Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 February

Obama Bows to the Queen of Tampa

"Burdened by the sheer tonnage of the lies he has been spouting for the last year, Barack Obama today bowed to the mayor of Tampa, Fl. Upon meeting the mayor at MacDill Air Force Base, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010, Obama bowed about half as deeply as he did to the king of Saudi Arabia.

"This is Bush's fault," said Obama. "When I took office I inherited a mess, which was compounded by a serious lack of subservience to foreign powers and a severe absence of bowing. I apologize for bowing to an actual American, and to make up for that I will drop to my knees the next time I see Osama bin Laden"

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27 February

It Can't Happen Here


"The Johnson County Board of Supervisors agreed to cut $1.1 million from its budget for fiscal 2010, Supervisor Rod Sullivan said."

There are limits. Some realize that fact. Then again, Heland is not a member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

Yakety-yak, you need taxed.


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26 February

Tax Increases - Ell's Comments Baffling


Mayor Ell's comments are typical. Can't do anything because of the contracts. It's getting old. Why did they agree to all of these pay raises and Free Health insurance? The City and County employee's think it is unfair for them to have to pay anything for their monthly heath insurance. $1200 for Free family health insurance. They should be co-paying at least $300 per month.

A question for all council members and County supervisors. Is it fair to raise taxes on everybody so we can provide your employees free health insurance? The people in the private sector are already paying more and more monthly for their own insurance. This makes no sense.

You can't control what percentage increase the State passes down for pension increases, but you must take responsibility for your contract negotiations. Now we know why the employees were happy and laughing after the contract agreements. Our management team did not do a good job for the City or the County because they are benefiting too. They sold us out. If they insist on too much, lay off some of their employees. You must cut the spending to cut taxes or just continue to bleed everybody dry.

Do we have any good elected officials left. I still have hope from Dan Cahill or Bob Fleming. I'm not sure about the others.

Looking over the budget, if the City and the County paid a reasonable portion of the monthly insurance premium, there would be no need for a property tax increase. Who do you work for? People are suffering in our County and you take more of their money to give to your employees.

What a disappointing group of so called managers. There will be people leave here and some businesses won't make it. That is not doing your job.


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Never Give a Taxpayer an Even Break


Here's shot of Mayor Ell explaining the City of Burlington's budget.

The morning after where the City budget was determined.


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School Board on Notice


Well, wasn't that a wonderful wake-up call this morning when we all popped open our AD Vertisers - School Superintendent runs up debts and then quits to avoid responsibility. At least this time we aren't paying his retirement health care until he's 900 years old.

So now, school board members, what kind of stupid human tricks are you going to pull out of your shorts now? Build another unneeded school to deflect our attention? Move Corse to Middletown? Eliminate band, sports, music and art to pay for Oak Street's failures? Give everybody a raise? Cut the government peanut butter out of the menus? Add more pop machines? Rename the Bracewell to Bruce Slagle Field?

I think it is time to put the school board on notice. You folks aren't as smart as you think you are. You may have a spent years in a class room. But you have to admit, you really don't have any 'real' experience managing a multi-million dollar budget. You blindly follow wherever the "staff" takes you.

Frankly, you can't even utter the most needed word; No!

Fed Up

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Union Boss Homan Just A Condescending Thug


Who in their right mind would believe Danny Homan’s apology to Mr. Anderson for calling him a SCAB even though he joined the vengeful AFSCME union after years of harassment?

I have to think Mr. Homan’s feelings towards the taxpayer’s of Iowa are probably worse than his feelings towards Mr. Anderson. Union bosses are normally riddled with greed, hate and disrespect towards those who are not union members because in a way unions are similar to the Nazis party whose members were thoroughly brainwashed back in the 1930s where a few creeps rule the majority by telling them who to vote for, who to give donations to, who to protest against as though none of members can think for themselves.

Government alone is bad for America and when you throw in government unions you have the worst of both worlds trying to empty your pockets.


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Downsizing Detroit - How Soon Burlington?


"Detroit mayor Dave Bing says the city plans to encourage residents to move from some neighborhoods: "If they stay where they are I absolutely cannot give them all the services they require."

Like Detroit, Burlington is shrinking. Detroit has blazed the trail Burlington is following. Raising taxes to cover the shrinkage, ala Heland and Ell, can not go on forever. If anything, doing so just increases the number of fleeing refugees.

As things now stand, government employees will be the last to leave. Where else can they find it so good? That appears unlikely to change.

What to about Burlington? Should plans be drawn up to relocate and concentrate Burlington's remaining victims? What areas should be returned to wilderness?

How much of Burlington should be converted to an empty lot just like the Manor Mall at Agency and Roosevelt? Should the City even continue cutting the weeds at that monument to government directed growth?

Nash Packard

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25 February

Picking at the Taxpayers' Wounds


"A union leader inadvertently sent e-mail that calls a state worker a derogatory term, and the employee says that hints at the union attitude toward people who are not union members."

Does this apply to more than union officials? Does it apply to those dependent upon union support to hold office? Can you think of any local office holders who hold this attitude toward those whose standard of living declines as they are taxed to placate AFSCME?

17% & Counting

Our state senator, Scabby Courtney, will find a way to fix his house with illegal scabs. And he taught Largemouth Heland everything he didn't know about screwing the taxpayers to repent.


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Ell Smells On Leadership


"There's not much we can do about those raises short of reopening the contracts, and nobody is suggesting that," Mayor Bill Ell said.

A CEO of any company in dire straits who told a Board of Directors that would be fired. In the public sector that is not the case.

There is always the Heland solution. You simply raise taxes to compensate for your mismanagement.

Barrel Apparel

His largeness wouldn't want to make things difficult. This guy is no leader. Ask any of his former employees at the fire department. Nobody respected him. They put up with his stupidity.


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Government and Schools Aren't Working


In the early 60’s one didn’t even think about the cost of insurance and those without it could just pay cash to the hospital or doctor. Doctors even made house calls if you were too sick to make it into the office.

All of that changed when government began to stick their nose into the medical business and since then it has become the monster everyone hates.

Big government ruined the health care industry and forced it into the money grabbing industry it is today. Government is a predator constantly seeking ways to control our everyday lives.

Government is the ruination of our once great country. The NEA along with government has ruined our once great school system that has left us verging on 3rd world class.

The NEA along with government puts more emphasis on what’s “political correct” rather than what’s important. Our kids know about Black History month but can’t add or subtract. They know about the environment but have no knowledge about history or physics. They’ve probably seen Al Gore’s fiction move about the environment but have they seen a film about calculus or astronomy?

Everything is basically wrong with government and the NEA agenda which leaves our children uneducated and unhealthy. The education department along with the NEA and other teacher unions should be disbanded and the schools returned to local control. Government and unions are destroying our country and we better start doing something positive to get local control back into the communities where it belongs.


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Who Cares About Greece? We ALL Do!!

"Public- and private-sector unions called the strike to protest a range of measures aimed at reducing Greece's budget deficit. The government has announced a freeze on civil-service wages, cuts in public-sector entitlements and the closing of tax loopholes for certain professions, including some civil servants. It has also announced a fuel-tax increase.

....There is an all-out war against public servants, those who earn the least," said Spyros Papaspyros president of ADEDY, an umbrella union for public-sector workers. "We will fight to keep the little we have. The government and the EU must understand the crisis must be paid by the rich."

The government moves are aimed at reducing Greece's budget deficit, which at about 13% of gross domestic product last year was well over the EU's 3% limit. This has raised the interest rate Greece has to pay to borrow money. Brussels has ordered Greece to bring the deficit to within the EU limit by 2012.

...Government offices, schools and universities were closed, as was Athens International Airport. Train, bus and ferry services were canceled nationwide, though a minimum level of service was maintained in Athens.

The journalists' union also took part, so there were no reports of the strike on Greek television, and no newspapers were scheduled to be published Thursday."

The U.S. budget deficit is currently about 13% of our gross domestic product. And it is spiraling upward totally out of control.

The Greek unions think the rich need to pay their wages and benefits. Sound familiar?

Like Neil Diamond sings, "Coming to America."

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Avowed Communist Dirtbag Van Jones Wins NAACP Award

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24 February

Hawkeye Hits County Benefits


Tuesday morning's Hawkeye editorial written by Randy Miller was right on. The editorial is about Des Moines County employee expensive Free health insurance. Some even get the money if their spouse has insurance, building a second retirement fund.

Miller is correct when he says that Free monthly health insurance went away in the 1980's except for City/County employees. The management is negotiating their own benefits too. No reason to keep the cost down when it is Free and for those taking the money, the higher the premium, the better.

Just who are all these people taking the money? Are they the same people that helps negotiate the contracts? Definitely a conflict of interest and has lead to self serving.

Miller also points out that the County employee receives a year end bonus and some are up to $2,000. (which probably pays their property taxes). This is a gift from taxpayers who can't afford their own taxes.

This bonus was started years ago when the County employee was paid less than the private sector employee. Back when the bonus was started, elected officials and Dept. heads made public comments that the bonus was to help retain employees. Honestly, if they take the year end bonus away, are these employees going to quit. Not one County employee is going to quit and leave their great pension and health insurance. This is a deceitful excuse for taking money. C'mon guys, at least be honest with your community.

Please don't raise property taxes anymore and give our money out in bonuses.

And they (City and County) continue to blame everything on the State and they say they are doing everything well as stated by Burlington City manager in today's Hawkeye. Just who in the City and County agreed to these 5 year contracts with Free health insurance, pay raises, bonuses, etc. Is that Tom Courtney's fault too? You must take some responsibility for the costly decisions that you made and quit making excuses.

DMC Resident

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Courtney Is As Despicable As They Come


When Tom Courtney needed work done at his house he hired non-union labor at the lowest possible cost. Yet when Courtney is playing with the taxpayers' money nothing is too good for his union political agenda. We can't afford any more taxes, laws or rules.

Tom Courtney is a worthless, phony, hypocritical, Marxist jackass scumbag that needs to be run out of town. He was joke as a union rep and and is an even bigger jerk now. Yeah, Tom, I'm one of your union brothers you tried to shaft.

You're no good.


Tell us how you really feel. Editing the bad words was pretty intensive work.


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2 Courtneys Behind Film Office Scandal


The Des Moines Register has been slowly uncovering all the problems at the Iowa Department of Economic Development's Film Office. Under siege by a bunch of crooked film makers to approve bogus tax credits, the scandal has already claimed 5 or 6 top officials. As the Des Moines Register slowly dissects this mess they have begun to ask the pregnant question; who's responsible?

What may not be known to most local citizens is that we can be proud of 2 local Courtneys - Tom and Jerry; like the cartoon show only not so funny. They are both involved in the scandal.

Both Courtneys sit on the IDED board of directors. Jerry sits as a board member and policy maker. Tommy sits astride the spitoon as an ad hoc member of the state senate. Both are in a position of department oversight. The board is ultimately responsible for lack of setting policies to prevent oversight of new programs.

Now I know we can't expect anything from our weasel Tommy but you would think that Jerry, a certified financial planner, entrusted everyday to handle other people's money would surely look over the monthly reports he has been entrusted with. Did Jerry notice anything amiss? Did Jerry ask any questions of the staff? Did Jerry miss any meetings? Does Jerry even care or was he there for the dinner and drinks?

The IDED Board website says, "The Board will play a pivotal role in transforming Iowa's economy."

I say they already have. At least two of their members took it right down the crapper.

That's what happens when you send incompetent amateurs to a gun fight acting like know-it-alls. They don't know their rifle from their gun.


My, my, my. What an interesting development. Maybe we could name a street after them - Nit Wit Lane.


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Obama’s ‘BFF’ Likes Idea of Simple Booklets to Educate ‘Typical’ Tea Partiers

Obama's Slum Lord Tells Us, Obama "Would Do It Without Congress"

"It's an anti-government...I mean that's the Tea Party. They really are, um, are, uh, trying to rebel against government at all. And I think that that's...again it's an extreme. It's always easier to scare people and get them angry when they're already scared...and I think that's what the Tea Party is trying to capture."

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23 February

Last Year's 17% Not Enough - 18% This Year says Yakety-yak You'll Be Taxed


Jeff Heland announced on KCPS that Des Moines County is proposing a 18 cent per thousand tax increase on top of the roll back increase. We had a large tax increase last year. Beck and Cahill are responsible too and should demand CUTS!

We can't afford this. This will hurt families, retired people and local businesses.

Everybody feels the pain and is sacrificing except government employees.

They get pay raises, free health insurance (including Heland who is taking the money) larger pensions, work clothes or uniforms paid for by the taxpayers, more vacation, sick pay and paid holidays than most in the private sector. They live the good life.

We make cuts, pay for our health insurance or a portion of it, take pay freezes, get furloughed, cut out some of our services that we already pay for, cut out some of our recreation, don't eat out as much and so on. This hurts local businesses. We do this to pay for our ever increasing taxes so we can finance the above.

The County elected officials, all of them, not just the unions, are all benefiting on the backs of the citizens who are sacrificing. They are greedy and selfish and that is just a fact. They can't get enough and are never satisfied. It is sad that they have this City and County in this financial condition. They care about themselves. They should not expect residents and businesses to continue to donate money and other things. We can't afford it anymore. They can get their donations from government employees. Their phony excuse, that they pay taxes too! Yes, and they are all receiving pay raises and free insurance.

How can we trust and respect these people that are handling our money?

Tired of it too

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Cahill Says No - Heland Says Yes, I'll Take All I Can Grab Like Hoschek


I thought I heard Dan Cahill say on KCPS Monday morning that he is not taking the insurance or the money. Heland said he is.

Did they say how much per month they can take in the wrap around or cafeteria plan or some other BS name so they can take the money? How much per month? all from insurance dollars!

Should not be allowed

I guess we will have to review the tape.


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Falcon's Reader Outs Burlington School Board

Burlington's teachers answer to funding crisis - raise taxes to pay for teacher benefits.

That's what happens when you have a bunch of retired school teachers making policy.


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Nutless Wonders

"And since that time, many Democratic lawmakers including Courtney and Cohoon, have said they would vote to let the people vote on the issue, only if they did not have to buck their leadership to do so. Since the Democratic leadership, which holds the majority, refuses to do so, the Burlington Democrats have not voted to override them."

Actually, the turkey testicles article should have been at the top of Sunday's front page. The article concerns what these turkeys the Ad Vertiser perpetually endorse lack.

Bon appetit!


Birds of a feather flock together, nuts or not.


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Worden Can Move to What Suits Him


I think the depot would be a good place for Worden’s office and it looked ready for him to move right in, saving the taxpayer money for remodeling and cleanup.


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Doomsday a Short Distance Away From Des Moines County


"SPRINGFIELD -- To become solvent, the state must enact the largest tax-increase package in Illinois history, whack another $2 billion from already starved government programs and wrest major financial concessions from the state's unionized work force, a nonpartisan government watchdog contends."

Illinois is facing a taxpayer doomsday to clean up that state's fiscal fiascoes. Years in the making, Illinois is simply ahead of where we are headed.

Iowa is billion bucks in the hole. State Senator Courtney and his comrades solution is more tax funded goodies for their union good fellows. It is not just our representatives in Des Moines we have to fear.

Here in Des Moines County, we have County Supervisor Jeff Heland afraid to face the facts. Those costly pay offs for their political support will be the ruin of us all.

Yakety yak, you'll be taxed.

M. T. Pockets
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22 February

Heland - The Quiet Man?

Yakety-yak, Heland needs axed!


Curious silence from Cruel Hand Heland on reducing labor costs in county government. Christmas is over. Ho-ho-ho and handing out presents to his union friends is no longer an option.

Stagflation is commencing as both the jobless and inflation rates rise. The Great Santa Claus in Washington has too many dollars floating around with nothing to soak them up. The squeeze is on and it will get worse.

Cahill and Beck know the truth. Nobody in office likes saying no. Unlike Heland, Beck and Cahill's heads are not in the sand.

There is still time for somebody with fiscal sense and a modicum of political courage to take out papers and run against Heland. Heland needs to be handed his political head this November.

Yakety-yak, Heland needs axed.


It's 50/50 Heland will show up for Friday's meeting. If he does, don't look for Heland to have anything substantive to say about union concessions.

He will never bite the hand that feeds him. No, not our hand. His union voters.


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'Turkey Nuts' Worden In Wrong Place?


If you ask me the front page of Sunday's Hawkeye had Doug Worden's picture in the wrong article.

He belongs further down the page in the 'Turkey Nuts' article that for some reason is conspicuously absent from the online edition since he looks like he lost something.


One of Publisher Steve Delaney's finest journalistic achievements. The Ft. Madison paper wins a slug of newspaper awards and Delaney is talkin' turkey nuts.

As for Worden, he doesn't own a pair, he can't wear a pair and he sure can't borrow a pair. He's a bigger 4th place loser than Crooked Springsted Bond Salesman Bruce Slagle.

What other commentary can we make.... 'Ain't Nothin' Better.'


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Bruce Slagle In Bond Heist?


The story is Bruce Slagle is in the middle of the city move to the depot. Several people have said he is going to sell the city the bonds to refurb the buiding.


Wouldn't surprise me. Mini-Me Worden welcoming home the Wraith queen.


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Your Tax Dollars At Work for Child Safety


The DOT is now purchasing right-of-way from Budweiser down to the intersection of Sunnyside and Roosevelt. They are going to put in a sidewalk down to the intersection so the kids can walk to the new school.

From what I've heard they may not pick up the kids in Lenox Park by bus anymore. That highway is dangerous for anyone walking along there.

Whose going to remove the snow from it in the winter? I think the people that live in Lenox Park had better check with the schools.


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Judas Reed and the GOP Devil in Des Moines


Your piece on that Sheffler character had a link. I read the link and a name mentioned trouble me. I went to this so called Christian Alliance web site and my fears were confirmed. Ralph Reed is running the event you mentioned.

Ralph Reed is as sleazy as it gets without going to prison. Reed's old partner Jack Abramoff was in prison the last I knew. If he wasn't would Abramhoff be sharing the pulpit with Reed and Sheffler?

Google Ralph Reed and Jack Abramhoff. You could spend hours reading about their "Christian" activities. Here are some starters:

Lobbying for the Chinese Communists who freely administer abortions in pursuit of a one child policy.

Selling the faithful out to gambling interests.

Claiming you were lobbying for Christ when your old buddies the Chicoms were your real client forcing women and girls into prostitution and back alley abortions

If you like video, check out Bill Moyers Journal, "Capitol Crimes."

Or, Abramoff on Reed and a Texas Baptist official talking about Satan's friend Judas.

The Iowa so called Christian Alliance sponsoring this event goes on and on about traditional values. Lots of flags and God at their web site. Why do honest Christians buy into this? Do they have any idea what they are supporting? Do Republicans in Iowa realize what their National Committeeman is associating them with?

My pieces of silver will not be going to the Iowa Christian Alliance for consolidation into lots of 30. What about yours?


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Watch These and Then Bombard the Politicians With Emails

America's Government Employee Pension Debacle

Government Employee Pay and Benefits Totally Irrational Thinking

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NASA Image

ISS022-E-068726 (19 Feb. 2010) --- NASA astronaut George Zamka, STS-130 commander, is pictured in a window of the newly-installed Cupola of the International Space Station while space shuttle Endeavour remains docked with the station.

NASA Image Click Here for high resolution image.

S130-E-010367 (18 Feb. 2010) --- A portion of the docked space shuttle Endeavour is featured in this image photographed by an STS-130 crew member from a window in the newly-installed Cupola of the International Space. Earth's horizon and the blackness of space form the backdrop for the scene.

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20 February

“When I ran project vote, the voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it. Once I was elected there wasn’t a campaign that ACORN worked on down in Springfield that I wasn’t right there with you. Since I have been in the United States Senate I’ve been always a partner with ACORN as well. I’ve been fighting with ACORN, along side ACORN, on issues you care about my entire career.” - Barack Obama

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19 February

County Insurance Costs Need Debate - Will Heland Show?


It is good that the County Supervisors are asking to open up union contracts because of the rising insurance cost. As reported in the Hawkeye article, family health insurance is $15,000. per year and the employee pays nothing towards the monthly premium. What a great deal, but a large financial burden on the taxpayers.

Why would the County Supervisors or our Burlington City Council agree to 5 year contracts with Free health insurance and pay raises? They knew that the insurance cost was on the rise when they made the agreement. That seems irresponsible and foolish to do that. What were they thinking? They sure were not looking out after the taxpayers.

As The Hawkeye editorial stated, private sector employees are getting hit with rising insurance cost, reduced hours, salary freezes and we can't afford to have our property taxes raised every year just so the City and County employees can have expensive Free health insurance and higher pensions. They should pay like the private sector does, 25%-40% of the monthly premium.

Do they even know how good they have it? Don't be surprised if residents or businesses leave.

Feeling it

You would think that Cruel Hand Heland - "Yakety yak, you'll be taxed" would have stuck a sword in defense of the taxpayer since this year is election year. It just goes to show that Heland is not the consummate statesman he thinks he is but a phony politician that is ready to gamble with the taxpayers' money just like he does with his own.

He just needs to quit while he is ahead.


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Don't Expect Word From Mike


I don’t think Mike will be spewing the rhetoric any time soon because he’s still licking his wounds since his messiah has failed his first year in office. Even with a majority in both houses he couldn’t pass any real legislation and now with the seat from Massachusetts filled with a Republican it will be harder for him to force the country into socialism.

I have a feeling Mike will be doing general interest editorials for the time being, after all blaming everything on Bush made his writing easy although ridicules, pointless and boring. I like his general interest writing but his socialism views are something I can live without.


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17 February

What We Got Here is .... Failure to Commiserate

Cruel Hand Heland - "Yakety yak, you'll be taxed!"


"Facing a spike in insurance premiums, Chairman Bob Beck and Supervisor Dan Cahill agreed last week to explore reopening collective bargaining unit contracts. Supervisor Jeff Heland hasn't publicly endorsed the idea."

Employees in the private sector know all about what shortfalls mean. Why should those earning far more for doing the same in the public sector be any different?

They have the man, Cruel Hand Heland, to point his shotgun at taxpayers.

Yakety yak, you'll be taxed.


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Crooked Danny Carroll Looking For Another Hand to Feed Him

From Satan To The Loony Bin –

Crooks, Thugs, Thieves, Con Men & The Devil - Looks Like Democrats!

When Is the GOP Going to Find Direction?

Apparently, when The Ad Vertiser’s #2 in opinions researched his editorial subject he forgot to hit Google for a clear picture of his affections.

Publisher Steve Delaney’s minion Dale Alison expounded Tuesday on just how important Danny Carroll and his Iowa Family Policy Center’s endorsement might be for former Gov. Terry Branstad’s quest for the Hill.

..Branstad surely covets Carroll's support and it will be interesting to see how the Republicans' primary fight goes.”

If Due Diligence Dale had done his research he would have found that Brandstad probably isn’t too alarmed about Danny’s endorsement.

You see, Danny Carroll scammed a little old lady out of $50,000 and the lawyer in the deal got disbarred. Both were trying desperately to fill their own pockets when they had an ethical and legal responsibility that was contrary to their own interests.

Attorney “Bisbee was disbarred in 1999, but because he declined to name his partner in crime directly, Carroll largely got off the hook — though not completely: after Bisbee’s disbarment, Carroll “voluntarily” retired from Ramsey-Weeks, the Grinnell real estate firm where he had been employed.

So my bet is Terry Branstad could care less about Danny Carroll’s endorsement for anything.

But what is more troubling is how similar GOP wannabe Carroll behaves like the local Des Moines County GOP Kommandant Massner. Not in a fighting sense. More of a common view of business practices. Similar to Satan and his co-defendants doing your 'laundry' at the local church.

Due Diligence Dale's opinion on connecting those dots would be a far better read than what a friend we have in Danny.


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Go Ahead Mike - Let It Out - Spew That Rhetoric


With all this turmoil in Washington and the Democratic party imploding on a daily basis, why haven’t we heard any local missives from Mike Sweet taking George Bush to task?

You would think Mike has to be terribly disappointed and feeling low because his Obama guy has blown it.

You’d also think he would want to get that weight off his chest. He could tell us how he feels.

Tell us the truth Mike. We know it hurts. The country elected an inexperienced, community organizer progressive Marxist to run this country and he is a miserable failure. He was your guy for hope and change.

Go ahead Mike. Let it out. Take a deep breath.

Spew that rhetoric. We miss it.


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Roquette to Pay $1 million Fine for Air-quality Infractions

Roquette America Inc. has agreed to pay a $1 million fine for air-quality infractions at its Keokuk corn-processing plant, tying the biggest air-pollution penalty in Iowa history.

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All the News They Don't Know About Until Derailed Puts It In Print


"The New York Times is conducting an investigation after a Wall Street and finance reporter was found to have improperly used wording and passages from other news organizations."

While they never quote you, we know where the Ad Vertiser all too often discovers what is happening in Burlington.

Thanks, Spike.

Gray Dowager Down

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Market Based Performance Proposed in Marxist Stronghold


"The UI should reconsider General Education Fund allocations, factoring in suggestions to tie faculty salary to performance and investing in more programs to bring in tuition revenue, a task force said Monday."

Incentives to perform in academia, what is the Marxist/Leninist ideal coming to? This must not be permitted.

If meeting the needs of the market becomes expected of public employees at University of Iowa, it could spread to public employees in Des Moines County. Where is Senator Courtney? He better nip this in the bud.

Dublay LaDip

I noticed one of the comments verbalized Deming's thoughts on performance. Deming wrote all that years ago before minimum standards became a norm and not an exception.

Some bonehead that never moved beyond the hallways.


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Cost of Government Funding

11.5% Flat Tax Would Fix It

Tough Fixes

Tea Party - "Old White People"

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16 February

Government Employees Public Enema #2


Letter written by Revolted is correct. It is extortion when you take more property taxes and money right out of the pockets of our citizens and give it to our local government employees in rising pay and benefit cost.

They put it on our tax bill and we have little choice, but to pay it or they take our property. Why should they get $1200 per month in Free health insurance? It should not cost that much. Raise their deductible and have them co-pay a little.

Their pensions are increasing every year based on their increasing annual pay. This is causing a tax increase to pay for it.

There is no way we can keep up with this. They are hurting all local small businesses because people have less to spend. We can't trust management because they are benefiting too and have been the ones to let it happen. They are cozy with the City/County workers.

Privatize and layoffs are the only answer to fix this mess.


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Pass the Collection Plate for Unemployed Politicians


"Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum plans to return to Iowa next month to headline the spring fund-raiser for the Iowa Christian Alliance, aides to the Republican said today."

I see your friend in Des Moines is holding up potential Presidents for money again. Have you donated?

With the laundromat in Burlington under surveillance, where should big donors send their donations so nobody knows where the pay off came from?


That weasel Laundromat Operator and Pay for Play Satan Steve Scheffler ain't no friend of mine. You can tell the caliber of speaker by the details. "Former" politician, 800 miles from home better be careful where he does his laundry.

I guess we shouldn't be concerned. In a few months Satan will be preachin' from inside the walls along with his co-conspirators.

I'm telling you, if you want to put a wrinkle in the cloud just offer that reward for the GOP headquarters' hard drives. Santorum will be speaking to a vacant room. If he even shows up.


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Global Burlington


"Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers."

Global warming has become global cover up. When your political objective melts down, or runs out of steam, destroy all records. This sounds like Slime Minister Slagle and all records of the should not have been secret meeting to sue the railroad.

Professor Phil Jones maybe looking for a new line of work when all is said and done. Is there a place for the good professor with the City of Burlington, the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission, of some other local political entity?


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Earning Public Funded Health Care


"Inmates in Black Hawk County will begin filling potholes tomorrow as part of a cooperative effort between the City of Waterloo and the county sheriff's office."

Will we ever see such cooperation here?


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Ronald McDonald - You Deserve a Brick Today


"Police arrested Ronald McDonald for possession of marijuana and allowing others to use drugs at his residence on Sunday."

How long until one of Burlington's entrepreneurs opens up a South Central drive through window? With all the talent Tapp and Hinkle have brought to town, it is only a matter of time.


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15 February

Public Servant Crooks - Enema Anyone?


The city and county have been double dipping off the taxpayer for years by stashing unused benefit monies in their personal Oppenheimer funds or other funds.

Those that don’t take insurance benefits should not be getting the money it should go back to the general fund. Des Moines County public servants have been robbing the taxpayer for years through their insurance, their grossly exaggerated salaries and yearly holidays all of which exceed their worth.

I say lets outsource every public service job in the county until the unions are gone and wages and benefits can return to what their worth rather than what they can steal from the taxpayer. Government unions are the scourge of the working man and woman forced to pay extortion style taxes; so government employees can live the good life.

This is all caused by the dimwitted elected officials here in Des Moines County who themselves are stealing from the taxpayer such as the Supervisors getting benefits and $36,000 a year for a mini part time job. Then the city council rolls over for their buddies in the unions by giving them everything including the farm without even considering what it cost the taxpayer.

Screw all the one party scumbags elected to office in Des Moines County because they're all worthless free loaders. If they were going to give Iowa an enema they’d stick it in Burlington; right where it belongs.


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Government Employee Double Dipping Needs To Stop - Today


There was a letter in Sunday's Des Moines Register written by BL Burnett. Burnett is a retired government employee. Burnett hit the nail on the head as he responded to a recent article in the Register about government employees 'Double Dipping" and abusing the taxpayers.

Burnett said that it was unfair because the retired government employee already has a pension, they have an insider advantage because they know the staff and the people that do the hiring. He also said in some cases the job was designed so only the retired employee would be qualified with his/her experience to get the job. He also said many citizens are unemployed and need the job, and the double dippers take this opportunity. He said the government retired employee with the good pension, should look for places to volunteer, but if they want employment, to seek it away from government jobs.

This guy gets it. This is happening in Burlington and Des Moines County. The excuse is, these retired people have the experience. They also have the inside track because they know the staff. Experience? Did these retired employees have the experience when they started out? No, they were given an opportunity when they were young and needed the job for their families. Now they take the opportunity from the younger person that needs the job. Our elected officials and City/County management should not have allowed this. More young people leave the area because they can't find employment. I wonder why.

Burlington Resident

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President Obama's Official Twitterer Connected To MoveOn.org

The woman that poses as Barack Obama on all his social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter is connected to the far-left organization MoveOn.org.

....NOI's original Organizing Director was Zack Exley. For those of you who might not recognize the name, you can check out his lengthy entry at Discover The Networks.

But suffice to say that Mr. Exley is an activist with the domestic terrorists known as the Ruckus Society. He has also worked as an undercover labor union organizer.

However, his great online achievement was his creation of a ‘phishing’ site, which pretended to be the official website for George Bush."

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STS-130 Endeavour Closing On International Space Station

Shuttle Silhouette

In a very unique setting over Earth's colorful horizon, the silhouette of the space shuttle Endeavour is featured in this photo by an Expedition 22 crew member on board the International Space Station, as the shuttle approached for its docking on Feb. 9 during the STS-130 mission.

Image Credit: NASA

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13 February

Party On!

Party guest from left to right: Tim Geithner, John Kerry, KSM, Oprah, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Axelrod, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Party Crashers #1, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, Party Crashers #2, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Bluto, Andy Stern, Bill Clinton, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Barney Frank, Kevin Jennings

Statues left to right: Che Guevara, Saul Alinsky, Obama, Chairman Mao, Lenin

Click Here
for the interactive version.

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City County Insurance Abuse


Is that true about Cahill taking the insurance money? That's disappointing after what he said when he first went into office.

The more the monthly insurance premium goes up, the more money for those taking the money for extra retirements. They actually benefit more when the cost is higher. They had no incentive to keep premiums down. Some insurance board members City and County (employees) have taken the cash. They make the rules.

It use to be that they got the difference from the single to the family plan. If single is $400.00 per month and family is $1200.00 they could take $800.00 per month. that is how it use to work according to County courthouse workers. I heard two downtown businessmen discussing this. They thought it was wrong and was surprised the Hawkeye wasn't all over this. They are asleep on the issues.

Add that up over 30 years. Two retirements is correct. Maybe Bev Hunter or Jeff Heland that have abused this taxpayer funded health insurance to build another retirement will write in and tell us how much money a month that they get. The downtown private sector people know who is filling their pockets. Tax businesses and residents more so some of these people can have two retirements.

Paying our own!

From what we hear Carol Copeland won't release the data.


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How Long Before One of These Lights Up Central Avenue?

Fourteen weapons, including a rocket launcher, were seized when Chicago police executed multiple search warrants in the West Side's Austin neighborhood, police said today.

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12 February

Heland is Lost In Double Dipping


I agree with you. Jeff Heland is always quick to call the radio shows when he wants to talk about himself. And we all know he is full of himself.

From what County courthouse people say, Heland is cashing in on this family health insurance.

Fred at KCPS or the Hawkeye should ask Heland how much money he is putting into a special retirement fund from his insurance premiums. It's legalized stealing from a plan put in place by the insurance board made up of employees that wanted to take the money.

There are City hall people taking the cash too. These same people are the ones negotiating the contracts.

Conflict of interest? Absolutely!

People would be shocked if they knew how much money was in some of these personal accounts that was taxed for health insurance needs. They will have double retirements. How they sleep at night is beyond me.

I think we could trust a crook more than some of these people that we are supposed to trust. I have lost respect for all of them.

Sheriff Johnstone has run up his dept budget too. I wish Behne would run again and straighten that dept out. At least he would work 40 hours.

And all that commotion about Cahill and his insurance was smoke and mirrors. He is plowing his county paid health insurance premium right into a retirement account along the same way as Heland.

Lost respect for them all

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Burlington - City of Losers - Led By a Loser


One thing we do know, Burlington has the stupidest city council, mayor and city manger known to man, save for the congress of the United States. They have no backbone or conscience, otherwise they would never have voted to pay city employees those disgustingly gross salaries stolen from the public under the guise of taxes needed to repair our falling down dump of a city.

They could have told the city employees no raise for the next five years just as easily as giving them everything for nothing, after all it’s only taxpayer money and it grows on trees: so they think.

The voter in Burlington is ignorant by voting in the same revolving door dimwits year after year despite their not having enough brains to get out of the rain.

The mayor is a joke and nothing but a retired fireman who cost the taxpayers over $50,000 for the keys he lost to the schools on his watch. The voter then turns around and elects this known loser to the council and then the council makes him the mayor, something he knows nothing about and they do it twice. Talk about a comedy of errors, Burlington has it all when it comes to losers.

Cascade Bridge is falling down because the city spent the money on the Manor, railroad lawsuit, Iowa’s worst lawyer, employee wage and benefit increases and the worst part - bonus money for the loser managers employed by the city.

The East St. Louis syndrome is gaining ground here in Burlington and soon we’ll be their sister city. Our city hall probably thinks it’s an honor to be similar to East St. Louis. I know it won’t surprise anyone but them.


Don't lump Lost Keys Bill Ell into the category of a fireman. Lost Keys is a pathetic liar that got caught lying while deceiving the public.

No real fireman would want Lost Keys anywhere near a real fire.

They couldn't trust him.


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Going Away Are the Buffaloed


"The days of union power are long gone in America"

STRIKES and employer-initiated lockouts in America last year were at their lowest since records began, according to new figures published by the Bureau of Labour Statistics."

When will this trend reach here?

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Give Illegal Aliens In State Tuition?


"A bill in the Iowa House Education Committee could change that.

The bill — the Iowa Opportunities and Workforce Act — would allow undocumented immigrants more access to higher education by charging them the same in-state tuition as their classmates and friends."

Governor Culver fudges figures as Iowa is a billion bucks in the hole. Our regents Universities struggle with cuts as more legal citizens of Iowa try raising their level of education. How to deal with crises?

Give in state tuition to illegal aliens. As usual, a Democrat is behind this solution.

Representative Dennis Cohoon of Burlington is on the House Education Committee. http://www3.legis.state.ia.us/ga/committee.do?id=21&ga=83 Where does our man in Des Moines stand on in state tuition for illegal aliens?


Where does Cahoon stand on this issue? Anybody know?

We couldn't illegally enter Canada and go to school for free. Why should anyone be able to come here and do the same?


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To a Healthier of Des Moines County


I totally enjoyed the link to low I. Q. and heart disease. It lifted my spirits.

If the Republicans can not make Heland go away, perhaps a truly massive brain fart on KCPS will do the trick.

Nigh Trou Pill

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11 February

Heland Sleeping In When Questioned About Healthcare Costs


Minutes ago the KCPS - Burlington's Flagship Station 1150 AM - Big Show Fred asked if Jeff Heland was up yet to answer questions about the free family health care bonus offered county employees. Several callers all had similar concerns about these extravagant benefits.

The sound was silence. Heland was sleeping, in-rem, dreaming of a dozen donuts to wash down his breakfast gut buster.

Yesterday, Heland was on the Big Show, blah-blah this and blah-blah that. Telling us all how to think like him.

Jeff, we don't care what you think. You need to do something for the taxpayer that isn't so self-serving for your well being.

Fed Up With Jeff

Beck and Cahill want to revisit cost cutting measures. Heland will be absent for that, too.


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City Employee Pay Raise Totally Unwarranted - Let's Kill Burlington


The Burlington City Council and Manager Doug Worden made a decision to give all City employees a nice pay raise for the next 5 years. They also included in the contracts, Free family health insurance. Nobody receives this anymore but government employees. This decision was made in poor economic times.

They complain about the growing pension cost, but give them pay raises and hire more people. How smart is that? These employees were very happy with their new contracts, and stated so at the City Council meetings.

Worden even said they had a fun time negotiating and were laughing at the table. It's real funny now isn't it? They (Council) and City management sold out this City and their citizens. Tim, Garry, Jim, Bill and Matt are all responsible. They voted to pass the contracts. They even said what a good deal the City got. Old people will be turning their heat down, cutting back on their medicine and food to pay their property taxes. Bill Ell commented at the meeting, the City employees should receive free insurance because they always have had it. Bill, get your head out of the sand! This is not 1980.

Now, they must raise taxes AND cut services to pay for this very irresponsible action. They should be ashamed of themselves. Take more money from young struggling families and retired people on limited fixed incomes and give it to the over paid government employees. They have already cut services, so don't use that as your annual option.

Rather than, Let's Grow Burlington, Let's kill Burlington. That's what they are doing. The County and School District is as much to blame. Poor management.

Not Surprised

Worden is one of the most irresponsible 4th place jackasses to ever occupy any seat this dumbass ever flops in. To molly coddle this fool is just another step down the road of stupid council moves.

As for Lost Keys Bill Ell, we've always had his incompetence on the job, why settle for anything any better?

Spineless jellyfish have more moral fabric.


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Keep Your Feet Off Our Furniture


We should inundate the White House with emails demanding that he keep his frigging feet off of our furniture. This arrogant, immature, self-centered man has no sense of honor, or even simple decency.

While this displayed posture is disrespectful in any culture, it should never done in an executive setting. Further, in over half of the cultures of the world, it is recognized not only as disrespectful, but as an extreme insult.

He thinks of himself as a king and not as a servant of the people, occupying our White House for his term in office. Electing him was an enormous mistake and doing so will cost us in many ways, for many generations.

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Clogged Arteries and Clouded Minds


"LONDON (Reuters) - Intelligence comes second only to smoking as a predictor of heart disease, scientists said on Wednesday, suggesting public health campaigns may need to be designed for people with lower IQs if they are to work."

Should paramedics be present at City Council meetings? Should paramedics be following Heland around?


No wonder GRMC is so successful; they're just waiting for the city council to show up.


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Time for Another Heland Solution


"Gov. Chet Culver’s proposed budget is at least $25 million above the state’s legal spending limits largely because of inaccurate calculations, State Auditor David Vaudt said this morning."

If you over spend, you cut back. Not if you are the State of Iowa. Declare your vote buying is balanced. The solution comes after the next election.

Raise taxes just like what Heland made happen. Hope and pray the victims' memory is short term.

Let's take a guess. Voting aye, Courtney, Fraise and Cahoon.


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Courage in the Face of Cold Lager


"A southern Iowa newspaper editor who was beaten unconscious because of an article he wrote about a local bar's liquor license is suing the bar where he was attacked."

A southern Iowa journalist's reporting on an unruly public house allegedly resulted in unruly action. Another allegedly unruly house is being sued as a consequence.

We have unruly public houses. They are called City Halls, Planning Commissions, etc.

Based on how well we are informed of what goes on, do local journalists have any reason to fear running into inebriated denizens of our unruly houses at a public house?


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Burlington's Reputation - Check Comments


The only thing Brian Tapp and Dennis Hinkle attract is unwanted attention to Burlington's plight of self-destruction. Just read the comments posted to the article.

Not Surprised.

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Disco Dolls In Hot Skin a Liberal Sin


"“The political climate is not conducive for experimentation with ideas of free speech,” said Lyombe Eko, an associate professor of journalism and mass communication."

The tyranny of censorship in the service of political correctness is making great strides. The aging free speechers and free lovers who once wore flowers in their hair are now running the asylum. Nostalgic art and culture must not be seen.

It is not only in Washington where the new age of thought control is being practiced. Banned in Boston has become banned in Iowa City.

What starts with erotic camp will work its way to removing the right of free access to information for all adults.

Deep Throat

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Local Political Woes


While I don't necessarily disagree with the repeated criticisms of the current leadership in Des Moines County and Burlington, I'm dismayed to think that these "experts" aren't willing to step into the political arena and deliver us from the horrible situation we're currently mired in.

To you who have all the answers I say, "Come one! Come all! Save us from ourselves!" In other words, put up or shut up!


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Financial Debt Bombs

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10 February

R = Reject Heland

What a friend Jeff has in Jesus


The Des Moines County Soviet of Decrepit Unions will not take Heland off their ticket. Primary party switching only goes so far. Less than 20 votes made Hoschek history. That will not happen to Heland.

The only alternative is for somebody with fiscal competence to take out papers and run as a Republican. As far as local Republican leadership, they are no help.

Other than amateur fight nights and revival meetings, what have they accomplished for years? They can not prevent anybody registered as Republican from taking out submitting nomination papers with the required number of signatures. Do so and you are on the ballot.

If the candidate fails to swallow the local Republican purple communion kool-aid, let them make another denouncement. Only a tiny number are swallowing what they are selling. Their non endorsement would be an asset.

A candidate will need help from local individuals and organizations sick of stagnation in all but taxation. It will take money and lots of volunteer hours of work. It will not be easy, but it is not impossible.

If Heland is given the heave ho, a solid block of common sense on the County Board of Supervisors would be a signal to the world that Des Moines County is back on track and open for business.


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GOP Blocks Obama Labor Board Nominee

"Senate Democrats on Tuesday failed to push through President Barack Obama's choice of a union lawyer to serve on the National Labor Relations Board after two of their own joined Republicans to block the nomination.

By a 52-33 vote, Democrats fell far short of the 60 needed to overcome a GOP filibuster of the nomination of Craig Becker.

...."Mr. Becker's previous statements strongly indicate that he would take an aggressive personal agenda to the NLRB, and that he would pursue a personal agenda there, rather than that of the administration"

Becker, a lawyer for the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, has spoken favorably on "card check" legislation that would take away the right of employers to demand secret ballot union representation elections. Some of his legal writings suggest that its goals could be accomplished by the NLRB without Congress having to pass the legislation."

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Murtha's Epitaph - Crooked To The End

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09 February

Des Moines County's Despair Curtain


"We need a change in leadership at our local government level or we will continue to get the same results." - County Tax Payer

If you want quality leadership Des Moines County's single provider political system will not deliver it. The Democrats will do nothing about Heland.

The Iron Curtain came down when those suffering rose up. Their sacrifices were far greater than taking the time and getting politically active in Des Moines County.

The longer nobody does anything, the worse it will get.


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#9 Most Corrupt Politician "Abscam" Murtha Dead

Jack Murtha, just named the 9th most corrupt congressmen in modern history, has died. Heland will sing his praises as a Tiger of the Democrats.

Murtha was one of the biggest no good scum bags to occupy Congress and a Marine Corps uniform.

Good riddance!

Caution: Lots of bad words and descriptors for American politicians.

04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

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Obama's Unsustainable Deficit - It's All Bush's Fault - Oh Wait A Minute!

Start at 5:30 if you're in a hurry and continue to Part 2.

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08 February

Heland, Not Again


We need a change in leadership at our local government level or we will continue to get the same results. Higher property taxes, crumbling infrastructure and less services. I can hear Jeff Heland's campaign slogan as he fights to keep his government job and benefits.

Ask not what your County can do for you, but what can you do for your County? And me. Heland For Supervisor.

County Tax Payer

This campaign slogan? 'Yakety yak, you need taxed.'


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Lookin' to the East


"The pawn broker and owner of a cleaning supplies company won the nomination Tuesday. Since then, it has become widely know that he was accused of abusing his ex-wife and holding a knife to the throat of an ex-girlfriend.

The girlfriend herself had been charged with prostitution
. He also admits using steroids in the past."

Our local single party hacks are entertaining at times. However, nepotism, cronyism, graft and plain old incompetence are just plain getting old. Give the Drunk ex-Mayor his due, he was entertaining.

Just look at the former Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor in Illinois. Threatening to slit the throat of your hooker girlfriend beats beating a drunk driving rap all to hell and back. We are so close, but no cigar.

If Gulfport regains its pre-flood glory do you think the entertainment value of our local single party government will improve?


Lookin' to the East will be insightful this election season. I predict it will be quite insightful to at least one supervisor's re-election bid.


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She's Alive

Satan Steve Scheffler Sidekick and Co-Defendant Kim Lehman Takes New Position with Stem Cell Research Institute

Des Moines, IA–Kim Lehman, President of Iowa Right to Life, is leaving to take a new position with the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute in Iowa City.

Lehman is transitioning this week to John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute (JP2SRI) and will be responsible in helping the non-profit fulfill its mission in advancing adult stem cell research while promoting medical ethics in regenerative medicine.'

Isn't this that nut job lady you keep talking about? Does this pay better than running a political action committee, or was her old employer getting too much heat over her actions?


The plethora of laundry chutes continues to weave a tangled web. It just illustrates one of W.C. Fields theories; we know what you are, we only needed to determine the price.


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How to Destabilize and Destroy a Country - KGB Mantra Worked

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07 February

929,000 Unemployed Americans Help Obama

Largest Community Organization Ever In Sector

"In December, 929,000 out-of-work Americans did their part to help the Obama administration, staying out of the official unemployment figures by not looking for a job."

05:29:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Still The Most Expensive Prostitute in America

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06 February

Southeastern Iowa Regional Planning Pocket-Lining Agenda


The Schockleys' cake wasn’t good enough for Brian Tapp but it doesn’t bother him to waste their tax dollars on his worthless black hole Southeastern Iowa Regional Planning pocket lining agenda.

Once a snake always a snake and you’d of thought Tapp was working for the city or the board of supervisors with the attitude he’s got.

Tapp is a nobody running his shady business off the taxpayer and the Schockleys should just consider the source and then forget about him. Isn’t it once a loser always a loser; so they say?

I still think Haiti’s the place for Tapp and his style of doing tax funded rip-offs.

Disgusted as Usual

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Average Federal Worker's Pay - $71,206; Private Sector - $40,331

"The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.

...The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000."

08:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

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05 February

Nuthin' Says Luvin Like Sumthin' from the Oven


"After about five minutes, the couple were told by a SEIRPC employee that the cake would not be accepted and Tapp had declined to meet with them."

You are right. If friends and family cannot lick taxpayer goodies from the bowl, what else should you expect?

If the whole truth is ever revealed, do you think Tapp and the rest of tribe would accept a cake? There could be a file inside.

Betty Crocker

08:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Government Pay in Iowa Totally Out of Control

“Iowa has held...the top spot among states for the largest Pay Gap between government workers and private-sector workers for over two decades.”


All your viewers should take a look at this report from the Public Interest Institute at Iowa Wesleyan College. Our state employees are paid 146.61 percent of what the private sector in Iowa earns on average.

This means when a private sector employee earns $35,256 annually that a government employee will earn a 146.61 percent of the private sector person coming out at $51,688 annually.

What this means is Iowa is ranked #1 in the United States for pay gaps between its private employees and government employees. In other words Iowa government employees are grossly overpaid.

Iowa government is grossly overpaid for the quality of management we receive for our state. Iowa government salaries should be reduced by at least 30% which would bring the state into range of the taxpayer in the private sector. In other words the way it is now the private sector taxpayer is not getting any bang for its buck from state government.

Please read this report.

Totally Disgusted

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Government Pay in Iowa Totally Out of Control 2


Disappointed In Our Officials should take a look at the attached table that will show how Iowa city county and state government are raping the Iowa private sector to line their pockets with over pay and benefits.

Iowa government employees are living the life of Riley while the private sector employee is robbed to pay for it. Government unions are destroying our way of life through their greed with the help of Democrats.

Now the brain dead democrats in Des Moines want to reinforce the unions by doing away with our right to work laws as payoff to the scum bag government unions for their support.

Why do Iowans continue to support the same people that are ruining their lives? Many Iowans gave up their lives in wars to prevent the take over of our government by thieves, liars and crooks namely Democrats and unions rubbing each others back to the detriment of the private citizen.

Wake up Iowa and look at what the Democrats and unions have done to our state by looking at the attached table for Iowa below.


Thanks for sending this. Never fail to realize that people like Jeff Heland, Tim Hoschek, Lost Keys Bill Ell, Dandy Jim Davidson, our ex-drunk mayor Mike Edwards, Springsted crooked bond salesman Bruce Slagle, Mini-Me Crook Doug Worden, Brian Tapp and the revolving door of tax and spend Democrats contributed their undivided efforts to this mess.


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Brown sworn in as US senator; takes Kennedy's seat

Kennedy's Burnt Bridge Finally Gone

"Republican Scott Brown took over the seat of the late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy on Thursday, vowing to be an independent voice in a bitterly divided Senate.

"I can't promise I will be right in every vote I make. ... I will do the very best job I can," Brown told reporters.

Brown was sworn-in by Vice President Joe Biden at a Capitol Hill ceremony a week earlier than he originally planned, and just in time to plunge into a partisan fight over President Barack Obama's choice of a union attorney for a top labor job. "

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“Supported by Video Evidence; Ignored, Insulted & Eventually Proven Correct”

07:43:00 - SPIKE - No comments

"The Word Game/Vague Game – Marxist – Progressive - Liberal – Progressive - Populist"

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Challenger Accident

The four-minute film, shot by optometrist Jack Moss, brings an entirely new perspective to the terrible event which killed a team of seven, including science teacher Christa McAuliffe, who had been chosen by NASA to become the first civilian in space.

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04 February

Let Tapp Eat Cake Crumbs In The Dark With The Cockroaches


That guy Brian Tapp from regional planning sounds like a real idiot. He refuses to meet with two local business people in his lobby along with a Hawkeye reporter and photographer. And he refuses their cake.

Only a mindless nitwit would refuse free cake.

That's un-American and terribly rude.


Keep in mind Tapp is the same nitwit that sucks up bags of taxpayer money and redistributes it to worthless family and church projects.

Why would he try to save any money when he is building his monument in Uncle Hans' backyard.


06:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Pay and Free Insurance


Just a question for our City management and the City Council. There was an article in this weeks Des Moines Register about the State union workers. They were told at their last contract that they could not have pay raises and free health insurance. Not both. The State could not afford it. They chose the free health insurance.

Why did our City council and City manager agree to 5 years of FREE health insurance and nice pay raises? For the next 5 years?

Our Burlington City management should never have done this. We can't afford it. It will increase taxes or cut services to our citizens.

Then they have the guts to blame the State for all of their troubles. Do they think this is fair to burden the citizens of Burlington so they can have more money and benefits? Government is too big and too expensive. It is killing the economy.

The public pension system will either break everybody trying to keep up or it will go broke at the rate it is headed. There will be massive layoffs in the future because the union contracts are too costly. Our community is not better for it. There are citizens sacrificing and suffering right now. It sure is not local government employees.

Thank you for this forum. There are a lot of citizens reading it and discussing the issues.

Disappointed in our Officials

If you think this is bad wait just until Heland uncovers his next 4-year spendaholic crime spree campaign promise to city employees to get their vote.


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An "Interrupter" By Any Other Name

From the Ad Vertiser’s newest cub, Jermaine Pigee; not found online but found in iowa's Oldest (and thinnest) News in Print:

"When a doctor needs medication, my job will be to find the closest medication that works for each patient," she said. "Then I have to go through an interrupter and explain and hope the patient understands how to take the medication and hope that if there is medication that must be taken with food, the patient has food to take it with. That's an issue in itself."



U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Blackwell

HS2 Jonathan Edwards, MSST 91112, and ET1 Leroy Marcel, MSST Miami, provide translation (interpreter) and medical assistance to American citizens awaiting transport back to the U.S., Jan. 18, 2010.

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"Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

1. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
2. Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
3. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
4. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner
5. Attorney General Eric Holder
6. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)
7. President Barack Obama
8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
9. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven - Murtha’s son and Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN.), James P. Moran Jr. (D-VA), Norm Dicks (D-WA.), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), C.W. Bill Young (R-FL.)and Todd Tiahrt (R-KS.)
10. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)

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Schools Aqua Park & Depot


The Burlington Community School District rec'd a grant for $4,079,671.00 dollars. Out of that a $1,573,499.00 grant was used to provide special education for children with disability and support struggling reading students.

Do you think Oak St. got any of this money or are we going to start building another school?

I see the city paid Two Rivers Bank and General obligation &Interest for the aquatic note for their $1,738,037.78. I hope this was the final payment because we've lost enough principal and interest on this loan due to city leaders failure to understand business.

Mr. Worden wants to move to the depot, I would advise him to figure in the price of sound proofing, we don't want those pesky trains making any noise when they go by.

I think we need some independents running for city, state and federal governments.

Another disgusted taxpayer

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Sound is out of sync -

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03 February

Choo Choo DeJa Vu


Another piece of no longer used railroad real estate. Another illegal secret government meeting over its fate. What did the "without merit" railroad shops lawsuit cost us?

Even if the City backs away moving to the depot, there are still some questions that must be answered. Who is pushing this proposal and why? Is this a smoke screen to justify the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission buying a facility far in excess of their needs? Do cronies stand to profit at public expense if the move goes through?

What was discussed at the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission meeting that the public was barred from? Are the answers to these questions known only to those at that meeting?

Whatever happened to rule of law? Where is law enforcement? For that matter, whatever happened to a free press telling us more than the price of lettuce at Hy-Vee?


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Good Riddance to Worden & Tapp's City Hall to Depot Plot

Get the Manor developed and Cascade bridge done first


I think it was a wise move for the city council to rid this dumb idea to move City Hall to the Depot. Matt Murray was right! I have not heard any citizens say they thought this was a good idea, except Delaney at The Hawkeye. The Hawkeye was pushing this. They should report the news, and both sides of an issue and let their readers decide. They lobby for the projects that they support. The public and their readers then get one sided information. They would not admit to this, but it is the truth.

Delaney had an editorial a few weeks ago about families should cut up their credit cards and live within their means. It was actually a good editorial about financial management. When it comes to City projects that he wants done, no end to borrowing and no common sense to spending?

My suggestion is: If Delaney and The Hawkeye think it is such a good investment, good location, good return on their money, let them develop it. There is sound reasons why no private business has developed the Depot in 25 years.

Our City Council needs to listen to the public and not just special interest groups.

Get the Manor developed and Cascade bridge done first.

Burlington Resident

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FEMA Dumped Means Dumped, Not Recycled


Why in the hell would city hall think they’d be better off down in the flood plain? Who ever dreamed up such an idea needs to be thrown out of town after being tarred and feathered?

Where does Burlington come up with these lame brained people that have contaminated our public service jobs?

Why don’t Tapp and his den of dimwits head on down to Haiti where they would be welcomed with open arms and could live with people that have similar ideas for creating income.

All the local taxpayer funded entities are stealing the taxpayer blind with the exception of the Salvation Army, in my opinion. That Tapp character leaves a lot to be desired because anyone that hangs around with Slagle, Worden, Heland and other has-been public servants surely can’t be too gifted between the ears.

I’ve heard that SEIRP isn’t even paying the landfill in Des Moines County where they’ve been dumping concrete from Oakville in a special place so it can be redeemed at a later date. In other words, it would appear the landfill is just storing the concrete which will be retrieved at a later date for use by a “phantom” business or the county or the city. In the mean time, what happened to the money set aside to pay for the dumping fees? Dumped means dumped, not recycled.

Is there no one keeping tabs on what SEIRP does with its taxpayer funds? Just another example of no accountability or responsibility by taxpayer funded personnel here in Des Moines County and Burlington.

Where’s FEMA when corruption is running rampart throughout the county?


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A Curse Upon Ye Evangelicals


""The evangelicals are in control and they take everything for themselves," he claimed. "They have the advantage that they control the airport where everything is stuck. They take everything they get to their own people and that's a shame."

Is there a correlation with the disaster in Haiti and the single party, tax and spend disaster we are suffering from?


Yes, but a lot more VooDoo and smoke.


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Trousil Neck Deep in Tapp Building Deal


I've been hearing stories at the coffee shop that West B mayor Trousil is neck deep in the Raider building deal regional planning is trying to buy. The story is that Tapp and Trousil are joined at the hip through family relatives and it's an insider deal all the way.

And why have we all of a sudden heard that there needs to be a business incubator? Is that the set up for Tapp to justify his $1 million dollar building? Or, is it the dodge to go to city hall and go steal more taxpayer money?

Just pass the Kool-Aid. It will be easier if I'm delirious.

just give me the cup

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02 February

Why the Rush to the Station?


Down by the depot
Taxpayers in mourning
See the little pocket liners
All in a row.

Something is odd about the sudden rush and illegal secrecy surrounding moving City Hall to the old railroad station. That building has languished for decades.

Who stands to make money from moving City Hall to the old depot? How does Tapp and Southeast Regional Planning tie in? If the taxpayers end up taken for a ride, that is probably of no concern.

Are there any public information records showing everybody involved? Knowing local compliance with public access to public information, it may take the U. S. Marshalls to get it. It may take a forensic specialist with access to pertinent hard drives. That is, if the hard drives do not end up on a burglary report first.


I smell a turd and dandruff shampoo that reminds me of Springsted's Crooked Bond Salesman Bruce Slagle.


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Doug Worden Will Need His Speedos

Another Dumb Ass Disaster From the Folks In City Hall

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Brian Tapp Can't Afford To Move


I have two questions about Brian Tapp and Hans Trousil.

If Tapp can't gather enough earnest money ($55K) for a $1 million dollar building, how's Tapp going to cover the operating expenses to run a 35,000 sf building, utilities alone? Regional planning occupies 3500 sf now and according to the paper he needs about 6,000 sf. So how does Tapp justify spending the money for utilities to keep 14,000 sf of unoccupied office space heated?

Secondly, has Hans Trousil abstained from voting on anything to do with the Raider building since he and Tapp are related; or at least were?

Seems to me it would be a far better idea for Tapp and regional planning to move to the depot. When it floods, the city can loan him a couple of boat docks or have Mike Sweet come down with his johnboat singin' "Sittin On The Dock of the Bay."


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Obama's Radical Training for Interns

Training Radicals Instead of Educating Children

"By the way Cathy.. your candidate (McCain) will keep your Dad in Iraq for 100 years."

If you read through the application form for the Organizing for America (OFA) intern program you will find on page 4 Suggested Readings, a few books a prospective intern should read before their internship.

The books are manuals written for training radicals. A good example - Rules for Radicals by vowed Marxist Saul Alinsky - "The end justifies the means."

Furthermore, the NEA - National Education Association - is promoting Saul Alinsky's books on their Recommended Reading page.

I don't know if this crap is being handed out in any local school system. But if it is let us know. We will pursue this. We will print any teacher's name that strives to promote this type of indoctrination on children.

We will expose this nonsense.


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Satan Scheffler Leading GOP to Election Hell


GOP Satan Steve Scheffler is clinging to his perverse ideas of litmus testing candidates. Here's a post from his Gates of Hell Facebook page:

"RNC's Platform Fidelity Resolution

Below is a letter written by the Republican National Committee Man from Indiana, James Bopp Jr. The subject of the letter is a resolution that was recently passed at the Winter meeting of the Republican National Committee. Please read his letter as well as the NY Times article about the same.

Republican and Conservative Leaders and Activists:

At its Winter Meeting last week, the Republican National Committee adopted an important and historic resolution "concerning party support for candidates." Sponsored by Bill Crocker of Texas, the unanimously-adoptedresolution calls on all Republican Party leaders "to carefully screen" all candidates and to "determine that they wholeheartedly support the core principles and positions of the Republican Party as expressed in the Platform" and urges that "no support, financial or otherwise, be given to candidates who clearly do not support the core principles and positions of the Republican Party as expressed in the Platform."

This is the first time that the RNC hastaken stepsto ensure that Republican candidates are faithful to the Republican Platform. It empowers the RNC Chairman to consider the positions of candidates on issues and to deny funding to those candidates who are clearly out of the mainstream of our Party. As Mr Crocker said after the resolution's adoption: "No more Scozzafavas, please. No more Specters, please. No more Chafees, please."

State and local Republican parties, the National Republican Congressional Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee are independent organizations and the resolution is not binding on them. The RNC, however, is calling all Republican leaders to follow the RNC lead. After all, what each of us does effects everyone.

With the adoption of thePlatform Fidelity Resolution, I withdrew from consideration the Reagan Resolution and the Accountability Resolution, since the Platform Fidelity Resolution accomplishes our goalofdemonstrating that this party isserious about standing for our principles, so thatdisaffected conservatives, such as tea partymembers, will be comfortableworking with usin defense of freedom,and gainwidespread support."


What a load! If these morons think this is a winning strategy then strap on ObaMao for 4 more.


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Oak Street Syndrome Over Seas


"According to the company, only 4.2% of India’s engineers are fit to work in a software product firm, and just 17.8% are employable by an IT services company, even with up to six months’ training. A larger share could cope in business-process outsourcing (call centres and the like). These findings are even gloomier than the 25% figure for employability that has been bandied about since 2005, when McKinsey released the results of a survey of international companies."

At what point do those developing, India, surpass we the declining?

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01 February

Two Rivers Financial Profiteering On Taxpayer Money


I’ve been looking thru the Tarp funds bailout and noticed that Two Rivers Financial Group got 12million dollars in Tarp funds. Well this wasn’t going to help anyone.

What they did with the money was Purchase-Preferred Stock w/Exercised Warrants. I don’t see where they were in financial trouble and this was just for personal gain.

They were just using the taxpayers’ money to make a profit in the stock market. They have rec'd two dividends in the amount of $301,566.00.

I wonder if our city officials have any money in the financial group? It looks like something they would do. It’s too bad the taxpayers can't get money like this for there's not much of a downside to investing it.

In closing they have not paid any of this money back to date.

Disgusted as hell

Yeah, but look at all the small business loans they've made trying to do their part to reverse the economic downturn and help local businesses. And how they lowered the fees they charge to their customers.

They're the pinnacle of community greed. There is no difference between Two Rivers Financial Group and any Wall Street Bank other than their balance sheet; it's smaller. But still greedy.

Opportunists. They had the opportunity to make money off the taxpayers and they took it.

There are a lot of banks in Burlington. Pick one that didn't drop snout down the taxpayer trough.


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Report: TARP Failing to Meet Goals

"The quarterly report said that because of TARP, "there are clear signs that aspects of the financial system are far more stable than they were at the height of the crisis in the fall of 2008."

But the report also stated that "many of TARP's stated goals... have simply not been met" and that the potential for a new crisis looms without major reforms.

"Even if TARP saved our financial system from driving off a cliff back in 2008, absent meaningful reform, we are still driving on the same winding mountain road, but this time in a faster car," the report said."

Imagine that.


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Obama Recruiting Radicals in High School

"Barack Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America (OFA), formerly Obama For America, is recruiting in our high schools to “build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda” – that is, his agenda of socialism for the United States of America.

Chuck, a reader of my website AtlasShrugs.com, has a daughter in the eleventh grade in a public high school, Perry Local in Massillon, Ohio. The teacher in her government class passed out a propaganda recruiting paper – headed with Obama’s distinctive “O” logo — asking students to sign up as interns for Organizing for America.

You can see the entire intern recruiting form at AtlasShrugs.com."

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