Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 November

Newt: I'll Debate Obama - He Can Use His Teleprompters

Competent Newt.jpg

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Gas Land Gang Robbery

Police Chief Still Mum On Details

Publisher Steve Delaney Ignores Real Controversy

Hack Eye Writers' Friday Nights & Saturday Afternoon Sombrero Trips Defeat Moral Obligation


Back in early July the Gas Land Store on Summer Street was robbed by a gang of ten to fifteen young minorities who raced through the store stealing whatever they could get their hands on including beer. They were in and out within minutes and long before the police even showed up which allowed all to escape unscathed.

Anyway, a few days later the police finally went to the store and retrieved the video of the robbery and since then nothing has ever been made public and the local paper has never printed a word about this crime.

The way things work in Burlington is dependent on which set of laws the police go by when a crime occurs, we have the normal laws everyone is supposed to go by and then here in Burlington we have the police laws that grant immunity to relatives, friends, mayors and others with ties to politicians and other government workers or those that hold authority in one organization or another.

Burlington has many problems relating to extremely poor government and when something happens they just sweep it under the rug and hope the lazy paper won’t print anything about it since the paper itself is run by the local losers who hold office and the democratic party.

Burlington already has rotten crime statistics making it the third highest crime rated town in Iowa out of 947 towns and cities. Yet, our police fail to inform the citizens of crimes going on all over town in order to protect the criminals roaming our streets and keeping the citizens from knowing just how dangerous it is in Burlington.

Of course the Hack Eye doesn’t help the situation when they have no investigating reporters at all; so if the police don’t tell the paper about what’s going on nothing is ever known about the crime and the perpetrators get a free ride from the police. This makes the paper nothing more than a social news outlet leaving Burlington with no real news source. Believe me the Hack Eye is not Burlington’s watchdog in any form and we flounder around totally unknowing about what actually goes on in this poor excuse of a town.

The police are just as guilty as the perpetrators of crimes when it comes to not releasing information or letting others go free after committing crimes. A full list of recent discretions by the police should be written up and sent to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation by the state.


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Tower Defense and Aerospace Factory Workers Party at Lunch

Tower Defense makes parts for armored vehicles

Tower Defense and Aerospace Factory Workers Party at Lunch: MyFoxDETROIT.com

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29 November

Feeling Good About Being TIFed to Death


"This year, early spring, Madison and I were talking about how strange it is that Iowa City being fairly liberal and a college town doesn't have a good feminist, sex-positive shop," Schaefer said. "That kind of snowballed into us deciding to start one."

If an adult shop in Burlington asks for a Tax Increment Funding (TIF) hand out, they should be given it. Everybody else gets one.

West Burlington residents are already well on their way to the TIF poor house. Schools and City services suffer as TIF is handed out to any business that comes along.

The City of Burlington also suffers from TIF perversion. Fairway Center sits largely vacant. The whole area around Mt. Pleasant and Roosevelt is up for a TIF hand out. Is a triple TIF of some sort available with the purchase of the empty lot Manor Mall?

Giving a TIF hand out to an adult shop would be a symbolic gesture on the part of local government. Residential and existing business taxpayers have been bent over on all sorts of failed economic development by government schemes.

With a TIF to an adult shop, it honestly would be economic development about nothing but feeling good. Unlike local government's usual economic development scams, an adult shop TIF would at least provide a source of obtaining lubrication.

Dora DuFran

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Made in America: A Blueprint for Creating Jobs

To view the list of American products, Click Here.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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Rep. Mike Kelly's Righteous Rant

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Help The Needy

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23 November

Do You Think Publisher Steve Delaney Cares or Has Any Moral Character?

Does Any of This Sound Like A Broken Record?


I see Delaney's squad of misinformed rumor mongers got caught peeing in the wrong pond. The pond of manufactured news and controversy.

"The Nov. 12 article, in which a former correctional officer at the Iowa State Penitentiary makes accusations about the Department of Corrections, was a poor exercise in journalism and lacks the integrity and ethical standards.

...claims could not be obtained because the request was made on Veterans Day

...Rather than wait to afford the department an opportunity to respond

...The Hawk Eye allowed a one-sided and highly inaccurate opinion piece to be published under the guise of "objective reporting."

"Frankly, a trained and professional journalist should have the necessary skills and experience to question and verify an increase so implausible and outlandish that it defies basic common sense. "

This letter to the editor was sent to the Ad Vertiser looking for a correction and retraction. Good luck. All Steve Delaney foments is salacious controversy by spewing slander, misperceptions, lies, half-truths and superfluous crap that only his boot-licking minions can appreciate.

As for Mr. Baldwin, he would be better served by making sure that the Hawkeye fiction writers are barred from any "courtesy" formerly extended. They are not journalists. The off casts permeating the news desk had their brains sucked out 12 minutes after they went to work on South Main. They have no journalistic integrity.

Publisher Steve Delaney and his Kansas owners are the biggest problem in this town. The only thing to stop it is a boycott of the fish wraps advertisers. When a local store asks why you left, tell them - Steve Delaney.

Fed Up With Looking Stupid to Everyone Who Fled at the Thanksgiving Table

from the Lockwood Greene Report -

Page 14
"According to local interviewees, the relationship among various stakeholders in the community and the news media could be improved. Many interviewees stated that community issues are often portrayed in a negative manner in the local newspaper and that this hurts the community’s attitude about itself."

Page 31
"...and the local newspaper seems to focus on negative issues.
According to one interviewee: “…the newspaper plays up negativity.”
Another interviewee said, “Many of the problems in business and economic
development are a result of the unrelenting assault on business and government by
the newspaper.”

Page 58
"Coverage by the local newspaper has drawn attention to various lawsuits faced by
doctors in the area. Some interviewees went so far as to say that the significant
coverage on this topic has caused them to question their use of the facility stating that they only trust it to be a broken bones hospital."

Page 69-76
Outlines the basics of Dubuque's success with a good newspaper.
"The personal relationship between the Director of GDDC and the publisher is described as one of "mutual respect and trust". The newspaper is viewed by the business community as independent but fair. In many instances, the newspaper has been a strong advocate for economic development programs. Confidentiality has never been violated."

How much more needs to be said?


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Wonder Why It Is Never Moves Forward?


The paragraph below is probably a good reason nothing ever happens for the good in Burlington and vicinity. These people have been running the show for so long now that they’ve become like congress in that they are only interested in sustaining their pay, benefits, incoming taxes and whatever else they can line their pockets with rather than fixing the problems.

"Committee members are appointed by the city council and include representatives of Downtown Partners Inc., West Burlington, Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission, the Greater Burlington Partnership, the Greater Burlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Burlington School District, land developers and the city planning commission."

Several $100,000 studies pointed out the problems years ago; so why does this continue to be something new all the time when it’s just the same problem going through the revolving door syndrome like the people elected off and on for years with nothing ever changing for the better.

Citizens can already thank these organizations for the most recent crime wave statistics which have placed Burlington as number three (3) in the Iowa crime rankings. One point below Davenport (#2) at four times the population of Burlington and Keokuk (#1) at a population of only 10,000. Just think Burlington is #3 out of 947 cities and towns in Iowa for crime.

In my opinion these organizations are draining the taxpayers dry while not getting anything done to better the job situation, unemployment, crime, education failures and welfare or drug statistics here in Burlington or Des Moines County which are both high taxing and low income entities with government only earning at or beyond livable wages both unobtainable by the private sector in this depressing area of Iowa.

Burlington needs jobs and someone on the council without ties to Case or the local school system that hasn’t worked for the past 20 years or so. Why does a small town like Mt. Pleasant continue to get industry and jobs while Burlington constantly fails. Why doesn’t Burlington find out what Mt. Pleasant is doing that’s been so successful all these past years? A couple of good reasons might be the excessively high taxes and the union thinking of those currently imbedded in the local politics, neither of which promote business expansion.


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Burlington Streets Still Deplorable


Your viewers should be aware of dangerous street conditions in the Burlington area; so today’s warning is for the 200 and 300 block of South 3rd Street. Conditions are right for front alignment damage and tire destruction.

Another bad area is on the intersection of Dehn and Sunnyside where a sloppy job of repair was done a year or two ago and now it’s capable of throwing alignment out or tire damage because of the potholes in the area of the stop sign on Dehn.

A warning should also be issued for the approach to the 6th Street Bridge coming from the south because the street and bridge are at different heights above sea level and now there’s a rather large jolt up when entering the bridge. The north side of the bridge isn’t right either but the jolt is far less than the south side.

Also, by the Aldo Leopold School there’s a large chunk of pavement missing heading east from the light on Roosevelt just about to the school zone.

Remember, we all pay taxes for street maintenance and this is the quality of our streets we receive back from the city staff. With winter approaching we can probably expect a bumper year for auto repairs by local repair shops based on the conditions of the streets prior to winter weather. This must be what all the new workers were needed for here in Burlington that was stated in the Hack Eye a year or so ago. Burlington must be the alignment and tire repair capital of the United States, not counting Massachusetts.


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22 November

The Des Moines Stockyards Bedeviled


"Business Insider reports that Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, met with “Evangelical powerbrokers” at a secret meeting in Iowa last week, a state where 60 percent of Republican primary voters identify as born-again Christians. BI reports that the event was organized by powerful Christian activist David Lane, who the Washington Post reports has been working with Bob Vander Plaats to find a challenge to Romney. Vander Plaats will host the forum Saturday night. BI reports on Paul’s success in meetings with Evangelical political leaders:"

Iowa's political sheep market is in turmoil. Iowa's Republican National Committeeman apparently is no longer the sole go to Satan when purchasing bleating caucus supporters.

"As he regained some ground against Huckabee in Iowa polls just days before the caucuses, Mitt Romney got the endorsement of the Rev. Morris Hurd, chairman of the Iowa Christian Alliance."

In 2008, Hurd retracted his support of Romney just prior to the caucuses. In 2008, Iowa was delivered unto the Rev. Huckabee. Satan will take your gold and fail to fulfill a prophecy of your victory.

Candidates have not been crawling all over Burlington like they were four years ago. Candidates are tired of being shafted. Promises of golden fleece in Iowa and simply being fleeced have shifted candidates focus to other states.

The Republican sheep market remains, but the market is splintered. Bob Vander Plaats has entered the market big time. This heretical upstart has the wigs of three Iowa Supreme Court justices hanging over his mantle. What has the orthodox Satan to show lately?

Things have changed in Washington. The old "Christian" Coalition is long gone. Satan's business partner, Saint Ralph of Georgia, and his Faith and Freedom PAC is not the national power their old "Christian" Coalition was.

While these devils fight over the money and influence in Iowa, what of the sheep?


The sheep are facing a confusion of sinister shepherds. This may prove the path to a higher plain. They have been given a brain by their creator. They should use it and think for themselves.

People of faith renouncing being sold as sheep would make Iowa less of a hell on earth for Republican presidential candidates. Presidential candidates would once again roam Iowa's prairies as thick as the buffalo before them.

If herding sheep to slaughter remains the key to winning Iowa, the Republican presidential candidates will no longer come. If the Republicans no longer come, neither will the Democrats.

Bo Peep

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Who Would You Hire?

The Police Chief That Ignored The Gasland Mob Robbery?


The Police Chief That Isn't Afraid to Go Catch Criminals?

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18 November

Near Tragedy Averted - Not a Drop Lost


"Truck rolls, diesel spills, beer dented but unharmed

Dicks, 36, crashed the semi-trailer filled with 45,000 pounds of Bud Light cans at about 8 a.m. this morning at Interstate 380 at the Iowa Highway 30 ramp."

If this had happened at the last eastbound exit on US 34, the speed of salvage would rival that of light itself.

The beer that bounced off the ground is the current brand of choice powering Burlington's city government. City Hall would empty out quicker than a golf at Flint Hills Friday. City pickups and dump trucks would be running red lights to reach the scene.

Years ago, a derailed box of car of Blatz, or Drewery's, would have brought the same response. Burlington's Blue Ribbon governance goes on.

Conrad Max

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Lost Keys Bill Ell's College Transcript Emerges - Spotty Attendance, Marginal Achievement


Poor Ell.

He started out well. The problem of non major requirements was dragging him down. Add to that being in class with the children of those fresh out of high school he was in class with at the start. It must have been disheartening.

Ell's almost quarter century in college appears to have set a precedent. Keeping taking classes until you are close enough to retirement your employer will let the need for a degree be dropped.




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16 November

Chill Spike - The Fire Chief Is In His Own Mess

Two Losers Thrust Into Spotlight - Worden & Ell


It's time for you to chill out. This vendetta for the fire chief is crazy. He's a good guy. His men like him.

Leave him the hell alone. Let him do his job. He don't need a degree.


That you Edwards? You had a role in this mess. Couldn't you wait a week to heckle us on Thanksgiving Day? Or call from Burger King?

This slop the fire chief is mired down in is his own making. He chose to bank his future on a loser like Bill Ell. Whether he lobbied for his job at the Sombrero is immaterial. He got the job over a perfectly qualified candidate that has a college degree. The fire chief just needs to get his degree and tell Steve Delaney's sh*t stirrer to shove it. Problem solved. If he thinks he is above honoring his commitment to obtain his degree, then he should be shown the door. He sets no example of leadership if his word is no good. The fact that the only other fire department officer to have a college degree left the department to become the fire chief in another city is a strong indicator. If leadership is based on encouraging personal improvement among his men, then the absence of college degrees in the department is the result of the apathetic behavior fostered by the chief and Bill Ell.

Lost Keys Bill Ell set a horrible example of choosing favoritism over qualifications. What is ironic is that Ell wrote the job description to include the degree requirement and then flagrantly ignored it right after he wrote it. What kind of leader does that? A despot!

It also explains Bill Ell's Lap Dog behavior at the feet of the crooked city manager Bruce Slagle. Whatever crooked deal Slagle pulled on the taxpayers, Loser Bill Ell was there to play Joe Biden. The more ridiculous it got, the more stupid Ell's remark's became. Remember after the city lost the railroad lawsuit and got spanked by the judge, Ell still maintained the city had a good case? It doesn't get any more stupid than that. Payback's a bitch!

How can Ell look at himself in the mirror, you ask? That may not be as big an issue as it should be since he endorsed the lawsuit to get the insurance company to pay for the lost school keys at the fire department. Leaders don't shirk responsibility. Bill Ell has scraped responsibility from his shoe with the taxpayers' dollar bills both as fire chief and especially as a city councilman.

Too bad Lost Keys Bill Ell can't buy leadership off the internet. He could use a major dose.

All the fire chief has to do to get beyond Bill Ell's mess is get his degree. Show the leadership to your men and the community. And with that degree you transcend the trench Bill Ell enticed you into. Let him roll in the stench of lie, cheat and steal.


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Hell's Fire Fading - Cold Spell Ahead?

Surprise - Satan's Platform Rotten With Vermin


"Economic issues such as jobs, taxes and government spending are driving voter sentiment, rather than such social issues as abortion and gay marriage, the poll finds. Only about a quarter of likely caucus-goers say social or constitutional issues are more important to them, compared with 71 percent who say fiscal concerns."

This does not bode well for Iowa's Republican National Committeeman and his partner Ralph Reed. Satan selling his sheep as political salvation to wannabe Republican Presidents may not be paying off like it used to.

Wannabe Republican Presidents have not been emphasizing Iowa like they used to. Some have even been openly shunning Satan.

Could the devils peddling conflict of interest political influence be forced to find honest work?

Bob Beelsie

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Smarmy Balloon Bob Vander Plaats - Romney 'Not Smart Enough to be President'

"Bob Vander Plaats, leader of an anti-gay marriage movement in Iowa, lashed out at Mitt Romney today for skipping a presidential forum that hundreds of evangelical conservatives will attend on Saturday.

“Mitt Romney has dissed this base in Iowa and this diss will not stay in Iowa,” Vander Plaats told Fox News today. “This has national tentacles. … This might prove that he is not smart enough to be president.”

Back to the balloon shed Bob. Nobody cares you were dissed. You need dissin'.

You're a loon that no one needs to shed a dime on and an embarrassment to Iowa. Go home. You lost!


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15 November

William Ell University


Mayor-Bill-Ell-Fire Chief Diploma-2.jpg

As nd-center.com clearly states, "We custom design and create fake diploma and fake degree, so whatever your requirements maybe we can create high quality documents to meet your specifications whether it may be a college degree, high school diploma or even a college transcript."

Burlington don't need no books. Burlington's got Mayor Ell. Buy the paper from some offshore web site. Than u b an edjukated Citee mploiee.

Burlington - Magna Cum Laughable.

Horace Mann

Has a nice ring to it - William Ell University.

Better than Dumbass U

Better yet, make it a double! Doug needs one, too!



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14 November

Our Beg, Borrow, Cheat & Steal Mayor Says, " Cheat" to the Fire Chief

Bill Ell's Hiring Spree Debacle Bitin' Him On His Fat Butt

"I've gone so far to say, 'Go get the damn thing. Buy it off the Internet.' You can damn near do that, you know," Ell said. "

What more do I need to say about this to illustrate our mayor's moral fiber- lie to the insurance company, make them pay for the school keys? Nobody will ever know.

Bill Ell's whole life has been one of misconstruing the Boy Scout Law to fit his meandering path of self-righteousness.


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Bid Good-Bye to Living Ties to a Better Time


"Bobby Wilson, a reporter, editor and columnist at The Hawk Eye for more than half a century, died Friday morning in his home."

A veteran of the Hawk-Eye is gone. The Ad Vertiser remains.

Living links to when Burlington had a real newspaper are passing with the passage of time. For those who wish to know what a real newspaper in Burlington was, there are microfilm files at the library. The living links to that era are leaving us.

Emily Monroe Norton

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The Ongoing Capitalization of the Capitol


"Ecstatic. Super pleased. Wonderful.

That's how officials with Bring Back the Magic - the campaign to restore and renovate the Capitol Theater in downtown Burlington - reacted to meeting their fundraising goal."

If the Capitol Theater can make a go, wonderful. If the Capitol Theater can not support itself, then what?

Should the Capitol not prove self sustaining, the City of Burlington, nor the taxes of any other government, should be expected to bail it out.

Fox Paramount

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11 November

Thank a Vet


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Courtney Spends 6 Weeks in Cedar Rapids - Won't Attend Local Meetings

"Six weeks, knocking on doors in the Cedar Rapids-Marion area, I was never asked that once. No one ever mentioned a woman's right to choose, and no one ever mentioned the right of anyone to marry whoever they want," Courtney said. "I think the issue is not at the forefront of people's minds."

Our loser senator Tom Courtney admits he spent 6 weeks in Cedar Rapids door knocking for the Democrat senate candidate. Courtney attended the photo op for the prison guards in Fort Madison a couple of weeks ago.

It doesn't seem strange that Courtney has time to attend these functions, even one for 6 weeks.

Courtney never attends meetings with the locals and if there is an expected confrontation, Courtney is driving his corvette in the opposite direction.

I can't wait until the debate. What's his excuse going to be then?


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Scott Is The Loser - What Don't You Get?


I see Tim Scott is playing the loser card with his buddies at the paper. The Hackeye devoted more space to this loser's loss than they devoted to the winners. How pathetic for this to all end so dramatically after all the Delaney spin. Scott's bullying sells papers. That's all they want.

But what was really pathetic is Scott's explanations for failure.

"I think when it (public office) gets in your blood, it doesn't go away until you are totally defeated. Not just losing, totally defeated," Scott said. "I hope that I know when the public really doesn't want me anymore, and I know there are some out there that don't. But when the majority of the public doesn't want me anymore, I'll just fade away and go about my business."

...Scott also offered to let the new council members pick his brain, if they have any questions about the city. "

Pick your brain? What's it going to take, Tim? What don't you get?


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Blurred Vision


"Committee members are appointed by the city council and include representatives of Downtown Partners Inc., West Burlington, Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission, the Greater Burlington Partnership, the Greater Burlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Burlington School District, land developers and the city planning commission."

Everybody has dreams. Being able to live well and not work for what you get runs through everybody's mind. It is the ultimate dream.

The closest to achieving the ultimate dream is to join the public sector, or some so called not for profit receiving public sector grants. Your revenue stream is not related to meeting the market. All you need is taxes.

The risking of your own resources and what they may return is the basis of determining a realistic vision. Is this really about planning a realistic vision, or a wino's dream come true of a $100 bill and an open liquor store?

The make up of this dream cycle should give pause for nightmares of wasted taxation.

Irish Rose Wild

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What Would You Do?

The producers borrowed a small 150 seat cinema playing a popular film, and filled 148 of its seats with rough-looking, tattooed bikers, leaving only two free seats in the middle of the theater. They then allowed theater management to sell tickets for the last pair of tickets to several young couples.

What would you do?

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08 November

Fire Chief's Degree Just Another Meaningless Mandate


Requiring a degree to be a fire chief is nothing more than blackmail. We have a city manager and several council members that have degrees and a rock shows more brains than them in most decision making situations. They should be the last ones throwing stones but unless someone tells them they won’t know what that means.

I don’t think any of them are any smarter than the current fire chief who probably has had more on the job training than any of the current council members or sitting manager. One only has to look at the rotten job the city has done controlling expenses and taking care of the infrastructure along with the decline in services for more cost and of course the Manor failure, spec. building failure and many others that are too numerous to put in this letter.

Burlington has the same problem with the school board a group of deadheads building schools all over the town’s main thruways, all on the outskirts of town, making it necessary to bus most of the students. It’s also my understanding that North Hill has crammed in up to 100 students above its design capacity. I wonder if this means it meets the fire codes for school capacities? Maybe the chief should take a look at the North Hill capacity issue. It’s my understand it was designed for 350 students but currently houses 450 but of course it’s only the students that are at risk not the school board that created the overcrowded situation.

The problem with Burlington is nobody is watching the local elected government dimwits trying to run the town and the schools. The Hawk Eye doesn’t print anything unless it gets the ok from the local socialist party, that can’t seem to do anything right. The longer this town is in the hands of the democratic socialist party it will continue its slide into third world status similar to Detroit.


I guess this is where I go another direction. Although Lost Keys Bill Ell bent the rules to hire the guy in the first place, even with a clear understanding that the chief would obtain his college degree, failure to do so is grounds for dismissal.

Hanging with Ell, Slagle and Edwards at the Sombrero or the casino does not count towards OJT or a college degree in management. Maybe some of that college stuff would have improved the odds of preventing personal financial crises.

Give the chief a year to make a demonstrable improvement on his total credit hours. Document the understanding. If no success, the axe.

Gotta be fair. Wasn't when he got hired. Loser Bill Ell saw to that then and perpetuated the lie for 11 years. Come to think of it, Tim Scott let this fester like an oozing wound all the years he was in office.

Time's up.


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Target Stores Ignore Christmas In Deference to Missoni Sweat Shop Labor

Christmas Trees Have No Missoni Stripes


In yesterdays Hawk Eye there was a 51 page catalog titled Holiday Toy Sale inserted by Target that only mentioned Christmas once inside the front cover on a green tag in the upper left corner.

If this isn’t a Christmas catalog just what the hell is it? Every page reeks of Christmas but the content of the catalog never mentions this referring only to a holiday toy sale. Why can’t they mention what holiday their talking about when there’s only one gift giving holiday and everyone knows what it is.

Target is using propaganda to push their corporate beliefs that Christmas isn’t politically correct and shouldn’t be mentioned although they will openly support immoral lifestyles and other non-Christian agenda’s.

There was also a flyer that contained Christmas trees but not once did they mention they were “Christmas Trees” another form of propaganda by their advisement department to slowly remove God from Christmas and make it a pagan rite or something other than what it’s been for hundreds of years.

This is just another ploy of how corporate America and the press try to control the thought processes of the general public and change our thinking.


These pathetic Target marketeers can expect a stern reprimand from our own Ad Vertiser Publisher Steve Delaney.


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Torch The Messenger


"More than a dozen people barged into the offices of a newspaper in central Mexico on Sunday, dousing it with gasoline and setting it aflame.

....The newspaper, which began publishing a month ago, has sharply criticized some local authorities, but the motive for the attack is unclear and the state Attorney General's Office announced it was investigating the incident."

Control of information is vital for those in control to remain in control. Any who threaten the established brokers of power and their servants who distribute the official line as news are a threat. Threats must be dealt with harshly.

If Derailed had a known office, would there be cause for security concerns?

Godfrey Gilman

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07 November

The Bus Stopped Here


"In southeast Iowa, employers found 37 percent of applicants lack written communication skills, another 37 percent lacked mathematics skills, and 30 percent lack reading comprehension skills."

Our overall skills levels decline as our crime rate increases. Population growth by Section 8 Housing promotion is not the route to economic development.

T. A. P.

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Dreaming of a Witless Christmas


The Halloween candy is piled by the check out counters with care, "50% off." Above it hang Christmas decorations. Only too many shopping days left until Christmas. The Ad Vertiser's empty stocking of news will soon be bulging with Christmas ad inserts

The year's end marks a period of passage and reflection. What has been and what is to come is pondered. It traditionally has been time to contact those important in our past with a card bearing message.

The tradition of the written missive is increasingly missing. Even your old friends did not send you a note of good cheer last year.

Right after turkey day, you used to hear from camp followers of local political turkeys you helped stuff and drive from office. Their holiday greetings were some of the best material you received that year. Seasons greetings from the former Mayor's camp remain as timeless holiday classics.

Spike, do they still visit you to read and keep up with what is going on? If so, would they please send a Christmas card again. We really miss them. They provided such levity to the happiest time of the year.

Gomez and Morticia

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04 November

Worden: No! - No Discussion! No Change! No, I Don't Know Why!

Shut Up!

20090527-City manager Doug Worden.jpg

"City Manager Doug Worden cut off the conversation, saying the issue was not listed on the council's agenda so it could not be discussed due to state open meeting laws.

Councilmen requested the issue be placed on a future agenda so Beck's concerns can be discussed in greater detail.

Worden voiced reluctance to do so, saying the issue has not been resolved at the staff level."

You're right Doug, you don't why and never did.


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Foreee.. He's a Jolly Good Golf Chief


"Ell, who leaves the council at the end of the year, announced Monday he plans to step aside and allow Mayor Pro Tem Jim Davidson to lead efforts to find a new chief operating officer for the city."

It looks like Mayor Ell is totally ready to hang it up. Ell has recused himself from the search for a new golf partner.

Once a City Manager candidate with a suitable handicap is found, Ell should come out of retirement. Ell's experience would be useful showing the new hire around the links at Flint Hills. This maybe a service Ell could render Burlington on a continuing basis.

Give Mayor Emeritus Ell free greens fees for life at Flint Hills. Let Ell go golfing with the new City Manager and whatever visiting dignitaries desire a business hours game. With Ell leading the outings, let there no longer be any excuse for the rest of City Hall to tag along.

Bestow the title of Burlington Golf Chief upon our lame duck Mayor. Bill Ell's greatest contribution to the City of Burlington maybe yet to come.

Jack'd Nickleless

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Tom Courtney Prime Example of Burlington Blight


The entire state of Iowa should have known Courtney was lying about the Manor because his lips were moving. When a democrat moves his lips everyone knows they're lying and Courtney is no different than those democrats in Washington. Case is a good breeding ground for political misfits and those in Southeastern Iowa should be well aware of that by now with all the dimwits elected to city council in recent years, plus our loser state senator. We need people not tied into working for the government or Case running for office. I think it’s been well proven that here in Burlington people elected from Case or government unions just never work out. Unions have always been a sound defeat for good government and a few of those who work in the private sector are well aware of how things are in Burlington.

Southeastern Iowa is a draw for those who believe in socialism where the many live off the employment of a few who continue to flee the area in droves because there are no jobs and extremely high taxes collected to cover for the high pay and benefits awarded to government employees. There’s no accountability or responsibility required of those employed by the city, country or state, actually it’s only required you show up for work to rape the taxpayers for the “privileged life lifestyle” they live.

It’s not only Snake Alley that’s crooked here in Burlington because the police department does its fair share of shady law enforcement where a few “chosen ones” are immune from prosecution or have reduced charges regardless of what laws they break but of course you won’t read any of this in the local socialist party newspaper because they just don’t print socialist failures. We also have the many city miscues, secret meetings and cover-ups that are more than prevalent in Burlington.

When people return for their school reunions after several years they always comment about the horrible street conditions, falling down dilapidated homes, poor and unmaintained conditions of the infrastructure, abandoned buildings, massive change in demographics, overall health of the downtown area along with the massive drug culture and excessively high crime rate.

Until Burlington elects people from both parties nothing will ever change and the many failures will continue because there are no checks and balances in the Burlington socialist system because those elected all think alike which constantly creates the failures.


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03 November

Marketing An Expensive Mirage

Who said The Mayor Needs To Duck & Cover?


"The Burlington City Council Monday opted to follow through with plans to find a professional to market the former Flint Hills Manor site because "it is the right thing to do," not because it will offer the council political cover, Mayor Bill Ell said."

Burlington's empty lot Manor Mall was the wrong thing to do from the start. It was what one should expect when politicians play real estate developer.

Political cover, who needs it. Senator Courtney's role in getting this project eminent domain exemption in the Iowa Legislature was key. When all was done, Courtney appeared on the old Flint Hills ball field. Tom told all those in the bleachers to be displaced how sorry he was for their eviction. Senator Courtney was re-elected. The single party label is the only cover needed.

Hold a fire sale and be done with it. Advertise it in more than just the legals of the Ad Vertiser. Move onto to the next stupid economic development project with tax dollars.

People should not expect politicians to create economic growth. All they know how to do is tax it and all too often waste the proceeds.

Milo Millage

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02 November

Greece On Verge of Collapse - It Took A While But Who's Next?

Greece believes a referendum vote by the people on the bailout to save their socialist way of life is the right thing to do.

On February 25, 2010 we posted this.

Who Cares About Greece?

On December 3, 2010 we posted this.

Greece and California Spell Nothing But Trouble

Does anyone feel safe today knowing that Senator Tom Courtney chose to write his opinion on a socialist blog?

That's how close we are to letting idiots running this country into the ground.


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Drunk Ex-Mayor In Russia?


"At 10:30 a.m., the vehicle was loaded with 20 tons of beer at a brewing factory in Yekaternburg.

...A curious incident took place in Moscow. The Moscow police were chasing the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle. The man was staying in a state of alcoholic intoxication and was wearing the uniform of a road police officer."


Suppose Edwards turned left instead of right coming out of Gulfport?


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The Sword Unto the Soothsayer


"Seldom do we need to go beyond our archives to find the truth. It took Publisher Steve Delaney and his minions 4 years for this to sink in. And it was all done while Jimmy Olson was adjusting his earring."

"Lebanese TV host Ali Hussain Sibat, who was sentenced to death over making predictions of the future on his show, had been scheduled to be beheaded on Friday.

His attorney May El Khansa said the execution did not take place on that day - but that did not mean Sibat has been given a reprieve."

You have predicted the future. Many of your public predictions concerning the follies of local single party princes have unfortunately come true.

If local royalty could decapitate Derailed as is done across the globe, would they?

Thomas Moore



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01 November

Police Problems Border Misconduct By Chief


If people think police indiscretions don’t go on here in Iowa’s third most criminalized city should take their heads out of the sand this police indiscretion took place in New York.

Burlington is notorious for other types of police misbehavior with many untold indiscretions when it comes to their oaths of office. The population cannot depend on the local paper to investigate any of the serious crimes whose perpetrators were just plain let go by the police because they knew the person, they were a relative of a police officer, worked for one of the local government entities, could have been mayor or was a mayor but the extent of police leniency traverses robberies, drunk driving, leaving the scene of accidents, failure to report accidents and again, who knows the real depth of police total misconduct.

Just recently a driver was let go after running into a parked car on Dodge Street that caused over $6000 in damage after he had damaged a fence on Mason Road and a short time after the Dodge St. incident drove the same vehicle into the Keystone Products building at the corner of West Burlington Ave. and Mt. Pleasant Streets causing approximately $30,000 in damage. Prior to the Keystone incident he was only given a driving the wrong way ticket on Dodge even after a $6000 accident. The driver and the officer on the scene were overly friendly and familiar with each other while chatting at the scene. The driver was not asked to produce proof of insurance but the owner of the damaged auto was required to prove he had insurance, now isn’t that a joke. Finally, on the day after the parked auto had been damaged the police broke down and gave him a ticket for that accident.

In early July a group of minorities, ten to fifteen individuals, raced through the Gas Land Store on Summer St. stealing everything they could get their hands on plus beer. Although a video of the incident was provided to police nothing was ever made public by the police or the local paper. Just an example of withholding crimes from the public by the police and local news paper. The entire group got away before police reached the scene.

Again, in July or August someone knocked down one of the entrance pillars to Bittersweet Place on Sunnyside Avenue and again, nothing was ever made public about who did it or what the cost was to rebuild the pillar. Rumor has it a police car ran into it very late at night or early in the morning but since it wasn’t made public only the police know who did it; so why wouldn’t they report it?

These are just a few of the indiscretions that people here in Burlington have been made aware of but it’s the many we don’t know about that are scary and are capable of letting dangerous people out on the streets to repeat their crimes against unknowing citizens. Repeats have already happened several times by people let off the hook by the police. I wonder how many of Burlington’s business owners were ever made aware of the gang robbery at the Gas Land Store on Summer; so they could prepare and form a plan against the same type of incident should it happen to them.


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