Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 July

Advertising is the Key to Happiness


Sick of it all would be in blissful ignorance if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac only did business in Burlington.

If your financial institution is suffering from fraud, just buy advertising in the Ad Vertiser. Buy lots of advertising and your troubles will never become public knowledge until you are ready to release the information.

If all the world were just like Burlington, what a happier place it would be.

C. Barrow

Read the next little tidbit. It reinforces the concept.


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Local Bank Takes Hickey on Investments


What the hell happened here?

Lucid Details

Greed, poor management and too much time playing big shot on the golf course.


FORT DODGE, Iowa, July 29 -- North Central Bancshares, Inc. (the "Company") (Nasdaq: FFFD - News), the holding company for First Federal Savings Bank of Iowa (the "Bank"), announced today a net loss of $957,000, or $0.71 per diluted share, for the quarter ended June 30, 2008, compared to net income of $1.04 million, or $0.75 per diluted share, for the quarter ended June 30, 2007. The decrease for the quarter is primarily the result of $1.960 million in non-cash other-than-temporary impairment charges related to the Company's investment portfolio that were recorded during the quarter ended June 30, 2008.

The investment portfolio impairment charges, required by generally accepted accounting principles, have no impact on the Company's regulatory capital, which meets the "well capitalized" requirements. The impairment charges relate primarily to the Company's investment in Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) preferred stock and its investment in the AMF Ultra Short Mortgage Fund. The carrying values of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae preferred stock and the AMF Ultra Short Mortgage Fund have been written down to their fair market value of $4,157,000 and $1,793,000, respectively, as of June 30, 2008. Excluding these impairment charges, net operating earnings were $969,000, or $0.72 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2008 and $1,773,000, or $1.32 per diluted share, for the first six months of 2008. The Company is providing net operating earnings in addition to net income (loss) results in order to provide users of the financial information a clearer indication of the results of the Company's core business. The following table reconciles our determination of net operating earnings to our net loss as prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles:

Three Months Ended Six Months Ended
June 30, 2008 June 30, 2008
Diluted Diluted
(dollars in thousands, per per
except per share data) Amount share Amount share

Reported net loss $(957) (0.71) $(153) (0.11)
impairment (net) 1,926 1.43 1,926 1.43
Net operating earnings $969 0.72 $1,773 1.32

For the six month period ending June 30, 2008, the company reported a net loss of $153,000, or $0.11 per diluted share, compared to net income of $2,070,000, or $1.50 per diluted share for the six months ended June 30, 2007.
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Signs & Quiet Zones


First, the city council thinks a sign is needed to sell manor mall to some sucker. By some magical quirk of fate a well-heeled shopping center developer will be driving down Roosevelt Avenue and observe what a wonderful sign does to attract his attention as the weeds pop up waist high around the sign.

Second, our incompetent city works quirk, Knoke, thinks the railroad will pay for a quiet zone after spending $40 million dollars to repair the damage to their tracks in Gulfport.

Will somebody please tell me where these people are buying their booze and drugs. Whatever it is, it sure as hell works.

In Need of Relief

A bright shiny sign. Buckets of Doubloons.

The mindset of children.


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Courtney Fundraiser


I see they are going to have a fundraiser for Tom Courtney at the Blair House.

Maybe the taxpayers should attend and see what Tom in store for us next. The fundraiser is August 28 at 10:00A.M. plan to attend. It should interesting; maybe he is just looking for votes.


I would guess he wants a new computer. Every time he has surplus election funds he buys one or two new laptops for himself and the wife under the auspices of "election computers." Check his election reports with the Ethics Board.

I wonder if he donates his various old computers to the needy. Or do they go to the family?

The only reason I can see to attend a 10:00 am fundraiser at the Blair House is to see who the Mindless Lemming Sheep are slobbbering over Courtney's shoes.


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Fannie Mac Boondoggle


This "bailout" is nothing more than the communists a.k.a Democrats paying back the people who bought them an office. What a despicable thing.

Yes, Freddie Mae conglomco should have their execs fired and maybe even go under for their failure to operate a sound business. Congress should also have their reins cut too because the left wingers hounded these bozo companies to make loans to those who could not afford the houses they were living in.

Yes, another deal of Democrats buying votes-bribe a company to loan money to the poor, minorities, and trough feeders, so that Pelosi and her goons can say "see we made big business loan your money instead of those who are smart enough to figure out that you can't afford the champagne on a beer budget"

As a responsible home owner/mortgage payer it pisses me off that these morons can default, someone bails them out, but I have to pay more because I pay for the sins of others.

I will never in my life ever vote for a Democrat. They are nothing more than legalized thieves.


So, I guess you aren't chanting for change from the Hollow Shell Obama?


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Let 'em Go!


Regarding "Call For Backup," if 50 Gang Members go at it, leave them alone and let them shoot each other.


It's always the bystanders that take the casualties.


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30 July



Just read the lies Fannie Mae hands out to the taxpayer and those that will lose their homes.

"Fannie Mae provides stability, liquidity, and affordability to the nation's housing finance system under all economic conditions. We are a shareholder-owned company with a public mission. We exist to expand affordable housing and bring global capital to local communities in order to serve the U.S. housing market.

Like all who participate in the housing market, Fannie Mae has a responsibility to help home buyers, homeowners, and communities through market challenges. We believe in the long term health of America's housing market. The nation is growing and that growth will bring a renewed demand for housing and for responsible, sustainable mortgage lending. Fannie Mae will be there to help meet America's changing housing needs."

The CEO and all others responsible for these bad loans should have been fired or even jailed but instead the taxpayer bails them out and their cheating and lying lives continue as though they did nothing wrong.

Freddie Mac hands out this line of crap and the whole lot of them should be fired as well as the banks that were in on the scam.

"Every day we help millions of families in neighborhoods across America buy their own homes or enjoy quality and affordable rental housing by linking them to the world's capital markets. In the process we reduce the costs of housing finance and expand housing opportunities for all families, including low-income and minority families. It is a unique mortgage finance system that makes homeownership a reality for more of America's families..

To further support our mission, we initiate community development lending projects and promote consumer education to improve financial literacy. This helps build strong families and thriving neighborhoods in the communities we help finance."

Few if any of our financial institutions can be trusted to maintain any sort of honesty and sense of fair play. They’ve become dens of greed and everything else that’s become wrong with America. The financial institutions are a mirror image of our government in Washington and the fools in it, who fail at the simplest forms of common sense and decency all of which have betrayed the American people.

Basically we need an entirely new government along with real business leaders which is something we no longer have in America. The colleges have also betrayed the American people by not teaching integrity to its students. Our colleges have instituted a system of greed and corruption unbeknown to mankind over the past 40 years.

Sick Of Them All

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Call for Backup


If 50 gang members decide to rumble on South Hill, will the National Guard be called out?

The Sharks

Only Senator Tom Courtney will show up with his voter registration pad and absentee ballots.


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26 July

The People's Court


It is amazing the way that you and Falcon are now driving the news coverage in Des Moines County. Things are concealed/covered up until you two write about them.

“The Hawk Eye conducted its own investigation into the matter and found claims of police brutality to be unfounded. “

The Hawk Eye sees itself not as reporter of news but as Judge and Jury! Who elected them?

FoxNews claims "We report, you decide."

The Hawk Eye says: "We decide, you obey."


Don't forget the Executioner part. If you don't do what they think, off with your head!

It's very obvious Publisher Steve Delaney has no pride in the slacker work his "leadership" provides.

Mentioned in all parts of Iowa, the Ad Vertiser is not regarded as a serious source of anything except advertising.


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Circle K Shoots Back to Shoddy Journalism


It's good to see someone from outside the area take the Advertiser's cub writer Randy Miller to task for not doing his homework on the Great Wal-Mart Gas Pump Caper.

Kudos to Circle K for telling it like it is. Not that it will make any difference.


It won't make any difference. They wear their mistakes like badges of honor. Anybody want to paint crosswalks?


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I had to respond to your statement that, "Garry is just being Garry, and he doesn't have a clue that he doesn't have any thing in common with those people on Maple Street."

I beg to differ as you you know Des Moines County has one of the highest teen pregnancy rate in the State. I am not proud of the fact that my teenage daughter made me a grandfather way too soon. My wife's son who is 16 years old whom I have raised as my own since he was 2 years old is now in Eldora training school; he is ADHD.

I tell you all this sensitive information about my family because I want you to know that I do have something in common with mom's, dads, step-dads, single moms and struggling parents with their kids. When I made the comment that we need to deal with this problem in a comprehensive way, with pastors, school counselors, police officers, concerned citizens, etc. it was my hope that some one might be able to steer one trouble kid away from destruction and steer them on the right path to become a productive citizen.

With so much outside influence parents have to deal with, TV, rappers, music videos, magazines advertising sex etc. I could go on and on. I condemn violence of any kind targeted at any group, regardless of race. I still believe that the city council can't keep taking away from these folks, especially our young adults in the South Hill areas, and not reach out positively, ie, skate park.


Garry Thomas

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Police Sue For Blog Names


Thought you might like to see what happens when police are criticized in Memphis. The blog has identified some real issues.


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25 July

US 34 Back in Southern Iowa


Some of the boys at the Sombrero during lunch must have given Citizen Kane hell. The Advertiser online has now moved US 34 out of Tama, IA and back to its original location.

It's a damn shame editors at the Advertiser do not review Jimmy's handiwork. One says so on the assumption the Advertiser's editors know a few rudimentary facts about their territory. It's too bad Jimmy Olson is not old enough to sit at the bar.

Rather than let interns sit in the Advertiser's newsroom, give them a fake I. D. Jimmy Olson needs to spend some time at the mahogany rail of more than one or two neighborhood taps. He would gain insight into what makes a community tick.

"Superman, where are you now?"

P. White

But just think of all those poor readers that paid 50¢ and didn't get to see a highway moved back to where it belonged.


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Ancient History and Inaccuracies With Ad Vertising


Newspapers love to claim a role in the education of our children. The Advertiser should be in school libraries right next to a copy of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Over a month after the event, the Advertiser has picked up the incident on a levee near Oakville. Did the picture on Derailed make them read the Quill? It does not matter. Single Party Poobah Heland says the incident is over.

Relocating US 34 through Central Iowa is news. The Associated Press wrote the story of the bus wreck near Tama. Who wrote the headline moving the route over 50 miles north?

I guess nobody at the Advertiser has been around the area they "cover" long enough to know where Burlington's major east west highway goes.

Ancient history and inaccuracies. Truly, "Iowa's Oldest News on Paper."

A. Hun

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Lost Keys At Camp?


Mayor Ell spends a few weeks each summer volunteering at Camp Eastman. Perhaps this is one of those weeks.

John Sandell

That would be the paradox of the summer. Lost Keys preaching not to lie, cheat or steal.

In fact, according to the Boy Scout Scout Oath:

"On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight."

there leaves little latitude for the politically corrupt and morally unjust.


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Landfill Fees Could Be Avoided


I feel sorry the people in Louisa and Henderson counties for what are being charged in tipping fees. The $36.05 seems to be a lot to flood victims.

Why don't we get a hold of John Mercer and the DNR and just have Fye haul the trash and debris to the quarry for free. That is what they did for the manor project.

But don't count on the city for any help.

Leonard Johnson

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I'm Melting....Melting...........Melti...


The arrogant asses of the newspaper business are losing their asses. Profits are down and prices charged for the product are going up.

People are not buying the bias. Other sources of news are gaining audience. Advertising follows the audience. What of Burlington's Advertiser?

Somebody needs to put some local competition forward in the realm of on demand advertising. You do not turn on your radio and tune to the ad of your choice. You may click to the ad of your choice on a computer to compare laxative prices.

There is money to be made. Have you considered setting up a local advertising site?

If such an ad site hastens the demise of the Advertiser, it would be euthanasia.


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24 July



IS lost Keys in dry out?

I also see we have money to redo Jefferson Street again. I wish we could finish all the city streets just one time before we spend cash on Jefferson again.

Gary Thomas also states we have to stop taking from the poor so they will quit assaulting people.

Disgusted Taxpayer

We don't know where Lost Keys is and no one is talking except Junior Murray.

Speaking of rehab, Denis Leary has a YouTube video about going to rehab. Keep in mind this is an adult rated video and may offend the church people. The video does keep a proper perspective of rehab. If you don't want fixin', no need to go.

Money for Jefferson Street is like money for the water park or the Chamber - Gone!

Garry is just being Garry. He doesn't have a clue he has nothing in common with these criminals. Nothing.


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Picking on the People of Senator Courtney?


It is not nice to pick on Senator Courtney's friends. Our State Senator told us so in the official single party publication, a. k. a. the Advertiser.

The hospital has expressed concern over Senator Courtney's friends threatening people in their emergency room. The Chamber of Commerce complains. How ironic.

The Chamber has been one of the guilty ring leaders when it comes to welcoming the importation of criminal elements.

Derailed has been posting the details. Honest citizens are getting fed up. The City Council is starting to take some heat. How long until street fights progress into full scale riots?

How dare Junior Murray tell people to behave and accept personal responsibility. Such thoughts are heresy against local single party system dogma. Will the local Politburo condemn his political aspirations to serving on the City Council?

The problem is the cheap and easy solution pursued by local leaders. Empty your jails. Send them to Burlington. The 2010 census looms. Bodies are needed for per ca pita dollar grants by the Federal government. Anybody, no matter their rap sheet, to claim your leadership is slowing the exodus.

As for Senator Courtney, his old pal, failed to be President Vilsack, signed an executive order letting felons vote with no parole board review before reinstating voting privileges. Senator Courtney will do all he can to see felons know for whom to vote.

As long as the honest majority keeps criminals in power, the outside criminal element will keep on coming.


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Speaking of the Former Mayor . . . . .


How is it that a young woman was recently busted for OWI in the Fun City parking lot while she slept behind the wheel with NO keys in the ignition but Mr. Edwards gets a ride home? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Burlington PoPo have some splainin’ to do.


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Has K B U R let another award winner go; or where is J K Martin? I see Hexom and Cary are still around though.


Hiding out with Lost Keys?


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23 July

Shopping Cart Ride


Just curious if Blaine Michael Edwards who rode the shopping cart down Angular Street is any relation to ex drunk mayor??


It isn't the same as a Burger King sleepover but duly noteworthy of the gene pool.


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22 July

No Brandenburg Gate for Obama - And Rightfully So!

While Barack Obama has been racking up frequent flyer miles trying to impress us with what he doesn't know about foreign relations, his antics haven't escaped real journalists.

This is one editorial worth reading illustrates how Obama is so "full of himself" he can't see the direction for his puffed out chest.

Just like Dust Bunny Heland.

BTW - As slick as Obama appears he was a duck out of water amidst the troops. He had absolutely nothing in common with our soldiers and it showed in his awkward, aloof behavior.


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Re: Napoli's


As I understand it, the restaurant will reopen when interior repairs are completed. Yes, they are looking at moving, though not in the immediate future. I'm sure lots of locals are literally licking their chops until they reopen.

Without a doubt, one of the best places in town to eat.


I'm waiting on the pizza.


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Register Now for Elder Law Seminar July 29


I went to a great elder law seminar at SCC last Tuesday, another one is coming up July 29. Presented over the ICN by an extremely knowledgeable attorney from the Older Iowans Legal Hotline (800-992-8161), an invaluable free resource.

Far too many elderly Iowans are tripped up by the complexities of Medicare/Medicaid and other financial issues.

July 29 topics include: Medicaid Elderly Waiver for in home care, other elderly medical expense programs, identity theft.

Register ASAP so that they have enough handouts.


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21 July

Anybody Seen The Mayor?


Has anyone seen our mayor since the flood? Was the road washed out to Flint Hills? Did he make himself known during/after the flood?

Where is "his Lost Keys?" Or for that matter, any of our elected officials?


Vacation. Had to be. Maybe the Maytag repair school.

The Ad Vertiser hasn't sought input from them in over a month. Lost Keys must feel left behind.


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Napoli Pizza


What's up with Napoli Pizza not being back open? Are they going to be back?


We hear that they are moving into a bigger building. And it can't be soon enough.


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Chicago to Ottumwa By Way of Burlington?


"The eight people arrested in Ottumwa are listed as residents of the city, but Police Chief Jim Clark says they are from the Chicago area."

It looks like Ottumwa has a problem with some recently arrived residents.

The news report lists Chicago as where they are from. I wonder if they recently spent time in Burlington as well.

E. Ness

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18 July

Central Avenue


The Central Street fight, drug, theft and harassment zone is a direct result of the Chamber and the Southeastern Iowa Regional Planning Commission along with others and their efforts to make themselves look important while living off public funds and never achieving their dreams of grandeur.

The real decay of Burlington started back in the late 70’s to early 80’s and has been picking up steam constantly as the working taxpayers lose their jobs and leave. The void is being filled by non-working, not looking for work deadbeats looking for hand outs and government care.

Burlington now finds itself with a horrendous crime problem that leaves no part of the city immune. Most neighborhoods are not safe to walk around in after dark. Thefts and drugs are rampart all over the city with pages of criminal acts occurring on a daily basis. Check out the police blotter on the city web site.

Most traffic stops involve a driver having no license or insurance with drugs or drug paraphernalia usually found in the car. People are selling drugs on street corners or making it in homes scattered around the city.

Burlington is a classic example of urban decay that’s beginning to rival the decay in cities located in New Jersey, Ohio and Michigan just to name a few.

The current supply of local officials doesn’t have the job skills to control the situation making the outlook for Burlington very dim and scary.

Burlington needs the likes of Wyatt Earp and a host of other crime busters to clean it up and make the streets safe for its working, taxpaying citizens.


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Central Street Brawl


Where were the sheriff deputies when this fight was going on? But then when you think about it, they might have their ass kicked by someone other than a 68 year-old man.

I am sure glad we still have the right to bear arms. The way things are going we may need them.


I think they might need more than a choke hold and their Taser.


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Trousil Cooks List of Charges Against Fire Chief


I see our mayor hand prepared the "summary" of charges against our fire chief. I wonder if he followed the law like he did when he appointed the police chief to the airport board?

And the city attorney conducted the investigation? Isn't there a conflict there? what about not providing the letter of charges.

Everyone knows our mayor is an embarrassment to our city, except him. And this just proves it.

Fed Up

Somebody will make these "leaders" provide the letter. If not, it will be a court disclosure in the lawsuit.


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17 July

"Mayor Hans Trousil Gestapo Train Ride"

I don't care what the charges levied against the former West Burlington Fire Chief were, he was owed the right to see and defend himself against those charges; regardless of what that bonehead mayor says.

I hope the city is prepared to go the distance. Due process takes many forms in the legal system. And we would guess this is headed for the legal system.

Trousil is a member of the same buffoon squad that runs amok in local city halls and court houses. Incompetent power trippers left over from their union days as wannabe goombas falling way short in the process.

Only difference is real goombas don't associate with children.


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Summer in the City


I was driving on S. Central between Maple and Angular in the early evening. Drive-In All Star Wrestling was not what I was looking for. It was what I found.

Some teenagers were fighting. It was sticks and fists. It was not on a yard, or porch. It was in the middle of S. Central. Traffic stopped for the spectacle. It was that, or run over people.

People piled off their porches. They did so not to break up the stupidity, but to cheer it on. They ran between cars. Some were nearly hit.

Street fights with a cheering mob of people old enough to know better is not what I grew up with in Burlington. Is this a result of the demographic change via immigration the Chamber of Commerce and Senator Courtney have been courting?

Vern Gagne

This is the result of local Democrat efforts to register new voters. It's the old Hoschek ideology - get the vote at all costs.

I'd like to see Vern slap some ass around Southeast Iowa like the old days.


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16 July

Scott Power Skates On Taxes


Could you tell me why the taxes on the building Scott Powers rents for his law practice are only $172.46 a year. This is very low.

My house taxes are 7 times this much. Where can get some help?

Maybe I should get a hold of Mr. Powers an find out what the difference is.

Irate Taxpayer

Somebody should get Scott Power's answer to these questions. After all, wouldn't you think that an attorney that has benefited from windfall billable hours paid by the taxpayers be willing to pay his fair share?

What's wrong with me. This guy is no good and we all know it and that is one of the reasons why he has earned the reputation of Iowa's Losingist Lawyer.


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15 July

Supervisors Comments on Levee Altercation


I would like to know what the Supervisors have to say about the incident on the levee.


We want to know what the Sheriff has to say about this, why the newspaper ignored the story and what did the Levee Commissioner do to be taken down in a choke hold?

If the Levee Commissioner would have had a heart attack and died the taxpayers can only hope an insurance policy is in place to pay off the claim.


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Where's Publisher Steve Delaney & His Accomplices for LeveGate?


I don't understand why the local fish wrap hasn't covered LeveeGate. It's like no big deal, that's the way things are handled!! No guns pointed or clubs flying but the guy gets a choke hold for not answering questions and threatened with being tasered!!

I really am disgusted about this.


One thing is the story doesn't have a drunk ex-mayor or a drunk mayor involved. Since the Levee Commissioner wasn't drunk and had his 4 wheeler to travel home on, there was no one to call.

Except the Chief Deputy. Seems unusual the Chief Deputy would hightail it to a crime scene like this. Maybe the deputies needed backup. Them 68 year-old farmers must be meaner than a rattlesnake with their levee permits.


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Lawsuit Brewing for Levee Melee?


I think if it were me, I'd sue Des Moines County. Especially after the comment our beloved sheriff made - "Better safe than sorry."

On an old man ?


No one is immune from the arm of the law.


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14 July

Local Nazism


Looks like our local deputies need some training on how to act in public. It’s obvious these two deputies were completely out of control and behaving like bullies. I think a month off without pay would probably teach them something; but we all know that won’t happen.

I feel sorry for Mr. Hedges that was treated as though he was a common criminal, similar to what one might find walking the streets in Burlington or looting flood victims. What a surprise they must have gotten when the bad guys turned out to be Des Moines County deputies.

The more I think about it the more I think the two deputies should be fired for treating decent folks like gutter trash. Similar antics were practiced 68 years ago in Germany. Hard to believe we have “Nazism” right here in Des Moines County.

Also, I wonder why the Hawk Eye failed to mention it.


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Mr. Hedges


What happened to Mr. Hedges is totally unforgivable and it's totally unforgivable that our local paper did not report it as newsworthy!! A paper in Illinois broke the news!!!

What we are seeing are the gestapo tactics from individuals that wear a badge and think they are kings. It has got to stop and no excuses from our sheriff is going to be good enough!

Write to all local government offices and protest and ask for an investigation!!


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Local Demographics Unknown to Chamber Boss


I was surprised to see Hinkle's side kick executive director didn't know 30% of local business comes from Illinois customers. No wonder southeast Iowa is in the dark ages. Did he bother reading the 3 major studies done with squandered taxpayer money?

Where do they get these people?

Get Some 5th Graders

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Dust Bunny Heland Starts Mafia Trash Wars


Watching Jeff Heland throw his weight around as Des Moines County's Godfather of Garbage is about like tuning into Soprano's reruns. Ain't nobdy gonna haul trash on my turf unless me and the boys get a piece of da action.

Heland is putting the muscle on City Hall. They better make with the licenses, or else.

When it comes to war between the City Council and the Board of Supervisors, why not arm both sides with tommy guns, sawed of shotguns, etc. and let them settle things out at the dump. Do it on a Sunday when there are no civilians around to get caught in the cross fire.

Will it get to the point that Don of Don's, Senator Courtney and the rest of the Politburo will call the commission together in the back room of some union hall? If lesser members of the family can not play nice, their political careers could end up wearing a cement overcoat.

Des Moines County voters recently proved they are capable of taking out the trash. Little Timmy is gone. Two Helpings Heland is starting to smell a little ripe as well.


Dust Bunny Heland shakin' down the dump business illustrates why he's called Dust Bunny Heland - little fabric and lots of air.


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"Ignorance is Strength"


The Des Moines County News must inform us about Catfish Craps Casino's tax avoidance efforts. The Quill across the creek must inform us about questionable police work in Des Moines County.

Other than the price of toilet paper at big box stores and unfailing praise of approved single party political hacks, what does the Advertiser tell us?


What does the Advertiser tell us? How to think and not be informed.


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11 July

Is This True?

Des Moines County Levee Commissioner "Roughed Up" by Deputies


I wonder if there was any reason that this was covered by a small town newspaper across the river in IL, and NOT by the Hawkeye. Something smells “fishy.”

Read for yourself about how this upstanding citizen and public servant was abused by our local “Deputies” even though he is the local Levee COMMISSIONER, in addition to being the PRESIDENT of a local school board.

Yet The Hawkeye didn’t waste one column inch to report the story.

Sign me


from The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Iowa Deputies Rough Up Levee Commissioner Prior To Oakville Flooding

A different approach was used in Iowa by Des Moines County Sheriff's deputies in Oakville in "helping" flood victims deal with the stressful situation they were faced with, than officials used here in Henderson County.

In Henderson County, Sheriff Mark Lumbeck said he and his deputies went door to door to warn people in Gulfport of the dangers of the flood, and advised them to evacuate, but they each left at their own free will. None were forced off their property, he said, and certainly were not handcuffed.

For various reasons the gas station found it necessary to remain open a little while longer after their warning. But the police came in and informed them of the dangers that could occur if the levee would break and if tanks were not drained. The whole responsibility would lie on their shoulders.

The gas station owner himself, decided to drain the pumps that afternoon, and close the station. No one was forced out.

However, at Oakville, Iowa, a farmer near there who lost 400 acres of corn and 80 acres of beans in the Oakville flooding, gave a disturbing account of what happened there.

According to Andy Brader, he and his wife and four or five others were an eye witness to what he describes as "plain police brutality."

The panic of a flood all started about a week prior to the Oakville levee breach.

Brader said, "Everyone was sandbagging, and doing everything under the sun along with moving their grain, and everything they could get out of the flood zone.

Brader said, "On Saturday night the levee broke west of Oakville and let in a lot of water there. On Sunday morning, me and my wife went down to check things out. The north bottom was under water and we spent an hour looking at different places.

"When we were getting ready to leave, we drove down a little road and drove off the bridge onto a sandy place with one tire kind of on the levee.

A friend of Braders', who was a fourth generation farmer in the area, president of the local school board, and the Levee Commissioner, Sandy Hedges, along with his son, had been riding on the levee, checking out his farm ground.

"Sandy lives 1/4 mile from there on Route 99. We were going to talk to him about what he was seeing when two deputies came from behind my pickup and said to Sandy that he can NOT be on the levee."

"Sandy, a levee commissioner for many years, replied, "Yes, I can! I'm on the levee commission. I have a permit. I am checking my crops!"

The deputies came up on the levee and started shoving him, and he put his hand up to hold them off," Brader said.

"It reminded me of two bulldogs attacking a little dog.

"They chocked him down to the ground with their arm around his throat where he had trouble getting his breath, and then they handcuffed him and held him there."

"Now this is a 68-year-old farmer in knee-boots who had been up most of the night and who wasn't going to hurt a fly. His ancestors had settled the land he now lived on and he's a well respected member of the Oakville community. To see him being tackled and handcuffed and treated like this was humiliating, :just sickening."

Brader said that it wasn't until after they had Sandy on the ground that they questioned him about where his permit was.

"Sandy told them that he didn't have the permit with him. He hadn't needed it.

"Finally, he convinced them to call the Levee Committee Office and they told them to let Sandy alone," Brader said, "then, they let him stand up, but they still kept him handcuffed.

"Finally, they did take the handcuffs off, but they wrote him a ticket for Interfering with Official Acts, or something like that," Brader said.

"It was around 7 a.m., he said. "Some Christian ladies headed for church stopped, and we headed them off telling them that a deal was going on they didn't want to see. I was so embarrassed for him. Everyone knew him.

"It was unbelievable what had happened, and what did it prove?"

Brader continued, "I think it proved the Des Moines County deputies lacked training to deal with a situation like this.

"In some situations in Burlington, this treatment may not be rough enough, but not out here where people had been preparing for the worst and working most of the night to save their property and the levee.

"They told Sandy, "If you don't submit, we will taser you!'"

"His son was there and told them to let him alone, but they told his son, if he didn't back off, they would taser him as well.

"It was just terrible. It was a plain example of police brutality-It was a shining example of it!" Brader said.

"There was no alcohol, no drugs, and it was totally out of line! It turned my stomach for a week! Here deputies are to be here to help and protect. They didn't even try to communicate about what the facts were. It was a "You Can't' and a "Yes I Can' and they took him to the ground.

"Brader said that Sheriff Mike Johnstone was told of the incident and he heard his response was merely: "Better safe than sorry.'"

"The Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jeff White arrived at the scene shortly after it happened, so they were all aware of the situation," Brader said.

Never wonder if the Ad Vertiser is too lazy to grab a story, they are.

If this is true and factual account of the incident I guess the penalty for possibly misusing your levee permit to check your personal crops is a choke hold.

Mr. Hedges appears to have nothing to hang his head over to the church ladies.

The Des Moines County Sheriff's Department, that's another story.


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Oil Man T. Boone Says Limit Oil

Famous Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens got a standing ovation Thursday after he rolled out his plan to wean the nation off imported oil.

Pickens launched the plan July 8 via a $58 million advertising and web campaign.

Pickens has already put his real money where his mouth is. He bought 667 wind turbines for West Texas.

We know the politicians don't know their ass from first base about what needs to be done. Especially in an election year.


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Airlines Ask For Our Help to End Oil Speculation

from the Rocky Mountain News

Boston Globe


A dozen US airlines have asked us to help end oil speculation and these outrageous fuel prices.

Do it, it's not just about their needs.


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Hoschek MIA


I see Little Timmy went missing this week from the Supervisors meeting. Added to the many days Little Timmy went MIA I guess the voters are getting what they deserve - a New Supervisor!

Good Riddance

"I guess the voters have spoken."
Tim Hoschek

Little Timmy never spoke truer words. Next election it will be Heland, Hoschek and Diewold for the free money bonanza.


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The Arts of Flood Plain Avoidance

The intelligentsia at the University Iowa have obtained wisdom after two floods. The U. of Iowa is considering moving the arts to higher grounds.

How many times has Memorial Auditorium been flooded?

Burlington's citizens are paying to clean up the mess east of Front Street, again. When will it end?

Is anybody looking at a long term solution? As South Hill goes to hell, there should be land for a new, larger, public arena and performance hall with a safe view of the river.

It will not be cheap. It will not happen in less than a decade. It will take fiscal restraint and saving like responsible taxpayers must practice to buy a large ticket item.

It does not take a Ph.D. in Hydrology to know a flood plain is not a wise place to build. It does not take a graduate degree in Finance to know instant gratification is the road to ruin.

When will people learn that electing local leaders who's education specialty was recess is no solution?


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09 July

Brazil's Bio Fuels Business

For another perspective of the ethanol business.

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Death to Spike?


"In accordance with the new law, bloggers and website editors can be sentenced to death for crimes such as promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) reported."


Senator Courtney tried outing you a few years back with a bill in the Iowa Legislature. That bill died in Committee.

Do you think Iran's single party rulers will inspire our State Senator to try again?

It is doubtful promoting corruption and prostitution would be of concern to Senator Courtney. Fellow party comrades in local government could be affected. However, apostasy against the local single party political system is serious business.

If Senator Courtney is ever successful, do you foresee a revival of the Advertiser's Chatterbox?


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I was wondering, why is it OK to go in and gut your house with the mold, etc. when it is harmful to your health?

I find it funny that the stuff have to be divided into 3 piles: drywall, burnables, and iron. Now I find all this funny!

Should we really be burning this stuff? Isn't that a thing for the EPA to be concerned about? And about the mold....shouldn't that be a HAZMAT thing?

I mean after all it is a danger to public health. I realize gloves and masks and such, but seems funny to me.

Have you heard anything??


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08 July

Regional Planning


I was unaware of the SEIRPC deal but I understood it was offered by Tyson to Muscatine prior to Burlington but Muscatine turned it down. This had to have happened prior to Tyson getting rid of the illegal aliens and replacing them with "Chicago South Siders".

Tyson pays for the people's motel for a month and then their on their own with the exception of the bus service. They pick them up at the old Wards area and probably out by the mall. I went into the Americana motel last winter and it was full of Tyson workers and one of them explained to me what their deal was and that she liked the job because it paid $13 or $14 per hour and the only thing she didn't like was standing up all day.

Part of the problem is the easy access to Burlington from Chicago by train. We’re the first stop across the border and without any waiting period for welfare benefits the abusers can hop across the river and double sip.

The Tyson people, having cheap service to Columbus Junction provided by SEIRPC, will and are staying on in Burlington as hoped for by the city to boost retail and rental business.

No one can tell me we're not paying a price for this Tyson deal since it degrades the school system, increases crime and all the other attributes wrought by an influx of people from the south side of Chicago.

I can see a difference in the number of "south siders" in Burlington because there's no section of the city that isn't being overrun now and they are just plain everywhere and most people are talking about it but of course nothing is being done to stem the tide.

Our city only looks at the retail and motel taxes and not the real cost of this whole mess to the taxpayer, increased crime and the decline of the school system.

A banker and a business person both told me about the SEIRPC deal and I know the city was in on it because Lost Keys attends some the SEIRPC meetings and is on the board.

When will it stop?


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Casino Smoke a Turnoff


I had the misfortune of entering the casino last weekend and was immediately overwhelmed by the stench of foul cigarette smoke in the air. I cannot believe our bone heads in Des Moines allowed patrons of casinos to continue smoking while all others had to quit. If I were a bar owner or restaurant owner I’d be up in arms working on forcing the same law on casinos.

Why is smoking good for you in a casino while it’s bad for you everywhere else? We must have a serious bunch of idiots in our state house up in Des Moines. Could they be bought as are our crowd in Washington is?

On top of the stench the noise was deafening and nerve racking caused by that constant musical crap in the background.

The end result, in my opinion, Burlington has once again backed a poor environment for its citizens if this casino is good for the citizens of Burlington we’re in trouble, for sure.


If Senator Courtney didn't have the casino revenue there would be no state budget. It's all about the money and since Courtney is a financial zero he need the casinos.

That canned slot machine racket was enough to make me stop going long ago. It would drive wild monkeys to foul their cage.


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Stop Picking on Senator Courtney's Friends


You should not run postings exposing the source of Burlington's ever growing crime rate.

Those people are friends of State Senator Courtney. Senator Courtney has told us via the Advertiser that we should not single out those with prior criminal convictions for our disdain.

From those who work to those who won't, or at least not for long, as long as they vote.


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Pools Compared


Pardon me for peeing in the new pool, but...

West Burlington spent $4.2 million on their pool plus another million to widen the street in front of it. Not to mention how many thousands yearly to operate.

It makes Burlington's $1.8 million investment in Fun City's water park seem a bargain by comparison.


Except West Burlington owns their investment and Burlington has an IOU for something that may never happen.

Ownership makes the deal.


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07 July

Ethanol Plant Report Disingenuous to Everyone

Seldom do we bait a potential story asking questions we already know the answers to but sometimes we want our sources to join in the quest for the story. Since all Des Moines County taxpayers have a vested interest in the local ethanol plant, we decided to set the bar of exposure to what we think is an ode of things to come.

After numerous clues on BurlingtonDerailed the story popped up in Sunday’s Ad Vertiser.

The sidebar story highlighted the supposed lack of flood impact on the ethanol plant. Both the writer and plant manager downplayed any issues and ignored the pregnant questions.

We believe ethanol production was severely curtailed and has not returned to anything close to what was going on prior to the flood, if production has actually been restarted at all.

Contrary to the comments made by the plant manager, the local ethanol plant has been impacted by the flood and he was less than forthcoming in stating that to the public.

The ethanol plant has had access to westbound rail tank cars for ethanol loading for at least 2 weeks yet all tank cars were removed on 6/25. Grain cars were removed the same day. Prior to this little tank car loading was done for about 10 days.

On 7/2 13 tank cars were delivered to the plant. No tank cars have been shipped. No further tank cars have arrived as of 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon.

Grain car deliveries stopped on or about 6/20. No grain hoppers have been delivered since then.

Our daily question about steam? You can’t make ethanol without steam. When the plant is in full production it usually produces a large amount of steam every production day, rain or shine regardless of temperature.

The final nail was driven by the fact the ethanol plant is paying $6.90 per bushel of corn – about 4% more than the market price.

It seems that a 4% increase in raw material in addition to the Distillers Dried Grain being shipped to the Illinois waterway though Pekin, Illinois (not Perkin as reported by the Ad Vertiser) are material and significant increases in costs of operation.

Some may argue, but ethanol is going to hit the ground like a constipated pig, splashing and splattering all over us all when it finally hits.


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Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Involved In Postville Debacle


A person told me Saturday that the SEIRPC is responsible for much of the
recent crime increase in Burlington because they made a deal to import and
house the workers newly hired from Chicago to work at the Columbus Junction
meat packing plant. Apparently this action was made to keep SEIRPC's head
above water and provide high pay for its executives, fill up the empty
apartments, boost retail although it boosted the drug and crime industries
exponentially in Burlington; far more than the retail and rental business.

The city of Muscatine turned down the offer (they were much smarter than
Burlington) while SEIRPC jumped in with greed in their eyes and accepted it
along with providing bus service for the workers to be transported back and
forth to work. The city itself was probably in on the deal trying to boost
the economy without adding any real jobs for the local citizens, we know the
Chamber and city are both failures at bringing in livable wage jobs.

This may only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possible damage
this organization (SEIRPC) has wrought on the City of Burlington.

I thought you could dig into this matter and verify the reasons for this
crime epidemic and all the other problems our city is now plagued with
that's been imported from the south side of Chicago.

I was also told of one driver for SEIRPC that quit because he was worried
about his physical well being, should he continue driving to Columbus
Junction for SEIRPC and its transportation subsidy.

To me this means what SEIRPC brought to Burlington was not only the workers
but all their unwanted baggage straight out of the south side of Chicago.

I was also told by one of the Burlington Hotel residents that the hotel is
on the skids since opening its doors to minorities and low income residents.
She also told me it was for sale by its owners and the quality of life there
had been on a downward spiral. The lady was at a local motel because of the
flood and FEMA was paying the tab.

I really hope you can get to the bottom of this mess and bring it to light
because many citizens have been worried about and talking about the higher
than average incidence of crime in Burlington that has made most
neighborhoods unsafe at night.


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West Burlington Pool A Success


My family has been using the West Burlington Aqua Center. It's a great facility, this is exactly what should have been done to your old pool in Burlington, which by the way cost as much to get in as WB; it is so run down it's terrible.

The money given to Mr. Winegard and company should have been spent remodeling the pool and they would have a good crowd like WB and making money! Also the cost to enter is cheaper and so are the concessions (compared to what it cost at Huck's Habor).

It's nice to have a wonderful place to go in WB, this facility has got to be a thorn in the side of our city council.


It seems from the crowds we've witnessed this is a pool project gone right.

We use no logic in Burlington and totally disregard the rules for financial responsibility.


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Ditch the Shades


I see the Advertiser's blog site could not compete. When does the rest of the operation cease?

Should Jimmy Olson be training for another line of work? From the looks of the Los Angeles Times, "Goin' Hollywood" is not an option. The dream of up and out of Burlington is drying up.

Is Service Master hiring?

Claude Rains

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Without a Past, There is No Future


"During the campaign, Henri Schevers fought in the pivotal, but little-known, Battle of Champion Hill in May 1853."

Behold another example of why the Advertiser is a valuable educational tool in our schools.

The Advertiser is helping the young of Burlington learn about our heritage. Teddy Roosevelt charging up Champion Hill with the Rough Riders propelled him to the presidency. This had a profound affect on our nation.

The Battle of Champion Hill put Teddy Roosevelt in office to lead our nation to victory after the North Vietnamese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1931.

All news is history. It is only matter of first knowledge. As long as the people of Burlington depend on the Advertiser as their sole source of news, we will continue a legacy of leadership featuring the likes of the Drunk Mayor, the Drunk ex-Mayor, Little Timmy, Slots Heland and Senator Courtney.

B. Arnold

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05 July

Breaking News - River Open To Boating - Ad Vertiser Wrong

Hey Spike,

Did you read the article in this AM's Hawkeye about the river still being off limits to pleasure boating.

I had a beautiful 4th of July on the river because I was smart enough to go to the Coast Guard web site and find out for myself that pools 18, 19, and 20 were opened to pleasure craft on Wednesday.

Thanks to the Hawkeye's screwing up there was a beautiful day on the river missed by many boaters.


I'm sure glad you emailed. We have so few weekends anyway without the Ad Vertiser's loser accuracy.


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The River IS Open - And Has Been!


Maybe the advertiser should check its sources a little more closely. According to the Coast Guard, the river has been open here since Wednesday. If in doubt, check here.


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Read Only What They Want You To Know

Since it was the 4th of July (yesterday) Publisher Steve Delaney had to tell us all about the First Amendment of the Constitution and Free Speech this morning (ex post facto) but doesn't mention that the other 364 days of the year the Ad Vertiser does as much as any news source to censor and manipulate what we read according to what they believe we should know.

And he is naive enough to believe we don't know it.


BTW - Anybody know what happened to the Ad Vertiser's CrackerBox blog site?

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04 July

Happy Fourth Of July

Make your own fireworks. Turn up the sound.

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03 July

Another $77,000


Maybe the City could get their Fun City Water Park investment back to pay for the flood damage. After all, the City residents were supposed to get a perk there because of the investment - $5 admission, while everyone else paid $10.

Now everyone pays $5 on weekdays. So much for our deal.


Oh, we're getting the deal alright. And the tax abatement is just around the corner. Along with the big payments for Eminent Domain Mall kicking in.

Maybe the tax abatement will produce enough cash to cash out the city's interest in Fun City.

I love the smell of debt in the morning, just like dead carp and Mormon Flies.


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Ethanol Industry In Turmoil

16 Ethanol Plants Filing Bankruptcy, Many More to Come

From the ethanol folks themselves.

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Worden's Money Roundup


Maybe Worden could round up the money from the profits off the WreckPlex, golf course, swimming pool, water world or better yet a kickback from Slagle, Burlington’s most famous successful flim-flam man.

Or the airport manager the council hired who left for greener pastures after destroying our air service while collecting huge raises one after the other while the backslappers at city hall were bragging about his above average achievements along with providing him with a new SUV.

Funny how the council constantly brags up someone they hired even though he was a total failure for the taxpayer and the flying public.

By the way the same approach was taken with Slagle Burlington’s most famous flim-flam man.


Mini Me is perplexed in Month 2. Don't expect much.


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Auditorium Clean Up


They talked about hiring Service Master to clean up the Auditorium for $77,000. As everyone knows--Service Master is very expensive to have. They (Burlington) have a three person staff at the auditorium--why not hire some people for, say $10 an hour and have the staff supervise the clean up. We get some people who are looking for work jobs, and we would spend a lot less money on the clean up.

But I guess our public officials couldn't think this one up.


Will you please stop making sense.


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No Steam Today


Grain trucks were dropping off loads at the ethanol plant today but there was no steam.


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The Ethanol Industry Set For A Hit on Import Tariffs

The National Pork Producers Council, American Bakers Association, dairy giant Dean Foods Co., meatpackers Tyson Foods Inc. and Smithfield Foods Inc., the Iowa Turkey Federation and soft-drink makers Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are among 35 groups that have endorsed a proposal to remove the tariff on imported ethanol.

Removing the tariff on ethanol imports “will alleviate a portion of the unnecessary feed and food price inflationary pressure that are adversely affecting our economic well-being and American consumers,” the groups wrote.

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June 30th has rolled around it should be about time to see what the city is making on it investments. I would imagine the water park has made us a lot of money.

In yesterday's paper, Steve Delaney finally put a piece in the paper about the casino wanting to get their taxes lowered. Well according to records on file the taxes on the casino are $ 13,701.14.

In comparison Long John Silvers pays $14,678. Huckleberry Holdings for Fun City and Pzazz pays $387,168 in taxes.

I believe these taxes are fair and the 3-member board of review that rejected the tax appeal was right. Maybe Randy should get the appraisers for the manor and maybe he wouldn't have to pay any taxes.

Mr. Warden has said there would be not tax abatements for the manor revisited and yet turns around and give Huckleberry Entertainment a 100% Abatement for 2006-2007.

These abatements were approved by our incompetent Burlington city council as usual. Maybe Mister Winegard should go back to his shareholders again and tell them that they need more money for the casino.

Mister Knoke has estimated the clean up cost on the auditorium at $77,000. I hope he is closer on this than he was on the holding tanks.

If Winegard gets his taxes lowered every taxpayer in this city should be down at the courthouse protesting. It seems like Mr. Worden and the city Council are more worried about the downtown partners than the rest of the victims of the floods.

The voters in this town had better wake up and see what the city is just doing with our money. They’re sure not spending it on the streets. For a man that took his name off the list of city managers, he sure has made out very well thanks to the city council.

Maybe we deserve just what we are getting because it our fault these trough feeders office.a


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02 July

$77,000 Found


City manager Doug Worden doesn't know where he can find $77,000 to clean up the Auditorium.

I have an idea, just use the money the city won in the railroad lawsuit.

Chicken Counter

Maybe he should tell us about the next new bond issue he will be floating in a month or two.

And how we can afford a quiet zone, fix the streets, fight the crime wave and how the impact of the casino tax fight could impact the city's budget.

Or, how the casino payout of $1.7 million would have been a better idea than staying the course of doom.


P.S. And tell us when the developer's contract will be signed for Eminent Domain Mall.

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Will Retreating Waters Expose Senator Courtney?


"Due to miscommunication between the congressman's staff and Mayor Dan
Wilson's office, media personnel were not allowed inside the room while
the officials met." Click Here.

Columbus Junction, is that not part of Senator Courtney's district? Did
anybody see our State Senator there? He evidently was not, but one must
consider the source.

Note the report of miscommunication between City and higher government
office holders. Maybe Senator Courtney thought the press would be
permitted at the meeting. Had he known the press would be barred, would
Senator Courtney have shown? Senator Courtney has a history of attending
City meetings that were not supposed to be secret.

"Iowa has been the hardest hit state," said Gabby Adler, press secretary
for Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa.

What does our Congressman need with a press secretary? He already has
the full weight of the Advertiser praising his every move. Botching the
meeting by keeping the press out, is Adler an Advertiser alumnus?

Maybe Mr. Adler will figure things out when the tour de tragedy visits
Des Moines and Lee Counties. Any bets on Senator Courtney joining the act?

Amelia Earhart

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Recruiting a Candidate for City Coucil


A FEMA contractor employee got arrested in Cedar Rapids. It appears the suspect figured his position gave him the right to ignore traffic regulations.

When called on doing so, the employee whacked the person calling him into question with a golf club. This landed he who exceeded his authority in the Jones County jail. The jail in Cedar Rapids not being open for customers.

Local radio tried to track down information on the offender
. A call to the man's employer produced an exchange worthy of a City Council public question and answer session.

Somebody needs to get a hold of the offender. He should be encouraged to relocate to Burlington and bought a round, two. He should be encouraged to seek a City Council position.

The candidate is a known golfer. When it comes to the law, including secret meetings, he would fit right in.

Chester Fields

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01 July

No Steam Today


No steam today at the ethanol plant but there have been a few trucks in and out. It sure looks like they all went on vacation.


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