Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 May

A Recent History of Local Economic Development


Tapp and Hinkle, the early years.

History Buff

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Guilty by Virtue of Rehabilitation?


"In 2004, Gerst was arrested on a Des Moines County warrant on a felony charge of second-degree theft, according to police records. He later pleaded guilty to third-degree theft, a serious misdemeanor."

It looks like we have a City Council challenger with a record. The Manor Mall dollar figure is certainly beyond a serious misdemeanor. Does this young candidate have the potential to rise to what we have come to expect?

"I was young and stupid. I have learned from my mistakes. This was a wake-up call for me. I haven't been in trouble since," Gerst said. "I can see this being used against me. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them. I have learned from mine."

Fossilized and incompetent has been no problem for incumbent local and state office holders seeking re-election. Local voters are arguably stupid and extremely slow to learn from their mistakes.

It was by less than 15 votes and far too many terms before Little Timmy went away. Senator Courtney keeps his seat.

If this young man is telling the truth and has learned from his mistakes, will that be held against him? If his party affiliation is in order, does that alone give him a chance of being elected?


Even if he is the ghost of FDR he'll never get a chance because Publisher Steve Delaney and his phony editors will make sure every mention of the guy rehashes this same story line on the rare chance the story will allow Delaney and his Kansas carpetbagger owners to steal another 75¢ for Iowa's Oldest News In Print.


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The Liberals Prayer


U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, long a fierce critic of Beijing, toured China's financial capital on Monday on a visit focused on environmental issues rather than human rights, though her presence emboldened protesters.

During a 1991 visit to Beijing, the Democrat from California unfurled a banner that read "To those who died for democracy in China" in the square. Years later, she attempted to present human rights petitions to then-visiting President Hu Jintao. When Tibetans staged protests against Chinese rule last year, Pelosi visited their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.
What has changed in China?

Human rights abuses abound. Freedom of speech violations would make Senator Courtney green with envy. The hammer and sickle on China's flag has not been replaced with a smiley face.

We have a new President. Pelosi is Speaker of the U. S. House. In less than one month, these folks ran up debt in excess of what it took over 200 years to compile. Guess who holds a lot of the paper now backing our funny money?

Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

Fun Ye Mune

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City Office Nomination Papers


Do you think my parole officer would get in trouble collecting signatures on my nomination papers as he makes his rounds? I have no priors for drunk driving. If elected, does my inexperience mean I can't be Mayor?


If you aren't a drunk, you need not apply.


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Designer Simians?


Does this explain your picture of Worden?

I have never known the skin of the City Hall species to glow green. However, I have seen their skin turn glowing red after Council meetings. Based on observational evidence this transformation appears due to fermentation, not genetic manipulation.

J. Goodall

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27 May

"I'm Tellin' Ya Hydroelectric Will Make Us Money"

"Lots More Money Than Manor Mall & The Rec Plex Combined"

City Manager Doug Worden telling the council about his latest brain fart. He must use Vitalis to get that slick-as-Crook-Bruce-Slagle look.

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It’s really hard to imagine the dimwits at city hall are now trying to brainstorm a hydroelectric facility at the Lock and Damn 18.

It would be a good idea if the city weren’t in on it because our city government has notoriously failed at running such ventures as malls, entertainment and sports facilities.

I would have been happier to hear they sold off their previous attempts at running a business for profit a goal the city has never succeeded at, to my knowledge at least since the Rec Plex opened its doors. That Rec Plex has lost a minimum of $100,000 every year it’s been in operation. Guess who picks up the tab for the losses?

The voters should make sure the city has no connection to this project since their participation would mean more losses to the taxpayer. After all isn’t this the town that couldn’t calculate the cost of a water runoff holding tank. What’s it take for the voters to learn what fools they’ve been by electing dimwits that constantly waste their tax dollars?


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Dynamos for Dummies


Where has the Ad Vertiser been on this City of Burlington hydroelectric study? Does Jimmy Olson read the classifieds? Whatever happened to the Henderson Creek to Keokuk hydroelectric proposal the Ad Vertiser ran?

Who is paying for the Lock & Dam 18 hydro electric study? If it becomes reality, who would be left holding the bill if it does not pay off as expected?

Reddy Kilowatt

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Dam 18 Green to Remove Green From Your Wallet


If hydro electric generation at Lock & Dam 18 made economic sense, it would have been done long ago. Why the interest now? Could it be the scare of global warming?

This dubious warming threat is being used to further restrict our freedom and put the U. S. at a competitive disadvantage visa vi newly industrializing nations. China, India and others are not restricting their carbon foot print and bearing the costs entailed.

Closer to home, Alliant Energy wants out of coal fired electrical generation. Carbon is the reason listed. What will the small hydro electric potential of Lock & Dam 18 cost compared to increasing the capacity of the coal plant on Sullivan Slough?

Environmental studies and remediation will doubtless add to the cost. Will natural spawning patterns of the non native carp be disrupted by hydro turbines at Lock & Dam 18? Will another snail darter situation develop?

Your taxes and electric bills will pay to answer those questions. If the project is carried through, you will pay the difference for any and all inefficiencies in your utility bills for years to come.

Feeling good about thwarting threats concocted in the name of Science politicized do not come cheap.


Maybe Brian Tapp can write a handful of grants to fund this mess like he did for Tyson's.


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Let The Ad Vertiser Stealth It


"Staying the course means staff will continue to send out marketing materials to interested developers and follow up with past inquiries, Worden said at an April 13 meeting."

When criticized about an inside deal with Muir, purged City Manager Bruce Slagle said notice was given so other interested parties could come forward. Other than the required legal notice in the Ad Vertiser classifieds, what additional marketing was done?

Slagle's ignorance of economic development did not apply when it came to being devious. As the recent Lock & Dam 18 revelation verifies, if you want to hide something in plain sight, keep it in the Ad Vertiser classifieds.

What is the next miracle of marketing that will sell the Manor Mall? Will a full page ad appear in the Ad Vertiser? Would the Shopper's Spree be a better buy?


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Doing the Dilbert Drill on Dodge Dealers?


As the American automobile industry starts down the spiral that was British Leyland, some are reporting political vindictiveness as the basis of business decision making. Dealers who did not make politically correct financial contributions will no longer be selling Chrysler products.

Socialists hate anonymous free speech. If you can not identify those who expose you, you can not use political power to persecute them. Persecution can not cover up forever. The truth of your folly will eventually be known.

Ask anybody who owned a 1970's, or 1980's British Leyland product. Making the vacant lot at Agency & Roosevelt a used car lot for vintage British Leylands and Yugos would be an appropriate reminder of socialism's failures.

H. F.

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26 May

Burlington Gets In Another "Deal"

According to legal notices printed in the Ad Vertiser on May 22 and documents filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Burlington has entered into an agreement with Free Flow Power Corporation (FFPC) of Gloucester, MA to produce hydroelectric power.

One phase of the project will be the installation of 30 underwater hydroelectric generating turbines to produce 76,831 megawatt-hours of electricity that will be sold to Alliant Energy. These turbines will be installed at Lock & Dam 18 and transmission of the power will be over a one mile, 12.5kV transmission line.

Another phase of the project will include installation of 26 hydroelectric generators producing 24.5 megawatts of electricity. A 69 kV transmission line will stretch 5.68 miles, presumably to the north city limits.

Free Flow Power Corporation (FFPC) is a Delaware corporation based in Gloucester, MA.

Free Flow Power Corporation/FFPC LLC is not registered in the State of Iowa as a Foreign Corporation even though the applications sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Corporation indicate the applicant is FFP Iowa 5 LLC is using the Free Flow Power Corporation's Gloucester, MA address with the same company principal as the primary parties within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission applications.

So what is Burlington doing dabbling in the experimental electrical generating business? Who on the city council knows of this deal? Who approved that Worden enter into this agreement? When did they do this? Where are the financial details of this transaction? Who’s going to control this entity? What is the entity? What are the details of the Alliant agreement?

How much is it going to cost the taxpayers? And do we have to borrow any more money to pay for it?

Why is Burlington doing this and not the county? Does Burlington even have the authority to do this deal?

Lastly, why weren’t we told? And where is Publisher Steve Delaney and ever watchful band of fiction writers?

Given the dismal history of mismanaged public projects nailed to the backs of enslaved taxpayers this city council has no business being in the hydroelectric business or, for that matter, the economic development business.


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Our Parsian Pick Pocket Pelosi

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Susan Boyle Makes Semi Final

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25 May

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Atlantis Home Safe

Space shuttle Atlantis lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California Sunday after completing the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Image Credit: NASA/Carla Thomas

NASA Managers Praise the STS-125 Mission and Crew Space shuttle Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California at 11:39 a.m. EDT, completing a 13-day journey of approximately 5.3 million miles in space.

During a press conference held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Associate Administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Ed Weiler said, "Now, and only now can we declare this mission a total success -- the astronauts are safely on the ground."

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23 May

Swine Flu Source Revealed

Whistler found the source of Swine Flu.

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Jimmy Olson & The Edge of Wetness


Do you think Jimmy will goggle Carmen Miranda? Jimmy Olson would look good in a tutti fruity fedora.

Why is Jimmy Olson so ignorant of his larger surroundings?

If he drives the Nash any further from the Ad Vertiser than the Sombrero, he could fall off the edge of the earth into the Edge of Wetness.


Re: "Why is Jimmy Olson so ignorant of his larger surroundings?"

Chickens that play the piano at the Wisconsin Dells only know where the food drops out of the hole.

BTW - Only Publisher Steve Dealney gets to wear the tutti fruity fedora - see below. I like what he has done with his eyebrows.


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22 May

Where in the World is Carman Sandiego? Where the Hell is Carman, Illinois?


"Never heard of any salesman Hill
Now he doesn't know the territory
Doesn't know the territory?!?
What's the fellow's line?
Never worries 'bout his line
Never worries 'bout his line?!?
Or a doggone thing"

"Rock Island" from the musical "Music Man" by Meredith Wilson

I never knew Amtrak went to Preston, IA. The Advertiser quoted an Iowa DOT wonk as saying it does.

Finger slip on Jimmy Olson's lap top, DOT misspeak, it matters not. If Jimmy knew anything about regional Geography, he should have caught the error. If you wanna inform the folks and sell your wares, ya gotta know the territory.

Ignorance of Geography remains rampant among the young. PBS aired "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" to help correct the problem. That show last aired before the Ad Vertiser's latest group of Jimmy Olson's were potty trained, 1996.

Do the Ad Vertiser's editors read stories anymore before being committed to print ? Are they too busy playing golf with city officials to mind the store?

The Ad Vertiser's geographic ignorance is not at all rare. Does Henderson Creek still run past Carmen, IL on its way to Keokuk?

Carmen Miranda

No one cares about accuracy at the Ad Vertiser; only ad revenues. As for their writers, they only care when payday comes. And, that it comes.


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The Ad Vertiser Derailed


"There's some other potential opportunities with stimulus funding to make further improvements potentially on the bridge itself or on the passenger rail line between here and Preston."

I have ridden Amtrak from here west through Creston, IA. There have been no railroad tracks to Preston, IA for roughly 30 years.

Has Iowa's Oldest News on Paper yet gotten word concerning abandonment of rail service to Preston?

Charles Perkins

Publisher Steve Delaney is making all employees sit behind their monitors to stop wasting the electrons on the back of their screens.


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Hubble Reborn

S125-E-012372 (20 May 2009) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and the thin line of Earth's atmosphere, Space Shuttle Atlantis' payload bay, Canadian-built remote manipulator system (RMS) robotic arm, vertical stabilizer and orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods are featured in this image photographed by an STS-125 crewmember on flight day 10. NASA Image.

S125-E-012510 (19 May 2009) --- Backdropped by a blue and white Earth, Space Shuttle Atlantis' payload bay, vertical stabilizer and orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods are featured in this image photographed by an STS-125 crewmember on flight day nine. NASA Image.

S125-E-012036 (19 May 2009) --- An STS-125 crewmember aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis captured this still image of the Hubble Space Telescope as the two spacecraft continue their relative separation on May 19, after having been linked together for the better part of a week. During the week five spacewalks were performed to complete the final servicing mission for the orbital observatory. The crew deployed the giant telescope at 7:57 a.m. (CDT). NASA Image.

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21 May

A Real Comparison of Worden's Overripe Compensation

Many think City Manage Doug Worden, the Mini-Me clone and ghost of exiled crook Bruce Slagle, is such a valuable asset to Burlington. Lost Keys Mayor Bill Ell, who is best know for his deceit in hiding a $57,000 loss from the city council, says we should all look to comparison salaries paid to other city managers.

So one of our readers did just that.

As you can clearly see Worden's salary is 57% higher than a person with comparable work experience.

And if that isn't enough to be outraged over, compare Worden's salary to that of private industry for similar responsibilities. And look at how bloated government pay outstrips everyone else.

Good thing this is election year. Maybe we can find people that know how to use the computer for something other than solitaire and email. Or a business teacher that knows how to use a calculator. Hell, I'd settle for anyone that didn't have a jellyfish backbone.

Thanks to our reader for ferreting out the stench of City Hall.


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Stuffing Money Under the Pillow


"Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.’s congressional campaign organization has paid his wife at least $247,500 since 2001, including at least $95,000 after Sandra Jackson joined the Chicago City Council two years ago, according to federal election records."

Mrs. Jesse Jr. provides valuable services for her husband, Congressman Jackson. Nice work.
Business as usual in the machine that produced our current President some would say. The political office holder's spouse bringing dubious money into the house game does not end in Chicago.

Here in Iowa we have the Harkins. Still on the board of Conoco-Phillips, Ruth Harkin was onboard the Conoco Gulfstream when it ran off the taxiway in Waterloo earlier this year when she visited Iowa for a Regents meeting. She doesn't live in Iowa and hasn't for many years.

Her take home pay from Conoco for 2008- $408,293.

Not bad stuffing.


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20 May

City Violates Smoking Ban

RecPlex No Smoking Ban

No wonder Lost Keys Bill Ell won't enforce state law; his employees at the RecPlex are breaking the law.

That's a healthy environment.


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IAAP Accident


I've been watching the local websites and newspaper for news about an ugly accident at the ordnance plant. I saw in the paper that a child was hit by a car on South Hill but nothing about the young man fighting for his life at UI hospital because of an accident at the Plant.

Journalists don't follow leads any more?

The injured gentleman and his family are in our prayers.


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City (Mis)Manager Pay Raise


I see the council gave the city manager a raise. The city has worse crime than last year and is more in debt than last year and the manor mall is still a dirt lot.

In the private sector you get pay increases based on performance. What were Worden's accomplishments for the past year?

The local paper doesn't mention any list of achievements by the city manager or the city as a whole. They did get the dig in that they though he should make more based on comparably sized towns. CEOs in the private sector are not paid based on similarly sized companies.

They are paid based on what experience they bring to the table then earn bonuses and increases based on what they accomplished that benefited the company, the bottom line and the owners (shareholders or other owners).

People just don't get it. Government isn't the solution it's the problem. Wise up Burlington. No more pay raises for any government worker until the economy has improved. Shared sacrifice is all the rage.


We need to do something different on these comparison pay raises. Instead of raising Worden's pay to a comparable level, why don't we find the lowest wage for a city our size and then cut Worden's pay 30% below that?

After all, that's all we're getting; the minimum needed to legally fill the position.


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Love Letters in the Sand


"City administrators have sent a letter to a local Website operator, ordering her to remove information related to municipal offices, City Council members learned at Monday's work session."

Have you considered a drop dead address for fan mail from our local political hacks?

They cuss you when holding court over drinks at the bar. Senator Courtey tried legislation to out you. Just how bad could it get if they ever find you?


It would be ugly. But they have to find us first. After all, there is a little Spike in everyone of us.

But there are bigger problems for all of them. Most of them can't tie their shoe laces. The others? They don't know how many shoes they are supposed to be wearing.


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19 May

Continuation of S.A. Letter


The Rec Plex is a loser run by losers. Government cannot run a business
otherwise we'd have Obama running the day to day activities out at the IAAP
instead of a contractor and we all know Obama has no prior skills at running
a business for profit other than one that has a cloud over it named ACORN.

The Plex has cost us taxpayers at a minimum of $100,000 per year of in the
red money. The biggest obstacle is the place has city employees running it
which is a known high cost loss factor. Over paid, free benefits and all
the other benefits they get far and above the average working person. No
business can survive paying and benefitting at the rates government pays

The city should sell off the pool, golf course and the Rec Plex which all
run in the red. Just think having the Rec Plex alone is like paying for
two city managers every year since it's opened its doors.

Taxed to Death

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Age Before Beauty


"The final print edition of Arizona's oldest newspaper has hit the streets with a fitting last headline: Our Epitaph."

Damn it. When will Iowa's Oldest News on Paper get around to doing the same?


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18 May

A Hole In Randy's Arm Where Our Money Goes


"For the second time in six months, Burlington will not see a profit from its $1.8 million investment in Huck's Harbor."

City Manager Worden makes excuses. Lawyer Hoyer can't be found. Huck's Hole is digging itself deeper.

There is no cause for alarm. There is no causes for concern. It is only tax money and there is plenty more where it came from.

S. A.

It sure is funny that Worden knows Huck's Harbor bought too much pool chemical. But he doesn't know what day of the week it is.

Maybe that bloated know-it-all boob can tell us how many quarters/years Huck's Harbor will have to make a profit to compensate the taxpayers for their continued investment in this loser since Worden's Mini-Me talks of refinancing the debt. Who gave him the authority to dive into refinancing?

Or maybe former business teacher Jim Davidson can tell us at what profit level those quarters will have to be to make up the difference AND make a profit.

And while Davidson is at it, maybe he can spin up his version of a proforma for the RecPlex under glass. How many years will that albatross screw the taxpayers?

Regardless of all the lying and deceit I will bet Huck's Harbor will pull out a profit right before the city council election but mysteriously lose money for the year so the taxpayers will get their usual nothing.


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Thank you, Brian Tapp


What an informative link you posted on Burlington's crime statistics. Not only is Burlington above average in population non growth, crime is skyrocketing as well.

The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission (SEIRPC) has done an excellent job of using tax dollars to import crime by the busload. Mr. Tapp is to be commended for what he has accomplished.

Chamber of Commerce poo bah Dennis Hinkle agrees. As he told the Ad Vertiser, it is change we must accept to Grow Greater Burlington. If you have not already done so, you may wish to buy a .40 cal. Smith & Wesson as a necessary tool for Mr. Tapp and Mr. Hinkle's brave new Burlington. You better do so while you still can.

Unlike Burlington, Muscatine refused the Tyson's slaughter house offer. When it comes to turing your community into a slaughter house, look at what Muscatine missed out on compared to Burlington. http://www.city-data.com/city/Muscatine-Iowa.html

Senator Courtney said we should not pick on the treasures Mr. Tapp has brought to our community. That would be mean, cruel, heartless and against the grand scheme of the local single party political system to further empower itself.

Just think of how much more good Mr. Tapp will do for our community with more space to grow his bureacratic empire. The SEIRPC truly deserves a tax funded palace in West Burlington for exactly that reason.

If you want to live in a small, Iowa town along the Mississippi with less chance of being raped and/or robbed, consider Muscatine.

C. Bloomington
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Crooked Home Inspector


There's an home inspector/appraiser running around Burlington that charges extremely
high prices to give prospective home owners the good news, "the house is
just fine" before a potential buyer signs the dotted line. They get a nice
looking computer generated booklet describing every aspect of the house and
generally all is ok.

After the home is purchased it is found the house has more problems than our
local city government. Water leaks in all around the basement after heavy
rains, cold air seeps in around all the windows and the ceiling gets wet
from all the moisture that builds up where the walls meet the roof which
turns the ceilings brown from the moisture in the winter. The windows sweat
something terrible in the winter which shouldn't happen if the house were
fine as stated in the booklet.

I wonder how many other people have been taken by this fancy 'canned'
computer generated booklet that cost about $50 per page.


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Parading Through Purgatory


I missed Budweiser's Clydesdale powered beer wagon making deliveries. I was shocked to read how poorly this event was handled by the City of Burlington.

After paying my taxes, I am lucky to have enough to buy Old Mil, or Blue Ribbon. I have been told over indulgence in the freight hauled by the Clydesdales has fueled many local political decisions in recent years. Observing these decisions, it is the only logical explanation.

If the Clydesdale crew had kicked off a complimentary keg, or two, at City Hall, would this event have been better handled.

A. B.

Lost Keys Mayor Bill Ell would have delivered keys to the city and a ride in his van to Gator's.


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A Whopping Career Change for Speaker Pelosi?


Nancy Pelosi got caught in a whopper. Did Ms. Pelosi realize she was super sizing her dismissal order by denial?

Burlington's first Mayor in history to resign from office also got caught in pursuit of a whopper. Congressman King from Iowa is already calling for Ms. Pelosi's resignation as Speaker of the House. Will Nancy Pelosi's whopper make her throw in the gavel?

There is life after resignation. The citizens of Burlington are paying one whopper of a bill for a vacant lot at Agency and Roosevelt. The person who promised extra lettuce for the City of Burlington on that bungled order found a new career.

As another talented in creating government debt, has Ms. Pelosi considered selling government certificates of debt?

Rex Burger

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16 May

Budweiser Clydesdales


We ventured downtown last night to watch the Budweiser delivery. I have to say I've not been to a parade in downtown for quite a few years, so maybe what I saw was typical.

At any rate it appeared to be poorly handled on the part of Burlington - imagine that!!!! Granted the parade itself was a short one (too bad someone couldn't put forth some effort to get some entries together representing the City), but even so there was no effort made to stop cross traffic during the actual parade.

The Budweiser semis were first and between them and the following vehicles which were involved in the actual delivery, cars proceeded through the intersections. What has happened to people's common sense?

One police car sat at the 6th street intersection with his lights on but he never got out of his vehicle to direct any traffic. As it was those of us in that block had little chance to see the horses since watchers who'd already seen them were flocking up the street to leave.

Add to that the fact that vehicles were allowed to park on Jefferson and viewing these beautiful horses was next to impossible, and they're huge. Obviously, the City Fathers made little or no effort to welcome this attraction. Where is their common sense?

As I understand, it cost the City nothing, and drew a huge crowd downtown which I'm sure brought some business too. It also appears that during a parade, the entire street surface (curb to curb) would have to be fenced off since most of the public lacks any sort of common sense about how a parade should be viewed.

I doubt I'll be bothering to attend anything like that down town again. Too bad Golden Eagle didn't simply make the deliveries in WB. After all, Duncan has his license back now - Otis's, Diamond Daves, All-Star Maidrite Diner and Uncle Ronnie's.

Just when you think you've heard it all about Burlington's lack of leadership, something else happens to top the previous stories.


But if you talk to Doug Worden and the city council they'd tell you that's just a bunch of horse manure; we're the midwest welcome wagon for the world. Nothing goes wrong in Whoville.


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Ram Repairs


Guess you'll have to drive south to Jim Baier. They've retained their Chrysler dealership.

I feel as though I may have had something to do with the company's demise. I've driven primarily Fords, with a few GM products along the way, but one year ago we bought a Chrysler Sebring and now they're in trouble.

Woe is me.


One-stop super-mega auto dealerships had a big role in this too. I would imagine there were many days when they wondered what brand they were really selling?


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15 May

City Overview


One can’t expect too much out of Doug Worden because he’s been entrenched in Burlington’s crooked politics for so long he thinks he’s infallible and fully protected by government similar to the way gays, eagles and Hawaiian green turtles are these days.

Our friend in charge of the public works Ron Knoke thinks he’s infallible and puts his foot in his mouth every time he makes a public statement. Just a looking at Burlington’s streets tells a lot about how public works is performing.

I hope the Cascade Bridge isn’t an example of how they take care of property maintenance or we’re in deep trouble. What happened Mr.Yeiter?

I don’t know about development and inspections run by Mr. Larson but a drive around town would seem to indicate there’s plenty to be desired with the operation of this department. Burlington has excessive blight but little to nothing is being done about it, although they did remove one piece of blight a couple of weeks ago, on South 14th.

Parks and recreation appears to be the best run department by looking at the park conditions. Hats off to Phil Collier - generally the parks are always in good shape.

Joint Safety office, just what this department does is unknown to most of the public and I’ve never heard of it. Does anyone know what they do? Does it benefit the public in any way or is it concerned with city employee safety and do we really need a dedicated department for safety?

The police department says everything is normal and crime hasn’t increased one iota or so they say. Can that be true? Awful hard to believe crime is steady and hasn’t increasing by what is printed in the local rag. We’ll probably have to check out the FBI reports when they are published to verify our chief’s statements.

Everyone knows what the mayor and council are worth; so I won’t bore you with any more talk about them.

Burlington just has so much going for it; I just can’t believe our good fortune.


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Pelosi & Sweet: George Bush Made Me Lie


Fresh from a ride in her Sugar Daddy’s Cadillac, Parisian Pick Pocket Pelosi lied to America, lied to Mike Sweet and got jammed up yesterday in her lies over water boarding terrorists.

What is this world coming to? Like minds blaming everything on George Bush. And lying about it.


Look at Pelosi's mouth and neck. Think there's a little stress in that melon of hers?


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Crime Rate Stats


Burlington, Iowa (IA 52601) Detailed Profile


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14 May

Deery & Shottenkirk to Lose Chrysler Dealerships

According to a story in today's Des Moines Register and Shottenkirk are going to lose their Chyrsler dealerships.

Now who fixes my Ram?


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13 May

Begging a Better Comparison


Pay raises are rare these days in the private sector. If you want a raise, get a government job.

Burlington's City Manager is getting a raise. Our elected City Council is enamored with Manager Worden's job performance. If the standard was set by Slagle's performance, small wonder.

My pet cat could have done a better job than Slagle. Clawed furniture is minor compared to the cost of Slagle's crowning achievement; the Manor Mall.

Worden is supposed to be short timer. Unlike most in the private sector, early retirement is possible on the public payroll. What of Worden's replacement?

We better pray the criteria of worth for the next Manager is not Bruce Slagle.


It's a regular love fest of earthworms. Gobs of slithering mucous, wrapped tight in a ball of rotund love.

It's all you can stand to hear about let alone witness.


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"Sound of Scream" - Doomed Pilots Talked of Inexperience

Next time you think you need to go jump into any commuter airplane and blast off in bad weather, think about this. The captain on this flight was totally unqualified and had flunked numerous proficiency check rides. Contrary to what the airline says, this guy was an accident waiting to happen. And he is not alone. There are lots of these guys with their heads stuck in a computer instead of flying the airplane. Not all of them are flying with the commuter airlines, either.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a simulation of the minutes leading up to the February crash of Flight 3407 in Buffalo, New York. Video courtesy NTSB.

Here is the transcript from the cockpit voice recorder in the last seven minutes before Flight 3407 crashed Feb. 13 near Buffalo, N.Y. (For the full transcript, click here.)

22:10:32 -- First Officer Rebecca Shaw: Oh yeah, oh it's lots of ice.

22:10:47 -- Captain Marvin Renslow: "Oh yeah, that's the most I've seen, most ice I've seen on the leading edges in a long time. In a while, anyway, I should say.

22:10:57 -- Shaw: Flying in the Northeast, I've 1,600 hours. .. I had more actual time on my first day of IOE (initial operating experience) than I did in the 1,600 hours I had when I came here.

22:11:31 -- Renslow: But, uh, as a matter of fact I got hired with about 625 hours here.

22:11:37 -- Shaw: Oh wow.

22:11:39 -- Shaw: That's not much for, uh, back when you got hired.

22:11:42 -- Renslow: No but, uh, out of that .. 250 hours was, uh, part 121 turbine, multi-engine turbine.

22:11:50 -- Shaw: Oh that's right yeah.

22:11:54 -- Shaw: No, but all these guys are complaining, they're saying, you know, how we were supposed to upgrade by now and .. I'm thinking, you know what? I really wouldn't mind going through a winter in the Northeast before I have to upgrade to captain.

22:12:05 -- Shaw: I've never seen icing conditions. I've never deiced. .. I've never experienced any of that. I don't want to have to experience that and make those kinds of calls. You know I'd've freaked out. I'd have, like, seen this much ice and thought, oh my gosh we were going to crash.

22:13:58 -- Renslow: Oh yeah, I'm so glad. .. I mean, I would've been .. fine. I would have survived it. . We never had to make decisions that I wouldn't have been able to make but .. now I'm more comfortable.

22:15:59 -- Cockpit area microphone (CAM): (sound similar to decrease in engine power)

22:16:04 -- Renslow: Gear down.. loc's alive.

22:16:06 -- CAM (sound similar to landing gear handle movement)

22:16:06 -- Buffalo Approach controller (APP): Colgan thirty four zero seven contact tower one two zero point five. have a good night.

22:16:07 -- CAM (sound similar to landing gear deployment)

22:16:11 -- Shaw: Over to tower you do the same, 3407.

22:16:14 -- Flight Crew Audio Panel (HOT): (sound of two double chimes)

22:16:21 -- Shaw: Gear's down.

22:16:23 -- Renslow: flaps fifteen before landing checklist.

22:16:26 -- CAM (sound similar to flap handle movement)

22:16:26 -- Shaw: uhhh.

22:16:27 -- CAM (sound similar to stick shaker lasting 6.7 seconds)

22:16:27 -- HOT (sound similar to autopilot disconnect horn repeats until end of recording)

22:16:27 -- CAM (sound of click)

22:16:31 -- CAM (sound similar to increase in engine power)

22:16:34 -- Renslow: Jesus Christ.

22:16:35 -- CAM (sound similar to stick shaker lasting until end of recording)

22:16:37 -- Shaw: I put the flaps up.

22:16:40 -- CAM (sound of two clicks)

22:16:42 -- Renslow: (sound of grunt) (unintelligible) -ther bear.

22:16:45 -- Shaw: should the gear up?

22:16:46 -- Renslow: gear up oh (expletive).

22:16:50 -- CAM (increase in ambient noise)

22:16:51.9 -- Renslow: we're down.

22:16:51.9 -- CAM (sound of thump)

22:16:52.0 -- Shaw: we're (sound of scream)

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12 May

Worden Report Card


Despite the gush over city manager Doug Worden's job performance being as close to the movement of Christ as our inept council can find, I'd like to add my opinion of Doug Worden.

He's an over-bearing, belligerent, pompous ass that has no customer service skills or abilities. He does what he wants because the city council doesn't know any better.

And he's a marginal guy to play golf with.


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BB&T Double Talk Hides Incompetence


To me the BB&T shareholder paragraph below means they're moving a couple of people into a back room, out of sight of the customers; so they can concentrate on new methods of screwing the customers without making any contact that may result in possible guilty feelings.

I guess it could be called BGS, Banking Guilt Suppression a common mental syndrome in banking brought about from stealing people’s money through excessive fees.

I really think they were trying to impress someone with this double talk paragraph that is completely ridiculous and nothing more than a long hair bunch of crap. I almost gagged when reading it.

What it means is the bank isn’t smart enough to set up an office in the back room to handle all the bank's business and had to hire it out.

Also, why the bank can’t determine their fee schedule is beyond comprehension, get serious and to think we bank there.

"In December we entered into an engagement with Brintech, a bank consulting firm, to assist us in moving administrative related responsibilities from our customer service/sales personnel to a consolidated back room environment and allow for enhanced client focus. We have completed the majority of our Brintech engagement which will be instrumental in our movement to shared services for our bank operating environment and will be utilized for the functional alignment of our respective divisions as we merge into one bank charter. In addition to the shared service aspect of the engagement Brintech also provided us with assistance in reviewing our fee schedules and enhanced management of our non-interest expense areas. The benefits of the Brintech engagement will result in approximately $ 1 million of pretax annualized savings when fully implemented."


Or it means a bunch of people are going to lose their jobs with consolidation.

Banks don't save money like this unless they stop embezzlement, fire people or hose their customers.


07:40:56 - SPIKE - No comments

Bank Fee Structure


I read the letter from BB&T and wondered just what the hell does this paragraph mean?

"In December we entered into an engagement with Brintech, a bank consulting firm, to assist us in moving administrative related responsibilities from our customer service/sales personnel to a consolidated back room environment and allow for enhanced client focus. We have completed the majority of our Brintech engagement which will be instrumental in our movement to shared services for our bank operating environment and will be utilized for the functional alignment of our respective divisions as we merge into one bank charter. In addition to the shared service aspect of the engagement Brintech also provided us with assistance in reviewing our fee schedules and enhanced management of our non-interest expense areas. The benefits of the Brintech engagement will result in approximately $ 1 million of pretax annualized savings when fully implemented."


It means the bank is inept in figuring out new ways, on their own, to continually screw the customer by charging excess fees for everything they can. It is a way for the bank to generate more revenue without incurring any costs or adding any service.


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Who's Sorry Now?


"Other slogans will say Sorry for being negative, for taking you for granted, for being complacent and for being predictable."

The London Evening Standard is apologizing to readers. An ex-KGB agent is the paper's new owner and he is trying to jump start his acquisition.

If the Ad Vertiser came under new ownership, apologized for past practices and returned to being an evening paper, would it stand a better chance of survival?


I doubt it. So many years of this scorched earth policy of Publisher Steve Delaney has made the populace apathetic to the demise of the Ad Vertiser.

Most people we know say it can't happen soon enough. Most also wonder why anyone advertises in the paper anymore with the negative attitude towards the community.


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11 May

Two Rivers Bank Wants TARP Money


According to this letter to shareholders it appears as though the local leadership thinks it is a grand idea to take TARP money from Obama. Do you think the customers and regular shareholders know the board of directors is volunteering itself for government interference and ownership?

I know as one of the shareholders no one asked for my input. This move makes my shares worth crap. I would have sold my worthless shares before this move if someone would have told me. Hey, maybe that's why they didn't tell the peons. It's only my money they put down the crapper.

This SUCKS! I vote NO, since they didn't ask.


Like my Daddy always said, "Never borrow more money than you need. And most times, you don't need it."

Makes you wonder why in the world a bank quoted just weeks ago as in great financial shape, unaffected by the Wall Street debacle, would now want to borrow Federal TARP money. Maybe it is because it is free money and a bank can't pay back this debt without permission from the government. Will they ever ask?

I'm sure these wonderful folks are going to make more small business loans to stimulate the local economy.

Also, I see that the Chairman thanks his staff and the shareholders but doesn't mention the poor slobs paying for this mess; the customers. The customer is always last in the food chain at the bank.


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Excellent Example Of Inept City Inspectors

The Ghost of John Mercer Protects Burlington's Slum Lords


Here’s a real view of the type of buildings available in Burlington, eyesores that should have been torn down ages ago and replaced by green space. Who in their right mind would purchase this 1880’s building now?

This building is a disgrace and a reminder of how our city government fails to enforce their “canned city codes.” If I’m not mistaken the owner lives in Wapello and doesn’t have to look at it very often, if at all.

Talk about blight, where’s Iowa’s crookedest city manager when you need him or his crooked replacement? There’s a house just up the street from city hall that’s been converted into an eyesore by the college. I do hope they tear it down or fix it up.

Burlington has an over abundance of dead beat home owners but city hall just avoids the issue with these people because they fail to understand what their responsibilities are to the voters of Burlington. City government fails to realize their servants to the people and not the other way around.


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09 May

The Predator - Flexibility, Range, Speed & Persistence

The Reaper is the size of a jet fighter. It is powered by a turboprop engine capable of flying 300 mph while flying at 50,000 feet. It is outfitted with infrared, laser and radar targeting and carries 3,000 pounds of guided bombs and missiles.

The Reaper is loaded, but there is no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq & Afghanistan sits at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada.

The MQ-9 Reaper, when compared with the 1995-vintage Predator, represents a major evolution of the unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV.

At five tons gross weight, the Reaper is four times heavier than the Predator. Its size — 36 feet long, with a 66-foot wingspan — is comparable to the profile of the Air Force's workhorse A-10 attack plane. It can fly twice as fast and twice as high as the Predator. Most significantly, it carries many more weapons.

While the Predator is armed with two Hellfire missiles, the Reaper can carry 14 of the air-to-ground weapons — or four Hellfires and two 500-pound bombs.

The Reaper is expected to be flown as the Predator is — by a two-member team of pilot and sensor operator who work at computer control stations and video screens that display what the UAV "sees." Teams at Balad, housed in a hangar beside the runways, perform the takeoffs and landings, and similar teams at Nevada 's Creech Air Force Base, linked to the aircraft via satellite, take over for the long hours of overflying the Iraqi landscape.

American ground troops, equipped with laptops that can download real-time video from UAVs overhead. The new robot plane is expected to be able to stay aloft for 14 hours fully armed, watching an area and waiting for targets to emerge.

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08 May

Sing Along With Mitch?


"A friend says, 'You want to go?' He's got his own private cause, and I thought about it and said, 'Sure, I'll go.' Why wouldn't I?" he said."

Mitch Taylor is West Burlington's City Attorney. Mitch Taylor offered to pay Heland's way to Washington, D. C. Why?

Tapp desperately wants a new headquarters, complete with carp pond, in West Burlington. Tapp wants "free" federal dollars to buy his monument. Tapp has been getting a lot of crap about buying his buddy's unwanted property to make it happen.

Is Tapp tagging along on this beg fest? Nothing publicly has been said about Tapp going straight to the source and begging. If you want to keep your head down, send a surrogate?

Just what is Mitch Taylor's private cause?

M. Miller

Taylor is a smart guy. I cannot figure out for the life of me why he would associate with or for that matter even be seen with Large Mouth Ass Heland, let alone pay for Heland's trip to Washington, D.C.

Whatever it is, His Largeness needs to provide an accurate account of his involvement.


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Pelosi Suffers Amnesia Attack

"As recently as a week ago, Pelosi said, "We were not -- I repeat were not -- told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used."

"Porter J. Goss, former House Republican and former CIA director, wrote last month that he was "slack-jawed to read that members claim to have not understood that the techniques on which they were briefed were to actually be employed; or that specific techniques such as 'waterboarding' were never mentioned." Goss described the lawmakers' claims as "a disturbing epidemic of amnesia.........

Let me be clear. It is my recollection that:

-- The chairs and the ranking minority members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, known as the Gang of Four, were briefed that the CIA was holding and interrogating high-value terrorists.

-- We understood what the CIA was doing.

-- We gave the CIA our bipartisan support.

-- We gave the CIA funding to carry out its activities.

-- On a bipartisan basis, we asked if the CIA needed more support from Congress to carry out its mission against al-Qaeda.

I do not recall a single objection from my colleagues. They did not vote to stop authorizing CIA funding. "

Maybe Cougar Nancy can stop her Sugar Daddy's Cadillac long enough to explain her medical condition.


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Senior Class Trip to Washington


Our local "leaders" are all excited about their big trip to Washington, D. C. Even though the car washes and bake sales have not raised enough money, the whole herd is going.

Other than alcohol abuse and the outside chance of an unplanned pregnancy, should we expect our leaders to produce anything of greater value than a collection of high school seniors could?


I would believe the senior class would produce more.


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The Denial of Decline and Decay


"City staff and residents upset by absentee owners who chose to leave homes to rot on their foundations is what spurred the Burlington City Council to take action, Larson said."

What about commercial property owners who chose to leave their buildings to rot?

Walk Jefferson Street from Main to the railroad tracks. Note all the empty buildings and their condition. Beware of falling bricks. Why is nothing being done about these hazardous eyesores?

Is J. C. Penney planning to rehab and move back into their old location? Does "historical value" make a collapse waiting to happen not a hazard? Is it because facing reality and removing the ruins means Downtown will never rise again?

Is what hazardous eyesores are removed more a factor of who you know rather than public health and safety? Certainly not in Burlington.


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Juris Imprudence


America needs a new Supreme Court Justice. Liberals love lunacy legislated from the bench. Has the President made a decision?

While not required by statute, a J. D. gives an inside track. Non lawyers need not apply. Is anybody in Burlington in the running?

Burlington's City Attorney should be given all due consideration. If you liked Earl Warren, you're gonna love Justice Power.


Power can barely stay a member of the bar. Why should he move on? He's screwing every public group, agency and anyone else stupid enough to pay his lump sum bill of incompetent representation.

And all these chicken shit city council members, school board sitters and Chamber Clowns are afraid to boost his ass out of town.

They're all more pathetic than Power is.


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We Were Warned


Economic decay, a single party political system, drunks and buffoons in public office, eminent domain abuse, freedom of speech threatened in the State Legislature, a Regional Planning Commission, a high school drop epidemic, etc. We were warned.

If you want positive change, every individual has some basic responsibilities. What was true half a century ago remains so today.


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07 May

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Re: Heland & The Rest of His Cronies


I think if there’s anything for the county to gain from Harkin or his staff they could do it via email. How many other cities and counties will be out there at the same time wanting to bend Harkin’s ear.

Sounds like a waste of Taxpayer’s money to me. Burlington can’t even get the state to help them do anything and the state spends little to no money on southeastern Iowa or at least not around Des Moines County. Highway 61 to Muscatine should have been four lanes over 20 years ago but it isn’t. When I drive up north I drive 70% of the trip in Illinois and cross the river at Davenport on the I-280 bridge. Of course, if I need anything along the way I spend my money in Illinois and not Iowa.

My feelings are that nothing is ever gained by these “going to Washington” waste of money trips. What has Burlington gotten in the past from such junkets? That’s the same as the Chamber going to China or Europe and wasting taxpayer money chasing rainbows for nothing on worthless junkets that have failed to gain Des Moines County anything.

Why don’t they invite Harkin to Burlington and have him see what the hell’s going on here, this would eliminate the BS that goes on in Washington. Our biggest problem is county and city governments that have consistently failed the voters over and over again. How can a small group of people make mistake after mistake, time and time again?


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06 May

Heland Double Dipping

Heland Using Political Position For Private Cause

"Heland said he also is headed to the national capital this week, but as a citizen and not to represent the county.

However, he added, if he has the opportunity to bend the ear of lawmakers on behalf of the county, he will do so "in a heartbeat".

"If I get an opportunity to talk to (U.S. Senator) Tom Harkin's staff and they say, 'How's the economy where you're at?', I'm going to give him some straight talk," Heland said.

According to Heland, he was asked by a friend, attorney Mitch Taylor of Burlington, to go on the trip related to private business. Taylor initially was going to pay for the trip, but Heland said he has decided to reimburse Taylor the entire cost.

"A friend says, 'You want to go?' He's got his own private cause, and I thought about it and said, 'Sure, I'll go.' Why wouldn't I?" he said."

Jeff Heland owes every taxpayer in Des Moines a detailed explanation of what the hell he is doing lobbying for a private cause in Washington, D.C. Every dime he spends or his spent on him is subject to public scrutiny.

Any time this free loading Large Mouth Phony Ass decides to dip into his pocket to cover his tracks, you can bet his tracks need coverin'.

This is worse than Hoschek's stupid Timmy Travel Tricks. This is calculated deceit.

Wise up Heland. The spotlight is not off.


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Local Scavenger's Big D. C. Adventure





Why is everybody running to Washington?

County roads are rutted messes. Des Moines County's budget is in the red. Out of state travel is supposed to be a no go, but off they go to the District of Columbia. They may get another grant. For What?

We can not maintain what we currently have. How will we pay to keep up more?

Hinkle is going. Supposedly with a private delegation, but Hinkle hits the public treasury his budget to fill. Hinkle had his fingers in the Manor Mall disaster. Maybe Hinkle will study how the National Mall could be made into a strip mall.

What private business for a friend is Heland transacting? Is Heland house hunting as well in case the opportunity to be Congressman Heland presents itself?



Why must we run to our representatives? Can they not come to us? Certainly not Congressman Loebsack.

The Ad Vertiser dutifully proclaims the every so often visits to the area by a Loebsack staffer. Big deal. Loebsack's district covers a lot of turf. Check out Loebsack's field offices.

Burlington used to have Congressional Office. That all changed with Congressman Loebsack. Both of Loebsack's District Offices are within 25 miles of each other. If you ain't in Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City, you ain't s..t to Congressman Loebsack.

The single party crew headed east are all aglow over Loebsack and Harkin. Since those folks can always count on Southeast Iowa's single party political system to deliver for them, they can focus their attention elsewhere where there is competition.

Like a faithful lap dog, our local leaders go running to their masters.


Like all scavengers, bare bones for most.


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Field of Weasels

In Slagle's field
The Dandelions bloom
As interest costs commence to zoom
For through domain most eminent
Poor folks dreams aren't worth a cent

Where children played short years ago
The briers and stinging thistles grow
The for sale signs still stand forlorn
Let not the peasants plant their corn

Foolish leaders pound their chests
Oh, what a wise and sound invest
Their promises abounding greed
Produce a lot now filled with weeds
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Tax Imitative


I wonder what Mike Seet thinks of Geithner, a known tax cheat and liar, standing in front of the American people, speaking for Obama on the new tax laws being developed to stop tax cheats from circumventing U.S. taxes. Of course this was on an MSNBC video which is a known puppet for GE that’s used to spread its lies to the American People.

Is this behavior not reminiscent of the fox in the chicken coup?

GE is just waiting in the wings for payback from the Obama administration as thanks for the warped news coverage during the campaign. Payback will be in the form of large government contracts in the environmental area with money stolen from the American people through the “cap and tax” scam.

Cap and Tax will never work and just plays into the socialism plans of Obama along with his socialized medicine plan, a form of medicine known for failure wherever its been attempted. Obama is drifting far away from his oath of office by meddling in things government should stay out of. Remember, Obama is the same man that denied hearing his pastor of 20 years say anything bad about the United States or white people.


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05 May

Blood on the Mud


I went mushroom hunting on Sunday. This involved traveling rural, gravel roads in Des Moines County. Some of these roads are a nearly impassable.

One stretch was so bad, I slowed to a crawl. I positioned my wheels so as to ride the ridges between the ruts. SCRAPE!!!

Pulling over, I got under my car to see if the oil pan had been compromised. I was lucky. Some lower slung models may not have been so.

Des Moines County employees are getting pay raises when nearly nobody in the private sector is. Money is given from County funds to support the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission for Tapp's criminal imports and monument purchase.

Rural roads are a fundamental responsibility of County Government. Certain Supervisors on the Des Moines County Board need to pull their head out of the posterior of pet special interest groups.

If some of our County Supervisors can not keep their priorities in proper order, voters need to put their head on the block and swing the axe next election day.


You don't need gravel. If you want paved roads live in the city.

It's far more important to hand out pay raises for Heland's voter base than take care of the taxpayers.

Keep in mind next election Large Mouth Jeff Heland has been responsible for more outrageous, uncurtailed spending than any other supervisor including Little Timmy. Little Timmy pissed away lots of dough. Big Timmy has shoveled it out the door.

The more boards Large Mouth sits on (sit being optimal word) the more take home gambling money he gets.


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Ad Vertiser Saves Electrons


I see the advertiser has given up on their online edition on Monday. 6 articles and nothing else. I guess the cost of a webmaster is more than the owners can bear. Or they fired somebody halfway through updating their website.


Don't forget recycling old news makes it very easy to be outted online.


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Where Is Lost Keys' Interview?


Why hasn't the newspaper interviewed Bill Ell over the regional planning move. Ell voted to move the office out of downtown? I'd like to hear his side of the story including whether or not Tapp plied Ell's vote with time in the Sombrero.

And when is the paper going to print the Tyson contract?


When they find the time to hire a real editor and publisher of the newspaper. Someone that cares about the citizens and not their carpetbagger owners.


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GOP Tries to Dig Out of Its Hole

"If you're trying to figure how bad things are for Republicans, consider this: More Americans say they are conservatives than say they are part of the Republican Party -- which is supposed to be, after all, the party of conservatives."

Our call? The lunatic, uber right wing Christian fringe crowd has run everybody out of the party. Nobody's underwear is that clean.

And the holier-than-thous? They're the worst of the bunch.


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Falcon Reader Hits On Solution

Troy Chambers has provided a solution for so many of the local ills; the genesis of a Brian Tapp brain fart.

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Iowa's Capital of Cronyism?


If my private business handled hiring like local government, I would probably end up in court.

Equal Opportunity this that and everything else could come down on my head. All the touchy feely equality aside, I would be stupid not to find the people best qualified to handle what my business needs done.

Of course, businesses must meet market demands. A business can not simply raise prices to remedy a blunder made by the owner's wife's brother-in-law's nephew.

In government, that is no problem. Simply throw out some other excuses and raise taxes to cover the costs of bad personnel decisions. Increase the burden on the private, productive sector.

It can not go on forever. Excess taxes will eventually kill the "greedy" goose that keeps laying those golden paychecks and paying taxes.


Old adage in business; never hire friends or relatives. It makes it too hard to fire them when they screw up trying to run your business.


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Who Said Elected Corruption Doesn't Pay?


Members of the Indian Parliament apparently are investment geniuses. Just check out how elected members of parliament and their close relatives net worth grows.

What is the problem with our local elected? Is it ignorance, or honesty?


Both. The majority of the local elected are ignorant and dishonest.


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04 May

New Crop of Reporters

Delaney Slashes Staff - NYTimes in Awe of Revolutionary Idea


Spring is coming and the newspaper can't afford gas to troll the colleges for their minimum wage crop of new hires. This is the next best thing.


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Buffett On Newspapers: Wouldn’t Buy Them “At Any Price”

Warren Buffet's view on the future of the newspaper industry is dismal. “For most newspapers in the United states, we would not buy them at any price,” he said in response to a question about whether he would consider investing in newspapers. “They have the possibility of going to just unending losses.

...The problem, he said, is that newspapers were once essential to the American public. As long as newspapers were essential to readers, they were essential to advertisers.”

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Old High School


I took a look at the old high school today and couldn't believe what
vandals, vagrants' and scumbags have done to the once majestic building.

The taxpayer has been robbed again by the Burlington School District; the
district just threw away a once beautiful and functional building as though
it was just another piece of Burlington trash.

One the west side just about all windows have been broken out and one of
four doors looks to be unlocked and not even fully closed. Windows on the
south side are open or busted out. The lawn is uncut cut on the south side,
along with other areas.

Iowa needs a law passed that would not allow school systems to leave a
building until they have successfully sold it to some governmental or
business entity.

This is just another example of Burlington's cancerous blight brought on by
inept management of the city, school system and organizations such as the
Chamber, SEIRPC and others. No one is doing their job and should be held
responsible. No one in their right mind would purchase this building now.
The powers that be should be run out of town after being tarred and

I can just imagine what the inside of the school looks like now after being
abandoned by local government and the BSD. Just who in the hell should be
held responsible for the destruction of this building?

I've had old classmates who returned to Burlington for reunions and they
just can't believe how their childhood neighborhoods have been turned into
ghettos. How the infrastructure has decayed along with the many abandoned
buildings downtown. Their so glad they left and will never came back here
to live. There are houses all over town that should be torn down but we
live in a city that fails at enforcing its "CANNED CODES' unless it can line
the pockets of some local yokel from beneath the table.

The voters in Burlington are to blame for much of the problem through their
one party political system. With only democrats in office there are no
checks and balances and decisions are made without honest two sided debate,
the Manor for example, was that a good decision?

We have slum landlords that rent their rentals to people that have no social
or responsible behavior patterns that lead to the destruction of
neighborhoods and ruins the quality of life for those that have lived in
those neighborhood their entire lives, thanks SEIRPC.

Until the voters wake up and elect people for their capabilities rather than
party affiliation or how much money one may have there'll be little hope for
a quality life in Burlington. In recent memory Burlington has been plagued
by worthless dimwits elected to office in both the school and city
governmental systems.


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We Were Warned


Economic decay, a single party political system, drunks and buffoons in public office, eminent domain abuse, freedom of speech threatened in the State Legislature, an abusive Regional Planning Commission, a high school drop epidemic, etc. we were warned.

If you want positive change, every individual has some basic responsibilities. What was true half a century ago remains so today.


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02 May

War Between the Marxist Brothers - All Quiet on the Western Front?


I was reviewing news reel footage of the war between The Trousilgrad Axis and Wordengrad. Mayor Ell's treasonous vote against Wordengrad and the final insult against Mayor-for-Life Hans are well documented. We have neither heard, nor seen, much more.

Are the telegraph lines cut? Are subs under Izak Walton Lake torpedoing ships carrying the latest film footage from the front? Is the South Main Street Ministry of People's Information remaining silent because things do not look good for Wordengrad?

Thinking workers and peasants of Wordengrad want to know. Our leaders would never lie to us, would they?


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Where There Are Links, There Are Ways


Tunkl said he and other local golfers used to parade through town with youth groups, sports clubs and union members to show their support for the party on May Day and other holidays.

``I was a member of the party and understandably you could not get to certain positions without that,'' said Tunkl, who has an 18 handicap. ``For me, golf was a big passion. It was problematic, but even in that era we managed.''

Golf is supposed to be for decadent bosses. When you suggested our local single party leaders were golfing instead of promoting the proletariat on May Day, I did a double take. Then I read this.

Being a member of the Inner Party has its perks.

Trotsky Woods

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01 May

Single Party Holiday


Did anybody show up for work at City Hall or the Court House? Did Senator Courtney give a speech?


Don't think so. I think they all went Troika riding to the golf course.


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Sweet Hits Skid Row


I’m afraid Mike Sweet has gone off the hate scale by saying, “Let's hope his enemies choke on their venom,” he’s talking about those that won’t rollover for Obama or accept his socialist agenda.

It was the democrats that created the mortgage melt down by forcing Fanny and Freddie to loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to people that had no source of income or assets at all. These were called NINJA loans meaning “NO INCOME NO JOB AND NO ASSETS.” Of course the payback to Barney Frank and others was huge campaign gifts exceeding $100,000. Now Mike, how the hell did Bush cause this Democratic double dealing? Of course Barney Frank has lied constantly about his involvement, although it’s well documented.

Mike should be working for MSNBC, GE, and NBC or directly for George Soros where he could spew his venom on a daily telecast. Soros funds many of the hate mongrel left wing loon organizations and Mike could probably slip right into one of these and have a video outlet for his hate.

The actress who said all those that attended tea parties were racist and rednecks is just another example of a left wing loon, similar to Mike and his socialist views. I thought Obama was only half black although she called him a black man. Does she have something against white men? Sounds like it to me; so who’s the racist?

Whatever the Democrats do is fine with Mike, right or wrong.


Choke on their venom. He writes what they tell him to write. We don't even write stupid ass stuff like that.

And to think he gets paid for acting like Don Henry.


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News of The Decline Spreads


I see Dennis Hinkle was in the paper blowing his horn about how one family moved to Burlington. I personally know of three families that moved away from Burlington for better jobs. We really get a windfall from Dennis Hinkle don't we?

Brian Trapp wants to move into the Raider Bldg. I believe we should let him with one condition. That with all the extra space, it should be turned into low rent housing and everything would be there in one complex, the workers, the bus drivers and the crime we don't have in Burlington.

The mayor of West Burl. thinks this is a good deal so let him take care of the crime.

Today I see the Hawkeye is always looking for people to deliver the paper. These people don't even make min. wage. Must be able to deliver 7 days a week rain, sleet or snow. Way to go Steve Delaney.


Things are booming now. Principal and interest are coming due on Eminent Domain Mall. Development is 8-10 years away. Great deal there.

The RecPlex hasn't made a dime and now the council wants to build more. The water park is in the hole. Doesn't the IRS cut off losses after the 3rd year?

What about the nuclear trace people down on Lucas Street? And the high tech machine shop on Main Street? What happened to these companies? Hinkle gave money to the nuclear trace company. How long did that last?

Hinkle is building his retirement account up with all this investment in jobs for companies he can't land; hiring people to do things that are vapor in the wind.

And all they do is puff up their chest like Baby Robins; all mouth and full of crap.


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Not Bullish on Fish Wrap


"The reason we have not gone to newspapers is because its a slow growth industry and I think they are dying. I'm not sure there will be newspapers in 10 years. I read newspapers every day. I even read Murdoch's Wall Street Journal."

The media mogul of CBS, Sumner Redstone, thinks the economy will improve. Beware of investing in fish wrap is one tip he shares.

T-minus ten years and counting; how long do you give the Ad Vertiser?


Less than 3 years in its present form under Publisher Steve Delaney 's misguided leadership. Imagine how many more papers they could sell if the Ad Vertiser actually championed accountability from elected officials.


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