Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

15 June

Searching for the Corners of a Round Room


"Troute's idea represents the out-of-box thinking essential to separate his hometown from the dozens of other similarly sized communities across the country. If he's successful, good for him and good for us. After all, as Troute said, who heard of Branson, Mo., 20 years ago?"

You certainly hit a nerve at the Ad Vertiser. A museum on the Manor Mall is too worthy of consideration. Out of the box thinking made the whole museum concept possible.

It was searching for a big box retailer that boxed Burlington into a corner with six million in debt to deal with. Out of the box thinking ignoring the nearby empty retail boxes has separated Burlington from hundreds of other similarly sized communities across the county.

Out the box thinking has certainly gained Burlington attention. Yes, come to Burlington. See what local leaders thinking out of the box did to make the national news wires. It goes beyond a vacant lot. See the busy railroad shops, etc. etc.

There is a difference between thinking out of the box and being off of your medication. If such out of the box thinking keeps up for another 20 years, will there be anything left in Burlington to take note of at all?


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Is It A Crime Wave Now When Paperboys Are Robbed?


We now have people of unknown races robbing newspaper carriers in the wee
hours of the morning because Tapp and other local stooges have loosed
criminals upon us under the guise of "workers".

Our police chief tells us crime is not up but I for one would beg to differ
with his play on the stats. The Burlington crime rate is above the national
average by a considerable margin.

In my opinion our Burlington crime wave should be about 40 miles further
north of our fair city but through deceit and greed it's been dumped in our
laps, want it or not. How could Muscatine have been so knowing and
Burlington so totally unknowing?

Maybe some Iowa natives would have gone to Tyson provided they had
government subsidized busing like the newcomers got or does this arrangement
go much deeper than the bus fares? Did it have anything to do with all the
empty rental houses rotting away or the need for liberal voters here in

One thing we can bank on is the average citizen will never know what evil
forces are at work destroying our city through their greed and ignorance.

Ready to Leave

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Manor Decay


Driving past the Manor yesterday I couldn't help but notice the un-kept and
blighted condition of the lawn, the appearance of which is worse than it
ever was when people lived there.

How could we possible have the money to destroy people's lives but not
enough to keep the lawn cut?

Let's see, there were people living there paying taxes and cutting the grass
before the city dimwits tore everything down leaving us with a black hole of
nothing. The Manor is now just a plot of land taking up space and producing
no taxes or anything else of value, what a deal.

The Manor and Tyson both go to show how Burlington is run by boneheads and
losers incapable of making intelligent decisions but very capable of wasting
taxpayer dollars on dreams of grandeur.


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Calling All "Cat" Skinners


"Dozens of US cities may have entire neighbourhoods bulldozed as part of drastic "shrink to survive" proposals being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline."

This is the first sensible thing out of Washington in a long time. At last our President is talking realistically about dealing with the long term effects socialism.

This sounds like some ideas floated here. Downtown Burlington can be restored to its natural state, or at least a corn field. As another benefit, there will no longer be cause to import hoodlums to "Grow Greater Burlington."

Once you doze out the decay, will there be enough left to make New Mediapolis South and New Wever North?

The Manor is gone. When it comes to decay, why stop there? Fire up a fleet of D-9 Caterpillars and start pushing everything into the river.

Like all the junk cars littering its backyards, Burlington may have reached the point where melting down starting anew is the only option.


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