Burlington Derailed ó The Continuing Story

31 May

Illegal Hoschek Signs Still Out


I see Hoschek hasn't moved his signs in spite of being reported to the Campaign Ethics office.

Why does he get to break the law and everyone else goes to jail?


Because Hoschek is a criminal and he has no regard for the Iowa Code.


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30 May

Des Moines County, Love it, or Leave it!


"You heard it right from Little Timmy's mouth last night Ė "If you don't like it, go somewhere else!""

Double check me. I saw nothing in the Advertiser about Little Timmy telling anybody who is not happy in the hell he has helped create to leave.

Did Jimmy Olson over look this revealing remark? If not, would Allison the arrogant, or even Citizen Kane himself have edited it out of the story?

I am glad somebody is getting the truth out.


You can bet on it.


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Where's The Spin Off?


Where's all the spin off businesses that Hinkle writes about in his letter to the supervisors about the ethanol incentives? Manor Mall?


Careful, Cahill said Hinkle is a trained professional.


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Hoschek Political Signs


It's all you see driving around town and outside the city limits is Little T's homemade signs. He's really getting around; too bad he doesn't work that hard for DMC.

Little T is as lazy as they come, until it's time for him to get himself re-elected, then you can find him everywhere!!! Steamboat Days will be here soon, do you think he'll donate his time to the beer garden again!!!

That's a good job for him since it doesn't take much intelligence to take tickets.


And he can get drunk on top of it.


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Hoschek Regarding Negativity


You heard it right from Little Timmyís mouth last night Ė "If you donít like it, go somewhere else!"

And everyone wonders why there's so much negativity.


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Hoschek Campaign Sign Violations

The Iowa Code specifically prohibits everyone else from posting signs on corporate property. Well, everyone but Little Timmy.

Will someone please forward this to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosures Board.

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Southeast Iowa Regional Planning & Hinkle Deeply Involved in Ethanol Mess

Federal Money At Risk Ė Penalties May Apply

Little Timmy Hoschek illegally signed an agreement with the ethanol plant that significantly modified the original agreement regarding the number of jobs created and the average wages to be paid to new employees. Hoschek signed the paperwork on his own without the knowledge of the other Des Moines County Supervisors.

To qualify for Federal funding the ethanol plant had to declare how many jobs would be created and what the pay rate would be. The U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration approved the use of federal funds based on that agreement.

Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Executive Director Brian Tapp presented Hoschek a modified document after the deal had been agreed upon with the full knowledge of Dennis Hinkle at Grow Greater Burlington.

Hoschek signed the modified agreement Tapp brought to him. According to file documents Hoschek signed that agreement on behalf of all Des Moines Supervisors outside of any regular meeting without a resolution or vote. There has never been formal approval of this illegal modification.

The modified document is a substantial restatement of the terms agreed upon to obtain federal money. The penalty can be as severe as to have the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration demand the County pay back the money.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. All 3 of these clowns knew exactly what they were doing. Only this time, they got caught modifying the deal after the fact. The Feds take a real dim view of that as does the State of Iowa.

The voters that followed the Party's call to support Hoschek need to rethink what they are participating in.

Is this the future you want? Led by criminals?


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Hoschek Claims Ethanol Plant Tax Abatement Wrong

But He Voted For It On Hinkle's Endorsement

At Wednesday's forum Little Timmy claimed the tax incentives given to the ethanol plant were "wrong."

From the documents we have it appears Little Timmy initialed the document in agreement. I guess Ben Diewold put a MoJo on Hoschek to get his approval.

This document shoots Dan Cahill's forum idea that economic development should be left to "the professionals that are trained in it."

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Why Do We Keep Electing Crooks?


Just wondering why we keep electing such morons over and over?
Could it be all the promises they make and never keep?
Could it be we are to blind to see all the theft and corruption that they cause?
Could it be we just feel sorry for those who cannot find real jobs?
We take better care of the crooks in charge than we do most seniors.

I for one am sick and tired of being lied to cheated and then made to look like a idiot.
Vote no on election day for these idiots.

Let's beg ED BLOW to come back and help us move forward toward better times with honesty and good business thoughts.


Why do we keep electing crooks? Nobody else wants to an indicted co-conspirator.


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Polly Wanna Pulitzer?


Are there any real newspaper reporters left who do more than take "I said so" as the truth?

Contrast the Coralville Courier web news site to the ink on paper Advertiser. The Courier claims to have researched the candidate's resume. The Advertiser simply quotes what the candidate says. I thought you bought a newspaper in hopes what is put before your eyes has at least been attempted to be verified.

Has it gotten to the point the only way to get what you pay for is buy a parrot?


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29 May

Grand Jury For Hoschek & Company? Is It Too Late?


I see from this morning's Advertiser that the grand jury has been formed. Do you suppose they're going to finally uncover Hoschek and his criminal activity at the ethanol plant?

Got Him

We could only hope the snare includes the drunk ex-mayor, Lost Keys Ell, Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Scott Power, Bubbles Bruce Slagle, Censor King Tom Courtney, Forge It Brian Tapp and the rest of the crowd involved in the ethanol theft of taxpayers' money.

Let's just hope they convene before the general election so we can chip Hoschek out and not cost the taxpayers more money in removal from office.

But who knows? They could try to take Ol' Spike and rest of the bloggers down for truth telling. Ooops, forgot. You can't indict the truth.


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What's The Matter With These People?


I've seen a bunch of Hoschek signs in the yards of people I thought had more common sense and good judgment than to let that weasel Hoschek put signs up. If they think this is a union thing, they're dead, flat wrong.

It just goes to show you that people don't know what this trough rider has cost all of us.

What's the matter with these people?

UAW and Not Proud of My Brothers

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State Auditor Warns of Courtney Sponsored Budget Shortfall

Rightfully Blame Courtney

Wednesday, the state auditor warned that huge budget gaps may loom in Iowaís future, caused by increased spending approved by lawmakers in the past two years.

"State Auditor David Vaudt, a Republican, criticized the Democrat-controlled Legislature for shifting large amounts of expense Ė $444 million in the budget year that begins in July Ė to special accounts. He said they did so as a way to get around state spending limitations and hide record levels of expenditures."

I'd say the blame falls right at Courtney's feet. He is the majority nitwit in charge of nothing and rightfully so.


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Fertilizer Skyrockets

From the Wall Street Journal -

"Fertilizer prices are rising faster than those of almost any other raw material used by farmers. In April, farmers paid 65% more for fertilizer than they did a year earlier, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That compares with price increases of 43% for fuel, 30% for seeds and 3.8% for chemicals such as weedkillers and insecticides over the same period, according to Agriculture Department indexes."

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Cost of Congestion Is Widespread

The Texas Transportation Institute estimates that congestion costs the nation's commuters $78 billion in 2005 and that the amount of time people waste sitting in congestion has hextupled since 1982. That has forced drivers to waste 2.9 billion gallons of fuel a year, adding 28 billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

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28 May

The Truth About the Middle School Name Debacle


I was one of the parents invited to be on the board that was to "choose" the "proposed" middle school names to be presented to the illustrious school board. During our discussions, "Turd Creek was NEVER discussed. That name was pushed upon us by the superintendent at the last meeting... and yes as to "not offend anyone."

I hope some of you watched the televised school board meeting when the name was changed. I especially liked the part where Mrs. (RICH)ardson, whined that she hoped that the "Few opposed" were happy that we made them go through so much trouble by complaining that they were MADE to change the name. I'm sure she couldn't concentrate at her "job" for days over that one... If she even had to work. Most of us on the advisory board left our jobs, had to re-arrange our busy schedules as WORKING parents, and some of us had to miss our children's school events, just because we thought that being invited to be a part of the naming of the new school was VERY important.

I was glad to do all of the above, but to have it implied that because the students, and constituents felt strongly enough against the "proposed" name of the school, that they,(we), felt compelled to speak-up, was an "INCONVENIENCE"... was a real slap in the face.

Think about how you were treated as a parent, how your child or some other child you know, and/or a member of this community was treated by these school board members, before you cast your vote next school board election.

Involved , "WORKING" Parent

I missed the meeting but I'm glad you didn't and can tell our readers what really happened.

BTW - How much money does this woman make for not doing her job the first time?


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27 May

No Wonder the Advertiser Loves Little Timmy


If the solution for every screw up of Little Timmy's is to take out an advertisement of apology in the Advertiser, no wonder the Advertiser loves Little Timmy.

If people want things to get better around here they need to vote Little Timmy out and stop buying the Advertiser.


What? Stop the controversy? Sell less papers? Write about something positive?


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26 May

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25 May

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24 May

Tantrum, Indeed!


Since I was an author of a post "spouting off" (how middle school is that?) about an "incompetent" decision made by the Burlington School Board on the naming of the new middle school, I am guessing SM would like to hear from me. I didn't realize that I was committed to responding to such a ridiculous request.

In all my years of volunteering (I've done it all), it was not done to receive a thank you for a job well done. It was (and is) enough to know myself that I have given my best. If a thank you is what YOU feel they are looking for then they (and you) need to move on.

It is expected in such an important position that research will be done and decisions weighed carefully. How do you know that I am, as you are, "hiding behind my keyboard"? How do you know that I have not talked to board members and participated further in my convictions?

It was a wise decision to rethink the naming but I do not owe anyone a thank you. I think you need to pick a different bone.


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A Thank You To The School Board

Hey Spike,

I'm one of your 'Mindless Lemmings' checking in, and also extending my hand to say "Thank you" to the School Board for FINALLY making the right decision in naming the new middle school.

Even the "oh-so-courageous bloggers" as 'SM' likes to refer to us could make the right choice as per the Hawkeye's 'What do you think' link on the front of their online page.

I'm a person who expects a person to do their job and do it right, or at least an attempt to do it to the best of their ability. With the name choices given vs the name chosen, my response is more like, "Thank you for growing a brain" or, maybe that's to harsh. How about, "Thank you for finally choosing what was painfully obvious in the first place."

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Great Job School Board!


Thatís the Problem with this screwed up city. They all want a big pat on the back for doing their job correctly! The thinking is that everyone deserves the same recognition win or lose. Give Ďem all a trophy for just competing! There is no need to be well prepared to improve yourself, just showing up is good enough!

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Spike Slipping - Agrees With Heland

Hoschek Displays His Stupidity

As much as I hate to admit it, it appears that I have to agree with Supervisor Heland over the courthouse janitor shooting his mouth off to the county's CPA and getting the facts wrong.

The fact accountant Ted Wiegand of TD&T Financial Group chose to play Magnum P.I. over the county business is enough to fire him. The fact Wiegand got the facts wrong AND shot his mouth off leaves no choice but to fire him. This bonehead is an auditor. He has no business telling anyone what anything should cost. It isn't surprising Wiegand got the facts wrong.

Little Timmy's vendetta against the former CPC Director came out of the closet again with his stupid remarks. How much longer do we have to have this discrimination time bomb lurking in the hallways of the courthouse?


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23 May

You Can Keep the Dime - Drunks and Fools Will Rule


Who did a drunk Little Timmy call for a ride? Was it a relative of the Drunk ex-Mayor?

Does anybody know if Little Timmy filed for expense reimbursement? If so, did he pay whoever provided the ride, or pocket it?

When does Citizen Kane endorse little Timmy? Will Kane write this endorsement himself, or will be it another Politburo press release?

As long as people refuse to follow their own good judgment and continue to vote as they are told, drunks and fools will Des Moines County rule.


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Man of Sign Mystery?


According to the Des Moines County News there was a mystery source for the sign story involving someone from the County publicly stating that the Dubuque sign company was bankrupt and owed the county product. According to Thursday's article, the Ad Vertiser's reporter, Jeff Abell, refused to name his source for the stunning expose of incompetence.

This so-called source squealed like a little tattle tale to the paper about the deal.

If I had to guess I would say either Little Timmy Tattle Tale or the janitor, Jerry Strauss, did it. Either way, he should have kept his mouth shut. And the janitor has no business talking to the outside auditor about what he thinks. If he doesn't know, then keep quiet.

Sick of The Screwups

I'd guess Hoschek. He's the Ad vertiser's pet rat.


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Dan Cahill Deserves The Vote


Dan Cahill would be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise sewer of incompetent losers that have put the county and city on the brink of monetary disaster. Just what else could go wrong with the current leadership (I use that term lightly) here in Burlington and Des Moines County?

Actually we need more than Dan because just one of the old in the threesome will ruin the entire program of reform for the county. We need two more honest people to fill the slots as soon as there available down at the county court house. Two helpings Heland and screw the taxpayer Hoschek are a must go but Iím not sure about Beck although the sign deal with his daughter gives me second thoughts.

We could use Dan the man along with two more good people to eventually end up leading the county out of the pits and back to health.


Cahill has gotten the Ad Vertiser's endorsement. And they keep bringing up Beck instead of that loser, Hoschek's many costly screw ups.

Everyone knew about the Beck deal upfront except Cry Baby Sherwood. If there was to be oversight, why didn't Hoschek and Heland stop the claim form being paid?

I would be willing to bet that Little Timmy went slithering down to the Ad Vertiser's back door to spill his guts about the sign deal. That's the way that no good trough rider works.


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60% of Today's Oil Price is Pure Speculation

Institutional investors like corporate and government pension funds, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds are driving the runaway prices on oil. These speculators are the primary cause of the recent price spikes in commodities.

Hedge fund managers controlling pension and university endowment funds have bought speculations on 848 million barrels of oil. That's more than our strategic oil reserve. The entire oil requirement of China is only 914 million barrels. If they stopped buying, oil prices would drop $50-$60 per barrel.

Meanwhile, these same universities refuse to use endowment funds to reduce tuition. Senator Grassley is leading a charge to examine this malfeasance.

Jet fuel is up 84% in one year. A $10/barrel price increase equals $800 million dollars in operating costs.

Maybe it is time for a very real investigation. With real consequences.


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Decessus Decency

Timmy Panders From The Crypt - What's The Difference?


If local Republicans were feeling left out because they lacked a primary candidate pandering from the crypt, take heart. It appears wannabe Congressman Peter Teahen of Cedar Rapids has taken a hint from Little Timmy Hoschek.

A Cedar Rapids undertaker, Mr. Teahen stands accused by Little Timmy's party comrades of violating campaign advertising law. They say Mr. Teahen is using ads for his undertaking establishment to promote his political candidacy. Peter Teahen loves America and veterans. By the way, bring me your dead.

Unlike Little Timmy's dearly departed dad ad in the Advertiser, Mr. Teahen's medium ala morbid is television. Has Little Timmy got photos, or better yet, home movies, he could use for the same?

It is reported than Mr. Teahen has been a Republican less than six months. Mr. Teahen has also reportedly been a Democrat in the past. Given his experience, Mr. Teahen may have seen nothing illegal about ignoring campaign laws.

After all, has anybody filed a complaint with the Iowa Ethics Board about Little Timmy's totally tasteless we miss you dad ad? Where is our County Attorney, or the Iowa Attorney General? Are they raising a few with their comrades who are after Mr. Teahen?

If Mr. Teahen achieves the goal he seeks, would Des Moines County's dead beat Supervisor consider a future challenge? Talk about a dead heat. If Senator Courtney ever legalizes suffrage for the dead, we could end up waiting to see how many ballots have yet to be counted at Aspen Grove.

Would Little Timmy does D.C. leave taxpayers envying the dead?

Dr. Igor

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Where Are All The Comments?


Gee, when I wrote about no one chiming in about finally getting their way about the changing of the name of the new middle school, I was told:

"I have no doubts our readers will have plenty to say. And I would imagine all positive."

Shame that as of today, I have read no comments giving the school board any credit for making the "right" decision. I mean, it had to be right if everyone, including you and your lemmings, were up in arms about the original decision, correct?

"What's more pathetic is the publics' fight over this when there are other things that need just as much airing and the school board needs reining in before they jump into more silliness."

Oh, I get it now...it all makes sense. It's important when Spike and Co. don't get their way, but as soon as they get what they want, the "fight" becomes "pathetic." It wasn't pathetic when the courageous authors of posts and letters to the editor were hiding behind their keyboards and spouting off about how incompetent our school board members were. I dare say it was a revolution of the bravest proportions.

More examples of how we have a community of hypocrites within this community...they will moan and complain about incompetence when decisions are made, but when decisions like this are reversed to the decision that should make them happy, there is not even one response that gives the decision-makers any semblence of credit. The lemmings are like the two-year-old who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get the candy bar and doesn't say thank you when he does.

Not that any of the school board members are looking for thank yous...they have that much more class than the oh-so-courageous bloggers.


We weren't the boneheads that went up Shit Creek and had to turn around because they hadn't done their homework on Burlington history. Everyone else in the community knew about Hawkeye Creek's history. Why didn't the school board? Trying not to offend anyone?

We provide a forum. Next time you want input on something from our contributors, email us in advance of making a potentially embarrassing mistake to obtain feedback. You should be happy our kids won't have the potential to be referred to as the Burlington Turds.

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass if the school board is looking for a thank you or not. They should have done their job before this all blew up.

Will a few of our contributors please supply a dose of back slapping for the school board's reversal of a dumb ass mistake.

Thank you.


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22 May

Hoschek's Free Ride Home

The drunk ex-mayor isn't alone in getting a free ride. In 1994 Des Moines County Supervisor Tim Hoschek was stopped by an Iowa State Trooper for suspicion of OWI and after much commotion (reported as "crying like a baby") Hoschek was allowed to call someone to get a ride home from a Des Moines County Deputy.

The only question is - Who did he call?


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Need for Change From Voters


Union Savvy had it right about the local voters being union puppets. Itís because of these union voters that Burlington is stuck with incompetent city officials and county officials. Thereís little hope of getting these dimwits out of office as long as former union members continue to elect them based on false notions of union fellowship and brotherhood with their do no wrong thinking when the unions themselves are generally full of favoritism and corruption thatís now being found in our local government.

Burlington is teetering on the brink of massive debt because of the constant failures at city hall and the court house both of which are stacked with former union members of one party politics and one view that leaves the citizens with no checks and balances in government. Failure is the key to one party politics and Burlington shines in the failure of its local and county government.


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Nod to Cahill


Another sign issue with the supervisors? Are they freakin' kidding? The level of incompetence is mind-boggling! If they can't even get some signs made without either slandering a business or shuffling a drastically inflated bid to a relative, then they should ALL be replaced. After all, these are people that are trusted to deal with important financial issues, like the ethanol plant! Oh yeah.......they screwed that up too, didn't they?

BTW, I heard Cahill on the radio today. He seems to have more intelligence in his pinkie than the current three put together! I wonder if he can finally bring some competence to the board. Sure would be a nice change! I know one man can't do it, but it's a good start.

I'm giving the nod to Cahill.


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21 May

"Hoeshack" and His Expense Account


You open the best old wounds!

Since it is election season again I wonder if Hoeshack has submitted any expense claims recently? Last time, he held his expense claims until after he got elected so the newspaper wouldn't be able to see how he hoses down the taxpayers with his mileage schemes.


Good question. I would guess that once Whirly Bird Mouth Heland got in the courthouse, the taxpayers have paid for lots of mileage that they shouldn't have including Little Timmy's drive to and from work.

BTW- did anyone check to see if his mileage reimbursement is taxable income under the IRS rules?


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Hoschek - The Taxpayer, Is 14 Years Too Late


Let's not forget this election that Tim Hoschek pays less than $25.00 a year in property taxes. And he only did that after being in office 14 years and only after you brought it to everybody's attention.

No wonder our so called local "leader" throw bags of the taxpayers' money out the courthouse window. It was never his money!!!!

No Vote This Time Timmy

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Postville Raid Has Burlington Connection


An Iowa Department of Transportation investigator learned from talking with Des Moines County Treasurer's Office personnel that Source #14 was involved in making applications to title and register cars on behalf of people living in Postville. The source said that, more than 200 times, he or she received application information and money and had the registrations and titles sent to various Burlington/West Burlington addresses. Source #14 then arranged to pick up the documents and sent them to the vehicle owners in Postville.

Other facts found in the search warrant:

ó Agriprocessors was notified of more than 1,000 discrepancies between names and Social Security numbers on workers' W-2 forms sent to the IRS between 2002 and 2005.

ó In 2005, the Iowa DOT audited a Cedar Rapids car dealership that was selling a number of vehicles to an Agriprocessors supervisor. The manager of the unnamed dealership said the supervisor was a "personal friend of theirs," and that they supplied a large volume of cars to the supervisor for resale to people in the Postville area. That year, more than 50 vehicles were sold in that manner. Sales to Postville residents appeared to represent about 90 percent of the dealership's business. The sales violated Iowa law, which requires all dealers to be licensed.


Isn't that interesting?


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Cost of "Slagleville"


I wonder what it costs monthly to mow "Slagleville"??? Maybe Brucie should go over and push mow it weekly for ruining the deal. (Oh, I forgot, the deal was only ruined for the citizens of Burlington.) Brucie made out like a FAT CAT on that one!

It's nice to see that ball teams are STILL using the old ball field there to practice, since fields are at a premium in this town. When Brucie isn't "working" from his home office, he could go over and fix the infield up a little too!

It's too bad that we as citizens have to resort to having our kids practice on fields that have been tore up for the better of the city manager.

When we go to the Quad Cities and get our butts-kicked, look at how nice their practice and training facilities are as well as the facilities for the youth coming up. It's no wonder Burlington can't be competitive in the MAC conference!

I think I'll be voting differently in the next city and county elections.


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20 May

Stop Being a Union Puppet


I am a third generation union member. Both my father and grandfather were union stewards. I am proud to be a union member and believe American workers still need protection from large corporations.

Iím writing you today because I want my fellow union members to know they need to make a change in one local political office.

Tim Hoschek does not represent our local union members in any manner. And every union member and family needs to realize that fact during this time of high cost food and gas.

Mr. Hoschek has never ďdeliveredĒ anything for our citizens. Hoschek has freely spent tax money for years and we donít have anything to show for it except higher taxes.

Mr. Hoschek gave the local ethanol plant tax incentives that hurt the rest of us. Now, ethanol is in trouble and we will never see any tax payments from them. Weíll be lucky to have those jobs last 2-3 more years.

We pay Mr. Hoschek to attend the yearly budget sessions. Mr. Hoschek has ignored these county budget meetings to deliver the mail on many occasions. Not just this year but also many years in the past when he didnít show up for ANY budget meetings. What more important role can a supervisor play than keeping a close watch on the budget process? Does Mr. Hoschek even understand the budget process? Apparently not since now each department has been told to cut their budget.

Mr. Hoschek took us to the edge of a discrimination lawsuit because of his abusive behavior in the courthouse. But he attends candle light vigils to lead us to believe he is supportive to abuse issues.

We have gotten to a point that we are told that to be a good Democrat we have to support Mr. Hoschek in this election. Why? What has he done for us? We have other choices for good Democrats to be in office.

Mr. Hoschek is not one of them.

Itís time for a change. Stop being a union puppet, vote June 3.

Union Savvy

You are not alone.


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Local Political Crime Season Opens


I see in todayís paper the political crime season opened at the courthouse. All the absentee ballot fraud, nursing home and funeral vote pandering has now officially started to support the Democratic primary.


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Fumbling City Government


I think itís time to sell off the WreckPlex, the city share of the water park and any other loser deals our fumbling city officials have purchased in recent years and pay down the debt rather than add more taxes and fees when itís poor government thatís the problem. Our poor excuse of a local state senator is a joke and should join Slagle and ruin the lives of someone else other than us.

It would probably be worth while to sell off city hall since itís nothing but a burden to the citizens because of the one party system of government in this city and county.

The one party system is beginning to flop as many of us knew it would. In recent years there are only six people I know of that have had it easy and lived the good life and they are or were: the city attorney, the three supervisors, Slagle and the airport manager that left a few years ago. Our dead beat council bragged about how wonderful and great both Slagle and the airport manager were and gave them undue raises and both had either free gas and/or a city vehicle. Our city was flim-flamed by these shysters and the council was duped so easily it didnít have a clue. Again, Burlington voters have no clue about good choices for city government because they continue to elect deadbeat losers.

Of course we still have the city department managers that leave plenty to be desired with their foot in the mouth statements and piss poor math calculations. These people are considerably over paid as are most city department heads. We have streets that are just a joke and reflect exactly why Burlington is the way it is.

Thereís a stop sign going north on Dehn Street at Sunnyside where the street is a mass of potholes that have been a plague to motorist for over six months and the city has never bothered to repair them. While at the same time they can overlay Kirkwood, can anyone guess why that is? We should all get our taxes back for failure of the city to take care of business.

That road along the south side of Perkins Park would make a corduroy road look good because it would at least be flat and not an interlinking mass of potholes. That street has been a disgrace for years because Burlington has no priorities other than the downtown and that worthless Chamber up in the Taj Mahal thatís been ripping us off for years with nothing to show but about four jobs at that warehouse in the industrial park (first one on the left when entering off West Avenue). That Chamber could close tomorrow and thereíd be no ripples at all that I could think of. It could hurt the golf and restaurant business at a few places around town but other than that, zilch. I guess they have done their best to rip off the visitors with the excessive motel/hotel and fee charges the city collects in order to give themselves raises every year.

If you ever need a cradle to grave job and want raises without merit on an annual basis come on down to city hall, hell even after you retire theyíll bring you back for some more gravy train living.

Maybe we should cancel Steamboat Days and ask Willie Nelson to put on a Burlington Aid concert to help us out.


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Bankruptcy via Dreams of the Deluded


Those running Burlington suffer from delusions of grandeur.

Burlington is not and never will be a metropolitan area. Wrecked Plexs outdoors and now mutterings of indoors, doggie doo parks, etc. make as much sense in a small town as a subway system.

People need to stop buying the BS when comparisons are made to "other towns the size of Burlington." A suburb of a medium, or large, statistical metropolitan area is not Burlington.

Burlington begs comparison to a story told be a friend who visited Leningrad back when it was Leningrad. The ballet was magnificent, but the toilet paper in the theater's men's room literally left splinters.

Burlington has a Wrecked Plex, etc., but the sewers are crumbling.

The cabal crafting our future to their delusions are leading us to ruin. Like the single party system responsible for Leningrad, unsustainable goals put burdens on the whole that eventually result in collapse.

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Railroad Objects to Quiet Zone Plan

According to Mini-Me Worden and coming as no surprise to those in the know, the Federal Railroad Administration notified the city of the BNSF's objections to Burlington's quiet zone plan.

It's just a pass through cost to the taxpayers. No problem. They'll just tack the costs onto the Manor Mall payment.


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Taxation - A Final Word


A final word from Thomas Jefferson:

"We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.
We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.
If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds...
we [will] have no time to think,
no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers.
And this is the tendency of all human governments.
A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for another till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery.
And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt.
Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression."

-- Thomas Jefferson Author of The Declaration of Independence,
Founding Father, 3rd US President

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19 May

Another City Department Head Misses The Mark - For 6 Years!!!

Another City Staff Financial Blunder


How come another city department manager missed doing his job for 6 years and then wakes us up to a 50% fee increase? Seems to me that if he had been doing his job, Doug Worden was doing his job, Bruce Slagle was doing his job and the council was doing their job of overseeing this gigantic mess we wouldn't have this continual public embarrassment of incompetency?

So if Hinkle wants changes he better start recruiting new city staff members.

Fed Up With Excuses

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Donít Raise the Costs Too High


I see in the paper where Mr. Scott got up and left the work session because he didn't like the price increases that will affect his business. But where was he on the water park and the manor and various other projects the cost?

Are the people on the city council there just to benefit themselves because it don't seem like they are doing much for the taxpayers. Mr. Scott had the street at Scotties Dairy Bar changed from a two-lane to a one-way street. Donít you think this was to benefit his business?

Mr. Scott is probably best known for ripping signs off an old manís vehicle that were disrespectful to Scottís financial friends that the man had lost a considerable amount of money with.

I think our city council should just all walk off the job. They are of no benefit to the taxpayer. The Moron Mr. Murray, has no sense of business - whatever it cost, just pass it on to the customer. Does anyone know what Murray teaches? If I had young children I would really want to know.

I hope the people that voted for Murray are real proud of his achievements; which today, is a dog park.

And in conclusion I think Mr. Scott should be watching for the taxpayers dollars as well as his own. And if the city council handled their money like they do the taxpayersí they would probably be getting food stamps within a year.

It should be interesting Monday night at the council meeting.

Disgusted in Burlington

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Digital Print Hybrid Socks Newspaper Thinking

Targeted marketing concept challenges the old school newspaper thinking of instilling controversy to sell newspapers.

The merger Publisher Steve Delaney should fear is the Shopper Spree/Bonny Buyer, Des Moines County News, Mediapolis News and an astute blogger. That group could do real ad business in Southeast Iowa.

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17 May

Paying for Senator Courtney's Blunders


If sewer fees had to go up due to Senator Courtney and friends failed railroad robbery, is the latest increase to pay for the Manor Mall?

The Manor Mall is a fiscal cancer in the City of Burlington's budget. Look for more fee and tax increases as the interest payments keep coming due.

Senator Courtney has been behind two major disasters in Burlington. Senator Courtney has hidden behind the skirts of his party comrades on the City Council. Senator Courtney is not getting the credit he deserves.

The for sale sign at Agency and Roosevelt really deserves another sign.

"This multi-million dollar mess made possible by an amendment in the Iowa Senate. Thank you, Senator Courtney."

TTP (Taxed to Poverty)

We aren't even close to the BIG payments for Manor Mall.


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15 May

What Would Merle Haggard Say?


"Being elected does not change my desire to continue my education," he said. "We will schedule our time in an appropriate fashion so that I can be mayor and stay in school."

Muskogee's Okies have elected a 19 year old Mayor. At least Muskogee's new Mayor admits he has need of further education.

In Burlington, Junior Murray knows all. His public sector work experiences have taught him there is one simply answer to any and all problems. Raise taxes.

Burlington residents know a fee by any other name is still a tax. Junior Murray maybe banking on the contrary. I can just hear Junior come next election, "I did not raise your taxes." That dodge stinks like an open sewer.

For far too long, Burlington residents have had little to be proud about when it comes to local government. Burlington residents need to send Junior Murray back to school.

I hope the young Mayor of Muskogee gives his fellow Okies something else to be proud about.

Porter Wagner

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School Name Reversal


So where are the pats on the back for the school board? We heard enough negativity coming from all directions (including this website) when they named the new middle school Hawkeye Creek, and yet when they do exactly what everyone has been clamoring for, i.e. reconsideration followed by change, we hear nothing.

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that you haven't even spouted off about how you and all of your cronies were responsible for the change. You haven't taken all of the credit. It's so unlike you and the "mindless lemmings" who read this website. Yes, I read it, too...but only to continuously shake my head at the people who are so disgusted by our city and its leadership but still choose to live in it.


We never take credit. Not our job. Our job is to get the Mindless Lemming Sheep to stop the drone act and think about what they want and how they feel in order to make the changes to get this iceberg to float.

I have no doubts our readers will have plenty to say. And I would imagine all positive.

What's more pathetic is the publics' fight over this when there are other things that need just as much airing and the school board needs reining in before they jump into more silliness.


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Junior Murray 1


Junior Murray sounds just like a trough feeder that could care less about the taxpayers heís been feeding off of for years. We now know where he stands when it comes to taxes and fees and for sure we have another loser in office at city hall. Theyíve been subsidizing the city lawyer for years as well as the WreckPlex and no one at city hall gives a damn about that; so isnít it subsiding when an entity loses about $500,000 since it opened its doors and of course its taxpayer money.

People like Junior think money grows on trees and the business owner should just screw his or her patrons as trough feeders have screwed the taxpaying public year after year with unwarranted raises and increased benefits.

Timís the only person at city hall thatís tried to do something for the taxpayer other than rob us blind. Boreington is one of the top ten taxed cities in Iowa and it shows by the loser elected officials populating city hall. Most of the elected officials here in Des Moines County were losers prior to getting elected and weíre just stuck with them and will be because the voters arenít exactly the brightest either or theyíd clean house instead of electing the same losers over and over again with their single party system of ruination.


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Junior Murray 2


Just raise the business rates, all they will do is pass it down to their customers. That's us you dipshit, the residents of Burlington. The failure rest on the shoulder of the City for not gradually raising these rates over a 5 to 10 year period, rather than all at once.

I would have loved to see the expressions on the faces of El Murray when Tim stormed out (and rightfully so).


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Hitting Where He Lives?


Tim Scott's action the other night is disingenuous, if not outright dishonest. Where has his outrage been during the other numerous rate hikes made by the water plant? Will this latest increase affect his business, personally? Maybe some of his friends?

Hey, Tim, ask the water folks this question: A rate increase 2 years ago was excused because BNSF had left town and revenue shortfall had to be made up. With the ethanol plant being billed (I would hope) for millions of gallons of water per year, where is the shortfall now?

What is his rationale for supporting another recreation facility? Paying for consulting firms that recycle information that can be found during a one hour search on the internet or looking at a profit/loss statement for any city owned or supported entity? Lump sum billing?

Murray's grasp of economics and Ell on ethics are both truly asinine. Their obvious shortcomings, however, do not change the fact that this council continues to "pass the increases" onto the customer.


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14 May

Junior Murray Spouts Off Ė Scott, Rightly, Stomps Out

After Junior Murray applied his educational background instead of real world work experience to the suggested outrageous hike in sewer fees, Councilman Tim Scott rightly stomped out of the council work session.

What came later is the Embarrassment of Burlington, Gas Bag Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell, chastising Scott for leaving the meeting, stating, ďItís not the way a member of the council should be acting.Ē

Lost Keys should talk about being an embarrassment. The lost school key, thrown out of a liquor store for farting, deceiving the public over the railroad lawsuit and lying to the public over every mismanaged step he takes.

Itís about damn time a member of this city council took a stand on something instead of wimping along under the spell of city hall.

And it's far too late for Gas Bag Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell to make up for time scrutinizing council behavior after he lost years of opportunity to chastise the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards for all his stupid, dumb ass moves and embarrassing behavior.

Look closely in the mirror Bill; the image you see is one of glaring embarrassment. Very similar to the spineless bellyfish, found only on West Jefferson.


06:46:28 - SPIKE - No comments

Hope for Common Sense To Prevail


It was certainly pleasant to have the 5-time DUI mayor resign, yet most of those city hall members who accompanied him and his errors of judgment are still there. One would think that since all city hall members were aware of Mr. Edward's alcoholism and kept voting him in as mayor that they themselves their own lack of decision making skills.

We need all members who served with the alcoholic mayor to resign and pray honest citizens with common sense take their vacated seats.


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Primary Time


What's the deal on the Democratic election procedures? Do they have have a vote coming up soon?

Any idea what Cahill's campaign slogan is?

If he doesn't have one, it could be - I can't do any worse than Hoschek.


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12 May

Afraid if We Are Not Kept in the Dark


Two Helpings Heland is upset with ghost hunters on County property. Two Helpings wants no amateur ghost hunters sleeping over at the old County Home.

Under a curious over reaching compassion argument, Heland cites a Johnson County facility that is still home to the mentally impaired. This is no longer the case at the old Des Moines County home. Des Moines County's most worrisome victims of mental impairment are now public office holders.

Two Helpings is probably more concerned that amateur investigators may start digging around the Court House. "Professional" seekers of truth at the Advertisers are not a problem. Unlike the "professionals," amateurs are liable to publish the facts about whatever bodies they unearth.

Little Timmy ain't afraid of no ghosts. As long as they sign a release, Little Timmy could care less if the amateur investigators sleep over in the old County Home. Little Timmy likes ghosts.

Little Timmy brings out the spirit of the dead to endorse his candidacy. If I were one of the old County Home investigators and heard wails in the dead of night pleading, "Vote for Hoschek," it may pay to look for hidden electronics.

When it comes to the paranormal, Des Moines County Voters need to realize Two Helpings Heland and Little Timmy's minds long ago departed for the nether world. They are out of touch with reality and need the boot.

Only then will our long nightmare end.

Trough Busters

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Casino Good Times?


Catfish Bend is not the only casino that is struggling. The casino in Tama is having financial issues, too.

The family members have been accustomed to getting dividends of about $1200 a month from the golden goose. Last month they were told their monthly cut of golden eggs was being reduced to $900 a month.

I guess social security checks and welfare checks are being diverted to other uses. Some members of the family who own the casino have had to resort to job hunting to supplement their casino checks. I wish them luck. Jobs arenít so good right now.


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A Leader On The Links?


I gotta work all day to pay my taxes. All I can afford is dial up Internet. I can not afford to cut work and check this out for myself.

Can anybody tell me if the City Hall crowd is still at Flint Hills Golf Course during business hours on Fridays. I wonder if our new City Manager is carrying on the tradition of his mentor who trained him so well.

Robert Jones

I would bet on it. Mini-Me is the spitting image of Papa San Bruce Slagle, Burlington's Most Infamous Liar and Master of Deceit.

The only difference is the golf score.


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11 May

How Climate Change Could Change Iowa

From today's Des Moines Register. This is interactive and may take some time to load on dial-up.

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08 May

GRMC Cutbacks


Rumor has it that GRMC is cutting back on staff hours, starting with the nurses. Who does their administration think does the work that keeps them living the lifestyles they live? I wonder how many managers are going to get their hours/pay cut. My guess is zero!!!

BTW, I see in the Advertiser that this is National Nurses' Week.....Henry County Health Center took out the ad, not GRMC. Wonderful way for our local nurses to be treated.....Great timing GRMC.

Disappointing but not surprising.


It's always the workers that get the hammer. You need the staff to isolate yourself from reality. Construction costs are rising, cut the nurses. Food costs are rising, cut the nurses. Pay raises are needed, cut the nurses.

Nurses graduate from SCC and leave town to make real money. Why would they want to stay in this microcosm of controlled craziness?

The only thing in "robust" in the local economy is the bullshit.


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Laziness Breeds Mindless Lemming Sheep


Thanks for the reminder of stupid Little Timmy tricks. Were it not for you, few would know.

The Advertiser gets real lazy when comes to stupid tricks of single party insiders. When does Citizen Kane issue his proclamation endorsing Little Timmy? After all, we are too ignorant to think for ourselves.

Nothing terrifies those running Burlington into ruin more than the rabble achieving consciousness. It is Citizen Kane's duty to see we remain ignorant.


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07 May

The Cost of Living in Burlington


Late last summer, I was down to City Hall and checked with Doug Worden on some of the revenues and expenditures on various things.

Letís start with the Burlington Public Library that was voted down twice by the taxpayers and was then passed by the City Council and friends of the library. It cost us $1,120,000.00 last year.

On the auditorium, we lost another $195,000.00. The Rec Plex after five years of losing money broke even last year. Although there is one bright spot to this.

The Burlington Golf Course made us $1,836.48 for the year.

Jeff Abell from The Hawk Eye called me the other day and wanted to know what I was going to do about the appraiser for the manor not having a contract and not knowing how much we are paying him per unit for appraisals.

Abell also said that he'd been in contact with Joe and Eric from the City Hall and can't get an answer for the items that were sold out of the manor and what they were sold for. He has been looking into this for over four months now. Maybe he should check with Mr. Mercer and see what he sold the items for out of the manor project. Maybe then we'd have an answer.

I have contacted certain people to check on this appraiser and why the city never put this up for bid. Maybe we should use Randy Winegard's appraiser and attorney's for everything.

Our city Attorney, Scott Powers, has got the best job in Burlington. He gets paid when he wins, and he gets paid when he loses. How can you beat a job like that?

Leonard Johnson

NONE of this surprises me INCLUDING the Ad Vertiser wanting YOU to do something about it!!!!! You go stir up the trouble and Publisher Steve Delaney, Editors Alison and Miller will get their Delete key out and tell us how to think and bury the stories the taxpayers need to hear.


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The Railroad Flexing Its Might


When a runaway barge threatened the BNSF right of way through Burlington, the response was awe inspiring. Resources material and human were mustered and brought to bear.

Watching the drama unfold showed the power of a major organization when protecting a threatened asset. I hope local elected leaders took away the same impression.

Talk all they want about quiet crossings, local leaders better be working with the railroad on every detail pertaining to modifying its' right of way. Unlike Manor Residents, you do not pull a 30-day notice, eminent domain stunt on the railroad and get way with it.

Any further "without merit" antics in court will snap the last remaining threads holding the City's purse together.


Asset protection. Something the city council and staff know nothing of. Ass protection? That's a whole 'nother story. They are experts.


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Huck's Hole Soon Sucking Muck?


The odds have been shifting in Las Vegas and the House is not happy. Gambling revenue is down. The room occupancy rate is receding. Vegas is an industry indicator. What does this forebode for Catfish Craps?

Lawyer Hoyer was trumpeting a new land based casino to replace the Lee County lamented Emerald Leper. Has this gotten any further than a fluff piece in the Advertiser?

What happened to the margin call for $10 million? Did times really get better?

If travel is down, I would not think it good for Burlington's gambling den. Catfish Craps marketing strategy is bring the kiddies and gamble their future. There is a corporate fire wall seperating the casino from the amenities like Huck's Hole.

Do you think Huck's Hole will go broke before the next round of municipal elections? As this is an off year for City races, doing so this Fall will give we the dunked a year to forget about punishing the guilty.

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06 May

Lazy Man's Answer to Tim Hoschek


Could you just lay out the facts for us about Tim Hoschek? Just the basics.




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A Haven for the Hopeless


It is nice to hear Bruce Slagle is still around.

There are a lot of politicians around Burlington who should be doing time. Funny thing is, nobody around here ever gets indicted.

Like the old Hole in the Wall gang, out of the way, out of sight, and out of mind.

B. C.

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Meeting Missing In Washington No Surprise


LP should know Boreington planners have no interest in attending something worthwhile because their losers to the core and their only interest is losing money on worthless lawsuits, a loser WrekPlex, a money losing water park, unsold spec. buildings and anything to keep wages down to $7.50 per hour or less is their main objective.

Danville and Middletown have more balls when it comes to city government than Boreington ever will. Boreington is a loser town; so why would anyone expect any of the appointed or elected officials to attend something of value. Now if it were in Hawaii or Italy theyíd break their necks to attend, although nothing of substance would ever develop. Those Italian companies in the county would have come anyway just to be close to their customers.

You can bank on our local jackals never accomplishing anything other than overpaying themselves and continuing their fiscal disgraces along with their embarrassing transgressions.


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05 May

Burlington & Regional Planning Missing In Washington DC


Last week was Southeast Iowa days in Washington. Almost all of the local communities were represented by local leaders. All except Burlington.

Not one person from Burlington was there. No Loser Lost Keys Ell, Junior Murray or Disappointing Davidson. No one.

And neither was anyone from Southeast Iowa Regional Planning. They represent all these towns and counties but didn't bother to show up.

And people wonder why we are where we are. Clear as a bell to me.


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04 May

Hoschek's Near Miss With Discrimination Lawsuit


Let us not forget how close Tim Hoschek drove our tax dollars to a federal discrimination lawsuit over the last few years.

Vote this abuser out of office.

Abused and Sick of His Courthouse Antics

The statue of limitations hasn't run out on his most recent case of abuse. So let's wait and see before we pronounce the time of death on this liability.


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03 May

Hoschek Fundraiser Raises $11.31


Little Timmy lives down the road from mommy and has never really left the nest! From what I hear he is buying the house.

He's such a loser and let's make him one when it comes around to marking the ballots in June!!! Let's give him a knock-down punch like he has done to the taxpayers of DMC county.


We heard his bake sale raised $11.31. His Mom kicked in $10.00.

That's quite a start.

05:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Would You Want Your Sister to Marry Him?


"Nobody else wants him around."

Sarcastic Democrat makes a good point. What better reason for Little Timmy to publish endorsements; those who have gone beyond trail's end.

Rowdy Yates

If the retirees of Des Moines County ever catch on to Tim Hoschek's total disregard and nonsense management of the taxpayers' dollars he will lose by a bigger margin than Senator King.

Hopefully, our illumination of his past will seal the fate of of his future.


05:23:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Bruce Slagle Financial Consultant Still Slithering Around Town


I didn't know Slagle was still around. I saw him at a school concert at Oak Street this week.


Who wants him? Any town in their right mind has the hemp rope across every road and trail into town to keep him out.


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Blimpies Crashes and No One Cares


On Monday Blimpies bought the farm because of poor sales.

Who's next?


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02 May

You Missed The Point


You missed the point entirely. Little Timmy is having a bake sale - AT HIS MOTHER"S HOUSE.

Nobody else wants him around.

Sarcastic Democrat

Point well taken. I realize my error now. I will seek redemption. Next week.


11:13:13 - SPIKE - No comments

Blight of the Living Brain Dead


Little Timmy needs money. Little Timmy is holding a fund raiser. As always, there is a tie in to Little Timmy's relatives. Come to Little Timmy's mommy's house.

Little Timmy is being negligent of all those relatives we are supposed to vote for him because of.

Think back to the political advertisement, with no paid for disclaimer as required by law,that ran in the official single party news source, a.k.a. The Advertiser. The dead can not be with the living at Little Timmy's mommy's house.

Next time, Little Timmy should be more considerate. Little Timmy should hold his events at Aspen Grove. There we may all commune with those who tell us we should vote for Little Timmy.

Stupid little ass. Cookies and milk at mommy's house. Where is Lassie?

G. R.

I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous with that dipshit. And it does.


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State Employees


This following paragraph is enough to make every taxed person in Iowa sick to their stomachs.

"Wouldn't it be nice if your boss handed you a nearly 24 percent increase in pay? That's what you're about to do if you're an Iowa taxpayer and Iowa Gov. Chet Culver signs a bill passed in the late-night hours last week."

Iowa State government workers are so over paid now, at least 45% more pay than the private sector doing the same jobs. This governor is another loser and will probably be city manager of Burlington when he leaves state office because he is now fully qualified loser and confirmed dead beat Democrat. Losers always find a way to justify their arrogance and egotism without justification.

Our legislatures are no better than the group of losers in Washington who only look out for themselves, large donors and the special interest groups such as the casinos, where favoritism was show loud and clear with the new smoking ban bill. Just goes to show how easy money passes through the hands of legislatures in Iowa. Why would people that are overpaid now need a 24% increase?

No better than thieves sneaking around in the dark are these people who pass legislation in the dead of night.

02:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Tourism Grant Money for Derailed


It is great to see you are spreading the infamy of our local leaders to the world. I noticed one of your distant fans plans a visit. Just like other 3rd World locales, tourism may be our salvation.

Look at all the people who visit Alcatraz. The criminals are long gone from Alcatraz, but City Hall and our County Court House are open. On warm weather Fridays, tourists may need to detour to Flint Hills to view the guilty.

You deserve some of that taxation without representation (hotel/motel tax) revenue.

Do you think the ever growing staff at the Chamber of Commerce could fit writing up a grant for you into their busy luncheon schedule?

Phileas Fogg

Looking at the traffic up and down Main Street today looking at the barge I'd guess the Dairy Queen will have to double the staff on Friday, rain or shine.


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01 May

Burlington's Free Quiet Zone day


Burlington has been partially cut off from the world.

If Burlington were totally cut off from the rest of the world, the world would never notice. Those running Burlington would then truly be secure in their positions of self importance.


And we got a free quiet zone day thrown in the deal. I'd hate to get the bill.


16:35:27 - SPIKE - No comments

No Longer Buying the Bias


The idea of a subscription for news on paper was to cover the cost of putting the ink on the paper and getting the product to your door. The gravy was advertising.

Given the amount of advertising in the Advertiser lately, the gravy is becoming grass soup.

Anybody with computer can read wire service reports no charge from a multitude of sources other than the Advertiser. Spike is right that local news is all they have to sell.

With the Advertiser, what you get is a rehash of this.

Given the biased, poor quality of the Advertiser's sole remaining reason to exist, it comes as no surprise they may try surviving with subscription access. Doing so appears an unimaginative response born of desperation.

If the Advertiser can not adjust to competition and produce a product the market demands, it deserves to go the way of polio epidemics.


02:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Insulting Sam Drucker


"While general store owner Sam Drucker is a reliable Dutch uncle in Petticoat Junction his character is bent a bit here (keeping plastic pickles in a barrel to appease city-folk). Drucker also serves as a newspaper printer/editor; volunteer fireman; constable; justice of the peace and a postmaster. As editor of the Hooterville World Guardian, his headlines were often decades-old.

He was a bit slow as postmaster - once delivering a lost 1917 "draft" notice to Fred Ziffel after 51 years-breaking his "old" record of delivering a "lost" 1942 WPA letter to Mr Haney for stealing a shovel-after 26 years! As justice of the peace, he once let his license lapse, unwittingly sending two supporting characters to a premature honeymoon (Ralph Monroe and Hank Kimball)."

Comparing Citizen Kane's Advertiser to the Hooterville World Guardian is an insult to the fictional Mr. Drucker. While the Advertiser is as timely as the World Guardian, Drucker at least got his decades old facts straight more often.

Drucker's fewer errors were honest and not in the service of partisan propaganda.


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Hold Mediacom Accountable


I'm getting tired of Mediacom shutting off the internet service at 1:00 A.M. They have everybodys email address and if they need to do maintenance, just tell us. But don't just shut it off. A lot of us have work to do and we rely on having our connection working.

Maybe you could run a notice and let people know when it was off so they can ask Mediacom for a day's credit. In March there were 5 days and in April there were 3 days including the 30th at 1:00 a.m.

Tired of High Prices and Poor Customer Service

Here you go!


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