Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

31 August

Manor Mall Mayhem - "I Need More Time"

Ell and Worden's Incompentancy Costs Taxpayers $2,550,000 - So Far


"The city is paying 6.5 percent interest on the debt, which will amount to $2.75 million if the bonds are paid off on schedule in June 2021. The city this June made an annual loan payment of $853,420."

Burlington's City Council is finally willing to pay a commission to clean up their mess. Misery is what often happens when policy is turned over to a City Manager. Bend over and bite the onion.

Bruce Slagle should never have gotten out of town without a crown of tar and feathers Least we forget, thank you, State Senator Courtney. That eminent domain bill exclusion rider in the Iowa Senate made it all possible.

Penny Less

Lost Keys Mayor Bill Ell can't bite the bullet for his role in the Manor Mall heist. No one in city hall knows what the hell to do with that land grab. But Worden pleads for more time. more time, I need more time.

Coupled with his lost fire house key, Ell has cost taxpayers (3) Manor Mall payments and $50,000 in lost keys or $2,550,000 so far with his blatant incompetency. And he defends the Big Slug Doug Worden?

And the council just sits in the big chairs and play Solitaire. Or whatever they play with.

For 4 years.


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30 August

See No Evil


Did the flash mob Gas Land robbery video end up in the same place as the Drunk Mayor in the BK parking lot video?

Blind Tom

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Nancy's Stops Her Drugs: Nancy’s Crazy Class War Conspiracies

"The Rich Won’t Pay Taxes Because They Want to Be Immortal, GOP Hates Kids & Keeps Wages Low to Force People to Pay Bank Fees"

If you want to know how crazy Nancy is, just turn off the sound on this video and watch her arms flail around. She looks like old B&W film of Mussolini. Even Nikita Kruschev beating his shoe on the U.N. lectern wasn't as stupid bad as this. Similar though.


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‘This Is WAR’ — Congressional Black Caucus Travels US Cities Using Violent Rhetoric

"Declares ‘War’ on Racist Tea Party, Says Tea Party Wants to Lynch Blacks, Calls for Bank Runs, Civil Unrest in Their Neighborhoods and Homes"

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29 August

Just Maybe - The Cops Have All They Need to Do Their Job


There was a CD made of the Gas Land Mob robbery and the police picked it up three or four days after the robbery and nothing has happened since; so I guess we can assume the robbers were let off the hook unlike what happens in other cities across America.

The entire episode was filmed at the time but seems to have vanished somewhere after it arrived at the police station, maybe they don’t have a player down there. It’s approaching two months since the robbery and the Hawk Eye and the Police have kept a tight lid on the entire event. It could be some of the perpetrators were related to someone else who knew someone else that worked for the local government or were related to Burlington’s self appointed upper crust.

Basically, it’s just another example of Burlington’s justice system that uses multiple applications of the same laws dependent on who you are or who you know. We have in Burlington what are known as flexible laws based on whatever is politically correct as determined at the scene.

Don’t forget Burlington is a Dumbocrat town from top to bottom.


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26 August

Flubber Backfiring


"WASHINGTON—The National Republican Congressional Committee is hitting Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) hard on Eastern Iowa cable stations with its first Iowa ad of the 2012 election cycle in an effort to link the Democratic incumbent to President Obama, whose popularity in Iowa has steadily decreased."

The Nutty Professor is vulnerable. Nancy Pelosi's voting partner is under attack. The Republicans are raising money and waging war against the Department Chair of Tax Whacky U.

The Nutty Professor's tax and spend flubber gun is not working to re-elect like it used to. The Nutty Professor is destroying more than banks giving away a set of hi-ball glass with every new account. The Nutty Professor's Flubber Gun is breaking the bank and our nation's credit rating.

The Nutty Professor could well crash and burn. Will anybody replace the professor in a primary? There is still time to organize and file.

Call for Jeff Heland.

Doug "Doggie" Shagged

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25 August

If So


I only have one question.

Is there any video of the Gasland mob robbery?

If so, and it was a minority group involved doing the robbing, the Feds would be interested in seeing the tape.

Racial intimidation and the broad interpretation of the 14th Amendment might finally bring justice to this corrupt community whether the police chief and city council like it or not.

Just Maybe

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You Have the Right to Remain Ignorant


"A congressman from Ohio had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting. Steve Chabot, a Republican, had cell phones and cameras confiscated in order to “prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds,” according to Carlos Miller, who runs a blog documenting efforts by the state to stifle the First Amendment rights of photographers."

Congressman Chabot pulled a 1st Amendment stupid. Congressman Chabot should take a lesson from our Congressman. When was the last time Congressman Loonsack held a town meeting here?

No meeting. No problem.

Send the Ad Vertiser your press releases. Verbatim, they will be reprinted as objective "news."


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24 August

Hawkeye Keeps Watch

Photo credit: (Lisa Pembleton)


"Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson was laid to rest Friday in Rockford, Iowa, where an estimated 1,500 mourners came to pay respects for the fallen Navy SEAL, including his dog Hawkeye. In fact, Hawkeye’s loyalty to his owner at the funeral was visible, creating a heart-wrenching image as he laid down by the casket of his owner during the entire service.

...In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Frogman238 Memorial Fund, First Security Bank and Trust, 201 West Main Ave., Rockford, Iowa 50468, (641)756-3361, to honor Tumilson’s memory."

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Flash Robberies Still Unreported


I wonder why KCPS when talking about Flash Robberies around the country failed to talk about the one that occurred at the Gas Land on Summer Street over a month ago that was never reported in the paper or listed in the police e-reports on their web site. KCPS when talking about flash robberies failed to even mention the one in Burlington on its morning show yesterday, maybe they don’t read Derailed the local source for all news uncensored.

Everywhere in the country that flash robberies have occurred it’s made the news but for some reason when it happens in Burlington it’s ignored by the police and in the local paper, known for its left tilted agenda. I really think the Hawk Eye gets its reporters directly from the Democratic has-beens pool.

The Hawk Eye never reported that a local policeman let a driver go after causing a $6000 dollar accident over on Dodge Street without even ticketing him on the scene for not having insurance and hitting a parked car. He got a ticket for going the wrong way on a one way street and was let go and less than an hour later drove through the wall of the Keystone Products Company on Mt. Pleasant Street.

That Policeman was very lucky the guy didn’t kill someone after he let him off on the accident although he was given another ticket the next day which was probably for hitting the parked car. The problem here is he was given special privileges by being let go for causing a $6000 dollar accident and not having insurance.

This person had a ticket in January another in May and three more within an hour on the Friday in question with one of the three coming on the 13th for what happened on the 12th. Either way, he was given a ticket on the 13th when he was in the hospital or jail. It doesn’t really matter because all the accidents happened on the 12th in mid-afternoon all within about an hour in three totally separated areas of town, miles apart.

The first one happened on Mason Road but was never mentioned, the second hitting the parked car and causing $6000 in damage was not mentioned but the third was mentioned in the paper on Saturday the 13th. This guy was not given a ticket for the accident on Dodge until after the third offense and most likely on the day after the third deliberate accident.

Does one really think that the police are following their mission statement when incidents as the above are allowed to happen on a far to regular basis and censored from the public by both the paper and the police.

Burlington Police Department

The mission of the Burlington Police Department is to guarantee a peaceful community through the enforcement of state and local laws, impartially and without prejudice, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States. We are committed to the protection of human life, individual rights and personal property through continuous care and professional service.

I know the mission statement is a canned document but still they say they abide by it but the above incident proves it’s not fully the truth although some officers may be fair while others provide immunity depending on name, employment or whatever it takes to be let off serious charges. Remember the ex mayor of a few years ago and the policeman’s son let off on numerous charges off and on for over a couple of years.

I would venture to guess the mission statement only applies to some of the people and not to others depending on your social standing in the community or who you know or work for along with your political leaning.


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22 August

New details in death of agent Brian Terry

Obama Failure Lead to Agent's Death


When will the Obama regime get tough on these drug cartels and run them and their drugs out of Arizona? The Obama regime even supplied the guns, one of which killed agent Brian Terry in a shoot out with Mexican scumbag drug cartel operatives about eighteen miles inside American borders.

Why in the hell are we in Afghanistan and Iraq when we now have a shooting war going on along our own border with Mexico? The Obama regime is soft on drug dealers along our Southwestern border and illegal aliens across the entire country. No country in the world would tolerate foreigners pouring into their country unchecked as occurs along our borders. Our prisons are full of Mexican criminals and illegal’s and we do nothing but talk about it and then when Arizona attempts to stop it the Obama regime steps in by not letting the state enforce federal laws already on the books that would make it much harder for them to remain in the country.

I hope when 2012 arrives and the nation votes again for president, that Obama is sent packing back to Hawaii or wherever he belongs. Our country is a mess and Obama would appear to have been elected to be a surrogate president for Mexico rather than protect our United States. His regime has constantly interfered with every attempt to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs flowing across our borders and has failed to enforce federal laws already on the books regarding illegal’s.

President Reagan had it right long ago when he said, “Government isn’t the answer it’s the problem”. It’s the 545 people running the country from Washington that have ruined our country through their greed, ignorance, selfishness and inability to conduct business for the people through constant worry about not getting reelected time after time to continue their life of leisure at taxpayer expense. Don’t forget democrats want illegal aliens who supply many of their votes in payment for letting them live off the taxpayer. Of course we have the government unions that are absolutely worthless and as self-serving as the 545 running Washington. Again, the 545 count on getting the votes from all these government unions as payment for their budget busting salaries and excessive benefits provided by the democrats.

President Roosevelt fought hand and foot to forbid government unions but once he died the Democrats saw a chance to build a voter base by allowing the government lackeys to form unions which have since made government nothing more than a home for deadbeat bureaucratic losers who only want to line their own pockets while enslaving the population further and further.

City, county and federal unions are nothing more than a drain on the public’s resources with the sole purpose of electing democrats in order to maintain their life of privilege until our country if finally ruined. Roosevelt saw the dangers of government unions but the democrats wanted a method of buying votes on a regular basis and passed laws allowing government unions; so whenever you hear anything about government unions just remember these unions were created for immoral reasons by the democrats and I think the record of this relationship between government unions and democrats has been proven over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with private sector unions but government unions were formed for immoral self-serving purposes between the 545 in Washington and those in the government unions.


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Obama’s New Executive Order = Obama‘s ’Dream Act’

Obama Ignores Congress For Illegal Alien Voters to Save His Ass

"President Obama signed another controversial Executive Order before jetting off to nine days of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. This latest order stopped the automatic deportation of illegal aliens and appears to some in Congress as the President bypassing Congress and effectively creating laws through imposing regulations. With this latest order, President Obama has now created more regulations in 2 1/2 years than any other President has done in the same time frame."

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Maxine Waters: ‘Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell’

One of The 10 Most Corrupt Shrugs Off Socialism Beliefs

"Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had strong words for the Tea Party Saturday, saying they could go “straight to hell” for impeding job growth.

Speaking at a forum in her California district, Waters vowed to push Congress to create more jobs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Waters told the crowd. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

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20 August

Obama's Magical Misery Tour


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19 August

Obama Reaches Point In the Road


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Look for the Union Label


"John King was shot in the arm last week when he surprised a man trying to slash the tires on the truck at his Lambertville home. The word "scab" was also scrawled on the side."

John King should get himself elected to the Michigan Legislature as a Democrat. As long as he talks their talk and walks their walk in the state capitol, he can hire all the "scab" labor he wants just like our own Senator Coutney did.

Not only will the unions look the other way, they will distribute his yard signs at election time. One contractor at a time.

B. Viela

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Georgia Sticks It to China

"Georgia Chopsticks. Jae Lee, a former scrap-metal exporter, saw an opportunity and began turning out chopsticks for the Chinese market late last year.

...Sumter County, of which Americus is the seat, has an unemployment rate of more than 12%. Georgia Chopsticks now employs 81 people turning out 2m chopsticks a day. By year’s end Mr Lee and Mr Hughes hope to increase their workforce to 150, and dream of building a “manufacturing incubator” to help foreign firms take advantage of Georgia’s workforce and raw materials."

It can happen. You have to stop studying it.


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Boldly Headlining What is Happening


"Obama embarks on three-day Midwestern campaign event"

President Obama kicked off his three-day Midwestern tour Monday.

While the White House bills it as an opportunity for the president to talk about job growth and economic policy, some say the tour is nothing more than a campaign event."

At least you get a truthful headline from the foreign press. When you link to Russia to avoid the official party spin, it speaks volumes about the credibility of America's liberal media.

Dr. Igor

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Dirty Dick's Home Town? East St Louis!


Wouldn’t you know that Dick Durbin is a product of Burlington’s sister city East Saint Louis, Illinois a fitting tribute to the one party loser who blames all Democratic failures on the Tea Party.

That’s a strange stand by a loser congressman who would rather take our country down before admitting his incompetence and ignorance of the American experience. Durbin is a classic example of what’s wrong with democrats who have ruined Illinois with their sick form of governmental corruption and ineptness and then try to carry it over to the federal government while lining their pockets all along the messy path to American destruction.

Democratic destruction of the American way started long before the Tea Party was born and thank God their here to confront the democratic ruination of our country by the likes of Durbin and the other losers just like him.


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‘Sellout!’ Pelosi Heckled at California Town Hall Over Debt Ceiling Vote

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Obama Was Offended

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17 August

Gasland Mob Robbery & Police On the Side of Justice?


Burlington’s own Gas Land on Summer had a mob robbery such as this just a few weeks ago and the entire filmed episode was totally ignored by the Hawk Eye and police reports for reasons unknown.

At the Gas Land store only about thirteen to fifteen minority teenagers were involved but the case was never made public by the police or the Hawk Eye a known censor of the news here locally. Many Midwest towns have published the films and have had parents turn in their offspring involved in the robberies but not here in Burlington where news is suppressed depending on who it involves.

Crimes go unreported to the public in Burlington on a regular basis like the guy who knocked down a fence out on Mason Road and then the same person went the wrong way on Dodge Street and smashed into a parked Toyota Prius doing extensive damage and the officer only ticketed the guy for going the wrong way although he didn’t have insurance and the vehicle had no plates the officer let him go with no ticket for hitting the parked car. Then just a short time later the same person let go by the police drove through the keystone building on Mt. Pleasant St. The officer who let the driver off with a one way ticket did no drug testing nor DUI testing on the driver he just let him off to cause more misery for someone else a short time later. Why would the officer just give him a simple one way violation when he did serious damage to a parked car? The officer did check the insurance belonging to the parked car but not on the one who caused the accident.

The paper had a short bit about some of the accidents but nothing about the officer letting the person causing the accidents off to cause another more serious collision a short time later at Keystone.

There are just too many instances of the police and the paper letting things go unreported because someone knew someone on the force or their a city employee or whatever it is that warrants immunity from justice here in Burlington.

The name of the officer who let the guy off the more serious charge of causing an accident which allowed him to cause another one a short time later is known but won’t be made public in this post.


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The Devil is in the Corn Fields


"In 2005, the evangelical magazine World came under fire after it published an article about [Ralph] Reed that concluded, “the portrait that emerges is one of a shrewd businessman who has spent years leveraging his evangelical and conservative contacts to promote the economic interests of his clients, rather than the principles of the political movement he once led.”

"About Reed’s association with Abramoff, Scheffler told RD, “if you look at the whole explanation it was a nonissue, it was the press that made something out of nothing that was there.” He added that Iowa activists were “excited” that Reed was the master of ceremonies for the Iowa Christian Alliance’s fundraiser this week, at which Rick Santorum was the keynote speaker."

The theme that resounded from the recent Iowa Straw Poll was libertarian, not theocratical. A group of wise men in the east enshrined as much. Establishment of a state religion is not conducive to, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Ralph Reed and his disciples are to trying to rebuild the ruins of their temple to the root of all evil. Iowa's early presidential selection status is a foundation stone in the attempted resurrection of what the gospel according to Reed wrecked.

What Reed and his cult once cultivated is not and never has been the major concern of the majority. To achieve their ends, infiltrate and take over a movement more in tune with desired political change. Their leadership is a short cut on the highway to hell.

Being lulled from the garden our forefathers created to the desert of eternal Socialism awaits the unwary. The gate swings one way. Satan is offering an apple.

Beware of false prophets.


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16 August

What If The Democrats Held a Straw Poll?

GOP: No Arrests, No Incidents, No Citations

What if the Democrats held a Straw Poll? What would happen?

Drunk ex-Mayor Mike Edwards - would risk DUI arrest out of town

Former Supervisor Jeff Heland - he'd be chasing hot checks to the bank to cover expenses Monday morning

Former Supervisor Tim Hoschek - taxpayers would be paying the bill for steak and lobster even though Straw Poll wasn't in Hawaii

Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell- thrown out of a liquor store for breaking wind in Pella but didn't leave town 'cause he couldn't find the keys to the van

Inept Senator Tom Courtney - lost tickets proceeds when he left the ticket booth for 4 hours searching for his illegal immigrant ticket takers

Twice Voted Least Effective Fraise - couldn't get his shoes tied so he arrived a day late

Cahoon - no one knew he went.

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Perseid Meteor Photographed from Space Station

NASA Image

NASA astronaut Ron Garan has captured this shot of a meteor while orbiting above the meteor in the ISS.

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When Your Term Looks Doomed, Tour the Heartland


“On the Seventh floor, there’s a little walkway out the door. A boat full of people they’re all singing along with the calliope. We decided to moon President Carter and the boat. Who the hell could ever get away with that anymore?"

Stagflation, foreign policy blunders galore, sagging poll numbers, what is an incumbent President to do?

In 1979, Jimmy Carter went down the Mississippi River. The tour was to show the Commander in Chief was in touch with America's land dear to its heart. Prospects for being re-elect in 1980 were dimming for the incumbent President.

President Carter even stopped in a town the rest of the world forgot. Speaking in Crapo Park did not sway the national election results in November of 1980.

"President Barack Obama is likely to hear from Iowans like Gooder during a three-day swing through the Midwest. Obama will focus on improving America's rural economy, an area that struggled long before the national recession hammered it more."

Those halcyon days of malaise are here again.

Consumer confidence has reached lows not seen since 1980. Stagflation looms. Our foreign friends are ignored and our enemies praised. The Kenyan in Chief's 2012 re-election prospects are looking bleak.

Like his historical role model, President Obama is coming to Iowa and Illinois. With the Delta Queen docked, hop on the bus. Make we who are not part of the coastal elite think he has not forgotten about us.

Will the President's bus be mooned remains to be seen. It is looking more likely that history will repeat itself. Voters may well moon Mr. Obama in 2012.

Manfred C. Moon

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A Hot Economy With A Cooling of Ardor

"Condom Sales Sag"


NEW DELHI: Industrial production rose at a surprisingly high rate of 8.8% in June as capital goods made a strong recovery to push up manufacturing growth to double-digits.

But lower heat seems to have taken a toll on production of beer, inverters and, strangely, condoms too.

While Americans face recession, India reports good economy news.


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“You Guys Aren’t Going to Cover This are You?” U. S. Senator Dick Durbin (D) IL

Dirty Dick Hides Behind Skirt


"This brings us to the eternal question: Who is media and who is not? Who gets to decide? Sen. Dick Durbin? His friends in the Chicago media? Are public officials accountable to the public? Do we have the right to question authority? Or must we just accept what they bestow upon us? Do we have the right to question the media? Or do we have to let the so-called “real” journalists impose their own idea of news? Of truth?

The role of the liberal media is to perpetuate the debt creating welfare state. Woe be to those who call to task any darling of the liberal media.

Locally, the ever in power single party system does not face an in person challenge like Dick Durbin did. The Ad Vertiser will always be there; only the Ad Vertiser. Not to lie, but to omit as deemed fit, or by default by incompetence.

Not all is as rosy as it once was. Thanks to you and other local alternative media, the whole story is often told. Local voters have told more than one office holder so exposed to take a hike.

Competence is what counts. Competition makes it known.

Neither party has cornered the market when it comes to competence. That is something those who depend only on the Ad Vertiser for local information remain unaware of.


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12 August

Obama: Celebrating Ramadan at White House ‘Quintessentially American Tradition’

"Islam has always been part of our American family."

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Suffering the Eternal Suffrage


"The state of Illinois has reached a new level of broke. Come Monday, it won't have enough cash to bury its indigent dead."

Perpetual voting by Illinois dead has helped hold Illinois in the perpetual grip of the party of welfare. The result has become no money to increase their numbers.

What to do with the dead?

If they send them to Des Moines County for their final voting residence, will Senator Courtney and friends see they receive their absentee ballots?

Reaper Grimm

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From Our Sister City Down the River


"EAST ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) - The public housing complexes on the east side of the river might just be the deadliest places in the country, but efforts are underway to secure the area."

East St. Louis is decades ahead in the pursuit of the welfare state. Can Burlington catch up?


We don't have to go far.


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A Labour of Larceny


"Needless to say, Britain leads Europe in the proportion of single mothers and, as a consequence, also leads or co-leads the European Union in violent crime, alcohol and drug abuse, obesity and sexually transmitted diseases.

But liberal elites here and in Britain will blame anything but the welfare state they adore. They drone on about the strict British class system or the lack of jobs or the nation's history of racism."

Politicians providing a welfare state and the recipients returning them to power is not sustainable. It works for a while, but ultimately produces decay and chaos.

Burlington has been ruled by the party of welfare dependency for decades. Senator Courtney and others like him keep getting re-elected promising to get even with anybody who has more and give it to the poor.

Coming soon to a convenience store near you, Burlington does Britain.

Neville C.

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11 August

Can You Feel Me Now?


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Gasland Flash Mob Ignored By Local Police, City Council & Ad Vertiser


Even though flash mob attacks have occurred right here in Burlington, Iowa the local authorities and the Democratic Press haven’t mentioned a word about it; so the public is little aware of the problems lurking throughout the city posed by Burlington’s newest workers imported by Brian Tapp at SEIRPC, Dennis Hinkle and The Chamber and other local tax supported entities on the pretense that Burlington needed the workers even though there were no livable jobs anywhere within Des Moines County.

A month or so ago a flash mob attack occurred at the Gas Land Store in the 1000 block of Summer Street where ten to fifteen minorities went on a rampage in the store stealing alcohol and food items throughout the store and then ran out the doors disappearing into the night. Although the action was caught on camera it took the police about three to four days to bother picking up the video record of the attack. The clerk completely overwhelmed phoned the police but it took them too long to reach the scene and none of the criminals were apprehended.

Remember we live in the third worst city for crime in the State of Iowa with only two points separating Burlington from the top spot and only one point away from Davenport a city four times the size of Burlington. Best and Worst Crime Areas in the State Of Iowa

The local problem is discussed by many people living in Burlington but the police and Democratic press for some reason are suppressing the entire problem for some unknown reason which probably has something to do with being “Political Correct” a democratic ploy to play the votes and to make sure those doing the voting continue to receive taxpayer money to live here regardless of the burden it puts on the few who work for a living in Burlington.


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Obama Increased National Debt More in 4 Days Than Truman and Eisenhower Did in 10 Years

"Last week the Obama administration reportedly increased the national debt (in inflation-adjusted dollars) more in a mere four days than the administrations of Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower increased it from 1950-1960 — an entire decade."

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Philly Street Mob is From School That Got $1M From Oprah

"A new video of Philadelphia street attacks has surfaced—and this time the teen perps are students from a charter school that received a $1 million donation from Oprah Winfrey, according to Fox 29, which obtained the footage."

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Rick Santelli Rips Guest For Calling Tea Partiers 'Freaked Out White Men Who Are Unemployed'

As for "Santelli’s muni reference, Whitney has recently come under fire for having predicted eight months ago there would be widespread defaults by municipal bond issuers around the country this year.

As Bloomberg reported in July, during the first six months of 2011, muni defaults are down 60 percent compared to the same period last year.

Obviously aware of this, Santelli chose to pull that scab off in order to get back at the banking analyst."

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10 August

In Greek: "Af-TOS mee-lye, ke o GUY-thou-ros KLA-nee"

"When he speaks, the donkey breaks wind."

Nothing brings out donkey noise like a blame game!


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A Hop, Scott, and Skip the Building Codes


Tim Scott is running for City Council again.

Shortly before Scott's announced political come back, local developers leaned heavily on the Council to lessen building codes, including fire safety codes.

Local developers wishing to convert downtown, century plus old office and retail buildings to residential use were among those demanding more lax fire codes. The fire codes where people sleep are more stringent for good reasons.

Where does Tim Scott stand on the issue of City building and safety codes?

Harris Blanck

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New York Times Labels Obama Inept


Your readers on the left should read the New York Times Sunday Review Opinion Page article “What Happened to Obama” page four is the summation for those who wish to read just the writer attributes to Obama’s failures.

It has taken the NYT editorial page three years to realize what many Americans knew prior to Obama’s election back in 2008. The man had no experience at anything and was one of the worst senators possible for failing to make his mind up 130 times in two years by not giving a “nay” or “yea” vote.

It just boggles the mind how so many so called “smart people” were duped by this man into believing he was something of greatness when he is more representative of a Flim-Flam man than anything else.


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Will the Battle of Britain Bring America Into the War


"Rolling coverage of the riots that have engulfed London and other cities, as violence spreads to Birmingham, West Bromwich, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Salford."

Liberal elitists in this country for decades have gone gaga anglophile over Britain's welfare state. No guns, national health care, etc etc. have been pointed to as a Fabian model of fairness.

Our elitist liberals have been taking us down the same path as Britain. Rioting is spreading across England. The quint essential, western democratic welfare state is ablaze.

How bad will it get here once our national debt has welfare checks bouncing like jack rabbits in heat?


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Foot-Dragging on Free Trade

Strengthening exports would be an economic boon. So why the delay?

Barry's Lawless Deal to Feed The Unions!

"A primary point of contention stems from the Obama administration’s efforts to attach a Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) measure to the South Korean FTA, which if ratified will be the largest trade deal since NAFTA in 1994. Thus the Democrats — having already shown their contempt for the Budget Act of 1974 by failing to submit a budget in more than two years — apparently decided that they would rather not adhere to the Bipartisan Trade Act of 2002, which stipulates that bills designed to implement trade agreements may contain only provisions that are “necessary and appropriate” to implement the agreement. TAA, in contrast, is essentially a domestic-spending program that would provide $1 billion in “assistance” — in the form of training and income support — to workers who lose their jobs because of foreign competition. It has absolutely no impact on implementation of the agreement."

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Gas Bag Barney Frank Lets 'Er Rip - Passes Gas Live on MSNBC

Check His Hip Moves - Looks Like Tom Jones

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09 August

Manor Failure Indicative of City's Future


I was on Roosevelt yesterday and as I passed the Manor I couldn’t help but notice the grass looks like hell and hasn’t been cut for awhile. Is the city failure now going to degrade the appearance of Burlington as does much of the infrastructure?

In Sunday’s rag Mr. Worden claims Burlington’s hotel/motel taxes brought in an increase of 12 percent over last year and if that’s the case, why does the Rec Plex need taxpayer money every year since opening its doors to make up for the losses?

Burlington taxpayers have kicked in over $1,000,000 since the Rec Plex has been in business at approximately $100,000 bail out every year proving over and over again Burlington management cannot run a business and should sell it off which wouldn’t affect the hotel/motel receipts and save the taxpayers some $100,000 in additional taxes per year.

Personally, I would suggest the bridge and prison have drawn in more money to the area than has the tourist trade. There may have been an increase in tourist but that’s probably because many people can’t afford to venture to the larger resorts and Disney-like parks at cities far from Southeastern Iowa.

How Burlington can align itself with the likes of Nauvoo is beyond reason because Nauvoo is basically a religious and historical attraction unlike Burlington that features gambling, sports, loud music and a water park, none of which are relevant to historical Nauvoo in drawing tourists.

Burlington would be better off by attracting livable jobs to the area rather than depending on the tourist trade which doesn’t pay the bills as would people living and working in the city or nearby areas. When you have people leaving the area because of jobs and no one replacing them is a sure sign something is drastically wrong. Burlington needs people working and paying taxes but we end up with nothing but the welfare and criminal element which has ranked Burlington as Iowa’s third most crime ridden city, ranking only one point behind Davenport with a population four times that of Burlington.

No one has all the answers but without jobs providing livable wages Burlington will never return to the best of times.


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Burlington Crime Wave Continues


Once again Burlington crime has earned its ranking as Iowa’s third rated city for crime with only two points back of #1(Keokuk) and one point back from #2 (Davenport).

Friday night another random spree of vandalism occurred in the Perkins School area with another vehicle having two of its windows broken out by some of Burlington’s scum bag losers. For the second time in two weeks vehicles, at random and within a half block of the Perkins School have had their windows broken out.

Some of the low life scum sponging off the citizens of Burlington are probably responsible for these random acts of destruction which are too numerous to be discounted as simple vandalism. Just a month ago ten to fifteen minority teenagers gang robbed the Gas Land Store on Summer Street and the story was never reported to the public ever in the paper or police reports published in the paper. This same technique for robbing stores has happened in other cities such as Milwaukee and it made the TV news instantly with videos of the crime taking place and guess what, even parents turned in their children that they saw in the video but here in Burlington the news is completely ignored with the exception of Derailed our only true source of Burlington’s crime reporting. The Hawk Eye censors the news in order to keep the population ignorant of the out of control crime running amuck in the city of one political party.

The parasites doing this vandalism are truly low life losers which have gained a foothold in the streets of Burlington for whatever reason and there in every neighborhood lurking like snakes waiting to strike those unwary of the high crime in Burlington with a crime rate much higher than Iowa as a whole and the nation as a whole. Yet, our local paper fails to warn the public of the possibility of getting robbed, mugged, slugged or made a victim of random violence.

Burlington needs to request the state come in and help clean up the streets or do something because the city is making no headway in reducing crime and again proof Burlington’s sister city is without a doubt East St. Louis, Illinois.


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Des Moines County's High Taxes


Here’s one reason taxes are exceptionally high in a depressed Des Moines County Iowa:

1. Number of tax exempt organizations in the county is 397

2. Total income amount from tax exempt/nonprofits $411,173,219

3. Total asset amount of tax exempt/nonprofit $719,459,094

4. Number of zip codes in the county 8

Readers can look at the organizations at the following web site.


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Congress Fails & Jobs Suffer


Well, congress is off for the month but still being paid for doing a horribly inadequate job for which most of them should be fired while another 400,000 Americans are out of work for the month of July though no fault of their own.

The entire lot of 545 people put in office to run our country have failed the American people miserably and should be replaced by American’s who care about more than stuffing their pockets and living a life of privilege. Just goes to show that a country headed by a socialist will never survive as well as one run by a capitalist.


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Did Soros Make a $1 Billion Bet on U.S. Debt Downgrade?

Obama Advisor and Scum Bag Euro Trash Financier Soros At Center of Screwing America

Someone dropped a bomb on the bond market Thursday – a $1 billion Armageddon trade betting the United States will lose its AAA credit rating. In one moment, an invisible trader placed a single trade that moved the most liquid debt market in the world. The massive trade wasn’t placed in bonds themselves; it was placed in the futures market. The trade was for block trades of 5,370 10-year Treasury futures executed at 124-03 and 3,100 Treasury bond futures executed at 125-01.”

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Allen West Slams Geithner: ‘When You Open That Refrigerator Door the Lights Don’t Come On’

Courtesy of Fox News

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08 August

Mike Spins Up Washer But No Load


Mike’s ramblings on Sunday’s editorial page again reflect his warped mind when he claimed 82 percent of Americans polled think congress is run by (idiots) with Republicans earning the deepest contempt. With the Democratic shellacking in 2010 I would venture Mike is making up his facts about which party is despised.

Well, Mike must get his information from the NYT but the latest Rasmussen Report of July 24-25 states towards the end: “Forty-five percent (45%) of voters trust Republicans more when it comes to handling economic issues , while 35% put more trust in Democrats. Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine of 10 issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports. Two years ago Democrats were trusted more than Republicans on most issues.” Mike’s failure to report who or where he got his information means his information is basically unconfirmed as reliable. Believe me Mike gets most of his political information from his own mind or directly out of the Democratic game book.

The Rasmussen Poll also states the following information about dimwits Pelosi and Reid: “While she's much less often in the news these days, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains Congress' most disliked leader. But Pelosi earns higher favorables than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid whose popularity has fallen to its lowest level in over two years.” Both of these losers earn high marks for putting our country in an economic dead zone along with Obama and the Democratic party.

Mike would help himself be more believable were he not so far left of center and would state where he gets his facts (I use that term lightly). Mike is a good example of how some people can be brained washed into believing things that just aren’t factual which is the main process of educating the populace in a socialist style of government. Mike would have done much better with his style of writing had he worked for the Daily Worker or maybe Pravda of old.


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Wordsmiths Going the Way of Blacksmiths

Jimmy Olson Unaffected - Taint of Ad Vertiser Experience on Résumé Kills Future Elsewhere


"University of Iowa officials plan to suspend admissions leading to termination of the current professional master’s program in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, officials told state regents Thursday."

A dearth of Jimmy Olsons studying to become Clark Kents is having an effect. The University of Iowa is dropping its graduate program in Journalism.

Iowa's undergraduate Journalism program remains. If the trend grows of students entering better paying fields like fast food management, are undergraduate Journalism programs in peril?

This could have local implications. The Ad Vertiser's circumvention of the 13th Amendment using underpaid, undergraduate interns could be in peril. As the Ad Vertiser's circulation and revenue continue to decline, drop a notch.

Local high school students could comprise the Ad Vertiser's editorial staff. This may not be a bad thing.

News stories could not get more inaccurate and incoherent than they currently are. In fact, the quality of news reporting may improve.

Many high school Jimmys would have spent all of their short lives in our community. Most would know the difference between Minneapolis and Mediapolis and that neither is just across the river in Henderson County, Illinois.

At age 16, most upperclassmen would have a drivers license. Special training to get out and cover a story would be necessary. The Nash Metropolitan came with a standard, three on the tree, transmission.

As small town daily newspapers enter a clutch situation, providing graduate level drivers education may lengthen their days on the road to oblivion.

Lester Smith

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Burlington on the Hudson


"The population loss is "the ultimate barometer of New York's attractiveness as a place to work, live and do business," the report's co-author, E.J. McMahon, said. "It's the ultimate indication that we've been doing things wrong."

As our State Senator Tom Courtney advocates, the State of New York has been taxing, harassing and in general been getting even with business. The difference between leaders and demagogues is all in the peoples foot prints.


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Obama and S&P Vie for Credibility in Effort to Show Each Other Wrong

"Credit Downgrade Shows Distrust of the U.S. Political System and of the Ratings Agencies That Judge How Well It Works"

"...The "debacle over the debt ceiling" was one of the factors that led to the downgrade, John Chambers, chairman of S&P's sovereign ratings team said in a conference call with reporters Saturday."

We all know how well our elected representatives responded last week regardless of having 6+ months to reach a conclusion without the political drama.


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It's Somebody Else's Fault

"George Will became one of the first high-profile conservatives to publicly call into question the validity of Standard & Poor’s in the wake of the U.S. triple-A downgrade."

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06 August

Obama Flashback: My Presidency Will Be ‘A One-Term Proposition‘ if Economy Doesn’t Turn Around in ‘3 Years’

“Look, I’m at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years,” Obama told The Today Show’s Matt Lauer on February 1, 2009.

“A year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress,” said Obama. ”But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

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Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair

'hundreds of young black people beating white people'

Locally - No Movement By Police or City Hall On Gasland Mob Robbery

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03 August

Farewell State Senator Fraise?


"Republican Larry Kruse will run for the newly-created Iowa Senate District 42, a release from Iowa Senate Republicans said. Senate Minority Leader Paul McKinley’s (R-Chariton), who spoke to Lee County Republicans last week, also posted the release to his Facebook page."

It appears a State Senator once selected by his peers as least effective could be unelected. Gene Fraise will be facing an opponent who has demonstrated literacy and competence as a Lee County Supervisor.

If Fraise is defeated, it would break up Southeast Iowa's Iowa Senate team of the dim, Senator Fraise, and the deluded, Senator Courtney. It would give the world one less reason to point and laugh at Southeast Iowa.

Why was this news not in the Ad Vertiser?

Laurel Stanley

Who's going to tie each others' shoes?


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02 August

Wanna Dance?


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01 August

Obama Crisis Averted


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Burlington Ranks #3


Here is a summary of crime for Iowa cities based on Data from the FBI Uniform Crime Rate database for 2008: Best and Worst Crime Areas in the State Of Iowa

Burlington is rated the third worst in the State of Iowa (2008) regardless of what the city itself and the Hawk Eye reveal. How could small towns such as Keokuk and Burlington have such high distinguished rankings in crime far outstripping cities much larger and diverse?

There are many reasons for Burlington being at the bottom of the rung as a safe place to live in Iowa:

1. Burlington has basically only one party (Democrat) which means there are no check and balances on government management at all

2. Burlington has a poor school system brought about by government unions and poor management decisions by the school board

3. Burlington fails to enforce its city codes unless there’s something in it for the city itself, such as money

4. Burlington management if extremely overpaid for their decision making capability, accountability and overall know how at managing a city

5. Burlington taxpayer funded organizations are basically failures for destroying what was once a good city by their greed and dreams of grandeur

6. Burlington school board, through their dreams of grandeur have left buildings they have abandoned all over town as signs of their negligence and irresponsibility

7. Burlington management has done all possible to waste tax money based on ignorance and stupid projects such as the Manor and the RecPlex (no break even ever)

8. Burlington has a court system that constantly lets criminals walk the streets based on ignorance and political correctness both democrat traits

9. Burlington has a very high welfare and entitlement population that attracts the lower level of society to the city

10. Burlington has no livable wage jobs to attract a more socially acceptable level of population

11. Burlington has a large drug culture that penetrates every level of society all the way from the bottom to the top and includes all professions regardless of what it is

12. Burlington has no news source other than a couple of blogs that honestly bring uncensored news and articles to the population

13. Burlington has one newspaper but it fails to be honest and print the truth about the local government and the city’s social ills (democrat)

14. Burlington attracts drug dealers and other criminals because it’s a part of Burlington’s social demographics

15. Burlington taxes are far too high and make Burlington a non-choice for setting up business ventures that are not social in nature

16. Burlington codes prevent anyone from converting the empty buildings downtown into livable housing based on housing codes rather than industrial codes

17. Burlington being union orientated prevents many industrial organizations from considering Burlington for setting up shop here

18. Burlington city council in many cases are rude to citizens and unaccountable for their poor decisions

19. Burlington hires retired city employees for part time jobs rather than giving the younger citizen the chance to get a city job

20. Burlington city employees are grossly overpaid and benefitted as are all government employees nation wide

21. Burlington city officials and the newspaper fail to report crimes they feel would upset some of the newer citizens based on political correctness (democrat thinking)

22. Burlington fails to report misdeeds by the so called “Upper Crust” in order to hide the truth from the citizens who don’t get the same treatment from law enforcement

Burlington is truly a sister city to East Saint Louis, Illinois and let there be no doubt about that and until the city turns to a two party government and has an honest and unbiased newspaper it will always be a loser city.

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