Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 February

West Burlington Students' Memorial Service



There will be a memorial service for Ross Taylor and Kara Patejak on Sunday March 1st at 4pm at Bethany Luthern Church, 2515 Madison Avenue in Burlington. The memorial is being hosted by the West Burlington students. Everyone is welcome to attend to celebrate their lives. There will be dessert after the service for those who would like to stay and share memories.

Thank you for your help.


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Come on school board...


Finally, a school board member that can use common sense. Mr. Imthurn's idea to consider the district's 12 acres on Dill Street as a building site is just smart business. Tearing down a newer building (James Madison) and keeping up an older building (Oak Street) makes no sense.

James Madison as it is now is a nice building. Why pay to have it torn down? Why pay mega bucks for busing the kids while building? The architectural plans will work on the Dill Street property. What else could they possibly be wanting to do with this land? There will be no more elementary schools built (Newer and Fewer ring a bell?).

And to go a bit further in the common sense realm, they should have built a new wing on the high school before starting James Madison anyway. The science labs have received a special exemption the last few years because they are not up to code and who knows how much longer that will be received. Math and science are supposed to be the focus of the future.

No auditorium in our high school? All other districts our size have an auditorium at their high school. And a lot of smaller districts do, too. You can't believe the moving of equipment and instruments for each concert and performances.

Use the Memorial Auditorium you say? Yea right.....for the huge price they charge our schools? They can't afford it. Plus that is just a crappy building for performances. Folding chairs? Yea that says quality right there.

They have not gone too far in this to take a step back and think logically.


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Our Troops Don't Need Pelosi, Reid & Frank

Instead, They Need Our Undivided Support


I find it rather disgusting that Obama lifted the ban on photographing of our dead military personnel arriving back home from the two conflicts.

Just what possible good will it do to plaster these pictures all over the news when we’ve gotten along fine by just letting the families have their sons and daughters in peace, quiet and dignity?

I would much rather know how many billons of dollars in pork Mr. Obama is sneaking past the American people rather than infringe on someone’s personal grief by letting the liberal press in to make an issue out of it.

Between Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Frank we have our freedoms to worry about and making a spectacle out of those dying to preserve our freedoms just doesn’t seem the right thing to do.

At the heart of our current economic crises you will find the handy work of Pelosi, Reid and Frank the instigators of NINJ loans; looking at them makes me want to throw-up in the worst way.

Those four people will be the unmaking of America and the final destruction of 219 glorious years of democracy.

Sick of It

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Heland's Divine Dividend


I read your links. Oh my God, they elected that guy to lead the local Republicans! A stock scamming holy roller; Heland must be rolling on the floor laughing.


Heland just got a 24 point boost. I doubt if Heland can get down on the floor... or at least back up if he did.


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Broeken Republican Party


What was handed out at the Republican Steak Fry? What was so terrible and why didn't Mr. Broeker send a sample? All he sent was excuses.

If this attendee had been handing out Bible tracts, would they have been assaulted? Freedom of speech and no establishment of a state religion, would somebody be assaulted for passing out the Bill of Rights?

Does anybody remember how long it has been since there was a Republican in the Court House? Is there a connection?


Prayer won't fix this mess. Politics won't fix this either. People taking control of their destiny will have to fix this.

And it could have help if a criminal complaint was filed. I'm real surprised that hasn't happened.


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27 February

City Council Only Represents Special Interests


The city council in Burlington chose to represent the few at the cost of the many when they gave raises to the minority union members and others working for the city. In other words they sold out 25,000 residents to cave into the demands of less than 250 city employees. I would like to see just how hard the city negotiated with the union, if at all.

Heaven forbid that government employees should have to follow the path of the private sector. These sacred cows should be protected at all cost here in Burlington, after all they voted for us and now its payback time.

I think it would be a real good idea to forbid union members from taking part in voting for the same people that give them raises. The private sector has no chance of voting for people that give them raises. Actually I think the taxpayer should have the privilege of voting for or against raises and benefits for their own public servants rather than a bunch of people that only represent themselves and government employees, such as the city council and board of supervisors.

There is something wrong with the system where the city council gives raises to those that elect them without any consideration to those that must pay for the increases while they themselves get no increases and fall further behind the sacred cow government employees.

Screwed Again

The council didn't demand anything. I guess all those years of nightmares Lost Keys Bill Ell had, where he was laughing his ass off at the contracts he jammed down the firemens' throats, finally came back to haunt him.

They're all pathetic losers. It can never be resolved. It is a hopeless and lost cause. Junior Murray is so in love with political life he will never think for himself again. Same with Go Along With It All Davidson. The shop vac goes from Davidson's left ear to Murray's right ear into Worden's magic brain sucking vacuum.

From there, all hope was lost.


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Pelosi Like Proud Parisian


We are in trouble with Pelosi. She is nothing but lots and lots of trouble.

Manure Manager

When she sat over-infatuated on an overdose of Hopeism listening to Obama Tuesday evening, she reminded me of a proud Parisian parent admiring her pack of professional pickpocket and prostitute progeny on Bastille Day.


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Public Expense and Paper Waste


Posting public notice by law means published in a local newspaper. It costs money to buy the advertising. There has been talk of web posting accomplishing the 19th century intent by changing the law to reflect the times.

To promote public notice, get it on the web. To meet the current law, it is not illegal to use a legitimate local newspaper. Give the business to the Des Moines County News. Advertising costs less at the News than at the Ad vertiser.


Long ago suggested. But ignored by all.

All that are afraid of Publisher Steve Delaney and his lingering threat of retaliation.


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Radio Free Burlington Must Endure


All the best to # 7. Enjoy retirement.

Fred, keep providing a forum to move the truth forward. That squirm in the voice of a local politician just does not come through on newsprint, if it ever even makes it into print.

Fe Curtain

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It sounds like someone should look into Tim’s special deals with the city on his business address. Seems to have the ring of a back alley deal made late at night out of the realm of public knowledge.

Was renting of the building made public before Tim moved in? Was it published in the paper? Is he paying the equivalent rent for a building of equal size as paid in the private sector? Was the building put up for bid or did Tim get a jump start at it? Is he paying his fair share for the utilities and city services?

Burlington just reeks of lights out middle of the night decisions totally unknown to those that pay the bills. There isn’t a glimmer of sunshine in the halls of Burlington city hall, at least not in the past 20 years. The quality of elected officials has hit a new low from which the city will probably never recover now that union money is running the town making it a sad day for the other 89 percent of the working people that aren’t union members.

One thing about it, Iowa has the best government union money can buy as do most states along with our losers in Washington. Obama himself was given millions of dollars in union money and he’s starting his payback favoritism now by urging government contracts be let to union firms while unions only represent about 10.4 percent or working Americans. Special interest in Washington is the name of the game and Obama is no different than anyone else when it comes to paybacks for campaign donations.


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Reporter of Lost Shopping Carts


I tend to agree with you on retreading local newspaper people. There is nothing even Bandag can do with a blow out.

From what I have read in the local paper, most could not handle being the window man at a burger joint. Double cheeseburger, hold the ketchup, large fries and a coke would be delivered as fish sandwich, extra mustard and a diet orange. Fries, nobody said anything about fries. Error after error after omission.

There is nothing like tough times to separate nothing but self esteem from the cream.


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Aspen Dental Moving


Had planned on setting up shop at the Kohl's strip mall, they have now decided to open a location next to Becker's Jewelers in W. Burlington.

See it here first, maybe read it somewhere else later.


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Republican Steak Fry Still Cooking


I don't typically respond to anonymous accusations, but you have mischaracterized an incident that occurred at the Republican Steak Fry several times now. I'm not interested in engaging in a 'did not - did too" debate, but I have attached a copy of the letter that was sent to the gentleman in question, and also to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa and to the Republican State Central Committee members from the 2nd district. I appreciate the opportunity to offer this clarification.

Tom Broeker

The Broeker Letter Sent to the Assaulted Attendee
September 22, 2008


Enclosed is our check in the amount of $45, refunding the 3 tickets purchased for our Des Moines Co. Republican Steak Fry held on Sept. 20, 2008.

It is very disheartening to us that this situation ever occurred.

We welcome everyone who attends our picnic, and we make every effort to keep “intra-party disagreements” on hold during our special time of Republican fellowship.

It was very disruptive for you to bring your handouts into our venue and immediately begin handing them out to people who only wanted to enjoy a relaxing evening.

As a party we welcome political debate, our Central Committee has widely varying views and those views are often debated quite vigorously during our CC meetings. There are plenty of venues available to express disapproval of and debate the direction of the State Party. Our Republican Caucuses, Conventions, and your local Central Committee Meetings are held regularly for that explicit purpose.

Our recent event was a picnic/fundraiser, open to the public, and most of those in attendance have no interest in the workings of our State Party. Your efforts to offend some of our attendees would have ruined the evening for everyone.

Your disregard of our numerous requests that you stop was deeply disappointing, and it was undermining our efforts to promote inclusiveness and harmony for our event.

We would have much preferred that you and your family enjoy the evening with us, but you left us no choice. It was especially difficult for us to see your mother put into the undeserved position of having to leave due to your actions.

Des Moines County Republicans,
Tom Broeker, Chair

Spike’s Response -


Thanks for the email.

I have some real problems with all this after receiving information from more than one steak fry attendee.

Regardless of how it started it ended with Massner physically assaulting an attendee. That is a criminal matter. A party meeting, whether a steak fry or a central committee meeting, discourse has to be encouraged to set an agenda. Founding fathers had no time out to discuss how to win the Revloutionary war.

I don’t care how much screaming was going on, when it turns physical, somebody should have called the cops. We have reports from 4 sources stating that Massner grabbed the attendee’s arm hard enough to leave marks. Assault is assault. Whether or not it is defined as meeting some "legal" description is moot. This wasn’t the abortion nut jobs marching down a public sidewalk.

The Republican Party has totally lost its way, pandering to the Right Wing Christian loons. Massner, and others, are examples of that ideology. In my opinion, religion has absolutely no business in politics other than spiritual guidance. That's it. There will be no discourse on the subject at BurlingtonDerailed for a variety of reasons. We leave the loons to write the Ad Vertiser in 500 words or less.

If the U.S. government doesn't promote Christian ideology in foreign diplomacy matters, Christian ideology sure shouldn't be rammed down the citizens’ throats as a needed cog for democracy to exist long term. Maybe others feel differently, but I think this direction is well worn with all the corrupt church folk that have made national news in the past 18 months.

Further, I feel that the right wing Christian agenda will play even less of a role in politics than ever in the future. It seems most all the young voters have a different view of religion in politics than what people like Lehman and Sheffler have professed.

As for Massner. Maybe you are unaware but Massner apparently screwed a bunch of people, including family and friends in a failed business venture and was admonished by the Securities and Exchange Commission for selling bogus stock in a company that was never registered to sell securities and involved in a pump-and-dump sales scheme with a penny stock broker. So in my opinion, Massner is not a poster child for the Republican Party and hardly worthy of being its local leader.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here.

And then there is Kim Lehman. What a joke. Who pulled that boner? Sheffler? You field a candidate that can beat the nutty professor and that nimwad Lehman sticks her dirty foot in the bathwater less than a month before the election. Maybe if Meeks was in DC we wouldn't have been saddled with this stimulus debacle. At the least, we would have a voice that could challenge the status quo.

So, while I understand you wanting to downplay our postings, I would like to hear specifically, how we mis-characterized the steak fry altercation. Did Massner physically assault someone or not? Did he grab the attendee? That's all this is about.

Somebody needs to stir up the status quo around here. We're stirring it and from what we see, we will be stirring for a long time until somebody shakes the tree and the pompous, self-righteous rotten apples hit the ground with a splat.

As for anonymous, the Federalist Papers were written anonymously. Look where they led.

Write anytime.


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26 February

City Tax Increase Explanation Needed


I have questions for the Council:

How much of the $800,000 tax increase will go to the employees?
1) They are receiving annual pay raises
2) Free Health Insurance, $1150 per month and is expected to increase by at least 3.5%
3) Taxpayers will be charged more for the employee pensions
4) Taxpayers trash bill increases
5) Taxpayers sewer bill increases
6) Taxpayers have a huge payment for the Manor property that we had no say in at all (lost taxes)

What will taxpayers receive?
1) Salary freezes or wage cuts, layoffs, furloughs, etc.
2) retirements that have been cut in half
3) health insurance increased more, and we do pay a good portion, unlike government employees
4) closed Cascade bridge because no money or planning

How are we going to pay for all of this? Who will pay?

Councilman Tim Scott's $518 house property taxes don't help much. Heland isn't much help either.

These guys should invest in our community a little more than they do if they enjoy handing out our money.

Heland said on the radio that he doesn't own his business building because he couldn't afford the taxes. Scott's Draintainer business is located at the City airport property. This building is tax free so the rent is cheaper and he don't help pay the bills either. We are subsidizing his business with below market value cost and building expense.

Conflict of interest? You bet! When he votes for pay raises and promotions. Take care of those who take care of you.

Taxpayers for Truth

For gosh sakes don't forget Hoschek's $28 in property taxes. That pushes the local economy.


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Pay Raises


We have a dire situation here in Des Moines County because of all the government union people such as the city, county, teachers, state and manufacturing unions along with the people that just don’t vote nor work that leaves the few remaining independent voters hanging on a limb unable to ever swing a vote for any candidate.

Burlington is just overrun with cradle-to-grave government employees that are one of the main causes for high taxes in Des Moines County, which by the way, is one of the lowest paying counties in the state with the exception of government unions and other taxpayer funded entities.

Burlington is just a dying city with no one but taxpayer funded groups able to live the good life while the rest of us are eeking out a living in order to fund the government unions.

The term “civil service” is no longer a reality and has been replaced by government union greed better known as the “Privileged Class” in Iowa.

Soon to be Destitute

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25 February

Flagship Station KCPS' #7 to Retire

It's going to be a lonely day for Fred at the top of the local radio market. The Big Show KCPS 1150 AM sidekick Old #7 is going to retire Friday morning.

7 is a real piece of work. And like most fine art, he might be copied but never duplicated. 7 can hold his own with any comedic sidekick entertainer in America. His lightning quick wit, sometimes acerbic, acidic and oft times necessarily vindictive when it came to spelling, grammar, punctuation and the improper cleaning of his coffee pot; is going to be severely missed.

If in doubt, go to a little known section of the KCPS website for look at #7's contributions to the world of radio humor.

So Friday morning, call the show. Tell him how much you enjoyed his nonsense.

Good Luck 7.


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Getting Screwed Only Because We Have To


I used to think that it was necessary for our little company to advertise in the paper. What is becoming harder for us to do is deal with the jerks from the advertising department. They are impossible to deal with. They are rude. They are arrogant. And they are a pain in the #$%.

Getting screwed only because we have to

I think there is a legal term for that.


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Rethink - Rebuild - Retool - Save Our Bottom Line


I noticed the advetiser has been running a new supplement in the weekend wrap. With falling circulation, slanted articIes it makes me wonder if they will feature themselves soon?

The Hawkeye - Rethinking- Rebuilding- Retooling. Novel idea.


This Rethink - Rebuild - Retool/Annual Blow It Out Your Butt Advertising gut buster is nothing more than a way for the Ad Vertiser to stay off Revenue Reef for the first quarter.

Publisher Steve Delaney throws a little extra ink and paper into a the mix for some self-serving local flavor articles. He is rewarded with a revenue stream that he collects in the slowest ad time of the year.

If you have any doubts, just do a daily review of the ratio of pages, articles, inserts and ads. And the review will take less and less of your time.


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Why Did City/County Employees Get Raise?


Tim Scott was on KCPS Tuesday. I respect that he gives his time and he does call in. He said that he has recently talked to many business owners and they told him that business is slow and they have employees laid off. This is very true.

The thing that is just puzzling to many, is why did the City enter into a contract that will give the City employees annual pay raises for the next 5 years totaling a 15% pay raises over 5 years.

Free monthly health insurance at almost $1200, which is over $14,000 per year. For every employee in the city and county.

Now the concern? The property taxes will increase for everybody to help pay for these automatic pay raises. They are taking more money from the citizens and businesses that are struggling. This will hurt businesses even more. These higher property taxes will discourage development.

Salary freezes would have been appropriate in these times. To take more money from others just for pay raises in these times is selfish and irresponsible.

I'm extremely disappointed in these leaders, especially the County supervisors. I guess if you are a County or City employee, times are good for the next 5 years on the backs of everybody else.

Those that take the health benefit for an extra retirement are really cashing in, right Jeff? What a scam this is.


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For Whom The Press Bell Tolls Yet Again?


We should be so lucky.


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Upgrading Jimmy From a Nash to a Rambler


"Hansen said training will be tailored to the skills of the newsroom and advertising sales staffs at the newspapers. She said a primary goal for both departments will be getting them away from print-based thinking."

Ole and Lena Olson are getting retrained. The State of Minnesota is paying part of the tab to bring newspaper personnel up to speed. Do you think Senator Courtney could arrange such a program for his allies at the Advertiser?

If such training results in local journalists able to think, period; would it be contrary to Senator Courtney's self interest? Oh well, "Welcome to Burger Barn."


Or join Hoschek at any of the parking lot shopping cart roundup.


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24 February

Single Party System Offers Salvation From Thought


"These recruits tend to be impressive people - they have to be to overcome their partisan disadvantage. They are business people, Iraq war veterans or local elected officials. They are people who think for themselves, and who also have earned the respect of people in their communities.

Democrats can't recruit and elect people like that and then expect them to be lapdogs."

Senator Courtney and his friends shot themselves in the foot with their union wage bill. It lost. Their antics in the Iowa House may have consequences. So says Mr. Yepsen at the Des Moines Register.

Courtney and Cohoon have no reason to worry, nor any reason to think and vote in the best interests of their constituents. Their position is secure. Look for the loser's label. That is all that counts in Des Moines County.

There is no need to recruit impressive people in Des Moines County. Slap the label on a lapdog. That dog will hunt until there is once again a viable two party system in Des Moines County.


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City Building Inspector Lives In Weaver


The city inspector John Mark Hirsbruner lives near Weaver and the rule is 10 miles as the crow flies I believe!


Well, Google Earth says 10.27 air miles and 12.37 miles by road. Mapquest says 13.63 miles. I doubt if Hirsbruner is a union member.

It needs to be checked.


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City Employees' Residences


City employees (especially those employed in public safety) are supposed to live within 10 miles of the City. However, there have been court rulings that have negated this clause in contracts. When I served on Council, there was a firefighter living in Weaver. City management declined to take action due to the expense of fighting the union.

Too bad they didn't exercise such restraint a few years ago when the cost of action was 20 times the payroll cost recovered.

John K. Sandell
Former Council Member and Mayor

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No Longer a Light to the World

Clinton Begging In China


Oil for the lamps of China. That was the slogan a century ago.

Standard Oil was selling China kerosene for lamps. The West was sending traders, missionaries and when necessary, gunboats, to encourage enlightenment.

Look who now is begging in Beijing?

It will take almost $800 billion to fund Chairman Obama's "Great Leap Backwards." Discouraging tyranny is not part of the program. America's first lady of liberalism is on her knees.

America is broke. The mandarins need to send a message about fiscal responsibility. Debt can become as addictive as opium. What if they, "Just say, no?"

The sooner the addicts in Washington realize the money on the books was but a pipe dream, the less painful going cold turkey will be.


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Taking Chance

If you haven't seen the HBO movie "Taking Chance" you need to. It is a true story that will take you down the road Chance Phelps, a 19 year-old Marine killed in Iraq made to his final resting place in Wyoming.

The movie should remind every anti-war nut job that anti-war nut jobs get to act that way because of the sacrifice our armed forces make every day all over the globe whether in a combat zone or not.

What it really reinforces is that we must never abandon our troops just to promote a liberal agenda and tell us all how it should be and why we shouldn't be there after we supported military action (are you listening Pelosi?).

BTW - In lieu of flowers at his funeral the family asked donations be made to offer our troops better body armor. That is something we, as a country, should be ashamed of.


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23 February

Prevailing Wage Bill Flops On Democrats

The prevailing wage bill the Democrats tried to ram down our throats failed to gain enough votes.

So it is a bright day in Iowa until some other meat head tries something as stupid and anti-business as this.


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Prevailing Wage Bill - Call Now!

89.4% of Us To Pay for 10.6% of Iowans


Now the Democrats up in Des Moines are trying to screw the majority of Iowans again by passing a Prevailing Wage Bill that would raise the cost of just about everything in Iowa. Only 10.6% of Iowans are union members so why would the House even be considering a bill that makes unions a protected species here in Iowa. Just what do the remaining 89.4% of Iowans gain through this bill?

Democrats are so much into themselves that they would screw the 89.4% of Iowans just to pay back their handlers for all the campaign money received prior to the last election. The democrats are a good example of a dishonest government that would pass laws for special interest rather than for the good of the majority of hard working Iowans.

What scares me most is that local people here in Des Moines County have voted into office people with such tight ties to the unions that they are more than likely to vote in favor of union special interest laws. In other words the democrats would screw the majority (89.4%) to maintain their quid pro quo relationship with the minority unions (10.6%).

Please call 515-281-3221 the Iowa House and make your views known about this special interest law the democrats are trying to burden Iowans with, this bill will raise the price of every construction project in Iowa which would also end up raising our taxes.


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City/County Employees & Politicians Out Of Control

Burlington City Employee in Lee County?


Are the elected officials living under a rock? Employees in the private sector are seeing layoffs. Businesses of every kind are having either layoffs, furloughs, wage cuts or if you are lucky a wage freeze.

The County is facing a budget shortfall. They were going to furlough employees one day per month. This would have helped ease the burden on taxpayers and would have been fair.

No, they can't do that to the protected class, so go borrow a million dollars and raise everybody's taxes. This is irresponsible and unfair to the public.

The City of Burlington just signed a 5-year contract to give all employees pay raises and another 5 years of free health insurance. They are good at giving others money away. They will eventually hurt local businesses, but I don't think they care.

I know a couple that just moved south of DMC into Lee County. Only a few miles south on a good paved highway. They said it is a lot cheaper.

City of Burlington employees also live there and they say it is much cheaper to live there in Lee County.

We can't afford much more of the Helands and Scotts. They enjoy giving our money away. It makes them feel good to give our money to their friends.

How much do they pay in property taxes?


I don't think any city employee can live in Lee County. Too far away. If you have name(s), email them to us. We will post them right here for everyone to see so the taxpayers can demand an answer.


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A Offer Democrats Can't Refuse


Ya wanna know why dem House votin' machines ain't closed? We needed to talk with some of our pals in da legislature. Dey needed a little time ta dink about what dey done.

We ain't unreasonable. We just gave dem Dems an offer dey can't refuse.

Da Boys da owe

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Vote Forever Until You Vote Right


Mandatory union wage legislation is deepening the gutter.

First, we got same day voter registration so phantoms could vote and disappear. Those so elected are exploring an endless roll call on their pet special interest pay off bill.

Did the unions threaten Democrat leaders with a one way ticket to visit Jimmy Hoffa? When does Senator Courtney leave?


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'Nationalize' the Banks

Eliminate "Zombie Banks" With "Temporary Receivership"

from the Wall Street Journal -

"Yet another reason why bank nationalization is a good idea, Mr. Roubini continues, is that "we started with banks that were too big to fail, but what has happened, in the process, is that these banks have become even-bigger-to-fail. J.P. Morgan took over Bear Stearns and WaMu. BofA took over Countrywide and then Merrill. Wells Fargo took over Wachovia. It doesn't work! You can't take two zombie banks, put them together, and make a strong bank.

It's like having two drunks trying to keep each other standing."

Finally, an economist that speaks in terms our inept politicians understand.


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The Perilous State of Mexico

Also from the Wall Street Journal -

"With drug-fueled violence and corruption escalating sharply, many fear drug cartels have grown too powerful for Mexico to control. Why things are getting worse, and what it means for the United States."

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22 February

Courtney Disgusting Example of Wanna Be Thug


Politicians who were formerly union members are the worst choice for elected office that can be made. Their minds have been so warped by union lies that they believe the whole world is against them and those not in unions are evil. Courtney is a typical union “thug” so to speak in that he says one thing and does something entirely the opposite such as the remolding of this home. He’s one who could never let down his union brotherhood unless there’s something in it for him, such as the house he remodeled using non-union labor because union labor is too expensive.

But you can bet Courtney will go ahead and vote for union causes since he’s been paid to vote that way along with being told what to vote for and against by his union handlers.

We have example after example of union politicians here in Des Moines County a county that can’t manage its way out of a wet paper sack. The county and the city are awash with loser politicians who have no concept other than what the union instilled in their minds from an early age. If one jumped off the bridge all the others would soon follow because they can’t think out of the box.

With all the retired Case workers, teachers, government workers and welfare people there’s little chance of ever defeating these union losers because union voters are trained not to think and are told who to vote for in every election. When the only people working belong to unions what chance does a non-union citizen have unless their democrat themselves.

The best thing that could happen would be that all these union people would move to Cuba and practice their socialism down there leaving us to the capitalist lifestyle. Union people always vote for the people that give them their yearly raises and free benefits and of course these are the people their union’s payoff through campaign contributions year after year.


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City & County Job Waste


To your writer that asked about AJ plowing the library lot. I'm not sure why the City doesn't do it. The library board has their own budget and this proves that they can save money by outsourcing. I'm sure AJ had to bid this.

The local government should outsource a lot more of the work. It would save all taxpayers because the government jobs are not a good value anymore.

The truth has been written in articles from studies and only Heland would disagree. When you factor in 4% pay raises, huge pensions, free health benefits, over used and abusing the vehicles by taking them home when they should remain parked at the courthouse, sheriff's dept. etc.

Even deputies that are not on patrol anymore take a car home and they live out in the County. They drive downtown everyday and start their day, even when they are not on call. This is abuse of tax dollars.

Other departments are cheating too. They are driving to and from work on taxpayer expense. Employees it on download piles of color copies from the internet without editing down to what they only need. The taxpayers are paying for all this paper and toner. This is dishonest. And then they complain because DMC does not have any money or they are going to be furloughed.

If department heads and the Supervisors did their jobs, rather than protecting their longtime friends/employees, this wouldn't happen.

County Resident

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More Of Burlington's Retired Employees, Rehired!


Did you hear the one about the retired Burlington cop that is now re-employeed at city hall, full time with full benefits? In a job that he is under qualified for. VERY, VERY, Sad.

Too bad the job didn't go to a person that really needed it with a family to support. Not someone who already has 1 pension and retirement to live off of.

Not part of the " Good Ole Boys Club"

The responsibility for this lies at the city council table and the human resources director. It needs to stop.


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21 February

Democrats' Bizarre Miscarriage of Process


The wage bill was debated Friday in Des Moines. After five and a half hours of debate, the voting machine opened. Right off the bat Democrats Bailey, Kelley, Marek, Mertz and Quirk vote "no." Bailey was out of the chamber before his light had turned red.

So the vote stands at 50 - 46 with 4 absent. Absent are Republicans Raecker, Forristall, and Chamber - all who would be "no" votes. Also absent is Democrat Huser, also reported to be a "no" vote.

So, in the normal world the Speaker of the House would close the machine and announce the vote - the bill failed to gain a constitutional majority.

But not Speaker Murphy. Apparently the Speaker is intending on keeping the machine open from now (6:30 on Friday) until 1 pm on Monday when the House is normally scheduled to reconvene.

This is beyond bizzarre. I've never seen anything like this. There is no precedent.

This is not a logical move. Its either being done out of ego or to intimidate a member to switch their vote. Either way, it is one of those things that the public cannot, and should not, understand. The public should be calling the Speaker's Office at 515-281-5566 and telling him to close the machine and announce the vote.

Republicans will keep a member in the chamber 24 hours along with the Speaker. The House is technically in session and a motion is being considered so the House must remain open, and no other motion such as to recess can be considered.

What is even more bizarre was the Governor's endorsement stance on this vote all weekend move. I guess he supports increased costs to the taxpayers passed on as higher taxes.


All the Democrats know is cheat. Cheat, lie and steal anything they can't obtain through lawful means.

Look at the poster boy Courtney. Chief Liar. Unfit to lead the Labor Committee with his narrow-minded win-at-all costs nonsense. If this is the best they can find in Iowa Senate, then we are in for yet more trouble than we can pay for.

And don't forget Cahoon in this mess. He always slips through the cracks with the Ad Vertiser and having to account for his strange ass behavior. No one ever pins him down. He needs a wake up call.


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Des Moines Union President Needs to Pay Up


Polk County taxpayers should be paid back for the rent and salary paid to this scum bag union leader. Just goes to show how the unions and Democratic politicians are in bed with each other.

This is how unions are paid back for their votes by the Democratic law makers. It’s a vicious circle that is almost impossible to break.

Iowa is no better than Illinois when it comes to crooked Democrats and unions.


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Terrorists in Lee County?


Thursday afternoon about 2pm a man was taken to Fort Madison Community Hospital after his arm was blown off by a pipe bomb. He is apparently now in Iowa City after the loss of his arm and one eye.

Why is this not all over the papers and radio. What is being covered up? Who is covering this up? If we have terrorists in our area shouldn't we be kept informed?


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20 February

Senator Courtney - Working To Increase the Prevailing Poverty

Manager of Scab Labor Harming Iowa's Business Climate


"I don't want to kill business. That's not what I'm after. But I don't want workers to suffer, either," said Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, who heads the Senate Labor Committee."

Senator Courtney only wants taxpayers to suffer.

The "Prevailing Wage" union comrades pay off Senator Courtney is pushing will push all levels of government in Iowa deeper into the hole. Rather than let the competitive market prevail, taxpayers will pay more for less on public projects.

What of Senator Courtney's party comrades in the Iowa Legislature. Cohoon and Fraise are not the primary foghorns bellowing for this boondoggle. As usual, count on them voting with Senator Courtney.

What of a prevailing wage on private projects?

I recall reading here that union faithful, single party Comrade Courtney had his dacha remodeled with non-union labor. How typical of those who claim they will dictate equality.


We didn't know how that jackass could do any more than he already has to ruin Iowa's business climate. Now we know.

I have often wondered how that simple-minded toad Courtney explained his illegal alien, scab labor remodeling project to his union members.

"I didn't know what I was doing."
"Mike Edwards made me do it."
"I'd been to Gulfport with Mike Edwards."
"I'd been to Gulfport with Jeff Heland."
"Bill Ell said use my guys, no one would ever know."
"Andy Anderson told me to hand out voter cards."
"Brian Tapp said he would bus them to the job site everyday."
"Dennis Hinkle said the growth in labor would be good."
"Bruce Slagel said small bills."
"Scott Power said we'll deport them if they screw up."


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Colorado Rightfully Kills Prevailing Wage Bill

The bill setting ‘prevailing wage’ for Colorado construction workers died in committee.

The bill failed 7-4 after legislators on the committee and representatives for business groups argued the bill would increase red tape for contractors, drive up labor costs for construction and discourage small and minority-owned businesses from making bids on state projects.

“The free market already does an outstanding job setting wages,” said Rep. David Balmer, R-Centennial. “The government should not be mandating how much we pay because it will only drive up the cost of projects and cause people to lose jobs.”

Critics also contended that the legislation was designed to benefit union contractors over non-union contractors and wouldn’t help workers or the economy in the aggregate.

“In some cases, the prevailing wage is lower than the going rate at the fair-market system,” said Mark Latimer, president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, “These are decent-paying jobs. We believe the prevailing wage artificially inflates [wages] and drives up the cost of construction. It will hurt the economic stimulus and restrict the free market.”

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West Burlington Students' Memorial Service


I would like to use your site to let people know about a Memorial that the students of West Burlington are doing for Ross Taylor and Kara Patejak. I had thought we could put an announcement in the Hawkeye (I believe you call them the Advertiser) Happenings for free since it is a Memorial (non profit organization) but they wanted me to pay $106.00.

I hope you don't mind if we use your blog to help spread the word, and if you don't want to that is fine. We posted an announcement on Facebook to 219 people with RSVP, the first full day we had 82 people confirm they will be going. Maybe the Internet is the way to get news out now. Enough of my rambling.


There will be a memorial service for Ross Taylor and Kara Patejak on Sunday March 1st at 4pm at Bethany Luthern Church, 2515 Madison Avenue in Burlington. The memorial is being hosted by the West Burlington students. Everyone is welcome to attend to celebrate their lives. There will be dessert after the service for those who would like to stay and share memories.

Thank you for your help.


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Is the Administration Winging It?

"Obama's reputation for competence is at risk."

from The Wall Street Journal -

"Team Obama has been living off its campaign reputation for planning and execution. That reputation is now frayed, and all the bumbling and unforced errors will have an impact. Such things don't go unnoticed on Capitol Hill or in foreign capitals.

The president, a bright and skilled politician, has plenty of time to recover. The danger is that what we have seen is not an aberration, but the early indications of his governing style. Barack Obama won the job he craved, now he must demonstrate that he and his team are up to its requirements. The signs are worrisome. The world is a dangerous place. The days of winging it need to end."

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Troy Chambers 10 - Ad Vertiser 0


Just a great letter by Mr. Chambers, right to the heart of all our problems, starting with that witch Pelosi, dimwit Barney Frank and no-wit Harry Reid the three most important people in Congress that sold the American people down the drain.

Then we have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who paid off congress with huge campaign loans using taxpayer money and went along with the three stooge’s idea of loaning money to the unemployed and jobless masses knowing they could never pay back the money.

Anyway, Mr. Obama needs look no further than congress for the three guilty people most responsible for our mortgage crises. Now Obama wants to reward those that purchased homes knowing they could never pay back the loans. What do the people that made their commitments by paying their mortgage payments and taxes, just what to they get for being honest and living within their means. They should be the ones that are rewarded for earning their right to the American dream and not those that are always taking and never giving, those that expect the government to support them, those that don’t want a job and never look for a job and those that are living off the hard work of responsible American citizens.

Our congress is a joke and Obama isn’t helping anyone by not giving anyone time to read his massive pork lined bailout prior to the vote, a vote that will do more harm than good for the hard working American people while those that expect entitlements continue to thrive off the back of the real Americans that work and live within their means. Of course congress just goes along with Obama because they’ve been paid off with millions of dollars in pork stuffed into the bailout debt. Don’t ever believe the three republicans that voted for the bill aren’t being paid off by the Obama administration with pork from this bailout bill.

Anyway, just a good letter by Mr. Chambers and a failure on the part of the Hawk Eye for not publishing it, just goes to show how one-sided the press is here in Burlington.

The letter needs national publication.


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Thank You, Mr. Chambers


Thank you as well for giving Troy Chambers a forum where all his observations were shared.

The more you read the Ad Vertiser, the less you know.


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Ad Vertiser’s Double Standard Applied to Chambers


I read Troy Chamber's letter on your website. The editor said they limit letters to the editor to 500 words.

That simply is not true.

In Thursday’s paper a letter with 571 words, titled “They Want Our Guns,” was printed.

Apparently, there is a double standard for letters to the editor.


That’s not surprising.

It’s all about what they want us to know.


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Only Mention Furlough to Achieve Budget Results


It's really amazing that the county can come up with ways to cut the budget with the mere mention of furlough's for the employees. From the reaction from the county employees it would just about devastate them to take off two days a month without pay.

What do they think the factory worker goes thru when he gets laid off and runs out of unemployment benefits. I would bet the factory worker would not be crying about taking two days off without pay. The county and city workers once they are hired must figure they have a lifetime job.

Another thing why does the city pay A. J. Construction tor removing snow at the libary? We pay city city employees to remove the snow.

This city and county government need to be reined in on their spending. The auto makers union is going to make concessions why shouldn't our city and county do the same?

I would like to have a job working for the city or county.


Since you didn't work for the city and are retired, you don't have a prayer for a retirement job with the city.


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West Central Illinois Comes Up Short for DOT Money

West Central Illinois funding will keep U.S. 34 two lanes for the next 10 years. No one cares about the flood and no one cares about the major east-west highway.

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Shoot the Monkey


A wild animal given a position of esteem beyond its reasoning powers reverted. The chimp went on a vicious rampage and had to be destroyed. Threats are being issued against the owner because of the animal's death.

You have shared responses from those upset with your euthanizing the political ambitions of locals who achieved beyond their abilities. The majority of them have been extremely entertaining, especially from relatives of the deceased.

Spike, can you empathize with the person receiving the threats?

More serious and sinister, Senator Courtney has tried to legislate your site's demise. You have helped to put more than one threat out of our collective misery. Has your person ever been threatened for exposing thugs, bums and monkeys?


P.S. At least "Travis" never voted for a Manor Mall. Talk about mauled by a bunch of monkeys.

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Polk County Gives Union Office Space & Pays Union President

Will This Stupid Crap Ever End?

"A labor union gets free office space in a public building and its president's salary is paid by taxpayers - an arrangement that a state lawmaker says is inappropriate.

"It's just unbelievable," Rep. Erik Helland, a Grimes Republican, said Wednesday.

Polk County gives American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1868 a small office in the county's administration building in Des Moines.

The county also pays the $59,271 salary for the union's full-time president, Dan Riley, and granted him a leave of absence from his county maintenance job.

The arrangement for the free office and full salary dates to 1979, records show."

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19 February

A Prophecy of Government "Good Intentions" and Good Fellows


Brian accompanies Ralph and Tony to breakfast, where Ralph asks the young financial adviser for investment tips. Brian lays out a way to use bogus real estate deals to con money out of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, but he's not serious about pursuing it.

It turns out, however, that Tony and Ralph are very seriously interested. They enlist the aid of State Assemblyman Ron Zellman and his old friend from his activist days, Maurice Tiffen, to create a federally funded windfall.

Those watching the Sopranos at the time were probably unaware they were witnessing prophecy. Looking back, how did we miss it.

Old liberals out to save the world hold political office and influence. They have sold out their ideals. Criminal figures exploit their weakness. Real estate development plans are the modus operandi.

Be it a Manor Mall, or home loan derivatives, the taxpayers end up taking the hit.

P. S. Don't cancel your newspaper subscription. The fish are biting.

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Stifle The Citizens

The Request:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Letter to Editor
From: The Hawk Eye
Date: Fri, February 13, 2009 10:14 am

The publisher has alerted me that your letter is too long for publication. Our limit is 500 words. Could you shorten your letter and resubmit it?

Chambers Reply:

No, I won't shorten it to 500 words but I will send a copy of the e-mail to Spike and Falcon. That's the way I felt when I wrote it and that's what I said. I understand it's somewhat long but it's not a novel. Is Mike Sweet's opinion limited to 500 words in his column? I think not.

Troy Chambers

The Letter:

On Feb 10, 2009, at 11:13 PM, wrote:
Troy Chambers filled out this Letter to Editor on 02/10/2009.

I would like to respond to Jeff Horton and his letter on 02/09, titled Leadership Lacking.

Jeff, first off the men who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were not politicians, they were statesmen. The people in congress today are politicians (there is a difference).

The criminals running the government today could never write documents like the Constitution or the Declaration, they need to have some integrity and character first.

Today’s clowns are all corrupt, just look how many of them get caught not paying their taxes and they are let off with an I'm sorry I didn't know I had to pay taxes on that, or some other impropriety that the rest of us would go to jail for.

Each has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and each has violated that oath. Some have violated it so much so that it borders treason. We, as their bosses, have in the past and continue today to let them trample the Constitution or twist it as they see fit. Are we so pre-occupied with American Idol or Dancing With The Stars that we don't care what these people do?

We should be outraged; I know I am. The law is the law and no one is above the law. We have a responsibility to the future generations to leave this country in better shape than what it was when we inherited it.

We are failing those future generations. I don't care what party you belong to, Democrat or Republican, every politician in Washington has screwed our country up. We need to fire them in the next election.

They didn't listen to us when it came to the bail out money, the overwhelming majority of the people in this country were opposed to bailing out these corporations but the people in Washington thought they were so much smarter than all of us, they went ahead and saddled us with $700 billion dollars worth of debt and now they want to add another $900 billion dollars to that debt. Where does this stop?

They make the rules. The rules they make don't work.

Each party sits around and blames the other for the screw-ups. Each party then sits around and pats themselves on the back.

They tell us we aren't smart enough to understand these complex problems. They raise our taxes to pay for their miserable failures. They give themselves a big raise, great medical coverage, a great retirement plan, great benefits, every holiday known to man off (with pay), lots and lots and lots of time off with pay (of course), to top it off they can leave their jobs for months to campaign for re-election and once again, they still get paid.

We have got to wake up. How many trillions of dollars more worth of debt do we have to accumulate before we say enough is enough? We have to stop voting party line. There’s not a nickel’s worth a difference between the parties. If you think there is, you’re not paying attention to these snake oil salesmen.

So when Chuck Grassley, Tom Harkin and Dave Loebsack, these politicians, these men of low moral character, these men I do not trust are up for re-election I will vote for the person running against them.

I won't care what party that person is from. I will continue to do this until the people making the rules remember that they work for us.

I recommend everyone reading this do the same and get every person you know to do the same; it's the only way we can truly take our country back from these criminals.

Oh! And Chuck, Tom and Dave, I don't trust the other 532 weasels in Washington either.

We have got to clean up this cesspool and it starts with the ones here in Iowa who are supposed to represent us.

Troy Chambers

We don’t have a space requirement on our Opinion page based on advertising requirements.

Write anytime.


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RecPlex - More Stupid Council Tricks

Privatize It - Then We Can Afford It!


What project are the city clowns planning for the Rec-Plex., Burlington’s biggest yearly tax burden? Why can’t they sell it off to private enterprise and unburden the taxpayers?

Our city rulers have no concept of how to run a business profitably and have failed in all their private sector business ventures when using taxpayer money. I really think it’s an attempt to satisfy their dreams of grandeur through using someone else’s money. It just reinforces our concerns about their lack of competence, responsibility and complete mismanagement of our city.

They should be worrying about how to reduce the budget through employee furloughs and departmental budget reductions without cutting services that have been bare bones for the past several years.

By selling off the Rec-Plex the city would still receive the same benefits they now claim they receive; so what’s holding up the sale? What reason could they possibly have for not selling it off since it’s been a taxpayer money loser since the doors opened?

Maybe a petition should be gathered to force the selling off of this white elephant city loser business along with the water park they squandered our money on.


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For Burlington's Sake


Japan's Finance Minister is resigning. Shoichi Nakagawa drinks too much. He dithers and has been seen bumping into door frames. Mr. Nakagawa says he will resign later this year.

Better sooner than later, Mr. Nakagawa. Get thee to Burlington. It ain't Tokyo, but you maybe better appreciated.

Mr. Nakagawa, if you are simply a drunk and not a stupid drunk, you would make a better Mayor than some we have suffered.


At least there is disgrace and honor to do the right thing someplace in the World.


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I think it's great we now charge the inmates for TP. It sounds good we are cutting county cost to the taxpayer (shifting to the inmates), but can anyone tell me how much we actually collect from inmates that are billed for their stays?

I would imagine we collect on a very small percentage of those incarcerated, it would be nice to see what has and has not been collected from those incarcerated.


Excellent point. This idea was a grasp at thin air. It just shows how screwed up the system already was before this litigious brain wave came along. Maybe they should work on uncollected fines.

From what we hear, there are bigger litigious problems at the jail dealing with outdated food being served to the County's guests.


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18 February

Manor Mall - What Manor Mall?


"Experiments on animals had already shown that the drugs - beta-adrenergic receptor blockers - can interfere with how the brain makes and remakes memories of frightening events."

Greater career security for political incumbents through chemistry maybe closer than you think. The ethics of using such material is already causing a stir. Testing with humans is being done.

Sen. Courtney, Heland, Ell, etc. etc. begs a question. Is this substance naturally occurring in our local water supply? If so, is the parts per million level alone causing the problem? Is a low dose in conjunction with the Advertiser responsible for the effect?

No matter the cause, the disastrous results of selective memory erasure are rampant in Des Moines County.

Dee Mentia

Filter your water.


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Read It Here First


Read it first at Derailed. Does the Advertiser have anybody on their news staff with a clue anymore?


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Burlington Will Help Save the World


A most interesting piece on the 3rd world rising. China and India are creating great wealth. They will be driving a lot more cars in 15 years. What about us in 15 years?

Courtney, Heland, Tapp, Hinkle, Ell and the other culprits are determining our future right now. In 15 years, the peasants of Burlington will be riding in ox carts.


We'll be lucky if the ox carts aren't stolen.


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Pliable Budgeting Blows A Hole

01:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Party Boy Council Moves To New Watering Hole

Hey Spike,

Did the crack pack - Murray, eel, oops Ell and Worden find a new watering hole? I saw them sitting at the bar at Gators downing a few. Glad to see everything is going well for them. Hope they enjoyed their meal.

I would prefer they eat at Carlos O'Kellys so they could enjoy the beautiful view of the manor mall.


It wouldn't matter if they ate at Carlos O'Kellys. They have no shame and seeing that vacant corner will soon be replaced by the Rec-Plex expansion project we have no money for.

That's the way they work. Deflect the taxpayers with another new scheme that will save the city.

They're a bunch of stooges. I had hope for a couple. But even they are terrible disappointments. And there is an indirect proportion between education and the lack of common sense.


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I have a question. Burlington has had over $200,000 of Vision Iowa money in their bank account that was due long ago to the county.

Who does their accounting?


No one.

It seems very difficult to believe that Mini-Me Worden would miss a $200,000+ error.

It seems very difficult to believe that the city budget director didn't catch an extra $200,000+ in the bank account since it was not city money.

And it seems very difficult to believe that the city's auditor missed a $200,000+ error when reconciling city funds.

For this difficulty the city staff has in recognizing errors, they should all be fired.

But we all know how incompetence is embraced in this community; a pay raise with full benefits. Just look at Mini-Me Worden; a classic Peter Principal example.


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17 February

2 Billion Cars - Double Of Today's Cars, In 15 Years

"An Unsustainable Pattern of Transportation"

Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability. The premise of this new book deals primarily with the modernization of China and India and the many associated problems the automobile will have on all countries as these societies try to emulate our obsession with cars.

The question remains, what effect will twice the number of cars have on Global air quality?

It's not pretty whether the some people like it or not. Google it or click here for the Amazon reviews.


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Will Government Offices Be Closed?


It was sad to read about the death of a cat with 18 years of service to those suffering from substance abuse. Do you think many past and present office holders will be at the cat's funeral out of respect for such service the cat rendered unto them?


The service will be marred by a visit from Tim Hoschek, looking for his disenchanted voters.


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16 February

County Supervisors


Why would Des Moines County ever elect Heland and that squirt Hoschek to public office? Who was Heland paying off when he hired the seventeen people; it would be nice to see what their doing for the good of Des Moines County.

How can so few people cause such disaster as has Heland and squirt Hoschek? What’s in the minds of Des Moines County and Burlington people when they constantly elect losers over and over in both the county and Burlington?

With all the folks elected to public office in this county and Burlington only Cahill has the common sense to manage and organize provided he can convince the other two county supervisors to be sensible when they vote.

I’m sure there are other elected officials that are responsible and honest in our local government but their not the ones making policy derived from ignorance and lack of any skills known to man.

The voters of Des Moines County and Burlington need to be educated about voting and until this happens we’re stuck with many loser dimwits at the helm, just look around at what’s happening in our county and city would anyone want this leadership?


They elected Heland because Blow wouldn't pander to the criminals that run the local Democratic Party. Heland is totally unqualified to be supervisor or any other elected official. He is for Jeff. Much the same as the "squirt,"Hoschek.

But if you take the opposing view in the interest of the Fair Doctrine, Heland is qualified to be supervisor. Heland knows nothing but tells you otherwise, has no job experience, no management experience, no fiscal restraint and consorts with drunks and gamblers while riding the taxpayers' trough.

So you see, there can always be 2 sides to every story.


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Spike's Gospel Message - Greed


Just watch this short video and see the stimulus package has nothing relative to the dissertation on capitalism by Milton Freidman.

Disgusted Again

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New Republican Chair?


I have been hearing stories that the Des Moines County Republicans elected a new Chairman. I have seen nothing in the Ad Vertiser, but that's no surprise.

Do you know anything about this story?


From what we've heard the Republican Party has replaced their local chairman. Rumors say that Broeker has been replaced with Bible Thumper Massner.

Massner was involved in a physical altercation at one of the local meetings and has a history legal issues involving the Securities and Exchange Commission over improper stock sale during/after a business failure.

So it looks like we're the last defense against a Heland runaway during the next election.


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Iowans for What?


Our Nutty Professor congressman recently voted for almost a trillion in pork. Worse yet, we hardly got a inch of sausage casing off the carcass. Talk about taxed to death for nuthin' and you have described Congressman Loebsack.

Does the group Iowans for Tax Relief spell relief, L-O-E-B-S-A-C-K?

Check out who sits on the Board of Directors of Iowans for Tax Relief. Kimberly Lehman is the crazy baby lady who attacked an intelligent, articulate, Republican running against the Nutty Professor.

Iowans for Tax Relief has a noble purpose and they should focus on it. Putting leaders of other Political Action Committees on their Board is not healthy. It leads to guilt by association and confusion of purpose. As long as the crazy baby lady sits on their Board of Directors, my check book is closed for any further donations to Iowans for Tax Relief.

Taxed Too Much

Kim Lehman is a loon; spouting her Christian Craziness at every political venue she can find. There will be no reform until she is seen in the Republican rear view mirror of stupid party mistakes.

The Christian right wing played no role in the last election other than to turn everyone away from the issues. And in the next election Christian values can be shelved. It will have no political value nor a platform to flop on.


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Empowering the Criminal Constituency


Voter fraud in the last election is being prosecuted in Linn County. How wide spread is the problem?

Is anybody in Des Moines County investigating what went on here? The Democrat's same day registration plan has felons canceling out honest folks votes. What a system.

Senator Courtney and his cronies have a lot to be proud of.


They won. That's all they care about. Don't care how. Just that they win. Lie, cheat, steal, pander, whore; whatever is necessary.


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Des Moines County's Desperation Makes Drudge

County Jail Toilet Paper Hits The Fan


The Register article on chargin' for the Charmin at the Des Moines County klink is world wide news. The Drudge Report has linked the story.

The rest of the world is probably unaware of the source of the problem. Heland and Hoscheck spent Des Moines County into the crapper. Demanding inmates pay Mr Whipple's bill has the whole world laughing.

Burlington has been a standing joke around Iowa for nearly 30 years. Do something exceptionally stupid and the whole world laughs at you.

Why do we keep comedians in material every election day?


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Please, Do Squeeze the Crack Pots

Did Toilet Paper Fall Through The Crack?


Des Moines County charging for toilet paper, how low can they go?

When are voters in Des Moines County going to wake up and put the squeeze on our elected embarrassments?

Mr. Whipple

I wonder if the toilet paper fell through the crack?


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15 February

Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'

from the Wall Street Journal -

"President Barack Obama has turned fearmongering into an art form.

....Consider the job losses that Mr. Obama always cites. In the last year, the U.S. economy shed 3.4 million jobs. That's a grim statistic for sure, but represents just 2.2% of the labor force. From November 1981 to October 1982, 2.4 million jobs were lost -- fewer in number than today, but the labor force was smaller. So 1981-82 job losses totaled 2.2% of the labor force, the same as now.

Job losses in the Great Depression were of an entirely different magnitude. In 1930, the economy shed 4.8% of the labor force. In 1931, 6.5%. And then in 1932, another 7.1%. Jobs were being lost at double or triple the rate of 2008-09 or 1981-82.

....Auto production last year declined by roughly 25%. That looks good compared to 1932, when production shriveled by 90%. The failure of a couple of dozen banks in 2008 just doesn't compare to over 10,000 bank failures in 1933, or even the 3,000-plus bank (Savings & Loan) failures in 1987-88. Stockholders can take some solace from the fact that the recent stock market debacle doesn't come close to the 90% devaluation of the early 1930s.

Mr. Obama's analogies to the Great Depression are not only historically inaccurate, they're also dangerous. Repeated warnings from the White House about a coming economic apocalypse aren't likely to raise consumer and investor expectations for the future. In fact, they have contributed to the continuing decline in consumer confidence that is restraining a spending pickup. Beyond that, fearmongering can trigger a political stampede to embrace a "recovery" package that delivers a lot less than it promises. A more cool-headed assessment of the economy's woes might produce better policies."

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14 February

Iowa's Share? .002408111 of $789 Billion Dollars!!

Pelosi Like a Cougar Riding In Her Sugar Daddy's Cadillac

Iowa's Share of the stimulus insanity, $1.9 billion dollars. Chump change to the 4 Democratic members of the house and Harkin for their vote. The professor really brought her home this time, especially for his flood victims.

Everybody should be pleased as can be to find Iowa near the bottom of this list, again; if the list is ever published.

Meanwhile, that worthless Pelosi fired up her Boeing 757 or Gulfstream 5 and went to California (as she does every weekend) for a week's vacation like a Cougar riding in her Sugar Daddy's Cadillac.

Too bad those car guys didn't jam that down those pompous Washington jackasses' throats when they were hammered for flying to Washington.

It seems to me Jim Leach flew coach; all the time.


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Fairness Doctrine


Why do we need a fairness doctrine when NPR radio and the three national TV networks are strictly liberal broadcasting entities? Just where is Harkin when it comes to complaining about these unfair broadcasters, one of which is public funded?

Just because the liberal crowd can’t compete fairly on the air waves their trying to legislate a solution by forcing their agenda on the public.

What a bunch of losers we have with Harkin and others trying to spread their liberal doctrine by force because they can’t compete on merit alone.

Disgusted Again

This BS is absolutely, totally out of control. I never thought we would be in this position less than 30 days after Obama got into office. If he doesn't grab the reins real soon, I wonder how this country can survive.

Many expected Obama to bring some new blood to DC and would never have thought it would be allowed to remain the same. It shows just how inexperienced he is about the office and the power he has.

We're in a lot more trouble than people can handle.


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Iowa Taxes

Spike & Falcon:

I don't know if you get this information or not so please check out the following site: Iowans for Tax Relief

We’re screwed again.


Falcon has their info up on his site today.


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13 February

Spike Was Wrong


The other day you said when Ed Blow left office the county had a balanced budget. You are wrong.

When Ed Blow left office there was an $11 million dollar SURPLUS in the general fund.

But a lingering question remains. Where did that $11 million dollars go?


Large Mouth Heland and his Little Timmy threw it in the wind.


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Hoschek At New Job?


I think I saw Tim Hoschek at his new job on Thursday wrangling carts at Big Lots. Do you know anything about it?


Not for sure. But we know he isn't qualified for a job as a Wal-Mart wrangler, so odds might be pretty good.

The last we heard was that he wanted to do marketing for KCPS 1150 AM. Wouldn't that be a disaster of epic proportion. Be like Ben Diewold selling tires.


03:04:09 - SPIKE - No comments

Heland Admits His Failure

Although not reported in the Ad Vertiser, the Des Moines County News reported that Large Mouth Heland said he had hired 17 people since he became supervisor and that he "regretted" it.

That's what makes Large Mouth a complete and total failure. He has total disregard for the impact of his stupid decisions and no financial or management experience.

It is further indicated by the fact that his business office lights are never on. The office is never open.

Anybody chasing gambling checks to the bank has no business spending our tax dollars.


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Toilet Paper Doctrine Makes News

I see drunken Lemmings are no match for the brilliance of the Toilet Paper Doctrine.

Don't you just love seeing Southeast Iowa endorsed for the infinite wisdom behind court house budget cuts?


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A Slobbering Love Affair

And now, “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.” The book pulls together the evidence of the media’s indisputable tilt, making the case that journalists’ abdication of their professional responsibility to provide fair and balanced coverage does great harm to their profession and the nation:

The grim reaper is knocking on the mainstream media’s door, and they remain gloriously oblivious. They have reached a tipping point but refuse to believe it. The corrosion that is eating away at their credibility had been happening slowly. It’s like acid rain; one day you look around and all the trees are dead. Nobody pays attention until it’s too late.

And when they become so irrelevant that no one listens to them anymore, they undoubtedly will lash out at their critics for poisoning the well. They will remain arrogant and clueless and blame the media bashers for damaging their standing with the public. But their demise won’t come from the outside. It will be an inside job, the result of one too many self-inflicted wounds."

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Commerce Secretary Nominee Bows Out

Another One Bites The Dust!

"New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg withdrew from consideration as Commerce secretary Thursday, saying his differences with the Democratic White House ran too deep."

Reportedly, the main reasons for Gregg leaving was Obama's desire to move control of the Census Bureau into the White House and politicize it and the huge hole of disagreement over the Pork Barrel Stimulus Pay Back Package.

Those are 2 excellent reasons to quit.


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Tapp Transit's Ultimate Destination


"Moving from Chicago to a smaller setting in Burlington may work for a lot of people, but it got Joshua Vendez White in a heap of trouble."

It works for Hinkle and Tapp. They are growing greater Burlington with entrepreneurial immigrants. These enterprising new comers have an excellent understanding what a local niche market desires.

Hinkle and Tapp have no comprehension what local market, in general, desires when it comes to economic development. They could care less. Take the cheap, easy and sleazy route to producing a few extra heads for the 2010 census.

If there is a seat on Tapp Transit's Ft. Madison route, it will save a Sheriff's department vehicle a trip. If any other passengers think Iowa is the route to quick and easy fortune, let them look upon the one in chains. Iowa State Penitentiary, the last tax funded stop on the Tapp bus.


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Ankeny Ain't Burlington


A Democrat State Representative has been busted for drunk driving. What was this guy thinking?

Moving the State Capitol back to Burlington would prevent this problem.


02:43:27 - SPIKE - No comments

The Barf Bus Bowing Out?


Unlike Southeast Iowa, money is tight elsewhere for tax funded transit. University of Northern Iowa students' chug-a-lug chariot may run no more.

The barf bus does serve a purpose. It keeps the young and foolish from driving under the influence.

Does Burlington need such tax funded transportation? Should we worry about the fate of our older and even more foolish? Should they have a safe, face saving way home after their weekly second City Council meeting and important campaign appearances?

Tapp needs to get his grant writing pen out. With all that economic stimulation coming from Washington, sleeping it off in a fast food parking lot may become only a memory.


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To Clone, or Not to Clone, Historic Figures


The Russians are claiming they could clone one of their great literary figures. If anybody can find DNA of a long gone Hawk-Eye, or Gazette, reporter, cloning would certainly improve the quality of local journalism.

Should we be archiving DNA from our current and recent political leaders? Will future generations be cheated if they lack the material tor reproduce Burlington's first Mayor to resign and other master minds of the Manor Mall?

If such blueprints are to be kept for future reference, should a specimen labeled "anonymous" of your DNA be put in the vault with the warning, "Open me first?"

Crick Watson

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12 February

Where is He?


I miss not having Mike Sweet barking up Obama and his screwed up administration like he did GW’s. Does anyone know where he’s been hiding lately? His Messiah is in big trouble and has requested approval of a stimulus bill so full of pork that the smell of grease in the air is overpowering. This stimulus bill is nothing more than business as usual in Washington, a system Obama was going to stop.

There’s been nothing positive happening yet and things are beginning to really look bad for our country. To think Frank, Pelosi, Reid and many other dangerous Democrats put us all in this mess with their NINJ (No income no job) mortgage program forced on lenders. Just who in the hell did they think was going to get the mortgages under this program and how were they going to pay for them?

We need Mike Sweet to start writing the truth about the Obama agenda in the Hawk Eye provided that’s possible. Empirical data indicates it could never happen in the Hawk Eye along with many other newspapers and TV networks; so I guess no news from Mike is good news to those that still receive the Hawk Eye.


I think Sweet has been ice fishing.

BTW - The Ad Vertiser hasn't printed any worthwhile news in many years. Publisher Steve Delaney refuses to print anything that makes us better, informed citizens.

And that responsibility starts with the Kansas carpetbaggers that own the mess on South Main. They have no civic interest in this community. We're just like a chicken no longer able to lay eggs; they just take our life from us.


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"Shut the Hell Up!" - Your Senators


U. S. Senator Harkin believes the First Amendment should be made null and void. "Fair" speech is more important than free speech. Keep your critics quiet so the majority will never learn the truth of your actions.

What of Burlington's senator in a smaller pond? State Senator Courtney is a great admirer of U S Senator Harkin. State Senator Courtney has tried before to shut up Spike on the Internet with legislation. Will his hero inspire State Senator Courtney to try his hand at tyranny again?

If all you know is what you read in the Advertiser, our senators will have accomplished their mission.


Courtney will be like an agitated monkey with Diarrhea after this remark.

They all know what is best for us. We are incapable of knowing anything.


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Face the Music


When will the government stop throwing good money after bad? Those banks that made bad decisions need to fail. Pay off per FDIC guide lines. This will protect smaller depositors.

So called economic stimulation is nothing but a 5th of bourbon to treat the flu. You briefly forget your root misery. In short order, you face the flu and a hang over.

It will be painful. Withdrawal from false euphoria, financial, or chemical, is never fun.


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TM Explained It All


Looks like TM explained the Chamber and SEIRPC tactics exactly as they are but what happens to the entire horde of temporary help when they're let go by Scotts? My guess is they come back to Burlington and live off the taxpayer the rest of their lives; as have so many other workers the Chamber and SERPC have recruited to fill all the empty slum houses and trashy apartments scattered throughout the city.

Taxpayers in Burlington and Des Moines County should be aware of what’s in store because it’s only going to get worse. Burlington is slowly emulating cites such as East St. Louis, Illinois, Danville, Illinois and other less desirables. It’s only a matter if time and the leaders of the Chamber and SERIPC along with others will close out their bank accounts and move on to live in more desirable locations while leaving Burlington and Des Moines County to rot on the vine.

Burlington is such an easy mark maybe they can recruit that mother who had those eight babies to come in an represent the good life style here in Burlington now that its known she’s a welfare mom and a disaster to the taxpayer, exactly what this city and county are looking for, “votes.”


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Turn on the Chamber Red Light


TM is on the mark when it comes to our Chamber of Whores.Their idea of growth is the retarded and ignorant. If they no comprehenday Englay, so much the better. Those people are easier to cheat.

The Grow Greater Burlington conspiracy continues to receive tax dollars for their Chamber of Whores schemes. If we are so smart, why do we let the Chamber of Whores keep cheating us? Why do we let the City Council keep giving them our taxes?

I am tired of being screwed. No more tax money for the Chamber of Whores. No more money for Tapp's poverty express bus service.


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Replace Congressman Loebsack with Heland


I didn't see an indoor facility at Burlington's Wrecked Plex on the list of Economic Stimulus goodies. Why not? Where is our Congressman? He voted for the damn thing.

If we're going to waste money, we should benefit. After all, what else do we elected these people for. I've had it. I want Jeff Heland to be our next Congressman.

Jeff Heland knows all about spending money we don't have. When Jeff goes to Washington, pennies from heaven will rain down on Burlington.


Heland is already slobbering over the Big Donut job.


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11 February

Democrats Strip Aid for U.S. Workers

E-Verify Abandoned - Illegal Aliens to Run Through Huge Hole

Apparently, it looks like the union crowd is about to be handed a major blow; all fueled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. E-Verify has been 96.6% effective in preventing illegal immigrants from stealing American jobs from American workers.

Email or call Loebsack, Harkin and Grassley, today!


from the Chicago Tribune -

"With all the hoopla over greasy pork being stuffed into President Barack Obama's near trillion-dollar spending bill, it's what is being cut out that's receiving too little attention.

And once Americans realize it, they won't be happy.

What's been quietly stripped is a provision that would have required any businesses receiving federal stimulus cash to use an easy computer program called E-Verify to make sure that the jobs they generate go to American citizens or documented foreign workers, not illegal immigrants.

Democrats in the House voted for the E-Verify component. But when the great porkulus package reached the Senate, Democrats there dropped it.

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Pelosi's Response to Taxpayer Concerns

02:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

USAir To Refit Portion of A320 Fleet

02:14:34 - SPIKE - No comments

The Fierce Urgency of Pork - A Lemming Must Read

by Charles Krauthammer

"A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe."
-- President Obama, Feb. 4.

"Catastrophe, mind you. So much for the president who in his inaugural address two weeks earlier declared "we have chosen hope over fear." Until, that is, you need fear to pass a bill....

And so much for the promise to banish the money changers and influence peddlers from the temple. An ostentatious executive order banning lobbyists was immediately followed by the nomination of at least a dozen current or former lobbyists to high position. Followed by a Treasury secretary who allegedly couldn't understand the payroll tax provisions in his 1040. Followed by Tom Daschle, who had to fall on his sword according to the new Washington rule that no Cabinet can have more than one tax delinquent.

....After Obama's miraculous 2008 presidential campaign, it was clear that at some point the magical mystery tour would have to end. The nation would rub its eyes and begin to emerge from its reverie. The hallucinatory Obama would give way to the mere mortal. The great ethical transformations promised would be seen as a fairy tale that all presidents tell -- and that this president told better than anyone.

I thought the awakening would take six months. It took two and a half weeks."

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Railroad Near Miss By A Shoe

from Great Britain's Network Rail -

I wonder if it was a quiet zone?


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Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics

from the Wall Street Journal -

"In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama said, "The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works -- whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified." Or as administration spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said in January, the touchstone is, "What will have the biggest and most immediate impact on creating private sector jobs and strengthening the middle class? We're guided by what works, not by any ideology or special interests."

Unfortunately, this rhetoric is not true. Mr. Obama's economic policy is following not what has been proven to work but liberal ideology."

01:41:38 - SPIKE - No comments

Stimulus Energy Highlights

Examples of your tax dollars underwriting stimulus energy projects.

* Des Moines, IA: Citywide interconnection of all traffic lights. $500,000.00 - 25 jobs.

* Bessemer, AL: Auto-Meter reading system for City wide electrical system use. $5,800,000.00 - 70 jobs.

* Fountain Valley, CA: Hybrid HVAC/Night Shift system with solar powered air handlers. $800,000.00 - 5 jobs.

* Hayward, CA: LED Street Lights. Replace street lights with LEDs Citywide. $8,000,000.00 - 150 jobs.

* Glendora, CA: Solar power panel funding to assist small business owners with the installation costs. $975,000.00 - 45 jobs.

* North Miami, FL: Establish a "Change a light bulb" program for all income eligible households and change out all incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. $2,000,000.00 - 2 jobs.

* Plantation, FL: Methane Gas Conversion-Methane gas is a by-product from treating wastewater. The gas would be cleaned, scrubbed, and compressed to be used as electric power to operate equipment in the wastewater plant. $1,500,000.00 - 10 jobs.

* Orofino, ID: Clearwater County Woody Biomass Cogeneration Facility. $30,000,000.00 - 200 jobs.

* Lake Havasu City, AZ: City Hall Retrofitting Parking Structures w/Solar Power Regeneration. $7,280,000.00 - 130 jobs.

* Peoria, AZ: Install alternative fueling station and fleet shop upgrades (natural gas or hydrogen). $2,500,000.00 - 11 jobs.

* Cerritos, CA: "Go Green" Supplemental Power System for Cerritos Library: installation of micro-turbine generators in accordance with California state requirements, to prevent blackouts and reduce adverse environmental impacts. $360,000.00 - 5 jobs.

* Hopkinsville, KY: Automated Electric Information System. Currently, electric customers use more electricity than necessary due to lack of information about the amount of electricity being used. $3,900,000.00 - 4 jobs.

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Heland A Big Zero


Talk about an inflated, egotistical ass, Heland takes the cake. How did he ever get elected to anything ? Woe unto us taxpayers as long as the big zero is in office.

County resident

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Regional Planning's Other Woes


Heard from a reliable source that Scotts in FT, Madison, Iowa hired 500 workers lately, part of them cannot speak English and interpreters had to be hired to communicate with these people.

Scotts is on any given day the largest employer in Ft. Madison and buses from Burlington's SERPC run daily to Scotts at taxpayer expense to haul these employees to work!

This is Scotts spring push and most jobs are temporary and to become a full time employee you usually have to be a temp for 8 to 10 years just like at Winegards plus you have to pay the temp service to work.

This are the quality jobs the so called Chamber of Whores brings to the area, and the leaders support whole heartedly and call this progress for the region.

These are the minimum pay jobs the Chamber says we do not have enough workers to do the jobs. But the jobs are so bad no one wants the temp jobs! And the Chamber brings in immigrants and any one who wants a job to work these basic low paying dead end jobs!

I think the Chamber needs to have another award ceremony to pat each other on the back and tell the public what good jobs they do for the communities again!


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10 February

Heland Rallies Union Members to Supervisor's Meeting


Someone questioned why the county employees were at the Supervisors meeting. They were rounded up and encouraged to attend by Heland.

They did not bring constructive cost saving ideas that amounted to anything. From reading The Hawkeye article, they bitched and complained like always and encouraged a tax increase.

Were all of these employees on the time clock? This shows just how busy they really are.

Why is the County paying a Deputy $45,000 per year to serve papers? This should be privatized or pay the reserves $8.00 an hr for this part-time job. Even a County employee in the courthouse says this is ridiculous and a waste of tax dollars.

A uniformed officer on the street fighting drugs makes more sense. Now we have a current adv. on the radio asking for citizens to donate money to the Sheriff's office for two Tasers. With the Sheriffs budget, he should pay for Tasers.

County Resident

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09 February

Whooping Cough At North Hill School


North Hill School has a confirmed case of Whooping Cough. It was in the Kindergarten or First grade class.

Apparently, anyone who has been exposed should be put on antibiotics immediately. School policy keeps the identity of the child under wraps, which is great for privacy, but not the health of the other students and faculty.


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Asleep at the Switch?


I make an occasional stop at a gas station / convenience store a couple of times per week for certain things such as coffee, or a pack of smokes that can be only consumed on my front stoop in this day and age.

This gas station is located at the corner of South St. and Madison Ave., DIRECTLY across from one of our schools. In the last FIVE times I have been there, I have seen evidence of suspected criminal (drug) activity -- hard to miss.

Why is nothing being done?? Why is the BPD NOT driving by there every 5 minutes?? Why is there NOT a BPD squad car parked in that gas station long enough to shut these drug-peddlers down, and force them to move back to what ever scourge city they came from??

Sorry for so many questions. I am only looking for answers.


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County Supervisors


Here's the facts and area business owners and citizens are fed up. Des Moines County has a large financial problem. Supervisor Dan Cahill recognizes this and is attempting to take necessary action. Jeff Heland is fighting him on the employee furloughs as well as any layoffs that are inevitable. Cahill is doing what's best for our entire community.

Heland will take care of the public unions and the employees at our expense. Heland needs this public union support for his future public office. We cannot afford anymore tax increases, at least NOT at this time.

This will effect business growth, which means more private sector layoffs and less tax dollars entering the government coffers. I do not believe Jeff Heland understands this or he just don't care.

Private sector businesses are laying off. It is reality and we feel extremely bad for these employees and their families.

At the same time, the City and the County are handing out pay raises and more expense to these laid off families. We had a ZERO inflation rate for 2008 and they will receive a 4% pay raise? We all pay for a portion of our health insurance. Why should the taxpayers be BURDENED for a FREE $1100.00 per month family health plan for our City and County employees?

This is absolutely insane that our elected officials could support this or the employees believe they are entitled. The Hawkeye stated that the DMC public meeting was full of employees complaining. Maybe Heland has only heard from a few citizens because these private sector employees are working and cannot afford to take off to attend the meeting. Some are working two part-time jobs to make ends meet.

DMC employees were being paid while they attended the meeting. They must not be too short of staff if 2 deputies can be at the meeting complaining. Maybe there ARE too many employees!

If a DMC employee is going to lose their house if they miss one day a month work, they are poor money managers. These employees that were at the meeting whining could never make it in the private sector. They are too pampered and only think of themselves. They should be embarrassed of their attitudes.

These are Jeff Heland's buddies acting this way. We will remember Jeff Heland in the next election!

Fed Up

Large Mouth Heland can't manage his own finances, how can he be expected to manage the taxpayers' money?

And what the hell are any county employees, other than department heads, doing in the Supervisor's meeting? In fact, why are the department heads there every week?


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Exploitation, Meat Packers in Action!

West Liberty Foods Exploits Mentally Retarded for Decades


Another great moment in industrial relations involving Iowa's meat packing industry. The industry at large has earned an unenviable reputation.

Dangerous work, low pay, no wonder many workers who are able keep quitting the trade. It is easier to get a truck load of livestock than a bus load of workers. Still, the main course must go on.

Bring on the desperate, the mentally disabled and any others willing to sign on. Exploit to gullible 45 miles away to give you tax subsidies. Let the suckers house your attrition rate. Let them handle what remains once you are done with them.

When Rath had the plant at Columbus Junction, it paid well enough to attract and retain a steady work force. The price of bacon did not go down when IBP took over.

Why are my taxes being used to subsidize meat packers? This has gone on for nearly 25 years. I am sick of it.


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I'm Ready!


I've decided that I want to run for County Supervisor. I feel that I have the qualifications.

I know that if one has $100, one does not spend $500 unless it is known where the other $400 is coming from.

I also know that when budgeting, needs are placed before wants. Needs are necessary. Wants are exterraneous.

The problem is, I doubt that there are enough citizens in Des Moines County who grasp these ideas to elect me.

Waddya think?


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08 February

The Horror of them All


"The Chamber of Horrors does not represent small business and does all it can for multinational firms, favors illegal aliens for American jobs and does not sponsor anything about the buy American movement."

Sicken certainly pegged Hinkle's operation. When describing the source of much our misery, would it also be appropriate to call it the Chamber of Whores?

"Walk the streets for money you don't care if it's wrong or if it's right"


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07 February

GRMC's ER - Saturday Night at the Opium Wars


Take a good look on Hinkle's sell out. Remember Hinkle bitching about violence at the hospital. Sen. Courtney said be nice to my new voters.

Hypocrisy all around. Only the taxpayers literally get raped and robbed.

Read about the opium wars. Foreign invaders force drugs upon a backwards nation. Sounds like Burlington.

At least the Boston boys who got rich as fellow traveler-imperialists sent the money and Perkins west so the drunk mayor had something to sue; albeit 150 years after the fact.


Safety First When Treating Drug War Causalities to "Grow Greater Burlington

07:23:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Emporer's New Clothes

This is a crisis. Hold all other crises until this is resolved.

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06 February

Spike's Message To Large Mouth Ass Heland

Dear Large Mouth:

Regarding your remarks yesterday -

"I'm willing to raise taxes if I'm convinced that is what it will take to deliver the services citizens have said they wanted," Board Chairman Jeff Heland said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

"I've heard from a vocal minority of citizens saying, 'Don't you raise my taxes.' I didn't take a 'Don't raise taxes' pledge -- never would and never will. If we hadn't reduced the tax rate last year, we wouldn't be in this mess as deep as we are," he added."

I beg to differ on your erroneous assertion to the taxpayers that you wouldn't be in this mess as deep as you are if you hadn't reduced the tax rate last year. That is a lie and even for you, terribly disingenuous.

When Ed Blow left office the budget was balanced. Now, due to your lunacy spending habits, you are broke, chasing checks to the bank.

After two years of reckless, unbridled spending by you and Hoschek, without any regard for its consequences, the taxpayers are in the position of having to bail your sorry ass out. You may think the citizens don't know about the spending spree you two clowns embarked on, but they do. And for those that don't, they will.

No one has paid much attention to you getting caught on the Big Hollow project without any cash to pay the county's share of the project costs. Everyone knew the County was going to called to pay their share. But you and Hoschek just ignored it.

If you were a skilled financial manager/insurance salesman your business duties would prevent you from seeking public office. Instead, you are neck deep in trough surfing just the way your little buddy Hoschek use to be. How do you have time to conduct business?

It's sickening, Large Mouth.


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County and City Losers Need To Lose Funding


Grow Greater Burlington, Chamber of Commerce and Southeast Iowa Regional Planning should all be cut off from taxpayer dollars.

The Chamber of Horrors does not represent small business and does all it can for multinational firms, favors illegal aliens for American jobs and does not sponsor anything about the buy American movement. The Chamber should be left on the vine to die off especially here in Burlington where it does nothing but suck up 70% of its funds from the taxpayer and small business both of whom it doesn’t represent in any way or manner. Let the Chamber of Commerce go the way of the dinosaur. Wake up Des Moines County and Burlington.

Regional Planning is another taxpayer loser and should also be cut off from taxpayer funds. Muscatine turned down the Tyson deal but our nitwits here in Burlington volunteered to further destroy our city by opening the doors to bad elements from Chicago. I’m not including those that came here to work and better their lives, it’s the hanger-on’s that followed them over here, such as drug dealers, gangs, welfare lifers and just plain low-life’s. I might add that Burlington had plenty of “gutter trash” long before any people from Chicago arrived but Regional Planning has bolstered the number immensely under the guise of “Burlington needed the workers,” of course those that do work don’t even work in Des Moines County but our bussed into another county on the taxpayer.

There is no leadership here in Des Moines County with the exception of Dan Cahill who does add honesty and decision making skills to the leadership equation that’s been absent here in Burlington and Des Moines County for a good twenty years or longer. I wish Dan all the luck in the world as he tries to work with the Des Moines County and Burlington gang of losers and nitwits. Dan is currently the only glimmer of hope and sanity that’s available to us and everyone should support and encourage Dan to get the county out of this long lived grip of fools.


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Okay...local jobs don't suck! Crackers Are Recession Proof


I've worked at Vista - "Lance Inc" - for a few years now. They have not only increased their pay raises, like $2.40 an hour plus increased their vacation policy.

They keep trying to hire these people and "temps" from Chicago. But they don't last. They don't want to work. So...really people. Quit complaining and start putting in your apps at "Vista".

They offer a 50% match on our 401K up to 5%. They have profit sharing. You can buy stocks and I think the company matchs also....but not sure.

We've been working basically 7 days a week there since Oct. 17 of '08. Crackers are recession proof. Oh...they did give us Turkey day, Xmas and New years off. But if people want a real job. Go out there an APPLY!.

Insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield!

Stop complaining and look around.

"Proud to be a cracker!"

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USAir Audio Tapes Released

Here's the best condensed version of the "Miracle on The Hudson." If you want the suspense in real time of an accident unfolding, click here.

The USAir flight number and call sign is Cactus 1549, a hold over from the post merger days with America West Airlines.

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"What The Heck Went Wrong?"

If you haven't seen the coverage of the Madoff whistle blower testifying before Congress on Wednesday, click here.

If you want to see Representative Ackerman doin' serious smackdown on the SEC, click here.

Testimony from Markopolos that he must "champion the cause because the SEC won't."

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Retread Welfare Clients to be Advertiser Reporters


The big newspapers are reporting ever more bad news. As has become routine, it's bad news about themselves. Lay offs and hiring freezes are in order. Who will put the paper to bed?

Rather than hire, say you are training. Bring in the interns to save money. The apprentice costs less than a master, or journeyman. The Advertiser has been doing it for a long time.

Nobody avoids the law of supply and demand. Newspaper reporters are going the way of Pierce Arrow mechanics. It will eventually effect the number of intelligent students willing to enter the field. As the desperate, struggling whales swallow up the pool of interns, what effect on the minnow of South Main Street?

Follow the Tyson model. Import the desperate from the slums, affordable housing neighborhoods per the politically correct journalist's form book, of Chicago. Hinkle and Tapp know the people in Cook County to contact, unless Illinois most recent former Governor turns state's evidence.

For most, the learning curve will be steep. After completing their morning delivery route, interns can attend classes of "See Dick run." A few weeks of intensive training will have them up to the standard Advertiser readers have learned to endure over the last decade.

A good reporter needs to know their community. Burlington's vision for the future as put forth by Hinkle, Tapp, Courtney, etc. will give these immigrant interns great insight on covering Burlington for the foreseeable future.

With a back round of being abused, exploited and underpaid, the more promising may decide on a career at the Advertiser. The direction the newspaper industry is headed, that will give them a few years to prepare for their next career.


And this tidbit. No one is exempt. Not even the Wall Street Journal.

But keep in mind, a lot of these corporate losses are write downs. Royal Bank of Scotland wrote down $900 million dollars because their "brand" lost some of its star value caused by making stupid investments.


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05 February

County Bonuses Have To Go


The State of Iowa elected officials are considering discontinuing the employee bonuses. Some receive bonuses for a good job. Some are receiving bonuses called retention or longevity bonuses. A human resource advisor company recently stated that these retention or longevity bonuses are not necessary.

Des Moines County employees that received annual retention bonuses are not going anywhere. They receive excellent pay, free health insurance and an excellent pension. The taxpayers should not have to pay them a bonus to stay employed. That is just giving our money away.

Des Moines County should eliminate all bonuses or retention/longevity pay. DMC does not have the money unless they raise the property tax to pay for these bonuses. They should not raise our property taxes by the recommended 14%. They need to cut spending and this may require a cut in jobs.

The high taxes will eventually kill the economy. Citizens don't have much left.

DMC resident

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Make Crime Take a Hike


"I will not continue to live in this environment here in Burlington, Iowa. I am a professional business person and feel that at the very least, that I should feel safe in my own home."

BP, thanks for your insight into what is destroying our community. A lot of successful people have already left. Hinkle and Tapp's solution is just making a worse mess.

I trust you are not a member of Mr. Hinkle's Chamber of Commerce/Grow Greater Burlington problem generator. If so, drop your membership and tell them why. Business and professional people need to vote with their membership cancellations on what is being done to Burlington.

If you promote your business by advertising with the Advertiser, cancel any future plans to do so. The Advertiser spikes the whole story to fit their agenda on many issues. It is better to have no newspaper than one whose slant fools the public into thinking they are being fully informed.

If you have the time and are willing to suffer the slings and arrows, run for local office. Cut Grow Greater Burlington and the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission off from further local tax support. If not yourself, fully support an employee who perhaps is willing to do so.

Money talks. It is the only thing that will make Hinkle, Tapp and the Advertiser's BS walk.


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Field of Schemes


Does anybody remember Courtney for School Board? Does anybody remember a Burlington Bee who advanced to AA and beyond. The concept is the same.

The local single party system quietly recruits and supports candidates for "non-partisan" offices. It is in their game plan to retain power. These local offices are the lowest rung in the farm system to greater fame.

Does anybody remember Jr. Murray for the Iowa House of Representatives? Jr. had to switch teams to get his spot on the bench at our political equivalent to Community Field. Jr.and the whole crew know they must follow signals from the dugout. The union pay raise with not one complaint proves it.

There are always individuals who will seek office. Some may have common sense and are not willing to cave. The bosses managing the local single party system will make certain those who refuse to play ball never get to first base in Burlington.

The self proclaimed umpires of fair play on South Main use white canes. Check the win lose column on the big games. The other team has not taken to the field for nearly two decades.

Local Republicans are holding rattlesnake roundups at Lake Geode. Use the ruler to verify a candidate's hair length does not approach that found in popular illustrations of the savior. They eat their own.

Local Republicans refuse to take, "Render unto Caesar," literally. Until they do, no Republican in Des Moines County has a prayer.

The bosses running the local single party system are well organized and ruthless. They and their brothers are feasting on our daily bread.

Until the majority wake up and organize resistance, the bums in the dug out will keep stealing our hot dogs and beer.

Leo the Lip

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Tapping the Great White North


Riverside is not all that much farther away than Columbus Junction. Why not run buses on up to the casino? Hit the casino up for a some of the subsidy.

Not only do available jobs suck in Burlington, so does Randyland. The food is better at Riverside. The atmosphere is brighter. If you take a break at the bar, the person next to you is most likely capable of an intelligent conversation.

If ridership is high enough, the next step would be onto Iowa City. There are damn few jobs in Burlington for anybody with an education. There are such jobs in Iowa City. If you need a few classes to complete your degree, ride the bus to the University.

If you are giving tax money away on transportation, do it for a higher standard of results than the dead end and menial.

Rather than deal with those whose vision is dead end and menial, cut Tapp's little empire out. Contract it out. Burlington Trailways has the knowledge, equipment and facilities locally to provide the service.


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Crime and Drugs


Burlington, as most of us are aware of has a titanic appetite for illegal drugs. Those that get caught in Burlington are just the tip of the iceberg with the other 75% getting high on a regular basis.

How many of the non-drug users in town have been asked by users to provide urine for their employment exams and/or company; so called random tests?

Of course with the drug culture here in Burlington we are all witness to the stealing and robberies reported by the local fish wrap; so no wonder crime is up and jobs are down here in Burlington.

If all the drug dealers, users and manufacturers were arrested Burlington wouldn’t have enough taxes to pay for the Manor Mall project or support the RecPlex and all the other council projects that have failed over the past few years.

One thing we do have and that’s the right to move away, which many have already done, lucky people.

Would the last one out please shut the lights off on the bridge?


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Chicago transplants--Why Here?


Can someone explain to me why the Tyson workers live here? Why did Tyson not make arrangements for them to live in Columbus Junction? Heck, give them some old FEMA trailers. Small and basic houses do not take that long to construct.

Why are they here?? Are they adding anything good to our community. From what I've seen/heard from the elementary schools, their children are coming to our schools causing trouble, making our test scores lower and eating free breakfasts and lunches.

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They Work Hard for the Money


Bail outs, public employee pay raises, income tax refunds for those who pay no income tax and illegal aliens, it ain't easy. It's enough to wear you out.

They work hard spending your money. They deserve a break today. There is never a break for those who are forced to pay.


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04 February

Chicago Effect Question For Tapp & Hinkle


Much has been mentioned in the media regarding local increase in criminal activity tied into transplants from the Chicago area. I would like to put forth my personal experience for your readers to consider. I'll preface by stating categorically that I have NOTHING against ANYONE shape, color, creed, or otherwise who gets up when the alarm goes off and pulls those pants on one leg at a time and goes out and earns a paycheck.

That said, I happen to live across the street from a slumlord who has Chicago transplants residing there. The drug traffic in and out is evident and persists 15 hours a day, seven days a week. Just last Sunday, fisticuffs erupted on our street because one dealer thought he was getting ripped off by another dealer. Today, a large quantity of pot was found just outside of my residence packaged for resale -- abandoned for who knows what reason.

I will not continue to live in this environment here in Burlington, Iowa. I am a professional business person and feel that at the very least, that I should feel safe in my own home. If the BPD does not do something about this issue soon, then I will have to relocate to another community, or even another state. But enough is enough.

Short of pulling up stakes and moving, just what the heck can we do to get our community back? 40 days of prayer??? Crime Stoppers???? A 12-step program to embrace "culture" to prop-up population numbers for the local government to arm themselves with to receive additional state and federal aid?

I am at a loss for words. I apologize for asking so many questions, but I sure would appreciate an answer or rebuttal from anyone who has had to go through the last 12 months in my shoes.


Maybe our hard hitting daily advertiser could print Part 2 of their coverage of this story. Maybe Tapp's new shiny shoes have him feeling righteous.

Or maybe everyone can continue to read about it here.


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Tapp Transit - Tapping the Public Till


"About 40,000 rides have been given to Tyson workers, with the cost set at $3 per trip. Workers taking advantage of the service pay about $30 a month to ride the bus round trip during a typical work week. There are three early morning pickup times and one in the afternoon in Burlington."

The Trailways site does not list a fare to Columbus Junction. Columbus Junction is roughly 2/3 of the way to Iowa City, so double the fare and take 1/3 off. That comes out to around $29.00 per day.

A school bus is not as comfortable as an intercity coach. A scheduled charter would be cheaper than a public schedule. None the less, where else can you get such service at such a price?

Forget about all the other expenses of making a vehicle go. Try driving from Burlington to Middletown and back to on $29.00 worth of gas for a month. Show me the contract. Sign me up.

Take Tapp Transit and leave the fare box to us.

Homer Hound

Let's see...... Does it sounds like there is government money being spent? Is Brian Tapp involved?

Are there secret documents no one can view?

Is Publisher Steve Delaney afraid his ever shrinking 2-section combined Ad Vertiser is on Revenue Reef?

What else could it possibly be but government subsidized busing? How would we know?


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5 Day Postal Delivery Won't Work


If the post office goes to 5 day a week delivery how is Heland going to cover his checks to the casino?

Quiz Boy

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Heland Missing? - Heland's Busy!

BBQ Contest Judge Busy


Wondering asked if Heland received the bus contract. Heland is too busy fighting with common sense Cahill's request to decline the health insurance.

Maybe Heland is afraid that his part-time $1100 per month insurance might get eliminated, too. Heland is too busy campaigning for a gas tax increase. Heland is too busy pandering to the public unions.

Heland is too busy racking up his monthly mileage check. Heland is too busy with his SCC board job.

Heland is too busy going to Oakville town meetings (wrong County Jeff).

Last but not least, Heland is too busy as a self proclaimed barbecue contest judge.

Wondering 2

Wonder some more. Large Mouth Heland was MIA from the Supervisors meeting on Tuesday and no one knew where he was, what he was doing or who he was with.

During budget season, too.


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Chicago Crime Wave or Stereotyping?


Maybe I'm just not too bright.

I read the article in Sunday's Advertiser entitled "Are crime concerns feeding stereotypes?" It was supposedly a story of a lady from Chicago who made the move to Burlington after being recruited to work at Tyson. Evidently, the point was that the vast majority of those who moved here from Chicago are upstanding citizens who are merely pursuing the American Dream. To those who actually fit that description I say "Welcome!" (Imagine those poor peoples' chagrin when they find out that Burlington is so far from the "American Dream" you can't even see it from here.)

Now let's talk about what this little piece of propaganda, while chiding us for stereotyping, did NOT say.

It did NOT tell us how many of those involved in the fracas at the high school were here because of family members recruited by Tyson.

It did NOT tell us how many of those involved in the street riot on Central a few months ago were here because of family members recruited by Tyson.

It did NOT tell us how many of the recent crimes were committed by those who have some family connection to workers recruited by Tyson.

I assume that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (the local police maybe?) has that information. I'd like to see it mapped out in a clear and concise manner. Personal information need not be included, privacy need not be violated. It can merely be stated that "x" number of people involved in recent crimes have a direct or indirect relationship to Tyson recruited families.

Why aren't they telling us the facts? Could it be that those facts don't support the load that they are shoveling? Could it be that this is just a big guilt trip smokescreen designed to cover up politically incorrect reality? How can we know? It's a cinch we won't hear the truth from our elected officials.

So maybe I'm just not too bright. I don't understand why we are being chastised by the elite intelligentsia at the Advertiser (yes, that was sarcasm) for stereotyping when no refuting facts were presented (could it be there aren't any?).

I don't understand how community leaders expect to solve a problem when they refuse to openly acknowledge the facts. I don't understand why any normal person should be expected to willingly sacrifice the safety of their family and their community merely for the sake of "diversity" (whatever that means).

And most of all, I don't understand why our local newspaper can't seem to write even ONE article that involves real substance and a requires a bit of investigative journalism.


1st - We have no local or regional newspaper other than the Des Moines County News, Mediapolis News, the Bonny Buyer and USAToday. Everyone else is a self-serving advertising rag.

2nd - And there is no desire to change.


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Ad Vertiser Cuts Section - More Ads Per Page


The newspaper is thicker.


No, it has one less section, more ads per page, no news but more ads for your money.


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Pelosi Grinning Over Her Stimulus Theft


That witch Pelosi is trying to funnel off millions of dollars to her union controllers and that idiot Obey from Wisconsin is trying to funnel about two million into his son’s far left organization. Now what do these moves have to do with creating jobs and helping the economy?

The Pelosi group is just trying to pay off campaign obligations to the unions with the stimulus package most of which has nothing to do with stimulus or the economy at all.

We are being lied to by Pelosi and her stooges whose motives are sinister to say the least.

Disgusted Again

Like we've said before, Pelosi is the biggest incompetent scumbag in Washington, D.C. Or maybe Barney Frank is. It could be Harry Reid, too.

I forget now, who's the biggest scumbag politician in Washington, D.C?


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No Documents Tapp


Do you think those bus contracts have gone the way of the railroad law suit meeting minutes?

Hinkle at the Chamber has publicly stated that what Tapp has done is good for Burlington. Crime is good if lower wages result.

Where is the great defender of the public right to know? Is Citizen Kane afraid he may irritate a few Chamber members who buy Advertiser advertising?


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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Denounces "Buy American"

from Lou Dobbs

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce has denounced a "Buy American" clause to the stimulus plan.

What is wrong with this Hinkle picture? The Chamber is the Chamber. All for one, one for all. The national chamber wants this, Dennis Hinkle is the sock puppet to enforce it locally.

I wonder how that goes over when he makes a trip to GE or Case to see what he can do to help and avoids local small business?


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Like To Privatize Rec Plex


I really like this idea to privatize the Rec Plex.


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City Insurance Costs Outlined Long Ago

Tim Scott Answers Insurance Questions December 2005

Have We Heard This Song Before? We Worked So Hard


There was an article in the Hawkeye that stated the city fireman health insurance is the same as the police dept. I don't know where that allotment dollar figure came from that was posted here.

I believe the monthly premium is free or is no cost to the employee if they take the plan with the higher deductible. If they keep the very low deductible, then the employee must pay a portion of their monthly premium.

The city management is trying to convince the public that the employees have really sacrificed and the city did a great job of negotiating the contract because the city is now going to a higher deductible, which is more common in the private sector. The monthly premium is still free and very few citizens that foot the bill have anything this good.

Mayor Edwards continues to say that the city employees are taxpayers too! That's true Mike. When the employees receive annual pay increases, higher pensions and free health insurance, they can absorb some of the property tax increase, because they benefit the most.

The majority of the Burlington residents are not that fortunate and therefore the continued tax increases effect them a little more, Mr. Drunk.


Tim Scott's answer -


The city has a cafeteria health care plan. They offer several different plans that have various deductible options.

The current plan that the city and the unions agreed to is a family coverage plan that has a $250.00 deductible per person and a $500.00 maximum deductible per family. After the deductible is met then the plan pays 80% of covered charges and the employee pays 20% until a maximum out of pocket of $650.00 per person or $1300.00 per family is met. The cost to the city for a family plan for this coverage is $880.00 per month per employee.

IF the employee should opt to take a plan with a lower deductible they must pay the difference in the premium cost. If they choose to take a plan with a higher deductible they are paid the difference between the cost of the basic coverage and the cost of the higher deductible plan.

I believe that if an employee should opt to not take any insurance plan then they are allowed to use 1/2 of the $880.00 a month for other health care related items. For example, pay the deductible on a spouse’s health care plan, or pay for eye glasses, prescriptions, etc. They then can put the rest into a deferred compensation plan. I am not certain how this works or is administered.

The allotment is how much the employee is allowed for health insurance and not what is deducted from their pay. There is no deduction for health care coverage coming from city employees, unless they have opted to take lower deductibles then the one that was agreed to in the union contracts.

In the new contracts the deductibles will be $500.00 per person with a maximum of $1000.00 per family. After the deductible is met the plan will pay 80% of covered cost and the employee will pay 20% until the maximum of $1500.00 per person or $3000.00 per family is met. The employee will also pay a $15.00 co-pay for doctor office visits.

I hope this helps to answer the questions that you have had. I would also note that Jim Quirk’s article on the police department union contract was accurate.

Tim Scott

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03 February

City Contracts Hit Toilet

Council Votes For Huge City Pay Raises While Citizens Lose Homes


We watched the City Council circus Monday evening. I'm beginning to believe that there is no hope for this whole group.

They gave their "yes" nod to the City union contracts with no resistance. They will receive annual pay raises along with the free monthly health insurance. I'm not sure, but I think the paper stated the family cost was $1100 per month. They ignored the community's needs.

It was almost sickening the way the Council bragged up City staffer Hunter and the unions. Hunter said the City negotiated a tough contract.

The Unions said they voted and it was a unanimous vote to support the contracts offered by the City. What's that tell us.

Tim Scott went on forever bragging up the unions on how great they were and what a great contract it was for the City. Give us a break Tim!

Is Bill Ell representing the whole City or just the unions. He said he could not understand or agree with people that thought the city employees should pay for some of their health insurance. He said they were under paid over the years and along the trail.

They sure are not under paid now and the cost isn't $150.00 per month anymore, Mr.Ell.

The City sold everybody out again and we all will be paying for it. All citizens and businesses will pay for the council's action, or lack of. How much more will they bleed us? Another 5 years! Thanks to our elected officials, our taxes will go up and services go down. What will they barricade next because lack of funds? It will be a great place to live, if you are a public employee.

taxed again

A unanimous union vote for passing a contract? Hunter must have had Lost Keys Ell working the process with the big old rubber stamp.

What else could it be? A union payoff to Edwards and Anderson for voting Ell into office? He sure as hell isn't qualified for anything including a decision about what's fair.

Or is Lost Keys making up for all those years he was Fire Chief and screwing the firemen on their contract and laughing about it on his golf junkets with Slagle and Jane Wood?


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Tax Problems? Fix The IRS!


With all the problems new cabinet members are having with their “erroneous” returns, why not fix the problem so no one else makes that same mistake and resolve other issues?

Flat tax everyone above $25,000.

4% tax for everyone $25,001 - $35,000

8% tax for everyone $35,000 – $99,999

12% tax for everyone $100,000 – $300,000

16% tax for everyone above $300,000

Every wage earner has to be E-Verified. The only deduction you can claim is mortgage interest on your primary home and $500 per child under 18.

All business tax is a flat 5%. The only deduction business gets is new capital equipment.

With the savings in Democratic Party embarrassment, staff and cost reductions at the IRS, limiting the illegal aliens’ impact on our tax structure and an enormous amount of cash to pay for all the handouts, this is a no-brainer.

It’s Not Free

Too simple, too rational, never get done.


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Rec Plex Should Go Private


Your reader that suggested the Rec Plex go private has an excellent idea. A private owner would get costs under control. Then the city has no loss to make the taxpayers eat.

Sure makes more sense than anything that Slagle look alike city manager we have now has suggested. What a joke he's been. More of the same crap and the city council just gobbles it up.

And we pay for it.

Had Enough Taxes

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Did Heland Get Answer?


Did Heland ever get a copy of Tapp's bus line contract? He said he was going to find out.

Did he?


He said he was going to get to the bottom of it.


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It Must Be Destroyed Because It Works


"How stupid can these Chamber people be? A program that is 96.6% efficient and they want to scrap it? They should hang a medal on its designer!"

The Chamber of Commerce does not care about the law. They do not care about anything except keeping down wages. All that talk about free enterprise by the Chamber is rubbish.

When market forces may drive up wages, the free market is bad. Use tax money to provide "free" bus rides to increase the labor pool and in turn drive down wages. Destroy our sovereignty as a nation by importing illegal aliens who in turn drive down wages.

The Chamber is not stupid. The Chamber knows damn well what they are doing and they could care less what it does to the rest of us. It is evident from the national level right down to Hinkle and his ally Tapp .


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Iowa Ranking


If you ever wonder why Iowa is comparably backwards when it comes to creating jobs just take a look at what US News and World Report has to say about it.

Iowa Ranks Second according to 'US News & World Report'. State places high burdens on entrepreneurs.

U.S. News decided to find the states that offer the least helpful environment, and also do the most to harm businesspeople through interference.

No. 2 Iowa

“Politically, Iowa is a hard state to pin down. It is known for a progressive streak, but also has a strong conservative voting bloc that voted for George W. Bush in 2004 (although the state went for Barack Obama in 2008). Iowa's strong "purple" nature might explain why it ranks so poorly as a state in which to start a business. It seems to have the worst impulses of its conservative and liberal tendencies--relatively low investment in the things that make entrepreneurs succeed, and high government interference. For the latter, Iowa has very high capital gains taxes and corporate income taxes, and is also one of the worst states for unemployment taxes on wages. In terms of investment, Iowa is 46th out of the states for adoption of broadband telecommunications services, and the speed of those services”.

The citizens and businesses of Iowa are grossly overtaxed to support a state government bulging at the seams and gobbling up money as though it grew on trees. Big excessive government in Iowa is ruining our state and our freedoms are being eroded away a law at a time.

The Iowa government caters to those with money and passes laws based on who pays them off through political denotations. The smoking law is a good example of money buying legislation in Iowa. Smoking is bad for everyone in Iowa with the exception of gamblers and those working in casinos for which smoke has no ill effects, according to our state legislatures. Otherwise how could they spend 8 million of the tobacco money on the Lake Rathburn project, that bottomless money pit created under the guise of recreation for the multitudes where a cabin will cost $167 or more per night restricting it to mostly government employees who earn a good 40% more than Iowa’s non-governmental employees.

We in Iowa are being dragged down towards poverty by a monster of a government that makes one bad decision after another when it comes to business, job creation and legislation. The Iowa voter is uneducated when it comes to electing its officials and now the entire country knows it, we’re all known losers now.

We can’t even get simple broadband internet services for the citizens, ranking 46th in the nation. What a sad day for Iowans whose government is now making us the laughing stock of America.


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02 February

A Way To Come Out On The RecPlex - Privatize It!


I believe the city keeps saying we need to look at the overall economic impact the RecPlex makes on the community.

OK, I will bite on their theory.

Now my thoughts.

1. Let's sell the RecPlex. That means no overhead, employees or liabilities.
2. We will still collect the economics benefits, with no outlay of cash of any kind.
3. We could get rid of the 9.25 employees that work there now since they would be included in the deal.

I believe this would be a win win deal for all. If we sell it our taxes might go down because we would get rid of a loss.

And just maybe we could have the employees locate the ball diamond lights in their last week of work.


This makes way too much sense! They'll never do it.


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Manufacturing Unions Subsidizing Public Employee Unions

"In fact, last year, while millions of private sector employees were losing their jobs, government payrolls at the federal state and local level were rising by almost 200,000. That's right. While millions of private sector workers were losing their jobs, public sector workers, well, they were watching 200,000 more folks join them.

The evidence of public sector union clout is best seen in worker paychecks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union workers in the government sector earned an average of $923 a week, that's about 20 percent more than nonunion government workers. Let me try that again -- about 10 percent more than private sector union workers and about 37 percent more than non-unionized private sector workers.

So let me put that in some context. That means that the private sector worker, unionized, is supporting public sector workers who are making 10 percent more than they are with better health care and better benefits, better pensions. A pretty amazing profile."

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The Magic Bus - Where Are The Public Domain Contracts For This?

Impotent Publisher Steve Delaney Backs Off With Tapp's Explanation


"Tapp denounced speculation that the commission aided Tyson in bringing Chicago workers to southeast Iowa. He said Tyson sought a transportation contract after the workers had already been relocated.

"There's a lot of misperception on how things work. We had nothing to do with how Tyson got those workers here. We're just contracted to take them to work," he said."

Would they settle in Burlington if there were no tax subsidized bus rides?

"Tyson inked a one-year deal in December 2008 with SEIRPC to transport workers primarily living in Burlington to Columbus Junction. A similar contract for transportation is ongoing with Scotts Co. in Fort Madison."

Where is the link to read the contracts? Are such contracts "competitive secrets" like the Tyson spokesman dodging a question?

When will the Advertiser interview and relate the tales of former Chicago residents doing time in Iowa for crimes committed in Des Moines County? Why did they go west?


SEIRPC Brian Tapp never produces public domain documents. Why is that? Is it the SEIRPC Board setting the tone here?

Has Publisher Steve Delaney become more impotent?

Someone needs to write the Ombudsman and tell them the story. Be sure to include the links and/or downloads of the articles outlining Tapp's position on non-disclosure.

Be sure to include the part about taxpayer money buying these buses.

Maybe the Ombudsman can shake this tree.


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01 February

The Fast Track to Tax


Unlike Des Moines County, some local governments in Iowa have been denied the local option sales tax. This is true to the north. Census data reveals the level of education obtained there is much higher than here. These places were devastated by the great floods of 2008.

To render ever more public resources, there is a bill in the Iowa Senate that would permit a quick vote and collection of a local option sales tax. As introduced, it applies only to those areas not currently collecting such a tax that were declared a presidential disaster area last year.

So it is written. So may it be amended. We got flooded too.

Could it be that governments already collecting a local option tax may need a special legislative exemption? Why not allow them the option of an additional 1% sales tax on a fast track?

Would Senator Courtney be willing to surreptitiously make such an amendment? Certainly there is a state senator living far from here who owes his party's whip a favor.

Say it is for the flood victims. Say it is for the children. What portion of the proceeds could end up paying off a political disaster at Agency and Roosevelt made possible by an Iowa Senate amendment during a previous legislative session?


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Who's Responsible? Tapp Transit & Bus Company, that's Who!


""Most regions in the United States will experience increased gang membership… and increased gang-related criminal activity," the report concludes, citing a recent rise in gangs on the campuses of suburban and rural schools."

Criminal gangs are responsible for 80% of U. S. crime according to the F. B. I. These gangs are growing and spreading. There is no hiding from the problem.

Is it a crime to subsidize the immigration of gangs with tax dollars in the name of economic development?


The Washington Gang is just about all we can afford right now.


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