Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 October

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Loebsack and Harkin Bring a Gift

I like the political fanfare for railroad bridge money from Harkin and Loebsack. Loebsack with his “I did this for national security” crap. Some of Publisher Steve Delaney's free advertising.

Loebsack couldn’t find Burlington for over a year after he was in office and then, only after we got on his ass about it. Harkin feels so secure in Des Moines County he pals around with the Nutty Professor. I can’t wait until he grows a ponytail.

But the Democratic Party gadflies all slop over Loebsack’s shoes when he announces his monumental efforts to do something that was in the works before he could spell Washington, D.C. or find it on a map.

This whole political arena is getting way too stupid with totally unqualified people.

Oh, BTW - Harkin and Loebsack voted for the Wall Street bailout.

That’s enough to uncheck their box on November 4.

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Signs Of Things to Come

Obama makes way for two black magazines.

Thanks Falcon.

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Tim Scott Still Owes Apology

Councilman Tim Scott, you still owe John Fenton an apology for your remark on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM last week.

BTW - It needs to be on air.


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Ad Vertiser Cover Up

Publisher Steve Delaney Decides Who To Protect


Today 10-30-08, I talked to a very respected person who said one of their family witnessed Gary Thomas asking the Hawk Eye not to print his son's name in the paper, and the Hawk Eye did not print the boy's name!

Now this shows what the Hawk Eye and the city council does to the public, all of the corruption that has gone on has been covered up by the Hawk Eye!

And this is corruption at city hall and should be investigated along with a lot of other things that go on in the city by officials of authority!


Must have been an Ad Vertiser to garner such fine treatment.


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A People's Republic of Iowa


Communist China is notorious for censoring the free flow of information. Now Australia is getting into the act. It may not end there.

Senator Courtney introduced a bill in the Iowa Legislature a few years back to out the indentity of internet bloggers. Senator Courtney's spite against Spike bill died in committee. Who is to say Senator Courtney will not try again.

A net nanny for all Iowans is what you may get by re-electing Senator Courtney.

In all fairness to the Senator, it is not just wealth redistributing, closet, Marxist loonies we should worry about. In Australia, the "Christian" lobby is all in favor of net censorship to save the children from pornographers. http://www.acl.org.au/

Maybe Senator Courtney needs to contact and seek common cause with the Iowa Christian Alliance. After all the talk at their web site about liberty, their faithful were involved in the assault of some guy at a recent Republican event? Your report of that event read like pursuit of free speech on a picket line.

Terrorists and kiddie porn is not all that a net nanny will harvest. A net nanny, with a few finger flicks, collect and tell all about all using the net.

Is Spike a terrorist in the eyes of some? If so, when may any others at odds with the powers that be, be labeled the same?

Senator Courtney and any others who would promote censorship should not receive your vote.


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When Is Mediacom Going To Fix Their Servers?

When is Mediacom going to fix their internet servers? They do nothing but lie about what the problems are. Monday night it was a "fibre optic cable cut." 7:30 at night?

We poked around the internet and found OpenDNS. It sped up our internet speed, dramatically. However, your internet activities are now fed to a 3rd party. They say they don't collect your web travels.

But it is faster.

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30 October

Omit, Omit, and Again Omit

Video Tape Surfaces of Obama Terrorist Link

Obama Pays Tribute to Friend & Frequent Dinner Companion


A major news organization is sitting on a piece of news. They refuse to release a video tape of their endorsed presidential candidate. It may not be to their candidate's benefit.

That news orgnaization is the Los Angeles Times.

A minor news organization ignores news. They look the other way if it may reflect badly on their endorsed candidate. Unless it is negative, they ignore candidates they do not like (who is Mike Campbell anyhow?)

This news organization is the Ad Vertiser.


Why does Obama only have unsavory friends? Why doesn't any of Obama's friends come forward to speak in his defense or support?

And why didn't Obama produce his birth certificate in a court trial?

All of these issues can be resolved with really simple actions. Why hasn't Obama jammed the truth down his critics' throats and gloat?


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Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations


"Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor's identity, campaign officials confirmed."

Using prepaid credit cards is quite the wrinkle when comes to folding over the source of political donations.

If Senator Courtney has his eye on moving up, do you think he will tell his billionaire benefactors to have their butler buy them a few prepaid credit cards?

That way, the folks back in Burlington would never find out about that $2,000 coming from his "constituent" in Virginia.


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Courtney Misses Candidate Forum


"Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, who Kerr is seeking to unseat, was not in attendance."

Where was Senator Courtney last Sunday? Senator Courtney missed a Q & A candidate forum in Morning Sun.

At an earlier forum, Senator Courtney told us waste in Iowa is not terrible. This statement was so revealing, even the Ad Vertiser dared not ignore it. Given the number of people present, there was no way the Ad Vertiser could.

The more voters know about Senator Courtney, the more he has to fear.


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Investigative Reporting - What's That?

Courtney Scab Labor Question


I saw something at Falcon almost two years ago about Senator Courtney using non-union labor to remodel his home. Would there be public records of building permits to confirm this?

If no building permit was obtained, I guess there would be no record. If the records are kept at City Hall, this may also present a problem. Like all records of the illegal secret meeting to sue the railroad at which Senator Courtney was present, the black hole in Slagle's old desk may have devoured them.

Researching this would involve getting off your ass. Google will not get you the information. So much for Jimmy Olson being capable. Even if Jimmy were able, what if he found out this claim is true? Jimmy's editors hate Spike's site, but they know how to spike a story harmful to their agenda.

For most of us, our work keeps us elsewhere during business hours. The welfare state depends on the taxes work generates.

If somebody has the time, would they please check this out? If Slagle's black hole did not swallow up these pertinent public records, obtain copies, scan them in and send them to Spike.


Here's a good start. See the next posting.


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Falcon "Nails" Courtney Scab Labor Story

If you have doubts about Senator Tom Courtney's use of scab, cash labor, click here.

And if think Courtney learned his lesson and never did it again, click here.

Senator Tom Courtney is bad news all the way around the tree.

Send him home November 4th.


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O'Biden Out of Sight - Out of a Bind


Senator Joe Biden is on a short leash. Joe's mouth gets him and his running mate in trouble. Send Joe to Siberia.

Will Joe show up in Burlington during the final days of his race? If does, will Senator Courtney be there?


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Mourning Old Media’s Decline

Publishing on paper is in big trouble. Publishing Iowa's Oldest News on Paper can't be far behind.

The Wall Street is $100/year. The Ad Vertiser is almost twice as much.

You do the math.

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TV Guide Magazine Sold For $1.00

TV Guide Magazine was sold for the sum of $1.00.

So how much for the Ad Vertiser? 10¢?


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Dutch Government Invests $3.7 billion in Aegon

Insurer Aegon NV, with U.S. operations based in Cedar Rapids, said Tuesday it has taken a $3.7 billion investment from the Dutch government, acting to shore up its cash position in the face of the continuing global financial crisis.

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29 October

Look for the Union Label?


Courtney is a hypocrite. Courtney wants our union support but he hired illegal scab labor to work on his house remodeling. He uses our tax money to over pay for everything else.



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Senator Tom Courtney At Work On Taxpayer

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Only Cheaters Win


You know the only way for Courtney to win this election is to cheat with the vote. When Hoschek and Heland raid the nursing homes for votes, you can bet Courtney drove the car.


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Courtney Behind Eminent Domain Mall


You rant about Slagle and our worthless city council being the cause of the Manor fiasco. They had help.

Senator Tom Courtney was the enabler. Courtney lobbied to exempt the Manor from the new eminent domain law.

Keep that in mind on November 4. You'll appreciate his losing more when the first real payment comes due for this fiasco.

Engorged on Taxes

You're right. Senator Tom Courtney and his brother that sits on the economic development board ramrodded this deal.


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Senator Tom Courtney - Friend or Foe of Local Working People?

One Thing For Sure - No Friend To The Taxpayer


"We don't give the American worker the opportunity to learn [how to do] that job. We just bring somebody in from the outside and bring them in cheap," said Mark Smith, president of the Iowa Federation of Labor.

"That's what it really comes down to, bringing them in cheap." Dale Uehling, mayor of Ottumwa, Iowa, commented that the arrival of more than 400 immigrant workers with their families to his town for work at the pork processing plant has created problems in housing, schools, public health, and other social services.

Tom Courtney, United Auto Workers' political spokesman for southeast Iowa, said, "It just seems to me that there are a lot of underemployed people in Iowa now who aren't getting paid enough per hour and don't have decent benefits. We ought to make sure that all those folks are being taken care of before we ask for more people in this state."

Eight years ago, union spokesman Tom Courtney was not happy about importing packing plant workers to suppress wages.

Fast forward to 2008. Union spokesman Tom Courtney is now State Senator Tom Courtney.

Another packing plant in Southeast Iowa needs workers. They do not want to pay a wage rate to attract local labor.

"We just bring somebody in from the outside and we bring them in cheap." Some are truly timeless.

There is surplus subsidized public housing available an hour's drive away from the packing plant. To help keep the labor rate cheap, you offer subsidized bus rides from Burlington. Underemployed local workers' taxes help make it possible

With these imported workers come a host of problems. The local hospital emergency room becomes a battlefield dressing station. Gangs fight in the middle of streets. High school hallways become boxing arenas. Drug dealing and crime show a dramatic increase. The list goes on.

The Grow Greater Burlington bunch is beside themselves satisfied. Oh, they complained about the crime at first, but lately, they have a different take. Crime is growth.

".. underemployed people in Iowa now who aren't getting paid enough per hour and don't have decent benefits" along with others have complained about the quality and character of those being imported to suppress their wages. They complained and State Senator Tom Courtney responded.

Senator Courtney said you should not pick on these people.

What a friend the underemployed working two crappy jobs to keep a roof over their heads and pay the taxes to keep it have in Senator Courtney.

Just remember who your "friends" are on election day.


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Gannett Cuts Jobs Across the Country

"Gannett Co. said it would cut about 10 percent of its staff across its U.S. community publishing division, which includes the Des Moines Register and the Iowa City Press-Citizen."

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Daily, Weekly, Deceased


"The Christian Science Monitor, which turns 100 years old this year, is announcing on Tuesday, Oct. 28, that it will cease daily publication next April. The newspaper will shift to a weekly print format while increasing its emphasis on its Web site,
says its editor, John Yemma.

In doing so, the Monitor will become by far the most prominent newspaper to scale back its print edition substantially."

When the Ad Vertiser goes head to head with the Des Moines County News and the Bonnie Buyer as a weekly, how long will the Ad Vertiser last?


When the Kansas Carpetbaggers throw Publisher Steve Delaney a bone to perform financially, Jimmy and Lois will be on Brian Tapp's bus to the slaughter house 5 days a week.

And how long will Delaney keep accepting money when our own airport is suffering a financial crisis?


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Publisher Steve Delaney Leeching Ad Money

Yep! Publisher Steve Delaney is still leeching ad revenue without regard. I'll bet he finds his way to get to the home office through Kansas City.

When will one of these local political gutless wonders step up and drive a stake through the Ad Vertiser's legal notice revenue? Anyone entity that flaunts his perceived power should be held accountable. Publisher Steve Delaney is no different. Delaney endorsed the Kansas City connection so his Carpetbagging buddies from Kansas could commute to and fro like little rats scurrying around the cheese.

It's sickening. Publisher Steve Delaney is a leech on Southeast Iowa's ass.


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A Developing Dearth of Jimmy Olsons?


Major layoffs at major newspapers are increasing
. Will this have an effect in Burlington?

Will major newspapers do like the Advertiser to cut costs? Bringing in Jimmy Olson's trying to learn the trade does not cost squat. Cost control over quality and facts.

Young students with intelligence and ambition should realize that a career at a newspaper is about as promising as studying to be a zeppelin pilot. Given this trend, are the brightest and best entering other fields? Is the number of Journalism students declining?

If troubled, major metro dailies suck up the pool of available college interns to warm seats in their newsrooms, what of dying county seat dailies in the hinter lands?

Will the Advertiser turn to local high schools to staff their newsroom?


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28 October

Obama's 'Redistribution' Constitution

"To the traditional view of justice as a blindfolded person weighing legal claims fairly on a scale, he (Obama) wants to tear the blindfold off, so the judge can rule for the party he empathizes with most."

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How's Obama Going to Raise $4.3 Trillion?

The reality of Obama's flawed financial plans.

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Supreme Court Redistributing Wealth

The United States Supreme Court has no business in any plan to redistribute the wealth through any action, including civil rights.

Neither does Barack Obama. Especially if he believes that the Supreme Court does.

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Senator Courtney's Duplicity


"Chasing low-wage jobs and failing to hold law-breaking employers accountable won't help us build a prosperous state," said Courtney. "As a State Senator and as a member of the Iowa Economic Development Board, I don't think that old approach is the way to create good jobs at good wages in Iowa."

Senator Courtney sees nothing wrong with bringing in low skilled workers and criminals as long as they settle in his district.

Senator Courtney says we should not pick on these people. The local Chamber monkeys say we should shut up and swallow the resulting crime wave as "economic development."

Somebody should warn people in Waukon about Senator Courtney's real agenda. Import unskilled labor for junk jobs. Who cares about a prosperous state. The real goal is creating a bigger pool of ignorant voters unable to see through Senator Courtney and others like him.


Courtney wouldn't know a good deal if it hit him in the ass like freight train. Come to think about it, Courtney's Eminent Domain Mall hit him like his failed railroad lawsuit support.


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The Advertiser/Courtney Axis of Censorship

Media Bias In This Election "Not Just Bewildering, But Appalling"


"With luck, this monolithic, single-party government will crush the alternative media via a revived fairness doctrine, re-invigorate unions by getting rid of secret votes, and just maybe be beholden to people like you in the traditional media for getting it there.

And besides, you tell yourself, it's all for the good of the country … "

Columnist Micheal Malone has taken the major mainstream media to task for bias above and beyond to the call of propaganda. Do Mr. Malone's arguments hold true closer to home?

Senator Courtney hates the new media. Senator Courtney introduced legislation to attack free speech in Iowa by identifying bloggers. Identity is the first step to persecution.

After bloggers, who is next? How about a bill to identify whistle blowers who point members of the established media in the right direction to wrong doing? The precedent is set if you may out those who directly and anonymously post such information.

Were it not for Spike, how would we know of the drunk ex-mayor's infamous Burger King sleep over, the bank embezzlement that was kept quiet for months after it was tried, etc. etc.?

Illegal secret meetings by government are another affront to the public right to know. Senator Courtney was at the City Council's should not have been secret meeting where it was decided to sue the railroad. No records remain of what went on in that meeting.

Where role has our local defender of free speech and our right to know in all this? Oh, brave Advertiser.

Sometimes, we get belated, half hearted coverage of wrong doing after Spike, or other alternative media sources expose it. We get eloquent essays on free speech, our right to know and if the offender is of the politically correct party, only a slight, verbal tap on their wrist.

The ultimate complicity in this attack on our rights is the Advertiser's dutifully candidate endorsements of Senator Courtney and other elected threats to our freedom of information.

If the old media types figure embracing petty tyrants is the key to their survival, the sooner new information sources replace them, the better.


And where was Freedom of Speech Publisher Steve Delaney when it was time to go get the tapes from Slagle's desk?

Hiding behind his momma's censorship skirt?


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Hoschek Parting Words


Did you happen to read the advice Hoschek had for the new supervisors that was in yesterday’s Advertiser? After sixteen years of squandering taxpayer money he now shows concern, what a loser.


Don't get me started!!

Tim Hoschek never had any concern for ANYTHING other than Tim Hoschek. To even suggest otherwise will get you flogged at dawn on Wednesday.

Hoschek's participation in so many boondoggles, most recently with Large Mouth Ass Jeff Heland, will cost the taxpayers for years to come. A self made legacy if you will.


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Little Timmy, Thanks for the Memories


It was so touching to read Little Timmy's going away advice relating to the Board Supervisors. I missed the part about which convention has the best hospitality suites.

Senator King, the drunk ex-mayor Edwards, Bruce Slagle, Little Timmy, all slip into obscurity. Spike, thank you for doing so much to make such menaces only a memory.


The work is never done.


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Riches to Rags


Newspaper circulation is crashing like the stock markets. All are down.

Small fish wraps like the Ad Vertiser were not listed in the national rankings. Have you yet gotten any feelers from the Ad Vertiser's owners? If so, will a pickup load of scrap rags buy half interest?


Revenue is down but there is still revenue. Where are all of the locals going to advertise? BurlingtonDerailed.com and then suffer forever at Publisher Steve Delaney's goons?

You want a real cost saver for the taxpayers? Move the legal publications to the internet, Des Moines County News and Bonny Buyer. Every porch will be covered.


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27 October

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

Obama tells you in his own words how the Supreme Court failed to distribute the wealth like Karl Marx and his looney Communist Doctrine.

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2 Unnecessary Items

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City Burden on Taxpayers


Have you ever wondered why the city council has never responded to anything on Burlington Derailed? I’m willing to bet they made a pack between themselves to just ignore Derailed and never respond to any questions or inquirers brought forth by the Derailed writers.

Head thief and liar Slagle probably had a secret meeting, similar to the railroad mess in which he headed up the ignore Derailed program. This whole town just reeks of Slagle and it’ll take years to rid the city of the corruption. When the current voters die off or leave town will be when the current mess can finally be resolved, through the real process of intelligent voting. Voting a straight ticket is ignorance and just plain dumb resulting in the current bunch of liars holed up at city hall.

The Senator that represents us is just as guilty as the bums at city hall for the disastrous mess here in Burlington because he’s another one of the Case babies. These Case babies will be the downfall of our city because of their poor management capabilities and lack of real leadership. How about the mayor that packed a gun to protect himself, similar to Capone and his thugs. The difference is Burlington’s current crooks just do it by robbing the taxpayer which is easier than stealing from banks or selling illegal booze. City government shouldn’t be a training ground for retired union personnel who have no concept of running a business let alone a city. Not all union members are thugs or dishonest but it seems those that run for public office here in Burlington are from the bottom of the barrel.

An example of dishonesty is the failure of city hall to come clean about the ballpark lights that disappeared from the Manor ballpark. Lying about the lights is minor compared to the other lies told by city hall where business is conducted on a “good-ol-boy” method of accounting; never put anything in writing to avoid accountability.


Slagle's stench is what you smell when you hit town from any direction. The rest of the bottom feeders just float in the turd pond, their smell just wafting up the hollows killing the grass on the way.

BTW- Where are the ballpark lights? None of those gutless wonders have the balls to go look, do they? If I were them I would go just to shut us up.


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Casino and Waterpark


I think Mr. Roxlau would make a council member or even mayor. He sounds a lot like the group that we have and makes just about as much sense.

When the council gets the chance they had better get our money and run. The way the economy is and we have not seen the worst yet. I don't think people will be worried about swimming at the water park.

As far as the casino, Mr. Winegard is a big stockholder at the one in Riverside. This casino is making money even with better odds on gambling . There are a lot of people from Burlington that travel to Riverside because they say the payoff is much better.

Maybe with the money Mr. Winegard is making at that casino that he could use this one for a tax write-off.

The council should get our money back no ifs ands or buts.

Not a Gambler

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James Madison


A teacher told me the school board has plans to tear down James Madison next and build a new school. During this period the James Madison kids will go to the old Oak Street School.

Have you heard anything about this dumb ass squandering of taxpayer dollars. I actually think the school board is totally out of control.

Have you heard anything about it?


Yes. It is being covered up under the "rebuilding" of JM. I guess you have to rebuild what you demolish.

What a load though!! These boneheads are totally out of control.

BTW - the leaders of the pack on this - Tom Greene and Melanie Richardson. The very 2 that everyone was afraid of at the last school election that the teachers would gain a majority foothold. The mantra was save the board, save the board.

The mantra should be save the taxpayer, save the taxpayer.

There are all vulnerable and we will exploit this. This out of control spending has to stop.

Circus tent and bales of hay. That is all they need.


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25 October

GRE/Fun City/Huck's Harbor/CASINO - Show Us!

Last year, Mini-Me Doug Worden made his argument for the city to remain in the GRE/Huck's Harbor/Fun City/CASINO public investment deal based on his scribblings on a piece of paper at a council meeting. We all saw it on TV. The council acted on Mini-Me's assertions of what the actual Fun City financial statements said.

To our knowledge, no council member received a copy of the actual signed, interim financial statement that indicated this profit. Did the city ever receive a check for that $18,000+ last year? Did the city receive a copy of the actual signed, year-end financial statement? Was the profit washed out by year-end financial chicanery?

Makes you wonder if the profit existed on the tax return filed with the IRS. The city should have a copy of that, too. Can we all get a copy of these investment transactions posted on the city's website?

Which brings us to this year's decision process.

Has any council member received a copy of the actual signed, interim financial statement that indicated this alleged profit? Or are you taking Worden's word for it?

If there was a $10 million cash call this year, how can GRE/Huck's Harbor/Fun City/CASINO repay the taxpayers? Friday night buffet coupons for that slop that used to be called food?

If they don't have the cash (actual signed, interim financial statement that indicate this alleged profit that someone could be prosecuted under Section 18 of the Exchange Act or Iowa Code 542.13) then the difference is solvency, not liquidity. Little, zero or negative cash flow is the same as bankruptcy minus the filing. And there is no reason under the sun the taxpayers should be left holding the bag for this loan.

And just so there is no misunderstanding, if we are going to remain as investors as Huck's lawyer Hoyer proclaims, we need a bigger piece of the action.

Otherwise, this is nothing more than a Wall Street bailout.


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Is Huck's Hole Being Drained Already?


A number of people passing for wealthy and powerful in Burlington have invested in the Catfish Craps gambling complex. Imagine my surprised when some of their servants on the City Council expressed reservations about keeping our money in Huck's Hole.


Are City Council members being permitted to blow some smoke? Is this concern allowed so they may save their skin at the next election? In the end, I suspect they will chain us to the table.

Have large private investors in Catfish Craps been pulling out? Many insiders pulled out of the stock market prior to October of 1929.

The conflicting spin of Lawyer Hoyer is becoming the dance of a dervish. After last Winter's margin call, all was well all Summer. Contact with Illinois severed by the flood was not positive, but Catfish Craps was on a roll. Even Lee County would again get a piece of the action.

Talk of the City pulling out our $1.8 million and the roof may collapse. What is the current condition of Catfish Craps?

The general economic outlook is not good. Casual money losers will be looking at necessities rather than slot machines. Deal in Lawyer Hoyer's conflicting stories and spin. I suspect the Leaning Tower of Poker maybe about to fold.

Cash me out.


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In the paper it looks like Randy Wingard has thrown the city another bone. I would imagine Bill Ell and Doug Worden will run with it and will tell the rest of the council that we'd do better to stay in the water park because its bound to make money . "If we wait long enough" the interest is only $140,000 thousand dollars a year.

Councilmen Davidson seems to be the only one on the council that believes that a business should pay for itself. If Mr. Worden has his way it won't be long before we're investing in the casino. \

I Would like very much to start a business with the city's money. How can you go wrong?

Burlington Taxpayer

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24 October

AIG Devours Bailout Loan in About 30 Days

Insurance giant AIG has devoured about 90% of its $123 BILLION dollar taxpayer guarantee in about 30 days.

When Edward Liddy, AIG's CEO, was asked if the loan was big enough Liddy said, "I think so and I sure hope so."

Not one more damn dime. This is nothing but a damn criminal activity Congress has perpetrated on the taxpayers against their will.

If the government gives you $123 BILLION dollar credit line and you drain it in 30 days, there are bigger problems awaiting you. And I hope it's the FBI.

Every damn politician that voted for this and against the people's will needs to be sent home on November 4. Every damn one of them.

This is Manor Mall only on a grand scale. Only Fools and jackasses only buy into deals like that.


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Speaking of Bailouts

The city needs to retrieve their $1.8 million from Fun City. Time is up. $30K doesn't pay the interest on a $1.8 million dollar loan for more than 6 months at 6.5% interest.

And who in this town loans money at 6.5%?


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Delta Queen Opponent


Senator Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, chairman of the transportation committee is the sole person blocking the release of the Delta Queen. He thinks it’s a fire trap and should be banned from the rivers forever.

Not to mention the ship is much aware of the fire potential and all customers are given a safety course prior to sailing and there’s a safety patrol each and every night walking the decks. Also, the ship is so big it could probably never sink entirely and it’s never very far from shore, unlike ocean going vessels.

How does one loser senator from Minnesota have the power to ban something when most polls indicate the American people want the Delta Queen and American Queen to continue running. I think this Oberstar should worry about the bridges falling down on the interstates and other highways in this country. Where were his warnings and concern about the bridge near St. Paul, Minnesota prior to it falling down?

This is just another incompetent senator trying to throw his weight around and make a fool out of himself and he’s already done that; so why not find something else to harp about.


Maybe Oberstar read about steamboat safety in an old Ad Vertiser.

When it gets to one Senator doing anything he thinks is best for everyone, the system of government has failed. Only one person has that authority and even his power is (supposed to be) limited.

If Senator Jim Oberstar of Minnesota voted for the bailout, he should be beached on an island November 4.


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Buy a New Horse or Hire a Hack Anticipating the Automobile?


The Waterloo Courier no longer produces news on paper with their own press. Production has been contracted out to another newspaper roughly 60 miles away.

Reading through the Courier's spin on the change, was this decision made because investing in a new press was not considered wise for the long term?

The Courier puts out a credible information product. Without the expense of owning their own press, it will be interesting how the Courier transitions. With printing on contract, will the Courier be a step ahead unburdened with an obsolete asset as the web replaces the web press?

You have praised the Advertiser's press crew for their ability to deal with aging equipment. If the Advertiser's old press reaches the point of putting new rings in a Chevy Vega, which way do they turn?

Considering what the Advertiser churns out, could a press collapse deliver the coup de grace to what has become a local faux pas?


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Into the Furnace - Onto the Sled


"Separately, Moody's Investors Service said it might cut its ratings on the Times into junk territory, citing concerns about revenue declines and risks associated with financing its debt."

Newspapers are not only reporting financial bad news, they are making it. Newspaper profits are going the way of the town crier. Tough times make it that much tougher to compete against the new technology on the block.

Wise investors are always urged to try the product or service they are considering investing in. Determine the worth by what you experience, not hype.

The New York Times has been considered the gold standard of the news industry. If the Times value is entering "junk" status, what about the worth of what ends up at your front door every morning?

"While some buyers reportedly have surfaced for individual papers, other properties are failing to sell because potential bidders do not consider them cheap enough yet."

Spike, save your empty beverage bottles. If you generate half of what some of our City office holders past and present are reputed to, you could have the assets to buy the Advertiser before Christmas.

Be kind, Santa Spike. That sled Citizen Kane always wanted would make a nice holiday severance package.


Publisher Steve Delaney can forget gettin' any sled from Ol' Spike except the one that drags his sorry ass out of town; snow, or no snow.


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Tim Scott Owes An Apology


Elitist Councilman Tim Scott owes John Fenton an apology for a remark he made Thursday morning on the KCPS Big Show 1150 AM.

Another Burlington Crackpot

Yes, he does.


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23 October

Trickle Down Tom Courtney


"I don't think waste in Iowa government is terrible," State Senator Tom Courtney.

Senator Courtney loves waste so much, he encourages it in local government. Two of Burlington's biggest City government disasters in recent memory have Senator Courtney's finger prints all over them.

Who was among those demanding the BNSF be sued at the City's illegal secret meeting of which no records remain? None of of us could be heard. Senator Courtney was there advocating "without merit" action that cost local taxpayers nearly half a million dollars.

Senator Courtney and his comrades crowning stupidity is the Manor Mall. Ill conceived and executed, but executed in great haste to beat a deadline demanded by citizens enraged at property rights abuse. How did the deadline get moved back just enough to let this happen?

An amendment in the Iowa Senate to property rights legislation made it all possible. The Manor Mall was grandfathered so local god fathers could foist off an over five million dollar disaster on Burlington taxpayers.

Senator Courtney was slick enough not to sponsor the amendment. What did Senator Courtney do to stop it, or even speak out against it? Nothing. Go figure.

If you like paying higher taxes for nothing, re-elect Senator Tom Courtney.


When Manor Mall's real payments start, remember who gave you the tax burden. Led by Courtney, the drunk ex-mayor Edwards, the current drunk mayor Lost Keys Ell, Mini-Me Worden and the biggest criminal in Burlington's history, Bruce Slagle, all followed our dimwitted senator of nothing.

Courtney is just a spineless puppet of the malcontents he represents.


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Suing That Train High on Cocaine


Fools love to sue railroads. It extends beyond the City of Burlington's infamous"without merit" effort.

Do a little coke. Do little dance on the tracks. Die. Your survivors sue the railroad and local government claiming sufficient warning was not given by an approaching train. The article does not state if a quiet crossing zone applied in this case.

Not all cases are decided as wisely as the City of Burlington versus The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad over closing their Burlington shops.

Some fools know enough to hire competent, contingency crazed legal counsel willing to select and plead before a jury of teary eyed Oprah watchers. Fools have been known to win.

Do you foresee a similar risk of law suit and City liability if some drunk falls asleep on tracks with quiet crossings in down town Burlington?


They're already out there doing the cocaine. Once the crossing liability transfers to the city, taxes will skyrocket to cover the litigation.


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Early Reports Show a Growing Trend


So goes the mainstream talking heads.

So goes the Advertiser.

Wiley Maine

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Last Steamboat Visit Ever?

Save The Delta Queen


The American Queen steamboat, launched 1995, will pay her last visit of the year to Burlington Thursday. She could very possibly be the last overnight steamboat ever to visit Burlington as the steamboats' future is very cloudy.

The Delta Queen, circa 1927, is on her last overnight trips this month on the Ohio river. Congressional Democrats are trying to shut her down because of maritime union disputes.

The Delta Queen last visited Burlington summer 2007.

The Mississippi Queen, circa 1976, has been docked in New Orleans for a year now, in need of several millions in renovations. The Delta Queen and American Queen will shut down in a few weeks.

All 3 of the steamboats are for sale. Their current owner, Majestic America Line, is their third owner since 2001. It is very possible that all 3 of the steamboats will be either be sold overseas or become permanently docked hotels.


The Queen has operated with a Congressional exemption to a law that bans overnight passengers on boats with wooden superstructures, a perceived fire hazard.

A bill is in front of Congress that will exempt the Delta Queen from these regulations.


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22 October

Bail Out of Huck's Hole


Is not the deadline coming up on the City's option to withdraw from Huck's Hole?

It is time for another tale of whopping profits from Burlington's bet on the local gambling den complex. $30,748.00 on $1.8 million for the year so far is less than a 2% rate of return. Forget anything during the fourth quarter.

If the City pulls out, will the house of cards topple? Offer up another extension. Just keep showing a meager 3rd quarter profit every year and the mortgage will never come due.

Where is the public concern? Billy Sunday waves Bibles at the Sodomites, that will draw them to City Hall.

Keep running distracting side shows. The audience will never notice they are being screwed.

P. T. Barnum

Huck's banker is Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley found Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan’s largest financial group and the world’s second largest bank holding company with $1.1 trillion in bank deposits closed on a $9 billion equity investment in Morgan Stanley that gives Mitsubishi a 21 percent ownership interest in Morgan Stanley.

With Wall Street stealing everything from the taxpayers this is the time to withdraw the city's money. And run.

That is if Fun City has the money to pay the debt.


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Bernanke Endorses Obama

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke endorsed Obama. Apparently, breaking from Greenspan's apolitical approach to fiscal stewardship Bernanke is sucking up for another 4 years if Obama is elected.

Bernanke was no where to be seen when Wall Street was holding up the taxpayers. And he shouldn't be seen after this election. Send him home.


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Courtney Doesn't Have a Clue & Never Will

"I don't think the waste is terrible in Iowa government," Courtney said.

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21 October

Biden Acknowledges Obama's Inexperience

Seems even Joe Biden can't contain the truth.

McCain responded, "We don't want a president who invites testing from the world at a time when our economy is in crisis and Americans are already fighting in two wars...."

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Democratic Dead Goldfish Registered to Vote

A Democratic dead goldfish was registered to vote.

How low do you think the local Democrats have stooped to further the party line here in Southeast Iowa?

If Courtney, Heland, Diewold, Hoschek, the drunk ex-Mayor Edwards, Ell and Anderson raid nursing homes for straight ticket absentee votes, you can bet this election will be historical in criminal proportions.


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Take Out Hinkle and Take on the World


Case New Holland's manufacturing requires skills and application of technology to compete in the world market. Without Euro-weenie socialist restrictions, the United States gains an edge. Re-elect Senator Courtney and others like him. That edge will go away.

New Holland has announced it is expanding in Burlington. These are the type of jobs that will cause Burlington to grow without dramatically increasing the crime rate.

The long history of Case in Burlington no doubt influenced New Holland's decision to expand here. Hinkle and the Chamber may thump their chests claiming credit, but New Holland did so despite Hinkle's chart for Burlington's future.

Importing unskilled labor with low cost bus rides to work 45 miles away is not the answer to desirable long term growth.

Converting Burlington into a reservoir of those with 3rd world skills will only bring what the 3rd world is noted for. Poverty, misery and crime is no future to seek.

New Holland and other employers that pay well do not need undependable, unskilled employees. If they want 3rd world labor, they will by pass Burlington and go straight to the 3rd world. It costs less to do so.

Exporting Hinkle is one sure way to reverse the trend of Burlington becoming a 3rd world style basket case.


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CNH Jobs


One might also add that the 100 new jobs are being brought here because of the two tier wages paid in Burlington. The old timers at Case sold out the younger future employees in order to maintain their high pay scales. The new employees only receive around $15 per hour while the “older” hourly employees rack in somewhere from $23/hour on up.

This sell out of the younger generation has been going on for years and a good example would be the airline pilots union along with plenty of other unions. Once the older employees are threatened by layoffs and other union busting actions they willingly sell out the next generation to maintain their high pay and benefits until they retire. I’d probably do the same thing if I were them but I’m not and won’t have to ruin someone else livelihood to maintain my own level of living. Eventually CNH will have lowered their pay scales from the mid twenties down to the teens resulting in huge savings on production costs.

Also, I disagree with the “Burlington needs the workers” statements made by our dimwitted officials. Why would Burlington need people that came here for reasons other then working? Just look around at what’s going on in Burlington and you’ll soon discover it’s filling up with taxpayer supported people. These are people that have nothing to do but sleep all day and roam around at night causing problems. Just where are they getting the so called jobs? There aren’t any in Burlington that would attract several thousand people, just look around. Of course there are some good, honest, hard working folks showing up, but the majority of them have no intentions of working, if they did why would they come here?

You can be assured that in the end the Burlington taxpayer will suffer the most damage with the exception of the city and county employees where their unions support the same people that give them raises, sort of a chicken and the egg syndrome. Why would my city services bill increase from $75 to $135 and why do they have the audacity to charge city tax on utility bills? There’s just no end to this robbery of the taxpayer here in Burlington. The taxpayer has no representation in Burlington or the state of Iowa, looks like we’ll need an Iowa Tea Party right here in Burlington for the same reasons there was a Boston Tea Party so many years ago. We now have the same situation only it isn’t the King robbing; it’s our own government.


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Hinkle's Economic Development Plan Nothing New


Got a dirty, difficult job to get done? Import the desperate and exploit them.

Crime and substance abuse are part of the deal. Do not pick on them. They will vote up to 20 times apiece for the Democrat party.


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20 October

The Dangers of A Liberal Supermajority

From the Wall Street Journal -

"Americans voting for "change" should know they may get far more than they ever imagined."

If Obama is elected, the problems we have locally with Gas Bag Tax-&-Piss-Away Jeff Heland will be nothing in comparison.

Never in our lifetime has there been so many incompetent people running our government. Absolutely incompetent. Congress and the Senate along with our State House are filled with Jeff Helands, Lost Keys Bill Ells, back-stabbing Tom Courtneys, crooked Scott Powers and Crime Importer Brian Tapps. Up and down and both sides of the aisles.


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Biz Whiz Misses World Trade Impact - U.S. Is New China

On Sunday the Ad Vertiser's new biz whiz ruminated on our sacred American duty to buy local American products. 90% of the article was about shopping for potato chips and cookies.

Bix whiz postulated on the move of New Holland's backhoe line to the Burlington plant. This move is expected to add at least 100 new jobs.

Those jobs came here as a result of world trade economics and not much more. Considering European manufacturing economics, it is no real surprise that CNH would make this move. We are the new China compared to European manufacturing. It is cheaper to manufacture the product here in Burlington.

Biz whiz also needs to realize these jobs came at the expense of other New Holland workers in some other New Holland plant. That isn't much different than what we experience every day of the week in the U.S. when jobs are shipped offshore.

Things are changing in world trade. That's the story.

Not potato chips and cookies.


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Speaking of Case New Holland

It seems the local CNH plant donated a Case 590 Super M Series 2 loader/backhoe to the Midwest Central Railroad in Mt Pleasant. Maybe the heat of summer caused us to miss this event.

Regardless, a big atta boy goes out to CNH. This is a big deal for a small group like the Midwest Central.

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Delta Queen Days Numbered

The Delta Queen's final visit to Cincinnati may be it's last. Time is running out on a Congressional exemption to operate the last steam powered overnight paddle wheeler.

We can hope the new Congress will act. But there are people in Cedar Rapids hoping for action on flood relief, too.

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18 October

The Root Cause of Crime Disregarded


Greater Burlington Partnership President Dennis Hinkle said an influx of new residents may have spurred some criminal activity, but argued workers are needed to bolster the city's shrinking workforce.

"From the Chamber's perspective, we need more people in the community," he said.

Burlington's brilliant leadership at its finest.

"We don't like dead bodies, with holes in their heads, turning up in front of our homes," said Lori Geli, 28, a mother of two who lives half a block from where the dead men were found on Sunday. "But in a way the Mafia keeps the neighborhood safe. There aren't half as many burglaries here as in other places. So their presence is kind of good because they give a kind of fear to other people."

Would we be safer importing a more sophisticated class of criminals into town?


There has never been a more dumb ass response in the history of Burlington except for the statement "You're hired" when Bruce Slagle was hired as city manager.

Hinkle is a joke and his thought processes are not worthy of his extraordinary salary. His tenure as Chamber Poo-Bah has resulted in little and mostly nothing.


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The Medium is the Message


"The next thing we should prepare for is the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards and Senator Tom Courtney to outline their Socialist agenda for us to follow."

The Cliff Notes to prepare for this agenda has a name. It is the Ad Vertiser.


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A Rose is a Rose is an Onion?


A man of limited mental capacity has reportedly voted as instructed by an organization charged with his care. Is the group in question funded in part, or in whole by the government?

There is an amendment to the Iowa Constitution on the ballot next month to remove the old legal term "idiot" and replace it with more politically correct terminology concerning who may not vote. Senator Courtney has advocated the change.

Would changing the wording make it any easier for those of limited mental competence in Iowa to vote as instructed by groups taking charge of them?

There is a clarity to the old legal term. I plan to vote no to retain.

All one must be to run for public office is a qualified elector. We certainly have been little attention when deciding qualifications to hold public office.

The failed railroad lawsuit, the Manor Mall, Senator Courtney, and host of local office holders are proof that no law is perfect. We suffer greatly from ignoring the competence of idiots.

I. Savant

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17 October

Time Doesn’t Change a Radical Heart

It Only Changes The Age Of Those Recruited

Obama’s TV ad proclaims Obama was 8 years old when radical Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were blowing up police stations and killing policemen.

The Chicago Tribune proclaims Ayers has reformed and never influenced Obama. But shortly after 9/11 Ayers said. ''I don't regret setting bombs....I feel we didn't do enough.''

Old, radical men with beards recruit people of all ages including children to spread their radical thoughts when they become too ill to act. They reinforce their stooges to deny, deny, deny when asked of their associations.

And that’s all we’ve heard is deny, deny, deny.

Time doesn’t change a radical heart. It only changes the age of those recruited. And Barack Obama began his run for the White House in Bill Ayers' living room contrary to what Obama has told us.

But the real radical is Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This guy is a full blown nut job with an evil mind and heart. And close ties to Barack Obama. Contrary to Obama's claim otherwise.


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It Takes a Village to Make a President


William Ayers is not the only questionable mentor to Senator Obama. Some of those Senator Obama say helped mold him have old party ties.

That old party speaks glowing about Senator Obama becoming President Obama.

H. Philbrick

When the Canadians make note of something like this, we should pay attention.

The next thing we should prepare for is the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards and Senator Tom Courtney to outline their Socialist agenda for us to follow.


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16 October

Separation of Powers Gone Bad

With all of this talk about the possible gains and losses in Congress for both the Republicans and Democrats, discussion about the premise of the Separation of Powers is bound to occur.

The Constitution was drafted to help ensure that no branch of government, when combined with any other branch of government, could possess too much power or control over its citizens. The system of checks and balances is designed to allow each branch to restrain abuse by each other branch.

Nancy Pelosi promised change under her reign of a Democratic majority. Instead, she has brought extremist views of partisanship, more gridlock, mayhem and a fundamental disregard for the people’s will. Her Majesty’s warped perspective of the Constitution fueled her incompetency even further. One look at her face the day of the Wall Street Pardon was not one of financial fear. It was the look of stark realization that she was in so far over her head and didn’t have a clue how to climb out.

James Madison wrote that the three branches "should not be so far separated as to have no constitutional control over each other."

The Supreme Court brought us a President. That was bad.

The future brought about by Obama and Queenie Pelosi is far worse than what any of our forefathers imagined.


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ACORN Compared to Chickens

"ACORN is to fair elections is what the late Frank Perdue was to chickens – deadly."
- Tom Marr, WCBM in Baltimore

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15 October

Obama - Bill Ayers vs. Michelle - Bernandine Dohrn

The Weather Underground’s founder Willian Ayers is married to Bernadine Dohrn. Dohrn worked with Michelle Obama.

How casual is that?


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Obama and Acorn

Community Organizers, Phony Voters and Your Tax Dollars

"As with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, Mr. Obama was happy to associate with Acorn when it suited his purposes. But now that he's on the brink of the Presidency, he wants to disavow his ties."

- from the Wall Street Journal

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Voter fraud under the guise of a 3rd grade Civics class comprehension of how to encourage "democracy" is in the news this election cycle.

It appears, ACORN, a "community action group" on Barrack Hussein Obama's resume submitted a voter registration for a rodent with Florida connections. Despite his Orlando power base, it appears the well known Mr. Mouse will not be voting in Florida.

Here in Burlington, we are beyond such shenanigans. We actually elect Mickey Mouse to public office.


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Wall Street Still Profits in Turmoil

Regardless of the tumultuous cycles on Wall Street they still suck the profits from all of us.

Every time some sells the brokers make money. Every time someone buys the brokers make money.

And we get to pay for all the mistakes.

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Obama Voted 'Present' on Mortgage Reform

Obama Knew of The Problem - Unwilling to Deal With It

From the Wall Street Journal -

"Finally, on the matter of deregulation and the financial crisis, Sen. Obama should consider his own complicity in the failure of Congress to adopt legislation that might have prevented the subprime meltdown.

In the summer of 2005, a bill emerged from the Senate Banking Committee that considerably tightened regulations on Fannie and Freddie, including controls over their capital and their ability to hold portfolios of mortgages or mortgage-backed securities. All the Republicans voted for the bill in committee; all the Democrats voted against it. To get the bill to a vote in the Senate, a few Democratic votes were necessary to limit debate. This was a time for the leadership Sen. Obama says he can offer, but neither he nor any other Democrat stepped forward.

Instead, by his own account, Mr. Obama wrote a letter to the Treasury Secretary, allegedly putting himself on record that subprime loans were dangerous and had to be dealt with. This is revealing; if true, it indicates Sen. Obama knew there was a problem with subprime lending -- but was unwilling to confront his own party by pressing for legislation to control it. As a demonstration of character and leadership capacity, it bears a strong resemblance to something else in Sen. Obama's past: voting present."

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Train to Nowhere


Here’s the reply that I received from Pat Murphy concerning the $300,000 for a train station in Dubuque called by some the “Train to Nowhere”.

I think this idea is much better than the “Mall That Never Was” costing the taxpayers of Burlington $5,000,000 plus of our tax dollars.

It appeared in Falcon’s site a week or so ago.


Dear [citizen],

The funding for the train platform in Dubuque was at the request of the Dubuque chamber and other city leaders, who tell us that, with a platform in place, Dubuque would move up the list of eligible communities to become the western terminal for an Amtrak commuter line between Dubuque and Chicago. Putting in a commuter train is a costly proposition, but almost all the cost would be shouldered by Illinois or through federal Amtrak funds. Chicago is working to expand their commuter capacity as part of their bid for 2016 summer Olympic Games. This has been in the works for several years. I agree that pork barrel spending should be curtailed. But sometimes we need to make up-front allocations in order to attract economic development to the state. Was it pork barrel spending to provide tax advantages for high-tech computer outfits, even though we didn't have any high-tech computer outfits in Iowa at the time? No, because we were able to use those initiatives to lure Google and Microsoft to Iowa, with hundreds of high paying jobs and economic development for the state. The state engages in these types of investments on a fairly regular basis. When there is a valid economic development rationale, it's not pork barrel. And when it appears we can get an Amtrak commuter train to Chicago essentially for the cost of a train platform, that's a good deal not just for Dubuque but for all of northeast Iowa. We regularly fund these sorts of projects for Dubuque, Burlington, and dozens or hundreds of other communities across the state, when we see an economic development advantage.


Pat Murphy

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14 October

Obama's 95% Illusion

Obama's smoke, mirrors and hyperbole.

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The Gravy Train to Nowhere


Dubuque got $300,000 from the State of Iowa to set up a passenger rail terminal.

Dubuque has no passenger rail service. There is talk of the State of Illinois of funding such service to Dubuque. So far, it is just studies and talk.

Senator Courtney attended an illegal secret meeting concerning suing the BNSF railroad. The "without merit" decision made at that meeting cost local taxpayers well in excess of $300,000.

Rail Passenger service has been a continuous asset in Burlington for nearly a century and a half. If Senator Courtney wants to chase a gravy train, how about using state money to enhance rail passenger facilities in Burlington? We have rail service people want to use and Courtney just ignores it.


What happened to Brian Tapp and Regional Planning? Tapp was applying for grants so the depot could be renovated and regional planning would move in.

Do you suppose Slagle stopped that?


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New City Sidewalk


I've test-walked portions of the newly poured sidewalk on Cliff Road and find it a joy since I no longer have to dodge drivers and frustrate them I'm sure.

I have to wonder though. How many of the residents whose homes the new walkways pass will keep it cleared of snow this winter?


Don't sell your boots at the garage sale.


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More Touchy Feely Foolishness


The list of the protected keeps on growing. Our City Council is now concerned about homosexuals having special acknowledgment of their life style.

If sexual activity takes place in private, does not involve minors, or cruelty to animals, who cares. Is this something worthy of the Council's attention?

I am more concerned about an increasingly endangered species upon which a bounty has been placed in Burlington; Productive taxpayers.

City bungling keeps raising taxes ever higher with ever less to show for the expenditure. This discriminates against productive taxpayers. The correlation is clear. This unprotected species is decreasing at an alarming rate.

Protecting this endangered species will garner no special color of ribbon to wear. There will be no wine and cheese receptions for the Ad Vertiser to gloat over. None the less, something must be done to halt the decline of Burlington's productive taxpayers.

If Burlington's City Council does not get down business on what is truly important to the community, Burlington will continue its current decline until it goes out of business.


I thought this was a dead issue.


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11 October

Wrong Way Dot


Today while mowing my lawn I noticed an IDOT orange pickup going the wrong way on Dodge Street. The license number was Iowa 4047 and it went the entire length of the one way in the wrong direction at 4:15 PM.

I would think state employees would know how to read and recognize Do Not Enter signs; after all they install plenty of them.


Government employee.... good thing he wasn't driving one of them big ol' snow plows. Probably in a trance over his IPERS.


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Casino Good Times?


In the paper today it didn't sound like the casino was getting along too bad. So why is the casino asking us stock holders to put more money in the casino?

This is the second time we've been asked to put money in, so really how good can our casino be doing. As for the water park when they get the chance they had better take the money and run. But you can bet Randy will talk them into another year.

Casino Poor

If there is any time to cash out and run, this is it. No one knows how Fun City is really doing and it isn't time to find out the hard way. Get the cash and run to the bank with it.


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10 October

School Waste - How Much Does The School Board Cost Us?

Our School Board - Educated In The Costs of Waste


I heard from a reliable person that the school board wanted to build a garage and was about to accept a bid of $30,000 when one member stood up and told them a garage for $30,000 was incredible and a waste of taxpayer money.

To cut a long story short they ended up getting what they wanted for $11,000.

The point is these school board members have no concept of what is a good deal and what isn’t. Had it not been for one person calling them on it the taxpayer would be out $19,000. There is just no accountability in Burlington by anyone that spends taxpayer dollars. The school board should not have the authority to purchase anything without the opinion of non-board citizens, people knowledgeable of the item to be purchased.


What the hell kind of garage were they building? Did it have John Mercer toilet seats? Two stories? 40' x 60'?

Where was that cost control landlord board member that might have heard what construction costs are?

Our school board - educated in the cost of waste.


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From Here to Infinity


The National Debt Clock may need to use scientific notation to express just how far in the hole our elected leaders are taking us.

Closer to home, how about a debt obligation clock on City Hall, the Court House and local School Board Administration buildings.

Ten to the power of whatever, light years, some figures just boggle the mind. Those who say what you don't know can't hurt you do not know what they are talking about.

John Wallis

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Burlington Crime


Yesterday in the Hawkeye Ms. Katy Anderson wrote a letter to the editor about the recent theft of her purse in the 1400 block of West Avenue from a car that was locked. I feel sorry for Ms. Anderson because losing a purse with all its contents much of which is valuable such as her camera, money, credit cards and numerous other documents plus her driver’s license is very disruptive to ones life.

Ms. Anderson should know the reason there are so many burglaries and thefts in Burlington. First the state has made it advantageous to persons from bordering states to come into Iowa and collect more money and benefits in welfare than provided by their home states. The city of Burlington, SEIPC, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations have made it profitable for outsiders, many of which are less desirable to move into the Burlington area. We have illegal immigrants moving in from Wapello, a city facing a housing shortage, to live in the empty homes scattered around Burlington, these people were invited by Burlington organizations. We have the Tyson people living in Burlington who are provided round trip bus service to work for a $1.00 per day by SEIPC. I never received an offer for rides to work in Burlington for a $1.00 a day although it’s probably well over a hundred miles less than Columbus Junction. Burlington also has the biggest organization in the country supporting illegal immigration, the Chamber of Commerce doing its best to supply Burlington and the surrounding area with cheap labor.

One must realize Burlington is losing its tax base because most high paying local jobs are just about gone and those holding those jobs have left also. This of course leaves Burlington with the new immigrants that lack a high school degree in many cases and many have not finished much over the 8th grade, a common end to education in Mexico. Many of these workers send their pay checks to Mexico and live on a bare minimum in Burlington, spending only what they need to survive and not purchasing anything that may boast our economy.

Of course along with these new people the city of Burlington inherits their problems and different lifestyles, which are much different than what the city was before industry started pulling out for cheap labor.

The only choice for those remaining is to pull up stakes and move to greener pastures, where they can use their education and skills to get a good livable wage position and start over.

Burlington just doesn’t have the leadership it needs to progress through these tough times; so the job loss will continue and people will leave and the vacuum will be filled by those that currently rob and steal to survive as a supplement to their incomes, provided they have one.


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Cassini Spacecraft Flies 16 Miles From Moon Of Saturn

NASA Image

This sweeping mosaic of Saturn's moon Enceladus provides broad regional context for the ultra-sharp, close-up views NASA's Cassini spacecraft acquired minutes earlier, during its flyby on Aug. 11, 2008.

This false-color mosaic combines Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) narrow-angle camera images obtained through ultraviolet, green, and near-infrared camera filters. Areas that are greenish in appearance are believed to represent deposits of coarser grained ice and solid boulders that are too small to be seen at this scale, but which are visible in the higher resolution views, while whitish deposits represent finer grained ice. The mosaic shows that coarse-grained and solid ice are concentrated along valley floors and walls, as well as along the upraised flanks of the “tiger stripe” fractures, which may be covered with plume fallout that landed not far from the sources. Elsewhere on Enceladus, this coarse water ice is concentrated within outcrops along cliff faces and at the top of ridges. The sinuous boundary of scarps and ridges that encircles the south polar terrain at about 55 degrees south latitude is conspicuous. Much of the coarse-grained or solid ice along this boundary may be blocky rubble that has crumbled off of cliff faces as a result of ongoing seismic activity. This mosaic complements the imaging coverage acquired during Cassini's July 2005 flyby of Enceladus by showing portions of the moon's south polar region and tiger stripes, or sulci, that were in darkness during that flyby (PIA06247).

The reversed lighting conditions over the polar region (compared to the July 2005 images) highlight features, such as fractures and ridges, that are barely visible in the July 2005 views, and vice versa. The four most prominent sulci (from top to bottom: Damascus, Baghdad, Alexandria and Cairo) appear as generally horizontal fractures near lower right, and they extend into the moon's night side. The mosaic is an orthographic projection centered at 63.0 degrees south latitude, 281.3 degrees west longitude, and has an image scale of 60 meters (196 feet) per pixel. The original images ranged in resolution from 28 to 154 meters (92 to 505 feet) per pixel and were taken at distances ranging from 5,064 to 25,949 kilometers (3,140 to 15,468 miles) from Enceladus.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo.

For more information about the Cassini-Huygens mission. The Cassini imaging team homepage.
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09 October

Jet Air Involved In 2 Iowa City Airplane Accidents?

Change the Oil?


"FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory said the administration does not know for certain what caused the crash but a preliminary report points to engine failure as a possible cause....Tharp said Meade was flying a plane owned by Jet Air Inc., an aviation services company with facilities in Iowa City, Burlington and Galesburg, Ill."

How long will it be before they start dropping on our neighborhoods?


The underlying corporate attitude regarding airplane maintenance is usually a fair indicator of the airworthiness of flying junk.

Just ask Airport Board member Dwight Mulch and his airplane parter Sherwood about the perils of junk airplanes.


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Queen Pelosi Wants $150 Billion Stimulus Package

Queen Pelosi says she's going to give us all $600-1200 right after the election.

As Gas Bag Heland says, "It's not real money, it's federal money."


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Will the Rich and Famous Vote in Burlington?

Obama's ACORN at Center of Voter Fraud


ACORN figures prominently on Mr. Obama's resume to be President. Community action in action has been drawing some attention to voter registration drives in Nevada.

Here in Iowa, there is no longer any need for voters to register in advance. Thanks to Senator Courtney and Rep. Cahoon, you may now register to vote in Iowa on the day of the election. The first major election where this community action plan applies is just around the corner.

After the dust settles, is it possible more than a few NFL all stars will have voted in Burlington? If so, I wonder for whom they may have cast a ballot?

It is nice to know our representatives are safe guarding the sanctity of our right to vote.


I'll bet Hoschek's dead relatives have all mailed their absentee ballots along with dead neighbors, grade school friends, etc.

The 1st person to say Boo! to Cahoon will the one that sends him home from Des Moines. He's been sliding under the radar for a long time. We need change there just like stagnant water.


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Overseas Opportunities

Obama's Offshore Campaign Contributions At Lest $3.3 Million & Climbing


Senator Courtney has taken $2,000 from an out of state billionaire for his campaign. Should he cast his net out across the seas?

The name atop Courtney's on the ticket has found fertile fields afar for campaign cash. Invest in America. Invest in Southeast Iowa? Do like the upper class men if you expect to be a senior leader.

Who says the rich are evil? They are putting their money into mouths who claim they work for the little guy.

It is nice to know there are those who seek only an altruistic yield on their investment.


I would bet the billionaire doesn't even know where Southeast Iowa is or that we don't grow potatoes.


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Burlington Ain't No Palo

Palo just gits 'r done without Brian Tapp and John Mercer.

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Mind Numbing City Council Agenda


The life style issue is just another non-issue time wasting meeting by our city council because the real issues are far beyond their capability; so we have the special interest agenda which is meaningless to the average citizen. Why would a city council that has so many “real problems” bring up a non-issue agenda?

Our council has no concept of the problems eating away at Burlington and are always looking for a cause that makes them feel important, as do all liberal people. They try to act like their concerned about people yet they continue to make fools out of the voters here in Burlington who have created this never ending swinging door political concept.

This is a concept that recycles the same fools in and out of office on a regular basis.


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08 October

Adler Planetarium Chief Fundraising For Obama

Fundraising While Seeking Earmark for Projector

Obama fundraiser Frank Clark, former chairman of the board at the Adler Planetarium is involved in earmark requests for the museum while raising substantial funds for Obama's campaign.

I wonder if Clark checked the contributors' passports?

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"Good Policies Can Save the Economy"

More than one expert has professed the same message.

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"We're Not Headed For a Depression"

Something other than a talking head or liberal media run aground in hyper stupidity.

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Biden's Fantasy World

Joe's history lessons.

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Obama Youth Brigade

Check out Falcon.

What has this democracy become?

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07 October

Democrats Checking Republicans' Records

Democrats Dump Records On Republicans


I see some folks have been digging through court records of candidates for the Iowa Legislature. Is this anybody you know of?

Speeding tickets under 15 MPH over the limit some time ago are no big deal. Neither is taking two thousand dollars from an East Coast billionaire to finance your campaign this time around.

There is nothing illegal about taking such money. If it is not illegal, it is nothing to be concerned about.


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Protected Status Promoting Business


Cascade bridge is falling down and our fair City Council is concerned with passing protected status to a life style choice.

Of course, the local economic development golf league and luncheon society is all for granting protected status to this life style choice. Doing so is good for business. They may have a point.

Assuming the City Council does as ordered, they always have, maybe this state wide convocation of performing artists will hold their next contest in Burlington. After all, recreational and cultural attractions bring economic development. Just look at the progress since building the wrecked-plex.

I am glad local leaders have their priorities in order. Who needs infrastructure?


So we need to pass a law to reinforce a current law in the Iowa Code? That sounds more like the dumbass law.

I've never heard anything so stupid as to believe this is an economic development tool. At last look Burlington was not on the short list for any Fortune 500 company concerned about community diversity.


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What the Well and Wisely Dressed of Burlington Will be Wearing?


Burlington's economic development geniuses may end up making a fashion statement.

Bringing them in by the bus load with no regard to character has its consequences. What should one wear while walking the streets as a neighborhood watch volunteer? The fashion dictated by such "economic development" is not cheap.

Senator Courtney says we should not pick on his new crop of potential political supporters.
It is doubtful Senator Courtney would ever vote to make Iowa less generous when it comes to welfare then from whence his friends have come.

Maybe Senator Courtney could legislate a longer sales tax holiday for those buying the proper attire to take back our streets.


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06 October

Blight Continues - City Closes Eyes


Here are a couple of pictures of a garage located behind Burlington Glass
Company that I understand was to be torn down by the owner as noted by a
letter from the city.

Well the 30 day notice has long past and the dilapidated garage, listing to
the East is still standing despite city warnings.

Several articles published on your site have indicated the codes for the
city of Burlington are not enforced although there are people hired by the
city to enforce them. My question is why are these people even on the
payroll? The city should either take the codes off the books or enforce
them, of course sitting in an office down at city hall shooting the BS or
drinking coffee does pose a problem because the violations are normally
somewhere else.

Just another example of Burlington city government incompetence and
disregard for the well being of its taxpaying citizens. Who's fault is it
should this garage fall down while a child was passing by, note the
trampoline right next to the garage.

Maybe one of them could ride around town with a retired policeman who was
rehired by the city to cruise the streets doing a job that earned him $22,000
last year, part time and observe all the code violations, thus earning some
of the money he or she is paid.


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Obama's College Years - Genesis of Oabama's Radicalism?


Here are some things to ponder about Barack Obama.

1. Obama refuses to release any of his college transcript.

2. Obama's senior thesis is missing.

3. The topic of his senior thesis in 1983 during the height of the Cold War was unilateral disarmament by the United States.

4. Obama attended Harvard but no one knows how he got there. There is some evidence that he was admitted to Harvard at the request of a Saudi, Khalid al-Mansour linked to radical groups. Information on al-Mansour is very limited.

5. Obama was editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review but was never published.

6. Obama has/had close ties with William Ayers, co-founder of the radical Weatherman Underground, an ultra left wing, anti-American group that declared war on America.

What does Obama have to hide? Does the American public have a right to know?

Or do we learn the hard way?


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Obama Is No John Kennedy


I've heard Obama compared to John Kennedy but never in any detail.

Kennedy was a decorated WW II veteran that saved fellow crew members, served 7 years as a U.S. Representative and 8 years as a U.S. Senator before serving as President.

Barack Obama never served in the military, worked as a community organizer and 2 years as a U.S. Senator.

Where is the similarity?


They both ran for public office. That's all there is.


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They Will Beat Their Printing Presses to Plowshares


"The design could be used for television and posters, as well as computers, while it could also pave the way for the development of newspaper display technology which would allow readers to upload daily news to an easy-to-carry display contraption."

Buying ink by the barrel is becoming less the sword it has been. Technology is dispersing the power of the press.

Quality of content and credibility will be the reasons news organizations will draw a following advertisers are willing to pay for. Errors, bias based omissions, etc. will no longer be irrelevant when producing an information product.

The pen being mightier than than sword has always been tied to how many copies you can make. The keyboard tied to the web makes owning a large printing press irrelevant as a tool of power. Capital intensive information disbursement is going the way of the dinosaurs.

What currently lands on local porches every morning may only remain as coprolites in the back room of the local library. With proper preservation, such curios may have value in a few million years.


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03 October

Wind Energy Investment Eludes Lee County


I see Lee County missed a $100 million dollar investment for Winergy, Siemen's gear box manufacturer.


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Martini's Recovers


Peter Harmon is gone and his home is for sale. Winegard brought back the old menu and the business is recovering. No more frog legs smothered in garlic sauce with garlic chips.

We weren't cosmopolitan enough to appreciate grazing.

There is hope.


Good. I don't much care for overbearing know-it-all Garlic. Gives me reflux. There are more grazers in Des Moines that are used to being hammered by a guru.

It just never seemed the premise of being the customer mattered much or was appreciated. Now, if they put a George's Pizza on the menu, life will be better.


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Palin Wins Debate

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin overwhelmingly won the Presidential debate last tonight according to the BurlingtonDerailed polls conducted shortly after the debate ended.

Although Senator Joe Biden might have more experience passing pork, everyone can connect with Palin. That will be a force to deal with if they Republicans don't throw any more people out of steak frys.

Only the elitist liberal media that knows more than everyone else seemed stunned by the debate. Speaking of that, Katie Couric has been such a disappointment. She's no Gwen Ifil.


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02 October

Senate Passes Bailout 2 – Grows to $850 Billion With Pork

Fear Grips Reality

It’s Really about Liquidity – Not Solvency

As true to form, no good Washington politician can just pass a bill without padding it with pork. On Wednesday, the Senate did just that by passing Bailout 2 with added “sweetners” (read pork barrel) totaling $150 billion dollars.

The ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Shelby said his committee wasn’t even consulted for their opinion or formal committee review and discussion. As Sen. Shelby went on to say, “The bailout has been fatted up” with “sweetners” to get senators to vote for the bill against the reason of any common financial sense.

Democracy is at issue here. The will of the majority is not being followed. Phone calls to the Senators were overwhelmingly against the bailout.

The lying, cheatin’ thieves of Washington (Pelosi, Reid, Paulson and Bush for starters) have employed fear as a psychological weapon in ramming this bailout down our throats. No real economists were called for their input. Most of the real economists have commented that this fear tactic is how we got into the war in Iraq.

All the talking heads emphasize the effects on small business. Well, that’s a non-event here in Southeast Iowa. There are no banks doing small business loans. All they want are home loans, car loans, and boat loans, anything with a title.

All this might make you ask what’s next, a bailout for the automakers? We’re already doing that with more on the way. Who is really next?

Tonight Palin and Biden are going to debate. All we know about that is Palin is better than “potatoes.”

But what everyone in Washington has forgotten in this election year of stupid ass stunts is this whole problem is about liquidity not solvency.

Wall Street’s dump of ill-gotten mortgage investments onto the backs of the American taxpayers will probably go down as the biggest bailout travesty ever dropped on the taxpayer.

At least until the next bailout.


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Regionalism? What Is Hinkle Smoking?


The regionalism ad in Monday’s paper sponsored by Burlington Bank is more than I can stand.

This is the biggest pile of crap I’ve seen out of the Chamber in months. No one works together in Southeast Iowa. No one. And it shows like Gene Fraise’s armpits in a debate.

Brian Tapp and Regional Planning are out of control sticking their hands in everybody’s pocket, messing with their money. No direction, just trying to wedge their incompetency on everybody for 10%.

Mt. Pleasant is running a SEIRPC (regional planning) bus to the Cedar Rapids airport and they do their own economic development without regard for anyone else while their city administrator sits as chairman of regional planning’s board.

The Chamber doesn’t care about anyone unless they operate within the confines of the Burlington city limits. Ask West Burlington.

Burlington doesn’t care what happens outside of the city limits and wouldn’t support a bag of cash if it was 30’ west of the city limits. Remember the ballpark lights at SCC?

Des Moines County Supervisors all talk economic development and all they can accomplish is to attend meetings and out of town conventions and never bring a thing home except the receipts.

If the West Burlington mayor doesn’t like it, it gets scared away by his omnipotent, spiteful attitude laced with dumb ass moves.

If Wapello didn’t have Grimm Brothers (featured on channel 6 for their recent growth) and Columbus Junction didn’t have Tyson, no one would know any different. They aren’t on anyone’s radar but yet they pay to play. However, their former economic development guy works for the Chamber now but didn’t know 30% of Burlington’s consumer demographic comes from Illinois.

Ft Madison Economic Development does whatever they want without any plan and lots of hand wrenching and play acting from those in charge behind the scenes.

The renegade mayor in Ft Madison is out screwing up economic development deals without regard for anyone or his council.

Keokuk Economic Development is left out of everything while its mayor is out doing his thing.

Lowell Junkins is out trying to line his pockets with everyone else’s money even though he was fired.

The sponsor of the ad has its staff squirreling away money from its customers.

And the Ad Vertiser, deemed the most problematic of all regional problems by 3 national consulting firms, takes money from everybody they can while exploiting whatever they think is newsworthy while telling us what they want us to know. And they advertise the Quad City Airport on their website while endorsing regionalism.

Now, tell me again why the hell anyone should donate a dime to the Chamber or believe a word they say when they try to pump this nonsense down our throats?

Regionalism is a joke in Southeast Iowa.


You need to take a breath and use the return key. This one paragraph thing is killing me.

I guess it’s wake up time lunch crowd; people are paying attention.


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Deluded, Duped, or Just Plain Dumb?


"Looking back, Ell praised former City Manager Bruce Slagle and Power for "working in the city's best interest."

Leadership involves judging the ability and character of others. Ell has admitted he is no leader.


Since Ell just keeps living up to Lower Expectations, the answer is "D", all of the above.

Everyone thought the drunk ex-mayor was the worst mayor to come down the pipe. Lost Keys is constantly improving his legacy and has taken over first place like a 3 strike criminal.


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Speaking of the Ignorant Closer to Home


"The man who announces the Nobel Prize in literature says the United States is too "insular" and ignorant to compete with Europe when it comes to great writing."

Has the state of American letters become a let down? One need not look to Stockholm for the answer. South Main Street will do.

Other than as an unintentional comedy of errors and misspelled words, when was last the last time an Ad Vertiser news story received critical recognition?


We try to provide critical recognition everyday.


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I too heard Harmon was gone and Randy was in charge, but hadn't heard the rest. There was a Hawkeye article a week or so ago about some menu changes there and the fact that business had dropped off - supposedly because of the flood. The article went on to quote "The Guru" about his new restaurant in W. Des Moines, but never mentioned his absenteeism.

I've eaten there twice. One time there were two of us and we each had a full dinner, with iced tea to drink - no alcohol - and our bill was $75. Needless to say we haven't been back.

The other time there were several in our group and it was so dark I couldn't see my food, but could smell the heavy dose of garlic in it.

I doubt that many people in the area can really afford it more than once in a while. There were likely several who went there and charged the bill; coping with the buyer’s remorse in the privacy of their own home.


The old saying goes - " When the boss is away...."


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01 October

Mayor Denies Wrongdoing - Ell Totally Out Of Touch

We mentioned yesterday let's wait and see what our gas bag mayor, Lost Keys Bill Ell, had to say about the Ombudsman report on the city's illegal meeting over the railroad lawsuit.

Ell did not disappoint us.

"When asked about changes in city policies spurred by the destruction of tape recordings and minutes of closed-door meetings related to the lawsuit against BNSF by Slagle, Ell said, "I don't think anything was done wrong or illegal. ... Why would we change anything?"

That's right Lost Keys, why would you change anything? Once a criminal always a criminal.

Maybe when you get popped for a DUI you can try that line, "I don't think anything was done wrong or illegal..." on the judge.

In the meantime, I'm sure someone will prepare examples of the continual violations of the open meeting law by the Burlington City Council and forward them to the Ombudsman.


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When Does Enforcement Become Intimidation?

“Barack Obama Needs to Grow Up"


Public prosecutors in Missouri have taken a partisan approach to freedom of speech. If you attack their candidate, they come after you. Even the Governor is outraged.

Even if you speak the truth, nobody's day in court in is ever cheap. The public prosecutor is paid with your taxes. Hire your own own lawyer, unless you prefer public defender roulette.

Silence is golden. Shut up, or else?

Senator Courtney has tried to pass legislation to out bloggers. If Senator Courtney's assault on free speech should ever become law, how much easier would it make things for the Iowa Attorney General to follow suit?

Would the Iowa Attorney General's Office be more zealous in enforcing partisan "truth" than prosecuting violators of Iowa's Open Meetings Law?


This is the most outrageous bunch of Democratic Party crap ever. Public officials acting like Chicago thugs. It must be endemic to river water.

And speaking of open meetings law. Read on.


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Converting Clerical King Makers Into Vassals


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The Founding Fathers wisely rejected establishing a state religion. They knew the threat a state religion may become to freedom, religious and otherwise.

Some in the clergy believe they should play the role of king maker in America. These priests better beware of what they seek. The prince has been known to make mixing state and church into a two way street.

The peril of such dealing with the devil is not ancient history. Click Here, Click Here or Click Here.


If anyone would like to anonymously report your clergy for violating IRS laws you can do so without identifying yourself.

After the steak fry I am sure there are violators.


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Has anyone heard about Peter Harman and Martini's? I heard that Harman was gone because he didn't pay some sort of taxes and that Randy Winegard has taken it over.



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