Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 June

Hourly Costs


The costs for the Washington Road gravel pile is about $10,000/hour for just the gravel and the trucks to get it to the loading pile. This figure doesn't include the machines to pile it, labor to operate the 6 machines, the trains to deliver the gravel to the washout or any other activity. And those costs have been running 24 hours a day since the pile started.

Preliminary estimates plan for one mainline to open on Thursday.

The taxpayers should count their lucky stars that the judge found the railroad lawsuit without merit. It was a well placed bullet in our bunch of elected idiots' stupid thinking they could ever win.

Reality Construction Observer

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Follow the Advertising


It is nice to know Catfish Craps believes itself to be over taxed.

There may be an explanation for why this is not news according to the Advertiser. Not all may be sloth at Des Moines County's increasingly embarrassing excuse for a daily newspaper.

Count the column inches of advertising purchased by the Catfish Craps complex. Count the column inches of advertising purchased by those who are major stock holders in Catfish Craps.

Do these interests want us taxpaying peasants to know we must be taxed more to cover any reduction in taxes paid by Catfish Craps?

Somebody must pay for Huck's Hole, the Manor Mall, the Wrecked Plex, etc. etc. etc.

Let the peasants read the unsigned, single party rantings on the Advertiser's editorial page about how government must defend the "little guy." Karl Marx credited religion as the opiate of the masses. In Burlington, is the Advertiser the protective sedative serving the ruling class?

What is not news to the Advertiser is all the more reason we need multiple sources of news. We should be thankful for the Des Moines County News, Spike, Falcon and KCPS.


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A Flood Related Famine of "Contributions"


National leaders of the local single party system love to refer to the coercion of taxation as "contributions."

It appears there is a provision in Iowa law permitting County Boards great authority in extreme circumstances. Will the Des Moines County Board of Supervisors consider a disaster related breather from the collection plate?

Considering the depressing election results, can Little Timmy afford the $27.00?

I am not holding my breath.


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Courtney Fundraiser


I see they are going to have a fundraiser for Tom Courtney at the Blair House.

Maybe the taxpayers should attend and see what Tom in store for us next. The fundraiser is August 28 at 10:00A.M. plan to attend. It should interesting; maybe he is just looking for votes.


I would guess he wants a new computer. Every time he has surplus election funds he buys one or two new laptops for himself and the wife under the auspices of "election computers." Check his election reports with the Ethics Board.

I wonder if he donates his various old computers to the needy. Or do they go to the family?

The only reason I can see to attend a 10:00 am fundraiser at the Blair House is to see who the Mindless Lemming Sheep are slobbbering over Courtney's shoes.


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27 June

Ethanol Plant Production Stopped?


I drive by the ethanol plant several times a day on my delivery route. For the past 4 days there have been no railroad tank cars or grain cars in the yards next to the plant.

Do you have any idea what is going on? Have they closed down?


We don't know but wouldn't be surprised if they did close down. Corn prices are high, the flood has cut supplies and it is a very precarious business model.

I guess we'll soon find out.


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A Test of Silent Salvation


The recent flood has given Burlington's downtown crowd what they have been clamoring for. The railroad crossings are quiet. The BNSF's right of way east of the Mississippi bridge is blown out.

With a reported 60,000 carloads of fill needed at a rate of 300 cars per day, it looks like it may be a few days until the trains run again.

It will be interesting to see if all that quiet draws throngs of frantic shoppers into downtown Burlington. The theory that quiet will cause a renaissance will be put to the test.

This window of experimental opportunity deserves documentation. Is the cost of quiet crossings downtown worth the cost to taxpayers? Do not delay.

Unlike the City of Burlington, the BNSF is a growing, dynamic operation. Neither renegade local political hacks nor a raging river can stop them for long.


I'd like to see the hotel/motel tax receipts from the BNSF effort compared to the RecPlex loss carried forward each year. And then have our gas bag Lost Keys Bill Ell explain how the railroad lawsuit was justified in his simple mind.

BTW - The throngs in downtown Burlington, they're driving dump trucks for some extra money to pay for Eminent Domain Mall.


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Catfish Bend Challenges Tax Assessment

According to Des Moines County’s most accurate news in print, The Des Moines County News, Catfish Bend and Fun City are challenging their taxable valuation.

The Board of Review upheld the assessment and now the case is headed for District Court on appeal.

I don’t want anyone starting any malicious conspiracy rumors about Iowa’s Oldest News in Print burying this story.

We all know how lazy they are to catch this tiny little tidbit of minutia a real newspaper sees as newsworthy.


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Little House on the Flood Plain


Did anybody hear if the flood wiped out Little Timmy's official residence?

Like Abraham Lincoln, Little Timmy has a cabin heritage. Did Little Timmy's $27.00 a year in county taxes abode succumb to the Mississippi's latest mother lode? What if it is so?

F.E.M.A. trailers may be on the way. Has Little Timmy put his name on the trailer list?

Disaster looms. Once the new Board of Supervisors is sworn in, Little Timmy will be forced to find a real job. History, including job history, repeats itself.

Perhaps Little Timmy should move to New Orleans.


Little Timmy was the first in line in May when the water came up the first time and his "tax shelter" was spared.

This is probably the reason we haven't heard from Little Timmy; other than he can't handle challenges. He was camped out in the FEMA line like a groupie outside a rock concert waiting for his trough to come in.


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Iowa Senate Leadership's Top Concern


from the web -
"The Governor’s office has been hosting conference calls every couple of days, for Lt. Governor Patty Judge to update Legislators on the flood situation across the state. Yesterday Sen. Wally Horn interrupted Patty by screaming “These are good loyal Democrats, and they need our help.” He repeated that statement several time during the call, but only the first time did he interrupt the Lt. Governor to say it."

It is nice to know who is and who is not important to our legislative leaders.

Senator Courtney could not have said it better himself.


Courtney only talks like that in secret meetings.


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Brother, Can You Spare A Rhyme?


Competent, experienced newspaper reporters are increasingly out of work. Is it getting to the point of will work for cigarettes and beer? Are the once mighty willing to consider tabloid work like the local Advertiser?

I realize this may squeeze the annual crop of Jimmy Olson's who sometimes learn how to complete a sentence in Burlington. It truth, it would be doing Journalism majors a favor. Street cars have made a come back in St. Louis and Minneapolis. There is a brighter future for motormen than mediocre journalists.

Hiring the competent would improve the quality of the Advertiser. This should extend through the entire organization.

Hiring managers who have proven they know how to produce a real newspaper instead of a single party propaganda broadsheet would be a blessing. After being replaced, Citizen Kane and Allison the Arrogant could save the world by running for office instead of ruining a newspaper to the same end.

An honest, unbiased newspaper may make such a career move problematic. No more cover ups of public alcohol abuse and incompetence will mean changes for the local governing class.

If newspapers are doomed, hiring the competent would allow the Advertiser to sing a swan song that may even surpass the glory days of the old Hawk-Eye Gazette.

Bread Line Benny

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26 June

6,000,000 Tons of Rock & Gravel Needed to Plug BNSF Holes

If you’ve seen the mountain of gravel taking shape along the BNSF mainline in West Burlington there is a reason. Reliable sources tell us the BSNF mainline in Gulfport has been crippled by 5 major breaks adding up to over a mile in length.

The railroad anticipates unloading 30,000 tons or about 300 cars, every 24 hours. It is expected to take approximately 60,000 cars of ballast at approx 100 tons per car.

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The Great Seal of the Welfare State


Nice picture of B. Hussein Obama and his new logo.

At first glance, I thought the eagle was wearing an item "sold for the prevention of disease only." Only after reading the text did a closer look reveal the intention of B. Hussein's iconography.

Given my first impression, it is obvious B. Hussein Obama has spent some time campaigning in Burlington. From those who work to those who can find no other stable means of support except holding public office.

Local voters sticking a pin in Hosheck's balloon is heartening. If Senator Courtney and others who govern according to trick or treat at the public teat get a similar deflation, we should be delighted.

Only by defeating those who govern under the principle of whatever feels good at the expense of others will Burlington and our entire nation again have hope.


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Pizza Ranch Coming Soon?


Rumored to be going into the recently closed Hardee's on Roosevelt. More details to follow. Also, the old Godfathers building is going up for auction soon, no minimum.


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24 June

Obama Changes Presidential Seal


Here's a new twist to the Obama controversy.

Sen. Barack Obama promised "change," and his campaign has already been hard at work changing one of the basic symbols of the nation - the Presidential Seal.

On Friday, the press was abuzz over the new seal, which was unveiled on Obama's podium when he spoke to a group of Democratic governors.

While the Obama seal does include the American bald eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the resemblance ends there.

The Latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum," which translates to "Out of many, one," now says "Vero Possumus." Press reports translate the Latin words as "Truly, we are able" - a rough translation of the Obama campaign slogan, "Yes we can."

The deletion of "E Pluribus Unum," long considered the de-facto motto of the United States, is not accidental for multiculturalists, who have long denigrated the concept that immigrants must strip away their old culture in favor of the "oneness" of American civilization. In the 1990s, such activists promoted the alternative concept of the nation's ethnic "mosaic" - rather than a single, overarching metaphor to describe American society. For example, Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan has pointedly criticized the "E Pluribus Unum" motto as not reflecting the nation's diversity.

Other Obama changes to the seal include the removal of the shield over the eagle's breast, representing the president's oath to defend the Constitution. The shield has been replaced with the letter "O" - presumably for Obama - and the image of a rising sun.

"This is too serious a contest about too serious of issues for a candidate to be playing make-believe on the trail," Brian Rogers, a spokesman for presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, told The Los Angeles Times.


Obama is playing make believe. All that education and not a lick of common sense or experience.


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Slow Train to Nowhere


From the New York Times -

"But most of its other routes are so slow that people take those trains because they have no alternative to reach places like Burlington, N.C., or Burlington, Iowa. Or they go for the train ride itself. "

Amtrak is and always has been a shoe string operation.Amtrak is experiencing an increase in ridership. Fuel prices are driving up demand for passenger rail service.

Will metropolitan, short distance routes get all available resources? It would make it easier for New York Times reporters to get from Washington, D. C. to New York City. That is where political power is concentrated.

What about Burlington and Burlington?

Are there that many of the powerful people in the national scheme of things who give a damn?


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23 June

A Flood of Red Ink for Newspapers


From the New York Times:

"The primary long-term threat to newspapers is the Internet's siphoning away of ad revenue, a trend that has been under way for more than a decade, but one that has picked up speed in the last year. Advertisers have vastly more choices online than on paper, so newspaper Web sites win only a fraction of the advertising that goes digital, and it pays much less than advertising in print."

The old street car barn still stands across South Main from the Advertiser. How long until the Advertiser goes the way of the street car?

Retired Motorman

We get about 20-30 trade publications per month. Some are down in page count to the Monday version of the Ad Vertiser. Except the quality and content is much higher. And most of the associated websites are high quality with all the bells and whistles.


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20 June

BNSF Washout At Gulfport

Towards the East end of Crystal Lake Club.

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Anyone Seen Our Elected Officials?

Has anyone seen any of our locally elected officials during this flood disaster? Any of them sandbagging? Lost Keys looking for the keys to the pump room?

Hell, has anyone seen Hoschek in the National Guard chow line now that he is unemployed?

Where are all the self-righteous, self-important now that they have a real cause to stand behind? Preparing for the November elections?


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Take the Money and Run


Businesses in Iowa that have been flooded out face a decision. Do you rebuild in Iowa, or run for the exit?

Senator Courtney and his comrades have made business bashing a priority. They figured their victims were tied to the rack. Businesses would suffer government racketeering due to the cost of relocating.

For some, mother nature has made relocating an attractive option. The deal is further sweetened with possible buy out money.

Governor Culver is talking about a special session of the Iowa Legislature in response to the flooding disaster. Will this become a compounding disaster?

With leaders like Senator Courtney, how will massive incoming federal funds be spent? Will it be like a drunk in a bar on pay day? Will more beat up on business legislation be passed?

You can't stop a flood. You can vote Senator Courtney and others like him out of office.


Has anyone seen Senator Tom Courtney since the flood? Is it true he was washed away helping the drunk ex-Mayor evacuate the Gulfport strip joints along with Heland?

Where is Courtney's line of babbling BS about how he is going to get flood relief for everyone and close down BurlingtonDerailed while he's at it? One of our readers said they heard Courtney was recruiting his non-union construction workers for the rebuilding effort.

If you have a Courtney sighting please email us.


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Millard Shark Loose On Riverfront

We have another confirmed sighting of the Millard Company Shark loose on Front Street. Company officials were unavailable for comment.

Yes, we know most of you have seen it but we don't charge you to download our photos like the Ad Vertiser.


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Ad Vertiser Web Finally Works


Is this an indication of what you have been telling people about news sources ??


Well, almost. You see it took a natural disaster for the Ad Vertiser to act like a real newspaper instead of a local tabloid. When you have the real news people show up chasing a story of world wide interest the last thing you want the news pros to know is that you are a bunch of gossip mongers shackled to the community preventing any chance of prosperity.

As for their web traffic, maybe they'd like to match unique visitors in 6 weeks when this flood thing dies down.

We're here everyday. Not just when disaster strikes.


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Free Pictures

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19 June

Flood Crest Expected Today

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Des Moines County Emergency Manager Going Home to Cut Hay


LeRoy Lippert, longtime mayor of Danville and head of the Des Moines County Emergency Management Commission told the Des Moines Register he was headed home to cut hay because he had been working 7 straight days.

How long would he work if we had a real emergency?

Just Wondering

7 days.


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BNSF Washout in Gulfport?

Railroad contractor RJ Corman showed up Wednesday along with a full complement from Hulcher. Something is going to happen and it isn't cleaning up dead carp.

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Pig Shoot


I've been a hog framer for 40 years and I have yet to see hogs eat sand bags. As for them climbing over the levee, it's going to take more 16 along a levee to make any difference.

To me it sounds like the Colonel and Sheriff need to talk to a hog farmer before they make these critical life-threatening decisions to shoot the dreaded levee pigs and save the levee. But what would a hog farmer know?

It can't get any more stupid than this. Was Hoschek involved in this decision?

Fed Up

Speaking of Hoschek, has anyone seen ANY of our elected officials anywhere doing anything constructive? Not even the Ad Vertiser has mentioned them in days.


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18 June

To Flooded in Pontoosuc


Sorry if I spelled the name of your town wrong, but if you can tell me how to get to you, I'll bring you some drinking water. I've got a couple cases of it here that I'll be more than willing to donate to your cause.

Where are you staying if you have been displaced from your home?

Help Is Available

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Pontoosuc Needs Drinking Water & Help From Mayor's Incompetence

Dear Spike,

I know you are probably being swamped with emails about the flood. I want to say first of all that I am in the Pontoosuc, Rio Vista area and will have to strip the first floor of my home. I can handle that! Hike up those boots and get it done! What else can we do?

Can you believe that we couldn't even get drinking water from the mayor today??? He had some in the back of his truck and said "he" got "his" in Dallas City.

Then another person came down with some that the mayor had given him 3 days ago and told him to hang on to...we asked him for some and he said, "Oh yes! I am tired of it being in my truck!"

Can you believe this?

Our mayor has called NO ONE for ANY help of ANY kind. One person who called the Red Cross said they told her that "you should have taken the buy out in 1993!" Granted, we would have.....HAD WE BEEN INFORMED ABOUT IT!!!! We didn't know anything about it until it was gone! And there were a lot of others who didn't know about it either!

We have by far the worst mayor of this village! Of course, he didn't get the file cabinets out of the village hall before the flood hit us again either. That would be because he stockpiled A LOT of building supplies the village received and he didn't want the records to be found of him and his shady tactics!

Sorry Spike, I know you are a Burlington thing, but I enjoy your site so much and I just really needed someone to listen!!

Thanks again!!


I can believe it. We don't have a monopoly on dumb ass mayors here in Iowa. They line the river banks and transcend borders like carp - bottom feeding along the way.

Hang in there. There are people reading BurlingtonDerailed that will pick this item up. Let us know when you get water. Or if you don't.

As for your mayor stock piling building supplies, there are records he can't hide in the dirty water. The question is where are those supplies now? Flooded or moved?


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Response to Hal


I stated I am not a big fan of Steamboat Days. That does not mean I have not gone in the past. I am just stating my opinion that this town is an unorganized cluster party.

We should embrace our heritage in regards to the river but this town is so stagnant. There is no growth and no planning and I was just stating that there could have been better planning. Steamboat Days is all about attendance so make sure you have contingency plans in place.

In regards to the Miller Stage. My understanding is Fleck Sales funded the Miller Stage so therefore they have eternal rights as the beer provider. I do not drink, however this is just another example of how Burlington lacks democracy.


Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.


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Slagle's Failures Continue


Hal does not even figure what the SBD Committee had to give the bands to commit to Steamboat Days, the vendors that do this for a living or the residents of Burlington who save to take their kids or grand kids to the festival!

All Hal thinks about is how well SLAGLE and the rest of the so-called BRAINS of Burlington handled the situation. No this was not a situation, it was an opportunity for the So-Called BRAINS to prove themselves to be brains.

And as usual they failed! Total FAILURE as expected coming from the likes of SLAGLE; a proven FAILURE in other words, a complete waste of AIR!

As for HAL you need to look for a real HERO not a real ZERO! In other words, pull your nose out of SLAGLES ASS and be a real man!


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17 June

River Stage 25.3' - New Record

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Steamboat Days Options Aground


Plenty of room at the old Wards area out by the ballpark for the beer tent and no mud, actually probably much more room than at the river front. The bands could perform from a couple of flat bed trucks giving everyone a really good view.

Something else could have been done rather than try to hold out on the river. It was just a bad choice by the BSD management to have the come hell or high water attitude. Either way the citizens of Burlington always come out the loser when our city does something other than try to provide service for which we pay a premium for a minimum amount of it because of the high salaries and benefits the city imposes on themselves via the city council.

One thing I’ve always wonder about BSD is why Miller Lite is always the beer supplier? Does anyone know the reason for Miller Lite year after year after year?


We don't need the beer tents at the emergency venue unless Miller beer has too much control of the contract terms. And we all know that wouldn't happen with Scott Power, Iowa's Losingest Lawyer and the ex-drunk mayor, Burlington's Miller Poster Child, dealing out the city's cards.


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Steamboat Days Options


Bracewell Stadium would have been a excellent choice to move Steamboat Days entertainment. Controlled access, plenty of room and plenty of power. Should have been a "no brainer". Or how about Community Field?


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They Had a Plan


If KW is someone who doesn't like Steamboat days then why is he so worried about moving it? And on another note of his. Sturgis on the river was indeed moved. Instead of 15,000 motorcycles there were less than 300. So much for that idea.


But they had a plan for Sturgis on The River. That's the deal. They had a plan.

There is never contingency thinking between Bruce Slagle's ears. Oh, the railroad blinked, maybe we should do something else. Leadership is about profitable lemonade.

Leadership is not about getting to the Som in record time.


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16 June

Steamboat Days


I also am not a big fan of Steamboat Days. I believe us “common people” could have came up with several contingency plans. We have so much empty space in this town even if the carnival and the concerts had to be separated.

Davenport was able to relocate Sturgis on the River with no problems.

All of the elected officials and volunteer board members in this town want to be friends with each other. If you buck the system you are out. It is sickening. It reminds me of high school.

God forbid anyone should stand up for what they truly believe. It might screw up your social life at the “Som”.


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Discovery Home After Succesful Mission

NASA/Kevin O'Connell

Space shuttle Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Seven astronauts flew space shuttle Discovery back to NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Saturday to end the latest construction mission to the International Space Station.

Commander Mark Kelly and Pilot Ken Ham were at the controls of Discovery as it glided through Florida skies to touch down on time at 11:15 a.m. EDT.

Kelly, Ham and Mission Specialists Karen Nyberg, Ron Garan, Mike Fossum and Japan's Akihiko Hoshide spent 14 days in orbit installing the Japanese Pressurized Module to the space station. The module is the largest section of the Japanese laboratory called "Kibo," or hope. Garrett Reisman also returned onboard Discovery. He spent three months living on the space station.

Talking to the news media a few hours after landing, the crew of STS-124 beamed about the flight.

"I think I have the best space shuttle crew of all-time," Kelly said.

Although there are more pieces to add on future flights, Fossum said the addition of Kibo made the station look nearly complete.

"It was a great feeling of accomplishment as we backed away (from the station)," he said.

Hoshide, one of the astronauts of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, spent time on Earth monitoring Kibo's preparation for space. Saying goodbye to it in orbit was not easy.

"When we went to close the hatch, that was a tender moment, it was kind of sad," he said.

NASA and Japanese officials hailed the flight just after landing.

"I can't think of a mission really that's been better than this one," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator of Space Operations. "We're starting to break that tie to planet Earth and get out and do what exploration is."

Discovery returned to its base in good shape, said Michael Leinbach, shuttle launch director.

"It's just a terrific day here at the Kennedy Space Center."

Astronaut Ron Garan came back with a unique spacewalking experience. Perched at one end of the station's long robotic arm, he swung far out and away from the shuttle and station to move a nitrogen tank into place.

"I got the impression I wasn't just looking at the Earth, I was looking at a planet hanging in space," he said.

After a night at Kennedy, the crew will fly to Ellington Field near NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA's next shuttle flight is slated for October when the crew of STS-125 is to service the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Moving Steamboat Days?


All this talk about moving BSD to the Manor area is almost comical. It is no small feat to move the venue to an open pasture. But it sure would be fun to slop around in the mud ala Woodstock. Nothing makes mud any better than rain, spilled beer, and 10,000 people.

The Steamboat Days organizers made the spot-on right decision to suspend the festival. Your readers should walk a mile in those proverbial moccasins before they are so quick to criticize.

John Sandell
Former BSD President

How about Jeff Heland mud-wrestling Bruce Slagle? Wouldn't that be worthy of a little inconvenience?


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15 June

River Stage at 23.5'

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Reagan's Slip Causes Commodities Debacle

For a quick explanation of how union pension funds, state employee pension funds, college endowments and deregulation of the hedge funds created $4.00 gas and $7.00 corn, read it here.

It's the best summary in a nutshell.


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14 June

Slagle's Steamboat Days Screw Up

Spike -

I've never been the biggest fan of Steamboat Days, but I can't hold my tongue on how this year's committee was short-sighted. During their meeting on Monday, June 11, they decided that they would keep the festival downtown come "Hell or high water." They got at least half of their wishes.

On that Monday, the NOAA forecast for Mississippi River water levels at Burlington (mile marker 403.2 - the Burlington Northern Railroad bridge) at 19.9 feet. The committee chose downtown, "Because we've always had our festival downtown."

Well, Thursday night the river's water seeped into the parking lot and the committee decided that they couldn't be downtown any longer. And the levels on Friday? 19.8 feet - less than the forecast that Steamboat Days President Bruce Slagle used to convince the committee to stay downtown.

Slagle could have used one of his more recent poor decisions to come out a hero. The 23.5 acres at the corner of Roosevelt and Agency would have been plenty of room to house a carnival and music festival. Bring in a portable stage and generators and voila! Bruce becomes a hero instead of a negative zero. No parking, you say? Plenty of room at Fairway Center, the old Wal-Mart and Westland Mall parking lots - just let Steamboat Days pay the overtime for Burlington Urban Service drivers to shuttle the masses back and forth.

Maybe it was too easy a decision that Bruce got confused.

Dawg Walker

We couldn't have the public trampling the grass down when the many new developers are fighting to develop the Manor.


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If The Shoe Fits.......

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13 June

Chamber in Falcon's Sights

After a brief summer respite, Falcon has popped Hinkle again.

You might want to click the links at the bottom of the story. Especially the one about 70% of the Hinkle's budget coming from taxpayers' money while other Chambers gather about 25% in taxpayer money.


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Slagle Slams Us Again


Well our pick pocket friend Bruce Slagle has done it again. Slagle had no back up plan and couldn't think of one to save Steamboat Days.

Our family saves all year long to be able to go and take our kids and grandchildren. Now we have tickets and no place to go.

I'm sure we will hear how Slagle did what was best for us and Mother Nature can't be controlled.

But knowing that extremely heavy rain was falling up North two weeks ago should have given this criminal time to plan. That is if he wasn't out screwing some other poor town to death with his mistakes.


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Re: The Local Criminal Class 6/10

JH is right, there is an overabundance of out of state welfare recipients in towns along the Mississippi River. Now if Iowa had something like a two year waiting period prior to ever receiving welfare or other state aid maybe many of them would head back to Illinois from whence they came.

In Iowa, it’s extremely easy for people to receive benefits that have never earned a dime in Iowa nor have any ties at all to Iowa. Sometimes, I feel the purpose for this is to keep the social services people on the payroll because there’s never an effort to wean people off welfare or state aid. For shame if some government employee’s are laid off because they aren’t needed.

The state government itself is cause for alarm in Iowa as it has the largest spread in wages between its employee’s and the private sector in the entire nation. Of course Iowa brags this spread is because they hire an abundance of college graduates although most state jobs don’t require a college degree; so the state has decreed a degree is necessary for most jobs in an apparent effort to maintain the high pay standards for government employees.

If all these degrees can’t make the state run on a balanced budget, maintain our standard of living and reduce taxes; what purpose do they serve? Are these the same people that hire consultants that cost the state more then they save the state (taxpayer) in return? Are these the same degreed people that gamble, live high on the hog and have sex on state (taxpayer) time while visiting casinos during work hours?

Trying to find out how many of Burlington’s citizens are on welfare is more closely guarded than our national defense secrets. The state does it’s best to keep the number of welfare recipients off the agenda apparently thinking out of sight out of mind is what’s best for the taxpayer when it comes to welfare. Iowa even went so far as to change the name from welfare to Family Investment Program, food assistance, promise jobs. The names of the programs have mostly changed but its still welfare as we’ve always known it. Anyone could need help once and awhile in their life but this cradle to grave system will eventually break us because people become dependent on government handouts and make no effort to get off the welfare band wagon.

Here in Burlington parents can’t even afford to feed their children because well over 45% of the school students get government subsidized or free food during the school year, many even get breakfast and who knows what else before the day is over.

This is a very sad statistic but does show the deterioration of our way of life in Burlington and indicates the direction Burlington is going and as the jobs continue to leave the tax base will continue to decline until only those on the government program will be left, then what?

Yes, JH asked a good question and you can bet the state won’t provide any answers.


This is an election year. Courtney says we can't talk about it.


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Build More Ethanol Plants


Between bad weather and worse public policy, will we have food riots in America this winter?


We have subsidized one ethanol plant. Deffenbaugh and Hinkle can take their next economic development project somewhere else.

We can't afford it.


P.S. Take Hoschek and Diewold along, too. They need a job.

06:26:27 - SPIKE - No comments

Another Pending City Disaster


The City of Burlington has constantly cut back on services while at the same time maintaining the level of employment to the extent of hiring retired city employees for gravy jobs to supplement their “low” retirement pay to the tune of over $22,000 per year. Now I don’t know what a retired city policeman receives as a pension but hiring one back to drive around town looking for sewers or whatever is extreme, in my opinion.

You can also bet that the raises continually flow from city hall to department managers regardless of achievement, credibility, performance or any other good attributes commonly used to base raises on. To continually receive raises in Burlington one only needs to be breathing on a steady basis.

The average citizen in Burlington has no idea what goes on down at city hall and what favors are being doled out to previously retired city pension recipients and others capable of breathing and towing the party line regardless of the shady goings on around them.

To the best of my knowledge not one city department manager has ever done anything but condone the likes of Slagle and his stooges. This includes all those that came before him and his covey of misfits. The department managers sat back, accepting their constant raises and benefits as though all that’s gone on around them doesn’t concern them at all and they obviously feel their overpaid jobs are justified. Guess what, just look around the city and see or find anything that justifies the pay these people receive.

Burlington is going to implode eventually because of extremely poor city government brought about by unscrupulous dictator-like city managers along with know nothing elected officials that are constantly elected by unknowing voters who vote for the wrong reason time and time again.

One can only guess why voters constantly elect losers all of which have basically one common denominator here in Burlington, most are or were, union members. One would be hard pressed to find a fair and balanced union anywhere in the country and by electing a constant string of union members to city positions is a recipe for disaster, a constant proven over and over again in Burlington. By putting union people in government we can safely admit, is like trying to mix oil with water, it just won’t work and Burlington proves it time and time again.

The Courtney/Slagle mall is just another example of mismanagement and lies. That area looks worse now that it did a year ago. Since the city forced its will on the residents and forced them out nothing better has happened to it and now it looks like a real choice piece of crap land, typical of many areas within the city limits of Burlington.

I hope the people who forced this on the taxpayers of Burlington have taken all the mirrors out of their homes; so they at least don’t have to look at themselves on a daily basis.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the library and how it was shoved down our throats and the final bell has yet to ring on that deal. As long as it cost less to operate than the old one I guess it would prove to be a good deal since the old one was costing us twice what the average city pays for library service in Iowa. Damn, our city leaders know how to see a deal, don’t they?

Are we lucky to live here or what?


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12 June

<br />
<br />
<br />
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"All Ya Need is Love"


Reading the Advertiser's serialized dime novel of our hero's struggle to avoid returning to the real world, I see Little Timmy has an ally. Little Timmy's girlfriend will represent him at the ballot recount.

Who says Little Timmy is stupid? Little Timmy did not hire the City of Burlington's attorney to represent his best interests.

The true test of love will come if the recount does not go Little Timmy's way. Will true love fade?

If Little Timmy is officially declared what he has in fact been for 16 years, a loser, is there still November? Odds are another chorus of "Lover Come Back to Me" will fall on deaf eared voters.

To rephrase the old Lawrence Welk joke, "Danka you. Danka you, boys. Dat was da lovely Leninist sisters singing, I Kan't Get No Sat is Faction."

Sigmund & Oscar

Only this romance novel is not a shirt ripper!


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11 June

Manor Mall Site Makes Better Goat Ranch


The Manor site, for being on busy Roosevelt Ave. is an eye sore. The grass and weeds are 2' tall and the City should be a responsible land owner. It looks terrible!

If a resident would let their property go, the city would mow it and send them a bill. Surely as a City, we can do better than this. Other City property is looking bad too. From the looks of the streets and the City property that needs mowed, it looks like the City is out of money. Where is all of the money going?

If we do not have money to fix the streets and mow the grass, maybe the City should cut some jobs. We are paying enough in taxes, it just goes for better paying jobs and not services. That's the truth!


A herd of goats would do a better job of mowing the grass. Manor Mall could just become a bigger goat ranch than it already is.


02:52:11 - SPIKE - No comments

Manor Mall Under the Mississippi?


"He (Smith) said a water release at Coralville and opening the gates at Keokuk will help prevent Burlington Steamboat Days from being flooded out."

According to news reports, the Coralville dam is overflowing. Iowa City is bracing for record flooding. How will this decrease flooding downstream in Burlington? Water does not flow uphill.

Pulling the plug at Keokuk, would it make any difference? If so, why was this not done in 1965, 1973, 1993, or even this Spring? Does Keokuk make as much difference as bypassing the port-a-potty and using the river?

"BSD president Bruce Slagle declined to comment on possible options for the event." Clueless as usual is Slagle. No comment is better than claiming a comment would be detrimental to a law suit pending against God and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The Steamboat Days Committee is not an entity of local government, but it is beginning to look like one.

People on the Committee have lived along the river long enough to know you can never trust it. There should have been a contingency plan. There was not.

Admit a grievous error and scramble to salvage what you may. It will earn more respect than a cover up and false promises.

If any on the SBD Committee have any doubts concerning a proper course of action, drive by Agency and Roosevelt. Committee President Slagle is all the proof you need.

Cap'n Ernie

They don't know any more about the river than they do storm sewers.


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How Do You Start a Flood?


Driving through Ft. Madison you will notice the Emerald Leper is still in moth balls. This has to be costing investors. The US Navy's moth ball fleet is not cheap to keep.

High waters earlier this year caused a barge to slam into the BNSF bridge. Barges just this week got loose in high water at Dubuque and slammed into a highway bridge.

The Mississippi is rising once again. Is the Emerald Leper tied down tight?

It would be a shame if Southeast Iowa's white elephant on water broke lose. It could meet up with the Keokuk dam and be demolished. The Emerald Leper could end up a total loss.

With all the conflicting reports concerning the financial condition of the Emerald Leper's owners, is the insurance paid in full?

Meyer L.

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10 June

So Much for Steamboat Days?


If Steamboat Days floods out, is there enough space at Courtney Corners, formerly Flint Hills Manor, to hold the carnival and erect the beer tent?

It may be an opportunity to put the eminent domain mall to some good use.


I noticed that Gas Bag Bruce Slagle had no contingency plans for the imminent flood. Slagle had no contingency plan for the railroad lawsuit, Eminent Domain Mall and a host of other ill-conceived dreams he bestowed upon the taxpayers. Why would this be any different?

For Bruce Slagle, Steamboat Days is a place for him to go drink beer and fart without getting thrown out.


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The Local Criminal Class


Re: "Write your letters to the legislators. Tell them they need to fund the crime grant legislation."

We have been attracting many who have worn out their welfare welcome elsewhere. Not all are criminals, but check the statistics for a correlation between high welfare and high crime.

Iowa is becoming a welfare magnet. Even the local Chamber of Commerce has complained that Iowa, especially cities along the river in Eastern Iowa, has been attracting welfare "clients" from other states.

Should something be done to make Iowa less attractive to welfare collectors? Will anything be done? Would it do any good to contact our local state legislators?


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You Should Not Call Them Criminals


Burlington is not suffering from a crime spree. We are simply seeing an influx of potential new voters to support the single party system.

Senator Courtney has said we should not be negative about these new arrivals.

As always, the Advertiser is doing as they are told. Say nothing negative against what ever is in the interest of those in control maintaining their position.


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09 June

Crime Wave? No - It's Reached Tsunami Level !!


It would appear by the sudden drop in crime as reported in the For the Record section of the Hawk Eye one would get the impression that the local crime rate is decreasing drastically while the police log still shows crime as usual. Is this what they call “slanting the news” to push an agenda?

Now, by taking a look at the Daily Police Log, at the site below, I think your readers will see things aren’t really better they just aren’t being reported.


This post came in a few days ago and in the haste of helping Little Timmy seek retirement it wasn't posted. When you click and download this PDF you will be struck by the fact this report only covers 3 days but is 34 pages long.

Then look at the Ad Vertiser's For The Record you realize there is a fight for the streets.

Being an election year it might be a very good time to hold every public candidate and office holder accountable for a resolution to this crime spree.

Write your letters to the legislators. Tell them they need to fund the crime grant legislation.


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Little Timmy


A note to little Timmy. If you don`t like it, LEAVE.


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On The Oil Crisis


A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.
Well, there's a very simple answer.
Nobody bothered to check the oil.
We just didn't know we were getting low.
The reason for that is purely geographical .
Our OIL is located in
Coastal Florida
Coastal Louisiana
Pennsylvania and Texas
Our DIPSTICKS are located in Washington, DC !!!

Any Questions ??? NO? I didn't think so.

Thanks Spike


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07 June

STS 124

All NASA Images

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06 June



It was close. If there is a time slot to ask for a recount after the official canvas, then say you want a recount. Otherwise, shut up.

Little Timmy was accepting of the results on election night. Who poured uppers into his Ovaltine?

"Friends and family," does not answer the question. Family is understandable. They do not want to support Little Timmy at the level to which he has become accustomed with our taxes. What friends?

Are Senator Courtney, Heland, the Drunk ex-Mayor, Anderson and the other usual suspects to blame? Little Timmy served their agenda well. Besides the aforementioned, who else might tell Little Timmy he needs a recount?

If the canvas holds the preliminary totals, 17 absentee ballots will not make the difference. Not all may vote Democrat and not enough would be likely to vote for Little Timmy. The time elapsed between election day and the receipt deadline should pick up any ballots from Bolivia.

If those absentee ballots, or any other suspicious activities, put Little Timmy back in office, it will be time for a federal investigation into the civil rights of local citizens being violated.


The Ad Vertiser has another controversy to write about. They could push the square peg in the round hole.


14:55:01 - SPIKE - No comments

Is It Possible?


Is it possible Little Timmy is not letting go, he can't believe he's out! I hope all that read the paper can see that he is a sore loser and a whiner.

He's holding out for the absentee ballots!! Do you suppose he'll run as an independent or Republican?

Some advice Timmie: get a life, you have to work now and I know that concept must be really scary for you. Leave DMC taxpayers alone, we do not want you!!!!

We have spoken!!!


We all know how the Democrats treat traitors to the Party.

I would imagine the Republicans would tie a steak around his neck and tie him up in the timber a long way from the road.


14:23:29 - SPIKE - No comments

Dark Cloud Looming?


Our Little Timmy certainly has a vivid imagination.

Little Timmy imagined he could do whatever he pleased. Taxpayers would never take note. His party label would cloud the real issues. Little Timmy thought the sunny days with his party friends would last forever.

One day, a dark cloud Spiked over the horizon. The harsh winds of reality began to blow.

Those old friends who clouded the truth about Little Timmy were blown away. Even Citizen Kane lowered his wind breaker just before the storm struck. Little Timmy's imaginary world collapsed.

Little Timmy faces new adventures now that he can no longer hide behind a cloud. Welcome to reality, Little Timmy.


Hoschek was the worst cement truck driver ever. The worst brick layer. The worst conservation officer ever. The worst Supervisor ever.

How will Little Timmy fill in the blank for References?


14:18:45 - SPIKE - No comments

Hanging Chad? No, Hanging Head!!


How much will little Timmy's recount cost the county? Hasn't he cost the taxpayers enough already?


14:15:04 - SPIKE - No comments

Poll Observation


I too saw several Republicans take Democratic ballots for the supervisors' vote and heard at least one say, "Well, I've got to vote for Danny, and this is the only way." I'd say that's where the excess votes Cahill received came from.

Another interesting thing I noted was the write-ins that we had to record and send to the court house. Most, of course, were on the Republican ballots where Beck and Cahill received votes, along with Johnstone in the Sheriff's race. There were none for Hoschek though.

I have to say also that I found the idea that casting a Democratic ballot and then immediately filling out the paper work to return to ones previous party seemed less than appropriate. If party means something, it shouldn't be that easy to switch from one to the other. Of course, they're also allowing same day registration, making the whole thing a little too easy for me.


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Is Little Timmy's Victory in the Mail?


I noticed in the Advertiser that little Timmy may hold out hope for late returns. Little Timmy and President Thomas E. Dewey. Are there absentee ballots that have yet to mysteriously appear?

It is illegal to put material in a mail box unless postage has been paid. There have been reports Hoschek campaign material has been an exception in the past. Nothing was done about it.

I hope ex post facto postmarks do not figure into a change of Tuesday's results.


Anything that has to do with the mail is suspect with Little Timmy.


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05 June

Des Moines County - Operation Chaos


I worked the polls Tuesday in a Des Moines County precinct. I witnessed a lot of registered Republicans take Democrat ballots in an effort to affect the Supervisor race. My impression was they were more concerned about who their supervisor is than who their congressional nominee is.

It's true: all politics are local.


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I wonder how long it will take for Timmy to cry that we owe him. I hope for one he does not get another job that has iepers pension.

He has stole enough and now he must and will pay the price of being underfunded and hopefully unemployed.


P.S. Good-bye Timmy. You get what you have sowed.

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Who's Next?


Timmy's out, so what or who is next? Mad Dog Murray?


Maybe his outbursts are mayor/council generated frustration. We need to be sure before we lend our re-election support.


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Good job of getting rid of Hoschek. How he could remain a supervisor for 16 years is beyond imagination and reason.

I think Cahill will make a good supervisor because he's successful and has been civic minded his entire adult life and sure as hell doesn't need the money or the benefits.

I really think your site made a big difference in the way people voted even though it was close to Beck you still got rid of Hoschek.


00:38:00 - SPIKE - No comments



What a wonderful day!!! Little Timmie got his walking papers!!!! Spike I give you a lot of credit for this, due to the fact people had a place to go to read the truth about Little Timmie, because the local paper is not one to put information out that we need to know.

So keep up the good work and thank you for this forum.


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I Am Soooo Glad!


I am sooo glad, we got rid of Tim hoechitt!

Glory be.


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The Dominoes Go Down


Senator King, The Drunk Mayor, Slagle, Little Timmy, who is next?

Senator Courtney would end free speech to protect his position. Our State Senator does not want people reminded about his role in the "without merit" railroad lawsuit and the infamous Manor Mall. Senator Courtney has opposition this Fall.

We should all hope what has happened to Little Timmy will inspire Senator Courtney's opponent.


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04 June

Wiener Roast At Big Hollow

We are pleased to announce a wienie roast at Big Hollow fueled with Little Timmy's campaign signs.

Time and date to be announced although we understand there are people in the fields as we speak.

"The voters have spoken," said Hoschek.


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Gravy Train Has Left The Building


It sounds to me like the gravy train has left the building. After 16 years it's about time. If you don't like it, move.


06:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Says Bloggers Do Not Count


Thank you for enlightening people on the Hoschek problem.

Were it not for your forum, Little Timmy would be leeching off us all for another term. The Advertiser ignored the problem for years. You provided an alternative source of information that made the difference in an extremely close contest.

Little Timmy was not the only close race where alternative information sources made the difference.

In the Second District Congressional race for the Republican nomination, Miller-Meeks got by by a squeak. If the web had not spread the character deficiencies of the man who finished second, Mr. Teahen would be on the ticket this November.

The old media still has influence, but it is not what it was.


This guy Teahen has a business full of dead bodies. One of our politcal experts forecasted blogs as the downfall of Teahen. From the looks of this guy, he was right.

Click here or here or here.


06:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Democrats Oust Hoschek


In the last couple primaries about 3,000 people voted. This time about 5,000 people voted. That means the Democrats erased Hoschek from their midst.

The Democrats were tired of Hoschek representing the party much like they are tired of Courtney, Heland, Edwards and Anderson representing the party.

This morning the cornerstone of Southeast Iowa's Cabal has been shaken. It is not from Little Timmy being booted out of office. The shaking comes from the fear those in charge watching the Cabal eroding to the will of the people.


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Taxpayer Lawn Care at Manor Mall


I now see we are paying for mowing the grass at the 24 acre dog park.More money wasted.But what can you expect from our city leaders.

Poor Taxpayer

That's only the first step in Mini-Me's Revitalization Program of Failed Dreams.


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03 June

13, 1300 or 13,000 - It Doesn't Matter

You're out Hoschek.

Who's next?


22:54:01 - SPIKE - No comments

Vote Today

If you don't vote today there is no excuse to find Little Timmy Hoschek eating your Corn Flakes tomorrow.


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Parkersburg Tornado Video

Surveillance video captured the tornado in Parkersburg.

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02 June

Hoschek An Abuser


I want to say what no one else on your website has had the courage to openly say.

Tim Hoschek is an abuser. He abused his position of responsibility to harass the former CPC director. He abused the expense system for mileage reimbursement. He abused the position the voters put him in to oversee the county budget and then went off to carry the mail for $100.

Regardless of whatever Hoschek claims as a defense, many people in the courthouse have personally seen Hoschek abuse the employees including the CPC director.

That abuse is a Federal crime.

When Courtney, Edwards, Heland, Baxter or one of the local Democrats tell you to vote for Hoschek keep in mind Tim Hoschek is an abuser. The taxpayers, including the union voters, do not need an abuser in a position where he can abuse ALL of Des Moines County for another four years.

Fed Up with Tim Hoschek and His Abuse

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Nepotism Scare In Hoschek Camp


Did you see Sue Frice's comments in the paper on Sunday? She is the only one that ever really writes positive things for Little Timmy because she does not want to be living with a part-time mail carrier, she wants a Supervisor!

I hope everyone knows Sue Frice is Tim's girlfriend.


Hoschek has the teeth of the leech in everybody. No wonder her letter sounded like a Presidential Pardon.


01:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

For the Love of Little Timmy


"She is the only one that ever really writes positive things for Little Timmy because she does not want to be living with a part-time mail carrier, she wants a Supervisor!"

Love is a beautiful thing. It is nice to see Hoschek's honeys are writing love letters to the Advertiser again.

This begs a question. Are we paying Little Timmy mileage to drive to the Court House from his $27.00 a year in taxes digs, or from his girlfriend's house?


You raise a damn interesting question. Little Timmy pays taxes on his portion of the family cabin on the river. Little Timmy pays no taxes on his girlfriend's house. Little Timmy collects mileage from wherever he calls home.

I wonder how this all changes the tax implications of his mileage reimbursement?

Maybe the voters will figure this out tomorrow and send him home; wherever that is, cost free.


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Politburo Purges Little Timmy?


There was reading to blow your beliefs over Sunday eggs and bacon. The Advertiser failed to endorse Little Timmy for another term.

The official mouthpiece of the local single party political system has with obvious bias ignored Little Timmy's antics for years. The Politburo's blessings were upon Little Timmy. Why the unexpected shove into a box car bound for Siberia?

Cahill is a literate and capable man. After over a decade in the shadows, he emerges to run again for Supervisor. Why? Is the Politburo trying to prepare for a coming storm?

For decades the offices of the Des Moines County Attorney and the Attorney General of Iowa have curiously ignored the obvious. With the aid of the Advertiser, the outside world knew little. In recent years, this and other information sites have been spreading the word.

Burlington and the entire region have developed an earned reputation as a cesspit of corruption. People in state government have learned to reference this site and others if they want to know the whole truth. No doubt embarrassing questions are being asked.

The formation of a grand jury may hint that the broom is about to hit the dog doo.

Little Timmy maybe headed for a fall. Best to sacrifice Little Timmy to save more important Politburo members from a purge by honest prosecutors. What of Little Timmy?

Will Little Timmy sit contrite in the court like those purged by Stalin. Will Little Timmy be a loyal party member to the end? Will Little Timmy squeal like a stuck hog?

If Little Timmy's intoxicated driving performance is any indication, he will not go quietly. There is a whole cast of villains besides Little Timmy. Let us hope Little Timmy spills his guts so all the guilty may pay.

W. E.

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Sky Didn't Fall


You better watch out! The sky fell on Sunday and nobody was watching. Delaney didn't endorse Hoschek!

What's going on?


Preventive maintenance. It's a no brainer move for Publisher Steve Delaney. He can endorse Beck and Cahill in hope the voters will do what is best for Des Moines County and look good in the community.

If Hoschek steals a win, Delaney can tell his cult, "We endorsed the best candidates, we tried."

If Hoschek loses he will forget what happened and continue his back door trips rattin' out his courthouse shenanigans.


01:13:00 - SPIKE - No comments


Hey Spike,

I have been hearing a rumor about Duane Patton trying to push a name change at the WrekPlex . He's wanting something, or the whole place named after his father, Wendell Patton.

Have you heard anything on this?


Nope, not a word. What's the correlation?


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White House Embraces Global Warming

President Bush's top science advisors issued a comprehensive report Thursday that for the first time endorses what most scientific experts have long asserted: that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion "are very likely the single largest cause" of Earth's warming.

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01 June

Illegal Hoschek Signs Still Out

Not to anyone's surprise two of the illegal Hoschek campaign signs are still out as of Sunday morning.


10:32:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek's Illegal Signs


If it is illegal to post signs where Hoschek has them posted, why doesn't local law enforcement make an arrest?

It will be easy to find him as he is everywhere telling lies.


It's not going to be a fair election. Timmy has been sweeping every nursing home, church circle and funeral home whoring votes. One report indicates he went to a Morning Sun funeral looking for votes.

Local law enforcement has no jurisdiction unless the sign is on a public right of way.


10:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Timmy - You've Got Yourself a Deal!


In a tantrum that has become all too common among the elected elite, Little Timmy told those with the audacity enough to criticize the actions of the ruling elite "If you don't like it, go somewhere else!".

People are going somewhere else. Businesses are going somewhere else. Jobs are going somewhere else. Tax revenue is going somewhere else. Young people are going somewhere else as fast as they can.

He's getting exactly what he wants and he's getting it in spades. People with foresight are indeed going somewhere else because they don't like it. They don't like the corrupt cabal of the one party ruling elite. They don't like the blatant corruption. They don't like seeing the poor and elderly thrown out of their homes for the enrichment of political cronies. They don't like the taxes that are spiraling out of control while the city crumbles. They don't like their tax dollars be taken and shoved into the pockets of political cronies or family members of the ruling elite. They don't like the threats, intimidation and retaliation when they dare to criticize the ruling class.

Timmy and his comrades can have their little fiefdom. We are indeed leaving. We'll leave you with an empty eminent domain lot, a failing casino and waterpark, a city park full of dog shit, high taxes, a crumbling city that is fit only for drug dealing escapees from the inner cities, illegal aliens and people who don't know any better or have no other option but to stay.

We'll be setting up shop in better cites and towns and taking our talents, our families, our business enterprises and our tax revenue somewhere else. Somewhere without a corrupt ruling class and a town filled with brain dead party hacks who vote for the same failed government time after time because there is a (D) after their names or because their union told them to. We'll leave Burlington and SE Iowa to wallow in corruption and failure and perhaps just point and laugh from the sidelines.

Some of us have found that when it doesn't affect you anymore the antics of the establishment in SE Iowa is quite entertaining to watch. A cross between lemmings running off a cliff and a trainwreck in slow motion.


For some of us this realization that Hoschek is the dumbest guy to ever hold that chair goes back over 20+ years. That's a long time to tolerate an incompetent, trough feeding, deadbeat taxpayer.

From the looks of our web statistics and traffic Spikes, the rest of the world is watching Hoschek's stupid human tricks.

It's the hopelessness people feel that they can't make a difference is the reason we go on.


10:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Hoschek Is Too Stupid To Be Cocky


For little Timmy to make such a remark, "If you don`t like it leave." Sounds like he`s a cocky little bustard.


Hoschek is too stupid, he doesn't know any better. He had his Mother write us an email awhile back telling us the same thing - "If you don`t like it move."


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