Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 August

Obama's Civilian Defense Force - Why?

Tough Questions:

Why do we need a civilian defense force?

Who are we fighting?

Who is threatening us?

Profiling & TIps On Muslims, Tea Party Groups or Militia Members?

Is Flag.gov to spy on your neighbor?

Why hasn't any media outlet asked these questions?

Where's Mike Sweet on this unidentified army to fight an unidentified foe? Speaking of nut jobs toting weapons to political rallies, how many rallies did the drunk ex-mayor attend with a gun in his boot?


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U.S. Debt Clock - It Starts Locally

The debt clock site has gotten lots of attention over the last few months.

See why. Be sure to scroll down the page and see what Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and Prescription Drug does for unfunded mandates for every citizen.

And keep in mind in starts at the local level with the wild spending by the city council and county supervisors. It's like Jeff Heland's race to the bank every Monday morning to cover his checks so that Tuesday he can weasel more money from the taxpayer.


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Essential Air Service as an Asset


Gulfstream certainly has a record. Thank you for sharing it.

You have been a strong advocate of local commercial air service. You have raised hell about our local elected not flying from Burlington when so traveling on government business.

If Gulfstream International gets the contract, it should be required that all our local elected utilize Gulfstream when flying on our dime.


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ACORN in Retreat

From The Little Criminal Sen. Harry Reid's Home State -

"As part of the plea deal, Edwards, whom state investigators consider to be the mastermind of the incentive program, has agreed to testify against former regional director, Amy Busefink, and against ACORN, which is a co-defendant. The Las Vegas Sun reported that Edwards acknowledged he conspired with Busefink and ACORN to create the "Blackjack" incentive program that gave canvassers an extra $5 for submitting 21 or more registration cards each day. The daily quota was allegedly 20 forms.

If ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) happens to be convicted, it could have its status as a nonprofit corporation revoked in Nevada, which could make it very difficult for the ACORN network to operate in that key battleground state."

For more Rotten Acorns.

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A Collision of Planetoids With Daily Planets


"Newspapers have been getting more of their revenue online, but it hasn't been nearly enough to offset the ad sales that have gravitated away from their print editions."

Newspaper ad sales are gravitating away
. The law of gravity takes a lot ingenuity and physical energy to disobey. NASA knows this is so.

How will our Daily Planet maintain its irrational orbit?

This report runs contrary to what Citizen Kane of the Ad Vertiser proclaims. If this trend is true, is the Ad Vertiser really an exception to the rule?

The report sites the classifieds causing the dinosaurs' greatest concern. The web coupled with the depression is making an impression. When will this meteor sizzle into S. Main Street?

Has anybody in Burlington set up a local classified web site? If so, would links here and elsewhere hasten the demise of our dinosaur?

Fred F. Stone

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28 August

Say "Hell No, We Won't Go" to Gulfstream International - Corrected


On Wednesday I wrote you an email outlining my feelings regarding a possible replacement airline for Great Lakes the Burlington Essential Air Service provider. Their contract is ending in September.

One of the bidders for the Burlington service is Gulfstream International.

I was in a hurry and misconstrued some facts hovering in my memory. But I do not change my opinion for obvious reasons below. I believe we do not want Gulfstream International to serve Burlington.

To set the record straight.

Gulfstream International
is the air carrier that trained the Colgan Air Inc. Captain Marvin Renslow who was piloting the flight that crashed in Buffalo, NY earlier this year killing all aboard.

All indications from the NTSB accident hearing are Renslow improperly reacted to the airplane’s stall warning system and he reacted opposite to the safe method to recover the airplane from a stall. Renslow was a graduate of Gulfstream International’s flight school and worked for Gulfstream. The circumstances of his departure are hazy.

During the NTSB accident hearings Colgan Air was admonished for lack of and poor crew training, minimally qualified pilots, over worked pilots, unrested pilots, a pilot flying with a known medical condition and a captain marginally qualified to fly at all.

Both Gulfstream International and Colgan are Continental Airlines Connector commuter airlines. That relationship is more than casual as it relates to safe operating practices.

When you blasted me for my errors I went back to research Gulfstream. Gulfstream International operates out of South Florida. Winter-time operating experience in icing conditions and harsh weather is relatively unknown when you run the Bahamas.

What I found was alarming and an accident in waiting.

During a June 2008 inspection, “the FAA determined that the airline had installed unapproved automotive air conditioner compressors on its aircraft between September 2006 and May 2008. Following the FAA inspection, the airline grounded all of the affected aircraft and replaced the units with approved aircraft air conditioner compressors.”

For a read about Gulfstream’s idea of safe operating procedures check here:

I stand by these remarks from yesterday. Contrary to what Gulfstream International's CEO says, marginal operators like this never change. They change until the FAA goes home and then go back to their old ways. And that should be about the middle of the winter. So you decide who you want to ride with in winter weather.

Gulfstream International only came for the free Essential Air Service money and nothing more.

I still urge everyone to write the Department of Transportation and express your opinion. And do that today. Do not let this wait. We have one cowboy operation on the airport now. We don’t need two.

I’m sorry I misstated the facts. But the premise and facts behind my opinion are exactly correct.


Get those letters and emails off to the following:

Essential Air Service Division
X-53; Room 6401
Office of Aviation Analysis
Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, S. W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Send an advance copy by fax to 202-366-7638 or by email to dennis.devany (at) dot.gov and mike.waters (at) dot.gov.


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Put Your Money on the Table


Who says there is not much economic activity at the Southeast Iowa Regional airport. Does anybody need a picnic table?

Picnic tables are a staple item of tourism. Tourists bring money and suffer taxation without representation, hotel motel taxes. We have a history of our taxes being used to subsidize such genius level economic development.

This picnic table venture deserves what others get. It is time for a $1.8 million dollar, ten year, interest free loan to be granted for picnic tables. It is not an influence based welfare scheme. It is a wise investment to "Grow Greater Burlington."

There is no reason for Burlington's guardians of the public trust and treasure not to grant the loan. Would you give 4 to 1 odds on the loan's approval?

Adam Ant

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The Retribution of Identification


A Congressman from Virginia demands to see identification before he will answer a question in public. Why? Is an IRS audit in the offing?

Unlike Congressman Moran, State Senator Courntey has a much smaller constituency in small towns. Those guilty of questioning Senator Courtney's wisdom in public are easily tracked. Just ask around, or better yet, have your friends ask.

Identifying detractors on the internet is not yet as easy. Is this why Senator Courtney tried to legislate required internet I. D.?

Anonymous free speech strikes terror among the powerful. It is the first thing a tyrant abolishes to achieve their ends.


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New FCC Diversity Director


Check out the latest Czar our friend Obama appointed to be the new FCC Chief Diversity Officer another non-approved appointment by Obama.

This guy is a real nut case, just check out the attached site: Mark Lloyd: FCC Chief Diversity Officer Seeks to Punish Conservative Broadcasters » Right Pundits


This guy is certifiable nut job.


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27 August

Say "Hell No, We Won't Go" to Gulfstream International


I see the essential air service contract is ending in September for Great Lakes.

One of the bidders for the Burlington service is Gulfstream International. We do not want Gulfstream International to serve Burlington. They are unqualified to serve Burlington.

Gulfstream Aviation is the air carrier that crashed in Rochester, NY earlier this year. During the NTSB accident hearings Gulfstream was admonished for lack of and poor crew training, minimally qualified pilots, over worked pilots, unrested pilots, a pilot flying with a known medical condition and a captain marginally qualified to fly at all. At a real airline the captain involved in the Rochester crash would have been fired after he failed the 2nd check ride let alone the 3rd and 4th.

Contrary to what Gulfstream International says, marginal operators like this never change. They change until the FAA goes home and then go back to their old ways. And that should be about the middle of the winter. So decide who you want to ride with in winter weather.

Gulfstream International only came for the free Essential Air Service money and nothing more.

I urge everyone to write the Department of Transportation and express your opinion. And do that today. Do not let this wait. We have one cowboy operation on the airport now. We don’t need two.


Get those letters and emails off to the following:

Essential Air Service Division
X-53; Room 6401
Office of Aviation Analysis
Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, S. W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Send an advance copy by fax to 202-366-7638 or by email to dennis.devany (at) dot.gov and mike.waters (at) dot.gov.

With Publisher Steve Delaney doing all he can to kill the Burlington airport we don't need anything worse than what we have.


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It's The Result of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Oops! Sorry


"Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver's art district was a consequence of "an effort on the other side to stir up hate." She tempered her statement after Schwenkler's political history was revealed."

Before you play the "hate card," make certain you know who is dealing the cards.

Aces N Eights

You know the Democratic Party mantra - The end justifies the means.


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Far Left Trouble Makers


Check out this story from the Denver Post, just goes to show how the dems operate. The perpetrator was a Democratic Party worker.


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Internet Disparity Follows Laggard USA


The United States Internet service is third rate when compared to other countries around the world. South Korea ranks first for speed, price and coverage far above the United States because their government became involved along with private industry to work on the Internet while here in the United States we pay top dollar for a slow and inadequate system.

In the United States the cable companies rape customers for Internet service that ranks to a turtle in speed compared to the South Korean version of the Internet, fastest in the world at a mere $25 per month.

As long as the cable companies have a monopoly and stuffing their pockets the people of the United States can expect little to no advancement in quality, speed or service. Cable companies in the U.S. are in business only to rape the customers and provide little to no service and slow Internet at extremely high prices.

There are many entities that must have regulation in this country such as cable, utilities, airlines, phone, fuel and others who will cheat customers to line their pockets. Without regulation nothing will change with these firms that sell a service which is usually a necessity in today’s society.


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Ripping Free Speech


A candidate for the U. S. Senate from Iowa has decried, "Hate speech." This in response to an Iowa public meeting comment directed at the President of the United States.

Death threats are uncalled for, despicable and should be labeled for what they are, serious offenses especially when leveled against the President of the United States. But "hate speech" is too broad a term often brandished as a sword against free speech.

"Hate speech," against the life of one's political career is tantamount to an actual death threat by many espousing the term. They want their critics silenced.

Sharing a common bond of party comradeship and service in the Iowa Senate, this U. S. Senate candidate denouncing, "Hate speech," should consult with our own State Senator Courtney. Senator Courtney introduced legislation to abolish anonymous free speech in Iowa.

Spike has inflicted the death panel upon more than one local political career. With Senate comrades working together at the state and federal level, will Spike the Ripper finally be put out of business?

George Lusk

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26 August

Dance of the Cuckoos


What was State Senator Bolkcom doing down here? When it comes to possible guilt by association, why would Bolkcom want to be seen outside the Capitol with Southeast Iowa's Laurel & Hardy State Senators?

Is Bolkcom angling for something bigger? Is there a state wide office he has his eye on?

If Bolkcom is going for something bigger, he would be wise not to be seen with Southeast Iowa's State Senate comedy team anywhere else but here.


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Costly County Salary & Benefits


I believe Cahill was forced to take the insurance money because that’s how the city and county waste taxpayer money to line their pockets and everyone must toe the line regardless of their wishes. If you don’t take the benefits they force you to take the cost of the benefits in the manner of a fund that can add up to thousands of taxpayer dollars.

I would love to work for a company that forced me to take the money if I didn’t want the benefits. What a great country we live in and I wish all companies did the same thing but since they don’t steal from the taxpayers this type of benefit is only available for bottom feeders such as government employees.

There are probably millions of dollars in Oppenheimer Fund donations given to county and city workers who refused the benefit package. This money should have been put back into the general fund. The city and county are stealing taxpayer money through this added bonus to its employees who refuse the benefits.

Of course the corrupt government will never stop stealing the money they’ll just continue to raise taxes to fund their thefts unless the taxpayers stand up and put a stop to this travesty.

Wake up Des Moines County and Burlington the local government is stealing our money for their own pocket stuffing selves.


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Buddy, Can You Spare A Million?


"But shoveling money out of an airplane to solve problems can be inflationary — in this case, hyperinflationary — if he doesn't start mopping up some of the money that's out there."

Unlike Southeast Iowa's State Senators, we have a U. S. Senator who thinks ahead. Senator Grassley is worried about the return of hyperinflation.

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. "
- Margaret Thatcher

Southeast Iowa's State Senators have already found this to be true. Listen to them moan. They have run out of money to buy votes with. The State of Iowa may not over extend the money supply. The federal government may.

If hyperinflation sets in, problem solved. Government at all levels pays off debt with toilet paper. So what if takes a million to buy a cup of coffee.

Those hurt the most are those on fixed incomes. This largely includes the old and disabled. Inflation is the cruelest tax of all. It is often instigated by those who claim its victims are the ones they are "helping."


Kinda of like their unfunded mandate chant when they can't figure it out?


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A Tee for Fibber McGee Courtney


I sent all those to tax dollars to Des Moines and all I got was a lousy tee shirt.
- Tom Courtney

Chet the Debt Culver is not the only culprit. It takes legislators to sign off on the credit card. When will Senator Courtney wear such a pretty tee to one of his public meetings?


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Obama Won't Correct Course - Unicorn Is Lost

"I don't think it is merely a case of the political calculation of moving right for Obama like the triangulating of Clinton being difficult. Obama is messianic and without self doubt. Obama is an unserious man who fell into a leftist political philosophy at a very early age and never considered the alternative as anything but evil.

Obama is the classic leftist demagogue who never challenged himself to rigorously analyze his positions. He believes in his own virtue, free of every objective standard.

He has given up intellectual autonomy to an emotive political desire and a Manichean world view of people who agree and support him being good and those who oppose him as evil. It isn't based on real virtue but enforced unanimity and egotism.

His performance in defense of his socialization of Medicine when he is speaking off the cuff and without prompter is wretched, duplicitous, childish and far worse that any faux pas from Bush.

He will never alter his tactics because he believes with a religious fervor that he is right and good."

- Andrew Malone

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The Pelosi-Obama Deficits

from the Wall Street Journal -

The White House issued a statement yesterday that the President is "very concerned about these out-year deficits." But apparently not so concerned as to stop pushing for a new $1 trillion health-care entitlement that is conveniently not included in these latest budget forecasts.

The real fiscal crisis in Washington is that neither Congress nor the White House are offering any escape from these trillion-dollar deficits. Mr. Obama has not called for automatic and immediate spending cuts. He has not proposed eliminating hundreds of wasteful programs. To the contrary, the White House still hasn't ruled out another fiscal stimulus, as if a $1.6 trillion deficit isn't Keynesian stimulus enough. The Administration's celebrated scrub through the budget this summer identified $17 billion in agency savings. That's what Uncle Sam is borrowing every three days.

Obamanomics has turned into an unprecedented experiment in runaway government with no plan to pay for it, save, perhaps, for a big future toll on the middle class such as a value-added tax. White House budget director Peter Orszag promises that next year's budget will have a "plan to put the nation on a fiscally sustainable path." Hide the children.

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Speed Matters - U.S. Last Place In Internet Speed World Wide

Speed Matters promotes affordable high-speed Internet for all Americans. Working with our partners and allies we advocate for programs and policies that build affordable, universal high-speed broadband investment.

You do not need to enter your email address or zip code to test your internet speed. Just press start. Both of these sites are safe.

Another internet speed test is:

Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net

I've found the Kansas City, Mo site gives a more consistent result from SpeedTest.net.

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25 August

Des Moines County Govt - Incompetent Thugs & Losers


Screwed: the real reason for Des Moines County government being so incompetent is because the voters have no brains and pick dead beats and losers when ever they run for office.

There should be no benefits for supervisors, a part time job but the dumb voters never complain or make an issue of it. Second helping Heland and rip-'em-off-Hoschek have robbed and plundered Des Moines taxpayers and have gotten away with it for years. The only hope is they get voted out on the next election cycle. Will the voters be dumb the next time, again? I think they will.

What is wrong with the voters? Why do they continue to elect dimwitted thieves and liars cycle after cycle? If the voters are voting for party rather than quality they are the blame for the failures cast down upon us from the court house and city hall.

We have thugs for a city council, outright favoritism in the justice system (Eric Bell and the ex mayor), a sickening government school system that leads the state in failures, and the Chamber along with SEIRPC that have ruined our city further than it would have been had they not imported the recent crime wave under the guise of “Burlington needs the workers,” syndrome when in reality there were no jobs in Burlington at all.

To support all these parasites that get raises for nothing other than showing up, the county, city and school system had to have more money. We also must have two superintendents both paid in excess of $100,000 per year and for what? We have the highest drop out rate in the state, great news for a failing school system.

Burlington is fast becoming one of Iowa’s most trashy and uneducated cities with a higher than normal crime rate, higher than normal dropout rate, higher than normal job loss rate and the list just goes on and on and to top it off a newspaper that would rather lie than tell the truth about what is really going on or skip stories that would point out the truth, a newspaper that plays a large part in the failure of the city as a whole. The entire bunch of losers running this town are just plain despicable.

When you have higher than normal welfare, a city full of deadbeats, and so on you can expect higher taxes to support those that don’t contribute and those that feed at the trough.


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The Doc Says, "You're Gonna Die"


Management by government, there is no better way to magnify mistakes. Just ask local car dealers waiting to be paid for those clunkers cluttering up their lot and cash flow.

This diagnosis of death may not be inaccurate when it comes to the political careers of those advocating government without end. Like a fish, this rots from the head down. The tail scales are worried.

Why else would Senator Twiddle "What," Courtney, and Senator Twiddle "Huh, Fraise," be sponsoring an Iowa Health Care festival of praise locally.

Dr. Frank N. Stein

Not an original brain cell between the two of them.


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Tired of It


I find it a bit unusual that a slum lord would let up to 20 people live in a two apartment duplex that has only two bathrooms. There can be up to 10 children playing in the yard and neighborhood at one time with up to 10 automobiles parked in the street and the backyard.

The children are on their own in the streets and other people’s yards although they seem to try and avoid neighbor’s yards unless in hot pursuit by a friend chasing them.

Their friends park in the alley and throw their trash out in the alley or other peoples yards with no concern about any laws they may be breaking. The street gets its share of litter also because from where they come from it’s normal to trash their own homes and the public streets.

There is a mixture of races living in the apartments; so it would be hard to say who’s doing the littering, I think they all do. We are also blessed to have that rap noise blaring every time they or a friend of theirs drives up to visit.

My question is, isn’t there supposed to be so many square feet of space per person in a rental and only about eight people per toilet? I know this is Burlington and the canned codes are more or less for show but this duplex is outright breaking the code on both counts.

The slum lord could care less what’s going on and what he’s done to ruin the quality of life for the people that have lived in this neighborhood their entire lives. He doesn’t care about anyone’s quality of life, his only interest is how much money he can stiff the renters for.

This slum lord lives up on 7th street where he feels safe from the people he rents to and doesn’t have to face the quality of life he’s ruined for our neighborhood. We have a person here that has no conscience otherwise he’d of never rented this place to such a large group of people.

This is an example of how slum lords ruin neighborhoods in Burlington and the city council along with the government parasites does nothing to stop it. Where’s the health department when you need them? Where’s the group of human services trough feeders when you need them? Why do we even have a list of unenforced city codes? Our people at city hall are sitting on the asses living the good life while the city is being overrun and ruined by a total lack of order that’s supposed to be a enforced by city hall.

Of course the police are busy manipulating the laws so their dependents can walk away from a drunken driving accident with a minor public intoxication charge. I wonder how much money getting him off the hook cost the taxpayer when it should have been a much higher charge; I wonder who the police called and who gave the go ahead for the reduced charge? Why Eric Bell is treated different than any other person that would have had the same drunken accident is beyond comprehension. It just means the Burlington justice system is corrupt and dishonest and that’s just the way it is. The police are no different than city hall or the court house when it comes to honesty and integrity.

Very Disappointed with Burlington

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24 August

County Taxes Up 17% - Tell Me It Ain't So!


Last week a Falcon reader posted his thoughts on the 17% county tax increase. I thought it couldn't be true.

How wrong I was when I got my tax notice.

It just goes to show how in just 2-1/2 short years since Ed Blow left office with a budget surplus and controlled spending we are deep in debt due to the grossly uncontrolled spending of Jeff Heland and Tim Hoschek. The public has no idea how these two just throw money out the court house windows.

Since Hoschek got tossed to the side you'd think the spending would have decreased. It hasn't. It's worse than ever and only Cahill seems to care about it. and from what I hear that flap over his insurance money was just bogus since he turned his insurance money over into a private 401k like they do at city hall.

I couldn't afford last year's taxes. What did we get for this increase? Nothing but a wage increase for all the county employees while I got my hours cut at work in hopes our company survives.

Vote ALL of these people out of office.


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Jerry Strauss Is Major Liability


Sounds like Jerry Strauss is the equivalent of Lost Keys Ell or Iowa’s worst ex city manager Bruce Slagle but I have a feeling the damage caused by Strauss will far exceed the amount wasted by Lost Keys Ell or even possibly what Slagle lost for the taxpayer should the building have to be destroyed.

Just how in the hell could this have gone on for so long? Just who is in charge of taxpayer property in the county, if anyone?

Strauss’s name on the county web site just says “E911” just what the hell does that mean, is he in charge of the 911 operators or what? What’s that got to do with taxpayer property or is he multi-functional for the county?

Doesn’t the county have a person directly in charge of the taxpayer’s property?

I hope the county isn’t as poorly run as the city although it’s hard not to make the comparison. With only one competent supervisor the people have little representation at the court house.

One thing for sure, the raises and bonus money will flow as usual regardless of the lack of responsibility and accountability because the county has no more respect for taxpayer money than the city does.

None of the people involved would ever make it in the private sector because of their incompetence. That’s the problem with government, it’s where all the loons go to feed off the taxpayer and remain immune from responsibility and accountability; actually it’s a form of welfare for the incompetent, although they're overpaid and excessively benefited.


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Kid's Allowance?


I agree with the Hawkeye editorial written over the weekend about the need for council candidates. It does give the voters a selection. Credit to them for running for office.

I'm not sure which editor wrote this, but he must be paid well. He wrote that the council members are paid close to what a child receives in allowance. The council is paid either $500. or $550. per month. Most families in Burlington do not pay this much for a kid's allowance. Maybe they do in his neighborhood, but if he believes this, he is out of touch with the normal family.


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Raid Kansas With Your Boycott of Advertisers


Bloody Bill Anderson VI? Do you think he could accomplish the same as of the figure you linked to?

If Bloody Bill is up to staging a proper raid on Hutchinson, we should provide him with horses, cap, powder, ball and whatever other provisions it takes to do the job. Would he stick to targeting those responsible for "Bleeding Iowa?"

If Bloody Bill is prone to generalized rape, pillage and burn, forget it. The last thing needed is a massacre. That would engender sympathy for the guilty.

AP Hill

Carpetbaggers, Jayhawkers when used in the context of the same sentence nothing but the thieves and crooks they are.

Quickest way to run 'em out of town? Boycott the advertisers in the Ad Vertiser.


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Eric Bell Update Still MIA


Has there been any information on Eric Bell’s drunk driving cover up down at the police station. Does this mean anyone that gets caught drunk after fleeing a property damage accident gets a free pass from a DUI charge?

We can call it the “Bell’s Clemency Law” for first time DUI offenders, after all if Eric Bell can get a pass so should everyone else.

Burlington is about as crooked as it gets when it comes to the police department and all the other agencies involved in covering up Eric Bell’s drunken driving incident.

Where are the people from MADD?


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21 August

Jefferson Davis Loebsack


Bless my stars and bars and your town hall video link. My Congressman defended states rights. Because we have 50 sovereign states, we can not have national pools to spread the risk for health insurance.

My great grand daddy, Nathaniel Forest Bedford Johnston, always did say that Constitution was a damn Yankee nuisance that didn't mean nothing. I'm gonna put on my DVD of Gone With the Wind, make me a mint julep with Rebel Yell and write out a check to re-elect Loebsack.


Bloody Bill Anderson VI

So Bill, you have a dislike for Jayhawkers, too.


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Health Care Equal For All Including Politicans


No American should agree to any health care plan proposed by congress unless the Executive, Legislative and judicial branches of our government take the same insurance as the people they work for namely “us” and if they don’t then the people should reject it. These bums need to live under the same laws they expect us to live under.

If congress votes for a health care bill that they are not included in then they should be voted out of office during the next election cycle.

It’s time congress and government start living under the same laws as those their supposedly working for instead of representing those special interest that give them money to get elected and of course themselves. Living like some kind of royalty instead of the bums and liars they actually are.

We need to rid ourselves of these professional politicians and get some educated people elected that can govern to the wishes of the people and not the special interest which is the current way of doing business. The Obama administration has done little to clean up anything; so we’ve got to do it ourselves through the election cycle.

First Obama wants health care and then legalizing all the illegal immigrants; so we can support them through higher taxes. The current health bill says no illegal immigrants (sec. 246) are included but the administration and other traitors will pass comprehensive immigration making them all citizens and thus allow them to rip off our social security system, health care, welfare and all the other paid into entities.

Obama was the most liberal senator in Washington and now because people believed his campaign talk we are faced with a real crisis pushing our country further and further in debt. Believe it or not there’s nothing in the health care bill about TORT control meaning the lawyers have gotten there wishes through Obama at taxpayer expense as have the insurance industry along with GE, NBC, MSNBC and others.

This whole health care program is a disaster for the American people and Obama and his stooges are trying to drag us into socialism, the type of government they represent, just look at the people Obama has surrounded himself with.

Remember; if they don’t live under the same health care program neither should the people.

Sick of It

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20 August

Truth in Ad Vertising? More Like Truth In Propaganda!


Ad Vertised for what it was.

Ad Vertised as "news."

All of it propaganda.


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De Ja Vu Reviews


Thank you for the video and KCPS audio links on what really happened at Loebsack's town meeting.

I read the Ad Vertiser's review of Congressman Loebsack goes to West Burlington. It did not jive with what I was told by those who saw the live performance. However, the story seemed rather familiar.

Did the Ad Vertiser reporter actually attend the event, or take notes while watching an old movie channel? Comparing the video, Jimmy Stewart gave a much more believable performance in 1939. The Ad Vertiser must know their leading man is in trouble. Non stop Loebsack is the theme. Count the column inches as Loebsack counts pills, etc. etc.

Loebsack's field offices expose his preferred audience. For a Congressman who does not give a damn about anywhere but Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, the Ad Vertiser would have you think Southeast Iowa is Loebsack's favorite venue. All the make up the Ad Vertiser keeps pancaking on their boy just makes it more obvious what a clown is representing us.

"Sure we're speaking, Jedediah - you're fired!"

Has it gotten to where for the truth to ever be told, somebody's head must roll.


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Jerry Should Be Fired Over County Home


Jerry Strauss should be fired for his role in the damage at the county home. On top of his laziness and inability to manage people, he didn't even know there was damage.

After filing all those potentially bogus mileage reports for trips around the county, you'd think that on one of his jaunts he could have swung by the county home and opened the door.

Fire this worthless jackass and find someone else to ride around in his car running up the bill for the taxpayers.

Fed Up

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Maintenance Superintendent?


Jeff Heland defends Jerry Strauss for ruining the county home. How stupid does Heland think we are? Jerry Strauss is supposed to be a maintenance superintendent.

A good janitor would have found this the same day.

Struss wouldn't make a good janitor.


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FBI - The Eye Above The Pyramid


"His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said. "

Was this guy in any of your subversive training classes? His cover's been blown. After dragging his trial out, he won't stew for long. We'll get him a lame duck, full pardon from our White House operative in late 2012.

Your security concerns are being taken care of. We have instructed the Burlington branch of the Bilderburgers to keep their yappy lap dog, Senator Courtney, on a tighter leash. Things are going well in Washington. The Beast will soon be released.

Keep those names and email addresses coming.

Yours, truly trusting in government


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19 August

Rumors True - Loebsack In Dog House

Rumors have swirled since Saturday that Loebsack's town hall meeting was far more contentious than portrayed by the Ad Vertiser's newbie food guru Christina Crippes. Her sanitized article in Sunday's paper never mentioned this exchange and the others to go with it.

Falcon has another account of the melee.

For the full treatment got to KCPSradio.com Click Listen Live, then click green button View Archive, select Folder for 2009-08, then click the date 2009-08-15. When the folder opens select Congressman_Loebsack and KCPS-Congressman_Loebsack_2009-08-15.mp3. An .mp3 file will load that you can listen to or download to your iPod/computer.

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Fabulous News - KCPS On The Web

Spike In The Dark on This One

Some of the best things sometimes go unsaid or unnoticed. KCPS 1150 AM added audio streams for their Big Show along with an archive of past shows.

I guess we're the last to know since it started in March.

Now, for all of you folks that tune in everyday to BurlingtonDerailed.com from all over the world, get the rest of the local story from Fred, 7 and whomever with continual updates on Burlington's blunders from KCPS. And don't forget the Saturday shows. They get absolutely hilarious.

For the full treatment go to KCPSradio.com Click Listen Live, then click green button View Archive, select Folder for a month, then click the date. When the folder opens select an .mp3 file, it will load that you can listen to or download to your iPod/computer.

This is just great!


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Bless You, Mr. Cahill


"Since FEMA is footing the bill, Cahill said no efforts has been made "to get the most bang for our tax dollars."

"I know everyone thinks it's free money because it comes from FEMA. They couldn't be more wrong. That's our tax dollars," he said."

You would never hear Mr. Heland say anything like this. Such truth is heresy to those who are only happy spending all they have taxed , or more than they taxed so another tax increase maybe deemed necessary.

Will Mr. Heland and others incapable of intelligent thought try burning Mr. Cahill at the stake during the next single party primary?

Joan of Arc

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If It Plays In Peoria, Play It Here


Thanks for posting the armadillo piece. Combating crime with nuisance property surveillance vehicles appears promising.

Should an armadillo be parked in front of Burlington's City Hall and another in front of the Chamber of Compost?

What about in front of the Ad Vertiser?


You're right, we need at least 5 armadillos. Don't forget one for the court house.


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Do They Even Make 'em Anymore?


Robert Novak's death has sparked comment about the dearth of journalists willing to dig out and expose facts embarrassing to the powerful. Who will fill the void?

The Ad Vertiser is not exactly a proving ground. Over stocked with Jimmy Olsons, of what value is an Ad Vertiser apprenticeship in the Midwest League?

When you stop and think about it, how long has it been since the Ad Vertiser uncovered anything other than what price butter is at Hy-Vee?


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18 August

Visit Burlington by Bus (Maybe)


When the Ad Vertiser makes the planes go away, their political allies will do the same with Amtrak.


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Son of Flubber


The Nutty Professor also hit some turbulence to the north. The socialist agenda he figured was keeping him aloft is failing. The kindly looking old professor peddling it is catching hell.

If socialism suffers from being exposed for what it is nationally, are local single party socialists like Heland at risk too?


Heland is at major risk next go around.


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Mike Lost His Way


It’s really too bad about Mike Sweet because when he writes without the hate spewing out through his pen the writing is very good and interesting. I’ve always felt Mike had a gift for good honest writing similar to the video editorials hosted by Charles Kuralt.

Somewhere along the way Mike became a fanatical left winger and his writings show his disparagement for people that express their opinion against the left wing radicals and their agendas.

Mike would rather write hateful editorials when he has the talent to write very entertaining and enlightening ones of his past and the past of others whose paths he’s crossed over the years. He’s wasting his talent writing stuff that pollutes people’s minds with lies and left wing hate.

Mike should dig into the corruption flowing through the ivy halls of city hall, police, SEIRPC, the Chamber and others who twist and bend the laws for personal gain and a free pass from criminal activity. Why doesn’t the Hawk Eye start printing the truth about what’s going on in this town? We have a city council that attacks anyone that questions their asshole decisions, decisions that have put the taxpayer further and further in debt. The council is nothing more than a group of thugs, a problem completely ignored by the Hawk Eye. There is no freedom of the press in Burlington because it’s a controlled entity by a dictator editor, his stooges and the local single party government.

We have a police officer’s son that drives drunk and causes property damage, runs from the scene and he gets a slap on the wrist with a minor public intoxication charge rather than a drunken driving charge. People would like to know who lets these types of crimes and the people who commit them off the hook without the trials that face the general public for the same crime. Why does Burlington have two sets of laws, one for the public and another for public officials and their offspring? Why does the Hawk Eye just ignore this story and others just like it? The Hawk Eye gets all its national news of the web and has no real reporters anymore, which is why printed news is falling by the wayside and will soon be a memory because only a few good papers will survive which doesn’t include the Hawk Eye.

Yes Mike, there are other more urgent stories that need some investigative reporting, a type of reporting that the Hawk Eye has abandoned since it joined the single party and corrupt city government.

How long can the Hawk Eye and Mike survive with the single party agenda?


Mike will fade away like Gene Amole along with the rag Ad Vertiser. Change will come and propaganda will be harder to dispense.


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Once, There Was a Future


It is hard to believe, but Burlington once had a future. In 1911, things looked promising.

The population of the United States in 1910 was roughly 92,228,000. If the population of Burlington had kept pace with national population growth, there would now be around 81,000 people living here.

What happened?


Drunks and crooks for leaders and a newspaper run by carpetbaggers afraid of their own shadow.


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'Armadillo' Plays Well in Peoria

"This industrial city, hard hit by the recession, has found a new, low-budget way to fight crime: Park an unmanned, former Brink's truck bristling with video cameras in front of the dwellings of troublemakers.

Police here call it the Armadillo. They say it has restored quiet to some formerly rowdy streets. Neighbors' calls for help have dropped sharply. About half of the truck's targets have fled the neighborhood.

....Citizens appear to like the idea, and police say they have a four-week waiting list of requests for the Armadillo."

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17 August

Loebsack Under Fire - We Have Video


The natives are restless. The smiley face has been ripped from Socialism. The kindly looking old professor peddling it is catching hell.


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The Register Knows – Why Doesn’t Delaney?

In Sunday’s Des Moines Register the subject of the importance of aviation to Iowa’s economy is spelled out in some detail.

Meanwhile, here in Burlington, we have just the opposite. Publisher Steve Delaney continues to accept advertising for the Moline airport. And flaunts that relationship everyday of the week. He cites the excuse the Ad Vertiser is a private business. A private business sucking the life out the residents for its carpetbagger Kansas owners.

While Delaney and his ad minions are out preaching to the advertisers how to effectively advertise in order to keep the local money flowing into local businesses that are advertising in Iowa's Oldest News In Print, Delaney is squeezing the other end under the table like a cheap pimp.

The airport board has made a lot of mistakes. Problems exist. Just a bunch of know-it-all private pilots acting like God. They have no direction. They have a clue. But they cannot figure out how to execute. They are afraid to confront Delaney over the Moline airport ads. But they want us to use Great Lakes to get out of town.

Jet-Air has been a total failure. They haven’t done anything other than change the name on the fuel truck. There hasn’t been any uptick in anything with them. Jet Air just blew a bunch of hot air blown up the board’s ass. And we know where that leads, hot air balloons.

But wouldn't you think Delaney would accept some civic responsibility and try to make things better in Burlington? In some area? Something other than be the #1 contributor to nothing going on but lunch?

Maybe he would if he had any balls. Balls to do something that might run contrary to self-gratification? Talk about a slum lord. No one in burlington abuses their customers more than Delaney.

If Burlington loses air service you might as well just kiss your as good-bye. The future will be sealed shut.


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Sweet Needs To Check Facts


Seems like Mike Sweet has warped his mind to the point where he should retire and get a needed lobotomy. His outright lying and lack of research has created a Gobbles style of writing. His writing is reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda minister who Mike is apparently trying to emulate in his political dialogs that contain little to no research but are believed by his fellow socialist.

Mike is rapidly becoming a loon through his hate of anything that isn’t far left or communist, hate that verges on the fanatical. Even Grassley indicated the planned death squad sections in the bill had been removed.

Having Mike around makes one understand how the Nazi’s were able to lie their way into power making it clear and understandable to most non-socialist people.

Mike just can’t comprehend reality; so I guess we’re stuck with him the same as were stuck with Obama.


Didn't you know he views criticism like a badge of honor. He was taught if they bitch, I must be doing something right.

How sad when history moves on and people fail to adapt.


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Eric Bell Update MIA


Has anyone heard what happened to Eric Bell the drunken son of police officer Bell? You know the kid that was driving drunk, knocked down a telephone pole and drove through a resident's yard, then ran from the scene of the accident.

I wonder how the police covered this crime up and only charged him with a lousy public intoxication charge while others would have gotten a drunken driving charge.

Why is it that the Burlington Police department always finds a way to let off public officials and their dependents when they break the law? Where is the district attorney on this one? Is the district attorney sleeping at the helm or involved in the cover-up? Who paid off whom? Where’s the police chief and why did he let the crime be suppressed? What phony excuse did the police use to cover for Eric? Where did the booze come from and who gave it to Eric, an underage drinker? Does this crime go much deeper into the one party system than Eric and his drunkenness?

Where’s the Hawk Eye on this issue? What happened to the watch dog claims by Delaney? Where’s Mike Sweet on this one? Where’s the old hound dog reporting of past years Mike? What did it take for the Hawk Eye to drop the story and hide behind Mike’s editorial ravings instead?

This town is so caught up in corruption it deserves everything rotten rating it gets. There isn’t a truthful person holding public office in this town, a fact proven over and over again.

The public should never let this crime fade away until justice is done and Eric, the police, the justice system and the Hawk Eye all stand up and admit to their involvement in covering up this drunken driving accident or are they going to wait until he possibly kills someone later on? All these entities will be setting themselves up for a major law suit by not taking care of it now and by letting him go unscathed. Where’s the state and MADD on this issue?

If it’s a relative of mine he runs into the next time you can expect a major law suit to follow against all these folks. I wonder how they hushed up the person whose yard he tore up and the owners of the pole he knocked down. Everything about this crime stinks.

Who else is being protected by covering this accident up?

Burlington Sucks

Publisher Steve Delaney sure lit into Garry Thomas' stepson. I guess Delaney figures some night he will need a ride home after a phone call to Worden so he has backed off the story.

What about the witnesses to Bell's "accident?" Who silenced them?


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14 August

Mike Sweet Has Some 'Splainin' To Do

Sweet's Pack of Lies Doesn't Fly

On Thursday, Mike Sweet took his omnipotent podium to blatantly tell us in obtuse detail how the demonic Republicans were lying again. This time it was about the so-called Death Panels to be created in the health care reform bill.

Sweet said, “It also doesn't help when dim right-wingers like the currently unemployed Sarah Palin repeat a Republican lie that proposed legislation would create "death panels" that would decide which older Americans get medical care and which are left to die.

There is no such proposal under consideration.”

Today, the Senate publicly announced they had removed all mention of the Death Panels from the their bill. How can that be? Mike said it never even existed. It can't be true Mike. You told us otherwise. Where did you do your research, Courtney’s basement? The Sombrero?

To best summarize how demons best lose their footing Sweet goes on to predict his own demise.

"You don't have to admire megalomaniacs to appreciate their demonic ability to mesmerize people into shouting down opponents who cling to sanity. Even when it means everyone walks the plank together when the piper comes calling."

This is one old sailor that isn’t walking the plank with you, Mike. Stick to your fishing and nostalgia stories. Leave the rat shooting to the pros.


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Loebsack, You Got Some Splainin' to Do!

Nearly $2 Trillion of New Debt.
Socialized medicine with government rationing boards for us, but not for Congress.
An expanded fleet of private jets for junkets to Paris. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Catch the Red Headed Rascals Live Performance:
Southeastern Community College-Building 100,
Room 123, Lecture Room
1500 W. Agency Rd.,
West Burlington
3:30 PM

This all may change again to shuffle the mob to another location. Loebsack should hold this meeting in the gym so everybody can get to hear what nonsense sounds like.


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Tulip Bulb Downs


Des Moines wants another race track and casino. Des Moines arguably has more government employees per square inch than anywhere else in Iowa. Do you expand only where there are those with the dough to blow?

Catfish Craps is barely above water. Contrary to Doug Worden's wailing, Catfish Craps is not a destination casino. Still, any new operation within a few hours drive is no asset to Catfish Craps.

If Des Moines gets another gambling den, what about down river? Ottumwa wants a casino. City government gets some of the skim, so let the whining begin.

A casino in Ottumwa will create jobs. People will stay, or move there. A casino will give Ottumwa an advantage over Burlington in the contest not to be Iowa's fastest shrinking city.

When does Lee County get Lawyer Hoyer's promised land based casino? Whatever happened to Osceola's barge on a farm pond? Has anybody ever heard of delusional market expansion?

Hans Brinker

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Summer Fun

Waterslides can be extremely dangerous. But imagine, taking off on 6th Street at Tom's Market and landing on top of Snake Alley.

Amateurs -

Professionals -

For a safer summer good time -

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13 August

Demolition Costs Too High? Call John Mercer


I can see where Mr. Cahill took issue with the $150.00 dollars per ton fee charge by Des Moines Co. Regional Landfill. This bid by G&B Const. is to do the job right.

Now if the County wanted to save money they could of gotten hold of Project Manager John Mercer. I'm sure Mr. Mercer knows where there are some quarries where they could dump and hide anything.

If the Manor Revisited would have been done right it probably would have cost $2.5 million dollars but Mr. Mercer got us a real deal by the DNR.

So, if you have debris to get rid of John Mercer is the guy that can save you money. You might get done for free.

Leonard Johnson

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Harkin In No Dogfight


If Tom Harkin was in a dog fight it must have been in his back yard because his job of ferrying new planes from Japan to Vietnam to replace those shot down doesn’t qualify as a “dog fight.”

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But then I repeat myself."
- Mark Twain

Says it all.


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Cable TV Is A Relic


I took the cable cure over five years ago when 70 odd cable channels cost the same as 250 dish channels. I also got a written guide at the same time.

HV is right, cable is a relic and similar to Burlington’s occupants down at city hall.

Satisfied Now

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Who's Looking Out for Those Paying for It All?


"It's free money!" said Alecia Rumph, 26, who waited in a Morris Park, Bronx, line 300 people deep for the cash to buy uniforms and book bags for her two kids.

"Thank God for Obama. He's looking out for us."

Does anybody give a damn about the poor bastards who drag their butts out of bed every working day to produce "free money?" Does our Congressman, or is he too busy passing more debt funded "free money?"


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12 August

Top Gun Tommy Harkin in Another Dog Fight


The struggle to socialize medicine continues. Tom Harkin was forced to defend socialism in public again.


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Cash for Cosmic Clunkers


"NASA plans to use $50 million of federal economic stimulus funds to seed development of commercial passenger transportation service to space, agency officials said on Monday."

The space shuttle design dates back to the era of the AMC Pacer. The space shuttle is joining the Pacer in oblivion. Call the Russians for a ride.

Rather than spending billions to buy 1980's Oldsmobiles, would a billion dollar incentive on a space vehicle be a better feel good investment? It would stimulate high technology leading to possible R&D spin offs. It would encourage jobs paying better that $7.00 an hour running a car crusher.

What if the Russians get tired of our thumb and give us the finger? The Chinese are warning about our debt debased funny money. How will we boldly go where no Section 8 renter has gone before?


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Pelosi's Ride - Let Her Ride Coach

"You’d think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be wise to the poor symbolism of a jet-setting Congress. But she’s part of the problem. No one objects to her ability to fly on a government jet from time to time. But last March the watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained embarrassing internal Pentagon correspondence: “Any chance of politely querying [Pelosi’s team] if they really intend to do all of these or are they just picking every weekend?” one such email read. “[T]here’s no need to block every weekend ‘just in case.’”

Other emails show intermediaries for Mrs. Pelosi frustrated when told transportation demands couldn’t be met. “It is my understanding there are no [Gulfstream] 5’s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable . . . The speaker will want to know where the planes are,” wrote aide Kay King. In a separate email, when told a certain type of aircraft wouldn’t be available, Ms. King wrote, “This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset Speaker.”"

I say go ahead, piss her off, let her whine. She's nobody.


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The Cure for Mediacom? - Satellite


Cable is a technological relic. It is a relic that feeds another fossil; the City of Burlington.

If you go satellite, you probably find more for your money. Your money does not feed a pack of fools with a franchise fee.


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Google Your Way to the Gulag - I'm Watching You


"The Obama administration is proposing to scale back a long-standing ban on tracking how people use government Internet sites with "cookies" and other technologies, raising alarms among privacy groups."

Big Brother does more than watch. Big Brother is tracking your every move. Had the White House done this a year ago, just image the howls. None much is said now and after the fact.

Will Big Brother send what he knows to his little brothers in outlying provinces? Senator Courtney would doubtless like to know.


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Obamacare Numbers Don't Add Up


Obama claims there are approximately 46 million uninsured Americans. So let’s take a look at the real number of uninsured:

Illegal immigrants----------------------------10-15 million (get rid of them, send them home)

Those MSIS Record--------------------------16.9 million claim they are underinsured

18 to 34 year olds-----------------------------Pay as they go, young and don’t pay for insurance

Uninsured---------------------------------------10 million earning over$75,000 per year

Intermittent------------------------------------6.9 million that go without for short periods of time

Remember, our government has already stated they will not take Obamacare regardless of the outcome. Why won’t congress take the same insurance they want to shove down out throats?

If you do the math you’ll find out there are very few Americans that go without insurance far less than the 46 million that Obama is telling us.

Obamacare is all a lie and we shouldn’t even be talking about medical reform with the dismal numbers of real uninsured Americans.

I doubt there are 5 million Americans that really have no health care and want it. Don’t forget these people just go to the emergency room and the taxpayer pays their bill anyway.

The last thing the American people need is government in the healthcare business and if the 545 people who make our laws don’t take the same coverage proposed then neither should we the people.

Government can’t even control the fraud involved with Medicaid and Medicare that amounts to 60 billion, minimum per year.

What we need is a government that can function and do a good job something that has eluded us for many years. Government does not work anymore because of layer after layer of pure bureaucracy caused by far too many unqualified employees on the taxpayer payroll.

To cut a long story short the government is the reason we are in this economic failure and until government is cleaned up nothing will ever change. The same people that create the problems are the same people that claim they’ll help solve it when election time comes around.

Wake up America it’s the government that causes our problems and not healthcare.


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11 August

Craigslist Ads Recruiting 'Obamacare' Lobbyists

"Amid accusations of insurance companies and the Republican Party deploying "Astroturf mobs" of health reform opponents, help wanted ads are appearing on Craigslist that offer to pay citizens between $9 and $16 an hour to lobby for the passage of Obama's health care.

The ads are being posted by the Fund for the Public Interest, which describes itself as "a national nonprofit organization working to increase the visibility, membership and political power of the nation's leading environmental and progressive groups."

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Mediacom Ignores Franchise Agreement


Section 114.11 of the cable franchise agreement states that the cable company shall:

114.11 CHANNEL CARD. The Grantee shall prepare and make available at no charge to the subscribers, an accurate and up-to-date channel card listing the cable channels and services available over the cable system. The channel guide shall be distributed to every new subscriber and within thirty (30) days after a change or addition in channels or services offered affecting two (2) or more channels via a newspaper of record or direct mail.

I would like to point out the local cable company does not provide new customers with a card listing the channels.

My relatives got cable recently and were not told or given any guide for the channels by the company. They had to rely on the slow video guide that came with the cable.

Since they didn’t provide a card I assume these franchise agreements are just as phony as the city codes and only for show?

Burlington is like the governments in Des Moines and Washington neither of which is functional. Why do we have these agreements if no one is policing these rip off companies that promise everything and deliver little to nothing?

Mediacom has one of the worst reputations in the country for cable and its time for change.


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No Need For House Numbers


I vote that the city remove city code section number 150 that relates to building numbering. There are hundreds of houses and business establishments that have no numbering; so why is this code on the books? I also hope no one is being paid to enforce this code because no one is enforcing it.

How about getting it off the books?


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Ell's Affiliation With Catfish Bend


I see that Ell finally showed up for a council meeting. Did he spend the away time hiding his tracks to Catfish Bend?

His time away didn't improve his condescending manner when addressing the public. What a putz.


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"Reform" is Not Always for the Better


"Somebody mailed a letter from Fairfield not long ago to me (in Ottumwa). It took five days. You tell me which is better."

Senator Harkin and Congressman Loebsack claim they are "reforming" health care. Not all change is for the better.

The postal service has always been government controlled. It used to work a lot better than it does now. The postal service has been "reformed" time and time again.

It is bad enough waiting five times longer than you used to on mail service. Are you ready to wait five times longer to have your cancer treated?

Mr. Zip

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A Phoenix in Ink?


But less than five months later, a nearly forgotten word has crept back into Times executives’ vocabulary: profit.

Seattle is now a one newspaper town. The survivor is doing better. This mirrors what happened here nearly 80 years ago.

The Times, long seen as one of the best regional papers in the country, has had an unusually big newsroom for its circulation, and a devotion to time-consuming investigative work.

What are the prospects for newspaper profits in a one newspaper town with a newsroom full of Jimmy Olsons?


But their newsroom is doing something.


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10 August

Not Yet


Some of the savages are not ready to be rounded up and packed off to the reservation.


I see the Democrats' version of Strong Arm Harold Massner grabbed the guy and tried to physically remove him from the meeting. Someday, Massner is going to lay his hands on somebody a whole lot bigger and meaner than that little twirp and wake up two days later.


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Pentagon Takes Aim at Jets for Congressional Travel

Pelosi Looking For New Rides

"The House's bid to buy new executive jets on the Pentagon's budget has broadened a conflict between Congress and the administration over defense priorities.

"It forces us to take money from things we do need to fund and redirect it for things we don't need," Geoff Morrell, a spokesman for Defense Secretary Robert Gates, said Friday. "And in a time of war, we just can't afford that."

Some lawmakers say they often know more about what the military needs than the executive branch does.

"The Pentagon is not the fountain of all knowledge," said Rep. Bill Young, a Florida Republican who was senior appropriator on the House floor last month when the Pentagon spending bill was approved. "They don't have all of the knowledge, and they don't have all of the wisdom. Neither does the administration, neither does the Congress. That's why we work together."Some lawmakers say they often know more about what the military needs than the executive branch does.""

Seems to me the Pentagon has a better handle on this than all of the other yahoos combined.


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What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander


Before any Obamacare package is approved the entire Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government should be under the same plan as the general population.

The privileged life style these branches of government voted in for themselves should no longer be available and they should live under the same laws as the general public and this goes for healthcare. These people are no better than anyone else and in most cases are further down the food chain than are the general public and lawyers.

All the failures of our country are directly caused by these approximately 545 people from the three branches of government. By pushing Obamacare they are cutting their own throats because the American people are sick of their lying, stealing, cheating, taking bribes from special interest and misrepresentation that predominates in our government. They create the worthless laws but when they campaign they always claim they’ll clean up the mess, a mess they previously created themselves. We are represented by a batch of liars and self serving dimwits on a massive ego trip.

What’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander and that’s just the way it should be from now on. If they don’t take it we don’t take it.


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Selling Socialism With Sex


"A National Health Service leaflet is advising school pupils that they have a “right” to an enjoyable sex life and that regular intercourse can be good for their cardiovascular health."

Britain's model of months waiting for cancer treatment health care system is held up to Americans as a something to emulate. Watching the town hall meetings on You Tube. It is not selling. It is time to change tactics. Advocate what the British do.

Watch the tube. How is everything from hair tonic to hub caps being sold? Sex, sex and more sex, is what you see. It must work.

She'll want to run her fingers through your hair, Socialism, a massive tax will do it.

Now its Pelosi, for those who think they will forever be young.

A. Madden Mennen

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08 August

Regional Planning Project Ousted From Wapello


I read in the Quad City Times (August 8, 2009) where Southeast Iowa Regional Planning wanted to build two duplex’s in Wapello and before they could get the land a husband and wife teamed up with their son-in-law and daughter and purchased the land right out from under them; so now they have no land to build their duplex’s on.

Here in Burlington no one would know in advance who was purchasing the land and what for and the next thing you know another neighborhood is ruined forever.

It’s not hard to figure out who the duplexes were probably planned for and apparently someone didn’t want their neighborhood destroyed which happens in Burlington all too often.

The real purpose of SEIRPC and other organizations for building these housing units is to secure future funding from the federal government (taxpayers) in order to continue their privileged life styles and secure more voters for the democrats. Without this taxpayer funding they would flounder and die on the vine so to speak.


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Our Parisian Prostitute Pelosit Wants More Iron


"Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon press secretary, said the Department of Defense didn't request the additional planes and doesn't need them. "We ask for what we need and only what we need," he told reporters Wednesday. "We've always frowned upon earmarks and additives that are above and beyond what we ask for.""

Congress keeps buying executive jets for their use. The Air Force does not want them. Taxpayers pickup the tab. No problem.

Congress plans to exempt themselves from national health care. Time will be of the essence if they get sick in the sticks. When BMC becomes the Burlington Medical Co-Operative, a Gulfstream will fly you to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D. C. quicker than waiting in line like those who pay for it all.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, what has Congressman Loebsack done to stop such waste?

Tourist Class

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07 August

Rent On City's Perkins Park Home


The city also owns the house at Perkins Park that they rent to city employees. It would be interesting to know who’s in it and their position with the city, and what they pay for rent along with any other perks they get. Also, whose name is on the utility and water bills?

I also wonder who else bid on the building Scott uses out by the airport along with the rent he pays and any other perks that may go with it. Of course, whose name is on the utility and water bills?


Interesting I'll bet.


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Fishy Website - Obama Gathering "Mob" Info


"The post offers an e-mail address, flag@whitehouse.gov, for users to forward anything "on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy.""

The great echo yippie raised by 60's radicals stands accused of compiling a White House enemies list. Richard Nixon must be laughing in his grave.

What about Big Brother's little brothers? Senator Courtney introduced legislation to out you. The Ad Vertiser is interested in your identity far out out of proportion to your supposed non influence. City Hall and the Court House crew ditto little love for you.

Have you been reported in the name of flower power and peace to the "Ministry of Love?" Is the National Security Administration hacking at your door? How long until the IRS knocks on your door?

Of course, they say they only want your identity so the "Ministry of Truth" may refute you. Believe that at your own risk.

"Thought crime does not entail death: thought crime is death."

Eric Blair

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06 August

Everybody's Waterpark Comments Inconsistent


Not that it matters now, but another example of inconsistency. Last year at a council meeting when the water park was being discussed, Tim Scott stated that the City was going to build a Water Park. Scott said the City approached Randy Winegard about doing a partnership on his motel property and that Winegard did not approach the City.

Today on the KBUR talk show, Doug Worden said the City was going to build a $5M dollar Water Park and Randy Winegard approached the City about the partnership.

Another point: Scott accused Leon Shahan of lying because his numbers were not accurate. I don't think Shahan lied, but he may have been off some on the actual cost to the City in abatements,etc. Shahan's point was still valid as a citizen that is allowed his opinion.

When Winegard gave his proposal to the Council 3 years ago when the council was considering the Water Park, his numbers were off too. Randy gave his profit projections to the City and he even said they were conservative. The Council believed these numbers and it did weigh into their decision to join the partnership. Was Randy Winegard lying? No, he was just off on his numbers too, as Shahan was.

As stated by many and I agree. Winegard has done a lot for our community, but I don't think the City has any business in private development with citizens tax dollars that we had no vote. The motel management at PZAZZ and other motels said it was unfair when the City gave tax dollars to the Hotel south of town. Is it unfair that the City helped build a Water Park at a private motel which gave them an advantage to fill hotel rooms and restaurants? They were complaining and said it was wrong for the Hotel south of town to get assistance, and then they took the tax dollars for their project.


Speaking of comments, that dispshit Murray glossed right over Huck's projected $200,000 per year income when he was back slappin' Winegard. Along with Davidson, Scott, the Big Slug Worden and Lost Keys Bill Ell. And they all seemed to forget GRE's lawsuit over its tax valuation that could take millions of dollars out of the city coffers over a 10-year period.

I think even Shahan was dumbfounded by that belligerent rant from Tim Scott. He needs to retire and build picnic tables because his nicotine gum ain't doing the job.

Just remember this, no one else in this town would get this kind of a deal. Everybody else would have been tried and convicted by Publisher Steve Delaney by long ago.


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Missing Attraction - Tip Toe Through the Manor Mall Thistles


U. S. Vice Presidents often travel to 3rd world holes for a dictator's funeral. The Lt. Governor of Iowa travels to Burlington promoting tourism. Such are the realities of playing political second fiddle.

How disappointing Lt. Governor Patty Judge did not highlight Burlington's monument to economic development by single party dictatorship. A tip toe through the thistles at the Manor Mall was not on the agenda.

Too bad.

Senator Courtney, the former Drunk Mayor and other party comrades who abused eminent domain in devotion to government knows best could have come along for the photo op. Maybe next time.

By then, not far up Roosevelt there maybe a $1.8 million dollar dry hole to tour as well.

A. Throttlebottom

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HO, HO, Health Care


"We must take control of our health care system – taking power out of the hands of insurance companies and placing it back into the hands of everyday people and their doctors" according to Loebsack.

Santa Dave is coming to town. Government bureaucrats are everyday people too. If you disagree, tell Dave. Remember, April 15th is when your premium comes due.

About To Get It

Suppose the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards will show up with his six-gun in his boot, ready to ward off the mob?


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Pelosi's Air Force of Congress


But apparently Congress is not philosophically adverse to private air travel: At the end of July, the House approved nearly $200 million for the Air Force to buy three elite Gulfstream jets for ferrying top government officials and Members of Congress.

Commercial air service to Burlington withers. That may not be a problem for our Congressman. Grab ride on a Gulfstream.

Madame of the Congressional House of Ill Repute, the Parisian Prostitute Nancy Pelosi, is spending our way to debtors prison. Madame Pelosi and her allies at least will ride there in style. For the rest of us, wait for the bus.

Red Barron

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05 August

Scott's Behavior Was Imbecilic


I seldom watch the council meeting on TV but I did Monday night. Tim Scott acted in the most unprofessional manner I have ever seen for an elected official. If Scott represents how this council feels about people speaking their opinion, the whole bunch needs to be shown the door.

Scott's behavior was imbecilic. As for his skills to understand the casino deal, and that's what it is, he doesn't comprehend the ramifications of the issues; just like Manor Mall.


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Our School Teacher Councilmen


You want to know why we have lowest graduation rate in Iowa? Look no further than the city council. Murray and Davidson clearly illustrate why the kids don't have a chance.

Murray leans back in his big chair and tells us how smart he thinks he is only to find out he didn't read his reader pack of information. Most everytime he opens his mouth, crap flies out. If it isn't crap it's a back slappin' good time.

Davidson meanwhile, is so scared of speaking with Winegard in the room, he tries the back door approach looking for an apology for a remark Leon Shahan supposedly made at a prior meeting. When Shahan denied making the remark, Davidson curled up in a little ball of disbelief of action like he was chastising the school liar.

As far as I'm concerned, these two need to sit up in their chairs and stop acting like they know it all. Because they sure don't exhibit any intellectual skills, common sense or manners.

BTW- Shahan did not accuse Davidson of having a conflict of interest. Lost Keys Bill Ell was/is the investor in Catfish Bend. That's a story we are going to air.

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Scott Conflicted With Impotence In Office


It looked like Garry Thomas was the professional one. Not by his vote, but by his behavior. He apologized to the citizen for the way he was treated.

Tim Scott has done this before when there are important people in the audience. He was grandstanding and it is very unprofessional. I don't know if what Shahan said was all wrong. They did get tax abatements and money for the water park. What proof does Tim Scott want? I think Tim has been in there long enough and we need fresh new faces, fresh ideas and some changes. He says he may run again.

I don't know about his new manufacturing business in front of the airport. They were talking about this at a downtown watering hole. It is a manufacturing and retail business according to Scott's comments on the radio.

Any other business such as this, especially on Summer St. where there is commercial and new residential, it MAY have to go through planning and zoning and meet certain criteria. I doubt if he had to follow the same rules as everybody else. Did other businesses get an opportunity to rent that facility? Was it advertised by the City as rented space available? It should have been if they followed their procedures.

How did they determine the rent price? Are utilities included? Does he have property liability insurance? If so, how much? Or, all the above ignored because you are a council member and you vote on promotions, pay raises, etc. Conflict of interest? Maybe, maybe not, if done properly. Just do it right.

Burlington Tax Payer

Garry Thomas was the only person not infatuated with Winegard being in the audience Monday night. The rest of them were looked like those slobberin' St. Bernanrds they are. It's sickening. A dog can't help it. The council lap dogs can.

As for Scott, regardless of some opinion that Scott showed the type of leadership needed by the council, I say if this is the type of leadership we need in Burlington, I say good riddance to Scott's term in office.

Anytime a belligerent, loud mouth bully politician becomes so enamored with his skills as to admit on the radio that he shuts his brain off when he comes to the council meetings needs to go back to the picnic table.


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Desperately Seeking Dave


Congress is in recess. Those who have saddled us with over a trillion in debt and the promise of soviet style health care have some explaining to do. As a dutiful disciple of Madame Pelosi, where is our congressman?

From all the Youtube postings of time with the folks back "home," a meeting with Congressman Loebsack could become as entertaining as Burlington's City Council issuing $1.8 million for ten years interest free.

Too bad cash for clunkers has collapsed. $4,000 a head to bone yard four Burlington City Council members would be a better investment than they ever made.

If Dave Loebsack dares to appear, I hope somebody brings a video camera. Youtube just keeps getting better every day.


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Sweet A Fair Speech Advocate?


Re: KM

Mike Sweet would be the logical choice to take a group down to Venezuela. Mike could show them all the hot spots along with the out of the way prisons where people are taught to toe the local political mandate or else.

Mike thinks like Chavez and would really love to visit his old stomping grounds down in that neck of the woods. Do they still have free speech down in Venezuela? I know here in Burlington the news is suppressed by the Hawk Eye where drunken driving offspring of police officers are slapped on the wrist with a public intoxication charge and shoveled under the justice system to drive drunk again. The system of justice is tilted in favor of local city employees so that an honest person hasn’t a chance of getting a break; such as the one wrongly given Eric Bell. He was driving drunk and the police let him get away with it, we should all be so lucky to have a daddy on the force.

Burlington does remind one of Venezuela where justice is for some and not for others. We have offspring of city employees getting away with outright drunk driving and no one of authority cares. This says a lot for our police force, justice system and city management all of whom condone unfair police activities. We might just as well live in a third world country because our town is run exactly the same as Chavez would run it.

Burlington is a loser

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Send The Marines


A spokesman for Hale, Randy Christian, said the sheriff told Gov. Bob Riley after the ruling that state assistance may be needed to perform basic law enforcement tasks once the department's current funding is exhausted in early September.

"We will certainly be looking at calling in the National Guard," said Christian.

Spending money you never had has consequences. Birmingham AL is broke. Basic services are broken as a result.

How many casino water parks Birmingham financed is not mentioned, but the principal is the same. Fools spending other peoples money unlike their own claiming to promote the general welfare fosters woe.

There are other examples of creating money to pay off an unrealistic debt resulting in chaos. Germany tried it in the 1920's. Order was eventually restored there with a vengeance. The cost to correct the resulting tyranny was staggering.

Some may think it a good idea to send in the troops. A summary court martial and field execution of the guilty fools would make other fools feel good. The problem is stopping the firing squads once they get started.

Birmingham, Burlington, the nation at large is spending and borrowing its way into dangerous territory.

Manny Marks

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04 August

Being There Would Have Been a Fist Fight With Tim Scott

City Council Meeting Behavior Reached All Time New Low


I hope citizens concerned with what has been proposed for Huck's Hole showed up last night at the City Council meeting. Points raised here need to be expressed to our elected decision makers.

Unless these people know voters will hold them responsible, we will be subjected to more irresponsible spending. A $1.8 million bail out of a bad business decision is something Burlington can ill afford.


If you would have seen these arrogant, belligerent, condescending jackasses on TV you would have no doubts how utterly stupid Scott, Murray, Ell and Davidson all looked. Despicable can't even scratch the surface. None of 'em understand business except Garry Thomas. He at least tried.

We'll get the video up on the web. Then you can see for yourself. That should seal the election deal. If not, we'll keep driving the point home.

I still wonder why no one has the guts to ask that jackass mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell if he is still a shareholder in Catfish Bend. Rumor is he has been down at the Boy Scout Camp. Did anyone do a background check on him? He doesn't scribe to any portion of the Boy Scout Oath or Law I ever uttered.

And someone needs to find out if Tim Scott's space at the airport is zoned for manufacturing and retail sales now that he is building and selling picnic tables outside the crap house.

You want to stir shit, I'll help. You buffoons are an embarrassment to every citizen in Burlington and a disgrace to to the office and the voters silly enough to believe you should be allowed to play with money.


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City Management


Our current and past city management have no business putting the taxpayer into a business situation similar to the RecPlex, Hucks, golf and swimming unless they are managed by a third party that has complete control of the day to day operations with no city employees. City employees are far too expensive to be running a money making business because their salary and benefits far exceed what’s required and a rip off to the taxpayer. This is one of the reasons city business never break even and always loose taxpayer money. The RecPlex losses are approaching $1 million since it opened its doors and now they want to enlarge it, another potential loss for the taxpayer.

The city should start outsourcing all its so called “services” in order to bring down the labor and management cost. Unions are breaking the taxpayer and our current city council has no skill at bargaining other than giving all the union members and management a raise every year.

We could outsource the RecPlex, Hucks (sell our interest now), swimming pool, golf course, waterworks, public works, finance, solid waste and parks and recreation for starters. Small towns in Iowa outsource most of this requirement; so why not a failing city that could save millions in wages and benefits by outsourcing these departments.

The point of diminishing returns has been reached by the taxpayer and it’s time for change and government, a burden, needs to be reduced. We pay more and more and get less and less in return; just what Obama is doing with his sell a wreck package which cost $100 million to manage because of government stupidity and worthless management. Why not just give everyone a tax break for a few months to stimulate the economy? Doing it with cars leaves out most of the population and the rules for the wreck program are something like 13 pages of paper work and I’ve heard a large portion of the car sales are foreign named vehicles, is this true?


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"Fair Speech" Moves Closer by the Day


"Chavez defended the closures, calling them part of the government's effort to democratize the airwaves."

The workers paradise of Venezuela is achieving "fair speech." America under liberals is not far behind.

How would Congressman Loebsack and Senator Harkin vote to democratize our airwaves and internet? We already know where State Senator Courtney stands. Power to the single party, single source media.

Years ago, the Hawk-Eye organized European tours with one of their staff serving as leader. Will the Ad Vertiser soon be sponsoring tours of Venezuela? If so, who will lead the first Ad Vertiser pilgrimage of the proletariat to paradise?


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03 August

Scott's Logic Irrational on Huck's Harbor


Tim Scott's logic behind his position on Huck's Harbor may be his attempt to work with a developer. But the last time the taxpayers "worked" with a developer it was Winegard's friend Muir and it cost us $5.6 million, and counting, with no end in sight.

Winegard has done a lot for this city and Southeast Iowa for many years. It is not about him. It's all about business.

If you owed Winegard Company $1.8 million dollars do you think they would litigate to get their money? Would they accept $1.4 million dollars paid interest free over 10 years to settle the matter?

Hell No!

Would your bank accept 77% of your mortgage paid interest free over 10 years?

Hell No!

Then why should the taxpayers get in this boat?

Fed Up Too

I believe this is one time where the taxpayers could actually have a winnable case to take the entire council down in one fell swoop of the judge's gavel.

You have a bad contract, bad faith, poor contract interpretation by Worden and Slagle, no risk assessment by Worden and Slagle or by the council themselves and the grand daddy of all, abuse of fiduciary duty by everyone involved for more reasons than any good lawyer needs to win a case.

Just say no!


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Council Vote Tonight On Huck’s Harbor

Tonight the Burlington City Council votes on the GRE/Huck’s Harbor bailout. It could go any direction. Only Garry Thomas and Jim Davidson have the spirit to reserve their vote until tonight’s council meeting in order to hear the citizens. Whether it makes a difference remains to be seen.

No word has been received whether or not Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell will attend this meeting. Nor has word been received if Lost Keys is still a stockholder in Catfish Bend/GRE.

Check in on channel 18 tonight to see your council in action. Or inaction as it may ultimately become.

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Matt Maurray - DINO

Political switch hitter councilman Matt Murray was playing Hoke Colburn on Saturday squiring Senator Harkin around town. Harkin and Murray were accompanied by Mini-Me Worden. Imagine Worden breathing down your neck hanging over the car seat, slobberin' like a St Bernard with bad breath.

Do you suppose the subject of Murray being a DINO, Democrat In Name Only, came up in the conversation?

Anyway you cut it, it had to be an illuminating trip.

And where the hell was Lost Keys?


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01 August

Trains Have the Right of Way


Stop, Look & Listen was lovely imagery. It reminded me of the City of Burlington VS. The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad lawsuit.


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