Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

29 August

Tyson Bus Numbers


From what I understand Tyson first approached Muscatine about housing and providing other services for workers imported from Chicago but Muscatine being smarter and better informed than Burlington rejected the Tyson plan.

Then along comes SEIRPC and what’s his face Brian Tapp and now Burlington is facing a crime epidemic the likes of which has never been seen around here.

On top of the crime I think the taxpayer is more than likely subsidizing the bus service for the runs back and forth to Tyson. I say this because SEIRPC is more than likely funded by the taxpayer (see below).

3.9 FFY2009 Competitive County STP Application

Summaries (Additional Funding Cycle)
Sponsor: Southeast Iowa Bus (SEIBUS)
Project Name: Medium Duty Bus Purchase

SEIBUS plans to purchase a new medium duty bus. In the past years SEIBUS has seen a large growth in rides provided along with an ever-aging fleet of buses and vans. This bus would be used to provide general service to counties in the region, which require longer hauls. These buses would also be used for JARC services which provide rides to workers from Des Moines County to the Tyson Meat plant in Louisa County.

Total Cost: $163,000
STP Requested: $130,400
Local Share: $32,600

Here’s the fee schedule:

Fare Information

One Way - $2.50

In County, between cities - $3.75

Between Counties - $5.00

Monthly Pass - $20.00*
*May be used for any route except Medical Shuttle

Medical Shuttle - $25.00
Service to Iowa City (Round Trip) Companion Rides for Free (Companion was misspelled on their web site)

Does the monthly pass for $20 mean I can ride to work in Columbus Junction and back for a month at a mere sum of only $1.00 per day (based on 20 work days in August)?

Do the people working in Burlington get the same deal as those working at Tyson? Does a person living in Middletown and working at Case get the same service as a Tyson worker? Does Tyson contribute anything to the operation of these buses or do they contribute to the welfare of SEIRPC?

I wonder what the Burlington taxpayer gets out of this investment and just how much SEIRPC has contributed to fighting their job induced crime epidemic?


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The Advertiser - Scooped Again


I read the article on Falcon about a local delegate to the Republican National Convention backing out.

This is the first I knew anybody local was a delegate to the Republicans big convention. Of greater news was the fact this delegate backed out in some sort of coup by a bunch of religious wing nuts.

This delegate's involvement in the coup has been kicking around on the web for nearly a week. Does the Advertiser have any reporters anymore? All they had to do was click from their online video games and play with a search engine. This news was out there.

It was not like they had to get off their ass and nose around.

When will the Advertiser start crediting you and Falcon like they do when running wire service stories?


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Oakville and John Mercer


I just finished reading the Hawkeye article on John Mercer and the conflicting information residents of Oakville are receiving on his condemnation inspections.

My parents' house is one that has been marked as unsafe and to be demolished. The family spent many hours without volunteers cleaning it out and tearing out the inside to the studs which are good. The floors are quite solid and the house is not off the foundation. There are some items that need repair in the structure as it is an old house.

The Hawkeye quoted Dan Eberhardt as "If he's scared that anybody's going to come in there and the house could fall down, then he's going to condemn it."

But the house isn't in any danger of falling down. There is no report I have seen that demonstrates this opinion though one may be available later. We were told we could fight it but that would mean another inspection by someone we would have to pay for. I was told by another they had begun repairs when told the house was condemned and they had to leave it.

Is this another way he can get cheap property to dispose of?


Sounds like Regional Planning is dabbling in yet another business venture to screw the citizens. For Mercer to condemn that many houses in danger of falling down must mean his inspections are far from complete or accurate.


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Oakville Warning


I checked a couple weeks ago with Jeff Abell at the Hawkeye about the sale of items from the manor. He told me he'd been working on the flood, but would get back to Mr. Mercer about the items sold from the manor. He said he'd seen Mr. Mercer at the courthouse a few times but he didn't want to talk to him.

In his contract with the city Mr. Mercer could not be held accountable for any of the things he done on the manor project. If I were the people of Oakville I would a hard look at the city officials of this town. Why would they hire a loser like Mr. Mercer?

Do you have a big quarry up there to fill? He is very good at finding work for his buddies. But you can bet it will cost you in the long run.

You best watch him or he will take your house and give it to someone he knows for free. I have a couple more questions for Mr. Mercer. Will get to them a little later.

Leonard Johnson

Don't forget he will cut your house in half and give both pieces away for free.


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Ho Jo No No's


The present owner's of the Ho Jo are apparently turning the property back to the bank. They owe around $2 million, and have at least $100k in liens field against the property - which means local contractor's will take it in the shorts when those liens are discharged.

There is an interested party looking at the property for $950,000, with an estimate of $200k needed to fix it up and another $100k to make the appropriate signage and computer changes etc.

With the history of that place the best thing that could happen to it would be a wrecking ball.

Maybe the city could step in and make it "Funner City."


All they need is John Mercer to condemn it, the city to sell it to for nothing and the taxpayers to pick up the bill.

I wonder if the fire department inspections had anything to do with it?


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There Ought to Be a Law


"Cuban law defines "social dangerousness" as behavior contrary to "communist morality," and police use it to detain offenders before they have a chance to commit a crime."

If the current majority and leadership in the Iowa Senate remain unchanged after the next election, do you think we could see such social preventative legislation become law?

It looks like Denver is blazing the trail.


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28 August

What's John Mercer Doing In Oakville?

Will someone please tell me us why John Mercer is condeming property in Oakville?

After the Eminent Domain Mall fiasco John Mercer cannot be trusted to do anything other than something to benefit himself and no one else.

Besides, what made him an expert? Ask any contractor about Mercer's tenure in the city building department. Obviously, from the words written today, Mercer has condemned property that can be rebuilt.

Somebody show this incompetent guy the door.


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SEIRPC Brian Tapp Behind Tyson's Imported Workers

According to several reliable sources, we have learned that Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Executive Director Brain Tapp is solely responsible for the crime wave in Burlington. In his attempt to import workers for the Columbus Junction Tyson packing plant, Tapp ignored (or disregarded) the social impact his actions would have on the community.

Tapp imported the workers. But he also imported the associated criminals as part of a deal like this.

Another economic development solution left to the taxpayers to sort out and pay for.


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A Mile High and An Inch Deep


Much has been written that Obama has a similar experience to that of Bill Clinton. That's not true. Clinton spent years as governor of Arkansas and had to make decisions that affected its citizens.

Obama never produced any meaningful legislation in the the Illinois Senate or the U.S Senate. In the senate Obama voted "here" instead of aye or nay 130 times.

If you ask me Obama is a mile high and an inch deep.


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A Symbol of Liberation in Burlington


As usual, Dan Hockett produces an image that adds so much to a story. The picture of LST 325 docked in Burlington conveyed the symbolism of a historic artifact linked to liberation.

Another unscheduled stop in Burlington could be an act liberation to a people suffering from political tyranny.

Local and state authorities do a Munich when it comes to illegal secret meetings and other assorted crimes of local tyrants. No more Neville Chamberlains when it comes to enforcing rule of law and tenants of basic decency.

On the down stream journey, pack the hold of this ship with U. S. Marshall's and U. S. Attorney's. Storm the beach by Big Muddy's. Have the troops secure the Court House and City Hall. Arrest the guilty before they may destroy the evidence, again.

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember Bruce Slagle!


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Sun Times Mariotti - Sports journalism now 'a Web site business'

- the future of his business "sadly is not in newspapers"

Jay Mariotti, the opinionated and polarizing sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, has resigned after 17 years with the paper, he told the Tribune on Tuesday.

Mariotti went to the Olympics and found journalists covering the Games were "there writing for Web sites."

In summary:

Reflecting on his 17 years at the paper, Mariotti said he loved every minute of it. But he said that with the troubled times newspapers face, it was time to consider a new future.

"I'm a competitor and I get the sense this marketplace doesn't compete," he said. "Everyone is hanging on for dear life at both papers. I think probably the days of high-stakes competition in Chicago are over.

"To see what has happened in this business. … I don't want to go down with it."

Any budding sportswriters out there. Maybe we need to diversify...


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We Should Be So Lucky


How do you file a "without merit" lawsuit against the railroad, confiscate private property for failed commercial development, hold an illegal secret meeting, etc. without a quorum?


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One, Two, Three Strikes, You're in Burlington!


Nice link on the Mayor of Prairie du Chien. He shows promise. He needs more experience.

If Karl Steiner ever wants to be Mayor of Burlington, he needs to up his average. This was only his second drunk driving offense.

Please refresh my memory. What was the count on our first to resign from office, Hall of Shame, former Mayor?

D. T. S.

Four and 2 near misses.


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Red Ink Rolls as Readers Fewer


The newspaper industry keeps taking hits.

What starts at the top trickles down. How long until the tide sweeps across South Main?


You can hang on longer when you're paying minimum wage.


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27 August

Cascade Bridge Fix


Here's a good fix for Cascade Bridge.


So our public works department is going to prepare the results of their survey of Cascade Bridge. I can't wait. Not to mention the estimates for replacement; "A few million here, a few million there, no problem, it's not real money and Scott Power will get us money back when we get sued." Worden will say.

Why don't we go get a real bridge engineer that has experience with National Historic designated bridges before we go into another council backed never ending hole of debt and stupidity.

We do have our Imperial Wizards of Education to guide this process. So everything should just be big and eye catching though.


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Where's Waldo Ell Sighting


To locate Bill Ell, you can check Gator's. He has been sighted there on the last few Wed. nights with the Flim Flam man and the Fire Chief, most recently.

eyes everywhere

A defector from the Sombrero?? That's the quickest way to oblivion yet perpetrated by Lost Keys!


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Ballpark Lights by The Flim Flam Man


I guess we can safely assume the old lights from the ball park vanished into thin air as our tax dollars have a habit of doing thanks to the sitting Burlington City Buttheads.

They’ve been asked over and over again and yet no one in the city knows where the lights went. It was brought up in one or more of the Butthead meetings but as usual no logical answer was provided and that was six months to a year ago.

Burlington is run by some of the best liars in the State of Iowa and their backed up by the State Senator from Burlington who is second to none of them.

All this goes to show what a one party system is capable of when it comes to corruption and dishonesty. Burlington wins the prize in both categories, hands down. Thanks Burlington voters for aiding and abetting the disgraceful havoc wrought upon us by your Slagleism voting record.

It would seem without a doubt that something dishonest happened to the lights which invariably benefited someone on the city payroll or a friend of someone on the city payroll. We’ll never know because during the Slagle years business was always below board, unrecorded, erased, missing, unknown, forgotten, dishonest or just plain Slagleish.


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Saving the Planet in a Yukon?


How many delegates to the National Political Convention in Denver are availing themselves of this transportation service?

What better environment to contemplate in motion a carbon tax on people driving oil burning wrecks to their two minimum wage jobs back here in Burlington. We should really appreciate all they are doing to help the little people who put them in office.

Mr. Green Jeans

Maybe Brian Tapp could get a premier service started to Columbus Junction.


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Mayor Of Prairie du Chien Charged With Drunk Driving


The mayor of Prairie du Chien has been charged with drunk driving. Mayor Karl Steiner drove his car into a ditch in Iowa last week.


Maybe we could enlist help from NE Iowa to apprehend our local politicians.


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26 August

Where in The World Is Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell?


Do you have any idea where our mayor is?


I could be sarcastic and state that we didn't he was missing or that no one missed him. But that might be construed as if we care.

Instead, wherever he went he should stay away. No one has missed him except Mini-Me Worden.


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25 August

The Olympics

World Peace According to Bob Costas

Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, when he was essentially asked by that little putz Bob Costas why the IOC didn't single handedly overthrow the Chinese government utilizing the Olympics as the impetus, Rogge shot back to Costas, "How can we do what governments cannot do?"

2008 Drums - An Economic Warning

For those of you that missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics the Chinese replicated (2,008 times) a ceremonial vessel (a wine jug called a Fou) and made it a drum. Chinese army soldiers became drummers and a legend was born.

The drums seemed more a symbolic war chant; not the welcoming sound of arriving athletes. An omen we should be very concerned about if we don't rectify our stature world wide. China has a myriad of problems facing them in the next years ahead. Keep in mind the Chinese think of victory without regard to the number of calendar years needed to win the war. Feeding 1.5 billion people, 20% of the World's population, could be made easier by calling the debt held by your food producer.

Those drums were called "alarmingly intense" by an NBS pronouncer. Scarey was the word used by a family member. Problematic is another.

Air Pollution

It was interesting to see China meet the challenge of air pollution for the Olympics by shutting down hundreds of factories. Blue skies prevailed. Everyone could breath.

Now it's back to the China we know. Warts and all.


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Levee at Carthage Lake


In the summer of 2007 I had supper at the Carthage Lake club with friends
and while there the constant noise from four wheelers was driving everyone

It turns out the cause of the noise was the person that lives directly
behind and a little to the north of the club. Seems he, his relatives and
offspring were having a grand old time tearing up the levee with their
muffler less four wheelers.

It was constant for a good couple of hours, up and down the levee at full
bore going north and then back again. Now I don't know where the levee
broke that flooded the entire area but if it was north of the Carthage Lake
club this lack of responsibility by those supposedly in charge of the levee
and pump station more than likely aided in the breach of the levee.

No telling just how much damage this abuse caused over the years since 1965
but I doubt it help and may have played a large part in the eventual breach
north of the Carthage Lake Club. I saw no one going south but it doesn't
mean they weren't going that direction also.

Whatever the reason this person should be reprimanded and probably fired for
his part in the eventual breach of that levee and monetary losses suffered
by many of the local inhabitants.

In my opinion no one has a right to destroy a levee regardless of the
position one holds. I'm not a member of the club but I'm sure many of the
members knew what was and had been going on over there for years and why
nothing was said before the flood is beyond me.


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Dogs vs. Ball Diamond


Just seen we the tax payers of Burlington are helping build the dog park. We are moving dirt and using dirt to fill swamp holes at Slagle Manor.

From what I had seen in the past the Little League was going to build it all themselves with lots of volunteers. So from what I see now is that we took from the kids to give to the dogs and now we have payroll to do it for the dog park.

Just one more thought, did we ever decide for sure where the light went that were on the manor ball diamonds. Were they given to Danville, scrapped at Alters or are they still in double secret storage? Will someone actually go account for them please.

Just remember there will be a $5.00 per dog per year fee for using the dog park.


Where are the ball diamond lights? We don't want a Knoke lie. We want someone with integrity to report on this. Don't know where we are going to find that person, but we can hope.


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Send the Rubashkins Back to New York

As far as the Postville meat packing plant Agriprocessors goes - close it down and send the Rubashkin family back to New York without a pile of their ill-gotten money.

We don't want you here. Take Slagle with you. He'll do anything you want - legal or not.


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Belmont Court & Winegard


What happens when Winegard vacates Belmont Court behind Winegard. There won't be a road for the residents.


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21 August

Memories of Burlington's "Flim Flam Man"


This is a scene that should have been in Burlington but for the sake of
greed, it's now in Galesburg. Our city losers made the decision to sue the
railroad in order to fill the city coffers and lied to the citizens saying
their motive was about jobs.

Of course none of this was recorded with the exception of the tapes
destroyed by Slagle, the scum bag city manager who couldn't wait for
the day to arrive when he could legally admit to destroying them.

Through all of Slagle's lying and deceiving the city counsel stood by him
and continued to give him unwarranted raises and benefits as though he was
some kind of a saint and/or savior for the city of Burlington. Just goes to
show how easy it is to hood wink unknowing people and make fools out of
them. Fools like the Democrats make out of the voters in Burlington.

Slagle will go down as the "Flim Flam Man" in Burlington's history books and
to think he still lives here. I hope they took back his gas allotment and
other benefits he never deserved, what fools our elected officials were to
let this guy dough ball them in to thinking he was a manager.


Galesburg 8/17/08

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WW2 Guys


I will definitely visit the ship, LST 325 and cherish the early efforts and the later ones also. What a great project !

A ship has its own soul I think and this one has staying power. True history instead of the slightly spinned version. Good old workhorse provided by good old taxpayers.

The men who served on her should be proud, and the men who revived her, and insist she stays in our memory, should be revered.

The original U.S. crew and the restoration crew are indeed my heroes.


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85 Year Old Grandma Holds Court with 6 Shooter


I wonder if she could clean up the Maple Street hoodlums.


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Alien Space Travelers Say Bonn's Hollow Wolf Baby is Spike


Call it tabloid trash. Call it sensationalism. The drive by pontiffs of the elitist press deride the National Enquirer.

Unlike the drive by elitists, the Enquirer will report on questionable activities even if your last name is Edwards and you are a leader of the party of the politically correct. This all sounds familiar.

Irresponsible, trashy, etc. is what the Ad Vertiser infers about local alternative media. How dare you make them also report the questionable activities of a leader of the local party of the politically correct with a last name of Edwards.

Enquiring minds want to know. Those in the service of the politically correct wish to keep you ignorant.


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Anyone driving in a city owned SUV should be reprimanded for the first offense and gets a week off for the second offense without pay if driving without a minimum of four people in the vehicle. As a taxpayer I can no longer afford to have city employees wondering around town in known gas guzzlers.

If the city had its citizens welfare in mind they would get rid of all gas hogs currently in the inventory and replace them with nothing less than a vehicle that gets 23 miles a gallon in city traffic. It’s time the city tightened it’s belt since their wards of the taxpayer and stop acting like those big SUV’s are required to do business. Seldom is there a need for such extravagance.

One city employee drives a SUV home every night, out on Sunnyside indicating he or she must drive it back and forth to work every day and anywhere else he or she decides to go.

I’ve had management jobs requiring after hour trips and not once did the company ever provide me with a vehicle; so how can the city afford this luxury for its employees.


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20 August

WWII Ship To Enter 4th Dimension While In Iowa


The ship will be open for tours:

* Aug. 21 through Aug. 25 at the Hannibal, Mo., downtown river front.

* Aug. 28 through Aug. 2 in Moline, Ill., next to the "Celebration Belle" riverboat.

* Sept. 4 through Sept. 8 in Clinton at the location of the former riverboat casino.

* Sept. 10 to Sept. 14 in Fort Madison at the Catfish Bend riverboat casino dock.

People along the Upper Mississippi have a great opportunity to see true piece of history. Many thanks to the old salts who are restoring this historic vessel. Anchors away and God speed on their tour of the inland waterways.

The online Advertiser has made this ship a prophecy of H. G. Wells. The ship will be in Moline from Aug. 28th to Aug. 2nd. One must assume time will run backwards if this ship will be in Clinton Sept. 4th. No mention is made of wintering over where the Mississippi freezes over.

Will people travel US 34 all the way from Tama, IA to see such a sight? Perhaps this vessel will return and be the first to traverse the hydro electric canal between Henderson Creek and the Keokuk power plant.

Cap'n Ernie

LST325 website to learn more.


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19 August



City manager, Doug Worden, said "at least we are getting a little money back." I don't believe that is true.

After paying Scott Power and Kevin Pollard, I think we would have been better off to settle with everybody. By the time that those two get through with us, it will probably cost us another six to eight thousand dollars.

Mr. Pollard was brought down to Burlington by Randy Winegard to appraise commercial property. He has only made three appraisals in the city of Burlington, two of which were commercial, and one residential. The residential one must have been the manor.

The city hired him to get the properties as cheap as they could. They said that Ron Kelly was not an excellent appraiser like Mr. Pollard. Mr. Kelly has been an appraiser, a realtor, and a renter of property in Burlington for many years.

District Judge Cynthia Danielson and the jury in Mr. Beik's case must have sided more with Ron Kelly than Mr. Pollard.

As for Doug Worden, to be hired as city manager, I can't understand when a man takes his name off of the list of candidates and you have brought in other candidates for the position why the city spent the money to bring them in anyways. The only reason I can find for this is that maybe Bill Ell got to thinking that if we have a new city manager, how long would it take them to realize how intelligent Ell really is? So let’s go with Doug.

As for the developers for the manor, it's hard to believe that we have two out of town developers looking at this site. Two weeks ago we were going to put a sign up there for sale.

Before this mess is over, nobody is going to have any idea of what the actual cost is on the manor revisited.

Leonard Johnson

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Another Gas Guzzler


I see in the paper today the police department is taking bids for a 2009 suv. I guess in these days I don't understand why we would want to spend the money on fuel to run one of these on the city street.

Then again maybe they need them to even make it down some streets.

Just seems like another waste of tax payers money .


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You Will Be Silent


The Democrat National Convention coming to Denver has resulted in
expanded local jail capacity. The demand for detention space created by
the party was not advertised. Now it is out in the open.

If Senator Courtney ever gets his way, how much jail space will be
needed to handle you, your readers and assorted critics of the local
single party system? In anticipation of passage of the Senator's
previously defeated anti-free speech legislation, have local abandon
buildings been coming under scrutiny by the party hierarchy for future use?


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18 August

Look Everybody, I Saved Taxpapyer's $3,000


There is no wonder why this city is in a money hole, the city manager can't count. You can bet Iowa's loser lawyer Scott Power can count and hide what he steals from the taxpayers.

For Worden to jump with glee over the jury ruling for $3,000 less money for a Manor Mall condemnation shows just how flawed his thinking is. He doesn't have a clue driving around with his big gas allowance to the golf course.

Save $3,000 to pay Power his unknown amount of hidden hourly billings. After all the turmoil over Power's billings you would think the city manager or city council would change this billing policy.

But they are gutless to do so. And we pay for their mistakes one tax dollar after another.

Fed Up

From one pocket to another - like pocket pool.


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Another Illegal Secret Meeting, So What?


""I am not sure of the legalities. That is why I have been ambiguous
about this. I am not going to discuss the legal affairs of the county in
The Hawk Eye, period," Heland said Tuesday."

No need for Heland to worry. Nothing will ever come of this. His party
Comrade Edwards never heard the Miranda speech after he was awakened in
the parking lot. Heland and all the rest will never hear it either.

"Walker and County Attorney Pat Jackson could not be reached for comment

Where is Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Doubtless reviewing how well
Des Moines County produces votes for the party. It tips the balance in a
close state wide race.

What of the Advertiser's protector of our right to know, Citizen Kane?
Ink instead of action. Ink is cheap when you buy it by the barrel. That
ink is bought to promote and protect Burlington's single party political
system and put bright colors in advertisements.

""I think the jury did a good job. I don't fault them at all," Beik said
. "The whole thing was one of the most disgusting experiences of
my life. They drug me into court, and now I am saddled with legal bills.
All because I wanted a fair price for my property."

Citizens can file suit against illegal secret meeting criminals.
Citizens pay for their own lawyer. Look at the hell the City of
Burlington put this poor man through after confiscating his property and
offering a price far under his property's tax assessment.

If you think these criminals will not spend what it takes to cover their
asses, think again. Taxpayer's money is what they use to defend
themselves. It is not real money like any citizen would be handing their
attorney. Who cares?

Change the law.

Tried that. It got tied up in the last session of the Iowa Legislature.
Legislative leaders were too busy growing the budget by 20% to institute
more touch feely. They did find time to raise cigarette taxes and drive
smokers out of bars and onto the streets. Examine who is in the
Legislature's leadership.

Senator Tom, "I have never attended an illegal secret meeting," Courtney
is the Iowa Senate majority whip.What about the State Ombudsman said it
should not have been secret City of Burlington meeting where the
"without merit" decision was made to sue the railroad? Senator Courtney
was among the conspirators present.

Senator Courtney technically is not lying. Nobody has taken the City to
court over this half million dollar hush up. Do you think Senator
Courtney wants that changed? If what happened in the last session of the
Iowa Legislature fails to open your eyes, pull your head out into the
light and fresh air.

"If what they were doing is illegal, they would be in jail. Why are you
always picking on these people?"

In Des Moines County, the rule of law has become a ruse to confuse the
rubes. Like ode de cologne, the facade of justice exists to cover up the
odious actions of a pack of political hacks so odoriferous, they put
skunks to shame.

Pepe Le Pew

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Difference in Judge's Rulings


I see in the paper the jury awarded $16,000 to Lewis Beik and Judge Cynthia Danielson awarded $6,500 to Jeff and Amy Laue. And a month later Judge Mary Ann Brown awarded Duane Sourwine nothing.

Doesn't it make you wonder why one judge and the jury agreed that the city was wrong in the appraisals. And Judge Brown agreed with the city. Maybe if judge Brown would have spent more time listening to the attorney than flipping her hair all the time maybe she would have come up with a different decision for Mr. Sourwine. No wonder justice is blind.


I think the Sourwine had a problem with a bias in his appraisals if memory serves me. But I wasn't there and have had to rely on the Ad Vertiser's writers to report 50% of the truth to reach that conclusion.

So that makes me guilty, too.


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Make Way for the Mammals


The fall of the mighty began in major metropolitan markets. The decline
of revenue and slashing of staff at newspapers has now reached the

The newspaper all Iowa used to depend on has taken a serious hit. Even
closer to home, the Iowa City Press Citizen is cutting staff. The market
environment is changing.

The wave is coming. What will remain after it passes?

Like the death of the dinosaurs, mass extinction may provide
opportunities for those able to fill the niche. Those news organizations
able to meet new conditions will thrive.

The Des Moines County News is just that. How often Spike must relay
their weekly report of what is really happening locally. Are the owners
of the Des Moines County News aware of the opportunity?

The owners of the Des Moines County News should consider going online
and providing a greater amount of accurate, honest news to attract
advertising. Now, more than ever, talent out of work is available with
market conditions making it affordable for small operators.

What of the Advertiser? Technology has pulled its fearsome teeth of the
capital necessary to buy a large press to compete. The online Advertiser
is nothing more than inaccuracy and bias transfered from pulp to web page.

If all that is left of the Advertiser are fossilized remains in the
archives of the local library and Iowa State Historical Society, will
anybody mourn its passing?


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Ink Over Substance


Citizen Kane is ranting again about the public right to know.

Come the week or so before the election, the Advertiser will dutifully
endorse Senator Secret Meetings Courtney.


The only reason they want to know is so they can create a controversy of their liking to stave off the lay-off in the eyes of their employees - "we did all the muckraking we could to save your job."


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15 August

Heland Lies and Hoschek Swears to It

It seems the Lord of Proper Open Meeting Law Abidance, Supervisor Jeff Heland, was deeply involved in a cover up of his participation in an illegal closed session meeting.

The supervisors failed to advise the public what the result of their closed session meeting was as required under Iowa law. Heland then lied about it to the Ad Vertiser and Hoschek swore that Heland was lying and the auditor tried to cover it up with the minutes of the meeting.

So that makes Dust Bunny Heland – Guilty of Proper Open Meeting Law Abidance outlined under the Iowa Code.

Guilty, Bunny! You sanctimonius, lying buffoon.


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English Only?


I thought the state of Iowa has and English only law for official business? As you can see here there are other language options to use the new parental portal for BCS. Now, I understand this site is operated by another company but it is tailored to the desire of the customer.

Why did BCS request these other languages? Does this conflict with the law?


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14 August

Burlington Crime Spree


I wonder how the regional planning fools feel about their handiwork now? Nothing like importing criminals into the community to "improve the economy".

The only "improvement" will be people having to buy stuff to replace what has been stolen from them.

Is there any way citizens can put a stop to this idiocy? Or is it too late?


Maybe Brian Tapp and Regional Planning can write a grant application for federal organized crime/RICO money.

And hold back a little for some local political clean-up and clean-out.


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So Goes Detroit...So Goes Burlington?


Detroit has blazed a path Burlington appears to be following.

Decent paying industrial jobs are no more. With nothing being produced, service industries soon fold. Productive residents flee.

The single party promising welfare dominates. Corruption in local government becomes rampant. Your Mayor becomes symbol of the sickness. If "His Honor" is not in jail, he should be.

Property values decline. Welfare draws in less than desirable emigrants. Corrupt elected officials praise the new criminal class. The emigrants are declared proof of growth and progress. The emigrants are registered to vote and turn elect ever more corrupt politicians.

So far, Burlington fits the pattern. It gets worse.

Detroit has advanced to where the welfare real estate has become worthless. Like locusts, the welfare class moves onto to ravage greener pastures. Welcome to Burlington. "Re-elect Senator Courtney."

Is there any way to reverse the decline? Should people sell their property now before it will not bring even one dollar?


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Jobs Fiasco


After the wonderful job that Dennis Hinkle did on bringing us new jobs to Burlington that increased the money we received from the hotel-motel tax I believe its time to send him to Chicago again.

Now that the Howard Johnson is empty Mr. Hinkle would probably not have any problem getting us another busload of workers.

Does Mr. Hinkle work for Tyson food in Columbus junction? He supposedly works for Grow Greater Burlington. But the only thing growing in Burlington is the crime rate.

Or maybe Mr. Hinkle could bring back some police officers from Chicago. And if we have to drive the workers to Tyson foods I think we should consider Tim Hoschek for the job.


Hoschek would want mileage so that's not a good idea.


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13 August

For the Record


Anyone wanting to view examples of the crime epidemic here in Burlington and the local area should take a look at the For the Record in the August 13th issue of the Hawk-Eye.

What has happened to Burlington and vicinity? Are the unemployed and “I don’t want to work crowd” beginning to catch up with the city for their apparent open door policies, one of which indicates if you can breathe pack your bags and come on over? Is old Burlington starting to shake at its knees because of the influx of low-life inhabitants who have no value added skills to offer society and burden those that work for support through higher than normal taxes?

On another tangent, I for one am interested in how the library is going to fair when the balance sheet for 2007 is made public. With the fancy heating and air conditioning we should be saving a bundle of taxpayer money. Of course I know we have less people on the payroll because most of the services are rendered by self checkout and so forth (requires less labor). Of course the WreckPlex should or may even break even for the first time depending on which set of books the public can view.

Burlington and its administration are such fun to watch because just about everything they attempt falls flat and this could be because they think they know more than the people they work for or their in it just for the high wages and could care less about the taxpayers who pay the bills.

Why would the city worry about smoking outside taverns when they pay little attention to city codes in the first place? I think they got themselves a canned version of codes off the Internet with no intention of enforcing any of them unless there’s a fist full of money involved.

In summation I would like to add its just fun to watch the follies down at city hall while waiting for the next major mess to surface such as the lost school keys incident, the drunk mayor fiasco, the Slagle tape burning cover-up and the granddaddy of them all, the Manor land grab that bombed out just like everything else. I’ll save the Fun City mess for a later date.


This has to be the Grand Daddy of all For the Records. All crimes and a couple of ads. Never without the ads.


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American Queen in Burlington Thursday

The American Queen steamboat will be stopping in Burlington tomorrow August 14. She'll be back again on August 28, September 11, 25, October 9 and 23.

Departure is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

To preclude errors in identification of what boat is docked in Burlington here is our media guide for the Ad Vertiser.


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12 August

Stop Hiding Embarrassing Warts - Make Them Disappear Forever


Technology is getting closer to bending light so as to make objects disappear. Too bad all those lost Keys to the City did not glow in the dark.

In Burlington, a much older, chemical technology makes 'ner do well politicians disappear. Mix alcohol, car keys and a fast food franchise parking lot together with a dash of Spike to spread the news. Guaranteed to make municipal blemishes disappear forever.

Curved light your eyes flicker, but liquor is slicker.


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11 August

Is Dallas County Setting a Date with Disaster?


An expert on creating debt in local government is off and running in his new job.

Bruce Slagle, Vice President, Springsted, Inc. is giving expert advice to the Dallas County (IA) Board of Supervisors. Slagle is offering his "expertise" on how to mortgage the future to pay for today.

If Dallas County's projects end up being "without merit," will local elected officials need a consultant to figure out a plan to cover their asses? Vice President Slagle has experience in that field as well.

Commercial real-estate development is the answer.

Confiscate private property. It is harder now, but you can claim it is for a public building. Drop the public building and offer up the site for commercial development. Vice President Slagle knows some folks in Minnesota who will make it happen.

For the good of the people of Dallas County, they should come to Spike's site. Just type Slagle into the search box and allow hours to read the details.

Bruce Slagle charges for his advice. The wisdom of such a purchase is available free of charge at Derailed.


Hope they have lots of taxpayers to make the losses impact everyone less. Just the thought of Bruce Slagle charging for nothing more than a public hosing is enough to make me wonder why none of these politicians have enough sense to do a Google search on who they hire.

Or a search of BurlingtonDerailed.com for Bruce Slagle.


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2 Things to Watch For - Actually, 3 Things to Watch For


Please check expense reports on Junior Murray at the next few council meetings. I hope he doesn't expense out his plane ride in the B-17 bomber @ $425.00 to the city he took on Saturday. (BTW - Great photos by D Hockett on Falcon's website).

Also, Minor League baseball donated $25,000.00 to the city for flood relief assistance, which Murray accepted.

I hope the city can give an itemized report on how they will apply to funds - to something related to the flood.


There are really 3 things to watch for. Where was the real mayor to glad hand for the handout? Seems Lost Keys has lost his way from any social contact recently.


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Howard Johnson's Closing


It amazes me the audacity that some business owners have who willingly require a deposit from would be customers to hold a reservation for the banquet rooms, but feel no sense of duty to refund that same deposit when they fail to fulfill their obligation.

Best thing that could happen to that facility would be an F-7 tornado or giant wrecking ball.


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When Will They Get The Hint?


So Sir Randy's pool lost it's ass for another quarter. They blamed it on the flood....but the flood occurred in the last two weeks of the quarter. When will the city clowncil get the hint and demand the taxpayer's money be returned?


Those two weeks were planned to be BIG! Really Big weeks!

Let's hope there is enough money to get the taxpayers' $1.8 million back.


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08 August

Hoschek Reimbursements


What is Hoschek getting reimbursed for? Everytime they print the Board of Supervisors expenditures, his name is always there!

I haven't seen Beck or Heland getting reimbursed for anything.


Hoschek probably withheld his expense accounts for mileage to and from the courthouse for the months preceding the election so no one would know his vacuum pocket book was sucking up taxpayer dollars.

That giant sucking sound is about to be silenced. And after a few try again Ben Diewold ass slappings, Hoschek will be on the Wal-Mart cart roundup. A job he is truly qualified to perform; rain, snow, sleet and dead of night.


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Police Still Swamped with Local Crime


It’s business as usual at the police station with 436 incidents between 8/3 through 8/6/08. This amounts to 34 pages of activity for the Burlington Police Department running the gauntlet of problems from drunks to suicide attempts and all in only four days.

What kind of a town do we live in that has such a heavy load of crime and other crisis? We’ve even had arrests down at the public library on numerous occasions.

That comes out to 1744 incidents per 100,000 people in a very short period of time (based on a population of 25,000).


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Smile..Big Brother is Watching


The Governor of Illinois claims cameras catch criminals. The hype is catching gun runners, etc. The Governor wants George Orwell's telescreens all over Illinois.

The price of aviation fuel for the Governor's commute from the Chicago area to Springfield is sky high. The money to fly the Governor to work must come from somewhere. Speeders and the revenue they represent is probably the real motivation.

Wrap the proposal up in saving the planet. Traveling at high speed wastes fuel and threaten us all.

Elected officials know all too well the power of the lens when it comes to exposing criminal activity.

When elected officials close their meetings and all records thereof disappear, who can take blame for their crimes? As Bart Simpson puts it, "Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove a thing."

So what if their secret meeting was illegal. Who is going to hire a lawyer and take them to court?

Why is there no rational recourse for the victims of secret meeting criminals in Iowa? The proposal to attempt a remedy died in the last session of the Iowa Legislature.

Ask one who attended the secret meeting to sue the BNSF that should not have been and of which records no longer exist. Ask one who was in a position of leadership in the Iowa Senate during the last session of the Iowa Legislature. They are one in the same.

When it comes to a free press defending the rights of a free people, that ain't Burlington. You have the right to remain ignorant and read advertising.

The glint on the horizon is not is not the freedom train's headlight. It is auxiliary lighting for a camera.

Like Amtrak eastbound to Chicago, 1984 is just a little behind schedule.


There is no shortage of political crooks and criminals in Illinois. The entire state is led by the biggest joke criminal governor in the history of Illinois.

The only place it could be worse is Louisiana.


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Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Bridge?


"He thought he got away with it," Moran said.

The Mayor of Detroit is going to jail. His "Honor" admitted violating the terms of his pretrial release by traveling across the border.

Assuming Gulfport regains its prior-to-the-flood glory and justice returns to Des Moines County, what of our local office holders? Should they ask in advance for permission to cross the creek on important city business while awaiting trial?

The Mayor incarcerated claims he was trying to sell off Detroit's share of a tunnel to raise money. Our elected yet to be indicted have so far been unable to sell off the Manor Mall to compensate for their crimes.

MacArthur bridge is long gone. Is there anything left to pawn, or do we just keeping paying ever greater taxes?

George Parker

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You Better Watch Out


You have been exposing Senator Courtney's crimes against the people of Burlington.

Any threats yet?


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07 August

They Sleep in the Same Bed


"Symbiosis -

What and his colleagues were finding was that the relationship between politicians, authorities and mobsters was not as clear-cut as had been posited. For decades the government and the Syndicate had maintained a symbiotic relationship. Syndicate members were often major donors to political campaigns. Many prominent politicians of the day, even those who publicly praised Kefauver's efforts, had intimate, albeit secret, ties with Syndicate members. Kefauver himself was known to be fond of gambling, and committee member Herbert O'Conor was rumored to have ties to the Mafia."

Your post from Estes Kefauver called for a few web searches. Check out the above.

As you pointed out, where would an investigation end? What of the entire state and local power structure beyond the obvious guilty?

Then Governor Vilsack sited the unnamed project in Burlington as a reason for his veto of the bill restricting eminent domain crimes. Public outrage forced a special session and veto over ride. The Iowa Senate amendment grandfathering the Manor Mall allowing extra time to commit the crime and Senator Courtney's lack of action has been mentioned here. It has not in the Ad Vertiser.

What of the Ad Vertiser's lust for advertising? Retail development means more advertising. Advertising before individual property owners rights?

What of the Union Hall bosses, including Senator Courtney and then Mayor Edwards?

The building trade boys would get a piece of the action in the form of jobs. Who cares if it costs more to use them? It was public money, not real money, driving the whole thing. As long as the boys get their pay and the Hall bosses collect their dues, who cares if it goes bankrupt?

What of those who looked down their nose at the Manor? It was a pest hole. A nest of rats to be burned out. They got their wish. People gotta live somewhere. Listen to them howl as low income residents move onto North Hill in greater numbers.

Blame for the failed Manor Mall does not stop at City Hall. Those pulling the strings behind the scenes do not want a through investigation. Expect none.


It's never real money, it's the taxpayers' money. The ex-drunk mayor Mike Edwards, Lost Cause Courtney, Lost Keys Bill Ell and Crooked Bruce Slagle talked everyone into the concept of deceit and lies all in the attempt to hide their complicity in the railroad lawsuit.

They're all crooks and robbers. Keep that in mind when Lost Keys professes some other dream of monument building.


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What Happened to U. A. W. Web Site?


Burlington's local U. A. W. 807 had a web site. This site showed local U. A. W. officers, including Senator Courtney listed as a Board of Director's member. The site is gone.

Is Senator Courtney still an official of the local U. A. W. ?

Considering what Senator Courtney did to the working poor in the Manor, I can understand no honest person punching a time clock wishing to be identified with him.


I think he is remodeling his house with non-union lab labor and wanted to avoid the scrutiny.

Or maybe the union has realized what a dipshit Courtney is and wanted to disassociate themselves therewith. I know I would.


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06 August

Howard Johnson Closes


The Howard Johnson's is closed until further notice.

Read it hear first. Read it Sunday in the fish wrap.


We're going to need a bigger sign, a real eye catcher!


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05 August

Manor Sign


Here's an attention grabbing sign for the Manor non-development.

Sign Maker

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My Goat Ate the Files?


What powers would a Citizens Commission have if by some miracle such a group were formed to investigate the Manor Mall?

Would a Commission have the power to subpoena and put the perpetrators under oath? Is anybody willing to take odds on the chance any incriminating records have gone the way of the tape recording of the "without merit" decision to sue the railroad during an illegal closed meeting?

The Iowa Legislature failed during its last session to put any teeth into Iowa's Open Meetings law. "Re-elect Senator Courtney."

Is a grand jury our last great hope?

Estes Kafauver

First, a grand jury would have to be seated. Oh, I forgot. A grand jury has been seated.

With all the crooked goats involved, where would you even start? We have been shown documented proof Bruce Slagle, Scott Power, Lost Keys Bill Ell, Burger King Mike Edwards, John Mercer and the long gone city planner are known liars. Then we have the co-conspirators to dig through.

The further we go the higher the number becomes.


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Where are Our Local Leaders?


I tried to do a search on our local leaders.

What's wrong?


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Smoking Law & Mindless Lemming Sheep


I hope your readers are aware of the Letter to the Editor written by Bill Duncan of Ft. Madison and published in the Hawk Eye around the 28th of July, titled Rights taken.

The state legislature is beginning to think like our Burlington politicians in that they can circumvent the law and take away rights when ever they feel like it regardless of what the Iowa Constitution says. Hell, it’s only a piece of paper written back in the early 1800’s by people who didn’t believe in government creating laws to control people’s individual rights.

Unlike today, the drafters of the Iowa Constitution had brains and didn’t sell their votes or the citizens of Iowa to the highest bidder and cater to special interest as is done today. Iowa legislators just follow along with liberal causes like a herd of sheep. I imagine if Governor Culver jumped off the Great River Bridge our Democratic crowd in Des Moines would jump right in after him in order to be politically correct.


Not sheep - Lemmings, Mindless Lemming Sheep.


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04 August

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Slagle's Folly Continues


Slagle promised his notice in the Ad Vertiser's legals column would draw hordes of developers eager to bid on the Manor Mall. All that got Slagle was a new job within metro proximity to Robert Muir Company.

Like that oil burning, 93' Dodge with iron oxide fenders, it can't hurt to park it out on the paved road with a sign in the window.


Bruce Slagle is the worst thing to happen to Burlington in its history. All we have to show for it is debt - Manor Mall debt, railroad lawsuit debt, Fun City debt and worthless city attorney Scott Power debt. We don't need a big happy sign to draw any more attention Slagle's screw ups.

I'd like to know how Bruce Slagle's potential clients feel about hiring such a loser to "advise" them about debt.


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Secret "illegal" Meeting


By burning the tape of that “secret” meeting Slagle proved, without a doubt that the entire bunch of bums attending the meeting were planning to rob the railroad, or so they thought.

Burlington has the crookedest street in the world and the crookedest city management to go along with it. I wonder if they’ll put that in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Courtney has about as much integrity as Slagle, maybe their brothers. Courtney should feel lucky because the voters in Burlington have no concept of how to vote for the best man. They just vote party regardless of the choices and one can easily see what’s wrong with that process by looking at who represents us in Des Moines, a Slagle want-a-be.


We have more losers per capita than the penitentiary in Fort Madison and more elected criminals than the law would allow if a real newspaper had set up shop in town.


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01 August

Let the Location Reflect Our Senator's "Accomplishments"


How nice our State Senator is raising money for a new lap top. When
comes to refilling Senator Courtney's coffers, sites other than Blair
House would be more appropriate.

A location representing the cost of Senator Courtney's "representation"
to local taxpayers would not be hard to find.

How about the idle railroad shops? Senator Courtney playing the role of
City Councilman Courtney cost local taxpayers nearly half a million.
"Councilman" Courtney was one of the ring leaders present at the meeting
of less than dubious legality when the "without merit" decision was made
to sue the railroad.

Was Senator Courtney really representing the Politburo at this meeting?
Did Senator Courtney make suggestions in secret that if Council members
did not vote as the Hall bosses of the local single party political
system wished, their political future would be born still? Who actually
voted to sue the railroad? Donald Trump Slagle destroyed the tape. What
you know not hurts not Senator Courtney and his comrades.

It is doubtful Senator Courtney will shake many campaign dollars out of
railroad political action committees. Less likely yet is the railroad
permitting their largely unused shops complex to help fund a new
computer for our State Senator.

Private property that was surreptitiously converted to public property
would be perfect. Property owning taxpayers have no rights according to
Senator Courtney, except to be taxed ever more. The Manor Mall would be

This 5 million dollar vacant lot at Agency and Roosevelt owes its being
so in no small part to Senator Courtney. Public outrage against such
abuse of eminent domain resulted in passage of a bill to restrict such
crimes. Sure, your State Senator voted for the final bill. He knows when
to run from the heat. What of the Amendment slipped into this bill in
the Iowa Senate?

This little known amendment grandfathered extra time for "an unnamed
project in Burlington" beyond that restricting such criminal activity.
It provided valuable time for No Money Down Slagle, the Drunk ex-Mayor,
our current Lost the Keys to the City Mayor and other co-conspirators to
railroad Manor residents. "Blight" was banished.

Former Manor residents should be invited to attend a lawn party fund
raiser on the vacant lot that used to be their homes and neighborhood.
They too could donate to buy Senator Courtney a new computer.

Senator Courtney may need a more powerful machine to close down his
internet critics.With your financial support, Senator Courtney's
infamous, previously failed, anti-blogger bill may become law during the
next legislative session. Invest in the death of the Bill of Rights.

Until local citizens realize at what cost they keep Senator Courtney in
the Iowa Legislature, we will travel down ever father down the road to
bankruptcy and tyranny.

Gu Log Me

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