Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 January

Bridge Demolition


A friend sent this.

"Subject: Unplanned detour

Due to an unfortunate incident at the Burlington Bridge, the Ottumwa Sub was under a service disruption. They attempted to destroy an old pier that held the swing span and failed....

When they detonated the forces, it was supposed to go sideways (but instead) went up, buckling the rail on the new span a foot into the air I am told."

A foot seems about right.

Major Boo-Boo


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Bolton on Egypt

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29 January

Unions Make Up 40% of Employees Exempted by Obamacare

"On Thursday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced it had granted more than 500 new waivers to Obamacare's requirement that health plans have annual limits of no less than $750,000. This annual limit requirement climbs to $1.25 million next year and then to $2 million.

The reason these exemptions from the law are needed is that Obamacare forces all health insurance consumers to over-insure themselves and pay high premiums as a result. Without the waivers, many companies, non-profits and unions would simply drop their health plans. As of 2014, the waivers will no longer be available -- at least, that's the way the law is written.

It is worth noting that there are 166 union benefits funds now exempted from this requirement, which account for about 40 percent of the exempted workers. This means that although there are only 14.6 million unionized employees in the United States, and 860,000 of them are already exempted from this provision of Obamacare."

For a list, Click Here.

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28 January

Where Are All the Presidents?

Candidates - Your Photo(s) Here


"It could be very well that Iowa's caucuses on the republican side to be simply a contest for who wins the support of the Iowa Christian Alliance. In other words, if Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin run they'll be the only ones here that will compete for the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowa will become a less significant part of the process."

Four years ago, you could not walk down an Iowa Main Street without bumping into candidate for President. Both parties had openings. Both parties were out in force.

Only one party is in play this time. Still, where have all the Republican presidents been?

Are the F. E. C. and I. R. S. worried about doing their banking at the church of Iowa's Republican National Committeeman's choice? Are they tired of pandering to the Pharisees fringe issues and having it bite their butt in New Hampshire? Are they afraid of having their picture standing next to Ralph Reed published?


A few Republican Presidents are starting to show, but they are wary and have yet to pour a lot of money into Iowa. There is no massive staff on the ground. There are no bus-based carnivals coming to town. It has an effect.

All that money from the coasts is not being spread around Iowa. Local bars, eateries, motels, etc. are not getting a shot in the arm from the show.

Backwoods Bernstein & Woodwards are not rubbing shoulders with the big time press corps. They are not plying Jimmy Olson with Shirley Temples to tell them who is who locally and why no roadside stands are selling fresh sweet corn in February. Worse yet, local media outlets are not getting the Presidents' Ad Vertising dollars.

The Republican Presidents will come, but other than the extremes, not like they did four years ago. Most will treat Iowa like a war's hot landing zone.

Smile, wave, make a sound bite for the national media, and shake a few hands. All never more than a 15 minute drive from an airport anchoring a local television market. Jump back on the plane and flee.

Where does that leave us?

Extreme candidates do not win in November. Extreme candidates seldom win a primary election. Just ask Governor for Iowa, Bob Vander Plaats.

A caucus process favors the extreme. Sitting on your butt for an hour at an appointed time is not as easy as casting a ballot within a 14-hour window. Selling eternal salvation will inspire those over burdened with sin to sit forever and vote as Ralph Reed tells them in a church bulletin insert voting guide after passing the offering plate.

The relevance of the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses is declining as a result. So goes one side, so will go the other. The story of Iowa will not sell unless both parties are in play.

Iowa's inaccurate, growing national reputation as the home of the meek with minds just afraid is driving candidates away. If a broader cross section of Iowa Republicans does not turn out for the caucuses like they do in a primary, all the Presidents will go away.


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Party Before People, Forked Tongue Tom Courtney


"I said I would vote for an amendment if it goes on the board. I'm not going to vote to overrule the leader of my caucus," Courtney said."

"Iowa senators, on a party-line vote, today blocked an effort by proponents of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages in Iowa to force the issue to be debated."

Using the courts to legalize same sex marriage in Iowa has not provided the political cover liberal extremists hoped for.

The scalps and robes of three Iowa Supreme Court Justices now dangle from Bob Vander Plaats belt. The opposite extreme is being empowered.

Hiding under the loyalty to party blanket, State Senator Tom Courtney. Our State Senator's double talk on this issue is one promise Tom has kept.

Recourse by amendment is much more civilized than extremists slaughtering Supreme Court Justices. Iowa's Judiciary branch is vital to governing. If an amendment is not forth coming, will the extremists further cripple the Iowa Supreme Court at the next retention election?

The issue of same sex marriage is divisive and will not go away. Move the process forward and settle it. Let the people have their say with an amendment.

Are we too stupid to decide?

Given the number of times we have sent Tom Courtney to the Iowa Senate, you may not like the answer to that question.

Oliver Wendell Homeless

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Egypt's Web, Mobile Communications Severed

With Obama's Big Internet Switch It Can Happen Here

"The Egyptian government's crackdown on protestors intensified Friday with access to most forms of mass communication, including the Internet, mobile and SMS down, even as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that "freedom of expression should be fully respected."

As the country braced for huge antigovernment protests on the traditional day of prayer, the government appeared to have unplugged most means of communication—including social network Facebook and Twitter—that activists had been using to coordinate action across the country."

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Harkin on The 'Crazy People' of the Tea Party - Rants of Senile Old Man

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Beck's State of The Union

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27 January

Hoschek and Heland Live On


I see there is still zero motivation to correct the County website. Large Mouth Heland and Little Timmy Hoschek ride on.

Still Not Surprised

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Sheffler & Hurd Warm Up for 2012

Candidate in 2012? We have a deal for you!


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Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2010

"Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2010 list of Washington's “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes: Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Rahm Emanuel, Former Obama White House Chief of Staff, Senator John Ensign (R-NV), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL), President Barack Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)."

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Public Records and Your Right Not to Know


Railroad law suit meeting records, etc. etc. have disappeared around here. Records proving our President is eligible for office under our Constitution remain disappeared.

Do you think we will ever know what those records contained?

Juice Lemon

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Dem Congressman Has No Idea Which Repub He Sat Next to for SOTU

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26 January

Sometimes You Need a Chainsaw to Get Air

Attempted Assassination By Left Wing Nut Job Misses Missouri Governor

Where Was MSM?

"Glenn brought out a new guest host for the TV show tonight: a little bunny rabbit..he also had a chainsaw..and you know what that means..no not really. Tonight, Glenn talks about talked about the attempted assassination of Jay Nixon that was widely ignored by the media. Plus, why are the leftists targeting 99ers? Why are the young and unemployed being courted by progressives? And new audio surfaces of Van Jones talking about his dream of a 'social justice' life swap
game- fun fun! "

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25 January

Green Bay Tap Fire Claims Life


One of the nicest taverns and a good place to eat in the Burlington area burnt to the ground either Sunday late night or early Monday morning the name of which was The Green Bay Tap in Weaver. It’s my understanding that the cook was spending the night in the tavern, which he did on occasion and that he perished in the blaze. It’s also my understanding that it took considerable time for the gas company to reach the scene and turn off the gas that was feeding the fire.

A very tragic fire indeed with the loss of the cook whom I understand also worked at the Sombrero on occasion. Condolences to the family of the cook who perished and the owner and other employees who have lost their place of work.


Green Bay Tap Fire.jpg

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24 January

No Longer Giving Away Everything You Have to His Friends


“If they want to go back to letting public employees strike, maybe that’s what we ought to do. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I think it’s wrong-headed to pick a fight with your employees,” said Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington. “It seems to me like we’re not going to do much in (the Labor Committee) the next two years.

Our State Senator is not happy. Tom does not want to fight with his union buddies in the public sector. There is nothing unfair about their being paid twice what private sector employees are for the same work.

Poor Senator Courtney will not be doing much in the Labor Committee for the next two years. Those glorious days of the recent past are over. Getting even with business, raising taxes, restricting individual freedom, have come to a halt. If doing nothing means doing no harm, so much the better.

Is Senator Courtney so unhappy he will not run again?


Courtney hasn't done anything in the last two years except let public employees lie, cheat and steal while he sat on the Oversight Committee. Why should the next two years be any different?

Courtney is nothing more than a belligerent, wannabe thug trying to bully his way past his incompetency. His next election cycle will not be pretty.


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Rocky Knoke's Curb Fetish

Rocky's Doodlin' Turns to Reality


When driving north on Main and turning right just across the tracks onto Market Street heading for Front Street we have a curb that’s almost impossible to notice until one hits it. This results from putting a divider in the middle of a very narrow Market street that causes people to favor the right side of the turn which leads to unknowingly hitting the curb that protrudes too far into the turn radius.

This is common in Burlington where streets too narrow are sometimes reduced in scale through the use of dividers to make them appear like those encountered on big city streets but instead cause damage to those unknowing of the miniaturized scale of Burlington’s many side streets, which were never designed for dividers between lanes or left turn lanes.

That curb on the corner of Main and Market could be painted bright yellow or cut back further to the east which would prevent further damage to tires and front end alignment usually common to pot holes in Burlington. With the addition of sound reduction railroad crossings in Burlington we now have miniature big city appearing sections of streets that may or may not be capable of damage to alignment and/or tires.

A similar problem occurred on the Central Avenue Bridge where a sewer on the right hand side driving south protruded out into the curve radius and caused something like 100 or so blown tires before something was done to fix it.

Here in Burlington we have several oddly constructed street intersections and one that sticks out is West Avenue and Garfield Streets another would be Central Avenue and Osborn Streets and of course there’s the curve on Summer Street where we have concrete pyramid shaped dividers in the middle of the road.

How many years were the expansion joints and/or settling joints for the Central Avenue Bridge to last before they were redone to even out the roadway and eliminate the bump on the North and South approaches to the bridge?


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24 Hours of Flight

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22 January

Burlington Mayor in Training?


"According to police reports, Amber Dittrich, 21, drove off the road and into a building at 1000 Clinton Street. Police said they later located her near the intersection of McCollister and Old Highway 218. The report said she was naked."

A wacky deed due to wacky weed, will she move to Burlington and become Mayor some day?


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20 January

City Kill Numbers Depressing


I was really depressed after reading that our city kills 772 animals a year at the animal shelter each year and our city council is still trying to justify their reluctance to support it financially. Reed, Davidson, Fleming and Scott are the most ruthless, inhumane, uncompassionate elected fools we have ever had.

That is 14.8 animals per week, every week all year long. Since our council likes to compare numbers for the fat city salaries, there are cities 10 time our size that don't kill this many stray animals each year.

I agree with the other reader, they all need to go out to the shelter every Tuesday and help give those shots. Watch the animals as the shot stops them in mid breath. After a few months of that, then tell us everything you know about this other dirty little secret of this town. Expound on your collaborative expertise.

Despicable for a bunch that pissed away millions of dollars blowing smoke out their asses trying to be big shots in a little pond.

What's the matter with you people?


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Erasing a Ghastly, Ghostly Presence


Des Moines County's web site is not just a joke. It is counter productive. When the world wonders if it is worth traveling to your door, your web site is often the first reference sought.

Some may have journeyed here in the past and met with local leaders. Understandably, they may have left unimpressed. Is Des Moines County worth giving a second glance and chance? If somebody is willing to give us a second go, what do they find?

Little Timmy Hoscheck has been gone for over two years. An outsider checking the County web site would not know that. Insult to injury, Heland's smiling face is still there. It has not been two years, but three weeks since Heland left office and almost three months since his election defeat.

Trumpeting turnip seeds past to the world as leadership must stop. Des Moines County is trying to turn the corner. Spread the good news. Update the web site.

Robert Hoover

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18 January

Little Timmy Hoschek Still in Office


Your reader's posting may have the energized the city into action but the county persists in keeping Timmy Hoschek in office.

Send rubber band man home.

Not Surprised

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The Sun Goes Around the Earth - What Will Kim Do?


"Iowa scientists have used embryonic stem cell technology with animals to eliminate diseases such as diabetes and blindness caused by macular degeneration. They hope to use the technology with humans in the next five to 10 years.

If successful, even foes agree that regenerative research breakthroughs would likely lead to revolutionary advances in treating cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

But Iowa's scientists face a possible roadblock: politics......

The group, the largest anti-abortion organization in the state, directed questions to Moy, the scientist who started the John Paul II Research Institute, as well as Kim Lehman, its past president. Lehman, who now works as a lobbyist for the institute, did not return phone calls seeking comment."

Voters elected Republicans to stop the financial folly. Along for the ride are those whose primary concern is social issues. Caught up in this is biological research with medical implications.

Various groups are all over the spectrum on stem cell technology. Some have found it profitable politically. Since saying President Obama is a Muslim, Iowa's Republican National Committeewoman, Kim Lehman, has not made any public statements of note.

Banning telescopes and holding heresy trials did not stop the search for knowledge 500 years ago. Embryonic stem research will take place. If not in Iowa, elsewhere.


Get out the logs for the bonfires.

What will Kim do? How to juggle the stem cell?


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17 January

Cheap Gravel


I watched one dump truck lay gravel along a highway in another county and it was done with one truck having a gizmo on the back that laid out the gravel along the road edge for miles at a time. This was done with one employee, one truck and one gizmo. The width of the gravel was a minimum of about 12 to 15 inches by estimate. The driver had to go in reverse the entire time he was laying gravel. Trucks were rotated as more gravel was required.

This was done after an overlay had been applied to about twelve miles of county roadway.

This may indicate Burlington isn’t exactly on the cutting edge in technology nor lean enough to control costs because their dependent on tax increases to support the welfare dependent union system of employment.


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Single Party Controlled Media State Collapses


"Tunisians didn't need any more reasons to protest when they took to the streets these past weeks -- food prices were rising, corruption was rampant, and unemployment was staggering. But we might also count Tunisia as the first time that WikiLeaks pushed people over the brink. These protests are also about the country's utter lack of freedom of expression -- including when it comes to WikiLeaks."

The good old days when all your secret police had to do was confiscate newspapers from the outside coming in are long over. Burlington, Tunisia, etc. they ain't comin' back.


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China's Rise - America's Fall

"The fall of the U.S. and the rise of China. Like it or not, China is becoming the world's superpower. The truth is
that China has has overtaken the United States in several key areas over the last few years. China has surpassed the U.S as the world's top car market. They have also overtaken the U.S. as the world's largest energy consumer.

We have lost 2.4 million jobs to China in the last seven years. China now has the world's fastest supercomputer- and their military is growing by leaps and bounds. The list goes on. Is there anything we can do? Guests: David Buckner and Jim Rogers."

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16 January

Controlled Speech vs. Free Speech

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14 January



I went to the library the day the article appeared on Derailed and they were cleaning the carpet and fixing the broken down machine all after least three months of total neglect.

Also, the city had turned the Central Avenue/Division traffic lights to flashing red in all directions; so I guess they're trying to fix the damn traffic lights, provided they can.

All this proves that the local government entities read Derailed on a daily basis although they’d never admit it.


Great. Now will someone go find the missing ballpark lights.


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How Many Men Does It Take to Lay Gravel A Foot Wide and 30' Long?


As I was cutting across Lake West a couple of weeks ago. The city was working down there by the stop sign on plank road they put some gravel next to the black top twelve inches wide by thirty feet long.

There were four city trucks and one trailer. There were six people on the corner one shoveling gravel and one sitting in a new Case uniloader. So we had five guys watching the one with the shovel work.

I wonder how much it cost us to put the thirty feet of gravel in? Is this why our taxes keep going up? This could have been handled with one man and a wheelbarrow.

Taxed to death

Rocky Knoke will tell you there had to be supervision and that is none of your business. Maybe an industrious soul can take the public printing of all the city wages printed in paper and provide us with an average cost per hour for all city employees.

That should prove to be fun.


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13 January

Illinois Approves 66% Tax Hike

Illinois Border Residents No Longer Living Off Iowa Jobs

Tax Rate Goes from 3% to 5%


We don’t have a better choice today!” state Sen. David Miller (D-Dolton) said in a raised voice. “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!”

Miller, an unsuccessful candidate for state comptroller last year, later collapsed while watching the Senate debate, although he seemed awake and alert when paramedics responded and took him for further treatment."

"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."

Iowa's elected have not all been angels. Iowa is facing a deficit thankfully not as great as across the bridge. How the hell did we get in a deficit mess?

Spend without end to get to heaven. "Free" preschools, Vision Iowa, etc. etc. it costs a helluva lot of money. Say the evil rich will pay. Tax them enough and they will go away. They will take the jobs they create with them.

Getting even with business as our State Senator Courtney advocates may delay for the short term. There comes a day when there is no "better choice today" than everybody pays dearly.

Spendthrift leadership in the Governor's Office and legislators in the majority like Senator Courtney and Representative Cahoon since 2006 have left Iowa needing a fix. Will they advocate more taxes rather than cut spending?

Unlike Burlington, voters elsewhere in Iowa recently voted spendthrift legislators out. It appears the problem will be addressed this year rather than allowed to fester.

Cut the spending. Raise the taxes. A mixture of both. What recipe the remedy is uncertain. The cure and prevention is removal of tax and spend political pathogens.

Rather than paramedics removing our State Senator from the floor, the voters should do so in 2012.

Gage & DeSoto

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2012 GOP Candidates - Avoid The Lines


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12 January

Scrap Paper


I’ve noticed over the past couple of months that the genealogy department at the library continues to have the same paper scraps on the carpet indicating the genealogy department is seldom if ever vacuumed.

We in Des Moines County pay double what most Iowa cities pay for library services; so I don’t think it’s unimaginable to think it should be vacuumed once or more every couple of months. I’ve made a point to look at the floor after noticing the same paper scraps littering the floor on a daily basis.

There’s also been a film viewer out of service since October and I’m wondering just how long this equipment is to remain unusable?

With the exception of the genealogy department it would appear the vacuum does function frequently; so I ask why not vacuum the genealogy department on a weekly basis or as frequently as the rest of the building.

There’s a small slightly folded rectangular piece of paper under the south bank of viewers that has been there since October and there are others sprinkled here and there having never been vacuumed up. These paper bits and or scraps were still on the floor as of 1/11/11 having been first noticed on or about October 1, 2010.

The library could out source this vacuum job and save the taxpayer some money and get the floor in the genealogy department cleaned more frequently or at least better than every couple of months. Maybe a stick with a nail in the end would work to at least get the visible scraps in the trash.

How long would it have taken for a janitor in the real world to be fired for this? I guess we have to assume they have a janitor. We know the employees won't pick it up.




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A Tragedy and Trickle Down Censorship

Hoschek Has Not Left The Building!

Trail of Rubber Bands Seen in Hallways Each Morning


"U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in Congress, said Sunday the deadly shooting in Arizona should get the country thinking about what's acceptable to say publicly and when people should keep their mouths shut."

The tragic results of a mentally unbalanced individual gone wild are being exploited. Liberal, or is it "hate speech" not calling them progressive, politicians want their critics silenced. Please, call it "fairness," never censorship.

This could go beyond commercial radio and television. The Federal Communications Commission has by fiat declared the internet their fiefdom. If that gets reversed, your home wireless network and cell phone are using the government's airwaves.

Senator Courtney has attempted internet censorship before in the Iowa Legislature . Will Senator Courtney try it again to prevent future tragedies?

Senator King, the drunk ex-Mayor, Timmy Hoscheck, Heland, all of them had pathetic political careers tragically cut short. This web site, KCPS and other free speech venues hold the smoking gun. Only responsible voices like the Ad Vertiser should control the content and course of local public discourse.

The promise of cradle to grave security that slavery offers can be yours. All you must do to so receive is surrender your freedom. Those who claim they will deliver that security can hardly wait.

In addition, think of all the money saved not having to change local directories of the elected.


Timmy never left.


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Traffic Light Despair


I wonder who had the bright idea to change the traffic light timing at the intersection of Division and Central. The timing now holds up Central traffic for an unreasonable time while there’s no traffic on Division at all.

At 4:00 AM I sat at the intersection forever while no one was even traveling on Division. Someone must have had memory loss of that intersection to have changed the light that now favors no traffic at all while Central traffic backs up.

Is the entire city management along with traffic control brain dead now? I always thought it was the management alone but apparently it’s spread to traffic control now leaving people on Central Avenue holding the bag wasting gas for no reason at all.

What a city we have!


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Tyranny's Paranoia of a Pooch


"In the middle of World War II — months before Hitler ordered some 4.5 million troops to invade the Soviet Union — the Foreign Office in Berlin commanded its diplomats in the Nazi-friendly Nordic country to gather evidence on the dog, and even came up with plans to destroy the pharmaceutical wholesale company of its owner."

A dog that rose its paw in a salute mocking sheep caused Nazis to lose sleep. Tyrants can not tolerate mocking their absurdity.

The hound of Helsinki was not an easy target. A 9mm bullet through the heads of dog and owner was not wise. Finland was not Germany. Other, more subtle means were employed.

Burlington's local rulers are no different. Ignored infrastructure collapses around their heads like a bunker in Stalingrad. They say nothing in public. They privately gripe about and blame it all on Spike. They clandestinely seek to expose and destroy him.

So that those who dare expose what is going on do not see their dog disappear and their job go away, anonymity is a necessity. Good doggie, Spike, whoever you are.

Eva Braun

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10 January

Divorce Court in A Court House Hallway


I hear starting today, all divorce cases will be held in a hallway down at the court house. For some insane reason our low crime area has no courtroom space for something as private as a divorce.

Everyone will have to go through their dirty laundry in front of anyone who happens to be present in the hallway during next today’s session.

Isn’t there a boiler room or someplace private the proceedings could be held in, other than a hallway down at the court house? How about the “legal pad” depository at the financial office over at city hall, since we know it’s currently not in use?


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Mindless Matching Money


"All states were asked to identify their persistently lowest-achieving schools (PLAS) in order to receive funding under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act's State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, Phase II. The Iowa Department of Education has identified schools in our state that are persistently lowest-achieving and they are listed below."

Check the Iowa Department of Public Education's web site referencing Iowa's lowest performing schools. When clicking on the bars to display those schools, the closest listed to Burlington were Keokuk, Columbus Junction and Grandview. Are we missing out?

Somebody else is getting money from further up the tax chain. Why are we not getting our "fair share?"

The City of Burlington is willing to support anything, no matter how stupid and wasteful, if it brings in more state and federal tax proceeds. If bad scores mean more cash, is corrective action called for in our schools? Should attending City Council meetings become required curriculum to graduate?

Thought and foresight in public policy has not been policy here for so many years. If thinking before applying for state and federal monies is learned, what of tomorrow's leaders? Will Burlington as thousands have chosen to leave and avoid it change direction?

Avarice Grant

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What really happened when Pelosi Hands the Gavel to the new speaker

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07 January

Final Tab for Pelosi’s Speakership: $5.34 Trillion in New Debt—Or $3.66 Billion Per Day


"In the 1,461 days that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) served as speaker of the House, the national debt increased by a total of $5.343 trillion ($5,343,452,800,321.37) or $3.66 billion per day ($3.657,394,113.84), according to official debt numbers published by the U.S. Treasury.

Pelosi was the 52nd speaker of the House. During her tenure, she amassed more debt than the first 49 speakers combined."


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Nutty Is As Nutty Does - Loebsack Holes Up With Pelosi


"Nineteen House Democrats voted for someone other than Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for speaker on the first day of the 112th Congress, an indication of the still-simmering discontent within the caucus following November's midterm shellacking."

Some have the political courage to address the problem of failed leadership. With the outcome not in doubt, they spoke out. They sent a message. Who remained with the pack?

You will not find our Congressman's name among the brave. Neither our Nutty Professor nor his two other party mates from Iowa broke from the cowering crowd.

When he who speaks for us is heard, is it just more bleating for the herd?

Bo Peep

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06 January

The Look of Love

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request"


One can image who loved it when they saw this message for BurlingtonDerailed.com. City Hall, the local single party political cabal, willing local media co-conspirators, et. al. must have experienced orgasms of joy and relief.

Are these elements impatient for the F. C. C. to enforce "safe web content?" Do those of similar mind in the late great Eastern Block accept contracts to hit revisionist web sites? Did they out Spike and threaten to kill his dog, terminate his livelihood, smother his property with City Inspectors, etc.?

The Reds don't deserve to win. Say it ain't so, Spike.

Gleason Kidd

I heard they had to hand out brown bags on South Main to control the multitude of writers hyperventilating. There were rumors Heland choked on a Bear Claw, Hoschek missed 16 houses on his mail route and Edwards drove his CNH golf Cart across the street to the Iowa Tavern and bought a house round. Courtney was said to have been seen in the middle of Summer Street reading aloud The Communist Manifesto. Worden went golfing and Scott Power billed the city another $28,563 for the hell of it.


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Milwaukee's Best


"Milwaukee comes out top in America's 40 drunkest cities, published by The Daily Beast, followed by Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno."

Do not bother searching for Burlington. This survey covered entire cities, not villages. It would be interesting to see a survey on the percentage of elected officials so afflicted by state, including local government.

Bud Burgermeister - "If you say Bugermeister, Buggermaster, Edwards, Ell, Miller, Budweiser, you've said it all."

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First In the Nation Values


"Iowa's Faith and Freedom Coalition, a leading social conservative group in the leadoff caucus state, has invited 12 Republican presidential prospects to what so far is the first group forum in the state for the 2012 campaign. The event is set for March 7 at a church in a western Des Moines suburb."

With all his Iowa ties, will Ralph Reed be the moderator? Ralph Reed has accumulated a wealth of more than goodwill exploiting faith in the name of freedom. Ralph also has personal, bitter experience as a candidate for public office.

If not Ralph Reed as moderator, what about Iowa's Republican National Committeeman and Reed's partner in Faith and Freedom? Freedom from conflict of interest with the over all presidential caucus process is no cause for concern for Mr.Sheffler. The record speaks for itself.

"Media requesting credentials should email Gopal Krishna at gopkrishna@yahoo.com. Shooting of any type of video or taking any type of photographs of any part of the event will not be allowed without prior permission from IFFC."

Candidates worried about sleeping with dogs need fear no fleas. Out of context, damning evidence of association will be tightly controlled by high moral authority.

Who will be granted admission to the kingdom West of Des Moines? What of profit for the prophets political virtue?

Will admission be charged? Will there only be a "free will offering?" Nothing is mentioned about preferential seating being made available with a Burlington based, non profit donation. The Federal Elections Commission said no crime. You're in good hands in our state. Fear no evil.

"We stand for integrity in government, high moral values, constitutional authority, and Christian principles."

All this does not jive with the moral standards, constitutional liberties, responsibilities and principals of faith once taught in most churches, schools and homes. Home sounds like a more wholesome place to be than present at this event.

Jack A.

Let's see... Satan Steve Scheffler espouses his importance to the world through his 3rd layer camouflage. Camouflage only helps seeing. It does nothing to conceal the stench of corruption and money grubbing, 'er laundering.

I sure hope the change in Des Moines filters down to the toad stools.


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05 January

Denial of Animal Shelter Funding No Surprise

Davidson and Reed Chief Flip-Floppers


It comes as no surprise that Davidson and Reed dropped support for the animal shelter. Davidson has never had a real job and Reed deals in making the most money he can for the hospital. Davidson has flip-flopped on every major deal he ever voted on. Reed is a total disappointment. When you become a follower of Davidson you aren’t going anywhere important.

But what really makes me mad is that these same Taj Mahal councilmen vote for Winegard’s water park/casino bailout, the ballpark bailout, Dan Hoffman’s mud slide bailout, Doug Worden’s annual pay increase, Manor Mall, lose thousands of dollars in TIF mistakes, give the city employees carte blanche pay raises and insurance plan while letting Tim Scott run his picnic bench business out of his airport office building that has now located his non-sprinkler equipped woodworking shop into a commercial building in downtown Burlington. And no one has yet to find the ballpark lights.

Davidson and Reed in particular need to get their sanctimonious asses out to the animal shelter on Tuesday and walk the cages picking out the perfectly adoptable, unfortunate animals that will be given the shot ending their lives.

Maybe after a couple of months giving the shot they might develop a different perspective.

This city and its disgusting, self-serving, pompous, overbearing nitwits are just about all I can stand.

Disgusted with the whole bunch

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04 January

Hawkeye Daily Union Letter for Southeast Iowa


Delaney is no better than that worthless Pelosi who was forced off her throne at the House and now must fly commercial back and forth to that liberal den of wacko’s called San Francisco. It’s just too bad Reid didn’t get the boot back to Nevada but his day will come and hopefully he’ll get the boot next election. You’d think the people in Nevada would recognize a loser when they see one especially since in Nevada chance is name of the game.

The Hawk Eye has lowered its standards exponentially since Delaney took over as editor and now it’s more of a union newsletter published daily in a one party loser county in Iowa. Des Moines County isn’t really represented in Des Moines because our local senator is a union man and depends on the nanny state for survival along with representing what’s wrong with Des Moines County. Just look around and try and find something he’s done for Des Moines County as a whole without ties to the unions.

Trying to bring industry into Burlington is just about impossible because the city is basically landlocked unless one is going West or South since going East or North the roads are still 1920 style two lane paths when compared to modern four lane highways. Burlington has always been left out of state budgets unless its money for welfare or handouts given to bail out the sorry local governments in Burlington and the county both of which are despicable. Even Germany had better roads than Iowa back in the 30’s and still does, despite the war.

The local governments in Des Moines County are a major burden to the taxpayer through their constant poor decisions and wasteful spending on dreams of grandeur and get rich quick schemes that never pan out. Business looks at advantages and disadvantages when selecting a town to start a new manufacturing facility and Burlington along with Des Moines County have nothing to offer if one were to consider the high taxes, poor school system, history of unions, falling down old infrastructure, a crime rate higher than the national average, high drug use, extremely costly utilities, overpriced cable and an overpriced two year college. I couldn’t think of any real advantages for setting up a manufacturing facility in Des Moines County. The taxpayers have already spent over one million bailing out the Rec Plex since it opened its doors and now they want to bail out the ball part or float some bonds to bail it out. Everything the city touches goes sour and it wasn’t always that way when we had good government without the unions bleeding us dry through taxes to pay and nanny them through life.

It was nice dethroning Pelosi but we need similar action here in Des Moines County and since Culver is gone the Hawk Eye will probably start fantasizing about G.W. again. They could begin asking why with Obama in command are the gas prices going out of site, he must be in bed with big oil as they claimed Bush was when prices went up or has the Hawk Eye forgotten that?


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When City Code Enforcement Begin?


Here's a couple of shots that show the dedication of our city code enforcement group and the fine job they been doing making sure housing in Burlington is up to code and represents the fine standards we expect for our tax dollars.




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We've Been Waiting 3 Years! City or School Board?


This is the area at the corner of Market and Ninth which first appeared in Derailed about three years ago showing it to be a trash depository. The current photo does show a reduction in trash although the fence has been knocked down and is now falling down for a stretch of about seventy-five feet or so. Three years ago the fence was standing normal.

This is just a typical area of Burlington where the infrastructure is ill kept by city management and should this fence be private then it's a failure of the city to enforce codes it has on the books. If the city inspection department is paid more than minimum wage the taxpayers are being ill served at best for the cost.

This intersection is adjacent to Bracewell Stadium and doesn't show much of an image to our out of town visitors here for the games.



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03 January

Sunday's Ad Vertiser Editorial Misses Mark


It is disappointing to see the Hawkeye editorial staff taking shots at Gov. Branstad before he even takes office. They got their little dig in on Branstad earlier in the week.

Sunday's editorial is so slanted, I now understand why more people are dropping the Hawkeye. The editorial supports the latest and rushed union contracts that Culver signed a few days after he was voted out of office. He was wrong for doing this.

The Des Moines Register criticized Culver in their editorial because Culver signed these contracts promising pay raises. Can't the Hawkeye editor see or understand this?

We want a fair and balanced newspaper to read, not slanted editorials. If the Hawkeye thinks these union agreements are so great, why don't they pay THEIR employees the big pay,health insurance and pensions. Years ago, the Hawkeye had some union employees. What happened to them?

The Hawkeye is a business, but they sure act more like union activist. Public unions are breaking this Country and the Hawkeye will defend them right down to the end. They no longer can claim that they are the local government watchdog. There was a day that they did a good job, but that is long gone.

Delaney should be ashamed and change their priorities, rather than be defensive and think they are doing a good job. Those of us that have lived here for years, know the difference and see the Hawkeye for what it is. A bunch of slanted editorials filled with advertising fliers.


Delaney wears his badge for freedom of the press and government watchdog then fills his rag with piles of crap. Then when he gets challenged on it, "I must be doing something right since they are criticizing me" self aggrandizing flagellation. It's a tough day being an advertising mogul/amoeba.


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Happy New Gun Law Year


Iowa's Right to Carry law took effect January 1st. Is Hans the Horrible ready to squander West Burlington taxpayers' money on a court challenge?

Annie Oakley

He better get ready.


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50 million taxpayers must delay filing - IRS

"...The IRS said that it needs until mid- to late-February to reprogram its processing systems because Congress acted so late this year cleaning up the tax code. The bill, which includes deductions for state and local sales taxes, college tuition and teacher expenses, wasn't signed into law until Dec. 17.

...50 million taxpayers who itemize their deductions will have to hold off for a bit before they file."

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01 January

Kodachrome Expires

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Dwayne's Photo Lab in Parsons, Kansas

"In the end, it was determined that a roll belonging to Dwayne Steinle, the owner, would be last. It took three tries to find a camera that worked. And over the course of the week he fired off shots of his house, his family and downtown Parsons. The last frame is already planned for Thursday, a picture of all the employees standing in front of Dwayne’s wearing shirts with the epitaph: “The best slide and movie film in history is now officially retired. Kodachrome: 1935-2010.”"

The last Kodachrome image processed.

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