Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

30 December

The Golden Calf is Killing Iowa's Golden Goose


Iowa's faith PAC frauds and their collection plates have spread well their theology. Everybody wants a piece of the action.

Assuming Bachmann is believable, who the hell does State Senator Kent Sorenson think he is? Sorenson must think he is Iowa's Republican National Committeeman/"Faith" & Freedom business partner of Ralph Reed, Steve Scheffler.

To Senator Sorenson's dubious due, he is not a Republican Party of Iowa official overseeing the caucus process. That same can not be said of others who follow Satan's creed of unholy personal gain.

“Tonight, when you give, we’re not a PAC and we’re not a candidate,” he said. “Therefore, there is no limit to what you give here tonight. Isn’t that exciting?” (Ralph Reed)

IRS 501(c)4 groups are not required to file "donation" disclosures. "Isn't that exciting?" These groups would probably be real excited if they were subjected to full public financial disclosure. Perhaps it would spark a Rosemary Woods, three ring circus of shredded documents and disappearing computers.

Michele Bachman has been burned by some in whom she placed her faith. Support her, or not, Ms. Bachmann deserves no pity. Ms. Bachmann demands respect for her candor.

Michele Bachmann has blown the lid off Iowa's conflict of interest caucus influence peddlers.

Do not go to hell. Do not pay millions of dollars to be stabbed in the back. Go directly to New Hampshire. Future presidents who wish to be will study Congresswoman Bachmann's 2012 Iowa campaign History.

Iowa's first in the nation status has been our golden goose. Worshipers of the golden calf have stripped its golden fleece down to the pin feathers. If it not corrected before the next presidential contest, the golden calf will wring the neck of Iowa's golden goose.

Bon appetit.

Aunt Martha

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29 December

I'll Love You and Endorse You in the Morning for a Million

Can You Buy Indulgences? Balloon Bob Says So!


"Though Santorum did not specify the dollar amount he and Vander Plaats discussed, multiple sources said he was soliciting as much as $1 million from Santorum and other candidates.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register this week, Vander Plaats said that it was his “ethical responsibility” to essentially put some money where his mouth is.

“You can’t say, ‘We endorsed you. Now see you later,’” Vander Plaats told the Iowa newspaper. “That’s not going to do a lot in the long run.”

Selling faith based political endorsements sounds akin to selling indulgences.

Bob Vander Plaats brought competition to faith based Iowa political endorsements. There used to be a virtual monopoly on Iowa's faith based market. A single, or just a second Satan to satisfy should have kept prices high.

If competition drives the price down, what was the going rate in 2008, or 2000?


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Bachmann Iowa Chair Defects to Ron Paul...Hours After Appearing With Her at Campaign Stop

Kent Sorenson Whores Out for Cash to Jiminy Cricket Ron Paul

"Hours after appearing with Bachmann at an event, state Sen. Kent Sorenson gave his endorsement to the Texas congressman at a Des Moines rally. Sorenson said he resigned from Bachmann’s campaign to back Paul, whom he called the most conservative of the top-tier candidates.

In a harsh statement, Bachmann said Sorenson made the jump after “he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign.”

“Kent said to me yesterday that `everyone sells out in Iowa, why shouldn’t I,’” she said in a written statement"


Nothing like the smell of $20 to bring the whores and rats out of the dark corners of hell's bowels.


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Ad Vertising Stimulating Business Sales


"Regional newspapers have struggled recently because of weak local retail and national advertising, partly reflecting the economy's broader travails."

Is a county seat daily trying to sell its fish wrap in neighboring counties a regional paper? Does Burlington have what qualifies as a regional newspaper?

Spike, get your check book out. Liabilities inherited to purchase price be damned.


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28 December

Go South Young Man


"The last commercial space between Lawrence Drive and U.S. 61 on the south edge of Burlington has been filled."

Commercial development is not dead in Burlington. It is not where fools playing Donald Trump with our tax dollars decreed it should be.

The City and State Senator Courtney's great Manor Mall grows dandelions and interest payments. Has the time come to homestead their vacant lot?

Free lots to any who will build and maintain a home. After ten years of no tax delinquencies, give the homeowner clear title to the land. First choice should go to those Senator Courtney's eminent domain amendment displaced for the mall.

Take your lumps and face reality, or keep hoping it will change for the better by doing the same? Given how often Senator Courtney and other fools get re-elected, it maybe time to pack up go way south of the City limits.

Horace G.

In perusing this modicum of fresh news, I failed to see the mention of the city council, the mayor, the Chamber or Dennis Hinkle.

Could it be that private business can succeed without their help? Or that the Ad Vertiser is without a prejudiced opinion?

Interesting paradigm.


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Report Card


Here are the “District In Need of Assistance” and “Schools In
Need of Assistance” for the Burlington School System 2011 - 2012 school year.


I think this report indicates one reason parents are sending their children to other districts. West Burlington high school had a 1-year delay and Danville wasn’t given. It appears the district itself is failing and needs outside assistance with both math and reading.

The high school appears to be in real trouble with both math and reading which indicates that the schools are failing at the elementary level as far as math and reading go. The scores indicate why parents are sending their children elsewhere for their education.

It would also seem to indicate that the new buildings have done little to make the kids smarter, again pointing out that bricks and mortar aren’t the answer to a better education. The new schools indicate throwing good money after bad hasn’t solved the problem. We are spending, when counting all monies about $15,000 per student only to get a third world education at best for many students. Why would anyone want to put their child in another district with a record such as Burlington’s, need a person even ask such a question?

Information taken from the State Report Card - No Child Left Behind Report by the Iowa Department of Education


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27 December

The F. E. C. Maybe Investigating an Iowa Faith Based PAC Again


"A new Iowa non-profit organization is circulating an online petition calling on the Federal Election Commission to investigate Family Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats for potentially illegal campaign coordination.

Santorum on Wednesday said Vander Plaats earlier this fall told him that he needed money to promote his eventual endorsement of a presidential candidate."

Bob who would be king of king makers Vander Plaats is drawing attention. Bob loves attention, but not this kind. It looks like a George Soros connected group is after Bob.

Accusations of wrong doing by those claiming to be most holy are not surprising. Satan Steve Scheffler beat an F. E. C. investigation concerning candidate money laundering in 2008. The F. E. C. cited lack of evidence. Shortly before that investigation was made public, a computer disappeared. Did anybody ever find that stolen computer.Or the computers from the Des Moines GOP headquarters?

Bob Vander Plaats maybe in trouble. Senator Rick Santorum is readily available to answer questions.

When will people stop giving money to and worshiping these devils? They only make useful idiots for devils like George Soros?

Rio Harder Dryve

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26 December

Nothing Like Reminder of Home For The Holidays


I was home in Burlington for Christmas and I just can't help but notice all the changes that have taken place.

Another incompetent city manager is leaving.

Another legend in his own mind mayor is leaving office.

Burger King is newly paved and no plaque commemorating a prior mayor's sleep off has been erected. A golden opportunity to raffle off chunks of blacktop as a fund raiser was ignored.

Downtown is still crumbling.

The economic development group is in the midst of year-long planning for a retirement party.

I didn't wake up this morning to Pugsley Edwards' family tirade directed to you and Derailed. I think I miss that the most.

Spawned Here But Moved Upstream

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25 December

Touchdown Bengals!

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24 December

Obama: ‘Deep Down…There‘s a Laziness in Me’

No Revelation to The American People

"President Obama admits [...] his worst trait is that he’s a little bit lazy and blames his Aloha State upbringing for his penchant for taking it easy.

“There is a deep down, underneath all the work I do, I think there’s a laziness in me,” Obama said in his interview with Barbara Walters that airs Friday night on ABC.

It’s probably from, you know, growing up in Hawaii, and it’s sunny outside and sitting on the beach.”

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23 December

Newt 'Donald' Draper


“Mr. Gingrich is the Don Draper of 2012: When it comes to his character record, he’s a very fine, empty suit with a broken zipper,” the Rev. Albert Calaway of Indianola wrote, referring to the lecherous character on the show “Mad Men.”

What an endorsement. A study of the fictional character Don Draper is in order.

Don Draper
knows how lead, manage and move an organization forward. No crisis personal, nor professional, has destroyed the man, nor his firm.

How much did Newt's campaign put in their collective collection plates to reap such praise?


Why is a preacher watching Mad Men? Research?

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‘Christmas Miracle on Ice’ - Woman Wins Truck

"The saying goes something like, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Well, Brenda Hewlett may not be blind (or a squirrel), but she is a 59-year-old woman who has never held a hockey stick. And she just won a new truck by shooting a hockey puck through a tiny hole from 114 feet away. Oh, and her old truck was failing, so she really needed it."

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22 December

Bachmann Left at the Altar


Poor Little Miss Bachmann. She won a regional beauty contest up in the great white north. Miss Bachmann headed for studio gate of big time political Hollyweird; Iowa.

"You've got what it takes, baby. You're top billing material. Sit next to me on the couch and we'll talk about making you the star of the show." Oh, those smooth talking satans of the plains in Des Moines.

How those faith and politics mixing Jimmy Swaggarts sang their songs of seduction. Little Miss Bachmann hung on their every issue. She repeated it all to the ears of those who would be casting caucus casting ballots. Little Miss Bachmann thought she was on her way to upstairs at the White House.

Little did Little Miss Bachmann know the ways of such faith and politics peddlers. They were unfaithful, switch hitting cads. They were in bed with three other.....MEN.

Only one would get the lead that could lead to their name in lights in Washington. It was not to be poor Little Miss Bachmann.

Her virtue and faith betrayed by frauds of faith, Little Miss Bachmann held her head up. No quitter she. Little Miss Bachmann would go auditioning for that big part without their endorsement. Bravo, bravo, Miss Bachmann.

What of those who used Little Miss Bachmann. As long as the unknowings money and pledges to vote as endorsed remain, so will they. What a stain they cast on the Hawkeye state.

The exploitation of Little Miss Bachmann should serve as warning to all coming to Iowa with stars in their eyes.

V. Rappe

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A Discordant Hymn is Playing


"Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” this morning, where she confirmed that Evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, president of The Family Leader, called her over the weekend to discuss the future of her candidacy."

The choir mistress has been told by the Family Faustian Minister of Exchequer she should not be singing the big solo. It appears the choir mistress has told the Minister to go to hell.

The appears to be great discord in nether regions. Is the fat lady singing for Satan and all who would rule in hell?

Mrs. Miller

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War of the Unholy


"That deepens fears among some Christian conservatives that their vote will be fractured among three or more candidates, said Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition.

“It’s maddening,” he said."

"Meanwhile, The Des Moines Register confirmed Tuesday that Vander Plaats had asked for help in raising money to promote the endorsement.

Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley said his campaign made no deal to drum up cash to pay to help promote the endorsement."

Satan Steve Scheffler is mad.

Too many presidents are seeking his hellish blessing. So many candidates are dividing the underworld he and others have made of Iowa's Republican caucuses. Their fighting has exposed them. They can not "fly under the radar" as dictated according to the gospel of St. Ralph Reed.

Republicans in Iowa and others should be mad as well.

Besides being St. Ralph Reed's business partner, Steve Scheffler is Iowa's Republican National Committeeman. Party leaders run the caucus process, not County Auditors. A party leader's job is to provide a level playing field for candidates.

Promoting a candidate for the benefit of Satan and St. Ralph's Faith & Freedom profit center is a conflict of interest. Iowa's Republican National Committeeman lobbying for his employer legitimately questions the validity of the Iowa Caucuses.

Satan and others dipping into the pot is having an effect. Candidates have been slighting Iowa this cycle. Candidates are spending less money.

Satan and St. Ralph have competition in the dash for the candidates caucus cash. The Great Vander Plaats is trying to hoover up the money. Bob Vander Plaats and Satan are in the same business with one important ethical difference.

Bob Vander Plaats holds no important leadership position in the party controlling the caucus process.

Santorum is being asked to pay for Bob praising him on television. No dice. Bob's begging is raising eye brows on ethics. Will Bob's family front profit center lose it's tax exempt status?

A war over candidates and their cash appears to be underway. The longer it continues and the weaker it makes the combatants, the better it is for Iowa.

Ferdinand II

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21 December

He Who Retires First is Missed Least


"Thirty-four years ago, Doug Worden was at the right place at the right time."

The voyage is ending. Thirty-four years in the same small ship has its benefits. If you're done sobbing in the hanky, I need to blow my nose.


When a Remora finds its victim, it seldom breaks suction. In 34 years, there has been no break in the suction.

If Worden needs someone to slam the door on his dumb ass, let's set a meeting. In fact, we can get a double dip with Lost Keys. One slam, two dumb asses out the door.


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Balloon Boob Bob Begs Michelle to Quit for His Soul

"Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” this morning, where she confirmed that Evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, president of The Family Leader, called her over the weekend to discuss the future of her candidacy.

Based on Bachmann’s words, it appears that the reported discussion about her potentially dropping out of the race was accurate. In addition to allegedly asking the congresswoman to drop her presidential bid, Vander Plaats also purportedly asked her to get behind either Rick Perry or Rick Santorum."

Balloon Boob Bob is so wanting someone to sign his dumb ass pledge and become a 3rd place candidate, even for a short while. If they sign and win, his pockets fill with money from the unknowing sheep that still believe Bob can run a business, this time a PAC.

All you need to examine is Balloon Bob's RROBF - Real Rate of Business Failures.

Bob is the one to be praying for a miracle. You should be praying you haven't sent the check yet.

And I have a question for Bob and Satan Steve Scheffler. If a person has the guts to find the inner strength to find God, why does one need you two jackasses to tell us what candidate to pick?


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Tax Exemption Sacred Endorsement Issued


"Family Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats and fellow activist Chuck Hurley personally endorsed Santorum, but said the seven-member board itself will remain neutral."

If I do not vote as told, will I burn with the homosexuals?


No, but you won't get any balloons from the Sioux City idiot or his junior Satan blow hard.


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20 December

The Line Up


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Biden: ‘The Taliban, Per Se, Is Not Our Enemy’

No, Biden, You Are The Enemy to This Country & The Free World

Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical. There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy because it threatens U.S. interests. If, in fact, the Taliban is able to collapse the existing government, which is cooperating with us in keeping the bad guys from being able to do damage to us, then that becomes a problem for us.”

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16 December

Lunar Eclipse 2012

NASA Image

"This incredible sequence of photographs was captured from Beijing China, where — unlike here in the continental US — the eclipse could be viewed all the way from start to finish.

The composition of the photo is such that you can actually see the Moon pass through the southern half of Earth's umbra — the darkest region of the shadow that is projected into space when it blocks the Sun's rays.

Notice the specks of light that become visible towards the center of the image. During periods that the moon was dark, distant stars didn't have to compete with its light, allowing them to shine through to the camera's sensors. For those of you who stayed up to catch Tuesday night's Geminid meteor shower, this effect illustrates why light from the nearly full moon probably had an impact on your viewing experience."

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15 December

Obama's Lying Ayes


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Nationwide Search for Burlington Taxpayer Killer


Advertising for a city manager at $117,000 plus benefits is a slap in the face and just further shows the desperation of city management to find a savior for their incompetence and ignorance. This city has never had a good city manager and I doubt we’ll ever get good city managers because the city is nothing more than easy pickings for ex-officials looking for an easy score.

Advertising for workers in places like Chicago is another sign of lunacy that has wrought nothing but pain on the citizens of Burlington and eastern Iowa. Crime has risen to record rates making Burlington, of all places the third highest crime rated city in Iowa along with Keokuk first and Davenport second.

Burlington has become overrun with the uneducated, welfare recipients types, drug dealers, thieves, burglars, robbers all under the guise of Burlington needs the workers when there are no jobs here at all worthy of such an influx of people.

Burlington is an exporter of good hard working people that leave a vacuum that’s being filled by the destitute from other states. Of course word spreads on how easy life is living off the Iowans that remain that more and more of these people continue to arrive having initially been invited by the Chamber, SEIRP, past governors and other organizations intent on ruining what remains of Iowa and bringing it down to third world status. Of course the left wing looks at these people as new voters who will always vote for those that give them the benefit of easy life without WORK. The welfare crowd in the states lives better than the middle class in Europe who earn a living by working.

The school board wants to run another survey to find out why students leave the school system. When all they have to do is open their eyes and stop acting stupid and they’d see why citizens don’t want their children in Burlington schools. Our once excellent school system is no more and is slowly becoming ruined by the same people that have made Burlington the third highest rated crime city in Iowa along with the politically correct crowd who have caused much of the problems. The few hard working Iowans that still remain in Burlington actually fear for their children’s safety when going to local government run schools. All these new schools are nothing more than mausoleums to failure scattered all over the outskirts of town that couldn’t be further away from those that would attend them. The high school and the two new middle schools couldn’t be further away from their student population centers than they are now a fact that results in more bus and car traffic on the narrow left turn-less streets that are predominate here in Burlington.

Most parents don’t want their children influenced by the drug culture and Burlington is just overrun with those that can’t make it through the day without legal or non-legal drugs and of course the schools are not immune from this culture and where else to find new drug users than in the schools. Schools that feature social workers and police roaming the halls does mean that something is wrong with the system and/or the people attending and most would not want their children attending such a places.

Burlington’s failure at the polls by limiting voter choices to one party is probably the single biggest issue that has caused such failure in this city. There are no checks and balances in Burlington resulting in failure of the one party socialist government that makes failure a way of life in Burlington.

The criminal justice system makes no sense when a person get caught robbing a home out in Edgewater grosses five years in prison while a father that has his two sons and himself stealing in excess of $10,000 gets no prison time at all. There are probably as many illegal drug users in Burlington as legal drug users. Just read the paper and you can see for yourself just how many drug dealers get caught, how many cars are stopped only to find drugs and drug paraphernalia onboard. Most of those getting caught have no driver’s license or insurance.

We also have the problem of the two sets of laws here in Burlington where friends of the police walk away from their offenses while others have the book thrown at them when committing the same offenses. Many crimes and other offenses are never made know to the public such as the gang robbery of the Gas Land store on Summer St. on or about last July 1st. There have been fights in Perkins Park, police letting drivers who commit auto accidents go only to commit another accident a few minutes later by running through a building on purpose. There have been many such incidents unrecorded by police over the last few years.

The local Hack-Eye newspaper fails to print stories that don’t fit their agenda and of course there is no investigative reporting at all which explains why many stories never become known like the Gas Land gang robbery or the fights in Perkins Park. The Hack-Eye is very similar to Pravda in its reporting expertise and just about as believable.

Now there’s talk of an indoor sports complex to lose money as the Wreck Plex has every year since it opened its doors. A total loss of at least one million and still counting, of course the losses paid for by the taxpayer. That Wreck Plex needs to be sold to a private concern where wages are not tied into the government unions that have been robbing us blind for many years now. The city should sell that Wreck Plex to a private entity and get it off the taxpayer’s back. The city can’t even run the swimming pool let alone the golf course nor the Wreck Plex and break even. No government can run a business as well as the private sector because government pays top notch wages and over benefits incompetent people, something the private sector wouldn’t do. Remember government is spending someone else’s money because government has no value added processes which explains why government should be as small as possible to keep cost down.

Whatever happens about the city manager I doubt very much we’ll get someone that really cares for Burlington and we’ll end up with the same messes that the others have bestowed upon the city. Sure, there have been lots of feelers because the money is far above what it’s worth for a mere city of 25,600 and only further increases our taxes while not benefitting anyone but the city manager. Every city manager currently out of work will be looking to make the big kill and Burlington is always ripe for a wayward city manager to swoop in and take us for all were worth, it’s basically happened with each new city manager hired in recent years.

Life in Burlington is never going to change until we have a government of more than one party that optimizes the best of checks and balances possible. Currently there are no checks and balances a main cause for constant failure in the decision making processes.

Burlington just doesn’t have good competent leaders as she once did and we all pay the price for the inferior models of which we have plenty.


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Welcome to Iowa - Mormons Need Not Apply?

Or If You Have No $$ For Our Pockets


"I am not a Know-Nothing. That is certain. How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we begin by declaring that "all men are created equal." We now practically read it "all men are created equal, except negroes." When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read "all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and catholics." When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty-to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy." - Abraham Lincoln

It looks like the truth is getting out on Iowa's Republican precinct caucuses. Woe be unto any who expose the Know Nothing cults unhealthy influence on the process. The prophet who reveals may end up applying to be Burlington's next City Manager.

The Latter Day Know Nothings influencing Iowa's Republican caucuses appear concerned less with selecting who is fit to lead our nation. They appear more concerned with who is theologically pure enough to run their Sunday School program. Praise be to the profits.

Saint Ralph Reed of Georgia, Satan Scheffler, Governor Vander Plaats and more have their PACs passing the collection plate. Their take is taking a tumble this time. Presidential candidates are wary of the hellish Tower of Babel Iowa has become. Candidates are concentrating on and spending more in primary states. Who can blame them.

If the Iowa Republican Party is to again be the party of Lincoln, it will take people dedicated to following through after caucus night. Be a delegate to the County, District and State Conventions. Research and vote for party leaders worthy of Lincoln's legacy, not the legacy of Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed.


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14 December

Uncle Ell Wants You!

Burlington IA City Manager Excessive Salary Brings Ticks Out



"Mayor Bill Ell said the number of applications is a good start. Davidson said he suspects more applications came in over the weekend."

Have you turned in your application yet? Why all the applicants? Your web site has not been blocked. Any candidate with half a Google finger should know what they are asking for.

Is the depression really so bad it is making qualified City Managers that desperate?

Sperry A. Diamond

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The 20 Years in Iowa Report


"The coming of the railroads changed all that, and today, Keokuk, is a depressed, crime-infested slum town. Almost every other Mississippi river town is the same; they're some of the skuzziest cities I've ever been to, and that's saying something."

A University of Iowa professor's observations on Iowa hit home. It sounds like he has toured Burlington and the rest of Southeast Iowa.

See 'um

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The One Percenters


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13 December

Legacy Media Desperation


"Davenport publisher Lee Enterprises filed for Chapter 11 prepackaged bankruptcy today in a move to refinance nearly $1 billion in debt.

Lee, the parent company of the Quad-City Times and 47 other daily newspapers, filed the bankruptcy petition in U.S Bankruptcy Court in the District of Delaware, where the company is incorporated."

When do we read the Ad Vertiser has achieved the 7th level?


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12 December

Washington's Gorilla

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Obama's Scumbag Buddy George Soros Out Stealing

Market Speculator Buys Up $2 Billion of MF Global’s Debt

"Billionaire market speculator and philanthropist George Soros bought about $2 billion worth of European bonds from now-bankrupt MF Global — the same debt that pushed the firm to collapse, according to The Wall Street Journal.

When MF Global filed for bankruptcy, the firm sold part of the bonds but still had about $4.8 billion worth of them on its books, CNBC reports.

They were turned over to KPMG, MF Global’s bankruptcy administrator in London; they were then offered to big investors by MF Global’s London clearing house, LCH Clearnet, the Journal said, quoting a KPMG spokeswoman.

When KPMG offered the bankrupts firm’s European debt to a variety of big investors, most of them passed. However, they were able to find one investor willing to buy the bonds at rock-bottom prices: George Soros."

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08 December

What's More Important to America?


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07 December

Debate? Who? Me?


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Vote of the Dead as Living


"In neighbouring Lithuania, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton again criticised the Russian election and urged that widespread reports of voting fraud be investigated."

Should Russian observers be sent to Chicago to check for vote fraud? Should Russian observers be sent here to cross reference tombstones against Senator Courtney's newly registered and voting by mail?

Lee Bende Tote

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Good Economic Development Vibrations


"Owners of Iowa City's new "sex-positive" shop may soon be without a space, following a termination of lease notice from their landlord.

The Toolbox, 1281⁄2 E. Washington St., opened its doors last week, despite receiving a lease termination notice. Co-owners Julia Schaefer and Madison Montgomery have started two petitions in order to keep their shop open, and they have seen support from customers and neighboring businesses."

This Iowa City business should consider moving to Burlington. The City of Burlington should provide a tax increment funding (TIF) break for their moving here.

Burlington is not Iowa City. The upscale approach may need tweaking to meet the local market. A line of artistic literature and videos should perhaps be added to the inventory.

There is already a similar business in West Burlington. Moving this business to Burlington would create competition in the local market. Competition is good for consumers. Burlington could also get back at West Burlington for losing the Kohl's war.

A double wide on the empty lot Manor Mall would work for a building. Cut a driveway in off Roosevelt and put up a parking lot. Put up a sign with "truckers welcome."

Local taxpayers been have shafted and jerked around enough by Burlington's economic development by idiots. Make a few people happy with what the shop provides. Make a lot more people happy. Start getting something in return from acres of nothing.

D. L. Doe

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Curious Bear

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05 December

Do Not Panic All is Hell


"A huge municipal debt magnified Keokuk’s problems. By 1858 the town owed $900,000, mostly on railroad bonds, while the value of its taxable property dropped by $5.5 million. Lots that brought $1,000 before the crash now could not be sold for $10. Hard-hit property owners were unable to pay their taxes, and thousands of properties slipped into tax delinquency."

Back in 1857 the bubble burst. Southeast Iowa today is more like a slow leaking tire. Still, it goes flat.

High dollar economic activity, manufacturing, continues to decline. Burlington is shrinking. The City of Burlington issues bonds to within sling shot range of its debt limit.

Keokuk did recovery from the panic of 1857. Railroads built did pay back as the steamboat traffic declined.

Examine what Burlington has done with city money in the name of economic development. It is the equivalent of investing in stagecoach stock. The Wrecked Plex, the empty lot Manor Mall, Huck's Hole and TIF trinkets abound. As a result, short changed infrastructure crumbles.

Our sister city of Detroit still holds out hope playing the rackets. Rather than simply skim the casinos, Detroit is investigating cutting the middle man out altogether. Detroit wants to recycle welfare checks directly with a city lottery.

As economic development, Groin Greater Burlington and the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission imported what Detroit and East St. Louis have the most of to offer; welfare recipients. Burlington's massive crime wave has been the result. Will the City of Burlington start a lottery to get a piece of the welfare action?

In 1858, lots in Keokuk dropped to $10. In Detroit today, the City can not even give lots away. When will Burlington pay people to take lots if in return they pay even $10 per year taxes on them?

William L. Herndon

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04 December

Flash Mob Hits Again

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02 December

Truth in Advertising


"WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) — A gun company advertisement that warns of impending gun control compares President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin."

"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper. " ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Nathaniel Macon

You will discover more truth concerning our community in the Penny Saver than the Ad Vertiser.

Paul Pica

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George Soros Reality


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01 December

Satan on the Endorsement Sidelines - Satan Goin' Broke

Satan's Nuts Frozen In Hell


"Iowa Christian conservatives’ struggle to agree upon one presidential candidate encountered a hitch today when two key groups decided they won’t wade into the fray to narrow the list."

It appeareth there be no consensus on which Republican presidential candidate is right with God and therefore worthy of the kingdom of Iowa. There is a "Christian" consensus on one candidate who should be toast.

"Romney chose not to join six other GOP candidates for two presidential forums with a socially-conservative Iowa audiences. The faith coalition hosted one Oct. 22 and the Family Leader hosted the other Nov. 19.

That sent the message that Romney “doesn’t want to engage with social conservatives,” Scheffler said in a telephone interview."

Iowa's godfather of conflict of interest between publicly neutral party leadership and personal paycheck PAC hath spoken. "Engage," or enrich?

Romney rejected being a draw for Satan's PAC fundraiser on Oct. 22. Romney did not leave Des Moines reeking of sulfur after appearing on the hustings with St. Ralph Reed of specie. It was a hell of a choice, but Romney is betting on a better afterlife after the Iowa caucuses.

How many Republican presidents to be have been in Southeast Iowa this cycle? Will there be life for the Iowa caucuses after 2012?

Even those whom Iowa's Republican National Committeeman hath not toasted are sticking close to metro areas with television stations and real passenger air service. Winning Iowa's Republican caucuses on the ground like a race for Governor is all but over. Iowa has become a stump to send your message to primary states back east.

If Iowa picks another loser like Huckabee in '08, the closest you may get to seeing a presidential candidate is your television. If the Republican presidents comest not into Iowa, neither so shall the Democrats.

Besides deciding a presidential preference on Jan. 3, Iowa Republican caucus attendees may well decide the fate of Iowa's future role in the process.

Job VanUz

When costs exceed revenues and there are no more pockets to pick, throw the pennies in the air and slide out the side door.

It's an old Snake Oil Salesman trick.


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Keep 'Em Corralled in Burlington

Burlington's Criminals Expanding Territory


A Burlington woman faces numerous charges after she allegedly cashed three fraudulent checks at an Iowa City Hy-Vee.

According to a complaint by Iowa City police, Larry'sha Lawrence, 20, presented three fraudulent checks at Hy-Vee, 1720 Waterfront Drive, and allegedly had them cashed.


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Moose Season Opens - Moosehead Boys Clean Up!


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From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Inconsiderate Obama

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