Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

KCPS Spring Auction Today - Get Stimulated!

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51st State? Puerto Rico!

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The House on Thursday approved legislation that could set in motion changes in Puerto Rico's 112-year relationship with the United States, including a transition to statehood or independence. The House bill would give the 4 million residents of the island commonwealth a two-step path to expressing how they envision their political future. It passed 223-169 and now must be considered by the Senate.

Initially, eligible voters, including those born in Puerto Rico but residing in the United States, would vote on whether they wish to keep their current political status or opt for a different direction.

If a majority are in favor of changing the current situation, the Puerto Rican government would be authorized to conduct a second vote and people would choose among four options: statehood, independence, the current commonwealth status or sovereignty in association with the United States. Congress would have to vote on whether Puerto Rico becomes a state."

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Anticipation in Mudville? Where Are The Lights?


It's warming up outside. Burlington's boys of blunder are off their game.

Are they fumbling with their jewelry and batting dirt from their cleats? Is there a conference on the mound the Ad Vertiser is ignoring? What is going on at the Court House and City Hall?

Since local voters elected Hoscheck to the Hall of Shame, things have not been the same. The left field needs to pick up the pace. Heland has not caught a line drive with his mouth in over a month.

The Captain Hooks dominating the City infield have not created an economic development sand lot in how many seasons? Did anybody ever find the lights from their last pop up fly fiasco? If not, has the game been called on account of darkness?

As an observer of the game, have you seen any scratching of the crotch, or fingers up the nose in the home team dugout? Is anything really stupid in the works?

If not, I'm gonna hit the can and get another beer on the way back.


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Real Criminals

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What a Friend We Have In Loebsack (Him?) (No, The Other Him)

"Loebsack: Let’s stand up against special interest"


"The very same Wall Street institutions and massive, international banks that have benefited from bipartisan efforts to save the U.S. economy are now mounting a concerted effort to kill reform."

Congressman Loebsack will save us all. I read the fine print, we can see who is paying you to do what they want.

BTW - Which one of these groups is not special interest and will you please notify Mike Sweet?


Contributor's Name
Contributor's Address Employer Date Amount ($)
Occupation Memo Aggregate ($)
Memo/Description Text Limits

2nd District Central Committee
1483 Council St. NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 03/31/2010 1000.00

777 6th Street, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001 03/31/2010 1000.00

777 6th Street, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001 03/31/2010 1000.00

1111 North Charles St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21201 03/31/2010 1000.00

1625 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 2000.00

1625 Massachusetts Ave. NW 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 1000.00

Alliant Energy Corporation Employees PA
PO Box 77007 Suite 640
Madison, Wisconsin 537071007 03/31/2010 1000.00

American Bankers Association
1120 Connecticut Ave NW .
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 1000.00

American Chiropractic Association PAC
1701 Clarendon Blvd. .
Arlington, Virginia 22209 03/19/2010 1000.00

American Chiropractic Association PAC
1701 Clarendon Blvd. .
Arlington, Virginia 22209 03/31/2010 1000.00

101 North 3rd Street
Moorhead, Minnesota 56560 03/19/2010 5000.00

American Federation of Teachers COPE
555 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001 03/31/2010 2500.00

American Federation of Teachers COPE
555 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001 03/31/2010 2500.00

American Health Care Association
1201 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20005 03/31/2010 1000.00

Jennifer Nord Mallard 325 Seventh St NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004 03/31/2010 1500.00

American Nurses Association PAC
8515 Georgia Ave Ste 400 Suite 400
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 03/31/2010 1000.00

1505 Prince St Ste 300 Ste 300
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 03/31/2010 1500.00

1111 N Fairfax St
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 03/15/2010 1000.00

William Burrus, President 1300 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005 03/31/2010 1500.00

607 14th Street NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005 02/04/2010 1000.00

101 Constitution Ave NW Tenth Floor West
Washington, DC 20001 02/28/2010 5000.00

100 Indiana Ave NW
Washington, DC 200012143 03/31/2010 1000.00

Communications Workers Of America
Larry Cohen, Chair 501 3rd Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001 03/31/2010 1000.00

Day & Zimmerman, Inc Federal PAC
1500 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 191304067 03/31/2010 2500.00

25 Louisiana Ave NW
Washington, DC 200012130 03/31/2010 1500.00

700 Universe Blvd. P.O. Box 14000
Juno Beach, Florida 33408 03/15/2010 1000.00

General Electric Political Action Commi
1299 Pennsulvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20004 03/12/2010 1000.00

#1 General Mills Boulevard .
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426 03/31/2010 1000.00

H. J. Heinz Company Political Action Co
1 PPG Place, Suite 3100 1 PPG Place, Suite 3100
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 03/19/2010 1000.00

1640 Rhode ISland Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 1000.00

1750 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 200065301 03/31/2010 1000.00

John Deere Political Action Committee
One John Deere Pl.
Moline, Illinois 61265 02/02/2010 1000.00

NACDS Political Action Committee
413 N. Lee Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 03/31/2010 1000.00

National Association of Broadcasters PA
1771 N Street NW
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 1000.00

430 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 03/31/2010 3000.00

1201 16th St NW Ste 420
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 2000.00

711 High St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50392 03/31/2010 1000.00

1300 Wilson Blvd Ste 200
Arlington, Virginia 222092307 03/19/2010 500.00

Andrew Stern, President 1800 Massachusetts AVE NW
Washington, DC 20036 03/31/2010 5000.00

601 Pennsylvania Ave NW North Building Suite 1100
Washington, DC 200042601 03/31/2010 1000.00

Syngenta Corporation PAC
1399 New York Ave NW Suite 750
Washington, DC 20005 03/31/2010 1000.00

United Association Political Education
Three Park Place
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 03/31/2010 5000.00

Windstream Political Action Committee
4001 Rodney Parham Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72212 03/31/2010 500.00
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Who Is This Guy?

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29 April

KCPS Spring Auction Friday - Get Stimulated!

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As Predicted - Spain's Debt Downgraded - Will the World Even Notice?


"BERLIN (AP) -- Europe's debt crisis flared again Wednesday as Spain saw its credit rating lowered, just as Germany sought to reassure markets fearful over a possible Greek financial collapse by saying its share of a key aid package could be approved in the next few days."

Debt, debt and more debt. Will the aid packages be used to create jobs through economic development by government fiat? Will Greece tear down the Parthenon to build a shopping mall?

Perhaps our President will personally deliver Burlington's bail out. Don't cry for us, Argentina.


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Who Ya Gonna Call?


"Some south side residents have expressed anger over the spending retraction because they don’t believe sex offenders belong in an area that borders a residential neighborhood and the Blank Park Zoo, which had 380,000 visitors last year."

Residents on Des Moines' south side are unhappy about their neighbors. Look east by south for a solution. Call (319) 753-5107 for free pick up and delivery.

The 2010 census is still counting. Burlington will take all we can get. It's the only way we know to "Grow Greater Burlington."


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Keeping Track - Chip 'Em


“I think we should catch ’em, we should document ’em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going,” said Pat Bertroche, an Urbandale physician. “I actually support micro-chipping them. I can micro-chip my dog so I can find it. Why can’t I micro-chip an illegal?"

Imagine the fun if some our past elected had been micro-chipped and we knew everywhere they had been. All in favor say, aye.


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Jorge Doesn't Live There Anymore


Ellis said in the documents Penrod (former Mayor of Postville) approached his client at an unspecified date and played him a tape from a meeting with union officials. The union officials made clear that they would "make life difficult" for Agriprocessors, Ellis wrote. Penrod then suggested that "if the loan was not extended, the city council would make things very difficult for Agriprocessors," Ellis wrote.

The illegal alien mess in Postville keeps getting more interesting. Was there not something about illegal aliens in Postville driving cars titled in Des Moines County. Whatever became of that?


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28 April

Community Facts


Despite the poor school rankings in Burlington we also have 1.7 times the violent crime and 1.4 times the rate of property crime as the national average in 2008, which has risen steadily since 2008. However, our police department will state crime has remained the same and/or decreased and we all know this isn’t the truth. With increases in bank robberies, drug traffic and murders how could it be safer on the streets or even in your home?

This all brings to mind that woman murdered on Iowa Street a few short years ago and never solved. Now we have another woman murdered in her home along with a realty sales woman years ago that haven’t been solved. Actually Burlington fails to solve murders regularly and with the drug industry now firmly established in town who knows if they’ll ever solve a murder with all the out-of-towners roaming around selling drugs and looking for the easy life based on income off the backs of the few working in Burlington and Iowa.

We also had 9.7% unemployment in January of 2010; so why is SEIRPC bringing in people from out of state when we can’t even employ the native citizens already living here? Could it be because the taxpayer is not subsidizing the transportation cost to and from Columbus Junction for the natives of Burlington as they do for the “new” citizens? I can’t ever recall Burlington providing subsidized transportation for workers here in the city but they may have back during WWII but I thought those days were over.

I wonder how many natives would have worked at Tyson had they been offered subsidized transportation? I guess we’ll never know the answer to that one because it’s supposedly a hush-hush operation between the city, SEIRPC, Tyson and others involved with buses picking up passengers at out of the way locations scattered around town. Such as the ball park, the mall area and who knows where else.

The future in Burlington looks very dim and the sooner one heads to greener pastures the better off they’ll be and that’s something proven over and over again by the decline in population that’s currently about 25,327 and falling steadily.


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Yuri, Go Home!


"A strong crowd of 150-200 people boosted Republican hopes that 2010 will be a good year for the party. Party leaders said drawing so many in Ottumwa, hardly an area known as a Republican stronghold, is very encouraging."


If the President had visited Southeast Iowa's poster child of command and control economic development, do you think such a large crowd would protest. Since the President avoided Burlington like a failed five year economic plan, we will never know.


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26 April

Obama Here? Why Us? Why Not Somewhere Else?


Why us? Why are we being picked on? Why does Obama want to come to Ft Madison?

We have no jobs. He isn't bringing any.

We don't have any money. He isn't bringing any I don't have to pay for.

We have no tourism unless he is a bass fisherman. But he is 3 months early.

Never mind our idiot mayor is giddy with glee. I didn't vote for him either.

Is it because Lee County has been plagued with Democrats?

It isn't a presidential election year. So why bother?

Why in the world would our Obama want to visit our city?

I'm going to Burlington for the day and dodge the potholes.


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Why Not Burlington?


Why is President Obama not making an appearance in Burlington:

The Secret Service cannot protect him from falling buildings if he goes downtown.

State Senator Fraise is liable to get lost trying to find his way here from Lee County.

U S Senator from Illinois Obama ignored Gulfport during the flood of 2008. It's West Gulfport's turn.

The City of Burlington has no extra money to cut the weeds on the Empty Lot Mall.

The City Hall Crew does want all that security and press ruining their greens at Flint Hills Golf Course.

He saw too much of E. St. Louis when he was a Senator.

County Supervisor Heland refused to let the President use his players club card at the local casino.

It may tempt old allies in Illinois to risk death on US 34 between here and Monmouth.

He already knows Tapp's recent arrivals from being a street agitator in Chicago.


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SEC Is As Corrupt As The Politicians


No wonder the financial world is so screwed up when the people who are supposed to monitor it are just too busy watching porn on their government computers to bother keeping tabs on Wall Street and others.

Our government employees are so overpaid and over benefited that they’ve become a burden to the taxpayer and a failure in the eyes of the American people. Of course none of the porn watchers will be fired because government workers are wards of the taxpayer and are protected by their affiliation with the current regime in power.

Just who in the hell is representing our interest in this worthless government that’s so full of scumbag dead beats that it would be impossible to clean them out in our lifetime?

I’m so sick of Washington and all the losers acting like their some kind of royalty it just makes me sick. They can take their healthcare reform and shove it where the Sun doesn’t shin along with all the other garbage they try to force on us when they themselves abide by a complete and separate set or rules.

Remember, “There is no distinctly native American criminal class…save Congress.” Mark Twain

Mark Twain knew exactly what he was talking about when he said the above and nothing has changed since his time when it comes to worthless government bureaucrats who seldom earn a tenth of what their paid. Of course it’s worse now because of the porn industry rampaging through our government computers.

Our government is nothing but a failure and should be purged of all the scumbags it harbors’. Odds are about 50% are worthless and should be kicked out of government. My theory is their in government because they couldn’t survive working in the private sector where they’d have to be accountable for something other than making others lives miserable or watching porn all day.


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25 April

Flying a C-130 to Burlington?


You mean they can land a custom 747 in Burlington? If so, thank you Ho Chi Minn.

The Tet Offensive had prop cargo planes flying shells to Ft. Scott AFB as fast as they could truck them in from the IAAP. Windows all over town rattled with the prop racket.

Shortly thereafter, Ozark needed longer runways to provide jet service direct from Burlington to Chicago and St. Louis. The F. A. A. could not wait to provide support for civilian air transport.

Where is that service now?

Who said Obama wanted to come to Burlington?


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23 April

Obama Needs To Avoid Decadent Decay of Democrats


Why would Obama want to visit Burlington? First off, he’d need a Humvee to traverse the potholed streets or maybe even a lunar rover because Burlington rivals the moon when it comes to potholes.

Secondly, he’s done nothing for Burlington at all just like our local elected dimwits who’ve never done anything right. Our one party system is a first class failure and Obama would be sort of looking into a mirror should he come to Burlington since our government is a one party system until also, until November.

Thirdly, there’s no advancement of anything here in Burlington with the exception of worthlessness and hopelessness. Our lives are being overturned by an influx of out-of-towners that have added little to nothing to our economy with the exception of the slum lord’s pockets along with SEIRP an organization that has done more to destroy Burlington than our local government which is really saying something about SEIRP management. Ask yourself, “Does SERIP serve the taxpayers in any way?”

Obama should actually just stay in Washington and save the taxpayers some money rather than running all over the world and country trying to convince us that he’s doing something for our benefit.


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No Wonder Everythig Obama is Urgent - Blago Is On The Trail

Where is Woodward Bernstein Olson?


"Blagojevich's lawyers allege that Rezko admitted breaking the law by contributing "a large sum of cash" to a public official. Blagojevich's attorneys say that public official is Obama."

Where is the Watergate outrage about rule of law? Did our President tell the whole truth? Will we ever know? Will anybody point blank ask?

Presidents love to grant quality time to local press when on the road, especially proven sympathetic outlets. If Obama comes to S. E. Iowa, does that include the Ad Vertiser? If so, could this be Jimmy Olson's big chance.

If Jimmy asks and traps on tape, you can bet that news will be spiked. That does not mean the world will never know. After being told to take a hike, Jim could send his story with proof to Spike.

Jimmy's hands may get dirty changing oil and tires at the local Nash dealer. At least his conscience would be clean. Such honest work undoubtedly pays better. If the story takes, honest news organizations will come to the shop with better offers.

Former Illinois Governors making license plates is not news. A former President from Illinois making those blue and white U S Government plates would really be something.


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President To Tour Economic Disaster Area


"President Barack Obama is expected to visit southeast Iowa next week, bringing his series of national economic listening events to rural America for the first time, administration and Iowa Democratic sources said Tuesday.

Congressional sources said White House advance officials were looking at venues in Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant and Ottumwa as part of a three-state swing set for April 27 and 28."

Having a disaster area as prop is an excellent political photo op. That is why President Barry Obama is coming to the economic Death Valley of the Mississippi Valley, Southeast Iowa.

Details of exactly where in Southeast Iowa have yet to be announced.

Burlington has not been mentioned as possible stop. How unfortunate considering the abyss America is being shoved into.

A monument to the success of government mandated economic development would be an appropriate stop. On a podium next to the 28+ acres for sale sign, the President could point to Burlington's Manor Mall as government mandated hope and change in action.

Senator Courtney, Ell, Worden, and all the other single party guilty should be present. Like a post office wall, the world could see their faces in the back round as a fawning broadcast news $100 haircut heaps praise upon their President.

Mr. President, come to Burlington. Show the world what America will become if you keep achieving your goals. Sir, do not delay.

The way all that government salvation handed out around here is working, there maybe nobody left to greet you.

1040 Screwed

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Goldman Sachs? - Obama's Biggest Contributor


While Obama was blistering the big banks on Thursday, we learn that the head 
of the Biggest, Meanest, Greediest Bank, Goldman Sachs, has been to the 
White House at least 4 times for meetings with Obama and his chief economic 
adviser, Larry Summers—WHILE Goldman’s lawyers were negotiating with the 
SEC over civil fraud charges against Goldman.


As for Goldman Sach's? Nothing gonna happen. The slid so much grease under the bus nobody can stand up.

And remember when Bush caught hell for playing golf? Well, it seems Barry has about 50% more golf than Bush for the same amount of time in office and not only that, Obama played golf when he was supposed to travel to Poland for the Polish President's funeral.


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Happy April 22nd


"When environmentalists decided that the Earth deserved a day of celebration in 1970, they could have picked any day of the year, as no one knows the exact day date of the Earth's birthday. They chose Lenin's birthday, just as Khrushchev had done. Was this just a coincidence? I think not."

When will Supervisor Heland declare April 22nd a paid holiday for county employees covered by a union contract?


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21 April

100% Mortgage Payment Increase


I'm sure glad my mortgage payment didn't go up over 100% like Doug Worden's did.

Oh wait, I guess it did.

Broke and paying these jerks to drink beer

Didn't you hear" The Ghost of Stupid Adminstrators, Doug Slagle, said he thought we could sell Manor Mall by 2011 and pay the loan off.

This Albatross will be choking us when the retirement door hits Worden in the ass on his walk of shame.


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Hawk Eye Breaking News


Check out the "breaking news" scroll on The Hawkeye webpage. ""Breaking News... According to AP projections: Sen. Barack Obama of Ill. 338, Sen. John McCain of Arizona 141. (Refresh page to view updates).""


That whole bunch is living in a void. Sweet just awoke to his GOP hate speech routine like a hungry bear fresh from hibernation. Randy Miller takes on KCPS even though he hides the other 29 days of the month behind the unsigned editorial page.

As for the news flash, If we only knew then what we know now.


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Interest Payments in Our Best Interest

"Hold their toes to the burning ballot box"


"The rationale behind 4th place finisher Doug Worden's brain storm to raid the economic development kitty to pay for his role in Manor Mall ranks right up there on the Dumbass Hall of Fame. Rob the fund used to attract new business to pay for perpetual incompetence. How can it get any better?"

Would you invest your savings in a hot dog stand run by Worden, Ell, Courtney, Tapp, Hinkle, et. al.?

Has much of anything gotten any better in Burlington for the last 30 years when it comes to government directed economic development? The answer is depressing, but look for the positive.

With their piggy bank being drained to pay the interest on the Manor Mall, the fools hands are tied for new stupidities. They will cry they need more money, "raise taxes." Hold their toes to the burning ballot box. Enough already.

Those who voted for these Economics 101 failures are also to blame. Go to any political dog and pony show. The questions spew in a torrent asking how will a candidate/office holder create jobs. It is as asking a pig to recite Shakespeare.

Demand they do only what government exists to do. Maintain the streets and sewers. Catch Tapp and Hinkle's imports in the act and export them to Ft. Madison's hard rock hotel. Fight fires.

If the basics are handled thoroughly and efficiently, the cost of doing business in Burlington will become competitive. When that happens, those who actually know what it takes to create wealth will look at doing business in Burlington again.

U. Surrey

Tapp. How could we forget his dumbass moves that have corrupted this town with his incompetent quest to try to raise his leg high enough to hit a dandelion.

Is there any end to the Dumbass Hall of Fame?


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How They Spent Your Money

Pork - America's Other Green Meat


Senators Courtney and Fraise, Representative Cohoon, how did they do when spending your state taxes?

State Auditor David Vaught, C. P. A. has reviewed the budget work of those we voted in. If you thought Worden and the gang at City Hall had no fiscal sense, see how bad it gets further up the food chain.

Just like the Manor Mall, thank you, Senator Courtney, just wait a few years. All those one time column shuffles to cover costs are running out. May the interest payments began.

April 30th is coming. No matter who rules the big hilltop silo in Des Moines next session, there will be hell to pay cleaning up the mess already made.


Courtney had to tie Fraise's shoe laces again. Or whatever they do.

And Cahoon is getting as stupid as the rest and took a play out of the Obama "Hell yes there is pork in there" playbook.

They ALL need to go.


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Ell Says Cross The Road


""We're getting ready to look at doing something different to attract a developer. Staff is going over our options, and we will be meeting to discuss them soon," Mayor Bill Ell said in a recent telephone interview. "The site is so attractive that I can't see it sitting there empty forever."

Everybody in Iowa is getting a casino. The Governor of Iowa $25,000 agrees. Dare to be different.

Mayor El is onto something.

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Has Anyone Checked References?


I see where Wikipedia list Barbacena, Brazil as Burlington’s sister city but I question this because Burlington has much more in common with East St. Louis than it does with Barbacena.

Maybe I should question Wikipedia’s choice on this matter however the Sister Cities International made the choice of Barbacena and not Wikipedia. I would imagine if the Sister Cities International were to visit Burlington they would surely decided on East St. Louis as the logical choice for Burlington’s sister city.

Day after day Burlington slips out of main stream America on its path to disgrace under the leadership of the democratic party of fools who have destroyed our town one neighborhood at a time. We have SEIRPC, Chamber of Commerce, Grow Greater Burlington and others that have destroyed what our ancestors built many years ago until we have the current ramshackle mess known as Burlington.

Only the democrats could have ruined a once great town through greed, dreams of grandeur, incompetence, arrogance,

And stupidity. Democrats have become the party of liars being led by fools such as Pelosi, Reid and Franks all of which are less respected than auto salesmen and lawyers.

I wonder what they’ve done with the taxes for the streets in Burlington because it’s obvious they’ve never spent it on the streets and their always first in line for handouts from Washington in order to cover up their ineptness.


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A Toast to a Future in Burlington


"The Iowa attorney general's chief of staff was arrested for drunken driving in early April after a police officer noticed his vehicle driving in two lanes on Grand Avenue in Des Moines."

Eric Tabor knows the law. He knew enough to refuse the blood alcohol test at the cop shop after blowing .249 on a field test. The field test will not hold up in court. What will this hold for Mr. Tabor's future?

After this gutless legal stunt, is Tabor's career with Tom Miller's All Iowa Law Office done? If so, Mr. Tabor should consider his options. There is always Burlington.

Doubtless, Mr. Tabor has the proper single party credentials. Tabor for Mayor. Tabor for State Senator when Courtney retires. Tabor for Congress. The possibilities are limitless.

Oldham Crow

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Eric Tabor Is The Go To Guy


Your college kid need a summer law clerk job with the AG's Office? Call Eric Tabor

Going to have a celebration? Call Eric Tabor

Tip Toe Through The Tulips
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20 April

Economic Development Money to Pay Manor Mall Higher Payment

It can't get any better than it just did. The rationale behind 4th place finisher Doug Worden's brain storm to raid the economic development kitty to pay for his role in Manor Mall ranks right up there on the Dumbass Hall of Fame. Rob the fund used to attract new business to pay for perpetual incompetence. How can it get any better?

And the council groupies just sniff Worden's butt and run around in circles like Chihuahuas.

No doubt about it. We are the owners of the biggest bunch of successful failures ever hatched in this town.


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Idiot Tom Courtney Another Empty Lot Mall Villain


"Yes, Bobby, it has been a helluva flaming successful failure of incompetent jackasses sprinkled with taxpayer money and covered up with Slagle, Worden, Ell, Edward's lies and deceit.

What a package!"

You forgot our idiot State Senator Courtney. Were it not for the Iowa Senate amendment grandfathered by Courtney this failure from eminent domain abuse legislation, it never would have happened.

Eminent Domain Refugee

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Manor Mall Typical of Dimwitted Elected Officials


The city failure known as the Manor Project for Budding Dimwits, in their eyes is a success because they rid the town of their version of a slum and replaced it with a prairie of weeds, trees, grass and no taxes. What Genius!

However, the slums have since moved into the city proper where the slum lords welcomed them with open arms further ruining more of Burlington’s neighborhoods. In order to stuff a few slum lords with cash from the taxpayers our city continues its decline into third world status and more on a par with our sister city, East St. Louis.

If the city leaders were to apologize for their mistakes we’d be overwhelmed with constant apologies. The local Rag would be running out of paper trying to print all the apologies and its business would be booming. Of course this isn’t the case because the city has never seen fit to apologize for any of its mistakes nor is the local Rag anywhere close to the break-even point.

If the local Rag were to ever print the real local news and stop covering up the one party covey of misfits, and send Mike to Haiti for gathering of news they might just sell more papers.

Of course all of this is really impossible because the voters of the one party system in Burlington have no concept of fair and balanced government; so we are stuck in this rat hole with no future unless we head for greener pastures like so many before us have done.

Burlington is doomed to the wishes of the one party system and the local tax supported organizations that are bleeding the city dry with their ignorance and indifference to what they’ve already done to ruin the city and its outlook for the future, should there be one at all. I would advise all the young and talented people to flee as soon as possible to prevent their becoming embroiled in this mess of a town.


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Tea Party Racisim??

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Allen West to Nancy Pelosi: ‘Give Me that Damn Gavel’

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19 April

Stock Photo Socialism

Moscow on the Mississippi


The wisdom of command and control economic development continues to grow dandelions.


To hear Boob Fleming talk about it makes you wonder if he attended the same school as Twiddle Davidson.

"Has the project been a total success yet? No. Will it be? You bet it will," Council Robert Fleming said.

Yes, Bobby, it has been a a helluva flaming successful failure of incompetent jackasses sprinkled with taxpayer money and covered up with Slagle, Worden, Ell, Edward's lies and deceit.

What a package!


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Hinkle Says Market It Right


I see where Hinkle from the Chamber doesn't want to tell the city how to market Manor Mall. It's not his job. Isn't that great regional cooperation towards his major benefactor.

If Hinkle did try to market Manor Mall he'd have to hire 6-8 more people to get it done.

This is the same guy that traverses Italy without a translator. Maybe he could enlighten his contributors how that went!


He doesn't need a translator, he know 'er all. Especially when it comes to spending his advertising money making us poor slobs feel good about the money he's pissin' away playing big shot.


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Higher Power at Higher Levels


"Months after President Obama urged federal agencies last year to cut wasteful spending, the U.S. Department of State paid $3,814 to fill an order of Jack Daniel's whiskey for gratuities at one of its many overseas embassies."

Bud Light powers Burlington's City government. The higher the level, the higher the octane.

Tetra Ethyl Lead
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The Danger of Tuning In

Tuning in can cause confusion, nausea and even fits


Being so poor from taxation I still have analog television, I did not realize the terror of 3D TV. I just figured it was referring to coverage of the Burlington City Council's sessions.



3-D?? I'm like you. I thought this warning pertained to Burlington council meetings.


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16 April

We Have Become a Guinea Pig of Government Programs


"A fledgling state program aimed at reducing layoffs and unemployment is finding strong support in a corner of Iowa clobbered by manufacturing layoffs in the recession."

Southeast Iowa has an earned reputation. When other areas of Iowa need a sick man to study, they look south and east. Pour another tax funded program into the vortex.

Physician, heal thyself.


Read the comments following the article for a nice perspective of Southeast Iowa. Hope no one needs their house or business painted.


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Buying the Stairway to Heaven

What in the name of God is goin' on with this guy?


"However, Gettemy’s total includes a $100,000 loan he made to his own campaign. Still, Gettemy said, the $28,824 he raised in one month is more than any of the other three candidates raised in a month."

Is there that much gold in selling religious T shirts? My God, how the money rolls in.

How long did it take to get $100,000 donated to the Iowa Christian Alliance laundry service on West Hill? $128,000 in less than two months looks like a divine miracle.

Who is this Gettemy character and who is behind him? Will 2nd District voters invest in making America one nation under Ralph Reed? Are we headed for a theocracy?

Geld Calff

What in the name of God is goin' on with this guy? You're exactly right!!! Where did he succeed - a scrub player on the UI staff.

This guy doesn't have $100k to loan himself, I'll guaran-dam-tee ya. Nobody makes money in the t-shirt business other than pro sports. Not even in the name of God.

Looking closely at Gettemy's resume yields little success. Lots of business starts, lots of shadow corporations, short employment longevity; it all smells. There doesn't seem to be any record of success.

Could Gettemy be a disciple of Satan Scheffler or Huckster Bible Thumper Reed?


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15 April

Top 10 Flybys of All Time

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18 Months of Decay


Lets see, Obama has killed our economy, sold out our security, destroyed the manned space programs, destroyed our healthcare, disgraced us in front of the world by bowing to leaders of other countries, devastated our healthcare, plans on massive tax increases because of his lack of knowledge and poor decisions on the economy and he’s only in his first year and half. Will there be anything left of our country by the time he’s thrown out in 2012?

The people that voted for Obama have thrown our country to the dogs and the sad part is those of us that didn’t vote for him will burn with them. Poor political decisions by voters always weaken our country and Obama supporters really did a number on us this time around. Of course the democratic congress has helped him do it and is really no higher up the food chain than whale dung.

Those that voted for Obamacare should be charged with treason against the American people.

How so many people in America could be duped into voting for a total nobody for president is beyond comprehension? Hell, Jimmy Carter was far better than Obama and we’ve only had Obama for a about a year and a half. I wonder if Mike voted for him. Were you duped Mike, tell us the truth now?

Wake up Obama voters and look at what you’ve done.


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Green Card or Get Outta Here


"Arizona lawmakers on Tuesday passed one of the toughest pieces of immigration-enforcement legislation in the country, which would make it a violation of state law to be in the U.S. without proper documentation."

A happy and joyous April 15th. Time to ante up for "free" health care for illegal aliens. There ought to be a law.

While the feds shirk their responsibility, the states are stepping up. If you are not in Arizona legally, go home. If home is not where the wealth is, go to some welfare haven like Iowa.

Will our State Senator Courtney introduce a similar bill in the next session of the Iowa Legislature?

Picked Clean

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Beck On Public Sector Job Disparity

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14 April

The Importance of Being Anonymous


"Police say spotting the pair among thousands of sheep is "almost impossible". But one warned: "They can't pull the wool over our eyes forever.""

Read more.

A pair of escaped convicts know it pays not to stick out. Hide amidst the sheep.

So it is in Burlington. Local powers that be easily kept their lemming sheep without spines. Their flock was dutifully Ad Vertised the official single party line. Docile and filled with fear, the sheep were resigned to the tax shears.

It used to be troublesome sheep were barely heard, easily spotted, separated from the herd and sent to slaughter. That all changed when the herd was wired to the world.

Try as they might, the wolves have not run Derailed out of town on a rail. As further spreads the unofficial word, ever more restless and vocal grows the herd. They can't pull the wool over our eyes as they thought would last forever.

Thanks, Spike.

R. R. Hood

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Obama Attends Non-Existent Soccer Game?

"Reading the story about President Obama breaking tradition and ditching the presidential press pool over the weekend to watch one of his daughter's soccer games, it appears harmless, right?

.......Seems simple enough. But the story has several problems. The first one is a biggie in that there were no scheduled soccer games for Sidwell Friends April 10, as evidenced here. The second is that the area reported that the game was played at appears to be one of high crime, as documented here and here. Additionally, this is a picture of the field via Google Maps, where Obama went to watch the game.

......What's more concerning is that no one can confirm if the Secret Service even accompanied Obama on his adventure. Furthermore, let's look at the elapsed time. If the president left the White House at 9:20AM as reported, according to Mapquest, it takes about sixteen minutes to get from the White House to 40th and Chesapeake NW, bringing his arrival time to the field at 9:36AM or so. But then he would have had to leave the field at the latest at 10:00AM to return to the White House at the documented time of 10:17AM. So he spent about twenty minutes at the game? When did the game end? That time is vague as well."

So where was our Boondoggle in Chief?


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13 April

Flat Tax Explained - A Must Watch Unless You Drink Their Kool Aid

9 Minutes To See A Resolution To The Financial Crisis

Today's Need To Watch

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Obama Bows To Fellow Communist

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More Casinos Spread Wealth & Dilutes Catfish Bend Revenue


"Ernest Goss of Creighton University and David Swenson of Iowa State University said in interviews with The Des Moines Register that market forces in a Midwest gambling industry that's nearing saturation could temper any economic benefits of additional casinos."

Gambling is not economic growth. Gambling simply reshuffles existing wealth.

Gambling certainly has not delivered as promised for Burlington. The gambling barge did not save downtown Burlington. Huck's Hole has not paid off either.

Gambling does siphon entertainment dollars from other entertainments such as theaters and minor league sports. Dollars spent on gambling are taxed heavily by the state.

The spendthrift ways of Senator Courtney and his party comrades have Iowa over $1 billion in debt. Desperate for money, Iowa figures more gambling will solve all. That run at the tables is about to hit the wall.

Further expansion will create further problems for existing casinos already being squeezed. Look for further payment problems on the Huck's Hole marker held by the City of Burlington. Those who thought they bet on a sure thing by investing in Catfish Craps could be heading for a crash.

Fools and their money are soon parted. The fools elected who made this mess deserve to be election day departed.


Most of you all know our opinion on gambling being heralded as economic development. It isn't.

If Courtney and his slinky toy budget buddies in Des Moines think more casinos will bring in more revenue, he's an even bigger dumb snake than we already know him to be.

The Burlington city council forced this Catfish Bend investment on the taxpayers with promises of future, glowing returns. Twice that has failed. More money was borrowed by Mini-Me Worden and his incompetent bookkeeper. Lost Keys and Flip Flop Davidson just keep signing up for each iteration of the bad deal.

If the gate is opened for more casinos you might as well just get ready for more bad news.

And higher taxes to cover the losses.


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West Burlington Post Office 2


I cannot believe the USPS is making another major mistake by closing the most efficient local post office and keeping the worst one open.

The Burlington post office is a disgrace when it comes to service. I’ve never had to wait in West Burlington while in Burlington there is usually a constant backed up line waiting for service while the majority of the service counters remain closed, at least two of the three most times.

Ninety percent of the time when ever government unions and management are involved we have constant inefficiencies and disastrous mismanagement backed up by a bureaucracy of dimwits with no common sense. It they had any sense they’d probably be working for someone other than the government.

Government does have it perks such as no responsibility required, can’t be fired for anything short of murder, guaranteed excessive pay and over abundant benefits all provided by the private sector. One other thing is no accountability or common sense required for government employees of course people in Burlington are very familiar with the no responsibility or accountability parts because our local government has these requirements.

Actually the Burlington post office should be managed by the West Burlington crew until Burlington learns how to run a post office capable of meeting customer expectations, if that’s at all possible.


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Fold Your Newspaper When Through


"Nearly half of US newspaper and broadcast TV news executives believe their organizations will fold within 10 years unless they find new revenue streams, according to a survey released on Monday."

Do you give the Ad Vertiser less than five?


Just think if the Ad Vertiser was a newspaper how hard this news would be taken.


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12 April

SEIU Union


Remember that Obama has close ties to the SEIU union as well as ACORN although he tries not to let on as though he does.

Obama is also in bed with the NEA union as well as UAW and others. Once a socialist always a socialist is the name of Obama’s game and unions are socialist in nature.

The NEA puts its management first, union members second and maybe just maybe the kids third on there agenda list. The average wage for the NEA office personnel is something like $87,000 while its member teachers average out at about $47,000 in salary. There are many employees of the NEA earning well over $100,000 because they work so very hard at ruining the government school system in America.

New York has hundreds of bad teachers getting full pay for doing nothing because of the NEA and the taxpayer still pays their salary even though they’ve been banned from teaching for a multiple of reasons from sex charges to just plain bad teachers. This has been going on for years because the union won’t get rid of them no matter how bad they’ve been because in the unions eyes it’s a source of income for their high salaries.

The NEA has about third democrats, a third republican and a third independent yet about 90% of their political money goes to the democrats. Why would the members of this rotten union put up with this favoritism? Just remember the NEA is the biggest reason our government run schools are of third world class.


Obama's #1 guest is Andy Stern, SEIU's goomba criminal thug boss.

Bird's of a feather....


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Friday Golf Report


The birds are singing.Trees are budding. The links are open. Slagle is still gone.

Does City Hall still empty out every warm and sunny Friday for a ground level, 18 hole inspection of Flint Hills Golf Course?


Is a pig's a** pork?


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Free Health Care Has Its Limits


"Nikki Phelps can still recall the look of anger on her consultant’s face when he told her the NHS had refused to fund the cancer treatment drug he knew would save her life.

‘He said: “I hate to ask you this, but is there any way you can raise the money to pay for this treatment, because it’s the only one left that is clinically effective,” ’ she recalls."

Read more here.

Welcome to socialized medicine.


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Jefferson Street South


"QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- Early Wednesday morning bricks from the top of a building on the northwest corner of 6th and Kentucky fell onto the sidewalk and portions of the street."

Who needs to drive a couple of hours to witness such news?

Just drive down Jefferson Street.


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SEIU Executive VP: White Union Members Are ‘So F****** Rabidly Racist’

More of this SEIU nonsense. Right off C-Span....

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09 April

Colonel Allen West Answers a Marine's Question

Who is this guy?

Col. West’s awards, citations and decorations:
In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times, including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm, was the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year in 1993, and was a Distinguished Honor Graduate III Corps Assault School. He proudly wears the Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and German proficiency badge (Bronze award).

Where was this guy when we got the other guy?

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SEIU Assaults Union Supporter

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08 April

Courtneys Guilty In Lack of Oversight


"In his first interview since being fired last September, Tom Wheeler didn't deny that he made mistakes running one of the state's newest and fastest-growing economic development programs. But, he said, legislators, revenue officials and others share responsibility for the widespread problems that emerged in the past year."

This certainly does not apply to our State Senator Courtney. Senator Courtney works hard for all the workin' people. As Co-Chair of the Committee responsible for oversight, Senator Courtney would never demand that he himself be thrown in jail.

D. W. G.

That's our home town connections at work for you, the taxpayers.


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We Need A Surge In Congress


It use to be we could rest easy when congress wasn’t in session but now we have a presidential regime that constantly does things behind our backs that continually weakens our country in the eyes of the world.

This regime acts like a loose cannon with its obnoxious mandates, leftist czars, legislation by bribery, union controlled (NEA) and so on.

We get no peace now with this lunatic running the show behind our backs. As the EU drifts away from socialism our president thinks it’s the way to go although socialism continues to fail. Our president has no concept of reality and continues to work towards the destruction of our way of life regardless of the sacrifices made by the American people to sustain our democracy. Our president has no respect for those that gave their lives to protect our freedoms and he just doesn’t give a damn about them because he’s a socialist through and through. Our president was raised as a socialist by his parent. He doesn’t know any better and that’s clear.

You throw in a scum-bagger democratic controlled congress and the entire system is thrown out of control. This November we Americans have a chance to be heard for once in Washington something that’s been missing since about 2006.



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White House Beck Boycott Fails

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07 April

Obama and the NEA


Check this one out: EXPLOSIVE NEW AUDIO Reveals White House Using NEA to Push Partisan Agenda

I’m damn glad I saw through this phony but many Iowans were duped by him.

As for the NEA their agenda is politics first, teachers no matter how bad forever and maybe just maybe children come in 3rd.

If you really want to understand what’s wrong with our schools just look at the NEA and you’ll have better than 90% of the problem.


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Krauthammer Gives 20-Second ‘Correct Answer’ to Obama’s 17-Minute Long Response

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Obama's Socialist Upbringing

Or watch it here and be able to select each portion of the program.

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STS-131 Discovery Liftoff

NASA Image

STS131-S-030 (5 April 2010) --- Space shuttle Discovery and its seven-member STS-131 crew head toward Earth orbit and rendezvous with the International Space Station. Liftoff was at 6:21 a.m. (EDT) on April 5, 2010, from launch pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Onboard are NASA astronauts Alan Poindexter, commander; James P. Dutton Jr., pilot; Rick Mastracchio, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson and Clayton Anderson; along with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, all mission specialists. The crew will deliver the multi-purpose logistics module Leonardo, filled with supplies, a new crew sleeping quarters and science racks that will be transferred to the International Space Station's laboratories. The crew also will switch out a gyroscope on the station's truss structure, install a spare ammonia storage tank and retrieve a Japanese experiment from the station's exterior. STS-131 is the 33rd shuttle mission to the station and the 131st shuttle mission overall.
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06 April

Loebsack MIA During Recess



Phil Hare is braver than most in Congress. Phil Hare is back home publicly admitting he does not care about the Constitution. Many in Congress are hiding after voting for communist health care.

Has anybody seen our Congressman? Checking his web site, no town hall meetings are listed. Is Loonsack holed up in some academic enclave seeking solace rereading Das Kapital?

Those trembling in fear for what they have done may hide, but they must run. November is coming.


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Beck Buys "Mickey Mao" Doll At Disney World

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Barry Sotero at Work

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Net Neutrality - The End of Free Speech

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05 April

We Are Sinking


The Honorable Congressman from Georgia worried about the continued existence of Guam does not by appearance bear relationship to Des Moines County's Honorable Former Board of Supervisors member you mentioned. This does not mean our region shares nothing in common with the Rhodes Scholar from Georgia.

Congressman Loebsack and his aforementioned colleague both have been consistent in their learned support of socialized medicine. Neither believe our drowning in a sea of ink is possible.


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Representative Losers - Hare & Johnson


Between Congressmen Phil Hare and Representative Hank Johnson we have two real losers representing us in Washington. Hare is from Illinois and Johnson is from Georgia.

The two of them can convince anyone just how stupid people in Washington really are and for this we have Obamacare. Their videos are on You Tube if anyone wants to see just how stupid they are.

Hare doesn’t care about the constitution and Johnson thinks islands float and an unbalance can tip them over. What a couple of dimwits no wonder Obama can get what he wants from the Democratic congress even though he does pay some of them under the table for their votes against the American people by passing his leftist legislation.

Congress has declined in intelligence unbelievably since the 60’s and 70’s to the point where it shows just how poor the American education system has fallen when we have people like Hare and Johnson making laws. Surely these two losers didn’t attend an American college because if they did our college’s are failing miserably just like the government and union school system.

I hope coming in November the American voter will show these two guys where the door is by voting them out of office for false representation.


M. Twain

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03 April

The Easter Bunny Came a Day Early

Decadent Excess Is Upon Us - When Will Mine Ship?

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02 April

Guam About To "Tip Over & Capsize" According to Georgia Congressman

What A Frackin' Moron!

Is He a Relative of Hoschek?

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Rep. Phil Hare Doesn't Care About The Constitution -

Is His Face Sunburned?

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Might As Well Go For a Threesome in Skill Sets


I see the Ad Vertiser's Crime Cub needed the Encyclopedia Britannic to write his story.

"According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, mudslide -- also called a landslide or a land slip -- is a downward mass movement of earth or rock on unstable slopes, including many forms resulting from differences in rock structure, coherence of material involved, degree of slope, amount of included water, extent of natural or artificial undercutting at the base of the slope, relative rate of movement, and relative quantity of material involved."

Only thing more ridiculous was a local's opinion on recent rainfall.


I wonder if this is an indicator of the skill set the writer possesses or what he believes we all don't?


Cubbie's Mudslide

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