Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

Feed Your Head


"SEIRPC Executive Director Brian Tapp said the agency has taken a hard look at numerous buildings in Burlington and surrounding areas. So far, he said, the West Burlington facility is the best fit for the agency.

Last week, The Hawk Eye requested a detailed listing of buildings looked at by SEIRPC. As of Wednesday, the information had not been received."

It has been a week. Will we see this list of these buildings before there is a public posting of the contract Tapp cut with Tyson's Foods? Bus loads for the bail bondsman.

"And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know"

Alice will tell you more than Tapp ever will. Alice ten feet tall makes more sense than Tapp ever does. If you really must know, hire your own attorney.

Too bad Senator Courtney was too busy passing out the sugar tabs to put some teeth into public access to public information.

Bugs White

Tapp will never produce the documents and the Ad Vertiser will never push the issue.

Both are impotent.


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County Road Money


I feel sorry for the County residents that just paid their property taxes. Some of the roads are horrible and they would like some rock. The County Supervisors told the residents that they just don't have extra money laying around. The County just gave annual pay raises including the Supervisors. What is more IMPORTANT, their pay raises or SAFE roads?

The employees receive FREE family health insurance, including Heland and Beck, longevity bonuses (our money) at the year end, and they don't have money for rock? So we understand, everybody pay your taxes so they can all have more of our money, and if there is any left, they may buy a load of rock. Otherwise, like this year they will raise our taxes for the pay raises.

Then they wonder why people have lost trust in our governments. Will there be any honest ones left?


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29 April

Obama Appointees


Why are most of Obama’s appointee’s either liars, tax cheaters and/or promoters of baby killing? His appointee for Health and Human Services failed to report all her donations received from the late term baby killer doctor in Kansas and she’s a huge supporter of birth control through murder. I hope those that voted for Obama are happy at how he’s ruining our country and it’ll only get worse.

Why would anyone appoint a baby killer promoter to the department of health and human services?


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28 April

Courtney Delivering the Free Lunch

Senate Majority Whip's Duties? Bringing the M&M's!


"Democratic Sen. Tom Courtney of Burlington refilled a basket with peanut M&Ms. He spends about $200 a year on the treats, and everyone grabs a few as they walk past his desk."

Candy Man Courtney and his comrades delivered a lot of goodies. $750 million of deficit spending to make everybody feel good, at least until after the next election, was a last minute treat. Too bad the unions did not get even more at the public trough. None the less, while many in the private sector face frozen, reduced, or simply no wages at all, the public employee unions got raises.

Keep eating and hope the check never comes, at least while you are still in office.


If anyone wants to know what Iowa Senate Majority Whip Tom Courtney 's role is in government, Courtney brings the M&M's. $200 a year to fill up a bowl with something other than BS.

At least Courtney's role is one step above Senator Gene Fraise 's role as least effective Senator. But only by one step.


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Bar Inspections Coming

If you own a bar in Southeast Iowa and you let people smoke in violation of the law, you're day of reckoning is here. The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division held their meeting to advise bar owners of their fate if they violate the law.

I doubt if the ABD finds anyone in violation of the smoking law during these inspections. And I doubt if this is the only inspection.

It's about time. What if we ran a bar and let people smoke in it? How long would it take before we were in jail with no bail.


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Smoking Rebellion Wrong Approach


The best example of how this smoking rebellion does not work is the fight for assault weapons. They were made illegal and the law was changed. People rebelled and the new law was reversed.

The smoking ban is no different. Duncan and his warriors should have been parked on the steps of the Iowa Capitol building and hammering the bone heads moving in and out of the building before they got to their closet meetings.


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Example of Collectible Government Paper


It is nice to know everything is just rosy in the local newspaper industry. In business all those years, there is no way it will ever go away.

When can the public buy stocks and bonds?


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Arrest Records - Pattern of Orirgins?


With all the traffic violations and arrests involving people with Spanish surnames I often wonder how many are illegal aliens? Does anyone know what our police force does or what their told to do when they realize an illegal foreigner has been stopped or arrested? Does the general public know what the police policy is when dealing with illegal aliens? I looked on the police web site and there wasn’t anything there about it.

Is 701 Pennington out in West Burlington part of Mexico? Sure a lot of them living out there and I hope their all citizens, helping pay for their stay in our country and not dependent on us taxpayers, are they? Does anyone know or even give a damn.

Mexico would never tolerate an American citizen sneaking across to live in Mexico. It’d be jail for sure and you have to feed and care for yourself. They punish illegal aliens in Mexico and yes, one has to obey their laws and can never vote if not a natural citizen.

I hope illegal aliens aren’t treated like drunken mayors and other of Burlington’s privileged class.


You mean we have to obey Mexican law if we are in Mexico? This is outrageous!


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27 April

News Status Reports


Fewer and fewer are getting their news on fish wrap. Metro dailies are seeing their circulation swirling down as the bowl drains.

No mention was made of insignificant markets. What about the Ad Vertiser? So goes the coasts, so goes the nation?

Spike, how are you doing?


We're having one of our best year's yet. Costs are at an all time low, news is reported on a timely basis and our readers are receiving their stimulus without us being in their wallet like our elected pickpockets and the Ad Vertiser.

If you read Delaney's column Saturday you'd think everything is great on South Main.

You should have seen the Sunday filler on the Somalia pirate being brought to the US article. Recycled and fluffed up to AP's original release size.

Just check out the verbage of the link -

I'm pretty sure "2ndLd-Writethru" means it is a 2nd publishing. The 1st time they ran the article it was 1/4 the size. Sunday? It was fluffed up like Delaney's editorial page is with white space.

I guess Delaney can phone his Kansas Carpetbagger owners and at least tell them the picture of the pirate was larger.


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Power Bilks/Bills Another $24,000


Did you see that Burlington’s Loser Lawyer billed out $24,000? And did you see Scott Power also represents the school board and is going to

Power needs to be excised from all of his public clients. He is a loser leech and incompetent.


He never bills during the budget process. Never.

When the budget is done, he lumps his bill.

Maybe Garry Thomas, Tim Scott and Jim Davidson could give us an update on their campaign promises to reign in Scott Power's lump sum billing practices.


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Cost of Government in Iowa?


Here's a big reason Iowa has a financial crises.

Iowa leads the nation in the spread between private and government wages and claims it’s because most of its government employees are college educated as compared to the private sector. If this statement is true then why is the state in such a financial mess? With the exception of the state auditor I think Iowa needs a new, more responsible party in Des Moines or maybe we should outsource our government in order to make ends meet. Our governor and representation in Des Moines are out of control and irresponsible.

The current group in Des Moines has failed to perform and should be replaced when the next election cycle comes around.


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24 April

Calling Jimmy Olson - Get Gas In The Nash


"FORT MADISON - Catfish Bend Casino isn't losing any ground on revenue. It isn't gaining a whole lot either. But that is satisfactory for now, said Southeast Iowa Regional Riverboat Commission Treasurer Dave Walker at SIRRC's quarterly meeting at the Ivy Bake Shoppe in Fort Madison."

Keokuk's Daily Gate City was there. Where was Jimmy Olson of the Ad Vertiser? Was the Nash Metropolitan in the shop, again?

Catfish Craps is not paying off like everybody was lead to expect. Maybe things will look better when the time comes to renew the note on Huck's Hole. The Ad Vertiser usually ballyhoos that one and all Lawyer Hoyer's spin therewith.

How many column inches a year of advertising does the Catfish Craps Casino complex purchase in the Daily Gate City? They sure buy their share in the Ad Vertiser.


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22 April

Real Web Statistics Are Page Views - Not Hits

The YouTube video showing her performance has been viewed more than 12.3 million times in 5 days.

Traffic surged from more than 27,000 page views Monday to 167,000 Tuesday and 461,000 Wednesday and by Saturday, 1,250,000.

That is real web traffic. Record breaking web traffic.

No, it's not BurlingtonDerailed.com.

It's Susan Boyle.
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Your Subscription by Conscription


"Troubled by the possible shuttering of his hometown paper, Sen. John Kerry reached out to the Boston Globe on Tuesday
, then called for Senate hearings to address the woes of the nation's print media."

The mainstream liberal news media is in trouble. Those who depend on them for their political success are mumbling bail out. Should our taxes be used to tell us what to think?

As the old media withers, will bailouts make a hit in the hinterlands?

State Senator Courtney is no friend of the new media. Senator Courtney even tried outlawing anonymous free speech in Iowa. Such speech threatens the single party political system in his district.

The Ad Vertiser has been invaluable to promoting and preserving the local single party system. Were it not for local new media and all we knew is what we read in the Ad Vertiser, how many single party embarrassments would still be in office? What you don't know won't hurt them.

If U S Senator Kerry transfers our tax dollars to the Boston Globe, would State Senator Courtney try doing the same for the Ad Vertiser?


Maybe his wife could do some ketchup ads.


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Black & White and Red Ink All Over


You can't eat seed corn forever. The New York Times is getting down to its last dimes in reserve. Will the Times soon join other big city dailies as past tense publishers?

The bigger they are, the sooner they seem to be falling. When will this trend reach the continually shrinking Ad Vertiser?


Don't forget the little guy. He will fall too.


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21 April

Obama Squeezes The Cabinet for $100 Million in Cuts

Candy Bar Economics

President Obama took his Cabinet members to the wood shed yesterday to squeeze $100 million in budget cuts as a good faith gesture to the American people and to build trust in his government.

A $100 million budget cut is similar to a person making $40,000 a year cutting $1.00 from his budget.

The cost of a convenience store candy bar.

Now, tell me again how this works when 1500 car makers from around the world are setting their sights on the Big 3 automakers in Detroit?


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That's What Taxpayers Are For - Senator Feinstein's Husband


What's so bad about a $2 million real estate deal to help out your buddies? Brian Tapp is just following a higher example. Pay up and shut up.


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Return on Investment


Hinkle's Golden Horde is happily off on another fund plundering campaign. Has anybody done a cost to benefit ratio on what they take and what is given in return?

G. Kahn

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Hinkle's Award


You want to talk about success at the chamber of idiots!? A couple of years ago Hinkle and Co. gave Denny's Green House the business of the year award. I was down there this weekend watching them tear down the green houses!

This Chamber of Idiots and Clowns should be very proud of themselves for wasting taxpayer monies like they do on frivolous projects that are just dream farts from morons!

Before Burlington grows to a better city the Chamber, SEIRP, Downtown partners, Grow GB and the rest of the inept leaders are going to have to be cut loose!

Until then you will just get more of the same failures you so used too right now! They are complete imbeciles in charge of economic development in the region. And you might add crooked to the list!


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Applause, Applause


The Detroit Free Press won in the local reporting category for obtaining a trove of sexually explicit text messages that brought down the city's mayor.

Nobody gave you an award for making the first Mayor in the history of Burlington throw in the gavel. He is not the only less-than-able local who can trace their political obituary to Derailed.

Is there still enough local material for the Ad Vertiser to take a crack at the brass ring?

Thanks, Spike.


We have a couple potential replacements for the drunk ex-mayor and winner of the first Burger King Award. We're going to broaden the spectrum of political office to include all local candidates.


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Those Who Can Not Make the Grade


Getting anything done right around Burlington is literally an uphill struggle. Would you say most local leadership does not even rate the mountain top, let alone well along the other side?


Mountain? Who said anything about a mountain?

This is the prairie. Flat landers. Or is that flat liners?


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20 April

All's Quiet In the Industrial Park


That Dura warehouse just to the west of Murray in the Industrial Park looks like it closed its doors. Have you heard anything about it?

That was the first and only spec. building at the time and when Dura moved in Burlington made a big deal about it and how the economic boom was on the way I think it took about ten years to sell it, and they even hired three people.

That was the boom.


I don't know. The smoked turkey deal went up in smoke, too. Nothing surprises me anymore.

But Hinkle is nearing his fund raising goals. That you can bank on. By the time he blasts through that dough he will employ more people than the hospital.


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State Senator No Show - Fraise a No Show


I see a meeting for public input on homosexual marriage was held in Ft. Madison. Fraise failed to show up.


He was busy tying his shoes.


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Another MIA State Senator - Courtney Gone


I see Senator Courtney missed another question and answer session with constituents. The reason in the Ad Vertiser was a funeral out of town.

There are conflicts with schedules. Perhaps his absence was legitimate. If his absence were a rare occurrence, nothing much would be thought of it. That is not the case.

Since his constituents re-elected him last November, Senator Courtney has been acting more and more like the invisible man. The problem is, he has not disappeared from the Iowa Senate. Senator Courtney votes again and again for ever greater tax and spend and special interest groups who funded his political campaign.

Our State Senator has some explaining to do. If Senator Courtney can not listen to his constituents and justify his actions, he does not deserve to have any constituents.


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18 April

Susan Boyle Leaves 'em Speechless

If you haven't heard of Susan Boyle and need a reminder of never judging a book by its cover, watch this video. This is a story that will go right.

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17 April

The Hawkeye Misses Real Story

I didn't know this man. He made his mark on history. He had a story to be told. Long before the condensed version in his obituary.

And long before the local newspapers scrape themselves out of the gutter of tabloid journalism.


He served as an enlisted man in World War II, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1949 as a commissioned officer, served two tours in Korea, two tours in Vietnam and one tour in Beirut, Lebanon. He commanded the USS Forrestal CVA59 in 1972, was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of Battle Group Four operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

He received the Navy Cross, four Silver Stars, four Legions of Merit, seven distinguished Flying Crosses, Distinguished Service medal, Bronze Star, 24 Air Medals, Presidential Unit Citation Korean Service, Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation (Cross of Gallantry), Presidential Unit Citation Vietnam Service and Presidential Meritorious Service medal. He also received awards and citations from the Republic of China while serving as Commander, Taiwan Defense Command and Commendations Red Cross medal from the Greek government while in the Mediterranean area.

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16 April

Ad Vertiser Headlines Bring Disappointment

“Lawsuit links ex-mayor with exotic dancer”


I woke up last Saturday to the newspaper’s headline “Lawsuit links ex-mayor with exotic dancer” and thought look out Mary Lou the hogs are out now. Then I was disappointed to see that it didn’t involve Edwards or any of our other former Burlington mayors that frequent the Gulfport business owners.

How long will it be before someone links our ex-mayors to strippers, hookers and Gulfport into one tight little wad of corruption?

Tired of lackadaisical voters

Everyone we talked to thought they hit the mother load only to find out it was nothing but Fool’s Gold and 75¢ blasted into the toilet.


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Past Inspiration


Back when our flag had 48 stars, my History teacher inspired me to go on to college. The guy was dumber than hell. After school, his title was "Coach." If that fool could get a degree, anybody could.

Those who can do. Those who can't teach. Those who can't do either get elected.


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Stimulus money for Des Moines County


I don't know how many jobs were created or maintained in Des Moines county with these three "generous" items from Lord Obama but my guess is the jobs went to Detroit to build the buses.

Obama voters have GOT to be the most gullible people on earth. Hold on to your wallets. It isn't over yet.


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15 April

What Does Our Garden Grow? Iowa's Official State Joke


"What happens when a developer takes a look at that site? Would they take us seriously? It could make us a laughing stock," he (Murray) said.

Murray Murray
To the contrary
Your Manor Mall weeds doth grow.
With millions spent
Who pays the rent
Displaced home owners now on skid row.

It could make us a laughing stock? Burlington is already the official state joke of Iowa.


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14 April

Where Are The Republicans?


Tapp's boundless arrogance and stupidity at the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission (SEIRPC) has delivered nothing but crime and cronyism. His real estate venture and monument building has set off a war in local single party political circles.

Tapp represents what to expect from unrestrained government. Tapp and his worse than useless organization should be given boot. The party of endless government will not address the problem. All they care about is who gets to house Tapp and his troupe.

Where the hell are the Des Moines County Republicans?


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The Silent Senator From Southeast Iowa Joins Least Capable


Our Senator Courtney is a silent senator from Burlington who has the same political ties with the unions as do most democrats. Those ties more or less control their entire lives, decisions and of course the money obtained to elect them. Therefore Courtney will just follow whatever the union controller’s agenda is at any particular time, in order to maintain the union money that he’s dependent on for recycling his term. I use the term recycle because we just get the same old crap every time he’s elected.

You can email Courtney but you’ll never get any form of acknowledgment back because he obviously can’t read English. I’ve sent several emails that he’s never responded to and this seems to be his method of operation on most correspondence, unless it’s a donation.

Courtney is probably the one that pushed Burlington to hurry up with the imminent domain mall; so Burlington could ruin the lives of those that lived in the Manor before the new law was passed in Des Moines. He also agrees to attend functions and fails to show up without explanation that leaves everyone guessing.

This guy is a loser but he’ll continue to be elected because most of the Burlington voters have ties to unions and we all know what that means. Our section of Iowa will always remain the state outcast because our representation in Des Moines is non-existent, non-vocal and unconcerned about matters pertinent to our section of the state.


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To Hell With Quisling Ell!


Let slip the clowns of war. Oh God, this just gets funnier by the squandered thousands of tax dollars.

Where is Comrade Courtney? He is always sticking his nose where it doesn't belongs.


Courtney waited for everyone else to weigh in on the Otis Campbells nonsense to tell us how he feels. You won't hear from Courtney on the regional planning ordeal until someone can find him.

And that may take a while. Publisher Steve Delaney can't even find Lost Keys Ell for a comment on Delaney's ripened journalism instincts of a mega story.


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Wisconsin Dells - Cesspool of Crime


Here’s a word of warning to those intending to visit the Wisconsin Dells this summer, Beware of Your Valuables. This resort area is serviced by non-English speaking Hmong’s from Vietnam that tend to steal and on "occasion," fail to shut the room doors leaving you vulnerable to further thefts by others.

My granddaughter had her Nintendo stolen by the maid or others because she failed to fully close the room door when she left. The management will take no responsibility for the incompetence of its staff and assumes no responsibility for crimes of this nature. They wouldn’t let my daughter talk to security nor would they help her in any way.

I emailed the local police and asked about crime at the Wisconsin Dells but never received a reply. This leads me to believe crime is high and they try to cover it up by not revealing the statistics. The motel wouldn’t reveal their crime statistics either a sure sign it’s probably out of control.

The best bet would be to go somewhere else for vacation where the service personnel speak English and you can communicate with them one on one when requesting service or information.

Why would a resort have non-speaking service personnel when most of the customers speak English, could it have something to do with being cheap or what?


Just go back for a visit and stop at the same hotel, walk the hallways and then yell, "INS" a couple of times.


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13 April

Don't Forget Lost Keys Voted to Move Regional Planning


The real points of Brian Tapp and SEIRPC's land deal going bad have been missed. Burlington's Mayor Bill Ell voted for the move along with everyone else.

But a bigger problem is why is SEIRPC moving into the real estate tenant/leasing business? Shouldn't regional planning be working with a private company/developer to secure property for Tri-Oaks Food? And for that matter, shouldn't Brian Tapp be looking for money for Tri-Oaks to buy their own building? Why not help them buy the Raider building if it such a good deal?

We've seen how Burlington manages real estate deals. With a board of clones what makes anyone think regional planning will be any different? Brian Tapp's word?


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Remember the Manor Mall!


"There is no war," Remington wrote to his boss. "Request to be recalled."

"Remington's boss, William Randolph Hearst, sent a cable in reply: "Please remain. You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war." Hearst was true to his word. For weeks after the Maine disaster, the Journal devoted more than eight pages a day to the story. Not to be outdone, other papers followed Hearst's lead. Hundreds of editorials demanded that the Maine and American honor be avenged. Many Americans agreed. Soon a rallying cry could be heard everywhere -- in the papers, on the streets, and in the halls of Congress: "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain.""

The Ad Vertiser reported the "War of Words" was upon us. Trousilgrad's Mayor for life was calling his comrades to the east, "Liars." It was all so exciting, heroic and glamorous. A "Splendid Little War" to take people's mind off this area's decline.

What further news of the war? Has Citizen Kane recalled Jimmy Olson from the front? Sensational war stories would be one way to boost the Ad Vertiser's sagging fortunes.

Hopefully, a peace settlement has not been reached. War changes things. The best thing that could result from the "War of Words" would be more than a few political career fatalities.


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Last Minute Larceny


"For the second consecutive year, changes to the open meetings and open records law have fallen by the wayside at the end of the session."

Does the Iowa Senate Majority Whip consider government transparency important? Imagine the threat to his position if the full story of what went on at the should not have been secret Burlington City Council meeting to sue the BNSF ever got out. Why was Senator Courtney at that meeting?

As they rush to go home, bizarre things have been known to crawl out of the waste basket. Senator Courtney may make another attempt to strangle freedom of speech on the Internet. Keep an eye on the golden dome.


After all of the closed committee meetings and skullduggery perpetrated by thugs like Courtney this session, there is no hope of transparency until the Democrats are tossed out.

And with the ideas promoted for tax reform, that might be real soon.


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Has anyone noticed how the Obama team contains a who's who of socialist, radical left wing losers?

How American voters could be duped into electing this Obama person whose ambition and goals are to make our country into a socialist failure as have been all previous attempts at socialism throughout the world.

We will all live to regret this radical left wing president.


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10 April

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Strike At Dresser Rand?


Hey, what is with the picket's at Murray/Trane/Dresser Rand company front entrance. Anyone know?


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Did Obama Bow To The Saudi King?

"A Washington Times editorial called it "a shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate," adding, "The bow was an extraordinary protocol violation." The Weekly Standard huffed that "American presidents do not bow before foreign dignitaries, whether they are princes, kings or emperors."

Because the Obama White House is really The Chicago Way House, the inclination was to deny, deny, deny.

"It wasn't a bow," an Obama aide was quoted as saying in Ben Smith's blog in The Politico. "He grasped [the king's] hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah."

How absurd. There isn't enough Hopium on all the Happy Chia Obama heads in all the world to make anyone believe that whopper.

On the video, Obama doesn't merely nod his head. He bends from the waist, eyes on the floor. It was such a long bow that King Abdullah could have set a cup of tea on the back of our president's neck while nibbling on a cucumber sandwich at the economic summit in London." - John Kass Chicago Tribune

See for yourself.

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How Far From Socialism Are We?

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09 April

SEIRPC - Connect the Pews


Phew, connect the SEIRPC dots and trace the sewer of self interest at taxpayers expense.

Can you get a copy of a church directory. It may complete the picture.


Nothing like church to make a deal.


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“FIRE” Mayor for Life Hans of Trousilgrad orders Southeast Iowa
Command and Control Planning grant writers to launch first
eastward BS barrage.

Dispute simmering since purged Commissar Slagle’s failed
conquest of Kohl’s and resulting Manor Mall Massacre erupts
into “War of Words”

Axis of Lesser Soviets including Southeast Iowa Command and
Control Planning and Oakville Peasants Agricultural Collective
gang up on Moscow Central

County Supervisor Beck pleads for Comintern unity and
erasure of turf boundaries.

Will Internationalist Workers Controlling Body Intervene?

Comrade Courtney missing and presumed mum

How long can the Putz War last?

Oh, the inhumanity!

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08 April

SEIRPC Move - Connect The Dots


Viewers should go to the SEIRPC web site: Board Page and click on the Policy Board Members. It’s surprising how the dots begin to line up for Tapp’s planned move to the Gear Avenue address.

Oh, for friendship and under the counter transactions that go on in this town. No wonder it’s so mismanaged and nauseating.


And Brian Tapp is right in the middle of it all.


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A Good Investment?


"The pair made a similar pitch to the Burlington City Council Monday, requesting $10,000 annually for five years. GGB has raised $1.3 million of its $1.5 million goal.

Council members OK'd the $50,000 contribution. West Burlington has committed $25,000 to the capital campaign."

Given the past track record of Grow Greater Burlington, would you put any of your own money into this venture?


Speaking if track record, what has been accomplished in the last two years other than establishing a fund raising campaign?


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07 April

To Be, Or Not To Be, SEIRPC


It is hilarious to watch Worden and the downtown shall rise again gang howl about the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission (SEIRPC) planning a move to Trousilgrad. The issue is not a turf battle. The issue is waste.

The SEIRPC was supposed to co-ordinate efforts for the betterment of all Southeast Iowa. Is that what is being delivered?

We have gotten petty bureaucratic empire building from Mr. Tapp. Grab every damn federal and/or state dollar floating around. It matters not if there is need for the program. It matters not if the program is detrimental to the area.

Running a tax subsidized bus service for Tyson's, hardly a struggling start up enterprise, is the most glaring example of Tapp's incompetence. Our taxes are buying us increased crime and degradation of our education system.

Monument building in Trousilgrad is simply more of the same from Director Tapp. Removing a real estate albatross from his crony's neck and the tax rolls for a facility far in excess of his needs should be the last straw.

Tapp should be fired immediately. After Tapp's removal, a realistic assesment of the need for the SEIRPC should be undertaken.

If there is no way to make the concept work, the SEIRPC should be disbanded.


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Tea and Things


Well I’m glad the DNR has the time to worry about some tea being dumped into the Mississippi River. What possible reason is there to worry about a handful of tea being dumped in to the river?

Does this mean the DNR thinks tea might pollute the river and kill fish like all the agricultural chemicals running into it from the fields or the constant sewage being dumped into it by cities and how about all the barges that dump their sewage into it during the night? What makes a few tea bags so dangerous when compared to what’s being dumped into the river on a daily basis?

It’s my opinion we could get along just fine in Iowa without the DNR or reduce it by at least 85% which would really help the state get its budget back in shape. When tea becomes the number one pollutant in the Mississippi river and requires the DNR to take action indicates a department with no potential as a value added entity for the taxpayer and the department should be eliminated or greatly reduced.

We can also throw our states highest court in with the DNR and rid us of both non-value added entities at one time. Why does Iowa have to emulate states such as Massachusetts, I’m about to gag. Iowa already had excessive taxes and now our state will be recognized as a liberal haven for those that think marriage is a union of persons incapable of procreating. Is this really what the majority of Iowans want their state to be known for?


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The Liberal Media and Other People's Money


You gotta love establishment media liberals. Endorse big spenders to run the government. Let the tax payers pick up the tab for resulting union pay back legislation in return for political support.

When it comes to their own business being ruined, then it is a different story.


There was more white space in Monday's headlines than hospital laundry hangin' on the line. You'd think when you cut the page size an inch smaller and boost the ad rates you could at least find relevant news.


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06 April

It's Not About The War - It's About The Warrior

Department of Defense Photo

The body of 30-year-old Air Force Staff Sgt. Phillip Myers of Hopewell, Va., is off-loaded from a military jet in Dover, Delaware Sunday night. Myers was killed April 4 near Helmand province, Afghanistan, when he was hit with an improvised explosive device, the Department of Defense said. This is the first time in 18 years photographers have been allowed to film the arrival of flag draped coffins at Dover. It is done with the family's consent.

"...It's not about the war. It's about the warrior."- Marine Lt. Andrew Kinard

Kinard, a double leg amputee made the statement when introducing Trace Adkins at the CMA Country Music awards Sunday night. Adkins performed "'Til the Last Shot's Fired," a somber salute to U.S. troops, with the West Point Glee Club in honor of servicemen and women.

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Editorial Misses Question


The newspaper has run three editorials on the regional planning move to West B. Why hasn't anyone asked Brian Tapp point blank if the owner of the Raider building goes to his church and what are the details of the deal like how much was the asking price vs. how much Tapp is paying.

Tapp has a responsibility to transact business at arm's length. His current mistake seems more like an arm wrapped around a church member to me especially since Tapp suggested Tri-Oaks might lease temporary space from SEIRPC.


It's puzzling to us why the Ad Vertiser wouldn't want to expose a conflict of interest when it involves a regional agency.


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Issues Confused at Tea Party

Anti-Abortion Nut Jobs Seize Control of Tax & Spend Forum

Courtney and Cahoon No Shows


"We're too polite to our baby-killing, sodomite-loving, taxing government. We act like sheep, and we're willing to sit while they shear us to the bone," he said.

Abortion and homosexuality, I thought the issue was tax and waste. If people are upset about social issues, they should sponsor their own rally to address them.

Fiscal responsibility has proponents who are not buying into social causes promoted by some religious sects. Confusing the issue of fiscal responsibility with social issues promotes division. Those who love to tax and spend are masters of divide and rule.


What in the world is going on? Who let those Holman nut jobs speak? What does abortion have to do with government gone wild with tax and spend philosophy?

Give me a break and stay home next time. We are tired of your lunatic methods to change the 30-year old law, Roe v. Wade. It's not going to change.

And the DNR not letting people throw tea into the river? Talk about imbicilic law enforcement? More boaters pee in that river on a cold day than what this show could foul the river with a pound of tea.

Hell, for that matter, every time it rains the city of Burlington dumps thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the river and never tells the DNR. Go enforce that violation.

Courtney and Cahoon were no-shows.


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03 April

A Collapse of Leadership


"I don't think it has impacted economic development. The responses I have had from citizens is that the bridge needs to be replaced," said Dennis Hinkle, executive director of Grow Greater Burlington, who was attending Monday's meeting on another matter. "It being closed has made it interesting when we show visitors around the community."

Cascade bridge speaks volumes about decay and stagnation in Burlington. It symbolizes the problem.

Nobody wants to face up to problems. That a 113 year old bridge would need replacing is not unexpected. Do you plan and budget for it? Where do you position your assets?

The list of costly stupidities is long and well documented. Just leaf through the archives of Derailed. Unlike the Ad Vertiser, there is no charge to do so. What does this tell the outside world about doing business in Burlington.

Leadership in Burlington is a total void. If you cannot plan and budget for an important piece of infrastructure like a century old bridge, you have no foresight whatsoever. When you wonder where the money has been going instead, see above, you become less impressed. Raise taxes as the immediate answer to cover your incompetence when things reach a state of collapse frosts it.

Hinkle's glossing over the problem is comical. I bet visitors find it interesting when instead of going out South Main, you forget and take South Central. Dodging bullets in a gang drive by shooting is not something you expect to find in the Grant Wood painting of hard working, mid-western folk Herr Hinkle tries selling.

Hinkle and the Grow Greater Burlington gang have helped make the mess. Build a wrecked-plex and develop a Manor Mall. Praise and participate with Tapp transporting urban crime to town with tax dollars as necessary change to grow the local work force.

Those who built Cascade bridge had foresight and were willing to invest wisely in the future. That their bridge endured so long is a testament to their leadership.

The only place you will find that kind of leadership in Burlington today is at the end of Corse Street. Get there before five when the gates to Aspen Grove are locked.


After reading the new, thinner, smaller, redundant news Advertiser over a Continental breakfast at the smoke ridden casino, being spun up by the Chamber's $2 million dollar office, most prospects would look, ask how long has the bridge been closed, say that's a shame and continue on the tour seeing the other quality of life like Manor Mall, our plethora of killer potholes, brush flowing from city property, run down property, then get in their car and go to the Moline Airport, toss the Burlington file into the trash at the rental return and go home, never to be seen again.

We don't have a damn thing to sell anyone on the hunt. There are hundreds of cities in America where new ideas are built on solid leadership principles. And those leaders are already in place.

All we have for leaders are misfits and amateurs. And the city shows it.


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02 April

Scott and Thomas’s Criminal Attitude


Who do Tim Scott and Garry Thomas think they are? They both took an oath to uphold the laws of the land in the discharge of their duties as councilmen. What’s the matter with these two? You’d think the Burger King mayor was still in office

To sit and decide what laws they want our local police force to enforce is just plain wrong. The smoking law was passed into law, a law for everyone to follow.

The constitution was written with a judicial process to be followed. With Scott and Thomas’s criminal attitude if I don’t like the seatbelt law I’m just supposed to ignore the law? How far will that fly?

If these bar owners want to protest the law, then follow the court process. Otherwise, I’m not giving one of you a penny of my business including Draintainer. I have to follow the law and you should too. If you think the smoking is unconstitutional then tell Courtney and Cahoon about it if you can find them. And to no surprise, the Democrats aren’t going to do anything about their distorted law.

It’s a good thing they both are leaving office this year. It will prevent them getting pounded in the election.

As for Duncan and his misguided fellow criminals, the only jobs in jeopardy by your law breaking are the ones you put in that position. You want to prevent job loss? Don’t break the law!

Stop your sniveling.


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Don't Inspire Hinkle


Why did you run that link to growing spaghetti in Switzerland? It could
cost us.

Hinkle and rest of the local leadership pretending to be busy find time
to read you. Hinkle is probably wondering why he never saw any spaghetti
farms during his numerous trips to Italy. Spaghetti farming and
processing in Southeast Iowa may strike him as the greatest thing in
years when it comes to Growing Greater Burlington.

Go north, yon snipe hunter. Hinkle does Switzerland? Tapp will doubtless
need to go along as well. Throw in Ell, Worden and who knows how many
more. The expense and travel costs ad up.

Next April 1st, run old newsreels of fools jumping off bridges with
cardboard wings thinking they can fly. It would be a much more
profitable example of what these folks can do head first into a barge to
Grow Greater Burlington.

Bertolli P.

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The Incredible, Shrinking Advertiser


The Advertiser keeps shrinking. If it keeps up, you will not need reading glasses to glean anything, it will take a microscope.

The Advertiser is trying to keep up with technology. The microdot is not as recent as the microcomputer, but millennial miles ahead of ink on paper.

When it comes to cleaning fish, something different we will soon be forced to use.

A B Wehr

There's more white space on the Ad Vertiser's editorial page than a roll of Charmin.


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01 April

The Great Hidden Public Information Hunter Heland

Large Mouth - Where's The Tyson Contract?


"A member of the Southeastern Community College Board of Trustees worries that failure to publish a detailed agenda for a special meeting Monday may have suppressed public engagement."

Jeff Heland is in a huff. The Southeastern Community College Board member and Des Moines County Supervisor is worried we are being kept in the dark. So, what's new?

Where was Heland when his single party comrades railroaded the City of Burlington VS. The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad legal disaster? Senator Courtney was present, though not a City City Council member. Where was the outrage on that secret vote that cost us over half a million dollars?

If Heland is so concerned about the long accepted practice of collective ignorance practiced with public money here, what about Tapp's contract with Tyson's Food? Jeff should get a copy of that sweetie deal and put it on the County's web page.

Go for it, Mr. Heland. The Advertiser sure as hell is not.


The only thing Large Mouth goes for is the buffet line at the casino. Everything Large Mouth doesn't understand is a conspiracy on the common man.

Heland doesn't doesn't understand the common man is smarter than he thinks.


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Swiss Biofarming

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