Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

Pay to Read? Not When It Is Free Everywhere Else!


Is this new? The Hawkeye wanting you to have a subscription to view certain areas of the web site.

I'm sure I was just on this page just days ago and accessed it.


Publisher Steve Delaney will tell us that they need to add to their bottom line for services extended to non-subscribers.

We think it is just another attempt to tell us how to think and act while controlling the "news."

With every major newspaper online for free there is no compelling reason to pay for the nothing news and local ads.


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29 April

Hoschek Family Does County Work Without Bid

Publisher Steve Delaney & Crew Cover It Up


I can't figure out why the newspaper won't publish the story of Hoschek's family doing boiler work at the court house without a contract and without a bid for the work.

It sure looks bad to me that Delaney would go hammer away at Beck when he knows that Hoschek's family is in a very bad situation since Hoschek didn't even abstain from voting to approve the claims.

See what they have to say now that you print this.


So, Hoschek's family does county boiler work without bidding on the work? What kind of deal is this? Nepotism? Tell me it ain't so.

At least Beck disclosed all his deal before the Ad Vertiser spun their wad into it.


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Call for Senator Courtney's Ouster


"Dictators are still trying to prevent... unfiltered news," said company president Jeff Gedmin. "They did not succeed in the last century and they will not succeed now."

Oh, those crude, old, iron curtain comrades. They need to learn a little finesse from more refined single party repression vendors.

Senator Courtney does not attack web sites. Senator Courtney tries to out those running and contributing to web sites offering unfiltered news. How dare they circumvent the official Advertiser.

Once outed, you subject those guilty of seeking truth to the unofficial iron fist. Do a Dilbert on them.

These people need to learn from one wise on how to deftly attempt defeating freedom of speech. Call for Senator Courtney's political vendetta to end.

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday


The prospects of news on paper just keep getting worse.

The big metro dailies are losing circulation on their biggest day of the week. Sunday circulation is tanking at a greater rate than Monday through Saturday.

Advertisers will take note. Why pay for inserts fewer are reading? The lay-offs and painful cost containment has started.

The focus of this shift has been with big city operations. Have you heard anything about Burlington's version of the Hooterville World Guardian?


I don't hear a word. Nobody's talking (Fear of Darth Delaney?)

I find it very difficult to believe that Delaney will remain untouched much longer. Sunday's paper was noticeably thinner and even though there were inserts, even they were thin.

When the bubble breaks, down they will fall. And the new Bonny Buyer Burlington Edition has already taken up the slack.


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An Aid of Understanding for the Greater World


I read your web site on occasion. A friend who grew up in Burlington turned me onto it. He said no matter how bad things get where we live, it could always be worse in Burlington.

From what I have learned, my friend is right.

For outsiders who come to your site, have you considered compiling a cast of the main characters? The Drunk Mayor, Jimmy Olson, Baby Robin Murray, Slagle, Citizen Kane, Lost Keys, Little Timmy, Senator Courtney, etc. often leave me confused. A quick explanation of various bizarre events like the Manor Mall development that never was would also help.

Like a comic opera in Italian, a libretto would help.

A program telling the monkeys from the people would enable more outsiders to learn from the tragic comedy that is transpiring in your little town. As it is, my interest is already piqued. When traveling back east this summer, I plan to run some back roads. I must see what your contributors have described.


If we listed the cast of criminals then we would have to write a screen play and make it into a movie.

Maybe we could do some sort of drop down menu describing each in detail along with their mug shot, ala Nick Nolte.


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Porn at the Library


Apparently the folks in Sacramento are having a problem similar to ours concerning porn at the library.

Taxpayer funded porn is not a constitutional right. The American Library Association seems to think they aren’t responsible to taxpayers. Here is their Code of Ethics. The excuses the gentleman got from the city council and the library about filters are straight from the ALA website. It is the standard response the professional organization tells libraries to use when challenged.

I bet we will hear more platitudes after the gentleman meets with the library board. I bet they quote this ALA statement further.

If people want porn they need to spend their own money.


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28 April

Protecting Little Timmy?


The official propaganda organ of the local single party political system has attacked Beck.

Beck's relative getting County business without a bid was not a bright move. As pointed out, the other two Supervisors approved the bill. Hoshceck and Heland do far worse with the Advertiser going out of its' way to obscure by omission.

Has Citizen Kane fired the first salvo to do unto Beck what was done unto Ed Blow?

Unlike Little Timmy and Two Helpings Heland, Beck has a few connected brain cells. Sleazy State Senator Courtney and the rest of the Politburo do not like people who can think. Not only are they jealous, but they purge comrades who will not grovel before them and follow their every order.

Cahill has more intelligence in his ear lobes than the lot running the local party machine. Cahill doubtless strikes terror into the godfathers at the Union Hall/Party Headquarters. The drunks and picket line thugs must figure Cahill will get in. Cahill must be neutered. A combination of Beck and Cahill could permit reason to replace party dogma in county decision making.

Little Timmy and Two Helpings Heland have followed orders and done as they are told. Replace Beck with Cahill and nothing changes. Criminals who have hijacked the party remain in control.

Citizen Kane is a good little comrade. If we see more attacks on Beck and continuing omissions of the sins of Little Timmy and Two Helpings Heland, there will be no doubt the Politburo wants Beck sent to Siberia.

Nicholi Bukharin

No one can protect Hoschek. Not this time. The Ad Vertiser is trying to save their little buddy. Only this time every Democrat that votes for him will be a vote for a criminal and that makes them an accomplice.

Heland doesn't eat anything in two helpings. He eats with two plates.

What other reason would he need a Handicap sticker for his flagship?


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Signs of The Times


Without a doubt the board of supervisors screwed the taxpayers out of $9000
and since when do they do business in Linn County rather than Des Moines
County, simply for the purpose of signs and how did Beck's daughter even
know about the signs when living two counties away?

Des Moines County in recent years has elected only dimwitted losers to
office which really says it all about this county and its voter's
intelligence. How can any county have such a continuous string of loser's
elected to office?

It would appear most of the real people have left town and we're stuck with
the left over's known, for lack of a real term, the widget brains.

Des Moines County Victim

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Face First in the Free Lunch


I see our local "leaders" are off to visit Santa Claus. My, what a wish list.

How nice to know that whatever Santa gives them for visiting D. C. is free. It cost local government nothing at all. Who cares how foolish? As long as it is free, fill your stocking.

Is Little Timmy going? Little Timmy loves free trips. Free trips are like getting mileage money to to drive to work.

Sitting down for a free lunch is wonderful as long as those paying for it never figure what is being done to them. If they ever do, it will be the last supper for a whole host of local "leaders."

John Grier

Instead of promoting one or two good ideas our regional lunch crowd all act like Hoschek. Face down - insert trough.

It'll be like Sadie's chili - may taste good going down, but the side effects might kill you.


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Ethanol Burning


The backlash against ethanol is commencing.

The patron saint of hanging chads, Al Gore, is being warned to run from ethanol in his crusade to sacrifice our freedom to global warming. If food prices continue as they are, even Senators Harkin and Grassley may end up seeking cover.

It is only a matter of time until Des Moines County taxpayers are questioning Little Timmy's wisdom in making us unwilling partners in a local moonshine operation.


The ethanol plant didn't pay fire district taxes for a reason. They knew when this fire started all you could do is evacuate everyone to their Illinois location until that one blew a financial cork the size of Rhode Island.


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City Codes - Dog Poo On Our Shoe


I get damn tired of going out to cut my lawn and stepping in dog crap. I
thought the city would enforce its code for picking up the crap and bagging
it but I see that's just a code put on paper to make the city look good when
in actuality there's no commitment at all to enforce it.

Burlington has so many un-enforced and worthless codes it would boggle the
mind. Most of them were of canned type and basically the city had no
thoughts of enforcing them with the exception of the ones that helped fill
the trough for our deadbeats at city hall to live off of.

Many of the building codes were written to protect the businesses using
union labor. The many codes for the downtown area are so expensive to
perform just about every building in town could be dismantled above the
first floor and no one would notice the difference because most of them are
abandoned above the first floor anyway.

All I can say is that people that leave dog crap in their neighbor's yard
are on the same waste level as the crap itself. These people are scum bag
losers and should be forced to clean it up with their hands.

No one but no one should be allowed to walk a dog outside their own yard
after dark. There should be a $100 fine for doing so and it should be
enforced by the police or the health department. If the health department
can be put in charge of policing smoking in public places with the exception
of casinos they can also police the dog crap problem. How about restricting
dog walking after dark to the casinos?


After this deal Mini-Me can direct his staff to cut the weeds on South Main and
about 20 other spots in town.

Then talk to KMart about there yard sale signs.


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Head for the Exits


The gray lady of political correctness is wielding an axe. Staff is being cut at the New York Times in the face of declining revenues due to new technologies competition.

How much longer until the Advertiser cleans up its act, or goes away altogether?


Things have a way of flowing down Crap Creek, er' Hawkeye Creek.


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26 April

Hoschek and Heland Approve County Sign Payment

Publisher Steve Delaney Gets It Wrong – Again!


I see Citizen Kane decided to write his every other month editorial today and blames Bob Beck for all things wrong in the County sign caper.

If I read Delaney’s story correctly Beck never voted on approving payment for the signs; Tim Hoschek and Heland voted to approve the payment. Doesn’t the responsibility for this lie at their feet and not Beck?

It looks like Publisher Steve Delaney is protecting his Chamber crowd of advertisers and not protecting the taxpayers from Hoschek and Heland.


I have other problems with this deal, too.

Awning Sherwood is crying the blues that his company didn’t get the contract for the signs. Obviously, there is a reason but Jimmy Olson is too lazy to find out.

Sherwood’s bitching about “having a chance” is all too phony for me. Sherwood, along with his buddy and Airport Board member Dwight Mulch were the two guys that helped put Remmers Aviation out of business after they took their airplane maintenance business to Jet Air in Galesburg.

All of that stemmed from them buying a junk airplane on Ebay and then finding out it was junk and blaming Remmers for it because it had to be fixed.

And then there is this local accountant, shooting his mouth off about the cost of the signs. What the hell does he know about how much a sign should cost? He should have kept his dumb ass mouth shut. He doesn’t work for the Ad Vertiser. And his job isn’t to discuss his work for the County until they have signed off on it. Yep, fire him!

If Publisher Steve Delaney wasn’t so busy over on Clatterbox he could focus on the facts. Maybe then he can utter his occasional opinion.

We'll see what Publisher Steve Delaney has to say about Hoschek's deal with the ethanol plant heist. Then everyone will know his allegiance.


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He Wants To Be President

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25 April

Hoschek's Crime Spree Set to Begin

Supervisor Tim Hoschek's crimes are about to get under way. It is the only chance Hoschek has this time.

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Not Yet Fashionable To Be Of General Favor"


"Perhaps the sentiments
contained in the following pages,
are not yet sufficiently fashionable
to procure them general favor;
a long habit of
not thinking a thing wrong,
gives it a superficial appearance
of being right,
and raises at first
a formidable outcry
in defence of custom.
But the tumult soon subsides."

-- Thomas Paine
Common Sense, January 1776

They wish, eh ??


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When Are they Coming to Burlington?


The City of Des Moines had a single party house cleaning. When are the Feds coming to Burlington?


I just love the sound of the rope squeaking.


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Watch Your Step


Burlington's past is much more promising than its' future.

I hope nobody trips and breaks a bone traversing the crumbling side walks. There is no money to fix them. Why?

Burlington used the money to "invest" in the future. We have an unprofitable Wreckedplex, a "without merit" legal judgement, a money losing swimming sink hole and $5.5 million plus vacant lot at Agency and Roosevelt. These are just the highlights.

With our elected idiots, the past just keeps looking brighter every day.


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Obama and Rezko - And Ali Ata, Kjellander & Rove


I think you got into some bad liquor.

Antoin "Tony" Rezko has no connection to Karl Rove. He is, however, a very close associate of Barack Obama and Milorad. Rezko financed Obama's million dollar mansion.


I think I see this clearly.

"On Wednesday, outside the jury's presence, Assistant U.S. Atty. Carrie Hamilton told U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve that Ata was prepared to testify that Rezko told him Kjellander was working with Rove "to have Fitzgerald removed."

Now, if Rezko is tied to Obama, Ata, Rove and Kjellander to supposedly oust the US Attorney trying Rezko, isn't that just a little too close to be called casual acquaintances?

It's the Chicago Way.


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23 April

Rezko Tied To Karl Rove & White House

Maybe the Rezko trial will be the straw that breaks Karl Rove's back.

We can hope.


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22 April

What? Me, Negative?


Let me see. The city's appraiser for the manor says he had a contract. Our new city manager Worden says it was verbal. Scott Power says, see Worden. Worden says he was guessing but it was close. Ell doesn't understand. The council school teachers are pissed at unsigned posts on blogs while another school teacher steals from the students. Nitwit Courtney wants to censor everyone that tries to expose his rotten character and misdeeds. Power wants to sue everybody to boost this retirement fund but never wins a case. The ex mayor is a drunk and the current one isn't far behind. The railroad lawsuit was about jobs. The taxpayers are $5 million in the hole and the hole is getting bigger everyday. The Chamber hasn't produced a new company with jobs in 3 or 4 years but has increased their staff 3 times. We sue one of our biggest employers over a 150 year old land deal. Bruce Slagle lies to us like water running down Hawkeye Creek. The newspaper is involved in every rotten ass deal this town has. The taxpayers own a water park that only cash flows when it is time for an election. The casino fires an employee for comparing them to drunken Lemurs and they prove it by over building their latest dream factory. Tim Hoschek is the worst thing to happen to Des Moines County in last 16 years. Jeff Heland spends the taxpayers' money like he was buying steak and lobster with our money when he actually is. Ron Knoke misses a construction bid by over $1 million and then insults us with his "nail-it-shut" remark. West Burlington sneaks around Bruce Slagle, amateur developer, to land the new Kohl's. We pay back $240,000 in earnest money because Power sued people and screwed up the contract. The airport board conducts an illegal vote and puts a 60 year old business out on the street. The railroad lawsuit was about money. We're going to buy a quiet zone for about $2 million more than planned with money we don't have in the hopes some out of towner can come, invest, get screwed, all before we run them out of town after they buy a run down old rat trap pigeon roost for 5 times what it's worth.

And the Chamber monkeys don't want us to be negative?

Are they drunk?

Singing Kumbaya - Mr. Negative

Did you write this in one breath?


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Lost Keys & I Don't Understand What You're Asking"

If Willy Doesn't Understand - Who Does?


Am I the only one that is tired of citizens asking question week after week and all the mayor can say is " I don't understand what you are asking"?

He knows so little about so much. Last meeting Ell didn't know how to take care of Lucas street for a taxpayer. The taxpayer approached the city again a few weeks back and Ell should have had all the info before he opened his mouth again.

It does not matter if you ask about street, the water park or the little league, he always says the same, " I don't understand what you are asking."

Some how we need to put the pressure on the get rid on the mayor.

One more thing, the council is pounding their chest about the ball diamond. What a joke.


You would think someone that is retired and has all this time to kill sitting around city hall some of the obvious would rub off on this guy. But it hasn't. Lost Keys' vacant stare is getting more pronounced every day. But it is golf weather.

That Lucas Street deal is the premier example of Bruce Slagle's bullshit and a mistreated citizen's tenacity. I would like to see Iowa's Losingist Lawyer William Scott Power spin that loss after court.

The entire Burlington City Council should hide their heads in shame over the Babe Ruth fiasco.

BTW - Have any of you knuckleheads gone to look for the missing lights yet? Oh, Ron Knoke said they were in storage. Just like his nail it shut, $1 million dollar miss?

Get off the sofa and go look around like you care what you sign off on before West Burlington kicks your butt again.


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Cost of Gas


Why will people pay an astounding $0.068 per ounce for coke when gas tops in at .0.027 per ounce at $3.45 per gallon. What demands such a high price for flavored water? People will even pay over a dollar for a bottle for water with odds on its straight from the tap in one city or another, are we fools or what?

Out of a 42 gallon barrel of oil there are 19.5 gallons of gasoline produced the rest is kerosene, jet fuel, and other stuff. So the gas is really costing 19.5*128*.027=$67.39 per barrel.

Now lets take a full 19.5 gallons of coke figured at .068 per ounce and we end up with 19.5*128*.068=$169.73 or again 2.5 times more expensive than gasoline.

I guess we should all be happy that our cars don’t run on flavored water such as coke or some other flavor. By the way there was a 20 ounce coke selling for $1.64 the other day at a stop and gas making it $0.08 per ounce or 3 times the cost of gasoline.


Just wait a little longer. Gas prices will catch up to Coke and the oil companies will continue to make record profits.


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Good News - Rotary Donates Hospice Playground Equipment

Old Falcon has a good story today. The Rotary donated playground equipment at the new hospice.


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21 April

I Was Worden All Along


How much time and money did the City waste on the recent City Manager selection process?

Word was sent out of the opening. You even posted an application form to aid in the search. Candidates were interviewed and brought in to view the disaster area.

Some fled. Others did not seem to impress local taxpayers oppressed. Worden got the job as was planned all along.

The whole charade was to make it appear Worden was the best they could get. While I do not agree, I would have appreciated some honesty.

The five dwarfs on the Council should have said it is a done deal for Doug. Nobody with half a brain was duped by their dramatics.

I am sick and tired of being taxed for dog and pony shows. If the hams holding office yearn for the foot lights, let them try out at Player's Workshop.

A. Miller

The city council is doing their best to be green. We don't have to change our Mini-Me "hot key" to write a story about his thorough close enough research into the Scott Power billing scandal.

The council is lazy and totally unaware of reality. They are pleased with their "F" quality thesis on change.

And as for Player's Workshop, there's already enough politics there. They don't need Lost Keys Ell in red tights playing Romeo or a bit part as Otis in a Mayberry vignette.


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Manor Problems Demand Accountability


If what Mr. Johnson is saying is true, which it probably is, then it does not appear that the former City manager or the current City manager, finance director or the city council really have a handle on this. That's scary and just wrong.

Mr. Johnson is right, there should be accountability. It looks like a very mismanaged project from the start in several areas. It is important to have accountability, but difficult when things are this sloppy.

How many palms are padded in this town with tax money because they do not bid jobs like they should or can. That is a bad sign. Sorry Bob.


Manor Mall is such a boondoggle even Mini-Me can't see the daylight for the crap on his glasses.

Ah yes, Bob. The leader of the palm padders. We have news on that front, too.


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The Advertiser Reports....


"one of the worst periods the company and the newspaper industry have seen"

The New York Times is reporting a substantial financial loss. What is happening in the hinterlands?

I do not recall the local Advertiser posting their financial performance. One wonders if it reflects the Advertiser's in general performance as a provider of news and information.

Privately held may give public indication if heads start rolling down South Main Street.


More like heads rolling down Hawkeye Creek.


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18 April

Mini Me New City Liar

I guess we're doomed. Mini Me Worden will be the new Liar In Charge.

Oh well. Maybe in two years he'll retire.


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More Unanswered Manor Questions Arise - Now The Appraiser


I find this very hard to believe but I went to city hall to get a copy of what the taxpayers were paying the appraiser per house in the manor. All they could give me was a lump sum figure which did not satisfy me.

So I asked for a contract between the city and appraiser and they didn't have one but they would check on it and get back with me. Needless to say the never got back with me after 4 days.

I went back down and needless to say they did not have a contract. All they had was a verbal agreement. I ask why this was not put out for bid and why any city would not have a written contract with any company doing business with them.

The billing was done thru Scott Powers, so I ask them how they paid the bills to break it down. Their answer was when they got a $5000 or $10,000 bill they just paid it.

Mr. Worden came in and I asked him about it and he told me to check with Scott Power.

Since it was the 15th of April I knew where Scott Power would be, at the courthouse for Amy Laue's appeal on her condemnation. I went to see Scott Power at the courthouse and Power told me that Doug Worden had the breakdown on the appraisals.

It just so happened that the appraiser was there and I asked him if he put a bid in on doing the job on the Manor. He said he could not remember how much.

So I went to see Doug Worden and he was going to have his secretary pull up the invoice and the check. But I had already had that done and there was no breakdown just lump sum billing.

There are not very many people that make verbal agreements in business anymore but this goes right along with our secret and closed meetings and fits right in with the lost tapes from the railroad.

I believe that this city government needs to be held accountable to the taxpayers that pay there salaries.

Leonard Johnson

People ask why we are so against Mini-Me Worden being city manager, this is a perfect example. Same old shit from the same old liars.

Until people go vote we are doomed to remain adrift in the filth of mediocrity.


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17 April

Could Convicted Mayor Sell the Manor?


"A federal jury convicted ex-Mayor Sharpe James and his former mistress today of corruption stemming from the cut-rate sale of city land."

The former Mayor of Newark is headed to jail. As part of a public service clause in his sentence, his honor should be banished to Burlington. At least Mayor James knows how to sell real estate.

The local single party political system should have no objection. Mayor James is already a card carrying member. Hire this guy instead of Worden to be City Manager.

Unloading the Manor at even a cut rate is better than the current situation.


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16 April

The Reasons Why Worden Isn't The Guy


The reasons Doug Worden is not our best choice is spelled out in his support letters to the editor on Tuesday.

He knows all the dirty tricks learned from Slagle and the rest of the thugs in city hall.

He was part of the Manor theft.

He participated in the railroad lawsuit cover up.

He didn't have the guts to do anything but be Slagle's whippin' boy.

Our city council doesn't have a collective brain cell in their heads. So look out.

More of the same old crap.

Fed Up

The council offered him the job. I guess it will be another golf course junkie for Lost Keys to hang with.

Nobody wants the dog park. It's dead.

The quiet zone will never come in on budget. We can't afford it.

There is no hope. The ship has sunk and it ain't the rivets.


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No To Worden


Worden said enough for me to say no. If he can't step up and tell us with conviction he will stay on the job past 2 years, he isn't the person for the job.

To go through all of this expense again in 2 years is ridiculous.

Enough Already

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General Decay


It’s evident with this new smoking bill that the people in Des Moines are
as dim witted as those running Burlington. Why would they even consider
letting the casinos continue to promote smoking and not the bars. These
people are for sale to the highest bidder just as is done in Washington.
It just makes me sick to see how low our legislators can stoop with this
damn double standard perpetrated upon the people of Iowa.

As usual its special interest that buys the legislature into office and
then get the bills favoring them at the cost of the majority. Iowa
government only wants to please the casino crowd at the expense of the
taverns owners.

Such sick government rivals the Ethanol industry here in Iowa and industry
that is costing us all in increased prices for food while the industry
itself is reaping profits through no taxation, unlike the home owner
forced to pay Ethanol’s share. Thanks Des Moines County Supervisors,
thanks a lot.

Iowa has a mass out migration because of the high taxes, low wages, rotten
weather, dim witted legislatures and here in Burlington its worse because
of no jobs, low pay, poor city government, and high fee’s and taxes, at
about the ninth highest in the state, and for what?

Blight is like a cancer in Burlington spreading at an above average rate
from neighborhood to neighborhood. Once a house is rented the blight
begins to spread ruining entire neighborhoods. Just drive around North
Hill, South Hill, West Hill and look at what’s happening to our city.
Those living on the outskirts will have the same blight in the future
because there’s really no where to hide, other than leave the area.

The crime rate is exceptional and out of control, just the other day there
were 61 crimes listed in the paper for just five days. Most people must
steal in order to pay for their drug habits and who knows what else, Ala
Baba would be proud to live in Burlington provided there’s still working
people living here to steal from.

Burlington and Iowa are slowly decaying into the quagmire as have the
large metropolitan areas of the country. Who would have ever guessed that
Burlington, once a jewel, is now on the verge of crumbling into decay
brought about by poor government, high taxes, high fees, drugs use, job
loss, infrastructure, crime and a new population with no marketable skills
and schools that have failed entire decades of children and their parents
by not teaching the 3 R’s anymore.

Disgusted With It All

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15 April

Running for Mayor of Burlington?


No need for tee totalin' when you're doing shots.

And then they pulled out the guns and shot up the place. If you end up being a loser in the party, there is always Burlington to fall back on.

Crown Royal

Very promising future wherever she goes. Including a stint as our mayor. She probably pulled up in the local BK for some quick sleep.


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$100,000 and Counting


City Manager Worden reports $100,000 in legal fees so far regarding the Manor Mall. The legal wrangling continues.

Nobody is going to buy this property even at a fire sale price until titles are straightened out. In the criminals' haste to meet their eminent domain crimes exemption, a lot of waste has been generated.

Does the Manor Mall have the potential to rival the legal bill of Senator Courtney and friends "without merit" railroad lawsuit?

Senator Courtney did us all some favor by letting the Manor Mall exemption slide through the legislature. Stealing the private property of others to further enrich private interests is now against the law and for good reason. The Manor Mall is an excellent example of why.

An enraged public demanded the unethical use of eminent domain be made illegal. Senator Courtney knew he had to vote as demanded, but also knew he could slide the Manor Mall through. After all, Senator Courtney, Slagle, the Drunk Mayor, Ell, etc. are all so much smarter than we. The Manor was supposed to become a commerical property tax gold mine for government.

After squandering close to $6 million on the Manor Mall, the remaining guilty ring leaders must go. Courtney and Ell must be voted out.


You can say what you want but I don't want Mini-Me counting my change.

Worden said, "It's difficult to say what the exact amount is, but I think I came close." This isn't what I want to hear from a bean counter.

Sounds like Knoke doing construction estimates.


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Spend It


I see in Sat. paper that the manor legal fees exceed $100,000.00, what will the fees cost us when they get to Levi Malone?

Mr. Delaney made mention about the manor including the ball diamond used by the Babe Ruth League that the city took. Now the city has agreed to pay 65 percent of the cost or up to $110.500.00 dollars for lights out at the college. The city will pay for this with hotel/motel revenues.

Should not this amount of money be billed against the manor bill? As far as Mr. Worden being city manager why did he pull his name off the list of candidates? Did he know from the city council that the other candidates would be turned down thus leaving him as the sole candidate?

As being assistant manager when Bruce Slagle was here, I can’t see where he’s tried to hold down the debt of this city so why do you think he would do any different as city manager?

I believe we should hire an outside consulting firm to find us a city manager that can make the city budget work. Another $20,000.00 to find a city manager that can run the city is a drop in the bucket to our debt and the amount of interest we pay on this debt.

I don’t believe the city council we have now has the qualifications or the know how to hire a city manager. I see why we have a dog park in town because Burlington has gone to the dogs.


03:24:07 - SPIKE - No comments

14 April

Better a Drunk Than a Drunk and a Fool


Burlington's local single party political system is dominated by a mixture of ignorance, incompetence and intoxication.

A former Iowa Congressman has been picked up for driving drunk who also pledges belief in mana from heaven. This makes number three. Move to Burlington should he.

With the proper party label, he would have no trouble obtaining office. Once elected, he can drive in any condition he pleases. Even if Spike finds out, the official party publication will tell all that drunk political office holders get no special breaks.

This former office holder has big league experience. Heland would droll all over his shoes. The local idiots would do well to worship and learn from him.

The former Congressman has an advanced degree. Unlike Little Timmy, he is literate. Unlike Senator Courtney, his lies would be less transparent.

A committee should travel north and encourage this man to make the move.
Great suffering has been our lot under leaders who individually are a pathetic combination of defective character and intellect.

We would all be better off led by an able, intelligent, drunk.


00:05:40 - SPIKE - No comments

12 April

Hoschek Needs The Job


Tim needs to continue to get elected. He will have a nice government pension! He isn't going to do anything in his supervisor management decisions to go against the public union request. He needs them to get elected and we all pay for it.

Heland is just as bad. No money for the rock on the roads but give the employees more.

DMC resident

Hoschek's silver spoon has tarnished.


01:13:35 - SPIKE - No comments

FAA Example of Dead Beat Government


Not only are the Burlington city council and board of supervisors dead beat entities but so are the FDA, FAA, FEMA and the VA to just name a few.

The idea of putting campaign donors into the front offices of major federal agencies is a mirror image of Burlington’s election cycle that always ends with deception, failure, misdeeds, incompetence, corruption and a host of other maladies.

Now it’s been proven that the FAA is all of the above; basically the president put some unqualified individual in charge that has no concept of what he or she is doing, it’s just another political payoff.

Our federal government has let us all down and it started with the Clinton years and continues, only worse through the Bush years.


01:11:16 - SPIKE - No comments

11 April

A Need Most Pressing - Enlightenment


"I wonder what would happen if we donated all the proceeds to charity or local entities in need?"

Does "in need" include Little Timmy? An adult literacy program for our special needs County Supervisor is needed.

It would be more profitable to simply vote Little Timmy out of office. Unfortunately, too many Des Moines County voters have not utilized their comprehension skills on too many election days.

You know how people around here hate change.

Dick & Jane

We plan to enlighten the voters about Little Timmy in detail before the primary.


04:38:37 - SPIKE - No comments

Credit Cards Force Frontier Airlines Into Bankruptcy

Credit card companies have a strangle hold on the American economy. Some more than others.

If it gets so bad as to force Frontier Airlines into bankruptcy, it is time for severe bank card regulation.

Everyone will benefit from it.

While we're at it, let's hammer the oil companies, too.


04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

10 April

Advertisers Following the Market


If you have people asking to buy advertising at your site, it is a certain sign you are drawing an audience. Businesses must know their market and trends to survive and keep their jobs

The local "professionals" who sell advertising to provide news and information have not been doing their job.

Volunteer efforts here and elsewhere have been exposing the smoldering sloth, stupidity and corruption that have been consuming our community. It is sad that the information equivalent of a volunteer fire department has become a necessity.

If your efforts continue to grow, would it reach the point where you hire professional staff? With all the lay offs in the industry, there should be no shortage of experienced reporters and advertising staff out there.

As you have pointed out, talented, professional truth seekers have left Burlington to produce quality material elsewhere. There is a market for truth unrestrained by political dogma and far too cozy personal relationships.

Political dogma and fluff is losing its' protection based on the expense of production on and distribution of paper. If not Spike, somebody else will take the local market using the new and rapidly developing information technologies.


07:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Learning from Southeast Iowa?

Casinos Aren't Economic Development Opportunities


“This should send a very clear message to the state of Iowa that if people in Jasper County don’t see economic opportunity in casinos, the rest of the state of needs to take notice of that,” said Dan Kelley, campaign coordinator of anti-gambling organization Jasper Citizens for Casino Truth.

Folks around Newton want no part of gambling as "economic development." One wonders if they were informed of the follies of Catfish Craps?

Has anybody explained why a few months back investors were being told to ante up $10 million, but suddenly all is rosy? We are still waiting for the target date to begin construction of a land based gambling hall in North Lee County.

If the Corps of Engineers would dredge hell out of the Skunk River, Jasper County could have gotten a good deal on the Emerald Leper.

Does Newton need a slightly used water park? It is bad there is no easy way to move our financial sink hole foisted off on taxpayers by gambling interests.


07:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Support Spike and Die!


"The only fear the advertisers that have emailed us asking for ad space is the retribution from the Ad Vertiser and Chamber they expect as a result."

The Advertiser and Chamber of Otherwise Unemployables would be just the start.

Knoke and the whole local government crowd would be breathing down on any who support you. Fire inspections, building inspections, health inspections, etc. would begin and continue until your business is ruined, or you put your advertising back in the single party political house organ. It would not stop in Burlington.

What odds do you give that Senator Courtney would be on the phone to state regulatory agencies as well?

The whole inbred mess is like an octopus. Like the crucifixion of the man posting Dilbert, small minds are willing to go to great lengths to protect their puny positions. They assume themselves giants by virtue of the miniscule arena in which they operate.

Once a few defy them, more will join against them. The whole rotten edifice will be exposed. It will crash like the Berlin Wall.


I wonder what would happen if we donated all the proceeds to charity or local entities in need?


06:55:02 - SPIKE - No comments

Triple Dipping Extends To School District


I see the triple dipping has extended to the school district with Dennis Kuster's part-time teaching gig.

It really chaps me that a member of the school board has to take money from a part-timer that needs the money so he can "stay in touch."


06:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

09 April

Can't Stand The Thoughts of Lost Keys' Financial Mismanagement


I see Lost Keys can't stand the thought of spending $20,000 to find a qualified city manager.

I can't stand the thought Lost Keys cost this city $58,000 for the lost school key incident he lied about and tried to cover up or the $400,000 in legal fees for Ell's "winnable case" railroad lawsuit he tried to shovel down our throats like baby Robins.

Maybe if he had thought longer about suing the firemen we'd have $20,000 to find a new manager. Or making Scott Power itemize his bill we might have the $20,000.

Better yet, if you factor in the costs of the failed strip mall we could have paid a city manager $125,000 per year for 42 years.

Obviously the council and staff can't get the job done. We better find someone that can.


Five months of failure and the bills to show for it.

The council will never reach qualified applicants. A professional head hunter will deliver 10 candidates in less than 30 days. Anyone of which will make a good city manager.

In a process that won't be conducted in illegal closed session meetings.


12:07:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Outsourcing the Advertiser - Advertisers May Have Alternatives


CBS News is looking at contracting out their news gathering to CNN aka the Clinton News Network. It ain't what it used to be in the days of Uncle Walty.

When it comes to having others do your work for you, the Advertiser is way ahead of the curve. The Advertiser has no reporter with investigative skills. The Advertiser has poorly paid Jimmy Olsons at best.

When it comes to investigative reporting around town, the Advertiser has Spike, Falcon, and Fred and Seven.

You would think the Advertiser would appreciate what others have been doing for them. They do not. Rather than all the news that is fit to print, the Advertiser prints only the news as it suits the purpose of the local single party political system.

The Drunk Mayor and other stories supposed to be kept under the rug were not brought to daylight by the Advertiser. They were forced to follow Spike's lead and by all accounts, out to get Spike.

Perhaps you and the other truth seekers who scoop the Advertiser should copyright your material. Make the Advertiser pay royalties as reward for your doing "their service to our community."

Citizen Kane would love to know to whom to make the check out. Let the personal destruction begin.

As the Advertiser's de facto assignment editor, have you considered a Cayman Islands bank account to be rewarded incognito while doing other peoples' jobs? If so, you better hurry.

The way those advertising dollars keep departing the Advertiser, somethings gotta give if somethings ain't changed.


The Ad Vertiser already is outsourcing their news gathering, we all just don't get paid for it. We don't need a Cayman account. We just need a PayPal account.

We've been considering a new website where the locals can post their 1/2 letter page ads for $10.00 a week. Deadline is Tuesday night at 5; first come first serve for listing order. The only fear the advertisers that have emailed us asking for ad space is the retribution from the Ad Vertiser and Chamber they expect as a result.

But a hole in their ad revenue might reshape Publisher Steve Delaney's thinking about helping Southeast Iowa instead of being the political stooge for a bunch of wanna be thugs writing the negatives over and over and over and over again.

I don't think Publisher Steve Delaney understands he has a captive audience. Those that are left can't afford to move and have already read his writers' stories the first 10 times they were published.

But it does make good page filler when your editorial direction is lacking positive items to write about.


03:16:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Knoke Needs To Be Fired


We've been on our first vacation in 10+ years. We came home to read of Knoke's comments that Howard Johnson's needed to be boarded up over fire code violations. Glad we didn't come home to a mess like this.

Knoke needs to be fired. In over 30 years in business we have had several violations when we didn't notice an Exit light burned out or something. Any fire code inspection can result in a violation. It's just that way with these old buildings.

You fix it and move on as best you can. You don't nail the doors shut.

The only thing needing to be nailed shut is Knoke's office door. He's overpaid and from what I can tell absolutely clueless as to what makes a business run.

What an idiot!

Business Owner Longer Than Knoke's Had a Job

03:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Praire Creek Ethanol Plant Investors Should Run

To all current and potential investors in the Prairie Creek ethanol plant:

Run!! And run like hell!

03:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 April

Cheap Amateurs and Misfits

When you decide to hire a new city manager and you are too cheap to hire professionals to fill a job, that as we have all seen over the last five years has the potential to bring a city to their knees due to mismanagement, we shouldn't be surprised that the city council has been left with nothing to show for it.

The city council and staff doesn't have the skill sets necessary to recruit and hire a strong candidate to replace that incompetent boob Bruce Slagle. We already know that Lost Keys Ell bends the rules to subjectively make hiring decisions. So his leadership is, as always, useless.

If there ever was a time to spend the money for professionals to intervene, it is now.

As for Mini-Me Worden, don't waste the taxpayers' dollars. We need a change and we need someone strong enough to stand up and make the hard decisions that will make some staff people mad in order to make the needed changes.

Doug Worden is not it. And never will be. Someone that has resigned themselves to be 2nd chair for all these years doesn't show me enough motivation to lead this city to the County Fair. If Worden lives up to his idea to retire in 2 years we aren't even back to square one.

We don't need another golfer that has forgotten who he works for.


11:21:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Ammonia - Toxic Greed


Iowa contributes plenty to the pollution of lakes, rivers and streams through its use of Ammonia and other harmful fertilizers and now, with the Ethanol rip-off it will only get worse. Ethanol is costing Iowans and fellow countrymen untold pollution and high prices for just about all food products.

What a damn mess our state is causing for the almighty dollar. Of course, only a few come out ahead through their greed and lack of concern for the future.

Every Ethanol plant in Iowa and the nation should be shut down until they can convert over to sugar cane or some other weed, Ethanol is a joke and failure as an oil substitute.


03:09:00 - SPIKE - No comments

07 April

Missing House Indicative of City's Total Collapse


I imagine the city will be using one of the two halves for document burning, tape destroying, formulating lies and other daily business previously performed at city hall. The other half isn’t sitting out at the city owned golf course, is it? It could be a hideaway for over worked city management or maybe even for the exhausted county supervisors who work their part time jobs taking care of the Des Moines County citizens. Wouldn’t we all like a job that grossly overpays with unearned benefits for actually doing little or nothing but enjoying life at taxpayer expense.

Boreington is a loser town run by a one party system of jackals and misfits constantly elected by a citizenry of uninformed voters casting their votes for party rather than good government. Boreington gets what it deserves by being a non-progressive, low wage, drugged out and blighted city. Boreington doesn’t have to be this way but the one party system dictates a constant run of losers elected year after year.

Many of the city department managers have been on the dole for so long they’ve become complacent and think the citizens owe them something rather than performing or being accountable for their jobs. Just look at the public works director; can anyone say he’s doing his job to the satisfaction of the taxpayer? Look at the streets and the sewage system that dumps sewage waste directly into the river on a regular basis, and then we have the one million dollar mistake on the holding tank calculations. Maybe they were using a slide rule and misplaced the decimal point.

Maybe, just maybe some day this citizenry will wake up and vote for honest government rather than the deadbeat loser party currently destroying our city through their ignorance, misdeeds and a total lack of professionalism, responsibility and accountability.

Disgruntled and Disappointed

09:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

County Pay Raises


I wonder just how many employees at firms such as the antenna companies,
basket companies, awning companies, temporary agencies, retail stores,
backhoe companies and other firms in Burlington and West Burlington will get
raises of 16% over the next four years, and other bonuses up to $700 in
longevity pay for five years service an increase of 700%?

Those of ten or more years will get $1100 and increase of 120%. And of course
pay nothing for health insurance other than a deductible that jumped from $500 to $1000
and increase of 100%. On top of that those that don't take the free health
insurance get the cash value of the premium, an extra bonus paid for by the

That's the way the Des Moines County officials handle tough negotiations
with the unions that are breaking the backs of the taxpayer for their lavish
cradle to grave employment cycle at the trough.

Oh, the life of a poor civil servant has changed to a life of greed,
lifetime protectionism and privilege.

Of course the Three Stooges at the supervisor's office have already lined
their pockets with free health care and excessive pay for a part time job
that would probably make a congressman and other bottom feeders envious.

Unimpressed and Dejected

09:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Eat My Ethanol


The upward spiral on food prices continues. Ethanol producers are now feeling the squeeze.

Even with the tax subsidies that made the alchemy of ethanol possible, $6.00 a bushel corn is becoming a lead weight on the bubble. Plans for new plants are being scrapped and some producers admit they are trading dollars. Corn prices are predicted to go higher.

As usual, small producers are being hit the hardest. If there is an ethanol industry left after the crash, ADM and the big players will dominate. It goes beyond economy of scale.

Ethanol is not a creature of the market. It is a creature of political influence. ADM gave Bob Dole corporate jet rides to run for President for the price of a first class airline ticket. Policy is crafted to benefit those with influence.

Des Moines County has its own small ethanol plant thanks in large part to give aways of local tax dollars for construction. While ADM has big players in Washington, Des Moines County has farm team bench warmers like Little Timmy Hoschek.

Little Timmy Hoschek was a ring leader behind tax subsidies for Des Moines County's ethanol "economic development." What are the odds of Little Timmy's influence keeping local ethanol production afloat with subsidies?

Will it take two, or more, jobs to afford a gallon of milk, let alone gas, if some crop yield miracle does not occur between now and next Winter?

Come the Ides of November, remember who made it all possible. The guilt for ethanol runs from the halls of Congress to the Board Room of the Des Moines County Supervisors. Vote accordingly.


At least if we could drink that subsidized moonshine we could act the way our local political leaders do while conducting business on our behalf.

We'd probably even feel good about it the way Hoschek does while the ethanol plant is picking our pockets of tax dollars.

The ethanol plant doesn't stock pile much corn here. However, in their new plant in Illinois they planned for that to smooth out summer ethanol production.

How long before we see Closed For The Summer? Call us in Illinois.


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06 April

Ammonia Reaches Toxic Levels In Des Moines Water

Spreading liquid manure and fertilizers on frozen ground has created toxic levels of ammonia in the Des Moines drinking water.

Think it can't happen here?

Then what?


18:24:49 - SPIKE - No comments

05 April

You Want Taxes? Read Falcon's Story!!

Want to see how your union support for politicians like Courtney, Ell, Heland and Hoschek affect your paycheck?

Read Falcon's story this morning!


10:37:24 - SPIKE - No comments

Your Only Right is to Remain Silent


BEIJING: A Chinese court Thursday sentenced an outspoken human rights advocate to three and a half years in prison after ruling that his critical essays and comments about Communist Party rule amounted to inciting subversion, his lawyer said.

Single party political systems hate to be criticized.

"Critical essays and comments about Communist Party rule amounted to inciting subversion," sounds like you, Spike. The local single party system bitches in bars and beauty shops about the missionary work you, Falcon, and Fred and Seven have been doing.

Before you may persecute free speakers, you must identify them. Commissar Courtney has tried in the past to out you and others. He is, unfortunately, still in the Iowa Senate.

The funnel dates have passed for introducing legislation. All that means is the fun has begun in Des Moines.

Do you think Senator Courtney will try tacking an amendment to an appropriations bill outlawing anonymous free speech?


Courtney is a blind wolf in skunk's clothing.


10:33:18 - SPIKE - No comments

04 April

My Old Corruption Home

Steal City Tools - Go To Jail

Steal A City House - Make Twice As Much Free Money


Refresh my memory. Was there a public bid, or auction, on houses being removed for the Manor Mall? If not, why was the beneficiary of a "free" house not told to submit a bid?

Many times unwanted government property like historic bridges, etc. are sold for $1.00 to properly clear the books. In this case, records have been curiously absent when asked for.

If a mechanic at the City Maintenance Garage got caught stealing tools and giving them away, they would at the minimum lose their job and possibly face criminal prosecution. An attempt would be made to recover any and all wrongfully removed City property.

Assuming the house in question was wrongfully removed, when will we all be able to bid on its identified parts? Where the hell are those who are supposed to enforce the law in this case?

The Iowa Attorney General's Office finds time to file briefs with the Supreme Court concerning the EPA and air pollution. Why do they turn a blind eye to criminal pollution of the political process in Southeast Iowa?

The failed Manor Mall has reeked from the secretive Iowa Senate amendment that made it all possible on. Senator Courtney and a host of other scoundrels from Burlington to Des Moines should be held accountable.


It just amazes me that no one cares about this. The city council turns a blind eye and coughs. Worden is counting Birdies. The kids in the Planning Department are on Spring Break.

You can have all the Chamber parties you want. You still have a pig in a dress.

Tell me why any sensible city manager candidate would want to come to Burlington.


03:43:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Negative Story


I see one of the city manager candidates plans to "educate the media" so they don't write negative stories.

And then the Ad Vertiser wrote nothing but a negative story about him.

No Change In Sight

And then there were none.

Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell appoints Ron Knoke City Manager to nail city shut.


02:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Where's Hoschek?


What happened to the focus on Little Timmy Hoschek?


We will pick up where we left off next week. His mind numbing aura creates an air of stupification that takes a week to wear off.


02:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Democratic Love Child Born At Zoo

According to a story in the Des Moines Register "a Democratic love child was born at the zoo after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama visited the zoo."


02:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Search Engine Marketing Sucking Up Ad Budgets

"Consumers increasingly rely on search engines to conduct pre-purchase research, marketers are poaching budgets from print magazine spending, Web site development, direct mail and other programs."

01:23:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Soybean Market Hit

A three-week agricultural strike in Argentina will take months to sort out and has far reaching effects including right here in Iowa.

BTW - The U.S. is no longer the largest soybean grower in the world. Brazil is.

01:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

03 April

Missing Free House(s) Found on New Foundations


These are the two halves of the missing duplex John Mercer gave away to Randy Long.

You can't tell me that someone didn't make money on these.


I have a few questions. There was a house that had an appraised value for the purposes of Eminent Domain. So the city pays the former owner for that house.

The city then gives that asset (house) away and it is cut in two parts and placed on two new foundations.

How did the owner gain title to 2 houses?

Is there a tax liability for the new owner since he received a gift from the city? Or does the city have a tax liability for gifting the house to the new owner?


00:48:31 - SPIKE - No comments

Springtime - Sans Slagle


It is April. The earth warms and the mushrooms grow anxious to respond. The season of an empty City Hall on Fridays is upon us.

Will it be the same without their fearless leader on the links? Out at Flint Hills, will the place that knew him best miss Bruce most?

Will it interfere with the hunt for arch anarchist Spike?

A. Mitchell Palmer

00:25:25 - SPIKE - No comments

Potemkin Village Tour


I see one of Burlington's potential City Managers was most impressed with our rapidly shrinking city after being given the official tour. Does he know he was being taken for a ride?

Assuming the candidate was sober, he must be desperate for a job. Does this guy know to how find your web site?

Given the low number of applicants in general and the finalists who subsequently came to their senses, Burlington's Minister Potemkins should realize it is impossible to completely cover up their messes.

No City Manager worth a damn is willing to risk their career destroying public records, telling lies, etc. to maintain a facade for a collection of fools. If public prosecutors around here did their jobs, cooking books in Minnesota would not be your next career option.

If a suitable Bruce Slagle the Second is unavailable, then what? Will we have Worden working at higher salary until he can collect his IPERS?

Until we elect a competent and honest majority to the City Council, the City Manager will most likely reflect the qualities of those who hired him.

Thanks, Spike, for your part in exposing what is really going on.

Yekaterina II Alexeyevna

00:24:11 - SPIKE - No comments

Fury in the Fourth Estate


"Steve Outing, a columnist for the trade publication Editor and Publisher, said news executives should pay attention to angryjournalist.com."

If you need the world to know something, get a computer. Even Clark Kent and Lois Lane are exposing the Daily Planet on line. Change is coming to Metropolis.

Burlington is by no means metropolis, but change is coming. It is obvious Citizen Kane and Allison the arrogant read Derailed religiously.

Spike, if Jimmy Olson needs to vent, are you here for him?


Publisher Steve Delaney would dismember any one of his Kents and Loises caught crying on our towel.

When they get tired of his nonsense, they quit as soon as they find a real job. Look at Quirk. Never wrote a stupid ass Delaney twisted story since he got to Hawaii.


00:21:39 - SPIKE - No comments

See Naples and Die - See Burlington and Flee


Two finalists to replace the Sainted Slagle as Burlington's City Manager have discovered what thousands of others have over the last 40 years. Opportunities are anywhere but Burlington.

The single party anointed on the City Council will probably try deflecting the heat. It will not be the fault of local elected "leadership" that nobody wants to deal with their Manor Mall mess and other ongoing, self inflicted stupidities.

If the only sources of news and information on Burlington were the Advertiser and Chamber of Compost, competent City Manager candidates apply. Those with half a wit who do and look closer, would not flee in terror. Spike and Derailed are responsible.

How long do you figure it will take for this excuse to appear in the official single party political organ amongst the every decreasing advertising?

Like so many other responsible positions in Burlington, by default the City Manager's job will probably go to a local boy who lacked the ambition to flee. The letters of praise for guess who are already showing up in the Advertiser.

Let the circle of inbreeding be unbroken.

Juke Kallikak

And we are left with a 60-year old looking for a fat IPERS account retirement job and having to do this all over again in 2 years.

What doesn't the council understand?


00:12:47 - SPIKE - No comments

Retirement and Retreat


Nice article. You deserve a break. Covering a Fool's paradise must be tiring.

I bet they were celebrating at City Hall, the Court House, the Senator Courtney Single Political Party Headquarters and 800 South Main Street. Of course, every day is All Fool's Day at those places.

Don't forget to reset your calender.

Pope Gregory XIII

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02 April

Scatter You Cockroaches - I'm Back!!

You really didn't think I was a quitter did you?


05:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

01 April

Spike Announces Retirement

To all our readers and contributors:

It is time to step down. I have had enough of the fools that run the city and county. We've been bringing the story to the citizens for over 4 years. Yet the people that could make a difference, don't.

There is life beyond Burlington and it is time to enjoy life instead of being mired down in the stupid ass antics of Hoschek, Heland, Ell, Power, Anderson, Delaney, Miller, Allison and the drunk ex-mayor.

Enough is enough. The voters only see blue while the local Democratic Party picks your pocket before they suck out your brain. And the Ad Vertiser covers it up on a daily basis.

Today is the perfect day to retire.

You're on your own. Don't email me. I no longer care. I'm moving.


01:19:05 - SPIKE - No comments

Power is No Perry Mason


Perry Mason won every case he handled. In only an hour, justice was served. Although it is never mentioned, I bet he even itemized his client's bills.

How does the City Council claim with a straight face they will find a buyer with great haste for the Manor Mall? Will the legal issues with former owners of confiscated properties be resolved soon?

Why does the City of Burlington not hire Hamilton Burger to replace Power? Like Power, Counselor Burger never won a case. Unlike Power, it took Burger only an hour to lose. Advertising, not tax dollars, made it all possible.

Despite his record, Hamilton Burger never lost his job. I guess the same holds true with Power. We will probably just keep paying more and more to see reruns we already know the out come of. Does the City get any residuals from cable channels?

Oliver Wendell Ricardo

00:57:57 - SPIKE - No comments

The Watchdog


We are 18th per capita in property tax collections and they want to tax us more. The politicians in Des Moines are nuts.

Didn’t know if you saw this.


00:55:40 - SPIKE - No comments

Supervisor Cost


I hope you can read this but if not just go to the Des Moines County site
and click on the budget.

Anyway, these three idiots are costing the taxpayer a ton of money. Their
as bad as congress voting for their own salary and benefits. How could the
voters of Des Moines County tolerate this type of highway robbery for part
time work with benefits. How many other part time workers in Des Moines
County get health care, retirement and such a high salary for part time

Just who monitors the hours they work? Who is it that audits their expense
accounts provided they even keep track. Who authorizes their trips? Other
than themselves just who do they work for?

Everything they do should be published for the public and audited by someone
not affiliated with them. We need some accountability from this joke of a
Board of Supervisors.

Did Beck's daughter bid along with others for the $18,000 sign deal her dad
gave her or did he just decide to give it to her without a bid letting.

This board of supervisors should be renamed Board of Losers.


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