Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 July

Beer Party

"As Chicagoans have long known but never shared with outlanders from the Washington Post or The New York Times, O'Bama was found as an infant, floating in a reed basket along the banks of the Chicago River, two great serpents strangled in his tiny fists.

He was rescued by the women of the Daley clan who took pity on the babe, and protected him on the orders of our own great and terrible king, Richard II, also known as Mayor Shortshanks.

And when O'Bama was ready, Shortshanks sent dozens of retainers from City Hall to guard and watch over him in Washington and run the capital The Chicago Way ™, men such as the magical wizard David McAxelrod, and skillful knife fighters like Rahm O'Manuel and the valiant warrior Princess Valerie McJarrett."

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Delaney Continues To Screw The Local Airport & Taxpayers

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Iowa's Financial Challenge


We have a governor that left us $161 million short of meeting the budget goals and all along he was stealing money from all the special funds to finance the democratic spending spree; so the damage far exceeds the $161 million. We will soon be $1 billion in the hole because of this incompetent governor and legislature.

Then Iowa puts all their bets on casino profits only to find out it’s a bomb just like the fuel, energy and hi-tech programs. Just how many livable wage jobs has Iowa created with all their efforts and stolen taxpayer money?

What suckers Iowans have become by electing losers and dimwits to run the state into the ground just as here in Burlington where the elected officials have ruined our city and wasted our taxpayer dollars on whims and ego trips.

By the way, wasn’t it Iowa that started this Obama disaster? Old people better hope his health care fails and get this, congress voted right our of the gate that they were exempt from this insurance debacle and will retain their taxpayer funded private insurance. What fools we are to let them get away with leading such privileged lives at our expense. We’re all suckers in this country when the biggest crooks are in Washington running the country into the ground and we keep electing them. Congressmen are all liars and have more gall than anyone on earth.


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Stop Look & Listen

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30 July

Water Park Dustup Demands Payout


I'm not against the Water Park and I do agree that it does bring in addition tax revenue. It's a good thing for Burlington and a much better thing for the Casino/Hotel complex. It should have been privately built or not at all.

I was not for the City getting involved with a private business and I'm still not. The City and Citizens were told that the gate receipts would be a profitable business venture. Now we are told that the benefits are the increased hotel tax. When they fill the motel rooms and the customers use the water park for free, there is no water park gate revenue for these customers. The hotel business is booming, their restaurants are booming from it.

We had no business getting involved in this private business and putting our water park at a private motel. They were catering to them because the City put in almost $1M to the Hotel project south of town. The other motel owners were mad about that and who could blame them. So this was a way for Slagle and the council to please Winegard. It was not Randy's fault.

Why is it that the City never seems to understand what is in a contract? The City management, attorney and the Council are all to blame. They did not understand or even know about the 1985 BNSF agreement which was the deal breaker.

They all thought we would not have to give Muir the deposit back, but did not understand the contract.

Now, the City is not aware of these extra expenses that we supposedly owed. It has been very very sloppy. Hoyer, comes across to me a slick talking lawyer who I would not trust. Now we may be responsible for property taxes?

The council has no business smarts to ask good questions along the way. The City management is supposed to be looking out for the Citizens best interest and informing the council along the way. Our City attorney has been a disappointment.

I'm not against the Water park, but all the sloppiness and unawareness of the contracts are good reasons why the City needs to stay out of private development and stick to basic services. The Hawkeye's Randy Miller's editorial a few weeks ago hit the nail on the head and give him credit for the guts to write it.

Burlington Resident

Miller hit the nail right on the head. Yeah, we're agreeing with Randy Miller. Maybe if they signed their anonymous editorials more often it could become a trend.


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I Feel Your Rage


You have made the natives restless. They don't wanna swim in a pool filled with piranhas. People I talk with are p....'d off at a no interest, 10 year note on a water park that will never stay afloat.

Is your server melting down with hits? Have da boyz at da casino put a contract out on you yet?


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Amateurs, Strictly Amateurs


Out local officials know how to waste money, but they are so mundane. They throw money at stupid development projects that go broke. None of them has yet been caught doing so for personal profit.

Stupid and incompetent is just not entertaining.

Check out the pros from Jersey. Those boys know how put on a show when wasting tax dollars. Like movie stars, these entertainers earn well for the show they provide. Mass arrests, clergy involvement, even a suspicious death puts a night at the BK parking lot to shame.

We are not getting our money's worth. Could we get a few Chicago ward healers on the next packing plant bus load?

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Financial Statements and Commitment Papers


"Station is the latest victim of a gambling industry bled by borrowing and a prolonged slump in consumer spending. Already this year, a number of smaller casino companies, including the Las Vegas Tropicana and Trump Entertainment Resorts in Atlantic City, filed for bankruptcy."

Is the Catfish Craps complex, including Huck's Hole, as sound as their mouth piece claims? Show us the documents.

The gambling industry nation wide is staggering. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission's consultants do not paint a rosy picture for Catfish Craps. Spend thrift Iowa Legislators addicted to skimming taxes off gambling pressure for even more casinos.

If the pros are folding in Vegas, what of our small town Donald Trump wannabes? Are they on the verge of joining Trump Entertainment Resorts in Bankruptcy Court?

I doubt if any banker on Jefferson Street would float Great River Entertainment a loan. If one did, at what rate based on risk? No banker would issue $1.8 million interest free with a ten year pay back.

If any banker did, state regulators would be all over them. Stock holders would have them in court for dereliction of their responsibility. A shrink would be consulted as part of an insanity defense.

If the bankers are sane, there is always City Hall. Burlington's asylum for the fiscally insane is legendary for loony financial risks. The failed railroad robbery, the Wreck-Plex, the Manor Mall, etc. are all the example Lawyer Hoyer needs of where to get the money.

The inmates are on trial with the Huck's Hole note. If any follow the demons speaking in their head and vote for the loan, they need to be committed. Their commitment document is called a ballot.

If enough of us sign on election day, those suffering will be sent away for a long, well deserved rest and adjustment to reality.

Napoleon XIV

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Cop's Kid Drunk Driving Again


It looks like Burlington continues to have a double standard when it comes to people on the city payroll because they and their offspring continue to be immune from the law.

Eric Bell was drunk when he lost control of his car and knocked down a telephone pole and ran through someone’s yard and the evidence to this was all over the place; so why did he only get a public intoxication charge? What kind of message does this send to the rest of the few law abiding citizens left living in Burlington?

This is just another example of favoritism here in Burlington because his father is a city employee; so Eric deserves to be given special compensation by the department and being a city employee’s son (privileged) gives him the right to be let off the more serious charge; so he can go on and kill someone later while driving drunk again.

The whole justice system in Burlington is criminal in itself and just reeks of favoritism and letting Eric Bell off a DUI charge is living proof of this. What are we waiting for? Bell to kill someone before it stops?

This is not the first time this has happened and it is time for it to stop. My kid wouldn't get any special treatment. As well he shouldn't.


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What Does Mike Sweet Have To Say About A Civilian Security Force?

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29 July

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Huck's Quagmire


Lawyer Hoyer keeps discovering more Huck's liabilities, supposedly the City's, at every Council meeting. Stupid move. Citizens are sick of the black mail.

Call Hoyers bluff. Show us Great River Entertainment's balance sheets. Call City Hall (319) 753-8161 Demand the City post their contract with Great River Entertainment on the web.

Worden and the others who swoon over getting to tee off with the big boys and sniff the seats in their golf cart are pathetic. It was the field hands whose votes put them in that big house position. The field hands giveth and the field hands can taketh away come election day.

We are sick of breaking our backs to pay taxes so those who made business breaking decisions may be subsidized. Nobody is offering us an interest free loan of $1.8 million with ten years to repay. It is time to call a halt.

Contact every City Councilman. Let them know you are tired being played for a fool. Tell them if they do not cash us out, the joke will be on them this November.


Talk about Bush League, Hoyer is something else.


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Time For An Audit


It is time for the come-to-Jesus meeting at city hall. I cannot fathom the basic ignorance on the part of Doug Worden. Worden said the casino/waterpark brought in $600,000 for the city in revenue.

I say, Bull Shit Doug! You show me the audited financials that show, by line item, a revenue stream attributable to the water park activities only for $600,000 and I'll play Yankee Doodle Dandy on a harmonica naked outside city hall while riding a bicycle.

If Worden’s numbers aren’t any better than what we’ve seen for performance in the last month from this third place loser, his ass shouldn’t hit the ground until the middle of Washington Street when he is fired.

How in the world did this town ever denigrate into such a cesspool of incompetent jackasses?

Fed Up2

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Why is Worden Any Different?


Regarding the water park, Doug Worden and the city finance director misrepresented the risk to the council and taxpayers.

Worden misrepresented the financial condition of the water park to the council and taxpayers.

Worden misrepresented the financial return the taxpayers could expect from staying in the deal.

Who in world does Doug Worden work for?

If I did any of these things where I work, I would be fired and find myself in jail. A Federal jail.

Why is Worden any different?


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The Fight's Worden Chooses


When Doug Worden was asked about the Tama Road problem, Worden just told the county to go to hell. Want to sue us? Go ahead!

So why has Worden and his minion Bockenstedt rolled over on paying GRE's demand for all these hidden costs? And why didn't Hoyer bring written proof of these hidden expenses to the work session?

Smells like the 1985 railroad agreement nobody had read and didn't understand except the judge and the railroad lawyers.

Wake up people. These people in city hall have forced millions of dollars of excessive spending on us. It's time for them all to be removed from office, starting with a clean sweep this fall.


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Recruiting a Higher Class of Criminal? Is There a Need?


There is still time to for Rep. Burt to resign from the Iowa House, move to Burlington and take out papers to run for City Council. Mr. Burt could become the next Burger Kaiser of Burlington.

There is no need to provide Mr. Burt with a bus ticket to Columbus Jct. A public employee position will be provided. If Mr. Burt continues to drink and drive, the Ad Vertiser will ignore it. Any public record police video will never be made public, let alone show up on YouTube. The Ad Vertiser also ignores public records withheld from the public.

Mr. Burt could become heir apparent to Senator Courtney's seat. Who knows, if he drinks with the right people, Governor Burt. Burlington could once again claim a connection to Iowa's Governor's office beyond the graves in Aspen Grove.

A delegation from the local single party Politburo need to contact Mr. Burt and advise him of what opportunities await in Burlington.


It sure is funny that a TV obtained the dashboard camera footage and booking video and all the audio of a drunk politician and when it came to our ex-drunk mayor Mike Edwards the police chief told Publisher Steve Delaney to take a hike and Delaney ran like Senator King and hid behind his mother's dress.

Watchdog for the community? Delaney is nothing more than the lapdog of criminals.


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What's The Difference Between Ell & Conyers?

Will someone tell me what the difference between John Conyers' approach to legislation and that of Lost Keys Bill Ell's approach? Ell doesn't read or understand anything and just stamps where Doug Worden tells him to make his mark. And Ell hasn't been seen at a public council meeting in so long maybe he should be removed from office.

Rumors have it that he is at Camp Eastman Boy Scout Camp. I wonder what he is doing there? Looking for the lost school keys? Or teaching Boy scouts how to lie, cheat and shirk their moral duties?

Conyers does say what we all know is true about 99.8% of Congress. Maybe Mike Sweet would like to weigh in on this fine Democrat's behavior. Or maybe Tom Courtney making a comment.

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28 July

Times Up - Take The Damn Money


Can this Huck's Harbor thing get any more stupid? Only Garry Thomas has the balls to stand up to GRE. And rightfully so.

And where the hell is that worthless city attorney Scott Power in all this? Did he even read the damn contract before he sent it off to Slagle for the rubber stamp?

The time is up on this deal. Take the money and let them do business without my money.

Fed Up

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Timing Seems More Than Coincidental For Worden


The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission announced they are going to accept bids for more casino licenses. Doesn't it seem strange that this announcement came less than 2 weeks AFTER the council was to vote on the 10-year extension?

It does to me.

This deal Worden wants to force down the taxpayers throat didn't make sense. However, it looks real good for GRE if you factor the coincidence of the gambling consultant's report, the IRGC report on the casino's financial condition and then the IRGC opening the door for ANY new casino applications. All of this has happened SINCE the council was to vote on the extension.

None of this makes me feel good. Decreasing market, older market, other markets sucking out our business, all spell lots of risk to me.

How can it survive when another casino opens in Ottumwa, Muscatine, Mt. Pleasant or Middletown?

Time to cash out and go home. This vacation into the water park has already been a loser. Sure, we got some tax money. We're going to get that whether we stay in the deal or not.

Like the man said at the council meeting, we live in uncertain times.


The timing does seem more than a little coincidental. You wouldn't think the taxpayers and city council were being dealt an inside straight by Mini-Me Worden do you? And where was Lost Keys Bill Ell through this whole deal?


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Would Worden Lie?


According to comments City Mismanager Doug Worden made to the Advertiser, Worden asked the pregnant question, would city staff deceive us on the water park deal?

Well, Doug, you are lying and you have many times in the past.

So, you ask the taxpayers if we believe you would lie? You did!! The best recent example is contained in Jim Walker’s remarks in the same article.

“Based on such an analysis, he (Walker) said the city would lose nearly $400,000 on the 10-year loan based on a 9 percent interest rate and compared to the $1.61 million the city would receive, without estimated operating losses and capital expenditures, with a full refund.”

Can't get much plainer than that.

You have been such a disappointment after that crook Slagle squealed his tires leaving town.


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Lost Keys Bill Ell Should Be a No Vote


We haven't had much guidance from our mayor over the water park other than he thought council would support it. I guess he would like to see that since he might still be an investor in the casino.

Ell has no business voting for the casino extension even if he does provide proof that he sold his stock. His hands are still dirty.


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Worden Doesn't Understand


I see Doug Worden can't understand why taxpayers don't think this water park is a good deal. And as for Mr. Worden telling us its a good deal, how ignorant can city government get.

Mr. Worden and the city council would not know a good deal if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. To put this in terms Mr. Worden might understand if he won $1.8 million dollars in the lottery and he had his choice of taking the lump sum of $1.8 million dollars or $180,000.00 over 10 years with no interest, which do you think he would take?

Abused taxpayer

Worden probably wouldn't take the $1.8 million home. He'd have to use it to pay off part of Manor Mall.


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It’s Not a “Wash”

"When you factor in what we owe, it's a wash between the options," Worden said. "If both ends are a wash, why not work with them? Why shouldn't we help them out? Look at the major economic impact they have had on the community. They pay a substantial amount in property taxes and hotel/motel revenues.

"I can't understand why some people are raising so much hell over this deal. Would we say it's a good deal if it wasn't?"

Worden, if you think a $400,000 additional loss is a "wash" then I hate to see what a loss is in you book. Maybe an 82% debt load for the city? Would that be a loss in your mind? Have you slopped over the books for so many years that $400,000 is peanuts for a mistake for you?

And in answer to your question, "Would you say it's a good deal if it wasn't?" the answer is yes, you would lie to the taxpayers. You've lied to us before. Why would you stop now?

I guess you really didn't stop now.

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Who Makes Dougy Dance?


Doug Worden has been going through convolutions like a puppet suspend by tangled strings. Huck's Hole must be given whatever they want from the taxpayers. It is not Mr. Worden's job to set policy. Why is he trying to do so?

There are more than just Mr. Winegard involved seeking access to our pockets. It is not just Huck's Hole, it is the whole casino complex. Who else is involved?

It would be interesting to see who the major stock holders are in the casino. Who owns how many shares and what they were worth a few years ago compared to today may make an interesting read. Would a lot of those major share holders read like the who's who of the local Chamber of Commerce?

When it comes to stupid city government tricks, follow the strings to the unseen hands jerking their sticks. Enough is enough.

The time has come to bail out of Huck's Hole.


Geppetto Slagle taught Worden he didn't have to dance. He could just manipulate the village idiots as he saw fit.


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Where Are The GRE Financials?


GRE still has not provided the council and Garry Thomas the detailed financials outlining GRE’s expenses the council agreed to pay and knew nothing about until a month ago.

Where’s the watchdog of the community Publisher Steve Delaney? He should be asking those questions. But I guess he’s the “Big Picture” guy to ask get his hands dirty.

While Delaney is looking for the GRE financials maybe he can find the ballpark lights and Regional Planning’s Tyson contract. He dropped the ball on crooked Bruce Slagle and the closed session meeting tapes. Why? Where was Burlington’s watchdog then? Will the same thing happen with the GRE financials?


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27 July

Paste Pot Pap


"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper." - Mark Twain

"On Friday, July 10, The Hawk Eye began its 173rd year of publishing the history of the region as it's being made and being a watchdog of local government." Steve Delaney

There are liars, damn liars and the current Editor-Publisher of what has degenerated into the Ad Vertiser.


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The Hawk Eye - A Liberal, Censoring Ad-Driven Tabloid


In the late 1800’s I found that the Burlington Gazette contained much better coverage of local history than did the Hawk Eye. While doing genealogy work at the local library I constantly found more in-depth coverage of local happenings on a personal basis from the Burlington Gazette than the Hawk Eye.

Currently the Hawk Eye has a rating of “F” when it comes to being a watch dog of local government. In fact, the Hawk Eye is more or less in bed with the local government and a roadblock to economic growth in our area. The Hawk Eye fails to report stories that may embarrass local officials or their dependents.

No effort is made to dig for the corruption flowing through our government systems in Burlington or Des Moines County. If it weren’t for Derailed and Falcon the taxpayer would have no idea of what’s happening behind the scenes with local government.

The Hawk Eye constantly censors the news by not printing news that doesn’t suit their agenda, the agenda of the left wing liberals or city government. Remember the fight at the high school where one of the names was conveniently left out because it was the son of a local official? If they would cover up a small thing such as that one can only imagine how many real events are withheld from the readers.

I would imagine the demise of the Gazette was when the Hawk Eye began its decline from being a newspaper to what we have now, a liberal, censoring ad driven tabloid. Also, since the Gazette was gone the Hawk Eye had no competition which would be the same as the local cable company that constantly fails to run a fair and honest business; such as not having a firm price structure and failing to provide good service.

The Hawk Eye constantly fails as a watch dog of local government and I personally think censoring the news is the equivalent of lying.


Three well-respected consulting companies have said the paper is a big impediment to growth in Southeast Iowa. One consultant specifically mentioned their negative slant on the news. Now, 3 consultants can't be wrong in tabulating local opinion and deriving this view point. Does Publisher Steve Delaney even read these consultants' reports and realize how detrimental his so-called leadership has been to Southeast Iowa? Or, does he just poo-poo it and giggle like a little girl?

I wonder how Delaney likes going to all these meetings knowing that most of the people he is sitting with hate his guts and can't stand him or his tabloid but don't have the balls to tell him so in fear of reprisal?

Even Lost Keys has his believers. Have you ever heard anyone say, but Steve Delaney is a nice guy?

Delaney seems to wear his omnipotent, self-righteous moniker like it's part of his God-given tabloid badge. He must be so delusional or narcissistic to believe he is doing the right thing for the community. What else can it be?

You tell us.


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26 July

Publisher Steve Delaney Has No Shame

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25 July

Publisher Steve Delaney's Best To Stifle BRL

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24 July

Publisher Steve Delaney's Pride in Profits

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Ad Vertiser Off Line


The Ad Vertiser waits to put "news" on their web site until they figure nobody will pay for fish wrap. On 7-24, as of noon, you could see the leads, but the link to local news brought up white space.

Has Jimmy Olson started partying early in anticipation of his fraternity brothers arriving on RAGBRI?

John Blutarsky

Publisher Steve Delaney is already sittin' at the Sombrero waiting for another day to drink.


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School Salaries & IPERS (Iowa Privileged Employees Retirement System)


The voters of Burlington are dimwitted and always vote for people unqualified to make decisions based on the simplest of tasks.

Just look at the county and city where people of questionable intelligence are continually elected to office and continually make costly decisions that always end up breaking the backs of the taxpayers in order to cover their mistakes and deceitful ways.

With a ranking of #1 in the percentage of those that don’t graduate why would anyone even want to attend Burlington government schools. Burlington is probably the only district in Iowa that pays well over $300,000 for superintendents and has such an outstanding record at graduation time. Don’t forget we still pay the guy that left a couple of years ago full wages and benefits until he turns 65 or so. What a deal for the Burlington taxpayer, hooked for over $300,000 a year for a failing school system administration. Burlington probably ranks #1 in combined superintendent salaries for government schools in Iowa, another disgraceful record.

Our school superintendent needs an assistant as much as Heland needs more food. What fools the Burlington voters make of themselves when electing such dimwitted people to public office. Just what makes them vote for such incapable people? Are there no qualified people to run for office or is it because the one party system eliminates a true checks and balanced form of government or council? Don’t forget the superintendent most likely had to have council approval to hire an assistant that was never required before he took the job.

Of course since they operate on the backs of taxpayers they always get an annual increase in wages despite the loss of jobs and no wage increases prevalent in the private sector.

We need IPERS changed from Iowa Public Employees Retirement System to read Iowa Privileged Employees Retirement System. This puts the real meaning of IPERS into the minds of the private sector, those that are robbed to pay for it.


$300,000+ could pay a lot of teachers. But Mike Book's retirement bonus could pay more teacher benefits. too.

That is, if the school board wasn't polluted with retired teachers.


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Van Jones & Mike Sweet


Mike Sweet won’t ever write anything negative about a person like Van Jones because Mike spent some of his childhood years living in the den of socialism down in South America (Venezuela ring any bells?) and it may have awakened his socialistic tendencies at an early age, which are now in full bloom and polluting the minds of Southeastern Iowans.

Also, why doesn’t the Advertiser publish the list of war deaths on a daily basis anymore, like it did when Bush was president, could the local rag be “biased?”

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More Fun Than "FunCity" ?



"Fort Madison Public pool-goers will be eligible to win free tickets to Adventureland Tuesday when staff will give away 10 tickets during pool checks."

An amusement park next to a casino beckons. Unless they are owed big bucks by the amusement park, the City of Altoona comes out a winner.


All this right under Hoyer's nose? Did anyone consider a marketing plan for the locals?


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"Skippy" Gates & Obama's "Stupid" Remark

As most of you have probably heard by now President Obama's friend, Harvard professor, Summa cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale, MacArthur "genius grant" recipient, aclaimed historian, PBS documentarian, one of Time magazine's "25 Most Influential Americans" in 1997 and holder of 50 honorary degrees got arrested earlier this week.

Skippy's friend Obama called this a "stupid decision" by a Cambridge, Massachusetts policeman.

Skippy called it racial. If it was racial, Skippy's heirs could have been suing the Cambridge Police Department for negligence. The responding office had an eye witness account of 2 men trying to break into a home. He found one, Skippy.

Now what if the cop left and there was a burglar? Skippy gets killed. The heirs claim it was racial because the officer didn't fully investigate the matter. That might hold water for a claim of racial bias.

Skippy got what Skippy deserved. And Obama should have kept his "stupid" remarks to himself.

Even non-elitist, common sense street punks are smart enough not to call a cop, 'stupid."

See for yourself -

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23 July

Look Out Property Tax


Paul Roxlau's letter had some very good questions. Questions that a good city council would ask. That's the problem. We have had a problem with our City Council understanding their job. There is a difference between micromanaging and letting a city staff run clear over you. It's their job to ask tough questions and not worry about offending the golf partner. We have had too many mistakes that have been extremely costly. We are paying for those mistakes.

County Supervisor Jeff Heland stated in today's Hawkeye that it is time to tighten the belt. You are a little late Jeff.

Heland was one who just recently supported the last contracts with pay raises for everybody and he supported to continue the Free $1100.00 per month Family Health Insurance. Now, the County's budget is out of money and they will raise our property taxes. Heland supports this too. This is irresponsible.

The School District is just as bad. The District published the wages in Tuesday's Hawkeye. They are all paid very well, especially the administrators. The Superintendent, $158,000, asst. superintendent $116,000 and the business manager that thinks she runs the whole district from watching the meetings, $97,000. And teacher salaries are climbing too.

If all of these government employees receive annual increases, which they do, when will it ever top out? Private sector employees are not getting these benefits. It will get to the point that the only people living well will be government employees. All the rest of us will just work extra and a little harder, a little longer to pay the property taxes.

It is also killing development and they are all too greedy to put a stop to it. We can't keep going like this and survive financially.

Just the Truth

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Is Global Warming Killing Fun City?


Science politicized predicted Huck's Hole would be a good investment. Southeast Iowa was to become as hot as West Texas. We would all head to the pool before it boiled away.

Recent weather patterns have not been kind to Huck's Hole. What happened?

Whether the weather is due to Al Gore's hoarding carbon credits is debatable. What is probably of little doubt is the effect on outdoor water parks.

How will Huck's Hole show its annual single profitable summer quarter? This illusion of profitability has always worked in the past. Our City Council climbs back on the stool for another drop in the dunk tank.

We are now being asked to hold our breath under water for ten years. If you are blue in the face from taxation waste, show up at the City Council meetings. Tell the sleeping it off life guards of our City Treasury it is time to get out of the pool.


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Obama's Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones - Self-Describe Anarchist and Communist

Van Jones is Obama's green jobs czar. Jones, along with the other czars, are not vetted by Congress. They work in the White House with full immunity or accountability. Jones moves "in lock step" with William Ayers, the bombing terrorist Obama says he really doesn't know.

Why hasn't Mike Sweet or the rest of the Uber Liberal media written an editorial on this bit of presidential history?

"Speaking to the East Bay Express, Jones said he first became radicalized in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King riots.

"I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th," he said. "By August, I was a communist."

Jones was still a law student at Yale Law School at the time. While volunteering as a legal monitor during a peaceful protest following the Rodney King riots, Jones was arrested along with other legal monitors and some protesters. He and the other detainees were released no more than 4 hours after being illegally arrested and Jones was never convicted of a crime.

"I met all these young radical people of color – I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And it was, like, 'This is what I need to be a part of.' I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary," he said.

In the late 90s, Van Jones was involved in Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), a multi-racial activist collective with Marxist influences. While never large, STORM was an influential group in the Bay Area, working with numerous organizations including Bay Area Police Watch, School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), and People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER). Jones and STORM were also active in the anti Iraq War demonstrations of the early 2000’s."

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22 July

What Did Worden Know & When Did He Know It?

A few people tell us they like our website but object to our frequent references to Mini-Me Doug Worden (and Bruce Slagle) being called incompetent and the city council made out to be Worden's Stooges. Apparently, we're not alone in these thoughts.

Paul Roxlau's letter to the editor the other day asked some very serious, direct questions about our city manager Mini-Me Doug Worden and his accountability in the Fun City debacle. These questions need to be addressed completely, publicly and revisited when Worden's job evaluation is due.

Roxlau's premise is steeped in the Slagle/Worden/Ell tradition of after-the-fact being caught in their own dumb ass moments of incompetency. Worden's recent comments to the Ad Vertiser seem to indicate his incomplete understanding of the GRE/Fun City contract are more than a casual screwup. He plain flat didn't know what the contract says but he recommends a 10-year extension.

This re-rings the bell of the railroad lawsuit, Eminent Domain Mall, the firemen lawsuit and more.

Everyone needs to read Roxlau's letter.

Doug Worden is incompetent and the majority of the city council has, up until the last council meeting, acted exactly like Worden's Stooges being led by the nose. The usual council comments about relying on "staff's recommendations" needs to end. From now on, the council must know without reservation just what kind of a deal they are getting the taxpayers into. And get your head out of Worden's ass.

In the real world Doug Worden would have been fired long ago. Yep, for being incompetent and making bush league dumb ass mistakes. He is a hack and we're paying for it just like we have, time and time again. He was the 4th place short-timer hired for the job.


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How About An Old Fashioned Advertiser Boycott?

How about everyone go buy the Ad Vertiser today and read it.

Read it and remember every advertiser that advertised. And then tell every advertiser that you visit that you don't appreciate the fact that your tax money is being wasted by Publisher Steve Delaney advertising the Quad City airport instead of our local airport.

Most of you say you could care less about the airport. You can't afford to fly because you work 2 jobs to make ends meet now.

If scheduled air service leaves Burlington, you might as well just pack everything in the car and leave. Nothing that won't fit in the car will be worth owning or selling. Nothing.

If this sounds too drastic and you're a afraid of the local merchants do what I do. Shop online, pay lower prices and get your stuff delivered to your door without the condescending attitude from those local merchants that think you owe them your business.

Better yet, just boycott those advertisers altogether. Then after church on Sunday, tell them why.


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3rd World Burlington Communications


How can you sell an area as good place to do business when the infrastructure is crumbling? It goes beyond roads

The two day collapse of telecommunication services by Mediacom is more of the same. If your business were using Mediacom for internet service, what effect? Any business person with a brain larger than squirrel's, usually those whose business was not inherited, knows the cost.

The City has leverage on this issue. If Mediacom can not provide dependable telecommunication services to Burlington, end their franchise.


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Scratch the Train - Take the Plane! Or Not!


"As part of the sessions with other Governors, Governor Culver is also expected to sign a memorandum of understanding with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on two proposed passenger rail lines – Chicago to Dubuque and Chicago to Iowa City. Current proposals call for the expansion of the Chicago-to-Iowa City route to Des Moines and points further west."

Iowa's Governor and our Congressman are going on a train ride. Return passenger rail service to Central Iowa is their theme.

Where does that leave us?

These folks would relay the rails to Yarmouth if it bought enough votes. They will tell that Southern Iowa's rail passenger service will remain. We have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, resources are limited. When interest payments on current pork come due, what Iowa towns will the Zephyr roll through? Scratch Southern Iowa off the map.

With passenger rail gone from Burlington, take flight. Burlington to Chicago via Kansas City will take twice as long as the train now does. Fight the airport crowds for a seat.

Part of the overall expansion proposal converts insanity into reality. Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy's $300,000 Dubuque depot debacle finally gets a train.

Boxcar Bertha

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Griffin, "My Hands Are All Over It"....Again!


Chuck Griffin keeps running and running and running. Why not?

His campaign materials are already depreciated out. Just dig 'em out every other year and try, try again.

Harold Stassen

Maybe Senator Chris King could add to the funfest.


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21 July

Mediacom Running Wild

The Squirrels Did It


This local cable company is ripping off some people anywhere from $50 to over $100 dollars on their monthly bills from what I can gather from talking to several of their customers.

I know one person paying less than $120 for Internet, phone and TV while another person I know is paying in excess of $180 for the same service.

A few years ago I knew a guy getting full blown cable for about $44 per month while others were paying in excess of $80 for the same service. Every time the company tried to raise his monthly fee he just told them to take it out; so they let him have it for the same $44 for several more years.

Apparently the cable company has no set policy on what to charge and makes side deals with some while ripping off others to make up the difference. Of course the city with their dimwitted canned codes never checks on anything concerning the cable service and is only interested in the taxes they can steal from the cable users.

Lately some of the service has been nothing but third world quality or even worse. How long will the franchise belong to Mediacom a company that fails to serve it’s customers on a regular basis. Burlington needs some competition for Mediacom or the service and prices will never be fair and balanced, as they say.

Why is just about everything in Burlington and Des Moines County shady, lied about, hidden from view or just plain robbed from the citizens? We have about one of the worst run city and county governments in Iowa. There may be some good elected people around but their not the ones elected as leaders with the exception of one new supervisor who did his best to not rob the taxpayer by refusing to take their insurance.

Of course those in city and county government that refuse to take insurance have that money given to them on top of their salary or invested for them. This should be stopped and the money put back into the general fund: no insurance no money. This is a horrible waste of taxpayer money and it goes on blatantly in both the city and the county. Does anyone know of a corporation or business in town that gives its employees the money, if they don’t take the benefits, or invests the money for them?

This stealing from the public by corporations and local government must be stopped and unless new people are brought in nothing will ever change in this one horse dying town. One would think government unions were sacred cows or something the way local government leadership kisses their asses every time it’s contract time: spineless failures is what I call them.

Wake up voters, single party politics is dead wrong and we in Des Moines County and Burlington have plenty of examples of this one party failure form of government.


It's amazing how stupid Mediacom thinks we all are. The squirrels all of a sudden had a propensity to eat internet cable.

What a load! Shovel me some more. I love it. Smother my brain in it.

Everyone that uses Mediacom for their internet needs to call and demand credit for 2 days internet. It is only after the loss of revenue will they look into the problem.

Personally, it wasn't squirrels but rather the remnants of the old AT&T junk Mediacom bought. The only squirrel is the Mediacom spokeswoman that doesn't know a squirrel from a pile of crap.


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Will Somebody Say It Better?


It is good to see some citizens fed up with Burlington's sad state of affairs are running for City Council. They are rightfully angry, but they need to go beyond their rage.

Will we expand the Wrecked-Plex, or repair our wrecked streets? Will water and sewer updates take priority over a money losing water park? Will Worden, or elected representatives set the agenda? The priorities to take the place of waste should be explained.

Rage will be reflected back at those trying to right the wrongs local taxpayers have suffered.

The City Hall crowd, their string pullers at the Chamber of Compost, they will work with their willing accomplices at the Ad Vertiser to maintain the status quo. Statements bitter, but true, will be amplified and repeated until their truth is not the issue.

The effect will be to portray any who question what is as crack pots. Whiners with nothing to offer but vindictiveness will be the theme. Change will not have a chance.

Unless those willing to put Burlington back on the right track learn to better articulate their vision, we will continue blindly down the path of debt of decay.


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Burlington Regional Airport's Demise


The first strike against the local airport occurred when people considered it easy enough to travel to larger airports to fly out. I realize the tickets might have been cheaper, but my family chose the local airport so we were really home when our plane landed.

The second strike occurred when the FAA grounded our previous carrier and we went without air service for so long.

Strike three was called when the current carrier decided KC was a better destination choice than STL. I know STL isn't as good as Chicago, but p-l-e-a-s-e - there is NO WAY KC is worthwhile as a hub to fly out of. There is nothing happening there. We'd be better off flying to Moline or Peoria. At any rate, BR Airport is dead, so turn off the lights and lock the doors.

As for Trailways having more traffic through it, those two operations aren't even in the same ballpark as transportation providers. Two years ago when Trailways was celebrating their 25th anniversary, the owners estimated that 200+ riders travel through their terminal each day. That means they serve more travelers in less than a week than the airport has in 6 months.

I doubt Trailways would still be in business if their ridership was as low as the airport. Further, in 2006 the airport was serving 646 a month - when Trailways was again serving that many in less than a week. It's dead, people. Bury it and forget it. We look to either Moline or Peoria for our air travel needs now because we can't depend on this operation.


I'm not ready to give up on our airport. But I have sacked the entire group involved in trying to resolve the problem. What with their secret meetings held before Jimmy Olson can find his shoes in the morning let alone the airport. And the secret agendas led by gas bag Mulch.

And then there is the Ad Vertiser. Maybe a boycott of Burlington merchants advertising in the paper would get Delaney's attention when the ad revenue hit the floor.

There are ways to solve it. But we've been down that road. Nobody listens because nobody can grasp the issues. It's going to take more than shiny billboards and a slogan.


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Delaney's Unrequited Love - The Love of Money

Publisher Steve Delaney wears it like the scarlet letter. With good reason.

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20 July

What’s Wrong At The Airport? Publisher Steve Delaney!

Delaney’s Hypocritical Airport View

Last week there was sudden awareness meeting to remind local leaders that Burlington’s air service is in dire straits. Everyone glad-handed each other, had lunch, listened to the bad news and asked dumb ass questions. And then Publisher Steve Delaney jumped back in his Rambler and forgot about it, at least until Sunday’s unsigned editorial.

Woe is us, woe is Burlington, commercial air service is in trouble.

Ridership is better at Burlington Trailways.

Here is the major reason airport ridership has declined. The Hawk Eye, led by Publisher Steve Delaney, promoting the Moline airport on their website.

What that bonehead Delaney and his Kansas carpetbagger owners don’t grasp is their quest to suck all of the ad money out of anyone that walks in their door sometimes backfires and sucks the life out of the entire town.

People that travel here spend money at those advertisers Delaney takes to the cleaners every day. Publisher Steve Delaney screws those very advertisers with every click of the mouse for the Moline airport ad.

Three consulting firms can’t be wrong. The local newspaper is the major impediment to the community growth.


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17 July

Two Trillion Tons

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16 July

When Forced to Cover - Confuse


The Ad Vertiser normally ignores what it considers politically incorrect. To maintain their cover, at times the Ad Vertiser must spill some ink for appearances sake.

The notice of the Lee County Republican fund raiser is a classic example. If it is impossible to commit an omission in protection of the single party system, promote confusion.


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Iowa Budget Needs Your Scrutiny


Your viewers should read about the Iowa budget here or here.

Also, they should read the Public Interest Institute’s Iowa Transparency Newsletter Volume 2, Number 6 for a good explanation of how our governor and legislature have been on a spending spree since about 2001 starting with Vilsack and continuing with Culver.

There’s also a video by the Iowa State Auditor

Everyone should watch the auditor’s video to understand just how these liars in Des Moines have been deceiving the taxpayer. The clock is ticking for our state and that is why they want to get rid of the federal tax deduction. Just read the reports and watch the auditor’s video and everyone should fully understand what these liars have done to us.


You should be worried. Courtney, Cahoon and Heland see no problem and just keep spending.

That alone is reason wot worry.


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Fast Track to Recovery


Our taxes should soon be going down some if we can let people sentence to 10 years get out in roughly sixteen days. The prison population should be going down fast.

As for Judge Wm. Dowell I would bet he had a lot of feedback after he sentenced the teen. And the comments he rec'd were probably from our beloved city council. And his partner in crime Mr. Collins should be seeing his reprieve any day now.

Not An Amused Citizen

I don't believe the judge reconsidered his sentence. This was a social experiment. He planned this from day one.

Name one case you can ever think of where a judge reconsidered his sentence after he handed it down.

Now name a case where the judge reconsidered his sentence after the perp went to prison.


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Endeavour & STS-127 Crew Begin Complex Mission

Space shuttle Endeavour and its crew of seven astronauts are in orbit after an on-time launch at 6:03 p.m. EDT from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Following a smooth countdown with no technical issues and weather that steadily improved throughout the afternoon, the shuttle lifted off from Launch Pad 39A and began its orbital chase of the International Space Station.

"It was a testimony for this entire launch and flight control team," Launch Director Pete Nickolenko said of the countdown and successful liftoff, which came on the sixth launch attempt after technical issues and weather concerns prevented the first five tries. "It was an outstanding effort, and it made the complex look really easy. It really was a case of persistence."

Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Space Operations, also commended the launch effort, but cautioned that the mission to come is "very challenging," with five spacewalks and robotic activities scheduled. "The teams are fully prepared -- they're ready to go do what they need to go do, and we look forward to the exciting activities as we install the Exposed Facility out on the Kibo module."

Photo credit: NASA/Jeffrey Marino

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15 July

Odds of 2 Mistakes - ZERO!!!


Did you see the double mistake the newspaper made on the county GOP Fundraiser article?

"For ticket information, contact Sue Dyer at (310) 469-2311, or contact any member of the Lee County Republican Party Central Committee.

Those interested in learning more about the fundraiser and the Lee County Republican Party can visit its Web site at www.leecountygop.org."

Those meat heads have to cheat to push their liberal agenda. And this is a good example of their nonsense.

What are the odds they print a Los Angeles area code AND a North Carolina GOP website address by accident?



What a bunch of ham hocks. I wonder why Publisher Steve Delaney can't do much better than this for his Party?

Here's the correct Lee County IOWA GOP. And where is the Lee County GOP proofreader?


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14 July

Scott Wrong - Ell Former/Current Shareholder


I was an investor in the original Catfish Bend stockholder group. Bill Ell was too. I don't get the list the casino publishes any more since I no longer have my money in it. So I don't know if Ell is still an investor or not.

But Tim Scott was on the radio this morning telling everyone that no council member was an investor or ever had been.

That is simply not true. Bill Ell should not vote on any deal the council considers for the casino.

After the channel 6 story last week I'm glad I have my money back in my sock.



Our sources confirm your statements.


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A Compromise?

Dear Spike,

Mr. Scott said his reason for voting for the GRE 10-year extension was "it's a good compromise."

For who? It sure isn't for me or the taxpayers. Anytime you accept less than full loan value for money lent, it's a bad loan.

I wonder if Mr. Scott could just go to the bank and tell them his house is worth less so he is going to make smaller payments? I think not.

Had Enough City Sponsored Venture Capital

I heard the remark on KCPS this morning. I guess when Tim does your drain clean-out and you think his work is worth less than he bills, he let's it slide.

What bothered me more was the caller that asked the council to take a harder look at GRE's financials before committing to any new deal. Seemed like indifference on the part of Scott to feel there was a need to do that.

When he took an oath for his council position that included fiduciary responsibility. It's time for Tim to realize what that meant.

After all, the council's track record for successful business ventures is Zero.


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Federal Aid for Derailed


"A group of minority broadcasters asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Monday for financial assistance akin to the aid that has been extended to the financial and auto industries."

Those who can not adjust to the market in the media are going the way of the Oldsmobile. The answer is to stretch your up raised palm to the District of Columbia. Claim you are a victim.

Derailed has been persecuted. Discrimination against Derailed for divulging the truth is evident.

Senator King vowed to get you. Whatever happened to King and more importantly, does anybody care? The drunk ex-Mayor was no fan and his family used to send you Christmas cards filled with anything other goodwill towards men.

The increasingly less dominant Ad Vertiser has a reward to out you. Local elected officials bristle at the mere mention of this site.

All of the above are guilty of grievous "hate crimes" against Derailed. Derailed has been victimized.

Put in for the money, Spike. Your deserve it more that the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission.


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Spending Stimulus Money Where Needed


The stories are all over the web. Federal stimulus money is being spent where it will buy the most votes for the current administration in 2010 & 2012.

Republicans are better organized in Lee County and free of single issue litmus testing. Compare that to Des Moines County.

Both Des Moines and Lee Counties voted for Obama, but Lee County is where the money buys insurance. A large, lopsided margin of victory less secure in Lee County.

The single party system has a stronger hold on Des Moines County, so there is less need to apply as healthy a helping of pork. It is the price we pay for not working both sides of the street.


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Holding Out for a Better Price


"McGraw-Hill could reap just $1 from a sale of Business Week, according to people familiar with the 80-year-old financial magazine’s losses."

The old media is quickly losing its value. Advertising is down as is circulation. The market may be cruel, but never say it is inaccurate.

When the Ad Vertiser is available for less than a bottle of Bud at the bar, will Spike become the new owner?

Spuds McKinze

I wouldn't spend the dollar. But I heard Mini-Me Worden and Lost Keys Ell made an offer for the paper on behalf of the city.


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Burlington - You Reap What You Sow


There’s a duplex at 1626 Dodge that normally has nine to ten cars parked there every morning and on a day like today there’ll be ten to fifteen children running all over the neighborhood destroying our quality of life with the screaming, yelling, bicycles all over the neighborhood streets and people’s lawns. Little kids riding bicycles down the middle of Perkins and Dodge Streets. Occasionally an adult will scream at the top of their lungs at the kids to restore order which lasts only a few minutes before it starts all over again. Like tonight a woman came out and beat two or three of them for not obeying her. Most generally the kids just run wild with no supervision.

I know few if any of the city codes are enforced in Burlington but does anyone know or even care how many children and adults can live in a one bath apartment.

These apartments have far too many people living in them and it’s obvious the slum lord owner has little concern about this as long as he gets his rent money. Nor does he or she care about the decay of our neighborhood. Nor does HUD or DHS show any concern about the slum lord rentals here in Burlington. It seems to me here in Burlington no one cares what happens to the neighborhoods because the city and taxpayer supported entities have contributed greatly to the destruction of the neighborhoods on purpose.

The city, Chamber and SEIRPC have done all they can to ruin the quality of life in Burlington and that’s just a fact of life. SEIRPC through their greed made arrangements with Tyson, located in another county to supply housing and busing for their imported workers; so the citizens of Burlington are now burdened with the problems this has created.

The Chamber under the guise of Burlington needs the workers, remember there are no jobs in Burlington played a large part in promoting this influx of out of county workers. Of course the city council with their dimwitted visions made it possible for all of this to take place starting with the Manor Mall dream of grandeur, which failed to no ones surprise; so look around Burlington because your neighborhood could be next and don’t think it can’t happen to your neighborhood.

Once a house is turned into a rental blight far beyond that of the Manor besets the neighborhood and that’s just a fact of life here in Burlington. Anyone with enough sense will be out of Burlington as soon as possible. There’s no future here in Burlington for young people; so they had better get educated if they can and then get the hell out of here before their caught up in this government generated mess called Burlington.

It’s just disgusting what slum lords have made of Burlington along with their tax feeding friends at city hall, the chamber and SEIRPC. One first place record has been established by all of this and that’s the worst drop out rate in the state.

Well done Burlington - you reap what you sow.

Planning to Leave

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13 July

Catfish Bend Loss Pegged at $4 Million This Year


Channel 6 news had a story Friday night stating Catfish Bend lost $4 million dollars so far this year. If this is true, why did Tim Scott and the casino lawyer tell the council everything is fine?

It looks like GRE was trying an end run with a council vote 2 or 3 days before the gaming commission released the financial results showing the $4 million loss.

And was the GRE 10-year proposal to include interest and profit sharing during those 10 years?

Not Asleep Yet

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We're The Have-Nots


Des Moines County will be receiving $2,305,600 in stimulus funds while Lee County will be getting $39,220,800.

In Des Moines County there will be 26 jobs created while in Lee County there will be 401 jobs created.

Money per resident in Des Moines County will be $58 while in Lee County it will amount to $1032.

Des Moines County just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to know how in getting government funding and of course the local government entities are the problem. Local government has failed in every economic policy decision because of the one party failed political system imbedded in Des Moines County.

It’s time for change in both local and county personnel because of nepotism, and excessive pay and benefits that have doubled taxes I the past 20 years for which nothing has improved for anyone with the exception of the government personnel responsible for the increases.

It’s time government wages and benefits are reduced down to those paid by private industry. Wages should be tied to responsibilities, accountability and value added contributions. Wages based on longevity should be stopped completely across the board.

This lack of stimulus money is another sign of Des Moines County’s failure, greatly tied to the dismal performance of Burlington’s local government.


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Recovery Jobs


Looks like Burlington is getting a few more buses and I wonder what there for and why the city is constantly buying busses. Must be a new supply of workers expected or they need a way to get the kids out to the new middle school since it’s basically several miles from the central population.

Check out this web site for all the great projects planned for Iowa Counties along with the entire country. It also indicates, by project, how many jobs will be created.

If you click on the project you can see the number of employees created.


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12 July

Dracula Bela Pelosi

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11 July

Obama, the African Colonial

"Had Americans been able to stop obsessing over the color of Barack Obama's skin and instead paid more attention to his cultural identity, maybe he would not be in the White House today. The key to understanding him lies with his identification with his father, and his adoption of a cultural and political mindset rooted in postcolonial Africa.

Like many educated intellectuals in postcolonial Africa, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was enraged at the transformation of his native land by its colonial conqueror. But instead of embracing the traditional values of his own tribal cultural past, he embraced an imported Western ideology, Marxism.

...My friends, despite what CNN and the rest are telling you, Barack Obama is nothing more than an old school African Colonial who is on his way to turning this country into one of the developing nations that you learn about on the National Geographic Channel. Many conservative (East, West, South, North) African-Americans like myself -- those of us who know our history -- have seen this movie before. Here are two main reasons why many Americans allowed Obama to slip through the cracks despite all of his glaring inconsistencies:

First, Obama has been living on American soil for most of his adult life. Therefore, he has been able to masquerade as one who understands and believes in American democratic ideals. But he does not. Barack Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious. Second, and most importantly, too many Americans know very little about Africa. The one-size-fits-all understanding that many Americans (both black and white) continue to have of Africa might end up bringing dire consequences for this country.

...America, don't be fooled. The Igbos were once made up of a confederacy of clans that ascribed to various forms of democratic government. They took their eyes off the ball and before they knew it, the British were upon them.

Also, understand this: the African colonial who is given too much political power can only become one thing: a despot."

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10 July

It Ain't Vegas, Baby


"In conclusion, while newer casinos in Iowa will likely see continued "ramp-up" in revenues over the next couple of years, we believe that the market overall is more likely to see growth rates corresponding with overall adult population and income growth rates for the region..."

The Iowa Racing and Gaming, i.e. gambling, Commission published a market analysis on what it oversees. The 2009 Winter/Spring study gives an overview on the prospects of individual casinos.

Catfish Bend appears on page 19 and the report is most sobering. The recession has had an effect. FYI 2009 revenues are off by 3.3%. Catfish Bend is seen as denied nearby markets by competitors and is dependent upon local gamblers.

One would never have imagined such if City Manager Worden were their only information source. Catfish Bend is no destination Vegas.

Burlington and all of Southeast Iowa are experiencing population and income declines. As the best hope for revenue growth, this does not bode well for Catfish Bend. So goes Catfish Bend, so goes Huck's Harbor.

The time has come for the City of Burlington to walk away from the table. Backing toward the door over a decade does not appear a wise bet.


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This Really Sums Things Up


Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and it closed.

Now we are trusting the economy of our country to a pack of nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whorehouse and selling booze???


They didn't have the Proud Parisian Prostitute Pelosi to ask for advice.


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No Slavery Apology Needed


This letter is to comment on the “YEA” vote by Senator Harkin who apologized to blacks for slavery.

I hope he was speaking for himself and not the citizens of Iowa who at the time the Civil War occurred were pro black and part of the Union fighting against the slave states.

It would seem to me there are few blacks from the Civil War to hear what Harkin was talking about or has he forgotten close to 150 years have passed since the war ended and the slaves were freed. I’d like to hear from one person who was alive during the time he was talking about, one person alive during 1860 through 1865.

The senate is a group of 100 men and women that have set themselves up to a life of leisure and privilege while the rest of us have to tolerate their arrogance and stupidity. A group that fails to even read the laws they pass simply because they seldom have to abide by any of them.

These dimwits weren’t sent to Washington to vote on such ridiculous idiotic measures. We need votes that will help all the living people of our country and not those that have been gone for 150 years or so. This congress and their special interest have ruined all our lives and not those of 150 some odd years ago. Just what the hell do they actually mean by this apology or whatever it was?

In 1968 black families had both a father and a mother equal to whites at about 70%. Now after Johnson’s “Great Society” and welfare black kids have fathers in only 20% of their homes while whites still flutter around 70%.

Our congress has ruined our country in more ways than the average American is aware of. This apology was for political purposes only and Mr. Harking seldom represents Iowans on issues that matter to Iowans. For whatever reasons Mr. Harkin and Mr. Obama are probably number one and two when it comes to taxation and laws to strip away our freedoms.

I don’t appreciate our senator voting on something that happened about 150 years ago when we have current problems to tackle. What was the real purpose Mr. Harkin?


Harkin got the word. The black voters are disengaging themselves from Obama. Obama didn't do what he said he would do other than raise taxes.

This is nothing more than an early effort to stave off a Democrat Disaster.


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Will Budget ILL. Make Burlington Grow?


"Up to 10,000 convicted criminals could soon be released early from prisons across Illinois. It's all because of the state's budget mess. Gov. Pat Quinn says cutting those prisoners loose could save more than $100 million. But at what cost to you?"

Years of corruption an mismanagement have made a mess of the State of Illinois finances. Let their felons go. Where will they go?

There is always Burlington.

Local political and economic development leaders have already laid out the welcome mat and bus tokens for many of Illinois down and outs. This could be a golden opportunity made possible by other fools in charge of the peoples gold.

The Census Bureau estimates a 5.7% population decline in Burlington since the 2000 census. 2010 looms and those population based economic development grants stand to decline. That would be a disaster.

"Greater Burlington Partnership President Dennis Hinkle said an influx of new residents may have spurred some criminal activity, but argued workers are needed to bolster the city's shrinking workforce.

"From the Chamber's perspective, we need more people in the community," he said."

If bodies are all that count, local leaders will probably not look this gift horse in the rap sheet.


Hinkle's remarks just show how utterly incompetent he is when it comes to sound economic development policy.

You can bet your last dollar Hinkle and Brian Tapp are slobberin' like mad dogs over illinois' budget woes.


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The Dinosaur Media Deathwatch Continues


The Des Moines Register is laying off 36 people. How long before the trend hits Southeast Iowa?


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09 July

Band Takes On United Airlines Baggage Handling

"In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago."

When United Air Lines wouldn't pay a $1,200 claim to repair the guitar, this is what happened.

Now, if we could just get Bob Saar to do something constructive with his time.


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Show Me Huck's Contract


Lawyer Hoyer tried pulling the same trick on the taxpayers he pulls on investors. Drop a bomb and demand a quick decision. Great River Entertainment (GRE) dropped a dud.

In a amazingly rare display of intelligence and back bone, Burlington's City Council tabled GRE's one week to decide deviousness. There is time for study and public input. This is the last thing Lawyer Hoyer and his co-conspirators probably wanted.

The club being waved by GRE is capital improvements. What does the original contract with the City say about capital improvements? Is the City to be consulted? What proof of such improvements, if any, is called for?

Is the original contract between GRE and the City readily available on the web? If not, it should be.

Hopefully, a copy of the contract between the City of Burlington and GRE will be more accessible than the bus rides contract between the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission and Tyson Foods.

C. Darrow

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A Lack of Compassion and Leadership


"A decision by majority Democrats in the Iowa Legislature last session to not “couple” state tax laws with federal tax breaks is hitting some Iowa taxpayers in the pocketbook."

What goes down in Washington, DC is not directly the same as Des Moines. The Internal Revenue Service and Iowa Department of Revenue have different rules.

If you are a flood victim and took an Iowa income tax deduction as a result, bend over. Despite what print and software from the Iowa Department of Revenue said, you were wrong and must cut a check to the state.

Leaders in the majority set the agenda in the Iowa Legislature. They are so broke after buying votes, they could not afford a $56 million break for disaster victims. They also failed to communicate their plight with the Department of Revenue. As a result, incorrect information went out.

Has anybody asked Iowa Senate Majority Whip Tom Courtney why this happened?

Flood victims are not the only victims of the Iowa Legislature's incompetence. School teachers got their political support break from Washington. Up to $250.00 for out of pocket school supplies was permitted by the IRS, but not the State of Iowa.

Most teachers can read. What they read concerning Iowa deductible expenses was in error. Open your check book and help pay your salary.

What a slap in the face for the Iowa State Education Association. The teachers union helped put Governor Culver and his comrades in control.

Has anybody asked Educator/State Representative Cahoon why this happened?

Is this an example of of carrying and compassionate leadership following their hearts? We would be far better off with competent law makers who govern with their heads instead.

C. Oakville

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08 July

No Dice on Huck's Hole


Morgan Stanley told Great River Entertainment to pay up, or else. The City of Burlington should do the same.

No ten year pay back. Our $1.8 million dollars comes due in November. (What a marvelous coincidence the note renewal falls on election month.) Stock holders should prepare to ante up or cash out and count their losses.

If this drives the entire gambling complex in bankruptcy, so be it. Beer distributors and other creditors may force the issue before election season. There is no point prolonging, aiding and abetting insolvency.

Nobody likes bankruptcy. If reorganization is possible, determine so and get on with it, or liquidate.

Bankruptcy would lay all cards on the table. Responsible GRE officers' desperation to avoid possible reorganization is disturbing. Is there more to this than they have been willing to admit?


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Getting Out Of the Waterpark Business


I am certainly in favor of getting out of the Huck's Harbor operation as quickly as possible. I would prefer the immediate buyout that gets the City all the money before the end of this year, but I have one concern in that.

If GRE presents the City with a statement listing the capital improvements, losses, etc. that we're on the hook for (according to their word, anyway), will Worden and Power get their heads together and decide they don't agree, thereby paving the way for some ill-conceived lawsuit?

No one seems to know about this part of the original agreement - us being on the hook for capital improvements, anyway. So maybe they'll decide to fight it out in court. Woe is me and everyone else who calls Burlington home.

On a somewhat related note, what's happening with the tax valuation challenge being waged by the casino? Is that mired in the court system somewhere? I've forgotten.


City lawsuits are a way of life in Burlington. Anything could happen.

There has been no news on the taxable valuation challenge. That should be interesting, too.


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Who is Getting Paid?


According to GRE documents, GRE was unable to pay their beer and soda pop vendors in June and July 2008.

Is Great River Entertainment paying their advertising bill at the Ad Vertiser?

If the Ad Vertiser is concerned about getting paid, would $1.8 million from the taxpayers ease any concerns? Would any concerns about accounts receivable and ongoing advertising from GRE effect the Ad Vertiser's editorial policy?


Morgan Stanley got paid. Under duress. But they got paid.


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Council Out Of Control


You were right. The city council is out of control. They have no common sense.

I can barely afford to pay my taxes while they freely hand out our money to support the gambling business.

It's not my job.


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07 July

Burlington Bogus Bank & MisTrust

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Taxpayers Get Temporary Reprieve – What a Goat Ropin’

The city council voted Monday night to table the Huck’s Harbor giveaway. Tim Scott voted against the motion to table the action and supported the GRE 10 year freebie.

Thomas, Murray and Davidson bared their baby teeth on the matter. But they did stop this lunacy until August 3.

Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell was MIA from the meeting. Apparently, Ell was an original Catfish Bend investor. Ell needs to remove himself from any vote on this matter. He cannot be objective and he cannot be trusted. No wonder he favored the deal. Davidson tried to cover for Ell since he was MIA. That didn't fly.

Thomas wants the receipts for the capital improvements GRE spent and Worden never reviewed. About $236,000 in non-reviewed receipts.

Gary Hoyer, GRE’s attorney both mischaracterized the financial condition of GRE and the city’s position should GRE go bankrupt. Thomas asked about liquidation. Hoyer avoided answering Thomas’ question.

We will. If GRE declares bankruptcy in the 10-year period, the city is SOL.

Hoyer was asked what GRE’s financial condition was. Hoyer said, “Business wasn’t down, it hadn’t performed to the level they had hoped.” What the hell kind of answer is that. That’s down in every other business on the face of the earth except Congress. What a load. And disingenuous.

Then Hoyer was asked if GRE was financially stable. Hoyer gave some mumble-jumble about the investors having the opportunity to repurchase their stock last year.


GRE was given a cash call demand by Morgan Stanley for $18 million dollars. There was no voluntary to it. GRE’s investors had to pony up $18 million to keep Morgan Stanley from calling the $100 million note.

Former mayor Jerry Rigdon told the council to take the buyout. So did Brad Cranston.

But what really stood out was Jim Walker’s presentation on the fallacy of scribing to this ridiculous plan GRE cooked up. Walker took the council through the financial calculations, chastised the city budget director and Worden for only presenting their one-way road to perdition and then laid a lecture on them about uncertain times and the city had no business being in the banking business. A lecture Tim Scott must have slept through.

Walker also raised the flag that Morgan Stanley, GRE’s primary lender, felt the GRE loan was in so much trouble in 2008 Morgan Stanley forgave all the 2008 debt. But keep in mind, GRE had to raise $18 million dollars of new investment. These were two big negative hits for GRE.

Right after Walker was Leon Shahan. Shahan called Worden’s bluff. When questioned about a potential conflict of interest within the council and not mentioning any names, Davidson got all huffy like a little rooster with Shahan. It almost seemed like Davidson was shielding Ell or some other investor. I guess Davidson doesn’t realize the backseat he is sitting in is a convertible. We are entitled to see what his hands are doing.

Shahan made another strong case for the dismal financial condition of GRE. According to GRE documents, GRE was unable to pay their beer and soda pop vendors in June and July 2008. I wonder how that happened since I think it is illegal to extend credit for alcohol.

What wrinkled my shorts most was Tim Scott then told everyone that GRE was in great shape and needed to get the 10-year pay back plan. After all the solid explanation from 2 CPA’s Scott chants the Worden rubber stamp mantra. It was disgusting.

Disgusting because Sunday evening I emailed Tim Scott and Garry Thomas my concerns for this bogus deal. But who am I? What do I know about Net Present Value? My NPV calculation didn’t take into consideration the city’s portion of the capital expenditures. I was wrong. I missed Walker's calculation by a $100,000. I'm not an accountant. But Walker is along with being an accounting expert witness in District and Federal court.

Thomas, Murray and Davidson seem to get it now that it has been explained. Something Doug Worden has failed not only this time, but also many times before. Worden was shuffling his feet like a little kid whose dog ate his homework.

This lunacy has to stop.


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They Should Have Learned From Their Mistake


Yesterday you said "The Burlington City council is set to commit the most egregious, outrageous and financially irresponsible act ever perpetrated on the citizens and taxpayers."

I beg to differ with you. Manor Mall was the most egregious, outrageous and financially irresponsible act ever perpetrated on the citizens and taxpayers of Burlington.


I disagree. I made this comment because the city council didn't learn from the Eminent Domain Mall debacle. The council should have learned from that travesty perpetrated on us by Ell, Slagel, Worden, Courtney and the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards.

After Monday night's council meeting it looked like the lights came on for all but one.


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Worden A Liability


Mr. Worden must be brain dead and is definitely a liability to the City of Burlington. The past three city managers have been horrible for the City of Burlington and have cost the taxpayer untold millions of wasted tax dollars.

Why in the hell are the city council members so stupid and arrogant? What is wrong with the voters in this town who continue to elect dimwitted imbeciles to fill the city government? Even the county has people that have been in office so long they think they’re infallible and irreplaceable. We need new blood throughout this county. There’s so much favoritism going on in the county and the city it verges on criminality.

Why does the cost of government continue to increase year after year? I see the water bill went up again for unknown reasons. What percentage of the bill goes for wages and benefits? I would like to see a pie chart of the bill broken down into water, sewer, garbage along with wages and benefits; so we know how much of our taxes are being wasted on these constant wage handouts based on nothing more the longevity. Nothing in government is base on responsibility, accountability or performance in the state, county or the city. Most or many of these bums couldn’t make a go of it in the private sector but once they get vested in government they enter the realm of cradle to grave care regardless of how good a job they do. High wages based on no accountability is the way government works and until the people really make known what they want it will continue.

Our congress is nothing more than a collection of dimwit’s rubber stamping whatever the Messiah throws at them, few if any are capable of making important decisions on their own, provided they can even make a decision. The greed and backroom antics that go on in Washington are killing our country and congress just sits on their ass letting judges and the Messiah make the laws. This is the same way our state congressional people do their jobs; just let the judges do the dirty work; such as the gay marriage law in Iowa brought about by worthless elected dimwits that again, can’t make a decision based on honesty and what the people want but rather because they fear they won’t get reelected. Politics wasn’t met to be a career and these career politicians are the problem with the entire American political system.

I now understand what the Jews felt when they saw a Nazi approaching. The US is become similar with the worthless government on one side and the unrepresented citizens on the other.

Our country is slowly become a third world county promoted by the people elected to public office.

Sick of It

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Head in the Sand His Ass to Cover


"An unshakable sense of optimism keeps state Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, from getting too worried about the latest budget projections from the Legislative Services Agency."

California here we come.

Senator Courtney leading his party comrades in the Legislature has spent Iowa into a hole. Buying votes based on touchy feely accounting principles comes due.

They were warned. State Auditor Dave Vaudt and others told them there was not enough money. No matter. Spend and tax. Tax and spend.

The problem does end at the state level. The City of Burlington makes bad business investments and funds feel good foolishness. The same line of all will be well in time is told.

All is not well. It is getting worse.

When will voters ever hold these scoundrels accountable?


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06 July

City Council Has Lost All Grasp of Reality

The Burlington City council is set to commit the most egregious, outrageous and financially irresponsible act ever perpetrated on the citizens and taxpayers. Doug Worden should be fired and then criminally investigated for his blatant malfeasance of fiduciary guidance and responsibility. The council should be sued and those able to be recalled should be.

The taxpayers cannot afford to bailout Huck's Harbor. We are still paying for the railroad lawsuit, the firemen lawsuit, the RecPlex and the Gem of the City - Eminent Domain Mall.

No wonder Lost Keys Bill Ell was worried about the taxpayers last week. He knew this week he was going to be the Judas goat for Doug Worden's stupid ass ideas.


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Fed Up with Murray & Davidson


For two school teachers in charge of teaching our children social responsibility and trying to instill the prudent approach to life Little Ell Murray and No Business Sense Davidson act like horned up teenagers in the back seat of the car trying to open the condoms.

And people wonder why the school system is so screwed up. They are your poster children of shining ineptitude.

Fed Up With These Two

Neither one of these two can answer the questions any citizen can ask. Their rubber stamps prevail.


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It Doesn't Make Sense


The paper said $200k a year is attributed to the bed tax collected because of Fun City. What proof can Hinkle or the city offer that this is an accurate reflection of the revenue derived from Fun City?

If the RecPlex is generating such wonderful revenue from the bed tax, how can you tell the two aren’t being commingled into one lump sum of money?

Why should taxpayers pay interest on this money for 10 years? We’re already $440,000 in the hole. We have to make that interest payment on that plus the new debt for 10 years.

It doesn't make sense.


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The Numbers Behind Huck's Money Hole

The Ad Vertiser briefly touched on this. Time is money and a discounted value of a transaction must be calculated. Here are the real numbers of this deal from an online Net Present Value calculator.

The results -
Net Present Value: -$475,184.33
Present Value of Expected Cash flows: $1,324,815.67

With a discount rate of 6.00% and a span of 10 years, your projected cash flows are worth $1,324,815.67 today, which is less than the initial $1,800,000.00 paid in order to begin. The resulting NPV of the above project is -$475,184.33, which means you will not receive the required return at the end of the project--pursuing the above project may not be an optimal decision.

So if the city takes Huck's deal the taxpayers are not getting the actual $1.8 million in value for the money paid back. You have to calculate the discount in the total transaction. That effectively puts another $475,184 in Huck's sink hole.

The only way to receive the full value for that $1.8 million is to have GRE pay the city at least $475,184.33 now and then have them make $180,000 annual payments for 10 years.

If they do that for the full 10 years, the deal is worth 67 cents in value.

Now, somebody explain to me how good this deal is that Doug Worden wants to ram down our throats? A deal he obviously hasn't even studied.

That's right. Worden can't explain. No one can. Not even our retired business teacher Davidson.

This is a loser deal.


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Fast Track to Get Screwed


Giving Randyland $1.8 million interest free is introduced one week and to be voted on the next. Normally, the City takes forever to determine what species of tree to plant in a park. Something stinks.

Hucks Hole, Catfish Craps, the whole of Randyland has not been doing as advertised when built. Could the whole house that cards built be on the verge of collapse? If it does, where would the City stand among creditors demanding payment under the no interest loan rip off?

The City needs to reject Lawyer Hoyer and company's proposal. That was not the deal sold to the citizens under which Huck's Hole has not paid off as promised. This whole proposal looks like jam it through before they figure out they're getting screwed.

Where can you get $1.8 million interest free for ten years? Why should we pay for anybody else to get such a deal?

Citizens need to be in the Council Chambers raising hell. If we are to be raped again, let it not be without complain.


Doug Worden doesn't care. The finance director was never told to evaluate the deal. The stink is all over Worden's hands.


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Remember the Manor Mall! - Another Rush to Disaster


The City Council is rushing to railroad an even sweeter deal for Mr. Winegard's casino. Why?

The last time the City was in such a hurry to do business, we bought a $6+ million vacant lot.
When will the people of Burlington wake up and just stop the madness?


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Ad Vertiser Can't Decide About Huck's Harbor


What’s wrong with the newspaper? On Saturday Randy Miller decried the error in the council’s hell bent direction to decide the fate of the waterpark within a week of being advised to do so by Doug Worden.

Then in Sunday’s paper an unsigned editorial decides it is time to cash out into a 10-year payoff.

Randy Miller was right.

Whoever wrote Sunday’s piece must have their nose stuck up the casino’s butt for the ad dollars.


Randy Miller is right. This whole process needs to be eviscerated until every detail is in view.


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Another Ad Vertiser Failure


Where’s a complete accounting of these mysterious charges for improvements? Why did we just hear about them now? Apparently, these contract terms were part of the original agreement.

Steve Delaney and his newspaper are complete and total failures. If they had done their job we would have known about this long ago. And maybe the council would have pulled the plug when they were being deceived by Slagle.

Maybe we should have Hinkle do another study to see why this happened.

Losing It

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Where's The Complete Audited Financials?


Where’s the complete accounting of these mysterious charges for improvements? Why didn't anyone know about this? If the city is obligated for half of these costs, why not pay them and walk away? We're already $440,000+ in the hole.

Where are the audited financials showing the true financial condition of Huck's Harbor? Does the city actually have a copy? Has anyone seen the entire report or just a summary? This is a public transaction, we have a right to know in detail.

Did anyone ask Fun City the simple question – can Fun City pay the $1.8 million dollars back in a lump sum?

That to me seems to be the pregnant question?

Sinking Feeling

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04 July

Created by Virginia Reyes of the Air Force News Agency with U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Lono Kollars.
United States Air Force Image

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The 4th of July


I think Burlington Derailed has really served the people and as long as those submitting articles feel what they contribute are truthful and not just malicious ramblings Burlington Derailed has basically replaced the printed news for our area and beyond; people that read Burlington Derailed can’t go anywhere without it.

The problem is I think many of those that vote in Burlington itself don’t have access to computers and never know what actually goes on with the dimwits they continue to reelect, cycle after cycle. These are the people that vote each cycle and only get their news from the Hawkeye and you know what that means. Many of those that are retired just don’t have computers or access to a computer or can’t afford a computer because of the continual rise in fees and taxes here in Burlington that eats away their income dollar by dollar providing them little or nothing in return.

Tax increases in Burlington have no “value added” because the increases are only to provide cradle to grave benefit to those in city government that are very much like a cancer eating away at the private sector livelihood.

People that grew up in this city and left are actually shocked when they return for reunions or other events and see what’s happened to Burlington and vicinity. They always mention the streets, run down homes and blighted neighborhoods that have spread like a cancer throughout Burlington. Most mention how their once nice childhood homes have been reduced to un-kept dilapidated wrecks. Not just their childhood home but entire neighborhoods. They also mention the new, SEIRPC-recruited, residents as one of the problems along with poor inept city government.

So, without Burlington Derailed Burlington would continue to decay politically and physically until nothing is left but memories of how it was before. Most of what’s happened to Burlington over the years has proven to be ass backwards and just plain brought about by dimwitted and incompetent city government along with taxpayer funded organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, SEIRPC and the failure of school leadership leading us to the highest dropout rate in the state.


If it wasn’t for our readers and contributors, we’d hang this up. Even though our readership grows every week people have to motivate each other now to make the change “they” so valiantly believed was miraculously going to happen without being screwed to the wall by new taxes and lost freedoms. We can only provide a forum.

We have no newspaper. The establishment would like to keep us that way - uninformed. People are not told the details behind the stories to make informed decisions. They are served the rehash of mediocrity in news gathering and dissemination by Publisher Steve Delaney’s Ad Vertiser.

Everyone complains about the rehash news writing style the Ad Vertiser serves up. Publisher Steve Delaney has to do that. People are so fed up they aren’t reading their drivel everyday (along with the ads). Delaney needs a continuity of the story line. And it works because Publisher Steve Delaney doesn’t have the column inches to write anything worthwhile in any real meaningful detail.

What really is going to forge a new direction is when the advertisers in this area wake-up, get their head out of their ass and look at the dismal return their ad dollars are getting along with the abuse from the Ad Vertiser’s ad staff. Smart advertisers have already made the move to KCPS 1150 AM, The Voice of The People. People said AM radio was dead. When the world comes crashing down and you’re told to tune to the last bastion of news and popular opinion, KCPS will still be heard.

The icing on the news cake will be when the cataclysmic demise of Obama’s reckless, unproven theories of change brings the larger crisis right into our billfolds. Even Mike Sweet is cowering in the corner looking on, speechless, at the lunacy each new day brings in Washington under Obama’s ride around town with the Parisian Prostitute Nancy Pelosi at his side. Even his staunch left wing ideals can’t tolerate this wholesale destruction of freedom and perverse thinking. But what can he say? He hated Bush so bad he never saw the character flaws of an unproven, inexperienced Obama. Obama is his Utopian master.

Only when the tax hammer falls will people vote. Right after their march on city hall with torches and pitchforks. The local city council has driven reality from their minds by the mindless obsession to feel good. Slapping each other on the back at what a good job everyone is doing.

I don’t want the council to feel good. I don’t want the council to pat Mini-Me Worden, Son of Criminal Bruce Slagle, on the back for shirking his duties as city manager and giving him a raise. I want them to grown some balls and act like they know how to use them.

Wipe that pious smirk off our dumbass mayor Lost Key Bill Ell’s face. He’s a loser. Face it. You made a mistake when you voted for Ell and all the rest of the council. Learn from it. Fix it. Vote them out.

Any councilman that would even consider allowing the casino to repay their $1.8 million debt interest free over 10 years needs 100 people in every council meeting raising hell. The taxpayers have paid over $440,000 in interest on this delinquent loan. Yes, it’s a delinquent loan by every accounting rule I can think of. Or, a non-performing, increasing liability for the taxpayers that Worden wants to refinance.

Just ask yourself. How long would it take for any bank in this town to repossess your home, car, boat, motorcycle if you went 3 years without paying off the loan? 10 seconds you say? What's the difference except you are paying twice. Bailout tax dollars were given to Morgan Stanley to keep them afloat for holding under performing loans like the casino.

Our local banks won’t give a dime to small business without 150% collateral. Then the bank tells you how to run your business and who you can do business with. All the while, choking the life out of your entrepreneurial spirit.

Years ago, Senator Chris King said Spike sat in the basement with greasy hair and wrote crap. Funny thing about that remark (other than King is long gone and forgotten except for the nut job he is) it was so indicative of the loons that are recruited to run for public office. They don’t have a brain cell in their head. If they do have a brain, their ideas are sucked out by their self-righteous know-it-all vacuum cleaner after they’ve been in office for 3 weeks.

The 4th of July was about change. Now, more than ever, everyone needs to do their part to change the way our lives are shaped by meaningless, political nitwits.

And the only real way to do that is to vote. And vote with a vengeance. Let the politicians know who the boss really is. And who is the servant.

Yeah, you political boneheads, you're the servants and we are the masters.


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03 July

4th of July Weekend Getaway? Try St . Bart's!

When you need a weekend away to suntan your bare butt, try St Bart's.

If you go, fly with the pros at Winair -

If you don't -

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Whores of the Fourth Estate


For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off the record, non-confrontational access to "those powerful few" —

Declining and desperate, an icon of the establishment liberal media is selling off their badly bruised body of ethics. Pay the newspaper and get access to the powerful.

Will this practice spread?

The increasingly shrinking to invisibility Ad Vertiser probably will not be able to wring much revenue from the practice. There is nobody in Burlington making decisions anybody anywhere else cares much about. There is no need for a media middle man to gain access.

Follow the City Council to the bar after their official meeting. This is where the real debate and decision making takes place. Buy a round, or seven. This will get you a seat at the table.

If you buy enough drinks, perhaps you too can get a $180,000 loan interest free for 10 years.

Burlington's fourth estate must not be totally ignored. Keep Jimmy Olson in Shirley Temple's.
Drop a dime. Call Jimmy's bosses and threaten to withdraw your advertising.

Add up the bar tab and phone call. Figure the rate of return on your investment. Who says Burlington is not a good place to do business?

Charlie Weaver

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Chris Dodd's Crooked Irish Cottage


We have a big wig senator, Chris Dodd high up in our government financial affairs that has used his position to bribe or force his way into favorable mortgages on three different occasions and apparently he’s gotten away with it because democrats refuse to investigate one of their own.

This is just another example of the crooks we have in Washington that have been lying, cheating and misusing their authority for personal gain while screwing the American people who are dumb enough not to demand their removal.


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02 July

Ell Such a Loser


The quote below is directly from the mouth of Mayor Ell and anyone that believes it must have his or her head stuck in the ground.

"The waterworks doesn't need it to be paved. It was the county who decided to pave it. There's no way in hell city taxpayers would OK us spending tax dollars to pave that road," he said.

I base this on Huck’s water park, the Manor, the library, the Rec Plex, where the taxpayer was never consulted or represented at all. The library was voted down a couple of times yet there it sits as do the other non-taxpayer consulted entities.

Where was taxpayer concerns when all this other stuff was jammed down our throats? This Ell dimwit is lying when he says he’s concerned about taxpayer money. It’s been years since a mayor or council had any concerns about the taxpayer and they still don’t. Now they want to add on to that loser WrekPlex an entity that has lost, on average a $100,000 per year since it opened its doors and it could even be higher.

Ell and the loser city manager haven’t a clue about anything concerning taxpayer money otherwise the states losingist lawyer would be itemizing his bills.

These elected officials have no shame or concern about anything but themselves; so what’s new in this run down town?

Sick of It

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The Future of Crapo Park - Trees Cut For Firewood


Here's a photo of what Crapo Park will look like in just a few years. This scene will be brought about by city hall, the state and our Obama friend in Washington. Of course the dimwits in congress will be included although they've stolen so much money from the American people they'll be living like kings compared to this family.

We need new blood in the Burlington city government, Des Moines and a new president that doesn't favor communism over democracy. To think Iowa started us down this road to communism by their caucus fiasco. How could Iowa voters be so stupid and ignorant to be flim flamed by this nobody?

The entire country is going to be ruined by this man and the loons that elected him, what a total disgraceful mistake.


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Looks like every tin horn country in the world is testing Obama and now we can throw in Honduras for him but I sure hope he doesn’t hire another Czar to manage this one.

We have a president that’s hiring Czar’s as though there were no end but the problem is none of them are accountable to the people, the congress or anyone but Obama. Why does the guy even have a cabinet, the one we never hear about?

This guy is setting himself up as though he were a king and the dimwit, spineless congress just lets him throw bills at them as though they were snowballs, and the idiots pass them unread and never comprehended by anyone.

Congress is predictable down to a fine hair and that is they will never read, view, listen to or comprehend anything the messiah throws at them for approval. We as Americans are watching our representation throw us down the drain and destroying our American way of life.

People better start contacting these congressional dimwits and letting them know how you feel about what’s to come and what we’re going to do about it. Wake up and start acting like American’s instead of sheep. These people are destroying our country and it’s time we put a stop to it.

Very Disgusted

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01 July

Something or Someone is Rotten in Burlington


On the deal with Huck's Harbor, let me see if I have this right. For two years there is no profit at all, in the third year we are showing a little profit at the fourth quarter.

Then Mr. Hoyer comes to the coucil meeting and ask the city to stay one more year and with Mr, Worden's expertise in business he tells us we need to stay the course. So in the fourth year now there may be a little profit.

Now Mr. Hoyer is asking the city to pull out of the park and they will pay us back 180,000.00 over a ten year period without any interest.

Anybody with any sense would see that this is no deal for the taxpayers. And for Mr. Worden to tell us this is a good deal is utterly stupid.

With Tim Scott praising the city's partnership with Huck's Harbor I believe he spent too much time in the sewer fumes. Mr. Thomas disagrees with this deal so it would seem that he has more sense than Tim Scott or Mr. Worden.

What this amounts to is the city taking care of someone who takes care of them. I'd like to see how much free golf play Mr. Worden gets a month.


Worden is utterly stupid. This is a sham, rotten ass deal of the first order of stupidity. We keep paying interest and they keep screwing the taxpayers to subsidize the gambling industry.

But this council of expert financial managers think this is a wonderful idea. Maybe that's why Scott is subsidizing his business with picnic tables.

As for Worden, he's as dumb as they come. Thirty years of slopping in the public trough has filled his belly to the point his brain is the size of a wienie.

Go get the cash you boneheads. You've pissed away enough money now.


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Light up a Lucky, But Don't Walk Down Jefferson Street


"The area has been blocked off, and the curious are urged to stay away for safety reasons."

Warning: The City of Burlington maybe hazardous to your health.

Old buildings are crumbling into our streets. Their downfall is the most graphic demonstration of the direction Burlington has been headed for the last 40 years.

Not only is dereliction of duty likely to kill somebody, it is not healthy for what few businesses remain downtown. Nearby there is an excellent restaurant and well patronized bars. This latest collapse can not be good for their business.

Where the hell is City government? Why are building codes not enforced?

The crew at City Hall's primary concern is their upcoming casting call. Put lots of make up on so your nose does not glow for the camera. They're gonna make themselves big stars in an internet video.

It follows the pattern of a vacant lot Mall, a Wrecked-Plex, etc. Direct your energies and resources at frills. Claim the frills will cure all ills. Meanwhile, death stalks Main Street.

This next election must be a wake up call. Take care of the basic needs City government was founded for in the first place. Cut the crap.

The sky is literally falling. The time has come to cut the heads off some Chicken Littles.


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Litigation Most Laughable


Mayor Ell is wearing his litigation face. Precedent should warn proceed with caution. "Without merit" becomes mirth for those not paying the legal bills.

We know it will be Power for the City of Burlington. Who will represent Des Moines County?

The criminal parties battling will not be involved in a criminal case. Mr. Jackson will not be plea bargaining vehicular manslaughter down to failure to wear a seat belt. Will Pat be pitted against Power?

There is one with some knowledge of such matters on the County Board who is smarter than all others involved combined. If the County has any sense, they will trust his council.

If it does end up with Power and Jackson arguing the issue, the result may end up as the Karma Sutra of law libraries.


I'd hate to face Jackson and Cahill on this one.

But Iowa's Losingist Lawyer Scott Power sees nothing but stupid humans in his path to the court house. And he's right.


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In the July 6th issue of Time magazine there’s an article on page 15 in the right hand column about Oelwein, Iowa titled, Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town, written by Nick Reding.

In this case study journalist Nic Reding examines how the meth epidemic decimated Oelwein, Iowa (pop. 6,159), where police at one point were dismantling two crank labs a week.

For Reding, who spent four years reporting among Oelwein’s addicts, officials and residents, the drug is more than just a small-town scourge. Meth, he writes, is a metaphor for the “cataclysmic fault lines formed by globalization.”

After agribusiness bought out local farmers, the once booming town declined, and its inhabitants turned to meth’s “biochemical ecstasy” to stay awake during double shifts, feel alive after clocking out or make ends meet by brewing their own batches.

America’s addition to meth is “as much about the death of a way of life as it is about the birth of a drug,” he notes. After all, for those with low-paying jobs, little money and no prospects, there’s not much left to feel good about.

Somehow reading the article sort of reminded me of the direction Burlington is taking because of low paying jobs, rampart blight an a influx of poorly educated people brought in to replace the illegal aliens in another county. On top of those examples we have the highest school dropout rate in the state, a large drug problem, a declining population with the educated people leaving for greener pastures and being replaced by the out of county workers Burlington so desperately needed. Burlington has a crime rate above the national average yet our chief says crime has not risen in Burlington but has been steady for several years; really.

Things are looking so bad that the industrial park will be the future home to a funeral home, which is ok but it’s not an industrial organization that will hire much more than a hand full of employees. Very similar to the first organization that bought that spec building several years ago and hired only three people at best.

Have the taxpayers ever broken even on any of the firms operating in the industrial park? Do they all pay a livable wage with full benefits? Do any of them hire temps rather than full time employees? Why it is the taxpayers are kept in the dark on the financial status of those firms that received tax breaks leaving the individual taxpayer obligated to make up the difference? The Sun never shines in Burlington or West Burlington when it comes to freedom of information.

Not that the Oelwein syndrome has hit Burlington yet but it’s definitely waiting in the wings. Our city government is doing a poor job in just about every aspect of local government. They even rehire retired police and others instead of hiring citizens that need a job to survive. Nothing is ever on the up and up in this city such as the drunken mayor who gets a free ride home from his wife from a drunk driving charge which would probably have sent him to prison. Who else in town has gotten a free ride for being a drunk driver? We’ll never know because the local paper is expert in not reporting what it doesn’t want the people to know. An example would be leaving the name of one of our councilman’s sons out of the paper after a brawl at the high school.

We have the distinction of living in a town that’s past its prime with no relief or potential leaders in sight.


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