Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 September

A View on the News


"For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 57% now saying this is a record high by one percentage point."

Burlington is too insignificant for a Gallup poll. Talking to George, Mary, Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice in a few bars, it appears our local Ad Vertiser beats 57% hands down. Anecdotal, non scientific, no argument given.

Less and less. Thinner and thinner. The proof is in the tissue paper.

Kimberly Clark

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Corruption Creates Opportunity


"Stern left his post two years before the end of his term, saying he wanted to focus more on his personal life. He remains a member of President Barack Obama's deficit commission and a highly influential figure in the White House, where he was one of the most frequent visitors last year. He is also a research fellow at Georgetown University and a paid consultant for the SEIU."

Our President is truly worried about bankrupting our nation for generations to come. He shows his deep desire to control deficits by those whom he appoints to deal with the problem.

A union boss being investigated for corruption speaks trillions about our President's deep concern for huge federal deficits.

Closer to home, retired union boss and State Senator Tom Courtney has spoken more than a billion on the subject of government debt. Senator Courtney has voted consistently to take Iowa from a budget surplus to over $1 billion in debt.

Here at home, union label County Supervisor Heland has squandered Des Moines County's $11 million budget surplus. With no Federal Reserve to create cash out of thin air, Heland raised taxes 17% in one year. Those above will soon do the same.

If union boss Stern gets the boot, somebody will be kicked up the ladder to replace him. Like box cars slamming in line from a jack rabbit start, perhaps Senator Courtney could be pulled into a regional federal position.

State Senator Heland, anybody?

Decker N. Rags

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Dems will take home message cards for campaign season

Does Dave Have His Card? Ask him!

"Senate Democratic leaders gave their colleagues a message card with talking points to share with voters at home.

The card was part of a pep talk Democratic senators gave themselves at their party luncheon Wednesday before leaving Washington to face hostile voters on the campaign trail.

The theme of the card is Democrats Are On Your Side, and it tells senators to remind their constituents of three Democratic policy priorities.

No. 1, Democrats will create jobs by getting businesses to make products in America.

No. 2, Democrats will stop tax breaks for big corporations who ship American jobs overseas.

No. 3, Democrats will protect Medicare and Social Security from Republicans who want to eliminate them."

What a pile bulls***?

Does Dave Have His Card? Ask him!


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The University of Iowa Hawkeyes Vs. Aspen Grove Cemetery


"According to the Johnson County auditor's website, a record-breaking 1,319 people cast their votes at Burge Hall on Tuesday — the largest satellite voting site in Johnson County in history. A crowd of 945 people set the old mark at Burge in 2007."

Dust to dust. Ashes to election victories. Will college students out do the grateful dead? A challenge is herewith being issued. Is our State Senator Courtney up to it?

Being under the age of 21 and able to hang out in Iowa City bars is a matter of grave concern. This issue is causing college students to bury old records. Senator Courtney is no Ball State, nor Drake. More potential voters reside in Aspen Grove than students currently enrolled at the University of Iowa.

Like any contest, there must be rules. If Des Moines County students who voted early in Johnson County drive home and vote in Des Moines County on election day, who gets the points?

There must be rulings on the field. Will County Supervisor Heland and our Congressman be spared ejection from the game? Spike, would you care to referee this ruse?

No matter who wins this big one, there will be one huge loser. The living who legitimately voted but once will be taxed five times the final score.

Red Grange

Courtney, Heland, Anderson, Edwards and Ell better pick up the pace. Those are serious numbers. Can't let the title of Most Corrupt Voters can't go out of county.


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City Council Out of Control - Look Familiar

Remind you of the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, Ell, Hoschek, King, Heland?

Riveting video of a councilwoman treating citizens with rage and contempt.

For the nut job's explanation, Click Here and Here.

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'The Roots of Obama's Rage'

"The book that Barack Obama and The White House do not want you to read- 'The Roots Of Obama's Rage' author Dinesh D'Souza joins Glenn tonight to talk about the 'real' Barack Obama. Tonight's show is all about fact vs. opinion. As long as a book is based in facts, then we can look at the theories surrounding them and agree or disagree. When someone says not to read a certain book, you know something must be up. The White House has come out swinging hard..the media has smeared Dinesh D'Souza."

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29 September

A Kenyan in the Corn Fields for Democratic Slobberfest


“The purpose of the visit is to try to suggest that he understands the situation that people are in. But I don’t know how much people want an Oprah moment right now,” Goldford said."

George Soros found his Manchurian Candidate from Kenya. It worked, for a while. Now, failure has the Kenyan's confederates fleeing from his presence. Governor Culver is an exception.

This visitor to our fair state has had problems lately filling a hall and its stage. Will Senator Courtney take up space in the presence of Iowa's guest? What about Heland? Has our congressman committed to attend?

Misery loves company.


It'll be a genuine old fashioned Iowa Democratic Slobber Fest. Fraise has a new bib to go with his pull on slippers, Courtney has 236 new voters from Aspen Grove and Heland has gas money from a double down on $20 bet and a hot check cashed at Riverside.


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Protecting the Public Payroll Privileged


"Culver said he and union leaders “talked frankly” about unfinished business in his second term if he wins re-election on Nov. 2 – including plans to expand “open scope” collective bargaining for public employees, allow negotiated “fair share” provisions whereby non-union public employees would help pay to secure and enforce bargained contract benefits, set a “prevailing wage” floor on public-sector projects based on local pay scales, and allow workers injured on the job to choose the doctors who will treat them."

For those beyond full time in the private sector producing to make it possible, you better find a second part time job if you want to feed yourself and your family. Culver is down for the count and will do whatever it costs to cover his support base.

Desperate Chet can not deliver on this by his lonesome. Courtney, Cahoon and Fraise will vote to make it so in Des Moines. Heland will gladly hand out the haul in Des Moines County.

Cast your vote so you don't get soaked.

3rd Shift Sleepless

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Know Only the Party Line


"President Obama is pulling no punches when it comes to Fox News, declaring the cable news outlet to be "destructive to [America's] long-term growth."

"An amalgamated cybersecurity bill that lawmakers hope to pass before the end of the year includes new powers which would allow President Obama to shut down not only entire areas of the Internet, but also businesses and industries that fail to comply with government orders following the declaration of a national emergency – increasing fears that the legislation will be abused as a political tool."

Politicians do not like being reminded of their failures. Paranoia mixed with Socialism is a most vicious tyrant's brew.

Would our Congressman vote for this? Somebody better ask him in front of witnesses before election day. Please report his answer, or attempt to dodge the issue.

This threat is top down. You have been accused of being destructive to Burlington's long term growth by those who have excelled at doing just that. How dare you and others remind people of the facts.

If President Obama has his way with Mr. Murdoch, who is to say Heland and his comrades will not do the same to local, "Hate speech mongers." Spike, Falcon, KCPS and any others who facilitate, or even hold opposing views, beware.

"Our rights we prize. Our liberties we will maintain." Remember Iowa's state motto on election day. Too many have we elected in the past who only have given it lip service in passing. Make them pass their office to somebody who knows and respects the meaning of the words.


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On Philanderers Field


"On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany," said Bild, the country's biggest selling newspaper."

At least some can report closure of a horror that should never be forgotten. Not all can say the same.

Allied with State Senator Courtney, the City of Burlington achieved total victory over local taxpayers at the Battle of Flint Hills Manor. With military level secrecy, local war lords prepared and fired their weapon of mass destruction; eminent domain. Thankfully, this doomsday device has since been restrained by the Code of Iowa.

All that remains is a 26 acre "No Man's Land" and a forlorn for sale sign to commemorate our continuing misery.

It took vanquished Germans 92 years to pay for the disaster that was World War I. How long will Burlington's vanquished taxpayers be paying for their disaster at Agency and Roosevelt?


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Obama's Buddies

"Mr. Obama, show me your friends..and I'll show you who's headed to the mall in Washington. Progressives are attempting a counter-response to Glenn's Restoring Honor Rally. It will be held this Saturday, October 2nd on the national mall. It's really quite amazing to see just who is behind and endorsing this event. Glenn took a lot of heat from last night after telling people that the Young Communist League was just one of those groups- but that's only the beginning. Tonight, you will see them all. And Obama wonders why people think he's a socialist.."

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28 September

Spike, When Do They Come for Thee?

Heland, et. al. are menace to our liberties


"Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations of the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is "going dark" as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone."

The telescreen tells all. Does the local single political party consider you a terrorist? Will tyranny's tentacles reach from D. C. to the Des Moines County Court House.

"When the subject of Heland's failure to limit his wild county spending habits with taxpayer money came up, Heland snapped with his ugly side to Dan Hockett, “You hate speech monger.”

After suitable "re-education" and "sensitivity training" will you and other thought criminals come to love Big Brother Heland and the rest of our local Inner Party leaders before being vaporized?

Pol Pot

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Better Understanding of No Money For Anything Except Wages, Salaries & Benefits


It's much easier for me to understand why the City has no money for streets, infrastructure improvements, etc. after reading the Hawkeye article earlier this week in which an attempt was made to explain what happened with the TIF error.

In one line Bockenstedt says it was difficult to notice the error since the amount was so small in the grand scheme of things. Then later the article indicates that the shortage would have been nearly $250,000.

Any guy who considers a quarter of a million dollars "small" is not someone I want watching my money. I can only dream of the things I could do with that many dollars.

I can't wait to see this battle of wits play out. With the ammo levels these public servants have the battle will probably be better termed a "battlelet".

Only Scott Power will win with his non-itemized, lump sum legal bill that Doug Worden said was OK.

Makes me wonder about that, too.


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America's Sanity Belt


From Ohio to Iowa, there’s a yawning stretch of heartland states whose citizens voted for Obama and congressional Democrats in 2008, but who have lost patience waiting for an as-yet undelivered economic revival that was first promised in 2006, and then two years later. Now, they look set to stampede toward the out-of-power party.

Washington, D. C. produces words of command and control. On its farms and in its ever fewer factories, America's heartland produces goods of tangible value. From those who produce to those who pontificate.

It appears producing valueless verbiage may soon receive its just reward. Socialists like our Congressman deserve to be sent home for a reality check.


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Heland's Zombies - Raising the Dead to Serve the Unworthy


"The door is quickly closing on Gov. Chet Culver’s hopes for re-election: A new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows Terry Branstad leading by 19 percentage points."

Registering and voting all 60,000 plus voters in Aspen Grove Cemetery to help reverse this may raise eye brows. How many voters will Heland need from Aspen Grove to save his ever-taxing liberal ass?

Has Senator Courtney had their early ballots mailed in yet?


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(I'm A Nut Job) Ahmadinejad meets with Farrakhan, New Black Panthers

"It was a strange week for the loony strongman from Iran.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's six nights in New York featured a secret sit-down with militant minister Louis Farrakhan, heckling in a hotel bar, and a fear of being rubbed out that bordered on paranoia.

The president shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street.

The meeting of the podium smackers took place in a banquet room, where the fiery leaders presumably exchanged theories on what's wrong with the world...

Ahmadinejad, who wore the same tacky suit and shirt all week...

dined in but not on room service. Meals -- mostly lamb, shish kebabs, spiced ground meat and basmati rice -- were prepared by a Persian restaurant and carried in by Secret Service agents.

A source said the spicy grub made "the whole hotel stink like hell."

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Farm Workers


Why would any American want to work on a fruit picking job or other farm job when Obama through entitlements and our local, state and federal governments pay good wages for doing little or nothing with excessive benefits, no threat of being laid off, no responsibility along with no accountability, raises every year based on nothing but showing up and of course if your dumb enough a bonus here and there.

Despite economy, Americans don't want farm work.


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Democratic Losers Come In Many Packages


Most states and cities along with the federal government are much more likely to fail if they're run by democrats. When the minorities vote for them it’s a vote for prolonged deprivation and slow to no advancement in society here in America.

The black family has suffered untold losses with the democratic programs intended to gain their votes while actually setting them back from achieving middle class status in America. Before the great society the black family had the same fatherless homes ratio as the whites and now it has gone backwards for them until the ratio is now 70% of white families have fathers within the home and only about 20% of black families have a father living in the home. For this the blacks have voted democratic time after time while getting nothing in return other than more fatherless homes and more poverty. Blacks would be much better off were they to listen to Bill Cosby rather than democrats and others that have gained them nothing other than negative progress. Both white and black had a ratio of 70% fathers in the home, prior to the democratic great society and there after it began to drop for the minority.

Actually the KKK was founded by Democrats. "Lifting the Klan mask revealed a chaotic multitude of anti-Black vigilante groups, disgruntled poor white farmers, wartime guerrilla bands, displaced Democratic politicians, illegal whiskey distillers, coercive moral reformers, sadists, rapists, white workmen fearful of black competition, employers trying to enforce labor discipline, common thieves, neighbors with decades-old grudges, and even a few freedmen and white Republicans who allied with Democratic whites or had criminal agendas of their own. Indeed, all they had in common, besides being overwhelmingly white, southern, and Democratic, was that they called themselves, or were called, Klansmen."

The black lady that confronted Obama at that Townhall meeting a week or so ago was scared to death of what was happening to her country and her family. She admitted she voted for Obama but was having second thoughts because of what he and the democrats had done to destroy our freedoms and the economy. It was clear this lady voted for Obama simply because he was black and no other reason, a classic example of voting for the wrong thing. Anyone who saw this lady would have understood her dilemma and felt sorry for her and what is happening to most Americans under this Obama regime. Obama seduced many with his oratory skills while actually having no experience in management, leadership or anything else required of a president. Most of his associates are no better prepared for government than he was and by the way many are still not paying taxes like we must. He has some of the worst political appointees of any president to date many totally unqualified left wing radicals and misfits of society.

The democrats have met living off false promises and dreams for many Americans who blindly vote democratic simply because they were democrats with no accountability or positive results provided once these losers were in office.

With the election this November approaching quickly I wish all people will make rational choices rather than vote for someone simply based on party because that’s the dumb way of voting which has been proven over and over again, just look around is anyone better off now than they were two years ago? Look at Burlington a failure of a town and it’s entirely run by democrats a mirror image of Illinois and the federal government. By the way the county is run by the same party and it’s a failure also.

Vote them out in November!


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Pelosi to Young People: Take Your Time Reaching Your Aspirations, Stay on Parents’ Health Insurance

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Heland & Progressives Back Government Control of Everything

"Right out of Cass Sunstein's playbook, progressives continue to extend government control. Did you know in nine states, the government can now place a GPS device on your car and track you WITHOUT a warrant?

The FBI can now track your location WITHOUT a warrant using your cell phone..and now they are pushing for a 'backdoor system' to be able to read your e-mail? And what about these new 'X-Ray vans' that are now driving around our neighborhoods? We can get NO answers from The Obama administration."

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25 September

Packin' 'Em In

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24 September

Bloat The Vote - Courtney to Lead Absentee Vote Fraud


"State Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, who is not up for re-election, will host the kickoff event in Burlington."

Vote early at the local single party headquarters. Thank Senator Courtney for making election day registration and voting possible.

Register on election day in another county and vote again. Show a green card. Show a fake social security card. Show campaign junk mail as proof of residence. Swamped election workers may well not catch it.

How many tomb stones will Heland's Cadillac deliver at a crack?

Rigor Mortis

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Courtney - No Problem In Southeast Iowa, They're Voters


According to a caller on the KCPS Drive show Thursday our nitwit senator Tom Courtney believes there is no problem with the Chicago transient crowd and the crime wave that has seized the city.

I guess the problem won't be a problem until after the November election. Courtney is an expert at creating all kinds of absentee voters appear.


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Unnoticed 5-Year Million Dollar Error


I get the message now. You've been telling us for years Worden and Copeland were incompetent and should be replaced. I guess you never want to accept the fact that your community is run by people that can't find a job anywhere else. Both are likable people. They just aren't running with a full tank.

It seems incomprehensible that Doug Worden and Carol Copeland could be over $200,000 apart and miss the error for 5 years. And the county auditors that needed to tell us how much a sign costs missed the same error along with the city's auditor.

How does this happen? More importantly, why did this happen?

We're not going to be rid of these slugs until one retires and the other is caught. I'd even pay for both to have their massages before they retired and soaked us some more for their pension.


P.S. You know if you ever ran for mayor or supervisor and showed up at city hall or the court house it would be like Wyatt Earp walking through Dodge City.

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Jesse Jackson Not Only Democrat With Social Acquaintances


"U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) said Tuesday he is “deeply sorry” for having “disappointed some supporters” regarding his relationship with a female “social acquaintance.”

"The Sun-Times reported on Tuesday that sources said Nayak told authorities that on Oct. 8, 2008, Jackson directed him to offer Blagojevich $6 million in exchange for the Senate appointment."

The land of poverty pimps and perpetual corruption never cease to entertain. When do they tie Obama into all Cook County is famous for?

King Richard I

What makes you think the Chicago crooks are the only Democrats with "social acquaintances?" Social acquaintances extend all the way to Gulfport and to more than one politician.


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Lady GaGa's Painted Lips Preaching Like The Parisian Prostitute


That Lady GaGa is typical of the left wing air heads trying to impose their warped logic and agenda on the majority of the population.

Who the hell is she that thinks she speaks for anyone other than the lower end of society? Every time I see her I automatically wonder what happened during her childhood that makes her think she speaks for anyone other than herself.

These people that make money off of public ignorance are nothing more than a passing whim that will soon be forgotten.

It’s just too bad that people in the lime light have to open their mouths and ruin any respect they may have had with the public.

GaGa, the name alone tends to turn one’s stomach. She should stick to singing and drop the political correct BS she constantly spews from between her painted lips.


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Greatness Again Beckons

"The list discloses for the first time the extent of David Cameron’s plans for the “bonfire of the quangos”, designed to save the taxpayer billions of pounds. Thousands of jobs will go as part of the reforms."

Britain is looking to merge and defund government agencies. Britain was once the world's greatest power. Britain chose Socialism.

Great public policy like this could make Britain Great again. Go for it, Minister Cameron.

In Des Moines County and the State of Iowa, what agencies would you suggest for the funeral pyre? Does anybody in audience have any suggestions to light freedom's fire?

Guy Fawkes

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Geithner & Buffet: Recession Not Over

"Who says the U.S. recession is over? Not Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And not legendary investor Warren Buffett....

I'm not an economist, and I'm not an academic," Geithner said on Wednesday when a Republican lawmaker tried to pin him down on whether he thought the recession was over. "And I would just say the following: This is still a very tough economy...

On any common sense definition, the average American is below where he was before, or his family, in terms of real income, GDP," Buffett said in a CNBC interview. "We're still in a recession. And we're not going to be out of it for a while, but we will get out of it."

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Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers Denied Emeritus Status

"In a very unusual move, University of Illinois trustees Thursday denied giving emeritus status to controversial retired professor William Ayers.

The vote, at a U. of I. board meeting in Urbana, was unanimous and came after a passionate speech by board chair Christopher Kennedy, who invoked the 1968 assassination of his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, in saying that he was voting his conscience.

The other trustees, without comment, also voted against the appointment."

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Bailed Out Union Auto Workers Busted Boozing, Smoking Weed

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Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites

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Media Research Center: ‘Tell The Truth’

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US Delegation Walks Out on Ahmadinejad; Accuses US of Being Behind 9/11

Ahmanutjob Meds Wear Off Before Speech Ends

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23 September

Letters of Support for Heland


"Republicans want to require Iowans to show identification before they vote because they think it would give their party an advantage, Iowa's top election official believes."

"The voting process shouldn't be a process where people are required to pay anything or buy anything to vote," he (Mauro) said."

Iowa's Sec. of State is upset over requiring voter identification. It would make same day registration voter fraud much too difficult. How would Jeff Heland get driver's licenses for all his Aspen Grove supporters?

The one thing Socialists never want you required to pay to vote is income and/or real estate taxes. That would be the end of them.

R. I. P.

Voter I.D. would shut down the Democratic Party in Southeast Iowa especially if it tied into a central voter database used to cross reference absentee ballots.

That would stop these feelthy vote mongers.


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High Speed Rail to Nowhere


High speed rail between Chicago and St. Louis is a waste of taxpayer dollars because the government can’t manage Amtrak let alone another entity on rails.

Government can’t run anything without propping it up constantly with more dollars. The post office is a classic example of overpaid management, government employees’ again who have proven over and over again their incapable of running anything let alone a railroad. I have doubts government could even run lemonade stand at a profit.

Why do liberals constantly think they know best when they are basically brain dead fools who are on the verge of insanity? I wouldn’t give you a dime for a Harvard educated appointee hired by the Obama regime most of which are liberal professors with no practical experience in the real world, actually they're just like Obama, if you ask me.

Obama seduced plenty of people with his mouth that eventually has exposed his lack of economic experience, governing experience, common sense experience and his total lack of experience with the American way of life. He and his mouth also seduced many Americans without any proof of his competency or knowledge required to run even a lemonade stand on 4th street.

Vote them all out in November and end this embarrassing regime to our country. We can vote the head of this mess out in 2012 and I can’t wait for that.


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Only "F--kers" Do Not Want Obama Care


"The head of the Ohio Democratic Party is brushing off his description of Tea Partiers and other opponents of President Obama's health care law as "f--kers," saying he shares a penchant for blurting with Vice President Biden."

Brilliant statesman like Barry Obama, Joe Biden and our Congressman have given us "free" health care.

By far, most of us did not want Obamacare. How dare we be ungrateful "f--kers" for questioning their wisdom.

Obama and Biden are not on the ballot this Fall, but our Congressman is. Are you going to take this, or flip back the finger when you mark your ballot?

Big Bird

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End of Recession Claim Off By 12 Months & Counting


Can anyone believe what this bonehead is saying now, “The Recession is over?”


I believe they made a mistake on the date of the report. Click Here for a more accurate perspective. Or Click Here.

What I can't believe is how the main stream media sucked this up and spit it out as a gospel headline event as if it were true.


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We Believe

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Obama's Medicare Czar Can't Take the Heat - Another Radical

"It's been three months now since his recess appointment, and still no word from the new CMS director, Donal Berwick. In fact, Berwick hasn't granted any interviews, refuses to testify before Congress, and doesn't take any questions at public events.

To put this in perspective, Donald Berwick oversees the healthcare spending for one-in-three Americans and, as the New York Times put it, "has a budget bigger than the Pentagon's."

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Clear and Present Danger

"The fundamental transformation of America. You cannot look at any story in today's news and make sense of it- if you look at it through your own eyes. Tonight, look at it through the eyes of the progressives and the massive structure that they are building. Only then can you make sense of what they are doing and the regulation they are enforcing to get there. Beware, they work in the cover of darkness and whether you know it or not- are creating a system to control every aspect of your lives. Tonight, we shine the light on them."

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22 September

How Does Our Garden Grow?


The fish wrap Ad Vertiser may work as a barrier against fox tail in your green beans and posies, but has been all to often ineffective against foxes in the hen house.

Illegal secret meetings, destruction of public records at City Hall, where has the Ad Vertiser been? Has the Ad Vertiser followed through on touchy feely failures liked the Wrecked Plex, or Huck's Hole? Has the Ad Vertiser done an in depth report on the odds of success of the Capitaless Theater project?

The Hawk-Eye was an effective herbicide. Not so the Ad Vertiser.

Luther Burbank

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Being There


"President Barack Obama plans to return to Iowa in late September to discuss the economy, White House officials said today."

The Tax and Spender in Chief is coming to Iowa. Our President will be in Des Moines September 29th. Will he have company?

Tax and spend takes more than one man. It takes a Congress. Speaker Pelosi and her pups have made all that spending, debt and taxation to pay for it possible. Ever faithful to the masters of tax and spend is our Congressman.

Some of the guilty have been running away from their masters. Carpet staining members of Congress have been avoiding the President and Madame of the House like the dog catcher.

Will Dave Loebsack be on the Dais in Des Moines wagging his tail like Supervisor Heland does for Dave?

R T Tin

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Iowa Employees Ponzi Retirement System?


"State treasurer Michael Fitzgerald should have prevented Iowa's largest public employees' pension fund from being defrauded of around $100 million in a national Ponzi scheme, his challenger believes."

If something sounds too good to be true, examine it closely. If somebody will not make a good faith effort to follow through on that axiom, they should be through holding public office.


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Anchors Away, From Iowa


“The (Iowa) caucuses don’t seem to have the impact anymore that they used to, for the Republicans,” he said."

John McCain has a point. Extremists may exert undue influence in a small state caucus process. This is especially true when national money and manpower pour into native extremist political action committees.

Extremists generally fair poorly even in party primaries. Extremists get nowhere in a general election, unless they hide their true intent. The liberal case in point, our current President.

Where happened to Rev. Huckabee after winning Iowa? John McCain achieved his nomination by not wasting resources in Iowa.

If more credible candidates do like John McCain and bypass Iowa, the Iowa Caucuses maybe become like a dying sun. An expansion of firebrands bellowing lunacy will appear before exploding into darkness.

If extremists continue to hold undue sway, it will herald Iowa's return to irrelevance in the nominating process.

Samuel H. Schwabe

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The Iron Rice Bowl Keeps Crumbling


The Netherlands' queen and the outgoing prime minister presented an austere annual budget on Tuesday that slashes government jobs, spending on immigrants, and tax breaks for families -- a foretaste of more far-reaching cuts likely to come under the conservative Cabinet now being formed.

Famed for government waste and a generous welfare state, Holland is calling a halt to excessive Socialism.

The tulips were too red.


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For Whom Bell California Tolls


"Cooley filed charges against eight Bell officials Tuesday, alleging that they misappropriated $5.5 million in public funds. Rizzo has been charged with 53 counts of misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest."

A former City Manager in California has been lead away in handcuffs. Misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest are mentioned as charges.

Burlington has a $5.5 million and counting eminent domain created, vacant lot the City owns. A Minnesota developer backed out. Burlington's then City Manager fled and took a job selling municipal bonds with a Minnesota based consulting firm. Is there a possible connection?

Has the statue of limitations been reached in Iowa on this? If not, is anybody even willing to investigate? If malfeasance of office is evident, is anybody willing to prosecute?


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Media-Union Collusion: SEIU Spokesman Caught on Tape Bragging About How Local News Does Labor’s Bidding

11:00:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Obama's Aunt: USA obligated to make me a citizen

"President Barack Obama's aunt, who lived for years illegally in Boston before being granted asylum in May, said the United States has an "obligation" to grant her citizenship.

"If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen," Zeituni Onyango told WBZ-TV in an interview that first aired Monday."

04:08:00 - SPIKE - No comments

20 September

Weed Barrier - Best Use of Ad Avertiser Yet


I would echo some of what Mr. Deen says about the Roosevelt plantings and their sad state. What I see there is similar to other planting areas in town. It's easy to plant those things, but no one seems to realize you have to take care of them. I always thought the median bed location was stupid anyway because all the salt-laden snow would play havoc with them.

Another area that needs some serious attention is along the library parking lot facing South Main. The weeds are higher than lots of the bushes, grasses and flowers. They look awful.

P.S. For a great weed barrier, try wetting several layers of newspaper and laying them on the ground before planting anything. Then add mulch to the top, and most of the weeds will never make it to the light of day. It may be the best use of The Hawkeye.


03:18:00 - SPIKE - No comments

The Anti-Evita Loebsack Option


"She (Miller-Meeks) said she wants to decrease stimulus spending and implement tax cuts, which, she contends, allows the economy to grow for itself by freeing up money for the business sectors."

Our Congressman believes in ever bigger government funded with ever increasing debt. It was what Nancy Pelosi wants. Whatever Nancy wants, our Congressman votes for. Evita Peron would be proud.

America is on course to become the great Argentina of the north. Nations rich in resources with a well educated work force may achieve mass poverty through bad government policy.The election this year is crucial if we are to steer clear of disaster.

Those who represent elitists puppets like Pelosi do not represent us. Voters need to teach the Nutty Professor that lesson.


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18 September

Will Congressman Heland Lend a Hand or a Shovel?


"With Election Day just 47 days away, Republican candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Democrat incumbent Dave Loebsack are locked in a virtual tie and more voters want to replace the incumbent than re-elect him, according to a new poll released today."

County Supervisor Heland and his role model in Washington are in trouble. Tax and spend Socialism has put the Nutty Professor neck and neck on the chopping block. Will Jeff Heland rescue the nontenured professor?

You reported Heland is digging for every vote he can get at Aspen Grove. Will Jeff share the wealth? Will voters who last legally voted for President George McClellan in 1864 vote for the Nutty Professor as well as Heland?

Congressman Heland becomes easier to achieve if the professor gets buried. What will Heland do? How will my vote be cast?

2043 Sunnyside Ave.
Burlington, IA

04:33:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pay Me Not to Work


"I'm disappointed that we've only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million," says Wendy Greuel, the city's controller, while releasing an audit report."

Look at what all that stimulus money our Congressman voted for accomplished in Tinsel Town. I am willing to do my part to improve that figure here in Bustedton.

$2 million a job is too much. I will take $1.5 million to quit my job. My replacement maybe claimed as a direct result of stimulus money. I will take early, early retirement and therefore not be counted among the searching for work statistics.

As an added benefit, I promise not to take a local government job during my retirement, nor do any government consulting. Let somebody else do light duty. Take them off the looking for work rolls. Another job is directly created by stimulus money.

Show me the money!

Frei Loadier

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Re-railing Socialism


"A national rail plan envisioned by the Obama administration must be preceded by shipper-supportive changes in rail competition rules either through a change in law or by regulatory action, said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

Socialism in America may arguably be traced to creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) in the late 19th century. Regulating free transportation markets in the name of being "fair" grew into a monster.

Socialism's monopoly argument became invalid. Technology created competing forms of transportation, but every aspect of the railroad industry chaffed under government control. By the late 1970's, dozens of railroads had collapsed. Burlington lost its direct north railroad connection in the process.

Government spent billions in some areas to preserve rail service. Government was forced to face facts in a crises it in no small part created.

Deregulation in the early 1980's allowed the private sector to rationalize the remains. The railroad industry became profitable again. Socialists are out to turn back the clock. They hope we ignore History's lessons.

What their administration envisions for the railroads is an indicator of their vision for all. Command and control will deliver what they see as "fair" at freedom's expense.

If you do not want our community and country to become a few streaks of rust lost in the weeds, make your vote a hoe of hope and change. Weed Socialists out of government.

John Galt

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17 September

Heland Found In Looking For Absentee Voters in Kossuth Cemetery?


I drove my aunt to Kossuth Cemetery on Wednesday and I am quite certain I saw Jeff Heland walking around writing down names on a sheet of paper.

My aunt said he was looking for absentee voters. Do you think he would do such a thing?


Nope! Heland only trolls Aspen Grove. Lots more voters and it's harder for the auditor to find 'em after their massage.

To set the record straight, Tim Hoschek and Ben Diewold used Kossuth.


04:57:00 - SPIKE - No comments

A Provincial Prison


"The head of an Iowa construction industry group has expressed worries that out-of-state workers could take many of the jobs created by the Fort Madison project if an out-of-state firm gets the contract."

If a contractor can meet the specs and do so for less, taxpayers should care less.


Out-of-staters can't vote. That's the only thing in question.


04:35:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Drive on Barry

04:29:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Dialing for Dave Dollars

from BrietbartTV.com -

"Big Government Exclusive: Delegate to Congress for the District of Columbia Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton leaves voice mail citing her seniority and stimulus-based projects in lobbyist's "sector".

"I was, frankly, uh, uh, surprised to see that we don’t have a record, so far as I can tell, of your having given to me despite my uh, long and deep uh, work. In fact, it’s been my major work, uh, on the committee and sub-committee it’s been essentially in your sector.

I am, I’m simply candidly calling to ask for a contribution. As the senior member of the um, committee and a sub-committee chair, we have (chuckles) obligations to raise, uh funds "

04:01:00 - SPIKE - No comments

15 September

So Goes Cuba, So Should Go Des Moines County


"Communist Cuba will shift hundreds of thousands of state employees to the private sector in 2011 as the government prunes more than 500,000 workers from its payroll.

The official trade union federation said on Monday that eventually more than a million jobs would be cut."

The Castro brothers ruling their Caribbean workers paradise are making cuts. Everybody working for the government is not working out as promised. What about those dictating what happens in Des Moines County?

Public employee numbers and compensation here are unsustainable. Unlike the brothers Castro, Supervisor Heland fears making tough choices. An $11 million surplus is history and historic tax increases are being inflicted upon the private sector proletariat.

Thank you, Comrade Heland.

No choice on the ballot but the single party is the rule in Cuba. In Des Moines County, it is usually just like Cuba. This year is an exception. Voters have a real choice other than Comrade Heland.

If Des Moines County voters prune Heland from the public payroll, it would be a good start. A message would be sent to all the rest. Tax and spend to buy favor with your friends is unsustainable.

Oppressed workers in the private sector unite. You have nothing to loose but your chains.

17% & Revolting

10:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Junk Bond I-Jobs


"A private financial rating agency this week flagged bonds for Iowa’s public works program after noting that state officials had failed to deposit enough money in a reserve account."

Governor Culver, Senators Courtney, Fraise and Representative Cahoon, have created a house of cards jobs program. Just like any impulsive spender, pull out the credit card.

Fellow party bag man, Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald, forgot to cover the safety net spread if gamblers fail to provide their anticipated skim. Standard & Poors put the bonds on its credit watch list as a result.

Fitzgerald has promised to cover the spread. None the less, the State Treasurer's error is bad press. It should serve as a warning.

Despite the efforts of Culver, Courtney, Fitzgerald et. al. Iowa's over all credit rating is still sound. The question is for how much longer will we keep our good credit with this crowd around?


10:37:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Surrender America


What a spooky video about the wicked witch by the bay. All those gargoyles overhead who follow her every command were terrifying.

Was that our Congressman playing the IRS card? Where's the fire hose?

If everybody will just tap their ruby slippers together at the polls this November, we can make this nightmare end.

Billie Burke

And I'll tax your dog too!


10:28:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Flubber In Failure


"Late last week, an independent group, the American Future Fund, released a poll showing Congressman Dave Loebsack hanging on to a slim 6.7 percent lead among likely voters in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, even before Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks started her paid advertising campaign."

Dave was born in a little log union hall..... The Business Agent bounced Dave on his knee while reading Das Kapital to him.... Dave learned to craft sewage at early age.... Dave loves us...

Expect exposure to more this on the air waves. Union bosses are worried about their boy. The bosses are buying air time because Dave is running out of air.

The Absent Minded Professor is having trouble staying aloft. All those votes demanded by Nancy Pelosi while ignoring the folks back home have become ballast. Dave's flivver delivering Socialism is in danger of crashing.

The Air Force can not shoot down this threat to America's security and well being. Only we can. For the good of us all, vote to ground Dave for good.

Send somebody to Washington with the right stuff, not flubber.

O. W.

10:23:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Sebelius warns insurers against blaming health law for rate hikes

Sebelius Threatens Action Against Insurance Industry for Reality of Obama Healthcare

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a strongly worded letter to a Washington, D.C.-based association of insurers "to inform your members that there will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases."

"Simply stated, we will not stand idly by as insurers blame their premium hikes and increased profits on the requirement that they provide consumers with basic protections," Sebelius said in the letter sent Thursday to America's Health Insurance Plans.

Further, she said insurers with a record of unjustified rate increases may be excluded from health insurance exchanges that are to be created in 2014."

10:21:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Black Panther case roars back

Inspector general opens inquiry into impropriety at Justice

"The other shoe is dropping on the stonewallers at the Obama Justice Department. Yesterday, the department's inspector general, Glenn A. Fine, informed Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, and Rep. Frank Wolf, Virginia Republican, that he will open "a review of the enforcement of civil rights laws by the Voting Rights Section of the Department's Civil Rights Division."

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America's Financial Vietnam


"Ding Yifan, a policy guru at the Development Research Centre, said China could respond by selling holdings of US debt, estimated at over $1.5 trillion (£963bn). This would trigger a rise in US interest rates."

China wages a fiscal struggle for domination. America has been living beyond its means. Years of spend, borrow and tax have weakened us.

Over the last two years, the situation has gone from concern to crises. What can we do about it?

R. M.

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The Southeast Iowa Interplanetary Spaceport?


"That leaves the four houses to be dealt with in the airport's 3.4 million-square-foot southern protection zone."

The above is from the Ad Vertiser online. However, Saturday's fish wrap edition claimed a "3.4 million-square-mile protection zone" was required at the local airport. Is it true?

If the fish wrap Ad Vertiser claimed such an enormous zone, wow. The entire state of Iowa is 56,276 sq. miles in area. Is Burlington to become a spaceport? If all of Burlington must be cleared away, would the world even notice?

Flash Gordon

Will the city need to use Eminent Domain to build it?


10:06:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Michelle, Get Outta My Fries!

"French fries, riots and a Glenn Beck sex tape? Plus, you choose- Do you want someone to make the decisions for you-or do you want to be held accountable for your own actions- accepting the responsibilities and having the right to pursue happiness the way you see it? Most would choose the latter, but the nation is being redefined. Knowing what's going on is now more important than ever. We can trust Glenn, but should also do our own research and search for answers on our own."

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14 September

Pelosi: Tax Increases Are Only this Big

12:49:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Pelosi has pocketed nearly twice as much lobbyist cash as Boehner

What Do You expect From a Parisian Prostitute?

"Nancy Pelosi has raised almost twice as much money from lobbyists this election as Boehner has?

At least 18 House Democrats have raised more lobbyist cash this election than Boehner has.

Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid have pocketed more lobbyist cash in the past 18 months than Boehner has raised in the past 6 elections, combined?"

12:40:35 - SPIKE - No comments

Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the West

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Capitalism Under Fire

"The economy isn't looking good. Gold is selling like crazy, the poverty rate jumped to a record amount in the last year and one in seven Americans are now considered poor...and just wait until you hear the figures on the national debt."

12:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

10 September

Thane of Gulfport


"Abracadabra, we'll turn all of you into toads!

That's what Romanian senators may have been fearing when they rejected a proposal to tax witches and fortune tellers."

We are cursed with Heland and other toads who keep raising our local taxes. Has anybody got the number for Contract a Witch? If not, we need to do a little voodoo in an election booth right after Halloween.

In Heland's case, an $11 million trick is not worth rewarding with another four years of treats.


10:24:00 - SPIKE - No comments

World News....Good Night? Others To Follow!


"The slogan of ABC News was once, “More Americans get their news from ABC News than from any other source.” Now, not a single ABC News show leads its time slot.

What happened? ABC News President David Westin spent the past 13 years running the network news division into the ground."

One insider gives their take on how a news organization went into decline. Failure to adapt and stay ahead of market demand is mentioned. Ignoring fundamental changes in how to reach the market and responding by cutting costs, quality of staff and degrading existing product did not work.

Can you think of any parallels in other news organizations?


Several. It's too easy to rip the Ad Vertiser. They demonstrate their decline like rip cheese. Stale, smaller, see-thru and expensive.

If the New York Times publisher finally recognized the death knell for those failing to adapt, how long will it take others?


10:15:00 - SPIKE - No comments

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes - They Aren't Alone!

"Over the years a lot of suspicion has built up across the country about Washington and its population of opportunistic transients coming to see themselves as a special kind of person, somehow above average working Americans who don't work down in that former swamp.

...We now know that federal employees across the nation owe fully $1 billion in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. As in, 1,000 times one million dollars.

...The Post's T.W. Farnum did some research and found that out of the total sum, just 638 workers on Capitol Hill owe the IRS $9.3 million in back taxes. As in, overdue. The IRS gets stiffed by the legislative body that controls its budget.

41 people inside Obama's very own White House owe the government $831,055 in back taxes

House of Representatives, 421 people owe a total $6,524,892

Senate, 217 owe $2,774,836

IRS' parent department the Treasury, 1,204 owe $7,670,814

Labor Department 463 owe $7,481,463

Federal Reserve System's board of governors 81 owe $1,076,733

Justice Department, which is so busy enforcing other laws and suing Arizona, 1,971 employees still owe $14,350,152

Department of Homeland Security under "man-caused disasters" Janet Napolitano, 4,856 people who owe the IRS a whopping total of $37,012,174

So how's your day?


10:03:00 - SPIKE - No comments

09 September

The Lady Has Courage


"She (Miller-Meeks) and her husband carefully dissected their options, she said. Work part time and keep campaigning? Get rid of their land-line phone, satellite TV, Internet connection? Dive into retirement savings? Try to sell the house they built five years ago on 40 acres, even though few in the Ottumwa area can afford such a property? Relocate so he could get a job with an equivalent salary?

"What helped us was the fact that we don't have a lot of debt," she said."

Mariannette Miller-Meeks made a commitment to run for Congress. When her husband lost his job and things got tough, she did not cut and run. A hard decision was made to fulfill an obligation of trust bestowed by voters.

Our current Congressman has voted our nation into record debt. Miller-Meeks was not buried in debt and credits the virtues of solvency. We could use a representative who knows the value of being fiscally responsible.

Taking the easy course with other peoples money is leading us to ruin. It is the Nutty Professor's answer to every issue. It is why we need somebody with the experience to know right from easy and the courage to follow through representing us.


One has to wonder if the professor lost tenure 60 days out from his summer break, what would Dave do, look for government cheese ?

Loebsack has no attack. No food stamps. No welfare. No welfare pregnancy. No crime. None of the usual handouts.

Instead, Miller-Meeks: When you're down, get up! Don't rely on someone else's income to save you! Create your own future.

What does Dave do now?


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Jefferson: "What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"


Just prior to the Continental Convention meeting we had the Shay’ Rebellion in Massachusetts and when Jefferson heard about it, he was at that time in France having gone there in 1875. Madison saw the turbulent scenes in Massachusetts as portending a crisis in civil government and feared the confederation was “tottering to its foundations.”

Jefferson replied, “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?...The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I would suspect the Tea Party meetings are a mild form of the Shay rebellion. The Tea Parties are just many decades late because our government has been out of control by not representing the people for years now. Obama is the tip of the iceberg with his left followers lurking below the water line.

Remember Obama with his tongue seduced many Americans.

Americans, do the right thing this coming November and vote to save the country.


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Lights Out Authoritarianism


"While the U.S. and Europe struggle with flagging economies, the power outages are symptomatic of China's torrid growth and officials' capricious use of their powers to meet the authoritarian government's goals."

Today China. Tomorrow Burlington? It could be coming soon thanks to authoritarians governing you.

It takes money to make money. It takes energy to make something to sell so you have money to make money. Remove energy from the mix and it all gets nixed.

Cap and Trade would create increased costs for energy. Research being constantly questioned is constantly sited by those who rule to further their own power. They have allies who helped halt an electric generating plant here in Iowa.

Cap and Trade passed in the U. S. House of Representatives by a narrow margin. Our Congressman voted for it. If it clears the Senate, prepare to pay more for less and perhaps do with none.

When the lights dim, your job goes away and you can no longer afford to heat your house, authoritarian leaders will be there for you. Not just in Washington, but right here at home.

County Supervisor Heland will tell you his latest 17% tax increase is no great sacrifice. It is for your own good.

Do yourself a favor this Fall. Flip the switch and make it lights out for authoritarian leaders like our Congressman and his tax and spend County Supervisor side kick.

Neina Watts

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08 September

Rule Britannia, Rule Burlington


"For example, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish were surprised to learn that they might have been governed by a drunk. This is particularly true of recent years that Blair spent at his residence at Downing Street."

This sounds all too familiar.

J. Walker Red

The difference is the U.K. might have been governed by a drunk. Burlington has been governed by a bunch of drunks.


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Al Sharpton: 'Race charlatan, financial charlatan'

"In 2008, federal prosecutors decided to drop a criminal probe into the finances of Sharpton and NAN. But Sharpton — who also has a lucrative syndicated radio show and a speech-making and consulting business — agreed to pay back more than $2 million in overdue personal and NAN taxes.

The audit said NAN still owed $1.348 million in delinquent city, state and federal taxes and penalties at the end of 2008. The IRS has filed dozens of liens against NAN over the past decade, including one as recently as April of this year.

Last year, the Federal Elections Commission slapped Sharpton with $285,000 fine, in part for illegally using NAN funds to cover the costs of his 2004 presidential campaign."

03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

How I Saved A 747 From Crashing

"Former Northwest Airlines Capt. John Hansen flew the airline's Boeing 747 route from Detroit to Toyko for years. In 2002, the plane tried to kill him and 400 passengers. This is the never-before published story of how he saved them.

Hansen told the story in a 2006 court hearing, and the version below is his own words edited from the transcript. After taking off from Detroit in October 2002 and reaching the halfway point over the Bering Sea, Hansen and his co-pilot were retiring to the crew bunk while the other two officers took over for the remainder of the trip:

I was just settling down with my book and I felt the airplane do a very odd maneuver. We could feel the airplane doing something very significant and abnormal. And, after about eight or ten seconds after they recovered from it, I knew this was not right. I got up and began putting my uniform on. (First Officer) Dave (Smith) did the same thing. And just then, we got the emergency crew call from the cockpit. There's a chime that they can ring. And when the chime goes off, it means we need you right away."

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Planning a Cruise?

On August 1, the Pacific Sun ran into a heavy storm 400 miles north of New Zealand, hitting 25-foot-tall waves and 50-knot winds. Its 1732 passengers weren't prepared to endure the madness that ensued.

The second video is not the same ship but undergoing a more severe roll in heavy seas.

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Radicals In The White House

"All this week, Judge Andrew Napolitano and several special guests will look back at some of Glenn's best segments from the past year..crash courses, if
you will. These will be great shows to pass along to friends or family who may be on the fence about Glenn and/or those who know something isn't right with the country, but can't quite put their finger on it. Don't miss tomorrow's crash course on revisionist history- things you should have learned in school, but never did- thanks to progressives."

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06 September

Happy Labor Day - Unemployment Hits 9.6%

Despite hiring, US unemployment rate seems frozen

"Unemployment is stuck at high levels even though some companies are hiring. The problem, government data show, is that too few jobs are being created for the growing number of people looking for work.

Private employers added a net total of 67,000 jobs in August. But the unemployment rate rose to 9.6 percent from 9.5 percent, the Labor Department said Friday, because the number of job-seekers overwhelmed the number of openings.

The unemployment rate has exceeded 9 percent for 16 straight months and is all but sure to extend that streak into next year. If it does, it would break a record of 19 straight months above 9 percent, set from 1982-83, after a severe recession.

Nearly 15 million people are unemployed this Labor Day weekend, and the sluggish economy is putting pressure on President Barack Obama and the Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections. Obama said Friday that he intends to unveil a new package of proposals that will likely include tax cuts and spending to spark job growth.

On top of the jobs that companies created last month, both July and June's private-sector job figures were upwardly revised. Overall, the economy lost 54,000 jobs last month as 114,000 temporary census positions ended."

04:20:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Why Are Things So Screwed Up?

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04 September

Author, Author Needed


"It is entirely conceivable Heland lacks the ability to write a book. Could Heland hire a like-minded ghost writer at the Ad Vertiser?"

The answer to Charles D's question must be no. Once upon a time, yes.

The Hawk-Eye's newsroom produced objective, informative, easy to read, competent works of journalism. Some in the newsroom even authored books of local interest. They knew well what they covered.

The Ad Vertiser's newsroom is filled with minds like Heland's. It shows.

Beyond the bias, an autistic style often lacking facts makes the back of a cereal box easier and more informative morning reading. When it comes to place, you have documented hilarious geographic gaffes. They do not know what they are covering, nor often times where it even happened.

If Heland needs anonymous assistance selling higher taxes with a book, have you any suggestions?


He has a stable of writers on South Main to choose from. They write nonsense everyday so to ghost write a Heland book only takes a few more days.

'Course it is harder to write a book since you can't repeat yourself for 2 or 3 weeks at a crack without adding any new material.


04:31:00 - SPIKE - No comments

"I Don't Care About the Constitution" Congressman Phil Hare Crying Like a Baby


"Mark Rauschert of Friends of the Constitution, a Bushnell-based group seeking to oust Rep. Hare, said Wednesday that Canton officials have told the group its billboard there must be removed by Sept. 2. He shared an e-mail from Marla Diden, an agent of the city, stating the sign violated Canton's ordinance limiting signs to 30 days before an event; the election is Nov. 2."

Phil Hare is Gulfport's Congressman. Phil Hare "represents" Illinois 17th District. Illinois 17th Congressional District was shaped like a serpent by state legislators so fellow party animals like Phil Hare can hold it.

Just like Burlington's Congressman, Phil Hare voted for Obamacare and a host of other Socialist legislation. Just like Dave Loebsack, Phil Hare is there to serve Nancy Pelosi rather than the people who elected him.

Unlike our Herr Doktor Professor Loebsack, give Congressman Hare an A+ for honesty. Phil Hare makes no pretense when comes to ignoring Constitutional limits on government. The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution.

Phil Hare's friends running the City of Canton, IL believe they can ignore the 1st Amendment. Free speech may be abridged in Canton if anybody dares to attack Phil Hare. If national defenders of the Constitution get wind of this, it could mean trouble for Canton taxpayers.

Canton's City leaders should look to the west before pushing this issue. Canton's big frogs could see well financed, competent legal talent drain their little pond.

The City of Burlington believed itself above the law vis-a-vis the BNSF. Burlington was over half a million poorer when its fight was over. It would have been worse had not a merciful judge decreed, "Without merit." Burlington taxpayers were the big losers.

Losers like Congressman Phil Hare and Congressman Dave Loebsack need to do just that. Go to the polls and make it so.

Sunday Crowsnest Krew

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Disassembling in Detroit


"Add Jesse Jackson’s ride to prominent vehicles being stripped in Detroit.

Following the embarrassing news that Mayor Dave Bing’s GMC Yukon was hijacked by criminals this week, Detroit’s Channel 7 reports that the Reverend’s Caddy Escalade SUV was stolen and stripped of its wheels while he was in town last weekend with the UAW’s militant President Bob King leading the “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” march promoting government-funded green jobs."

Once motor city to the world, Detroit has come to symbolize America's post industrial decline. This does not mean entrepreneurship in Michigan is dead.

Disassembling a gas guzzler to recycle its profitable parts is providing "green jobs." The regime's dream is coming true.

R. E. O.

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Scholarship Scandal Congresswoman Falls Apart in Anderson Cooper Interview

This video starts at the beginning of the interview that Anderson Cooper conducted with Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson. Readers are invited to start the video from the beginning for the additional background information provided by Anderson Cooper's 360.

03:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Trump to Letterman: ‘Well, Somebody Knocked Down the World Trade Center'

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03 September

Heland - An Inconvenient Tax and Spender


"Lee said at the time that he experienced an ‘‘awakening” when he watched former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth.”

Liberals writing books and film scripts can inspire people to action. Fiction as fact may cause some to inappropriately react.

Has Heland written a book yet? It is entirely conceivable Heland lacks the ability to write a book. Could Heland hire a like-minded ghost writer at the Ad Vertiser?

"An Inconsequential Tax," by Jeff Heland would be appropriate. Heland likes writing and passing tax increases. Heland claims 17% tax increases are saving the county and are of little pain to taxpayers.

Is Heland capable of inspiring masses of people to action?

While not suggesting, nor advocating, to do as the late Mr. Lee, there is an imminent shot at salvation by ballot box. Mass action could save our little portion of the planet by making County Supervisor Heland go the way of previous political parasites.

Charles D.

But Heland's book would be not be fiction.


04:45:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Fed Up With Heland Tax & Spend Habits


I am so fed up with Heland's long winded gaseous emanations. I listened to the KCPS Big Show on Tuesday and I still have no idea what Heland was trying to say to the voters. All he talked about was protecting the county employees from layoff and his an outline of his tax position.

I don't want to see any employees lose their job. But if Heland has no solution for the dilemma of his unfettered spending habits, the only solution is to fire Heland. We need to see if Broeker can do the job. If he can't do the job, fire him too.


Did anyone ask Heland where the $11 million budget surplus went?


04:40:00 - SPIKE - No comments

Go West Young Gang Bangers


"At a news conference organized by self-identified gang members Thursday morning, several speakers complained that police and city (Chicago) officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improve their community."

Do they not know that opportunity awaits only a few hours bus ride away? Could this be due to our local economic development leaders incompetence?

Horace Greedy
Residential Property Manager

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Leaving Las Vegas for Burlington?


People are moving out more than usual,” said Sherry Clark, a sales representative for the moving company Allstate Moving in Las Vegas."

Vegas is holding half a pair of aces. People are cashing out and leaving. Where do you run to?

Think back to the economic development hype Burlington has been fed over the years on gambling. Leave the kids in the tax supported pool and put it all on the table. We were all to get rich.

How many Vegas refugees have roosted here?


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Satan Steve Scheffler: 'Haley Barbour is ‘toast’ in Iowa'

Lost amid the decline brought by Obama's socialist March of Despair was Satan Steve Scheffler's proclamation to his fleeced flock 'Haley Barbour is ‘toast’ in Iowa.'

Having pondered Satan's missive now for months I was somewhat surprised to find Haley Barbour has been the focus of a 5-part Hoover Institution interview regarding the Republican Party and the power Barbour wields. I heard no mention Satan was a player. How could such a powerful demon like Scheffler not be consulted before such interviews are conducted? How could the Hoover Institution ever conduct an interview that is such a blatant slap at Satan's authority without the fear of reprisal?

It would seem that Satan is going to have his toast buttered for him after the election. And I would guess that stem cell marketeer Kim Lehman will be joining Scheffler on the ride back to nowhere.

Maybe Barbour will help spread the jam for these two.


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Dancing Merengue Dog

5 Days - 1.48 Million Views

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Color Film Showing Japanese Surrender Released

"WASHINGTON - It’s one of the most widely recorded moments in history. Search the internet and you’ll easily find black and white images from Sunday, September 2nd, 1945. That’s the day the Japanese surrendered at Tokyo Bay, formally ending World War II.
But one man on the USS Missouri that day captured something on film seen by few people until now."

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Thomas Sowell -- (Obama) Dismantling America

Community Organizer = Mobilize Resentment, Divide, Polarize to Get What They Want

"Always a popular guest, Dr. Thomas Sowell returns to the show to discuss his latest book, Dismantling America. The book’s focus is wide ranging, as is the discussion. To take one example, Dr. Sowell questions whether most people understand what is meant by President Obama’s background as a “community organizer.” A community organizer isn’t a friendly local expert doling out advice on better living, but is rather someone who mobilizes resentment at the behest of third party interests to put the public into battle on their behalf.

Dr. Sowell’s basic accusation of those who he believes are destroying America is that they do not–and have never–believed in the fundamental principles of the United States. President Obama, he argues, has always sought out associates who share this skepticism. Nevertheless, Obama is not responsible for the development of this thinking, but is rather the culmination of a long standing trend. This trend has been happening rapidly under Democratic presidents and unfortunately persists ,albeit more slowly, under Republican presidents."

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Progressives Plan 'Response' To 8/28

"Is the Department of Justice ditching the red, white and blue? They've just re-designed their website because it apparently looked 'too patriotic'. Plus, more attacks on Glenn from the left wing press- and the progressives and unions are so upset and determined not to let the 'tea party types led by Glenn Beck' win, that they have planned their own event in D.C. on October 2nd. Among the groups taking part: Code Pink, NAACP, La Raza, SEIU and Van Jones' groups 'Green For All' and 'Color For Change'. Guess Who is behind the event?"

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02 September

Burlington Crime Wave Explained

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Tugboat Alison - Walmart Is Evil, But Not Their Money?


"Wal-Mart, which boasted not too many years ago of its Made-in-the-USA product line, now sells 91 percent of its merchandise loaded from Chinese ports.....Because our wallets don't always consider the bigger picture, we'll shop at Walmart to make our paychecks stretch a little further."

If Perry White Allison is so snow white, does that mean the Ad-Vertiser will not accept advertising from Walmart? Were I running Walmart's advertising budget, I would make certain Mr. Allison never had the chance to say no by purchasing advertising anywhere but the Ad Vertiser.

John Boy

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Attuned With Hears of Corn, The Nutty Professor's Selective Deafness


"Loebsack agreed, saying that the "dysfunctional" Congress needs to get passed the debate of no government versus big government."

"To me, that's a stale debate, it's an old debate; to me, it's about being practical," Loebsack said. "

The Nutty Professor will not be swayed by debate. When it comes to representing those who elected him, or expanding big government, government growth first and foremost.

When was the last time the Nutty Professor held an open public meeting? Having staff screen questions for softballs did not work. Dave got an ear full last Summer and has run for cover ever since. Sorry, Dave, teleconference "Town Halls" with caller ID, a kill switch, and no press do not count.

Obamacare, Cap & Trade, etc. etc. whatever Bay Queen Pelosi demands, Dave votes as she instructs. 2nd District constituents may as well talk to a corn stalk.


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Hit The Remote


"A note posted online July 18 issues a list of demands to the Discovery Channel, saying the station "MUST broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet." It lists 11 demands about airing shows that would promote curbing the plant's population growth, finding solutions for global warming and dismantling "the dangerous US world economy."

A wacko with a gun demands the world pay attention to his manifesto. A cable television network is his medium by extortion. What station has he been tuned to?

If this man had been watching C-Span, he would know his gesture is unnecessary. The majority of the actors on C-Span are doing all they can dismantle the US economy.

Given a few more terms, the current majority on C-Span will return us to a population level and standard of living not seen in 200 years. If this rerun scares you, change the caste of characters on C-Span this November.


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Barney Frank Debates Leno on Legalizing "Revenue Raisers" Marijuana & Online Gambling

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Obama Labor Dept Shill Praises Hugo Chavez, Tells Students ‘Republicans Hate Latinos’

"Democratic Socialists of America's Honorary Chairperson Dolores Huerta was used by the Obama Labor Department in advertisements instructing illegal aliens to fight for fair wages. In this recently uncovered audio, Ms. Huerta is speaking to high school students and praising the virtues of Hugo Chavez' Venezuela."

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Josh Koeppel Moped Accident: Iowa Football Player's Crash

Iowa Hawkeyes offensive lineman Josh Koeppel got hit head-on by a truck while riding a moped. The wreck occurred Monday morning, when a pickup truck slammed directly into the Hawkeye's motorcycle and knocked Koeppel into the air, head over heels and onto the ground. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said the lineman was released from the university clinic with scrapes, bruises, significant soreness.

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In The Obama Doorway of Communism While We Fund Our Own Demise

Today Is a Must Watch! "Why Can't We Be Like Cuba & Venzuela?"

"When the entire house is about to collapse, the safest place to stand is in the doorway. Economically speaking, that has always been gold. While other countries' economies are growing, ours is in trouble..find out why tonight. Also, more indoctrination in our schools..this time, coming from the Department of Labor..and your tax dollars going to people who are intent on destroying America. Unbelievable stuff."

Huerta - Republicans Hate Latinos / Dept of Labor Salis - Rights to Illegals

Crossing The Threshold of Obama's Gold Doorway

We Pay for Professors to Assist Illegal Aliens in of Use GPS to Cross Our Border

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01 September

Captain Alison's Cartoon Showboat 2


I guess your reader forced the Ad Vertiser's false hand to emerge.

Are you expecting a correction from Captain Dale?




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AG Miller Accepted Egg Money - Rotten Eggs and Rotten Dealing


"A Republican candidate for Iowa attorney general criticized the Democratic incumbent on Monday for accepting a $10,000 campaign contribution in 2005 from the family at the heart of a national egg recall."

Tom Miller has been Iowa's top prosecutor since the twilight days of disco fever. Another type of fever traced to contaminated food has come to the fore. Was Tom Miller doing his job?

One place Tom Miller has certainly looked the other way is Southeast Iowa. Illegal secret meetings, buddy deals with local government, etc., where has Tom Miller been? Tom's single party buddies have had nothing to fear from Atty. General Miller doing his job.

The one thing Tom Miller fears is being voted out. This is the year to make it happen.

Tony Manero

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Al Sharpton Hosts New Black Panthers for ‘Redeem the Dream’ March, August 2000

"In August 2000, Rev. Al Sharpton organized the "Redeem the Dream" march in Washington DC commemorating the 37th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. His rally included a lengthy address by New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz filled with disturbing racism and calls to violence against whites.

"We have a black dream today of when we see caskets rolling in the black community, that we will see caskets rolling and funerals in the white community of our enemy as well today... we have a black dream."

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Liberals' Progressive Expectations Dashed

"The truth is being distorted and buried, but no need to worry. You may not know it yet, but you have already won. On Saturday, a fire was started. The left is SO busy trying to put the fire out, but it's not working. Just as Martin Luther King knew that the American people would make the right decision when they had to make a choice, the same thing is happening now. They know that we are really all in this together. This Saturday, America was presented with a choice- and that choice is becoming clearer and clearer as each day passes."

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