens About Asbestos

While we sometimes think no one ever hears the cries, apparently in the this case the EPA did.

And those with the deepest pockets pay.

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08 March

Is the Clock Ticking Down on Little Timmy?


Brett Farve announced his retirement as a local veteran again takes to the field. Dan Cahill is coming out of retirement to challenge in the local single party primary for the Board of Supervisors.

Training camp cuts meets somebody gets squeezed out. The obvious weak link is Little Timmy Hoschek. Why is Cahill coming down out of the stands?

Is the local single party Politburo tired of Little Timmy's ongoing embarrassments? Is there a rift among the Politburo comrades? Are those who can read and think sick of Senator Courtney and his crew?

Mr. Cahill may have an uphill struggle. Little Timmy's relatives out number his. Literacy and independent thought have not been considered positive attributes by party leaders over the last 15 years. Party primary voters seem attracted to the lowest common denominator.

If Cahill removes Little Timmy, we stand a chance of having a majority on the Board of Supervisors who are not confused by those big words found on the Advertiser's sports page. A majority with at least half a mind would be a good start.

If Cahill is successful, would it perhaps encourage somebody else who is not a total idiot to tackle another incumbent idiot in 2010? Is Four Helpings Heland worried?

Go for it, Mr. Cahill. Those who can read above a 6th grade level are counting on you.

Stand up and cheer for The Great Bright Hope.

Bart Starr

Cahill will bring a group of people to the election process that are far stronger than the Hoschek wienie machine.


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Truth in Government Demands Truth Serum


"The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned on Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago."

Centerton, AR needs a new Mayor. At least he gave a reason before only figuratively throwing in the gavel.

Centerton's former Mayor claims the revelation of his brush with evil was the result of truth-serum. Burlington's revelations have resolved around nothing stronger than alcohol.

If truth-serum were slipped into the water vessels at Burlington City Council meetings, would you care to speculate on what we may learn?

Could it possibly be even more bizzare?

B. L. Zebob

A mayor being brainwashed is vastly different from mayors whose brains have been flushed...

We came to the conclusion some time ago that it can never get any more bizarre than it already is.

California and Boulder have nothing on Burlington.


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07 March

The Chicago Way Day 2

This sure gets to be quite a little story.

Lots of people whose names end in vowels.

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The Chicago Way

How did Obama come from nowhere to here without any meaningful legislation?

The Chicago way.

And Rezko.

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The Whole World is Watching


"Did I hear councilman Davidson say in the meeting that the information on blogs are nothing because the author is unknown?"

In less than one week, Davidson joins Supervisor Heland bitching about the free flow of local information. If information is verifiable truth, authorship is not the point.

The primary relevance to source confirmation by the powerful is persecution.

This is something Burlington shares in common with the Castro brothers workers paradise. In Cuba, more than your dog and job may disappear. Only the degrees of retribution differ. The principle remains constant.

Neither single party system seems willing to come to grips with the idea of open, honest governance. They do so at their peril.

Unknown Author

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Lord of the Manor


"If we could fix it easy, we would have fixed it," said Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington.

Senator Courtney says he finds property tax relief difficult. There is one shinning example of residential property tax relief Senator Courtney likes to ignore.

Were it not for an Iowa Senate amendment grandfathering a then unnamed project in Burlington from eminent domain reform, 23 plus acres at Roosevelt and Agency would still be paying roughly $80,000 a year in residential property taxes.

This $80,000 Iowa Senate enabled property tax "reform" plan has left local property tax payers with a $5 million plus obligation. How many more of Senator Courtney's commercial property value enhancements can local home owners afford?

Trailer Woman

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Facts Your Chamber Won't Tell You


Here are some facts you won't hear from the Chmaber:

1. Iowa ranks 50th in business start ups.

2. Des Moines county ranks 97th in micro-entrepreneurial activity (3 or fewer employees).

3. Des Moines County lost 11.1% of its businesses from 2001-2005.

It looks as though we will continue the slide since Hoschek and Courtney are still in office and want to run again.

How is the Chamber still at the same staffing levels if not bigger since we've lost these businesses from '01-'05.

Why would we name a street after a former Chamber president (in his honor) when we look at bullet point #3?

I wonder what we will do for our present Chamber leader in light of the Manor debacle?


Since the Chamber has provided more new jobs than any other new economic development project in several years we'll name the Manor, Hinkle Dog Park.


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Around the Bend


A new casino in Lee County. What brand of whiskey do the Lemurs drink? Is it the stuff in their cigarettes?

The only way a new casino would make any sense is to close the current one. Dice tables at Disneyland has been a tremendous marketing blunder. Bringing the kids to the table has not brought the expected return.

A redux of Riverside on a smaller scale would need a golf course. The prime investor responsible for the current Edsel of slot machines already has one. It is not in Lee County.

The current casino's horrid decor is like something out of Saturday Night Fever. If a new casino is built elsewhere, Pzazzatorium II. Take out the slots, drop the spotlights on the spinning ball and pump up the volume on the pubic timed pulsations of the music.

Other than disco, STD's and cocaine addiction, there are other lessons of the '70's to study. With oil price driven stagflation rearing its head again, how will two nearby small market casinos be viable.

Before betting on Catfish Craps being a bi-casino operation again, I would want to see some undoctored balance sheets.


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06 March

Best Buy and More!


Sounds like a lock. Also coming in: Pier One, Petco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Famous Footwear and a possible Denver Dental chain.

Announcements should be forthcoming @ the WEST BURLINGTON Kohls location.

See it here first, read it their later.


Do you suppose West Burlington would throw us a bone? How are we supposed to compete with our $5 million dog park?


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Hoschek Hits Bottom


How low can Hoschek go! Using the memory of his father for a political ad!!! Thats all it is, a sad tribute.

I've always said he was a user of others for political gain and this is a perfect example of it. Reminding all that his father served as a fireman, so he can get the votes of all firefighters.

Timmy would never make it as a firefighter because it's way too much work for him! He just wants to live off the people of DMC; it's a lot easier to do.

Please, voters of DMC, you see how low he will go to get votes, let's vote him out!


Hoschek as a firefighter? The only hose he can carry is the one uses on the taxpayers.


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Council Meeting Report


Did I hear councilman Davidson say in the meeting that the information on blogs are nothing because the author is unknown?

I have read some information on blogs that turned out to be true way before it hit newspaper. No fault of the news because they must check the facts or whatever they do.

The news people get some tips from the blogs according to a nationally known news man.

This website and the unknown bloggers were far more accurate in the BNSF lawsuit and the outcome than the city council, city attorney or staff. That is just the truth!

This website said that the city would lose and it would cost far more than the $50,000 estimate. They were right!

Mr. Davidson, your staff and attorney was wrong. Except the truth and don't run from it.

The City thought they had Muir and Kohls for sure in the Manor project. The City spent $5M moving people out of their homes. They were wrong again!

The blogs found out about Mayor Edwards night out on the town and the Burger King incident because somebody leaked it. Somebody was trying to cover it up. Just the truth!

There are some things on blogs that are not true and other things wouldn't be known if it were not for the blogs.

Is there any integrity left in government anymore? The City doesn't like the blogs because it is more difficult to hide things.

The Hawkeye should thank the blogs.

author unknown

As far as Davidson goes, he is beginning to sound more like Junior Murray everyday utilizing his myopic view of some textbook extravaganza to Nirvana when he starts to chastise the messenger. After four years of being pounded I think Davidson will find out he has been shielded from the real world by the walls of secondary education 35+ years too long.

Most local news writers get their story tips right here. More than what their readers realize.

And we are right far more times than we are wrong. In fact, we are seldom wrong come to think about it.

Unknown Spike

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Siemens Competitor Opens Plant In Colorado

Vestas Wind Systems opened its first U.S. plant in Windsor, Colorado on Wednesday.

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Catfish Bend Touts Turnaround

Catfish Bend, home of the Drunken Lemurs, has turned the corner according to a story in yesterday's Daily Democrat.

Just think of the losers' money it takes to make a $700,000 monthly payment.

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05 March

Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Still Screwing the Taxpayers

How Does Power Know How Much To Bill The City?


I see interim Mini Me Doug Worden proclaimed Iowa's loser lawyer is still billing the city by the lump.

What the hell is the matter with the council? Are they so out of touch they don't understand how Scott Power is screwing the taxpayers? Do they even care?

I would guess not.


You think the council would wake up to the big slot across the top of their heads Power uses to drill the screws in.

Advice to the council - don't hire Worden. He just perpetuates the incompetence Slagle slid around in every day he was here.


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Where Do Our State Representatives Stand?


The Ad-vertiser is making grand noises again about protecting our right to know.

Des Moines County is the poster child of violating Iowa's Open Meeting laws. Supervisor Hoschek's recent finger on the stop button was simply the latest manifestation this problem.

Attorney General Tom Miller has looked the other way at what goes on down here. Hire your own lawyer if the Attorney General does not care to investigate those who help elect him.

The State Legislature is looking into the problem. Will they do the right the right thing, or give us a "solution" with loop holes galore to cover the crimes that have been going on?

What of Senator Courtney? He was the puppet master behind the railroad lawsuit and reportedly an honored guest at the secret December meeting to sue the railroad. How convenient all records of that $400,000 clandestine calamity disappeared.

I heard Courtney was asked about open meetings at a community meeting earlier this year. The Ad-vertiser said nothing about open meetings being discussed at this meeting. Why not?

Where do our local legislators stand on our right to know? Will the Ad-vertiser let us know?

Mortimer Morel

Cover up Mortimer.


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You Have the Right to Remain Ignorant


Dictators certainly fear the public knowing what is really going on. Just like in Des Moines County, they hold elections in Iran.

Iran is shutting down the internet prior to an election to protect those in power. Do see any chance of a bill coming out of the Iowa Senate to do the same here? It would not be the first time an attempt has been made to limit internet information in Iowa.


And it probably won't be the last from Courtney.


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04 March

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Boreington’s Newest Gated Housing

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Great Nike Photos

Falcon has some great photos of the Nike game on Monday.

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Courtney Recognizes Labor's Value When It's His Pocketbook


Extorting taxpayers on public works brings to mind Senator Courtney using evil scab, exploited labor to enhance the House of Courtney.

Would building permits at City Hall verify Courtney's complicity in screwing his comrades? It would be nice to inform voters come October.

That is, if the permit does not mysteriously disappear like so many other City of Burlington records which would expose the guilty.


All we can do is post it. For all we know the work was probably done without a permit.


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Lufthansa Airbus A320 Comes Close

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03 March

Illegal Meeting Observations

Let's Review Heland and Hoschek's Cell Phone Records While We're At It


If we are to believe what Mr. Abell listened to and then wrote about and contrary to what Beck thinks (who wasn't there but takes Heland's word for what happened) and the auditor, who was there (but admits nothing wrong) thinks about the supervisors conducting an illegal meeting, it sure looks like they did conduct an illegal meeting.

The supervisors failed to recess their meeting due to a lack of a second. So the meeting never was in recess.

The auditor failed to continue to take notes for a period of time between "5 and 20 minutes" according to people in the room and the written record for the entire meeting of "120 words."

It would also appear that the auditor was going to rely upon the recording to prepare the written minutes of the work session for publication. And I make that assertion since up to this point in my email I have written 157 words, 37 more words than the auditor wrote down. Word number 120 is the word "that" at the beginning of this paragraph.

Everyone knows Heland and Hoschek like to hear themselves pontificate so unless the meeting had just started or was without substance (a possibility) the auditor planned to use the tape recording to prepare the minutes.

And one more thing, why was Hoschek taking calls from a travel agent in the middle of a work session on his cell phone for the lady from the chamber?

Sign me -

We're not all blind lemming sheep, drunken Lemurs or as stupid as these idiots think!

What can I add to this? Not much.

Except what was Hoschek doing taking a call from a travel agent for the Chamber maiden on his cell phone? In fact, we could have another clue to how long that missing 5-20 minute period really was by examining Hoschek's cell phone records.

And that could be done since the taxpayers pay for it. And while we're at it we could check Heland's cell phone records to see how many calls he makes for business that we pay for including the calls made for his work for the Clinton campaign and calls to his bookie.


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Burlington, Where the Buzzards Smell Opportunity


"This week, Interim City Manager Doug Worden said companies continue to express interest in replacing Robert Muir Co. as the developer on the commercial project. So far, city staff has given out about 14 informational packets regarding the 23.7-acre site, he said."

There are always vultures at a train wreck.

No doubt there are interested parties in the Manor Mall wreck site. No doubt there are willing to pay less than 30% of what the City has invested. Like a split open refrigerator car of fresh produce, the longer it sits, the less valuable the Manor Mall gets. How long until the City comes to terms with a salvage scavenger?

The City has a lot more to lose than $80,000 a year in property taxes and the cost of keeping the weeds down. Over $5 million is riding on a note. Those interest payments will be coming due. Unlike Muir, the City may not cry recession and run away from its obligations.

Slagle, the Drunk ex-Mayor, Senator Courtney and a host of fellow travelers really screwed the Citizens of Burlington.

I see Senator Courtney has announced he will be seeking re-election this November. I have not seen where he yet has any opposition. Under the local single party system, you can screw the oppressed over and over and still hold your position.

As long as things stay the way they have been, Burlington has no hope of salvaging a future.


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Courtneygrad on the Mississippi


"The most widespread practice, requiring voters to obtain absentee ballots allowing them to vote not at local polling stations but in locations where they can be watched and counted by managers, appeared to have been extended since December. One shop owner said tenants at a Moscow shopping centre were instructed by management to obtain absentee ballots to vote at the centre. After several failed to do so, their shops were barred from opening until they did."

This Russian election sounds all too familiar.

Senator Courtney and company are always working to "open up the process to greater participation." Who cares about the possibility of wholesale fraud. That is part of the bargain they do not care to brag about.

It used to be an absentee ballot required reason and the seal of a notary. A ballot was an important legal document. Registration to vote within a short period in advance was required to prevent mobile squads of voter fraud.

Not any longer.

A few simple requirements to secure the purity of the process is not a barrier to voting. People certainly find time to jump through more hoops to get a vehicle titled, or worse yet, a driver's license.

Would you beg somebody who did not give a damn, let alone know what they were doing, to bleed the brake lines on your vehicle? If people are too uninformed, lazy, or whatever to vote, consider the quality of their choice?

Senator Courtney and his comrades count on the ignorant and lazy. They are their power base. If you think begging the apathetic to participate pays off, just look at the results around here over the last few decades.


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02 March

Air Force Tanker Deal Is Perfect Example of Dumbass Washington Move

Air Force Pays $35 Million More Per Airplane in Today's Dollars for French Airplane

The loss of the Air Force $100 BILLION tanker contract to Airbus is absolutely beyond my comprehension. Our economy is in the gutter and the Air Force decides to build French airplanes on American soil.

The French snubbed the war in Iraq and we reward them for it. And don't hand me any bullshit about Northrup, the war in Iraq, the Euro partners in Airbus or any of the other ass covering nonsense related to this absurd mess.

Airbus is a nationalized airplane manufacturer. Boeing is a public company. It's that simple.

This is a perfect example of what happens when people like Tim Hoschek, Jeff Heland, Lost Keys Bill Ell and the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards go to Washington and play with our country's future. Stupid human tricks.

That's regionalism! 19,000+ American jobs shot down.


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"Dreams Don't Pay The Rent"

From the Asia Times -

Michelle Obama speaks with greater warmth of her mother-in-law than of her husband. "She was kind of a dreamer, his mother," Michelle Obama was quoted in the January 25 Boston Globe. "She wanted the world to be open to her and her children. And as a result of her naivete, sometimes they lived on food stamps, because sometimes dreams don't pay the rent.

We're living on food stamps now.

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Just a Suggestion


Just read the post about Best Buy, something I had heard this week too. Perhaps the way to encourage Burlington's leaders to get something done about the Manor Mall is to have WB's mayor Hans Trousil say he's been contacted by someone who wants to build another mall in WB.

When they hear that they may jump into action like they did with the Babe Ruth league situation.


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Where Have All the Readers Gone?

Traditional Journalism is Out of Touch


"Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch, and nearly half are turning to the Internet to get their news, according to a new survey.

Not good news for news on fish wrap is making news. People are finding it easier to get news from the web. The web means many sources to choose from.

"But Finberg said the study does support the belief among many large media companies that focusing on local issues is important to their journalistic and economic survival."

Locally, the old line past tense media monopoly has been bucking the trend toward greater local coverage. Local news costs to produce. Rip and paste filler off the wire is cheaper.

People are finding out here and elsewhere what was once swept under the local rug.

Serving up poorly written, politically correct bias and ignoring that which you do not want known is no way for a county seat media operation to have any future.


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'Bloodbath' at WLS as Management Cuts Jobs


If the big radio stations can't handle the loss of advertising how will KBUR and the Advertiser make it?


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01 March

Best Buy Headed to West Burlington Next To Kohl's


BestBuy is coming. But it will call the new Kohl's shopping area its home.

Looks like the Manor Revisited fiasco has lost out on another one, since this is a store that was frequently mentioned as locating there.

Maybe this is already been discussed here, but I've heard it a couple times recently, twice from individuals who are involved in commercial construction in this area.


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Illegal Meeting Observations

Let's Review Heland and Hoschek's Cell Phone Records While We're At It


If we are to believe what Mr. Abell listened to and then wrote about and contrary to what Beck thinks (who wasn't there but takes Heland's word for what happened) and the auditor, who was there (but admits nothing wrong) thinks about the supervisors conducting an illegal meeting, it sure looks like they did conduct an illegal meeting.

The supervisors failed to recess their meeting due to a lack of a second. So the meeting never was in recess.

The auditor failed to continue to take notes for a period of time between "5 and 20 minutes" according to people in the room and the written record for the entire meeting of "120 words."

It would also appear that the auditor was going to rely upon the recording to prepare the written minutes of the work session for publication. And I make that assertion since up to this point in my email I have written 157 words, 37 more words than the auditor wrote down. Word number 120 is the word "that" at the beginning of this paragraph.

Everyone knows Heland and Hoschek like to hear themselves pontificate so unless the meeting had just started or was without substance (a possibility) the auditor planned to use the tape recording to prepare the minutes.

And one more thing, why was Hoschek taking calls from a travel agent in the middle of a work session on his cell phone for the lady from the chamber?

Sign me -

We're not all blind lemming sheep, drunken Lemurs or as stupid as these idiots think!

What can I add to this? Not much.

Except what was Hoschek doing taking a call from a travel agent for the Chamber maiden on his cell phone? In fact, we could have another clue to how long that missing 5-20 minute period really was by examining Hoschek's cell phone records.

And that could be done since the taxpayers pay for it. And while we're at it we could check Heland's cell phone records to see how many calls he makes for business that we pay for including the calls made for his work for the Clinton campaign and calls to his bookie.


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Sell-Out Slagle Exposed


I heard from a pretty reliable source that Slagle is now making $250,000.00 a year to work for this Minnesota Company from his home.

Wasn't Muir from Minnesota too? Is that just coincidence, or do I smell a pair of poopy pants?

I'd almost bet there is a connection somewhere!

He sold us out for his new job... and still has the nerve to show his face in Burlington!

I heard he hangs out at Carpfish Bend in the Boo Hoo Cafe.

- Average Joe

If he is being paid that kind of money it won't take long for his bosses to realize Slagle's productivity level is not only sub-par but sub-standard and worthy of dismissal.

It might take awhile. But it will happen. Slagle is a flash in the pan loser that after the bulb goes off the only thing left are the ashes.

BTW - "Poopy pants" doesn't quite describe the essence of his dirty laundry.


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Traumatizing Timmy

Evil Spike Taken To The Woodshed By Largemouth Ass


You nasty person! You picked on Little Timmy as well as his friend and protector, Jeffy.

If you had said nothing, Jimmy Olson would never have needed to to hold Little Timmy and Jeffy's hands. Nobody would ever had known what went on.

Little Jeffy is mad at you. He had Jimmy tell everybody your site is not nice. You better watch out!

One of these days, your dog will disappear and you won't have a job anymore.


There still seems to be a gap in the meeting according to Abell's story in the Ad Vertiser. And no corroboration from the Chamber for the Hoschek/Heland litany of righteous being.

As for my dogs, they bite. Especially dip shit, large mouth asses and their phony little trough riding buddies.

Evil Spike

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Looks like the paperwork Slagle forgot to burn or otherwise destroy before
he left town. Aren't we just winners and lucky to have had this guy running
the show for ten years?

I hope the new city manager didn't have Bruce as his mentor or we're in deep
trouble before we start. Just hope to hell the council doesn't use Bruce as
a standard when selecting the new man.


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