Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 April

Ever Been Happy Your Guests Are Gone?

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29 April

KCPS Spring Auction Today

It's time for the KCPS Spring Auction today.

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The Royal Wedding ‘House of Love’ Dance

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Indoctrination In Our Schools

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28 April

Hugh Hewitt Presents 'ObamaLero'

Remember the Dismal Failures of the Obama Presidency

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26 April

New Law: Kansas Requires Proof of Citizenship, Photo ID at Voting Booths

When Will Iowa Step Up and Stop Courtney's Aspen Grove Revival?

“This is a modest, prudent measure. You show photo ID to cash a check, you show one to get on a plane, it’s something people are used to doing.” So said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback after signing a law last week requiring voters to present photo IDs when they vote. “It’s a modest and important measure to ensure the sanctity of the vote,” he said of the law which is aimed at combatting voter fraud."

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Gas Price Hypocrisy

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Gas Prices and The Declining Dollar

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25 April

Now Rev. Franklin Graham Questions Obama’s Birth Certificate: ‘What Can’t He Produce That?’

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22 April

Going the Way of the Steamboat


"The New York Times Company reported a sharp drop in net income in the first quarter as the print advertising market remained stubbornly depressed for newspapers."

The current Ad Vertiser is a leaky jon boat compared to the Hawk-Eye of old. Should those who remember when Burlington had a real daily newspaper start recording their memories for posterity?

Diamond Jo

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One Expert's Opinion


"President Barack Obama is "a slave of Wall Street," the diminutive cult leader said by telephone from Corcoran State Prison to journalist David Lopez."

An infamous authority on influencing others to do the bidding of another has broken his silence. Is it really news?


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‘Forget About the Law’ Union Bosses Say`

Union Bosses & White House Advisors Bob Park & Rich Trumka Admit They Are Overriding US Law & Sovereignty With the International Labor Movement

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We're Being Robbed

"You would of course call the police if you were being robbed, wouldn't you? Right now, there is an argument going on in this country that the rich are robbing you because they just won't "pay their fair share." But is that really who is robbing you? After tonight's show, you will understand that the answer to that question is clearly 'no'. So, who is the real villain here? Who is playing the part of Mr. Potter??"

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21 April

Obama’s Proposed New Executive Bootjack Order

Transparency or A Boot On The Throat?


"What would you think if, before any government contracts could be awarded to private businesses, all bidders were required to reveal any and all political contributions made by the company, its executives and board of directors?

One could infer that such a rule might create the potential for the government to decide on who wins the contract based on the company’s political leanings or that of its officers, instead of getting the best company to do the job for the best price.

Additionally, such a requirement might allow the government to financially punish any company that makes donations to candidates considered to be in competition with their party’s agenda."

This country is in grave danger. If you don't think so, just run this scenario through your mind only consider what would happen if Pelosi was still heading up a majority in the House.

Things like this will seal the Democrats' hope in 2012. Loebsack better rent in Iowa City.

So Long

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Bull Horn Based B S


"It demoralizes teachers and staff and custodians," said Tom Yates, the president of the Iowa City Education Association and an English teacher at West High School for 31 years who now plans to retire.

Monday evening, he faced a crowd of concerned protesters with a microphone in his hand, and they engaged in call-and-response chanting of "Kids first."

Public employees are being laid off. Those in the private sector know what happens when times get tough. Welcome to the real world.

Waving signs and running your rants through an audio amplifier will not change it. Government at all levels has spent beyond its means. Standard and Poors has downgraded America's credit rating to its lowest level since Pearl Harbor.

Getting back to work may take a while. It may well involve a different line of work. It may not be as pleasant, nor pay as much as the work you did before. Productivity will count for more than patronage.

The public sector party is coming to an end.

Juan & Evita

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Tenure Terrorist


"The College Republican email, which was sent to the entire University of Iowa Community, had been approved by a number of university officials before being sent out.

Lewin responded to email by writing, “#*@% [F-Word] YOU, REPUBLICANS” from her official university email account."

I guess these great Republican hopes at the University of Iowa had it coming.

"Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work. And the “Animal Rights BBQ” is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause."

Being insensitive to lesbian, bi, gay and trans gender animals expressing solidarity on a picket line should be a capital offense.

P. C. O' Plenty

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A Business to Stimulate Downtown Burlington


"27-year-old Julia Schaefer and her business partner are in search of the perfect spot for her new boutique in Iowa City.

She has the money and the plans, but so far, no space for her business."

Ms. Schaefer and her business partner should consider Burlington instead of Iowa City. Downtown Burlington has plenty of vacate store fronts landlords should be ecstatic to lease.

Replace the bad vibes given off by collapsing buildings. Let the good vibrations of an exciting new business bring downtown Burlington back to life.

D. L. Dough

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Obama Falsely Blames Insufficient Federal Spending for Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Faulty Design Actual Cause

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Be Prepared

"Look at the things around you...the basic necessities like food, money, clothing and gas. Would you say those things are stable? There are really two camps in America right now...those who say "Everything is fine", and then those who just want to "Be Prepared". Which one are you? Plus, Marxists and Socialists are no longer hiding in the shadows. Abraham Lincoln once said that what is taught in the classroom in one generation will be the policy of the government during the next one."

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20 April

Arizona Sheriff Cites Flood of Border Agents Confirming Feds' No-Apprehension Policy

"An Arizona sheriff says he has been flooded with calls and emails of support from local and federal agents who back his claims that the U.S. Border Patrol has effectively ordered them to stop apprehending illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.

“Upper management has advised supervisors to have agents ‘turn back South’ (TBS) the illegal aliens (aka bodies) they detect attempting to unlawfully enter the country … at times you even hear supervisors order the agents over the radio to 'TBS' the aliens instead of catching them,” one San Diego border agent wrote in an email to Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever."

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Movie Watching Controllers No Surprise


Does it really surprise anyone that the air traffic controllers are sleeping on the job and/or catching the latest DVD movies when their supposed to be watching out for our aircraft?

Having a government job is the next best thing to retirement because a government job is the same as drawing retirement money because of the unlimited tax dollars that can be collected to cover the daily losses through government incompetence.

There are also over 100,000 government employees that are tax cheats along with some of the appointees Obama put in high positions in his administration.

Isn't it true that the FAA is in bed with the airlines, big business in bed with our congress along with Obama in bed with the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, GE and a host of other political donors.

It's always those in government that create failure in our country and constantly repeat each election cycle that they are going to clean up government and never do, does that really surprise anyone? Politicians are natural born liars and only look out for those who give them money for reelection.

Like gasoline where the oil companies get about $0.10 per gallon while the states and government steal us blind through the taxes they put on gasoline which far outstrips what the oil industry gets per gallon. Some states are getting $0.59 per gallon far above the $0.10 the oil companies get and they do all the work.

Our government is being dismattled by the career politicians that can be bought for a few dollars leaving the majority of citizens in America without representation. It's time for term limits for all politicians that should be one term and out with no pension and no lifetime of easy living off the backs of the taxpayer. Laws for the masses should also apply for the liars in government.


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Pelosi Leads ‘Hands Off Medicare’ Chant

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19 April

A Case for Outsourcing Government


Falcon’s web site had the following You Tube video the other day and I would say again the Burlington should start outsourcing to reduce taxes and get out of debt. Citizens of Burlington should watch the following video to see what happened to Sandy Springs Georgia after they outsourced all city functions with the exception of police and fire departments and converted their pensions to 401 K’s.

Government is incapable of competing with the private sector because of unions, excessive pay, excessive benefits, lack of responsibility, lack of accountability and no initiative to become lean and mean because the money is easily acquired through raising taxes which requires little to no reason to improve anything in government. If taxes were removed government wouldn’t last at anything for much more than a day. Everything government does is easily the most inefficient and ass backwards humanely possible. Government can and will never be as money wise as the private sector and it’s as simple as that.

Let’s get with the plan and start outsourcing government to the private sector and end this snow balling government mess we call government here in Burlington.


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How Far From a Food Meltdown?

Ethanol for Fuel Fiasco - Time to Abort

"Three years ago, Glenn began to warn of the unsustainable path that the government was taking us down under President GW Bush. Economic experts and the media all laughed that off. Well...today history was made as the S&P just lowered the U.S. output to 'negative'. What does that mean? Find out tonight. Plus, the incredible rising cost of food...which Glenn also predicted, is also upon us. The cost of dairy products have skyrocketed 15% in just the last 30 days. Corn has more than doubled in just the last six months. Things are getting bad. Plus, more on our old pal Van Jones."

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18 April

State of the State - Iowa


If viewers would like to see how Iowa counties rank amongst each other they should Click Here.

It compares taxes per county, wages between private sector, state government and federal government per county and so on.


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Obama's Latest Embarassment


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15 April

Call for Christie Vilsack

"The three-term Democrat (Loebsack) announced Thursday he’ll run for re-election in the 2nd congressional district, an announcement that came just moments after the state legislature approved the newly redrawn boundaries."

The Congressman who has seldom given a damn about anything south of Interstate 80 is moving. The Nutty Professor is moving to avoid a primary against his party's prime choice.

Would somebody in his party with a lick of sanity please put this guy out of our misery in the primary.


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Second Hand Smoke and Mirrors

Colbert: Threat Level Rainbow


Iowa's cottage kook industry is becoming a national joke. Multiple times failed to be Governor Bob Vander Plaats was featured on the comedic news show, the Colbert Report. The nation is laughing at more than just Bob.

Bob is not the only kook running loose in the corn fields. There are other devil's doing stand up comedy with their hand out to Republican presidential candidates. We all need a good laugh.

We have a debt our children's children's children will still be paying off. The dollar is headed the way Germany's mark in 1923. Oil is going through the roof. Point and laugh at Iowa's political side show for relief.

Presidential candidates playing straight man to Iowa's mad devils are suffering worse than second hand smokers. Kissing the ring of Iowa's social issue Satans means there will be hell to pay in New Hampshire.

Candidates planning to perform beyond New Hampshire should take note. Deal with Iowa's devils at your own peril. American voters will not trade an old clown for a new one.

H.G. Schacht

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14 April

Harry "The Worthless" Reid


That clown Harry Reid is about the most worthless pile of hot air to lead the senate since Pelosi, a massive bag of air hot, air that could have floated the Hindenburg and prevented it’s eventual demise.

Democrats in congress are basically believers of the baby killing business, have no use for our constitution and of course have no interest in a Supreme Being.

Vote the atheist out of office in their next election cycle.


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California Teachers Rallies Behind Cop Killer


Take a gander at this video about some dimwitted teachers union trying to rally behind a convicted cop killer who even admitted he shot the cop back in 1981. This is a classic teacher union thug project having nothing to do with teaching at all but of prime importance to this union of dimwitted teachers that must have forgotten their prime responsibility and I can only guess how they’ve warp the minds of the younger generation through their teaching and their misguided principles.

I wonder how their students are doing on their test scores as compared to the rest of the country. No wonder American schools are such a mess and rated third world, at best when we have groups of dimwits teaching at our public schools.


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13 April

Civic Muzak


"These are the American Ghost Towns of the 21st century. Each has a population of more than 10,000 along with vacancy rates of more than 55%, according to the 2010 U.S. Census."

Burlington may take what comfort there is to be had in its slow slide into oblivion. Other communities are on a faster track to becoming ghost towns. The drama continues for both.

Many on death's fast track are rural areas heavily dependent on tourism. The real estate bubble bursting and high fuel costs are killing them. Burlington has largely been unsuccessful at attempts to become tourist dependent. Incompetence in the pursuit of that pipe dream does have its virtues.

Watching it all is like watching a Puccini opera on public television.

Like Madam Butterfly, communities dying swiftly have depended on others coming to them from afar. Trusting your future to those representing Washington is perilous.

Madame Butterfly places all her trust in Lt. Pinkerton. Like Freddie Mac, Pinkerton exploits Butterfly and forecloses on Butterfly's child. Butterfly's demise is self inflicted and swift.

Burlington's demise is lingering like Mimi's in La bohme
. Mimi the seamstress produces an actual product rather than entertainment. As the disease afflicting Mimi progresses, she becomes ever more dependent.

Like Mimi, Burlington has flirted with suitors selling a different course to a brighter future. Outhouses in the middle of Jefferson Street, river and land based casino entertainment schemes, a Wrecked Plex, Manor Mall, etc. all basically change nothing. A brief glimmer of hope perhaps, but life still ebbs away.

When the fat lady sings and the curtain falls, will there be anybody here to shout, "Bravo?"

Francesco C.

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Tax The Web


"The proposal--expected to be made public soon after Tax Day--would rewrite the ground rules for Internet and mail order sales by eliminating the ability of Americans to shop at Web sites like Amazon.com and Overstock.com without paying state sales taxes."

Set a precedent on the internet. Tax yea all who enter certain domains.

When is the City of Burlington implementing a Derailed tax? A $10.00 per visit, intra-city electroic transportation user fee on any and all who stop by here would be surprising.

Will this new tax do anything to correct this you owe me your business attitude?

Leofric, Earl of Media

I see a Pastor Spike looming.


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Nasal Drip Reid Modifies Pledge of Allegiance

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12 April

Two Airplanes "Bump each other at JFK"

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08 April

Paul Revere Spike


I did not know Cedar Rapids is trying to take money from the State of Iowa with a special bill in the Legislature. This makes our empty lot Manor Mall look like penny candy theft.

Senator Courtney and disgraced, departed Burlington City Manager Bruce Slagle were both in on the Manor Mall disaster. It looks there will be a lot of municipal bonds to be sold in Cedar Rapids. Is there any chance bond salesman Bruce Slagle could be getting a commission?

Do you think Senator Courtney will pay more attention this time than he did with the Iowa Film Office or the state education board or for that matter, will his brother tell him things are goin' south?

Spike, thanks for the heads up.


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Let's Make a Deal Loebsack


"Loebsack will get a little help from his friends Sen. Tom Harkin and 1st District Rep. Bruce Braley at a brunch fundraiser May 14 in Bettendorf."

It looks like the Nutty Professor's buddies are purchasing his passage to a redrawn district. The Nutty Professor is leaving Linn County. The Nutty Professor will not face his party's more favored Congressman, Bruce Braley, in a primary. These people know how to waste money.

The Nutty Professor kept his district out reach offices only in the two counties he has ever given a damn about, Linn County and the People's Republic of Johnson County. If Linn goes, over half the Nutty Professor's asylum will no longer be there to support him.

If the Iowa Legislature rejects the first redistricting plan, the Nutty Professor may not need to move. If that happens, does the Nutty Professor get to keep the cash?

Rather than putting cash in the Nutty Professor's pocket, his party would be smarter raising money for Christie Villsack. With her husbands last name, Christie stands a better chance than the Nutty Professor. Besides, Christie does not exude that air of academic arrogance the Nutty Professor is infamous for.

If not Christie, Jeff Heland for Congress. Heland has demonstrated he can tax and spend with the best of them. Congressman Heland may even open an outreach office in the forgotten, neglected, and desperate extreme southeast corner of the new 2nd District.

Ford Gottin

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Shreddin' Donner Pass

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What If 50% of What Beck Says Is Right?

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07 April

Obama Buddy Shootin' for Par

"One of President Barack Obama’s close friends has been arrested in Honolulu on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute.

Robert “Bobby” Titcomb was one of four men arrested in an undercover sting operation late Monday and later released on $500 bail, according to Honolulu police."

Obama golf buddy prostitute.jpg

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Cedar Rapids Head Down In Courtney's Trough of Zero Oversight Excess

Courtney Lines Up to Pay for Cedar Rapids 'Manor Mall' Project

According to CRSmells.com the taxpayers are lining up for a lube job similar to Manor Mall. Courtney is leading the charge for the big taxpayer helping of unsupervised spending. Between him and his brother in charge of oversight, how much better can it get?

The flood plan pork barrel doesn't mention $375 million in higher levees but does include:

* An amphitheater
* Improved pedestrian connections
* 4th street converted into pedestrian or transit corridor
* A ‘signature street’ along 1st Avenue
* A library
* A cultural/arts corridor along 3rd Street
* A Mary’s Island Plaza with a “Mary’s Island Fountain and Ice Rink”
* A waterfront promenade
* “A series of Signature Parks that serve the neighborhoods with high-quality amenities.”
* An urban fishery
* A “multi-generational community life center”
* Lighted cross-country ski trails
* A new 18,000 square foot recreation facility
* And a new 29,000 square foot indoor recreation facility

How much better can it get? They have video experts!!

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Udderly Amazing: Girl Teaches Cow to Jump

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The Change Is Coming

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06 April

Perkins School Soup Kitchen


Well, the city plans on selling out the Perkins neighborhood as it’s destroyed other neighborhoods such as the Manor that initially ruined the lives of people that had been living there for up to 50 years.

They now want to turn the Perkin’s School neighborhood into a home and soup kitchen for wayward whoevers. That school was zoned as residential but knowing the dimwits in city hall they’ll change it for any hair brained idea regardless of what happens to the rest of the neighborhood, as though Burlington isn’t already full of places for wayward people.

We already have many of the local churches providing food and who knows what for the down and out as well as the Salvation Army and a host of others; so why the hell do we need them swarming all over the Perkins neighborhood?

It’s nice to know all this happened behind the backs of those it affects the most, namely those that live in the Perkins Street area just as the school board did when they gave it away in the first place for a mere $49,000 when the taxpayers paid millions to keep it running as a public school.

It appears everything that’s done in this town begets turmoil and discontent because the concerns of the people affected are never considered. What if I turned my house into something that would keep me from paying taxes by saying it was for charity? Des Moines County already has over 393 non-tax paying organizations and I think that’s more than enough for one county in this looser part of Iowa, with a population of a mere, at most 42,000 souls. That amounts to over $15,197.00 per person in the county no taxes are collected on, which may account for our higher than hell taxes because 393 organizations pay nothing.

Total income of these organizations is $308,810,165 and the total asset amount of tax exempt/nonprofit organizations in this county is $638,264,034. What this current scheme does will put more taxes on the homeowners who currently pick up the tab for the other non-taxed organizations many of which are PO Boxes. One can go to this site and see what’s going on in this county: Des Moines County IA- Tax Exempt Organizations and Des Moines Iowa Non Profit Organizations

The school administration doesn’t care what happens because they just gave the place away to eliminate any responsibility to the neighborhood and what happens to it. The decisions made at city hall are more than enough to make a person sick and disillusioned just as the school board does. Burlington needs to rid itself of the one party system that has ruined cities such as Oakland and Los Angles, California along with Detroit, Michigan.


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Fiscal Debacle

"The last two years, the federal government has been on a 'spending orgy', the likes of which no one on the planet has ever seen before. But now, as the election campaign season begins, we are hearing them talk tough about getting our fiscal house in order...but are they really serious about it? I think you already know the answer to that. If not, you will after tonight's program. Also, more tonight on our favorite radicals...where was Van Jones and what exactly was he saying on September 12, 2001?"

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05 April

A Look at Burlington Schools From 8,000 Miles

India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire

"Call-center company 24/7 Customer Pvt. Ltd. is desperate to find new recruits who can answer questions by phone and email. It wants to hire 3,000 people this year. Yet in this country of 1.2 billion people, that is beginning to look like an impossible goal.

So few of the high school and college graduates who come through the door can communicate effectively in English, and so many lack a grasp of educational basics such as reading comprehension, that the company can hire just three out of every 100 applicants."

India projects an image of a nation churning out hundreds of thousands of students every year who are well educated, a looming threat to the better-paid middle-class workers of the West. Their abilities in math have been cited by President Barack Obama as a reason why the U.S. is facing competitive challenges.

Yet 24/7 Customer's experience tells a very different story. Its increasing difficulty finding competent employees in India has forced the company to expand its search to the Philippines and Nicaragua. Most of its 8,000 employees are now based outside of India."

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iPad Taste and Smell Coming Soon........


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Obama's Mess On Foreign Policy & His Terrorist Advisors

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04 April

Eagle Cam Hits The Net

If you haven't heard, 2 of 3 Bald Eagle eggs have hatched at the Decorah Fish Hatchery. You can watch the live eagle cam. But you won't be alone. There's usually 100,000+ of your closest friends tuning in.

Eaglet 4_3_11.jpg

1st Hatchling

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Cop Shop & Schools


Burlington leaders have made so many incompetent decisions in the past that we are now faced with another one of their missteps. The police station is without a doubt the result of poor management by whatever leaders were in power when that old building was chosen in the first place.

One good thing is there are many empty buildings to choose from here in Burlington as the exodus from the city continues unabated no thanks to those responsible for bringing in new business and a host of other failed do-gooder organizations.

Since the school board is going to throw away another useful building when the monument of waste on Madison Road is opened maybe the police could move into James Madison. There could be plenty of good possibilities with that building for the police although the place is no good for students anymore or so thinks the school board, a group of people with little to no brain matter to speak of, proven by excess compounded by more excess spending on unneeded school building binges. Our school board thinks bricks and mortar are the key to making students get better test scores for one of Iowa’s failing school districts. Maybe they should try teaching kids to be smarter of course some of the parents getting interested in raising their children wouldn’t hurt either. The school system is another example of government failure to function while throwing millions of our tax dollars into the black hole of public education here in Burlington.

Are there any just plain normal people left here in Burlington that can ban together and make good decisions for the benefit of the taxpayers? People without the ego’s and dreams of grandeur the city has been plagued with for the past 20 years or longer.


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Burlington's Hazardous City Streets and Other Problems


For the life of me I can’t figure out the multiple of reasons why Burlington has such poorly maintained streets. Take a ride on South Eighth turning left off Division, beat your car to death on South Garfield south of West Avenue, check out the streets perpendicular to Mt. Pleasant Street going towards the north from the Viaduct to Curran, check out the Central Avenue Bridge that’s been unfinished since it opened to traffic.

And don’t forget the hundreds of people that lost tires on the sewer protruding into the outside approach lane on the north end when the bridge first opened to traffic. Check out the curve on North 4th and North Streets where last week a large pipe and the old brick roadway were visible although the city put some patch in the major potholes but one can tell they won’t last but a month at best.

What and the hell has the city done with the taxes we are robbed of on a yearly basis? Take a look at your water bill that increases almost on a monthly basis, could it be because the rate structure is based on rooms rather than people that use water? Every house should have a meter; so people that use the water pay for the water they use and not to subsidize those with one bathroom and eight or nine people living in the house. Again, two people living in a house with five bathrooms do not use near the water as a home with one bathroom and seven people living in the house. Where is the logic for this ignorant pricing structure? Do we still have the same water board that existed back in 1890?

Currently we pay $2.75 for one can of trash per week, $6.37 per week for sewer ( two people), $0.50 a week for storm water even if it doesn’t rain. Now the more rooms and bathrooms a house has the more money they donate to the city because rooms and tubs/and showers and toilets are the basis for charges although only people use water, something a meter would keep track of instead of Burlington’s screwball method of billing. Very similar to the city attorney billing non-itemized lump sums on a legal pad. Then on top of the bill they have the nerve to add a sales tax.

The city must think everyone works for local government or the state with the constant bill increases, falling down infrastructure, empty buildings everywhere that indicate a dying city with little to no job growth. It’s so bad we have non-manufacturing buildings going up in the industrial park rather than new manufacturing firms coming in. We should change the name to services park instead of industrial park. It’s good someone is using the park but all their doing is moving from one old building that remains abandoned into a new one which just adds to the hundreds of empty ones already in town while not reducing the jobless situation.

It’s our city government and local chamber that are killing this town just as it’s our federal government destroying our country. These entities are only interested in stuffing their pockets and themselves while leaving those robbed to support them dangling on the vine.


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Downtown Corruption and Worden Needs Weekly Audit


I see in the paper where Bob Brueck thinks to build Apts. in these old buildings. Mr. Brueck made Apts. in the old Schamm building. I believe there were 12 Apts. Four of them sold and 8 or 10 remain unsold. These have been sitting there for awhile with taxes due on them. The demand must not be too great for these.

Mr. Brueck and the downtown partners would like the tax incentives, grants and tax abatments because this is where they get all their work. I think they need to ride down Jefferson St. and take a hard look at the buildings that are there and putting more money in the Capitol Theater. This was another gravy job for Mr, Brueck.

The people in Burlington need to get more involved as to where our tax money goes. With Mr. Worden with being financial director and city manager we should probably audit every 30 days.


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Pulp Silly Putty


"Japanese workers battling to stop a radioactive water leak into the Pacific from the beleaguered nuclear power plant have resorted to using newspaper and sawdust to try and block the pipes."

Save your old Ad Vertisers. Set up a shipping container in Memorial Auditorium's parking lot for collection. Send them to Japan.

Little if anything City Hall does not want known ever ends up in the Ad Vertiser. Guaranteed to let nothing leak.

Joe Plumber

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Malware LizzaMoon Explained - 4 Minutes Could Save Your Hard Drive

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01 April

Loebsack Steps Up to .00318 In Spending Cuts

According to an anonymously authored article in the Ad Vertiser Loebsack testified that he “already voted for over $11 billion in difficult but necessary spending cuts from the (fiscal year) 2011 budget."

So let’s put that into an Iowa common sense perspective.

You go to dinner with Loebsack and his Democrat friends and the bill for dinner is $3,458.

When it comes time for Loebsack to contribute his share of the bill, the nutty professor throws 3/10 of one penny into the pile for all of his Democrat friends. Loebsack and his friends get up and leave you with the rest of the bill to pay.

Does that describe a budget priority? Isn't this more like a budget fraud?

In fact, the people I know never would have gone to dinner. They can’t afford it.

Does Loebsack make sense?

Is it something to kill soybeans for ink to print it?


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Tim Scott Shoots Worden in The Ass

"I have all the confidence in the world Doug is being an honest person, but everybody is an honest person before they commit a crime," Scott said Wednesday."

You hired Worden, Tim, even though he was the 4th place finisher. Shouldn't you express a little more enthusiasm for your boy than this? Where's the hoorah for council solidarity?

Now Scott wants to spend a crap pot of money to keep Worden honest.

Tim, maybe you should have given more thought to your knee jerk nod to nepotism when Bruce Slagle slithered out of town dragging the women and children out of their homes in his maw of criminal behavior.


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See Jane. See Jane Run. See Jane Hide. Find School Board. Fire School Board.

I want to be sure I understand the school financial problem. Please email me if I missed something.

The school district is in the business of educating kids. Kids use textbooks and are assigned homework that requires the use of those textbooks. The school board denied buying the kids new textbooks last year. Jane and the school board don't want to buy new textbooks next year either even though the kids have no textbooks.

Jane, another Burlington nepotism hiree, is distraught. Jane fell into the stupid bucket while building her monument. The big rainy day bucket had lots of money in it. Jane and Mike built monuments with all the money in the rainy day bucket. But now the stupid bucket is empty. Or is it full? Can a Book bucket be full of stupid?

Jane has employees. They manage Jane's finances. Jane's bills are larger than her income. Last week Jane was overdrawn $818,000. This week the overdrafts total $1.4 million. Jane still has the same people telling her she is overdrawn. No reason for any changes. Jane needs those people to tell her what they know.

Meanwhile, the school board is populated with a bunch of people that never had to run a business in their life. Maybe they had a lemonade stand when they were kids but it failed due to free handouts to all their friends. Now that they are retired from the school system they sit on the front porch reading the Bonny Buyer and their union newspaper oblivious to every sign of the impending crisis.

So where is this school system headed? To hell?

No, it's already there.


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Loebsack's Deep and Moving Love for Us


'That didn’t last long as Loebsack indicated he will move from Mount Vernon to the 2nd District, which includes all but one county he represents now – his home county of Linn.

“Understanding that the redistricting process is ongoing, as the map stands now, I would plan to continue to represent the southeastern district of Iowa,” Loebsack said in a statement from Loebsack for Congress.'

Our Congressman loves us so much, redistricting has him leaving his home to remain by our side. The Nutty Professor publicly professes his love for Southeast Iowa. The Nutty Professor is in trouble.

Nine to one, if the Nutty Professor moves, it will be to Iowa City. Iowa is where directly, or indirectly, nearly everybody draws a check from the government. Iowa City put the Nutty Professor in Congress and has kept him there.

Loebsack better pray his only primary opposition is Heland. A good primary candidate could take the Nutty Professor out sooner, rather than later. People are wising up to the Nutty Professor. He barely won Des Moines County last time.

Without Cedar Rapids to back up Iowa City, Loebsack is likely to lose.

Fress Loader

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Border Wars


The proposed redistricting of the Iowa Legislature has been released. There is cause to be disappointed with the Iowa Senate boundaries.

Senator Courtney and Senator Fraise are not lumped together. It looks like there will be no primary to determine the dumber from the dumbest.

Opportunity awaits in the new Second District. No incumbent is to be found therein. Heland for Congress.

Jerry Meander

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Dry Run or Wrong Turn? 3 Mid-East Men Try to Enter Calif. Marine Base After Allegedly Making Terror Threats

"Marine base Camp Pendleton — one of the largest military bases in the country — is reportedly on high alert after three Middle Eastern men tried to enter the base last weekend on multiple occasions in multiple vehicles. And while the men initially claimed they didn’t know each other and simply took a wrong turn, new information from a local gas station about “hateful comments” and “terrorist threats” casts doubt on their story."

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Obama on Middle East Riots - What Did He Know & When Did He Know It?

Take time for at least the first 20 minutes.

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