Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

28 October

We Told You So - Bill Ell - The Great Manipulator Part 2

Seldom do we need to go beyond our archives to find the truth. It took Publisher Steve Delaney and his minions 4 years for this to sink in. And it was all done while Jimmy Olson was adjusting his earring.

The travesty of the Fire Chief's problem was fostered and cultivated by Lost Keys Bill Ell. Ell circumvented the system to get his personal choice to replace him as fire chief. Ell got his way. Many in the fire fighter community know of Ell's betrayal to his men in the selection process.

We told everyone about this 4 years ago. No one had the courage to step forward. Even after several fire fighter lawsuits and various other department problems.

This isn't about canning the Chief or anyone else. Lost Keys Bill Ell made this mess. The Chief didn't. But the Chief needs to get his degree as he promised or resign. He has that responsibility.

Jimmy Olson should get that part of the story instead of playing pocket pool for 4 years.

from BurlingtonDerailed.com October 30, 2007 -

Bill Ell - The Great Manipulator

When it was time for Bill Ell to step down as chief of the Burlington Fire Department he formulated the job description and qualifications the new fire chief would have to possess in order to be hired.

Bill Ell wrote the job qualifications so the new fire chief had to have a four-year college degree; something he didn’t possess himself. That would be a good thing if done for the right reasons.

However, the requirement was added to allow Ell the latitude to hire his handpicked- successor. But more importantly, that requirement eliminated promotion from within the ranks of the Burlington Fire Department, something Ell didn’t want to do.

After the potential Burlington Fire Department applicants had been eliminated by virtue of the supposed college degree requirement, Ell removed the college degree requirement in order to hire the current Fire Chief.

Is that the kind of great manipulator you want for your next councilman?

Bill Ell made the rules to suit his own agenda while ignoring his obligation to promote from within the department. Ironically promoting from people with the same qualifications.

Bill Ell is no leader. But he is a Great Manipulator.

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Thoughts of Liberalism


Here’s some useful information about liberals gleaned from several sources:

If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat. If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church. A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it's a foreign religion, of course!)

If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

The Leftist hunger for change to the society that they hate leads to a hunger for control over other people. And they will do and say anything to get that control: "Power at any price". Leftist politicians are mostly self-aggrandizing crooks who gain power by deceiving the uninformed with snake-oil promises -- power which they invariably use to destroy. Destruction is all that they are good at. Destruction is what haters do.

IQ and ideology: Most academics are Left-leaning. Why? Because very bright people who have balls go into business, while very bright people with no balls go into academe. I did both with considerable success, which makes me a considerable rarity. Although I am a born academic, I have always been good with money too. My share portfolio even survived the GFC in good shape. The academics hate it that bright people with balls make more money than them.


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27 October

City Administrator - What's The Deal?


Marshalltown has almost the exact population as does Burlington and here is the job requirements for the city administrator:

The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer and as such, oversees all of the city operations and the ten city departments. The City has 173 full time employees in Administration, City Clerk, Fire, Police, Finance, Housing & Community Development, Legal, Library, Parks & Recreation, Human Resources, Public Works and Water Pollution Control Plant.

Why does Burlington make a mountain our of a mole hole when hiring a city manager which is no different than a city administrator? Why does Burlington pay far above the worth for a city manager? The current person gets far too much money for a small town of 25,600 souls; so why does he get, with benefits and fringes close to $130,000 or whatever it actually is? Why and the hell do Burlington citizens put up with this city stealing them blind on wages, benefits and the so called services provided.

Some of the department heads are only here because they most likely couldn’t get work with the private sector, yet they earn far above their value a fact proven by the conditions of the streets, Cascade Bridge and a host of other dilapidated infrastructure items.

Crime is out of control ranking Burlington third highest in crime out of Iowa’s approximately 947 towns and cities. Burlington is only one point different in crime statistics than Davenport a city with four times the population with only a one point difference in crime, how about that? Burlington also has a crime rate higher than the national average in most statistics. Yet the police chief is more interested in protecting his retirement than solving the Gasland mob robbery.

Burlington is becoming a mirror image of its sister city East St. Louis, Illinois home of that loser senator Durkin who caused the new monthly fees for debit cards.

To top it off, Burlington is rapidly closing in on the demographics of East St. Louis in its rush to acquire new workers for the zero available industrial jobs here that might pay a livable wage.

Until Burlington politics changes there is little hope anything will change in the near future and it will probably only get worse. With the high crime and leftist newspaper nothing is right for a turnaround in the near or foreseeable future.


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CEO and Financial Expert Peter Schiff Take on ‘The 99%’ at Occupy Wall Street

"Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., found out when he paid a visit to the occupiers at Zuccotti Park.

The long-time financial industry executive and radio host asked the protesters what they felt was a fair percentage for him to be taxed. None seemed to provide a clear answer, but were intent on telling Schiff that the Bush tax cuts need to be abolished. Schiff then attempted to explain to the demonstrators that, if the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire, he would end up paying more than 50 percent to the government in taxes. Is “that fair?” he asked. The protesters simply stayed on course, reiterating that Schiff and all those in the “1%“ need to ”pay their fair share.”

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26 October

Experience Counts - Ell's Opinion Doesn't


Some sanity seems ready to pop out any day by the members of the city council. Everyone except Bill Ell. Ell says we don't need a consultant to find a new city manager.

The basis of the Ell premise and the conundrum therein:

1. Ell has no real experience hiring people that doesn't utilize cronyism and nepotism. Ell is not a professional manager. He has no work experience other than the public trough. He has the lowest attendance record for a council member in years.

2. Ell's most recent hiring product is 4th choice Doug Worden. We know how that turned out.

3. Ell's best friend was the crooked city manager Bruce Slagle. Those birds all look alike. Look at their feathers.

4. Ell objects to hiring a commercial realtor to sell Manor Mall before it eats all of the Rec Plex profits. We also know after 4 years how that leadership direction has turned out.

5. Ell still believes the city has a good case in the railroad lawsuit. So does Scott Power.

6. Ell believes whatever pile of crap he is fed at the Sombrero or city attorney Scott Power's office, they are synonymous.

7. Bob Fleming understands the limitations of the council. Fleming has a successful track record as a business executive hiring and firing people. He gets it.

8. Hire a pro. Stop the bleeding.

Ell, go home. Your opinion doesn't matter. You're at late stage lame duck. Hang out at Tim Scott's shop. You both are going to have time to disagree and get mad.

Not Drinking the Water any Longer

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Currying Competence


"The Union Cabinet approved the recommendations of the Majithia Wage Board providing for an increase in the salaries and allowances of journalists and non-journalists."

Could Burlington's Jimmy Olsons soon earn more by moving to India? Does that the portion of the "99%" who commit inaccurate, incomplete and often incomprehensible news stories to pulp in Burlington deserve a pay raise? Should they not earn what entry level positions at a U. A. W. factory pay?

The Indian Newspaper Society is worried paying journalists more will close many small and medium newspapers. If paying Jimmy more would make the Ad Vertiser go away, it would be an investment in Burlington's future.

Sam Skrit

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Will Our Brew Crew Sue?


"There's nothing quite like a politician scorned.

When voters in Ohio's 1st Congressional District threw Democrat Steve Driehaus out of office after only one term, he did not bow out gracefully. No, he decided to get even. So he did what anyone does in today's culture: he sued somebody."

You have contributed to putting more than one local dubious politician out of work. When do they sue you?

Joe Blatz

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25 October

Library Fees - Why Do We Pay Twice?


We in Des Moines County pay twice the average cost for our library when compared to the rest of Iowa; so why don’t we get some sort of Sunday hours like many other libraries in Eastern Iowa?

The tax we pay per citizen should warrant us 24/7 library hours but instead we get less hours than those paying half the tax we pay while getting Sunday hours to boot. We’ve been paying about double the tax for library service long before the new library came on line; so something else is wrong with the system if we in Des Moines County are taxed double what the rest of Iowa is taxed for library service.

Can anyone tell us why we pay double what the rest of the state pays for library taxes?


Because we are special. We were too lazy to get in the car and go stop this crap when the library board members were selling assets from the Des Moines County Historical Society and plowing the money into the library donation pot.

From what we understand, assets are still sitting in a private residence, unaccounted for by the Society. And they have been there for years.

Can anyone say eBay?


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What a Mess


The other day as I drove by the old Oak Street School I noticed people carrying out all types of educational equipment along with televisions, desks, globes, file cabinets and many other objects that were basically given away cheap to the public. My complaint is this equipment cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars and here the school district is basically giving it away for nothing.

What if anything did the district take to the new school or did they just buy everything new rather than using equipment they already had at Oak Street? For instance, why would they be selling globes? If I recall from years ago, globes are a very expensive teaching aid but I guess an older globe isn’t good enough for basic geography anymore.

Just the fact of building all new schools leaves one wondering who the nut cases were that approved such a grand slam of massive ignorance.

Since the major shopping here in this area is in West Burlington why the hell did they build all the new schools on the major East/West roads requiring traffic to slow down to 20 mph from 7:00 am through 4:00 pm nine months of the year. A few years ago I think a student may have been injured by a car; so the entire city overreacts with its lame speed law in school zones. Instead of educating the students about pedestrian safety they restrict commerce for nine months of the year. Even the high school has a 20 mph speed limit when one seldom even sees a student outside during the day and the school is far off the main road, namely Division Street.

Yet the people using Summer Street run along in the upper 40’s most of the time making it very dangerous for people pulling out from side streets because they judge approaching autos doing 30, the speed limit and not between 40 and 50 mph as is currently the best guess of average speed.

Most normal towns have a speed sign in school zones that say; speed limit “xx” when children are present and not all damn day long like this town. Of course out on Sunnyside some students walk in the street because there are no sidewalks for them to walk on. Speaking of that many of our new workers, the chamber said we needed them here, walk in the streets regardless of there being sidewalks or not. Does anyone ever wonder where all the hidden factories are here in Burlington that required all these new workers?

That new mausoleum being built out on Mason Road should have been built where the old middle school burnt down. They could have torn down that white elephant next door and had plenty of room for that new school but that means common sense and no elected official in this town has any common sense, a fact proven over and over again. There are plenty of empty buildings for the school administration people to operate out of.

Like the letter to the editor yesterday stated “how can the city expect to pay off the cities $73 million debt when the jobs only pay $8 to $9 per hour” topped off with some of the highest taxes in the State of Iowa collected by a city management that rates lower than whale dung on a scale of one to ten.

Iowa’s third highest crime riddled town is just getting itself in deeper and deeper with little to no chance of ever putting the town back together again. Without a two party system of government we haven’t a chance of ever having decent government with a common check and balance system which means not everyone in government thinks the same all the time, which causes dumb decisions to be made and we sure as hell have proof of that here in Burlington.

We have the same problem with the local newspaper that censors the news and doesn’t publish what they don’t want the population to know about. Such as the minority mob robbery at the Gas Land on Summer Street around July 1st that was never published in the paper nor made public by the police even though they had a video of the 10 to 15 people that ran through the store stealing food and beer. The Hawk Eye only prints what its left wing agenda wants people to know about and that just the way it is here in Burlington.

If it weren’t for the few blogs around the population would have no way of knowing what is going on in this crime ridden town where it’s outright dangerous to walk the streets after dark. Every crime possible is out of control here in Burlington where crime is above the national average and this is just a small town of 25,000 people. Theft, robberies, fights, drugs, and vandalism are completely out of control in Burlington and it just keeps getting worse.

Local government in Burlington is no better than that in Washington where they only think about filling their pockets and the care and coddling of government unions who here in Burlington live the good life commonly called the “The Privileged Class of Iowa” because of their inflated wages and excessive benefits similar to that in Washington.

Whatever happens next in Burlington will more or likely be bad news for the taxpayers as is usually the case. After so many years of failure you’d think the population would make some changes in local government but we seem to only move them around recycling them in and out of city hall with no net change for the better.


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24 October

Deliver Us From the Ad Vertiser


"Things could be changing. Legacy local media continue trying to produce diverse sites, and more and more startups are experimenting with multiple niches. The more we rely on online sources for the rest of our information, the more likely it seems we will migrate there for local news too."

Web based local news sites are popping up. Some of these sites are becoming a total news source for local communities. What about Burlington?

The local Ad Vertiser is online. The content is the lame same as is smeared on paper. Worse yet is what is not found in defense of the local single political and other powers that be.

Burlington's pathetic pulp on the door step problem is not minor. Various economic development onsultants called in to reverse Burlington's rot have reported a common cause; the Ad Vertiser.

You have shown the way. Several of our inept and inebriated local former office holders owe their downfall to you.

If you lack the desire to mount a full service local news site, do you think anybody else could make it work in Burlington?

J. C. Clarke

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Hanging The Last Batch Of Democrat Thieves


It had to happen. Even Ad Vertiser history rehash hackBob Hansen has stooped to the dark side in his Democratic Party Ghost Story.

Hansen ends his recent trip on Rex Troute's Brownies with a shot at the Republicans.

"As horrific as the story was, the community drew some comfort in the knowledge the specter was not just another Republican looking for caucus supporters."

Funny, I thought maybe the strange old man was a hangman going home, worn out after hanging the last batch of crooked Democrats that used city hall and the court house to steal from the taxpayers and line their pockets.

Hansen lost all respect for this. Well, at least whatever respect a history rewriter has. It must hurt when you troll the microfilmed newspaper files from the era when Burlington newspapers were newspapers and not a gossip sheet to make a buck, reading real stories and not Bergin's 44th rehash of Murray and Ell are not running in the city council election.

I'll bet ol' Bob was steppin' light in his slippers when grabbed another big Troute Brownie as he left for the library in his Opal Kadet to 'research' his next story after this stellar spurt of Halloween left wing politics.

Only in Burlington could a newspaper be the root cause of so much evil. And that is no Halloween story.

Just the Facts

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Burlington is Vacant for Occupancy


"It’s the new Google game: how many occupies are there for your favorite obscure city?

Occupy Duluth: about 40,000 results
Occupy Worcester: 36,800
Occupy Trenton: 63,000
Occupy Boise: 84,900
Occupy Omaha: 54,900
Occupy Amarillo: 44,000
Occupy Corvallis: 28,700
Occupy Poughkeepsie: about 2,030 results
Occupy Ottumwa: none!

What have they got against Ottumwa? It’s a good town!"

What about occupy Burlington, IA?

Nobody wants to occupy Burlington, except Hinkle and Tapps bus buddies. Section 8 welfare as economic development is pathetic.

When it comes to the productive needed to grow, those capable of doing so occupy elsewhere.

C. Ensus

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21 October

Scott Retread - That's How We Got Here to Begin With


I think TIm Scott needs to find something else to do. He has two businesses heavily subsidized by the taxpayers and now, believes he has enough time to devote to being a city councilman. Last month he was too lazy to return the nomination papers.

We don't need his 'guidance' nor his direction to select a new city manager.

That's how we got here to begin with.


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20 October

Hinkle Successor Touts Crime Wave Sponsor

Only Name Missing in Tribute Is Brian Tapp


"Hutcheson also mentioned what had been accomplished in the past decade, which included improving the local quality of life."

Groin Greater Burlington has indeed accomplished much. The worst of Chicago and East St. Louis has been bused to Iowa's fastest shrinking city. We have new residents skilled in drug dealing, robbery and petty theft.

Tapp, gone. Worden, going. Hinkle, going. Do think this offers hope Burlington will get going again, or will we suffer worse under those they mentored?


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19 October

Obama Speechless - Thieves Steal President’s Teleprompter

"That’s right, a truck carrying the president’s teleprompter (jokingly referred to as TOTUS, or the teleprompter of the United States), podiums, and audio equipment was stolen in Virginia, WWBT-TV reports.

The Department of Defense confirmed the heist, but it’s unclear if the thieves targeted the vehicle for what it contained or simply got “lucky.”

WWBT has more:

We‘re told the truck was parked at the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott in advance on Wednesday’s presidential visit to Chesterfield.

Sources said inside that vehicle was about $200,000 worth of sound equipment, several podiums and presidential seals, behind which only the President himself can stand.

They told NBC12 around 12:30 Monday afternoon that truck was recovered in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express near the airport and hotel staff confirm police activity. One guest we spoke with said he saw various law enforcement agencies examining a white box truck parked there."

Too bad the thieves didn't drive the damn thing into a pond.


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Susan Sarandon Calls the Pope a Nazi

"Susan Sarandon slammed Pope Benedict XVI at The Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend. Sarandon was interviewed by Bob Balaban at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Saturday. She said she sent the pope a copy of the anti death penalty book, Dead Man Walking, authored by Sister Helen Prejean. Sarandon starred in the 1995 big-screen adaptation. Balaban tried to dance around the comment, but Sarandon just made it again, Newsday reports. The audience also laughed. . ."

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Jesse Jackson Jr calls for Dictator Obama

"Rep Jesse Jackson Jr who called for President Obama to just ignore Congress and basically become a dictator. The masks are now off – progressives are no longer afraid of revealing themselves. Even President Obama explained in plain view that his czars and advisers (not cabinet members) would be in charge of implementing his policies without Congressional approval."

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14 October

Audio System Purchase Verified

Former App's House of Music salesman verifies Worden's audio purchase for City.

Apps Music Worden.jpg

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The Currency of Circulation


"The Guardian found evidence that the Journal had been channelling money through European companies in order to secretly buy thousands of copies of its own paper at a knock-down rate, misleading readers and advertisers about the Journal's true circulation."

Circulation sets newspaper advertising rates. Newspaper circulation has been declining. This story claims the Wall Street Journal was buying copies of itself afar to raise circulation figures.

Burlington's Ad Vertiser is not the Burlington Hawk-Eye. What little there is of it often deals with the local trivial miles away. Try to boast circulation by convincing people in Keosauqua to buy the Ad Vertiser.

Has anybody come across bundles of unwanted Ad Vertisers in the remote ravines of Van Buren County?

Searcy Q. Layton

Alternatively, Publisher Steve Delaney grabs a handful of Rex Troute's Business Brownies, grabs his pencil and starts calculating the readers per copy number for the audit.

The only way Delaney could get that RPC (readers per copy) number he prints is to follow Hoschek and Courtney to Aspen Grove and copy down the names on each headstone the two vote creators stop at.

If these local advertisers ever catch on to this, the Ad Vertiser will be done in 6 months.


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Obama to Fox News’ Ed Henry: ‘I Didn’t Know You Were the Spokesperson for Mitt Romney’

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Class Warfare: The White House and the progressives launch class warfare

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13 October

Epic One Party Failures of Demonstrable Proportions


How in the hell could Mr. Clueless Worden, our city financial manager not know where $50,000 for the video equipment from Mediacom went? What kind of Mayberry clown is this guy who cannot account for any of the missing money squandered in this one party loser town. Surely it would be in his ledger what happened to the money or is he so incompetent that he doesn’t even have a ledger? Sounds like we’ve had a dead head at the financial helm over the past few decades guiding Burlington taxpayers straight into disaster.

Burlington needs something other than loser democrats running things because this city cannot afford such massive brain dead management as has been the norm for the past 30 years. One party politics is the worst of all situations when it comes to checks and balances proven over and over again right here in Burlington. Burlington leads the state with the most inept city management, third highest crime rate of all the cities in Iowa topped off with a left wing newspaper that rivals Goebbels in filling its pages with propaganda along with censoring the news in order to keep the populace ignorant of what’s going on.

One party politics has just ruined what Burlington once was and replaced it with a run down, trashy low life city with a notorious reputation for high crime, drugs and joblessness that leaves nothing in sight for future generations.

If Burlington has any chance of recovery it won’t be possible as long as the democrats are in control since they’re leadership brought us to this dilemma of failure.


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Make State Tax Dollars Work for Burlington

"The Vision Iowa Board agreed Wednesday morning to enter into negotiations with the city of Cedar Rapids on the city’s request for a Community Attraction and Tourism or CAT grant to provide state funding help to the NewBo City Market and public library projects."

Before the plug gets pulled on Vision Iowa, what about us? We already got a library.

Do you think Senator Courtney could get state money for a year round farmers market on our empty lot Manor Mall? The Iowa Senate grandfathering the Manor Mall from eminent domain legislation restrictions was crucial to creating Burlington's shovel ready site for a farmers market.

Senator Courtney has delivered before for Burlington at Agency and Roosevelt. Can Tom do it again?

Oliver Wendell Douglas

When that NewBo market has been reduced to flea market stalls, incense burners, dogs-playing poker blankets and ugly table top lamps, we can all pile in the Dodge and drive over to the convention center for the Junior League Christmas Show at $18/head plus $12 parking plus $15 stroller rental to gorge on $6 hot dogs and $5 beer.

This is a business model Burlington has specialty market expertise–taxpayer investment in money losing business ventures. And the citizens are voting for as we speak for the next five loser deals.

So, I guess Courtney will be all over it.


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12 October

Doug Worden: Who Cares About $50,000? I Blew Through Millions!

Sound Bite Only Available in Print



Davidson is embarrassed over the council chambers sound system? It hasn't worked right in years! It was broken for a prior candidates' forum. The sound for regular meetings is crap. And this bonehead only now puffs up like a mini-mayor.

Buried under no audio is Worden's remarks regarding where $50,000 got pissed away in Slagle and Worden's care. Not $2500 for a trip to Vegas for lard ass Worden to play big shot. Nope. $50,000 paid by Mediacom for equipment repair and replacement.

"The city received the first grant in January 2006 and the second in April, City Manager Doug Worden said.

"The $25,000 we got five years ago, I tried to figure out today (how we spent that)," Worden said. "I know we did update the character generator at that time.

...Where the rest of the money went, I have not been able to figure that out.""

Davidson, I have news. Your mock indignation over this continuation of theft, lies and deceit from city hall is pathetic. You signed your name on the line for that $50,000 oversight. Where this money went belongs in the category covering $400,000 for the railroad lawsuit, the $8+ million and climbing Manor Mall, the ballpark lights, the house at the bottom of Division, $1.8 million to Huck's Harbor, another million to the Bee's and your continued lack of oversight for the REC Plex. Never mind your continued infatuation with Doug Worden's bullshit. Or ignoring the Gasland mob robbery.

But you'll lean back in your big comfy chair and dismiss this all as someone else's problem just like you did when the swimming pool and municipal band needed a token amount of money to survive.

I say you better lean forward until the chair clicks, close that laptop lid on your Solitaire game, put those glasses back on and attempt to recall anything you supposedly learned about business before you started that career teaching business.

Anything less and you are no better than the rest of the no experience, no accountability, incompetent jackasses that have occupied city hall.


Think about taxpayer contempt for your next run at office.


That about covers it.


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Senator Courtney's Slot Machines for Kids

What Oversight? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Oversight!




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Troute's IMU Peace College Pan Fried


"1986-2003 The Iowa Peace Institute was established as a nonprofit organization in 1986 by a group of Iowa education, business, and government leaders, as Iowans were coping with the conflicts generated by a severe crisis in the farm economy and the world was entrenched in a Cold War. First temporarily housed in Des Moines, IPI found its permanent home in Grinnell in 1987, through the energetic efforts of local community leaders. It operated there until its closure in 2003."

"In 2003 IPI began looking for a way to continue its mission in a more stable financial environment."

As far as Mr. Troute's Peace College in Burlington, lots of luck.

Pan Fried

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Concealing Burlington's Birds of Prey


Your youtube comparison to a Romulan cloaking device is apt. In fact, the Romulans are here.

Our local evil empire has a cloaking device. They use it whenever they want to hide their activities. Case in point, the City of Burlington's ill fated decision to sue the railroad. The single party ambassador to the planet Des Moines, State Senator Courtney, was there when the doors were closed to the public. "Without merit," but not without wasting our money.

Abuse of Iowa's open meetings law has run rampant locally. What of our shinning star fleet of the fourth estate? They claim to defend to our right to know in return for patronizing their advertisers.

The Ad Vertiser is as a sling shot against an Abrams tank. A few paint balls of printers ink splat against the armor. Those inside laugh while out of view. They will still get the Ad Vertiser's obligatory, single party endorsement at the next election.

Spike, you have done more to expose our emperors who wear no clothes than Captain Kane of the Ad Vertiser.

The best defense against the local Romulans is to run them out of office on election day.

J. T. Kirk
Riverside, IA

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War Dead Triples Under Obama's 'Leadership'

U.S. War Dead in Afghanistan Have Tripled in Less Than 3 Years

Publisher Steve Delaney Hides Truth From Readers


I wonder why this information on war dead hasn’t appeared in The Hawk Eye. When Bush was president The Hawk Eye kept a running daily accounting of each death but since Obama arrived they seem to forget the killing has increased and still goes on. Mike hasn’t even mentioned it; so we can assume with Mike it has to do with politics and nothing to do with the reported deaths but rather who Mike thinks is doing good for whatever reason while protecting that person from criticism.

The Hawk Eye censors the news on a daily basis to keep their readers ignorant of the Obama regimes left wing agenda and its constant failures and radical policies.


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11 October

Socialism for Tots - Courtney Heads to Nut Job Website to Express Progressive Spews


A red neckerchief right out of the crib. Younger Young Pioneers for Senator Courtney.


Who wrote this post?. Nit wit Tom didn't. He can't speak more than three 5-word sentences. His attention span is about 4 seconds to determine what's in it for him.

He didn't write this. Even with the drunk ex-mayor and Heland they would still need Hoschek to write that many words. I wonder who spell checked it since all of the above think spell check is the amount of time between the taxpayers writing them a big fat check.


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Arrivederci Worden


Sending Worden to Italy would be similar to hiring Wile E. Coyote to tend the Tyson Chicken farms. What business experience does Worden have that qualifies him for a so called “business” trip to Italy? I wonder if he’ll still get a gold watch despite the vacation trip to Italy? I hope the taxpayer isn’t the sucker being robbed to pay for this vacation trip.

How many jobs has the Chamber brought into Burlington over the past five years? The chamber record of jobs isn’t any better than the Obama jobs programs where one job cost in the millions.

If Burlington was such a hot spot why is that spec. building still sitting out in the industrial park empty? How many years has that place been a burden to the taxpayer? Most Chambers run the taxpayers about 25% of their funding but here in Burlington the last I heard it runs about 70% a figure far exceeding their worth to the community.

Whomever is funding this sabbatical is just throwing the money into a black hole, money that could be better spent on the Cascade Bridge or the swimming pool.


Hinkle guards his Italian vacation details like Fort Knox on a need-to-know basis. No more spouting off about not hiring a translator or a business guide. He can screw off for days at a time at cooking school without anyone knowing. 'Course it helps to take a BOD member with you. Complicity breeds silence. Or hire someone to take your place and criticize them. '

Or just hire people to be hiring them. Get the jobs created numbers up.


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Dan Rather Drinks Rex Troute Occupy Wall Street Kool Aid

I Haven't Seen This At Any Tea Party Rally

But I Have Seen Liars

"On Sunday, Rather raised some eyebrows when he appeared on “The Chris Matthews Show.” The former anchorman made a number of curious comments about the Occupy Wall Street protests. The first, of course, is that the protests are a “mirror image” of the Tea Party rallies that have taken the nation by storm over the past two years."

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Exposed - Occupy Wall Street Journal is Funded By George Soros' Tides, Code Pink and Michael Moore

Right from their Commie Mouths

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10 October

Ad Vertiser's Rex Troute Ingesting Hallucinogens of Unknown Origin

Example How Pathetically Tragic the Business News in Southeast Iowa has Become


Rex Troute's wife better sew his pants pockets shut. Troute's utterly insane idea of building a "peace" college in Burlington is the most hysterically absurd, stupid idea to ever be uttered from the lips of anyone, whether lucid or brain dead, over the age of 5. In fact, Troute's article/commentary/hallucination is a tragic example how ill-equipped he is for his job since he obviously has no concept of business, finance or what something on this scale costs. But he is a good Democrat. He wants someone else to pay for it. He has no stake in the game since he is the "idea guy." But people from all over the globe will be knocking down his door with fat checks to see this through because he thought of it.

With no track record of success, a grandiose misconception of finance and owning Big Boy underpants with Walter Mitty Goes to College signs printed thereon, Troute should seriously consider running for Burlington Mayor.

For the sake of his dignity Troute and to preclude his family's further embarrassment, Troute should get back to the Play-Doh table and make some imprints of the comics and stretch them out into weird shapes.

Walter Mitty Troute would even be better off making mud pies and dreaming of kick the can along Manor Mall than launching into a two-week bonanza into the inner working of IMU-I Messed Up University.

Anything but what we witnessed the last two Sunday editions.

How pathetically tragic the business news in Southeast Iowa has become for this to become newsworthy or be granted column inches. Or, that the business editor is such a nimrod.

I can't wait to hear the next installment.

Mesmerized By The Idea

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The Romulans Aren't The Only Ones With a Superior Cloaking Device

See These Nanotubes and Nanorockets Create an ‘Invisibility Cloak’

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07 October

Romulus and Ream Us


Doug Worden is retiring. Doug Worden has one duty to complete before he retires. Just like Slagle and Gidget, Dougie Goes to Rome.

Of course, the trip will be one of economic development. Doug is bound to attract a souvenir vendor willing to sell him the Coliseum. If they agree in return to take title to our vacant lot manor mall ruins and pay the taxes, a win for Burlington.

With Hinkle as his tour guide, Worden can retire happy. An all expenses paid trip to Italy is the apex accomplishment of managing the City of Burlington.

Seizure Augustus

Ream Us Worden in a Toga? That should just about shut the Italian border to Iowans.


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How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front

The Working Family Party, and How They All Tie to the Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides and George Soros

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Jesse Jackson: Steve Jobs Would‘ve Supported ’Occupy Wall Street’

Bottom Feeder Jesse Tries To Connect The Dots

Little Jesse Erases Dots

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05 October

Crime Wave Continues Unabated


Between the Hawk Eye and the police department it’s hard to figure out which entity is trying to keep the citizens in the dark concerning crime here in Burlington, Iowa’s third highest crime ridden city.

We have all the friends of the police who have a pass on their numerous law breaking indiscretions simply because they're friends of someone on the force, they're related to someone on the force, a friend of someone on the force, one of Burlington’s single party politicians and there’s a trend that if you’re a minority you’ll also get off free and clear.

We have the Gas Land Robbery by 10 to 14 minority people that was caught on film and given to the police at which time it was shelved and can probably only be viewed by filing a FOIA papers since it never even made the Hawk Eye and the police just swept it under the rug. On the same token two Caucasian guys beat up someone and they put their pictures in the Hawk Eye without delay, the picture was obtained from a camera at the HyVee on Angular Street.

There was also a minority and white fight in Perkins Park by a group of young people the other day but it like many other problems here in Burlington failed to make the newspaper. But thanks to the grapevine it was spread around town quickly. Since the public was not made aware of this fight in Perkins Park it can be assumed the perpetrators were given absolution by the authorities, minus the court system that seems to get circumvented frequently.

The citizens of Burlington are spoon fed when it comes to the crime going on around them. Anyone who thinks the streets are safe at night must have their heads stuck in the sand or get their news from the Hawk Eye where you’ll get some of the crime sometimes and none of the crimes at other times. Iowa’s most leftist newspaper does not have anyone looking out for the welfare of Burlington’s citizens since they only print what the one party system has laid out for them to print. There’s no investigative reporting of any type; so the grapevine must fill in the many gaps in the local newspaper.

Weren’t some of our WWII enemies guilty of this type of criminal behavior by the authorities? Is there anyone in Burlington that thinks others have gotten preferential treatment by the authorities while they themselves had the book thrown at them for the same offense?

If you are one that knows of a crime but it never appears in the local police logs or the Hawk Eye please make it known through the several blogs here in the Burlington area. Normal news channels won’t get the information unless the authorities or the paper make crime known by printing it. Most cover-ups haven’t a chance of appearing in the Des Moines Register because it’s suppressed by local authorities and has no normal paper trail.


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Rex Troute Face First In the Brownies Again - IMU - I Messed UP!


Rex Troute's column Sunday was about the most ridiculous column he has ever written. Troute has had more columns labeled commentary this year than any of real substance. He should be moved right under Lil' Abner in the funnies.

To sit and expound on such nonsensical drivel is akin to smacking one's head with a hammer and exclaiming, "That didn't hurt." Hinkle's aquarium remodeling project has gotten to Rex and his desire to screw the taxpayers to the wall for his hallucinations.

Either that or he has gotten into Sweet's special chocolate brownies again.

It's the dumbest, dumb ass idea I have ever heard. And I have heard some pretty stupid ideas.

Like Manor Mall and we don't need a professional to sell it. We have the ever successful Doug Worden.

Rex better get his wife to sew up the hole in his pants pocket. Maybe he can hit the wall with a better idea if he isn't distracted.

How Can They Sleep At Night

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