Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 March

Cahoon: I Can't Think for Myself - They Made Me Do It!


"The margin on Senate File 2389, the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund bill, was not as large. A major sticking point was the additional $150 million in I-JOBS bonding that floor manager Rep. Dennis Cohoon, D-Burlington, said will cost the state $269 million to repay.

It was approved 52-47, with three Democrats joining Republicans in voting “no.”
"Cohoon admitted SF 2389 was not pork-free legislation.

“But the pork wouldn’t be in there if it wasn’t requested,” Cohoon said.

Let the taxpayers squeal. From the land of 18% annual tax increases comes the ad-vocation of waste depressing.


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Nothing Positive in Obama Agenda


Since Obama took office he has cut off any chance of American self dependency on oil by disallowing tapping our massive oil reserves in the ground which prolongs our dependency on foreign oil when we have one of the world biggest untapped supplies of sweet crude. This is another Obama failure and lack of concern for the consumer based on ignorance by the administration and their lame socialist agenda.

On top of that our gasoline prices have climbed $1.00 per gallon since he took office, another failure of the Obama administration.

This Obama is a fruit cake and is bent on destroying and weakening the resolve of the American people and if some can’t see what’s happening we can assume they’re probably the ones who voted for him.

His entire agenda is destroying America through mandating socialist ideas that have failed everywhere in the world. When Castro likes him we have a sure sign that we are harboring a known socialist tin horn dictator.

He even considers a 26 year old person living with their parents a child, another choice for driving up health care costs. This guy is a menace to the American way and we should vote him out in 2012.

This guy scares the hell out of me like no other president in our History. Obama doesn’t care what the people think because he’s a replica of Chavez and only cares about his socialist agenda. Look at the people he puts in the White House who are mostly radical misfits from the lower fringes of society that fringe on the mentality of Reverend White, someone over a period of 20 years Obama had never heard a racist remark from. Could it be because Obama looks at things the same way as Rev. Wright and can’t see anything wrong with his sermons?


F. Castro

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Blood Sucking Religious Ticks Hit Iowa GOP


You ran a link to Iowa's Republican National Committeeman, Steve Sheffler and Ralph Reed. Ralph Reed said they need $500,000 to take back Iowa for Christians. It looks like they are serious. They are out raising the cash through the Iowa Christian Alliance.

The keynote speaker at the Iowa Christian Alliance fund raiser is to be a famous propagandist historian, David Barton. Will you be at the African American Historical Museum & Cultural Center of Iowa donating to hear the King James Version of American History?

Ralph Reed has been hanging around Steve Sheffler a lot lately. Ralph Reed is reportedly sharing his traditional Godly values with Steve Sheffler's Alliance of Christians. Maybe Ralph Reed will be at this event.

Ralph Reed does not like to talk about his connection to Jack Abramoff. God supposedly talks to Mr. Barton.

As a supposed noted scholar of American History, when will Mr. Barton produce a work on the Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed scandal? Until Mr. Barton gets the call to write on that subject, will anybody connected with Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed ever tell the truth; the whole truth and nothing but the truth; so help them God?


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30 March

It Is Not That You Steal - It Is From Whom You Steal


"A former executive director of the Hawkeye Labor Council (AFL-CIO) was charged in federal court last week for forging $24,800 in checks on the council’s account and more than $6,500 on another person’s credit account."

If you really want to misuse other people's money, do not steal from the union. Use union support to get elected. Raise taxes 18% every year and tell your victims they should be happy to support your actions. The health benefits were better than Obama care.

N. Absentia Jimmy

One of Heland's Democrat buddies? Corrupt? Unable to run? Disbarred attorney over drug use?

At least the money launderers are creative. Not that this crook isn't.

Only thing missing are the womanizers. Surely there has to be two or three of them. At least two for sure.


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Exporting Good Jobs is Healthy - It's The Socialist Way


"Deere & Company, Iowa’s largest manufacturing employer, said in a statement that the recently-passed health care legislation will cost the company $150 million after tax this year."

Hammer and sickle health care comes at a price. Why make anything in America anymore. What will this cost Case new Holland?

All is well. China will just keep taking I. O. U.s to pay for your anti-depressants.

Typhoid Mary

Wait until the Socialist and drunk ex-mayor's job is floated off to Vietnam. Then we can ask him for comment about his role in this heist.


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Obama's Trail of 33 Broken Promises - Hope 'Em Dope 'Em 101

Health care to recess appointments, Barry Sotero has lied about it all.

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Entitlement Destroys

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Want To Neuter Washington Crooks - Flat Tax

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29 March

Burlington, Iowa - City of Failures


Well, now it’s spring and the trash is blowing all over town again because in Burlington it’s just easier to throw the trash out the window or whatever because Burlington has become just as trashy as its sister city of East St. Louis.

Take the Dodge Street area across from the Perkins School where there sits a Ghetto Duplex that generates untold amounts of trash because one might have to walk a few feet to throw trash in the garbage. The children playing around the ghetto have no idea that trash belongs somewhere other than in the yard, other’s yards or in the street.

Then the south side of the Perkins school looks like a slum. Just take a drive past where you can take a look at the south side of the Perkins building; it just looks like hell as do many of the Burlington neighborhoods.

Burlington has the distinction of having an untold number of slum lords that could care less how their tenants live or ruin the neighborhoods where their trashy houses exist. Of course the Human Services Department doesn’t care because without the slums and trashy living people they wouldn’t have a job. By keeping people dependent on the state and/or country these people have good job security.

Some of these places have untold numbers of people and children living in them and the Human Services Department could care less and of course the city doesn’t enforce their canned codes anymore than does HS make sure slum lords are obeying the laws. If HS and the city were doing their jobs half the people over in the Dodge St. Ghetto wouldn’t be living in that place.

Our failing schools system is a direct result of school system itself and the demographics of people attending them; so it boils down to the taxpayer being taken to the cleaners by the entire system by paying a good $11,000 per student and getting a third world result. All the new schools mean nothing when it comes to education because brick and mortar do not create learning. Learning is created by desire, parents, teachers, and attitude. Brick and mortar are not part of the equation and basically education should begin in the home not in the school boards dreams of grandeur.

Burlington is a third world style city now and that’s just the way it is. Without the manufacturing base Burlington has lost the opportunities and employment base it once had. I think unions had a strong influence in the demise of Burlington industrial might that in the past was strong and vibrant. Today industries don’t want unions and inefficiencies they bring with them.

The new people coming into Burlington are not what’s needed in today’s industrial society or what remains of it. That’s why the new people work in Louisa County and not Burlington where they have caused untold changes in the neighborhoods, crime rate and the drug culture that was already out of control before they came. The two biggest businesses in town are probably drugs and stealing which are considerably different than what most cities would want to be known for but not Burlington.

Tax funded organizations have caused much of the problems in Burlington along with the local newspaper that skirts around the local corruption by censoring most of the local news to keep the people ignorant of the one party system entrenched in Burlington.

Some of the worst public officials in the state reside in Burlington and the town reflects this in the class of people living here now and of course the dilapidated infrastructure is a prime example of incompetence by city management. I would imagine we have the influx of out of state people for the purpose of getting more handouts from the federal government and boasting up the declining democratic union population that keeps the single party in office. Although Democrats never really help the entitlement crowd the crowd continues to vote for them simply because it beats working for a living. To replace the loss of union membership these organizations have created, in Burlington, a surrogate slum for Louisa County and a haven for drug dealers.

In reality the cream of the crop in Burlington leave as soon as possible because there is a life elsewhere and the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. Burlington and Southeastern Iowa is a depressing and run down haven for the lower end of Iowa society. Iowa itself has failed to maintain its leadership it once had in education and agriculture.

In Iowa there are some good and well run towns but as it happens Burlington and Southeastern Iowa are in a different class altogether.

T. Pickins

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Pray for Burlington


Socialism is advanced here; it has not worked.
It telleth great lies of greener pastures.
It leadeth me beside still factories.
It restoreth my food stamp card.
It leadeth me down the path of one political party for Heland's sake.

Yea thou I walk the Valley and Jefferson Streets of crumbling structures,
I fear not injury: For Obamacare now covers me.
Their social workers and retraining programs, they comfort me.
They preparest a tabloid of single party information never mentioning their enemies.
They filleth my head with fluff, their credibility straineth over.

Surely 18% tax increases and mendacity shall flummox me all the days of my life,
until their is nobody left with a non government job to support it.

Done In

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Satire Too Close to Reality for Comfort


Rob Gettemy getting all those signatures to get on the Republican ballot for Congress in only two Sundays, it was like the parting of the Red Sea. Who says miracles no longer happen. Such a miracle called for more research.

There maybe an answer making it holy possible. I never knew Landover, IA was in our Congressional District. They certainly have the membership to put a candidate on the ballot if ordered to do so from above.

With such an active, enormous internet congregation and gift shop selling T shirts, Mr. Gettemy should have no trouble financing his campaign.

If the F. E. C. shuts down Burlington's political money laundromat, do you think the folks in Landover, IA can take up slack for the Ralph Reed and Steve Sheffler?

Mr. Betty Bowers

It's amazing what a little iitty-bitty t-shirt business can do to propel you to Congress. Along with 2 Sunday's worth of parishioners.


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Collectivist Agricultural Economic Development


"When California voters head to the polls in November, they will decide whether the state will make history again - this time by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for adults."

A cash crop for Burlington's empty lot mall?

B. O. O.

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27 March

Four Days of Obama Healthcare - 6 Companies - $1.391 Billion In Costs

Barry's New Math - The ObamaCare Writedowns

"On top of AT&T's $1 billion, the writedown wave so far includes Deere & Co., $150 million; Caterpillar, $100 million; AK Steel, $31 million; 3M, $90 million; and Valero Energy, up to $20 million. Verizon has also warned its employees about its new higher health-care costs, and there will be many more in the coming days and weeks."

"Henry Waxman and House Democrats announced yesterday that they will haul these companies in for an April 21 hearing because their judgment "appears to conflict with independent analyses, which show that the new law will expand coverage and bring down costs."

"Black-letter financial accounting rules require that corporations immediately restate their earnings to reflect the present value of their long-term health liabilities, including a higher tax burden."

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26 March

Achieving the Paradise of Parity by Mutually Assured Misery


"Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Thursday declared passage of American health care reform "a miracle" and a major victory for Obama's presidency, but couldn't help chide the United States for taking so long to enact what communist Cuba achieved decades ago."

A world renown expert on social justice approves of what America is doing. Progress on the path to Communism is better late than never.

From President Obama right on down through Senator Harkin, Congressman Loebsack, State Senator Courtney and Supervisor Heland, we have leaders showing us the way.

Don't forget those responsible on election day.


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Trash Bill


Conservatives may have their Tea Baggers but Washington, Burlington and the left have their Scum Baggers such as Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Worden and Ell. I put in Worden and Ell because Burlington has the same problem as Washington plus it’s the same loser party here as there. Remember they said the Manor was a success although they failed miserably.

The American people would be fools to accept this so called health care bill when the people that dreamed it up wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Congress voted out of it long before we even saw the damn sickening piece of trash.

Who the hell does congress think they are that they don’t have to live under the same laws as the people they pretend to represent? What kind of legislature would subject the citizens to such a hateful, deceitful and country destroying bill?

The Democratic Socialist Party of the United States has lied and cheated throughout this entire year of misery the people have had to endure for this trash bill.

These people are scum of the earth proven by passage of a bill they themselves wouldn’t abide by. They, in my opinion would sell their mothers for 30 pieces of silver or less to please that Socialist living in the White House. Of course Barry paid off many of the scum for the votes he needed in order for the bill to pass the house and of course the scum who were offered blood money took it without even flinching, nothing but a bunch of two bit liars they are.

Democrats have proven themselves lower than Whale dung with this horrible legislation and come November we can finally pay them back by getting rid of most of them who run, if their stupid enough to try and run again. We have three of them from Iowa who sold us out to the highest bidder and Barry used our money to make the payoffs to many of those that voted yes.



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24 March

A Major Mindless Mess


"City Manager Doug Worden also noted that the council has 15 ongoing priorities. On that list is the Manor Revisited project, which was also listed as a major accomplishment of the council."

Give credit where credit is due. A $6 million failure and counting with each passing day of debt interest is nothing to sneeze at.

How many cities of similar size within a day's drive have achieved such infamy?

M. T. Lotz

That dumbass Worden doesn't know success. He never had any.

I like Loopy Davidson's remark. "..We should have notified the public what we meant."

Oh, we understand how pathetic the council's answers are.


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Lost Luggage


"Baggage," debuting next month on the Game Show Network, gives three contestants the chance to win the eye of a prospective date. The hitch: Contestants have to reveal their faults and foibles."

How about the municipal government version of "Baggage." Prospective losers can go before firms wishing to make a major economic investment in a depressed community.

Contestant #1, Burlington, IA. Why not? Burlington supplied a few guests to old Jerry Springer show. How many Jerry Springer Show alumni have ridden Tapp's bus here to Grow Greater Burlington?

Who should go on air to represent us as Burlington's Baggage Master General?

The Drunk ex-Mayor in his sparkliest nudie suit with matching cowboy boots, Mayor Ell lifting the cushions of the guest's couch looking for his keys, State Senator Courtney resplendent in his Mao jacket denouncing capitalists, or Doug Worden in an engineer's hat making choo choo noises? How to choose.

The contestants should be invited to plead their case on the Fred & Seven Show. Conduct a vote by Internet on KCPS' web site. Despite the unlikeliest chance of success, the lure of free money will make them do anything, no matter how embarrassing. If elected, the chosen will serve as our champion.

Our champion must bare Burlington's baggage. Honesty must be verified. The staff of Springer's new show will study Burlington Derailed in advance. Should there be an denial like, "What vacant lot mall?" instant disqualification.

"I just keep finding jobs," said Springer." The only person to find a job off Burlington's baggage is former City Manager Bruce Slagle.

A Burlington victory on such a Springer show would even that score. To make any victory that much sweeter, Slagle and his firm must be disqualified from participating and profiting from any resulting project(s).

Mr. Springer has found it profitable to exploit society's worst losers. A carton of cigarettes, a half gallon of Jack and a Greyhound ride home is small compensation. By arranging such a show of municipalities, Mr. Springer could bring hope to entire communities who have suffered as a result of the likes he has paraded before the cameras in the past.

We would send our champions forward with heartfelt hope for success and a one way bus ticket.

Do not return to sender.


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Is Obama in Iowa Day a Government Holiday?


President Barry Obama is coming to Iowa City. Will government offices be closed so public employees may attend worship? Will the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission provide free bus rides for all attending? Will Heland get a photo op?


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Ho, Ho, Health Care


"It's just going to be like Christmas."

Every day is Christmas Day, except for those paying the bill.

Keep the spirit in your heart as you slave at your second job earning minimum wage to pay your taxes and provide the basics for you and yours. Just remember who is responsible on their Feast of Fools. Election Day this year is November 2nd.

Red Ink Rudolph

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Social Justice Agenda

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Obama's Radical Spiritual Advisor on Wealth, Marxism, Social Justice

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23 March

Congress - American's Reason to Vote 2


I see where the three communist representatives we have in Iowa voted for our Marxist healthcare bill. We won’t forget when November rolls around who these un-American people were and hopefully their careers in Washington will be over enabling them to move over to Cuba or some other country better suited to the socialist way.

J. McCarthy

Is there any hope? Another 4 years of a revitalized, socialist, money whore Heland makes me want to puke.


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Sicilian Stress Test


Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique used traditionally in Sicily

1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.

2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.

3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

4. No one knows your secret place.

5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

7. The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of Nancy Pelosi, the person you are holding underwater.

There!! See? The stress is gone.


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21 March

16,500 New IRS Agents Are Coming to Your Door

"...Obamacare will result in the creation of at least 16,500 new jobs. Doctors? Nurses? Ha! Dream on, suckers. That’s 16,500 new IRS agents, who’ll be needed to check whether you — yes, you, Mr. and Mrs. Hopendope of 27 Hopeychangey Gardens — are in compliance with the 15 tax increases and dozens of new federal mandates the Deemocrats are about to “deem” into existence. This will be the biggest expansion of the IRS since World War II — and that’s change you can believe in."

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Angry Rabble Rattle Loebsack's Ramparts


— Tea Party activists gathered outside Rep. Dave Loebsack’s district office on Saturday to protest the approaching health care reform vote.......

They were joined by at least a dozen health care reform supporters, most of whom were Democrats who’d driven down from the Linn County Democrat Convention at Cedar Rapids Washington High School.

Before Congressman Loebsack, Burlington had a congressional constituent office. Burlington no longer counts. Only Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are worthy. http://loebsack.house.gov/Contact/

If the Nutty Professor thought he was safe representing only those he sees as his base, guess again. Marxist Leninist healthcare that Loebsack advocates has people there irate. The communal castle walls were being stormed.

The Nutty Professor's party tried coming to his aid. Desperation was so great, deputies at a convention of county soviets were rushed to the scene. Too late. The press was already there.

The next time the Nutty Professor sends one of his graduate assistants down to commune with we the southern untouchables, give the kid a piece of your mind. If the Lord High of Leninist ideology crosses the Iowa River Moat and makes a personal appearance, better yet. Let Loebsack know your displeasure.

If you sick of being ignored in all but taxation by a liberal elitist, vote Loebsack out in November.


Loebsack should have given more thought to that college job he turned down.

He's going to need one.

Call 202-225-6576, suggest to Dave he should really reconsider his employment options.


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19 March

Let Loebsack Know About Roe v. Wade


Do you want Soviet style health care? (202) 225-6576, tell your Congressman your thoughts.
Washington, D.C. office of U.S. Representative David Loebsack (please call between 9am & 5pm).


You might want to ask the Congressman about Roe vs. Wade.

For 27 years the Democrats have professed that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Now the Democrats want to tell us all how they want to treat our bodies.


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Follow The Money

Top recipients of insurance industry money:

1 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $258,400
2 Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) Senate $195,100
3 Pomeroy, Earl (D-ND) House $157,900
4 Frank, Barney (D-MA) House $147,499
5 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $147,300
6 Kanjorski, Paul E (D-PA) House $144,200
7 Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) Senate $139,450
8 Cantor, Eric (R-VA) House $130,750
9 Bean, Melissa (D-IL) House $129,700
10 Burr, Richard (R-NC) Senate $127,500

Top recipients of health professionals money:
1 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $303,725
2 Price, Tom (R-GA) House $271,775
3 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $252,150
4 Pallone, Frank Jr (D-NJ) House $240,350
5 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $233,150
6 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $233,000
7 Wyden, Ron (D-OR) Senate $208,971
8 Kirk, Mark (R-IL) House $202,600
9 Gingrey, Phil (R-GA) House $178,325
10 Vitter, David (R-LA) Senate $175,350

1 Burr, Richard (R-NC) Senate $172,019
2 Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT) Senate $148,365
3 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $133,100
4 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $124,850
5 Eshoo, Anna (D-CA) House $112,050
6 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $99,250
7 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $97,950
8 Murray, Patty (D-WA) Senate $89,250
9 Capuano, Michael E (D-MA) House $86,350
10 Kirk, Mark (R-IL) House $84,460

1 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $1,774,223
2 Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY) Senate $977,472
3 Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) Senate $849,269
4 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $757,900
5 Meek, Kendrick B (D-FL) House $544,933
6 Boxer, Barbara (D-CA) Senate $454,970
7 Leahy, Patrick (D-VT) Senate $412,541
8 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $411,329
9 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $382,886
10 Bennet, Michael F (D-CO) Senate $364,350

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Calling Senator Courtney - Scandal #4

What the Hell Have You Been Doin' Tom?

Do You Have Any Clue What Oversight Means?


"Lawmakers already investigating alleged abuses of tax funds by the Iowa Association of School Board may take up an investigation of a central Iowa senior citizens agency that allegedly misspent state and federal funds."

Graft and corruption are ever present. A political culture of something for nothing is like manure on a cornfield. Bushels to the acre have become bountiful. A single party cornucopia of corruption faces those responsible for oversight.

With all to be found in Des Moines, will they ever get around to investigating Des Moines County? The single party system on the fence next to a legendary garden of greed to the east needs tilled.

If anything local is found, will Senator Courtney his desk pound while screaming sentences of 100 years be handed down?

J. Deere

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Courtney Recognizes Labor's Value When It's His Pocketbook 2


Courtney is a nurtured union man through and through; so it’s understandable that he condones inefficiency, low productivity and basically a free ride at taxpayer expense and should Courtney get “campaign money” from beneath the table; so be it because that’s the union way.

The reason most jobs leave the country for Asia is because of the high cost of labor in the United States and of course there’s greed by management where one only has to look at Bill Gates demand for Indian engineers while American engineers go on unemployment.

With Courtney who grew up in a union atmosphere one can only expect the standard inefficiencies, low productivity and high wages along with shady business deals and all that goes with a union education.

Of course we won’t talk about who Courtney hires to work around his house or in the yard because that’s a secret between him and the non-union labor he hires, what a man.

B. T. Scab

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No Surprise About The Courtneys


I am not surprised to hear about the Courtneys’ involvement in all these Des Moines scandals. To learn these things got so far out of hand so quick leads me to believe that things were bad for a long time and no one asked any questions, especially the very people charged with oversight.

Never believe that a common man can sit on one of these boards and have a handle on what is going on around them without getting their hands dirty and their brow beaded with sweat. If you don’t question what is going on, you just leave yourself wide open for a lawsuit. That’s why most real board members demand an E&O – Errors & Ommissions insurance policy before sitting on any board.

Unfortunately for the taxpayers, it’s just another indicator why the Courtneys need to find a porch. And use it.

Had Enough of TC

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Tapp & Regional Planning Meeting Violations Headed to Atty General


I see Brian Tapp's arrogance finally caught up with over his use of illegal closed session meetings down at regional planning. I can't wait to hear how his flip remarks that his group is not governed by Iowa law.

Too bad his won't being wearing orange flip flops.


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The Quality of People We Attract - Parallel Futures?


"Priority One in Cedar Rapids is coordinating a visit by 18 students from Purdue’s College of Technology. The program is intended to assist employers looking for quality interns
, as well as potential new hires."

Burlington also buses prospective residents from the east. Burlington's buses do not originate at a major university in Indiana. Burlington's buses originate where prospects have the skills needed for our local economy.

In Burlington you may gut hogs 45 miles away, go on welfare and/or deal drugs. Burlington's buses originate in places like South Chicago and Gary

Kudos to the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. Applause, applause from Grow Greater Burlington.

When do we get concealed carry permits for protection from such economic development?


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More Obama Lies


Obama says he has to stay in town for arm twisting on health care and won't be able to travel to Indonesia and Australia.

Last week Obama said he was taking his daughters on spring break to show them where he was raised by a Marxist parent.

Then the kids were not traveling with the president.

Now arm twisting is needed.

Here's the real reason Obama is staying home - security. No one in Indonesia wants this jet fuel burning fool to visit.


He needs to burn up all the miles he can. He isn't going to have more than four to play God.


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18 March

No Diplomatic Immunity for Courtney


I read the latest Courtney school board association scandal. What a joke! Courtney says he hopes the whole bunch wind up in prison.

He better be careful what he wishes for since he doesn't have diplomatic immunity from his dismal failure as a member of the oversight group.

Too bad the taxpayers can't enjoy dip*hit immunity from the Courtney Clan.


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17 March

Simian Senators


"I hope they all wind up in prison," Courtney shouted. "I hope they're there for 100 years."

"Skills Iowa buys software from U.S. Skills, a software company run by Michael Perik of Rhode Island. Association officials say Skills Iowa has paid Perik's company at least $6.2 million since August 2007. Over the past 10 years, Perik has contributed more than $1 million to various Democratic Party campaign committees around the nation.

Donations have included $25,000 to Gov. Chet Culver's campaign committee and $13,800 to Harkin's campaign committees and to Tom PAC, an organization Harkin uses to support other Democrats."

Thanks for the Des Moines Register link on State Senator Courtney and the Iowa Association of School Boards. The Skills Iowa tie in from the School Board Association is most interesting. Keep those campaign contributions coming and orders for your software will keep coming?

This is not the first time U. S. Senator Tom Harkin's friends have been in trouble. Remember the CIETC scandal? Senator Courtney of the then minority party tried his damn-est to derail an Iowa Senate investigation of that mess.

Harkin tried to claim he knew nothing when the Central Iowa Employment Training Scandal broke. With pictures of himself with the guilty hanging on the wall of the CIETC, Tom Harkin Learning Center, the press openly laughed at the Senator's denial.

If Senator Harkin gets caught this time, I will for once agree with Senator Courtney. I hope Tom Harkin goes to prison for 100 years. If State Senator Courtney got any money for his campaign from Tom PAC, he should resign from office.


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It Pays to Read Derailed


Paying for scams like"fair wage" and other Senator Courtney backed foolishness with my taxes, all I can afford is dial up internet.

I see Senator Courtney's campaign was paying for DSL service to 2200 Summer St. Burlington, IA. Was that location where? Courtney remodeled with non union labor?

Look at all that PAC money coming in. It is good to know some of it went to make possible viewing Burlington Derailed at higher speed. All the faster to raise our State Senator's blood pressure sounds like a sound investment.

Slow Joe

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Obama's Healthcare Will Forever Be The Democrats Healthcare

O'Reilly: "All Hell will Break Loose"

See what guests say on the Glenn Beck has to say on this.

More importantly is the clandestine recording of Sen Schumer delivering the news for violating the Bill of Rights. You can listen to that in the 2nd video or here.

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16 March

FBI Enters School Board Association Probe - Courtney Involved, Harkin Too!


Senator Tom Courtney was outraged. Does this guy have a can of nitrous oxide down his shorts?

Courtney, you're are a mindless twit. If you were doing your job as the Vice Chairman of Oversight, the taxpayers wouldn't be in these messes. But you were so busy shoving your nose up somebody's butt you couldn't see the hammer that just hit you for the 3rd time this month.

You were no good as a union boss and you sure as hell aren't better as a ineffective, incompetent, corrupt politician.

Fed Up 2

You're right. Courtney was too busy looking in the mirror to see if his hair was greased down like the hoodlum thug he dreams to be. Appearance is everything when you get to the pedestal for your daily onset of self-flagellation of chest beating.

And right now, I'd hate to be on that FBI oversight pedestal being quizzed as to whether or not I understand fiduciary responsibility.


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Obama's Doomsday Sign of The Cross

What was the NY Times trying to tell us?

The second coming is here? Or Satan has turned his disciple loose? All of this seems strange for a US President that has never attended a church service since he became President.

I guess we'll never know until Obama is impeached and his birth certificate unzipped.

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The Slaughter Rule Explained

The most important 7 minutes you will spend to understand the Democratic criminal element in Washington, D.C.

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15 March

Senator Courtney Involved Yet Another Scandal - School Board Association

Culver Looks To Oversight's Failure


I see our favorite weasel Tom Courtney is neck deep in another scandal in Des Moines. This time it is the school board association.

Financial crisis, mismanagement of taxpayers' money, nepotism and no oversight.

Maybe if Courtney did his job instead of running around puffing up like a little rooster we wouldn't be in this mess.

After all, it is OUR tax money he isn't protecting.

Fed Up

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Biggest Blood Bath Since St. Valentine's Day Massacre

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School Supt Fails To Cut Administration At Students' Expense


How interesting that the outgoing Burlington school superintendent’s suggested lists of cuts includes absolutely nothing from his staff. He favors cuts in art and programs, stuff more kids in classrooms, turn down the heat (while not allowing kids to wear coats in class!) cut teachers, nurses, counselors and textbooks. But you can bet every single job at that white house is safe.

Keep feeding the bloated management class while gutting the things that actually impact students. No wonder we’ve got issues.

I sure hope the board has the courage to tell him to go back to the drawing board and share the pain. Save some of the things that really matter instead of making our kids sacrifice so they can continue to add administrative positions and make their jobs easier.

The board works for us and they take a good chunk of money out of all our pockets. How about looking out for our kids instead of Morrison and his friends?

Peeved parent

It's the same scare tactics the city hall losers take to the road of higher taxes and it is getting real old. Cut the cops and firemen. Create a distraction with emotionally charged issues. Losers playing big shot. Burlington is up to gunnel with losers. And that includes the white house on West Avenue.

If Princess Jane The 2nd takes the helm it will be more of the same. Jane will hire an overpaid assistant that does nothing to enhance learning just like her predecessor. And the school building Blitzkrieg will continue.

Pay hogs that have no experience doing anything but feeding the hog should never be in charge of the feed.


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Courtneys' Dilemma No Surprise


You really can't be surprised the two Courtneys are involved in another IDED oversight scandal. One is too dumb to know any better and the other is too good to dig or get his hands dirty.

Neither one know what is good for the citizens or for something as important as economic development unless it benefits them or a union. You would think with recent history in the film office they both would have been more careful the last 6-8 months.

The taxpayers have no choice until the next election to deal with the senator. I took control of my money from the other long ago.

Both need to be shown the door.


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City's Skeleton Keeper Pay Justified


Being a secretary of Doug Worden and Bruce Slagle I can see where she"s getting the large pay from. I would imagine knowing where the lost tapes and all the skeletons in the city closet would definitely be worth what she's getting paid.

Can you imagine how much money we are paying to Scott Power? And I see that we are hiring retired policemen to work for the city. They probably know where a lot of bones are buried.

Maybe we should take a hard look at all the city employees wages and benefits.

Taxed to death

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Exorcising Our Ills - Satan Made Me Do It


"Satan sets out to damage the leadership of the Church — and of politics, industry and sport, for that matter.”

Could this explain a local minister under investigation for political money laundering, Des Moines County being a single party political system and why there are no longer any good jobs around Burlington?

Would it be a stretch to explain the Iowa Hawkeyes performance on the basketball court this season?


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South of the Border Nearer South Hill to Thee


"Caracas most violent capital in Western Hemisphere"

"The problem is not so much the criminals, but rather the government's inaction and lack of policies," OVV director Roberto Briceno Leon told Reuters."

Hugo Chavez's workers paradise has become a shooting gallery. Criminals are on a rampage. Who is to blame?

Fellow traveler apologists here will try blaming Dwight Eisenhower, the C. I. A. and the long dead Dulles brothers. After 11 years of Hugo, this argument is a no go.

All this violent crime is scaring off the turistas. The Ad Vertiser probably will not have their star columnist leading a tour to Venezuela in the near future. No problemo.

There is no need to visit a single party political system south of the border to know our fate. The weather is warming. Just drive through South Hill in Burlington after dark.


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12 March

Courtney Boys In Another IDED Scandal


"The audit faults the state's Department of Economic Development for oversight problems, particularly for failure to ensure that the businesses receiving grants complied with a key eligibility standard established for the program."

What quality legislative oversight of Iowa's bureaucracies? Where is the Vice Chair of the Iowa Senate Government Oversight Committee?

It would be unfair to expect legislators to know every minute detail of every agency. You would expect some questions concerning the Iowa Department of Economic Development. These folks had trouble threading the film in the projector showing where their movie grants went.

How many more installments of the Keystone Cops should we expect? Is anybody in Des Moines paying attention? Does it make any difference? It is not that big a problem.

There is always the Heland solution. Just raise taxes.


Do either one of them read what they scribe to?

Is it the chicken or the egg Courtney? You know what they say about Birds of a Feather? Or was that Bird Brain Brothers of a Feather?


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Pay Cuts Start In Worden's Office - One Secretary = 2 Cops/Firemen


After the post on Worden's over priced staff the council should now know where to start making cuts instead of laying off policemen and firemen.

And they never have to leave the building.


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City Salaries In Excess


The council is always so quick to compare salaries to other communities, how about comparing Worden's secretary's pay to other communities the size of Burlington?

While they're at it, compare the rest of the city staff. Plus benefits.


Oh, that doesn't count.


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This Can Not Stand


"Private-industry employers spent an average of $27.42 per hour worked for total employee compensation in December, while total compensation costs for state and local government workers averaged $39.60 per hour."

What is the spread in Des Moines County?

Taxes Due

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Burlington's Spiral of Demise? Incompetent Elected Officials & Blood Suckers


The reason the city and county continue increasing taxes is to offset their stupid decision to constantly give raises and bonuses to employees who are nothing like civil servants at all. Our brain dead government management has created a privileged class of government employees while destroying our ability to survive in this loser town.

I think it’s time city, county and state employees begin to feel the burden their over pay and over benefited jobs have caused the normal low paid private employee. What these employees are causing the average citizen actually verges on criminal and it’s perpetrated by totally ignorant government management at all levels. Government management is complacent and irresponsible in their jobs a fact proven again and again by Burlington and Des Moines County. The single party system is reminiscent of how Stalin ran Russia and we all know what happened to Russia and it is already started here in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa and the country.

How could any secretary earn $70,000, this is just insane and for a dumpy town like Burlington. It’s nothing more than stealing from the taxpayer, plain and simple.

How would anyone have the audacity to pay a secretary that much money, it’s a sign of insanity within our local government.

We also pay the management far more than their worth because none of them have ever succeeded in any planned or unplanned brainstormed agenda without failure and nightmares for the taxpayer.

Just look at the WreckPlex a constant $100,000 loser every year since it opened its doors. All our local government can do is run their mouths and raise taxes and that’s just what we’re stuck with in this dimwitted part of Iowa.

We have organizations here in town that feed off the taxpayer and have done so much damage to Burlington it will never recover. Being a surrogate for Louisa County has cost Burlington dearly and we can thank SEIRP, the Chamber and Grow Greater Burlington for this demographic mess we now have. These organizations are sucking us dry otherwise we’d be rid of them by now.

Burlington can never recover from its losses over the past 20 years.


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Worden on Potholes: 'Get Tar and Some Gravel'

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Systemic Blight From Little ACORNs Grow


"Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detailing federal investigations into the alleged corrupt activities of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). The documents reference serious allegations of corruption and voter registration fraud by ACORN as well as the Obama administration's decision to shut down a criminal investigation without filing criminal charges."

Rather than waste time and money checking voter registrations prior to election day, just let people register to vote on election day. That is how it is now done here in Iowa. Those who abuse get to vote more than you.

Voting aye to do so, Senator Courtney, Senator Fraise and Representative Cahoon. Party hearty forever.


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'I'm Gonna Choke You Rotten Taxpayers'

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Satans of A Different Cloth - Ladies, Guard Your Purses!

Would You Give Either One of These Guys $500,000?

Satan's Co-Chief Money Launderer Steve Scheffler and Ralph Reed, fresh from a prison visit to see his running buddy Jack Abramahoff, try to pick each other's pocket at a recent Iowa Christian Alliance tent party. Pots of money reportedly exchanged hands for fresh laundering at the Antioch Church.

“Tonight, when you give, we’re not a PAC and we’re not a candidate,” he said. “Therefore, there is no limit to what you give here tonight. Isn’t that exciting?” (Ralph Reed)

Oh yeah, it's real exciting when I'm gettin' screwed by Satan and a Georgia Cracker.

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11 March

The Real Disciple of Satan at Satan Scheffler's Fund Raiser

Crooked Ralph Reed Trying to Fund the New Theocracy

New Laundromat Opens in Marion


"Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition and a veteran Republican strategist, told a Des Moines crowd Tuesday night that he was helping establish an Iowa-based Christian political organization, and if he could raise $500,000, Hawkeye State politics would be changed for the better."

Just like a televangelist crying on television, send me your money and the Kingdom of Iowa will be heaven. Where is Rev. Ike now that we need him? Rev. Ike just wants the riches, not the power.

The last new Republican face elected Governor, or U. S. Senator, was Terry Branstad. That was in 1982. Nearly 30 years of theological political purity has produced Tom Harkin, Tom Vilsack, and Chet Culver. Locally, we get Senator Courtney and Supervisor Heland.

Every new Republican face for a generation vying for the brass ring state wide has been whacked by theocrats. Abortion, nude dancing in bars, gay marriage, etc. are not the primary concerns of Iowa voters. We wisely abhor a Ralph Reed, Steve Sheffler theocracy. Doing so comes at a price.

Iowa is sinking deeper into a billion dollar plus hole of socialist created debt. The old warrior has come out of retirement to effect a remedy. Governor Branstad can not live forever. Where is the next generation of responsible leadership?

Unless people step up in Republican caucuses and primaries, our choices will be limited. We can have one nation under Karl Marx, or one nation under Ralph Reed.

Jack Abramhoff for President?


This type of Satan Stumping with the right hand of a criminal lends so much credibility to the GOP.

These people will never get it. Nor will their candidate win another election.

BTW - where was Satan Jr. Rob Gettemy, Satan Steve Scheffler's hand picked demon? Why was Gettemy conspicuously absent after his church people signed his petition during Sunday School. Were they back at Antioch doin' the laundry?


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City Management Failures


Our city management is a total disgrace and makes the city appear to rival Detroit for incompetence and being just plain stupid. I suppose Worden will give “Iowa’s Worst Lawyer” a call and straighten out the mess down at Daisianna’s. So, again this lawyer can yellow pad an un-itemized bill to the city and steal some more taxpayer money for his already inflated taxpayer funded retirement account.

When will the citizens who vote learn their lesson about Burlington’s dumbest civil servants who turnstile their way back and forth in and out of office. Just by accident something city hall does should be successful but odds are it will never happen. Everything they dabble in turns out a failure time after time, like what happened to the lights from the Manor ballpark? The city is so incompetent they can’t even explain what happened to those lights after they took them down. Sooner or later it will come out as to what happened to those lights and one can bet it involved a crime of one sort or another by city management.

The Paddle Wheel should take the city to court for their blundering failures and incompetence should their wall need repair. Wake up citizens it’s your fault this constantly happens in Burlington a city where accountability is unknown and responsibility never happens.

Jacob Donner
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City Management High Priced Failures


Looking over the city wages it looks like Doug Worden and his secretary cost this city over $200,000 a year, BEFORE benefits.

Worden's secretary makes twice what an entry level policeman or fireman make.

There isn't an employee in city hall worth $70,000 a year let alone paying a secretary twice what a cop or fireman make.

What a total disaster. It's criminal.


This is incomprehensible. Maybe she deserves hazardous duty pay for the occasional fire that breaks out in the waste baskets. But $70,000?

I know some $70,000/year secretaries. They aren't in Burlington.


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Kansas City Closes 26 of 59 Schools 700 Fired

“It’s not buildings that count, It’s what happens in those buildings.”

"Teachers union president Andrea Flinders said the long-term health of the district won’t be determined by buildings, but by the success of students. “It’s not buildings that count,” she said. “It’s what happens in those buildings.”

Seems to me the Kansas City School Board gets it. Too bad our highly educated, inexperienced school board could learn from this and understand building more schools doesn't make any sense in today's economy.

We've always advocated circus tents and bales of hay for chairs. Seems that philosophy is now quite appropriate.


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The Devil Makes Them Do It


"Father José Antonio Fortea Cucurull, a Rome-based exorcist, said that Father Amorth had "gone well beyond the evidence" in claiming that Satan had infiltrated the Vatican corridors."

While not necessarily his denomination, could this guy do something about laundering political money through Iowa Churches?


If Satan made his way into the Vatican you can bet the Satan's Disciple Steve Scheffler, Kim Lehman and Ralph Reed are the real Children of the Corn.


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Relating Information's Explosion to Our Needs


"Cisco made headlines today announcing a next generation router that will revolutionize the internet by increasing downloads to unheard of speeds."

Is not technology's advance a thing to ponder? Under four minutes to stream every movie every made is quicker than selecting a video store rental.

Is it all really necessary?

A Univac I could disseminate the collected wit and wisdom of our local leaders in a fraction of a nanosecond. In 1952, a Univac I predicted Americans liked Ike. As far as predicting local election results, Heland wins again in 2010.

This does not mean we will not buy the latest thing in internet technology. All the salesman need do is convince our local elected class their machine will out Spike. In addition, it will require hiring another consultant to show them how to plug it in.

Rand Sperry

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Of Carps and Communism


"The Obama administration has proposed using United Nations-guided principles to expand a type of zoning to coastal and even some inland waters. That’s raising concerns among fishermen that their favorite fishing holes may soon be off-limits for bait-casting."

The socialist nanny that state local voters continually support is hitting home. One world under control freaks could be coming to navigable inland waters. Do not harass the carp.

Our God given right to go out on the father of waters, bake our exposed bloated bellies in the sun, cover fingers and hooks with worm slim while consuming mass quantities of Milwaukee's cheapest is under attack. Where is the great local defender of our rights, Citizen Kane of the Ad Vertiser?

If Kane's hero outlaws fishing, what reason will there be to buy his local newspaper? No fish. No fish wrap. Will this finally stir him to buck his single party bias?

This is what you get when vote for socialists.

I. Walton

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10 March

Burlington Is Crumblin’ Down, Crumblin’ Down, My Fair Dougie


According to the published report on the delay in demolishing the Daisianna’s building, the city claims additional asbestos abatement is needed before demolition can proceed further.

According to my enlightened coffee shop sources, it seems there are larger problems afoot.

It seems Doug Worden never inspected the demolition contractor’s proof of insurance certificates before hiring the contractor. The contractor supplied forms to the city as per the contract. However, one insurance form was for part of the Manor demolition, another for something else and on top of all that, all the forms were out of date.

This latest saga started when the building owner adjacent to Daisianna’s was worried about his wall collapsing during the Daisianna’s demolition. When documents were checked, the falsified documents were discovered.

Not to be the only problem coming home to roost in Worden’s den of inept stupidity, a brick scavenger was allowed on the Daisianna’s job site and fell off scaffolding or a ladder severely injuring himself in his quest for the perfect brick.

Now the way I see it, if the brick scavenger is hurt, the wall collapses or the demolition contractor bails out; guess who pays the bills and medical claims?

That’s right, we taxpayers do! It’s the Burlington way.

Taxpayers left to suffer the incompetency and thrive on the detritus.

Not Surprised

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Public Input Session Needed for Manor Mall


I see our self-esteemed mayor and council think the Manor Revisited great home robbery was a success.

Do you think they might want to endure a public input session to answer questions about the $6 million debt and no one in sight to pay for it?

Why do stupid people become our mayor?


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Response to TM's letter


You can bet your bottom dollar all the organizations mentioned in TM’s letter read Derailed each and every day because they can’t help themselves. Only the lonely would skip reading derailed in Burlington because it’s the only source of accurate news and complete news about the one party of scoundrels who try to run the city and I might add, continually fail.

Burlington would be totally lost without the reporting published in Derailed since the Hawk Eye censors and edits most of its local reporting maintaining its blackout on the one party system of dimwits.

Other than the NYT the Hawk Eye leads the pack on whitewashing local politics and the promoting of the one party system. The Hawk Eye tries to emulate Pravda of the old Union of Socialist Republics. Otherwise they’d report the news on the up and up and stop trying to cover up the constant blunders of the democratic party of losers. Stalin would be proud that some newspapers of old are still publishing their censored versions of the news on a daily basis as the Hawk Eye does.

Just think, without the Derailed web site Burlington’s masses would still be living in the dark when it comes to local political misdeeds and the dimwitted local government.

Thanks Derailed,


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The Bean Fields of Burlington


"There is now a realization that past glories are never going to be recaptured. Some people probably don't accept that, but that is the reality."

Half the number of people call Detroit home as did half a century ago. Detroit is being forced to accept a heavy industries driven economy and U. A. W. political machine will never be what it was.

All Heland's yakking and 18% increases in taxing will only accelerate what is happening. Tapp, Hinkle and Senator Courtney's welfare based economic development did not work in Detroit. False hope and resulting frustration simply fuels a riotous rise in crime.

Like the auto industry that made its rise, Detroit is being forced to literally downsize. Detroit's experiment in retrenching is being watched with interest.

When will anybody in local leadership accept Burlington's reality?


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Tax Cheat and Bankers


It seems out of place trying to fix and regulate banks problems when we have a known tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury.

Geithner is a know tax cheat and liar on his taxes but Obama thinks that’s okay and hired him anyway. What kind of a message does this send to the world, the country and our children?

Just how low can our government go when appointing a cabinet? Does this mean Obama will next look at our prisons for cabinet members? Why Obama would appoint a known tax cheat is beyond comprehension and is there a logical explanation? I would sure like to know why he would appoint such a person.


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09 March

The GOP CD2 Primary - Curiouser and Curiouser - How Can This Be?


In honor of the Alice in Wonderland movie currently in the theaters, we seem to have our very own 'curiouser and curiouser' moment occurring in the 2nd congressional district GOP primary race. The Monday Cedar Rapids Gazette published an article online that Rob Gettemy, who just announced a week ago, already has more than 2,400 signatures and has met the signature requirements to be put on the ballot.

For those not aware, signature requirements in a congressional race in Iowa are 1% of your party's vote in the 2008 election, plus 2% of the vote in at least 1/2 of the counties. On the Republican side that is at least 1,224 signatures in the 2nd district. It usually takes several months, doing things like hitting central committee meetings, the caucus, and the county conventions to name a few. Often it involves the efforts of a contingent of volunteers and door to door work.

Which brings us to the $64 million dollar question - how is it possible that someone could get double that amount in as little as one week? Common sense says that if everyone who attended the March 6th GOP county conventions in the district signed Gettemy's petition - it wouldn't be near enough. It's doubtful they were mailed back in time to be counted for the article anyway.

Gettemy seems to have no volunteer team assembled at this date. It would take a signficant amount of organizing to put one together and mobilize across the district so quickly, a very impressive feat so late in the game when most activists already have their candidate. It's possible there's been an ongoing effort beneath the radar - at least since the caucus anyway. Gettemy's petitions were no where to be found there. Keeping the rumor mill quiet though would be an even more amazing feat, and require expending significant effort to avoid the usual GOP circles.

Either way, there are very few people I know of in GOP politics in the state of Iowa that can pull something like that off - someone bigger than Tim Palmer, Brent and Renee Schulte, and their local church. This has the fingerprints of the Iowa Christian Alliance and Steve Scheffler all over it, which means they've officially dumped their poster child Chris Reed in favor of a new Chosen One.

Keep your eyes open, and as always in politics when curious things happen - follow the money. It will tell you very quickly who's the controlling hand of the puppet.


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AFSCME At It Again


"A state employee filed a complaint last week that says a union refused to represent her as she faces layoff."


Isn't this against the law?


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A Pox Upon Them


"Just as the healthcare drama in the capitol reaches a grand finale, congressional officials are warning employees to avoid the DRUDGE REPORT!"

Is Derailed considered a "virus" at City Hall, the Court House, the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission, Grow Greater Burlington, etc.?

It could be fatal for some if an epidemic of the whole truth continues to infect the lemming sheep.


We're not so much a pox as a plague.


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08 March

Capital "L" Losers


I agree with the letter to the editor in Sunday's Hawkeye where the writer asks what the governor is thinking of by supporting adding 3 or 4 more casinos to Iowa. The last thing lots of Iowans need is another place to lose/waste their money.

I was struck by the last line though - "How many gamblers does he think live here?" or words to that effect.

I consider myself a gambler extraordinaire a/k/a a Burlington, Iowa resident.

1.Everyday when I wake up here I'm gambling one of the taxing bodies isn't going to make some exceptionally stupid decision that will cost even more money, which in turn will raise my taxes.

2. Then too I'm gambling that the home we built 20+ years ago is worth at least what we've got in it, so if we did decide to sell we could get our investment back.

3. Next, if we were to sell our house and decide to build again, I'd be gambling that the contractors hired to do the construction would be at least somewhat realistic in their charges - Not! Been there - done that. They're not even remotely realistic when you consider cost of living here and possible income potentials.

4. Finally, on a very basic level, when I get in my car to travel somewhere in town I'm gambling that it isn't seriously damaged driving on our streets (a loose use of the term for sure). The one to our house right now has mud ruts in it even though we live in town.

We Iowans are gamblers, trying to eke out a living in a long forgotten state that few people care about or want to visit. We freeze in the winter and deal with snow up our b - - - s , and then when summer arrives we put up with extreme heat, and that's if we haven't been swept away during a spring flood.

We are the original gamblers, and for most of us that makes us losers with a capital "L".


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07 March

Socialist Indoctrination of Our School Children

Every Parent Needs To Watch This & Ask Their Kids If This Sounds Familiar

The entire show is here. When Part 1 ends, Part 2 will appear as the second frame at the bottom of the screen.

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06 March

Hinkle and Tapp Could Not Have Spun It Better


"Only 36,000 lost their jobs today," Senate Majority Leader "Dirty Harry" Reid.

That's about how many people used to live in Burlington. Where should those 36,000 who lost their jobs go?

Once their unemployment runs out, tell them to come here. Not that they will find a job that pays better than minimum wage. Thanks to State Senator Courtney, Iowa is a better deal on welfare.

After loosing all hope and self respect, new prospects abound. You can always supplement your income dealing drugs.

The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission will provide your transportation. Grow Greater Burlington will declare your being here a sign of growth opportunities. Senator Courtney will sign you up to vote, more than once every election day if you please.

Dirty Harry Reid will likely be out of work after the next election. Don't look for Dirty Harry to join his bush league Democrat buddies here. Unemployed Senators and Congressman get a better deal for life than almost everybody else.

As for everybody else, yakety-yak, you need taxed.

Y. Y. Y.

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Council Sets New #1 Goal - SOS on '08's #1 Goal!

Lost Keys Bill Ell Still Incompetent, Ineffective Mayor; But Still Good Beer Buddy


I see the city council set their goals for the next 2 years. In fact, the council set a new #1 goal to build a new joint law enforcement center according to the Ad Vertiser.

If the council works as diligently on this as they did the 2008 #1 goal of improving the city's image, suffice to say, SOS for 2 more.

These Huckleberry's can't finish a thing they start.


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05 March

A Capital Idea for Iowa's Late Great Capitol - Let's Bring 'Em here


The Sioux City Journal reports that Iowa Republicans may hold their State Convention there. Burlington is equally geographically unhandy. Where is Grow Greater Burlington on bringing that business here?

Consider what Iowa's first capitol has to offer Iowa Republicans. Burlington would be down right inspirational. Democrats have ruled Burlington for over a generation. Examine the results.

Businesses and productive residents have fled in droves. Buildings in the city's heart crumble into the streets. Vital infrastructure decays. An important bridge is closed for fear of collapse. Taxes are sky high and 18% annual increases are demanded as a matter of course. Crime is above the national average. Welfare clients are brought in from Chicago as economic development. School achievement scores are dropping. We in the midst of dire distress know the rest.

Those ruling Burlington now control Iowa. They advocate for the entire state what has worked so well in Burlington. The rest of the state should experience first hand what could be their fate.

The Des Moines County Republican Party counts angels dancing on the head of a pin. Meanwhile, pinheads like County Supervisor Heland prick taxpayers in their opposite end with another hefty tax hike.

The waste and decay of Burlington should be put to a purpose. Burlington would scare the hell out of Republicans across Iowa.

Let Iowa's Republicans see what will be when ruled by one party. May they return inspired to save their communities from the same fate and put State Senator Courtney back in the minority where he belongs.


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Paying for Others' Affliction Addiction


"The casinos would create hundreds of construction and permanent jobs, which are critical to the state, Culver said. Voters in each of the counties – Lyon, Webster, Tama and Wapello – have approved the licenses."

Chet the Debt Culver is a spendaholoic. Chet and his party pals like Senator Courtney simply can not stop spending to pay off their political allies.

Chet wants to expand gambling and skim the top just like the infamous Mafia, Teamsters Pension Fund alliance during the golden years of Vegas. The difference, taxation is legal.

Chet and his pals spending addiction will have a direct effect here in Burlington. City taxpayers were muscled to invest in Catfish Craps, Huck's Hole Division. More competition in a saturated market means Burlington will take a hit.

The spread must be covered. There is no alternative but the Heland solution.

Yakety-yak, you'll be taxed.


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Ready, Aim, Spike


"A North Korean factory worker has been executed by firing squad for sneaking news out of the country on his illicit mobile phone, Seoul-based radio said today."

This is what happens to those who tell the truth in a single party workers paradise. When are they coming for you?


Not much to worry about. When Southeast Iowa has emissaries like Courtney, Courtney, Heland, Tapp, Hurd, Fraise, Ell, Hoschek, Massner, Edwards and all of the rest of the wannabe power brokers it doesn't take long for word to leak on its own.

We merely illustrate the suicide.


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04 March

What Tee Shirt to Wear in Heaven?

What in the name of God is going on in Linn County?


Thanks to Publius
for informing us about the new candidate for Congress, Mr. Gettemy. Did whoever is running his campaign tell the press? I had seen nothing in the Ad Vertiser, nor the Des Moines Register. Does the press figure Gettemy doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell?

I looked up the Iowa Independent article. Is the Antioch Church in Marion a church, or a political action committee? Has Rev. Hurd mailed them his resume. Or is he still too busy with the Federal Elections Commission?

One Congressional District, under God, as ordained by one church, no thanks.

Holey T. Shirt

What in the name of God is going on in Linn county? Did the Antioch Church successfully launder money and this is the reward; a T-shirt franchise?

And where did this Linn County Kommisar and Disciple of Satan Scheffler Tim Palmer come from? He acts like Kommisar Massner. What a conniving scumbag. After he destroys the local primary, Palmer installs Satan Scheffler's handpicked 666.

According to the Iowa Independent post, another Den of Satan Scheffler has formed -

"Gettemy has not necessarily been an unknown local political force. His attendance at Antioch Church places him in proximity of several key social conservatives — not the least among them being Linn County GOP Chairman Tim Palmer and Vice-Chairman Brent Schulte, a minister at Antioch, and Schulte’s wife, state Rep. Renee Schulte."

What is more troubling is that Tim Palmer removed a GOP member from the central committee for questioning Palmer's total disregard for the rules and making himself Kommisar. You can listen to it here.An edited version is coming soon. Listen at about an hour 10 minutes. Thatis when Palmer shows his ass.

It's time to stand up to Satan Scheffler and his dens of these bible thumpin' money launderers, thugs, petty thieves, stock swindlers and brainless nitwits that make me believe I am listening to Jeff Heland expound on not having a gambling problem.

If you think this is the way the GOP is going to win an election, go play with your snowballs in Hell Tim!!


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A Good Samaritan?


"A staff member of First United Methodist Church in Des Moines scooped up four pieces of conduit pipe and two spools of wire as they were apparently about to be stolen."

Could this generate new leads on a computer missing from a local church?


Did the good samaritan look around in the basement to see if they were installing any new washing machines? Any pallets of Tide or Cheer? Used wrappers from $100 bills?


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Sounds Like Burlington


"The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why a child was allowed to direct air traffic at John F. Kennedy airport, one of the busiest airports in the country."

Arguably the busiest airport in Southeast Iowa, has it happened here? If not in the control tower, what about the Airport Board meetings?


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White House Offers Judgeship to Congressman's Brother For Healthcare Vote

The White House offered a judgeship to the brother of a member of Congress and then asking that member for their vote on health care.

Michele Bachmann calls for investigation of the White House
Uploaded by therightscoop. - Up-to-the minute news videos.

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Obama's #1 Visitor and Scumbag - Andy Stern - "The Redistributor"

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Get Your Glenn Beck Here Fresh Everyday

Things are changing in the world. Watch Glenn now. Don't wait.

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03 March

Chicago Rules


"It makes me feel like the city cares more for the thugs than they do me, and I'm the one paying taxes," McDonald said of being barred from owning a gun in his own house. "

Being brought to Burlington by Tapp, Hinkle, Senator Courtney and the rest of the single party ruling you.

Ma Duce

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GOP On The Outs - Satan Scheffler Tries to Extend Christian Grasp


Anyone paying attention to the Republican 2nd district congressional race knows that a bomb was dropped over the weekend when Cedar Rapids businessman Rob Gettemy announced that he was joining the field with Mariannette Miller Meeks, Steve Rathje and Chris Reed. It looks to be the fat lady singing for Reed, who's been sucking wind behind the other two clearly superior candidates.

According to the Iowa Independent it looks to be an effort of a group of Linn county GOP players including Tim Palmer and Brent and Renee Schulte, state house representative in Cedar Rapids. Speculation is that David Chung is part of that group as he announced Gettemy on his blog. It looks to be an effort to put up a more viable Christian Right candidate.

All this is bad news for the Reed campaign, which has already been sputtering along with no money, little support, and a great deal of baggage from the '08 campaign. Reed has no traction despite being the self-styled 'true conservative' and constantly attacking his opponents, especially Miller Meeks, such as in a recent article in the Centerville Daily Iowegian where he claimed without proof that Miller Meeks described herself as 'Jim Leach in a skirt'.

The level of desperation is pretty evident, because despite the sniping Reed has taken to parroting Meeks' positions and phrasing out on the campaign trail, copying Mariannette's stances on immigration, abortion, and health care. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and for an intellectual lightweight like Reed, a necessity to keep appearances that he's in the same league. He also tried to grab the spotlight at a Bob Vander Plaats event recently and hijack the question-answer session that was going on, in a vain attempt to draw attention to his campaign in the social conservative circles.

Gettemy jumping in the race might be the death knell in Reed's campaign. It says a lot when the leaders of your own GOP organization have to prop up another candidate because they have no confidence in you. Unless he decides to go Independent in June as has been rumored as well as implied in some of his recent statements, stick a fork in Reed - he's done.


Iowa's 2nd Congressional District has a messiah. The church connection through current Linn County "leadership" is reportedly strong. Buy a tee shirt save a soul.


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Lost Leaders


Iowa Sucks
made an excellent observation concerning local leadership. The problem is, what is the alternative?

The terror of drug pushers and the party that furnishes welfare as the base funding for that trade, do we exchange that for Theocratic terror squads? Do you want the belief police starring through your bedroom window? Missionary position and marriage license, or else?

There has been a total lack of reasonable people of both parties involved to support, or take, leadership positions. The void has been filled by those void between the ears.

Is anybody willing to help? Has the decline gone so far there are insufficient of the reasonable left to do the job?

Iowa Bites

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Good Enough For Greece - Good Enough For Us - Japan Next

from the Wall Street Journal -

"The Greek government on Wednesday announced a new austerity plan that will yield €4.8 billion euros ($6.5B U.S.) in savings, as Prime Minister George Papandreou called on the European Union to show its support amid the country's worst economic crisis in recent times.

The government decided at a cabinet meeting to move ahead with steep cuts in civil-service salaries and entitlements, and to raise Greece's sales tax by two percentage points.

The measures effectively include slashing more than 60% of one month's pay for public-sector workers by cutting 30% of their current Christmas, Easter and holiday bonuses, the official said. Greek civil servants get an extra salary at Christmas and another through bonuses during the Easter holiday and the month of August."

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The Communist Role In America - Destroy This Country - Today

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02 March

Democrat Leaders Responsible for Burlington's Downfall


Several reasons can probably be attributed to Des Moines County poor health rankings in Iowa.

Des Moines County has a large and varied drug culture that has resorted to stealing in order to feed its drug habits. Of course the police say crime isn’t increasing but I beg to differ with them on that point. We actually have a cottage industry of drug dealers walking the streets peddling their wares to local inhabitants on a 24 hour basis.

For the Record in the Hawk Eye can’t possible cover all the crimes everyday but you can go to the police web site and click on police department and then Daily Activity Log where the entire list of incidents is recorded on a daily basis.

SEIRPC brings people from who knows where to fill all the jobs in Burlington because Burlington needed the workers, at least that’s what was published a while back in the Hawk Eye. Problem is there are no jobs in Burlington where anyone could make a living at.

I often wonder if those companies that got TIF money in Des Moines County are sticking to their contracts because we never here a word about it after they take our money and move into town. Are they paying a livable wage of $10.50, have they hired the number of full time people they said they word and just how many temporary’s have they hired to beat the system? Why doesn’t the Chamber tell us how these firms are doing and if they’ve become delinquent in their agreements? Why doesn’t the city tell us what’s going on with these firms whose taxes we’ve been paying for the schools, fire protection and other entities?

Government in Des Moines County is a total failure and only seeks to protect its employee’s while crapping on the taxpayers as though they don’t exist. The taxpayer has no representation in Des Moines County where local government does everything in its power to provide the good life to its employees by stealing from the taxpayer in the form of excessive taxes and fees.

Burlington has been ruined by local government and a state that has neglected southeast Iowa for years while spending most tax dollars on the central portion of the state. Most of the undesirable counties in Iowa are border counties where people from Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri desire to settle because they can get back home easily while taking advantage of Iowa’s high paying welfare benefits.

We also have a state that spent $94 million tax dollars on illegal aliens rather than on its own citizens.

The Democratic Party is responsible for the decline of Iowa and its cities; there is just no doubt about it.

Iowa Sucks

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Time To Stop Tapp


It seems the best way to improve the quality of life in Burlington is to run the scumbags out of town and that includes that Brian Tapp guy from regional planning.

Tapp and Hinkle from the chamber are the root cause of this influx of drug dealing criminals. Them and the Mississippi River bridge.

We can't do anything about the bridge. But we sure as hell can call every local politician that scribes to Tapp's lunatic ideas and insist that they correct this problem before we hand over the keys to our homes.

I see no future for Brian Tapp other than dealing drugs on a street corner. That is until the BPD arrests him for the criminal he is and he goes to FT Madison for visit like all criminals do.

These two peas in a pod need to be cell mates for the mess they created.


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Time for a Flat Tax


I think we have reached the point a flat income tax makes sense. Of all the European Union countries to grow involve countries with a flat tax.


How would Largemouth Yakity-Yak you'll be taxed Heland handle this excess in funding? Blow it like he does his paycheck at Catfish Bend?


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Obama Knew Van Jones Was A Communist Radical

"Things don't make sense, Mr. President. Help us understand."

Obama isn't the only problem we have in Washington. He leads a group of career criminals for his persona agenda of transforming America into a progressive, socialist society.

In other words, communist, Marxist, progressive, all everything utopia government.

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Communism Dead in America? Not Quite! And Unions Are In Deep

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01 March

Sins of the City Fathers


"Do we have any good elected officials left. I still have hope from Dan Cahill or Bob Fleming. I'm not sure about the others."

Baffled has a legitimate point. Examining the problem, the future is not bright.

Cahill and Fleming have a history of accomplishments. Both are retired from their careers and eligible for Social Security. Time marches on.

What does our future hold? We have no new blood moving in. Nearly all good blood that is born here bids fare thee well. Opportunity is elsewhere.

We have Jr. Murray. Jr. Murray did not start like a jack rabbit. In his defense, Jr. Murray had Slime Minister Slagle as a mentor. Lately, there have been a few glimmers of hope.

Jr. Murray said no to Worden. If Jr. Murray shows much more promise, he will be likely be defeated.

A local product, Jr. Murray is old enough to have vague memories of real leaders departed and has heard first hand stories of others longer gone. Jr. Murray is but one. Where are the rest?

More important yet, what of the generation that comes next?

The outflow of talent only gets worse. Senator Courtney has laid the foundation for the perpetuation of endless generations on welfare. If there is intelligence willing to remain for the welfare dime, what has been their experience?

Drunks, dummies, thugs, bums and monkeys shall rule in the ruins.

I. M. Packing

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I Ain't Never Goin' Back to Rehab


"A Russian chimpanzee has been sent to rehab by zookeepers to cure the smoking and beer-drinking habits he has picked up, a popular daily reported on Friday."

A resident of a political entity infamous for being a single party system is headed for the drunk tank. Given the success rate of local primates in the public eye, do you hold any hope?

Amy W.

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Des Moines County - Worst Rankings on Health Factors


Here’s how Des Moines County ranks in health out of the 99 counties in Iowa with a ranking of 99 being the worst:

Health outcomes 88

Mortality 82

Morbidity 78

Health Factors 98

Health Behaviors 88

Clinical Care 35

Social & Economic Factors 99

Physical Environment 76

Needless to say Des Moines County leaves plenty to be desired and I attribute this to the one party system of government here in this loser county. Just take a look at the social and economic factors where we rank dead last in Iowa and then health factors where Des Moines County ranks second from last.

The full report can be viewed at Snapshot 2010: Des Moines | County Health Rankings should anyone care to take a look at the dismal rankings of Des Moines County home of the worst local government in Iowa along with the worst taxpayer funded greedy organizations known to man.

SEIRP has probably done more damage to Burlington’s rankings than has the dimwitted local one party government. All said and done Burlington brings it on itself through greedy, self serving public servants that are in government to feed off the taxpayer their entire lives while never being responsible or accountable for their poor governing and accountability to the taxpayer.


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