Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 July

Tennessee Basil

Is Basil Marceaux the next Tennessee governor?

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Little Weiner Goes Crazy

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30 July

Will Taxanne Conlin Not Tax Trial Lawyers?


"When asked directly if Conlin, a former president of the American Trial Lawyers Association, currently supports the tax break or has ever advocated it, her campaign spokesman instead repeated previous unsubstantiated criticism of incumbent Chuck Grassley."

Taxanne Conlin loves to bitch tax the rich. That is unless the rich happen to be fellow trial lawyers. There must be something in the water Taxanne consumed in Canada recently.

When Taxanne comes to town again spouting how she will tax everybody but you and rain goodies on you, ask her about taxing trial lawyers. See if she dodges and weaves. Take a tape recorder. The Ad Vertiser will not report it. Send the MP3 to Spike.

Not all hope is lost. There is always Supervisor Heland. He will tax anything, everything and everybody.


Taxanne won't answer that question. After she screwed her co-counsels in the Microsoft case, Taxanne would be paying more taxes.

Taxanne and her husband have fed off the taxpayers for years just like Heland.


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Barney Frank Dangerous to America


Barney Frank represents everything that’s wrong with government. Barney Frank along with Chris Dodd created the worst financial disaster for America since the great depression. Toss in that witch Pelosi and we have the three most dangerous people to American life.

Frank doesn’t mind wasting billions of taxpayer dollars but he sure bitches when he doesn’t get a dollar discount to enter a gay club for which he wasn’t even a member.

How the people of Massachusetts continue to want Barney to represent them in congress is subnormal behavior by an entire state. I guess Massachusetts is just a “special case” state because they elected John Kerry who despite his tax preaching rhetoric failed to pay taxes on his 70 foot yacht he tied up in Rhode Island in order to not pay something close to $500,000 in taxes to Massachusetts for his $7 million dollar yacht. Something about Democrats that makes them think taxes are for the masses and not them we know this because the Obama staff is chucked full of tax evaders.

The Obama administration is all about controlling the masses while he and his regime live the good life at taxpayer expense.


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Rangel Enabler - The Parisian Prositute Madam Pelosi

"Remember when Speaker Mop & Glo promised to clean up the House?"


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the world’s worst cleaning lady. How has she fulfilled her vaunted promise to “drain the swamp” and preside over the “most ethical Congress in history”? By shrugging her shoulders, downplaying the gravity of myriad ethics charges against corruptocrat Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel and waiting for the “political chips” to “fall where they may.” Imagine a custodial service that fixed toilet clogs by letting the overflowing waste and polluted waters “fall where they may.”

I say, root them turds out in November.


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California Dreamin' - Pelosi & Boxer Best Fruit and Nut!


"Almost 5 million California adults say they could use help with a mental or emotional problem, according to a survey released Wednesday by researchers at UCLA. About 1 million of them meet the criteria for "serious psychological distress."

California has serious mental health issues. All those fad religions and self help gatherings must not be working. The worse of their worse have been institutionalized out of state.

Arguably the worst of all in said institution is called Madam Speaker.

This problem has become a plague. Madam Speaker Pelosi's malady has hit home in the form of Congressman Loonsack. Symptomatic tax and spend without end at our Court House goes by the name of Heland's Disease.

Enforced voter reality checks in the form of removal from office are the only known cure.


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Obamacare Violates Commerce Act


"An Iowa City man temporarily residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to study art has filed a lawsuit against the United States, challenging the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to a complaint filed July 26."

What makes this guy thinks he has the right not to be told every aspect of his life is subject to government control? Who does he think he is, an illegal alien in Arizona?


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Who Needs These Nutjobs Cluttering Up The Ballot?


"Iowa’s slate of Socialist Workers Party candidates want to win election in 2010, but they’re more interested in launching a movement to empower workers."

Taxanne Conlin, Dave Loonsack, Senator Courtney and Supervisor Heland, who could ask for anything more?


Where does our drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards fit into this socialist movement?


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Iowa Socialists Abandon Obama


"We’re of the working-class socialists, the revolutionary socialists and we have really nothing in common with Obama and with people of his ilk.”

The Iowa Socialist Workers Party is putting distance between themselves and Barry Obama. Their candidate for Governor, David Rosenfeld, has stated their case.

Unlike Governor Culver, Mr. Rosenfeld gives the impression of intelligence. Mr. Rosenfeld's honesty and command of language as a tool is admirable. What about other Socialists?

Will Congressman Loebsack denounce his failed, fellow Socialist President? State Senator Courtney would have much in common with a Governor Rosenfeld administration. Will Tom tell the truth too?

If you really want Socialism, vote the Socialist Workers Party ticket. Just don't be surprised if they should win, they too will fail.

No matter how good the candidate, bad ideas always fail.

Zeppo Lynn

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Obama's Radical Blueprint

Just remember: The names may have changed, but the philosophy is the same. The goal of the Weather Underground was a “dictatorship” of a “new democracy” that develops into socialism. Tonight, we focus on what a dictatorship is: "An autocratic form of government in which the government is ruled by an individual, the dictator."

Well, that could never happen in America, right? I swear, if I hear one more person say that...But you tell me: Are we heading in the direction of individual liberty or an all-powerful government controlled by few?

Click Here for the entire show.

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29 July

Dresser Rand Receives Pay Concession


Just heard that Dresser Rand and the the union just voted to take a dollar an hour away! Wonder what the city and chamber think about giving them $1 mil for the dump on Central Street?!

I know that the criminals have been approved for flood money for the property $1 mil., and they over paid about $800 Thou for it!

Now it seems that Dresser Rand is in financial trouble and is taking money from people that work for a living in Burlington, Iowa!

Wonder if Supervisor Heland will take a dollar from the county employees?! Or not, because the raise they got last year was more than a dollar!

Heland just got bad news today it seem the county will have to buy the houses in the flood zone and cap wells and septic tanks to the EPA satisfaction! Where will Heland get the money?! OH Yeah RAISE TAXES!


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The Rangel Effect on Democrats

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What About Dave?


"Oldaker lawyer Phu Hunyh is also the treasurer for a fundraising committee called the "Rangel Victory Fund." This is different from Rangel's principle campaign committee ("Rangel for Congress") and Rangel's PAC ("National Leadership PAC"). The treasurer of those two committees is Basil Paterson, father of New York Gov. David Paterson, a former union boss, and now a senior member of a law firm that also lobbies."

Charlie Rangel will get the best legal defense money can buy. Charlie needs all the help his corrupt little butt can get.

What about those who depended on Charlie's help in the past?

Our Congressman Loebsack got $5,000 from Charlie to insure Dave would "represent us." The Nutty Professor is in trouble this year. If not Charlie himself, will Charlie's friends still have enough cash left to help Dave?

Ned Brainard, Ph.D.

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Government Doesn't Fix Anything


Arizona has something like 70 to 90 miles within its borders that are very dangerous for Americans. The government has posted signs expressing the dangers of entering portions of Arizona because of drug runners, criminals and illegal persons who seem to think it’s their right to sneak into the United States since our federal government doesn’t care to protect or enforce our constitution.

I wonder what part of this oath Mr. Obama fails to understand: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

I wonder what could be so hard for him to understand when he took his oath of office. Come on Barry someone like you should understand what you said when sworn in or did your Harvard education leave out American History and the Constitution.

Then we have the congress whose oath is: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Our congress doesn’t seem to understand their oath either because they fail to protect the citizens of America from illegal aliens swarming across our borders at will and stealing American jobs under the false “Americans won’t do those jobs” lie. Not only do they steal American jobs but they lower the entire wage system by working for substandard wages and living off of the American taxpayers through our government both local and state, our schools, our charities and the list just goes on and on.

I think we need to rid ourselves of the Harvard myth that assumes if someone went to Harvard their well educated and bright. I see nothing in Obama or any of his tax cheater appointees that would make me believe the Harvard myth at all. From what I’ve seen the best coming out of Harvard is their ability to scam their way into government positions while never excelling in anything including their positions in government. How long will Americans continue to be duped by this Harvard myth of excellence in education?

By the way these invaders of our country are just trashing Arizona with their tons of litter thrown throughout the desert. Remember these are uneducated people and have never been taught respect for anything having to do with the environment. They pose a greater risk to the environment than global warming (another myth). Maybe, “Unable to keep it in his pants” Al Gore could make them understand what a garbage can is for.

This can be seen in and around Burlington with our new citizens who just throw trash wherever they finish with the container. Just take a look around 1626 Dodge at all the trash strewn about the yard and street, third world right here in Burlington.


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Obamamobile - The Edsel Rides Again


"Although the prices are high, enthusiasts say that electric cars can reach a large, untapped market for vehicles with little or no tailpipe emissions."

The government bailed out General Motors. In return, GM has produced the Obamamobile. It is indicative of the idiocy that demanded it.

Costing $41,000 with a $7,500 tax credit that must be made up somehow, you could get a 4 wheel drive pick up truck for less. Like Obamacare, it is an expensive piece of touchy feely seat coverings that nobody wants.

Who will buy it?

Watch your local government budgets. The Obamamobile sounds like something Supervisor Heland would make Des Moines County purchase. These vehicles will save all the cottonwood trees along Flint Creek. Tourists will then flock to see Stars Cave Nature Center and we will all have jobs.

Heland's logic makes as much sense as an Obamamobile.

Robert McNamara went from the Edsel at Ford Motor Company to producing the Vietnam War under Lyndon Johnson. Now that Barry has given us the Obamamobile, what's next?

R. E. O.

Heland will need the industrial version.


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Let My Illegals Vote


"More than 550 people plan to ride on 11 buses to Arizona to stage a protest and launch a partnership with Arizona groups to boost voter registration. During the one-day trip, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, participants will meet with Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, march to the state Capitol and hold a vigil."

Liberals are upset with Arizona. Arizona is enforcing the law on illegal aliens. If the illegal aliens go home, how will they vote for liberals?

Of course, only American citizens are supposed to vote. Remove the safe guards to protect a citizen's vote from being canceled by an illegal alien's vote. It is much easier to do so in Iowa these days.

Thanks to Senator Courtney and his comrades, Iowa has same day voter registration. Flood the polling places. Create a back log. Harried poll workers expediting the process may not catch illegal aliens, felons, nor others who should not be voting.

Wave flags and expound platitudes found in grade school Civics text books. Claim any who demand protecting the ballot by rightful process are racist Nazis trying to subvert democracy.

All the ranting against enforcing immigration laws has nothing to do with compassion for aliens here illegally. It has everything to do with keeping liberals in power to continue taxing and spending.


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Popeye Barney Frank Loses One


Don't you just love Popeye Barney Frank bitchin' over a senior discount for a boat ride to Fire Island?

All you Dems, he's your guy.


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More On Obama's Inner Circle of Radicals

"WARNING: Incredibly annoying radical/hippie speak ahead. On Monday night, we learned about the Weatherman manifesto from 1969 and how they and other likeminded revolutionaries are now in very powerful positions. If you miss anything go to GlennBeck.com and read the manifesto. The authors recognized the typical historical progression of revolution that usually takes two steps. The first step was to set up, in their words, a "dictatorship" of a "new democracy" - a key word- a compromise between the poor and working classes. Then, out of the "new democracy" develops socialism.

Click Here for the full show.

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28 July

Euro Stops Spending, Growth Returns - Obama Fails Again


According to this article the European recovery is working due to conservative fiscal policy that includes a halt to spending.

"German business confidence is soaring while U.S. consumer sentiment sinks.

Britain's second-quarter economic growth was almost twice as fast as expected, the strongest in four years.

Meanwhile, economists have steadily marked down forecasts for Friday's U.S. gross domestic product report.

What happened to Europe being the weak link in the global economic recovery?

Whatever the explanation and despite the divergence, there are signs that both regions will cool down in the second half of the year.

The U.S. "economy entered the second quarter with plenty of momentum but exited with very little, said IHS Global Insight economist Brian Bethune."

The rest of the world just passes us by while our president and his cabinet play dress up and try to act like grown-ups.


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Barney Frank Denied Senior Discount to Gay Bar


Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank caused a scene when he demanded a $1 senior discount on his ferry fare to Fire Island's popular gay haunt, The Pines, last Friday.

Liberals like Loebsack, Harkin, and Barney Frank spent billions easier than we do dimes. After all, they are not spending their money. They are spending our money.

When liberals spend their own money, what a difference. Barney Frank pitched a bitch because he was properly denied a $1.00 discount. Barney Frank should have contacted his U. S. Senator about this outrage.

Rhode Island is closer to Fire Island than Taxachusetts. John Kerry could have sailed on down on his yacht and given Barney a ride.

Long D. Silver

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Boxer Equates Experience Of Troops To Members Of Congress

No Barbara, Our Armed Forces Serve With Honor

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Obama's Showcase of Terrorist Radicals

"There is one document that explains the reason for many of the actions we're seeing from this administration. It's the June 18th, 1969 manifesto from The Weathermen. Where is this hatred for America coming from? From people who share the ideology found in this manifesto. It was "submitted" by a handful of Weathermen radicals, most notably Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Jeff Jones. This will seem to many like ancient history, but if you don't know history, you won't know where you are and you won't know your future."

Click Here for the entire show.

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27 July

Sweet Venom of Left Wing Propaganda


I see where Mike Sweet was spewing his left wing venom again concerning the editorial about Ms. Sherrod’s firing by Vilsack stating it was on Fox and they caused her to be fired. Well, wrong again Mike it was PBS and the NAACP that were the real life culprits and not Fox news.

Just goes to show what the left will do via their lies to cause American distrust and this time it backfired on the administration, NAACP and PBS, plus our local “venom” spewer Mike - all of which are untruthful and a prelude to further destruction of truth and honesty in journalism. Had Mike been living in Germany back in the 30’s and 40’s he’d of been the right hand man of Mr. Goebbels at best, a natural fit for a man of Mike’s talent.

Next time you pick up a Hawkeye just remember who’s doing the lying when you read their political stories and who’s censoring the stories you read in order to make you believe the regime is on your side.

Remember the left is only about 20 percent of the population, yet they control most news, teachers, hate groups, municipalities, government unions, college professors, the president, the congress all of which are against the freedoms we have in the United States; so it will be a real struggle to rid our country of these parasites gnawing away at our constitution and not buying the Hawkeye will be just a small step in our efforts to rid ourselves of the democratic left wing zealots.


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Homestead the Manor Mall

Lawn Mowing Bills Eating Up City Budgets


"Around the nation, cities and towns facing grim budget circumstances are grasping at unlikely — some would say desperate — means to bolster their shrunken tax bases. Like Beatrice, places like Dayton, Ohio, and Grafton, Ill., are giving away land for nominal fees or for nothing in the hope that it will boost the tax rolls and cut the lawn-mowing bills."

The City of Burlington, with invaluable assistance from State Senator Courtney, spent millions to create a vacant lot. Where once property taxes were paid, pig weed proliferates.

A forlorn for sale sign and caveat emptor comedy of a web site have not sold the property.

Has the time come to divide up the property and offer it up as urban homesteads for those willing and with the means to improve the property?

Sick of paying for it all

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John Kerry's Tax Boat

Liberals Tax Unto Others & Run


"Senator John Kerry found himself answering questions Monday about his new $7 million yacht and the controversy about where he's docking it."

John Kerry's yacht ain't Mike Sweet's jon boat. In order to avoid $570,000 in serious sales and excise taxes in Taxachusetts, Senator and beaten presidential candidate John Kerry docked his trot line runner down the coast in Rhode Island.

So much for Senator Kerry's fair share and social consciousness. Others must pay the bills to soothe the Senator's guilty conscious over the plight of the poor of whom he is the opposite.

Senator Kerry is just like all those evil business people State Senator Courtney has vowed to get even with. Senator Kerry has crossed state lines for a better deal.

What a wonderful way to make more poor people to feel guilty about and raise taxes to "help."


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Bell California Parallels Burlington's Gold Plate City Salaries


In BELL, Calif. Several hundred angry residents from a modest blue-collar Los Angeles suburb marched Sunday to call for the resignation of the mayor and some City Council members in a protest sparked by the sky-high salaries of three recently departed administrators."

The standard of living for those in the private sector declines. Not so for many in the public sector. Those footing the bill are marching.

Bell appears further down the road to ruin than Burlington. There are some here who would like to catch up. The more taxes the better is their motto.

Save some shoe leather. Vote Heland out this November and put the rest on notice.

T. X. Mort

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Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry, The NRA is Comin' To Town

West Burlington Continues To Ignore the IFC and NRA

July 25, 2010

After being contacted by members of both the NRA and the IFC, the Mayor of West Burlington continues to believe that he can ignore state law. One of our members did some fantastic research on the passage of West Burlington's Chapter 30 back in 2002. In fact, as evidenced by the minutes from two City Council meetings, Mayor Trousil and the City Council were FULLY AWARE that their actions were illegal, yet they chose to move forward anyway. Here are some excerpts from the minutes:

8/12/2002 Council Minutes

PUBLIC SAFETY – Discuss Restricting the Carrying of Firearms or Weapons in Public Buildings to Law Enforcement Personnel – Council Member Johnson said he asked for this topic to be placed on the Agenda. He said in the past the Council had required any one attending Council Meetings to be checked for weapons. He would like to see this reinstated.

Al Nielson, Hwy 99, presented a copy of the section of the Iowa Code which he said prohibits political subdivisions of the state from enacting an ordinance regulating the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms when the ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation is otherwise lawful under the laws of the state. He said individuals who have permits to carry have already gone through specific procedures. He objects to further restrictions and believes it is prohibited.

George Marzek Jr. stated Des Moines County prohibits weapons other than law enforcement and wondered how they get around the law. (Which is why Des Moines County has been a RED county for quite some time, since they “prohibit” weapons there. --SM)

Council Member Pilger wondered how effective meetings would be if guns were displayed on the table while meetings were being held. (Why would you put your guns on the table? They are far more useful -and safe - if kept properly in their holsters! --SM)

The Council agreed to present the question to the City Attorney for an opinion.

(On 9/23/2002 the City Council waived the 2nd and 3rd reading of the weapons ban ordinance and passed it with one reading. And some objected at that time also. Note the arrogance of Mayor Trousil in pushing this through with just one reading, AND in trying to stop the citizens from having the chance to comment on this ordinance!)

Consider Ordinance Establishing Firearm/Weapons Free Zones in Municipal Buildings – Mayor Trousil presented an Ordinance prepared by the City Attorney to the Council for consideration. Crowner moved, second by Johnson, to approve the first consideration of an Ordinance establishing Firearm/Weapons free zones in Municipal Buildings in the City of West Burlington. Mayor Trousil asked for comments from the Council. There were none. Visitors in the audience wanted to comment on the Ordinance but the Mayor said the Council had heard all of the arguments before and did not feel they would add anything new. Council Member Hockett argued this was not the policy followed in the past. He said the Council had never denied public comment about any topic they wanted to discuss. Mayor Trousil said we have been through it all before and he doesn’t want to hear it again. He called for the roll call. Ayes: Lees, Crowner, Pilger and Johnson. Nays: Hockett. Motion carried.

Consider Resolution Waiving Second and Third Reading of an Ordinance – Lees moved, second by Pilger, to approve a Resolution Waiving the Second and Third Reading of an Ordinance. Roll call. Ayes: Johnson, Lees, Pilger and Crowner. Nays: Hockett. Motion carried.

The following Persons commented on the Firearms/weapons Ordinance.

Laverne Schroeder, Iowa Sportsman Federation – Des Moines, Iowa – thinks the Ordinance is null and void

Charles Varboncoeur - 718 Leffler - first time residents have not been allowed input on a subject. As a tax payer he doesn’t want his taxes to go up to pay because of this ordinance.

Carl Brooks – Burlington – if more persons had guns it would be safer.

Bill Kreamalmeyer – Rural West Burlington – has right by law to protect himself and family and the Council has no right to take it away from him.

Bill Mullen – Ft. Madison – asked if the City is willing to defend this Ordinance in court. Also asked why was it necessary to waive the second and third reading of an ordinance.

Sylvia Kreamalmeyer – Rural West Burlington – asked if Council was going to provide gun lock box for visitors at Council Meetings.

Al Nielson, Burlington – Council has always been opened to public discussion, thinks is it appalling no chance was provided; supposed to be democracy.


As this case develops, it has far reaching effects for the rest of the state. Should West Burlington prevail, it will only give other localities the courage to do the same thing. That would turn Iowa into a patchwork-quilt of local ordinances that could easily trap anyone visiting from other counties – or even other states.

That is totally unacceptable. There is one statewide firearms law, and that is the only law that any locality should be enforcing. Imagine if Iowa traffic laws that would make a criminal out of a driver varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. How long do you think that would stand before there was an uproar about it?

Mayor Trousil apparently doesn't even believe that those who write him are worthy of a response beyond a canned response that everyone has received so far. To him, we are all apparently gnats on his posterior end. (Or at least “nut jobs.”)

We need YOU to use the Iowa Firearms Coalition Action Center to flood the mailboxes of Mayor Trousil and the rest of the West Burlington City Council today. If you've done this once already, do it again. West Burlington is like any other city in Iowa. The economic downturn has left the city with sinking revenues and increasing debt, and the last thing the citizens of West Burlington need is to be spending money to defend a law that is illegal to begin with.

This absolutely has everything to do with every member on this mailing list that lives in Iowa. Not just members who live in West Burlington or Des Moines County. A successful attack on preemption is like a cancer. Once it begins, it is hard to stop. Now is the time to put an end to this practice and be ever vigilant for other attacks on preemption throughout the state. Visit the IFC-AC today to show your disgust for the West Burlington law, the way it was enacted, and your support for efforts to get it repealed.

If you need more information on what's happening with this ordinance, or what Mayor Trousil has been saying, you can find that by going to this article on the Des Moines Examiner web site.

This list, and the contents herein, are the property of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. The content of this list may be reproduced at any time, provided IFC is properly listed as the source.

Be sure to visit our website! http://www.iowafc.org

Support Iowa Firearms Coalition!

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Hans Busters

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Buffalo Donald


Seems at :54 into the video 'Donald' hits a minding-his-own-business buffalo on the ass with stick.

In the ensuing excitement Ol' Buff didn't respond too well to voice commands either.

Too bad he missed Donald.

Good job Buffalo!

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Wallace Slaps Howard Dean Sober Over Racial Remarks

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26 July

Obama Spin Fails Again For Sherrod Fictional Story


Shirley "Sherrod was fired by the Administration and condemned by the NAACP BEFORE Fox News ran its first story concerning this matter." The Obama spin failed miserably again.


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Journolist Wall of Commie Propaganda Thugs


They all know what's best for us in the same vein as the Ad Vertiser. Biased news, all day every day and even weeks later.

To me, they all look like Crime Stoppers poster children.


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Courtney Vowed To Get Even


"U.S. News decided to find the states that offer the least helpful environment, and also do the most to harm businesspeople through interference."

State Senator Tom Courtney vowed he would get even with business in Iowa when he and his party comrades took control of the Iowa Legislature. How are Tom and his cohorts doing?

A 2008 article in U S News and World Report article on the worst states to start a business in placed West Virginia at the bottom of the coal pit. On the corn crib floor as second of the worst was Iowa.

Have you seen any more recent data on this subject? Tom has been doing his best wrest the title from West Virginia. Has Senator Courtney made us first of the worst?


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Fox News, Sherrod and Tom Vilsack


Just wanted to clear the air for my friend Mike Sweet. Shirley Sherrod had been asked to resign by the White House, denounced by the NAACP and castigated by CNN before Fox News ever reported the story. As for the Glenn Beck spin, Beck was already on the air before the story was reported by Fox. So the comment from Sherrod's boss that she was going to be on Glenn Beck that afternoon is just wishful dreaming.

As for Tom Vilsack's role, he is nothing more than grease for the Obama Spin Wagon of Crap. Too bad. I liked Tom. He deserves a better president than Barry Sotero.


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Web Censorship - CNN Needs Another Fire Plug to Wet On

Drop down and listen to the first 30 seconds of the second video, stop and then watch the drivel from these 2 boneheads.

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Van Jones: If US Needs More Money, Just Tax Rich Companies

Ousted Obama Green Jobs Czar Still Wants to Redistribute Your Money To The Slackers

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Progressive Left Wing Media Matters - "Sherrod A Racist"

Media Matters, the ultra left wing progressive think tank of liberal brain-washers, has even recognized Shirley Sherrod is fake. The world-is-not-enough George Soros is the money behind Media Matters. Media Matters is Mike Sweet's path of left wing myopic enlightenment.

"Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time."

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Sherrod: Breitbart Wants Blacks to Be Slaves Again

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24 July

Should Loebsack Have Used a Laundromat?


"Republican U.S. House candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks said the July 22 House Ethics Committee decision to investigate accusations against Rep. Charlie Rangel is an indictment of 2nd District Democrat Rep. David Loebsack who voted two years ago to block an investigation."

Mr. Clean gets rid of your friend's slime
And sleaze in just a minute
Mr. Clean will clean your balance sheet
The F. E. C. finds nothing in it

Sleaze on your ties is most unsightly. There are some things that should be left to professionals. Take that cash to a laundromat. There is no shortage of such committees.

Is there anybody you would recommend?


150 oz Cheer is on sale this week at Target.


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Loebsack On Rangel - Everyone Knew But Me!


I have not passed any judgment on Rangel,” Loebsack said the 2008 vote. He divided his $5,000 contribution from Rangel between the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids chambers of commerce and statewide flood relief efforts. Loebsack said he was a victim of “guilt by association.”

It amazes me that Loebsack was the last to know. I suppose if Loebsack had some real world experience working at Burger King or McDonald's he would have seen the danger signs before he had to scrub Rangel's dirty campaign money.

Family is always the last to know.


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Lack Of Political Expediency


"Friends and political allies of embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel are noticeably quiet after the disclosure that the 40-year House veteran and dean of the New York congressional delegation may face serious charges from a House ethics panel...

But national Democrats, already nervous about the party's prospects in the November election, had little to say publicly about Rangel's plight.

It's a particularly vexing situation for New York Democrats, who know Rangel well and have benefited for years from his campaign contributions and his advocacy for the state — particularly on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which he chaired before stepping down from the post last March.

To criticize Rangel would look politically expedient for these Democrats and could risk the ire of the Congressional Black Caucus and the many influential black activists in New York. But staying silent leaves them vulnerable to Republican charges that the party is not sufficiently tough on the ethical lapses of its members."

If I read this correctly, Loebsack's silence is tacit approval of the status quo and Rangle's outrageous criminal behavior. You were right. They are two peas in a pod.

I'm waiting for the Mike Sweet defense column for Rangel that it was all George Bush's fault.

Humor Me Mike

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23 July

Rangel Loebsack - Two Peas In A Pod

"It's a dumb question."

You might remember this.

16:07:21 - SPIKE - No comments

Rep Andre Carson (D) Indiana - Liar!

Burlington No Better


Congressman Andre Carson from Indiana is obviously a liar because his lips were moving when he said he heard the “N-word” about fifteen times walking thru a crowd of American Tea Party participants. When in fact only the congressman heard the “N-word” although 100’s of people in the same area never heard it at all.

This congressman represents just how low the left will go to try and hoodwink the general public through lies and misinformation.

Here in Burlington we’re use to bottom feeders and their lies and misdeeds because it’s been going on for as many years as the democrats have been the single party by choice of the less than the wise citizens.

We have a city government where there is absolutely no checks and balances to be found, no lie to big, no accountability, no responsibility, injustice (unless you work for the city), no conscience, no honesty, no intelligence, total use of nepotism, a city council expert in rudeness and disrespect; forgive me I better stop because there’s no end to this list; so I’ll just stop here.

We Need Change

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Holy Crap Batman, The Red Phone Rings

GLENN BECK'S RED PHONE RINGS!! Obama To Claim FOX Got A Story Wrong After A Year's Silence??

04:33:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Big Brother Is Here

"So, here we are again, watching the shiny coin that is the scandal of the day...and what has magically appeared this time? The biggest rerouting of the nation's wealth in our history. The financial regulation that the president signed into law yesterday is an unprecedented assault on our economy and quite honestly, the republic as we know it- and when combined with his other supposed legislative "achievements," it's on a scale never before seen. They can now watch your bank account and track your credit cards. Their next goal is the media. Wake up, America. Big Brother is here."

04:11:00 - SPIKE - No comments

22 July

Loebsack On The Issues


They describe the Nutty Professor as “Hard-Core Liberal”. Shocker, I know.


06:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Lindsey Lohan In Jail


Give this political thing a rest. I come here for other things.


OK. Lindsey Lohan is in jail where she belongs.


06:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Art of a Chicago Deal


"Deposed Gov. Rod Blagojevich said Wednesday that he agreed with his attorneys not to testify in his own defense because he believes federal prosecutors have failed to prove their case."

Expect no further information on the Chicago machine in overdrive. Blago will not blab under oath. No White House connection questions will be so put forth.

The art of the deal will time reveal? Once it makes no difference, there is always the executive pardon.

January of 2012 in Washington maybe more bitter for some than a Winter wind off Lake Michigan. Hide the silverware, art work, etc. and oversee all packing up to the moment of departure.

Perhaps Governor Blago will be packing up his orange jumpsuit and heading for the same destination.

Sweet home, Chicago.


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"Finally: The MSM Finds a Story About Race Worth Their Time"

At Least Everyone Except The Ad Vertiser

"...today the media is all-consumed by the narrative of someone being falsely accused of racism. Well, where was all this concern about false charges of racism when a number of exculpatory videos were found proving that Democrat members of Congress lied about everyday Americans in the form of Tea Party protesters shouting racial slurs?

Where was all this concern about racism after a Department of Justice whistle-blower named J. Christian Adams testified on-the-record about ongoing and systematic discrimination at the DOJ?

Where’s the concern about false charges of racism when proof is uncovered that one of the MSM’s very own – Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent – encouraged hundreds of his fellow JournoListers to brand Karl Rove, Fred Barnes or anyone handy, as racist in order to take the Jeremiah Wright heat off of then-candidate Obama?

Do you think we will ever hear anything about that story?

Once again the corrupt media’s choosing of what is and is not worth covering exposes them for the leftist ideologues they really are. And they don’t give a damn about Shirley Sherrod. Same woman, same situation, but a member of the Tea Party and the whole event would be memory-holed."

05:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Shirley Has a Background - Obama Liable

05:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Missouri ACORN Thugs Assault Chase Bank Branch

05:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

MSM Ignores Race: No Takers on The $100,000 Reward

"The primary accuser, Congressman Carson, who audaciously claimed the crowd screamed the “N-word fifteen times,” would not return our call. So we have gone part way to try and piece together the events of March 20.

Not only is the audio devoid of any racial slur, but the scene at Cannon clearly shows the congressmen coming down the steps completely unobstructed, and with a clear path to the Capitol. And, when we juxtapose the audio accusation Rep.Carson made moments after the alleged event occurred with actual video footage of the moment Rep. Carson claims he first heard the racial slur, it is as plain as day that Congressman Carson was not isolated by a mob and facing a racist throng that could conceivably hurl rocks at him. As you can see for yourself."

05:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

July 21, 2010: Another Day In Infamy

"There are dates in this country's history that will live in infamy. They include October 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday), December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor), September 11, 2001- and now with the signing of the financial reform bill, you can add July 21, 2010 to this list. This will be the day that will be remembered as the day that the final nail in the Republic was pounded into the coffin. Note: Tonight's show was cut short because of a White House press conference that they apparently just had to do around 5:00 Eastern Time."

05:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

21 July

Controlling Information's Flow in Trousilgrad


"...'single minded unity' means a unity around one centre and based on one ideologe. The centre of single minded unity is The Leader..."
North Korean Radio, 7140 kHz Sunday, June 7th, minute 14:55 to 16:10

Single party dictatorships carefully guard the flow of information. "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il of the Worker's Paradise of North Korea carefully restricts all information entering and exiting his Hermit Kingdom. What of Trousilgrad?

Where was the Ad Vertiser?

Like Radio Free Europe of old, it was the Des Moines Register that broke the latest episode of West Burlington being a sovereign Soviet. The laws of outsiders do not apply there.

In the past, there have been black outs of what is happening in Trousilgrad. Cable videos of West Burlington's City Council meetings were not available. Hans was slapped with a judge's injunction for illegally baring a City Council member from attending to their duties.

What if Supreme Leader for Life Hans Trousil is sued for violating citizens 2nd Amendment rights and the rule of law? Like routine famines in North Korea, will their be no video of West Burlington City Council meetings?

Will the Ad Vertiser remain silent?

Syngman Rhee

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Twin Tyrants - A T-Shirt Opportunity


When are you putting Hans & Kim's faces on a T shirt with their similarities?

Some day, you should start selling your merchandise. You could net more in a week than the Ad Vertiser in a year. And maybe donate a portion of the proceeds to West Burlington's sewer repair fund.


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Enforce the Law, Please


"Findley has proven herself to be an aggressive campaigned and a surprisingly strong fundraiser. Before posting her latest report, Findley has raised an impressive $150,000. Miller was caught flat-footed, but seems like he is taking Findley seriously now."

As Attorney General of the State of Iowa since the days of disco fever, Tom Miller has not done a damn thing about illegal activities such as secret meetings, missing minutes, etc. by public bodies in Des Moines County. Tom has serious opposition for re-election this year.

If Tom Miller will not do anything about what the abuses of public office in Southeast Iowa, perhaps Ms. Findley will.

The time has come for voters to make Tom Miller disco on down to Burger King. He may meet an old friend.

KC Sunshine

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A Capitol Waste


"The opportunity to apply for a $1 million I-Jobs grant has members of the Capitol Theater Foundation scrambling to line up city support and possible financing to renovate the long disused downtown Capital Theater into a performance and film venue."

Iowa is over $1 billion in debt. Iowa has money to pressure the City of Burlington to spend more money. For what?

The Bees want a pile of money too. Right, or wrong, that facility remains in use. The Capitol Theater died with cable television. $1 million plus whatever the City is required to spend may raise the dead. Who will pay for life support there after?

Yes, it is a relic of increasing rarity as the art deco era fades from living memory. The reason the Capitol Theater remains is because downtown Burlington died. There has been no reason to remove the corpse, or that of far older relics collapsing into the streets.

Chic urban elites may find the Capitol Theater fascinating. Restoring the Capitol's past glory will not make them move here. Burlington is too far away to make it a regular destination point.

If there are neither the resources nor interest to make the Capitol Theater self supporting in Burlington, face reality.

Like London bridge, maybe somebody elsewhere is interested in cutting up the Capitol and rebuilding it where it maybe properly maintained and utilized.

Clark Gable

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The Rev. Wright Media Cover-Up & Race Baiting

How the media conspired to get Obama elected

Was Mike Sweet's Name Listed?


"From 2007 until last month, some 300 liberal journalists and policy wonks exchanged ideas and commentary on a secret, off-the-record Internet email group called JournoList. It was shut down after portions leaked, leading to the resignation of Washington Post writer David Weigel last month over his intemperate criticism of conservatives he was covering.

But someone who belonged to JournoList continues to leak information from its archives, providing a fascinating glimpse into how some liberal journalists coordinate their story lines to protect their favorite politicians and ideas. The Daily Caller website reports that at several times during the 2008 presidential race, "employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how [Barack] Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.""

Spencer 'call them racists' Ackerman email:

"If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us. Instead, take one of them – Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares – and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country? What lurks behind those problems? This makes *them* sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.

I wonder if Mike Sweet's name is one of those 300 listed?


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National Security Inc. Part 2 of 3

"To ensure that the country's most sensitive duties are carried out only by people loyal above all to the nation's interest, federal rules say contractors may not perform what are called "inherently government functions." But they do, all the time and in every intelligence and counterterrorism agency, according to a two-year investigation by The Washington Post.

What started as a temporary fix in response to the terrorist attacks has turned into a dependency that calls into question whether the federal workforce includes too many people obligated to shareholders rather than the public interest -- and whether the government is still in control of its most sensitive activities. In interviews last week, both Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and CIA Director Leon Panetta said they agreed with such concerns."

04:57:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Secrets Next Door - Part 3 of 3

"In suburbs across the nation, the intelligence community goes about its anonymous business. Its work isn’t seen, but its impact is surely felt.

...Fort Meade, Md., is the capital of Top Secret America -- an alternative geography of the United States defined by the concentration of top-secret government organizations and the companies that do work for them. It is the largest of a dozen such clusters across the United States that are the nerve centers of Top Secret America and its 854,000 workers."

04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Just Adopt Mexico's Immigration Law


In all fairness the United States should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws and then everyone would be happy.

Mexico could hardly complain nor could countries further south of Mexico have anything to bitch about when it comes to American immigration.

Why mess around with the liberal losers over immigration when we just adopt the Mexican laws.

Why do we even care what non-citizens say anyway they have no stake in our country legally or otherwise. To put it bluntly their nothing more than illegal aliens who crossed our border automatically making them criminals and slaves to those that exploit them.

Send them all back.


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Former SEIU Legal Thug Now NLRB Thug - Conflict of Interest? No Problem!

"When Badertscher sought legal relief from the threats and paycheck-plundering of the SEIU, her lawyers did not expect to find themselves arguing their case in front of the man who was the SEIU’s own chief lawyer until a few months ago, when President Obama named him to the National Labor Relations Board. Craig Becker, former general counsel for the SEIU, was a controversial appointee to start with, owing to his radical and anti-democratic views on union power. But surely, Badertscher’s lawyers thought, he’d recuse himself from a case involving the SEIU.

Becker refused to do so. In fact, he was part of a three-member panel that reviewed the SEIU/Pomona Valley case, and he has made it clear that he intends to continue involving himself in cases involving his former employer.

There are 13 or 14 cases in which we’ve sought recusal for Craig Becker,” says Patrick Semmens, legal information director for the National Right to Work Foundation (NRWF), which represented Badertscher."

04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Dancing With The Hans

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Watermelon Baby

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Breitbart to Hannity: NAACP Tarred ‘Tea Party Movement with the False Charges of Racism’

Breitbart reiterates the first video released on Breitbart.tv features Sherrod telling a racist tale that is received by the NAACP audience with laughter and cheers. The audience wasn’t cheering redemption; they were cheering discrimination.

Breitbart clarifies he released the video to target not Sherrod, but the NAACP who had condemned the Tea Party's alleged racism. Though Sherrod became the scapegoat, it was the delight the NAACP audience took in the racist part of Sherrod's speech that was truly damning. Breitbart noted he’s agnostic to her firing.

Later on the Breitbart.tv Publisher argued bogus racism charges flung at the Tea Party are meant to distract the public from staggering unemployment figures and other hot-button political topics unfavorable to the Democrats and the left.

04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Why Was USDA Director Fired?

"Tonight's program begins with yesterday's video of the day. The comments made by Shirley Sherrod, the USDA's director of rural development in Georgia, were obviously racist and deserved to be condemned. But Sherrod was forced to resign before even being allowed to give her side of the story- which, is allegedly that she was just telling a story of an event that took place 24 years ago. Why would you force the resignation of someone who is just relating a story of 24-year-old incident to make a point? Something just doesn't seem right about this."

Click Here for the entire show.

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20 July

Jabba The Hans Shirts Available

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Will Trousil Turn Tail and Run?


The Supreme Ruler for Life of Trousilgrad claims he was misquoted by the press. Fact, or flight in the face of Gun Rights groups who will not be bullied?

Nobody is infallible, not even Hans. The press does not always keep things straight. If keeping score on that count, the Des Moines Register's reporting staff are not the apprentices of Burlington's Ad Vertiser.

Publicly denouncing those who challenge him as gun nuts and a flagrant disregard for the law are Trousil trademarks. Misquote, or simply more the same from Hans Trousil? Put my money on the Register.

Like Khrushchev in Cuba, Hans Trousil maybe realizing the consequences of provocation and bluster carried too far. Backing down from a war with people willing to see the law is enforced maybe best for the citizens of West Burlington.

Khrushchev was gone shortly after his Caribbean misadventure. The Politburo voted Nikita into retirement. Hopefully the voters in West Burlington will do the same to Hans Trousil.


Trousil will be beat in court, the citizens will be hammered for the legal bills due to his obstinate stance and the first words out of his mouth will be, "Get over it."


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Others Taking Notice of Crooked Hans


Our usual negative notoriety is spreading. Once again it is Hans Trousil. The Brian Tapp regional planning white elephant building sold for Tapp's fellow church goer to Trousil's relative, also tied to a Tapp relative, should have been enough to drive a recall. But it was ignored by the local rag. They're so gutless afraid of losing their 11 sunscribers left in West Burlington along with advertising revenue they can't move.

This blow hard jackass can't fix our sewers but he can fix what doesn't need fixing.

The NRA is headed to town. They have the law on their side.

What do we have?

Hans and his drone council stooges.

Fed Up

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When Does Des Moines County Resort to Bank Raids?


"U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to use “hundreds of millions of pounds” from dormant bank accounts to fund community projects, while Business Secretary Vince Cable said lenders “ripped off” customers."

Hit the bank to cover the spread. You got nuthin' to worry about.


Jeff Heland has been raiding the bank for years to feed his gambling neurosis.

This psychoanalyst, following certain hints on the subject made by Freud, recognized the gambler as a seriously disturbed individual whose behavior bespoke a regression to the anal level of libidinous development. Simmel thought that the characteristics of the gambler... derived from attempts to obtain, through the mechanism of reverting to earlier infantile ways of conduct, the “narcissistic supplies” – i.e., food, love, comfort, and attention-which were believed by the gambler to have been denied him.

Gambling was thus a repetitive effort to force longed–for satisfactions by the use of primitive techniques, and its pathology lay in its hopeless reversion to outmoded and unsuitable modes of behavior and thought.”


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Busted by Disclosure


"The disclosure that Culver sought money from a second casino applicant - Daniel Kehl of the Lyon County casino group - at a critical time in the licensing process also raises new questions about whether the solicitations have the appearance of impropriety."

What about existing gambling licenses? Has anybody cross referenced names involved with operating casinos against the Governor's haul?


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'Top-secret America: A hidden world, growing beyond control'

"The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.

These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.

The investigation's other findings include:

• Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in some 10,000 locations across the United States.

• An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1 1/2 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.

• In Washington and the surrounding area, 33 building complexes for top-secret intelligence work are under construction or have been built since September 2001.

Together they occupy the equivalent of almost three Pentagons or 22 U.S. Capitol buildings — about 17 million square feet of space.

• Many security and intelligence agencies do the same work, creating redundancy and waste. For example, 51 federal organizations and military commands, operating in 15 U.S. cities, track the flow of money to and from terrorist networks."

04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama Parties Down East - Bo Flies Free

Since the April BP oil spill Obama has taken three vacations (Asheville, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; and now Maine.), 12 golf outings, and a white house party with Paul McCartney. Bo took his own jet to get there.

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Think The Arizona Illegal Alien Problem Isn't Real?

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Reality and Bilderbergers


A reality show drama is playing out on the picket line. A dozen writers for America's Next Top Model, the hit reality show, are on strike.

According to the twelve Top Model staffers and the Writers Guild of America, the strike shines a spotlight on an ongoing effort to unionize reality TV. Indeed, without the writers' efforts, Model host Tyra Banks and other reality show stars might be at a loss for words.

Someone might get the idea that reality show writers have been listening to that witch Nancy Pelosi and how easy life will be when that devastating healthcare bill hits the American worker.

Reality shows are nothing more than stupid people doing stupid things to entertain dumbed down Americans. What person with half a brain would even miss or want to watch a reality TV show? They are the ultimate insult to human dignity and intelligence.

Since the mid 60’s TV has lowered its standards in the drive to dumb down the American public as the schools and the print media have been doing for years. This is what Wilson and Roosevelt pushed during their administrations and Obama is continuing the drive to make the world a one government entity of halfwits that can be controlled by the elitist. Just look at those close to all the past presidents who were Bilderbergers an organization wanting to make a one world government driven by the likes of Rockefellers and other wealthy or famous American people who had or have infested the government with their drive to run the world and keep their wealth intact.

Here’s a list: List of Bilderberger participants

Every American who attends these Bilderberger meetings is breaking American law known as “The Logan Law (Act).”

People should look up this organization and realize what the elitist are trying to do to our country. By the way both Clintons are involved and have attended meetings as have many other American statesmen and plain citizens. Many of our government higher ups are Bilderberger participants; just take a look at Obama’s Czars and other appointees their all listed on the Internet. Even our Secretary of State is a Bilderberger.

Bilderbergers are a much more important reality problem than anything the writers can come up with; so let them walk.


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NAACP Bigotry in Their Ranks and USDA

Video Proof: The NAACP Awards Racism–2010

"Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development, speaks at the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia and tells the attendees that jobs are available at the Dept. of Agriculture. She then reminds them of the inherent job security that comes with government work.

Later in her speech, she describes how she treated a white farmer in need of assistance. "I sent him to one of his own"."

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Obama's Healthcare Lies - A Must Watch

"The lies coming out of Washington are unbelievable. The President first said the health care bill was not a tax increase..now the administration is saying it is a tax. The President also called out anyone who was saying this health care bill would federally fund abortions..but look at what is happening now in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Obama also promised that you could keep your own doctor..but now- uh oh. Glenn told you that these were coming and he was called crazy and a liar. But look at the record and ask yourself: Who's telling the truth?"

Click Here for the entire show

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19 July

Get Your Lice T-Shirts

04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Misery Pestilence Spreads


I hope you DDT the hell out of any Three Taxkateers T-shirts you sell. Taxes or typhus, lice spread misery.


04:48:00 - SPIKE - No comments

W BRL Councilman Slobbers Tale of Support for Lawbreaker Hans Trousil

Dan West Drinks Trousil Kriminal Kool-aid and Denounces State Law


I see a West Burlington councilman enjoys breaking the law and covering up like our hoodlum mayor. Dan West's letter over on Falcon today is as sickening as it is appalling. Did these lawless creatures just mouth the words when they took their oath or was it an Obama moment for them?

How would Dan West know that Trousil was misquoted when Trosuil called Iowan's "nut jobs?"' Was he actually there or did he read about it online?

West's feeble attempt is even more despicable when you consider West believes his own opinion supersedes state law.

For somebody that has publicly extolled the virtues of Bob Vander Plaatts and his views on religion, this is a pretty shameful approach to living the lie instead of living the law.

I believe Dan West's letter ranks right up there with the rest of Trousil's hypocritical sermons.


P.S. Why don't you fix our damn sewers instead of trolling for a lawsuit over breaking the law?

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Hans Trousil - I Break No Law 'Fore It's Time

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Only In A Tight Election Year


"U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-2nd District, will have a member of his staff available for office hours. Jared Hershberger, Loebsack's district representative, will be holding a series of office hours in southeast Iowa."

Dave Loebsack must be worried. Dave Loebsack must be so worried, he is even pretending Southeast Iowa is a part of his district.

If Dave Loebsack really gave a damn about anywhere other than Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, he would have an office there.

Sick of Dave

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Those Whom the People and God's Disfavor


"Ever since the Zhou Dynasty replaced the Shang some 3000 years ago, natural disasters have been interpreted in China as a sign of heaven's disfavor with whomever is currently in charge."

Americans are being taxed and regulated as never before. It is not what the people voted for. What the people were promised has not come to pass. There is great consternation across the nation.

Hell's bowels are rumbling. The District of Columbia has been rocked by a rare earthquake. Could this be a warning to the Emperor of the current regime and his courtiers?


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Union Thugs at CNA Union Rally

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17 July

Trousil: 'Nut Job' Iowa Gun Owners

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Gone in the Red Go for the Gold


"Panners are appearing at streambeds due to the price of gold, the poor economy, and a 10.5% statewide unemployment rate that leaves a lot of people with time on their hands, officials say."

California's Reds are driving free enterprise from that state. When high taxes and crime drive opportunity away, head for the hills. Go for the gold. Too bad the same does not apply here.

Heland's 17% tax hikes are producing gold for the county. All panning Flint Creek will produce for the resulting victims is a few beer bottle caps.

John Sutter

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Pay to Say


"Anxious to lift an outright ban on comments, The Attleboro (Mass.) Sun-Chronicle has begun requiring two things of online readers who want to leave their thoughts on stories: 99 cents and their real names."

Given the reader exchange at the Ad Vertiser's web site, this might pay for a six pack a month.

When will the City of Burlington require the same of all commenting to you at 99 cents a key stroke?

Ann Onomus

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16 July

3 Blind Lice

Do you trust our future to these failures?

05:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Gunnin' for Hans Trousil - The Corrupt Dictator


"We all knew the code said what the code says. Now what do you want me to say, that we violated the code? If we did, we did. So what, life goes on. If we violated the code, we violated the code. What else can I say? I mean life is going to go on," Trousil said."

The Supreme Ruler for Life of Trousilgrad declared he is the law. Hans latest edict on guns is simply more of the same like the Airport Board. This may not play out the same.

Party comrades Des Moines County Attorney Pat Jackson and Attorney General of Iowa Tom Miller will not ream the bore. They never have. This time other interests may come into play. Gun Rights groups are taking an interest.

The National Rifle Association and others have many members. They have many dollars and many lawyers. They may see Hans and the City of West Burlington in court.

What the local single political party cabal did for Burlington over the railroad shops could happen again in West Burlington. Rather than laying new sewers, will tax dollars be diverted to a losing law suit?

Life must not go on in politics for those who trample our rights. If local citizens are unwilling to defend their rights, outsiders may.

Making an example of small pond tyrants keeps the problem from spreading.


05:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Conlin's Feeding Habits


They only people that make out in class action suits are the lawyers who steal the largest portion of money bar none. Ol' Roxanne Conlin pocketed her fair share and is now trying to renege on sharing it with other lawyers that were in on the Microsoft caper.

There are plenty of bottom feeders out there and Conlin is just one of them trying to fend off the others for the scraps.


05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Financial Reform Bill Favors Union and Activists - ACORN Is Not Dead


Well, Obama and his gang of stooges had the financial bill stuffed with gifts to the unions and environmental groups making it easier for them to get on company boards.

The 2300= page financial reform bill expected to clear Congress this week is chock-full of provisions that have little to do with the financial crisis but cater to the long-standing agendas of labor unions and other Democratic interest groups.

Principal among them is a measure to make it easier for unions, environmental groups and other activist organizations that hold shares to put their representatives on the boards of directors of every corporation in the United States.

The so-called "proxy access" provision, which activist groups say they will use to try to improve oversight of corporate financial practices, has provoked a backlash from the Business Roundtable, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other major non-Wall Street business groups.

This regime is constantly introducing legislation just full of misleading and disastrous provisions while leaving out any revamping of the true culprits Fanny and Freddie both of which played the main characters in the mortgage crisis. Could it be because they were huge contributors to the democrats?

The longer it takes to get to November the more damage this regime will do to our country. Believe me liberals are the biggest single threat we have to our freedoms ever and this regime must be thrown out in November and finished off completely by November 2012 if we can hold out that long.



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To Protest Hiring of Nonunion Help, Union Hires Nonunion Pickets

"Billy Raye, a 51-year-old unemployed bike courier, is looking for work.

Fortunately for him, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking paid demonstrators to march and chant in its current picket line outside the McPherson Building, an office complex here where the council says work is being done with nonunion labor.

"For a lot of our members, it's really difficult to have them come out, either because of parking or something else," explains Vincente Garcia, a union representative who is supervising the picketing.

So instead, the union hires unemployed people at the minimum wage—$8.25 an hour—to walk picket lines. Mr. Raye says he's grateful for the work, even though he's not sure why he's doing it. "I could care less," he says. "I am being paid to march around and sound off."

04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Socialism Bankrupting Social Security


"Besides raising the retirement age for full Social Security benefits to 70 for people now 50 or younger, Mr. Boehner suggested curbing benefit growth by tying cost-of-living increases to the consumer price index rather than growth in wages, and providing benefits only to those who need them.

"If you have substantial non-Social Security income while you're retired, why are we paying you at a time when we're broke?" he said. "We just need to be honest with people."

All that wild spending comes due eventually. The truth is ugly.

One of Socialism's oldest schemes is on the verge of collapse. From those who planned and saved for retirement, to those who did not.


04:42:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Chelsea Clinton Wedding


I see where some dimwit is calling Chelsea Clinton’s wedding the wedding of the century when we’ve only witnessed ten years out of the 100; so why is this called the wedding of the century?

Just goes to show how people make up crap to feed the public through their unreliable outlets.

What’s the big deal about Ms. Clinton getting married and just why it would be labeled the wedding of the century will probably be the question of the century. Maybe it’s because both her parents are Bilderbergers, a grouping of oddball people who are set on a one world government, similar to what Obama has in mind by destroying our country as we know it.

All we need is to hear about all the money being wasted on this wedding by people who became rich off the people of the United States while being dubious to say the least. I guess we can’t blame Chelsea for what her parents did but please lay off the wedding it won’t impress too many Americans who are more concerned about what Obama’s next disaster for our country will be.

Just let them get married and go their merry way.


04:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Carville Slams Obama Administration on 2nd Drilling Moratorium

04:14:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama's No Shame Weasel Grip Hand Shake on Promises

"Imagine a time, where you could look the President in the eye and believe what he said. Imagine a world where a man's word actually is his bond and if that bond is broken there is shame associated with it. We're now obviously finding out what was in the 2,500 page bill that no one had time to read.

The President said this bill wouldn't fund abortions. But it does — surprise! Tonight, more broken promises and now the Senate just passed the 2,300-page
financial reform bill. Do we know everything that is in this bill? The fundamental transformation of America continues..."

04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

15 July

Stay At Big Hollow Boondoggle Cabins

05:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Wild, Wild, West - Trousil Should Fear Residents Over Sewers, Not 'Gun Nuts'


You should not be so hard on hand over your hand guns Hans. Trousil and company have reason to sit in their chairs concerned about nut jobs who go around with guns.

Some time ago, you reported a Burlington resident with numerous drunk driving convictions was threatening people in a bar directly across the street from West Burlington's City Hall. I believe this deviant claimed to have a gun in his boot. Why was this menace not in jail?

As in the above case, the law does not always protect. When seconds count, help is measured in minutes. Hans really should consider providing for his own personal protection.

Prompt attention to West Burlington's sewer problems would be a good start.


05:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Trousil's NRA Problems Are Headed to Town


If it wasn't such a sad tale for West Burlington Hans Trousil's latest stupid move is a golden moment.

Golden in that after Trousil thumbing his nose at the Iowa statutes over the airport board, the state ombudsman and showing total disregard for the citizen's sewer problems, the NRA might just take a swipe at his neanderthal, knuckle dragger approach to whatever he chooses.


05:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Conlin Out Looking for PAC Money With Harry Reid


"Ten top-tier Democratic Senate candidates jet to Canada over the weekend for a fundraising junket with trial attorneys." Read more.

Democrat Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin of Iowa was there. Too bad she came home.


Conlin needs the dough since her co-counsels in the Microsoft case are suing her for breach of contract.

If Conlin will screw co-counsel imagine how bad the taxpayers will get hosed.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Conlin Sued for Breach of Contract by 23 States

"Attorneys representing 23 states involved in a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. have filed a lawsuit over attorney fees against the Iowa lawyer who spearheaded a $179.5 million settlement with the software company.

Roxanne Conlin, the Democratic candidate for Senate who will face Sen. Charles Grassley this fall, negotiated the 2007 settlement that included $75 million in attorney fees that she split with attorney Richard Hagstrom and the Zelle Hoffmann law firm of Minneapolis.

...The attorney fees awarded to (Conlin) at the conclusion of litigation were not shared ... in violation of the ... agreement," the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit said that Conlin has refused to comply with the agreement and that "on multiple occasions (the consortium) has requested that (Conlin) comply with the ... agreement and arbitrate the dispute regarding the fees."

04:47:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Going In the Hole


"Iowa's 17 state-regulated casinos reported gross gambling revenue of $1.36 billion in the last fiscal year, down from $1.41 billion in the previous year, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission said."

Like no money down real estate, gambling revenue has another way to go other than up. Catfish Craps was down not as much as most Iowa casinos. Down still ain't up.

Have any stories of unpaid vendors surfaced yet? Will the taxpayers end up paying more to keep Huck's Hole afloat?


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Dare To Compare


"A billboard created by an Iowa tea party group comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is being condemned by other tea party activists."

If anybody put up a billboard featuring Heland, who would you suggest?


Forrest Gump's rotund stupid brother.


04:16:00 - SPIKE - No comments

California Democrats Bring Brought On The Demise


It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for the police in Oakland California because California elects the biggest dimwits that could possibly be elected. Mostly tax and spend democrats that have just ruined all that California stood for in the past. California has lost its once golden image to become one of the worst welfare states known to man built in the image of Obama who would like the entire country to follow in California’s footsteps.

California government is without a doubt the worst of all possible cases and now the fools that elected them will have to pay the price for years to come. Liberalism is the scourge of mankind and California will now feel its wrath as the state is driven back to the brink of the depression era while business flees to other states that have a pro business government rather than a welfare nanny state mindset.

The once great State of California is now a meager image of its past with business and the smarter citizens rushing towards the borders of better governed states. When a state has a covey the likes of Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein swishing around on their brooms it stands for only one thing “Losers” and creation of a welfare state.

Iowa better watch out because we have a democrat government that believes in tax and spend just like California and don’t ever believe they can’t destroy our state just like California democrats did. Just think last year Iowa spent about 350 million on illegal wetback aliens that have taken jobs away from Iowans and don’t think it can’t happen to you. For every wetback that gets a job in Iowa an Iowa citizen becomes a ward of the taxpayer and we all pay.

In Nevada 17% of construction jobs have gone to illegal wetbacks but Dingy Harry Reid claims it’s not true although the numbers verify it to be true. Reid is just another dimwitted democrat trying to hide the truth from the voters so he can “maybe” be elected again and further ruin our country by pushing the Nobama regimes disastrous agenda.



04:11:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Harry Reid - No Illegal Alien Workers in Nevada

Even Though Nevada Leads Country in Unauthorized Immigrants in The Labor Force

03:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Divide and Conquer

"Yesterday, the NAACP passed a resolution that condemned the tea party for being a racist organization and tolerating bigotry. Um..could someone please show me the racists? This is being done on purpose- it's all part of a bigger plan to divide us. If you're for financial reform, you're pro-reform- if you're against it- you're just with the Wall St. fat cats. If you're against healthcare reform, you just want babies to die in the streets. If you're for immigration reform, you're pro-diversity- if you're against it, you just hate people different than you. Cap-and-trade? For it, you love the earth, against it- you want to destroy the planet. See a pattern here?"

Click Here for the entire show.

03:46:00 - SPIKE - No comments

14 July

Haberdasher Heland


After Heland taxes the shirt off our backs, will he let us keep his campaign T shirts?

S. Treaker

You missed the memo. The shirts are $50 and you agree to send Heland $50 a year for the rest of his life.


04:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Who Protects The Taxpayer From the Out of Control Nitwit Mayor?


Look what our nitwit mayor has to say to the world. Click Here to read what the NRA letter to the mayor said.


04:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Equality of Excessive Public Expenditures


"Oakland's police chief is making some dire claims about what his force will and will not respond to if layoffs go as planned. Chief Anthony Batts listed exactly 44 situations that his officers will no longer respond to and they include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism."

Drunk driving is not listed, but for the sake of argument assume that it is. If you pass out in your car with your car keys, you get a pass.

The police will be too busy to wake you up so you can call home for a ride. Some sacrifices must be made so all may enjoy the privileges of the elected who spent to create the mess.

Overland Weiss

04:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pravda, Izvestia, Ad-Vertiser - You Will Be Told


"Media mogul Mort Zuckerman tells FOX News he helped write one of Obama's speeches."

When a media mogul writes a politician's campaign speech, what does that say about a free press serving a free people?

When laziness makes it easier to just run a candidate's press release as news without verifying accuracy, are free citizens served? Omitting the errors and illegal actions of those editorially endorsed by a news organization, is that any different?

It can't happen here?


04:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Here We Go Again


Here we go again with that Eric Bell guy getting in trouble with the law as usual. This is the third time in less than a year he’s been in trouble with the law that involved alcohol.

The first time he knocked down a utility pole and drove his car into a home, ran off and was later arrested on some phony charge which in turn let him walk away from a drunken driving charge.

Just a short period later he was arrested for speeding and/or reckless driving with alcohol in the car and as usual he was under age and alcohol was involved in both incidents.

Now he’s been arrested again for carrying weapons, participating in a felony and public intoxication. Below is the For the Record piece in the 7/10/10 local paper.

6:29 a.m. 2000 block Jackson Street. Eric Steven Bell, 21, 1304 Navajo St.: carrying weapons, assault while participating in a felony and public intoxication.

Now this man is an habitual offender of the law and should be punished accordingly. The Burlington justice system has let him off with a slap on the wrist for drunken driving, possession of alcohol under age twice; so let’s see if there’s any justice for this time. I wonder if his dad’s employment had anything to do with his being let off for past offenses to terrorize the public again and again.

Carrying a weapon when committing a felony is a serious charge as was his drunken driving accident; so are there any bets on if he’ll walk again or finally get justice? I’m sure if his name weren’t Bell he’d have been in jail prior to this felony charge.

This man has a serious problem with alcohol and should be forced, if he hasn’t been already to take the cure and then face some jail time.

Letting this guy off on his first drunken driving charge was an injustice and insult to all those arrested and punished in Burlington for DUI. The justice system should apologize to all who have been humiliated and paid the price for DUI. I wonder who fixed his judgments for prior offenses that in turn let him continue to prey on the public because he, in all fairness never stopped drinking and had to have been roaming around just waiting for something to happen again and lucky for the public no one was killed by him. Those that let him walk in the past are just as guilty as he is and they should pay the price also.

The public should keep and eye open to make sure this man doesn’t roam the streets again based on his father’s employment with the city and that the judges involved this time pass judgment based on his crimes and not his name. If you do the crime you should do the time, says it all.

This is the last wakeup call before this situation gets terribly tragic.


04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

My Bulldog Megyn Kelly Takes Down Kirsten Powers on the Black Panther Case

"Megyn Kelly takes down liberal pundit Kirsten Powers in a heated debate over the Department of Justice's mishandling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.

Note how at the beginning of the interview, Powers says, "The guy wasn't really intimidating people" by the end she is saying "I didn't say it wasn't intimidation, don't put words in my mouth". Finally, she resorts to the "Blame Bush" argument."

04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Malik Shabazz Incriminates Himself in Black Panther Case

04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

New Blank Panther Party President: ‘We’ll Eat This Tea Party For Breakfast’

04:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

13 July

Heland's $11 Million Dollar T-Shirt

04:59:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Wicked Witch of the West

04:54:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Cooling Government


"In 1978, 50 years after air conditioning was installed in Congress, New York Times columnist Russell Baker noted that, pre-A.C., Congress was forced to adjourn to avoid Washington's torturous summers, and "the nation enjoyed a respite from the promulgation of more laws, the depredations of lobbyists, the hatching of new schemes for Federal expansion and, of course, the cost of maintaining a government running at full blast."

The global warming cult is after air conditioning. Air conditioning is wasteful and hazardous to Mother Earth. Where to pull the plug first?

One of the first to be air conditioned is truly first in war, peace and waste. Pull the plug on Congress. The premise in the article of more open government as a result is dubious.

Has anybody seen our Congressman holding an open questions from the floor, town hall meeting lately? Teleconference radio shows do not count.

Congress is due for a long recess soon. We will see if our Congressman is willing to answer for the wasteful government expansion like Obama Care he voted for.

Leave the brick bats at home. Let your questions make Loebsack sweat. Hold Dave's feet to the fire.

November's chill will make Loebsack and other waste makers catch a terminal case of reality.


04:42:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pelosi Free to Roam But Pets May Be Banned


I see where San Francisco is going to ban pet stores while they still support the likes of Pelosi although she’s at the bottom of the food chain. San Francisco is one of the most hypocritical cities known to man. How can a city ban the sale of animals of all types when a predator such as Pelosi is free to roam around town and the country unattended and very capable of destroying American freedoms, a fact proven by Obama healthcare and a host of loser legislation.

This woman needs to be put in her place and congress is entirely the wrong place for such a witch. The coven of Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein is scary and dangerous to American freedoms.

Please remember to vote them out in November they’ve proven themselves un-American.


04:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Head Thug of New Black Panther Party Call-to-Arms to fight Tea Party and Cracker Police

04:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama's Priorities Indicative of ADD

"Former President Bush starts the prosecution of New Black Panthers before the end of his term, but then President Obama comes in and decides suddenly, in May of 2009, to drop the case. The President took 93 days to respond to McChrystal's Afghanistan report, 57 days to meet with BP's CEO, two weeks to make a statement on the Christmas bomber. It took 37 days to order a stop to drilling in the Gulf- but after the court overturned the moratorium, it took them eight hours to re-file. Now, Cass Sunstein wants to infiltrate tea party websites. The president can say whatever he wants, but the actions of this administration- especially when it comes to radicals- speak volumes."

Click Here for the entire show.

04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

12 July

Heland Campaign T Shirt Available

04:52:00 - SPIKE - No comments

10 July

Loebsack On Gun Control


Your readers need a look at this.


05:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama's Foreign Policy

05:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama Care Role Model Maybe Scrapped


"The Coalition agreement explicitly vowed to “stop the top-down reorganisations of the NHS that have got in the way of patient care”.

Labor backed liberals in America for 60 years have pointed to Great Britain as a role model, especially in health care. Once these folks were empowered to do unto in Washington as has been done unto Burlington, we got health care by bureaucracy.

Not that the majority people wanted such health care. Polls and town hall outrage are convincing evidence to the contrary.

Britain is facing up to 60 years of top down, failed, government health care. The did by voting out Labour Party Socialists.

Obama, Senator Harkin and Congressman Loebsack foisted this failed example on us. We have an election coming up. The only of the guilty up this year is Loebsack.

Loebsack needs whacked. Obama and Harkin's turn will come. There is still time to stop our making the same mistake before falling off the cliff.


04:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

A Toro, A Taurus Or A White Jeep, It's Still Drunk Driving


"It may have been how Robert Grimstad was driving that caught people's attention. He was all over the road.

Or the fact it was after midnight and the 38-year-old didn't have headlights on.

Most likely, though, it was the fact he was riding a lawn mower down the highway."

How many riding mowers can you fit in a Burlington City Hall parking space?


Our city council does it in their cars. No need for riding mowers.


04:27:00 - SPIKE - No comments

New Black Panther Militant Hatred - ' You Gonna Have To Kill Some They Babies'

'You Gonna Have to Kill Some Crackers'

"On July 9th, 2010 Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Network interviewed Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz Esq. about the recent Department of Justice ruling on the voter intimidation case against The New Black Panther Party from the 2008 presidential election. In this case, The New Black Panther Party stationed thugs outside a polling place in Philadelphia, Penn. and intimidated white voters with threats of violence. One member of the New Black Panther Party (King Samir Shabazz) was even video taped carrying a baton and told white poll workers "not to come outside because a black man was going to win this election, no matter what", "we're tired of white supremacy" and "now you will see what it means to be ruled by the black man". At another rally, he was also video taped saying "you want freedom, you gonna have to kill some crackers" and "you gonna have to kill some of they (sic) babies". Does anyone think it's odd that this case of white voter intimidation has been dropped by the Obama DOJ? Does anyone have any question about who the real racists are in this country? Does anyone think the outcome would have been a little different if there was actual video of Republicans standing in front of a polling place with a baton or calling for the murder of blacks and their babies?"

04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Another Story the MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know About: DOJ ‘Never Bring Another Lawsuit Against a Black’

"Not only does Todd Gaziano (Congressional appointee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights) claim that the 2008 Election Day voter intimidation charge against the Philadelphia New Black Panther Party was“open and shut,” but that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes ordered, “Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority, apparently no matter what they do.”

04:12:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Restoring History

"Have you looked at your kids' history textbook lately? There's a pretty good chance much of what they are being taught is straight out of the progressive playbook. Tonight is all about what we've been taught vs. what actually happened. Progressives have been determined to change our history for a hundred years and it was all done for a very specific reason. They knew this had to be done in order to separate us from our Founders and the Constitution. Tonight, we continue to restore our country's history and set the record straight."

Click Here for the rest of the show.

03:43:00 - SPIKE - No comments

09 July

Hand Out Hans Strikes Again


"Based on recent informal discussions, Mayor Hans Trousil said the council is willing to ink a development agreement that includes roughly $300,000 as part of a three-year tax abatement schedule."

West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil hands out more goodies. Tax Increment Funding and other abatement schemes have left West Burlington taxpayers reamed.

West Burlington's schools and sewers are backing up. Just dump more on the residential property owners and long time businesses. All those large commercial buildings and a volunteer fire department could be a Triangle Shirt Waist Factory waiting to happen.

One must give Trousil the Terrible his due. He at least puts something on a commercial zone vacant lot with longer term deferment of the consequences.


04:36:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Loebsack Body Language Tells The Tale


I see Loebsack was in town to hear about Tama Road's problems again. Looking at his body language and reading his comments, he could care less.

"While Loebsack expressed a commitment to help small businesses, it appeared he did little to calm the business owners' concerns since they repeated similar concerns over government regulations, spending and new health-care legislation.

On the latter, he urged the business owners to call his office with questions and concerns. Loebsack also pointed them to the newly created website www.healthcare.gov."

Maybe the congressman should understand business before he spouts off like our city councilmen or a school teacher.


04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

I Wuz Wunderin' - Barefoot Bandit


I see the Barefoot Bandit is now in the Bahamas after his trip through Burlington where he stole a pickup truck inside the locked perimeter of the Burlington Airport.

Just think how famous Burlington would be and what a popular tourist destination we could become if our city had really thrown out the welcome mat and waited for the 'Bandit' to appear and then nabbed him.

So I wuz wunderin' if Burlington can expect a surprise security audit from Homeland Security? We can't have anyone stealing from airplane hangers. Next thing it will be picnic tables.


04:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

A Short Lesson


A short spelling lesson:

The last four letters in American........I Can
The last four letters in Republican......I Can
The last four letters in Democrats......Rats

Islam - The Religion of Peace

Islamic Terror Attacks - List for Last 2 Months

End of Lesson... Test to follow in November


04:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Rub-A-Dub-Dub 3 Crooks In A Tub

04:05:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Taxpayers to Heland: You're Outta Here!


“If LeBron James goes to the Miami Heat instead of the [New York] Knicks, blame our dysfunctional lawmakers in Albany, who have saddled top-earning New Yorkers with the highest state and city income taxes in the nation, soon to be 12.85 percent on top of the IRS bite,” the Post said."

An NBA star weighs his options. The Big Apple and the big tax, or a cooler tax rate in Florida? It makes a difference in more than entertainment.

Local tax rates are striving to touch the top of the hoop. Supervisor Heland advocates another 17% annual increase as the solution to whatever ails. Compare what you pay to vacant lot economic development failures and collapsing infrastructure received in return.

In short, what employer wants to play ball here if they have another option. It doesn't get much more minor league than Burlington.

Tax and spend elected bench warmers need sent to the showers. Cut their contract next election day.


04:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama Appoints New Medicare Chief - Bypasses Senate

"President Barack Obama bypassed the Senate Wednesday and appointed Dr. Donald Berwick, a Harvard professor and patient care specialist, to run Medicare and Medicaid...

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., whose committee would have held Berwick's confirmation hearing, also said he was troubled by the recess appointment. "Senate confirmation of presidential appointees is an essential process prescribed by the Constitution that serves as a check on executive power," said Baucus. Berwick was nominated in April, and Finance Committee staff was still at work on the vetting process it undertakes prior to scheduling a confirmation hearing."

03:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

New Black Panther Leader Shabazz on Whether He Supports Killing White Babies: ‘Not in That Context’

"I wouldn't focus on the babies... I'd focus on the police."

03:48:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama’s New ‘Medicare Czar’ Opposes Free Markets in Health Care

03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Census Director: We May Have Counted Many Homeless People Twice

03:30:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama Science Czar John Holdren on Redistribution of Cap & Trade Revenue From U.S. to Global Redistribution

03:27:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Main Stream Media Avoids Anything Obama Wants Them To

This is a day to watch it all. Click Here to watch the rest of the show.

"It's now official: The Daily Beck is apparently a more reliable news source than ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN..The last two videos of the day were HUGE stories completely ignored by the liberal media..it's only thanks to Fox News and sites like Breitbart that anyone is even aware these things are going on.
How does 20 percent of this nation control the other 80 percent? Ignore it. Deflect it. Redirect it. Don't address it. That is the liberal media and Obama administration's way to deal with fundamentally transforming an unwilling American population."

03:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

08 July

The Heland Solution


"Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has handed out raises—some of more than 20 percent—to his staff while proclaiming a message of "shared sacrifice" and planning spending cuts of $1.4 billion because the state is awash in debt."

Public employees need more money. Taxes are good. Taxes must be raised.


11:10:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Another Heland Fiscal Solution


"He allegedly lost the money when he used it to gamble at Jumer’s Casino in Rock Island. He told police that after winning at the casino, he planned to make the deposits and use the winnings for personal expenses. The defendant was never given permission to use the money for any purpose, police say."

The City of Burlington's casino model of wealth has not paid off either. When does our City Council get arrested?


I would imagine ex-business teacher Davidson is offering his first real world experience doing anything helping to rewrite the business curriculum for public trust and funding options.

Jeff Heland is trying too, to the best of his abilities, rectify all of the casinos' gross revenue problems. Heland believes in regionalism and float.


11:07:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Where is Oakville's Great Wall?


"Congressman Dave Loebsack has won a commitment from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to assist with Cedar Rapids’ flood protection plan. The Army Corps of Engineers recently issued an interim report stating that the City of Cedar Rapid’s flood protection plan does not meet the cost-benefit-ratio necessary to move the plan forward."

If your flood protection plan is a cost to benefit folly, call Dave. Rewrite the rules with help from the queen of tax and spend to guarantee your re-election this Fall.

What about Oakville?

If you wish to ask deficit spending Dave where is mine, forget about a Town Hall meeting. Loebsack and the rest of the liberal big spenders have been scarce in that department. Angry taxpayers make for bad press in a re-election year.

Events staged for the press are more predictable and pleasant than where the public may ask embarrassing questions. Waste those tax dollars where there are two television stations to show your smiling face with a check in hand. How dare anybody point out who is paying the bill and demanding to know the return on investment.

Loebsack and Pelosi need to go.


There are only 50 voters left around Oakville. Loebsack is goin' for his base of Chai Tea drinkers.

BTW - There will be promises but never a dime from the Parisian Prostitute. She's only fluffing him up a little.


10:55:00 - SPIKE - No comments

They Have Served Their Purpose - Send Them Back


Hinkle, Tapp, and all the other guilty brought Burlington the worst Chicago had to offer for a purpose. They wanted to cook the 2010 census figures.

With the worthy and productive fleeing, how to paper over the decline? Tapp got a bus grant and the slum lords got new clients. Senator Courtney, Representative Cahoon, Supervisor Heland and the other single party hacks got new voters. The taxpayers got stuck with the increased crime and welfare tab.

The more heads you can count, the better. If they are working, or even sober, matters not. Those grants disbursing "free" federal dollars pay out on a per capita basis. None of those responsible could run an honest business, but they know how to write grant proposals.

The 2010 census is nearly over. It is time to take out the trash. Courtney, Cahoon and Heland will howl. Too bad, boys.

Those with jobs who cut their grass and have become responsible members of our community, we're glad to have you. Stay awhile. Law enforcement needs to crack down on the crap.

Welfare fraud investigations down to noise complaints will deliver the message. Criminal sentences should include banishment back to the bankrupt old country. The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission needs to sponsor one way bus trips back to Chicago.

Growth on the Gary, Indiana model is not what Burlington needs.


10:50:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama and NASA


It’s too bad that Obama has directed NASA to pussy foot around with the Muslim world as though they’ve earned the right to American know how and dollars.

I wonder if he’d do the same for Catholics, Jews or other religious groups and secondly, isn’t it against the Constitution to harbor one religion or for that matter any religion at all. Where’s the separation the founding fathers wrote into the Consitution?

This president is a fruit cake to say the least. I don’t want my tax dollars going to any Muslim groups, this guy is just out of his head. Not one American dollar should be spent on Muslims until the killing stops.

Obama is wasting his time because Muslims have no desire to stop the blood shed and if they did it would have stopped prior to 9/11.

I wonder how the families of 9/11 victims feel about Obama aiding and abetting the enemy who killed their loved ones?

How can this idiot tell NASA to act like the state department, another twinkle toe agency run by a leftist as are all other Obama agencies of the government?


10:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

No Messin' With NASA


I sure as hell don’t want my tax dollars spent on anything Muslim with the exception of our own military.

NASA is a space organization and now Nobama wants it to be some sort of state department entity and kiss ass with the Muslim world regardless of their terrorist activities.

I wonder how the families of those killed in 9/11 view this atrocity. What will this dimwit president do next to dishonor Americans and American institutions?



10:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

What About The Country, Mr. President?

03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

'Department of Social Justice'

It's a full day.
Click Here to watch it all.

"Dropping the New Black Panther case is inexcusable. They were caught on tape standing in front of a polling location in Philadelphia in full uniform wielding a police-style baton weapon..clearly trying to intimidate white voters..yet the media is strangely silent on this. The DOJ and Eric Holder made the unheard of move to suddenly file a notice of voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit for two of the defendants..why would they do this? Why does Obama stand behind someone who says he hates and wants to kill white people and their children?"

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07 July

Cops Avoid Dodge Street Ghetto Calls


I hope the city street cleaner visits Dodge Street again to clean up the Chicago fireworks mess perpetrated by our slumlord from 7th Street.

Did this group of people have a city permit to destroy our quality of life for two nights with their damn fireworks that were big enough to shake the homes of nearby residents? The neighborhood shook for over eight hours of constant explosions with no law enforcement anywhere to be found.

I wonder how many calls they got complaining about it and why didn’t they put a stop to it Friday night when it all began. What kind of low life people would destroy a neighborhood through two nights of constant loud fireworks and I always thought fireworks were illegal in Iowa; so why is this group of surrogates allowed to disrupt our life for eight hours over a period of two nights.

How many city codes were broken and why weren’t they enforced? Just typical Burlington canned codes that are never enforced unless it brings in cash in one form or another (you can substitute favor in place of another).

Oh well, once the quality of life is destroyed it’s damn hard to get it back and the slumlords have no desire to do anything but line their pockets via the Department of Social Services and to hell with the neighborhoods.


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Iowa Alcoholic Division Squander Taxpayers' Money


"The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division improperly spent tens of thousands of dollars on artwork, leather chairs, bicycles, a camper, high-definition televisions and other products during the past four years, state auditors allege.

The agency also is alleged to have spent millions on contracts to renovate its offices without going through the proper bidding process. In one instance, the agency signed a contract with a construction company and just 48 hours later - long before the work was done - paid the contractor more than $1 million."

It’s really bad when the taxpayer in Iowa is having their taxes spent on luxury furnishings for state employees as though it were their money to squander in any fashion the deem fit.

Viewers should visit the link to get the low down on the Iowa Alcohol Agency’s high living off our tax dollars. The people working for government in Iowa have no shame and live high on the hog off taxpayer backs. Government is incapable of controlling itself and should be run like the prisons where everyone is accounted for at all times.

Iowa government is packed tight with people that see nothing wrong with wasting tax dollars on their own work surroundings and I would suggest they build buildings similar to army barracks, reduced their overpayment of salaries and benefits and let them work for a living once. There are also plenty of them stealing money outright, just read the papers and you’ll read about them provided they get caught.

No one is accountable in government nor are they responsible since most are democrats and this means their “special people” in that they couldn’t find work in the private sector where accountability is the name of the game and all that’s left for them is state jobs where accountability and responsibility are not a requirement; so we’re stuck with them even at premium salaries 45% higher than the private sector when doing the same job.

The foxes are in the hen house in Iowa.


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To Boldly Bow Down Where No American Has Bowed Down Before


"NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his "foremost" mission as the head of America's space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world."

A heritage of exploration is being exploited in the cause of a failed foreign policy. Whatever happened to setting high goals and meeting the challenge of a new frontier beyond the blue?

We have become a nation of whining apologists. As long as we elect wimps to lead us, it will not change.


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'Former NASA chief: Muslim outreach is ‘perversion’ of NASA’s mission'

"Michael Griffin, who headed NASA during the last four years of the Bush administration, says the space agency’s new goal to improve relations with the Islamic world and boost Muslim self-esteem is a “perversion” of NASA’s original mission to explore space. “NASA was chartered by the 1958 Space Act to develop the arts and sciences of flight in the atmosphere and in space and to go where those technologies will allow us to go,” Griffin said in an interview Tuesday. “That’s what NASA does for the country. It is a perversion of NASA’s purpose to conduct activities in order to make the Muslim world feel good about its contributions to science and mathematics.”

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Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds

"The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year -- an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America -- according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)."

"...The single largest cost to the government of illegal immigration, according to the report, is an estimated $52 billion spent on schooling the children of illegals. “Nearly all those costs are absorbed by state and local governments,’ the report states.

Moreover, the study’s breakdown of costs on a state-by-state basis shows that in states with the largest number of illegals, the costs of illegal immigration are often greater than current, crippling budget deficits. In Texas, for example, the additional cost of immigration, $16.4 billion, is equal to the state’s current budget deficit; in California the additional cost of illegal immigration, $21.8 billion, is $8 billion more than the state’s current budget deficit of $13.8 billion; and in New York, the $6.8 billion deficit is roughly two-thirds the $9.5 billion yearly cost of its illegal population, according to Jack Martin, the researcher who completed the study."

Click Here for entire report.

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'Iowa's Latino population grows despite recession, 2008 raid'

"Over the past two decades, Iowa's Latino population has quadrupled.

"It is actually growing faster than most people had been projecting," said Mark Grey, director of the Center for Immigrant Leadership and Integration at the University of Northern Iowa.""

Growth by County
Louisa 17%
Muscatine 15%
Washington 5%
Scott 5%
Des Moines 3%
Lee 3%
Henry 2%

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Federal Government Helped Pay Home Air-Conditioning Bills for Federal Employees, 725 Prisoners and More Than 11,000 Dead People

“Matching LIHEAP data with federal civilian payroll records, we identified about 1,100 federal employees whose federal salary exceeded the maximum income threshold at the time of their application,” the GAO reported.

One such case involved a Chicago-area Postal Service employee making $80,000 per year. According to the GAO, the woman, who was not named in the report, claimed on her LIHEAP application that she had no income. However, when pressed by GAO investigators, she admitted that she was not entitled to the benefits but wanted the money anyway because: “Times are tough and I needed the money.” She also said that she saw “long lines” and wanted some “free money.”

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Krauthammer Bashes Obama's Infantile NASA Muslim Outreach Program

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Obama's Progressive 1932 Boondoggle

The entire show.

"After a year and a half of Obama, it's starting to feel like 1932: The average time needed to find a job has risen to a record 35.2 weeks. The budget deficit is above 10 percent of GDP. Home and retail sales are way down. If that wasn't enough- 9.2 million people are unemployed. But despite all of this, President Obama is taking a victory lap around the country. He's calling it "Recovery Summer." History shows us that big government spending is simply not the answer to national economic problems. But, here we go again down the big government path."

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06 July

Burlington's New Arrival Trash Neighborhood - Perp Leaves


Well, you can take the people out of Chicago but you sure as hell can’t take Chicago out of the people.

The Ghetto at 1628 Dodge is still a replica of south side Chicago through the inhabitant’s use of fireworks Saturday night and then leaving the trashy byproducts littering Dodge Street.

Since 1628 and 1626 Dodge was rented to the “New” workers Burlington lured into moving from Chicago, our neighborhood has been blasted with rap music at all hours of the day and night. On a regular basis it’s not unusual to find trash and used condoms littering the yards of neighbors in the vicinity.

The owner of this Ghetto lives in the 600 block of 7th Street, far enough away that they could care less how their tenants have ruined a once nice, family orientated, quite neighborhood.

Now, one of the perpetrators of this mess has seen fit to cut and run after ruining Burlington as did Slagle by high tailing it out of town where he’ll probably ruin another city before it’s all over and I would assume his pockets are full as all Burlington’s leaders pockets usually are when they run. This particular person had been running South East Iowa Regional Planning in the destruction of Burlington for the past 17 years and he did a good job of surrogating Burlington to Louisa County where they get the workers for Tyson and Burlington gets all the headaches and cost for turning Burlington into the new sister city of East St. Louis.

Of course he had the slumlords right in his pocket to house the new “Burlington Workers” regardless of how these new arrivals would destroy our way of life, quality of life, neighborhoods, schools, increase in crime and so on. There are few if any neighborhoods that haven’t been impacted by SEIRPC, Burlington Government, The Chamber, and all the other feel good organizational destroyers of Burlington. Not one of these organizations upheld the right of the people they destroyed when throwing them out of the Manor a project run by ignorant, stupid people and aren’t these the same people in the above organizations.

One thing we do know is Burlington is the slum of East Iowa and will soon displace East St. Louis in quality of life, schools, local government, crime, jobs and a host of other measurable statistics used to rate cities. I can hardly wait until Burlington can be recognized as the number one slum city of Iowa. They’ve worked hard a obtaining this honor.

One thing for sure, none of the above organizations has done anything lately but drive the destruction of Burlington one new surrogate worker at a time.


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Burlington Citizens Screwed to The Wall Or Washed Away

Well, our socialist city government again raised the rates for water, sewer, trash, and storm water. Why the hell should we be paying storm water fees when storm water is an act of nature and has nothing to do with anything, hell we don’t even use it? And it doesn't work on top of that. Ask the West Jefferson Street business owners.

The board of waterworks trustees is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the unions running the city and constantly stealing from the taxpayer in order to live the good life no matter how many lives they destroy in the process. This city is the ultimate of deceitfulness all the way down the line with some of the worst public servants known to man.

When will the people wake up and realize the Democrats are the biggest tax and spend losers walking our city streets. They are half brain dead and can never recover common sense or accountability, their just plain thieves.

Burlington citizens really need to consider outsourcing many of the city departments so our money isn’t spent to cover the rubber stamp union contracts, raises, bonuses, free medical care and just plain paying off these city unions to be good and nice as they steal us blind and city management just rolls over as the good little union dogs they are.

By outsourcing the water works, trash, street repair and other services we could save untold millions and finally have someone that’s responsible and accountable rather than the dead beats currently in charge.

We are being plundered by city government and the sooner we get rid of the losers the better off we’ll be. We have no bang for our buck at all, in fact the city is stealing our meager earnings to fill their pockets and live the life of Riley at taxpayer expense.

How many private firms in Burlington give their employees the cash if they don’t want company benefits? That’s common practice in local government where they steal every penny they can to stuff their employees pockets. There are city employees and county employees stuffing the banks full of taxpayer money because they don’t take the benefits. This is probably how Heland and others run up their retirement funds by stealing from the taxpayer.

This whole local government just makes me sick and I have no respect for any of them because their stealing our money for their own personal gain while providing very little in return.


Funny you should mention storm water. We have obtained reports from two reliable sources that say the Lucas Street storm sewer is half full of mud and the city did nothing about it during construction.

Although not being a seasoned engineer or half-baked, incompetent city works director, it seems that when you plug the toilet and flush the toilet again, shi* happens. Now if we're wrong, email us. Tell us what we missed in class on fluid dynamics.


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Borrow and Spend's Ultimate End - Look East


"Mr. Hynes shakes his head. “This is not some esoteric budget issue; we are not paying bills for absolutely essential services,” he says. “That is obscene.”

Illinois is broke. Borrow and spend eventually comes to a ruinous end.

Iowa is in the hole. Senators Fraise and Coutney along with Representative Cahoon spent like Heland and Hoshcek. Iowa has not reached Illinois level of desperation. If we re-elect Governor Culver and keep our current team in the Legislature, we could get there.

Worse yet, America is being run by those wonderful people put Illinois where it is today. The Cook County crooks probably think America is too big to fail. So was Illinois.

No person, no company, and no unit of government can live on credit forever.


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Pelosi Oil Spill Solution

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04 July

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03 July

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Seen This Guy?

Wanted for Burglary of Flint Cliffs Manufacturing on June 17.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department at (319) 753-8366 or its criminal investigation division at (319) 753-8353 or (319) 753-8375. Callers also can contact Crime Stoppers at (319) 753-6835, or give tips electronically at Crime Stoppers.

Anyone who provides information that would lead to the identification and arrest of the suspect is eligible to receive a reward of up to $1,000 through Crime Stoppers.

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02 July

Blue Sky Real Estate in Burlington


An excellent retail opportunity in a little slice of heaven. So goes the promo. Don't look too close.

The lastest figures posted to support the claim are 2007. It's 1927 again. The future is bright and nuthin' but blue skies are comin' your way. Tell your dear old ma to invest her retirement nest egg.

“There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue
- Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. September 1929

Anybody with half a business brain knows better. Those so lacking work for the City of Burlington.

Every taxpayer in Burlington is paying the margin call on this vacant lot, get rich quick, retail real estate scheme.


3-year old tourism demographics excites me.

But the 2000 Retail Sales Per Household page 5 almost seems to surpass it as the best stale numbers.

The Winner? Page 8 in a presentation as dead as this town.


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The SEIU Smoking Gun: Did Obama lie about Blago seat?

"Well, the smell of gunpowder is filling the Illinois courtroom where Blago’s trial is still going on:

Top [SEIU] union leader Thomas Balanoff said he was at dinner the night before the November Presidential election when he got a call that was blocked.

So he didn’t take it.

Later he listened to his messages: “I walked outside, listened to it and it was from President Obama,” Balanoff said.

“Tom, this is Barack, give me a call,” the soon-to-be President-Elect said on the message.

After Balanoff sent word through an Obama aide to call him back, Obama returned his call later that night.

“Tom, I want to talk to you with regard to the Senate seat,” Obama told him.

Balanoff said Obama said he had two criteria: someone who was good for the citizens of Illinois and could be elected in 2010.

Obama said he wasn’t publicly coming out in support of anyone but he believed Valerie Jarrett would fit the bill.

“I would much prefer she (remain in the White House) but she does want to be Senator and she does meet those two criteria,” Balanoff said Obama told him. “I said: ‘thank you, I’m going to reach out to Gov. Blagojevich.”

Balanoff then described a Nov. 6, 2008 meeting he had with Rod Blagojevich to recommend Valerie Jarrett for Barack Obama’s Senate seat."

If they think this is smell of gunpowder, wait until Tony Rezko starts spillin' his guts on Obama and Rahm.


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Parisian Prostitute Pelosi - 'Unemployment Checks Create Most Jobs'

If you can stand to listen to the dumbest Parisian Prostitute ever to walk the face of Earth, she will tell you that "unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs."

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Nobama Disgrace


Your viewers should take a look at this from the Washington Times.

This administration has no shame when it comes to destroying morals. Nobama is one of a group of losers bent on ruining the family, religion, freedom of speech and a slew of other American freedoms.

Since he’s been in office another approximately 100,000 babies have been intentionally murdered for the purpose of birth control. I wonder if he has Nazi ties from his past because he appears to think and acts like them by forcing his warped agenda on the American public. No one should be forced to accept the warped sex habits of someone else as being normal. The left is trying to warp the minds of our children into thinking gay sex is normal and acceptable and to think we pay taxes to teach our children trash such as gay marriage and other devious acts of behavior as normal. We’re being forced to accept Nobama because a bunch of fools elected him and now we’re all stuck with him until 2012.

Just how stupid can Americans be for electing such a completely inept person as president, a person with little to know knowledge of the American people, what a joke, plus four years of bills that aren’t anywhere near what the American people had in mind? It will take years to clean up the damage the Nobama Regime will have caused on top of destroying the American dream for future generations.

Thanks to the left agenda of Nobama we’re all getting screwed and you better believe it.


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Smarmy Ralph Reed on Beck - Snake Oil & A Bible

Ralph Reed, the Crookedest Carpetbagger from Georgia touting Christianity as the righteous cure for all that ails Iowans' pocketbooks was on Glenn Beck Thursday night.

Brylcreem slick-backed hair, wide strip gray zoot suit, out of his lair, looking for a bunch of Iowans to rob with his good buddy Satan Steve Scheffler.

Don't hold it against Glenn.

But watch out. Keep your children and pets indoors. This little dab will do ya.


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01 July

Rufus Falling Heland


Burlington's current Police Station was supposed to be a temporary solution. How long is temporary?

Like everything else in Downtown Burlington, the "temporary" Police Station is antiquated and falling apart. Renovation of a building not designed for its current use and crumbling makes little sense. Talk, talk and more talk about a joint City County Law Enforcement building.

Heland does more than talk. Heland spends money. Heland spent money like a drunk with Hoschek's help. Every touchy feely, make everybody happy idea that comes along, Heland is ready to spend.

Heland can prioritize nothing. The cupboard is bare.

17% annual tax increases can not go on forever. One of these days, the current Police Station will collapse into the streets. A not uncommon experience in Downtown Burlington, but unacceptable for public safety in more ways than one.

The tiles at the top of Heland's skull keeping falling. There is nothing between Heland's scalp and his mouth to stop them.

Heland needs booted out. Hobnails on Heland's hemorrhoids should be just the start.

Local leaders afraid to prioritize real needs within our means must go.

Prep H.

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Obama's 'Fiscal Orgy' Paves The 'Road to Hell'

"G-20 leaders don't agree with the president that more spending will revive the economy. Nor do most Americans."

"At last week's G-20 meeting, President Barack Obama achieved a two-fer. He suffered a significant international defeat, and he increased the chances his party will suffer a major domestic one this fall.

Mr. Obama's international defeat was self-inflicted. He went to Toronto to press other major nations to do as he has done: Expand government spending, or suffer, in the president's words, "renewed economic hardship and recession."

...Canada, Germany, Great Britain and most other countries declined Mr. Obama's invitation. The German economic minister "urgently" prodded America to cut spending at a press conference on June 21, prior to the G-20 meeting. The president of the European central bank took direct aim at Mr. Obama's argument, telling the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on June 16 that "the idea that austerity measures could trigger stagnation is incorrect."

The European Union president, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, tore into Mr. Obama's stimulus and other spending policies in a stunning address to the European Parliament in March 2009, calling them "the road to hell" and saying "the United States did not take the right path."

If it sounds strange to have European leaders lecturing the U.S. about fiscal restraint, it should. But that is where America finds itself after Mr. Obama's 17-month fiscal orgy. "

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CBO says debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by year's end

"The national debt will reach 62 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by the end of this year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said Wednesday.

The budget office said the debt will reach its highest percentage of GDP since the end of World War II. The jump is driven by lower tax revenues and higher federal spending in the recent recession."

Now what?

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Al Gore in Heat - What a Sight All That Ego Must Be!


The act of amour expends much energy thus releasing heat. Add to that a few cigarettes afterward with heat trapping, CO2 green house gases expelled. What was Al thinking of?

Should Al Gore be neutered, or will his fall from sainthood bring reason rather than blind faith in a man to the great warming debate.

U. N. Ickes

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School Officials in Mass. Town Won't Let Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance

"When Sean Harrington entered his freshman year at Arlington High School, he noticed something peculiar: There were no American flags in the classrooms, and no one recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

So Harrington enlisted the aid of his fellow students, and now, three years later, they have succeeded in getting flags installed in the classrooms. But the pledge still will not be recited.

The Arlington, Mass., school committee has rejected the 17-year-old's request to allow students to voluntarily recite the Pledge of Allegiance, because some educators are concerned that it would be hard to find teachers willing to recite it, according to a report in the Arlington Patch."

What the hell has this country turned into? Teachers don't want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance should be fired. To hell with them and their damn union.


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What About Our School Pension Fund? What's Our Liability?

The top 100 school administrators in Illinois are due over $867 million dollars in pension payments. A school superintendent making $304,000 a year is due over $9 million in pension benefits.

Problem is, they're about $400 million short in the pension fund.

What about our school districts? What's the taxpayer going to have to pay to keep up with the 'comparable city of our size'?

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Where's Mike?


It’s really hard to believe Mike has held his temper this long and just accepts all the lies Nobama made during his campaign. How can Mike remain silent in the face of so many set backs perpetrated during the Nobama regimes tenure; so far.

Now if Bush were still in office we’d of had a library full of Mike’s ramblings chastising Bush and his administration but not Nobama even though his administration has been a total failure and points out their Bilderberger belief in one world government. Maybe that’s why Nobama doesn’t want to help the private sector but would rather ruin the entire U.S. economy to further the goal towards the Obama Bilderberger designed one world government. Maybe they were responsible for Nobama’s election as that group has done before in other countries.

Whatever happens we damn well better believe Nobama is anti American and wants to drive the economy back to the Stone Age by insisting on programs that have been proven failures world wide. None of his socialized programs have ever succeeded but he and his advisors can’t understand the simple truth.



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Rep Stark (D. CA.) Ridicules Citizens - "Our Borders Are Secure"

What A Sanctimonious Sack of Pious Shi*!

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Today's Beck - Things That Make You Go 'Hmm'

Obama Blocks 10 Republicans from LA Oil Spill

BP Safety Record Despicable

America Needs Your 20 Minutes Today

'Show Me Your Work'

Click Here for the entire show.

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