Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 September

Big O's Puppetmaster


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29 September

The Path to Hometown Glory


Local leadership has become as inbred as a toothless hillbilly. The recessive traits resulting have manifested themselves in Burlington's recessive opportunities and population trend.

One hope for Burlington is those who made good in the wider world. Like salmon, some have returned to where they were hatched to die.

Before they die, most should have 10-20 years left of relative health and mental acuity.They have a broader range of experiences to share in shaping a better future.

They have the time. Are they willing to serve as leaders?

Somebody needs to defeat State Senator Courtney. Local offices could also use an infusion of integrity, intelligence and broader range of experiences.

Hopefully, some of those home from the sea will remove the beer cans, carp and condoms now fouling the stream that nurtured them.

Salmon P. Chase

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Ad Vertiser Ignores Gas Land Flash Mob Robbery - Leads With Blood at Hy-Vee

Police Department Continues to Ignore Crime

Will It Take Blood at The Next Flash Mob Robbery?


I see where the Hawk Eye published the security camera photo of the two suspects they suspected of beating a 19 year old teenager close to the Angular Hy-Vee store on September 8th at 12:30 AM.

Back around July 1st a gang of 10 to 14 minority youths robbed the Gas Land store in the 1000 block of Summer Street of dry goods along with beer that was recorded on the stores security camera but the story never appeared in the Hawk Eye and none of the suspects pictures were published in the paper either. Does anyone here sense a double standard by the police and the Hawk Eye? Granted the crimes were different but both were crimes with only one being reported and the other swept under the rug by the police and probably the Hawk Eye, Iowa’s leader in double standard reporting. The police are known to play favorites when it comes to a person’s name and who they know or if they work for the city or county.

Just today 9/28/11 John Mangalonzo had an article on page one of the Hawk Eye titled “Courting awareness”. In the first paragraph Mangalonzo attempts to mislead the reader with his point of view which has nothing to do with the story at all, just his left wing opinion before the story In the second paragraph he says, “With the use of nearly a million dollars in out-of-state funding, an unprecedented event took place with the ouster of three Iowa Supreme Court justices”. Actually the out-of-state money totaled about $650,000 and not $1,000,000 as mentioned by Mangalonzo. There’s also the Iowa constitution that allows the voters to get rid of bad judges if they vote them out, perfectly legal. Does Mangalonzo know how much out-of-state left wing money Harkin gets to keep his position as one of the top three liberal losers in the congress?


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28 September

Worden Shows True Colors - Inexcusable Absence = Quitter

Don't Let That Door Hit You In The Ass Doug!


Dare not deviate from the decades norm Doug Worden is retiring as Burlington's City Manager. A life time of Burlington as his horizon and a gold watch, welcome to retirement.

Retirement should give Doug the opportunity to experience a wider world. He really should do so before the ravages of age and Aspen Grove restrict him to the small pond he has known too well.

Even though not on time a lot of the time, Doug did make the trains run. Unlike Jessie James Slagle, Doug did not derail the locomotive and proceed to rob the passengers.

The City Council must now find a new City Manager. It will be an important decision that must not be taken lightly.

One Slagle in a generation is one too many.

A. Pinkerton

The taxpayers got just what Lost Keys Ell dictated - a 3rd Place status quo loser. When Worden got called on a stupid ass move that demanded accountability, he quits. Like a loser.

We don't need no stinkin' losers. We've had years of losers - Edwards, Ell, Slagle, King, Worden, Power, Knoke, Mercer and a couple of others that flip flop better than Asian Carp.

In fact, the carp smell better.

Good Bye Doug. Don't let that door hit you in the ass.


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27 September

State Senator Courtney Should Follow Senator Fraise's Example


State Senator Fraise announced he is not seeking re-election. Ineffective and known for being so, Senator Fraise did the right thing. May he enjoy his retirement.

State Senator Courtney announced he is seeking another term. Senator Courtney has become known as a vindictive pest. Senator Courtney is the last person you would anybody wishing to open up a new business to meet.

If there is anybody out there with intelligence and integrity in Senator Courtney's district wishing to serve? Be they a Democrat in a primary, or a Republican in the general election, would they please step forward.

Jeff Heland need not apply.

Southeast Iowa's two current State Senators have helped make us the butt of jokes around the rest of the state. Half the problem is gone. The rest needs to go.

Roscoe Sawyer

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26 September

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - For Tamales & Cheeseburgers

'You Do Not Want To Be Between Michelle And A Tamale'

Or a Cheezeboiger


"Speaking to members of the National Restaurant Association on Monday, Vilsack said Americans need to “adjust” their tastes so they’ll like the healthful foods the government wants them to eat."

Julia Child, rest in peace. The Henry County Chef is dictating what's for dinner.

There is all the usual liberal babble about the nanny state's loving concern for we the ignorant children. We are not eating our vegetables. Eat your vegetables, or else.

Or else what?

What will be what nourishes the nanny state. It will be what the nanny state can never get enough of; new taxes under glass.

Gluttons for more, some cities are already taxing sugary soft drinks. Look for more of this as the federal government eats us out of house and home to pay failed social programs.

What you earned and put on your plate is not yours. It is theirs.

Bon Appetit.

Dunkem Hines

""You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale," joked the president. "It’s true. It’s true. But she’s moving, though, so she can afford to have as many tamales as she wants," said Obama in a nod to his wife’s "Let’s Move" healthy campaign."


"First Lady Michelle Obama may have temporarily forgotten the lessons of her own anti-obesity campaign when she indulged in a sinfully caloric lunch Monday at a popular new hamburger restaurant.

A Washington Post reporter said the first lady ordered a cheeseburger, french fries, chocolate shake and Diet Coke at Shake Shack — a trendy hamburger spot that recently opened an outpost in Washington’s Dupont Circle.

Based on nutritional information on the restaurant’s website, the meal added up to a scale-tipping 1,556 calories.

Obama has made the fight against childhood-obesity a central focus of her White House tenure and launched the “Let’s Move” campaign to promote exercise and ensure children have access to healthy food.

The Post noted, however, that she has also admitted to having an “obsession with french fries.”

“The greatest danger to liberty today comes from the men who are most needed and most powerful in modern government, namely, the efficient expert administrators exclusively concerned with what they regard as the public good.”

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23 September

Heland Back In News


Hope so!

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Worden Still Incompetent - Murray Genuflects

Did Murray Have a Mary Baker Senior Moment?


Just when you begin to believe that Junior Murray was a better city council choice than Mary Baker, Junior genuflects on his adoration for Doug Worden.

"Councilman (Matt) Murray has indicated to me that maybe part of my problem is that I'm too honest, and my honesty comes across as lacking of tact," he said."

If Junior thinks ass kissing is going to work in his quest for a better job and a promotion in the school system, it might work. It even works in the real world of business. But if he bases that career on ass kissing to keep that job, he's out of his mind and the effects of the toxic Worden Kool-Aid will soon wear off when he winds up as a McDonald's burger boy.

Murray has aspirations for a better job and is thinking how best to respond to that quest to succeed. That makes a lot of sense. Get the hell out of that city hall cesspool.

While Murray is contemplating the tools needed to advance in his profession as a teacher, he should keep in mind Doug Worden sat on his arrogant, lazy ass for years in City Hall as a mute toad kicked around by every criminal that occupied the city manager's seat. Play-Doh has a stronger back bone.

Worden did nothing to obtain city manager state certification until he was humiliated into it and became 3rd choice to replace the Master Criminal City Manager Bruce Slagle. He worked for city councils, city managers but never had the personal ambition to do any more than he ever needed to in order to skate by.

So tell me Junior, is this what you respect in forming your own career goals? Aspirations of a 3rd place has been?

I hope not. Our school students can't read and write now.


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Johnson: My Neighbor’s Dogs ‘Created More Shovel-Ready Jobs Than This Current Administration’

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22 September

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs law requiring welfare recipients to take drug test

How Soon Can We Sign 'Em Up?

"Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill on Tuesday that requires benefit recipients to undergo drug testing.

Applicants for the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program who test positive for illicit substances won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until they undergo treatment.

Those who fail a second time would be banned from receiving the funds for three years."

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20 September

Relief Sooner Than We Had Hoped May Arrive

Fat Little Puppet Gronstal's String Unwinding


“Sit down, sit down, shut up! Shut up!” Gronstal yelled over a boisterous standing ovation from 200-some Democratic activists.

Former defacto Governor of Iowa Mike Gronstal faces losing his last power base, the Iowa Senate. A special election could make the Senate an even split. Gronstal will not be able to block legislation as he has been since losing his defacto Governor's office.

This special election for an Iowa Senate seat has large implications. It could mean considerably weakening not just Gronstal, but a whole host of other Socialists. State Senator Tom Courtney would be forced to share committee leadership positions.

A defeat in this special election would help condition Senators Courtney and Fraise for a big change in 2012. Both need put out to pasture before they put us all out of business.


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Ad Vertiser Never Loses Mission Direction


Last week the Hawk Eye ran an editorial written by a Mary Sanchez for the Kansas City Star, a far left wing rag - a mirror image of the Hawk Eye itself.

Sanchez was harping at one point about all the executions in Texas since Pearlman had been governor. There were in excess of about 240 of these executions and of course Sanchez was all over the governor for carrying out the Texas law by executing murderers, serial killers, murder rapists and so on.

How strange she never mentioned once that Missouri murders over 6000 babies every year through abortion and these innocent humans haven’t even been born yet. It’s sad Ms. Sanchez has so much passion for murderers that face justice and yet cares nothing about innocent babies being sucked to their deaths without ever having a chance at earthly life at all.

Sanchez is nothing more than a hateful person spewing forth so much trash and misinformation she reminds me of Germany in the 30’s up to the mid 40’s. Why would the killing of over 6000 babies not be wrong in her mind? What makes a person not care that all these babies are being killed yearly right in her own state of Missouri while she worries about 240 or so killers and murder’s being executed in Texas over a ten year period.

The Hawk Eye condones this type of editorial writing and gets a sense of pleasure from printing it because the Hawk Eye itself is left wing news at its worst, printed right here in

Iowa’s third most criminalized city, Burlington, Iowa.

You would think our own paper would print something about the problems in this one horse county such as a poverty rate of 21.9%, 16.6% of population on food stamps and 42.5% on free or reduced lunch at the schools. Percentages are from 2008 and have surely gone up since then. Rumors have it the reduced or free lunches are running in the area of 70% now but I couldn’t find the numbers.

Why would the Hawk Eye run Ms. Sanchez editorials when we already have Mike Sweet here locally spewing the same trash on a far too often basis. He couldn’t even let 9/11 slip by without his hateful writing. Poor taste if there ever was any but not uncommon for the Hawk Eye’s left wing editorial page.


They did their spiel on poverty. Publisher Steve Delaney follows the Obama mantra to sow discourse and unrest. Soften the ground for another round of his dumb ass ideas.

A lot of people on welfare don't want a job. They have one. Hosin' the taxpayers.


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We Are Heroes, Who Need to Create a Crisis:

SEIU’s Stephen Lerner at Progressive Summit Tells Unions, Community Organizers and Students They Need to Escalate Protests, Break Laws, Occupy Abandoned Houses and Spread the Crisis All Over U.S.

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16 September

Courtneys Out At Economic Development

Branstad appoints new economic development authority board members

Lack of Oversight Likely Cause

The Courtney boys were sent packing yesterday.

"Gov. Terry Branstad appointed 11 business leaders and citizens to the newly formed economic development authority board, a group that will help lead the state’s job-creation efforts.

The new board replaces the former Iowa Economic Development Board, which had its last meeting Thursday. The new board includes three members of the former board — John Lisle of Clarinda, Daniel White of Dubuque, and David Bernstein of Sioux City."

Nope, not a Courtney to be seen. No one from Southeast Iowa either. Not a surprise. We haven't had a leader worthy of sitting on an economic development board for a long, long time.


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Webcam 101 for Seniors....

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15 September

The Tijuana Taxi to Missouri


Bruce Slagle

City Manager
Title: City Manager
Phone: 573-581-2100

Between Burlington and the Lake of the Ozarks there is another little town called Mexico. There is a city management, or perhaps mismanagement, connection between Burlington and Mexico, Mo.

"When asked whether he thought Worden's decision to skip the meeting was inappropriate, Ell said: "Boy, I don't want to answer that one right now."

Perhaps the old Friday afternoon at Flint Hills crew got together again for a three some. There are some excellent resort golf courses in the Ozarks. Pick up an old pal half way there and head for the links.

Council watch dogs in Mexico may wish to review any travel reimbursements to their City Manager.

Arnold Palmedhoff

No one said Worden was in town last Tuesday. He could have canceled his meeting riding around with Slagle and Ell in their golf carts (they all have to drive...).


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America's Toughest Sheriff to Visit Iowa


"A controversial Maricopa County, Ariz. sheriff will be in Iowa this weekend to appear at a fundraising event for Jones County sheriff candidate Rick LaMere and to spread a message of civic involvement."

If Sheriff Joe caught a City Council member drunk in their car, would he let them call home, or book them and tent them?

J. Edgar Hamms

Will someone please email Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ask him if he could investigate the Gasland mob robbery and a few other things....


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Amsterdam on the Mississippi - Fill The Vacant Store Fronts


"So how does the Red Light District work?"

"From about noon until long after midnight, the girls stand behind red-lit glass doors, dressed in fancy underwear, looking to attract the attention of passers-by."


"Downtown Partners Inc. seeks to ensure mannequins are the only ones shoppers see lounging in their skivvies in storefront widows along Jefferson Street....."

"If we have a vibrant downtown, it will take care of itself. I don't think we should have to regulate or legislate what is going to take place there," Davidson said. "If downtown is operating the way it should, nobody is going to want to live in a storefront. There is too much foot traffic."

What have various socialist, downtown Burlington revitalization plans accomplished over the last 40 plus years? Gazebos a go-go got nowhere. Where are the crowds with quiet railroad crossings?

If you meet a market they will come.

Nell Gwyn

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14 September

Obama Money

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13 September

Ell Struggles On Black & White

"So which is it? Is it more about developers, or is it about Doug?"


I see our mayor talked to Doug Worden at length to figure out how to cover up Worden's MIA Lake of The Ozarks Retreat last week.

Then Ell, in his usual blinding speed to lay blame somewhere else pushes Slum Lord Dennis Wilson under the bus head first. Ell says it's all Wilson's fault. Or maybe it's Worden's fault. Ell doesn't know which.

"Dennis, either because he was trying to cut corners or because he didn't really understand how to be a contractor, that is where this whole issue came from. Now there are people jumping on the bandwagon so to speak and it has become more about Doug than about anything else. So which is it? Is it more about developers, or is it about Doug?" Ell said."

That's why Burlington has lost its way. There is no leadership. To Ell, it is all black and white. Ell never considered for one minute that he has TWO problems here that need resolution.

Slum Lord Dennis Wilson needs to build to code. End of story. Wilson has a history of cutting corners without any accountability.

Worden is a lazy, rude, egotistical, incompetent, lard ass!

This Publisher Steve Delaney revenue generator will die for now and in about 2-3 weeks the council will vote to give Worden his raise buried in page 2 at the bottom. Wilson will be made the scapegoat of exposing Worden for what he is.

And the taxpayers will reach in their pockets again for some free money.

Fed Up

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A Distracting Character


"The cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants is in hot water from a study suggesting that watching just nine minutes of that program can cause short-term attention and learning problems in 4-year-olds."

Whatever happened to Spuds McKenzie? Spuds caused a lot attention and learning problems on Burlington's City Council in years past.


Spuds is alive and living in the Mayor's van.


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Obama's Prison Blues

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12 September

Bittersweet Buttress Demolished - City Employee or City's Finest Citizen?

Gasland Mob Robbery Still A Secret

Ditto: Dodge Street Drunk Driver

Ditto: Drunk Ex-Mayor

Where's Mr. Freedom-Open-Government Watch Dog Tiberius Steve Delaney?


I hear through the grape vine that the West Bittersweet Pillar was knocked down by one of Burlington’s finest and hushed up like many of the other incidents that occur around Burlington, Iowa’s third most criminalized city. It was the West pillar on Bittersweet which runs North and South along the West side of the Country Club and it happened about the time of the last rainfall in July. Nothing appeared in the police log nor the local socialist paper.

What can be deduced from this is that it was possibly a policeman, someone with city management, a city employee, county employee or someone with ties to the police through employment, relations and/or friends.

This is one of three incidents, two of which weren’t ever reported and one in which part of the facts were reported with the exception of the police letting the perpetrator drive off after running into a parked car on Dodge Street causing $6000 in damage to a Toyota Sirius parked on the street, the perpetrator had no insurance. Prior to that accident he had already knocked down a fence on Mason Road and then after being let go from the second offense he drove his vehicle through the wall out at Keystone Products where he finally was taken to the hospital, all of this damage occurred in less than two hours. On Dodge Street he was ticketed for driving the wrong way on a one way street and let go by the policeman after which he then caused the damage to Keystone Products. On the 13th of August the police issued him a ticket for the Dodge Street accident but not before he committed another offense against Keystone. The guy had a court date and was fined $900 although, he didn’t appear. I won’t mention his name but he did have the last name of a retired police office here in town although he may not be a relative but it’s obvious he knew someone to be let go from a major accident while not having any insurance.

The first incident was the gang mob robbery at the Gas Land store on Summer street where ten to twelve minorities ran through the store stealing food and beer. They overwhelmed the store clerk. By the time the police arrived all had managed to get away but the store had the entire incident recorded on their security system. Several days later the police came to the store and picked up the disk but nothing was ever printed in the local socialist paper nor the police log; so it’s been well over a month and nothing has been said about the incident by anyone belonging to the police department or the city management. Another case of crime pays in Burlington depending on who you are or who you know.

This type of behavior has been going on in Burlington for many years with incidents popping up frequently with a mass of covering up going on by people who are supposed to be fair and just. Anyone of authority who lets a person off for breaking the law is more guilty than the person who committed the offense, meaning they are exceeding their authority and breaking the oath they took when hired. Lets don’t forget the mayor of a few years ago who fell asleep drunk at the wheel over at the BK drive up window one night. The police called his wife to come over and pick him up granting him a pardon for a drunk driving charge, wouldn’t we all like that kind of treatment from local authorities?

There are other incidents but it really doesn’t matter just one incident of letting people off for breaking the law are never negotiable at the scene by the police because they are not the judge or jury, that belongs to the judicial authority only.


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Mike's Spew Shortsightedly Forgets His War - Vietnam


I see Mike is back in full swing again bashing the Bush administration over all the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past ten years not to mention he’s been out of office for over two years.

Well, how could Mike forget about Vietnam and the close to 60,000 American deaths that Johnson and the Democrats caused in that undeclared war that lingered on for about ten years. During the ten years the troops had one arm tied behind their backs by Armchair Commander Johnson who was planning the daily actions from the Oval Office. Also, I wonder how many innocent Vietnamese citizens were killed by this Democratic induced undeclared war. I might also mention that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was Johnson’s legal justification for deploying U.S. conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam. Bush was probably just using the same type of justification as was Johnson before him. Facts concerning the Bay of Tonkin Incident.

Mike and the Hawk Eye just can’t stomach the constant failures of the Obama regime and have been living in the past administration where they have been stuck for the past two and three quarter years. The Hawk Eye is a left wing paper that censors the news according to the editors political beliefs and that’s just the truth and local citizens will never read anything about Obama’s and the democrats constant failures as president in the Hawk Eye.

I think most Hawk Eye readers are smart enough to know Mike is a fanatical left wing journalist who should probably be at the NYT or MSNBC where un-American activity is at its peak while being in the midst of socialist country out on the East Coast.


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Burlington Hotel - Cabrini Green West?

Brian Tapp and Dennis Hinkle's Debacle Still Paying Dividends


A while back I thought I read where the Burlington Hotel was having hard times getting renters and that it may have been on the verge of shutting down again or going belly up. Over the past few weeks there hasn’t been a word in the local paper about it; so I took a ride downtown and I found the reason nothing’s been said lately.

Our Burlington Hotel is now the Cabrini Green West and has become the home of many of the new citizens cajoled in to moving from Chicago to Iowa by the local corps of tax exempt organizations such as SEIRPC, The Chamber and Grow Greater Burlington along with a host of other tax exempt organizations looking for a way to keep their tax money flowing in on a regular basis and reinforcing the voter block for the democrats since there are no jobs to be had in this area, what other reason would they have for coming here if not to benefit those that earn their keep off providing benefits to the poor and unfortunate. We live in a county with something like 392 tax exempt organizations with many of them providing tax supported monies to the poor and unfortunate. I guess it’s a form of job security for these tax exempt organizations because as the real wage earners leave town the poor and unfortunate take their place securing jobs for those that distribute our taxes to them.

There are more likely more people living off the taxpayer in Des Moines County and local governments than there are people working in order to pay them enough that they live better than the middle class wage earners in Europe. Could that be why Burlington and Des Moines County have such massive taxes?

What did the taxpayers of Des Moines County and Burlington do to deserve such rotten management and incompetent tax exempt organizations that they are intent on ruining our city by enticing people over here when there are no jobs for them here unless it’s for the reasons stated above or to get more government money. It’s sad to think that about 75% of the children in government schools are on subsidized lunches in one way or another, the schools even have free lunches in the summer time.


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Rudy Decries ‘Irrational Application of Political Correctness’ in Handling Terror Threats

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09 September

City Code Flaunted by Inspectors


To point out how ridiculous Burlington’s canned city codes really are I would like to point out that the trees in front of the medical complex in the 800 block of North 6th Street are within two feet of the sidewalk requiring people to go around them or stoop down to pass under them.

According to code 151.09 trees shall have a minimum of 8 feet of clearance above sidewalks. In front of this medical center there is far less than the 8 foot clearance as specified in the code.

City codes in Burlington are basically used as a threat against anyone who complains about something that may upset the status quo of the city management. There are trees all over town that fail the 8 foot requirement specified by city code 151.09.

Another unenforced city code is number 150 requiring numbers on buildings and homes. Never enforced by the fire department and basically ignored by the city. Just drive around town and you can see homes and business entities with no street number visible anywhere. The fire department, the last I knew is responsible for street numbering of business and homes in Burlington.

Burlington management is basically out of control with wages and benefits for city employees far exceeding their responsibility and accountability. After all, if they were really top notch employees the private sector would have hired them away from the city long ago.


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Unfair City Law Enforcement


That guy that ran through a fence on Mason Road, went the wrong way on Dodge street and knocked a parked Toyota Sirius into the owners yard and was let go by the police only to run his vehicle through the wall at Keystone Products less than an hour later got off with a $900 fine and didn’t even appear at his own court case.

The policeman over at the Dodge Street site just let the guy off saying, “I know his parents and their good people who will take care of the damage.” At this point the driver was let go to run his vehicle through the wall at Keystone Products. The damage was in the area of $6000 to the Sirius and he wasn’t even issued a ticket for that offense until the next day as people began to hear about this injustice by the Burlington Police department. No telling what the damage cost was to Keystone Products where a wall had to be rebuilt. By the way the Dodge Street cop didn’t ask to see the drivers insurance but he sure as hell asked to see proof of insurance from the man who owned the damaged Sirius, that was parked at the curb.

The Burlington police department is good at doling out favors to certain people who know them, work for the local government, have money, have a friend on the police force or city government. These people can do no wrong and are let go by the police on a regular basis only to be repeat offenders later on which poses a constant threat to law abiding citizens who would never get the breaks these clowns get simply because they don’t know someone in city government or the police department.

Burlington has two sets of laws on the books one for the average citizens and another set for the friends of the police or government. Just remember when in Burlington justice is dependent on who you know or who you are and has nothing to do with fairness within the law. Don’t ever believe the Mission Statements on the web sites because there just a fictional statement purchased on the open market and meaningless here in Burlington.

Another unreported case is the Gang Robbery of the Gas Land Station on Summer Street that happened about July 1. Nothing was ever said by the police or the local censored paper concerning this robbery which was filmed at the store and picked up by the police a few days after the incident but of course if someone well known was in on it or knew someone we now have a reason nothing was ever said about it to the public. This crime was committed by a group of 10 to 14 minorities who ran through the store stealing food and alcohol products. In other parts of the country this type of crime is well documented and published in legitimate newspapers and TV stations broadcast the videos of the thieves but in Burlington it’s withheld from the public.

Just remember if the State of Iowa were to have an enema they’d stick it in Burlington, a city whose time has passed.


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Creating a Community Like Congresswoman Waters Along the Father of Waters


“There are roughly 3 million African Americans out of work today, a number nearly equal to the entire population of Iowa. I would suggest that if the entire population of Iowa, a key state on the electoral map and a place that served as a stop on the president’s jobs bus tour were unemployed, they would be mentioned in the president’s speech and be the beneficiary of targeted public policy,” Waters said in a statement to POLITICO on Thursday."

Mad Maxine's suggestion of all Iowans unemployed maybe far fetched. It is not because Southeast Iowa is not doing its part. Ruled by politicians of Maxine's ilk, Iowa's Southeast is its most depressed region.

Productive young people flee for opportunity elsewhere. To Grow Greater Burlington, low skilled, poorly educated replacements are recruited from the most depressed neighborhoods of nearby metropolitan areas.This is cheered by our State Senator Courtney who tells us not to be upset with these replacements.

Retired union workers do not live forever. Their replacements are Senator Courtney and his friends future power base.

Local entrepreneurial opportunity has resulted. There is a large stock of old, cheap housing ripe for purchase. Rent it out for direct payment from welfare agencies. So what if your renters ruin it. You were not planning to put anything back into the property.

Wring every penny out of your investment. Time is on your side. The City will not condemn it.

Every day and in every way, our local leaders are making our neighborhoods look more those Maxine calls home.

Louis Saint Easton

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Rick Santelli And Thomas Friedman Tangle Over Social Security ‘Ponzi Scheme’

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Count How Many Times Obama Asks Congress to ‘Pass This Jobs Bill’?

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Krauthammer on Obama Address: A ‘Campaign Speech’ of a ‘Watered-Down, Retreaded Stimulus Package’

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08 September

Grow Some Balls You Pompous Ass: Then See Item #2 Below

"What is it you want us to do?" Ell asked Shockley. "

Grow some balls you pompous ass. You've sat in that chair for so many years without doing anything but wiping Worden's nose along with your pampered lot of incompetent city jackasses, you more than lost track of the school keys. You've lost your mind.

And while you're pulling your head out of Worden's butt you might ask your police chief what the hell he is doing about the Gasland mob robbery.

So there's your checklist Mayor:

1. Grow some balls

2. Stop kissing Worden's ass

3. Stop kissing the city employees' asses

4. Pull your head out of Worden's butt

5. Demand some immediate action to protect the citizens from the Gasland criminals you have let scamper away. They don't work for the city.


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This Story Should Have Been on The Cover Above The Fold

'Comments anger union officials'


Chief union advocates Ad Vertiser editor Steve Delaney and Rex Troute sure exercised their editorial control over the outrageous story buried on page 3 of Wednesday's rag.

Hiding the controversy over the outrageous city and county employee health insurance coverage won't make it go away.

I have no insurance. I would love to have an insurance plan that I only contributed 20% to.

And I sure as hell won't forget that when it comes time to vote.


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Hoffa Is a Bum Just like The Ol' Man


Hoffa is just a bum earning a living off the backs of the few workers who enjoy some hemp and alcohol during their lunch breaks over at the Chrysler factory in Detroit. Now if one wants to see the results of a union made town take a look.

Now this is what happened to Detroit over the last 50+ years compared to a nonunion town blown to pieces by the Atomic Bomb some 50+ years ago. This is what happens to a town when it’s forced to pay extreme union wages and benefits. Hoffa is trying to reinvent the Dinosaur with his hate speech about the Tea Party and anyone else in order to maintain his easy living off the backs of others. Of course Obama goes along with Hoffa because they buy his support and special interest mandates and he’s not going to cut his own source of revenue off, is he?

Obama himself shells out $20 million to have three houses insulated out in Washington State and doesn’t bat an eye because he doesn’t know a thing about economics or working for a living because he’s obviously risen through the government run hand out system his entire life.


John McCain said recent numbers indicate jobs created by stimulus funding cost $282,000 per job.


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07 September

A Lack of Oversight


"Tom Wheeler was found guilty Tuesday of one of nine counts charged against him in connection with the Iowa’s once-lucrative tax credit program for filmmakers.

Wheeler, 42, was found guilty on one count of felonious misconduct related to Polynation Pictures. He faces up to five years in prison."

Tax credits and lack of oversight when investing taxpayers money makes for an unhappy ending. Do you think state legislators with stars in their eyes learned anything from this?

Erik VonTaxhiem

I wonder how the infamously and utterly incompetent senator Courtney felt when the jury uttered guilty knowing his lack of any reasonable oversight perpetuated the taxpayer robbery?


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06 September

Obamanation Economy Builder - Change Your Wallet Can Feel

Billboard in Cedar Rapids from Blackhawk County facebook

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Spec Building Still Empty


I wonder how long that spec. building in the Industrial Park has been taking up space and how much money that it is costing the taxpayers? With all the new small business building going on out there we continue to reinforcing Burlington’s stash of empty buildings without increasing any form of employment in the area. I wonder how many of their old abandoned buildings are still taking up space in Burlington. The school district does the same thing by moving out of schools for new ones before getting rid of the old ones; so why not everyone else.

Then we have the tax exempt havens moving out of town taking possession of luxury buildings which again result in loss of taxes with no increase in employment.

We have Obama paying out 20 million dollars to create 14 jobs (mostly administrative) and insulating a whopping three homes out in Washington State. Obama doesn’t have enough brains to see what he’s doing to our country and his dimwitted staff are no better and these are supposed to be people of high intelligence and if this is the outcome of our education system we are lost for sure.

Our own president and his administration are a good example of what failure of government does and is. All of his green waste is nothing but waste of American taxpayer dollars based on greed and lies about nature, driven by government scientist along with private entities who make false statements in order to keep the money flowing; so they can keep their grants, high salaries and benefits. Even NASA has been caught fudging the temperature numbers in order to keep the money flowing.


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Teamsters President Hoffa: ‘Let’s Take These Sons Of Bitches Out’

Calls for War on Tea Party at Obama Labor Day Event

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01 September

Real Cover Up Behind Manor Mall - They All Are Incompetent Losers


Don't let your readers forget the Manor Mall fiasco was the failed attempt to cover up gross incompetence of the city attorney Scott Power in the railroad lawsuit and to cover up Mexico MO city manager Bruce Slagle's criminal activities while city manager.

Two or more make a criminal conspiracy. Add the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards, regional planning Brian Tapp and the chamber's Dennis Hinkle along with Senator Tom Courtney to the mix and pretty soon you have a genuine RICO investigation.

The only wisdom the old and weary Ell can cough up is he hates to lose the sales commission on the property. What that bone head assumes is that a real estate agent can sell this albatross and the city wouldn't screw it up like Slagle did with Kohl's.

Delaney got his headline story and the misfits in city hall are too stupid to fix stupid.

Grown Out of Rose Colored Glasses

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