Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 September

City Guilty of Violating Open Meeting Law

Railroad Lawsuit Illegal

City Attorney Scott Power Still Incompetent & Ripe For Malpractice

Citizen Lawsuit Next?

The Iowa Citizen’s Ombudsman took the blind eye Burlington City Council, former City Manager and crook Bruce Slagle, the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, Senator Chris King and Incompetent City Attorney Scott Power down in a report issued last week.

Most at fault in this mess was the city council. You people took an oath to uphold the law in the discharge of your duties. You all failed but Campbell. But you threatened and derided him. Edwards, Lost Keys Ell and Senator King publicly attacked him. Yet he was right. Now what do you smart ass losers have to say for yourselves?

To answer whether or not you continue to flaunt the law you only have to ask 2 questions. Have you violated the Open Meetings law since? How many times?

I can’t wait to read how “disappointed” our big boob mayor is.

A good deterrent future behavior would be a citizen's lawsuit. They broke the law. We know what the damages are. Recover Power's legal fees for malpractice for starters. We still have time.

Another culprit that preaches open meetings and can't perform is Publisher Steve Delaney. Delaney had his chance to request the closed session meeting tape before Slagle burned it but didn't have the balls to do it and should be hummin' the Viagra tune.

Real newspapers dream about these kinds of stories. Tinhorn journalism in its finest hour.


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Dysfunctional Washington Still in Dark

I guess Monday's vote should illustrate to everyone how dysfunctional our politicians have become. The $1 billion in PAC money and lobbyists sure has illustrated a billion dollars doesn't buy what it used to.

Old Nancy Pelosi was going to rejuvenate government. Her hatred for Bush got in her way of fixing problems. She is as worthless as it gets.


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29 September

Iowa Congressmen Split on Vote

Here are the results and rationale for today's vote by Iowa's Congressmen.

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Republicans Blame Pelosi's Speech for "No" Vote

House Republicans say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's partisan speech for the vote for the bailout failing this afternoon.

She is no good. Period. Whether she is guilty or not with respect to her partisan speech.


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Railroad Waste


Well, the worthless moles up at city hall found another way of wasting our money by trying to silence the trains passing through Burlington.

If it weren't for the trains and the river Burlington would have passed into history as did Augusta and other small settlements here in southeastern Iowa. Burlington should embrace the railroad rather than waste more money
trying to silence them.

This quiet zone mess is just another ploy to brace up the banking and financial community that resides downtown at taxpayer expense; just more corporate welfare plain and simple. How about building an overpass on Main Street, long over due and would be logical but maybe not in Burlington.

With all the banks building more and more branches out to the West of the city sooner or later the downtown offices will move out and then again, we'll have been duped by the losers elected to office by non-informed voters.

Whatever, the taxpayer will lose as usual because of spineless creeps with dreams of grandeur elected to office by what appears to be brain dead voters who vote party rather than intelligence and honesty.

Seems to me this is the same party that started Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae on the national level, if I'm not mistaken. Does that ring a bell with anyone and does it remind one of Burlington government?

Scammed Again

Since everyone is calculating losses these days, someone should add all the money pissed into the wind by Bruce Slagle, Scott Power, Lost Keys Bill Ell, the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, John Mercer, Brian Tapp, Tim Hoschek, Jeff Heland, Chris King, the Chamber, the Let's Do Lunch and Not Much More group and whoever else fits the profile.

It's a lot more than you think.


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26 September

McCain Wins Debate

Senator John McCain won the Presidential debate tonight according to the BurlingtonDerailed polls conducted shortly after the debate ended. Most people polled said it was very obvious that McCain's long term experience, judgment and personal relationships with most of the world leaders would make a difference in how the country rebuilds after current administration. Obama seemed to struggle on more than one issue.

One thing I noticed is McCain is a name dropper. Lots of names and none of them were Rezko, Daley or Reverend Jeremiah Wright.


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Worden Rollin' In Railroad Dough


I see Worden thinks the railroad is going to fund big dough for his quiet zone.


Want to buy a mall?


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Looking For Answers & The Mariel Boatlift

We don’t send a lot of time analyzing our web statistics. But we do pay attention, especially to our resident crackpots and nefarious lurkers.

Our web traffic has been through the roof in the last week. And email traffic has been down. Time onsite is up. People are real nervous. People are looking for answers. They’ve come here to see if we have any insight.

We don’t. This financial problem is wrought with Wall Street scandal and thieves. We are not inclined to grant Wall Street any quick fix. It must be a measured response or the taxpayers are going to get screwed worse than ever. Otherwise, this will look like the Mariel Boatlift.

The only difference in this crisis is that it involves Wall Street instead of Fidel Castro. We're still going to top off our prisons when the fallout begins. Enron is nothing compared to this.

Wall Street investment is not geared to the small investor. Wall Street is geared to the institutional investor. Good old-fashioned American greed has fueled an enormous world-wide market for opportunistically screwing each other to the wall utilizing loopholes to make money.

Contrary to some popular thinking, deregulation, lobbyists and Washington bureaucrats transcending all political party lines fueled this fire. That and good old-fashioned American greed.

There is no quick fix for this mess except to print more money.


Hunter S. Thompson wrote of the Mariel Boatlift:

“The raw elements of the story are (in no special order): sex, violence, greed, treachery, big money, fast boats, blue water, Cuba, CIA politics, Fidel Castro's sense of humor, one murder, several rapes, heavy gambling, massive drug smuggling, naked women, mean dogs, total breakdown of law and order, huge public cash transactions, the Iran Hostage Crisis, overloaded boats catching fire and sinking at night in the Gulf Stream, the nervous breakdown of a U.S. Coast Guard commander, fast cars running roadblocks on Highway AlA, savage brawls in Key West bars, Boog Powell, sunken treasure, wild runs on the ocean at night, personality disintegration, desperate wagering on NBA playoff (TV) games and I980 presidential primaries, a grim and violent look at American politics in the eighties, dangerously tangled love affairs, warm nights and full moons, one hurricane, stolen credit cards, false passports, deep-cover CIA agents, the U.S. Marines, a jailbreak in Key West at the peak of the refugee invasion, political corruption in South Florida, the emergence of Miami as the Hong Kong of the Western World, Colombian coke dealers, crooked shrimp-fishermen, scuba diving with shotguns (powerheads, mounted on spears) ... and all the other aspects of high crime, bad craziness, and human degradation that emerged from that strange and shameful episode in our history.”

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25 September

Wall Street Solution

Rich people are demanding action because rich people are losing lots of money. I think a better solution to this bailout and far better use of the money would be to build more prisons to house these Wall Street crooks.

And take a real stake in the bailed out companies and control of any future profits.

There isn't any bank in this town that wouldn't take full advantage making money after a loss. Why should the taxpayers receive any less?


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Kudos to Menard's


During the recent Monsoon 2 weeks ago, we observed a local retailer providing financial relief to their customers. Hundreds of basements were flooded and many people needed sump pumps.

The local Menard's store reduced the price on sump pumps by more than 10% and even brought in more pumps at the reduced retail price. They held that price for 2 days on the weekend.

A local competitor raised prices on their dehumidifiers after reducing the price for seasonal blowout to take advantage of the flood situation.

Kudos to Menards.

I've spent my $10 savings more than 10 times over since.


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No Answer On Steak Fry Assault

Well, it's Thursday and we still have no answer to the rationale behind the assault at the Republican Steak Fry.

Probably never will. There is no rationale. Only little bitty people trying to play a goomba enforcer. And I thought all the thugs were in the local Democratic Party.

Speaking of which, I wonder where the drunk ex-mayor is buying his Miller Light now that the Beverage Mart has been burnt down?


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New Sunspot

Sept. 23: A new sunspot, upper right, which after several weeks of having a clear sun with no sunspots and very few sunspots this entire year, emerged. This new spot has both the magnetic orientation and the high-latitude position of a sunspot belonging to the new solar cycle, Cycle 24.


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24 September

County Flood Assessment Behind Schedule - It Hasn't Started


I see since regional planning and Tapp are way behind in flood inspections to be done by Mercer, the supervisors want answers.

Why? Everyone but the supervisors already knows the answer to that problem.

If Brian Tapp hired some of his relocated Tyson workers to inspect the buildings and bussed them to each location it would get done quicker. And Tapp could get another grant for something else he doesn't know anything about.

I'd like to hear from Heland, too. It was his bright idea to hire these clowns to begin with since he "knew" John Mercer.

Fed up

Deer season is coming. The closer we get to deer season the less likely the inspections will be done.


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"One Ad - Mayor Chunky Unleashed"

It seems the corrupt Democratic mayor of Chicago isn't taking kindly to be outted as corrupt.

I didn't know there were 2 Mayor Chunky's in the world.


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Mayor Biden of Burlington - History Reinvented


""When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed," Biden told Couric. "He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"

Hey Joe, tell us more of what happened. Was that television broadcast in color? How many stock brokers watched it replayed on the web before jumping out the window?

I never knew Franklin Roosevelt was President when the market crashed in '29. Blame Hoover. Blame Bush?

I thought our City Council and State Senator slept through History and Economics. Wannabe Vice President Joe Biden appears to have done the same. Ignorance and envy are the answer to every issue.

If Biden wins, we will all be punished. If not elected Vice President, Joe Biden needs to be punished as Mayor of Burlington.

Burlington under Mayor Biden would be punishment not out the ordinary we have come to expect. Nobody here would notice anything different with Mayor Biden.

Just another day in a depressed Hoover....er...Rooseveltville.

Philo T. Farnsworth

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Are the Odds Turning Against Burlington's House of Cards?


Viva Las Vegas?

The draw is down. The slots sit and empty as do the hotel rooms. Gambling is not recession proof. Where is Elvis now that they need him?

What has been going on at Burlington's debt laden gambling den and City of Burlington financed cement pond? We heard margin cries at the first of the year. The markets in general have some saying 1929.

When does the City's option to bail out of Huck's Hole expire? Is the deadline near?

Will the City Council pull back from it's investment in water stock?

Bonus Marcher

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Bonus Marcher Link


I figure the collective ignorant at City Hall and the Advertiser read you. Other than Derailed and the Advertiser, do they read much more?

High School may have been the high point of their existence. It is obvious History and Economics classes not included. More than likely, their high point came in the back seat of Buick on Mill Dam Road after dark.

You may wish to use this link to warn them of the danger of the rabble aroused. Much as I do not care for them, assault is not the answer. It is an act of the ignorant.


Like our local politician said, "pitchforks and torches marching on city hall."


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23 September

Logging The Manor?


There are a couple logging company trucks parked out by the old K of C hall. Suppose the city is getting ready to cut the trees down in their park?


Maybe they're going to cut down the trees so their "eye-catching" signs stand out. It would raise a little beer money for the mayor.


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22 September

More Taxes


To the author of More Taxes.

You are 100% correct, but don't expect any changes in this City or County. Been going on for years. Nobody has any guts to make the necessary changes. They collect our taxes from us that are for services. The money goes to them for higher wages, free health insurances, growing pensions and large SUV's (and the City is touting go Green and conserve?) They should practice what they preach.

Whatever money is left, you may get a new street, sidewalk or pot hole fixed if you are friends with the city manager or county supervisors. But don't hold your breath, because there isn't much left anyway. That is the way it works.

Don't look for the folks at the Hawkeye for support or to lead for changes. They have their own agenda. Sorry, but that is the way it is. And they ask why citizens have the attitudes they have.

Citizens are fed up, but they don't care enough to understand.

taxed enough 2

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Republican Steak Fry Erupts in Violence

Several eyewitnesses say our local Republican Steak Fry erupted in violence Saturday night when one of the right wing Christian nut jobs that proliferate the Republican Party tried to physically eject an attendee.

Apparently, this attendee didn't fit the profile of what the right wing Christian nut job thought a good Christian Republican should be when attending such an event. Yes, nut job.

Separation of church and state. It's there for a reason and it isn't to be stupid and bow down to these nut jobs that think they run our lives like that left wing bunch of nut jobs on South Main. Religion has no business in politics.

That's why we don't get involved in politics. Everyone is supposed to have the right to free speech. But you never get to talk, only listen at political events. And the people doing the talking don't have any more brains than to think we have elevated them to a position to have all the answers.

And all you Christian right wing nut jobs and you left wing Christian nut jobs can keep your thoughts to yourself. Be a good little kid in the candy store. Keep your hands in your pockets and your mouth shut when it comes to religion in politics. We don't want to hear from you.

But we would like to hear the rationale behind Saturday's event and how the possibility of criminal assault charges would play into a positive image.


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Ball Lights


Why can’t someone with balls stand up and admit the city committed another wrong doing and tell the taxpayer’s what they did with the lights. I guess one lie begets another and another when it comes to Burlington’s elected city officials, a sure sign Slagle taught them well.

Is there no sense of shame with any of these people? Even city management employees who must know where the lights are have no balls to stand up and explain to the taxpayer what happened to the lights. Apparently there’s no hope for these loser officials and the local paper is right in there with them trying to keep the public ignorant of what’s going on.

The prayers should be said for the city in hopes some honest decent citizens can be found to run for the council. If we have no honesty in our local officials how can we expect the criminal element to be any different? I guess the good citizens should be taught how to duck and cover if they want to survive the city streets.


Where would we find such persons?


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Harris Enterprises & A Cure - Shop Out-Of-Town


I wonder what part of the Harris tradition and philosophy the Hawkeye fails to understand as stated by its corporate office?

The tradition can't be summed up in one sentence, but the key to it is a belief that newspapers should cover the news without fear, favor or prejudice.

I think it can be safely stated the Hawkeye totally disregards this tradition as witnessed by its willingness to circumvent the truth by omitting the news completely and/or leaving out details to hide the truth from the public.

A case in point was leaving out one of the participants' names from the BHS fight day event.


What a crock! That's how the Ad Vertiser survives - fear, favor and prejudice. The word objective is nowhere to be seen.

All those paid consultants can't be wrong about the same recurring problem, The Ad Vertiser. That's a wonderful albatross to adorn your neck. Be proud, be an albatross. Stifle growth, be the Ad Vertiser.

Hinkle wants another pile of money to shape our future with another study. Why hasn't he fixed the problems and followed the last 3 studies' recommendations? The taxpayers' keep paying for answers and no one follows the advice.

Before we spend another dollar for a study we don't need maybe the consumers that fill the advertisers that fill Publisher Steve Delaney's pockets need to raise some hell. The shop local crowd needs to hammer away at their friendly local supplier of goods and services.

Or better yet, shop where Publisher Steve Delaney does, like his predecessor did, out-of-town.


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The Advertiser Will Always Get Their Advertising


Neither the City, nor the County will ever remove their advertising from Advertiser.

If those ads are ever pulled, Citizen Kane's indulgence may change. The Advertiser may start telling the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That is the last thing our local political hacks want.


That's the problem, everybody is intimidated by Publisher Steve Delaney. Well, almost everybody.


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19 September

Sounds Like Brian Tapp, John Mercer & SEIRPC

Seems like Mercer is underpaid for his incompetence. Apparently, he isn't the only one with minimal experience with the demolition of flood damaged buildings.


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New Blog Hits Burlington

A new blog hit the Burlington scene a few days ago. Go see Whistler at uBurlington.com

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"Without Merit" Losers Can't Be Choosers

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More Taxes


I hear the county is adding a 10% increase to everyone’s home in order to up the taxes. What low life scum would dream up this back door robbery of already stretched homeowners?

I think the county needs to start reducing the pay of overpaid employees and getting rid of those retired and rehired and replace them with new entry level personnel. The county also needs to stop catering to the unions and start negotiating by increasing the premiums for their insurance and reducing other costly benefits not available to the general public. Also, the county should start out sourcing as many of their positions as can be outsourced, similar to the private sector. Also, if a public servant refuses insurance they should not receive the money under no conditions, no insurance no extra money at taxpayer expense as is currently done.

This cradle to grave public servant job system needs to be updated to reflect the rest of the country. Public servants are not sacred cows and should be treated just like the rest of society.

The current monetary system for of public service is excessive and needs to be rolled back. A janitor working for the county should receive no more pay than one working for the banks. The same goes for all the positions throughout the county and the city for that matter.

Over pay and mismanagement by elected and hired officials in this county will break all of us sooner or later but their good life just continues along with their annual raises based on nothing other than longevity at most, with accountability totally ignored.

One other thing, the insurance for part time work as a supervisor should be discontinued since most private sector employees working part time receive no health benefits. If they need health insurance they should find a job that offers health insurance.

Sick of the Whole Mess

The county is raising taxes for a couple of reasons.

Under Hoschek and Heland's spending spree the 2 nitwits failed to bank any money to pay the county's share of the Vision Iowa projects. The state came along and demanded payment.

Secondly, Hoschek and Heland have been spending money like Mini-Me Worden and the city council.

So now it's the taxpayers' payday.


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The Advertiser Omits Again


Thanks to LP for pointing out the latest in an ongoing series of deliberate omissions. The Advertiser will never tell people what it does not want them to know.

There is something LP may not have noticed. Since Delaney is no longer on the Board of Notre Dame, we are no longer regaled with every other day feature stories about the glories of the Notre Dame.

Stories praising Notre Dame usually rated a photo and some face time. This change of focus since Delaney is off Notre Dame's Board saves Jimmy Olson the trouble of jumping into his Nash Metropolitan and driving across town to do a story.

The story that never changes about the Advertiser is its total commitment to selective ignorance in the service of an agenda.

Flunked Sunday School

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Missing Baseball Field Lights


I'm certainly no supporter of the recent actions of City officials with the Manor Revisited Project, but I wish the posters on this site, who continue to talk about the lights from the baseball fields having been sold to Danville, would actually research their theory by talking to people in Danville who might know where those lights are.

Danville school and City officials, both of whom have said they've never seen the lights and know nothing about the story. Are they talking about Danville, Iowa, or a like named town in a different state? If they can't put in the time to find out more about it, they should stop repeating the story.


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Publisher Steve Delaney Still Screwing Burlington Airport

Publisher Steve Delaney still supports those that feed his cancer of ad money.

We have a suggestion. It is time for Burlington and Des Moines County to start publishing their legal notices online at their websites and in the Bonny Buyer and Des Moines County News.

By doing that there is certainty that the notices will be delivered to every house in Des Moines County instead of a few houses in Des Moines County. It meets every state guideline for publication and will save both the city and county a lot of money.


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18 September

The City's Unbelievable Railroad Crossing Story


Is it any surprise that Knoke got the conversation with the railroad twisted? He was going to be the big hero and get their money for the crossings. The railroad rep said that is not what was told to Knoke.

Maybe if the City had a better track record, we might believe them. They had the Muir Contract and what Muir did and did not say, all confused. The City Manager and the Council thought their own contract with Muir was a done deal. They publicly commented that Muir was not entitled to their down payment. Then we find out Muir had a loophole.

The railroad lawsuit was full of lies. Documents were destroyed before the trial was even over. What's that tell us? The estimate for the RR lawsuit was $50,000 and it cost us $400,000.

Take a fireman to court and lose that too. The City just can't seem to do anything right.

Until the City has a complete overhaul and gets rid of some of these guys like Power and Knoke, things won't get any better.

It will take a council with some vision and guts to make changes.

Not Surprised

Unfortunately, we have a council with neither vision nor guts. As for Knoke, early retirement would benefit us all.


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Councilman’s Son Involved in BHS Fight

Ad Vertiser Conceals Fact From Public & More


Why did the newspaper conceal the fact that Councilman Garry Thomas’ son was arrested in the fight last week at BHS? Everyone else involved had their names plastered all over the front page and the For The Record. Why not his?

And as a matter of record, why doesn’t the newspaper ever list the Notre Dame students that are arrested? Why do they receive special treatment?

Could it be that Steve Delaney’s kids go to Catholic school? Catholic kids never break the law?

I don’t expect the newspaper to ever change but they can sure be outted for the secrets they cover up to suit their own agendas. It is despicable behavior.


We got unconfirmed information two days ago that Thomas’ kid was involved. We just haven’t had time to corroborate the story.

It has been now.

Maybe Publisher Steve Delaney would like to make a public statement about both of these facts.


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Tired of Mercer & Tapp


I am sick and tired of hearing about John Mercer and Brian Tapp. Just accept they are both thieves and we know it so move on.


No. This story is going to play out and we are going to cover it until we have the truth. Whatever rock these snakes crawl under, we'll find 'em.


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Ball Diamond Lights


When the baseball field was an issue I checked with the parks dept. They told me if there was a place to put them there would no problem putting them up. They told me they had the lights in storage.

Now, are the lights really missing? The lights that were at the K of C Hall in the Manor were sold to Danville. The reason I know they went to Danville is one of the neighbors asked the guys taking them down where they were going. They said Danville.

The other set across from the KC Hall were taken down and put in storage.

It looks like the only way we are going to get an answer if the lights are missing is to get some taxpayers and start at city hall and follow the trail to where they are. Someone should be held responsible for the lights and the tax dollars that paid for them.

This has nothing to do with the lights but I think this is humorous. The city council and Doug Worden had the guts to ask the railroad to help pay for the quiet zone downtown after being sued by the city. I'll bet the railroad is still laughing on this one.

Leonard Johnson

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Courtney For Congress?


Thanks for the Iowa Campaign Ethics Board link on our State Senator's fund raising. Read between the lines. Play it backwards at 78 RPM. There is a message.

Senator Courtney did not bother to show at a local fund raiser. The blind lemming sheep in Burlington will continue to support him. He needs not their money, what little there is, nor any embarrassing questions they may ask.

Sister Sheila Johnson is a well known limousine liberal. She gives as part of a national investment in the liberal agenda. Think of major league baseball clubs investing in farm team player development. She is not alone.

More individual contributions from around the country are appearing. Like many of the individuals addresses around Des Moines, what are they looking to buy?

Check the Political Action Committee (PAC) addresses. The usual Des Moines area zip codes are there. More importantly, more PACs from around the country are being seen than four years ago. Opportunity may await Senator Courtney.

The Absent Minded Professor was not supposed to become our Congressman two years ago. Anti-Republican backlash and cultist elements within the Republican Party let Loebsack barely win. Iraq is not the issue this year.

Loebsack is weak. Courtney's knows it. Savvy Democrat activists laugh at Loebsack behind his back. Voters may send the Professor packing to his ivory tower.

Should Loebsack win, time is still on Senator Courtney's side.

While Burlington shrinks in actual population numbers, all Iowa slides relative to the rest of the nation. It is almost certain the 2010 census means Iowa loses a congressman. Once the power plays of redistricting get done, Burlington may sit in a new district with incumbent congress people numbering none. The Iowa Legislature does the redistricting.

Courtney for Congress? Consider Senator Courtney's record.

The should not have been secret City Council meeting, of which all records mysteriously disappeared, had Senator Courtney present. Senator Courtney lobbied for the "without merit" lawsuit that cost local taxpayers nearly half a million.

The $5.5 million and counting Manor Mall was made possible by an Iowa Senate Amendment featuring an exemption for that "investment." Senator Courtney did what to save us from that?

Senator Courtney's attempt to render the First Amendment of The Bill of Rights null and void by legislation in Iowa is only an inkling of what he may achieve at the national level.

Kicking Senator Courtney upstairs is no answer. Besides, Supervisor Heland may think State Senator Heland should be his next move.

If this vision sends you screaming into the night, end the nightmare by voting out Senator Courtney this November.

Jeane Dixon

Hell no, he won't go!

And we entertained a Katie Couric in January. As for Heland, we will stop that train in the station. He's overreached his Peter Principal Pinnacle just like Courtney.


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If They Know Not Who You Are - You Must Not be Heard


""It is bad in Burlington, and you guys don't even realize how bad it is," said the woman, who declined to be identified due to fears of retaliation.""

There is one commonality among criminals. Retribution is a must for those who would expose them.

Anonymous comments you read first here have been warning about just how bad it has become here in Burlington.

Local "development leaders" have been cooking the books. They are bringing "growth" to our community. Quantity by the busload. To hell with quality.

At all costs leaders must not be identified as a major source of the resulting crime spree.

Our great, would be silencer of free speech, Senator Courtney, has tried to shut down blog sites by introducing legislation to out web commentators. Retribution must be targeted at those who expose evil. Never ensnare the ignorant from whom tyrants derive their power.

Senator Courtney certainly realizes new criminals may also become registered, supportive voters. When our local hospital complained about increasing criminal activity turning their emergency rooms into boxing arenas, Senator Courtney warned we should not pick on those recently arrived to patronize Tapp's transit line.

Senator Courtney was vague concerning those on whom we must not pick. Should we not pick on those who came to work, or all those may vote for him? Thanks to an imperial decree by former Governor and party comrade Vilsack, that includes ex-cons with any number of felonies to their credit.

Once on site, it is harder to sort out those who came to work from those with a mile long rap sheet who came to rape, pillage and rob. That fact apparently was of no concern when local economic "development" leaders cooked up their "growth" scheme.

"Councilman Jim Davidson added, "Evil only can succeed if good people don't stand up and face it.""

It is easier to defeat evil if those who expose it may speak freely. Who exposes evil should never be an issue.

Whether the truth about evil will continue to be heard may depend on removing those leaders who would outlaw freedom of speech.


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Wasted Taxes For Ell’s Vacation


Just watched the Burlington Council Meeting on videotape. Seen where our mayor and Mr. Davidson was sent to a conference.

It sure didn't seem like they came back with much information on anything except smoking. The mayor said he was kind of displeased with the one conference because it pertained to small towns only.

But he did bring back pamphlets on smoking and passed them out to the council members and the news media. I am sure Editor Steve Delaney will be sure to tell us what the pamphlets said.

It looks like another free trip on taxpayer's dollars. Were the small towns he was referring to like Middletown, Gulfport Etc.? Nothing like this thriving metropolis here in Burlington.

Ex Smoker

When Hoschek went to these conferences he picked up the brochures sitting on the tables to prove that he actually attended the physical location of the conference.

I have little doubt there was much more involved in the attendance of these two other than happy hour and cocktails.


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17 September

Quiet Zone Costs Will Be Paid By The City - Period

Our City Boneheads Don't Get It!

It comes as no surprise to us that the railroad will not pay for Burlington's quiet zone. They never have and never will.

If the proponents of this project did 30 minutes of research on their own and ignored anything and everything Mini-Me Worden or Can't-Hit-A-Cost-In-The-Ass-
With-An-Atom-Bomb-Knoke says, you will be better off.

Better yet, listen to what we have preached from day one. The railroad will not pay for your quiet zone. They never have and never will. They MIGHT pay a minimal amount of money to permanently close a crossing. That's it.

What also comes as no surprise is how absolutely incompetent Ron Knoke and Mini-Me Worden are in transacting business with anyone other than the city council and Ad Vertiser.

And all we do is pay for their incompetency in taxes and embarrassment.


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Ball Diamond Lights - Resolution Needed


Has anyone found out what happened to the ball diamond lights missing from the Manor fiasco? I wonder if Mercer gave them to one of his friends. This guy has milked the taxpayer for years and then has the arrogance to answer questions like a big bully, what a jerk.

People in Oakville should be very leery when this character comes to their town and starts making judgments that will affect their lives forever. I feel sorry for them knowing that the supervisors have shown such little concern about their property that they would send Mercer up there.

No one on the council has any idea what happened to the lights even though it was their responsibility. Again, our city council is with out a doubt totally incapable and incompetent as is usual for a Burlington city council. Back tracking all the lies and cover-ups in this town is just about impossible were it not for a couple of local web sites. Without an active newspaper to make known misdeeds by elected officials the public is kept in the dark regarding news about the liars and thieves they’ve elected.

Burlington is a mirror image of a union style management team and we all pay the price for their corruption.


The lights from the Manor need to be located in their entirety. Every pole, every light, every bulb and every switch box.

We will donate $2.50 in gas money for the Nash so Jeff Abell from the Ad Vertiser can go to each location Knoke swears the lights are stored in and verify their existence. And there will be 1 empty seat for either Thomas or Scott to witness the events.

It can't get any simpler than that.


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What Would Senator Courtney Say?


The longer he is in office, the more arrogant Senator Courtney gets.

If Senator Courtney's opponent took $2,000 from an east coast billionaire who founded White Entertainment Television, would Senator Courtney be screaming out of state, fat cat and racist?

10:18:16 - SPIKE - No comments

16 September

Who Does Senator Courtney Answer To?


How sad our State Senator was not available for constituent questions.

A Shelia C. Johnson of The Plains, VA gave Senator Courtney $2,000 on 8-11-2007. Does anybody know who she is? If she has a question for Senator Courtney, does she get an answer?

The Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board on Courtney is most informative. Not just about Senator Courtney, but all of them if you want to search.

"Follow the money."

Deep Throat

We followed the money. It all comes from PAC's - Political Action Committees. Courtney received no money from any constituent. Not one local person has donated to his campaign, not even his local UAW. Courtney never even spent a dime at the Ad Vertiser.

However, the largest benefactor of Courtney's political donations is Tom Courtney including yet another election computer and printer.

Sheila C Johnson is a co-founder of Black Entertainment Television and ex-wife of billionaire Robert L. Johnson. Johnson is married to a Virginia Circuit Court Judge. Click here, click here, click here, or click here.

Our guess is she doesn't know Courtney and his sordid background from a bag of her thoroughbred's road apples since her net worth is estimated over $1.5 billion. If she did, I doubt she would be impressed with the recipient of her donation.

Maybe she should.


02:02:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mercer's Belligerent Comments Uncover The Dark Underbelly of Corruption


I give Hawkeye reporter Jeff Abell credit for at least attempting to get some answers from the flood building inspector John Mercer. It appears that Abell irritated Mercer from the sound of Mercer's comments in the Saturday paper. Mercer sounded arrogant and not very caring.

What's up with Mercer's comments that he doesn't have to answer to anybody? And he will get the job finished in the next 20 years. They should fire him now. He doesn't deserve another dime.

These flood victims have been going through a tremendous amount of mental and physical stress, along with a financial loss. They are dealing with layers of government that operates very slow and could care less. Mercer didn't have to answer to anyone when he was in Burlington City Hall and he did what he wanted and would come and go as he pleased. He had a lot of people fooled, including Slagle and the council.

After all these years working in Burlington's City hall, we can see the attitude that he developed. He doesn't care about these people. He is in it for one reason and one reason only, the money.

Development Director for the City? How did he get that job? Slagle took care of him and gave it to him. Big pay raise, big boost in pension and absolutely no college education or degree in Development or City Planning.

He was not qualified and would have never got that position in any other City. He was a building inspector, not a development director. He got the big pay raise and the young men with the proper college degrees did all of the work. That came from City Hall employees.

John should tell us about all of the times he was on the clock, but doing business with his apartments. He has the smile and phony friendly act down, but we saw his true colors in Saturday’s paper.

DMC Resident

You are 100% correct. If this guy wasn’t such a screw-up on his last assignment, lost a house, gave away city property while screwing people as he collected $70,000, no one would be quite as upset? Right…

Of particular note was regional planning's Dan Eberhardt, Brian Tapp’s RHM in their latest attempt at cover-up competency has all the paperwork details, not Mercer.

Large Mouth Ass Heland said he knows John Mercer and John Mercer is qualified. That’s a glowing endorsement from a level of incompetency we all trust.


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The Difference Between Senators Fraise and Courtney


Who says they are all alike?

Senator Fraise is dumb enough to show up for a public question and answer session. Senator Fraise is so dumb, he has actually been known to tell the truth.

Senator Courtney knows when to get stage fright.

Gary Moore

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The Medium is Not Killing the Messenger


A news organization not all that far away has taken a different approach from that of the Advertiser. The Cedar Rapids Gazette is not blaming the Internet for declining newspaper circulation.

The Gazette sees technological driven change as an opportunity, not a threat. The Gazette is taking the approach of providing a greater quantity and quality of information as the key to survival.

The Advertiser's miserable material served on tissue paper, or touch screen, is making it a laughing stock. New technology makes their old monopoly problematic.

As forward thinking news organizations have noticed, your cost of production and delivery of information drop dramatically with new technology. With over 100,000 people in the Advertiser's trade area, some real news organization will seize the opportunity.

Competition makes progress possible. If the Advertiser can not compete, its demise will be a blessing.


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15 September

Courtney No Show For Voters' Questions


About six weeks ago I told you that Sen. Courtney would be at the Blair House probably for getting votes. I invited anyone who had any questions for Mr. Courtney to come.

Mr. Courtney must have gotten scared on this subject so he canceled his appearance. I believe any time this fall Mr. Courtney is having a fundraiser find out the date and post it on Burlington Derailed so that the voters get some answers to their questions.

Disgusted Voter

He's a little chicken for face-to-face confrontation. He hides faster than Heland when it comes to a breeze blowing up their skirt.


01:00:43 - SPIKE - No comments

Loyalty? Are You Nuts?


Delaney doesn't care about anything except his "newspaper" making ad revenue.

Nothing, including the community. Let alone the airport.

Get it straight.


00:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Toys, Games And Yo Yo's


Burlington city and county leaders do a very good job at giving people the idea to evacuate the state as soon as they can! And the advertiser is a bunch of hypocrites or plain morons depending on what day it is!

The Chamber is the same story! One day they claim taxes are the main reason businesses do not come to Iowa, then the very next day they support tax increases! HYPOCRITES and IDIOTS!

Delaney wanted a new city manager with a different direction, then the next day he wanted WORDEN After Ron Billups and a few of the Downtown PARTNERS changed his mind! They seem to have an AGENDA!

With leadership like this no wonder spending has surpassed growth in Burlington! And the answer is just raise taxes or fees to cover their stupid asses!

The Council is like children in a TOYS ARE US store! And yet they have been working on the lateral sewer debacle for over a year when the problem is flowable mortar; not getting the city involved in more crap than it already can't handle!

And the Quiet zones first phase cost of $400,000 dollars are ridiculous because the council said that it would be $180,000 dollars when they hired the firm to study it. Now they have phases!

And the Cascade Bridge is falling down! Its one step forward and six steps back and it could not happen to a bunch of better people, or should I say misfits!

Total mismanagement is what it is called! Or better yet! " People In Positions Who Are Not Qualified For Anything! Until you stop the IGNORANCE you are in store for more of the same!


00:25:28 - SPIKE - No comments

14 September

Ad Vertiser Promoting Quad City Airport

Publisher Steve Delaney Loyal to No One!


Why does the local newspaper promote the Moline airport after they endorsed the Kansas City route? They're as bad as Brian Tapp subverting the efforts of the local airport to increase passenger loads.


Publisher Steve Delaney must have new owners. He endorsed the KC route so his Kansas owners could travel here. Maybe the Ad Vertiser has new owners in Moline.

Would any of our readers like to comment on Delaney's only allegiance - the almighty advertising dollar.


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13 September

Missing BHS Student


I just got home to read about the fight at BHS. According to the newspaper there were 8 students arrested but only 7 are named in the paper.

What happened to the other student, witness protection? And who was it?


OK, Spikers & Spikettes, what's this riddle all about?


02:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mercer Contract Valid?


John Mercer's contract calls him a Project Inspector. A building inspector should have their State License. The County Supervisors probably assumed that Mercer did have a license. That was their mistake. They should correct it.

What will FEMA and the Sate of Iowa say about this? I'm not saying Mercer isn't a qualified building inspector, but he should have a license. He is not a structural engineer. Some of these companies that do this work have structural engineers that "are" qualified and have the degree and the license to back it up.

Mercer is making decisions that are important to these residents' lives, as well as being paid by a taxing body that requires a license. Are they knowingly breaking the law?

If someone loses their drivers license or fails to renew them, it is unlawful for them to drive even though they know how to do it. Just making a point. Who is above the law?

DMC Resident

Hell, I could be a project inspector and so could anyone else. Mercer is an unlicensed, incompetent city building inspector. And he sure isn't an engineer of any sort unless you include the engineering he did to get the job.


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The Eye of Hurricane Ike

NOAA Image - 00:10 A.M.

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12 September

Mercer's Contract


Here is Mercer's agreement with the county. The people who live in the country probably live there to get away from the city codes and being told what to do.

I believe the county had better take a good look at this contract and Mr. Mercer. According to this he will be able to go anywhere and inspect any resident of all the flooded area.

He will be held harmless by the county and indemnify by the county for all claims which may arise out of the duties and responsibilities of said 'Project". Thanks to the board of Des Moines county supervisors. Keep your eye on him.

When they say competent and qualified professional I can't believe they mean the Mercer.

Leonard Johnson

The only people to believe Mercer is competent and qualified professional are Brian Tapp and Dan Eberhardt from regional planning and Publisher Steve Delaney.

Everybody else knows Mercer is incompetent and nothing but trouble for the taxpayers with a dismal track record of failure at the taxpayer's expense.

We'd like to know how the Supervisor's can grant unfettered access to private property. Maybe Gas Bag Heland could call in to the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM and expound on that section of the Iowa Code that allows this.


04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Go Get Dog!


We need someone to clean out this cesspool Burlington has become. From city hall to regional planning to the high school. Dog and his crew are the ones to do it.

All we need to do is turn the old soap company into a temporary jail like Denver did for the Democrats and revoke bond for everyone. You sit until trial and there are no speedy trials. Rewards from the cleansing would pay for Dog's visit.

All the notoriety would attract the A&E film crew which would in turn attract the developers for Manor Mall. That would work better than some old eye catching sign.

So you criminals beware. If you see a black Suburban wheeling around the ‘hood with Beth or Leland at the wheel, run for Illinois. Dog’s on your ass.

Speaking of dogs and while we’re at it, bring in 4 or 5 K-9 teams from out of town to patrol the halls of BHS for a few weeks. Nothing like a dog to shake up the bad boys and girls.

You Wanted Answers

When do they start?


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Thank You, Comrade Delaney?

"After the dictator's death in 1953, Brooks says, the government maintained its control on the media, though without the same cult of personality. This iron grip was part of the Soviet Union's downfall, he says. In his book, he writes, "...in the end, [control of the media] left little room for a critical commentary adequate to recognize [the state's] own defects and to provide a nuanced understanding of its accomplishments.""


Thanks for the link to the Johns Hopkins article about controlled news Stalin style. The more I read, the more Burlington begged comparison.

Above is what I found most frightening. Professor Brooks' observation reads like the Angelou study concerning the Advertiser's role in the ongoing ruin of Southeast Iowa. The Ad Vertiser is indeed a large part of the problem.

Not all is lost.

You, Falcon, Fred & Seven, have given hope. Were it not for the alternative media that has sprung up over the last decade, there would be no critical commentary on defects in our local authoritarian ruling structure. On those rare occasions when they do something right, we would never know who told them what to do it, nor the reasons why.

The sooner more people seek multiple, alternative sources of local information, instead of relying solely on the Advertiser, the sooner Burlington has hope for a better future.

Until then, I need to find a copy of Professor Brooks' book. It may contain further insight into our local single party system and its Ministry of Propaganda.


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Obama's New Deal Staff Car

Courtney Excited By Opportunities

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11 September

Where's The Ad Vertiser? - "Who Cares?"


Your readers told us weeks ago about Tapp, regional planning and Tyson Foods. How long will it be before the newspaper does their sizzling one day coverage of the ensuing crime wave created by this amateur attempt economic development?


Who cares? Everybody in Southeast Iowa that should know it knows by now. Every city hall, church and gathering place knows what a screw-up Tapp's deal has become.

The real question is how will Courtney and Fraise fix the problem if they are re-elected? Or is this a good reason to jolt them from office.


04:49:23 - SPIKE - No comments

Why Leonard Johnson Must Not Be Heard


From Johns Hopkins Magazine -

"The Soviet government used the press to create what Brooks characterizes as "the economy of the gift": everything good in life was a gift of the state, for which the people owed gratitude. Newspapers published letters from workers and peasants thanking Comrade Stalin for everything imaginable--the chance to exceed a quota for wheat production, for a happy life, for raising the Soviet Union's children.

These expressions of gratitude grew to take up one-third of a typical newspaper's daily edition. Stalin was the all-wise father of the country, the bestower of gifts. Says Brooks, "He was God and Santa Claus and everything else tossed together.""

Reader should understand why Leonard Johnson must not be heard.

The single party political system and its leaders must be properly portrayed to the masses. This is the role of the Ad Vertiser.

As with the SCC tax levy, you must never admit the cost of the gift. Senator Courtney will tell you, get even with business and that will bring "gifts."

If people wise up and read the whole truth, rather than just the Ad Vertiser, some local Santa Clauses may need to find an honest job. Why do you think Senator Courtney is so hell bent on outing Spike?


We were expecting the Ad Vertiser to mention what Falcon already told us; the SCC tax was the 4th highest in the state prior to Tuesday's election. Now it's the 2nd highest in Iowa.

Why does it take 2 blogs to tell the truth to the public? They buy ink by the barrel and we provide 50% of their story lines usually weeks before they know it ever happened.

That's a hell of an incentive to do better. They wear their badge of mediocrity and shame like a badge.


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Fly The Flag Campaign


Please join us in this FLY THE FLAG campaign on Thursday, September 11th, 2008. An American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this seventh anniversary of one our country's worst tragedies. We do this in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms.

Tim Scott

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From the Middle of South Central Avenue to the Halls of BHS?


"Two groups of people who previously had problems with each other came in contact with each other in the hallways at BHS and proceeded to fight," Shaeffer said.

Senator Courtney says we should not pick on his friends, but this begs some questions. Was this a gang fight? Are the pugilists a result of the Southeast Iowa Regional Planing Commission's resettlement to the impoverished provinces program?

Our schools are a reflection of our community.

Is more of this in store thanks to Senator Courtney, Tapp and other local leaders including the school board.


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BHS Fight


I noticed the first names of some of the kids involved in the fight at BHS and couldn’t help but notice that Lakisha, Chantelle, Miesha, Treuna, Domiana and Antwan were strange names

Are these really Burlington kids or are they exchange students?

Just wondering

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The Daily Iowan Versus the Ad Vertiser


What is the difference between the Daily Iowan and the Ad Vertiser?

The Daily Iowan has competent adults mentoring Jimmy Olsons learning their craft.

The Ad Vertiser does not.


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10 September

Burlington High School Erupts In Violence

State Sets Quota on Discipline


Why did the newspaper report this story today? The day after the election? Where were the candidates on these issues? Why doesn’t the media ask these questions or report the story before the candidate forum and demand an answer?


Publisher Steve Delaney decided we didn’t need to know about it. The answer, send them all to jail including the parents.


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Child Labor Question


The owners of Agriprocessors in Postville are being charged with 9,311 child labor violations. What are the odds that there are child labor problems at Tyson in Columbus Junction?

I'm guessing this bus issue is far bigger than we all know.


I suppose Brian Tapp at regional planning has his bus drivers checking ID's before getting on the bus.


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Would Somebody Please Buy a Billboard

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Johnson's Letter Identifies Problem

Ad Vertiser Advertising Dollars Still Regional Problem


Delaney and the Hawkeye won't print Leonard Johnson's letter? Isn't he entitled to his free speech?

Johnson should contact the Hawkeye headquarters in Kansas. Delaney's Hawkeye is getting as bad as Oprah! They will decide who has the right to speak depending on one's viewpoint.

Do those at the Hawkeye understand how much credibility they are losing? I have never seen it this bad from our local newspaper. Ever!

They are afraid of City Hall, they are afraid of SCC, they are afraid of the school district, they are afraid of the County. They all spend money with the Hawkeye and kiss Delaney's ass. So therefore, he will protect them. He isn't doing his job, that is the sad part.

I doubt that is what they taught him in journalism school.


08:47:13 - SPIKE - No comments

Sequestered from the Stress of Office


You were reporting our Mayor was less visible than usual. I trust he is in good health.

This should be nothing to worry about. It is not uncommon for the mighty to make themselves scarce once in a while.

I hear our Mayor still hits the links with Slagle. Maybe our Mayor found a new golfing buddy, Kim Jong-il. Slagle and our Mayor would make a perfect threesome.


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09 September

Delaney's Abuse of Power - Delaney Needs to Go

Ad Vertiser's Endorsement for Richardson Tied to Ad Dollars


Your contributors are right again. It is sad how bad the Hawkeye has become since Delaney replaced Mertens. The Hawkeye won't report the facts or the stories that they do not want the public to read.

Mercer admitted he does not have a license. He should be replaced immediately, end of story.

The Hawkeye just endorsed the SCC property tax levy. That is their opinion and their right. They failed to report that SCC has one of the highest tax levies in Iowa among community colleges. This should have been reported too. This is just an example. They do this all the time.

This is why the majority of the area citizens are turning to the two local blogs to get the news. We can't trust the Hawkeye because they hide this from us. If it were not for the blogs, the people of this area wouldn't know half what is going on.

Delaney is the one that should go. His paper is going down hill. He endorsed Melanie Richardson for the school board only because her husband runs Great River Medical Center and they purchase thousands of dollars per year in adv.

I have watched the board meetings and I wouldn't vote for that arrogant trouble maker for nothing. She was terrible in the Chamber sponsored forums. The people that I talked to thought she was the worst one there by far. Boy, she got the Hawkeye's endorsement and we all know why. No, I'm not a teacher.

The Hawkeye is failing this community because of Delaney. Mertens was a much better editor and his employees admit that. People like Mercer and others in the governments are just using him and he isn't smart enough to figure it out.

Citizen for straight news

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School Election Today


07:26:46 - SPIKE - No comments

Wrong Question, Spike!


You reader asked what made SEIRPC Brian Tapp an expert in hiring unlicensed building inspector John Mercer when the advertiser told us who made the decision. I know Tapp is the boss at regional planning but he will tell us he didn't know anything about it.

The question should be - What made Dan Eberhardt an expert in hiring unlicensed building inspector John Mercer?


06:43:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Tapp - Tell Me It Ain't So


You mean to tell me Brian Tapp orchestrated this whole Tyson food thing down to providing a low cost bus ride to work?


Yep. He's going to pimp for the Postville Kosher meat thieves next. Undocumented workers and child labor would fit his bus seats.


06:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mercer's Tree Stand 2


To answer WT's question, when your tree stand is facing Starr's Cave the white spots on the trees wouldn't do you much good if they were behind you.

By now for all I know maybe the trees have been cut down. As far as the trimmed limbs in the park I don't know who cut them, but since the DNR had authority in the park I presume they were making it easier for the deer to get out.

I don't know who you are but you must know Mr. Mercer well to ask if he's used bait, because the guys that informed me about this mentioned that also.

I'm sending a copy of this to the Hawkeye because the last one never got printed. Knowing what good friends Mr. Mercer and Steve Delaney are, I can see why this didn't get printed.. Maybe the two of them hunt together.

Leonard Johnson

If Mercer's white range marks aren't measured any better than his judgment, I pity the leaf peepers' hike during deer season.

Couple of things you can't hide in a deer blind.

I've heard of mentally marking several trees, weeds or rocks for a distance guide; but white paint? I guess the white paint does speak for itself.

If you use white paint to mark trees, cut limbs to see into a no hunting area, odds are good for the use of bait.

Maybe Publisher Steve Delaney hunts with Delaney. But I doubt it since Delaney wouldn't need the white paint. He already knows everything.


06:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Please, Don't Squeeze the Advertiser


You are right. The quality of the medium itself has become reflective of the Advertiser's content.

Damn poor.

Be careful when rustling the Advertiser at the breakfast table. You may end up with crap in your corn flakes.

Mr. Whipple

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A Better Use for Views As News That Ain't Worth ......


Seeing this caused thoughts of the Advertiser. It is enough to make one praise Buddha.

Reincarnation, recycling, call it what you wish. If you fail in this life, try, try again. It is sort of like the City of Burlington building a sewer tank, or quiet crossings.

When it comes to achieving perfection, the Advertiser is antithesis of Nirvana. On the path to enlightenment, reincarnating old Advertisers into something universally useful is the first step.


They print no news before it's time since they are Iowa's Oldest News in Print.

We print it, like it or not.


06:19:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 September

Unlicensed Inspector Needs To Go


From what I was told by a licensed person in another City, is the City or County should have only a licensed inspector to inspect property that will be subject to Government rules, building regulations or payments. The Hawkeye should jump on this, but Delaney likes Mercer.

Mercer is making more money than when he was the City full-time inspector. Since then, he was paid $70,000 to kick the poor people out of their homes in the Manor and now he is profiting very well in a few short months on the flood victims.

It may be irrelevant that he is profiting, but he should have a State or Federal inspection license to inspect property. Otherwise, they could hire any Joe Blow off the street. Let's see if they follow the law!

The Hawkeye is quick to make the governments follow the open meeting laws. They should spend as much effort on these things too. Mercer is hired because he is friends with the right people. They could have bid this.

Talk about corruption!

County Resident

Publisher Steve Delaney only seeks issues that sell papers. Mercer probably slips in Delaney's back door to squeal like Hoschek does.

What about Mercer's IPER's? Maybe someone should alert the state about Mercer's new found supplemental retirement income. Or FEMA to ask about Mercer's qualifications since SEIRPC Brian Tapp didn't.


01:41:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Monday's Superman Advertiser

It's a common Monday occurrence on The KCPS Big Show 1150 AM for old #7 to joke about being able to see through the Ad Vertiser because the edition is so thin with news, usually meaningless news.

Well, imagine my surprise Sunday morning reading the Ad Vertiser when I noticed the paper was so thin it has holes you can plainly see when held up to the light. Looked like stars when held up to the Sunlight.

What's the next cost saver?


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Ad Vertiser Turns Green


Here’s a picture of old Hawkeye’s being put to good use. This lovely home has been insulated and wall papered with old Hawkeye newspapers. What ingenuity on the part of this contractor.

This home is being built to replace those torn down by the city of Burlington and given to friends or relatives to make room for a dog crap park on the old Manor grounds.


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06 September

Oprah Pulls an Ad Vertiser


Has Oprah Winfrey been reading the Ad Vertiser?

If there is a political candidate who does not share your view of how the world should be organized, ignore them.

Give those of whom you approve a forum. Praise them at every opportunity. Ignore their every flaw. Attract, retain and maintain an audience of the ignorant. If anybody calls you on your actions, always deny your bias for a candidate.

Oprah started out as journalist and advanced to become an entertainer.

The Ad Vertiser was once a respected newspaper by another name. The Ad Vertiser has degenerated into comedic entertainment by error, agenda based omissions and general incompetence.

There is an important difference between Oprah and the Ad Vertiser. While using many journalistic techniques, Oprah does not deny being in the entertainment business.


23:40:33 - SPIKE - No comments

Bad People Make Bad Law


Iowa's anti-smoking law makes as much sense as the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act.

Whenever there is a crusade to make individual choice a sin, fools rush in. You need not look far to find them.

In Des Moines County, State Representative Dennis Cahoon (D) and State Senator Tom Courtney (D), our most embarrassing legislator buffoons, voted to tax and harass smoking by consenting adults. Courtney is up for re-election this year. Only Senator Courtney has viable opposition.

Spike, you are right. Change the law and stop feeding the lawyers. The only way to change the law is to change those who make the law.

Remember Senator Courtney on election day. He is the only one you have a chance of removing. Concerning Cahoon, post your protest with a write in vote for Otis Campbell.

Chester Fields

23:36:52 - SPIKE - No comments

05 September

In Flanders field, the Poppies Grow, Amidst the Cross Bucks Row on Row

06:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Unlicensed City Building Inspector - Stay Away!


You can pass along a bit of advice to John Mercer, stay away.

I don't want and don't need anyone associated with Burlington's many natural disasters to meddle in something he is no longer licensed to screw up. My insurance company said if he isn't licensed, he's a liability.

I already knew that!


06:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What Made Tapp An Expert?


What made Brain Tapp and Dan Eberhardt experts in disaster cleanup? Where did they get their education for that unique planning situation?

Let's see, this week we found out that Tapp is promoting Cedar Rapid's airport with local taxpayer funded bus transportation. Probably because his Board Chairman is the City Adminsitrator for the city of Mt Pleasant.

Which is somewhat understandable since Tapp's last board chairman didn't even live in Iowa.

Now, because Tapp and Dan Eberhardt go to church in Oakville they are disaster cleanup experts.

Seems like a strange circle of coincidences.


More like a circle of jerks.


05:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Tapp's Right Hand Says OK


I see SEIRPC Brian Tapp's right hand man approved hiring John Mercer. Literally, he approved an unlicensed former building inspector to do inspections.

What weight will that carry in court when the county gets sued for tearing down a building and then losing it like Mercer did in the manor?

Just a Thought

Scott Power's law firm Dewey, Screwem and Howe is already forming their winnable defense case. See, Mercer supposedly signed a hold harmless agreement absolving him of all wrongdoing. So Mercer can run wild and no one has any control. Just like Burlington.

Lawsuits will surely follow.


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Otis Campbell Rebellion Just About Quelled

According to KWQC's news, Otis Campbell's smoking rebellion is about to squelched. It's about time.

If I (or anyone else) did this, how much time of the day would I see daylight in solitary confinement?

It's not about the constitution, it's about the law. Stop the whining. Change the law.


05:49:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Mercer's Tree Stand


I have 3 questions about John Mercer's tree stand.

Are the white range markers on his side of the fence or on Starr Cave's side of the fence?

Who trimmed the trees on the Starr's Cave side of the fence?

Is there any bait on the ground? He likes baited fields.


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School Board Woes - Begin The Needed Repair


While I too am leery of having the teacher's union have control of the school board I do know that Melanie Richardson has to go. If you've seen the
televised meetings you have seen how condescending and arrogant that woman is. She's the same in person.

I advocate for Tom Greene (also not my best choice) and one of the others and then next time we're given the opportunity get the teacher's out.

Richardson's a huge advocate for administration and cutting programs for the students. She comes to the table with a rich attitude...take
from the students and give to the administrators.

And while we're at it get Jane out too. She's really messed up the schools with the boundary changes.


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Would You Trust an Engineer Who Can't Even Estimate a Turd Tank?


Is crossing Cascade bridge living dangerously?

Knoke says the bridge is OK, at least for a few months. Councilman Scott says no. When heading north from the band shell, which way would you go?

Cascade bridge is another dose of hard reality the City Council has dodged for years. Burlington is facing infrastructure issues. The structures built over a century ago when Burlington had a bright future are letting go.

Burlington is not growing. The wealth that was once here is no more. An increasingly old and less affluent population means keeping up the basics is a tremendous burden.

What is the answer?

Quiet railroad crossings, a wrecked plex, the Manor Mall, a gambling den, these are but some of the brilliant solutions. All years of irrational public policy has done is make the situation worse.

Until people demand honest solutions and encourage capable people to make public policy, it will just get worse.

Until then, bury the dead. Buy more detour signs.


Which would you go when heading north from the band shell? I know our mayor, Lost Keys Bill Ell is disappointed.

Our "lost" leader is still in the woods, lost as ever. Disappointed. Hell, he was disappointed when the quiet zone debacle. He was disappointed with Eminent Domain Mall. He was disappointed with the outcome of the railroad lawsuit. He was disappointed about Scott Power's rape of the city budget.

What's Lost Keys Bill Ell done about anything? Not a damn thing. He's not a leader. He's an old man that should be home counting his shoe laces.

As for Ron Knoke, don't cross any sewer work he's done in your car. You might wind up floating in a pile.


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School Board Elections


LT, here you go. You asked for Melanie Richardson's report card.

1. Failure to return multiple phone calls and emails from educators and concerned parents regarding the addition of a multi-purpose room at the new middle school. When the presentation was made at the board meeting, she apologized for not returning calls because she was out of town over the weekend - to which another board member responded that was not true since she was at a high school function that weekend.

2. Touting the recent teachers' pay increase as an accomplishment of the board. These were funds provided by the State of Iowa in an effort to boost teachers' salaries so they weren't some of the lowest paid in the nation. The only thing the Board did was distribute the funds. These funds are from the State and can disappear at any time. Any other increases in pay have primarily had to cover the increases in health care premiums, teachers pay has not kept up with Administrator pay comparatively.

3. Failure to look forward on the needs of the high school in regards to the remodel/refurbish. It didn't become an issue until after the request for the multipurpose room cam up. If the High School is in such great disrepair, then why haven't we heard of any plans to complete repairs/remodel?

4. Was supportive of approving the Administrators handbook. Paid vacation on top of a great salary and benefits package. I won't even get into the pay of the current Supers.

5. Speaking of benefit packages, how about approving the nice Golden Parachute package for Dr Book?

The BCSD school board, like the County Supervisors needs to have new blood rather than the same old, same old status quo. We need leadership on the board, we obviously are not getting that from the current superintendant. I think Tom Greene and Jeanette Kline would have the best interests of the students, teachers, taxpayers, (the entire district) in mind at all times.

Also, please ask some of the Admin staff how the shoe shopping online was this summer when the Ad building was have their windows reglazed. Not just shopping on their lunch hour, but through the entire day. Which brings up another question, why not combine the Admin staff and the Alternative School to the old Washington school building once North Hill is done?

Get out and vote, if your not comfortable with any of the candidates - write in your vote for Spike.

Always watching, always listening, always reporting.


Please do not use your vote in the election to vote for me. If I were to be elected there would be reform no one would be pleased with. Remember, I was the guy promoting used circus tents and bales of hay instead of these Book monuments to stupid spending and overblown egos.

I don't like the school board loaded with teachers at all. For a lot of reasons, mostly the total lack of common sense when it comes to business decisions. You want to put a teacher on the school board, get Dick Wagner. He'll straighten out this overgrown spending curve.

And unload the assistant superintendent. That expense column needs a trim.


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The Ad Vertiser - Again and Again - WRONG


"This is an interesting headline, but where is story?" An Ad Vertiser blogger.

The online Ad Vertiser story with the headline about a 13 year old girl struck by a blind gang banger's bullet is once again posted with the wrong story attached. Yesterday's "news" headline is among the most popular stories, according to the Ad Vertiser's 9-3 web site of popular stories.

Was a 13 year old girl struck by a stray gang banger's bullet? If so, details, if you please.

Did the Ad Vertiser get a lot of hits on this because you noted it?

Joke sites get a lot of hits on the web. Has the Ad Vertiser become such a joke news source that rerunning their incompetence is the only to attract hits?

Oh, how I miss the late, great and credible Hawk-Eye Gazette.


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04 September

Bus Service and Barn Carpenter Maybe Useful


While I may trust SEIRPC to provide a ride to the Cedar Rapids Airport,
what the hell do they know about Structural Engineering? If Manor menace
Mercer is the answer, I would sooner trust a bus mechanic to do brain

The County Board of Supervisor's should have hired an Engineering firm
for the job of flood assessment. Of course, an Engineering firm is not
going to build you a back door to railroad county zoning down
everybody's throat. Since we are screwed with SEIRPC, make the best of
our political leaders decision.

The best deal would be to have SEIRPC to declare all Oakville flood
victims deserve FEMA checks. Move the victims out.

SEIRPC buys the site. Mercer and his fellow deer blind competent
carpenter buddies are in turn hired to rehabilitate the buildings for
"low income assistance housing." Sister up a few load bearing walls,
scab a few 2 X 4s along some floor joist and spray enough clorox to hide
the mold for a few months.

Oakville is closer to Columbus Junction than Burlington. Cut a deal with
Tyson's. SEIRPC will provide rides to Columbus Junction. A monthly pass,
or until they quit. SEIRPC will come out ahead on unused rides.

Move all of Tapp's emigrants from Burlington to Oakville. Get the
Chamber to lean on Citizen Kane. Demand Advertiser feature stories
galore on the wonderful opportunity for former Cabrini Green residents
to actually own their home. Kane will do as he is told, or lose what
little local advertising he still gets. As usual, the ignorant will
believe what they read in the Advertiser to be true.

The criminal element will still be in Senator Courtney's district. As
long as they get registered to vote, our noble State Senator will be happy.

When the next flood comes, load up all those without jobs on SEIRPC
buses with full fuel tanks. Their evacuation destination will be
non-stop, one way to Cook County, Illinois. Render all due assistance to
those who have stayed employed and out of trouble. See they are
resettled on high ground. We welcome those who work and abide by the law.

Repeat process. Screw taxpayers.


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Heland - "Mercer Can Enter Any Public Property"

It never ceases to amaze me what an expert Jeff Heland is about nothing in particular other than screwing the taxpayers to the wall. Tapp, Mercer and Heland are the three most dangerous things facing Des Moines County right now.

There isn't an expert among the 3 of 'em. Now SEIRPC hires a unlicensed, known failure for a job that requires something other than a line of bullshit.

Hold on to your pocketbook Grandma, it's going to be a bad ride.


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Is It Time for a Burlington Batman?


Sometimes I think Burlington is in desperate need of a Batman type character! As I'm listening to the local PD on the scanner, call after call is for a theft, an assault or vandalism. What the hell is happening to this town?

I used to laugh when people from the smaller communities around the Burlington area would comment on not coming to Burlington because of the crime and not being able to come out of your house after dark, but now I'm starting to wonder if it might be true.

Considering an average call to the local PD takes them about 30 - 45 minutes to respond if it isn't a "life or death" issue. So don't waste your time calling in a drug deal going on in the street, a group of area youths gathering in the street and not moving when cars come down it, or a domestic fight going on next door because by the time the PD get there, the deal will be done, the group will be gone and someone will end up dead in the domestic fight.

Does anyone have one of the big search lights we can borrow and tape outline of maybe a Key to shine in the sky to see if the mayor or the PD will notice?


Well, first thing is you would only need a flashlight shining in Lost Keys beady little eyes at the Sombrero to find him. Or better yet, just kick open the front door and yell - Lost Keys, free beer, there's been another disappointment.

Second, the thought of Lost Keys Bill Ell in a rubber suit is something best left for the closet since it won't frighten hardened criminals and it would scare most good cops.

Maybe we should have Brian Tapp write some grants for crime fighting money since he brought the problems to Burlington. That seems most realistic.


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Quiet Zone Hits Red Tape?

The downtown quiet zone has hit red tape. At least that is according to Mini-Me Doug Worden.

The quiet zone plan was flawed from the beginning. Amateurs hiring amateurs to deal in a world of slight tolerance with outrageous solutions to an extremely expensive problem. Slippery Slagle said the quiet zone would cost $180,000. The new price is $400,000 for the phased in version.

How could the railroad agree to a plan that only updates some of the crossings, not all of them and stop blowing their whistles while the city steals more tax dollars to pay for their incompetence? That's the common sense side of this equation that Mini-Me and the Ad Vertiser failed to report.

Besides, we told everybody that this wasn't going to work for all of the reasons it hasn't.

You want a quiet zone, go raise $200,000 for every crossing you want protected. And then hope it can be built for that.

Otherwise, just follow the trail of the Promiscuous Spending Lemmings.


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How Do You Start a Flood? Backdoor County Zoning!


Tyrants will utilize any opportunity to further their power at the expense of a people's liberty. In recent years around here, it is property rights under assault.

The drunk ex-Mayor, Slagle, Senator Courtney and the other usual suspects saw opportunity slipping through their grasp. The people of Iowa were sick of eminent domain abuse. The Iowa Legislature was forced to act requiring their first special session in roughly 40 years.

An Iowa Senate amendment gave some extra time and it was put to foul use. Less than affluent residents were driven from their homes. An in excess of $5 million fiasco with a for sale sign stands as a monument to their mendacity.

The flood of 2008 has provided unexpected opportunity to trample the private property rights of Des Moines County Citizens. With no law to allow it, the Des Moines County Board of Supervisors has hired an inspector to condemn private property.

Citizens do not want county zoning. They are getting it through the back door using tragedy as the remedy to advance tyranny. The Enabling Act will doubtless be forth coming.

It is an old story.

Germany saw a leader elected to office with constitutional limits on his power. Such limits were not to his liking. A mysterious fire in 1933 served as the pretext to remove all limits on the leader's power.

Not all tyrants forcefully take power. Perverting the process of governing with limited powers by consent of the people can be just as effective.

As long as Des Moines County voters refuse to think for themselves and follow only the party line, they will get what they ask for.

Jolly Herman

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School Board Election


I'm suspicious of GH, the author of the school board letter you published on September 1. GH wrote that Melanie Richardson's record rivals Hoschek's, but offered not a single example of her poor performance.

I think GH has a deeper motive. One of the current School Board members (an ex-teacher) recruited yet another ex-teacher to run, Jeannette Kline. If Kline wins one of the two available seats, the teachers' union will then have 4 of the board's 7 votes, and control of the School Board. This will be a disaster for Burlington students, parents, and taxpayers. School Board incumbents Greene and Richardson are the only candidates with a chance of defeating Kline.

If your readers want to prevent the teachers' union from taking over the Burlington School Board they need to vote for Tom Greene and Melanie Richardson on Sept. 9.


We have enough teachers on the school board now; at least two that can't find their shoes in the morning let alone any common sense.

I guess it will be another union race.


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Martini's Anyone?

From a real newspaper -
A chunk of ice shelf nearly the size of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island in Canada's northern Arctic, another dramatic indication of how warmer temperatures are changing the polar frontier, scientists said Wednesday.

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03 September

County Zoning No Surprise


This back door approach to county zoning is no surprise to me. It has been well known that Heland and Tapp have been strong supporters for county wide zoning.

Trying to have a crook like Mercer condemn houses in Des Moines County just adds to the theft.


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Heland and Hoschek Endorse Regional Planning's Freeloaders


I see the whale and little Timmy, due to their expertise, have found another expert in John Mercer. But this time it will be the county taxpayers to be raped by the pros.

I could see why little Timmy went along with the vote he doesn't have anything to lose beings he lost the election. He probably figured that would be good payback for all who did not vote for him. In the near future we will probably see Timmy driving a dump truck for Mr. Mercer.

As far as the whale voting for Mr. Mercer, maybe John told him he'd buy him some beer or take him gambling. The people in the county better watch these monkeys. It's a very sad state of affairs for the people of Burlington and Des Moines Co. to have elected officials such as these.


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Regional Planning To Do Brownfield On City Hall


I think SEIRPC should do a Brownfield’s study of city hall here in Burlington and follow up with a phase II study after the phase I.

A Phase II helps to determine the extent of the contamination problem and its characteristics. Remember, Slagle and others so dear to Burlington used city hall as a training platform for greed, distrust, injustice, and organizational planning to deceive the public.

Word has it there’s plenty of unwanted gas and hot air undulating throughout the facilities and help from SEIRPC would be well justified.

Should the EPA be called for a grant?


We're Tapp(ed) out.


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SEIRPC Wants To Waste More Money


More money to be wasted by SEIPRC:

The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission received a $51,000 grant to establish a comprehensive economic development strategy. Appeared in the 9/2/08 Hawk Eye.

One thing Burlington and SE Iowa need is another study about economic development. This is just throwing good money after bad, time and time again.

All the studies or plans in the world won’t make any difference here in Burlington until the city management and one party of losers are gone. The problems here in Burlington are the following, not necessarily in the order of severity of their failures:

· City elected officials

· City management


· The Chamber of Commerce

· Grow Greater Burlington

· Burlington Voters

· Board of Supervisors

· City Lawyer


No one listened or reacted to the last 3 economic development studies. Time for study is over. It is time for these incompetent staff builders and grant writers to be fired and replaced with a whole new crew that react.

We've wasted enough money on Brian Tapp, SEIRPC and the Chamber.

Show them the door.


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John Mercer - American Sportsman


It has been brought to my attention by a couple of fellow hunters, that John Mercer and his grandson hunt on Jamison's ground next to the Starr's Cave Nature Center. They hunt fifteen feet away from the Starrs Cave Nature Center fenceline.

I would like to know who crawled over the fence and trimmed the limbs on the Starr's Cave side. I don't believe Mr. Mercer would do this but he might have gotten a special permit from the state or the DNR which he is friendly with. Did they trim these limbs for him?

I've seen the photos of Mr. Mercer and his grandson's stand and they are both facing into the nature center.

Now, I would like to know what the white on the trees would be for other than yardage marker's. Maybe all hunter's should check with John Mercer for his special rules for hunting.

I also want to congratulate Mr. Mercer on his new job. I will be checking on his contract with the county to see if he has a get out of jail free clause in there. Business will probably be picking up for Mr. Fye. John Mercer is probably looking for another Quarry to fill up right now.

This time there will be enough people watching to see where the demo does go. Maybe some of the other contractors will get a shot at doing the job this time. John you had better get this job over with quick, it's almost hunting time.

I'm sending this to the Hawkeye also to see if it gets printed.

Leonard Johnson

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Thanks for the Trip Tip


Thanks for tipping me off on a better way to travel. SEIRPC bus lines should better advertise their service.

It maybe quicker and cheaper to drive to Mt. Pleasant and catch the bus to a direct flight from Cedar Rapids. This could be a better option than an expensive crop duster to St. Louis or driving to Moline.

If my need to travel keeps increasing, I may just move to a larger city. My taxes in Burlington are no cheaper than in Cedar Rapids, or Davenport. I may as well live where you get more for what you pay for.


At least in Cedar Rapids and Davenport the economic development people support their local airport.


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For They Be the Resurrection by Retraction - edit


I saw the 13 year old gang violence shooting victim headline tied to another story has been pulled from the online Advertiser.

As one seeking value for my purchases, I do not buy the fishwrap version of the Ad Vertiser. Was the carpet for catfish guts also wrong?


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Road Rage, Remedial Reporting Skills or DGAS



"Girl, 13, struck by stray bullet in gang shooting
The Hawk Eye

A Corydon man died and his passenger was seriously injured after a truck turned in front of their motorcycle Sunday in Henderson County, Ill.

Christopher Coates, 52, and Malinda Mathews, 49, also of Corydon, were riding on Henderson County, Ill., road 1350 East at 11:47 a.m. when a 2003 Ford truck driven by Cleo Bowman, 85, of Galesburg, Ill., turned in front of the motorcycle at county road 2400 North, according to the Illinois State Police. ......................................"

The online Ad Vertiser ran a headline about a 13 year old girl struck by a stray gang banger's bullet. The story beneath is about a highway accident. At least the accident did not occur on US 34 near Tama, IA.

Who, what, when, where, and why. Have the rules changed?

Who cares? What the hell? Later is better than never. Where is somewhere over there. Why ask why?

The crossword puzzle is not the only thing cross eyed and back assward at the Ad Vertiser.


It's ass backwards any way you cut it.


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Johnstone and CCW


"PG" made the statement that "not everyone should have a CCW." That is absolutely true. Criminals, people with mental problems, and people untrained in safe firearms handling have no business carrying a concealed weapon. Unfortunately, many sheriffs have a much larger list than that. Actually, in many cases it is much shorter- it would read "anyone I deem undeserving." By PG's own admission, you need to have a reason good enough to convince the sheriff you "need" to carry a weapon. And personal protection is not enough of a reason. Moving into the area from out of state where one had a permit is not enough.

Des Moines County has been one of the more difficult counties in the state to get a permit. I understand Sheriff Johnstone has become more liberal in issuing, but Des Moines County is still among the more stringent in the state. That is, unless you are a "somebody." 40 other states issue permits to law abiding citizens and have had no problems. But Iowa Sheriffs get to decide who deserves to protect themselves and their loved ones?

The people that come in for a permit are the law abiding ones. It is the ones who carry a gun stuck in their waistband sans permit you need to worry about.


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02 September

Southeast Iowa Needs No Scheduled Air Service

SEIRPC Brian Tapp Promotes Cedar Rapids Airport

Needed Airport Customer Base Bused to Cedar Rapids


"Rides to Cedar Rapids Airport are picked up at Wal-Mart at 7:30am in Mount Pleasant, arrival at the Cedar Rapids Airport approximately 9:30am. Call the SEIBUS dispatcher for more details at (319) 753-5107, ext 201."

More direct flights. Fewer connections necessary. Fares far lower than than a cramped Cessna to St. Louis.

When does the run start from Burlington to Moline?


What the hell is wrong with this guy Tapp? I guess SEIRPC needs the Cedar Rapids airport miles to justify the grant money and funding for his bus business. That's how he gets paid, writing grants and then collecting an administeration fee to write the checks.

Speaking of that, I wonder if Burlington and Des Moines County are paying for that competing service with our tax dollars.

After all the commotion over Des Moines County funding the Burlington airport the slap can't get much louder than this. What a loser.


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SEIRPC & John Mercer - Disaster Looms For Des Moines County & Oakville

County Has No Zoning Ordinance - How Can Mercer Enforce That?

Heland's Backdoor to County Wide Zoning?


So I see regional planning is supposed to be hired by the county supervisors to clean up the flood damage and they want to hire the manor mall poster child, John Mercer, to lead the way. What a load!!

John Mercer: screwed the taxpayers for years as building inspector, retired, then was hired by Slippery Slagle to steal the manor property, is accountable to no one, pillages Oakville and now the supervisors led by Heland and Hoschek want to hire this guy as a building inspector??? What's the matter with these people?

Mercer was barely able to do his job when he worked for the city. He has screwed up everything since he retired. How in the world is he supposed to serve all these different entities fairly? Highest bidder? How many houses will he lose this time or give away to his buddies?

My answer is he won't. He will do what he has always done, serve himself a big helping of taxpayers' dollars. And Brian Tapp and regional planning are leading the charge with the help of Heland and Hoschek.

My last thought is how can the county hire a building inspector when there are no zoning ordinances for John Mercer to self-interpret? Is this a back door to county zoning dreamed up by Heland? We all know Heland supports county zoning.

We don't need John Mercer, Brian Tapp, Jeff Heland or that short timer Tim Hoschek playing God with our lives or our money.


That building code issue is right on point. Seems the county supervisors would have to vote on what building codes to make law first in order to have Mercer and regional planning enforce them.

I see nothing but a big old lawsuit of liability directed right at the county and regional planning. And it seems well pointed even if it doesn't involve Scott Power and his lump sum billing.

I can't wait to hear Heland's pre-Mega Gut Buster breakfast call to the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM this morning. I can hear Heland's labored breathing between wheezes now, telling us that this isn't a stab at county wide zoning.


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Bus Tapp and Others the Fruits of Their Folly


The Chamber of Compost, SEIRPC, City Government, the local single
political party, especially Senator Courtney, etc. they all share the
same fleas. All bear responsibility for the increase in local crime
caused by importing those Chicago is jubilant to see leave.

As usual, those responsible do not share equally in the resulting
disaster of their decision making. They live not in the crime wave's
vortex. They are not harassed outside neighborhood bars in the area.
They drink elsewhere.

This crime wave is crashing down on those with few resources and even
less influence. By in large it is their kids being beaten up. Their
homes that are broken into. Their cars stripped for parts. Etc.

We have been told if the young hoodlum gangs imported to foment crime
had better things to do with their time, the problem would be solved. Fine.

Tapp and the troop from City Hall conduct pleasure in the name of
business during business hours at Flint Hills on Fridays. Any hoodlum
deemed such by juvenile justice should be bused to Flint Hills on Friday
and turned loose. Let Tapp and the power crowd who brought them deal
with them.

If any of the juvenile delinquents takes an interest in golf, more than
just Tapp and company's beer may disappear. Clubs and carts are not
cheap. Making these people deal with the mess they have made may have a
down side.

Some of the hoodlums may actual end up befriended by bandits who have
cost Burlington far more than any gas station robbery. With Tapp and the
local power crowd as mentors to the hoodlums, the young may advance to a
higher level of larceny.

Stay in school and pay attention. Learn how to sneak crib notes up your
sleeve. Go to college. Graduate and return to Burlington. Enter
politics, it is about all a returning college man can find locally for a
job. Just remember, honesty and virtue are undesirable character traits.

It would perpetuate the system that has given us "without merit"
lawsuits, illegal secret meetings, assaults against the Bill of Rights
in the Iowa Legislature, confiscation of private property to create a 5
million dollar plus vacant lot and economic stagnation. The list goes on.

These young apprentices may some day surpass their masters.

If things do not change in Burlington, only criminals and welfare
receivers will remain.



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What We Got Here is a Failure to Communicate


Your commentators are being too harsh blaming Tapp's treasures for our recent crime wave. These new residents bring excitement, vitality and diversity to our community.

Senator Courtney says we should not pick on them. Senator Courtney is a wise leader we should all respect.

We need to learn more about the culture from which they came. If you need to bridge the language gap, click here.

Stop the hate speech. Communication solves all problems. Peace and love. Kiss a dove.

Kumbaya, everybody.


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Bus Ride For Tapp


When any of Tapp's new friends quits their job and plans to live off local taxpayers, this is the only bus schedule that matters. It should be mandatory.

Senator Courtney will throw a fit. Voters need to throw Senator Courtney under the bus in November.

Ralph Kramden

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Assault At SCC


What was the assault at SCC all about? No one is talking.


Don't know. Lid is on, for now. Rightfully so from what we hear.


01:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Concealed Weapons Carry in Des Moines County


I find the story about concealed carry permits very curious. As a subject very dear to my heart, I know for a fact the the Sheriff is very tolerate on issuing CCWs in this county. I have worked with the last two sheriffs--Joel and Mike both, and as long as you have some type of reasonable reason to carry they would issue the permit.

I have helped people obtain their permits and have had mine since 1988. I'm not a LEO, tow truck driver or any of the other things mentioned in the letter you published. I'm wondering if the letter you were sent was some kind of a "plant", because it's just not true. The secretaries down at the office have been nothing but helpful when ever I go down and renew my CCW or for any other problem that may crop up.

Not everyone should have a CCW.


That seems to be our experience with the process. A few slip through; like our drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards. He is the textbook case for denial of a CCW and the abuse that prevails when a drunk egomaniac holds a permit.

If you want home intrusion protection there is nothing like hearing the slide action on a short-barreled pump gun to raise the fear factor of the oppressor.


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01 September

The Going Rate for Character Flaws


A former U. S. Senator and presidential candidate cheats on his dying wife. As a result, he ups his fee on the lecture circuit.

Would any of our local leaders receive compensation if addressing a Women's Christian Temperance Union meeting?


Edwards has a baby to feed and needs the money. Hushing a baby's cries takes a lot.


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Crossword As Only The Ad Vertiser Can Perform


Need a laugh, check out Friday's crossword puzzle in the Hawk - eye. It's in reversed, upside down, backwards.

The proof readers down there must have eyes like Hawks!


They don't proofread the paper any more. No money and they don't care.


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Don't Forget School Board Elections - Change Needed


A plea for your readers to vote for anyone but Melanie Richardson, her record rivals that of Hoschek.


That's a glowing endorsement...


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Sheriff's Stance On Guns


I am a first time reader of your site and I thought I would raise this question...

With the obvious crime levels in our city on the rise largely due to the new Tyson workers being in our area, why is our Sheriff refusing permits to carry handguns? In Henry county I am told that almost anyone with a clean record can obtain one.

I inquired on obtaining one at our county sheriff's office and the receptionist asked if I was law enforcement, security, or a tow truck operator. I answered no and she said you can apply but that I would be wasting my time and money because those individuals were the only persons that could attain one.

What is our Sheriff afraid of? Good law abiding citizens being able to defend themselves?

Concerned and Curious

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