Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 May

United States Air Force Image
This poster was created by Virginia Reyes of the Defense Media Activity-San Antonio.

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30 May

Satan Scheffler's Hellish Conflict of Interest - IRS 2


"You don’t care about transparency–you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I am the Republican National Committeeman for Iowa. As a private citizen and knowing literally thousands of caucus goers, I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa. Have you studied our past caucuses–you have NO chance here in Iowa!"

Private citizen, Iowa Republican National Committeeman, President of the Iowa "Christian" Alliance, or leader of Iowa Faith & Freedom, who is out to destroy a Republican candidate? Overtime on whose dime? Mr. Sheffler is a confederacy of conflict of interest.

To keep their tax exempt status, 501(c)4 organizations like Mr. Sheffler's "Christian" Alliance are not supposed to be involved with supporting, or denouncing, candidates for office. Does simply crying private citizen circumvent the rule? Where is the I R S?

If the I R S cares to, they may wish to audit all records of all of Mr. Sheffler's alliances where he has an expense account. Thou shall not bare false witness, especially to more than one for the same expense.

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29 May

Our Midnight on The Ocean - Courtesy of Gamblers, Liars & Drunks


"Mayday, Mayday. This is Deepwater Horizon. We have an uncontrollable fire."

When Capt. Kuchta realized what she had done, he reprimanded her, she says.

"I didn't give you authority to do that," he said, according to Ms. Fleytas, who says she responded: "I'm sorry."

This sounds all too familiar to Des Moines County taxpayers. Capt. Heland, Capt. Ell. hell, Capt. Ernie's cartoons made more sense than those two ever have.

Will anybody ever clear the bridge of our ship of fools and pull us off the reef?


Gamblers, liars and drunks. Trust your future to gamblers, liars and drunks.


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Democrat Cycle Needs to Be Broken

"Heland and Hoschek cycle, two of the dumbest tax and spend idiots known to man"


Every damn bill this president tries to pass is an insult to all Americans because the bills are nothing more than generators of debt to our children and their children and their children.

The new financial bill does nothing to regulate or control Freddie or Fannie the prime reason for the mortgage crisis. We have two of the worst senators working on the bill who both received money from Freddie and Fannie for the campaigns while Dodd’s got a sweetheart mortgage deal from Country Wide Financial although he said, “He never knew it was a special mortgage deal.”

This financial bill will be a disaster just like the healthcare bill that the witch Pelosi pushed along with other left leaning losers.

Just remember this government will probably go down as the worst administration in U.S. history setting new lows in just about every category.

We can thank those that voted for this democratic mess and I hope they understand what they’ve done to aid and abet the destruction of the American way of life.

We have the same problems here in Burlington with a dimwitted group of Democrats trying to and succeeding in, ruining our city through poor decision after poor decision. Democrats are similar to the plague through their destruction of the American way of life. It’s as though most of their brain is nothing more than filler; so they can have something to put their hat on.

Basically, it’s the voters' fault for electing unprofessional people to city and county positions and if it didn’t cause problems for those who didn’t vote for them, it wouldn’t make much difference. However, here in Burlington we’ve had the Heland and Hoschek cycle, two of the dumbest tax and spend idiots known to man along with many on the city council that have been anything but professional and rank somewhere below Whale dung on the shame scale, just like most of the congress in Washington.


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Ft Madison Bank Squeals With a D Rating


I see Falcon outted our local bank and got called to respond.

If I was Falcon I'd tell Master Morris that I will take it to the loan committee next week. Or, was that week after next.


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Searching for Local Redemption


Why does the Republican party play host to wing nuts? I hear our local Republican Party leadership is infested with them. Are there not enough people willing to become involved and clean house?

I have talked with intelligent, sensible people who have thought of actually running for local office. They are upset with endless tax increases and being lead down dead ends. Like the sensible folks they are, they saw no point in running.

They did not want to lose and be further embarrassed by being identified with a bunch of yahoos trying to cram their religion down everybody's throat. The party of Heland is no better.

Is there any hope?


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Satan Steve Scheffler Struts Like Little Rooster on Gay Candidate

"Iowa’s Republican National Committeeman sent an e-mail this week to a gay member of his party who is considering a run for president and told him he would work overtime to ensure that his campaign aspirations are aborted.

Here’s Scheffler’s e-mail to Karger as sent from his BlackBerry.
You don’t care about transparency–you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I am the Republican National Committeeman for Iowa. As a private citizen and knowing literally thousands of caucus goers, I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa. Have you studied our past caucuses–you have NO chance here in Iowa!

...“I’m not going to get involved in the presidential caucuses but I’m going to call a spade a spade,” Scheffler said today. “When you have somebody who is this fare out of the mainstream of the political party, I’m just going to tell them what I think.”"

"One Iowa, the state's largest civil rights group for gays and lesbians, said the situation demonstrates intolerance within the Republican Party.

"The Iowa Republican Party wants to portray themselves as a big tent party, but when it comes right down to it, leaders like Scheffler have shown little tolerance for those with different views," said Carolyn Jenison, the executive director of One Iowa."

It seems to me the problems of this country are far larger than what the agenda of a PAID political action committee company employee has to say. Satan Scheffler better get his head out of his ass and realize that he will never win any election this year if he continues with a myopic, one-eyed view of America.

This is nothing more than a rehash of Larry Duncan. You can flop on the floor, stamp your feet, cry your Constitutional rights and point to God. In the end, you have to change the law. No one candidate can do that. Shoveling shit to profess your company's agenda doesn't cut it.

And yes, Satan Scheffler is nothing more than the company's paid spokesman. He may claim a higher calling. But it is all about the money. And little people like the money more.


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Some GOP Common Sense

(West Des Moines) – Mark Rees, 3rd Congressional District candidate in the June 8th Republican Primary, has issued the following statement in response to Republican Party of Iowa National Committeeman Steve Scheffler’s recent comments to Fred Karger, an openly gay Republican who is exploring a 2012 bid for President:

“I have spoken with Steve Scheffler many times during this campaign and appreciate his years of service to the Republican Party. While we have fundamental differences on a few social issues, he has always been very gracious and treated me with the utmost respect. As such, I was surprised and disheartened to read of his pointed and personal attack on an openly gay Republican who is exploring a bid for President in 2012.

Mr. Scheffler is more than entitled to his beliefs regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage. I too believe that the sacrament of marriage can only mean one man and one woman, but I also support the basic fairness of civil unions. Regardless of our individual opinions, such remarks serve no purpose beyond fostering a negative image of the GOP as a party of exclusion and intolerance. Those who cast Republicans in this light tarnish our legitimate place in history as the first party to advance a platform of civil rights and personal liberty for all Americans.

Hyper-partisan rhetoric, especially in the discussion of social and moral issues, has come to define the current political era. This is a dangerous path that leaders of both parties must dissuade their constituents from following. Disagreements over these issues, as with any facing our nation, deserve to be vigorously debated – so long as both sides act with the shared goal of finding the common ground for the common good.

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Back to Mexico


The United States spends approximately $12 Billion annually on educating illegal immigrants in the K-12 public schools. This has just got to stop before they drag down our entire education system to lower levels than they already have.

We now rank like #17 in the industrial nations when it comes to education and that’s not good at all.

We should bill the U.S. Government for the $12 Billion for not enforcing immigration laws and dereliction of duty by congress and the president both of whom are not obeying their oaths of office.

This just sickens me knowing how these leaches are eating away at the American people through their governmental free ride in this country when we basically have no need for them to be here.

They're destroying our country from within and something needs to be done to drive them back to Mexico. They have no right to be here and are illegal criminals and our government is nothing more than a co-conspirator in this entire process of crime.

We are being overrun with these parasites and our government does nothing because government is the main reason their here sucking our money from us and sending it back to Mexico. Iowa alone spent close to $100 Million on these parasites last year and this is money that could have been spent on Iowa citizens rather than illegal criminals that have invaded our state and have probably sent more than the $100 million back to Mexico.


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Obama's Leaking Checkbook


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28 May

White House Asked Bill Clinton to talk to Joe Sestak About Senate Run

"At the urging of the Obama White House, former President Bill Clinton asked Rep. Joe Sestak if he would abandon his plans to challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in a Pennsylvania Democratic primary in exchange for an unpaid, advisory position, according to a White House counsel report issued Friday morning.

Clinton made the inquiries on behalf of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel last summer, as Sestak began his challenge of Specter, a former Republican who had switched parties, White House Counsel Bob Bauer wrote. Obama publicly backed Specter's reelection bid over Sestak, who remained in the primary and defeated the veteran senator this month.

...And in Colorado, former state House speaker Andrew Romanoff has said that Messina offered him an administration job if he dropped out of his primary campaign against Sen. Michael Bennet. One of the alleged offers was at USAID, the foreign aid agency, according to local news reports. But Romanoff announced his candidacy anyway."

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The Democrat's Success In Southeast Iowa - Oh So Blue!


The Des Moines Register ran a graph showing unemployment by county. The deeper the shade of blue, the worse it gets.

When it comes to Southeast Iowa, how deep is the ocean?

T. Gainsborough

Only as deep as the taxpayers' pockets.


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Satan Scheffler Plans Nomination

It appears that with 4 candidates poised to seize Loebsack's seat, the purpose behind this primary season is Satan Steve Scheffler's bid to do the devil's work. Since it is possible no candidate will gather 35% of the votes needed to garner the party's nod, a nomination would then be proclaimed by the ring finger of Satan himself. The miniature version of Satan himself will flail and wail and then kiss Gettemy's forehead.

That candidate will be Rob Gettemy. Gettemy is the only one dumb enough to suck up to the hind teat of Satan and drink from the blood of the unknowing silly enough to keep funding Ralph Reed's Puppet.


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Joe Sestak's Lying or He's Protecting a Felon in Barack Obama's White House

"18usc211 says that, a government official cannot promise a job in return for anything of value and it has a long list of values.

...One of two things is true, you can't have two things true. One or the other is true. Either Joe Sestak is lying and he was not offered a position in the administration in return for getting out of the primary. "

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No BP Complaints When The BP Checkbook Busted Open for Obama


It seems a bit strange Obama never complained once about BP when he was taking their money for his campaign. Eventually he became the big winner having received more money from BP than anyone else; so what gives with this guy, is he speaking out both sides of his mouth now?

Why doesn’t he let them drill for oil on land where everything would be much easier and less risky? He’ll never make the right decision because of his left wing wacko supporters and the dimwitted environmentalist have him convinced they know what’s right for the world such as the global warming myth.

This entire presidency is jokes as our country goes down the drain because of the president along with the other idiots we have in Washington that only represent themselves.

I also wonder why Mike isn’t weighing in on this blundering presidency, does Obama got Mike’s pen or what?

Hurry up November before it’s to late.

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Money Lauderers Behind Rathje Ad?


Is Kim Lehman behind this ad for Rathje? If you remember correctly Lehamn was head of the Iowa Right to Life and then sold out to a higher bidder marketing stem cell research in Iowa City.

Seems like a stunt from her.


Could be. Or Ralph Reed and Hurd scurrying around like rats for Satan Steve Scheffler. Lots of stranger things have happened in the money laundering business. Maybe they needed $500,000 to have their souls saved from their greed. Satan proclaimed innocence on his website in the money laundering debacle but it is conspicuously absent for all to Reed.


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Illegal Aliens Are Still Illegal


The sanctuary wacko’s we have in this country are just about the most ignorant people living in America. Take Michael Moran, a Democrat from Massachusetts, who has voted in favor of illegal immigration forever. Moran is all for giving them free reign in Massachusetts as though they were legal citizens of our country rather than illegal aliens who should be arrested as criminals and sent back to Mexico where they belong.

Well, Mr. Sanctuary himself was rear ended by a drunken Mexican illegal criminal at a speed of 60 miles an hour and when the police showed up the illegal alien said, “I don’t care because I’ll just go back to Mexico.”

My point is Mexicans do not like Americans and never have and they're only in this country to live off the stupid American taxpayer while our government sits on their fat asses doing nothing about it for fear Obama will loose the votes. I’m talking about a government that has no control over our border and a bunch of misguided wacko’s who think their doing something good by adding and abetting criminal aliens who basically despise and think of them as ignorant weak Americans at best.

The only good Mexicans in America are the ones that became citizens while all the others are nothing more than common criminals all of which should be deported.

Three presidents in the past have kicked them out but of course back then we had men presidents and not wimps incapable of the job at hand. No other country in the world would allow such an invasion of their territory by illegal aliens. It’s not only Mexican’s but many other illegal’s are living in our country undocumented and they to should be thrown out.

So when you see a Mexican’s and others living the good life off your tax dollars just remember who has allowed this to happen and vote all the ignorant losers out this coming November.

I wonder what Mr. Moran thinks of the illegal problem now? I wonder if his last name should be spelled “Moron” rather than Moran, might be a better choice.


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Administration's Propaganda Agenda

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27 May

City Still Playing With Hydroelectric


There was a public notice in the Ad Vertiser a week or so ago. Does our bunch of idiots have another hair brained scheme to make money?


No. It's just the same crap as last year.


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Something All Too Common


"Should Burlington residents be able to impeach or recall the mayor or city councilors? Burlington's City Council will discuss those questions at tonight's council meeting."

A common name. A common problem.

Think before you elect. It avoids a lot problems.

Quint Dionne

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Getting Goat Roped


"Outside, the other goats finally get their fill from beers originally purchased for Clay, Jr. Inside, Valentine -- the stuffed countenance of Clay, Sr. watching over him -- shakes his head. "Clay, Sr. used to drink as many as people would feed him."

"Clay, Jr.," he says, resigned, "isn't the goat his father was."

Clay Henry Sr. was elected Mayor of Lajitas, TX in 1986. The late great Clay was elected for his skills at economic development. Clay Sr. put Lajitas on the map. The resulting tourist dollars were a boon to his community.

Clay Sr. was killed in a lovers quarrel nearly two decades ago. The economic development he pioneered continues to pack them in. What about Burlington?

Our leaders have saddled us with less successful economic development projects. Huck's Harbor has not paid off as promised. Ditto the Wrecked Plex. Worse yet, we are paying for debt on an empty lot Manor Mall.

If we built a fence around City Hall, S. E. I. R. P. C., Grow Greater Burlington, et. al., and set up a concession stand, would we be better off? The tourists would come from miles around for the feeding frenzy.

The fear is, such constant feeding would simply engender similar economic development schemes to those we now suffer.

As an expert on our local herd perpetrating and perpetuating a nanny state, what says Spike?


Sometimes the littlest things make the most money. We'd never run out of drunk politicians to replenish the goat pen. Jeff the Goat, Bill the Goat, you fill in the blank Goat!

BTW - That you Mikey?


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'Political Stupidity': Democrat James Carville Slams Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

The "political stupidity is unbelievable," Democratic strategist James Carville said on "Good Morning America" today. "The president doesn't get down here in the middle of this. ... I have no idea of why they didn't seize this thing. I have no idea of why their attitude was so hands off here."

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'Sanctuary' Supporting Mass. Dem Rear-ended by Drunk Illegal Alien at 60mph

"Michael Moran of Brighton is a staunch supporter of the “sanctuary” approach to illegal immigration we have here in Massachusetts. He voted against the Perry amendment that would require applicants for state benefits to prove they’re here legally. Moran voted for subsidized college tuition for illegals, too.

It’s safe to say that no Massachusetts politician has done more to make illegal immigrants feel welcome. Illegal immigrants like 27-year-old Isaias Naranjo, who (ahem) “met” Moran on the streets of Brighton last week.

According to Fox 25, Naranjo was driving 60 mph when he slammed his car into Moran’s. Naranjo was also drunk, driving without a license and - in an only-in-Massachusetts twist - was wearing a “Mexican costume” at the time.

... when police tried to explain the seriousness of his situation, he just laughed. “Nothing is going to happen to me, man,” Naranjo told the cops. That’s because he was “going back to my home country, Mexico.”

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Joe Friday Schools Tim Geithner on Tax Mistakes

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Free Rider To Screw Small Businesses to The Wall

Click Here for the rest of the show.

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26 May

Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise

"Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds.

At the same time, government-provided benefits — from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs — rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010....

The trend is not sustainable, says University of Michigan economist Donald Grimes. Reason: The federal government depends on private wages to generate income taxes to pay for its ever-more-expensive programs. Government-generated income is taxed at lower rates or not at all, he says. "This is really important," Grimes says."

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Joe Friday Schools Obama on Democracy

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No Limits for Government

"This potentially lethal slice of fiscal restraint aside, Democratic Washington is like a fire-ant colon, while the American taxpayer is tied, bare-legged, to a nearby tree. The ants keep coming by the thousands -- hungry, angry and in constant search of food."

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Global Governance & More Nonsense

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Atlantis Undocks for Last Flight Home

ISS023-E-051233 (23 May 2010) --- Space shuttle Atlantis is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 23 crew member on the International Space Station soon after the shuttle and station began their post-undocking relative separation. Undocking of the two spacecraft occurred at 10:22 a.m. (CDT) on May 23, 2010, ending a seven-day stay that saw the addition of a new station module, replacement of batteries and resupply of the orbiting outpost.

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25 May

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Re-Instituting Slavery


"A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds. If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers."

My 401K has gone to hell. It may come back. I have a few decades until I am 65.

If this passes in addition to all the other bad paper the government has subsidized, I will work until I drop in my tracks. Why?

Do you think Congressman Loebsack and Senator Harkin will vote to further mortgage everybody's future?


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Sold Down the River


LONDON (AP) - Six weeks of vacation a year. Retirement at 60. Thousands of euros for having a baby. A good university education for less than the cost of a laptop.

This sounds like Heland's vision of heaven. In Europe, it applies to everybody, not just public employee and other union members.

The credit card is maxed out. The pied vote buying piper of Socialism must be paid. The cupboard is bare. Promises and promissory notes will not be honored.

From Heland to Obama, they are leading us all to our doom in the same river of debt. Is there still time to turn our community and nation around?


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24 May

Beware of Tea Party Crashers - Satan Scheffler Selling Rotten Fruit


"Reed, who has been suspected of exaggerating the numbers of Christian Coalition members and distributed voter guides, promised his for-profit Century Strategies’ “voter contact subsidiary and grassroots team will be involved in a number of races in 2010.”

"Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Christian Alliance (a successor organization to what used to be the Christian Coalition chapter in Iowa, and which is in the process of forming an Iowa FFC affiliate), said that the “one thing” social conservatives and tea party activists “are knitted together on is their dislike, their distrust, their disgust with Obama’s march toward socialism, which is a takeover of every facet of a person’s life.” Scheffler is an old hand of the religious right in Iowa, sought after by Republican presidential candidates seeking advantage in the state’s early caucuses."

Honest conservatives be warned. These serpents are entering your garden. They are selling apples.

Eat not of their fruit. If you do, you will be packaged and resold into political slavery. Chinese communists, large corporations, it will not be for cause. All that matters to these serpents is money.

For the Tea Party movement to remain effective, it must remain a movement. If the Tea Party movement becomes beholden to Beelzebub, Socialism will rejoice and triumph.

Lou C. Farr

Satan should be more concerned about the IRS tap dancing on his election party than playing Mr. Big Shot, Who Do You Think Are?


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Disgusting Mexico & Congress Love Fest


Nothing has been more sickening than watching the American congress standing up and honoring a dimwitted president of Mexico spewing forth almost to the word, Obama’s comments about the Arizona immigration law.

All of those idiots that gave a standing ovation to that Mexican speech should be tried for treason. The whole Democratic reaction to the Arizona law is one of ignorance and stupidity. How could the Obama regime even comment when most who condemned the law admitted to not reading it which by the way is a duplicate of the federal immigration laws? Just like that stinking healthcare bill was passed by a democratic congress that didn’t even read the bill.

Approximately seventy percent of the American people agree with the Arizona law with the exception of the far left and those dumb ass democrats running our country. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw that Pelosi witch standing up and clapping for the president of Mexico when he had just butted into our affairs after which he should have been thrown out of the country. Actually, the speech sounded like Obama wrote it for him or had it displayed on the teleprompters.

We’d be better off if Arizona were running the entire country because the Washington crowd is more worried about the illegal votes than the American citizen that has tolerated this illegal invasion of our country while the government sits on their fat asses doing nothing.



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Lawless Administration

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Election Signs Violate Laws


I asked the city about these two election signs on commercial property on South Roosevelt. I was told "not to worry about it." I don't care what political party you belong to, these big signs violate the rules.

So I wrote the Iowa campaign ethics commission.

Thank you Spike.


Dear Mr. Smithson:

As you can see the primary election season has befallen Burlington. For some reason, our community is overrun with people that continue to flaunt the Iowa statutes. No one locally will deal with nor enforce the election sign rules.

The photo was taken at 550 S. Roosevelt in Burlington. This commercially zoned property is owned by...

Please advise whether or not your office has any jurisdiction in these matters.

Thank you.


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23 May

Come To The USA

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Chalk Dust Amidst Ashes


""My advice to all new students at the school is find a way to make this big place small," Honey said. "Student organizations are a great way to do that."

The Ad Vertiser headline, "UI professors tour region to learn." The richly gowned mortar boards certainly came to the right place.

Compare Burlington's relative size and importance to the rest of the nation today to a century ago. We also have organizations to accomplish that. The Chamber of Commerce (Grow Greater Burlington), the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission, government by single political party, a complicit press, etc. make this place smaller by the day.

I hope the professors will share what they learned with the rest of world. Do not as Burlington has done.

K. Kaiser

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22 May


Arizona Sing-A-Long: Reading Helps You Know 
What You’re Talking About

The video features Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley admitting that they have not read Arizona’s immigration law.

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Arizona Governor Cuts to The Chase

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21 May

Will Dr. Livingston Be Found?

Faculty from University of Iowa tour southeastern section of state


6:40 AM CDT, May 20, 2010

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Faculty members from the University of Iowa have embarked on a tour of the southeastern part of the state in an effort to learn more about areas outside of the Iowa City campus.

This was discovered at WQAD's web site. Did the Ad Vertiser know about this? What about the National Geographic?

Why are they coming? Did one of their number disappear on a journey of discovery into the heart of darkness?


In actuality, the UI staff probably wants to see this hobby experiment gone bad for themselves. They never knew the real frontier of reverse evolution was so close to the halls of academia.


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The Lost Tribe of Burlington


Whenever local economic development chiefs have contact with more advanced cultures, they refuse to even listen. One study after another points out that past practice has not and will not work.

Why the rejections?

Do our local gurus of voodoo development really believe in their magic that strongly? Are the local witch doctors afraid their patient will abandon them for successful treatment?

The natives are getting restless
. Do you think the natives will ever wake up and throw the witch doctors into the stew pot?

Yum Yum

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Subsidizing the Old Model


Italian auto giant bringing jobs to Burlington makes headlines. $111.5 of taxes everybody else must make up as economic development, is it worth it?

Once the tax breaks break everybody's back and expire, will the jobs go to China?

Otto Mashun

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Maybe Sweet Can Lead The Democratic Charge

Why Didn't Kennedy Scholar/Worshiper Heland Learn This

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Want To See Scumbag SEIU in Action? Look No Further!

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Obama's Bank and Personal Investment In Cap & Trade

Interested in the Obama bank and his personal investments bilking America? Start at about 4:00 in this segment. And then watch the 4th segment below.

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20 May

Case CNH Awarded $111.5 Million In Tax Credits

The Iowa Economic Development Board approved tax incentives for a $111.5 million CNH Amercia (sic- America) project in Burlington that could create and retain nearly 450 jobs.

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Crafting Local Leadership


"House Resolution 1297, sponsored by Rep. Betsy Markey, supports "the goals and ideals of American Craft Beer Week."

Burlington's City government should concur and with good reason.

How many of the Council's spending decisions are based on beer? Even the make up of the Council and an appointment as Mayor can be traced to beer. You can reasonably argue Burlington's current course for the future is based on beer.

The Council should unanimously agree. A six pack an evening should be their decree. With sufficient beer, the reasoning of local government becomes perfectly clear.

Joe Schlitz Pack

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Arizona Is Right - We Owe Mexico Nothing


When Mexican President Calderon lets American enjoy living off his taxpayers free of charge then he will have something to talk about.

We owe Mexico nothing and the sooner their all back home working on coming back legal the better it will be for everyone, especially since they’ll be forced to take care of themselves and not be subsidized by the American taxpayer. Their allegiance is to Mexico and not American, all we provide is a free ride for them to get out of Mexico at taxpayer expense; so they can rob us and return to Mexico rich off the American taxpayer.

Currently Americans have far less rights legally in Mexico than illegal’s have in the States. Most of those coming to the U.S. are uneducated and basically have no value added qualities other than being a burden to the American taxpayer while the government sits around stirring up problems and not enforcing our immigration laws.

Every state should thank Arizona for forcing the issue in hopes we can clean our country up of illegal aliens along with their criminals and drug lords. We really don’t need these people in our country.

Of course the Democrats look at them only as voters and could care less about what a burden they put on the American taxpayer.

Send them all home but let them return as legal’s with allegiance to America and not Mexico as it currently is.


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Stealth of Satan All Around Us


As Ralph Reed the rotten preaches, under the radar. Theocrats never are honest about their goal and whom they really serve. Future Satan fund raiser table buyers from little sulfur embers grow.

Look for more Gettemys right down to local school boards. Rotten Ralphy has always advocated encouraging demon development at the lowest levels and reaching greater ruination from there.

The problem is, any disciple of the demented who get elected get rejected.

School board members attempting to turn Biology class into Theology class and every school day into Sunday school are strictly one termers. This was demonstrated 20 years ago. None the less, it continues.

Partially informed primary voters will sometimes let a stealth devil slip by. Scrutiny increases with the general election. Looking for Satan label becomes much easier. Look for another of the devil's own crashing and burning. The liberal of slightly lesser evil wins.

Not that defeat matters that much. Put another dark angel in flight. Tell the flock to give 'til hurts. Challengers pay off better than incumbent office holders anyway.

If you are tired of big government tax and spenders like Loebsack and Culver burning a hole in your pocket, look for the Satan label. If you find it, act accordingly.

Look for a name on the primary ballot that will not burn your fingers. Come tax day, you'll be glad you did.

S 16

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Good Ol' Boys Gulf Oil Solution

It seems too simple.

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What An Expensive Weiner! Crooked Weiner Exposed!

"The FEC (Federal Election Commission) had two cases (MURs, or Matters Under Review) about everybody’s favorite Weiner. Both cases have the same name, Friends of Weiner.

MUR 4995 resulted in a $47,000.00 fine (“civil penalty”) against Weiner because of financial misconduct in one of his reelection campaigns. MUR 5429 involved an illegal $28,000.00 loan that Weiner’s parents made to one of his campaign committees.

It’s really sad when friends and families of Weiner cause so much Weiner pain."

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Thanks To 3 Senators, China Entrenched In Iraqi Oil For 20 Years

"This story might slip right past you. It’s understandable, considering most Americans have no idea of the context or how it happened that the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is now set for 20 years in Iraq, thanks to a deal just inked between the Iraqi government and Communist China. The Iraqis originally selected America’s Exxon-Mobil. I’ll wager you probably didn’t know that. You’ll want to read on. But brace yourself.

...three American Senators would have none of it. Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) sent a public letter to the Bush administration’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, imploring her to derail the Iraqi deal.

...As the Senate troika stated, “It is our fear that this action by the Iraqi government could further deepen political tensions in Iraq and put our service members in even great danger.”

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MSNBC & MSM Join Beck On Looming Global Financial Crisis

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Atlantis' Last Flight - STS 132

All images courtesy of NASA

ISS023-E-044786 (17 May 2010) --- Space shuttle Atlantis, docked to the International Space Station, is featured in this image photographed by an STS-132 spacewalker during the mission's first session of extravehicular activity (EVA).

ISS023-E-044786 (17 May 2010) --- Space shuttle Atlantis, docked to the International Space Station, is featured in this image photographed by an STS-132 spacewalker during the mission's first session of extravehicular activity (EVA).

ISS023-E-046100 (18 May 2010) --- Rassvet (Russian for "dawn"), also known as the Mini-Research Module 1 (MRM1), was photographed by one of twelve astronauts and cosmonuats onboard the International Space Station following its deployment. Rassvet will be primarily used for cargo storage and as a docking port for visiting spacecraft. It flew to the ISS along with the STS-132 astronauts aboard space shuttle Atlantis (seen docked to the orbital outpost among this cluster of hardware) over the mid-May 2010 weekend. Cupola, a recent addition to the ISS, because of its distance from the camera, shows up as a tiny gray object at photo center.

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19 May

Worden - "I'm not sure what they wanted us to do for Christ sake"


Worden wants to know what he should do. He can moves his large, lazy, pasty white ass out into the light and work for the citizens instead of his counting time until Friday golf and retirement.

Doug, you may think these are your golden years. According to losers like Ell and the rest of the council they have seen to it that it is.

You are lazy and an egotistical jerk just like Daddy Slagle.

Man up, do something constructive. Keep in mind you were the 4th pick for the job. You're no winner.

We are reminded of that every day of the week. You should be too.


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Is Satan Scheffler Gettemy's Handler?


If Gettemy is connected to Ralph Reed and Steve Scheffler, then Iowa, we have a huge problem.

Reed is a snake oil salesman from way back and does nothing that doesn't do unto others while doing for himself first. Scheffler is cut from the same mold. Weasel this way, weasel that way. Always sniffing the air for fresh blood of suckers under the guise of kiss the ring.

It's about time that every Republican and Democrat realize that what happened on Tuesday needs to happen all over America. Obama is fundamentally changing our country. He is arrogant and could care less about anything other than his Muslim brothers.

Let's make sure Gettemy isn't a ring kisser in sheep's clothing. Gettemy's avoidance of ICA ties seems purposeful. For someone so deeply involved in using Christianity to make a buck, the water must run through Scheffler's back yard.

Tell us Rob, is Scheffler your handler?


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Obama Mocks Arizona Immigration Law - To China!


We now have our goofy Obama regime telling the Chinese we have our own civil rights problems which is an outright lie by the Obama assistant Secretary of State.

Why is it when a state decided to enforce federal law it’s turned into a “race problem” by the Obama regime. It has nothing to do with race since anyone can be an illegal alien depending on where the alien is from.

In China there is no civil rights or few freedoms and I don’t think Arizona falls into that bracket at all and in fact they’ve stood up for their rights something the Obama regime would never do for Americans.

Great job Arizona and may you reap rewards and prosperity for your courage to stand up for what’s right and decent, the American way.

The Obama regime is a disgrace to the American people and only shows how people can be made fools of but rest assured there will be changes come November 2010 and 2012.


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A New Career Path


"A former Hawkeye Labor Council executive director who was fired two years ago pleaded guilty to three counts today in U.S. District Court to fraud charges for misappropriating more than $11,000."

Another former attorney in the legal system and news. What to do after paying his debt to society?

Convicted felons now may vote in Iowa thanks to Governor Vilsack. If being a qualified elector is the only qualification to run for office, opportunity awaits.

With documented ties to organized labor, should Mr. Bernard consider relocating to Des Moines County after his taxpayer funded time out? Given his single party credentials, is starting at the City Council level necessary, or may he pass directly to County Supervisor?


Make him State Senator so he can run with his "buds."


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The Naked Free Lunch


"It was a cheeky and unexpected sight that greeted commuters as they boarded a Tube into work.

But the four naked men and women certainly livened up the usually dull journey for many people – attracting gasps from stunned workers."
Read more:

Wear no clothes to work. It is supposed to create a closeness and trust with co-workers. It could be interpreted as greater equality

Britain is far ahead in the race to achieve the nanny state through elected governance. Is there a connection?

With Supervisor Heland advocating 17% annual tax increases and other tax and spenders doing so too, we may find out. They will tax the clothes right off our backs.

Lady G.

Heland can head out across the river if he wants to lose his clothes.

The taxpayers don't need to see it.


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Vote For Dale

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To Cass Sunstein On Web Neutrality - Kiss My Ass!

Cass Sunstein, Obama's most dangerous regulatory czar, thinks we should link to opposing views and Obama Hopeium.

Kiss It Cass!


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Church, State & Net Neutrality - Replace God With Government

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18 May

Who Is Rob Gettemy? Satan Scheffler’s Stooge or GOP Candidate?

Does Gettemy Need To Denounce Scheffler to Get The GOP Nod?

If you read his resume you might be inclined to be impressed.

Rob Gettemy.
Rob is cofounder and president of 1M4JC.com, which is a Christian T-shirt sales and social networking site launching in early 2008. He is also is a partner in Acceleration Management Group, a start-up consulting firm focusing on high potential technology companies. Previously, Rob started and sold two business-to-business service companies. In addition, he has 15 years of corporate executive management experience with an emphasis on merger and acquisition integration, operations, and marketing.

University of Northern Iowa, B.A. in Economics, 1987
Drake University, MBA, 1989

But is that the whole story?

Gettemy has been more than casually linked to Satan Steve Scheffler from the ICA. Scheffler you might remember is embroiled in the political money-laundering scheme at West Hill Methodist Church. Scheffler has ties to various nefarious people that are blood-sucking ticks like Ralph Reed and imprisoned Jack Abramoff. Although the Federal Election Commission has washed their hands of the local money-laundering scheme, the IRS can’t be far behind. And they have the authority and will, to reconstruct the records lost in two separate burglaries of GOP computers.


Successful entrepreneurs have a track record, good or bad. Successful ones usually have more failures than successes. When you are in the financial consulting biz the ONLY thing you have are the tombstones of deals gone right. There doesn't seem to be any deals gone right to find that Gettemy was involved in. Or, for that matter, much else substantive except for shadow corporations and questionable finances.

His own source claims, “Prior to becoming a business owner himself, Rob spent ten years as a senior sales and operations executive in the software and telecommunications industries. Rob also has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions as well as business integration. As part of Mattel Interactive, he was responsible for integrating customer service and direct sales operations from nearly forty companies.”

No records exist illustrating Gettemy's role in any mergers or acquisitions.

Donations and Fundraising

Gettemy seems to have donated money to charities. Most of these donations, made by his 1m4jc t-shirt business, go to kitchen table missionaries. How incredible would the missionary "franchise" opportunity be if you did it with JC? Get a bunch of Christians together drinking the Kool-Aid and feeding off another bunch of Christians. It’s like these 800# classified ads the Ad Vertiser runs soliciting the lucrative work-at-home checkbook slaughter.

Gettemy loaned himself $100,000 for his campaign. That’s a lot of T-shirts when there appears to be no other hugely successful financial stories that could generate the excess capital necessary to loan yourself $100,000.

But there is a trail of companies that might hold a key to history.
Gettemy’s JC t-shirt business Im4jc.com leads to En Theos, Inc. His 1M4JC business partner Jim Mayhew, signed the form for the fictitious name. The most current reports show Gettemy as Pres, Sec and Treas. Interesting…

Gettemy spent time here at Liquid Capital - no longer there and no reason for the departure anywhere. The company rep is out of Texas now.

Zoom Info produces another look.

U of Iowa produces this.

So who is Rob Gettemy and how did he get where he is so fast without a paper trail other than Iowa SOS filings?

Failure is the fortune in any successful entrepreneur's character. Really good ventures are one in but a hundred failures. But you have to have success. You can't eat failure. We need to see his tombstones.

Otherwise, all we're getting is another untested, no real world experience academic.

And what about Gettemy's ties to Scheffler? How deep is that pond? We don't need that lunatic fringe element Satan brings to the election process either.

We're close enough to Missouri to utter those famous words, "Show me" the tombstones of success.


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17 May

Please Flush


Just too bad the water didn’t flow through city hall then all the crap could have been flowing down the river by now and Burlington for once in many years could have a chance at normalcy in government.

This town has the worst management in the state which has been proven over and over again until we’re the laughing stock of Iowa.

One thing for sure the only things that do function in the city of Burlington are their paychecks, bonuses, nepotism, raises, free benefits, and top of the class deceitfulness.


04:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

City Streets a Disgrace


I have visited other towns in the Midwest. The streets in other towns are not as bad as here. The City of Burlington's residential streets are an embarrassment to our community. They have blamed the poor street conditions and pot holes on our bad winter. This may be somewhat true, but the lack of proper maintenance over the last 10-15 years has put our streets in a weak condition.

They don't have the money to provide the services that we have been taxed for, but they always have the money every year for nice annual pay raises and free benefits. It's ridiculous and surprising that the citizens have put up with it. They have raised everybody's taxes again to hand it over to the public unions and government employees. Our City management that negotiates the union contracts are a joke. When they sit around and laugh with each other at the table (their own quotes) how tough is the negotiating? The City management wants the same pay raises. But no money left over for services. Our City council's have not looked after the best interest of our entire community and that's too bad. It is showing. Maybe the only citizens that really matter, are our public union employees.


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Another Near Miss

04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Arizona The Right Thing


People who condemn Arizona are the feeble minded and left wing idiots who have no concept of our constitution and fail to realize illegal immigration is truly illegal and displays a total failure of our government to enforce the constitution. Pelosi, Reid and others are part of this group as are MSNBC, NYT, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC all of which follow the Obama regimes plan of destroying America as we know it. These organizations are the knife in the back of our country and people had better wake up and rid our country of them come November 2010. This would be a good start back to normalcy and American greatness all of which these people and organizations wish to destroy.

Now if these illegal’s want to live in the United States they should all go back to where they came from and return via legal channels and stop their destructive freeloading off the American people.

People who disagree with Arizona are just not real Americans and believe our constitution means nothing and besides they want the votes and cheap job ruining labor these people perform. When the cheap labor arrived the meat packing plants stopped paying a livable wage forcing the American worker out and enticing more illegal’s to swamp our country and force other Americans out of the dairy farm industry, crop harvesting, landscaping, hotel/motel industry and the housing industry.

All the plans of the Obama regime have been proven failures. Just look at Greece who will not receive one dime from the European countries until they get rid of socialized medicine, get out of the trucking business, reduce the number of government employees and so on. After 27 years of trying to make socialized medicine work they must finally go back to a system we currently have in the United States but Obama thinks he can make socialized medicine work when it has failed every time it’s been deployed. With the bunch of losers we have in Washington and working for government in general it would be impossible for socialized medicine to work. However this group of Harvard losers is too dumb to learn from history the failures of any socialized form of government project.

I really think it’s time America get rid of the professional Harvard politicians and bureaucrats who continue to fail our country with their fancy talk and false promises of something for nothing. I think one of the greatest threats to our country comes from Harvard and other supposedly dens of higher education. This happens because most all college professors and high school teachers are left leaning and have indoctrinated our young for years to a warped system, doomed to failure. Left leaning people can never justify their doctrine through debate or any means of communication other than dirty tricks, loud mouth protest and other means of deceit.

Arizona did the right thing by enforcing federal law and every state should follow their example because our federal government is a shame and incapable of getting anything right.



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15 May

Operating As Expected

Burlington Public Works Department employees inspect their handiwork.

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Only a Memory - Coming Soon


"DETROIT—Wrecking crews are preparing to tear down a landmark 5,000-square-foot house in the posh neighborhood of Palmer Woods in the coming weeks, a sign that Detroit is finally getting serious about razing thousands of vacant and abandoned structures across the city."

There comes a time to face the facts. Your past is brighter than your future. You are shrinking. The wealth that was is no more and shows no signs of returning.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. There a comes a time commit to the earth.

Proper disposal of the the dead is a public health issue. So too buildings in danger of collapsing into the streets.


Even the Great Large Mouth cannot save you.


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Pelosi: Immigration Reform Manisfestation of The Gospel

The Parisian Prostitute Enlists The Catholic Church To Ignore The Constitution

“I want you to instruct your, whatever the communication is -- the people, some of them, oppose immigration reform are sitting in those pews and you have to tell them that this is a ‘manifestation of our living the gospels.’ Our patron saint of San Francisco, St. Francis of Assisi, he said, ‘Preach the gospel - sometimes use words.’ We need the words to be said because it isn’t being picked up automatically,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the Catholic Community Conference."

05:26:00 - SPIKE - No comments

AG Holder Hasn't Read New Arizona Immigration Law

05:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

AG Holder Can't Say Islamic Terrorist

Attorney General Eric Holder hesitated to answer whether radical Islam was even a motivating factor for the individuals responsible for the Fort Hood shooting, the attempted Christmas Day bombing and the attempted Times Square attack.

“There are a variety of reasons why I think people have taken these actions,” Holder told the House Judiciary Committee. “One, I think just look at each individual case. We are in the process how of talking to Mr. (Faisal) Shahzad to try to understand what it is that drove him to take the action.”

The question as to whether the individuals were incited by radical Islam came from the committee’s ranking member Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas).

Smith followed, “But radical Islam could have been one of the reasons?”

Holder again said, “There are a variety of reasons.”

Smith later asked, “But all I’m asking is do you think among those variety of reasons, radical Islam might have been one of the reasons that the individuals took the steps that they did?”

After a two-minute back and forth, Holder eventually said, “I certainly think that it’s possible that people who espouse a radical version of Islam have had an ability to have an impact on people like Mr. Shahzad.”

05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

14 May

State Shirks Historic Site - Burlington Historic Preservation Commission Screws Up

Slum Lord Free To Gut Old B&MR Depot

From: Mitchell, Barbara
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:36 PM
Subject: RE: Historical Building

Thank you for contacting the State Historical Society regarding this important National Register property. We are very saddened to hear of the inappropriate remodeling of the building.

As you are aware, the property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places back in 1976. Unfortunately, National Register listing alone does not protect a historic property from being altered. A property owner may do whatever they want with their property as long as there is no federal funding, permitting, or licensing involved in the project. There are no state laws that require the State Historic Preservation Office to be notified of a renovation, either, unless the property owner is using state preservation incentives (e.g., tax credits or grants).

Some cities enact local landmark laws that require review by the historic preservation commission. Burlington’s commission chair Steve Frevert confirmed that this property was not locally landmarked so the commission had no authority to review the work. Steve indicated that he would be willing to discuss your concerns, however. I encourage you to give him a call at 319-208-0056. I’ve also copied him on this email.

As I indicated above, the inappropriate remodeling is extremely unfortunate. This was a very significant piece of Burlington’s and Iowa’s history. We rarely request properties be de-listed from the National Register unless they are completely demolished. I guess it is always our hope that a new owner sensitive to preservation may wish to remove inappropriate alterations and additions.

If you have additional concerns, please feel free to contact me at this email or the number below. Thank you again for letting us know the fate of this building.


Barbara A. Mitchell, Architectural Historian
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
State Historical Society of Iowa
600 E. Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0290

10:56:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Lots of Old Depot Questions Remain

Now that the we have learned the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission screwed up and never designated the 140+ year old B&MR depot on South 4th St an historical site many questions still remain.

1. Did the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission ever designate the old depot as an historic site?

2. If they did, has the paperwork fallen through a giant crack on the Harter deal? Anyone's palm get greased for eliminating the problem?

3. Were there ANY tax benefits extended for this project?

4. Who authorized sale of the parking area to Harter? How much did he pay for this property?

5. Was Harter insured and did he pay Worker's Comp for the city employees hired part-time to do Harter's dirty work?

6. Was anyone ever injured on this job or ANY OTHER job Harter hired city employees to perform? Seems there was a city employee limping around recently from something beyond city duties. Why should the taxpayers' lose the service of their employees to fill the need of a slum lord.

From what we've learned the ex-school board member and slum lord could care less about historic preservation. To Harter, it's all about the money.

And the impervious local dimwits wonder why people from afar giggle like school girls when they hear the word, "Burlington."

This is it!


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City To Hold Empty Warehouse Tour - Misses Old Depot


To help celebrate National Historic Preservation Month, the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission is planning a tour of the old warehouses in Downtown Sinkhole.

I find it more than ironic the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission would tour these buildings and slap their tambourines over old, worthless buildings when just up the hill the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission failed to designate the old B&MR Depot an historic site. It is indicative of do-gooders that don't have a clue what they're doing trying to jam some more rules down everybody's throat. And in typical Burlington fashion, they are doing it without any regard for the rules.

That depot is probably the oldest railroad depot in Iowa. Lost to the whims of a slum lord and a bunch of idiots.

Right under the noses of the same group that could have the walls come tumblin' down or pigeons crappin' on their dumb heads.

Bring a hard hat and rescue beacon. And be sure to email Rebecca McCarley of Davenport-based SPARK Consulting (sparkconsulting@octaspark.com) and let her know how the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission fails in their mission but excels in taking our money and time.

No More Donations

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Wall of Water, Turds Everywhere, DNR Fines - But It's Still Payday!


"So a "wall of water came crashing down Jefferson" ...Expert Tire $100K loss, I would expect a big loss at Fox Appliance (Burns & Sons), too. Turds everywhere. Discharge in the river. Fines from DNR.

But the city said it worked the way it should. Some of Knoke's city works dept.

The only thing that works in this city is the paycheck system.

Everybody got paid this week.

Fed up with The Incompetent Liars in City Hall

Wouldn't you think that after the big, expensive diversion tanks the city would be liable for the damage. After all, they said it would stop this sort of thing.


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Protecting Our "Investment"


"Johnston, Ia. – The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission today approved a casino license for Lyon County, while rejecting requests from Fort Dodge, Ottumwa and Tama County."

It looks like Huck's Hole will not be facing competition from Ottumwa. It is doubtful that many people drove from Sioux Falls, SD to experience the beauty and wonder of Burlington.

Has the City of Burlington figured out how to spend the resulting windfall from the Iowa Gambling Commission's decision?

I bet the folks in Ft. Dodge feel cheated. All that money to Governor Culver's re-election campaign and no return on their investment.


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Shut Up and Cough Up


"“Once again, there is no question, after Heller, that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms and that this right, like others in the Constitution, provides strong although not unlimited protection against governmental regulation.”

The Supreme Court must not get in the way progress. Progressives, it is hateful to call them liberals, communists, socialists, etc., are in a position to see that progress shall not be impeded. Miss Kagan for the Supreme bench.

Far from Washington, there is doubtless eager anticipation in Burlington's City Hall and its Court House.

When it comes the 1st Amendment, Supervisor Heland is our preeminent local Constitutional scholar On KCPS, Heland so eloquently pointed out that any who disagree with him are guilty of "hate speech." Is a County ordnance to that effect in the offing when Miss Kagan parks her can on the bench?

Besides, there is no need to bitch if you have no means to defend yourself and your rights. Only those the super nanny state and your Sheriff permits may own firearms.

Hope and change is being revealed as hate and chains.

You asked for it. You got it. Vote Democrat.


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Earning Respect


"Christie is adamant about lowering taxes. After taxes were raised 115 times in the last eight years, he said the wealthy are tapped out. Property taxes rose nearly 70 percent in the last decade, and studies show top earners — the 1 percent of taxpayers paying 40 percent of income tax — are fleeing the Garden State."

From those who work to those who do not does not work. Like Burlington, the productive of New Jersey have been voting with their feet. The Rodney Dangerfield of states has a new boss.

Governor Christie is not at all governing like Des Moines County Supervisor Heland. If voters make Heland go away, will we finally get some respect?


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Pelosi: Immigration Reform Manisfestation of The Gospel

The Parisian Prostitute Enlists The Catholic Church

“I want you to instruct your, whatever the communication is -- the people, some of them, oppose immigration reform are sitting in those pews and you have to tell them that this is a ‘manifestation of our living the gospels.’ Our patron saint of San Francisco, St. Francis of Assisi, he said, ‘Preach the gospel - sometimes use words.’ We need the words to be said because it isn’t being picked up automatically,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the Catholic Community Conference."

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13 May

City Government - Study of Profound Ineptitude


Burlington is a mini Chicago in more ways than one. We have the ballpark lights that vanished into thin air right before our very eyes and no one in the local government knows what happened to them.

We have $5 million dollars of taxpayer money that vanished into thin air although this one will end up costing us through incompetent government as usual. Our city government has no accountability and accepts no responsibility for any of the horrible decisions they make that should put some of them behind bars for gross mental numbness, ignorance and ineptness.

We also have that free house they gave someone that sits down at the bottom of Curran hill on the left.

Of course we also have Lost Keys Ell whose ineptness cost the taxpayers about $50,000 because he lost the school house keys and hadn’t a clue.

A drunken ex-mayor who was licensed to pack a concealed weapon but a sheriff that wasn’t a bit concerned about it although he worries about a private citizen with no record to carry. Am I missing something here, where’s the logic?

A police department that calls the ex-mayor’s wife to pick him up from a fast food joint where they found him drunk behind the wheel. A policeman’s son that walked away from a drunken driving charge after an accident rather than get a DUI that anyone else would have gotten. Then two weeks later he’s picked up again for an alcohol violation although he was still under age. Is justice fair and unbiased in Burlington?

Who actually knows what goes on at city hall behind out backs with all the open meeting violations, records destruction and other shenanigans constantly surfacing from our seat of local government?

Now we have a historical building being sold off to a slum lord and the city overlooking all the regulations regarding an historical building. Plus the city paved a parking lot for the house over on 4th street at taxpayer expense or left over cement from a city job.

Requesting payment for services written on a yellow legal pad with no itemization or any account of what the money is being disbursed for. An accounting department that has no concept of accepted accounting practices.

Typical democrat workmanship and sloppiness is the name of the game in this one horse town.


03:58:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Parking Needed Must "Grease The Wheel"


Parking Needed will have to be a friend of the city government in order to get “special” parking accommodations from the city.

In other words he’d have to be related to someone working for the local government, a person who looked the other way when the city did an illegal maneuver, helped in the destruction of city illegal meeting records, employed city workers on their off time or just plain did something that required the city to grease his palms.


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Kerry/Lieberman Cap & Trade Loser

Click Here to watch it all.

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11 May

Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Contract


Jump not to conclusions concerning railroad contracts. Has anybody found the sales contract from over 120 years ago on the former railroad station?

When it has anything to do with the railroad in Burlington, the City will do as they please. The City is willing to go to court to prove their privileged position.

Les Merritt

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Burlington's History of Errors Constantly Repeating


If the Historical folks follow through on the old depot, what happens? Must the property be restored to its prior condition? Will there be court actions?

Who pays? Does the property owner stand the cost of restoration to prior condition? Does the City share any blame for issuing permits?

Are there any tax breaks involved with owning and maintaining a historical structure? If so, were any historical structure tax incentives taken on the old depot?


So many questions, so few answers. The simple answer has always been yes, to most all of the above.

The National Park Service can be stirred up mean like an old Grzzley bear if you poke long enough.


04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

I Need Parking Space


I really need parking space near my home. How much does parking space cost on the parking when you buy it from the city?

The city told me i couldn't buy any of the curbside parking for my personal needs. we have no alley and no side yard with enough room for set back.

I want the same deal Harter got.

Parking Needed

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Honey, You Must Go!


If Senator Tom Harkin thinks big oil is evil and must go, what about Mrs. Senator Tom Harkin?

Connie Phillips

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A Universal Delusion


"Urban also faulted Fort Dodge officials for paying city employees to attend the commission's site visit, while law enforcement officials barred protesters from the site.

Stevens of Peninsula Gaming replied that he didn't dispute Urban's criticisms, which he described as "spot on." But he emphasized there was no malicious intent by local people who support the application. "

If local government smells something for nothing with a casino, why bother protesting?


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Obama's Intended Theft of The Internet

Click Here to watch the entire show.

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Mexican Revolt Not A Good Idea

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10 May

Local ex-School Board Slum Lord Guts Historic Depot

It has come to our attention that former Burlington School Board member Don Harter has gutted, remodeled and then re-sided the former Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Depot located at 237 S 4th Street. Harter turned the former depot into an apartment house. This is a change in use for the property so all remodeling has to comply with the building and fire code.

The historic depot was originally located near the Main Street railroad crossing and was moved up the hill to the 4th Street location in the 1880's. The former owner did his best to preserve the historical structure making repairs in keeping with the original design. After the previous owner passed away the building was sold to Harter.

What is puzzling is the fact the B&MR depot has been on the National Registry of Historical Places since 1976. That designation requires certain rules be followed on any remodeling or renovation especially if any tax credits have been extended to the property owner.

Some also might remember that during the quest to make the case to replace the old library the library board always claimed they could not expand to the west of the library building because the needed property was also on the National Registry of Historical Places. Not being able to knock down those houses severely limited any expansion.

Since the city would issue the required building permits and the property records are notated with the National Registry of Historical Places designation, the city inspectors had to know what they were dealing with. City inspectors have no authority to revoke the National Registry of Historical Places designation. Nor does the city planning commission. Not even Doug Worden.

In reviewing the current photos several other questions come to mind. According to several sources familiar with city building codes all windows in a building that changes use must be of sufficient width to allow a fireman access through that window with a backpack on. The replacement windows appear to be under this minimum size. Several contractors have told us that the building inspectors have made them rip out brand new windows when they did not meet the inspector’s interpretation of this requirement.

Also, it appears the city allowed Harter to utilize the commonly referred to parking, a portion of city property along the street, to be converted into parking spaces for the apartment house even though plenty of on street parking exists. Most people would agree the city will not even allow residents to plant trees on the parking and it is illegal to park a vehicle there.

Lots of questions come to mind in this matter. The most pressing question is how did Harter pull this despicable charade off? How was he able to destroy one of the last B&MR depots left anywhere? If a zoning commission hearing was needed, when was it conducted? Did Worden city sell city property to make room for Harter’s parking lot?

How did Harter and the city circumvent the National Park Service and State Historical Society of Iowa rules to add the old depot to Harter's list of hovels?

Could it be that because Harter employs Burlington city workers to do his remodeling work in their spare time some back slap deal was made? Who are the city employees that work for Harter and what city departments do they work in? Was John Mercer involved in this? Does Harter pay Worker's Comp insurance for those city employees or for any employee doing his remodeling work?

And where was Scott Hazell? How did this slip by his quest to save all things old, junk or not? Or the Chamber?

Maybe some of our readers can shed some light in yet another travesty in Burlington history that is manifested in the bowels of the dirty rotten city hall of Doug Worden and his half-baked councilmen.

Or forward this article to the State Historical Society of Iowa and ask for their opinion.


In the early 1880's



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The Chicago Way - You Cease Being a Problem


"Metra officials have been told that Pagano's wallet was found on his body, along with a copy of Metra's procedures on how to handle a service disruption after a suicide, a source said."

A final act of consideration.

Will the investigation into METRA corruption continue. Could it lead to others Chicago connected who caught a fast train for the coast, D. C.?

Whatever Pagano knew caught the 7:02.

K. C. J.

Sounds like more than an accounting error.


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Digital Copy Machines Enormous Security Risk for Data

This is unbelievable. Anyone with a copier, watch this 5 minute CBS video. You need to.

Nothing is safe.


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Harkin Lost & Out of Touch of Reality


Harkin has been in office far too long and needs to be replaced with a self thinking person that has the best intentions for Iowa. Harkin toes the Obama line because he not a real person, in other words he is a typical Scum Bagger in Washington, kissing Obama’s rear end and then something entirely different when once and awhile he comes back to Iowa and feeds everyone his line of bull crap.

I wonder how much money Harkin took from BP since his buddy Obama got the most. The government needs to get out of the oil business and let the oil company’s drill on land and then we wouldn’t chance leaks in the oceans of the world.

It would also help if all the people that don’t want the drilling would stop using oil and let the rest of us use it until the do-gooder oil-less misfits come up with something equivalent to oil at or below the current price of oil.

In my opinion democrats are obnoxious, racist, liars and will play the race card whenever they fail to have answers to logical questions, easily understood by people of grade school education but beyond the narrow minded intelligence of democrats. By the way I’m talking about those radical misfits similar to Mr. Sweet and people of New York Times caliber and not necessarily the guy down the street or the average democrat unless they happen to be a union member or have other socialist traits.

Why doesn’t Mr. Harkin step down and let someone worthwhile get elected. He can move to the Virgin Islands or wherever he intends to roost when he retires. I’m sure his pockets are over flowing since he’s been in Washington far longer than anyone person should be.


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For Our Eyes Only: The Times Square Bomber Report

New York bomber report, Click Here.

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07 May

11 People died In BP Explosion - Harkin, “Maybe this is a blessing in disguise”


“Maybe this is a blessing in disguise,” Harkin said. “Maybe this is the loud a wake-up call to the world that we have to get about renewable, clean sources of energy, that the environment is not free any longer.”

The true tragedy is how many times this guy has been re-elected. Today's Dipshit Award Winner.


What in the world is Harkin thinking, acting like Large Mouth Ass Heland?


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How to Squander $11 Million and More


It's pretty clear to me. Gambling leads to floozies. Floozies lead to money trouble. Money trouble leads to more gambling. Then more floozies, then more money trouble.

It's a hell of a vicious circle.

Aunt Mary

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Democrats Gotta Go


The largest single group of bigots in the country is the “Democrats/liberals” who drag race and color into every possible situation simply because they are truly bigots. Whenever the democrats can’t come up for a logical defense of their agenda they drag out the old reliable race card and try to pin it on groups that don’t agree with their agenda.

The Arizona law is nothing more than enforcing the federal law our government doesn’t have the balls to enforce since the democrats look at illegal aliens as one of their voting blocks, although the democrats have done nothing to improve the lives of blacks and/or those from south of the walkway into the United States. I can’t call it a border because 99.99% of our illegal alien problem got here by just walking over that invisible and unprotected strip of land between Mexico and the U.S.

Just watch and listen to the left and whenever they find themselves losing the debate they draw out the race card, as a crutch and try to drive a wedge between sanity and their way of thinking. Sharpton and Jackson are experts at drawing out the race card for any reaction they can’t logically defend.

When you see all the protesters assembled by the left look at how old they are as most are of college age and have been indoctrinated by the left leaning educators that have grown like a cancer at our college’s and universities destroying our history and the real meaning of America. They have deformed the minds of those still impressionable to believe in their left wing political teachings that have no real basis in America.

Have you ever been asked to produce your birth certificate or driver’s license as an American citizen? Then why is it that “special people” aren’t required to produce their birth certificate or driver’s license when pulled over for a traffic violation or other crime? Try not producing identification down in Mexico and see how far you get. The left in this country are just plain self serving bigots who follow an ideology long proven to be inadequate for human use. Look what’s happening in Turkey now with all their government unions that are none productive and basically nothing but a drain on those that actually work for a living and not on the government dole.

This can happen in America also since about 37 percent of government employees are union members while only about 7 percent of private employment is union. What this means is we have a group of government employees that are overpaid, over benefited and basically under achievers and nothing more than a drain on the taxpayer and this is what the president and the democrats are fighting for. They want to control every aspect of our lives Obama has even said as much many times over the past several years. He’s said many times, “I’m a union man.”

Just remember what the left wants and the extremes they’ll go to in order to achieve it, no matter if it means destroying our way of life or that of our children they just don’t care and pulling the race card is part of their game plan to get there.



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Trumping the Race Card


"Among the many reverberations of President Obama’s election, here is one he probably never anticipated: at least 32 African-Americans are running for Congress this year as Republicans, the biggest surge since Reconstruction, according to party officials."

Equal opportunity despair and universal misery for all. Give Socialism its due. Slavery to state is color blind.

Try as Socialists might to paint resistance to their state slavery as lily white, it is not sticking. Americans all are waking up to the threat.


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Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Protesters Are ‘One of the Largest Threats to our Internal Security’

Real Hate Speech


If you question ever expanding government, does it make you must be a racist?

Klein Kaiser

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06 May

Experience Historic Downtown Burlington - Hard Hats Required


Another old building collapsed in downtown Burlington. Nobody died, but it was close.

Iowa makes money off the lottery. When will the City start a lottery on when the next building downtown will fall down? Ruination roulette would certainly pay off better than Huck's Hole.


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How Can You Blast Through $11 Million?


The taxpayers have taken the hit for years with Heland, Hoschek, Diewold, Ell, Edwards, Worden, Slagle and all the rest of the pointed head know-it-alls.

How in the world did Heland and Hoschek blast through that $11 million budget surplus. That's a lot of money.

What can Jeff show us he did with that money?


These two have just spent money until it flowed down the steps of the court house into the gutter like slaughter house blood. Ask anyone in the court house. Heland opened the spigot and Hoschek just stood there with his normal, stupid, dumbass grin.

Neither one of them can name one thing they achieved. Not one. Other than raise taxes.


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Zero Return for Tax Dollars


Burlington’s street department is nothing more than a sham. The intersection of Dehn and Sunnyside is a classic example of paying for something and getting nothing in return.

That corner has been a nightmare for over two years and its worse now than ever and where is the street department? Probably on their way to the bank to deposit their free money or at the doctor’s office to cash in on their free benefits.

We do know their not on the job and shame on the people living in the area of the corner of Dehn and Sunnyside for tolerating a situation where there is no return on their tax dollars.

Also, just a few feet from the corner there’s a poorly completed patch in the street that has sunken below the pavement and causes another hazard to drivers.

Whatever is said nothing can explain the dangerous streets that are verging on criminal behavior by the Burlington Street Department. This is one party politics at its best and mirrors nepotism and cronyism at its worst.

We’d be better off had they left the streets brick at least they’d be smoother and have fewer craters.

The people that use the Dehn Street and Sunnyside intersection should make it a point to call the street department, provided there really is a functioning street department and complain to them on a daily basis until the intersection is fit for use and stays that way.

A one party system is ruinous and incompetent at best a fact proven over and over again in Burlington and in state government here in Iowa. Why is it that wherever democrats are the sole party we have the worst of all political conditions and tax dollar wastefulness.

Rutted to Death

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Terrorist is Terrorist


The Obama regime can call it what they want but a terrorist is a terrorist no matter how Obama wants to describe it and of course most terrorist we know of are of the Muslim religion an undisputed fact.

In our country they would probably fall under the left banner of “democrat” somewhere extreme, in an area of the spectrum usually reserved for losers and misfits (we have several in Burlington that fall under this spectrum).

Obama is so far from mainstream America he just doesn’t fit in with how Americans think because someone has always done his thinking for him or at least it appears that way. If he weren’t president he’d probably be a nice sociable fellow but as president he’s lacking miserably.

His look at times is a dead ringer for Mussolini and I’ve seen it several times in photos. Chin up and the, “I’m better than anyone else” type of attitudinal appearance.

Anyway, a terrorist is a terrorist no matter how one tries to dress it up.


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Obama Biggest Recipient of BP Political Cash

"During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

An Obama spokesman rejected the notion that the president took big oil money."

If Obama didn't get this money, who did?

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Learning to Cope


"On Tuesday, roughly 25 UI students gathered in the IMU for Red Watch Band alcohol emergency training, a program that teaches CPR techniques and educates participants on how to help a peer at risk of overdosing."

Should this be a requirement for local government studies?


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Pennsylvania Big Brother a Prelude of Healthcare Oversight

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Crime Inc. Part 2 & BP, Obama and The Corrupt Administration

Click Here to watch the show without interruption.

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05 May

Where's The Money Jeff?


Your reader is right. Heland is the best example of a tax and spend without remorse Democrat since Little Timmy Hoschek.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that when gaseous Heland took office he was riding on former Supervisor Ed Blow's balanced budget and an $11 million dollar budget surplus; something we haven't seen since.

That is one question every voter needs to ask Heland.

Where's the money Jeff?

The other question - is this the way you run your own business Jeff?


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A Full Time Asst. Attorney General in Burlington & Lee County?


"Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad today proposed to create a division in the state attorney general’s office to investigate complaints about possible violations of open records and open meetings laws."

As Governor Culver's fortunes and Iowa's budget debt keep looking more and more like something from Illinois, has panic taken hold in our local single party system? The probable winner if the election for Governor were held today is making scary promises.

Will the pressure be on to vote early and often? After doing their civic duty more than once, will Cook County voters be bused to Burlington to do it again? Same day voter registration makes it so much easier to do so.

Should all Courtney's horse flies and all Heland's card table friends not keep Branstad from being Governor again, then what?

Will Des Moines County petition to secede from Iowa? Would the rest of Iowa vote aye and wave good-bye? Will Illinois accept another welfare Mecca on the Mississippi, or will simply East St. Louis do?

Ifs, whats ifs and buts. November is still a distance mark. Promises made in the heat of a campaign are not always followed through. For the sake of argument, let us assume they do.

Will this be the hope and change we have been looking for?

Arron Wicke

Surely the new Governor has looked at the cost of cleanup in Southeast Iowa. When you add flagrant law violations like Brian Tapp and Southeast Iowa Regional Planning to the arm of enforcement, costs will skyrocket.

No where in Iowa is the stench of Open Meetings violations any more putrid.


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"The Global War on ... Well, Something"

Why Doesn't Obama Say "Muslim terrorists" instead of Man-Made Disaster?

"Even as investigators were hunting for the perpetrator of the botched "man-caused disaster" in Times Square, our cool homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, was reassuring a frazzled nation that the failed bombing appeared to be an isolated incident -- a "one-off" -- and avoided the notion of (much less the word) "terrorism."

Thankfully, law enforcement agencies refrain from leaping to conclusions before they have all the facts. Not Janet. And citizens should not infer anything based on a litany of historical and anecdotal evidence, even after the fact, lest some group feel demonized...

Yet such an obvious admission is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of any brand of foreign policy. It is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of the idealistic notion that we can "eradicate terrorism," nor is it the naive idea that a charismatic president can plead for friendship enough times that jihadists worldwide will be lulled into submission and awe.

After all, the administration never has been scared to call out despots and extremists, such as insurance companies, Wall Street executives, tea party activists and the Israeli government. This is the Department of Homeland Security that issued a report alerting us to potential violence from "right-wing extremists" who are ginned up about "illegal immigration," "federal power" and the Second Amendment. (So at least half of you qualify.)"

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Three Thumbs in the Public Trough


"Charles Darwin's worries about possible adverse effects of inbreeding in his family seem to have been justified, according to a study described in the May 2010 issue of BioScience."

The effects of biological inbreeding are documented. May the same be said of the body politic?

Study the affects of nepotism and cronyism locally. With related blood lines running through almost half the electorate, the right last name is almost the same as the local single party label. In some respects, the results are worse than congenital physical abnormalities.

"On the other hand, three of Darwin's sons were fellows of the Royal Society and were knighted by Queen Victoria."

A failed railroad lawsuit begatting a vacant lot mall is not a sign of genius, let alone good breeding.

Watson Crick

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A Pool of Campaign Contributions


"Gov. Chet Culver's campaign manager said Monday the governor had in fact contacted backers of a Webster County casino proposal after its license application was submitted, correcting the campaign's original statement."

Fort Dodge casino backers and Governor Culver certainly are making Iowa's gambling industry a spectator sport. Put those coins in the contribution slot and watch the wheels and stories spin to determine who wins.

If the casino license is granted, do the taxpayers of Fort Dodge need a used water park?


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Maytag - Iowa's Black Sheep?


A word of warning to your viewers: Don’t buy Maytag appliances if you want any kind of longevity. We purchased a Maytag refrigerator/freezer and it didn’t last four years versus twenty years for most other brands we’ve had.

Maytag products are nothing more than junk and not worth the freight from China to bring them over here.

I would be so happy if the entire country boycotted Maytag junk wherever it was made.

Screwed by Maytag

Some of the component parts may be made in China but most are assembled from parts made in Mexico. In Iowa. Some aren't.

Would you look on the label and let us know.


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MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Wanted non-Islamic Bomber in NYC

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Idiot Mayor Bloomberg - (Terrorist) "Home Grown, Deranged"

Click Here to View entire show.

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04 May

Ad Vertiser Outs Heland As Tax & Spend Liberal Democrat


How come the Ad Vertiser's #3 in the #2 business outs Jeff Heland as a "tax and spend liberal Democrat" in print only? Does Randy Miller fear reprisal from his still shrinking circulation of Lee County Democratic buddies? Dd the ex-mayor and drunk gun-in-boot Mike Edwards threaten him in the Sombrero to stifle political discontent?

What gives?

He does raise a good point. Why would anyone vote for tax and spend loud mouth Jeff Heland?

I'm Not!

And no one in their right mind should vote for Gamblin' Heland.


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Crime in Burlington


Here are Burlington’s crime stats. from 2007 versus 2008 compiled by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

If the recent statements from Worden and the Chief are true, we have nothing to be proud of.


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Democrats at Ramming Speed

"The White House wants to pass as much legislation as possible before losing its big majorities, no matter how unpopular its proposals are. "

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The Day the Music Dies


"MAY DAY protests in Greece turned violent Friday as youths in gas masks and hoods set fire to vehicles, smashed shop fronts and threw molotov cocktails and rocks at police in an explosion of fury over austerity measures they claim will hurt only the poor."

Socialism always runs out of other people's money. Like a narcotic, the high is fantastic, as long as it lasts. The let down is devastating.

When Burlington goes broke, will there be riots and looting? Should Committees of Vigilance yet be forming?

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An Image From The Future - The Greek Test Tube

Who put the immigration marchers on the street so quick?

Tired of the wait for social justice?

Kidnap the Boss!

How Much Money Is Enough?

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03 May

Big Government Will Balance Your Check Book


"So, lets get this straight—the law requires banks to snoop on its customers MOST PERSONAL INFORMATION and submit it to another government agency so it can be used anyway the CFPA see’s fit."

More power is being sought to promote the command and control state. Your every financial transaction by law shall be their knowledge. Your personal financial information could even be shared with the City of Burlington.

Those who take the concept of unsecured debt into the trillions will be able to tell you how run every aspect of your affairs.

These people need thrown out of office before it is too late.


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Reminders from the Past - Wishful Thinking


Here are a few quotes from a famous American that Mr. Obama would be wise to adhere to:

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.
A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
Thomas Jefferson

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A New News Source


"CARACAS, April 29 (Reuters) - Delighted at his cyber success, Venezuela's new Twitter convert President Hugo Chavez on Thursday invited Cuba's Fidel Castro and Bolivian President Evo Morales to join the micro-blogging site too."

Will this become bigger than the Ad Vertiser on line?


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02 May

What Is CCX & How Did Obama Get Involved?

Where's The Mike Sweet Explanation of Communist Gas Tax?

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Shanghai Expo Expect 70-100 million Visitors

Better Hope They Don't Need An Infusion of Cash From U.S. Bonds

"Organisers used a string of superlatives to describe the show, which was staged to celebrate what they called “the largest peacetime event in history”, the Shanghai Expo, which runs from May 1 to October 31 and is expected to attract 70m-100m people, the vast majority of them from within China...

Shanghai government officials refused to say how much the event cost, but Yang Xiong, vice mayor of Shanghai said earlier this week that it was much less than the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. The Expo itself is estimated to cost between $55bn and $95bn, including infrastructure improvements like the addition of several new metro lines, two to three times the cost of the Beijing Olympics."

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