Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

13 June

Beware of a Bad Deal Ad Vertised


The Ad Vertiser is just as guilty as the Drunk ex-Mayor, Slagle, Senator Courtney and the rest for the Eminent Domain Abuse Mall abscess. The Ad Vertiser did the cheer leading while their endorsed team ran down the field the wrong way.

Chalk up 6 million dollars in the hole on the score board.

The Ad Vertiser keeps on stirring the crowd. We want development. We want development.

Yes, unloading the corpse and putting it back on the tax rolls would be wonderful. So would three weeks of 80 degree weather in January.

If the City gave the lot away with a 50 year tax abatement to a retail developer, would the Ad Vertiser tell us it is good thing? It would make more sense than a museum doomed to fail. Drag out the absurd to make any bad for the tax payers, retail development scheme look like salvation.

Read between the lines. The Ad Vertiser is not being altruistic. The Ad Vertiser is undeniably shrinking and therefore increasingly desperate for advertising.

The final solution to the embarrassing vacant lot we bought must be the best possible for all stuck with the bill, not just the Ad Vertiser.


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