Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

19 June

City Attorney Bills Disgusting Example of No Leadership


Your readers that responded about the City of Burlington Attorney fees are correct. They should be itemized. Anything less is just very poor business.

Power could tack on a few thousand dollars and bill the City and they would pay it. If Worden or any council member took their car in to get repairs and they got a $5,000 bill, would they ask for it to be itemized. Sure they would.

This is a reflection of a city council that is lacking leadership. They let the staff and management run over them with little resistance. I'm disappointed in Tim Scott too. He doesn't run his business like this. A couple years ago, Tim stated that he was going to insist on itemized billing. He did not do his job either if he let this go.

The comment about, "Why should I care what Powers bills us". That is exactly why the railroad lawsuit estimate of $50,000-$60,000 turned into $300,000.

This type of city management over the years is exactly why we do not have the funds to fix our crumbling streets and no long range planning by Knoke or the council to repair or replace Cascade bridge. Knoke's attitude should have never been tolerated. That's the council's fault.

And The Hawkeye has been way to soft. They can do better.


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Scott & Thomas Billing Procedures


It's real simple.

Would Garry Thomas or Tim Scott tell a customer they can't have an itemized accounting on an invoice?

If Tim added a garbage disposal to a toilet repair job would his customer not want to pay for it if they only wanted the toilet fixed?

See? It's really that simple for these two people to understand.

Now the rest of the council, none of them including the business teacher, have ever had a real job so there is no need to try to explain.


You're right. A 3-2 vote, if it were ever to be taken would be a loser. Skate Power would still go free.


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Doug Worden Has Last Word


City mis-manager Doug Worden has spoken. Scott Power read his version of the Iowa Code and now, Worden must jump.

Worden did. This issue is over. Without input from his little rubber stampers.


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Lawyer Bills Paid With Free Money - It's OK!


TO should realize the city management is stupid and could care less about itemized bills because its only taxpayer money. Why the hell would any of those loons give a damn? This town is run like a sinking ship with only city management and fools aboard.

We live in a loser town and until the voters learn how to vote were stuck with what weve got which is nothing.


Free Money. I forgot.


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The Last Train to Mudville


Pressure is mounting for rail passenger service across Central Iowa. Advocates are pushing the proper political buttons with the appropriate dog and pony shows of public support.

It won't be long. Wave good-bye to Amtrak serving Burlington.


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Impaired Thought Processes Promote Honesty


"Does this guy ever think before he opens his mouth?"

RW made an excellent point about City Manager Worden. Worden's lack of thought does have one virtue. Worden is truthful.

Worden should have learned from he who went to Minnesota before him. Think something over before opening your mouth and lie.


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Pack Up Your Troubles On an SEIRPC Bus


"A startling number of children are falling through the cracks at one Chicago Public School. More than half of the kids didn't even pass the eighth grade."

60% of the eighth grade students at a South Chicago school flunked. There is an answer to this problem; Burlington.

Myra Bradwell Elementary needs to hold a special event for the parent(s) of failing students. A recruiter from Tyson's in Columbus Junction can tell them about the opportunities they offer and the joys of living in Burlington.

Burlington High School will probably not need to deal with failing students for long. With the highest drop out rate in the state, what difference a few bus loads more.

Crime wave; what crime wave?


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Burger King Lot on a Boat


"Yes, there were big people on the Aurora. However, it would never occur to anyone of us to throw a party on board the ship, to jump overboard and so forth. Its very painful that the Aurora has become a floating bar, the former captain complained."

Public officials drunk, disorderly, disrespectful of the heritage they represent and they go unpunished.

St. Petersburg on the Neva, or Burlington on the Mississippi, single party dictatorships share may similarities.


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