Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 January

Back For Another Limited Engagement

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29 January

Tapp, Tapp - Who's There?


Q: Why didn't the drug pusher cross the road?
A: Tapp gave him a bus ride.

Q: Whatever happened to Cabrini Green?
A: Tapp is rebuilding it in Burlington.

Q: Why didn't Tapp become a park ranger at the Grand Canyon?
A: Tapp can't stand being near anything he can't close and cover up.

Q: Why do Mayor Ell and City Manager Worden want to sell Tapp City Hall?
A: So the rats and roaches won't need to move.

So It Goes

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Brian Tapp Knows It All – ‘That’s Why We Regularly Violate The Iowa Law’

The Room Was Filled With Tapp’s Criminal Co-Defendants

“When questioned about the closed session, Brian Tapp, SEIRPC executive director, responded: "I think enough of us around the table have been experienced with this (closed sessions), so we know what we can and what we can't do."

It should come as no surprise that Nit Wit BrianTapp and his board of criminal directors are running around out of control as they have so many times before. This time, Tapp’s buddy wanted more earnest money to secure his tickets to the Super Bowl.

Illegal closed session meetings involving Tapp, Lost Keys Bill Ell, Kommandant Trousil should come as no surprise to anyone. This isn’t the first time for any of these criminals nor will it be the last. They do whatever they want whenever they want to do it without any regard.

All someone has to do to stop this madness is sue Tapp and regional planning. It’s easy pickins.

The rest of Iowa marches to a different drum. Tapp and the rest of these jackasses march around like little kids in the sandbox.

That statement was a mischaracterization. Sorry.

They are little kids playing in the sandbox with poopy diapers not realizing their diapers are poopy and not caring that their diapers are poopy. It just feels good to ‘em.


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Taxpayers pay $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze'

Total Bill For The Parisian Prostitute for 2 Years - $2.1 Million for in-Flight Expenses

"It reads like a dream order for some wild frat party: Maker's Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey's Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey … and Corona beer.

But that single receipt makes up just part of the more than $101,000 taxpayers paid for "in-flight services" – including food and liquor, for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trips on Air Force jets over the last two years. That's almost $1,000 per week.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch, which investigates and prosecutes government
corruption, show that the Pelosi incurred expenses of some $2.1 million for her use of Air Force jets for travel over that time."

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Government Unions Killing Economy


Here’s another problem that makes living in Burlington as a non-government employee a losing proposition.

In Burlington as in other cities across the nation government unions have taken over the landscape making them the largest block of union members in the country. Private sector unions are down to 7.4 million member’s nation wide while government unions, like a cancer have spread until they now account for 37.4 percent of all government employees.

So, when Burlington has a vote for something the unions want they can just vote it in because Burlington has a low private sector voter IQ coupled with a large entitlement population reinforced by a large government union membership. We have the teachers unions, city unions, fire and police unions, county unions and on and on and on. These unions mean only one thing and that’s their dedication to lining their own pockets at the expense of the people they supposedly work for. Unions must be thrown out of the government sector before anything will improve for the taxpayer.

On top of the unions we have 60 percent of the population paying all the taxes so the other 40 percent can have a life without any value added by them or their offspring.

Just look at the school lunch programs here in Burlington where it can be over 50% of the children getting free or subsidized meals. This shows just how poor a city is when the population can’t even feed itself or the money goes for drugs and partying rather than life’s necessities. Look at the school dropout rate or failure to graduate rate, it’s just disgraceful and goes to show how our tax dollars are wasted here in Burlington.

We have public employees messing up constantly and then getting raises and free benefits year after year. Des Moines County and Burlington government employees are irresponsible, unaccountable and nothing more than wards of the taxpayer. We have double dipping by retired city employees, county employees and state employees all of which take jobs away from those who need them.

What the unions did to the auto industry is being duplicated by government employees who are ruining the lives of all non-union employees through their excessive pay, unaccountability and privileged life styles.

Government unions are just as devastating to the private sector employee as the plague was back in the mid 1300’s. Remember government unions are a cancer eating away at our paychecks. Government is basically a non-value added entity unlike private sector employment that adds value to its labors.

It is sickening how much our city pays for its inadequate city management and no one on the counsel or anywhere else in city government is accountable or responsible. We have losers running our city, county, and state. The education system is also a mess and out of control. Most of these management positions could be outsourced, an option that would raise the standards from what they currently are.


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IAM Union Cost Boeing $3.5 Billion In Strike Costs


That was a great Boeing ad. The taxpayers need to tell their congressmen to endorse Boeing for the tanker contract. No excuses.

Boeing is the United States largest exporter. Last year the IAM cost Boeing $3.5 BILLION dollars in lost sales with their strike. I'll bet not one of those knot heads have a clue how many airplanes Boeing has to sell to make up for those lost sales.

Thanks for a place to air my opinion.


The IAM doesn't care how much they cost Boeing.


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Culver Loebsack Express Derailed


"Iowa officials have been turned down in their bid to obtain federal money to help establish two passenger trains operating daily between Chicago and eastern Iowa, the White House confirmed late Wednesday."

It looks like the Zephyr through Burlington is safe, for now. Don't get comfortable. These voter buyers will be back and as usual, Burlington will be moved to the back of the bus.

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USAir 1549 'Miracle In the Hudson' Flight Simulation

Click Here for a full screen. HD also available.

For a different perspective of the behind the scenes activity, Click Here.

Also, the simulation creator's website.
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Logic & Math - Obama Doesn't Add Up Either Way

Obama's Lobbyists Admission Refused

Obama's Enemy List: The Big Banks - Really?

Obama's Enemy List Filed With His Staff

Obama's Blue Ribbon Economic Advisors? The All Came From Goldman Sachs!

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28 January

ETL (End of The LIne) Burlington

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Historically Honoring His Ex-Honor


LDV's suggestion of a bronze monument to what Bud Light bestowed upon Burlington bears consideration. Where to put the statue of Burlington's first mayor to resign from office?

Assuming the old depot becomes our new City Hall, put his ex-Honor's statue there. It would be of appropriate historical significance.

Next to the door that served as the direct entrance to what was Grier's Restaurant would be perfect. Grier's was the great post-Gulfport gathering place in its heyday.

If Dougie Worden gets his Lionel accessory City Hall, rent out the old Grier's location for a bar and grill. It would be much more convenient for making the real decisions effecting our future after official City Council meetings are adjourned.

K. C. Jones

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Who Lied? Obama or Alito?

President Wrong on Citizens United Case
posted by [Bradley A. Smith]

"Tonight the president engaged in demogoguery of the worst kind, when he claimed that last week's Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, "open[ed] the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities."

The president's statement is false.

The Court held that 2 U.S.C. Section 441a, which prohibits all corporate political spending, is unconstitutional. Foreign nationals, specifically defined to include foreign corporations, are prohibiting from making "a contribution or donation of money or ather thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State or local election" under 2 U.S.C. Section 441e, which was not at issue in the case. Foreign corporations are also prohibited, under 2 U.S.C. 441e, from making any contribution or donation to any committee of any political party, and they prohibited from making any "expenditure, independent expenditure, or disbursement for an electioneering communication.."

This is either blithering ignorance of the law, or demogoguery of the worst kind."
— Bradley A. Smith is Josiah H. Blackmore II/Shirley M. Nault Designated Professor of Law at Capital University Law School

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$35 Billion Dollars - Boeing or Airbus?

The World ain't no frog pond.

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10th Amendment Grants Power to States for Healthcare - Not Congress

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Play Compare & Contrast Radicals - Progressives or Teabaggers?

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Satan ICA Steve Scheffler Gonna Bust a Move to Jail?

Can we see a pattern here?


"Republican National Committeeman Steve Scheffler was shockingly not elected as a delegate to the next convention by his own caucus. I’m not sure what that means. Was it a logistical oversight? Was it something else? Scheffler has been one of the better grassroots organizers in Iowa politics for years, which is how he won his National Committeman seat last year in the first place. One little birdie guessed that “Scheffler is probably caught between Branstad/establishment people that don’t like him because he’s not their guy and conservatives who think he doesn’t stand up for them enough.” I contacted Scheffler for comment but he didn’t respond."

Do those who know him best like him least?


After reading the Des Moines Police reports it seems odd that there are so many similarities to the burglary at West Hill Methodist Church. I wonder if the same gang has moved on to Des Moines? Or are the laundry technicians feeling FEC heat from their overtaxed washing machine?

I wonder what would happen if you offered a $5000 no questions asked reward for the return of all these missing hard drives? How much fun could you have then?

I think it is the same gang.


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MSNBC's Chris Matthews - 'He's Post Racial... I Forgot He Was Black’

"I was trying to think about who he was tonight. It's interesting: he is post-racial, by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he's gone a long way to become a leader of this country, and past so much history, in just a year or two. I mean, it's something we don't even think about."

In his zeal to boost the Obama pedestal higher, MSNBC's Chris Matthews popped a cork of stupid remarks; "He's post racial, I forgot he was Black, tribal, ethnicity."

What's wrong with him? Has he been drinking from Rachel Maddow's glass of Kool-Aid?

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27 January

The most eagerly awaited tablet since Moses delivered the Ten Commandments

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Statue of Limitations


"Barack Obama has yet to make a significant contribution to the Indonesian nation. We could say Obama only ate and s (expletive) in Menteng. He spent his subsequent days living as an American," the web page says.

"For the dignity of a sovereign nation, Barack Obama's monument in Menteng Park must be removed immediately."

Will our fair city ever erect such a monument to Burlington's first mayor to resign from office?


Where would we put a monument honoring the drunk ex-mayor? All the property around Burger King is private property.

I guess we could put it down around Manor Mall. But it would look so small and lonely in all that empty space.

Maybe the city could carve a niche in the limestone bluff north of the bridge exit and light it only at night as a beacon to those headed home from Gulfport.

Send us your ideas. Please refrain from the obvious rectal insertion designs.


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Less Than A Month - Murray Drifting Back To Reality

Worden's Mimics Slagle "Time Is Of The Essence" Here It Comes Again

City Has Solid 100% Failure Record for "Time Is of The Essence" Projects

"They need to know if we're going ahead with this move or not. They can't wait long because they're in the 11th hour of their deal right now," Worden said. "We need to get this moving now if you're serious about this."

......Murray argued the council should not be "backed into a corner because of regional planning's timetable."

He added: "I'm glad we're thinking outside of the box, but we have a lot of projects on the table. I'm all for renovating the depot. Right now, I'd say I'm not in favor of moving City Hall into the depot."

Less than 30 days after leaving office as Burlington's mayor pro-tem, it appears Junior Murray has realized that drinking from the Worden cup is like drinking from the Crooked Bruce Slagle cup of lies and deceit.

Worden's push to do the depot move is indicative of every other failed project he and his mentor Bruce Slagle ever tried to jam down out throats; abject failure.

While Murray may still drink enough Worden Bobble Head Elixir, we can hope he sees his way with 2 other councilmen to squash this boat ride.

Brian Tapp wouldn't move to the depot because of high tide.

Why the hell would the city move out of perfectly good building, sized proportionately for our declining population, into the depot?

Unless Tapp needed a way out and could suck more of his existence in writing bad grants for flood protection into his retirement years.


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Vander Plaats, Reed & others to bolt Independent after the primary?

Spike -

Here's a story for The Hackeye to investigate, since they like bashing the GOP so much. Word on the street at the LUV event in Des Moines last week was that there may be a package deal if the chosen ones of the GOP religious right don't get elected.

Vander Plaats, Chris Reed in the 2nd District congress race, possibly ones from the 1st and 3rd races (forget the names), and some state candidates might all go in together as an Independent ticket. I know BVP didn't rule out a third party run when he was interviewed recently. We know that notables associated with the Iowa Family Policy group that endorsed him at the LUV gathering have loudly said they won't support Branstad if he wins.

I know Reed was at that event for sure, don't know about the others. Makes me wonder if there was a meeting after the meeting where some contingency plan was formed. I also wonder if Reed supported Brent Oleson's loyalty pledge at the Linn county caucus that's all over the blogs. That may be a tip off to whether he's in or not.

- Publius

I don't understand. Satan Steve Scheffler lied to us? He clearly stated a candidate could miss 3 of Satan's platform items and still receive the ICA endorsement.

You gotta watch for Satan no matter where you go.

Even in the local laundromat.


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New School Boondoggle


I cannot believe the audacity of the school board to rob and rape the taxpayer for another new school. This time the waste will be located over on Mason Road which will mean every main street in Burlington will have a school slowing down traffic to 20 mph along with having to bus most students back and forth to the schools.

We have a city dying on the vine along with a dwindling school enrollment coupled with a third world rated school district that manages to graduate around 70% of the students per year, basically the worst in the State of Iowa.

Burlington has an industrial base that’s all but vanished and now finds itself playing the role of a surrogate to Columbus Junction by burdening Burlington taxpayers with the drugs, crime, destroyed neighborhoods and third world schools all shoved down our throats for the Tyson plant and the egos of tax supported dimwits festering here in Burlington.

These are people that would sell their souls to have their egos stamped onto a plaque that represents failure. All the new schools in the world will not make one student here in Burlington any smarter than had they been in the old schools. Burlington could have afforded the best teachers in the world for what they’ve wasted on the schools and the library that was to be a boon for attracting new jobs to Burlington. Just where are the damn jobs? All that’s been attracted to Burlington are problems while the jobs have gone about 65 miles north of town.

To add insult to injury the taxpayer subsidizes the bus fares for getting these new citizens up to Columbus Junction. I would like to know, with the exception of Burlington’s slum lords who has benefited from our new citizens and our servitude to Columbus Junction?

Also, it looks like SEIRPC will be moving out to West Burlington and making another taxable building nontaxable further burdening the taxpayers in our area.

The people of Burlington allow this subpar management of our city through electing and appointing greedy and dimwitted people to public office over and over again.


The school board is going to throw money at the Oak Street problem. Maybe they should have thrown the money at Oak Street before they decided to have their names inscribed on a piece of granite demonstrating their incompetent stupidity for generations to come.


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The Battle? Democrats & Republicans vs. the Progressives

"As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts"

Who Said It?

Government Is Not The Answer

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Contrast & Compare - Chavez vs. Obama

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Trip Home From Menard's - Russian Style

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26 January

Burlington City Bloated & Inept All The Way Around


People that take up space at city hall and the other buildings belonging to the taxpayer in Burlington are grossly over paid for the accountability and responsibility they accept as theirs.

They earn their money for just showing up since there’s little to no accountability or responsibility with their positions. Their yearly raises are based solely on longevity and nothing else.

These city employees are wards of the taxpayer and will be until the single party system ends in Burlington and Des Moines County. The taxpayer carries them through their entire working life because they, in most cases are incapable of the accountability and responsibility associated with private sector employment; so they seek out government jobs where only time on the job counts for anything, namely raises and benefits with performance totally excluded.

Had the Cascade Bridge been the property of a private firm heads would have rolled since it was just left to rot by city management.

If we lived in a real town our streets wouldn’t be mirror images of corduroy roads of the 1800’s.

There would also be new homes in the Manor or some business would have been in there years ago. A classic example of the substandard city management we have in Burlington.

The railroad shops and the law suit are classic examples of our substandard worthless city government. No accountability from anyone is what we the taxpayer has gotten from this lamebrain loser of a government.

We have a city attorney that sends in un-itemized charges to the city written on a pad of paper rather than an itemized accounting of what the charges are for. If the city attorney does it we should all be able to request payment in a similar fashion for services rendered.

Our city counsel is a disaster, totally incapable of leading a group of misfits such as our local city management. Very similar to the county where just showing up for work is grounds for a yearly raise. Of course when you have three supervisors ripping off the taxpayer for part time work what can one expect? Losers beget losers, right?

GH was absolutely correct about the pay our city management steals from the taxpayer here in Burlington.

Just remember there are several causes for Burlington’s infrastructure deterioration and government worthlessness:

1. Union mentality
2. One party system
3. Poor voter turnout
4. Voter inability to distinguish between a good candidate and a bad one
5. City managements accountability, responsibility, honesty coupled with their self generated greed
6. Extremely poor city government decision making processes and planning
7. Canned codes that are seldom enforced otherwise all the dumpy houses would be repaired or gone
8. If the fire chief can’t make people number their homes he should be fired
9. How can no one in the city remember where the lights from the Manor ball park went? Again, no responsibility or accountability by city employees
10. A newspaper that just goes the easy route of never reporting any of the misdeeds of local government let alone the constant failures. Our mouse of a paper isn’t even good enough to wrap fish in anymore.

These are just a sampling of some reasons Burlington is setting itself up to be the next East Saint Louis type of town.

Totally Disgusted

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Start With Heland


Adding to the Burlington city employee salary breakdown, here's the county breakdown.

(48) County employees $40,000 - $50,000
(35) $50,000 - $60,000
(16) $60,000 and up

And all these jobs include full benefits. Where else can you find that, especially in the public sector? I never got a 5% raise and I co-pay my health plan that doesn't include a massage and fuzzy slippers to run the hallways.

Heland and the rest of the spineless supervisors are scared to death of the unions and the union vote instead of doing what's right for the taxpayer. Cahill was squawking about not needing the county insurance plan. He said he was going to return the money to the general fund. Instead he collects the money and rolls it into his own retirement plan.

We need to start with Yakity-Yak, You Need Taxed Heland and boot his ass all the way back to Jefferson Street. There's a reason SCC found someone to run him out of his Board job.

Had Enough

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Taxanne Heland - Votes to Ruin


Menage a trios, Taxanne Conlin, Heland and Junkins. Only the taxpayers get squeezed.


If you think this year's 17% pop was a fly ball, wait until next year.

It's gonna hurt. Heland's reckless, unbridled spending from his first day in office with that Nit Wit Emeritus Hoschek is catching up.


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Double Dippers Steal City & County Jobs


Articles in the Register and The Hawkeye about government employees retiring and then returning to earn a pay check. They are double dipping and have been doing it for years.

They retire and then get a another government job. It is going on right now in the County and the City of Burlington.

As the young person was quoted in the article, they are receiving a large pension and then taking jobs from the younger generation. Yes, maybe they do have more experience and they should if they have been employed for 30 years. Give the young person a chance to learn and grow into the job. They need a job just like the retired person with the pension did 30 years ago to raise their families and pay their taxes.


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Parisian Prostitute Pelosi Rightfully Gets Hammered

Snopes verified.

Problem is she is too stupid to know how dumb she really is. Probably the Botox pulled her head so tight her brain ruptured.


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Surprise! No Bid Barry!!

Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor

"Despite President Obama's long history of criticizing the Bush administration for "sweetheart deals" with favored contractors, the Obama administration this month awarded a $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan to a company owned by a Democratic campaign contributor without entertaining competitive bids, Fox News has learned.

The contract, awarded on Jan. 4 to Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc., a Washington-based firm owned by economist and Democratic donor Vincent V. Checchi, will pay the firm $24,673,427 to provide "rule of law stabilization services" in war-torn Afghanistan."

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One More Day

What will the new Apple Mac Tablet look like and how will it change what we do?

One more day.

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25 January

Fore Our City


The Three Stooges in Three Little Beers is an eerily clairvoyant documentary on Burlington's current city government.

City Manger Curly Worden, Mayor Moe Ell and Head Handyman Larry Knocke meet amidst towering beer kegs where public policy is made. It is Friday, so a field trip to Flint Hills is in order. The boys deliver a truck load of pertinent issues to the club house and take to the links.

Worden tees off into the trees, but Ell has a better day. Teeing off from Worden's noggin, Ell makes a hole in one. After due deliberation, the boys return downtown and uncap their wisdom with predictable results.

Knoke dives right into an important paving project. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to share credit for maintaining city infrastructure, Ell and Worden follow Knoke's lead - loss after loss after loss and filled with incompetence.

No small wonder there are fewer now residing in Burlington to view this masterpiece than when it was released in 1935.

S. Howard

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Heland - Insightful Incompetence - 'Yakety yak, you need taxed'


"Heland to run for a second term"

The Hawk Eye

Des Moines lawyer Roxanne Conlin, who announced her bid for U.S. Senate in November, will visit southeast Iowa this week as part of her "Fight to Fix It" tour.

The Democrat is one of three vying to challenge 28-year Senate veteran Charles Grassley, a Republican."

The online Ad Vertiser took its time to headline what has been terrifying Des Moines County for several days. Beneath the Heland headline is a story about Roxanne Conlin's second coming like a lamb to slaughter. The irony is hilarious. It is insightful.

Like the unlamented Lowell Junkins of Lee County, Roxanne Conlin ran for Governor against Terry Branstad. Roxanne Conlin's love of taxes earned her the tag "Taxanne Conlin." Like Lowell Junkins, "Taxanne Conlin" was defeated.

Only in Des Moines County could party label get Heland as far as he has. "Yakety yak, you need taxed," keeps repeating out of Heland's trap. That skip in the groove will get Heland removed.

It is obvious Heland learned nothing more at Southeastern than to weld metal. Voters last Fall tossed Heland off the Community College Board. Facing an election to hold his County Board seat in November, Heland repeatedly keeps advertising his ignorance.

Heland has one thing going for him. Nobody else has entered the race. At the rate Heland is going, a contestant is all it should take to give him something in common with "Taxanne Conlin." Please, please, will somebody who can balance a public account by other than writing new taxes in the deposit column come forward.

If that happens, the Ad Vertiser will for once no longer be reporting Iowa's Oldest News on Paper. The Ad Vertiser will have inadvertently reported the news months in advance.


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23 January

Where Were They Then?

Falcon's reader, as I am sure many others, asked the same question as I.

Where was Hollywood when the lights went out in New Orleans?

And the follow-up question?

Why hasn't the Great O fixed New Orleans and earn his Nobel instead of driving the 747 to Copenhagen for a party down weekend?


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22 January

Burlington Employee Wages Outta Control


The Hawkeye published the City of Burlington 2009 wages in Thursday's paper. How many times have we heard that the public sector does not earn enough? I don't think that is true anymore although they usually get at least a 3% pay increase every year. The more they make, the 3% adds up to more of a raise each year. A few years back, very few made over $50,000.

There are now 73 City employees that were paid over $50,000 plus benefits.

There were 93 City employees paid between $40,000-$50,000. That is 166 very well paying jobs. Now, add in their fully paid health insurance, large pensions that grow each year with the pay raises and these are much better jobs than are available in the private sector. We will see tax increases to pay for this. Seriously, how much more do they need and expect us to fork over for their needs? We can't afford to have this many employees at this pay scale.

The wages for Police Chief, Fire Chief, Public works director for a City of 25,000 is getting out of hand. We don't need to pay a fire chief $77,000 in a town this size and $25,000-$30,000. more than a fireman. You can promote up a fireman for $5,000-$10,000 more and fill the position. We have had terrible streets in this town for the last 10 years because we could not afford to fix them, but they can find the money to pay Knoke $89,000 a year while our Cascade bridge is boarded up. Does this even make sense? We know where the priorities are. In this difficult and challenging economy, nothing changes for the local government employee, which puts more financial burden on the private sector businesses and local families. Some families have lost their jobs. Does anybody even care. As long as they are getting theirs?

What is wrong with our City council's? Are they stupid are just gutless. They just talked about going Green at the last council meeting, and then in the next segment they approve another large Ford SUV for the police dept. that probably gets 9-10 MPG in town up and down the hills for 12 hours a shift. Why would we approve more of these? You would think the Police Chief would wise up some too. Other Cities have gone to smaller vehicles and cut their fuel bill in half. If it were a private business, they wouldn't use large SUV's to drive around all day. Taxpayers footing the bill, it's a different deal. The Chief claims they need the large vehicle, but it is because they don't like change, but other Cities are buying the smaller and more efficient cars and they are working well. It comes down to management!

Thank you for this forum to vent


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The High Priced Horror of Heland

Heland says We're Making Money - $1874 for $1000


GFH set me to thinking about the Heland problem. I did a little web research. I entered some figures on a web compound interest calculator.

17% is the figure our county taxes raised this year thanks largely to Heland. Let us assume Heland will raise the taxes we pay 17% more than we paid the previous year for four years.

Starting with $1,000 and compounding at 17% for four years, the horrifying result was $1, 873.89. Can we really afford another term of Supervisor Heland?

Heland openly admits his love of raising our taxes. Will somebody with a sense of fiscal responsibility please take out papers and run against Heland.

What political party they do so with is not the real issue. The issue is bringing this horror to an end.


The way Heland sees it is like a revenue stream for him to play in. Probably very similar to the way he manages his insurance investment business; poorly. If he had his business under control there would be no reason to squat off(on) the taxpayers.

As they say, if you're getting your investment advice from someone that has a product to sell, you'll never make any money; and insurance men selling insurance company investments are the lowest rung of that totem pole. And the consumer pays for that incompetence.


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Cutting the Middleman Out of Free Speech


"Fans of the First Amendment can rejoice. In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today struck down large portions of the abomination known as the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, especially those aspects of the law that imposed restrictions on corporate spending on political issues."

Outfits like Moveon.org, the Iowa Christian Alliance, etc. etc. etc. have profited from McCain-Feingold. These 501(c)4 corporations have been a handy way to hide where the money was coming from to sway public opinion and policy. It is not just businesses that use their services.

Could this Supreme Court decision be bad for the 501(c)4 business?


Now they won't need any Tide or Cheer.


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What Can You Buy for $1.9 Trillion Dollars?

Obama Totally Out Of touch

Obama Says Bush Caused Republican Victory in Massachusetts Senate

Still think Obama isn't totally out of touch?

Obama says the Massachusetts voters elected Brown was George Bush's fault.

Maybe Mike Sweet can explain that to us.

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21 January

Local Government a Reflection of Incompetent Union Bosses


I’m convinced that if these stupid voters elect that Heland again there is no hope for this town or county in the future. I use to think voters in Massachusetts were dumb but I guess they proved they weren’t yesterday. I spent 18 months working out there and just hated their liberal tax happy crooked government.

I really think it’s the union ties that have ruined Burlington and Des Moines County. The voters think if a person running was a union member then he or she is the one to elect regardless of their views about the issues.

I do know if I were younger I’d get the hell out of Iowa because it’s basically becoming similar to Massachusetts.

Would if I Could

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And Heland Reigns Forever and Ever


Heland for another four years, nobody should be singing Hallelujah. We cannot afford Heland's historical pattern of pilfering to continue. With taxes being increased 17% each year over four years, what does that compound out to on a $1,000 tax bill?

I went to Oak Street. Please do the math.

Will anybody find a solution to our Heland problem?


Test the experiment.

The county budget is out of whack. Next year it is going to the first of several years of repeated bad news.

Do the taxpayers want an incompetent insurance man with a gambling problem that can't tie his shoes to make sound financial plans to cut costs and get the budget under control?

Run those odds.


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Brag Loudly and Carry a Match Stick


As long as local Republicans are nothing but straw men, Heland can talk like a big man.

Heland ain't got nuthin' to worry about.


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Chamber Legends Plan New Deal


I read something in the paper about the Chamber setting a goal to raise a couple million $$ and add $40 million dollars to the payroll in Burlington.

I want to know who is going to donate to that lunacy?

If they ever did raise that kind of money all Hinkle would do is add more staff members and take more trips. Speaking of trips your sure don't see the Chamber telling any stories about where they go on these trips and how much success they have.

Why is that?


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Informed People Can Be Trusted WIth Their Own Government

"Wherever The People Are Informed They Can Be Trusted With Their Own Government"
-Thomas Jefferson

Left With The Dictators, Revolutionaries and Criminals or Center Right with the Majority - Where Are You?

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20 January

You Say You Want to Stop a Revolting Revolution

Follow Jefferson to County GOP Caucus

"And if you go carryin' Pictures of Chairman Mao Ya ain't Gonna Make it with anyone anyhow"
- Lennon


A popular English political philosopher of the 1960s issued a warning. Those seeking positive change should take note. Zealotry lacking mass appeal equals zero. Waving pictures of an abortion aftermath and demanding sodomites be burned at the stake will turn your cause into a pillar of salt.

Scott Brown's Senate victory in the People's Republic of Massachusetts was a political earthquake. Obama's Socialist Revolution is being rejected. Social issues were not Scott Brown's banner. Socialism was the issue. Bring the lesson home.

If you are tired of being taxed into the wilderness, attend your Republican precinct caucus this coming Saturday. If you have learned the error of ways, you can change party affiliation at the caucus site. Be aware if you go there.

Zealots of faith confused with cause will be there. They have been trained to keep a low profile. Listen for phrases like, "Our values." Confusion of scripture with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are other warning signs. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin will be spinning in their graves. Follow Jefferson's lead.

You will be electing precinct leaders. Keep these warnings in mind when voting. If you are disgusted enough to get further involved. Go for a precinct leadership position yourself.

Platform issues will be discussed and passed. Be on the look out for any papers put out by the Iowa Christian Alliance. These are the people being investigated for laundering money through the West Hill Methodist Church.

Social issues are legitimate issues for consideration. They are not the only issues. Those who get emotional and cannot handle social issues in a rational manner should be treated with respect. They should not be handed leadership.

The process does not end at your precinct. Seek to be a delegate to the party's County Convention. From the county, put your name in nomination to the District and State Conventions. The same rules for a return to the age of reason apply up the ladder as well.

Socialism's tyrannical taxation and single party non-representation were recently served tea in Boston. If you want the same in Burlington, it is up to you.


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Obama Greatest Representative of Empty Vessel

"It's inherently risky for any charismatic politician to legislate. To act is to choose and to choose is to disappoint the expectations of many who had poured their hopes into the empty vessel -- of which candidate Obama was the greatest representative in recent American political history."
Charles Krauthammer

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Jeff Heland Says "Bring It On"


I heard Jeff Heland announce his run for another 4 years as supervisor on The Drive Show on KCPS 1150 AM Tuesday. Talk about arrogant. When a caller asked about someone else running against him, Heland said, "Bring it on."

Does Heland have any clue how stupid he looks when he says stuff like that?


No. Heland will know that someone brought it on and slapped his ass while they did it. And that is a lot of ass slapping.

After he gets done explaining things to the voters, he will be ready to lose.


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Rethink City Hall & SEIRPC Relocation


I would suggest both of these entities relocate to the Oak Street Middle School Building when it's vacated later this year.

The 60% performance rating that's causing problems for the school district would be an aspiration level for the City and SEIRPC to work towards.


That's a pretty lofty goal considering the incompetent jackasses involved.


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Power Bilks/Bills Another $18,630.05

Iowa's Losingist Lawyer, counsel to everyone without regard for conflict of interest and thief in the taxpayers' pocket, Scott Power, collected another $18,630.05.


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Need a Ride?


On Sunday Obama was nervous about riding in Scott Brown's pickup truck.

I wonder how comfortable he would be today riding around in Scott Brown's pickup truck.


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Obama's Progressive Road to Ruin

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19 January

2½ Men Parallels GOP Loons & Politics In General

On Monday’s TV show 2½ Men, Charlie tries to avoid meeting Chelsea’s apparent homophobic, racist parents in Chicago. As a result of Charlie lying to Chelsea about a Dr.’s appointment for a colonoscopy, Chelsea’s parents show up for a week visit in Malibu.

When Charlie and Alan take Chelsea’s father to the local bar they find out that Chelsea’s father is harboring Broke Back Mountain feelings for Ed, a black submariner that he served with in the navy.

So, it just goes to show you, just when you think all that homophobic, racist, elitist, Christian political mumbo jumbo is going to get you somewhere, you wind up with some other guy’s tongue down your throat while you’re getting the shaft when all you wanted was to be left alone.


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Martha Goes Mad! - Shades of Hoschek, Courtney Heland, Ell, Edwards

Can she win Massachusetts by attacking Catholics and Red Sox greats?

Want to see a genuine out of touch Democratic nut job running for Teddy Kennedy's senate seat?

Look no further!

And she's the Attorney General of Massachusetts.

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Don't Expect Help From Obama


Don’t expect much help from the Obama administration on the economy or any other main issues facing the nation.

Only 8 percent of Obama’s cabinet is from the private sector in other words over 90 percent of his cabinet is made up of people with the majority of prior experiences in the public sector - not private.

No wonder just about everything Obama proposes for us is absolutely ridiculous and destined for failure. When you have a cabinet full of trough feeders with no experience related to working people it’s easy to understand why things are so messed up. Government employees have no concept of how to manage on their own, live within a budget, not waste time, be accountable, responsible, react under pressure and survive outside attachment to the taxpayer’s umbilici cord. These are generally people that could not produce in the private sector and sought out government where there is no accountability required.

Having a government full of trough feeders their entire working lives is very dangerous and doomed to failure. Only 8 percent of the president’s top advisors, according to the report, have any kind of extensive experience working in the private sector-the smallest percentage of any president’s cabinet in the last 108 years.

Research from J.P. Morgan and published at Forbes.com


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Everybody But Bubble Brain Democrats Are Dumb Asses

Today's clip for all to see.

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Liberal Hollywood Demonstrates Stupid Human Remarks

Danny Glover arm in arm with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez at 3:59. Glover is a mess. sounds like Murtaugh drunk.

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Soon To Be East St Louis


Mad as Hell Taxpayer has it right in that not one student will be any smarter than the effort he or she puts into their education regardless of the newness of the schools. We have organizations here in Burlington that could care less that the schools are forced to lower their standards since many of the new comers aren’t really interested in education and can’t read or write.

The main pursuit of these organizations is to gratify the slum lords, Tyson Foods and the organizations themselves. Their like Democrats in that they don’t care about anyone else or the damage done to the community as long as their agenda is obtained and they can line their pockets.

Being the surrogate for Louisa County and Tyson Foods was a mistake SEIRP and the Chamber made to maintain their cash flow despite the damage it’s doing to our community. Instead of 70% taxpayer funded the Chamber should be dropped down to the 25% value where most other Chambers are, why are we robbed at 70% for an organization that does little to nothing for the community? Who or what group of losers set the 70% funding fee we the taxpayers pay the Chamber and what do we get if anything for it?

Burlington is turning into a clone of East St. Louis and within a couple of years we should be calling East St. Louis our sister city.


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18 January

Cut The School Administration Costs for A Start


I talked to two teachers at Oak St. yesterday and asked them why the school wasn't doing very good. I guess we have Dennis Hinkle and Brian Trapp to thank for the low performing students. We have a lot of people that come out of Chicago that are in the local schools here. It's hard to keep discipline in the classroom. And they say superintendent Lee Morrison is no help at all.

The old days or going to school not only would you have been disciplined by the school but you knew what your parents were going to do when you got home. Time out is not working very well. And after what I was told by the teachers I can feel the desperation they must feel.

All the new schools in Burlington have done little with the problem that we have. You can't teach if you have no respect from parent or student. There's too much money spent on administration as usual and not enough in the classroom.

Mad as hell taxpayer

Just think what Assistant Jane's $100,000+ salary would do to begin reconstruction of the school system. For that matter, you could fire Morrison. It's a toss up. Obviously, the plan isn't working.

All these new schools and the taxes to pay for them and the administration can't deliver the goods.

But we sure have great monuments to administrators and school boards that have never done anything in the real world.


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Establishing a Pattern


Oak Street Middle School has been cited for unenviable achievement test scores. There is a study it would be interesting to conduct. It would require certain data be made available to determine if there is a correlation.

The comparison would be ridership on Tapp's welfare coaches within middle school boundaries. An interesting graphic would be school boundaries overlaid with passenger counts at various stops therein.

Would it be possible for the Burlington Community School District and the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission to conduct an objective study?


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Cambridge Police Officers endorse Scott Brown for US Senator

I guess a few beers in the Rose Garden didn't fix Obama's misguided remarks.

All Members,

Members of our Association have inquired and requested that we endorse Scott Brown in the upcoming election against Martha Coakley. Ms. Coakley along with some of her campaign workers have talked publicly about how her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer, giving appearances that she is being endorsed by the Cambridge Police. This may be an innocent insinuation but most do take this as our giving her our support and endorsement. Yesterday, the CPPOA Executive Board voted to endorse State Senator Scott Brown in the upcoming election for US Senate. In an 11 to 2 vote, the Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the endorsement.

We do not endorse anyone who advocates changes in the health care that take away any bargaining rights or increases our cost along with our contributions. Senator Brown does not support the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill and promises to be the 41st vote to ensure its defeat. The current leadership at the state house, as we all know and have seen over the past two years, have an agenda to dismantle all of our hard earned bargained benefits and they will continue to dismantle these until there is a complete change from the top down. Martha Coakley is part of this Massachusetts leadership and she will continue with this agenda, only now it will be at the capital level and we need to stop it.

So today, we the members of the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association endorse Scott Brown for the senate seat vacated by Senator Kennedy.


Stephen Killion
President Cambridge Police

Patrol Officers Association.

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"I'd Cheat to Keep These Bastards Out"

I Guess Ed Would Feel Right At Home in Southeast Iowa

MSNBC's Ed Schultz told radio listeners yesterday he thinks cheating is justified in order to prevent Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts.

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Krauthammer: Massachusetts 'Could Be a Copenhagen III' for Obama

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Labor's $60 Billion Payoff - Unions Exempt to "Cadillac Tax"

A health tax that hits everyone except the Democratic base

"Democrats seem impervious to embarrassment as they buy votes for ObamaCare, but their latest move makes even Nebraska's Ben Nelson look cheap: The 87% of Americans who don't belong to a union will now foot the bill for a $60 billion giveaway to those who do.

The Senate bill was financed in part by a 40% excise tax on high-cost insurance coverage. The White House backs this "Cadillac tax" as one of the few remaining cost-control tokens. But Big Labor abhors the tax because union benefits tend to be far more generous than average, and labor leaders and House Democrats have been throwing a political tantrum for weeks.

So emerging from their backrooms, Democrats have agreed to extend a special exemption from the Cadillac tax to any health plan that is part of a collective-bargaining agreement, plus state and local workers, many of whom are unionized. Everyone else with a higher-end plan will start to be taxed in 2013, but union members will get a free pass until 2018.

Ponder that one for a moment. Two workers who are identical in every respect—wages, job, health plan—will be treated differently by the tax system, based solely on union membership."

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$42 Million Union Embezzlement Hidden From Public

Largest Ever Hidden By Mainstream Media - $7.2 Million to American Express

"LIUNA Local 147 is an elite underground construction unit known as the “Sandhogs.” With roots going back well over 100 years, the heavily Irish-ethnic 1,000-member union represents the workers who dig New York City’s subway, sewer and water tunnels, often at hundreds of feet beneath the ground. It was the sandhogs who did the excavation work for such engineering marvels as the Lincoln, Holland, Queens-Midtown and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnels. Their massive ongoing main project, the Third Water Tunnel, when completed in 2020 at a projected cost of roughly $6 billion, will carry 1.3 billion gallons of water per day for 9 million area residents and ensure that water keeps running should either of the first two tunnels fails. It’s grueling and dangerous work. And the workers are paid well. They also expect to collect their full retirement benefits. But thanks to the alleged actions of Melissa King, there’s a distinct possibility they won’t.

King, 58, a resident of Irvington, N.Y., through her home-based company, King Care LLC, handled all administrative functions for Sandhog benefit funds since 1980, and at an annual official compensation that eventually reached $540,000. That’s pretty lavish even for an international union president. Apparently, it wasn’t lavish enough. Starting in 2002, prosecutors charge, King illegally transferred about $42 million from three union accounts covering pensions, vacation pay and other benefits to accounts she personally controlled. A large portion of it, to put it lightly, was unrelated to union business. Of the alleged thefts, $7.2 million went to pay off American Express bills, more than $3 million to equestrian businesses (apparently she was grooming her daughter for an equestrian career), and $713,500 to a jewelry business. The criminal complaint states she also transferred $500,000 to an E*Trade Securities account without union authorization.

Her arrest details.

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15 January

Heland Excellent Example of A Democrat Brain Out Of Whack


Jeff Heland is a loser put into office by people that haven’t a clue about a person’s character or honesty. The entire state of Iowa is controlled by Democrats leaving the citizens with no visible means of checks and balances that has ended in Iowa’s budget mess.

Democrats have one side of their brains out of whack and can never rid themselves of spend and tax disorder they’ve all been afflicted with. Imagine you have an entire state wide school system failing and their only solution is more money thrown in the hole.

The problem is the school system itself in Iowa from the management right on down to the crossing guards. Our taxes have been so mishandled and wasted it’s a wonder our kids learn anything. Take Burlington as an example, our school board has been throwing good money after bad for years. Building monuments to failure like there is no tomorrow. All these new schools topped off with the worst dropout rate in the state. Our school “leaders” seem to think the way to good school results is through brick and mortar and it has nothing to do with the “3 R’s” that seem to have been misplaced. All these monuments to failure will in no way increase one student score on a local, state or country level.

We basically have two superintendents whose salaries could support better than four new teachers on a yearly basis. We are also paying the salary and benefits for the last superintendent who left the system a few years ago. Just look how generous the school board is with our tax dollars. The previous superintendent will be paid and receive Cadillac benefits until he reaches age 65 whenever that is.

This entire system in Burlington, Des Moines County and the state just reeks of failure. People that work for schools and government should never be allowed to unionize because it’s the worst possible thing that can happen and we’re paying for it now with all these dead head losers getting raises and free benefits for doing nothing but ruining our lives through crazy laws and taxes. Hell, in Iowa we even have judges making laws; so why do we even have a legislature?

Some people will say we need a place for people that can’t make it in the private world to go but government has definitely not been the right place. Just look around, most government programs end up in failure because bureaucrats and dim wits just can’t function when asked to think or solve problems. Don’t forget they get raises based on longevity a truth that explains many of the faults of government.


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Goofball Evangelist Pat Robertson - Haitians Carry VooDoo Curse

Un-Caught Thief Pat Robertson In the Communion Wine Again

"You know, something happened a long time ago in Haiti," Robertson said. "They got together and swore a pact with the devil. They said, 'We will serve you if you get us free from the French.' True story. ... And so, the devil said, 'OK, it's a deal.' And they kicked the French out. ... You know, the Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since, they've been cursed by one thing or another."

You get it. They signed a contract with Satan. They have Vodou over there. And so, the Almighty sent an earthquake.

Surely everyone is offended by such talk, even those of us who don't sign contracts with the Evil One and are so afraid of Vodou that we run out of the room rather than watch reruns of the movies "The Believers" or "The Serpent and the Rainbow."

....Robertson's foolishness once again allows knee-jerk critics of Christianity to use his nonsense to paint countless Christian ministers and priests with the Robertson brush.""

The Haitian response:

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Heland Will Win - Fat Chance


All you Republicans claiming Heland will lose and bashing him haven't got a prayer. Heland will go on working for the working people of this county.

You rant and smear all you want. It won't do any good. Heland is a good man. Democrats know Heland will win again.

The Republicans don't even have anybody to run against Heland. Who would after what they did to that guy who ran for supervisor two years ago. The Republicans run revival meetings and boxing matches. They couldn't carry Des Moines County for Abraham Lincoln.

So what makes you so sure Heland will lose? Heland will be around long after you're gone.

Working Man

Don't call me a Republican, I didn't launder any money to sit by Satan at the Portal of Hell.

As for Heland, his days of unbridled passion in the taxpayers' checkbook is going to come home to crap in his nest.


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No Loss to Ad Vertiser's Carpetbaggin' Kansas Owners


Why is TT upset about the Ad Vertiser's blowing the Siemens story? So what if those Siemens jobs are going to Hutchinson, KS instead of Ft. Madison. It's not like it makes any difference in the end.


The Hutchinson News is owned by the same chain that owns the Ad Vertiser. All the resulting advertising revenue growth will get where it belongs when all is said and done.


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Let's Get Physical


"Bay State Attorney General Martha Coakley blamed GOP “stalkers” today for triggering tensions outside a Washington, D.C., fund-raiser last night where a Weekly Standard reporter said he was roughed up by a Coakley campaign volunteer."

If somebody brings to light some unpleasant facts you want unknown, you threaten and physically attack them. Is that anyway to get elected? It has not worked around here recently.


You been to any Des Moines County GOP events? Massner will arm wrestle you for your check book. He makes the best laundered check in Southeast Iowa.


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Culver and Heland's Heavenly Helpers


“You are not answering to a party. You are not answering to a political machine. You are not answering to people who sit in high buildings downtown and tell you what you ought to think and how you ought to vote. You are answering to God almighty."

"You’ll see an open repudiation of Terry Branstad and, perhaps, hear Carroll’s publicly announcing his own divorce from the Iowa Republican Party. That’s significant because at this time last year Carroll was meeting with Republican leaders, asking them to elect him chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa (he lost that race to current chairman Matt Strawn)."

Who is this guy? Is he mad because his party's National Committeeman could not get him elected to the job he wanted? Did his winning ballots get lost in the laundry?

As far as answering to "God Almighty." would that be in the person Mr. Carroll?


Danny Carroll? He's thumping Bibles now? He can thump that thing like Bugs Bunny. It is isn't gonna help him. Who the hell cares what he has to say.


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14 January

County Property Tax Hike Gutsy - Heland Has A Screw Loose


I agree with surprised. County Supervisor Jeff Heland was heard saying on the radio that it takes guts to raise taxes in a bad economy and that he favored raising taxes.

I think he may have a screw loose. Heland and some other elected officials will blame everything on the State cuts. It is correct that the State cuts do effect the locals, but how can they blame the local spending on the State. That is untruthful.

With the poor economy, Heland and the Supervisors promised pay raises and free health insurance for 4 or 5 consecutive years. The Burlington City Council did the same thing. Now, we will have to tax everybody to pay for this.

There are families hurting and all the local government employees, including Jeff Heland, will get a pay raise and free insurance. Nothing changes for them. The employees that are laid off at GE, Champion, Case, and many other places will have to come up with more money for property taxes to give to the local government employees.

The retired folks on fixed incomes (as Heland calls them) and Jeff is looking out for these folks, will be hurting with property tax increases. Why would the County Supervisors and City Council make these 5 year promises with pay raises in a down economy?

Are they in office only to represent the employees? Are we not people with needs too? They hurt the local economy because everybody will have less money to spend, unless you work in government. I see more boarded up buildings and deteriorating residential and commercial property in the future.

They either are not smart enough to figure this out or they just don't care.

Not Surprised

Heland doesn't care. Keep in mind this is a guy that writes checks to gamble on Thursday thru Sunday only to chase the checks to the bank on Monday to make sure they don't bounce even though they technically and legally, have. And when that doesn't work he strikes out on a road trip to play the float.

People with a gambling problem are like drug addicts, they will do anything especially if they are politicians. These same people have a propensity to touch other people's stuff.

I don't like people touching my stuff.

I really don't like people touching the taxpayer's stuff.


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A Revolving Door of Errors


"A press release on a $3.45 million tax credit awarded to Siemens Energy of Fort Madison for a plant expansion was issued by the office of 2nd District U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, not the Lee County Economic Development Group. The amount of the tax credit was reported incorrectly in a story Tuesday."

Siemen's is not bringing a new production line to Ft. Madison. Congressman Loebsack's press release was one giant error.

The Ad Vertiser did not consider it worth their while to verify a friend's press release. On top of that, the Ad Vertiser writer credited the wrong source of the erroneous report.

It gets better. Jimmy Olson did not write the story. The Ad Vertiser's Managing Editor did - dalison@thehawkeye.com Jimmy Olson would have caught hell over this. Who scolds Jimmy's boss?

Jimmy's boss won't get fired. Can the same be said for Congressman Loebsack's propaganda aide-de-camp?

If Loebsack crucifies the aide to save the Congressman's spot at the trough, the crucified should take heart. A job at the Ad Vertiser probably awaits - jjaeger@thehawkeye.com.

They would not be the first down that path.


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Revolving Door Spinning Faster


Did anybody see Congressman Loebsack's goofy Siemens press release? I checked the Nutty Professor's web site and could not find it. Was that news an Ad Vertiser exclusive?


No exclusive. Ft Madison had their dose of stupid too. We even heard that nitwit Ireland went out and bought a big ribbon to cut.

Not to be outdone It was done twice in Keokuk.


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Utility Board Another Example of Failed Government

Utility Board Joins State, County & City In Failure


We’re so lucky here in Iowa because we have no choice in utilities we use, we have a utility board that works for the utility companies that together rob Iowans on a daily basis. I guess when you have lawyers running the utility board anything goes as long as it’s for the benefit of the utility companies and/or the board itself. Why can’t boards have just normal people on them instead of those that think their crap don’t stink and have a job rating right next to whale dung and congressmen.

Then on top of the Iowa Utility Board we have Obama wanting to throw an additional tax of up to $1500 on us for the purpose of supporting a global warming myth headlined by Al “the phony” Gore who expects to reap in millions at our expense based on facts he obtains from the loons of the science world.

Since Obama has been elected we still have a government “of the people, by special-interest groups, and for special-interest groups.” In the theory of democracy, corrupt and ineffective politicians are thrown out by elections. Yet the fact that more than 90 percent of incumbents who seek reelection to the House of Representatives are re-elected provides a clear warning that all is not well. Almost every congressional district is drawn by the ruling party with computer-driven precision to ensure that a clear majority of Democrats or Republicans reside within its borders. Indeed, it’s not a stretch to say that most voters no longer choose their representatives; instead, representatives choose their voters.

The net effect of all this is that American governmental institutions and processes are now designed to protect special interest rather than public interest. Hence we have the Iowa Utilities Board working for the utility companies and not the people of Iowa.

Between Iowa and the federal government we have no chance of ever having freedoms as known by our parents of just a few years ago. Since the governments have gotten corrupt and greedy our lives are being destroyed.

I guess the governor is going to reward the schools even though Iowa has not one school in the top 100 high schools nation wide (US News and World Report Gold Award). In fact Iowa now ranks around 40th when it comes to high schools and for this we reward the government run school system in Iowa with a raise.

What kind of governor rewards failure? Look at the Burlington School System with the worst drop out rate in the state do our teachers get a raise for this performance?

With the money crisis the Democrats have put on Iowans the government should only pay for the quality education received which in reality would cut the cost a good 50%.

We have a failed government in Des Moines, a failed government in Des Moines County topped off with a failed government in Burlington. Where have all the true leaders gone since its obvious we are being governed by misfits and losers state wide.

There should be a 20% pay decrease for all state, county and city employees along with a reduction in school funding since we aren’t getting anywhere near our monies worth from the government run schools.

Sick of It

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Honey Creek - Iowa's Wrecked Plex


Just like Burlington, The State of Iowa has its very own Wrecked Plex. Honey Creek Resort was another quality of life initiative. Honey Creek was supposed to make living in Iowa such a joy, you would never notice taxation's misery.

Just like Burlington's Wreck Plex, Honey Creek has not performed as promised. Honey Creek is $900,000 in the hole.

Something this stupid begs a question. Did Senator Courtney, Senator Fraise and Representative Cohoon vote to make it happen?


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It Was a Happy Place


"James Cameron's completely immersive spectacle "Avatar" may have been a little too real for some fans who say they have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the beauty of the alien world Pandora."

At my age, Burlington going down hill is all I know. When I graduate, I am leaving.

My parents and grandparents have lived here all there life. They say it was not perfect, but it was a lot better than it is now. They get unhappy when I ask questions about how it was.

Is that something like watching this movie everybody is talking about?


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Praying for a Miracle

"Iowa lawmakers would be constitutionally required to say "so help me God" when being sworn into office under a proposal by a Mount Auburn Republican."

Our local State Senators need all the help they can get. How much good will this do?

When will we stop electing the hapless, hopeless and helpless? The lord helps those that help themselves sounds like better advice.

Suffering Job

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13 January

Worden - We're Gonna Tax The Daylights Out of Ya


I was listening to KCPS this morning. Burlington City manager Doug Worden was in the studio for an interview. Dan, a caller asked Worden about the State tax roll back for residential property that is increasing again this year. Worden said that yes it is increasing and will raise property taxes unless the City, County and School District lower their levy.

With this economy and lots of families hurting because of layoffs or reduced hours, raising property taxes so they can meet their budgets is just wrong. They should live within their revenue not raise property taxes. Where will the majority of the money go? It will go for pay raises and benefits.

I have not read anything in The Hawkeye about the roll back that will go up and elected officials need to lower the levy to off set the roll back increase just like they raised the tax levy in years to off set the roll back decrease. I have not heard the elected officials talk about this in their public meetings. Seems strange nothing in The Hawkeye or in public meetings, but The Iowa Dept. of Revenue released a press release about this roll back increase on Oct. 23rd, 2009 and it has been in other newspapers.


You shouldn't be surprised. Have you ever seen Doug Worden or his mentor, Crooked Springsted Bond Salesman Bruce Slagle ever do anything to contain costs?

Or a city council stand up to the city staff and tell them, no?

I predict this new batch of performance enhancers will be super duty rubber stampers.


03:21:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Not Many At GOP Christian Training Meeting - Satan Scheffler a No Show


I read your warning about political meeting at the Library. Monday night, I went down to the Library and took a quick peek. There were 15 people there, tops. Is this all it takes to control a local political party?

I recognized Morris Hurd, but nobody else. A young man barely old enough to shave was running the meeting. Was that Sheffler fellow you keep talking about laundering money there?

Want to know

When in doubt, Granny Clampett always swore by the eye of a newt to ward off what ailed you. In Satan's case, it only took fair warning. 12 of those 15 in attendance were there to ask him what he did with their money.

The other 2? The eye of a newt took care of them.

As for Scheffler, he was at the hideout burning the books.

Spike - Satan Buster

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No Matter Your Preference A Common Threat Looms


"The traditional marriage supporters are still seeking and willing to transport southeast Iowans to the rally on Tuesday."


Gay marriage is an issue. It's importance lies in procedure. If judges wish to legislate, they should run for the legislature. Judicial abuse needs addressed, but there are other issues.

The Iowa Legislature has been behaving like Burlington's City Council. They have ignore the core reasons for which government was enabled and focused on feel good fluff and lint.

Why are people not travelling to Des Moines to pin back Courtney, Cahoon and Fraise's ears about Iowa's financial mess? These people and their Governor made it happen. No matter your sexual preference, deficit spending will be the death of us all.


03:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Go West While We Go Broke


We are supposed to gain by losing tax base through TIF at the railroad shops. Our money will make a lot of space available for commercial users. It doesn't end there.

The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission wants space in excess of its needs not far away. The excess space is supposed to make this off the tax rolls real estate self supporting by leasing out excess space.

Nobody with half a brain would keep an office downtown. There is no parking. There will be plenty of parking at a better rate on every taxpayers nickle elsewhere. More TIF funding will be proposed to save downtown.

The last I looked, this area is not growing that much. Too much of anything drives down its price and often knocks somebody out of the game.

If owned commercial real estate, I would be furious. Why are my taxes to be used to subsidize my bankruptcy?

This spiral of stupidity is bound to end in one hell of a crash. When it does, who will left to be taxed to clean up the mess?


03:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

12 January

Riverside Sucking The Life Out Of The Locals


I was at Penny’s awhile back on a Saturday and I asked the clerk why the Penny’s south parking lot was full because there were few if any customers in the store and the clerk said, “I have no idea why it’s full.”

I thought to myself that it was the Tyson workers cars since Burlington is the surrogate for Columbus Junction through providing homes, transportation, welfare, a crime base, lawyers, bondsmen, police, schools, drug sales, and in return Burlington’s slum landlords are provided a never ending supply of renters all based on the lies that Des Moines County needed the workers even though there were no jobs in Des Moines County.

Now we hear that those cars were probably for gamblers being transported out of Des Moines County free of charge up to the casino in Washington County where they proceed to spend their money.

Now if I were a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Grow Greater Burlington or any other supposedly “support Burlington organization” I would withdraw my membership ASAP since Burlington is an exported of customers and not an importer.

With the exception of the Rec Plex, that loses money every year to the tune of at least $100,000, Des Moines County exports its citizens to other locations where they spend their money.

Of course none of this information would be made public if it weren’t for Burlington Derailed or one or two other news outlets with the only exception being the Hawk Eye, that tries to cover up most of the local crime and misdeeds of elected and appointed officials that have ruined our city. It was pointed out in a couple of big studies the city had done that the Hawk Eye was one of the main problems confronting the public and the only positive note about the Hawk Eye was the paper it provided to local fishermen for wrapping their fish.

Burlington’s voters are fools and naïve because they continue to elect losers year after year based on union or party affiliation a trend that has left Burlington on the verge of financial failure. Burlington is a city with a failed industrial base and no prospects for employment other than social workers along with other government welfare organizations.


03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Keep Those Casinos Coming


When does Prairie Grove get a casino?

Catfish Spiked

Jimtown is first.


03:44:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Where's Jesse and Al? Or The Rest of The Selective Race Bigots?

Senator Harry Reid described then-Senator Obama as 'light skinned' and commented that he had "no 'negro' dialect."

Maybe someone could tell us where the two usual loud mouths Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were for that little soiree into 1940.


03:42:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Around the Dead End Bend- Nope! It's Here Right Now


"Venezuelans rushed to the shops on Saturday, fearful of price rises after a currency devaluation that will let President Hugo Chavez boost government spending ahead of an election but feeds opposition charges of economic mismanagement."

Venezuela is simply further around the curve. Leadership we elected in the last four years has us catching up on a fast track.

Tax and spend more than you have to elect more of your friends has a some serious side effects.


Chavez and Venezuela are skipping along almost in tandem to Obama's direction. Shouldn't be much of a surprise since Chavez and Obama aren't too far apart in ideology. For all you disbelievers and those that can't stomach the truth about job numbers, skip to 6:40 in Part 1 and then continue to Part 2.

Then tell us Glenn Beck is an alarmist.


03:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Put Tapp on Track


Whatever happened to the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission's plans for a grand palace on Gear Avenue? Did that deal ever go through? There is no need for it.

The old railroad shops complex is to be redeveloped. With all the planned Tax Increment Funding follies involved, what additional negative tax base effect by putting Tapp in a bay? Those old buildings are massive and unique.

Tapp's welfare zephyrs, old school buses, would have a great maintenance facility. Cranes that lifted massive passenger locomotives can certainly lift a small block V-8 and transmission from a bus with no strain.

Keep the waste in one place. We can ill afford one, let alone two, under utilized pieces of real estate on the taxpayer dole.


But it doesn't look pretty. We need pretty to suck the life out of the taxpayers.


03:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Contacting the Inmates


For those that don't know how to contact their state senator -

Twiddle Dumb

Sen. Tom Courtney
Majority Whip
Home address:
2200 Summer St.
Burlington, Iowa 52601
Cell phone:
(319) 759-5334

Twiddle Most Ineffective

Sen. Gene Fraise
D-Fort Madison
Home address:
1699 280th Ave.
Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
Home phone:
(319) 528-6176

Does It Really Matter

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09 January

Is There a Tie In? - Or A Fly In The Ointment?

Hey Spike,

I read this in the Register.

Didn't the Hawkeye run a story a few months back about church robbery in Burlington? Was there some kind of political tie in with the Republican Party? Is there a tie in with what happened in Des Moines? Nobody there is saying a lot.


Two GOP burglaries while Scheffler, Lehman, Gopal and Hurd are under FEC scrutiny?

If I had $500 I'd offer a reward for the hard drives, no questions asked.

But if you have questions, you might slip down to the library Monday night and ask Satan and his little helpers, "Show me the money!"


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A Bus To A Better Place - Sign Up Online


Why risk getting caught in a brawl at Catfish Bend. Ride the shuttle to Riverside.

Jan. 13 & 27, Feb. 10 & 24, Mar. 10 & 24
* To reserve your seat today, call: 800-621-0245 or 563-264-1330
* Pick-up
8:30 AM in the south lot of JC Penny, Westland Mall (near AmericInn Motel)
* Departure
2:15 PM Riverside Casino

Monday Mornings
* January 4, 11, 18 & 25
* Febuary 8, 15 and 22
* March 1, 8, 15 and 22
* To reserve your seat today, call: 800-621-0245 or 563-264-1330

Riders must be a Resort Club member to participate. Membership is free to anyone 21 years of age or older with proper ID.

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08 January

They Are Heland's Shepherd, He Shall Not Want


The only local political party of consequence will not remove Heland. They barely replaced a horrible Hoschek with a competent Cahill. The only option is the two party option. It will take change.

Republicans in Des Moines County have not elected a Supervisor in nearly 20 years. In 2008, their chairman denounced a brave soul who took out nomination papers and ran as a Republican. Like the popular image of Jesus, the guy's hair was too long and he was not wearing a suit. Not the right kind of people.

Local Republicans got a headquarters office, late. Did anybody ever see anybody in it? The main activity was pictures in a store front. Local Republicans did not even have poll watchers to check for fraud.

The local Republican party has certainly gone to hell over the years, but as pointed out, it is right with the self righteous. Meanwhile, Des Moines County suffers.

A rebirth of the local Republican Party will require enough rational people taking an interest again. Until then, born again black balling will bring further plagues upon our County.


08:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

4 New Casino Groups Meet Finance Deadline Including Ottumwa


"All four applicants for Iowa casino licenses met Thursday's state-imposed deadline to show they have secured financing commitments for gambling complexes costing from $40 million to $120 million.

The casino projects are proposed for Ottumwa, Fort Dodge and rural Lyon and Tama counties.

....Iowa now has 17 state-regulated casinos and two tribal casinos by operated American Indian tribes. They employ about 10,000 workers. Ketterer said the commission continues to be concerned about cannibalization of existing casinos and wants the applicants to demonstrate compelling reasons why they should be awarded licenses."

The Gaming Commission is worried? I wonder if they would like to hear how worried I am about my investment in Catfish Bend?


Or, how worried the Burlington taxpayers are about their investment?


08:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Non-Believer? Drink the Democrat's Kool-Aid? Sorry About It?

Don't believe Glenn Beck? Been told Beck is part of the vast right wing conspiracy set to unseat the blessed change?

just listen to Part 5 of Thursday's show for 4 minutes and 12 seconds. If this sparks interest listen to Part 1 of Thursday's show for 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Then watch the rest of Thusday's show.

Finally, write us and tell us how wrong we are.


"Advance for Art, Advance Forever"

Interpol Executive Order

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07 January

What About The GOP vs. Heland, Copeland, Hoschek & Diewold?


Can the local GOP mount a campaign to boot Heland out of the courthouse? How about the massage therapist 'er auditor? Can she be replaced? I've even heard Hoschek is lurking in the bushes, rubbing his hands together like Diewold, looking for fresh tax meat.


It helps to get a GOP Christian haircut.

Well, then you have to pass GOP Satan Steve Scheffler's Litmus Test of Money Laundering. You must prove you can bury at least $100,000 in your church's books. Weaker candidates are allowed to obtain a key for better record keeping and enlightenment. If you can bury enough cash you get a ticket to touch the hand of Satan.

When you get to the next stage you must show a certificate of Christian Caucus Study. Bible salesmen need not apply. Credit will be given if you can threaten, provoke and intimidate anyone demonstrating non-compliance to your personal agendas, personal interpretation of your ability to imbue Christian political values upon GOP members or show a propensity to skirt campaign election laws through experience with violating securities laws without having local law enforcement called to the scene.

If you reach stage three you will be vetted by Lil' Kim Lehman. She will decide to endorse you if you can meet her Christian agenda flavor of the day. A few weeks later you will be tested. Lil' Kim will have a personal vision of self importance and personal agendas and then flip flop on your endorsement like a Skunk River carp. This is your moral challenge. Do you have the moral courage to bite your tongue, turn the other cheek and rise above the fray? Or will you be a radical and tell her to shove her endorsement up her anti-Christian agenda?

Whatever happens don't count on any campaign donations from Scheffler or Lehman. All their money is tied up in defense spending. But they are looking for donations. Never hand over any personal funds to either of these Messiahs. Send all checks to Gopal The Money Keeper for proper distribution to various church basements.

Anyone wanting the auditor's job only has to have the common sense to balance the employees' pay and not run a massage parlor in the court house. Simple deal.

Any Democrat facing Heland must stay out of Gulfport until way past your bedtime. Don't associate with people of questionable moral character. Don't gamble more than 3 days on any one weekend. Never write any checks at the casino for more than can be covered by Monday's deposits. Never gamble out of town to cover the float. And never admit to anything other than a vast right-wing conspiracy that has ruined everyone's life but yours. Most importantly, try to exude an aura that you and only you possess the magic elixir to tax and spend the taxpayers' money freely without regard to consequences or accountability.


04:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Des Moines County, IA 52666

"As much as $9.5 million in federal stimulus dollars went to 14 zip codes in Virginia that don’t exist or are in other states, Old Dominion Watchdog reports."

Fraud and waste in government, we should be getting more. Where is Supervisor Heland?

Heland loves to tax and spend. Heland is one love sick puppy in the presence of Congressman Loebsack. Congressman Loebsack has consistently voted for handing out "free" federal treats.

Loebsack's little tax and spend terrier should do some begging for our benefit. Heland should lobby Congressman Loebsack for his own Court House zip code. A second post office box with its very own zip code, jackpot! We can double our money.

Just like Des Moines County, the bill for all that is "free" from the feds eventually comes due. Our children and grandchildren will have the devil to pay for what people like Supervisor Heland and Congressman Loebsack are giving us. Why should we care?

>17% Worried

Our children can't pay this debt. It's too great and the interest is killing us.


03:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

US Public Pensions 'facing $2,000bn shortfall'

"The US public pension system faces a higher-than-expected shortfall of more than $2,000bn that will increase pressure on many states' strained finances and crimp economic growth, according to the chairman of New Jersey's pension fund.

....Mr Kramer's analysis used the market value of the assets and liabilities of the top 25 public pension funds at the end of last year. He also looked at market interest rates, which are used by corporate pension funds and are lower than the rate of return of about 8 per cent used by public funds, to calculate returns."

03:39:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Congressional Loser List Is Long


Now that Dodd is retiring, with pockets full, it’s time for Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harkin and Frank to follow in his footsteps. This group of losers has accomplished more failures than any know group in Washington with the exception of all those Democrats that are facing criminal charges while still ruining our lives by continuing to pass rotten legislation when they should be behind bars.

We need term limits on both houses to insure losers such as these can no longer destroy our way of life and country. If it’s good enough for the president it’s good enough for congress; two terms maximum is more than enough of these free loading bums in Washington.

Our current congress has caused enough grief for the population and it’s time their all voted out since it’s impossible for them to stuff their pockets any fuller, all though they’d sure like to try.

Also, if they won’t accept Obamacare why should the people they supposedly work for have it forced down their throats under the threat of legal action, what kind of legislation is this? In grade school they call it bullying.

Sick of Them

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06 January

As Usual, Heland Can't See His Shoes For His Pomposity


Supervisor Jeff Heland says Cahill and Beck's lack of interest in being chairman is a vote of confidencein his abilities.

Is this guy really that conceited? Doesn't he know his political career is over for these reckless tax and spend jaunts we have endured during his tenure as Chief Thief?


Let's put it in terms Heland can understand. Heland needs to quietly disappear from public life. We can guarantee that this campaign, should he decide to run, will be the ugliest campaign ever run in Des Moines County or Southeast Iowa. Maybe the state.

He cannot win when the details of his antics are uncovered. Heland needs to connect to retirement before he suffers another resounding, embarrassing loss much worse than the college board election.


04:34:00 - SPIKE - No comments

A Biting Image of Burlington Spreads Afar


All those Catfish Bend billboards on US 218 near Riverside, to what avail? After reading this, why turn east on US 34 to the south?

There are other places to take the kids swimming next Summer. Better yet, leave the kids with their grandparents. Play golf and games of chance at nicer, larger, safer facility.


04:22:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Thanks For Exposing the "Fun" in Fun City - Fightin' Dancin' Bitin' Club


Back when Burlington had a real newspaper, one of the Hawk-Eye reporters checked the police blotter daily. They told anything of interest to the town that they found. That was then. Now, we read about it first from you.

Seeing all the Catfish Bend advertising in the Ad Vertiser, it makes you wonder if the details would have been public if not for your internet efforts. There are local people with a lot of pull getting pulled under by what they freely invested in Catfish Bend. Their influence has dragged every taxpayer in Burlington into the cesspool, whether they like it, or not. Keeping this riot quiet probably had a lot of pressure on its lid.

Thanks, Spike. We certainly would know a lot less if you were not around.

N. Formed

04:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

GOP Satan Steve Scheffler Headed to Town for Blood Letting


The Iowa Christian Alliance demon and GOP loudmouth Steve Scheffler is headed to Burlington next Monday for caucus training. Does that mean we have to get our chicken feathers and goats' eyes together to get in the door? Do bible salesmen get better seats? Do I have to take a litmus test?


Not sure about the chicken feathers and goats' eyes but you might want to hit the cupboard jar for Scheffler's bail money for his role in laundering campaign money. That might illicit a non-Christian response or Massner's fist.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Slow Order at the Shops


The BNSF Railway is working to redevelop their old Burlington Shops complex. This is good news. If Burlington's municipal micro brains had not sued the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, would this story be history by now?

At a secret meeting of doubtful legality, State Senator Courtney whipped the wimps into a "without merit" legal action. The City figured they would make off with the proceeds and all involved would earn political points by punishing evil big business. Wrong.

The railroad was forced to waste money in their legal department on a matter "without merit." Graciously, the railroad did not go after the City of Burlington to recoup dealing with our deluded. One wonders if our elected's clinkers fouled the grates of swift redevelopment at the shops.

Better late by the better part of a decade than not at all. The railroad should be happy to get the shops off their tax liabilities. The less potential exposure to the City of Burlington's illogical antics, the better.

There is an expensive lesson local voters should take to heart in all of this. The populist chest poundings of intoxicated Socialists cost you more than they deliver, or promise.

E. Debbs

This has Crooked Springsted Bond Salesman Bruce Slagle fingerprints of deceit to expand the TIF district written all over it. Just a ploy.


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Bringing Light and Warmth to the World


"Volunteers have reported that ‘a large number’ of elderly customers are snapping up hardbacks as cheap fuel for their fires and stoves."

Old technology is being put to use. Old books cost less than coal in Wales of all places. How Green is My Valley when it comes to the bogeyman of greenhouse gases? Who cares.

Newspapers are another passing technology that maybe put to the same use. http://www.ehow.com/how_4964426_make-fire-logs-out-newspaper.html Fighting Winter's darkness and chill with Ad Vertiser's converted to better use is quick and easy. How much filth contained therein sticks to your flue, who has a clue?

Unlike the late, lamented Hawkeye, burning Ad Vertiser's in your fireplace is the only way Iowa's Oldest News on Paper brings light and warmth to Burlington.

Huw Morgan

With this last iteration of thin newsprint (I could see the print on page 5 bleeding through to the cover) a ton of Ad Vertisers wouldn't make 10 minutes of reliable heat.


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Monetizing The Fed - A Giant Step Towards Financial Collapse

04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Glenn Beck - The Truth Hurts Democrats

03:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

05 January

Fun City Fights


I too heard there was quite a problem out there on New Years Eve. The story I heard had the police closing the place down early in order to get everything under control.


So much for our investment. Maybe his Lordship Lost Keys Ell would like to comment on his investment. Or Double Speak Davidson?

What about it boys?


04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

From Surplus to Deficit - Heland's 17% Tax Increase


Not even Alliant asked for a 17% increase at once. And Alliant is getting greedy!

The only thing that could save Heland in November, is all the local Democrats vote party line. I think they are beginning to be sick of Heland too. He makes promises with Other Peoples Money; OPM to get the vote. When other workers got furloughed, Heland got a pay raise.


I hope Large Mouth keeps his continuing ed up to date this year so he can make that transition back to the private sector.


04:25:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Huck's Hole - A Cathedral of Collectivist Enterprise


"It was only in 1958, five years after Stalin's death, that Nikita S. Khrushchev ordered that the swampy foundations -- by that time a place where drunks and prostitutes congregated -- be turned into one of the world's largest, heated outdoor swimming pools. With typical Soviet logic, the pool, which was popular, was normally shut in the summertime for cleaning."

Burlington's collectivist commissars on our City Council have invested our collective wealth in a water park. Despite assurances from Comrade Finance Minister Worden, this 10 year plan has not paid off as promised.

The Moscow model is an example of a heated outdoor pool's appeal to a depressed proletariat in near polar climes. Should the collective effort of Burlington's 10 year plan be altered?

Burlington's pool is currently open but three months of the year. Should the heat be turned up to convert Huck's Hole into one of the Upper Midwest's larger outdoor heated swimming pools?

Drunks and prostitutes have no need to fear being displaced. There are other areas in the casino complex for them to gather. City Hall will not be razed.

If heating Huck's Hole is not an option, can we at least exile Comrade Worden to Siberia?


04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Forever Blowing Bubbles - We Don't Mean Ell In The Liquor Store


"But outnumbering these familiar names, hundreds of UK companies selling anything from hair loss treatments to electronics have mysteriously registered to buy and sell carbon permits in the Scandinavian nation – mostly in the last 18 months."

Dot coms, no money down real estate, etc. are all passe. The fraud of global warming is opening up a whole new field for fraud. NBC news, a division of GE and sister company of GE Capital, says we will all roast to death if something is not done. Buy into a sure thing now.

Buy carbon credits. Trade carbon credits. Those wonderful people who brought you the collapse of 2008 will save the planet.

Has Doug Worden bet any City money on this yet? It makes as much sense as an outdoor water park in Iowa making money year round.


I want to know what happened to this city's hydroelectric venture. Publisher Steve Delaney hid from that story.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

04 January

New Year - Same Old Heland - For Now


2010 means a general election in November. Will Heland get another four years to embarrass us all? Will anybody run against this arrogant expanse of wasting public money? Why must we suffer such fools?

17% Victim

This look's like Heland's last year in public office. I doubt if he will be able to endure the campaign season. The closet door is about to swing open.


13:51:23 - SPIKE - No comments

Navy Seals Still On Hook While Blackwater Skates


In Washington a Federal judge dismissed all charges Thursday against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in a crowded Baghdad intersection in 2007.

Now that the Blackwater case was thrown out of court maybe the administrations political correct show trial of the Navy Seals will also be thrown out because it’s based on one of the terrorists getting a fat lip during their apprehension. Maybe the administration expects the troops to talk terrorists into custody like Obama keeps them in line over in Iran through constant blabbering.

Taking these Seals to court is a disgrace and disservice to all our military and the American people.


Obama has to go apologize for his role in the war and make happy with the World first. Then he has to intensely think about how good he can look in everyone's eyes and how his gray hair will look on TV.

After 6-10 months something might happen.


13:44:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Fun City Fightin' & Dancin' Club


Did you hear anything about a huge fight at Fun City around 2:00 AM on the 1st? I checked the police blotter on the police web site and they only list a fight at 01:01:2010 @ 01:01:44 and an assault at 01:01:2010 @ 01:50:49.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the police and the Hawkeye never record anything about something that big happening out there.


Nobody can report something like this. All the Ad Vertiser's writers were already drunk or passed out when it happened.

Sounds like our tax money was hard at work.


13:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments